Mueller Witch Hunt Continues, Greenspan Warning, Immigration Crackdown

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 295 8.4.17) 

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is now in the Grand Jury phase of the Trump witch hunt. It is looking more and more like a “get Trump” at all costs affair.  Mueller has many conflicts of interest and is required to be removed by law, and yet nothing is done to stop this circus.  Meanwhile, renowned journalist Seymour Hersh says, “Russia Gate is a CIA planted lie and revenge against Trump.”  Hersh says DNC staffer Seth Rich supplied some “juicy emails from the DNC” to WikiLeaks.  That pretty much blows up the Russian hacking and collusion story.  Now, about two dozen members of Congress want a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hillary and all the wrongdoing of the Obama Administration.

Former Fed Head Alan Greenspan is warning of a “bond bubble.” Greenspan thinks interest rates are “much too low,” and when they move up, they could move up “reasonably fast.”  Even with this warning from a former Federal Reserve Chairman, the stock markets still hit all-time highs this week.

Donald Trump and members of the GOP are proposing a new immigration bill that will limit immigration. Trump says it will save “billions and billions of dollars.”  The plan will limit unskilled labor and require people who want to become citizens to have skills and speak English.  Massive legal and illegal immigration hurts the poor and minorities the hardest.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Clif High of will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” High has a new report coming out that will talk about Bitcoin, the economy and politics.  High will tell you what his research predicts about what will happen this fall and beyond.

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  1. Dan

    If you STILL don’t believe there’s any “there” there, you have completely lost your objectivity and therefore NEVER will. It’s amazing that, to Trump supporters, he can do no wrong. Similar to when he boasted that he could shoot someone dead in the middle of Times Square and get away with it). Meanwhile, the rest of us see him for the blowhard egotistical buffoon that he actually is! Not much of a leader either. Even North Korea is playing the bully and kicking sand in “our” face. At least Hillary would’ve had the coconuts to stand up to them instead of repeatedly begging China for help (after earlier lambasting China). BRILLIANT! This guy APPEARS to be both a poor politician AND a poor negotiator. Instead of “draining the swamp”, sadly he’s added to it. GOD HELP US!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I just laid out my case in detail on why there is no there there. Give me some facts and sources that show Trump colluded with the Russians. We all don’t want to hear you be a “blowhard egotistical buffoon.” We really don’t care about your “I Hate Trump and want him out of office” opinion.

      • Judy Kay

        “Give me some facts and sources that show Trump colluded with the Russians”. Coming soon to a thetre near you – Mueller just sent out subpoenas for a grand jury indictment- today…

        • Greg Hunter

          Mueller should step down. He has major conflicts and the law says so.

          • klob2020

            He has no significant contacts that require him to step aside. Y’all just making up a whole lotta crap to disparage him because you are having MAGA fevered delusions. Trump is a very well paid troll for Putin and they have completely melted the brains of the alt-right. Good to see that some in the GOP congress are finally realizing the danger DT represents and they are putting in place some bulwarks to stop him. Might work. Might not work. Stay tuned.

            • Greg Hunter

              again from USA Today which is hardly a right wing rag:–comey-william-otis-column/102827924/ The laws I refer to are in the body of Op-Ed post from USA Today.

              • klob2020

                This is an opinion piece. So what? We all have opinions on this and they are pretty much meaningless. The GOP is breathing fumes on the Russia story – all they have left is to pretend that Mueller has conflicts of interest and should recuse. Blah, blah, blah.

                It’s also odd that you post things from mainstream media. I thought they are fake news – LOL. Make up your mind.

                • Greg Hunter

                  My very own paid troll!! How sweet. I laid out my case and used legal experts and showed the law I was referring to. You just spew hot air and poison.

          • Judy Kay

            Oh, I see…so an attorney should never have any friends, eh? It doesn’t work that way in the real world, Greg. Thankfully, the FBI works as a giant team, so Comey had many witnesses to Trump’s words/actions – his co-workers – who will also support his story. Mueller know this about the FBI and Mr. Trump will go down justly.

          • Robert G

            Greg… Maybe Trump should step down. he’s the king of major conflicts of interest. If there’s nothing to hide why does this administration spend so much time doing just that. And then Hersh. Real reliable.

        • Tin foil hat

          Judy Kay,
          For what? Jay walking.

      • Galaxy 500

        What scares these cretins the most is America returning to its foundation: God and being a Nation of Laws, not men.
        Great Wrap up. I pray that God keeps you and yours safe and prosperous

      • Galaxy 500

        I can not help but wonder if Don gets paid by the post, by the word or by the hour.

      • JQP

        Don’t feed the trolls…

      • Diane

        Great wrap up.
        God Bless you.

      • susan

        Of course there is no there there. I’ve been thinking and praying about the whole arena surrounding President Trump and Congress and all things going on. (i.e.. Mueller, and everything). We all know the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, and the CFR have all been running the show for a long time now. I wonder if Donald really thought he could overpower them. Does he really understand their power and global infiltration? I do not believe he realizes that his wealth and power do not hold a candle to them. I have been terrified of bringing this up, but I had a very close friend a few decades ago who was in the NSA and told me some very chilling things very few Americans know about. If our Lord doesn’t help us, there is no help.

      • Scott Miller

        Time to move on from this story.

        I could care less.

        Fake news.


        • Greg Hunter

          You are an idiot Scott!!!! If you can’t understand how much is on the line here please do NOT comment any longer. You have nothing to add that is worth reading. Don’t bother to comment to my comment to you. I get the last word here not you.

        • Charles H

          A sharpshooter – with blanks.

        • Ray

          Respectfully mate, it’s not “I could care less”.
          That would imply that you currently have a care factor at say, 3/10, but could go down to 2/10….so you currently “do care”.
          It is “I COULDN’T care less”.
          That means, you currently have a care factor of 0/10……meaning you COULDN’T CARE LESS.
          Get it?

      • Larry

        You appear to be a paid troll. Such generalities and blanket smears
        with NO supporting facts…get out of your grannies basement and
        get a job. You’ll feel better about yourself!


    • Paul ...

      Dan … you say there is a “there” there … with regard to Trump … lets say for argument sake you are right … what was Trumps “there” there … he talked to the Russians about removing sanctions? … isn’t that “a peaceful gesture” to lower tensions and avert war? … now compare that to the Clinton’s … they did not just talk to the N. Koreans but handed them nuclear reactors to build hydrogen bombs … and handing them the plans on how to build an ICBM intercontinental missiles so those hydrogen bombs could be delivered and exploded over US cities … were the Clinton’s doing something to lower tensions and avert war?? … talk about being a supporter of Hillary (who can do no wrong in your eyes) … for you to put someone trying to bring peace to the world in the same category as someone committing treason by trying to blow up America (and likely the entire world in a nuclear holocaust) has to have a few screws loose!!

      • Freebreezer

        Dan/Paul – I have this on a top “inside” source (can not disclose the source … the old CNN/MSN card) that “They” know that Putin met privately with Trump right before the elections. Putin told Trump to his face and in English no less “go campaign in the rust belt and that the rust belt was the key to winning the election” (Who would of thunk! Brilliant!) … Putin also disclosed, via Russian Intelligence, that the rust belt was disaffected with the Obama policies, especially Obama care, which killed a whole lot of jobs! And I was told that at some time during the meeting that Putin took Donald Trump’s hand and told Trump that “if he would promise the American workers jobs, close the borders and to make America Great Again” that they, the voters, would vote for him … Absolutely Brilliant, the intellect, the reasoning, the brain power and understanding of Mid America, only Putin, a Russian dictator, could have deduced this. And, I was told that Hillary is completely “pissed off” because it was she who arranged to have Russia get a 20+ % stake in all of the USA Uranium, and Hillary who had to accept a 140 million $$$ gift from Russians to her charity (the back bone of Hillary to stand up and take this money – WOW what a women), and to have her Bill, that old Sex starved President, get a cool 1/2 mil to speak in Russia … WHY DID PUTIN NOT COME TO Hillary FIRST and tell her to campaign in the rust belt in the final weeks. It was an absolute SNUB!

    • Charles H

      NO, Dan. Not in a thousand years would Hillary have tried to stand up to North Korea. Trump IS engaging in International Diplomacy – and you find fault with THAT? Clinton sold America out with the Uranium deal to Russia; and following THAT precedent – she would be selling America out AGAIN to North Korea.
      You need to step into Trump’s shoes to understand the opposition he faces. Forget it – you won’t even give him credit for trying. I think it poor and pathetic that you do not even offer the President even tacit support, and the benefit of the doubt. If you REALLY want good results: then helping is what is to be done.

    • Jim C

      Trump won. Hillary lost. Get over it! Worship your dear leader Obamer and keep it to yourself.

    • al

      Dan, when you say Hillary precede that with Crooked. Apparently that fact (soon to be proven) always alludes supporters of the failed left. You bring up good points about Trump, but please keep it real. You are rooting for criminals.

