Living in a Coup with Massive Election Rigging & War – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s

 Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong was forecasting “chaos” in 2023, and that’s exactly what we got.  His cycle work says don’t look for it to get better anytime soon.  Armstrong explains, “We are in the midst of a coup.  We have all these people who have been neocons for 30 years.  Even Ron Paul said recently that the neocons have been waging war for 30 years and have not won a one single one.  This is what they live for.  Look at the clip of Lindsey Graham saying this is the best money we ever spent killing Russians.  How can you take pleasure in that statement that this is the best money we ever spent killing Russians.  This is not defense.  These are the words of a psychopath in my mind. . . . They are not about to accept anybody who is going to be against war.  The neocons are in full control of the government—period.  We are living in the time of a coup.  The United States is not the free country you thought it was. . . .”

Armstrong also predicts that the neocons will rig the 2024 election so Biden (or some other neocon) gets a second term.  Is there any way to stop this election rigging and fraud in 2024?  Armstrong says, “I don’t believe so.  Our computers show that holy hell breaks loose starting in 2025.  I think the problem will be the cheating will be in everybody’s face this time.”

Armstrong also says the neocons will try to start a war before the 2024 election so Biden will win because a wartime president has never lost an election.  Armstrong says the cheating will be necessary because the real poll numbers for Biden are in the single digits and not the 40% approval ratings the Lying Legacy Media tells you.  Armstrong contends Biden’s approval number is still stuck at 9.5% with his deadly accurate Socrates computer program, but the big reason for Biden and his crew to worry is the real inflation number.  Armstrong says, “Inflation is subsiding a little bit, but it is basically still over 26%.”

Armstrong says Biden’s approval numbers are so low and inflation is so high that they have to have war with Russia.  War is the reason they had to remove Trump out of the White House because Trump was against constant war.  Armstrong adds, “No way they are going to allow a free election.  It you think the CIA cannot rig the vote, I don’t know what planet you live on.”

Don’t expect Fed Head Jay Powell to lower interest rates.  It will be just the opposite.  Armstrong explains, “What is Powell looking at?  War is the number one cause of inflation.  He can’t say because you people are dumping all this money into Ukraine, inflation is only going to go higher because then he is criticizing the government.  So, he just says he’s looking at ‘international considerations.’  Look what the Vietnam war did.  It broke the back of Bretton Woods.  War is always the number one problem.  The neocons only care about winning, and they do not care about the country.  The do not care about your 401-k or your retirement.  They could care less.”

In closing, Armstrong warns, “Russia is like a wild animal, and if it is cornered, it will attack.”  This means the whole thing in Ukraine could go nuclear if Russia is pushed into a corner.  And what about all that debt the western world has built up?  Armstrong says, “They intend to default on all the sovereign debt. . . .I don’t see this succeeding.  I think it’s all going to collapse.  The reason why they are doing this is they realize they are losing power.  They feel it slipping out of their fingers.  The more that happens, the more they become aggressive.  That’s what this is all about.”

There is much more in the 53-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, cycle expert and author of the new book “The Plot to Seize Russia” for 6.27.23.

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  1. Geoff

    Always look forward to listening to MA!


    Douglas Macgregor: Russian Coup? What happened? | U.S. debt a national security threat / GoTranscript Test 13K views 7 hours ago
    Douglas Macgregor: Russian Coup? What happened?

  3. Freedom-4-All

    Hey Greg,

    This reply is really for you so you don’t have to post unless you want to. Good interview. 5 days to Fed Now (or whatever they are going to call CBDC). 2 months until BRICS new currency announcement. 17 months to 2024 election. I know you must be getting tired but keep strong. Things are heating up and we need you. You have good experts in your corner and good followers on your blog. Plus, God is blessing you.

    Thanks, for everything. Will relisten to this tomorrow.


    • Carol Barker

      Greg, what do you say at 47:30. Sounds like a phrase my greek grandfather and dad used to say.
      Can you please tell me ehat the phrase is and what it means pkease? My brother and i have tried to remember this.
      Great interview with Mr. Armstrong

  4. Sir

    Remember the British and their Privy Council CONTROL ALL 44+ Agencies in the U.S.
    DeSantis is controlled by the CROWN! Check it out: Do your research.

    • Poochiwoo

      Agreed. The US is a corporate colony. Maximum exploitation. I also feel the entire Trump / white hats show is a deep-state spu-op.

    • regaleagle

      @Sir……Martin Armstrong just pointed out the Neocons would eat DeSantis for lunch….and for dessert as well most probably. Trump is the candidate they fear most, and perhaps JFK, Jr. also. They may try to get DeSantis to win the Republican National Convention Nominee for President…..but methinks most Republicans will see thru that and push very hard for Trump to be renominated.

    • Paul D Anders

      DeSantis has passed more anti deep state agenda stuff than any other Govenor in the U.S.

      • Jon

        Desantis is a feepstaye fraud. All the “good” stuff he did in Florida is for a NATIONAL show. He is a scull and bones….George Bush jr….traitor. NOT TO BE TRUSTED!


        Paul, DeSantis is a Trogin Horse 🐎 horse. He doesn’t even have a regular personality he’s like a robot 🤖 delivering lines. Go to America Intelligence Media you can read up on him.


      Amen Sir

  5. Ccrla

    Martin Armstrong is one of the greats! Thank you for having him on the show, please bring him back soon!

  6. Rodster

    One of my favorite geopolitical experts. Thanks for the interview, Greg.

  7. Roy madison

    Martin Armstrong has to be my favorite guest. His unique computer program for casting future events. His ability to see the world as it really is . knowing were the good and.the bad guys are… Its a real treat. I think the neocons will force Putin’s hand because they want their desired results. God have mercy on us all, especially Europe.

  8. Sandra McIntosh

    Beyond brilliant…..Thank you Greg and Martin….

  9. sam

    Ag…..XRP…..XLM……covers all the basae…..for me, at least

    • Paul D Anders


    • karl

      Until the lights go out.

  10. Bill

    I sent this post to everyone I care about!

    You are legend Greg the Hunter, keep slaying evil!

    The power of our Lord and Savior will triumph as long as we have America’s like you fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

    God bless and your loved ones.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bill. I am really just a roadie who sets it up for the real talent.


        Hi Greg Linda again. I watched Kim Iverson Show///One of 3 shots may have been placebos according to German and Swedish researcher they gathered up as much information as possible.
        ### Also she had a Navy Commander on Robert A Green who was let go for standing against the shots he wrote a book “Defending the Constitution behind Enemy lines” Kim’s show was great and the work the scientist research and this great Navy hero. 👍


        There seems to be a problem with the Armstrong video feed

  11. Enrico

    “I see more than a few websites suggesting that people “Get Right with God.” I think that is good advice.”

    “I have added a new page to the website menu. It begins with the prophecies in this post and I will be adding more as world events warrant.”

