Monetary Heroin Will Crash the Dollar-Peter Schiff

4By Greg Hunter’s    (Earl Sunday Release)

Money manager Peter Schiff, who wrote a book three years ago called “The Real Crash,” thinks the next calamity is well on its way.  Schiff says, “I think the next crash is going to be a dollar crash rather than a stock market crash.  Certainly it is going to be an economic crash for the average American, and their cost of living goes skyrocketing.”

So, is the next crash going to be worse than the last meltdown?  Schiff says, “It’s going to be much, much worse.  If you understand what caused the 2008 financial crisis, it was the easy monetary policies of Alan Greenspan. . . . The monetary policies of Bernanke and Yellen dwarf what Alan Greenspan did.  That was child’s play compared to what these guys have done.  We have had zero percent interest rates for six years.  We have had three rounds of quantitative easing (QE or money printing) and “Operation Twist.”  The Fed has a $4.5 trillion balance sheet.  This economy is so levered up, so addicted to a level of cheap money that has never before been experienced.  So, the mistakes since the financial crisis are on an order of magnitude bigger than the ones that were made before it.  The bust is always proportionate to the boom.  This is a bigger boom, even though it doesn’t feel like it is because . . . if you take a lot of drugs, you build up a tolerance.  We had a record dose of this monetary heroin, and we barely had a party. . . . Wall Street partied, but the middle class was left out.”

Schiff goes on to warn, “This is going to be the biggest hangover yet, the biggest bust yet.  If you thought 2008 was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  That was the overture to a horrible opera that is about to unfold.  The fat lady isn’t even in the theater yet.  That is how early we are in this tragedy.”

On the Fed, Schiff says, “We have destroyed this economy.  The Federal Reserve has prevented capital investment, entrepreneurship, economic growth that is real.  Instead, we have diverted all these resources to sustaining asset bubbles to keep the stock market up, the real estate market up, to fund debt for education, housing and health care.  We are strangling the real economy, and Main Street can feel it.  Even though Wall Street is ignoring the pain on Main Street, you can see all these protests that have picked up.”

So, is another round of money printing, or QE, a lock?  Schiff contends, “Oh yeah, the minute they did QE 3, QE 4 was a lock because whenever you do a round of quantitative easing, you cannot stop without doing it again.  If you take drugs and you want to stay high, you need more drugs.  Otherwise, you go through withdrawal.  Whenever you get the economy high on QE, if you take away the QE, you take away the high.  That’s why we are going back into recession.  To pretend that you can have an economy on cheap money, and you take away the cheap money and the economy is going to endure, is nonsense. . . It was the Fed propping up this phony economy, and by propping up a phony economy, you prevent a real economy from ever emerging.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Capital and Schiff Gold.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

There are articles and free reports on Schiff’s website  If you would like to get a copy of “The Real Crash,” click here.

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  1. JC Davis

    Greg. I fail to agree with Peter on the Greece default. The banks are so interconnected there can be no contingency plan. Just as I may be prepared for a collapse when it happens there will always be something I missed, or was unable to take care of. What plan could be in place?

    • JC Davis

      Maybe the USA will start propping up the Greece debt.. How long do ya think that can last?

      • Greg Hunter

        JC Davis,
        If Greece defaults I cannot see how that is not going to cause big problems for European banks and ultimately US banks as well.

        • paul

          It’s kind of hilarious in a sense … first the bankers took the Greek sheeple to bed … and we all know what happened … now its the Greeks turn to take the bankers to bed!
          What goes around comes around!

      • Grafique

        In my opinion, Hussein Obama the muslim would refuse to prop up Greece because a Greek default would be bad for America, and he hates traditional America.
        Hussein Obama is a strange person – a Muslim Socialist. You can expect strange policies from such a person.
        Just my opinion.

        • Raymond

          Not an opinion. Just prejudice!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think we are going to find out fairly soon. I think a Greek exit and or default will cause a daisy chain of problems for banks.

      • aussie jeff

        So finally we have mainstream media slowly awakening the sheeple, so that when the Chinese yuan does become reserve currency it wont be a big deal after all………pppfffttttt.

        • Al Hall


    • Colin-'the farmer from NZ"

      JC and Greg

      I like Peter very much and agree with 90% of what he says in this outstanding interview.
      However I respectfully don’t totally buy into his Grexit theory for the following reasons;

      #1 The EU is a failing model. Greece is just one example of the disaster that is the EU. This institution is failing spectacularly because it is fundamentally unsound and was set up to serve neocons and banksters, not its member states.

      #2 There is now an overwhelming awakening in many EU countries that in joining this union they gave away their own sovereignty and individual right to control their monetary and fiscal policy. Worse still they handed it to a great big fat evil blobby thing in Brussels. Now they pay the price, and what they so naively gave away, is staring them in the face. The result is tragically manifest in their massive unemployment, their insolvency and their escalating civil unrest.

      #3 The status quo is unsustainable. Greece is insolvent. This month they cannot pay their civil servants or the interest on their debt. They are on the brink of total financial and social collapse. They need to be rescued NOW and for much of their debt to be written off otherwise the world could very well be revisiting another Weimar Republic scenario. Alas history should have taught us something. We all should know what eventuated from that completely unrealistic expectation when a state was left on its own without support or proper dialogue and to pay back an impossible level of debt.

      #4 The EU is not in a financial situation to rescue Greece because if they did they would set the precedent that would demand the same for a multitude of other EU members that are also insolvent. The EU could print their way out of the Greek crises if this was an isolated case. Unfortunately the model is such a wreck that there will be an inevitable flood of demands from other countries and the disintegration of this Union would commence.

      In essence the EU is already lost. The Greek situation is but a precursor to an inevitable and uncontrollable chain of events.
      My own humble prediction is that within five years the EU will no longer exist regardless of how they handle this current Greek crisis. The floodgates of succession will open up in 2015 as the EU is exposed and they will very rapidly lose control and begin the process of disintegration. Eventually they will morph into a much smaller north European trading union where each member state regains its own decision making sovereignty and its individual currency.
      The big fat Belgium blobby thing will cease to exist altogether.
      This obscene monster will not be missed except perhaps by the neocons and the banksters whom so blatantly created it in the beginning.


      • JC Davis

        Well Done Colin ! Excellent wording.
        Do you think the world banks can have a collapsing chain of events caused by the Euro banks ?

        • Colin-'the farmer from NZ"

          Thanks JC
          The sheer size of the derivative exposure of the US TBTF banks means they are at risk of a melt down from any number of black swan events that even the combined might of the worlds central banks won’t be able to control.

          Last time I looked JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo had exposure to derivatives of at least $280 trillion. Isn’t that about twenty times the US GDP?
          These banks combined had total assets of some $10 trillion.
          The maths is fairly easy.
          Their exposure is 28 times their total assets!

          Look at just one Euro bank. Deutsche Bank’s position is flat out terrifying as well!
          Their derivatives exposures are approximately 54 million euros.
          That’s about nine times the entire Eurozone’s GDP.

          Overall banks worldwide are interconnected and don’t want Greece to default because this would trigger payments they would have to make on the credit default swaps they have sold.
          Remember too that in the financial world anybody can sell insurance on anything to anyone they like. This means that insurance can be sold multiple times and result in these derivatives vastly exceeding the value of the underlying asset as in the above examples.

          To me it is not the Greek debt but the CDS positions of these big banks that is truly terrifying. The Greek situation is one problem. The real concern is that there are more troubled economies in the Euro that are technically insolvent and ready to join the soup line.
          More in fact than I would care to poke the proverbial stick at.

          • JC Davis

            Colin you among others is why I have asked Greg to interview the folks that comment on this site.

          • aussie jeff

            I failed math at school Col, so thanks for doing the homework and making it easy to understand even for me 🙂

      • Chip

        Col, totally agree with your version…

      • Mike from the North

        Absolutely one of the best responses I have seen here in some time.
        One smart farmer from NZ.

        A few years ago when I first came across Mr. Schiff I was not impressed with him.

        Over the years he has earned my respect for many reasons.

        Agree with much of what he says but as far as the outcome of Greece I still expect further effort to extend and pretend.

      • Silence is Golden

        The only thing stopping the success of the EU model is that it lacks uniformity of Politics/Government. Its has the CB and the Fiat sown up.
        Do not underestimate these so called UNELECTED. They have an agenda and they will fight tooth and nail to achieve their desires. Every country member of the EU will ultimately lose whatever sovereignty it has remaining with the result being the formation of a UNION of States of the EU…”Incorporated”. Of course every Corporate requires a Board of Directors and this will be formed without referendum or public interference. All power will eventually cede to the One Government either residing in Brussels, Geneva or Berlin.
        Whilst your points seem to have some merit….the EU model is severley underestimated. There is a very strong desire and will to have uniformity across Europe. Ask the people what their preferences are and even in Greece you will find that a very high percentage of the Greek populace wants to remain in the EU….notwithstanding the Political in-fighting we see combined with the anti-austerity meme. Always keep in mind “Those Hands who issue the Money….. are above those that take it. They still control the situation”.