    • Justn Observer

      Dan…There is there there…just not the there there that you think is there…. You seem Too focused on the present…the ‘created’ theater … If Trump was not a ‘threat’ to the agenda…they would all not be sooo aligned to get him out. There is no doubt…Trump is a threat to ‘their’ criminal empire and NWO – no borders, one currency, and mono – eye Talmud religious views of control… The They….behind the curtain….the Unseen Hands that pull the levers of power and rig and stimulate events via terror to create the thesis/anti-thesis= solutions …via the use of fear and guilt (exposure of exploits used for bribery) and constant chaos and division of the social order against each other … all while hiding behind various masks…each drawing suspicion from the other…as they label each ‘conspiracy theory’. World dominance by those with enormous wealth is their game…since they need not be troubled with ‘making’ money, except out of thin air to devalue that which YOU hold, as they confound the masses as to what ‘real’ wealth is. Amazing to see the constant superficial immediate daily grind as if Trump or any other person…duly elected or appointed in the immediate circumstance…can right a ship who’s course has been so deliberately set off course by so many bad actors for so long… Russia this, China that, Euro when, U.S. deep state how… all mindless banter until everyone steps back and realizes the history and players behind the scenes over a centuries that have had a …the long game… going as they distract with illusion,by MSM controlled propaganda ( which you appear an obvious connoisseur).
      The Trump supporters you refer to are people that do not fall for the ‘illusions’…nor have an ‘ideology’ other then the more simple patriotic love for their families and countries best interest…hopefully with their future restored towards one with the founding ideas of freedom… self governess…and with values and ethics more Christian like… more common sense and common law…that Roman mandated imperial fascist…less the oligopoly model of globalist multinationals that choose to ‘rule’ over their choices with their fingers on the scales of communitarianism for the lesser masses…as ‘they’ the elite blunder them…with the help of those they feed with ‘their’ lobbyist pails to fill pig troughs with slop for the politicans…. The ‘they’ that like malignant cancer cells that still threaten the host body…that go dormant for periods of time…but who’s wealth and inheritance plows on… like the political motto of Lenin and Obama’s…FORWARD ! thru the ages… Btut then those with only the taste for the ‘immediate’ diet of media and the incessant use of the Prussian method of dumbing down…have never seen the first act…nor likely will they the last one. As ’empires’ that were and will be are only those that book end the stinking gangrene of the present greed and corruption as it rots the present one… Trump seems a man of business…that knows how those games are played…he having learned the rules needed to succeed and cross that field of land mines … which…likely at each level he like others… learned and becoming more wise and aware as to who the real ‘players’ are. Less likely until he arrived in his office …did he realize the size of the body of players and now little interest in this country’s sovereignty, borders, or economy they have… since such is not in ‘their’ intended interests for it or the future! World domination is for a very small group that intend to ‘harness’ the world…and control all in it…not unlike a corporate plantation with delegated overseers…with ‘civil’ rights…not unlike the ‘slave codes of 1705’ replacing our un-alienable rights given by God…
      Few -as pointed out earlier…realize how quickly the Magna Carta was deemed as dangerous a thought as that of Jesus and his Kingdom ,that this dangerous thought that might actually take root in the New World … it was annulled by the Pope that it might undermine the ‘control’ the order which the Roman’s had spent so much time and effort co-opting into their religious- ‘political’ ideology under a VICAR (Caesar) and their version of the Bible… At such a time -Usury was a sin….and compounding interest is no different…and accumulation and storing of ‘wealth’…had to be outlawed…suppressed if ever they were/are to get their hands on it all…least control over it! That then leads to the more current move towards socialism and communism…where the ‘ruling’ body… those above the law…as in any good ‘relativity’ plays between good and evil vs. right and wrong so it can be overcome by mere legal and illegal terms…and further …to by legalese …bind one by use of ‘con-tracts’ including instruments like mortgages, bond(age) and placing others public assets on display in stocks… Least if you have too much…there are also mandates ‘vehicles’ they can devise to confiscate from some – to distribute to other’s ‘more fairly !’ … yourS only of course…since the elite will salt theirs away in ‘trusts’… If you think the ‘old’ world ever went away…you are sadly mistaken. To cast blame on Trump or attempt to vilify him and his efforts to hopefully re-industrialize this nation back to some semblance of self-sufficiency and away for the pre-occupations of consumerism is a shame. America must become great again…first in this spiritual views of morals and ethics…and re-building and projection of goodwill and goods for the world in business…and less the military ‘bullying’ and pounding its way across the earth as the enforcement arms of the world elite like ‘their’ police force… with dangerous views like Madeline Albrights …’thinking the loss of millions was worth it’ or Hillary’s … we came we saw we killed Gadaffi… or our guns for drugs in South America, the push into Vietnam, Afghansitan, or the now more dated involvements in opium/silver trade wars… It should be clear to all…that those old forces are still at play…and that to win freedom and God’s promises…one must identify the enemy and name them…and not be distracted by the daily play like … ITS THE RUSSIAN – really —just the RUSSIAN? or Trump ? Dan…its more like Kennedy’s warning…its the secret societies… plural. Get it Dan….go read some history…your anti-Trump rants are Sophomoric, boring, a distraction for those hoping to find truth, and a bit un-American…
      More serious things at play in the world Dan ! with much more serious un-intended intended consequences for some. There are those that believe Trump is aware…and loves this country…and is hoping to stop it’s be sold out and used by ‘foreign’ shareholders and those hoping to carve up sovereign interests for their own corporate state…the world held within the grasp of the Wreath of Casesar that surrounds it as a symbol in the flag of the United Nations… filled with too many who took John Lennon’s song – Imagine…way to literally? Maybe not… no religion, no borders, no possessions and all the people just living for today… I think we have arrived ! Good Grief ! Hope is that Donald Trump can pull it off and pull us back from the abyss!
      and might consider these possible threads of the Prussian rug of the old trade routes…
      (and please read that as more – those that converted to Judism and not a bashing of the Jewish people or their religion… other than the mis-use of it as a ploy to seek safety between the co-opted Christian=Roman Catholics and their Muslim enemy by some for political/economic advantage. They at that time being the those of trade routes running the lands of King Bulan…who later drifted into the Kiev region and later married into and blended with the European wealthy families…many of which have become those of the Pilgrim Society, Bildenbergs, CFR, banksters, House of Windsor, House of Saud, Illuminati, Members of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry… You know those families that believe ‘THEY’ were appointed by divine right to rule…and who bought the Papal throne for centuries…who still control thru foundations, trusts, bribery of the politicians… who subvert and live above the law…
      One can wish the U.S. well….or hey…maybe go buy some real estate and become a citizen in Astana?

    • Galaxy 500

      God helped the USA and God continues to help the USA. He sent us Trump and he continues to protect us from the feckless, mendacious evil, irrational Demoncrat National Socialist zealots like yourself have nothing except ad hominem attacks. Facts are your enemy. It is about how you feel and your destructive anti American agenda pushed forward by any means necessary.
      People like yourself continue to misjudged the average man. You mistake our pained restraint as cowardice.
      You and your ilk, the lower hierarchy in Satan’s vast Army of minions, will not be able to subjugate the American people.
      Here’s a little tip for you. Flip to the back of the Bible. You slimy evil bastards lose and it is not even a close.
      Not much of a leader? Trump terrifies you guys. He is keeping his promises to help the American people. Trump is working hard to make America great again. And to undo the evil and lawlessness thst the Øbamachrist perpetrated on the American people and Treasury.
      I pray every day for Trump’s family and his political agenda to prosper. And I beseech the Almighty God to smite you evil doers.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Dan…about the “blowhard…” bit: Takes one to know one. Greg is right. Ad Hominem insults don’t get far here…we’ve had 15 years of the bathroom wall stuff online and it’s getting old.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Dan, Trump supporter and proud of it! He put him in, He is stronger than you know, He is in control.

    • Noman Arizona

      You mean that the obama supporters were not doing the same.
      Even though the Truth about he was up to was coming out all over the place.
      Ignoring facts.
      Ya mean that kind of of delusional.
      Oh, As you said Hillary’s coconuts. She would have already ended all life on this planet.
      That what you mean by buffoonery.
      Oh put your feet in the fire. And, I guarantee they’ll get burnt.
      You are nothing but a Troll Shilling for those that want to do harm.

    • eddiemd

      Clinton would have had us in world war III already. But not necessarily in NK. With all the corruption in both parties, intel agencies, federal law enforcement, and the federal court system, there is no predicting where we would be right now with Hillary Clinton. If you cannot see that, then it is you who is under delusions.

      Obviously Trump is not a professional politician. He makes mistakes just like the rest of us. Since November he has had to face off against both Dems/Repubs, crooked propaganda media, Obama/Clinton holdovers, and even his own family memebers (Kushner’s). I don’t agree with his constant Tweeting and having liberal potentially corrupted family members within his administration.

      One thing I do know: if the Bush family , Mueller/Comey/Rogers/Rosenstein, Mccain/Graham/Ryan/Flake, the democratic party, the Clinton/Obama criminal cabal, and the MSM are against him, then he must be the right person for the job and doning something right.

      Mueller may have something to cover-up in regards to 911. Trump may know something about 911 being rooted in NYC that Mueller. Holder/Lynch definitely have stuff to hide (Fast and Furious, Clinton/Lynch meeting in Phoenix involving Clinton email cover-up).

      They are all in on it. The US government is corrupted to the core. I believe that our only hope may be a military coup at some point to keep the deep state/CIA from taking over and to avoid a civil war.

      We will need to march on DC at some point.

      Veteran’s organization on the homefront need to organize and prepare for a possible civil war. We the veterans are armed, know the tools/crafts of warfare, and some of us are well-trained in UW/FID/DA missions. Command and control will be key for the state.