    G. A. Stewart’s WWIII Watch List

  12. sam

    Totally Amazing!…..When I was a young (circa: 1968) Sailor, America was the Shining GOD Fearing/Loving Country with Family and Christianity at the center….Russia was evil… Today it is Completely Opposite, now we have People escaping the usa to resettle in Russia…..180degree upside-down….we have fallen into the abyss…and being raised to be eaten by the “Big Farmer”..haha

    • Enrico

      And when you were young people used to dress well. Total opposite now.

      “I feel there was a bit of pride to be a human being at one point. Even if they didn’t have a lot of money, they still made an attempt to wear their best clothes when they went out in public. Now people do anything, wear anything now, they wear pigiamas in the grocery store, nobody cares…”

      • Coal Burner

        They do care but there is nothing you can do about pigs in the grocery store. And really I believe very few own any decent clothes to wear to the grocery. Things are a lot worse for 60% of the people than is generally realized.

    • BVW

      Mr Greg you are a beauti… loved thé interview and the fact there are gentlemen like you and Martin A to tell it as it is. Censorship is the precursor to Propaganda.
      Keep up interviewing your talent pool along your long trap line. A shout out from Lunenburg NS CANADA.

    • Ray

      Good comment……..I am from that vintage as well Sam and agree 100% with your assessment.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

  13. regaleagle

    There is one thing Martin Armstrong did not consider in this whole interview……that God Almighty is in control. Bo Polny mentioned something akin to a Great Revival while Martin Armstrong brings us probabilities of Doomsday per Socrates. I think I will simply stay in prayer to God Almighty and trust for my umbrella of protection.

    • Melissa Marietta

      I agree with you. A lot of doom and gloom by Armstrong. I believe the US corporation is bankrupt. The Republic of America is strong, running strong in the background under legitimate President Trump and vice president, JFK Junior. Our monetary system is being revamped in the Blockchain system, backed by gold. I believe we have to go through some rough times to wake up the Normie‘s but after all is said and done we will be better on the other side. This is my opinion.

  14. Tony

    Americans better wake up fast and read Article 6 – Clause 2 of the US Constitution – because as stated in 2 Peter 2:6 – God will turn the cities of America into nuclear ash (just like he did to Sodom and Gomorrah) – Sodom and Gomorrah were turned to ash to make them an example to those who came after “not to live like ungodly depraved queers teaching and exploiting children with fabricated “Story Time” transgender fictions – like men can have babies if all women take testosterone shots (to turn themselves into men with beards) and that all children in the nation (belong to the pedophiles in Government to be used for their sexual pleasure) – Article 6 – Clause 2 of the US Constitution clearly puts the President and Federal Government in a subordinate position to the power of the Constitution – Biden does not have the power to be sending money to the queers in Ukraine “without authorization from Congress” and Biden does not have the power to sell State Secrets to the Commies “and take those bribes tax free”!!

    • No Thanks

      My friend the US Constitution is 99.999% DEAD along with America! Since 2020 forget it pal and We the people sit back and do absolutely NOTHING. . .

      • Paul

        No thanks – to you
        Speak out, resist, maybe influence a few others to do the same. It’s changing- Most millennials who voted Democrat, Have know abandoned that ship of fools. Never give up, never give in.

        Paul from arkansas

    • Tony

      Think the evil Globalists have not read 2 Peter 2:6?? – They have read it – they have read it well – and have purposely put queers into every US Government Office and Agency – and put queers into the schools and every other facet of our lives – “To Anger God” (as he was angered in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah) – and these queers in power in the US “are purposely angering and provoking Russia (by moving NATO up to its borders, overthrowing the legitimate Government of Ukraine and putting a queer into office and supplying him with tanks and depleted uranium rounds and talk of a US Nuclear First Strike upon Russia (To Provoke Putin Into Nuking America) – problem is – Putin is such a nice a guy it bothers him to kill Christians in America (he won’t even kill the Wagner traitor “who was probably bribed by US queers to get rid of Putin) – the US queers want to remove Putin and replace him with some more ruthless leader “who will fire Russia’s thermo-nuclear weapons upon the US” – as the evil Globalists know the US is the greatest stumbling block to their long term goal of World Conquest!!

      • Enrico


        Are you saying what you think, or what you have pondered as someone else?
        During your hiatus from the persona “Rick” I assume you have been through the desert for that time period, with a horse with no name, perhaps searching for Paul…

        Anyway, now that you are who you are, but not who you were, we all await with great anticipation your cherished words and thoughts which are a sort of “guiding light” during these times, because everyone knows the ‘road to hell’ is paved with good intentions!

        • Tony

          Enrico didn’t I meet your persona once at a NY City Horn and Hardart Automat located on Fifth Avenue near the Nordstrodom’s clothing store???

          • Enrico

            Tony, you are correct.

            We had coffee together and enjoyed some delicious blueberry pie, while pondering the fate of mankind according to the prophecies of you know who…

          • Self Exiled

            Tony; I suspect Enrico has other issues highlight by @ Peter 2:6. He wears his issue for us all to see as a shirt sleeve.

        • Self Exiled

          ”now that you are who you are, but not who you were, we all await with great anticipation your cherished words” Enrico: your words of cynicism; revealing thought process disorientation could be caused by your reference to your search for identity. ” I assume you have been through the desert for that time period, with a horse with no name, perhaps searching for Paul…” Is this why your contribution here has been peculiarly critical of those who do contribute? If you are this threat sensitive to thinking people I suggest you follow Greg’s advice that he offers to his critics. Sorry Greg; he makes no contribution to the narrative and negates two posters. To negate thoughts is one issue but to negate contributors with no thought of content concerning our concerns to the narrative platform you offer us is just plain rude.

  15. Robert Olin

    Donate to RFK Jr. I got this from Armstrong’s email.

    • Marie Joy

      RFK is anti gun and was pro Hillary.
      Once they have our guns, it’s all over but the shouting.

      • sam

        FORGET RFK…our ONLY hope is President Trump….FOCUS on President Trump…and don’t forget we are on the Menu of “Big Farmer”….because we are being raised to “feed the elites”…says the all knowing foreigner… ….HaHa…:-)

      • John

        Marie, Trump was pro-Hillary, anti-gun, pro-lockdowns, pro-mask, pro-Fauci, pro-vaccine.

        Do you still think he’s America’s last and only hope?

        • sam

          YES you FOOL….Who else do you see that gives us that political HOPE?….

  16. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Armstrong ,truly worrying events. The Washington Neo-Cons have seized power across the West. Here in the UK their diatribe of hate has entered into the very fabric of the UK. Even our King spouts their vitriol on climate to suppress us, and hatred of another nation,Russia, to ensure war that our new immigrants will be sent to fight.
    China knows they are next and knows the agents of these Neo-Cons are already in their midst sowing the seeds for future wars.
    Meanwhile we all are quiet and accepting of this slaughter and that to come all for MONEY!
    Where do the Neo-Cons expect to flee to when our planet is poisoned with radioactivity?

  17. JamC

    Aloha Mr. Hunter, do you know..

    every time I open your posts I say “Father, would you please bless Greg today”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Jam” and blessings back to you in the name of Jesus!