    • Pablo

      Surprisingly (or not) there has been a plan since 2012. This is from Wikipedia of all places (link below the excerpt):

      “Plan Z” is the name given to a 2012 plan to enable Greece to withdraw from the eurozone in the event of Greek bank collapse.[18] It was drawn up in absolute secrecy by small teams totalling approximately two dozen officials at the European Commission (Brussels), the European Central Bank (Frankfurt) and the IMF (Washington).[18] Those officials were headed by Jörg Asmussen (ECB), Thomas Wieser (Euro working group), Poul Thomsen (IMF) and Marco Buti (European Commission).[18] To prevent premature disclosure no single document was created, no emails were exchanged, and no Greek officials were informed.[18] The plan was based on the 2003 introduction of new dinars into Iraq by the Americans[18] and would have required rebuilding the Greek economy and banking system ab initio, including isolating Greek banks by disconnecting them from the TARGET2 system, closing ATMs, and imposing capital and currency controls.[18]

  2. southern girl

    Great interview and you are right… he was talking so fast I thought maybe we needed to take his blood pressure. He was on rapid fire. All this debt and he mentioned college debt, but has anyone talked about the credit card debt the average household has? We have our house and cars paid off and pay off our credit card every month, but I have family members who are so far in debt even if they die it won’t fix it. I don’t see how people go out to eat? I guess they just keep charging. If you don’t pay off or you miss a payment wow it just balloons. I feel sorry for those who are so young and don’t literally have a chance. As I have told my own siblings maybe college for their children is not the thing. . . there are no jobs. Several of my nieces and nephews have graduated with huge debt and making minimum wage. My siblings are trying to use their life savings to pay their debt down. So that leaves everyone with no money. No one can get a real job and no one can ever retire. People just don’t won’t to step up the plate of reality. They would rather stay in the land of denial. I think that is located in Disney Land . Someone correct me if I am wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      No correction needed.

    • K

      He’s just fired up and annoyed that people STILL don’t get it.
      Sort of the Cassandra of the financial world.

      You will always have earning power if you look around for a service people need/could save money or time if they had it but aren’t getting, and provide that.

      • brian

        I think that for many people, who understand what is going on and see the root cause of all the problems here as being a high level of ignorance on the part of humanity in general, there is an indiscreet level of frustration in the back of their mind as they see the society they must live in being steered by a great mass of people totally oblivious to the plain as day evidence that this all ends horribly.

        Unfortunately, for these guys who are trying to diversify into areas they view as above the high water mark of this biblically proportioned liquidity flood, this collapse is going to be global and it will likely be attended by war and a level of unprecedented chaos….at this point I don’t see how anyone thinks they can reasonably hope to survive this other than to prevent it by any means possible, regardless of how desperate.

        Unless this criminal behavior we see at the top of our society is put to an end, or for Gods sake at least curbed, we can all count on dying a lot sooner than we think we should and without any of the dignity that we think we are entitled to.

        • RTW

          You are absolutely correct. When the collapse happens, it will be too late. This time around it will be a lot different than in 1929 except we’ll still have people jumping from rooftops. Times have changed dramatically. This time, you will not see long lines of docile people standing quietly, holding their tin buckets, awaiting their ration of soup. It’s nice to buy gold and silver due to the fact that the USD won’t be worth anything at all. But the question is…where will we spend the precious metals? We’ve all seen what happened when people have just perceived injustice. They riot and burn everything down, once it’s been looted. I’m afraid there won’t be anything left for a long time to come. In times like this, the ever popular “black market” will appear and if you’re lucky enough to know someone involved in it, you are not going to get the true value in trade. We all need to truly wake up and put real pressure on our elected officials to start doing the right thing or we elect someone to replace them, who will. We need more than just one or two trying to save this country. The “old guard” needs to be replaced. We need to be proactive.

    • Diane D

      Southern Girl, you are right on about the total lack of self-discipline of Americans. Like Peter says, it is as if they are addicted to spending and instantaneous gratification. Boomers on steroids.

      Thanks for the charts on debt today (link in your post below). Wow, and the debt is tallied AFTER all the defaults and bankruptcies.

      If young people would only read this before jumping into college (and debt):

  3. Brian Stemmerman

    A good read.

    • Colin-'the farmer from NZ"

      An excellant article!
      The new hawkish secretary of defense is quickly developing into a neocon’s dream come true.
      Not content to try to start a war with Russia, the US now moves on to deliberately provoke and bully China as well.
      Furthermore Carter is so moronic and hypocritical he publicly acknowledges the fact that the US actions are rooted in hegemony and greed. A recent quote from Carter:

      ”There are already more than 525 million middle class consumers in Asia, and we expect there to be 3.2 billion in the region by 2030…President Obama and I want to ensure that… businesses can successfully compete for all these potential customers. ….Over the next century, no region will matter more… for American prosperity.”

      In his own words and actions this irresponsible fool places humanity in grave danger.

        • Brian Stemmerman

          Walked away from stocks and bonds in 2010 and all I hold is my emerging markets and short ETF’s. Told my wife it’s not about making money in the market at this moment, it’s about making money before you make the decision to retire. Long time investor. The Fed makes it so painful. Waiting for the world to wake up.

          • JC Davis

            Brian that was the same year I walked away. Put mine into land. I have had no regrets over that move.

  4. David

    Greg, great interview. Peter Schiff is one of a handful of people who calls it straight without the hoopla. In the run-up to the housing crash, a lot of people ridiculed him.. only to have egg on their face. Today, the MSM still smirk, and they too will be left in the smoke. I believe his assessment will play out in the end.

    • Greg Hunter

      I thought this was one of his best interviews and he has had many good ones.

  5. Jack OBrien

    Greg, thanks so much for what you do. My entire family is so much safer because of your show. The real info you and your guests provide is beyond valuable. Thank you and God bless you and yours.

    JA OBrien

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jack. What is going on is a math problem at its core and the math cannot work out well, especially for the unprepared.

    • TJ Jackson

      I second what Jack O’Brien says! Peter is the man and Greg deserves all the praise that we can heap on him for what he does. Remember, the future belongs to the prepared.

  6. paul

    The FED is like the “doctors of old” who would bleed their patients to death (supposedly to cure them) … the Fed just keeps sapping the life blood out of our economy with their QE operations … and by sucking the life blood out of our economy they say they are simply “doing their God’s work” … which is to sacrifice “baby” America on an Alter of Fiat!!

  7. paul

    To be or not to be is not the question … as QE4 is guaranteed according to Schiff … only how the Fed implements it … is the question!

    Now if I were working at the Fed … this is how I would do QE4 … the Fed comes out with a statement that it will be buying up all the credit card debt of consumers … and will be placing that debt on its own balance sheet … then simply print up the cash needed to pay off all the consumers credit card debts … and hand it over to the banks.

    The Fed then lowers the interest rate consumers have to pay on their credit card debts (now held on the Fed’s books) down to 0.005 percent (or half of one percent) … the result is the banks will be flush with the new cash (the Fed gives them by paying off their customers credit cards) … and consumers will have less interest to pay on their old loans … this will increase the ability of consumers to accept new credit cards issued by the banks … to purchase goods and services … and get the economy booming again!

    • Anne Elliott

      How about if the Fed gave every American household $100,000 to do with what they want; spend it on paying off debt, buying a house or car/s, etc. ?? That sounds more fair… 🙂 and might accomplish the same thing by stirring the economy!

      • aussie jeff

        Australian Government tried that after the 2008 crash, every taxpayer got 900 dollars to go spend,apparently their was a hug spike in large LED tv sales, and the rest went into pokies/one arm bandits.
        I can’t even remember what I did with my 900 dollars.

        • JC Davis

          Jeff what was the economic result ? Would it work better then propping up the banking system ?

      • paul

        True … but there is nothing in it for the banks … and as Fed Chairman I would have a very hard time explaining to the bankers why the people are getting $100,000 each and they are getting nothing!

    • West Tejas

      While we can all guess the way they might implement QE4, should it happen which is a big “if”, but based on the FED’s 100 year history and actions it will not be aimed to helping out main street and the working class. It’s a 100% guarantee the money will be aimed at keeping the big banks solvent and pumpin’ up the stawk and bond markets.
      However, I agree with your points if they really wanted to help out the consumers. Make all credit card, student loans and mortgage interest rates around 3% to match the official CPI numbers. Unfortunately for the average “conned”sumer this is just fantasy talk and might as well throw in some gumballs, lollipops and rainbows just for fun. It ain’t gonna happen!