      I expect much bloodshed in the future when it goes down.

      We are entering very dark days.

      • paul from Indiana

        Doc, this is your chance, then, to become a community organizer! Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but I fear that it will. The theoretical Rubicon has been crossed. Best always. PM


        One thing I do know: if the Bush family , Mueller/Comey/Rogers/Rosenstein, Mccain/Graham/Ryan/Flake, the democratic party, the Clinton/Obama criminal cabal, and the MSM are against him, then he must be the right person for the job and doning something right.

        BRAVO, Mr. Ed!

      • Tin foil hat

        If Trump lead the military coup against the deep state, then it wouldn’t be a coup. Unfortunately, I think that may be the only way Trump can drain the swamp.

    • William Stanley

      Dan: Despite his amazing record of following through on campaign promises (despite ferocious opposition) I, for one, can find shortcomings with President Trump. However, it’s amazing to me that Trump’s detractors STILL don’t get it — the alternative was Hillary Clinton. Are Hillary’s supporters completely unaware of her Clinton Foundation fraud, including colluding with the Russians to sell 20% of US uranium production to Russia and managing to pass though hardly any of the donations sent on behalf of Hattie. (based on conversations with some of Trump’s detractors, I find their ignorance — or is is deceitfulness — is stunning). Are Hillary’s fans unaware of her support for child trafficking suspects there (not to mention her Podesta connections)? Are Hillary’s supporters completely unaware of all the support/influence peddling involved to her campaign (via the bogus Clinton Foundation by foreign powers, including Saudi Arabia)? Have her supporters completely forgotten her previous shady history in commodities trading (read political payoffs). Are Hillary’s supporters completely unaware of Hillary’s and the DNC’s sabotage of the Bernie Sanders campaign and the collusion of Donna Bazille (who was part of the mainstream media) in sneaking debate questions to Hillary before the debate with Sanders. Are Trump’s detractors ignorant of Hillary-crony Debbie Washerman Schultz’s involvement with the computer fiasco and intelligence breach at the House of Representatives? Do Hillary’s fans not know that the DNC denied FBI access to their supposedly Russian hacked computers (and the recent evidence that it wasn’t a hack at all because of the time stamps show the files could only have be copied via direct connection to the computer via something like a thumb drive). Have Hillary’s supporters forgotten her national-security lawbreaking by keeping her private server with classified information on it? Are her supporters aware that Seth Rich was murdered after leaking (true) DNC info to Wikileaks, which leak led to high level resignations at DNC? Are Trump’s detractors aware that the “dossier” has been completely debunked and that it now appears to have been funded by Trump opponents and used (by Comey) to try to gain unlawful influence over Trump?
      It looks like Greg is getting a little too close for comfort: Dan, you are a troll and we all know it.

    • Tin foil hat

      If you believed there’s any “there” there, you have completely lost your objectivity and therefore NEVER will. It’s amazing that deep state supporters like you actually believe Mueller and his team of lawyers, 98.8% of them donated to Hillary, are impartial.

    • Robert

      “It’s amazing that, to Trump supporters, he can do no wrong.”
      I disagree. Trump supporters have been openly critical of Trump. You must be making the mistake of watching TV. They want to demonize Trump supporters as well as Trump.

  2. Paul ...

    Mueller and the Demon-rats are likely pressing ahead with their “Russia investigation” (even though they know there is no substance to it) because they know Hillary is next to be investigated … and they obviously want to throw up a giant smoke screen on the Fake News Networks to blot out Hillary’s crime of treason!

    • Paul ...

      And it is about time the truth is released about the JFK assassination … Trump should release all those documents that were locked away (for National Security reasons) … and ignore the Reptilicans and Demon-rat demands that he lock up the JFK documents for another 25 years … lets get the truth out in the open … and it just may put a damper on Clapper, Gore and Brennan doing to Trump what was done to JFK!

      • Paul ...

        And lets not forget 9-11 … where aircraft wreckage was never found at the Pentagon, nor in Pennsylvania, nor at the WTC (remember that engine that was “dropped off” below the WTC was for the wrong plane)!! … we want all the truth … and if there was no wreckage … what happened to the people supposedly on those “imaginary” planes?

  3. murcus

    Hey Greg has Trump been to Antarctica, or is he closed out of that as well????

    • Paul ...

      I think Trump sent Buchanan to talk to the Nazi’s there! … obviously they are mad at what they were told … so they are trying to put Trump in a “lock box” (that Al Gore has gladly provided)!!

      • Paul ...

        Talk about a “lock box” … even with the Demon-rats totally destroyed politically … the evil pedophile Reptilicans have tied Trump’s hands and are brainwashing the sheep into thinking it is a good thing … so we accept the lie that we can’t get healthcare reform … or tax reform … or monetary reform … or budgetary reform … but watch how the perverts have “no problem” raising the debt ceiling above $20 trillion! … the sheep’s current Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is now calling for a “clean” debt limit increase (one that would entail just signing off on more debt “without any restraints whatsoever” on government spending and all the Deep States black projects)!! … the Bible states that one day the Sheep and the Lions will lay down together … well the Bible was correct … the sheep and politicians do “lie together now” … it is a match made in neocon heaven!

        • Paul ...

          The Mueller investigation is “absolute proof” that Americans no longer have the right to pick their own President (if we give that power to the deep state Nazi neocons) … it is up to us ordinary American’s to enforce our Constitutional right to chose who “we want” for President … by locking up all 550 Satan worshiping pedophiles who are trying to start WWIII by instituting sanctions!!

  4. dlc

    North Korea is able to “play the bully” thanks to the treasonous Clintons who got rich off handing technology to China, uranium to Russia. I’ll settle for buffoonery on Trump’s part. Don Jr will land in a maximum security prison before the Clintons or Obamas are made to pay for how they have gutted this country for their own gain.

    Dinesh D’Souza did time. Our Sheriff Joe is facing 6 months minimum at age 85 for daring to try to counter the onslaught of invaders in AZ. Trump is embroiled in a farcical scandal while true crimes committed by Rosenberg types in our gov’t go ignored.

    I hope your prognostications of a Trump vindication are correct. You were right about the election. Hope you’re still on a winning streak.

    McMasters is a McCain ally. The minute I was aware of that, I felt it would be a source of damage.

    I am disappointed over Trump’s reactionary style of governance. He also was a Ryan/McCain supporter against their conservative rivals. He now wants Hillary to suffer the same scrutiny he is undergoing. Doesn’t look good when he had been the one to say she was a good person who had suffered enough already. What suffering other than to her hyperinflated ego?

    Trump may as well go for broke now and get down in the pit. I dread a RINO Pence for president who reminds me of Gerald Ford in some ways, an absolute bore who talks in politician speak. My nightmare is President Pence or even President Schumer with a RINO senate and a democrat house majority.

    At that point we are finished. They can erase every Trump order, every program. In just months you will wonder if he ever existed. One thing about our traitors in both parties, they don’t need 100 years and 20 election cycles to sell us out while they pick us off.

    • paul from Indiana

      Daniels and then Pence both did an excellent job as head executives here in IN. Pence is more socially conservative. We operate in the black here in IN on account of these guys. The Repubs have control of both state houses, and THEY WORK TOGETHER and GET RESULTS. It is true that we are a high-tax state, but government is effective here, largely on the backs of those two guys. Pence was no RINO here. Special interest and cronyism are what hamstring the national government. Our elected officials answer not to the people but the high-dollar lobbyists. Best always. PM

    • Paul ...

      Remember the more wars they can start … the more dead voters they generate to keep these Demon-rats in power … their goal … is to create more dead people then living people in the world … to guarantee they will never lose an election ever again the way they lost to Trump … that’s why they so urgently need a nuclear war with Russia, or China, or N.Korea, or Iran, etc., etc. … any country will do … as long as they can kill thousands of American boys (bring back heroin in their coffins and have them vote early and often (from the grave) to put the evil pedophiles in Congress for life)!!!

  5. FC

    We now have an idea of what people must have gone through at the beginning of any Communist Rule, as The Deep State dictates to the MSM the propaganda they want us to hear……………thank you Greg for telling us what we need to hear.

  6. Paul ...

    Instead of working against Trump everyone should be working with Trump to help him lower household debt now at unpayable levels … … for Trump to get America back on track debt levels should be only about 1% of household income … this will require a major reset of the dollar to one – one thousand (1/1000) of it s current value … and what will the gold price be after such a “reset” … hold on to your hat … $1,265,000 reset dollars!

  7. dlc

    On Korea.

    I watched this gem last night. A story of 2 brothers forced into war at gunpoint, the chaos of war. This is not for the faint of heart. It actually shows what becomes of those who march for the Clinton, Bush, Obama types who never suffer a scratch or bruise.

    “Hillary would have had the coconuts?” Really? It is very easy to stand up to countries with some other family’s sons and daughters. Hillary has a daughter. Pence, 2 daughters. Schumer, 2 daughters. Waters, no children. Graham, no visible “wife” even. See where I’m going here? Maybe they could all show us some “coconuts” instead of huffing with their colluding press trying to work up the masses for another war.

    The politicians talk big with nuclear capabilities and dispensable citizens who then find themselves on lists as those who need to be watched and denied gun ownership upon their return home. They rot at the VA — yawns from same politicians. Viet vets were the deplorables, now it’s whites across the board. Fight for what?

