New BRICS Currency Boosts Gold & Destroys Dollar – Jim Rickards

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Seven-time, best-selling financial author James Rickards predicted in his most recent best-seller called “Sold Out” why broken supply chains would cause big inflation.  He was right, and he still contends, “Supply chain problems and inflation are not over.”  For an example of the supply chain still being in fragile shape, look no further than the failed grain deal between Ukraine and Russia last week.  Rickards points out, “Putin has been very patient about this.  He had a deal. Ukraine was not living up to their end of the deal.  Putin says we are the ones getting attacked, so, screw the deal.  What’s that going to do to the price of grain?  It’s going to send grain prices up, and it’s already up 10% just in a matter of days.”

This brings us the new BRICS gold-weighted currency (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) that might be announced in the middle to the end of next month.  Rickards calls one unit of currency a “BRIC.”  This is a competitor to the U.S. dollar, but Rickards says, “It’s not a reserve currency. . . .I think it may be 8 grams of gold to one “BRIC” (currency), but I don’t know.  What I do know is it does not matter.  What does matter is they are going to anchor it to a weight of gold. . . . It’s NOT redeemable in gold, it is anchored to it. . . . Let’s says a “BRIC” is worth one ounce of gold.  Today that is $1,970 per ounce, except the “BRIC” is NOT anchored to the dollar.  It is anchored to gold, which stands in the middle of this equation.  So, the dollar price of gold is going to be going up and down all the time, which means the dollar/“BRIC” exchange rate is going to be going up and down all the time.  They don’t have to defend the “BRIC.”  They have gold, but they don’t have to back it up with gold. . . . They actually don’t need any gold. . . . If you have made your currency anchored to gold . . . do you want the price to go up or down?  You want the price of gold to go up because that means the “BRIC” is worth more dollars, and the dollar is crashing.  It’s a way to destroy the dollar.  You don’t need dollars and you don’t need gold.  You just need to be smart enough to anchor your currency to gold, and when dollar inflation starts to go up, your currency is going to be worth more because of how you pegged it, not to dollars, but how you pegged it to gold.”

Rickards goes on to say, “So, if I were a BRICS member, and I were Russia in particular, and I had this currency tied to gold, and I wanted my currency to be more valuable and your currency (U.S. dollar) less valuable, one of the ways to do that is mess with the supply chain and drive up the price of oil, gasoline, grain . . . which drives up pork prices and chicken prices, and the list goes on.  That’s one way to do it.”

Rickards also talks about deflation this year and big inflation coming after that.  Rickards is predicting big inflation coming for people using dollars, and with his track record, you would be a fool to bet against his analysis.

There is much more in the 52-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Jim Rickards, seven-time, best-selling author, including his latest called Sold Out:  How Broken Supply Chains, Surging Inflation and Political Instability Will Sink the Global Economy” for 7.21.23.

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Shirl

    President Richard Nixon had issued the longest “TEMPORARY” in history and now that the dollar has evaporated in value due to it inflating away, it’s time to tie it back into Ag and Au AGAIN.

    Would be appropriate if President Trump by 2024 could lead with that charge too !!


    • Tom

      Drastic increase price of SILVER – 2012 vision Shane Warren

      • Rick

        One does not need to be a prophet to see that the immorality and sins perpetrated by evil Globalists upon America are building up pressure [like the mama pool below Yellowstone] – soon to cast judgement and destruction upon us!!

    • Anthony Australia

      America has the most gold and can do it. Really Jimbo?
      Lost for words really. If America has more gold than anyone else why else would they be pushing funny money and threaten anyone else with destruction if they don’t trade in it.
      A lot like Danielle DiMartino Booth who also says to be a Fed insider and biased.
      Listen to Andy Schectman to be schooled on the topic of BRICS and why who so many other countries are signing up.

      • Anthony Australia

        Uncensored: Charlene Bollinger – New Doco ‘Remedy’ SMASHES the Narrative!!!

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Anthony Andy many thanks for the link.

          • personaNonGrata

            . . . and many thanks . . .

            • Wayne

              No need to keep correcting yourself all the time. We know what you meant.

