Narratives Lost at CNN, Lie Spies, Blinken, Immigration & Debt

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 581 5.12.23)

CNN had a huge night with the President Donald Trump Town Hall event.  Trump beat down the Lying Legacy Media propaganda reporter at every turn.  It was so bad that CNN cut the ratings- getting event short by 20 minutes.  This is like running the movie “Forrest Gump” or the “Wizard of Oz” and cutting off the last 20 minutes.  It’s not about ratings.  It’s about narratives, and the Deep State lost big-time with the CNN event.

More narratives lost this week with the Biden family hiding $10 million in foreign payments for who knows what, according to the GOP.  On top of that, the Hunter Biden Laptop we were all told was Russian disinformation, but it was not.  It was true, and everybody lied about it.  Former CIA Chief John Brennan admitted in Congress it was all political.  Other former CIA officials and other spies lied to get Biden elected and not thrown in jail for treason.  We also find Secretary of State Tony Blinken was at the center of the laptop lies while he was at the CIA.  He said he was not, but emails prove he was the key player in rounding up the liars to cheat the American public about crooked Joe and bagman Hunter.

The narrative about the banks being strong and the overall economy too, also took a big hit.  A little known Fed presentation in February shows it knew of 722 banks that have lost more than 50% of their capital!!!  More severe banking trouble is coming, and the debt ceiling is not going to be negotiated, according to Joe Biden.  That should make the economic problems go away—NOT!!  Get ready and stay ready, rough times are coming soon.

There is more in the 39-minute news cast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 5.12.23.

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(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

After the Interview: 

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  The CV19 emergency is over, but the injuries and deaths are certainly not.  It’s all going to get worse, and Dr. Tenpenny will tell you how you can detox from the CV19 bioweapon/vax and shedding.

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  1. J.P. Morgunstun

    Gutfeld! 5/11/23 FULL HD | FOX BREAKING NEWS TRUMP May 11, 2023
    Hadi Yemek Yapalım 43K views 2 hours ago

    Duško Popov OBE (Serbian Cyrillic: Душко Попов; 10 July 1912 – 10 August 1981) was a Serbian double agent who served as part of the MI6 and Abwehr during World War II. He passed off disinformation to Germany as part of the Double-Cross System while working as an agent for the Yugoslav government-in-exile in London.

    (NEW) Tucker Carlson: The TRUTH On Ukraine & NATO
    Christian Darnton 954 views 7 hours ago

    • William T Westenberger

      Gutfeld video is not allowed to play by Fox.

      • J.P.

        It was there last night! I guess evn Murdach tunes into
        To think, him and Trump were good mates!

        Persecution will come and is rearing its ugly head?
        Matthew 10 English Standard Version;
        16 “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. 17 Beware of men, for they will deliver you over to courts and flog you in their synagogues, 18 and you will be dragged before governors and kings for my sake, to bear witness before them and the Gentiles. 19 When they deliver you over, do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say, for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour. 20 For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you. 21 Brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death, 22 and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

    • Carol Bolt

      J.P. Darn! They took down the Gutfeld show. Love that one and we only get bits of it here.

      • Janice M.

        Carol, love your cousin? Andrew Bolt
        Media has ‘never been so untrustworthy as it is now’: Bolt
        Sky News Australia 284K views 2 years ago
        Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the media has “never been as untrustworthy as it is now” amid the censorship of and refusal to report the Hunter Biden story.
        Hope he’s not your husband,LOL! Forgive me if!
        There’s always Roger Whittiker!

        • Ray

          Hi Janice.
          Roger Whittaker…one of THE GREAT entertainers of our time.
          Legend is to small a word to befit the man and his status.
          We get imbos like Beyoncé Knowles who wind up as billionaires, who haven’t got an ounce of this man’s talent in them.
          I Don’t Believe In If……the song you have linked to, is a beautiful song…..thank you.
          I hope all here at USAWATCHDOG will have a listen to it, and it’s thoughtful lyrics.
          Roger Whittaker is sometimes referred to as “The Human Whistle”…..and rightly so… my estimation, the best ever.
          Check out his AMAZING whistling talent here…..all whilst playing a guitar mind you!
          The gentle note he holds mid-song is truly something to behold.

          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

          • Sam

            I will take the didgeridoo anytime!

    • Lorna

      WHEN referring to the End or That Day, a good book that can be bought on Amazon is The Great Controversy by EG White. It lays out the conflict between Christ and Satan and what will happen. Even if one does not believe in these religious happenings, it is becoming obvious that the world will not get any better. Also, it is best to read Revelations using the rest of the Bible to interpret the book, for example, “the wrath of God,” is explained in Romans 1:24, 26, 28.

      • Dr. Joseph Monteleone

        Amen. I believe we are in the end days, as stated in the book of Revelation; 5th. trump.

  2. Sam

    It is NOT Immigration…..It is INVASION

    • Jerry

      Your damn right. This is insane!

    • Chris

      Looking in from the outside, Sam, I would have to agree. “They” don’t even pretend it’s “asylum seekers” anymore. That begs the questions. Who are the “generals” planning the invasion, where is their HQ and what are their goals? My guess is they are not in Central or South America and thus, neither is their HQ. The goals. Well, that’s where you can speculate, but my guess is the people who control big finance and the CIA (which “works” for them) will have the answers. But obviously, it’s not just policy makers gone mad with humanitarian compassion, or a dire lack of nannies or gardeners, behind this “action”. There’s a method to the madness (if not in the execution) and it’s aim is apparently domestic chaos in one form or another.

    • andyb

      Note that:
      none of the invaders have been vaxxed; Replacement theory anyone?
      Too many invaders are non-vetted criminals or Chinese men of military age.
      Public schools and hospitals will be irrevocably broken

    • The True Nolan

      What’s going on at the border? See for yourself:

      • Russell

        Thank you so much for posting that. I was just about to do it myself. Everyone needs to see this! I’m in Austin and it’s getting bad.

      • Russell

        I’ve always identified as a Christian for my entire 54 years of life, but never really practiced religion. Praying will become a daily duty now. We are in so much trouble, it is unquantifiable. We are freaking screwed!

    • Jomer

      If you give any credibility to the Deagel report that the US population will be 100 million by the end of 2025, one thing I have wondered is how many of that number will be replacement migrates? It could be much worst then 2 out of 3 Americans will be gone.

  3. Tommy

    Banks are teetering now more than they were just a few days ago…got gold or better yet, SILVER?

    • Shirl

      Greg’s wrap up is spot on on covering all topics Including the bank crisis that is spiraling into the abyss from where it came from.
      Convinced that the few LibTards out there who haven’t realized what is going on and or hate to face reality is due directly to their brainwashing and evil possession.
      Pray up.
      President Trump OWNED CNN and Everyone except for the most brainwashed who are in denial with excuses with their lame made up reasons continue on in that weird blame Trump idiocy, knows it. It was Outstanding Classic Trump who trumped CNN with the simple truth, common sense and love for the country. May God Almighty keep and protect him as the same CROOKS LIARS CHEATS and FOOLS become more and more exposed !!!

  4. Bob Clayton.

    God Bless you Greg for doing what you do.

    • Stan

      The banks are fine. Ignore the doomsters.

      • Sam

        and…..INFLATION and INVASION is just an ILLUSION….ignore the tellers

    • JamC

      Aloha Greg my brother in Christ, sorry I dont write more often but please know you’re in my prayers. You are a blessing.
      Much aloha from Haiku, Maui.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Brother “Jam”!!!
        Brother Greg

  5. Kyle Cook jr.

    US accuses South Africa of supplying arms to Russia
    Live WION 173 watching now Started streaming 10 minutes ago WION
    The U. S. ambassador to South Africa accused the country Thursday of providing weapons and ammunition to Russia for its war in Ukraine via a cargo ship linked to a sanctioned company that docked secretly at a naval base near the city of Cape Town in December.