    Hillary with coconuts? A propped up hag who leans on Bill, the press, massive foreign cash, deep state? Just what expertise did the Clintons or Obamas bring to the table? Busted out our manufacturing and burdened the country with mass invasion.

    Do we have to bomb the whole world now because of our political class, likely the most corrupt and compromised in history? When China, Russia, India, the ME simply bypasses our currency, will that finally take the hot air out of these people? If a politician then falls in the forest, will we hear their last thud?

    • paul from Indiana

      I have to think that everybody who looked at the Korea problem, from Eisenhower on, came to the same conclusion: the cost of acting would not offset the cost of the consequences. This is the same story in every nuclear-weapons crisis. When Pakistan acquired nuclear weapons (began uranium enrichment in the 70s, and had successful tests in the late 90s), they were a rogue country. Some might say they still are. We lost our leverage in the nuclear game when Truman recalled MacArthur in 1950. We are going to have to live with it. Best always. PM

  8. Judy Kay

    Gosh, who would’ve guessed that a reality TV star with no government experience, six bankruptcies, five kids from three marriages, 11 charges of sexual assault, and +400 current lawsuits, would be so bad at being the President?!? Oh, and did I leave out conspiring with the enemy? Go get ‘im, Mueller amd Co.!

    • Greg Hunter

      So, you liked the criminal traitor that had multiple private unprotected servers, who took treasonous bribes in the form of “donations,” to a global charity fraud. Hillary said there were “limits to the First Amendment” too and that would have been better for the country??? You are a delusional troll for the Democrats/Communists.

      • Judy Kay

        Hilary? Greg, she’s completely out of the picture now! Let’s deal with the present, not the past. The present says Mr. Trump is not doing well, and he will likely choose to resign in the face of Muelker’s investigation, much like Richard Nixon. It will say a lot about what Mr. Trump keeps as his own secrets…

        • Greg Hunter

          No she is not. The Dems are fighting hard to stay out of jail and they need to knock out Trump to stay free. They will not knock him out.

    • eddiemd

      The trolls are out in force today.

    • Charles H

      Gee, Judy… if you were like Mary Kay important and rich: you don’t think people wouldn’t be coming out of the woodwork to soak you for something? Oh, and you forgot he had a cameo apperance in Home Alone 2, also.

    • WD

      5 bankruptcies out of 550 businesses
      All charges of assault were proven false ( Bill Clinton was a rapist)
      400 lawsuits is made up
      What does government experience people get us…The Clintons and Podestas…
      An international multi-multi billionaire
      You are one of life’s losers…I have seen people like you my whole life.
      How many billions do you have.

    • May The Best Men Win!

      Ya Judy Kay, go get em Mueller/Miller and Co.!

      High Noon- Ultimatum
      Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Country!
      A president with everything to lose attempts to single-handedly save his country.
      Back To Deep State Reality!

    • dadiz

      So Judy, what do you have against testosterone?

  9. Tiny

    America has become a barking dog behind a fence.
    We are governed by children on L.S.D.
    The world is laughing at us and for good reason.
    This entire Trump debacle is proof enough that are
    country has come off the rails. The good news is that
    the neo-liberals will self implode. I can only hope that
    it happens soon so that one of these psychopaths does
    not launch nukes.

  10. jim umble

    Dan its clear you are a lost sole. I hope you see the truth some day .

    • Judy Kay

      That eould be “soul”, not “sole”. That would be a fish.

      • Neil

        Hmmm… Not sure what ‘eould’ is. Sounds like a contrived word… Still that’s consistent with your other content. I am curious who directed you to come here. Is it the DNC?

      • Paul ...

        Judy … if Trump can call Hillary a “good person” … can you do the same for Trump? … but then again … he was probably just using reverse psychology … because “how good” can someone be? … who robs money from Haitian babies!!

  11. al

    But Greg, you use good critical thinking tactics. You’re suppose to be a sheeple and drink in the cool-aid that is the MSM. After all, you have some people in this forum that like propaganda flavor cool-aid. Don’t use critical thinking because sense is now illegal. Go watch TV and eat some GMO popcorn and relax… that’s what the sheeple do, then they troll forums like these.
    Seriously… I can’t wait for Cliff High. Very interesting stuff. As always awesome wrap up, I wish you increase your frequency.

  12. Galaxy 500

    The Moslems and their Demoncrat lackeys are all about fraud. Voter fraud, financial fraud, propoganda
    Why does Sessions not do anything?
    Jeff, these people are not your friends. Remember your confirmation hearings? If you are on the side of America, stand up, be counted, and prosecute these many violations of criminal code.
    Demand Muller step down.

    • paul from Indiana

      You just let the cat out of the bag as to why we have no government. Sessions doesn’t want to end up like Vince Foster and the rest. Best always. PM

  13. LesserOfTwo

    People that think that Hillary would have been a better choice are deluded.
    Trump had it right about immigration, Europe is now being destroyed by the Muslim flood that is ripping European society apart. This one issue was reason enough to pick Trump over Hillary, Hillary would be doing exactly the political class is now doing to Europe.

    • susan

      Trump had everything better! Good grief! Doesn’t anyone have a clue? I am so tired of idiotic people being so worried about those who take advantage of our country. Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!!!

  14. Tad

    “Now, about two dozen members of Congress want a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hillary and all the wrongdoing of the Obama Administration.”–Greg Hunter

    Who has that decision power? Who has the power to remove Mueller for excessive witch hunting?

    Do I smell a potential Supreme Cort case here? I wonder whose side David Boies is on this week?

    Sorry for the questions Greg, but the existing evidence (or lack thereof) seems to be irrelevant.

    Go Trump!


    Hi Greg. Thank you for having Dr Paul Craig Roberts on your WNW. He sees through all the BS and, like yourself, reports honestly. Why hasn’t Trump offered him some sort of advisory position?

    As far as I am concerned Trump, excluding his family, is completely surrounded by traitors. He is cornered and trapped. Congress proved their point that Trump has no power, or more accurately that Congress is now running the country, not the White House. Even Pence stabbing him in the back ( Pence should be told in no uncertain terms to back his President or stand down!

    Trump has nothing to lose – he has to fire the weasels Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller. Trump must be so despised that even Trey Gowdy supports Mueller – the “quintessential straight arrow” ( I thought Gowdy would be at least as good as Jason Chaffetz as chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Why isn’t Gowdy leading the charge to convict the Clintons? He sounded so good until he was given a position and opportunity to back up his words. What a disappointment.

    The world is watching as American politicians are showing their true colors, and we are not seeing anything that is inspiring. We just see an unreasonable bully pushing us closer to war.
    So you keep applying your sanctions on the rest of the world until you completely isolated yourselves – we won’t miss the chaos.

  16. Rick

    Hi Greg,
    In your closing comments you said “this is a fight between good and evil” and then “we don’t need an atheist in the White House”. Are you saying atheists are evil? Your statements really highlight your ignorance on the subject.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think what the Bible thinks.

      • Rick

        Hi Greg,
        I read the info at the link you provided, thank you. All I can say is how sad I feel for you. You’ve written off 20% of the US population because you can’t think for yourself. If we assume that there are 1000+ religions in the world, you’re an atheist towards 999 of them. I don’t believe in only one more. The thought of someone with your religious view having their finger on the big red button scares the heck out of me. I hope you someday find true enlightment.

        • Greg Hunter

          The Bible is “true enlightenment”. I did not write it, I am just telling people what’s in it. Don’t feel “sad” for me my friend. I’ve got Jesus Christ. I am still a sinner and no better than anybody, I just have Christ and you can too.

      • GoneWest


        I just finished listening to the WNW while eating lunch and was about to defend you about Zuckerberg in the WH and good versus evil. I do believe he has proven himself evil by his past actions. [BTW, I don’t think Zuck will ever make it to the WH – too much baggage from the way he started FB.]

        But have you read what is posted at the link you referenced? Here’s some quotes: “They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good. “; “alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart”. That’s in the first two quotes.

        Do you really believe that anyone who doesn’t believe what you believe is inherently evil, does no good, or is hard of heart?

        I think everyone is entitled to believe what they choose regarding their faith. Is it only those whom don’t believe what you believe who are evil? How does this reconcile with your defense of Israel and the Jewish state? Has no one who believes in God and Jesus Christ ever done anything evil?

        I have great respect for you and the work you do on USAWatchdog. It is a great source of information and I follow you religiously (no pun intended).

        I wish you the best.


        • Greg Hunter


          I did not write the Bible, I’m just telling you what’s in it. The truth can be very harsh and the Bible tells it!! God the father is NOT PC. He doesn’t have to be and never will be.


          • GoneWest

            Fair enough. You truly believe that anyone who doesn’t believe in your god is corrupt, does abominable deeds, and does no good because that’s what is written in the Bible.

            I have one question before I leave. Do you think that all of your interview guests believe in the same god as you? If not, are they not corrupt and do no good? Why should we believe anything they say?

            Absolutes have a way of sneaking up on you.

            Best wishes to you.

            • Greg Hunter

              Again, I am telling you what the Bible says. I did not write it but believe it is the inspired word of God the Father. Now get over it and stop whining. I don’t really know why you are so upset. According to you we both believe in nothing. I do not judge anyone for anything. It’s not my place. I am a sinner and a Christian. Do what you like.