      • Slappy Happy Guy

        Greg… gotta interview Jessie Czebotar!!! wild wild stuff that will tie it all together my friend #letjessiespeak

    • sam

      Ohayou JamC,..We ALL should….USAWATCHDOG is the Premier Patriotic site out there…we should ask that our Heavenly Father not only “BLESS” Greg Hunter but to “PROTECT” Greg Hunter and his Family….

  18. sam

    ANY so called Patriotic “America First” President…… besides, President Trump ….WILL NOT be effective …will NOT do the “right thing” will NOT MAGA……Why?….Because they will have the “Same Security” that JFK had…..President Trump has the BEST SECURITY out there….anybody else who “thinks” they will “save” America from the Psycho’s running it will be “handled” like the “big Guy”….or go the way of JFK! ….President Trump is the ONLY answer/leader right now out there!

    • Felix

      Put your faith in no man,man will deceive you,only faith in the savior of the world .JESUS Christ

      • Self Exiled

        For I desire and delight in [steadfast] loyalty [faithfulness in the covenant relationship], rather than sacrifice,
        And in the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings. Hosea 6:6

  19. sam

    Martin Armstrong ….said it ALL….Please Governor DeSantis…..DON’T Run….STAY HERE!…..we NEED YOU in Florida….too many carpet baggers coming here…

  20. LoriQ

    “No way they are going to allow a free election. It you think the CIA cannot rig the vote, I don’t know what planet you live on.”

    Not one single person I know believes the 2024 election will be rigged. Not one. Every single person I know or spoke to really believes the 2024 election will be won by a Republican or Trump. When I point out the great lengths the deep state went to, to wrestle the election out of Trump’s hands, all I hear is scoffing, mocking, I am a doom and gloomer, etc. . There is no way the cabal is giving or losing that power. Civil war and WW3 will be started first along with another pandemic and whatever else can be conjured up and foisted upon the general population.

    I sincerely wish this was just a dreadful nightmare, but it isn’t. Don’t have the solution to this nightmare either. Sigh…

    • Tony

      The solution is to “immediately” lock up the Globalist leaders like Gates, Schwab, Soros, etc., etc., etc. “before” they release the Marburg Virus “with an 80% kill rate” and throw in some anthrax for good measure “To Kill US All” – these psychopaths must be brought down “immediately” – otherwise “they will succeed” in Exterminating 99.9% of Earth’s Population!!!

      • LoriQ

        @Tony- WHO arrests these people? Where? How? Aren’t we all under digital surveillance? I think of the failed Operation Valkyrie in Nazi Germany. Technology is much more sophisticated now. Politicians and criminals, not mutually exclusive, are getting away with blatant crimes with NO consequences, jail terms, or punishment.

        I agree that there will be another “pandemic” unleashed on all of us for their nefarious purposes. Georgia Guidestones stated only 500 million of us should be alive. War isn’t going to kill all of us!

        They control ALL levers of societal control: economic, political, educational, religious. They control the MASS media. Most Americans are still asleep. And even if they are semi-lucid, most don’t even understand WHY our nation is in trouble. Most still live in Hope that our nation will go back to what it was. Not possible. The younger generations have been brainwashed and indoctrinated – just like the boys and girls of the 4th Reich. Colleges and universities are just finishing schools for the younger generations to graduate with Advanced Degrees in Rules for Radicals. Minors offered in: subtle manipulation; victimization and safe zones; racism and diversity politics; chaos, mayhem and violence; gender confusion and gender mutilations; and how to loathe, detest and destroy one’s own country (I call it the shit where you eat Masters Degree).

        At least half the population won’t stand for freedom, they will fold like a cheap suit. For safety they will capitulate for a loaf of bread and the chance to lick the boots of their masters.

        Just respectfully disagree with anyone being able to stop this madness. Think we missed the window. Anything done now will see great Bloodshed.

        • Tony

          Just like the Georgia Guidestones – it is not going to be the untrained general population that rises up and in self-defense takes out the top globalist leaders (now killing them and their families with bio-weapons, etc., etc.) – it is going to have to be up to a few courageous former US military men and women (who although retired have been skillfully trained and have a depth of knowledge on the many ways to take out an insidious enemies top terrorist commanders (who are intent on killing them, their wives and their children)!! – simply take off the head of the snake and the threat they pose will immediately end!!!

      • LoriQ

        @Tony – About a decade ago, I read a very chilling article that talked about scientists working toward melding Ebola with Smallpox. This would enable a bioweapon that will spread quickly with a very high mortality rate near 90%. It was Russian and American labs working on this project. Never forgot the article. Would guess this weapon is probably ready to go. Horrifying!

  21. Jim Wade


    In 1962 JFK stopped nuclear weapons from Russia in Cuba. That was good.
    America broke the 1992 treaty signed by Reagan & Gorbachev.

    2022, 60 years later, America broke the 2015 Minsk Agreement.
    Putin protects Russia from nuclear weapons from NATO & he is a villain.

    Can America be trusted?

    A bit of history for those idiots who think they can defeat Russia. Napoleon failed miserably as did Hitler. Their troops, millions of them, froze and starved. Now its the turn of America and the EU to get their butts handed to them and freeze by the thousands.

    Don’t poke the bear!

    • Tony

      For a refreshing change from the Lying Legacy Media listen to this honest and truthful news media journalist (from Russia of all places) – compared to the lying dishonest US journalists now sewing fear and distrust – and helping the insane US neocons to bring us to nuclear war and extinction!!! –

    • Victor Showman Shokan

      Jim Wade •

      Boston Marathon Bombing MARCH 25, 2014 9 YEARS AGO
      Russia warned U.S. about Boston Marathon bomb suspect Tsarnaev: report
      By Reuters Staff

      The Boston Marathon bans runners from Russia and Belarus 2 weeks before the race
      Alisha Ebrahimji
      By Alisha Ebrahimji, CNN
      Updated 10:21 AM EDT, Thu April 7, 2022

      That’s the thanks, the Russki’s got! But who can blame them. The whole reason for the war is idiot’s like Erin Burnett, talking head CIA project Mockingbird brained media whore, who hasn’t the time living the good life, to find out for herself what this war is all about! Like they say, if Trump was president all those people killed would still be alive and there would have never been a war and future old maids. Truth is Trump could end this war in 24 hours. Anybody with out ignorance on the matter knows Beijing Biden just has to assure the Russians no NATO and no Nukes in Ukraine. That’s all it toke or takes. But the Soros/ Obomber real administration said no. Not Zelenski, who was willing to talk peace, instead of $3 billion dollars for slaughter of slaves is a bargain. Just ask cracker Graham and black Jack Kean.