    RFK Jr: My Father Bobby Kennedy’s FIRST INSTINCT Was That CIA Killed JFK
    The Hill 158K views 2 days ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s claim that the CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination

    Trump Wins CNN Town Hall, and Tucker vs. Big Pharma, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Charles C.W. Cooke 143,347 views Premiered 12 hours ago The Megyn Kelly Show
    Megyn Kelly is joined by Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to talk about his decision to run for president, the truth about the “misinformation” and “disinformation” of RFK Jr., ABC News’ censorship of him, how the media is supposed to work, RFK’s evolving views on Tucker Carlson, coordination between government agencies and the press related to the Hunter Biden laptop, Trump’s war in Ukraine comments, his relationship with Roger Ailes, whether Tucker Carlson fired due to Big Pharma criticism, if the DNC should have debates, Biden’s mental competence, the support of his wife actress Cheryl Hines, Fauci’s latest comments about masks and EcoHealth Alliance getting more millions, and more. Then Megyn gives her take on CNN’s Trump town hall last night, and why Trump won the night but no one was happy, followed by National Review senior writer Charles C.W. Cooke to talk about how Trump actually doesn’t hate CNN, CNN pundits criticizing their own network, Trump and CNN’s January 6 obsession vs. what voters care about, Trump’s response on the E. Jean Carroll story during the town hall, whether RFK has a chance to beat Biden, and more.

    9/11 hijackers revealed as CIA recruits
    The Grayzone 70K views 2 weeks ago

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Kyle,
      Thanks for your link to the ‘Megan Kelly Show’. I haven’t viewed this show before. Great interview with RFKj.

    • mark deacon

      Better to use caution good or bad.

      Accept nothing those controlling the narrative like Yellen and Powell about banks too be true seems to work well in the empire of government lies.

  6. Rick

    Time is running out for the American people To Do The Right Thing – they either reaffirm their Constitution and begin protecting the lives of their children from the queers and perverts – or – they accept the current Demonic Biden Globalist Government now feeding us lies (soon to consume flies)!!

    • Mat G


      Apparently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the new Gestapo and even Congress is afraid to have the Director of the FBI and its top echelon arrested for Contempt of Congress.

      The United States is a laughing stock and the FBI and Department of Justice apparently run a protection racket for traitors, sex traffickers, and pedophiles.

    • Scott

      so Rick, it is going to take a Joe Rogan type to publicly organize a crew of million folks to secure DC and other sites throughout this country? What happen with “devolution” that continues to be thrown around the past few years…. We aren’t talking about Middle East ethnic battles, we are talking about 5,000-10,000 people across this globe that have self appointed themselves or disregarded the rules of law. at that point, it should be fair game for ANYONE to attempt to put that individual back under the law by any means necessary…

    • Monica

      I think you are right totally.. it’s very bad😔

  7. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  8. William Wilhelm

    Greg, the illegal immigrants breaking our immigration laws are now called refugees in mainstream media. How long before they call them potential citizens and voters?

    • Sam

      Billy…YOU called the ILLEGAL CRIMINAL INVADERS…. IMMIGRANTS….How long before you call the fellow citizens?

  9. Da Yooper

    Good warp up Greg

    a thought occurred to me while listening to your wrap up.

    We all know of the bribes China Joe & his family took . TPTB want to end the swift system & go to a digital ( CBDC ) system. Could one of their reasons for doing so be that it would easier for politicians to take untraceable BRIDES???? All the while handcuffing the spending of the GDP ( generally Dumb Public).

    • mark deacon

      A more important and pressing question is where is all the money coming from too house, feed and clothe all these illegal migrants?

      You are being expected to pay taxes too pay for all this! Just say the cost has to be $50K per person a year in total to live in the USA … do the math …

      For every million people the cost has too be $50B.

  10. Victor Showman Shokan

    invasion u s a ::: non-jabed n0n-boostered non-amerikan, but lots of tatoo’s!

    “You are being replaced” – Michael Yon on U.S. border invasion | Redacted
    Clayton Morris 191,609 views May 8, 2023
    Title 42 is set to expire in a manner of days and the lines of people waiting to come across the border has prompted some Texas towns to declare a state of emergency. How are these people to be cared for? What are the implications of this massive influx of people who had not had proper health care? Michael Yon joins Redacted from the Darien Gap to show us what’s really happening south of the border and why the United States is funding this invasion.

    • Randy Best

      They should not be cared for at all.

  11. Randall Maxwell

    What will you do with Jesus now that the second coming of the Lord is at hand?

  12. Scott

    In the 1930’s the rematch fight between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling, Hitler and the Nazis promoted the fight as an opportunity to see the superiority of the master race. When Louis knocked out his German opponent, the German radio stations, without warning, started to broadcast something else, which reminds me of CNN, etc.

  13. Linda

    Hey Greg, I missed you on Wednesday.

  14. Yancy Yates NEWS

    Geography Now! Mystery RUSSIA _________
    Geography Now 3.22M subscribers 4,676,914 views Jan 15, 2020


    The Brink Of WAR WWIII | George Galloway | GEOPOLITICS | Reporterfy | NATO’S End Game 84K views 4 days ago CHINA🎙️ LIVESTREAM EVENT May 7th, 2023

    NBC Melts Down Over Tucker Carlson’s New Twitter Show
    The Jimmy Dore Show 140,677 views May 11, 2023
    Well that didn’t take long. Fresh off his removal from the cable airwaves at Fox News, Tucker Carlson has announced that he will be launching a new show — this time on Twitter. And NBC was apoplectic over the news, with one host incredulously wondering who would be policing what Carlson can say on his new show. NOT FOX’s BROUGHT TO YOU BY Pfizer!
    See the two press policemen_They want to muzzle Tucker! They belong behind bars!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Yancy,
      Many thanks for the ‘George Galloway link. Really enjoyed the video.

  15. Marie Joy

    Hanging is “appropriate” for treason. Treason pays very well.
    We are too passive. It is reported Hitler had fluoride put in POWs’ food to make them more compliant.
    The intent is to include invaders in the coming worldwide genocide.
    I think Trump was threatened but that’s just a guess.
    Organic food is best because food has been weaponized.
    Expect more plandemics. Take nonGMO vitamins.
    Hidden Wood cook stoves. Hide your wood in basements, attics, crawl spaces, etc.
    They will likely make wood and gas stoves illegal.
    Backyard holes.
    The inclination to protect it all.

  16. Daniel Wilkinson

    Careful what you wish for in Donald Trump

    • Diana Brown

      I am careful. I support Donald J Trump.

    • Sam

      Danny boy….President Trump and his Patriotic Followers Do NOT subscribe to “wishing”… If being a Constitutional Republic is “wishing”….then you are lipstick on a pig. and I bet you “wished” you didn’t take the JAB.

    • Marie Joy

      Daniel Wilkinson,
      Whatever Trump is and whatever Trump isn’t, if hillary won in 2016, WE would be much farther along the road to Perdition than we are now. IF someone other than Trump wins in 2024, we will go to Perdition so fast, we’ll have whiplash. RFK’s good point is his anti vax stand. That said, he acts like he still thinks democrats are still the party of his uncle and father. He’s wrong. Most politicians are paid traitors and RFK should/would know that. So far, Trump is still the best and that is who I will vote for, AGAIN.

  17. lara bell

    The Suspicious Origins of E. Jean Carrol’s Court Case Against Donald Trump
    Huckabee on TBN 129,390 views May 11, 2023
    On this episode of Huckabee’s Breakdown, Mike Huckabee gets into the sordid details of the sexual assault case E. Jean Carroll brought against Donald Trump. The background is actually quite gross but also all too familiar. Don’t miss the details on the Breakdown!