        • Charles H

          Truth MUST encapsule a Singularity. All roads do not lead to Rome. Authority also must have a final, where the buck stops singular person or organization. That there is a myriad of beliefs do not take one iota from what is True. Greg Hunter is right experimentally and in reality. You can’t really believe in half-measures. And with Christianity, once you truly get in – it proves itself. That’s the way it is.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      The Hebrew scripture says, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is NO God.’ ”
      Without acknowledgement of a personal, just God, what’s left? What is the recourse of the helpless, the dying, the lonely, the victims of injustice? Mere humans?
      The God of scripture is the husband of widows, the Father of orphans. Read Thomas Jefferson’s letters in old age and see the comfort his faith brought him…broke, bereaved, and afraid democracy was destined to be brought down by oligarchs. Nobody defended freedom of mind and conscience like Jefferson…enjoy…

  17. Tony Gaetani

    great weekend rap up love your show keep it up

  18. Jerry

    There’s nothing new. Its the same old thing. Raise the debt ceiling expand the debt.
    Subtract the 8 Trillion dollars that the U.S. has added to the debt ceiling over the last seven years and what do you get? A minus -5 GDP. Anyway you slice it, this is unsustainable. You know it. I know it. And the rest of the world knows it. But the American people? Not so much. They’re busy watching dancing with the stars.

    Old Chinese saying.
    ” Knowledge of weakness is strength. Ignoring knowledge is sickness”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry. Keep it coming!!!

      • Jerry

        While many may say I’m “CRAZY” ( which may be true ) I can still add numbers. And these numbers don’t add up.
        If the economy is on such a tear, then how come there is no liquidity in the system evidenced by the latest St. Louis Fed report?

        ANSWER: Again the real numbers don’t lie. Money velocity is an indicator of currency being exchanged inside our banking system. If its not there, where is it? You guessed it. The banks are using it to drive up stock purchases creating a false ceiling. WHY?
        ANSWER: The banks need to draw more people into the markets before they collapse them. I call it sucker bait. Greedy people thinking they’re going to ride the stock market rocket to rich’s only find out that its a one way ticket down, when the bottom kicks out and reality kicks in.

        Yes, I may be crazy, but I have enough good sense to know when to get out of a burning building. In fact I’m already out. I’m preparing to roast my spam over an open fire soon.

        • Greg Hunter

          If I thought you were “crazy” I would never post all you comments. You are NOT crazy!!

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … In keeping with “Knowledge of weakness is strength” … lets review some “weaknesses” that we must prepare for to counteract … like Mueller we also have Soros trying to divide our Nation … but it is not Mueller and Soros I’m worried about as Trump can easily take care of them … what I’m worried about is the “Saros” Solar Eclipse that will occur on Aug 21, 2017 … not that ‘m trying to predict anything … but this Solar Eclipse will travel from Oregon in the Pacific Northwest to the Madrid Fault Line in South Carolina … so the gravitational pull of both the Sun and the Moon will be exerting force over some very dangerous fault zones in the US where our Demon-rat and Reptilican politicians have approved licenses to build nuclear reactors upon (15 nuclear power reactors are right on the New Madrid fault line which is six times larger then the San Andras fault line) … and if these fault zones “snap” … what will it do to Yellowstone!! … so we should all be saying a prayer and ask God the Father to intervene on our behalf … 600 million years ago the US continent tried to rip in half … it failed … hopefully this Saros and Soros will also fail to divide us!!

      • Paul ...

        Those Americans living on fault lines in the Pacific Northwest (San Andras) or near Yellowstone or on the New Madrid fault … at a minimum take some extra precautions (food, water, batteries, potassium iodine pills, etc.) … or perhaps take that vacation to Europe, Mexico or the Bahamas you always wanted …

  19. Rock

    Great wrap up Greg. You are a modern day Paul Revere, helping us understand what is really going on despite the msm attempts to trick and hide the darkness that pervades our times.

    • Greg Hunter

      You Rock. Thank you.

    • Frederick

      Rock It’s not only MSM Youtube is eliminating their comment section on some videos and banning truthtellers left and right Were in big trouble folks

  20. Kim

    Information packed wrap up!! Yes, the government is corrupt and so are we. We need to keep our mind on the one who made us and loves us deeply. Thank you for your hard work and a truly great wrap up!! Please consider having Bix Weir on. Thanks again! God bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim.

  21. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Good wrap-up. There is a CNBC article out today on Alan Greenspan’s bond market warning:
    “…”I have no time frame on the forecast,” he said. “I have a chart which goes back to the 1800s and I can tell you that this particular period sticks out. But you have no way of knowing in advance when it will actually trigger.”
    One point he did make about timing is it likely will be quick and take the market by surprise.
    “It looks stronger just before it isn’t stronger,” he said. Anyone who thinks they can forecast when the bubble will break is “in for a disastrous” experience.” …”.
    “It will likely be quick” is another way of saying “reasonably fast”. Greenspan doesn’t talk like this for no reason. TPTB always warn; IMO this is the warning that the Bond Bubble is about to be popped. Later they can say we warned you. It’s going to get fugly.

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  22. David

    Greg, You are Rocking it !!! Having a True Patriot and Christian, like yourself, Truthing it, makes it almost bearable, this Treasonous Congress! We Need a Worldwide Pedophile Take Down, before our Last Hope “Trump” is gone!

  23. Dr Darryl Jewett

    When it comes to health care in the US, as bad as the Democrat’s plan is, the Republicans just keep trying to out-do the Democrats in their evil authoritarian agenda. Between the Republicans and Democrats, it’s hard to tell which party is more evil when it comes to their attempts at exterminating large demographics of men using our barbaric system of health care like a loaded gun. For frame-of-reference, I’ve traveled all over the world and the US has the most bureaucratically convoluted cluster-fuck of a health-care system, even when contrasted with third-world countries. Health care in the US isn’t even at the level of a third-world country but resembles that which you would expect from a totalitarian feminist police state in the final throes of collapse. The reason some people (feminists) in the US pay only $500-1,200 annually in premiums for great access to great health care (and even unnecessary health care) is because men like me are forced to pay $7,200 (or more) annually under the threat of imprisonment if we can’t pay for inadequate access and poor quality. Developments like these are why scholars and elder statesmen around the world point at the US and scream, “DEATH PANEL!!” This is what a real death panel looks like. Concealed by and disguised as bureaucracy and the color of law. Pure evil. (Sorry, Greg, for the bad language but it’s not gratuitous and is instead an appropriate description.)

    • susan

      Dr. Jewett, keep telling it like it is~!

  24. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks for your superb weekly wrap-up! As for Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, I believe he is one of your best guests and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him — even though your list of of guests is absolutely stuffed with geniuses. It would be shocking if some of those geniuses didn’t disagree in, essentially, minor (or, sometimes major) ways or emphasize different aspects of the present situation and the course of future events. The present is just that complex and the future is just that inscrutable. And yes, I very much appreciate seeing some of your more “edgy” guests as well. Job well done!

  25. JQP

    I would just like to say that President Trump in my opinion is trying to drain the swamp but, this swamp is very big and very deep.

    I really think that it may take a while to drain this swamp. But, I can see the light… the best part is I already know who is getting my vote for President:
    2020 – President Donald Trump
    2024 – President Ivanka Trump
    2028 – President Ivanka Trump
    2032 – President Donald Trump Jr.
    2036 – President Donald Trump Jr.
    2040 – President Eric Trump
    2044 – President Eric Trump
    2048 – President Barron Trump
    2052 – President Barron Trump

    I vow for the rest of my days a Trump will get my vote.


    • susan

      JQP I agree with you wholeheartedly. Me, too.

  26. Stonewall Jones

    Quote of the Day, In The Day!
    “We had really conclusive proof, our intelligence agencies did, that in mid ’95, the Chinese developed a plan at the highest levels of their government to involve themselves in our electoral process.”
    Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN), referring to what he knew but couldn’t say during Senate hearings, on CNN’s ‘Inside Politics’, May 19, 1998.

    Yup, Bill Clinton gave our missile guidance tech to China and China in turn gave to North Korea and now every inch of the US. is under attack. Stealth war whilst stealth coup de tat. These such same criminals who sold us out, want Trump out before he outs these real traitors!

    Pat Buchanan Asks “Shall We Fight Them All?”

    My response: Based on recent news events, the corruption of the REPUBLIC looks to be WIDE, DEEP and across party lines. I guess that is why they call it the DEEP STATE. The entire world is looking like it is in the grip of evil that is influencing and manipulating behavior.

    How China Conquered America

    Obama’s Lost in Space
    Administration approves controversial export license allowing sensitive space technology transfer to China
    … There is only one global empire: finance.
    BY: Bill Gertz
    Empires Then And Now
    By Paul Craig Roberts

    The United States is a nice place to live, if you have money. Otherwise, it is a pretty bleak place to live. If you are not rich, the police are rather unfriendly to you. If you are not rich, the schools are crappy and of course, the family structure in the US has been decimated to a significant degree. This is not the America which has any major cultural cohesion. It is a rather balkanized country with major internal divisions, and no appetite to fight a real adversary but each other in a coming Un-Civil War!