  8. Mark


    As good, fast-paced interview from someone who I believe surely understands what is hurting our country and the global community. I’ve listened to Peter for years and he’s always been consistent about the Fed, gov’t numbers and investments. He and others convinced me to get out of paper entirely and invest in hard assets. I hope others heed his message and protect themselves before the real crash does occur.
    As an endorsement to Peter’s site I would recommend this as a place to consider purchasing gold & silver. The reps are great to deal with and will price match with other dealers prices. I’ve made most of my purchases with his company and won’t go anywhere else at this point. Thanks for bringing Peter on again!

  9. Grafique

    I think the idea that hugely-indebted nations must eventually go to war rather than pay off their debt is accurate.
    The problem for America lies in the fact that our government no longer has the backbone to fight a war. The socialist/liberal establishment (Democrat and Republican) has a greater fear of appearing politically incorrect than of being defeated on the battlefield.
    Did you know that every US military action since WWII has been fought under the auspices of the United Nations?

  10. southern girl

    Sorry I forgot to provide a link for the credit card debt. Blueeee me awaayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Alarmed

    This has been one of the best Peter Schiff interviews I have seen. I especially loved his opera example. I have played a number of operas. Unless they are comedies, what you usually get is murder and mayhem. I think Pagliacci might be a good example. After murdering his wife and her lover, he announces to the audience that “The comedy has ended.” In our case, Pagliacci (FED) will not admit to anything, even with the entire audience as witnesses!

  12. Todd

    Greg, Great interview with one of the greatest, Peter Schiff. Peter sees the cause and effect clearly.His books are great. My favorite is How an economy grows and why it crashes. I strongly believe that Jonathan Cahn has pinpointed Gods appointed time for the wiping out of all debt, Sept. 13 2015. I believe fiat money, the dollar is based on debt. I believe we have the biggest debt based system in the history of the world. We have turned from capitalism to crony capitalism. In turn we have turned from true wealth creation to debt based wealth creation. We have turned from God to mammon. I believe the coming crash will expose our true dependence upon God. We are now living in a huge distortion of wealth brought about by the fed. I believe the correction will be fast and furious. Babylon will be destroyed and this will usher in Christ’s return to His covenant people the Jews. This will be a very great and terrible day. I believe that we must prepare for the dollar to collapse totally. Because the dollar is linked to cheep gasoline I believe we are about to see something unbelievable. Everyone I know thinks this is crazy talk. Nobody will even consider that this could be the truth. I have studied this and prayed about it. I want others to do the same. I honestly believe that food storage is as important in our day as boarding the ark was to Noah. We need to get back to the basics. We need to live more like our grandparents. We need to be self sufficient on our part and then God will help us. We are entering the seven lean years. May God bless all those who stand in His truth and light. and thank you for letting me comment. God bless you.

    • Anne Elliott

      I so agree with your comments, especially about entering the 7 lean years… When Joseph interpreted Pharoah’s dream, it was about seven fat cows, who were eaten by seven lean cows, and even after eating the fat cows, the lean ones remained thin… Meaning that the lean years ate up everything that was stored up to prepare for them. So it will be for us as well – every food and preparation item we have stored up will be needed for much longer than we think. Trust on God and get right with Him; even if you’re not ready for such a calamity, He will lead you where you need to go!

      • aussie jeff

        Anne E ……………I agree with you 100%

        Or of course we could just do what Gina says and vote for Hillary……..

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not going to allow the pro Hillary comments anymore. In all fairness, there isn’t anybody routinely stumping for a Republican here.

          • JC Davis

            I EEEEE !

          • aussie jeff

            fair enough Greg, point taken.

  13. David B.

    Pardon me if I seem more partial to Bill Holter’s predictions than Peter–not that I require a date and time.
    His analysis, and the pleas from Jim Sinclair to exit the system have struck a raw nerve.

    I’m afraid that “something wicked this way comes,” is about about June 2015 and multiple currency and derivative collapses.
    I don’t think investors are prepared for Greece– having assumed the nature of perpetual bail outs.
    Keep stacking?

    • Jerry

      I agree. There’s only so many plates the banking cabal can juggle before they miss one.
      Here’s a very big one. The Petrodollar.

      The connection between the USDollar and Crude Oil price has been broken, in ways not described or reported in the press. A vast system of FOREX derivatives are being dissolved that connect to the Crude Oil price, resulting on lost control. The rising USD and falling oil price is evidence of the breakdown. The relationship between the USGovt and the Saudis has deteriorated to alarming levels, despite the photo ops on display to deceive. The Saudis have been working on monthly conferences with the Beijing leaders, in what could be called a lovefest for economic cooperation and financial joining at the oil hip. The Saudis and other Gulf Emirate nations will be working to convert their combined $2.2 trillion in sovereign wealth funds into diversified assets, led by Gold. These Arabs will work to replace their Gold bullion stolen in Swiss banks. – Jim Willie.

    • Jerry

      Here’s another one. Greek default blowing up the derivative market.

      One of my favorite lines. ( From Kelly’s Hero’s) ” The engine can’t be fixed no matter how positive I am”!

      • Art Barnes

        Jerry, love the quote, so, soooooo true!

      • David B.

        If Charleston Heston were alive, I would like to think he would say this about gold and silver: “The government? They’ll have to kill me to remove it from my cold, dead hands.”

        Not trying to be dramatic, because I believe many will experience this situation.

        Forget the shemitah. This thing will probably collapse this summer.

        Yes, I could be wrong.

        Thanks, for the links, Jerry

        • JC Davis

          David B I have been thinking the same thoughts. A buddy asked why do I keep up with this S…t . I replied to know when to get out of town.

  14. Gert

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  15. David Hinton

    Thanks for sharing your ongoing quest for truth. Your implementing my suggestion to move away from yellow lighting has resulted in an improvement, however, you now seem to have taken on a blue LED “oompa loompa” hue as evidenced by the contrast with guest. May I suggest something as simple as a full spectrum light like:

    this could be used in combo with your other lights. Just trying to position you for max audience appeal/credibility. They need to stick around enough to hear the message and put down the Kool-aid. Thanks again for maintaining journalistic integrity – a rarity these days.

  16. Smaulgld

    Yes, the Fed is saying they will raise rates “if the economy continues to strengthen” To any objective person the economic data is weakening. BUT the FED will insist that the bad economic data is actually good and will get better.
    There is a reason for this. They WILL RAISE RATES. They have to. Just a bit. Not only for credibility, but to keep support for US T Bonds strong in light of de-dollarization initiatives.
    Also if they raise rates once or twice they can then cut them and do QE4 later.

    • JC Davis

      SMAULGLD I have been told the FED can not raise rates even .1 of 1%. If they did it would send shock waves threw the top heavy banking system. The adjustment alone could destroy the economy. I don’t know much about this. The whole thing is to big for me to understand. I am just a little man in a garage trying to keep up with a fast changing world.

      • Smaulgld

        JC Davis
        Nonsense. the Fed has been telegraphing this rate hike for a year! People with derivatives have had plenty of time to close out positions, initiate new ones and to prepare.
        Even if a rate hike were to destroy the economy (it wont- its already ruined) the Fed I think is more interested in protecting the Treasury than the economy.
        Remember the same crowd said the Fed could NEVER taper. They did.

        • Colin-'the farmer from NZ"

          Yeah but how much did the Fed really taper and how much slight of hand was there?

        • Silence is Golden

          The FED is BIG on rhetoric and lies…always has been.
          Understand the dilemma they face…..not about the economy …moreso about the INTEREST cost of its debt monetisation program. Keeping the long end of the yield curve FLAT is paramount for survival (ability of the Government to service the debt).
          As for telegraphing….here again I believe the probability of Mr Market doing the necessary in lieu of the impotent and scared FED, as being as high as 80-90%. Its a game of chicken the FED is playing…almost daring the Market to do the required. It will …there are already indications of this in motion….. to wit TNX and Euro 1oyr Bond yields.
          I believe the FED is frightened into a corner and is hiding behind a small rock. If it pokes its head out ….its game over. The FED is way behind the curve on this…and nothing will change its mindset …until something catastrophic happens…… planned or otherwise. That is the future which you can write into your book as a reference. The damage they have done is irreparable.

        • JC Davis

          I see. So some millionaires are dumping there holdings to get ready for a rate hike. Yet the confusion I have is connecting the derivatives to stocks. With out of control manipulation a rate hike could bust the derivatives market. Then trading treasuries some say is replacing the taper money. To big to fail has become to big to survive.

  17. Paul

    Let me understand this.

    Greece, the country that was raped and pillaged by the MBSecurities ( sold to Greece as “AAA )., fraudulently induced by Goldman Sachs and the bought and paid for regulators such as S&P and Moody’s-Fitch. With the help of a corrupt Government in Popandreou with over 800 million hidden in Swiss and Cayman Island accounts. And the help of the corrupt Maastricht Treaty that allows the corrupt German/French/… Vatican to steal all of the resources of Greece etc… and we have Mr. Peter Shifty telling us that a move to the Drachma would be a disaster ? Excuse me… how much worse can it get with clowns like you pushing more heroin down the Greek and European people. This whole Financial fraud has been perpetrated by a bunch of criminal elite. They need to be brought forward and forced to repent and pay. This is the ultimate Mafia. Stop with you’re teleprompter Mr. Schiff. Get rid of the “usury” induced Central banks. Force them to pay back ALL that they have stolen. Throw them in jail with the rest of the rapists. Then I’ll believe you’re drivel Mr. Schiff….