  22. Astraea

    Who are the “NEO-CONS”? – Richard Perle and Wolfewitz – and so forth and so on.
    Also Victoria Nuland and her husband Mr.Kagan
    The Destroyers.
    Apparently they cannot help it!
    It was a man called Kagonovich who, on Stalin’s instructions, went to the Ukraine and took every scrap of food the peasants had – in the Winter of 1933-34. According to Solzenitsyn bewteen 7 to 12 million human beings died of starvation, including all the children,

  23. Ed Mustafo

    Trump has said many times that he can end the “war”within 24 hours. Why does he say this? Simple, he knows the actors and he knows the script. Things are gonna get a little scary but it’s the only way to really wake up the rest of the people who walk around lost in space. By the way, does Trump seem nervous at all ??? “ We got Trump now, we really do “….. Too funny……

  24. Bill Robin's Son

    Danger: Danger: Will Robinson!!
    Wagner Chief’s Belarus Exile Spooks NATO; ‘Ready To Face Moscow Or Minsk,’ Says Stoltenberg / Hindustan Times 6,510 views Jun 28, 2023
    Wagner’s “drama” has created ripples not only in Russia but also in NATO nations. Wagner Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Belarus exile has rung alarm bells in NATO, which held a key meeting in the Netherlands’ Hague. After the meeting, NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance is ready to defend itself against any threat from “Moscow Or Minsk.” Some experts fear Wagner fighters could lead a Russian offensive to capture Kyiv from Belarus.
    DANGER WILL ROBINSON!! Danger danger Will Robinson
    _________Trouble is on the horizon, Danger danger Will Robinson
    The final storm is about to begin! The One who restrains is restraining now
    Until the last of the gentiles bow, Then the restrainer will be taken away
    And the Christ will begin his reign, Danger danger Will Robinson
    The things we’re seeing now are nothing, Danger danger Will Robinson
    The Day of the Lord is about to begin! The future for us is the past for God
    And I know to most that may seem odd, But you need to know He reveals His plans
    To the ones who seek to understand, Danger danger Will Robinson
    Trouble is on the horizon, Danger danger Will Robinson
    The final storm is about to begin! Danger danger Will Robinson
    Trouble is on the horizon, Danger danger Will Robinson
    The Day of the Lord is about to begin!

  25. NH Watcher

    I voted for Trump twice, but will not do so again. I am curious what Armstrong’s Socrates would have to say about the Antichrist (or, sans religion, the prospect of a “one world govt and ruler” in the foreseeable future). This world has been and continues to be prepared for Antichrist. I do not believe the United States in its current form is a part of the New World Order; it seems ever since NAFTA, a merger between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico is most likely, similar to the European Union. But the fact remains that Trump cannot stop any of this, and so the world’s elite will ensure that he will never be U.S. President again.

    Do I believe the 2020 election was stolen? Of course. That proves any rematch between Trump and Biden will be stolen again. And even if we were to accept that Biden was elected legitimately, it is highly doubtful to believe that so many who voted for Biden once, won’t do so again. Anyone who I’ve spoken with who did acknowledge voting for Biden in 2020, has no plans to change their vote; in fact, Trump’s candidacy reinforces their vote for Biden due to their hatred of Trump. And Trump is far more vulnerable with voters like me who have no intention of supporting him again; he can’t afford to lose any of us, but already has.

    I won’t vote for Biden either, so I may not vote at all, the first time in my life. We can’t vote against Biblical prophecy either, nor would I.

    • Greg Hunter

      “NH,” If you don’t vote, you might as well vote for Biden. I do feel your frustration though. There may not even be a 2024 election if the neocons get their war.

      • Rodster

        Greg, as Martin mentioned, this election is going to be the MOST CORRUPT in US history. It doesn’t matter who goes up against Bidet. If the Deep State feels the candidate best suits their agenda, then that will be their choice. I’m conservative and would gladly vote for RFK Jr as he questions the Jab, the Vaccines including the CV19 Jab, the endless wars and our involvement in Ukraine. The LLM have skewered him, unfairly because the Deep State tells them to do it. RFK Jr, Trump, DeSantis are not their choice. Their ideal choice if Joe Bidet, winds up in a nursing home is Gavin Newsom.

        Trump won the last election “overwhelmingly” but looks who’s POTUS? Joe Bidet and the LLM along with the Deep State protect him and his son.

        I love the quote Martin Armstrong loves to use a lot on his website and he attributes it to Josef Stalin. “It’s not the vote that counts but the ONE WHO COUNTS the vote”.

    • sam

      “he can’t afford to lose any of us, but already has.”…..only the IDIOTS!

    • sam

      and…..GOOD RIDDANCE! ….stupidity should be a crime.

    • Rodster

      Tucker’s latest on Twitter and he discusses the feeble Joe Bidet and the Deep State’s choice to replace him and that is Gavin Newsom.

      • Shiloh1

        Tucker also mentioned Gonzalo Lira imprisoned.

  26. Paul Anders

    I’m sorry, but I do not buy that Biden has No idea what’s going on. Is he impaired…yes, but he has never had a loss for words or minced his words when it comes to him saying how much he despises American, how he is going to come after us with weaponized departments. No, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

  27. Cliff Bondi

    ❗Attempted Wagner PMC coup prevented | Exclusive details on the situation in Russia
    Scott Ritter 52,393 views Streamed live on Jun 26, 2023
    On episode 35 of the show we are joined by Konstantin Dolgov, Russian politician serving as a senator from the Murmansk Oblast, Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. From 1995 to 2000, Dolgov served as an advisor to Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the UN in New York. Between 2000 to 2004, he served as deputy director to the Department of International Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. He is also a former Commissioner of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law and Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

    Woman Who Destroyed Ukraine Gets PROMOTED At State Department!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 52,214 views Jun 27, 2023
    Victoria Nuland, who brought to the world the Ukrainian coup of 2014 which has led us to the brink of nuclear war today, is in line to succeed Wendy Sherman, who is retiring as Deputy Secretary of State. This would make the bloodthirsty Nuland second only to Secretary Antony Blinken at State, and provide her with a great deal more influence over U.S. foreign policy.
    Jimmy notes that, according to Seymour Hersh, even members of the State Department are freaking out about this possible promotion for Nuland.

    Kennedy Jr. talks about JFK assassination and Second Amendment rights
    Sky News Australia 47,477 views Jun 27, 2023
    Robert Kennedy Junior sits down with Sky News reporter Adam Walters to talk about the double loss of both his father and his uncle to political assassinations and how, despite the personal cost, he would not seek to remove the Second Amendment.

  28. David Gordon Dunne

    Talk about in the know and I agree with everyone, Martin is one of my top guests to listen to every word. I would ask him a few more questions though. His message is very bleak in total. How exactly are these Globalists/NeoCon pigs going to lose in the end? As Scott Ritter just said, there will be no tit for tat small nukes exploded. He said, one iddy biddy one will cause a total annihilation of the world. I disagree with hand picking 7 sites to destroy by the Russians. You go down that rabbit hole, we are all up in smoke, or die soon after with only ants and maybe grab worms left. I needed to hear him say what is the way we can stop this chit and not all fry like bacon? That was a very down lifting analysis but he is very wise and maybe can’t talk to much or he gats whacked too.

    • Tony

      Public outcry’s against censorship “will work”!! – for example Scott Ritter (former US Marine Corps intelligence officer) who gained international respect for his independence and integrity as a news commentator on US conflicts and foreign relations (who was banned this week on the Twitter) “was just reinstated following a huge public outcry”!! – lets cry out some more – and perhaps we can get the Lying Legacy Media to come over from the Dark Side!!!