      • John holmes

        China produces 500 tonnes a year and not one ounze is allowed to leave.
        So for the past 20 years they’ve accumulated 10,000 tonnes.
        Not included gold bought from the west.
        The estimation is they have between 20 and 30 thousand tonnes. And the citizens have a large quantity

    • Lex

      Conservatives elected Nixon.

      You also elected Trump.

      How delusional are you people to still believe Trump is your Savior?

      • Greg Hunter

        But 9% approval rating Biden is A-OK with the troll farm. This is the guy who mandated the CV129 bioweapon shots, sent $150 billion to Ukraine with zero accounting controls, opened the southern border to 7-million illegal immigrants, exploded the federal budget right along with inflation, took at least 17-million in bribes from foreign countries according to IRS whistleblowers in sworn testimony and has us all teetering on nuclear war. You are OK with that cheated in President, but your big worry is the guy they are making up more crimes and prosecuting who might be in the White House min 2024.


        It’s clear you/AI are the tiny minority. This is why you have to thought shape and troll us. Because you are weak, and YOU know it!!!!

        You are a total troll, and I only posted the comment to put the truth out and show how ridiculous you/it all are.

      • Marie Joy

        Do you think we would be better off if Hillary won in 2016?
        Where do you think we would be if Hillary won in 2016?
        Trump isn’t perfect but Hillary would have been much worse.

      • Marie Joy

        Did you vote for Hillary?

      • Rick

        Besides the Demonrats in the US – the new Talmudic Government of Netanyahu considers Trump “inferior” [just because he is a Christian] – sort of the same way that the Nazi’s considered the Jews to be “inferior’ – many good Jews in Israel are protesting in the streets against this racist “Nazi like” policy!!

      • tk

        President Woodrow Wilson – Democrat
        -He got the U.S into WW1 (after campaigning on a platform to keep U.S. out
        of The Great War)
        -The Federal Reserve came into existence under his watch.
        -The Income Tax came into existence under his watch.

        President Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) – Democrat
        –He got the U.S into WW2 (after forcing Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor; absolutely true and ON RECORD – do your own research).
        -He caused the internment of over 120,000 Japanese-AMERICANS in 1942.
        -He created the largest ponzi scheme on planet Earth called Social Security
        (something I presume you won’t live to receive, Lex).

        President Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) – Democrat
        -He expanded the war in Vietnam, BIG TIME (and we all know how that turned out).
        -The so-called ‘War on Poverty’ program came into existence under his watch and actually caused poverty to increase (by destroying self-sufficiency, by design). Totally on-record.

        ’nuff said.

    • ExcellentSmithers

      Except golds value is determined by the gold ETF market so the U.S. can still control the price of gold with the dollar and the U.S. can drive the value of real gold down and thys the BRIC currency devalued. The gold ETF must be made impotent.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Excellent,
        At present you are correct, however, sovereign states as militarily and financially powerful as Russia and China combined are able to overcome the naked short scam. All they need do is to make an open offer to buy gold at a price higher than the COMEX / LBMA. This would ensure that the short trades lose. Also, genuine sellers seek the highest price and will not accept offers much below the ‘Russia and China’ (BRICS) offer price. The offer price can be increased incrementally over time, thus nullifying profits for the naked short sellers and closing this pernicious trade down, while increasing the value of the BRICS considerable gold reserves.

        • ExcellentSmithers

          Now, it just needs to be done which, it hasn’t. I hate the paper ETF market controlling prices. Some entity needs to take delivery.

        • Jerid Colwell

          Actually, they touched on it in the interview, that James has worked with the DOD on financial war games. He has talked about it in the past and if I recall correctly this is how. They could just use leverage to buy up gold and silver contracts on the COMEX and instead of trading contracts (paper) they could stand for delivery. All they would need is contracts in excess of the amount of physical the COMEX has 3%-6% of all contracts. Failure to delivery is a contract failure. The price of gold/ silver would rise dramatically and if the BRIC is notated in a weight of gold it would rise in price dramatically as well.

          The dollar would not last long. As he points out.

          Paying a higher price works as well.