    • Charles H.


      You clearly illustrate that the Banksters have taken their ‘fraud and pillage’ models throughout the Western empire – so much so , that the vassals themselves are looking for the door. But go easy on the ‘still-believers’, that cling around the periphery of the system.

      The only violence Jesus Christ the Lord showed – was to make a scourge of cords, and drive the money-changers out of the Temple. If money-changers will dare make a den-of-theives of something sacred: reason supports they will do so in any other place that profits them. Limited Government – yeah, that WAS the ticket.

    • OutLookingIn

      Quite correct, however your POV would be more convincing without all the accompanying hyperbola. Peter Schiff has a proven track record in making market moving calls, that entailed much attention to everyday detail by him, to the ‘nuts & bolts’ and inner workings of the market.
      However his monetary insight into the long term viability of the Euro, as a common currency across many borders is misguided. The Greek’s have no option left but to default and move onto re- issuing and using the Drachma. Its either that or becoming complete slaves (body & soul) to the financial vultures that are gathering to pick her bones clean.

  18. Smaulgld

    Here is some data and charts that show how indebted the Us consumer is and why they wont be buying houses and lots of stuff to drive GDP later this year

  19. Robbie41

    Hello to you Greg. I saw this story, so I’m passing it on to you & if this is true, I know in my heart that everything that your client’s & yourself have been talking about, look’s like the collapse has already started..

    • Smaulgld

      Robbie see link above there can be no real growth in consumer spending as the US consumer has loaded himself up with too much debt to spend much more on houses and stuff

      • JC Davis

        Robbie41, SMAULGLD, and SIG. Money is moving around the globe faster then ever, yet all countries are suffering more then I have seen in my 54 years. I would like to see a jobs report world wide. China would be at the top I think.

        • Silence is Golden

          The Century of the Dragon is upon us.
          They will impoverish those that choose not to be aligned and will provide golden wings to those that ride with the beast.

  20. paul

    Greg … this has nothing to do with Peter Schiff … but I think it is important to bring this up again because I want to apologize for perhaps frightening a lot of people the other day (even myself) when I posted this song being sung at the Vatican …

    Perhaps this song being sung “that sounds so ominous” can be interpreted simply to mean the following: 

    But I have to make a few assumptions … first, I assume that Hell is a place of eternal fire (like our Sun) … and secondly I assume that the Church for some reason named our Sun “Lucifer” (and therefore that telescope in Arizona the Vatican built to study the Sun … being called Lucifer makes some sense to me now).

    OK … here goes …

    The song being sung refers to Lucifer as “The Morning Star” (our Sun) … and that this Morning Star (our Sun) never sets (because it’s the Earth that turns creating the appearance of a rising morning Star every morning).

    If the Church is in fact calling our Sun (Lucifer) … and calling Christ the “light”of the Sun … then I guess it makes some sense to say the “light” from our Sun can be thought of as “the son of our Sun” … or in “Church terms” … Christ is the son of Lucifer … so the early morning light (Christ) rose and came back to us from death’s domain (the Sun) … back from the eternal fire of hell (of our Sun) to shed his “peaceful light” on humanity … or more simply … the light of the Sun shines on Earth and brings us out of darkness to life (as photosynthesis brings life from light) … and it lives (shines on us) and reigns for ever and ever … Amen.

    With this interpretation … I can better see what this song is really all about … but why does religion have to make something so simple … “confusing and complicated”???  … they create this “big mystery” when they could have simply said … the Sun of God furnishes us light … takes away our darkness … and gives us life!

    John 8:12 (NIV) makes it simple … Jesus spoke and said, “I am the light of the world” … “whoever follows me will never walk in darkness” … “but have the light of life”

    • southern girl

      Maybe this will help set the record straight. It uses the exact words from the video, this is on Wikipedia.

      Latin word lucifer[edit]

      As an adjective, the Latin word lucifer meant “light-bringing” and was applied to the moon.[6] As a noun, it meant “morning star”, or, in Roman mythology, its divine personification as “the fabled son of Aurora[45] and Cephalus, and father of Ceyx”, or (in poetry) “day”.[6] The second of the meanings attached to the word when used as a noun corresponds to the image in Greek mythology of Eos, the goddess of dawn, giving birth to the morning star Phosphorus.[45]

      Isaiah 14:12 is not the only place where the Vulgate uses the word lucifer. It uses the same word four more times, in contexts where it clearly has no reference to a fallen angel: 2 Peter 1:19 (meaning “morning star”), Job 11:17 (“the light of the morning”), Job 38:32 (“the signs of the zodiac”) and Psalms 110:3 (“the dawn”).[46] To speak of the morning star, lucifer is not the only expression that the Vulgate uses: three times it uses stella matutina: Sirach 50:6 (referring to the actual morning star), and Revelation 2:28 (of uncertain reference) and 22:16 (referring to Jesus).

      Indications that in Christian tradition the Latin word Lucifer, unlike the English word, did not necessarily call a fallen angel to mind exist also outside the text of the Vulgate. Two bishops bore that name: Saint Lucifer of Cagliari, and Lucifer of Siena.

      In Latin, the word is applied to John the Baptist and is used as a title of Christ himself in several early Christian hymns. The morning hymn Lucis largitor splendide of Hilary contains the line: “Tu verus mundi lucifer” (you are the true light bringer of the world).[47] Some interpreted the mention of the morning star (lucifer) in Ambrose’s hymn Aeterne rerum conditor as referring allegorically to Christ and the mention of the cock, the herald of the day (praeco) in the same hymn as referring to John the Baptist.[48] Likewise, in the medieval hymn Christe qui lux es et dies, some manuscripts have the line “Lucifer lucem proferens”.[49]

      This is the wording from the video. Somehow someone perverted the prayer used for the lighting of the Pascal candle for Easter.
      The Latin word lucifer is also used of Christ in the Easter Proclamation prayer to God regarding the paschal candle: Flammas eius lucifer matutinus inveniat: ille, inquam, lucifer, qui nescit occasum. Christus Filius tuus, qui, regressus ab inferis, humano generi serenus illuxit, et vivit et regnat in saecula saeculorum (May this flame be found still burning by the Morning Star: the one Morning Star who never sets, Christ your Son, who, coming back from death’s domain, has shed his peaceful light on humanity, and lives and reigns for ever and ever). In the works of Latin grammarians, Lucifer, like Daniel, was discussed as an example of a personal name.[50]

      Also checking with a priest friend of mine I asked about the telescope in Arizona with the name of Lucifer. His reply, “Lucifer means light bearer.”

      • paul

        Thank you Southern Girl …
        For providing this:
        ” the Morning Star: the one Morning Star who never sets, Christ your Son, who, coming back from death’s domain, has shed his peaceful light on humanity, and lives and reigns for ever and ever”

    • paul

      Additionally … with the above interpretation of Christ being “the light of the Sun” … Christ returns to us every single day … we don’t have to wait for some “day in the far future” for Christ to return to Earth … and we do have “a personal relationship” with Christ … by simply planting our garden and allowing the “light” of Christ to bring his benefit to all humanity!

      • Greg Hunter

        Saying “Christ is the son of Lucifer” is just not right my friend.

        • paul

          I know … that’s what I got so scared about and tried to justify it somehow in my own mind!

          • paul

            I hope everyone realizes this relationship wasn’t totally my doing … this is how the latin word lucifer (the morning star and bearer of light) is used in the Easter Proclamation Prayer to “God the Father” on lighting the paschal candle:
            [Flammas eius lucifer matutinus inveniat: ille, inquam, lucifer, qui nescit occasum. Christus Filius tuus, qui, regressus ab inferis, humano generi serenus illuxit, et vivit et regnat in saecula saeculorum] translated: (May this “candle” flame be found still burning by the Morning Star the one Morning Star who never sets, Christ your Son, who, coming back from death’s domain, has shed his peaceful light on humanity, and lives and reigns for ever and ever).

        • aussie jeff

          2 corinthians 11:14
          “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light”.
          Lets not fool ourselves,it’s an evil play on words,
          no two names could be further removed from each other.
          Lucifer is the ……Father of the Lie.

          Jesus Christ is our saviour and no lie is found in Him.

        • Louis

          Greg, I’m afraid you are all being misled. The subtitled translation from the Latin in the Youtube video is deliberately false. First note that the hymn is addressed to God the Father, and in the hymn, Lucifer (meaning Morning Star) refers to Jesus.