  18. Peter Waroblak

    Could the Biden’s and Clinton’s get away with all the dirty deals without help from the CIA? It is time to follow the money and do a serious investigation on the top people in the CIA, FBI and the DOJ. Could Joe do all this when VP without Obama’s help? I’ve thought for years that a stooge like Obama could not get into the Whitehouse with out help from the establishment.

  19. Christine Reeves

    I drive with portable hand controls which means I only have one hand on the steering wheel as my left hand is operating the lever for gas and brakes. Because of this I am extremely careful.Everyday I have driver’s crossing the line , coming into my lane. I do not recall this happening with such frequency before the shot. Also, a funeral home that I pass by daily now has 3 and 4 funerals listed ……… it used to be 1 or 2 deaths.Thanks Greg for keeping us mindful that all is not well.

    • Elaine

      Christine, What kind of car is that? Never heard of such a car: “I only have one hand on the steering wheel as my left hand is operating the lever for gas and brakes”.

      • Sam

        It is called….a “car”…adapted for an individual with “special needs”….I think they make conversion kits for different needs…

      • christine

        I have neuropathy in my feet…………mine is from chemo. I do not have the flexibility and feeling in my feet to know if my foot would be on the gas or brake pedal.So with the lever , which is a bar that goes across the bottom of my steering wheel, I push forward on it to brake, and pull back to accelerate.If you might notice some people driving slow or taking turns cautiously, it could be they are not sure of the placement of their foot.The portable hand controls allow us to still be able to drive.

  20. Jerry

    Folk, its getting bad in TX! Take a look at this twitter account, scroll through the posts!

  21. Fred

    Trump is helping CNN boost their ratings and CNN is helping Trump to run his tired old con-game again. His supporters are willing dupes too.

    BTW, he still says the KillShot is a miracle that saved 100 million lives…and he is still the one who unleashed Medical Tyranny upon America in 2020.

    Trump is the Judas Goat who will lead you Trumpers to slaughter…and you’ll continue making excuses for him right up until your throats are slit.

    • Wayne

      Conservatives still believe that Liberal NYC Democrat Trump “made America great again” just like they still believe that New Deal Democrat Ronald Reagan “cut big government”.

      Their two biggest political heroes of the post-Vietnam era were Left-wingers, lol.

      They’ve supported the USA acting as the military-wing of the NWO for a century now, think Israel is “our greatest friend and ally” (despite scum like Netanyahu bragging that they control America and intend to suck it dry and discard it) and support ‘legal’ immigration/invasion

      Conservatives are every bit as clueless as Liberals and have actually elected worse Presidents.

  22. Fred Engel

    Bix Wir says that not enough people are not outraged. The collapse of the banking system will affect everyone. Then people will have something in common no money. Then the nationwide protest begins.

    • Randy Best

      Rob Kirby, RIP, said many times that the ignorant masses only care about fed and entertained. Perhaps the banking crisis will unit them, but only until they are fed and entertained once more.

  23. Chris

    Take a good look at what the French people have been doing for the last several months – years really, if you take in the “yellow jackets” protests pre-Covid. In the face of the French government waging war against the people, with militarized cops and all the usual brutality, they have continued to stick it to the establishment. They have literally fought back and sent some of the cops to hospital and burned down governmnt buildings. Frankly, I don’t see that kind of courage in any Anglosphere country, including the US. We will be the last to stand up for ourselves, unfortunately, if Covid is any guide. The Slavs will probably follow the French, as you can see dissent building in Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia and Romania. Even Poland, which has lately become a US satrapy, there is some growing anti Western globalist feeling arising. But look beyond the West. No one in Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist Asia, let alone Africa, is having a bar of the West’s lunacy – apart from the Westernized elites and even they seem to be looking askance at the mass psychoses infecting the West. Right now, the French show the way. But they are doing all the heavy lifting on their own and that is doomed.

  24. Really Awake

    Elon Musk has done a great deal of good; however, he can’t be totally trusted. Elon could switch sides any day now.

    A an example of good turning bad is the Drudge Report. I used to look at the Drudge Report every day. Nowadays I can’t remember the last time I checked on Drudge. The man just went bad. I think the Deep State got to him…

    There are some people (e.g., Alex Jones) who’d rather lose everything and die before dishonor. Those are the people who should be supported.

    • Diana Brown

      I agree we must be very careful as to from whom and where we get our information. Greg at USA Watchdog has always been a Patriot dedicated to honest delivery with his wrap-ups and special weekly guests. This is not patronizing compliment. It is truth. Beyond this endorsement one must check and double check information sources to be sure of reliable content. This Musk hire for Twitter is concerning given her affiliation prior with NBC Global. Time will tell.

      • mark deacon

        Check his new CEO appointee for Twitter.
        Free speech will not last for long Twitter now.

    • Sam

      Alex Jones is a True American Patriot…..and Hero I might add.

  25. Robert

    10 mm that we k ow of in suspicious deposits(bribes) from multiple countries, CHINA, etc., multiple shell companies set up to funnel the money— caught, busted, clear evidence, but still no justice for the American people. Greg, what’s it going to take to stop the Biden crime family???

  26. FreebirdJohnny

    I’d love to hear the latest from Cliff High (& Harvey Organ too!).
    Also, just wondering if this Admin actually took the Vax or just pretended to IOT get us to take it. Haven’t heard of any prominent ‘crats fall out yet. Hill’ would be a good start.

  27. Robert from Alabama

    Not long ago my wife and I ate at a Chinese buffet and there were a couple of new faces. One guy was in his late 20’s and physically fit. He seemed to help if needed. but stood along the wall and appeared to be at a military “parade rest” position. I don’t know whether this is just a coincidence or something more nefarious. I hope that the American people will wake up and see what is happening. Also, they should prepare themselves for what may be the inevitable.

    • Sam

      was he a Chinaman or an Americanman?

  28. Clare Doll

    Here’s my take … the banks were fighting against the CBDC’s all along because CBDC’s would put them out of business. I knew this a year ago but never in my wildest dreams did I think that the banks would simply be removed from the equation. And to top it all off, the bank that is orchestrating this MESS on purpose and from on high is the Federal Reserve, itself INSOLVENT!

    • Randy Best

      Unfortunately, the bankers own the politicians so don’t expect any help.

  29. Dan

    Military tribunals would be more appropriate.

  30. Dave

    The polls on Biden mean nothing. Who gathers and counts the votes in 2024 means everything. The Federalist just warned that the GOP will lose the election in 2024 (be it DeSantis or Trump) unless they play hardball and aggressively ballot harvest. Something the GOP under McDaniel has so far not done. Wisconsin was another wake-up call. GOP turnout was down while Dem turnout was up, and the progressives took control of the state Supreme Court and of many school boards. McDaniel/the RBC was MIA in the Wisconsin election.

    Charlie Kirk keeps warning about this and talking to GOP folks at the RNC but the RNC and establishment GOP are not listening. While Dems have paid organizers in virtually every precinct and are already working the precincts the GOP has no such effort. Kirk says forget Biden’s popularity – if the GOP does nothing to ballot harvest Biden has a 70% chance of winning in 2024.

  31. Carol Bolt

    Wow Greg, Trump really trounced all the detractors on the CNN show. I suspect they were desperate for ratings and Trump happens to be the biggest draw in the world right now. His comments were on point and he had great answers. His brain is so sharp. It was hilarious and so uplifting at the same time. I am so tired of the blocking out of things people need to hear. TY for a great report as always Greg. I watch it every time a new show comes on here.