  29. Marie Joy

    The only things between us and WWIII are Trump and Putin and Trump is out.
    They want everyone and everything dead while they make a profit.
    They want Social Security recipients dead. They mandated convalescent home patients ALL receive bioweapons. Many died. IF you can, keep your family out of convalescent homes. It is, now, a mandated death trap. More, worse, plandemics coming.
    Seeds, growing supplies, fertilizer, woodstoves/wood. Hide your supplies.
    Murdering a Billon people is Deflationary.
    WHY are THEY aggressive and WE are not?
    Expect the worst and be ready.
    RFK is anti gun and was pro Hillary.
    DeSantis is Deep State but he hides it well.

  30. Kay Blade

    U.S. or NATO Changed Strategy since the Russian Rebellion? w/Alastair Crooke / Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    102,426 views Streamed live 20 hours ago.

  31. Nick de la Gaume

    Tip Top, as they say in Luxembourg.

  32. Linda

    War is their life blood. They’ve never had a real job. It is all they know. And it has been very profitable.

  33. james chudzinski

    Martin armstrong is wrong . I will bet him $10,000 that trump will be president in 2025 , these nut jobs would not be this afraid of trump if they are going to be able to get away with cheating like 2020 , trump has it under control.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Do you remember Philadelphia? The republican observers were kicked out of the convention center, police posted, windows covered up, and the vote tallies accepted. Trump lost Pennsylvania. Not sure if those videos and pictures are still on the internet- maybe Rumble.

  34. Dee K.

    Thanks for interviewing Martin Amstrong again. Always very informative. Correction Greg, you said a few times in interview war to start in 2024, I heard Martin said something like 2025 or after. Of course, only God knows the future.

    • Djdog

      Now that is funny!!!!!

  35. Rodster

    One question I have that Martin mentioned is Montana getting nuked first because our nukes are hidden there. My question is, are nukes so advanced they can be destroyed underground?

    I also thought we have nuke sites in Nevada as well?

  36. james chudzinski

    And another thing , I want these guest to be right just as much as everyone else but there is no way Martin Armstrog , Cliff High , and bo polney can you their system as a Crystal ball , Martin and Cliff exspect me to believe they can use their computer as a crystal ball to predict thing that have human emotion involved , And Polney uses god as his crystal ball for his laughable predictions . Tell all three of them to tell us something usefull like what day gold will skyrocket , market will collapse, or banks will fail . THEY CAN`T and NEVER HAVE. I have been depressed for 10 years now waiting for someone to be right. Yes , a blind squirl will find a nut every once in a while.

  37. jomer

    Two of the favorite people because of their ethics.

    Armstrong spent time in prison for not turning his Socrates program over to the neo-c0ns. Greg walked away from a place where he could be signing 7-8 figure work contracts for not pushing the news the neo-cons wanted him to,

    Just heard an old saying “they tried to bury us, they did not know we were seeds.”

  38. Thomas Malthaus

    Neocons are concerned about the GRIFT, ideology be damned.

  39. Walter Baumgarten

    Martin is right about the desire for access to the American consumer keeping the dollar propped up, but when the American consumer slows or stops spending because they are broke, they become worthless as customers and the dollar will fail. The undocumented walk-ins are not going to be able to match the spending levels of the disappearing middle class.

  40. S W

    Jer.50:12 the hindermost of the nations
    Jer.50:30 army cut off
    Jer.50:23 the hammer broken
    Jer.50:3; Isa.14:4 made desolate
    Jer.50:3,13 no longer inhabited
    Jer.50:3,9,41 a land out of the north
    Jer.50:9 the northern weapons shall hit their mark
    Rev.18:10,19 judgment in one hour
    Jer.50:39,40 no more inhabited as Sodom and Gomorrah

    All wars are bankers wars. They want to plunder the wealth of Russia.
    Russia is mentioned invading Israel 3 1/2 years into the tribulation but the hindermost of the nations isn’t mentioned. What would cause the world to rally around a single world leader in one hour? The destruction of the hindermost nation.

  41. Justn Observer

    Greg, Mr, Armstrongs views should wake thinking people up…but will enough of them do so…and act to get others to stop setting on their hands and living the illusion. It does appear this mess is out of the control of our mindless orb POTUS, and out of the control of FED Chairman Powell as well… Who sit at what table and are the real deciders and syndicate, the true world economic puppet masters that run the system of systems, the currency that running between their bank cartel that use their swaps and derivatives to turn the wheels of commerce for profits and agenda setting…for their purposes. That, is the ‘invisible’ apex of the pyramid that flows above, unattached to the base of the many pyramids of control and power below it. The unions, the guilds, the brotherhoods, the ‘federation’ churches, the interlocking intel agencies and mafias of the world including the Order of the Assassins, the Knights of the Golden Fleece, the Masons, = JKF’s secret societies… Next go with Mr. Armstong, might he touch on this for more clarity = first as to the validity in his view, and second how to address it…if it is so. =
    The Fate Of Global Dollar Credit
    As the SWIFT and the use of the U.S dollar appears to be much more entrenched fir any RAPID de-dollarized any time soon…. UNLESS there IS a catastrophic failure of the system….OR… ARE ‘they’ planning to implode it intentionally knowing the debts/safety net promises/pensions/life insurance/bonds and PM market manipulation is beyond repayment AND beyond ‘theri’ ability to hide it from the awakening masses…
    That said— WAR would be the reason/excuse to hide behind/deflect from ‘their crimes and theft’ and a way to blame all on something/someone else.

    • Justn Observer

      GEORGE GAMMON’S TAKE ON WHAT THE BIS ‘insider’ revealed in that video =
      Global Banking Cartel Insider Reveals The Conspiracy Theory Is True = ” In a recent Blockworks podcast titled “The Fate of Global Dollar Credit,” Jack Farley spoke to my buddy Joseph Wang and Robert McCauley, a former insider of the BIS and New York Fed. Robert’s extensive experience at the BIS and the New York Fed makes him the ultimate authority on how the system truly operates.
      He revealed a hidden secret that has been kept from the public eye for far too long.”

  42. Da Big👊🏻Guy

    ‘Ukraine’s Victory Impossible’: NATO Member Dashes Zelensky’s Hopes; Admits To Russian Might / Hindustan Times 30,467 views Jun 28, 2023
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that Ukraine’s victory against Russia in the war is ‘impossible.’ Speaking to the German tabloid Bild, Orban also lashed out at the US-led West for aiding the Ukrainian military to defeat Russia on the battlefield. The NATO Nation also said that fighting would not stop until Kyiv’s main backer, Washington, decided that there should be peace.

    BREAKING! Putin and China know EXACTLY what the U.S. is planning, and this could be WWIII /Morris Invest 258,890 views Jun 27, 2023 _Taiwan: Ghost of Y2K?
    The U.S. has openly admitted it’s ready to attack key Chinese economic targets. But Putin and Xi have created a new iron clad trade relationship that could cut off key supplies to the U.S. if activated. Will the U.S. cross that red line?