          The following extract is from the ‘Lucifer’ article in Wikipedia : “Later Christian tradition came to use the Latin word for “morning star”, lucifer, as a proper name (“Lucifer”) for the Devil; as he was before his fall…However, the Latin word never came to be used almost exclusively, as in English, in this way, and was applied to others also, including Christ.” (See Revelations 22:16: “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”)

          The following extract from the same Wikipedia article contains the correct translation: “The Latin word lucifer is also used of Christ in the Easter Proclamation prayer to God regarding the paschal candle: (May this flame be found still burning by the Morning Star: the one Morning Star who never sets, Christ your Son, who, coming back from death’s domain, has shed his peaceful light on humanity, and lives and reigns for ever and ever).”

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Louis.

    • Gertie

      Dear Paul,

      … but why does religion have to make something so simple … “confusing and complicated”??? Paul most would answer being chief interpreter keeps you in control and can be very lucrative, that’s why some have abandoned organized religions because they believe that such institutions breed hypocrisy and intolerance. Others find it too complicated to follow a structured form of worship. Still others feel that organized religion is nothing but a superfluous “middleman” between God and his worshippers

      But Paul God Had Friends

      The Bible provides a clear description of the form of worship practiced by ancient patriarchs, such as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. For instance, on one occasion God said: “I have become acquainted with [Abraham] in order that he may command his sons and his household after him so that they shall keep Jehovah’s way to do righteousness and judgment.” (Genesis 18:19) Abraham was a friend of God and thus had a personal relationship with the Creator as an individual. But he also worshipped in the company of his household. Likewise, other patriarchs who were friends of God engaged in worship as a community, usually with immediate and extended family members as well as their servants.

      In time, God required the ancient Israelites, and later the first-century Christians, to congregate for worship. (Leviticus 23:2, 4; Hebrews 10:24, 25) Those occasions for organized worship included singing, readings from the Scriptures, and public prayer. (Nehemiah 8:1-8; Colossians 3:16) The Scriptures also prescribed that a qualified body of men lead the congregation in worship.—1 Timothy 3:1-10.

      Their Are Benefits of Worshipping as a Congregation

      Based on these Scriptural patterns, Paul, is it reasonable to conclude that today, too, would God expect his friends to worship him in an organized fashion and are their benefits from worshipping God as part of a congregation?

      The Scriptures liken the genuine worshipper to one who is traveling over a cramped road; and in another instance, to a runner in a race. (Matthew 7:14; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27) When running a long, hard race over difficult terrain, a runner may easily tire out and eventually give out. However, a runner can often push himself beyond his personal threshold if he has encouragement from others. Likewise, a spiritually-minded person can successfully maintain his relationship with God despite adversities if he has encouragement from other worshippers.

      This explains the words at Hebrews 10:24, 25, where the Bible says: “Let us consider one another to incite to love and fine works, not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together.” In fact, the Scriptures state that true worshippers would render worship as brothers and sisters, united as a figurative body.

      Should we dismiss all organized religion?

      The Bible describes the body, or congregation, as being united by a bond of love and peace. For instance, Ephesians 4:2, 3 admonishes true worshippers to act “with complete lowliness of mind and mildness, with long-suffering, putting up with one another in love, earnestly endeavoring to observe the oneness of the spirit in the uniting bond of peace.” How could you comply with this admonition if your worship were independent and detached from other worshippers?

      It is God’s will that instead of being a loose association of spiritually-minded individuals, true worshippers merge into a tight community of faith. The Bible exhorts worshippers to speak in agreement, to avoid divisions, and to be “fitly united in the same mind and in the same line of thought.” (1 Corinthians 1:10) Those words would make little sense if God wanted people to worship him only as individuals apart from one another.

      Clearly, evidence from the Bible points to an organized form of worship as the kind that is acceptable to God. And the organized religion that the Scriptures describe, the one that God sponsors, can give you the support you require to be successful in satisfying your spiritual needs.—Matthew 5:3.

      Granted, many organized religions today are guilty of hypocrisy and countless atrocities. Yet, this does not mean that you should repudiate all organized religion. There must be religion on earth that is organized to show love to all people.— Christians that worship in spirit and truth are organized to educate others about God’s moral principles. Such an organized religion can help you to build genuine faith. The Bible provides the necessary clues that can help you to identify the kind of organized worship that is acceptable to God. Don’t be clueless!

      New Living Translation
      For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.”___ ◄ John 4:24 ►

    • Charles H.


      To suggest that : “Christ is the son of Lucifer” is ludicrous. It is a mixing of terms – man designated and spiritual: which do NOT go together; let alone allow a meaning to be derived from them. “Christ” is a designation of the Second Person of God, purposed before the foundation of the world to be the Messiah (Immanuel, God with us) and Savior of man. (Jesus, His human name; and Lord as His divine title.) Jesus Christ is God from eternity past to eternity future: and is NO created Being. Lucifer, ‘Son of the morning’, is a (fallen) covering Cherubim, of the highest arch-angel hierarchy: but is a CREATED BEING. Jesus Christ therefore can not be a ‘son’ of any created being (except His human mother, Mary – as the Bible precisely spells out – being that hypo-static union of both God the Holy Spirit and man simultaneously, to fulfill the perfect, sinless sacrifice for Sin); His ‘sonship’ is therefore taken directly from God, not humanity; and to formally suggest this (“son of Lucifer”) infers that He would not be God, but of an order lower than the angels. This speculation borders upon, or comprises blasphemy – which I would stay away from.
      Whatever the Roman Catholic Church may, or may not be doing; or how they care to characterize Jesus Christ – I would be careful to accept as authoritative. You are dabbling in confusion here. Jesus Christ once wore the robe of life He Himself wove; taking on the body of flesh for a time and sacred purpose: but He NEVER stopped being God. “Son of Lucifer”?!?? Be very careful.

      • Greg Hunter

        I am with you Charles. I did not read Paul’s comment carefully and missed this.

        • paul

          Greg … sorry, didn’t mean to stir up a hornet’s nest … I was simply confused by the song … and was trying to justify it somehow in my own mind!

      • Rubiconman.

        Charles excellent discourse,

        THE Trinity is Christendoms most important and least understood doctrine!

        Maybe you could help me?

        If Jesus is almighty fully God and the father fully God and the Holy spirit God, why did Jesus say nobody knows the day or hour except the father, not even himself? Some say because at that time Jesus was in his human condition, well if the Holy spirit is also fully God almighty, how come he don’t know the day or hour of Christ’s returning in Kingdom power!? Man If you could figure out that one it sure would help a lot of friends to wrap their heads around the idea of a triune God.

        • Greg Hunter

          Here is another fun fact. The number that appears in DNA routinely is 3. Oh, like the Trinity? I think that is clearly intelligent design by God the Father. Thank you for your comment.

          • Rubiconman.

            Far-out Gregster!

        • Charles H.


          Much speculation by mere humanity into the Eternal Counsels is – let’s say – unprofitable.
          My idea on this is that in His human, earthly ministry, Jesus Christ had to limit Himself (divest Himself)- in terms of the major Omniscience; All Powerful; All Present aspects. And there is Scriptural suggestion that all the miracles He did was by God the Holy Spirit; and not by His divine (set aside) power.
          Then, within the Godhead itself – this same limiting may be true. I suspect that hierarchy and authority is being illustrated to make the point that Authority must reside in One Finality: God the Father. Apart from believing that this is edifying for our Faith – that all are under legitimate Authority: I would not go.
          Glimpses – looking through a glass, darkly – not going beyond Scripture, either one word more or less. As the Father hath sent Me – so send I you. I’m not so sure we are meant to get our heads wrapped around those things which our hearts are meant to trust and subsequently – ‘see’.