    The bill from the disabled veterans from the Iraq War are still on-going and will continue for decades. The US is now a horribly indebted banana republic surviving on borrowed time following another leftist banana republic down the drain, Venezuela! The day the EBT cards stop working, the riots begin. That’s the hard truth.
    Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East analyst & commentator
    Putin In North Korea

    Vladimir Putin And Trump Did Promise to “WORK TOGETHER” On North Korea THREAT
    H I G H__N O O N !

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      “The day the EBT cards stop working, the riots begin.” – Stonewall Jones

      Goal of the gov’t is to exterminate as many men as possible so there is no disorder or insurrection. Presently, life expectancy in the US for men on average is approximately six years less than women. I’d say that’s a pretty good start at extermination. Proceeds of the men’s labor are stolen from them and given to the women in exchange for absolute power. If the gov’t can’t exterminate them, then it’ll put them in prison or concentration camps. Presently, the US incarcerates more innocent men per capita than any other country in the history of the world with the exceptions of Nazi Germany during war-time and Stalinist Russia. The other men are dumped onto the street to die, denied any public assistance from programs to which they contributed disproportionately more than others.

  27. andyb

    Greg: unfortunately Trump, early on, gave Clinton a pass. If Sessions had immediately impaneled a GJ re the Clinton emails, the Foundation and the CGI, none of the Russian BS would have had legs. Now it is critical that there be one for my insane (possibly Mossad agent) Congresswoman, DWS. Trump was sent the VIPS analysis from certified experts that the DNC emails were leaked, not hacked, and originated from an East Coast US server. Why hasn’t Trump mentioned this? Why did he allow McMaster to continue to grant Susan Rice a National Security Clearance? Something is not right. Has Trump been captured by the Deep State, or is he waiting for a propitious moment?
    Further, Trump knows full well that the unemployment rate is north of 22%; he actually mentioned it in a campaign speech. He also is aware that the economy is circling the drain, and the latest auto sales figures and payment delinquencies will herald the death knell for what is left of US manufacturing. Then there is housing. Does the bursting bubble in Vancouver and Toronto real estate signal the canary in the coal mine for North America? Not to mention that Obamacare still exists, incrementally destroying jobs and the middle class on a daily basis. I don’t know Greg. I am hardly sanguine about Trump. Yes, some minor wins for SCOTUS, de-regulation and perhaps immigration, but definitely not for the overall economy and the prevention of WWIII. But I will continue to have faith, but it is slowly ebbing from my soul.

    • paul from Indiana

      Faith is a general term. I have faith in God, but none in this country at this point. It is a popular mantra on this site that all is well, and God is in control. That is debatable, because if one believes that God gave Man free agency, then God must let Man suffer the consequences. If one believes that God is in control directly, then it is an ineluctable conclusion that our fall from Grace is divine will. Either way, we are going to take some nasty medicine. Best always. PM

    • susan


    • Frederick

      You are spot on regarding Wasserwoman Schultz and her dealings with those Pakistanis and Podesta and Clinton Something really stinks about that whole thing It’s related to the murder of Seth Rich and the Wikileaks connection

  28. Roger D

    Say what you want about Trump but I believe he sincerely wanted to restore normal relations with Russia. And being a naïve outsider, Trump actually thought he could do that.

    To believe in Trump is to believe in a political solution and deny the reality of the all-powerful Deep State. A whopping 535 members of the House and Senate, 530 voted for the sanctions and against Trump. Could it not be any clearer? Peace is simply not profitable to both parties. Republicans are just a concocted ‘choice’ to distract us the great unwashed and give us false hope. For eons, tyrants have done that.

    Short of divine intervention, the Deep State will successfully create worldwide chaos. They might be able to take control, but will they be able to hold it. I believe they too will be a ‘house divided’.

    Priority #1 is our innocent children. Parents must protect them to the best of their ability. Make the necessary sacrifices. Move to a safer place if necessary. Homeschool and homechurch.

    • Paul ...

      Roger … you are right “a house divided will not stand” … are 8 billion people in the world going to allow 550 Congressmen to start a nuclear war with Russia?? … if the common people of the world “unite” and not allow a few “mad men” from dividing us … we can defeat Satan and his evil minions … many may not know this but the solar eclipse coming up on August 21, 2017 also brings with it the “Star of Bethlehem” also known as Regulus or the Persian Star (because the Iranian Magi saw it as a sign of the “Birth of a King”) … why can’t the 8 billion common people of the world unite as one against the “very few” who try to divide us for greed and profit? … now once again the “Star of Bethlehem” will shine in our night sky … will all the worlds people (like the Magi of old) unite under this star “as one people” to recognize Christ (as the birth of a King) who has the infinite power to defeat the “Great Satan Nazi warmongers” controlling the US Congress!!

      • MCasey

        Paul, be careful about 8 billion people uniting under the “Star of Bethlehem”.

        The “Bethlehem Star” – Satan’s Plot to Kill Jesus

        “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:14 (KJV)

        If the “star” always knew exactly where Jesus was, why didn’t the “star” simply lead the Magi directly to Bethlehem instead of abandoning them to inquire of King Herod in Jerusalem? Obviously, the “star” knew how to lead the Magi directly to Jesus’ doorstep, but was only willing to do so after the “wise men” had informed King Herod of the “new King’s” birth. The “star” needed Herod to kill Jesus.

        Who were the Wise Men?
        The “Wise Men” were Magi. They principally dealt with the evaluation of dreams, visions and astronomical signs. Their art included “magic” – from which their name is derived. The main occupation of the Magi was their interpretation of things they considered divine. Magi were physician-astrologers who interpreted dreams, cast horoscopes and healed the sick. As astrologers, they were concerned with the prophetic interpretation derived from the position of the zodiac, the movement of planets and comets, and the phases of the moon. Ancient astrologers restricted their divination to nations and kings. In the time of the Romans, Magi were in high regard and were “Wise Men” in the sense that they were considered knowledgeable. Often Kings themselves, they were wealthy and well-positioned in society. It is generally accepted that Magi originated from a caste of Zoroastrian priests; familiar with the writings of the prophet Daniel and would have some knowledge of writings of Daniel and the other exile prophets about Jesus’ birth.

        Why did the Magi go to Jerusalem?
        It was customary to honor the birth of royalty; and a birth proclaimed by a “star” would be extraordinary. The Magi went to Jerusalem assuming a Jewish king would be born in Jerusalem, the capital of the Kingdom of Judea. The Magi only state they, “have seen his star”. The scriptures do not say the “star” led the Magi to Jerusalem.

        What was the “star” that the Magi saw?
        The “star” was a “glowing”. A light which appeared in such a position in the skies and at such a time, that it could be interpreted by the Magi to foretell of the birth of a new King of the Jews. Modern contemporary methods have been unable to conclusively establish any astrological event that occurred in this time frame. Astronomers running their planetariums backwards through time are not unanimous about such a “star”; and scholars trying to date the birth of Jesus with its appearance have been confounded.

        Was the “star” a sign to the Jews of Jesus’ birth?
        No. The Jews were forbidden to practice astrology (reading of the stars). The Lord condemned the activity of, “the astrologers, the stargazers, [and] the monthly prognosticators” of “Babylon … daughter of the Chaldeans” (Isaiah 47:13). God’s sign to the Jews of their new-born king is found in Luke 2. (“And, this, to you is, a sign”….. I bring you good tidings of a great joy, which shall be for all the people: “)

        Why did God give a “star” as a sign of Jesus’ birth to Magi?
        God did not give a “star” as a sign of Jesus’ birth to the Magi. God’s sign of Jesus’ birth was given to the Jews, as found in Luke 2: (“And, this, to you is, a sign”)

        Why was King Herod troubled at the news of Jesus’ birth?
        King Herod was the pro-Roman ruler of Judaea and had been appointed “King of the Jews” as his official title by Rome. The news of the birth of a new King of the Jews would have been interpreted as a threat to Herod’s throne. Distrustful and suspicious, King Herod executed two of his own sons to keep them from succeeding him to the throne.

        Why did Herod have to inquire as to when the “star” appeared?
        There is no indication that this phenomenon was ever seen (or interpreted) by anyone but the Magi. Since Herod had to inquire as to when it appeared, it is apparent that neither King Herod nor his court (nor shepherds) saw the “star”.

        Why did Herod want to know exactly when the “star” appeared?
        King Herod was attempting to ascertain Jesus’ age as determined by the appearing of the “star”. Herod was reacting exactly as “the star” anticipated by formulating a plot to kill Jesus.

        Why did Herod want to know where Jesus was?
        King Herod saw the birth of a new King of the Jews as a threat to his throne. As later evidenced in Matthew 2:16, King Herod did not want to honor Jesus, but instead was formulating a plan to kill the Christ Child.

        When they departed from Jerusalem, why did the Magi rejoice when they saw the “star”?
        The Magi left Jerusalem with no real direction except to go to Bethlehem and start searching for the young child. “Lo”, they were relieved and exceedingly joyous that the “star” re-appeared to actually lead them directly to Jesus’ very doorstep.

        This “star” was not God’s plan to announce and celebrate Christ’s birth with the blood of Jewish babies. This was Satan’s plot to kill the Christ child when Satan himself heard the announcement of the “messagers” at Christ’s birth. …..for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:14

        Satan, who deceiveth the whole world. Once again, we have been deceived by the “traditions of man”; this one known as the “Star of Bethlehem”.