    The END! Africa JUST ANNOUNCED Their “ONE CURRENCY”, Europe Follows Suit In Dumping The Dollar / Tech Revolution 69K views 18 hours ago

  43. Desiree D Effner

    Greg, I wish you would just let your guests finish their thoughts. They understand the subject better than you and they’re attempting to put the facts into a context that adequately informs. They’re not just giving talking points. I’m at a point where I can barely get through your interviews. Assume, once in a while, that your viewers have some intelligence, so context and an ordered presentation matters. Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you don’t like it, go someplace else for free content. Oh, and you are welcome.

    • sam

      Desiree D Effhead…..What are You Talking about???!….like I told NH Watcher….stupidity should be a crime.

    • Rodster

      I watched the entire interview and Greg allowed Martin Armstrong plenty of time to make his point. Even the best guests can go on forever like Gerald Celente if you let them.

    • Walter Baumgarten

      On occasion, Greg gets fired up about the issues that he is passionate about, but it is that passion that makes him so outstanding in a world where anything goes, nothing really matters, and no one really cares. It is Greg’s enthusiasm that attracts the admiration of the super high caliber guests that he has on, none of which has ever complained about the interactions between host and guest.

      My guess is that they respect Greg for his caring and commitment, as do I and so many others here.

  44. Igor

    Many Thanks! They do not want to destroy Russia, they do fight Ra. They are not neocons and all wars are fought for mind change. Please identify “they”, this quote may help : You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You wrong. Dead wrong. Another quote may help: You do not have soul. You are soul. You do have body. They have deity with hooves (Biden shoes), with human torso which is a transvestite and with goat head. They have talking names – head of SEC gin+ler, RBG guns +jail, feller destroing rock we live on, italian yellow car lamb or gin. It’s a fight that goes beyond good and evil, It’s a fight between can and should… not for unprepared public

  45. Jeffrobbins

    Yesterday, i left messages for both of my senators- slightly brief. I said that with the not much of a deal debt ceiling having passed with almost unlimited money, and the with the messaging we get that war looks very likely. I asked “who are the peace makers?” Not sure if it do any good, but if a few million were to ask their representatives to explain why war is so necessary, it could start a conversation. This (war) seems indefensible to me. No oil, grains, territories, ideology, etc. are at stake and i don’t think most folks are behind it. The only way to whip up public interest would be a false flag. My oldest son is 14 and i’ll do everything i can to have him not go off to this war. Putin’s slow roll looks to me as a way to drive a wedge between us and the rest of the world. If he advanced on the whole of Ukraine, the narrative would be that Russia will march across all of Eastern Europe and counties need to stick with the west. It takes a while for countries to realign and i believe that is the grand plan.

  46. Justn Observer


    IT IS ONYX =

  47. Dave

    The coup continued with yesterday’s SCOTUS decision giving state and federal courts a say (over the state legislature) in elections. This is a gift for the Democrats in 2024 who look likely to sweep the House, Senate and Presidency. None other than Charlie Kirk predicts that – and his position was before yesterday’s decision. Kavanaugh and Barrett voted with Roberts and the Deep State. Trump was warned about them but refused to listen. It may come back to haunt him as he appeals the upcoming court decisions to Scotus. It’s not a guaranteed Scotus will find in his favor. Especially Roberts and Kavanaugh.

    Biden’s approval numbers don’t matter. He is set to be cheated in and the Court decision further guarantees that. Elias and his team are already setting up legal challenges in all states. McDaniel and the RNC are basically doing squat. Agree with Armstrong. The Dems/neocons sweep and pack the Supreme Court and the revolution is complete.

  48. Jeffrobbins

    Greg- Thanks so much, for such a forum as this. Let me repeat something- grain changed to corn in the KJV in some supernatural way. They didn’t have corn and if you think it is the use of kernel at play- why does Matt 12:1 say ears of corn instead of heads of corn? It makes me sound crazy-i admit. Consider for a moment I’m not crazy and make some preparations for issues with our food supply- at worst you learn to garden and i now have a catfish pond. Numbers 12:8- God admits He may speak in riddles. It is for us to search out things of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

  49. Dave

    Armstrong, CAF and Celente are my favorite guests. Hopefully Celente will guest again soon. Armstrong and Celente are adamant that Trump will not be president again. And that the GOP will not win the presidency 2024. Their predictions are falling into place – yesterday’s and last week’s SCOTUS decisions are big boosts to the Democrats. It confirms that Kavanaugh and Barrett are Deep State acolytes.

    RFK is an option for some. I have friends who believe they or family members were hurt by the vaccine and will write in RFK Jr. in 2024 as they believe he is the only candidate honest about the vaccine. These are people who previously voted for Trump.

    On Russia – just yesterday a high ranking official in the Chinese foreign ministry said Crimea belongs to Ukraine. Interesting. My guess is China would like to see Putin replaced by a true communist and could easily turn on Putin. As Armstrong said, Putin is not a communist and IMO China wants a communist government in Russia.

  50. Liam Bartmess

    Aaron Rodgers rips Peter Hotez, doctor who Joe Rogan challenged to debate RFK Jr. By Ryan Glasspiegel June 21, 2023

  51. Boris Johnsohovich

    John Ratcliffe: How Merrick Garland could turn into Biden’s ‘fall guy’
    Fox Business 272K views 17 hours ago
    Former DNI John Ratcliffe discusses the bribery allegations against then-Vice President Biden on;

    More explosive Hunter Biden WhatsApp messages released
    Fox Business 189K views 5 hours ago
    Rep. David Kustoff, R-Tenn., discusses the House Oversight Committee release of messages of Hunter Biden demanding millions from a Chinese energy venture and IRS whistleblower claims on the DOJ’s handling of the Hunter probe.

    WOW, RFKjr. INCOMMING!xFirst Trump now RFKjr. The poor project Mockingbird brained millionaire media whores are running for cover!
    CNN’s Jake Tapper REFUSES To Host Town Hall With RFK JR Due to “DANGEROUS” Vax Views : The Hill 10,529 views 2 hours ago

    Biden On Putin, Ukraine: ‘He’s Clearly Losing The Iraq War’; SECOND Gaffe In A Week: The Hill 5,177 views Premiered 79 minutes ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to President Joe Biden’s recent gaffe on Russia.
    HEY! The writing is on the wall! YOU CAN’T FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME! Let’s make LOVE! Not WAR! Let the people make money. We can’t keep fighting each other and be less cooperative! Neo-cons, you’ve had your chance, Victoria and Graham cracker!. Western civil, civil, lization! Capitalism, economic warfare, free enterprise of competition+ cooperation. For the betterment of Man and womenkind, makes peace and security. We should be building bridges not destroying them! Let’s blow this wild fire cloud of this Iraqi Freudian slip’s of doom and gloom and face the reality of Ukraine and declare peace and security, because if you don’t. Trump and Bobby jr. are GOING TO EAT YOUR LUCH!