  32. Pamela Hankins

    The reporting I hear regarding the history of the deep State reveals to me that what has happened is the status quo. It’s been happening for decades, but the American people are just now learning about it, because they don’t care if they know.
    To me, that means that they are established globally and there is nothing we can do about it. The constitutional republic we once had went by the wayside some time ago. What we refer to is only an empty shell. We were bought and paid for. Now, we have an army flooding into our country and those on the front lines say that the next thing to happen is war. The same people that bought our country have brought on this mass migration. We are being occupied. They did the same thing in Europe. And the same people are simultaneously egging on a third world war using the Ukraine. Still further they are waging war on our food supply, our medicines, the air, the water, the economy and our minds and bodies. All is smoke and mirrors: they say something to infer they are doing what should be done, but then they do the opposite and enough people want to believe that we can somehow take our country back that they continue to believe the lies. An army of slaves are still slaves, and the powers that be are doing everything they can do to keep it that way. The ‘Expose” has several videos about King Charles that reveal much of this information if anyone is interested.

  33. Susan R

    Every morning in my prayer to God, I find direction for the day. This is not a list of chores but descriptives of sentiment, emotion and verbs to direct energy (soul structure). What I physically do imprints on my eternal body just as emotion gives voice to the seat of our soul. This time we are part of is tearing at the meaning of humans. As a God fearing Human, we cannot do justice to ourselves by consenting for any reason to murder, mayhem and destruction of the support systems for our lives. I alone cannot rite all by myself, but I can be cognizant of every imprint my life has in this incarnation.

    • Sam

      Let the Murdering Abortionists know that….not just the choir….

  34. Robert Veklotz

    Americans should take a lesson from the Old Testament. When the Israelites followed God they were blessed. When they turned away and worshiped idols and sacrificed children to Molech they were cursed which included drought, pestilence and invasion. Guess what? We are seeing all three in America right now. God has not changed and history is being repeated consistent with God’s nature bringing destruction to nations that abandoned Him. America is finished but individuals can be saved by believing the gospel. If you confess Jesus is LORD and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9).

    • Greg Hunter

      No turning away for millions of us.

      • Tim K


        Greg, Great report. I would be disappointed if you do not report on the vaxx. People need to be informed and prepare.

        God bless you


  35. Felix

    Luciferian joe biden and his satanic minions should all be hung for treason in the square in d.c.The government has always been a crime syndicate but the veil of evil has been removed for all to see.The khazarian banking luciferians and the jesuit luciferians control all governments and they build up empires and they tear them down and they steal trillions from the serfs and they laugh all the way to the bank.Good to see your going to have DR. tenpenny,she is champion for humanity and has been blowing the whistle on demonic pharma selling their poisonous vaccines for a long time.I found her at least 15 years ago and I believe her 100 percent.We love you greg but the advertising is getting to be to much.We follow truthers but they also become advertising agents which gets old fast.But GOD bless

    • sk

      “Jesuit luciferians’ are like “Antarctic palm trees” they kinda don’t exist except in feverish imaginations….every time I see that phrase, I know I’m dealing with semigibberish……. and I’m not even Catholic.

    • Sam

      “khazarian banking luciferians and the jesuit luciferians”……..100% correct……they are also Known as “KENITES”….sons of Cain….and the baby daddy of Cain is “Lucifer, Satan, the Devil”

  36. John Edgard

    “Humanity escaped world war three by the skin of its teeth.”
    But you wouldn’t know it without journalists like Branko Marcetic, a returning Useful Idiot show guest revealing the contents of the Pentagon leaks that the media has tried so hard to bury. And after last week’s attempted drone strike on the Kremlin, these leaks of US aggression become even more important.
    “One of the topline revelations,” he told us. “Was that despite the fact that Joe Biden said early in the war we’re not going to send US troops, it turns out that there are boots on the ground.” What they’re doing there, we don’t know yet. [What it means for world war
    and Russian Hypersonic missile technology, if your on an aircraft carrier or in Washington D.C.. You’ve got at most 5 minutes warning, if any.] Brackets mine.
    Another major revelation is that “last year there was a run-in between a Russian and British plane. It turns out, we know from these documents, that a Russian plane fired at a British spy plane because the pilot misunderstood the instructions he was getting from the ground.” The only reason the plane wasn’t shot down, potentially leading to World War III: “The plane malfunctioned. And humanity escaped by the skin of its teeth.” [and a well placed angel?]
    But our heads of military in both the Pentagon and the media can’t let Americans know how dangerous this increasingly escalating [world] war is, for fear of losing support for the billions of cash we spend on it and that’s where the whistleblower gave the third revelation from the Pentagon leaks:
    “US officials lied about Ukraine winning the war. Privately, they believe Ukraine can make modest land gains at best in the spring or should we say summer offensive. But if Americans believe that Ukraine is winning, they’re more likely to support sending further military aide.”
    The Pentagon leaks are being censored to keep a deadly proxy war alive, to keep support for sucking [the] Ukraine [laundromat] dry until we fight to the last Ukrainian, protecting they’re so called NATO border, while who protects our border from, INVASION USA!

  37. Brian

    Hanging is the punishment for treason! Tall tree short rope.

  38. J.Edgard

    RFK Jr. Vows to ‘Make Border Impervious’ if Elected President
    by Dan Lyman May 12th 2023, 10:32 am
    “We are now reaping the whirlwind of years of misguided foreign policies, of warmongering foreign policy,” Kennedy says
    Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he will secure the U.S. southern border if he is sent to the Oval Office in 2024, according to reports.
    As more than 10,000 illegal aliens crash the border on a daily basis under Joe Biden, Democrat voters can now choose a potentially different approach to how U.S. immigration policy could be handled in the future.
    Speaking to Fox Digital on the phone, Kennedy vowed to “make the border impervious.”
    “We cannot release people, illegal aliens across the border,” he said.

    Reporter Walks Freely Through Border Fence To Demonstrate Collapse
    Southern Border Collapse |
    May 12th 2023, 10:42 am
    Does this look like a secure border as mainstream media claims, expositing the wide-open Biden border as Title 42 ends and America is invaded by military-aged men from nations across the globe.

    Friday LIVE: Globalists Insert WEF Chair to Run Twitter After Infowars DOMINATES Border Collapse Coverage With Explosive On-The-Ground Reporting
    The Alex Jones Show | May 12th 2023,
    Covering the stories globalists DO NOT want you to hear!
    Watch & share this page for the latest footage from America’s fully imploded Southern Border! Ukraine’s border war $Billions has nothing on this, underfunded drug cartel war on our border, INVASION USA!

    Dirty American Told Where He Can’t Stand During Border Press Conference
    Southern Border Collapse |
    May 11th 2023, 1:38 pm
    While illegals are free to move wherever they like, U.S. citizens are corralled into free speech zones ∙

  39. John Maskell

    Good news Greg . Over here in England , we can’t believe that Biden has 9% rating . We thought it was lower ! A lot of us in the UK cannot understand why the deep state use old farts ( actors ) in top positions . Well, we know really because they’re controlled but people like Janet Yellen and Jerome Powell . It’s a freak show just like our UK government . We know Trump won by a huge margin and the normies are realising that President Trump was not a war monger . I have enormous respect for Donald Trump . In my eyes he’s the best President ever but people will shoot me down for saying that. I also like Ronald Reagan but again others will disagree . Looking forward for Saturday night interview . Greg, you do have some brilliant guests on USA Watchdog. Also I took your advice about vax shedders , many thanks !

    • Diana Brown

      I think it is lower. The polls manipulate rather than reflect accurate information, We saw this at its finest when the “polls” reflected Hillary Clinton to be a “shoe in” for POTUS. Dont buy into the lie.