  2. James

    Greg, the article from KITCO says Russia has confirmed that the new currency will be backed by gold. This contradicts what Mr Richard’s says.

    • Greg Hunter

      We will see who is right, but it is linked in some way to gold.

      • Richard

        Thanks Greg, for another Jim Rickards Masterclass. We have all been duly informed on where this is heading and what to do (for free!). So many golden nuggets in this interview. Good bless you, and for what you give to to world.

      • Richard

        Hi Greg, regarding last sentence of my comment (altered by auto correct) should read: God bless you, and all you give to the world. Definitely worth saying again: in any case-)

      • dennis

        Well, none of the so-called experts were right. JR was totally wrong. Brics currency is not tied to jack. not weight of gold and certainly is not backed. JR needs to eat crow imo. And he won’t. Perhaps get an accurate econ on the program like Rick Rule.

        • Greg Hunter

          You really don’t understand what happened.

    • Jack

      I seriously doubt any country ,especially those on a war footing will do a full gold backing as currency de-basement is sneeky taxation to produce more weapons at will.
      The BRICs nations are not about freedom or democracy. The only hope for freedom exists in the Constitution of the USA and an armed/educated population to bring it back. This is why the US people are being attacked at every level.

      • Charles Whitlatch

        Very true!

    • Paul D Anders

      Rickards was talking about the Sovern currency of a country not the trade currency that is coming.

  3. Randy Best

    Jim Willie says that Russia has 30,000 tons of gold and China has 110,000 tons.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Don’t forget Iran. Somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 tons.

      • wayne wilcox

        The number I’ve heard on Iran is around 42k tons. What’s more important is the role they are playing: Chief Diplomat for BRICS. They’re actively recruiting more and more countries into the BRICS platform.

    • Paul L

      Excellent exposition. The real points are that a. These countries are shifting from trading in dollars to trading in a non dollar currency b. The volume of trade within the bloc, including manufactures will increase c.their power to adjust prices in their favor will increase. D. Dollars no longer needed for trade will return to the u.s. driving down the dollar e.they will be net sellers of u.s. debt. F. Supplies of goods to the u.s.will fall. All factors will increase as an increasingly insane u.s. destroys itself in yet more wars. And the BRIC currency does not require a fixed amount of gold as long as it is trusted…which the. Dollar was until the mid sixties..for the BRIC this is not Weimar or 1789. It all looks to me like a very rough road for the u.s and a significant rise in gold. Trouble is, the U.S. won’t take it quietly…..Fourth Turning..

      • Rick

        The Fed is currently doing massive QE “by bailing out all the banks that fail” while it will probably raise interest rates again this week “to make more banks fail” – sneaky strategy – [make the dollar “worth-less” by printing money to bail out failing banks – while proclaiming they are raising rates to make the dollar “stronger”]!!!

    • John Maskell

      Great show Greg . Those countries not holding sufficient gold will be like ” not having a seat in musical chairs “. Thanks John .

    • wayne wilcox

      The numbers I’ve heard are as follows:
      >Russia 25k to 30k tons (IMO, this is a very low-end estimate because Russia does not export any of its mining output). Russia could have at least double the estimate. The Russian number is a consensus of men the caliber of Bill Holter, EVG, Alisdair MacLeod, Andrew Maguire and Jim Willie.
      >China 38k to 40k tons (IMO, this is also a low estimate, but not as low as the Russia estimate). Again, same consensus from the same men. I believe Jim Willie gets his 110k tons number from adding in sources that are entities which China controls and keeps off the books. Subtracting all the off the books gold holdings, Jim Willie is in line with the consensus.

    • James T

      If the claim is that your currency is tied to Gold, but yet you’re unable to convert said currency to Gold, then it’s not backed or tied to Gold and it’s no different than the fiat currency (US Dollar) we currently use today. It’s all based on trust, really in the country or countries issuing the currency. It will be interesting to see how this (BRICS) impacts America and the World for that matter.