  29. Justn Observer

    Greg….Hope you had a chance to catch John. B Wells, #786. – way on point ! lol

    • Frederick

      I’m watching it now John B. Wells is right up there with Greg Hunter on my list of ” good guys”

  30. C

    I found people that Critize the most has no idea about the job entails. So it is easier to critize than see what is all involved. As this country is bankrupt, I prefer a business man help us go forward.

    • Judy Kay

      Honestly C, you are clueless. You think good businessmen have brought six bankruptcies upon themselves!?!

      • Greg Hunter

        Trump is worth billions of dollars and when he made a mistake he took it on the chin and turned his asset over to a bankruptcy court. He did not do the weasel thing like Warren Buffett and get taxpayers to give him and his investors a multitrillion dollar bailout. Goldman, GE Chase and every other major bank and investor should have gone bankrupt because if you need a government taxpayer bailout you are incompetent. Trump NEVER GOT A BAILOUT and that is a fact. This comment shows you are an idiot leftist/communist and you are the “clueless” one. Why don’t you stop commenting here???

  31. jak

    I’ve been reading about watchdoggers giving up on gold and silver. Just remember, the US is broke. $20 trillion is 20 with 12 zeros. That debt is unrepeatable. There are 10,000 people retiring every day for the next several years. They all expect SS and Medicare. The unfunded liabilities are between $100 trillion and $200 trillion. We are facing a train wreck in 5 years according to Karl Denninger. If Greenspan is right about interest rates, we won’t even be able to pay the interest on our debt. They may still pay the benefits but what do you think the dollar will be worth??

    • Frederick

      Jak I haven’t given up

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Anyone that has read “The Art of War” realizes a calculating opponent begins their war time operations with misdirection and distraction. A thinking man must not let himself be out maneuvered or managed into a strategic misstep. Mark Twain put his finger on this conundrum–If you don’t read the daily newspaper you are uninformed, if you do you are misinformed. The psy-op is all about causing doubt, wearing down your confidence and putting you in the least tenable position . I had two relatives survive two of our most notable economic downturns (the Long and the Great Depression) they both “survived” focusing on God, Guns, Gold, and Groceries. I may need more but I can’t imagine successfully getting by on less. SOD

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Jak – $20,000,000,000,000 (20-trillion) is just the federal debt. That doesn’t include debt for all the states, the military-industrial complex, derivatives, etc… Structure of our gov’t is very different than other countries. I wouldn’t say it’s unique. But certainly very different. Most other countries don’t have states like we do. If they do have states or provinces, then they operate very differently than in the US and they are not as separate from their central gov’ts. Bottom line is that our country’s debt is not 20-trillion but at least 300-trillion and likely a lot more, measured in the quadrillions, quintillions or even sextillions. We are the single most indebted (and poorest) country in the history of the world. A substantial part of the population live like pigs at troughs at the expense of someone else’s slave labor. And the population is so stupid they don’t even know it. Neither the slaves nor their masters. They actually think that they’re so good at their jobs or raising their children (despite the obvious catastrophe that family planning has been), the products of their labor will be able to pay down all that debt. So things are worse than you think. The debt is much greater than you think and there is no way the population will ever pay it down but they’re so stupid that they think they can (with someone else’s slave labor) and they’re so stupid that they think that they aren’t responsible for this mess. They blame the gov’t or the central banks. Which are pure evil, but no worse than the general population who borrowed money that didn’t exist and that they knew they could never pay off. For things that they didn’t need and didn’t earn. Yeah… they’re THAT stupid. And circumstances are THAT bad. Scary, huh?

      • Paul ...

        The politicians and banksters have been adding zero’s to our debt … and this fall they will do it again … to pay for all the military equipment, etc., etc. necessary for the WWIII they are feverishly working to start … our debt could soon look like this $20,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 … if the gold price is suppressed and they only let one zero get added to it … we get $12,500!!

  32. Calgirl

    It may be that all seem to resist investigating the Clinton’s is that they are afraid of being suicided! or, as Bill Holter said in recent interview that 6k have been arrested for pedophilia….is there a connection in the resistance to investigate all of these apparent crimes?

    Off topic…
    Safety Info: I recently picked up a nail in a car tire. The repair shop refused to fix the slow leak as the tire was too old. I checked out this assertion that car tires have birthdays and it turns out to be true!! Manufacturers generally say 6 years is the max life span for a tire, but that some may still be “safe” to ten years for in town driving. I found that you can tell the age of a tire by looking for the DOT info on the tire, just after the DOT info, there are 4 numbers in a rectangle. The first two numbers are the month of birth and the last two numbers are the year of birth….ie, 1215 would be December 2015. Turns out all of my tires were 10 years or older (I have a ’98 Toyota 4Runner that is a great vehicle) and my spare was actually 19 years old! They still had good tread as I drive little, but it is said that the rubber deteriorates over time, especially in hot climates. Another item of interest was that I was told not to use the shiny stuff on tires to make them look pretty as that stuff helps degrade the rubber. Needless to say I just spent $800+ on new tires for my SUV and the dealership threw in an “off brand” tire as a freebie for my spare.

  33. Tim McGraw

    Your analysis at the end about the chilling effect the deportations will have on illegals voting in the next election was clearly on the mark. Here in California the Democrats are wise to this Trump/Republican strategy and are doing all they can to stop the deportations. I see in the news today that ICE has been kicked out of all California state offices. The movement for California to secede has just been given the go ahead to start to collect signatures so that it can be on the ballot. I’m curious to see if they get enough signatures or even if they do and the ballot measure passes; if the courts will just knock it down as they have done in the past with other initiatives e.g. the anti-illegal immigrant initiative passed years ago that would have denied them benefits. The judges just said,”Sorry people. Your desires are not PC. They are not good for Democrats. So, bye-bye to your initiative.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the street reporting from the Golden State!!

  34. donna s.

    Another thing about the Seth Rich muder is that some are saying he was seen at the bar with Awan ,the IT guy, the night of his muder. Awan’s mother stated that he was blackmailing people . If that is true could him and Seth have been working together? Either way the Russian collusion story should be dead in the water.
    You made two excellent observations on the WNW. One that Ryan and McConnell should both be asking him to step down, and not a peep from either.It has been said that Mueller was the one who took the sample of uranium to Russia? That would be easy enough to prove. If true someone should be investigating him for collusion.
    Second that the Clinton foundation could be a CIA front. great job I never thought of that one.
    Great WNW as usual

  35. dachsielady

    Acts 16:26

    And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed.


    The foundations of the prison is the SWAMP and the shaking is the draining and Paul is President Trump and the other prisoners in the jail are the President’s team.

    God can loose the chains or bands that may be hindering the saving of the integrity of our government and the rule of law.

  36. Charles H

    I’m bringing this comment forward from the page before…

    If Trump Jr. probed the English for intel on Clinton: does that confirm collusion with the English? Only – the English are probably in cahoots with the American Deep State: and no real information would be forthcoming there. So WHO would have real intel?… hmmmmm?? Hint – who got the Atomic Bomb secrets and infiltrated the State Department after World War 2??? You are reading into the situation what isn’t there. Trump Jr. was SOURCING INTEL – that doesn’t amount to collusion.
    “Lyndon Johnson bugged Goldwater’s campaign offices in 1964, and nothing was done about it. The press laughed it off.” Nixon was informed about the Watergate break-in after the fact and mislead as to the purpose. In defending his people – he was later crucified for it. Clinton does the same thing twenty years later – and gets away with it. The pattern here is that Democrats can break the law and not pay for it; where Republicans just have to be embroiled in scandal and Liberals boil them in oil.

  37. WD


    I am abig fan of your site and 95% of your guests…..I have followed a few after being here. Holter, Willie, Schiff, and V to name a few. Someone named Michael Erevna has a website “Revelation” and claims V is a fraud. I am hoping this is false….I have seen where V has brilliantly predicted many things that have manifested…..I am hoping you will disprove that accusation. Thx

  38. 4321Dud

    Mr. Hunter, I am a little baffled as to why you posted that particular comic of the week. As far as I know, there aren’t any female anchors at CNN who match the character depicted in the comic.

  39. eddiemd

    I would point out that now is the time to gather the information, locations, close contacts, and intel on those in charge and especially those who wish to enslave the masses. This is easily done by searching public records and even paying for certain information online. Whitepages, county recorders, court records, etc.

    When the internet goes down, the free intel now available will be no longer.

    Those in charge and giving orders to fire on the public will be held responsible. Now is the time to gather their information.

  40. WD


    Trump and his people can end this…what are they waiting for….Just do it. They won’t dislike him any less?…

    I cant imagine he gave up what he was doing to put up with this crapt????

  41. pat the rat

    A trillion dollars of interest here a trillion interest there and you are talking some real money. This was Zimbabwe ,the land of poor trillioners if interest go up next it will be the U.S.A. the land of poor trillioners?

  42. Robespierre

    President Obama and his staff, just like President Clinton, trashed the White House on the way out. Pretty Chicken Shit behavior ( No Class ). What do you expect of Obama and his Staff on exit ? President Obama did not flush the White House toilets, but left the job to the next administration to clean-up. Yawn !! Time to move-on and stop wallowing in it. Life is not fair, I get that. Move-on, please. What a bore. Stop belly aching about it.