        • mark

          I am reminded of a song a brother in the Lord wrote based on the Scriptural revelation of God being Triune in His nature which goes:
          “The Son with the Father by the Spirit —
          Oh What a Mystery!
          The fullness of the Godhead dwells in Him bodily.
          Wonderful One, Son with the Father,
          Wonderful One, Son by the Spirit,
          Wonderful Jesus Christ,
          Wonderful Triune, Wonderful Triune God!
          The Son with the Father by the Spirit,
          Conceived in a Virgin’s womb–
          The issue a God-man, a wonderful Person,
          Jesus divine and human.
          This man in perfection chose God as His living;
          He lived the life of God.
          The sin, world and Satan could not penetrate Him;
          Jesus had sinless blood.
          Humanity, His blood has cleansed me.
          Divinity, my guarantee.
          His sinless blood cleansed me.
          God’s now my guaran–
          God’s now my guarantee.
          His flesh without sin joined man’s flesh full of sin,
          and this trapped Satan.
          Man’s flesh, sin and Satan were hanging upon Him–
          Oh, what a termination!
          Terminating, the old creation,
          Nullifying, flesh, sin and Satan.
          Oh, what a promised seed!
          He crushed the devil’s; He crushed the devil’s ;
          He crushed the devil’s head.
          And in resurrection, this wonderful Person–
          The Spirit He became.
          The Spirit right now is the Son with the Father
          To be the consummation.
          Wonderful One, life-giving Spirit!
          Son has become the consummation.
          Son with the Father, He
          As Spirit dwells in, as Spirit dwells in me.
          And in His ascension this wonderful Person,
          This man is on God’s throne,
          The highest postion, to Him it was given,
          He’s ruling and reigning.
          As Lord of lords and King of kings,
          The highest name to Jesus given.
          This man is on God’s throne.
          Most wonderful, most wonderful Person!
          And in His enthronement as Head over all things
          The processed God is He,
          Dispensing Himself as the life-giving Spirit
          Producing His Body.
          The Triune God is not for doctrine.
          The Trinity is for dispensing.
          He’s now dispensing,
          And we’re enjoying, and we’re enjoying,
          And we’re enjoying Him.
          author: Howard Higashi
          published by Living Stream Ministry. 1999

          • mark

            For this reason I say to you Rubiconman, Greg and all who come here to read and post, Fear Not!! The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit!!! (Gal.6:18), For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind!! (2 Tim 1:7)

      • paul

        Charles …
        I’m a scientist that happens to read the Bible … so forgive “my more worldly interpretation” of the Scriptures … you know the first inklings astronomers had that there might be more to the universe than just the “stuff we can see” came in the 1960’s and 1970’s … of course we who read the Bible knew well before … that there was “something more” … many years before these scientists … simple Newtonian physics predicts that stars on the outskirts of a galaxy should orbit more slowly than stars at the center … yet recent observations found no drop-off at all in the stars’ velocities further out in the galactic spiraling arms … instead they found that all stars in a galaxy seemed to circle the center of the galaxy at roughly the same speed? … and this means that galaxies should be flying apart … and should be completely unstable … so what is holding it all together?? … Astronomers name this “unseen force” dark matter … we who read the Bible ascribe the name “God” (to this unseen force that holds the Heavens together).

        Scientists have built the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator in Geneva to solve their puzzle … and appropriately they are looking for the “God particle” … this “unseen force” appears to be counteracting gravity … it is the “adversary” of the Sun (the Morning Star) and all the stars that tend to pull matter toward their center … this “unseen force” is causing the universe to accelerate outward and expand … scientists think this “unseen force” constitutes about 96 percent of all the mass and energy in the universe … which leaves only 4 percent of the universe composed of regular matter, such as Stars, planets and people … but the Bible tells us … the Heavens were split in a different ratio (1/3 and 2/3) … so scientists who don’t read the Bible seem to have a long way to go … to find the answer the Bible so clearly provides!!

        • Charles H.


          What holds the universe together in it’s form – is unity by design. It was made to be as it is.
          I think that it is good that ‘Science’ does NOT discover any more principles of universal operation. All sinful man seems to be able to do with such knowledge is to advance violence and destruction. Atomic Power can now literally incinerate the world; and may well be killing the pacific Ocean. Experiments with Genetics COULD develop cures and corrections: but I fear will be monstrously perverted into hideous weapons. Cures will be hidden and hoarded; weapons will be used (Elysium).
          It seem right to me that God will make a short work on this earth, ending man’s reign before certain keys are discovered.

          Besides – the “split’ you describe is numerical: but it doesn’t have to be also proportional. H2O is arguably the foundation of Life – but it occupies solid, liquid, and vapor in varying proportions. Let me give you a Big Hint: you are not going to find God through Science. God deigned to reveal Himself in the Written Word. Please don’t even try to mix the two.

          • paul

            I am who I am … so I don’t think I can ever stop mixing science and math with what I read in the Bible … it’s just my nature and the way my mind thinks … please try not to be offended by my thoughts … it is what brings me comfort and though it might seem blasphemous to some at times … it is what actually “strengthens” my belief in God!

            • Charles H.


              Compartmentalization. You can mix oil and water: but you get a mess; and loose the value of each individual substance.
              The Physical Creation is a lower form, a crass manifestation of higher order. The weakness is human intelligence is limited and faulty (sin-cursed): so that interpretation will be poor to bad – considering an Unlimited Intelligence formed and sustains it all. My view is that the lesser cannot define the greater; and it is a fool’s errand to try.
              As to being upset – it is not I who you must worry about upsetting. You may consider it playful and light to experiment and mix terms: but by coming out and stating things – which knowingly or not – offend God: you play with destiny: your destiny.
              I will go ahead and forecast something here: you will NOT be able to reconcile Science and Christianity. It won’t happen. The Spirit of the Lord has to draw a soul to salvation: and there is a good chance that by playing; trying to have it your way: you may forfeit the opportunity. The Spirit of the Living God will not always strive with man. It just works-out that you can’t have your foot in both camps.

  21. 8Ball

    You should ask Peter how his dad is doing in Federal Prison. Or is this a forbidden topic to discuss?

    • Greg Hunter

      No 8Ball it is not forbidden, but Peter is not his father and that would be a cheap shot.

      • 8Ball

        His dad fought the “system” and it put him away in prison for life. I’m sure that PS has an opinion on that and I do not think that it would be a “cheap shot” to ask him what his thoughts are and about his father’s present situation…

        You are fighting the “system” in your own way and the day may come when they put you away. At that point there may be no way to find out what happened to you and what condition you are in.

        • Greg Hunter

          I misunderstood your point. It is not a cheap shot when you put it that way. I though you might be trying to discredit Mr. Schiff. So sorry.

      • Sam Hill

        It would not be a cheap shot, Greg. Irwin Schiff is in jail because he is a political prisoner for bringing up the fact that paying income taxes to the IRS is unconstitutional.

        • Colin-'the farmer from NZ"

          Street report – ‘The Antipodes”, Kerikeri NZ.
          An elderly man was shocked when he wanted to deposit NZ $1o,ooo into his savings account last week. He was told that this could not be done by the teller because it was over their limit. After much discussion the manager was summoned and it was finally agreed that he could deposit the money but it would have to be done in two separate transactions of $5k each. The customer was totally gob-smacked by this farcical incident.
          That makes two of us!

          • Colin-'the farmer from NZ"

            My apologies this was posted in the wrong place. It does not relate to the 8ball comment.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you for the street reporting from half way around the world. What is going to happen will clearly be a global event.

        • dbcooper

          This reminds me of one time when we were travelling west on I-10 and were listening to the Michael Reagan radio program and Irwin Schiff was on (briefly) and he mentioned his web site just before he was cut off and I did not get the site so I called the show and asked for the site and they hung up on me… more radio shills.

  22. Mike from the North

    The only way we can overcome the repair of the monetary system is to understand the following.


    Take back control of your finances.
    Remove yourself in every way possible from the grips of what Gerald Celente calls SLAVELANDIA.

    Very soon the system will be allowed to reset and you must try to emerge the other side with something of value. Gold and silver.

    To not question the present or past is to simply travel through life without any thought of where you will end up.

    • Anne Elliott

      I so agree with what you’ve said here, except getting out of Slavlandia requires more than just gold and silver – reminds me of what Catherine Austin-Fitts said about investing locally; thinking outside of the box and investing in yourself and your situation at home to make yourself self-sufficient without need of government or the mainstream System to live. It is time we became pro-active and take our lives and our futures into our own hands wherever possible! Learn how to garden, learn how to can food, find a local water source and learn how to purify it. God will help all those who pray and ask Him for direction about what to do!

      • Mike from the North

        Working on much of what you stated.

        Have already made preparations for food and water.

        Hace ready access to land to grow some food stuff.

        But most importantly I am mentally prepared for what may come.

  23. Tommy

    Peter says he invests in countries that aren’t as screwed up as ours and who have more freedom. Such as …? It amuses me somewhat when I hear people say things like this as if they can side step a collapse in the US and Western Europe. When you pull the plug the whole basin goes down the drain.

  24. Pablo

    Grexit- So what happens to PM prices after announced? Anyone?

    Deflationary? causing BOTH gold/silver down?

    Gold goes up due to safe haven? But silver tanks with the stock markets due to its industrial links?

    Or BOTH sky rocket?

  25. dee garmon

    Yet another excellent interview, tx and hope to see Peter soon again.

  26. April Gardner

    1. Last night, Sunday May 31 at about 7PM EST someone somewhere in the world bought a lot of gold because the price jumped a bit over $6.00. They bought it when the Globex opened after that 1 hour lull when nothing is trading…You can see this on the 24 hour Kitco chart. It dropped afterward; however, the amount purchased sufficed to show a significant rise.
    2. Read this link about the extra second being added to our clocks at the end of this month. The Singapore exchange lets us know how they are handling this significant added time…in a world of nano second trading. Could this be great moment for constructing and then instituting interesting programming? /

    • April Gardner

      Later in the day, the same thing happened with silver.