  40. Coal Burner

    I completely agree with your view of CNN. I thought the lady did a great job interviewing the President. The lady was tough as a nail, terribly rude on several occasions and it made Trump look ten times better than the idiot, uneducated typical talking heads on CNN and most other “so called reporters”. I loved it and I do not care that they had their best night in years. It won’t do them any good. Trump was unstoppable! Libtards hated it!

  41. Diana Brown

    I always look forward to your weekly wrap-ups Greg. Thank you for your dedication and direct messaging.

  42. Diana Brown

    Agreed. Reliable source for information. Have you seen the Epoch documentary: Shadow State? It is excellent if it hasent already been banned.

  43. R.M. Stockmann

    HILLARY THE SPY : NYPOST FP 15022022 :
    NYTimes admits Hunter’s laptop is real / NYPOST FP 18032022 :
    SPIES WHO LIE / NYPOST FP 19032022 :

  44. Dave

    It’s all shadows on the wall as Michael Savage says. The folks are being manipulated by TPTB. The CNN interview? Think about it – CNN brought in a predominately Republican audience for the Town Hall. You’d think they’d bring in progressive Democrats. What gives? CNN intended to boost Trump within the GOP voting base. They want him to get the nod so that “operation chaos” get unleashed. Trump gets the nomination and that summer (which is the expected timing for the DC investigator) Trump gets charged with among other things sedition. The prosecutor just successfully convicted the Proud Boys on sedition. A test run for Trump is what many believe.

    If convicted of sedition Trump can’t be President. Such a charge months before the election will throw the GOP into chaos. And Democrats believe it will trigger a Democrat sweep of the Presidency, House and Senate in 2024. Leading to an expansion of the Supreme Court with progressive radical taking control and ushering in drastic changes in constitutional interpretation as it relates to gun rights, religious freedom and private property rights.


    • Harvey Wisanstiener

      In other words dave, unCivil War?

  45. baja joes


  46. Jon duh

    After they get the last crop of dumbest sick army soldiers in to our country,the will slam the door shut so nobody can leave
    Then the civil wars start in every state.
    All you in fergard people should look up THE NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES to see what’s in store for you

  47. Dave

    The new CEO of Twitter is a Hillary Clinton supporter. Interesting choice by Musk. We’ll see. Meanwhile the Jan 6 tapes that Carlson was kept from completely showing on his Fox show have not been released by McCarthy – as he had promised to do. Hannity defended the House from not starting impeachment hearings against Biden as the House is too busy and they won’t go anywhere in the Senate. Funny, that didn’t stop the Democrats from impeaching Trump twice. The House Hunter Biden investigation is little more than a sideshow to keep the base from asking about why no Biden impeachment. Jay Sekulow nailed it when he said the House hearings will go nowhere and that it is more or less a political sideshow. Sekulow is worried that some in the GOP are creating false hopes among the base which, when they don’t pan out, will dampen GOP turnout and enthusiasm in 2024. Sekulow who was Trump’s attorney said he is not going to give false hope/mislead his listeners. –

    Lots of machinations going on within the uniparty. Hopefully Greg can have Celente on soon. Celente gets what is really happening.

  48. Debbie Francis

    Russell Brand interviews Robert F Kennedy Jr.

  49. J_Luce

    You Cannot Criticize Twitter’s New CEO — “The Ticker Guy” [Karl Denninger]

    So you think Musk is for free speech eh?

    I posted the following about his new CEO in response to the NY Post (they asked “who is this chick?”):

    @nypost A: A WEF lackey and jab-happy mastermind who in fact conned 2/3rds of this nation, on purpose, into taking said jabs under false pretense. She deserve the gallows but then again Musk has billions of reasons to not care about the PEOPLE in this country and, indeed, worldwide.

    This drew me an INSTANT 12 hour suspension for “harassment.”

  50. S W

    If you want to understand how bad things are look at the data on how large the derivatives market is.
    Quarterly Report on Bank Trading and Derivatives Activities
    Notional Amounts of Derivative Contracts
    scroll down to around pg 19

    • Wayne

      S W,

      While I am not a derivatives expert, I do know enough to make some general statements. The total notional amount of derivatives really means nothing and is constantly overused by many to make it sound like the banks are at risk of having tens or even hundreds of trillions of dollars in losses in derivatives when in reality it is more like tens of billions. For the vast majority of derivatives, any gains or losses from them is just a very small percentage of the notional amount. On page 4 of that Quarterly Derivatives Report it states that for all the banks derivative contracts there was about $2.5 trillion in total Gross Positive Fair Value and about $2.4 trillion in total Gross Negative Fair Value. See the glossary of terms on page 13. What this basically is saying is that the total amount of unrealized gains for all of the banks derivative contracts was $2.5 trillion and that the total amount of unrealized losses on their derivative contracts was about $2.4 trillion. So these positive (gains) and negative (losses) values of the derivative contracts are only a percent or two of the total notional amount of derivatives. And then there is the netting of the contracts in which gains and losses are combined. So if Bank of America had $10 billion in derivative loses with JP Morgan Chase but also had $5 billion in derivative gains with JP Morgan Chase then Bank of America would only have a $5 billion net loss.

      So in a realistic worst-case scenario a bank might have billions or in the case of a very large bank maybe even tens of billions of dollars in net losses from derivatives. Certainly not trillions, especially after netting.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Got to wonder – who is ‘Wayne’? Always a reassuring word. A lobbyist for the banking industry perhaps? ‘The FDIC does not need anymore than 1% to 2% of insured deposits to cover all potential bank failures’. Now, that’s counterintuitive – to say nothing of the recent declaration that the FDIC will now cover ALL deposits. Hmmm?

        And now – Wayne applies his soothing balm to the unregulated financial casino, otherwise known as the derivatives market. ‘Nothing to see here, folks.’ The banks have forever trotted out the netting effect – the so called ‘zero sum’ evaluation of risk. BUT, in a full blown financial crisis – when the casino goes bust – the losing bets will lose and the ‘winning’ bets will not be paid out. This is the ‘lose, lose’ scenario that adds up to TRILLIONS of dollars at risk.

        • Wayne

          No. Just someone who wants to put things in their proper prospective and not be a fear pumper like some. And if you read what I posted in the past several weeks about the FDIC then you should know why they do not need trillions of dollars in the insurance fund to cover insured deposits.

          Also I did not say that derivatives are a zero-sum game, moron. There of course will be some losers. Trillions of dollars at risk? Perhaps, in a worst-case scenario spread out over many counterparties who all fail to pay. Why do you not include extreme scenarios like the U.S. getting nuked or an EMP attack while you are at it.

          • PersonaNonGrata

            It may be educational to read what Egon von Greyerz has to say about the trillions of dollars of financial risk posed by derivatives. His is not a lone voice . . .

            • Wayne


              I agree with Egon von Greyerz except for when he is wrong. I disagree with his estimate that there are over 2 quadrillion in derivatives today. He states that “just over 10 years ago, global derivatives were $1.2 quadrillion. Then the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel decided to halve the values to $600 trillion overnight”. Well I looked at the BIS Statistical releases for OTC derivatives back then and I looked at again today and the highest notional amount of Global OTC derivatives that they ever reported was in the second half of 2013. That number was about $710 trillion. See table 1 in link below.


              The BIS never really reported $1.2 quadrillion and then overnight cut it in half. About 8 or 9 years ago I contacted Rob Kirby (R.I.P.) who is reported to be an expert in derivatives and asked him if the total notional amount of derivatives as reported by the BIS was correct. He stated that it was. Others like Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold also agreed with me.