  52. Catherine Cronin

    America is not the shining city any more. We are the most evil planet on earth, maybe of all time. God is present even in darkness. Pray, because there will be a judgement from God. Pray, that we , the righteous of the world, survive what is coming. Pray everyday. We are on the path toward complete destruction. When God gets involved to solve this problem that day will be one that the evil will NOT survive.

    • Tony

      Men dressing up and pretending to be women are taxing American patience – and Americans are fighting back against the Globalist sponsors (like Target and Budweiser trying to make a transgender point) by boycotting them – in the old days Americans “were a bit more daring in making a point” – they dressed up like Indians and actually dumped King George’s tea overboard right into Boston Harbor (that would be like Americans today draping themselves in Pride flags and flipping open cans of Bud Light and letting them drain all over Target’s floor) to make an opposing point!!

    • Rodster

      It’s ironic that we have morphed into the “Evil Empire” which Ronald Reagan used to say call the former Soviet Union.

    • Self Exiled

      O LORD, to us belong confusion and open shame—to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers—because we have sinned against You. To the Lord our God belong mercy and loving kindness and forgiveness, for we have rebelled against Him; and we have not obeyed the voice of the LORD our God by walking in His laws which He set before us through His servants the prophets. Daniel 9:8-10

      Blessed [joyful, nourished by God’s goodness] are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness [those who actively seek right standing with God], for they will be [completely] satisfied. Matthew 5:6

      • Ray

        Beautiful SE…….
        Your gentle soothe, God bless you, has been one of the enduring highlights here at USAWATCHDOG.
        Keep the good stuff coming mate, and thanks again for the wisdom you have shared here over the years.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

  53. Jetgraphics

    The Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of America replaced the constitutional government in 1933. This was accomplished by declaring a permanent temporary State of Emergency (enacted into law, Title 12 USC Sec 95a, b), confiscation of lawful money (gold coin), and the criminalization of the possession of lawful money by “free” Americans. In addition, government expanded its public charity (“Relief”) effectively abolishing private property – by taking from one to give to another (without paying just compensation for the “taking”).
    Let’s not forget the 31+ trillion DOLLAR debt that is impossible to repay, yet illegal to challenge (see clause 4, 14th amendment, USCON). [Dollar bills are not dollars. They are debt (IOUs) denominated in dollars, but have a minus value until redeemed – see Title 12 USC Sec 411.]

    The UN approved Universal Declaration of Human Rights is anathema to America’s republican form of government, since it imposes mandatory socialism, denial of individual sovereignty (everyone is a subject citizen), and disregards Creator endowed rights (replacing them with government granted privileges). Frankly, the US should leave the UN, and kick it out of the country. (Note: The fiduciary agent for the bankrupt US government, the UN, and the various international banks – IMF, World Bank, etc, is the Federal Reserve Corporation. The tail wags the world dog.)
    . . . .
    Yeah, I don’t walk by open windows when approached by Putin-on-the-blitz.

  54. Alex de Tocqueville.

    The entire globalist purpose over the last 80 years has been to spur depopulation. Abortion, promotion of homosexuality and degeneracy, lowering of sperm counts via plasticide, GMO, all of it. One aim. Depopulation and replace the serfs with AI.

    These are psychopaths that have gone unchecked for far too long.

  55. jon

    It appears to be happening now, but the country needs to step up the walk away of skilled labor from the Government and Progressive woke industries. Let them drown in a failing system that they have no skills to run. Programmers, IT support, accountants, engineers, mechanics, electricians, police, fire, pilots, etc. Walk away or slow walk everything if you work for State or Federal, Big Tech, MSM. Let them fail. Do not give them the time of day. Let the neocons, the two party nobodies, political class sink. That is how you defeat them. Non compliance, non assistance. Ain’t no amount of illegal illiterate immigrants going to take that over.

  56. Carol

    Hi Greg,

    Another great interview with Martin Armstrong! Thank you.

    I also wanted to tell you that the air here in Chicago is so bad, eyes and throat burning and my lungs feel like they have shut down a little. Hard to breathe even though I am inside with doors and windows shut tight. It prompted me to get up at 5am today, go to USAWatchdog, find Carryion and click on it, and go there and get one sent expedited to me. It’s on its way. BTW, the MSM Clowns just showed the female Trudeau on the evening news (which I rarely watch but want to see what they are saying about the “Haze” from the Canadian Fires) saying this would continue (the wild fires in Canada) all summer and it is due to: “Global Warming”!!!! I guess they will tell us the Malaria we are just hearing about in the US is also due to Global Warming.

  57. Diana Dee Jarvis

    I like Martin Armstrong, but he gets asked the same questions over & over. Next time, please ask him if his company is prepared to continue after his death. Would also be interesting if he has a forecast on China’s current government collapsing. On a fun note, you might also ask how his dog is doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Start your own site and please show me how it is done. It’s free.

    • Tin foil hat

      This is a confession of the Deep State’s ambition or an analysis on geopolitics as per the NWO. The NWO will be a digital order which is not run by governments, it will be run by bankers and tech companies – a fascist entity like the movie 1984.

      I’m not an Armstrong’s fan but you can’t blame him for failing to predict China’s current collapsing. The mainstream media is not reporting it, thereby no chattering to pick up for analysis. This video was made 4 days before the Xi/Blinken meeting which means Blinken already knew China had given in before the meeting.

      This Ian Bremmer is likely the mouthpiece of the Deep State. Even FOX is playing their parts in the ongoing BS that Blinken is an embarrassment and the Biden administration is weak (in appearance) regarding China. I think Russia is probably the only obstacle left standing up to the NWO now.

  58. DaDiz

    Paper ballots/hand count=Coupbuster

  59. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview with Martin Armstrong – thanks.
    I have not always been a fan of MA. In the early USAW interviews he seemed, to me at least, to be ‘elusive’. Perhaps, given his high standing among our common ‘elite’ enemy, he felt a need to hold back. However, since the covid scamdemic, my sense is that MA has become more unequivocal, as in, ‘the ‘elites’ are psychopaths, have overreached, and will ultimately fail’.

    Like some other USAW commentators, I would request you ask Martin Armstrong in any future interview – by what means does he see the power of the ‘elites’ being brought down.

  60. Coal Burner

    Dear Greg, Stellar as usual! I was shocked when Martin said the BRICS new money system would go no where. His only answer is that war makes the dollar stronger. I would like too hear that explored a lot more. Eventually, I think that will destroy the dollar. IF he is saying the buying power will be in dollars and so they will be forced to use them, that can go on for a while or even a long time but they will be constantly looking for a way to dethrone the dollar, especially when it becomes worthless which I expect to happen here at home first.

  61. Faith


    The US military has been giving out green cards in exchange for military service for the past 30 years. 40% of the US Army is made up of non-native-born SM (service members) serving to obtain a green card.

    Where is their loyalty? To the US or to their country of birth?

  62. Julia Carnosine

    Clif High struggles to explain what has long been part of the traditional, pre 1964. Roman Catholic Church and for centuries known as The Way of the Cross.

    He ignorantly ascribes to “universe” what is the purview of the Master Jesus Christ and the Cross. This was also detailed by St. Agustine, St. John of the Cross and .
    St. Theresa of Avila as well as all of the apparition visits of the Queen of Angels Blessed Mary.