  27. Diane D

    Thank you Greg for another excellent interview. Peter is savvy and consistent. He is a rock. I would trust him to ‘pack my parachute’ any day.

  28. southern girl

    How about another interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, now there is a man in the know. I love his sense of humor.

  29. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for having Mr Schiff on again. He is a straight shooter who calls it as it is without any hype. He is routinely ridiculed by the MSM for his predictions, yet they are the ones who always end up with egg on their face for not heeding his advice.

    Speaking of the Student Loan Debt bubble, I was watching Hannity the other night and Ann Coulter brought that issue up stating that it will be a problem, and her analysis was dismissed by Hannity as it did not fit the narrative that everyone should go to college. Truly amazing.

    Have you ever thought of interviewing Alex Jones of I think his perspective on things would be good to bring to your audience. Keep up the good work.


  30. paul

    I was wondering where the additional demand for silver was coming from … well as of today Monday, June 1, 2015 … the United States Mint announced that the American Silver Eagle bullion coins will no longer be subject to allocation … all demand will be met … and for the first time this year authorized purchasers will be able to order as many silver coins they want … without limitations.

    This is good news … because it means as silver’s price is manipulated downward by the banks … the people scooping up the bargain priced silver (in unlimited quantities) will create a shortage in world silver supply … thus holding the price up … despite the contrived manipulation.

  31. Miro Markovic

    I thank you, Greg, for your excellent week review of the news and vies. A couple of days ago, the Russian online publication,, stated that PR China is planning to announce soon (maybe in the Fall of this year) their possession of gold to the amount of thirty thousand metric tons. In short, the Chinese national currency, Yuan, will be introduced as one of the world reserve currencies beside the existing: US Dollar, British Pound, and Japanese Jen. That announcement will weaken the US dollar significantly and will be along the line of statements made by your guest, Mr. Schiff.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro. It is looking more and more like a perfect storm for (most) Americans who are sound asleep.

      • Mike from the North

        The vast majority of Westerners are ill prepared for what could happen this fall.

        In my entire circle of family and friends only one sees what we see.

        The rest are lost and more accepting of the position that EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.

        The pain of knowing they ignored the signs will be hard on them to accept.

  32. Art Barnes

    Greg, is it amazing that the Justice Department is indicting soccer big shots all the while they pretend the FED, the big banks, Wall Street, the 1 percent, the majority of Congress & many other elites to benefit from their offices, not to mention the Clinton’s to sell out America’s interest for their foundation “to pay their bills” as well. The soccer indictments are simply a cover up for all the justice department is not doing but should be. Maybe the Justice Department should be indicted for their malfeasance or worst accessory before or after fact. Oh, I forgot, their is no one above the Justice Department, they will police their own from within. When have you ever heard of the J.D. indicting one of their own for looking the other way as crime goes unpunished right under their nose? The JD is up to their ears in allowing this public crime to continue as is the FBI. When you can’t count on law to be enforced to all, or when one or another is above the law, there is no justice; simple!

  33. Anthony C.

    My question to Peter would be…… What does he mean by “crash” ? Will it be in the form of a stock market crash or an economic crash with very high unemployment but the markets correct a bit, maybe down to 10 – 12,000 DOW but the cost of a gallon of gas is $8.00/gallon? and gold in the 5-10,000 dollar range?

  34. Mary

    Peter has said it for years. There are only two things which can convince people he is right.

    1) The Fed raises the interest rate to the historic normal of about 5% and holds it there for at least one and half year. Then we will see whether there is any underlying weakness in the economy. Otherwise, neither side is falsifiable.
    2) The rest of world stops accumulating US financial assets, namely dollar or treasury bill. This policy by the rest of the world is still subsidising our recovery and our consumption, debt etc.

    Until either of these happen, some people will continue to cheer for the recovery and some others (like Peter) will continue rambling about the imminent doom. Nobody can be proven right.

    • Greg Hunter

      And yet someone will , in the end, be proven correct. I get the feeling it is not that far off. Thank you for your comment.

  35. DW

    Charles, Question?

    A few years ago I abandoned the church mainly because I could not accept their belief that God is a triune God. My research of this doctrine to date shows the doctrine has pagan roots and no Scriptural support without wresting a few Bible passages.

    I got an answer from another person where he said the following:

    “Actually, the truth is, NO Trinitarian teaches that the father is “part of” a Trinity. That would imply that Dad is one of many other Beings called “God”. Uh, the polytheism is YOUR doctrine, DW, not ours.”

    No, the father is NOT “part of” a Trinity. He is the ONLY true God, Who has
    revealed Himself AS triune!”

    I assume that you believe that each person (father, Son and holy spirit/ghost) of this triune God are co- equal having the same “will”, knowledge power, and status. Now if you can put up valid Bible passages which explain the following satisfactorily, I will consider returning to believing in a triune God.

    Commencing with the second century, certain theologians chose not to take scripture at face value, but rather sought to describe God in complex philosophical terms (predominantly Neo-Platonic). Athanasius (venerated as a Christian saint) could not accept that Jesus Christ was simply the “Son of God”, for fear that that implied Jesus had the freedom to exercise free will, (like angels and humans) and could potentially be tempted by evil. However….

    The Bible tells us at James 1:13 that “God cannot be tempted with evil.” Hebrews 4:15 tells us regarding Jesus: “For we have not an high priest [Jesus] which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points TEMPTED like as we are, yet without sin.”
    (It is obvious then, that the early followers of Christ did not consider him to be God.)

    At Matthew 4:5-10 we see Satan tempting Jesus directly after his baptism, even promising him all the kingdoms of the world if he [Jesus] would worship him.
    Did Satan belief that he was tempting Almighty God, of course not, what could he possibly tempt the Creator of all things with???
    Satan might be bad, but he is not stupid, he knew full well that he was tempting the man called the Messiah.

    We are also told that the Trinity is the CENTRAL DOCTRINE of Christianity. “”HE THEREFORE THAT WILL BE SAVED MUST THUS THINK OF THE TRINITY.”(Athanasian Creed)

    You would think, wouldn’t you that if this doctrine was so important that God would have caused some information in Scripture on this most exceptional doctrine by which we must be saved? But nowhere in Scripture does He cause it to be mentioned. In fact He denies that He is a compound God (three persons in one God) in numerous OT verses. He told His chosen people the Israelites that He is ONE God and there is no other.

    See: Deut. 4:35; Deut.6:4, which Jesus quotes at Mark 12:29; Deut. 32:39; Deut. 32:39; Isaiah 40:25 (There are many similar verses)

    If all three persons of the Trinity were one and the same God, we would expect them to have the same “WILL” the same KNOWLEDGE, the same STATUS, POWER and AUTHORITY…. So does Scripture bear this out?

    At Matthew 26:39 Jesus prayed to his Father “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless NOT AS I WILL , but as thou wilt.” (See Matthew 26:39,42; Mark 14:36; Luke 22:42; John 5:30.

    At John 6:38: Jesus said: “for I have come down from heaven, NOT TO DO MY OWN WILL ,BUT THE WILL OF HIM WHO SENT ME.”

    John 8:28 “Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do NOTHING of myself; but as my Father hath TAUGHT me, I speak these things.” (See also John 12:49-50 ESV) And compare Deuteronomy 18:15,18) Verse 18 tells us: “ I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will PUT MY WORDS IN HIS MOUTH ; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall COMMAND him.

    Then go to Acts 3:22.…Then to John 12:49 where Jesus confirms the words in Deut.18 above (“he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.”) saying “For I have NOT SPOKEN ON MY OWN AUTHORITY but the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment– WHAT TO SAY AND WHAT TO SPEAK.”

    Then go to Acts 3:22.…Then to John 12:49 where Jesus confirms the words in Deut.18 above (“he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.”) saying “For I have NOT SPOKEN ON MY OWN AUTHORITY but the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment– WHAT TO SAY AND WHAT TO SPEAK.”

    Matthew 24:36 ASV “But of that day and hour knoweth no one, not even the angels of heaven, NEITHER THE SON, but the Father only.” See also Mark 13:32.
    Had Jesus been the equal Son- part of a Godhead, he would have known what the Father knows. But Jesus did not know, for he was not equal to God.
    (Incidentally, the KJV omit the words “NEITHER THE SON”, most other translations include it)
    (Jesus even mentions that the angels do not know, but never mentions the supposed third person of the Trinity…the holy spirit, who, if he/it was also God would be as omniscient and knowledgeable as the Father and therefore would know what the Father knows. So we are left with just 1/3rd of the Godhead knowing, and the other 2/3rds not knowing)

    Then we see at Revelation 1:1 where it tells us “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which GOD GAVE him.” (Bear in mind that Jesus had returned to heaven when God gave him this revelation)
    If Jesus himself were part of a Godhead and equally God, would he have to be given a revelation by another part of the Godhead–God? Surely he would have known all about it, God knew. But Jesus did not know, for he was not God.