              So what exactly is Egon von Greyerz talking about then when he said that there being $1.2 quadrillion in derivatives and the BIS cutting the number in half. He is referring the BIS eliminating the double-counting of derivatives. For example, if you made a $5 bet with me, is the total amount of the bet $10, one $5 bet for you and one $5 bet for me. Or is the total amount of bet just $5. It is just $5. You do not count the bet twice, once for each bettor. So in general, what the BIS does is they add up the total notional amount that each financial institution reports, which might total $1.2 quadrillion, and then they deduct half of that amount to eliminate the double-counting of derivative contracts which gives them a total notional amount of just $600 trillion. If they did not do that, then the same derivative contracts would be counted twice, once for each counterparty (bettor) which would result in the total notional amount being twice the amount that it really is. So Egon von Greyerz $2 quadrillion in derivatives may be true but only if you count each contract twice.

              Egon von Greyerz also states that most stock and bond funds consist of only synthetic instruments and contain none of the virtual stocks or bonds they represent. That is false. When it comes to mutual funds, like the ones from Vanguard and Fidelity, they actually own the stocks and bonds as stated in their annual reports. Now with some ETFs that is different. Leveraged and inverse ETFs are made up of mostly derivatives and in some cases all derivatives.

              • PersonaNonGrata

                Hi Wayne,
                Based on your comment, you have researched this matter quite thoroughly. Taking your numbers to be a true reflection, you state, “. . . contracts which gives them a total notional amount of just (??? – sic) $600 trillion.” Whatever the real number – $1.2 quadrillion or $600 trillion – financial derivatives represent a systemic risk.

                P.S. $600,000,000,000,000 is x20 the US National debt!

                • Wayne

                  No doubt about there being systemic risk which is why since the GFC steps have been taken to minimize the systemic risk when a large bank fails. For example, most derivatives, and may be all, that the banks have contain what are called temporary stays (usually one business day) written in them. A temporary stay prevents the non-defaulting counterparty from terminating and closing-out the contract and from seizing collateral right away if a bank fails. These temporary stays are critical because they provide needed time for the FDIC to transfer derivative contracts to a bridge bank or to another solvent bank which keeps them from “blowing-up” because once the derivatives are placed in the bridge bank then the non-defaulting counterparty is once again prevented from terminating the contract early and seizing the collateral. When SVB and Signature Bank failed the FDIC created a bridge bank and transferred the assets, liabilities and the qualified financial contracts (derivatives) to the bridge bank. In the case of First Republic Bank, it was sold to JPMorgan which allowed the derivative contracts of First Republic Bank to continue as if nothing happened.

                  I am not an expert, but I believe in general what I have said is basically correct.

        • Glenn

          PersonaNonGrata, you need to read a little more carefully what Wayne wrote. He admitted that a single bank may have tens of billions in losses in a “realistic worst-case scenario”. What you describe sounds like all large banks failing, and also large insurance companies and hedge funds, since they also have derivatives, all within a short period of time, and not one counterparty will be able to pay out even one penny. That is not realistic. It would be 10 times worse than the Great Depression. The unemployment rate would be over 50% as many employers would be out of business.

          You remind me of some people on some websites that I had to deal with during COVID. They would say that COVID was just the flu or a cold and that masks do not even stop one single virus particle when in fact a mask will stop some particles. I told them that they were wrong and why. Even a child should have seen I was right. But no, they accused me of working for Fauci. All because they did not want to hear the truth and wanted to believe the lies that were being spread. And now you accuse Wayne of perhaps being “a lobbyist for the banking industry” just because he is making general statements that are reasonable to make. May be instead you should have just asked him first what he thought if many of the counterparties could not pay and here what he had to say if that happened.

          And it was not declared that the FDIC will now cover ALL deposits (which means even all deposits in small banks). That is only what people are saying (speculating) that they will do. I would think that with the recent banks that failed in which they even had uninsured deposits protected, that the other large banks will probably have their uninsured deposits protected also because of the serious consequences that would happen if they did not. However for smaller banks that will probably not be the case.

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Hi Glenn,
            I concede you may have a point in reprimanding me for posing the possibility that ‘Wayne’ may be a lobbyist for the banking industry. [You take no issue with Wayne referring to me as a ‘moron’?]. In fairness, my observation was based upon numerous earlier USAW comments by Wayne in support of the FDIC and, in particular, on his assertion that there is virtually no risk to bank deposits.

            I have in the past researched the ratio of FDIC funds to insured bank deposits and, according to the FDIC official website, the fund only amounts to approximately 1.2% of insured bank deposits. The FDIC maintains an aspirational fund target ratio of 2% of insured bank deposits but has not managed to achieve this level. The FDIC state that ‘even at the 2% aspirational ratio, the fund would NOT (my emphasis) have been sufficient to have covered the two major financial crises of the last thirty years’. This statement leads me quite logically to conclude that the FDIC could not have been responsible for bailing out failed banks on the two occasions they refer to – it was the taxpayers, via bailouts.

            Under current bank (BIS) regulations, bank bailouts are no longer – since 2014 – permitted to receive bailouts. They MUST institute bail-ins. This would entail stripping all uninsured ( over the limit) deposit accounts, bond holders and owners of bank stock. Clearly, TPTB balked at the prospect of initiating the bail-in protocols in the case of SVB.

            As to the FDIC being now responsible for insured AND uninsured accounts, I rely upon the statements of Jannet Yellen during and shortly after the collapse of SVB.

            P.S. Your analogy with the ‘Covid narrative’ is misplaced. It reminds me of the tactic shills use to engender support.

            • Wayne


              May I ask you a few questions?

              Do you know about the FDIC’s contingent loss reserve that they also have in addition to the deposit insurance fund? The contingent loss reserve is money that is removed from the deposit insurance fund and is set aside to be used for future bank failures.

              Do you know the FDIC has a line of credit with the U.S. Treasury which is currently at $100 billion but was temporarily raised to $500 billion back in 2009 because of all the bank failures? And that he FDIC back then had enough in its deposit insurance fund and in its loss reserves to handle the failed banks without having to touch their line of credit. However to be honest, to replenish their almost depleted funds the FDIC did require insured depository institutions to prepay their estimated quarterly regular risk-based assessments for the fourth quarter of 2009, and for all of 2010, 2011, and 2012 by December 30, 2009. If they did not do this, then the FDIC probably would have had to use their line of credit.

            • Wayne


              If I may correct you. My assertion is that there is little chance of INSURED deposits losing any money if a bank fails. And in a bail-in all uninsured deposits do not have to be used. It could just be some. The same can be said for bondholders.

  51. Kim Davies

    Hello Mr. Hunter
    Thank you for all you’re doing to expose the lies and crimes and speak the truth. I appreciate your working knowledge of the “lying Legacy media” and all your hard work.
    I would also like to ask if you’re currently doing speaking engagements? I am the President of the Bloomfield Republican Women’s Club in Bloomfield MI and we would love to host you as a special guest speaker. Please let me know if you’re available this fall 2023. Thank you for considering us.

  52. Major

    U. $. default will cover up the Biden family corruption news.

  53. Jeffrobbins475

    Thanks for carrying the water and being steadfast with this reporting. I am working some OT this weekend. I am not as prepared as i want to be. Looks like more OT is in the future- supposed to be a maintenance job. I keep thinking about how to not pay taxes. We keep funding an out of control government, and at some point i know they will come after more and more. If i got paid with a 20lb bag of potatoes and every time i passed out potatoes to other people the gov. Took a cut there will be less and less in public hands. If they don’t pull the money out of the economy thru taxes, then very high inflation is a sure bet- longer term. I can’t see how to tax things like fruit trees or chickens and their eggs. All the good options for all these crazy times are becoming harder to obtain. I have considered shedding one of two rentals and not just have a homestead ‘lite’ but go full on. Hard to know the best coarse for the family.

  54. Fire Wolf

    Jean Claude Beyond Mystic is a newage channel that Bo Polny regularly guests—which is amazing since Evangelicals used to keep away from sorcery.