  63. Rodney

    Shades of Revelation.

  64. Mike

    Greg, When Martin brings up Nuland and Blinken and mentions her dad changed their names it’s not because of her being Ukrainian it’s because they are Jews. All of them that are creating this mess are name changing Jews. Why doesn’t Martin call it out?

    It’s not antisemitism to state facts and to notice the name changers in our society that create these conflicts. Let’s start being honest with the facts. Eastern European Jews are the Bolsheviks who overthrew the Czar and formed the USSR. Those are the people that Yeltson told Putin to save Russia from. Let’s just get the facts out so people can go and review history themselves.

    • Justn Observer

      Mike, it is NOT that they are JEWS…necessarily…but of the ilk that rejected Jesus…more from those cult types that ‘converted’ to Judism under King Bulan…from that region…and migrated west and become Khazarian -Illuminati types that inner married and moved up into European society…many of the ‘banker’ and merchant class …which then, like now infiltrated societies and meld into the workings of nations…and seize the orgs of government and their finane and economies… Some have shown that the Roman Empire became the ‘Holy’ Roman Empire…with politics and money buying the ‘seat’ of the Pope of the Catholic Church. who then used that to consecrate the Kings, Emperors, and Monarchs and use the power of ‘RE-LEGION to effect kingdoms and land grants across Europe…which then were those that were BACKED by the HOUSE of…- the presiding power elite as they moved in or out, were assassinated, or de-throned NOT today. One only has to look at the Church further back …and ask why a Church does a church have an Army and a Navy?. And of course we always here about people that are too preoccupied with wealth …but amazing how the Churches theyselves are the some of the wealthiest corporations on earth… No doubt the ‘indulgences’ of ‘repentance and guilt paid helped.
      What we do know is Nuland changed their name, Blinken is of Ukrainian orgin…look up his grandfather who started the ‘sexual revolution and permissiveness …also AG Garland ancestry and that is name was Garfunkel… Of course AG Barr ancestry is also of ‘the PALE’ and not Scotish bagpipers… The look at Vinderman, and the most vocal of the impeachment hearings…- Ukrainans heritage by some accounts…. Soros, a Hungarian, is said to be ‘JEWISH’ but raised by a Catholic… my point is … JEWISH is NOT the problem. Rather a cult from that area… which did produce the Bolshevic , but one must go back to those early days of ‘struggle’…which the same type people used as now to ferment hostility, and not let those crisis’s go to waste on their way to secure the oil fields of then eastern Russia- Iran! Russia had the U.S. ‘s back several times as we sought our independence…and part of the KILLING of the CZAR was repayment for that…
      People need to unlink the ‘JEWISH’ verbage and use Khazarian …it is why many with ‘JEWISH’ heritage….were part of the NAZI as well as leaders of Russian revolution that killed and ran many of ‘their’ people into work camps and death camps… And if, Soros is so proud of what he ‘accomplished’ helping the NAZI round up JEWS… one might wonder why….the NAZI hunters have never going knocking on Soros door?

  65. david tiger

    Duh, lol, software is running a little slow by a few years:)

  66. Blackbeard

    Cant take Trumph seriously until he admits the Vaccines were a bioweapon.

  67. Dawn

    It’s the money printing that has caused inflation not war.
    That’s secondary.

  68. Susan R

    I need both of you Greg and Martin. This source has been my preferred source for over a decade. It is not easy to have awareness. Truth may save my life but till then it hurts. I will take the hurt though and be grateful. The control over humans is just like barn animals and our guaranteed freedoms can be burned like paper and a match. My primary interest is when the parade is over I want to go home.

  69. Anti-atomist

    “Too big a story to ignore.” -Davis Adair

  70. Jackie Pollock

    Greg asks Martin Armstrong : Is there any way to stop the rigging of the 2024 election?
    MA: I don’t believe so. Our computer shows that holy hell breaks out in 2025. I think the problem will be that it will be in everybody’s face this time. …. They are not going to accept anybody who is against war.

    I believe they will do all they can to prevent RFKjr and Trump from even having a possibility of taking office. IF one of these 2 does actually win the 2024 election, I don’t believe they will allow him to proceed and take office.

    They will not give up another 4 years to Trump and RFKjr is not on their “team” and cannot be allowed to take office any more than Trump.

  71. Prospector

    People ask — ” But What Can I Do ? ”

    This is how we fight back. Give a listen to a new song by a singer called HI-REZ.
    He drops like 50 truths in just two minutes. Share this everywhere, it WILL grow big !
    His past song is called ” Heaven Over Hollywood ” , so that should tell you something about him. HAPPY JULY 4TH !!

    Big Brother – ( We Don’t Love You No More )

    Go ahead ignore your instincts, morals right down the sink
    All the freedoms that you thought you had, they’re gone in a blink
    Sir you’re under arrest, you’ve had too much to think

  72. Neville

    Hi Greg,
    I am currently in France at the moment and cannot get access to the interviews. Obviously I have been blocked by THE TRUTH deniars of this country which is annoying in the enth degree.
    Please give me some advice on how to get around this annoying event.
    Many thanks,

  73. Bill

    There are three active USAF missile wings all under the command of the 20th Air Force at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming. They are the 90th Missile Wing at F.E.Warren, the 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom AFB Montana and the 91st Missile Wing at Minot AFB N.D,
    They are equipped with approximately 400 of the LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM. The Air Force randomly pulls minuteman from the field and launch the missile from Vandenberg, there are great YouTube videos of the launches.
    Their speed is by USAF figures 15000 mph or Mach 23 at burnout. In addition the Navy has 14 SSBN submarines each equipped with 20 Trident missiles.

    What makes the hypersonic missiles that the Russians have unique is they are air launched from fighters like the MiG -31 and the TU-22 bomber. They reportedly have a max range of around 1200 miles. Various claims have been made about its max speed but a common one is more than Mach 4 or around 2800 mph.
    The main Russian ICBM’s are the SS-18 Satan the SS-19 Stiletto and the SS-27 Topol.

    I wouldn’t worry to much if there is an exchange we will have a few more problems than the idiots in Washington.

    I really enjoy your show.
    Best regards from Wilmington NC

  74. Jim Barrett

    I voted no on the Trump to jail poll but that vote hinges on whether or not the FBI did or will plant evidence . You must remember they are fighting for their continued existence.

  75. Prospector

    Elon Musk is in the control cabal.

    You can no longer browse Twitter without sign-in

    Well , BYE !

    • JW

      Not sure how long this’ll work…

      Nitter is a type of proxy for twitter. Anyone can run an instance of it on their own (sub)domains. I’ve been using it since twitter dumped their mobile version.

  76. Kip

    If not for the Neo Cons Trump could have made a great relations with Russia,and China would be the out layer

  77. Half-Matter Wallace

    In closing, Armstrong warns, “Russia is like a wild animal, and if it is cornered, it will attack.”

    So, what does that make the western nations that started this “war”, using Ukrainian NAZI’s? Saints?

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