    Matthew 20:23 The mother of the sons of Zebedee asked a favor of Jesus to allow her sons to sit at his right hand and left hand in his kingdom. “He said to them, “You will indeed drink my cup, but to sit at my right hand and at my left, this is NOT MINE TO GRANT, but it is for those for whom it has been prepared by my Father.”
    (So Jesus did not have the authority to grant their request as it was solely the Fathers prerogative.)

    John 5:19 “Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do NOTHING of himself, but what he seeth the Father do : for what things soever he doeth , these also doeth the Son likewise.”

    John 5:30 KJV Jesus says: “I CAN OF MINE OWN SELF DO NOTHING : as I hear , I judge : and my judgment is just; because I seek not MINE OWN WILL, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.
    ( It is crystal clear that Jesus does not have the same “will”, power and authority as God his Father.)

    At 1 Corinthians 11:3 Paul tells us: “But I would have you know , that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and THE HEAD OF CHRIST IS GOD.”
    (When Paul wrote this, Jesus had risen and returned to heaven, he was no longer a man but had returned to the spirit form he had formally….yet Paul still considered that he was subordinate to God his Father)

    Matthew 12:31,32 NRS “Therefore I tell you, people will be forgiven for every sin and blasphemy, but blasphemy against the Spirit WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN”
    32 “Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.”
    (Why is the “spirit” more important than Jesus? See also Mark 3:29; Luke 12:10; and John 14:28 where Jesus says that the Father is greater than he is)
    (Furthermore, if all three are ONE God, surely if you blaspheme against the Spirit then by default you must blaspheme against the Father and Son.)

    1Corinthians 15:25-28 NIV makes it absolutely clear that Jesus even after returning to heaven is still subject to God his Father:
    “For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. 26 The last enemy to be destroyed is death. 27 For he “has put everything under his feet.” Now when it says that “everything” has been put under him, IT IS CLEAR THAT THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE GOD HIMSELF, who put everything under Christ. 28 WHEN HE HAS DONE THIS, THEN THE SON HIMSELF WILL BE MADE SUBJECT TO HIM WHO PUT EVERYTHING UNDER HIM, so that God may be all in all.”

    (If Jesus was God how could he be subject to himself??? Someone who is subject to another is subordinate to one of higher status or authority, therefore Jesus and his God and Father cannot be equal.)

    To believe that God is three persons in one God, each being equal in power, each equally omniscient , then you will have to dismiss all the Scripture which I cite above (and there are more) or attempt to wrest their content to support the Trinity doctrine.

    GREG, it might interest you to know that I am not really religious like Charles nor do I belong to any church. But my research to date leads me to think that out of all the denominations, those that don’t believe in the infallibility of the Pope are more open to the truth like you.

    • paul

      I struggled with the same problem … How could “one” God be “three” entities? … I’m a scientist/mathematician so my explanation is going to make some people go off the wall … but “for me” it help confirm my deep faith that Christianity has it right …

      Here goes … consider hypothetically that “nothing existed before the Big Bang or Creation … well “nothing” mathematically is zero (0) … but zero (0) is still an element of a set … and although this zero entity has no physical existence it still exists as a spiritual entity of a conscious mind …

      Now lets call this “spiritual zero entity” God the Father … now just how do we create the physical universe out of God the Father “an entity of nothingness” … well mathematically we “can” create “two physical entities” from nothing … a plus one(1) and a minus one(-1) … so low and behold … out of “nothing” arises a real physical plus entity (the proton) and a real minus entity (the electron) that are “eternal adversary’s of one another” and must be held apart for our universe to exist … just like Jesus (+) and Lucifer (-) were separated by God when he created the Heavens … so two “real” physical entities make up the universe as we know it and they both come from a spiritual entity (a Holy Ghost if you will) … so there you have it … straight and simple … three persons in the one God (The Father (0), and two sons (+) and (-) … so the Trinity or three persons in the one God “is correct” to my thinking as a scientist/mathematician.

      Others with more Biblical experience will explain the Trinity in different terms … but for me the above works … and I’m comfortable with it … it actually strengthens “my belief” in what the Catholic Church is teaching (although I must say they do go about explaining things in a very complicated way)!

      • paul

        By the way the Holy Ghost (0) and Jesus (+) makes up 2/3 of the Heavens and Lucifer (-) makes up 1/3 …

        • paul

          Also … for the Holy Ghost to keep the proton and electron apart it must expand the space between them … thus the expanding universe will continue for as long as God sees fit for us to exist!

    • T

      “When I was a boy back in seminary school…”

      – Jim Morrison

      It is the Protestant delusion that one can reason one’s way to understanding God. That there are so many disagreeing Protestant sects is the proof of this. Cultivating devotion to God through meditation and prayer is the path that all saints, of all religions, have successfully taken. Some Protestants have figured this out, too.

    • aussie jeff

      DW, an excellent post,
      I don’t want my post to turn into a trinitarian debate on Greg’s site,however I also do not believe in the Trinity Doctrine,Jesus is called a Mighty God ….but never Almighty God,
      God’s first ever creation was Jesus,from that moment the closeness of Almighty God and Jesus were evident as all things from that point came into being through Christ.

      I think what is very important here, is not our belief or unbelief in a Triune God, but rather the fact that we are all united in accepting Christ as our saviour !!
      Any corrections that are needed in our understanding will eventually be shown in due course.
      I personally consider Trinitarians and non Trinitarians my brothers in Christ

      • paul

        Jeff … Christ (+) is the physical manifestation of God the Father in this physical universe he created out of himself … but he couldn’t create the universe without also creating an adversary to Christ (+) … thus Satan (-) had to become part of our physical world … the Trinity Doctrine is scientifically sound in my judgement … out of the Holy Ghost (God’s spiritual nature came two physical manifestations … the Trinity of the One God can be represented thusly … [ (- 1) _ (0) _ (+1)]

        • paul

          This is how I would represent the Trinity (using better arrows then I did above) …

          [ (-) (+) ] = Three Persons of One God

          • paul

            Didn’t come out right … see if this works …

            [ (-1) (+1)] = Trinity

            • paul

              No yet … let’s try this

              [ (-1) … (0) … (+1) ] = Trinity

              • paul

                Good …
                Now the energy needed to keep the positive and negative entities apart comes out of the “zero state” of matter (God) … it’s the continual expansion of the “zero state” that keeps the positive and negative entities of our universe from uniting and annihilating themselves (in an unimaginable armageddon). It is the reason the electron remains in a stable orbit about the proton … so it is the continual expansion of the “zero state” that gives rise to quantum mechanics .

  36. Galaxy 500

    Peter is spot on.
    HSBC to lay off 20,000 next week…yes, we are in a recovery. If recovery is redefined as a depression.

    • Greg Hunter

      The USA Today (6/2/15) is saying the economy is getting ready to go back up and consumers are “stingy.” The lies by the MSM on the economy are astounding.

  37. Angie

    Peter Schiff comes across as professional and knowledgeable but beware. First their was his statement of falling into another recession – look we never got out of the first one and this is starting to play out like a depression. Okay, ignore that but look at his companies; Euro Pacific Capital and SchiffGold.

    Notice how he eluded to investing into “other” countries with less regulation and more growth yet he did not mention one or even give an example. Maybe because there is not one as this article and its map of the world countries with debt equal or surpassing their GDP show.

    Yet his Euro Pacific company somehow ignores that. Look at the performance of his Mutual Funds – not that great in fact for someone who had a crystal ball they do not fair well at all – but then it is a tough market. One may also but gold here and from his other company as well. You do have the option to take physical possession and the option to place it in your IRA as well. There are also services such as vault service he offers.

    IMO the cash cow in today’s markets are precious metals on paper that is. That is why they are holding the price of gold and silver so low. You need it physically and “they” will argue in your retirement account as well. In actuality they are sell the same ounce 3 or 4 times while only making 1 physically delivery.

    While I am not saying Schiff is doing this, it is a bit naive that he would push putting it in your retirement accounts as that is paper form. Just putting this out there.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have never heard of Peter Schiff being involved an any criminal activity, and believe me, if he was, the MSM would crucify him. I also would not book him if I thought he was doing nefarious things. I put him on because he’s smart and connected and we can learn from his perspective. Thank you for weighing in even though I disagree with the tone of your comment.

      • Angie

        I an not saying that he is involved in criminal activity by no means. What I am pointing out is that he is interesting to listen to but he has an agenda – a financial one. I see him first of all as a sales man and secondly as an financial informant.

        As for the illegal activity – pyramids in the sales of gold on paper – I believe that is why they are holding down the value of silver and gold. Schiff has noting to do with this manipulation but can profit from it. The question is how much does he know and what are his views. His company sells gold on paper for IRA – correct? Ask yourself, would YOU recommenced to your brother, sister, or best friend to place gold on paper into their IRA?

        • Greg Hunter

          Fair enough, Angie. Thank you for all your comments.

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