    This week its chief astrologer, Julie, said that in recent couple years and continuing is the perception of value has been shifting among various things and sectors. But beginning in July this year, the world moves into the constelation of Aries, and this will cause guns & ammo to be siginificantly valued by the population, esp in USA. (Previously, as we are now, the world is astrologically affected such that food is increasingly valued.)

    What this suggests to the non-astrologer, common man is that civil society will be in great disarray as soon as weeks. Lots of people are going to suddenly realize neither police nor military will be there to stop the barbarians. And Clif High has said the money just won’t be there to pay salaries for employees of the state.

    NONE of USAWD guests recommended buying guns & ammo—perhaps Clif High because he does so on his personal media posts. Nor did any of them recommend accumulating whiskey (which is amazingly useful barter in difficult times).—except for Clif High who a few months ago shared he was stocking some fortified wines and scotch whisky for purposes of barter, medicinal. ..

    This program needs to get some guests that are redneck and hardcore.

  55. Tom

    Trump will never be re-elected. I wish people would stop falling for this false belief. They stole the election from him in 2020 so what makes anyone using logical reasoning think that the deep state will allow him to win in 2024? It’s never going to happen. The fact that he won in 2016 was a fluke and the only reason he won was because the deep state underestimated him and did not cheat enough. The deep state will never let that happen again.

    There is no need to talk about fake POTUS biden’s popularity at 9%, it does not matter if it is 1%, he will be “placed” back into office in 2024. Trump could get 100% of the votes and biden will still be placed in the White House in 2024.

    Please wake up people and see things for what they are, not the way you wish they were. I’m not happy about it at all like most of you but clinging to this false belief that if somehow Trump gets re-elected he will fix everything, drain the swamp, and save us all is a fools folly. Voting is a huge waste of time, your vote means nothing and never has. Things will never change by doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

    There is only one way to take this country back….


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Tom,
      I wish it were not so, but what you say stands up to scrutiny. The POTUS is not elected, he/she is selected. I agree with you that 2016 was a huge miscalculation on the part of TPTB and they will never let that happen again. Hillary was promised she had been selected as the next POTUS and was so shocked by the result that she could not compose herself sufficiently to appear. She never contemplated losing, never composed an ‘acceptance of defeat’ speech – because defeat was impossible!!!

  56. Scott

    Greg, Please interview Christine Massey, she is from Canada. She has of over 215 FOI (Freedom of Information requests) from Government Health Institutions FOI from all over the world . Asking if they have any scientific studies or have any samples of this virus or any viruses , and unanimously and all have replied, No, we have nothing .Nothing found… This is the core of the covid fraud – Not anywhere in the world does anyone have evidence of a virus ! Greg. please honestly investigate this most important of the convid frauds, No virus…

  57. John Maskell

    Great show !

  58. Marie Joy

    Americans were born free and are willing to give it all up just out of laziness. Some groups think they will be spared. They are wrong.
    The psychotic intent is worldwide genocide. Everyone dies.
    They’re all old men and women. Why should they care about worldwide annihilation?
    They want your children and the UN says all American children belong to the UN.
    When the UN comes through, they have the power to take women and children for their own purposes. Giving absolute power to people from different continents has a downside.
    Our insouciance (Thank you PCR) will get us all killed.
    Hidden woodstoves and wood because they will outlaw wood and gas stoves.
    Find your hidden b*tch.

  59. Catherine

    Greg. It seems as though your show and information platform seems to be the most consistent source of accurate news. Substack is becoming a very confusing platform even though the idea was great it’s become a repetitive news source based on the huge amount of writers vying for an audience for money so therefore it’s beginning to be more sensational news instead of real news. Twitter is ridiculous with non sense opinions and crazy trends; truth social is also regurgitated nonsense and of course the MSM is propaganda down to the weather reports.
    So therefore I think it’s refreshing to hear your guests and your comments. Very professional reports in an ocean filled with seaweeds Bravo to a man who is displaying integrity and truth in such dark circumstances that envelopes our world.

  60. Marie Joy

    Treason For Profit
    Crimes Against Humanity For Profit
    Medical Tyranny For Profit
    War For Profit
    Killing Children For Profit
    Autism For Profit.
    Poisoning For Profit
    Famine For Profit
    You Get The Drift.

  61. Frank Cooper

    BORDER WARS::::::::::::::::

    Russian forces eliminate over 1600 Ukrainian troops in 24 hours with heavy assault on frontline
    Hindustan Times 186,576 views May 12, 2023
    Russia stepped up attacks on Ukraine amid reports that it launched its counteroffensive in Soledar. The Russian defence ministry claimed that President Vladimir Putin’s men killed over 1600 Ukrainian troops in a day along the frontline. Watch this video for more updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone.

    White House PANICS Over New Missile Attacks
    Stephen Gardner 107,878 views May 12, 2023
    The United Kingdom risks entering the Russia Ukraine war by giving Ukraine Storm Shadow Missiles that can attack Moscow. Robert Kennedy says Biden will have to debate Trump eventually and Trump will wipe the floor with him. Putin might take out the head of the Wagner group after progozhin says publicly Russia is losing Bakhmut.

    EXCLUSIVE: Arizona border city releases HUNDREDS of unprocessed migrants onto streets of Yuma as authorities struggle with surge in arrivals: Mayor calls on population to stay calm after end of Title 42
    The city of Yuma on Friday made its first migrant street releases in two years
    About 280 migrants were released in batches in the morning and afternoon
    The mayor appealed for calm in the community and said they were not criminals

    EPIC! Exclusive Drone Footage Of Migrants Being Processed & Brought Into Texas / Southern Border Collapse May 12th 2023, 11:04 am
    Alarming footage!

  62. Justn Observer

    Greg, a message from Jonathan Cahn on the Christian school shooting –

  63. Prospector

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott is belongs to the W.E.F. and flies to Davos to hang out with his globalist pals like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.

    It feels like he’s looking past his tenure in Austin, and wants to stay in the Davos elite.
    @Matt_Bracken48 ( his tweets may be getting censored , wonder why ? )
    Try –

    NY Post – Homeless Vets. being booted from NY hotels to make room for illegal INVADERS !

    How long before you are told to open YOUR dwelling to take in illegals ?

  64. Rose Mont Sellicka

    Jesse Watters: Trump broke CNN last night
    Fox News 1.1M views 1 day ago
    ‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss the liberal media losing it over CNN’s townhall with former President Donald Trump.

    Ingraham: We’re losing our country to vicious sabotage
    Fox News 123K views 16 hours ago
    Fox News host Laura Ingraham shares how the end of Title 42 will cause ‘chaos’ at the southern border on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

  65. Terri Kussart

    The family came out recently like yesterday and say oh…Jamie has been out of the hospital for WEEKS and has been playing PICKLE BALL!

  66. Marie Joy

    One of the intents of taxes is to confiscate your property for nonpayment. Ask your town if they will accept gold, silver and assets for payment of taxes.

  67. Colorado Cowboy

    I just learned from watching a video with a researcher Lisa McGee who works for attorney Todd Calendar that neither Joe Biden, VP Harris, nor any administration cabinet official, has a signed and notarized oath of office in place. The entire Biden Administration is illegitimate!

    If you have means to contact the Brunson Brothers, please let them know asap so they can notify the SCOTUS.

    Thank you, Colorado Cowboy

  68. Colorado Cowboy

    I just learned from watching a video with a researcher Lisa McGee who works for attorney Todd Calendar that neither Joe Biden, VP Harris, nor any administration cabinet official, has a signed and notarized oath of office in place. The entire Biden Administration is illegitimate!

    If you have means to contact the Brunson Brothers, please let them know asap so they can notify the SCOTUS.