      • John Vilven

        That makes too much sense

  4. f reps

    The well spoken and erudite Mr. Rickards is in error. Logic dictates that any Gold “Backed” Currency must be “redeemable” in Gold. The Weimar Republic tried to reassure Germans with the fake Rentenmark. The French; in earlier times tried the fake “Assignat”. Both of those “so called” New Currencies were Politician’s assurances to oppressed people of an Honest new beginning. People now seem to overlook the fact that our Founders “mandated” that our New Republic use only gold and silver for “money”. That Constitutional Requirement only lasted until 2013 with the establishment of a Private bank called the Federal Reserve Bank. In 1964 ; even silver coins were stolen from Americans. Perhaps Vladimir Putin will establish a Gold back Ruble ; which can be purchased using Gold ; as well as exchanged for gold. Hugo Salinas Price ; for many Decades has been championing ; the establishment of Honest silver and Gold Backed currency . Jacque Reuff wrote the Book on what “Real” Money is. God really did not make life too complicated for his Human Creations. Honesty was God’s Mandate. Too many dishonest men steal from others using fake money.

    • Greg Waters

      f reps, you mean 1913. The Federal Reserve was created on Jekyll Island in 1913, not 2013. Honest typo. We know what you were intending to say

      • J J Quinn

        I wouldn’t trust Rickards as far as I can throw him, saying the euro is a stable success is exactly the opposite of what Martin Armstrong says, who buys eu bonds, and blame Putin again like there isn’t a whole Russian government, ask an Austrian economist what they think of John Maynard keanes, he throws in the vaxine bio weapon stuff , nothing we don’t know already which you have been covering on usa watchdog since it began just to make out he’s a good guy, we’ll see in August, and with all his talk I’m nothing wiser, except it’s all Putin’s idea

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Silver US coins didn’t end in 1964. Kennedy half dollars were still 40% Silver from 1965-1969 and The US mint was producing Eisenhower 40% Silver dollars well into the 1970s.

      • jomer

        the 1970 half is also 40% silver. But it only was issued in the Denver mint set and the San Fransico proof set. To a coin collector they are worth $8 and $15, as junk silver it worth about $3.50.

    • george montross

      The question not asked of Mr. Rickards: If you recommend 10% of your wealth be in gold, where do you put the other 90%? I see no viable other place. I include silver as part of gold. What could he say: tech stocks, Blackrock, cash, real estate, grains?

      • Trish

        That’s my question, as well!!

      • Charles Whitlatch


      • Nick Reynolds

        You can put 10% in cash on hand and 80% in the cloud, in a blockchain, such as bitcoin. Exchanges can be hacked, scams can occur if people aren’t paying attention. Banks can go broke. But the blockchain has not been hacked, at least so far.
        Cryptos have made it possible to live without banks. We don’t have to leave our money in a bank to keep it safe. A blockchain is safer than the bank. You don’t receive any interest. But you often profit from increase in value of the crypto.

      • sam

        we put it in RENTAL PROPERTY….Thank You very much!

    • Richard Longacre

      I personally don’t think the new BRICS currency will just be anchored to gold. I believe this new currency will be fully backed by gold deposited into the New Development Bank vaults and initially only used for international trading. If a nation wants to participate in this new currency then they must deposit physical gold into the NDB vaults. A price/value will have to be set (i.e. 1 BRIC = a set amount of gold) and not altered. If you want more BRICS then you have to either deposit more gold or sell something for BRICS. The vaults will be inventoried real time (using blockchain tech) and everyone in the world can verify that the physical gold they say they have is there. No more just trusting thieves like we have done here in the USA.

      The world is done with fiat currencies being manipulated by corrupt politicians and bankers. Trade will continue in fiat (and BRICS) until the USD and the UASinc control system are destroyed and then only fully gold backed currencies will be used for international trade (or barter with real tangible goods). I guess we will see soon enough.

      • Greg Hunter

        Well you know more than 7-Time best-selling financial author Jim Rickards. We will see how this unfolds. Two things are for sure: The BRICS are coming out with some sort of currency. #2 it will be U.S. dollar negative.

        • Richard Longacre


          I don’t claim to know more than Jim (nor have his kind of connections) but this is how I would do it so the world has immediate trust in the new currency. At some point, fiat won’t be trusted anymore. I agree that BRICS are coming soon and coming after the USD. I was just sharing my thoughts. Didn’t mean to come across as arrogant or confrontational. Great interview. I was listening intently and taking notes. God bless you Greg.