  43. Aurele

    On the topic of Immigration, no one in the U.S. seems to be talking about the thousands of immigrants flooding into Canada from the U.S. There are so many the city of Montreal is now using the Olympic Stadium to lodge them all. And the influx continues! We normally welcome everyone but maybe Canada should build a wall and get the U.S. to pay for it. You friend from Ottawa, Canada.

  44. Rick Geisler

    Both parties have become two sides of the same coin with the exception of a few hold out constitutionalists. It no longer is about “We the People.” It is about we the parasites that live to feed off the dying host known as the United States of America. Trump getting elected is like someone walking upon a pack of wolves with bloody mouths feeding upon a huge carcass. They all growl with teeth bared feeling threatened. The wolf pack looks the same, no R or D just wolves that feel threatened that their “meal” will be taken from them. These are our representatives. Damn the American People.

  45. Tad

    I would hope Mr. Trump realizes his position vis-a-vis the foreign policy establishment has taken a severe hit this week:

    (A ) His signature on the Russian sanctions bill, which may or may not destroy the respective sides long term relations.
    (B) Allowing His Royal McMasters to override his national security intentions by removing national security employees previously chosen by either Trump or Michael Flynn. These firings have been occurring since HRM assumed office.
    (C) No doubt public and private disagreements between parties can, and has been, corrosive to security concerns.

    Since we’re dealing with a military and foreign wunderkind (McMasters), my suggestion is the President give him his release.

  46. coalburner

    Greg: From 25 inutes on you were killing it!!!! I mean not only do I think you are right. I believe this is great.
    This will MAGA!
    We are impatient but Trump has engaged the evil that owns our country and it will take time for the battle to be won. It would be a mistake for Trump to try to move too quickly. He is in a huge fight and he must dismantle the enemy and eat the elephant a bite at a time. After he slams the next election , when we get a chanve to act, and some of the RINOS get kicked to the curb he will gain speed becase they will change their attitude or be gone.
    Keep up the great work Greg, you matter so watch your back.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Coal!!

  47. Tee Bird

    FABULOUS close to your commentary! Yes indeed King Jesus is in charge and the conflict is real between seen and unseen powers. Thank you for bringing us the news; even if it’s not easy to hear it’s good to get exposed to the BIGGER picture.
    I’ve enjoyed your commentary over the past 5 years. You do it well…
    God bless you in your mission to analyze the news and give us the clear picture!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tee Bird!!

  48. Charles Turner

    Can anyone explain to me why 99% of the Senate and Congress voted for more sanctions on Russia and whether this level of support has its precedents? I have never heard of such an overwhelming majority on any subject in any democratic country. It sends out signals to Russia that America is one step away from war. Surely 99% of the Senate and Congress cannot be that dumb that they haven’t read through the history of Ukraine and Crimea and understand that Crimea was Russian and most of Eastern Ukraine has a high level of ethnic Russians. Surely 99% of the Senate and Congress cannot be that dumb that they haven’t read through and understood the principles of the Warsaw pact and how America has willfully ignored it? Surely 99% of the Senate and the Congress haven’t fallen for the line that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) was deliberately shot down by Russians in Ukraine. Firstly it was in Ukraine and not in Russia, secondly passenger airlines were not supposed to be flying over that zone and thirdly the people who shot it down would have no idea it was a a passenger plane. I do not remember the world sanctioning America when shot it down Iran air flight 655 over the Persian Gulf.
    With regards to Russia interfering into the USA elections, are 99% of the Senate and Congress not aware of Americas long and documented history of interfering and spying on its allies around the world and that after a year there is no real evidence to support this hypothesis. I am not worried about people like John McCain, he is a know entity. But when 99% of the Senate and Congress agree on a path that raises tensions with another superpower, and sends signals to the rest of the world that they do not care about the consequences, that is a very difficult to turn it around.
    I sincerely hope that Europe retaliates against America. Sometimes you need a friend and ally to tell you the truth to your face.

    • eddiemd

      They have been sent a delusion.

      They profess to be wise but their foolish hearts have been darkened. They are unable to discern the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree and you also need 30 days of food and water too.

    • JMiller

      I disagree with some of what Armstrong said. The government will NOT simply expropriate depositors money to save the banks, at least not in the U.S. Any bail-in that would involve uninsured depositors would happen after the bank has already failed and is in receivership. The FDIC’s plan to resolve a big bank failure is to transfer the assets and deposits of the failed bank to a newly created bridge bank. This will protect depositors and keep the bank operating. The FDIC will then liquate the bridge bank over a 3-5 year period. Any bail-in which would involve bondholders and perhaps some uninsured deposits, would be to capitalize the bridge bank. Not re-capitalized and save the insolvent big bank. This is why I think that everything that can be done to prevent a big bank failure, will be done, including creative book keeping and secret bailouts.

      Stockholders, bondholders and may be some uninsured depositors will take losses in a big bank failure just like they have at times in the past when a bank has failed. But not insured depositors. The FDIC’s primary purpose is to protect depositors, especially insured depositors. The FDIC does not care about saving the banks when they fail. They even said so. And that is exactly what they have shown since their inception.

      Armstrong said that bailouts have ceased. That may or may not be true. Bailouts could even be going on right now and we would not even know it. But one thing that is almost 100% certain is that bailouts will happen before one penny is lost to FDIC insured depositors.

      Armstrong said that the risk is greater in the EU than in the U.S. That is very true. The U.S. banks are in a much better condition that the EU banks. And of course he his right about keeping some cash on hand.

  49. Terry Reps

    Like the the bulk of our population who either ignore or deny the incessant Geo Engineering activities in our skies ; your apologia for president Trump’s “willful ” signing of the ludicrous Sanctions Bill against Russia ; is similar. Did a Poltergeist move his pen hand against his will ?. Did he have an Epiphany where the Holy Ghost put a flame on his head and moved him to act ?. Greg ; the man willfully { figuratively spit in the face of Russia } put pen to paper in a conscious effort to exacerbate tensions with the only major Christian nation in the world that is a bulwark against the New World Order. Trump is a fake. Trump has no guts. Trump talks a great game but clearly showed his inferior core by violating a major promise to many who worked so hard to elect him. This is my last comment to your website ; which I think has seen its best days.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll have to disagree with you and I wish you all the best.

    • WD

      He had to sign it. Its veto proof…it wouldn’t matter if he signed it or not.
      He is fighting it in courts later

  50. Robespierre


    Move-on. Hillary and the Clintons are gone. Trump won (the election). Russia Gate is a distraction. Stop distracting. Don’t be a LOSER. Move-on to something more interesting.
    For God’s Sake, please Stop Belly-aching. Very boring “news” . Kinda Whiny.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are “kinda” stupid to think the Clintons have gone away. The Clintons and the support network of the Clintons is what the Trump attack to remove him from office is all about. If you don’t like what I have to say go somewhere else. Oh you are a paid troll and you are here to sp[read a little disinformation on how what I am talking about is really not important. They sent you here so I must be over the target.

      • Robespierre


        • Greg Hunter

          The exact comment I expect from an Idiot. So clever.

        • Frederick

          Even though I don’t always agree with Greg I consider him a fair intelligent journalist and most importantly a gentleman A lot more than I can say about you Mr “Robespierre”

  51. Mike R

    So what is going to blow first ? Yellowstone Supervolcano or the US Stock Market ?

    Dr. John Hussman, recently pointed out that stocks have now achieved a valuation altitude that is extremely rare. Only during the week of March 24, 2000, the very peak of the dotcom mania, were stocks ever more highly valued than they are today. As Eric Cinnamond, recently asked, “If valuations are similar or higher than past bubble peaks, how can today’s cycle not be considered a bubble?

    Yellowstone volcano has been struck by 1,400 earthquakes in recent weeks, leading to fears that the supervolcano is ready to blow and wipe out life on Earth. Neverthelesss, following Montana’s biggest earthquake in 34 years, a 5.4 tremor in early June, which is on the same fault line as Yellowstone, and coupled with the swarm of quakes in the National Park, many are convinced that the supervolcano is now ready to blow.

    If old Yeller blows, the stock market bubble would be the least of our concerns. Life on planet earth could be wiped out entirely.

    Geez, before the internet, everybody must have been really happy. We had none of these worries, because if they existed, none of us ever knew about them. Ignorance can certainly be bliss. 😉

  52. dlc

    Charles Ortel connects the dots.

  53. william lesieur

    Yikes the trolls are out !!!! I’m not adding anything but “thank you” Greg for all your work. Wouldn’t be piss’n ’em off if you weren’t hitt’n it out’a da park !!!

  54. Virginia M Conway

    Senatorss and Congreass do not mind evidently, the needs of American Citezens..I am so fed -up ………As a child , I REMEMBER a neighboe hood women telling me that Communisium would come back through the schools . so true it seems . who are these morens that write study protocol for schools,? ( I do not believe American history and government is even broached) Our schools teach children to be good little employees ( go along to get along ) ( do not use deductive reasoning) be THE PERFECT ID OF ABOUSE) We are dumming down our future generation WE negate personal responsibility, family and the joy of hard work ,,,Individuality……is a God given right ……..I am as you ……….Stand UP in peace and be counted…….contact your local …senators and congressmen i.e. women ..THIS IS AMERICA …stand up and be counted……….
    . It is our dollars that pay them…..stirling silver service and all ! Enoght is enough
    I feel so anaminate , I hope i have not over stated my feelings for this web site .

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