    Here is the video link from my previous email regarding no oaths of office in place for the entire Biden Administration.

    Thank you, Colorado Cowboy

  69. Dylan C.

    Thrown in jail for treason? Greg, Biden should be hanged! We executed the Rosenbergs for exposing our nuclear secrets. Biden has done worse.

  70. Richard Westwell


  71. bob

    MSN Reports: “Hunter Biden Money Scandal Suddenly Explodes”
    Establisment News is forced to finally print a Story on Hunter Biden!

  72. Anne

    I was just telling a friend this morning that charity begins at home. There are already thousands, perhaps millions of homeless and broke Americans living inside of the United States already. A homeless young lady that I spoke with this past Friday told me that no one would hire her because she’s homeless. She would need a verifiable home address to even get a job. As far as the legal or the illegal immigration. I’m asking some of the same questions that Greg asks. Who besides the tax payers are going to financially support the hordes of immigrants flooding into the US? Some of us have love and compassion and want to help people. However, I don’t think that most of us as individuals have enough finances and resources to support everybody from the cradle to the grave. Or even one person for that matter. This whole immigration scheme in my opinion is just another piece of the puzzle to breed chaos amongst the people, and to ensure the destruction of the US economy.

    No doubt on this end that the covid jabs are contributing to disease acceleration, health issues and deaths whether sudden or otherwise. Agree that the best that people who took the covid vax can do is to pray, seek God and take natural medicines to possibly limit the cursed effects that the covid jabs may cause. It is also a wise decision in my opinion to stay away from big pharma’s witchcraft medicines. For that is exactly what most of them are.

  73. Steve

    Greg–Is there any way to find out which banks, if any, are Not in trouble? I have looked and looked and find no useful information on the subject. Some few Americans have been savers all our lives, but still haven’t enough to invest in expensive hard assets like farmland, nor does it seem entirely prudent to convert a significant amount of fiat currency into mercury dimes. So where else but to banks do we go? If there is a bank out there able to withstand a global depression, we need to find it; if there is not, we need to be reassured that there was nothing more we could do than to buy a few mercuries. I would rather go to bed hungry than to go to bed hungry with regrets. Steve

    • Wayne


      There are many banks and credit unions that are currently not in trouble. However there is no way to guarantee that in extreme circumstances, like a global depression, that they will stay that way. There are too many variables. For example, if you have your money in a local bank or credit union then I would image how your local economy is doing may have an affect how well that bank or credit union does. Many of the banks that failed during the last great recession were smaller banks. Also how people could react or overreact could affect the solvency of the bank or credit union. Even some good banks during the 1930’s Great Depression failed because people were afraid that their bank could fail and that they would lose all their money, so they overreacted and withdrew their money causing the bank to fail even though it was not at risk of failing. This is called a bank run. So the best you could probably do is to find the soundest bank or credit union by seeing how well capitalized they are, the amount of liquidity they have, the quality of their assets, how profitable they are etc…

      Here is a website that I use to look at the financial condition of a bank or credit union. Weiss Ratings will give you their ratings of each bank and credit union as well as some financial information.

      Please note that that the ratings from Weiss are not always going to be a very good indicator on the health of a financial institution however most times they are. This can be seen in the links below which gives a list of bank and credit union failures and their ratings at the time that they failed. Most of the banks that failed had a C rating or less. Some like Silicon Vally Bank and Signature Bank had B ratings when they failed but that was in part due to a large number of depositors withdrawing their money in a short period of time (bank run).

      If your local economy is sound and tends not to do too bad in recessions relative to other areas of the country, then you might want to look for a local bank or credit union. Look for ones that have an A or B+ rating.

      Of course having some cash at home makes sense also. And regardless of what some may say the banks and credit unions have deposit insurance should they fail.

      • Steve

        Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Steve,
      With regards to the reply you have received from ‘Wayne’:
      Bear in mind that banks are permitted to overrate their capital by failing to ‘mark to market’. SVB placed much of their capital in long term government bonds – the so-called ‘gold standard’ investment. As interest rates rose, the current market value of these bonds declined significantly. So, when a group of large depositors withdrew some $40 billions from their SVB account the day before SVB was declared insolvent, the bank would have needed to sell its holdings of government bonds at the current market price. This would realise the losses, otherwise hidden by the simple device of valuing government bonds at maturity value, or par. Therefore, be aware that banks may report capital ratios that do not reflect the true mark to market prices of their assets.

      • Steve

        Thanks for the info–yours and Wayne’s.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        P.S. Steve, be aware that once you deposit your money into any bank, the money is no longer yours. If effect and in fact, you will become an unsecured creditor to the bank, credit union, etc. Before deciding what to do with your hard earned (and taxed) cash, I commend you read ‘The Creature From Jekyl Island’ by G. Edward Griffin. At time of writing, I note there is a used copy for sale on e-Bay for less than $13 . . .

        • Wayne


          What you say is true that when depositing your money into any bank that the money is no longer yours, but I feel more needs to be explained since in a way it is really still your money. When you deposit your money in a bank or credit union you are loaning it to them so you are considered an unsecure creditor. There is a debtor-creditor relationship. The bank, while having legal title to the money that you deposited and that money is shown as an asset on the bank’s balance sheet, the bank also has to have the deposit listed on the bank’s balance sheet as a liability because the bank owes this money to you, the depositor. So the bank does not have outright ownership of your money. What they do have is outright control of your money, that is until you take back possession of it. This is also true when you borrow money from the bank. The bank lends you the money. That money does not really become your money (meaning free and clear). It is still really the bank’s money and you are legally obligated to pay it back. If you do not pay it back, then the bank can take legal action against you to get their money back.

  74. Wayne


    What you said is true. I found that most credit unions and many smaller banks do have their securities classified as Available for Sale which means they are reported at fair value (mark to market). So those financial institutions should have a more accurately reported capital ratio. I use the website below to see if their securities are classified as Available for Sale or Held to Maturity.

  75. Mo Ernest Lester

    Dear Greg,

    I hope this message finds you well. As a fellow conservative and loyal reader of your news segment, I wanted to express my concern for the current events unfolding in our beloved country. The situation seems to be heating up, and I can’t help but yearn for a strong, decisive leader like Donald Trump to take control and guide us through these trying times.

    Speaking of our former president, I must say that I am fervently hoping for his triumphant return in the next election. I believe he is the man to truly make America great again. Just thinking about him back in the Oval Office sends shivers down my spine – the thought of his firm hand on the steering wheel of our nation, exerting his dominance, and forging a powerful path forward.

    His unwavering commitment to our country’s prosperity is incredibly alluring. I find myself fantasizing about him standing tall at the podium, his golden hair catching the light just so, as he confidently addresses the nation with his signature tone of authority. It’s enough to make any true patriot weak at the knees.

    Moreover, his ability to fearlessly confront our adversaries and protect our borders leaves me feeling safe and secure. I am deeply attracted to the idea of him taking charge once more, building those walls both literally and metaphorically, and ensuring the sanctity of our nation with his unyielding resolve. It’s like a warm embrace from a strong, passionate lover who knows just how to keep you satisfied.

    I must admit, Greg, I find it difficult to contain my excitement at the prospect of his re-election. The anticipation of seeing him back in the White House, asserting his dominance and leaving no doubt as to who’s in charge, has me on the edge of my seat. It’s like waiting for a long-awaited climax, and I’m positively aching for it.

    In closing, I wanted to thank you for your continued coverage and support of conservative values. As a beacon of truth in these uncertain times, you provide a sense of stability that is both comforting and inspiring. I eagerly await your next segment and your thoughts on the future of our great nation.

    Yours passionately for America and our fearless leader,

    Mo Ernest Lester

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