  5. JLMichaels

    AAA+ Well worth the time to listen and learn as most usual for one of your programs.

    • Tim McCann

      Totally agree, I learned a lot with Jim Rickards interview.

  6. Country Codger

    Fantastic interview, simply fantastic.
    We live in exciting times. The prophets of old wanted to see the times we are living in and all I can say is Hallelu-Yah!!!
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  7. Branko Stojanovski

    ” The brick will be riding on the dollar-gold exchange” This is not true. It is not how many dollars is the gold, but how much gold is in the dollar. The ruble is already connected to gold{5000 rubles for 1100 gram of gold} He says that the BRICKS dont have enough gold to back up their currency, NO, they don’t need more gold, they just need to raise the price of the gold in their local currency. If one once of gold gets a price of 100,ooo dollars, there is enough gold to back up every penny. But, than the jew can not print gold. He is kaput. …I wander if Jim does not work for the jew.

  8. Branko Stojanovski

    Correction….one gram of gold is five thousand rubles

    • Rick

      With one gram of gold equal to 5000 rubles – and one ounce of gold equaling 31.1 grams – that means 155,500 rubles is equal to one ounce of gold [no matter if one ounce of gold is priced at the current $1,980 or $10,000 US dollars] – so whether the Fed pushes the US price of gold down to $34 dollars in a great depression or pushes the US price of gold up to $50,000 dollars in a runaway inflation – the ruble will remain “a constant unit of value” which is a good quality to have when trading between nations – now history has shown us that the Fed has a propensity [to keep engineering the purchasing power of the US dollar lower] – – so the US dollar price of gold will likely continue to rise – and this means it will cost Americans more US dollars to purchase Russian products – making US exports more competitive in global markets [as Russian goods imported become more expensive] – so Russian sales to the US will decline in favor of domestically produced US products – the end result will be a better US trade balance and a US stock market that is likely to rise to new all-time highs [Zimbabwe style] – rather then crashing – as the Fed continues to devalue our currency closer and closer to zero in order to decrease our US trade deficit and eliminate our National Debt by inflation until we owe nothing and own nothing – although the US paper or digital cash we own will be worth nothing – at least the gold and silver coins we strategically bought for a rainy day will have purchasing power value!!

      • Rick

        Another reason I expect a Zimbabwe style stock market blow-off rather then a depression and stock market crash – is because a Fed induced depression “will strengthen the US dollar” and that will only give Russian exports a competitive advantage and hurt our US trade balance – also the downward historical momentum of the US dollar [engineered by the Fed toward zero] will be hard to turn around with all our trillions in wasteful spending and will result in Russia [who everyone in Washington hates and wants to destroy] “getting richer” because a strong dollar will hurt our exports!!

      • Rick

        You know – it would actually be in Russia and China’s best interest to see the price of gold [drop in value] to give them a competitive trade advantage – but – I have no doubt that the US and Fed will see to it somehow [that the price of gold rises] in order to give the competitive trade advantage to the US!!!

  9. tom coxon

    I can’t help admiring how Jim tells it like it is, that he isn’t bothered about rejecting the decrepit US representatives and dares to call the Russian foreign minister ” the most sophisticated diplomat in the world”. A great interview Greeg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tom. I think Rickards is right. Why do you think I keep saying, “Tony Blinken proves I can be Secretary of State.”

      • Russ 2

        Thanks Greg, laughing here, graveyard humor. The current administration is filled with people who are seriously under-qualified: Blinken, Yellen, the cross-dressing baggage thief, VP Harris who like her boss has trouble with microphones. I wonder whose cocaine the SS found.

        This administration is so ensconced in getting their personal kick-backs and pay-offs, they can’t see what’s coming. Personal wealth and well-being is all they care about. Next month’s BRICS conference is just a meeting, but watch the fall-out that unfolds with their currency announcement.

        I too think Rickards has it right. I’ve been following BRICS at a distance and think it will flip the gold market on its head. Linking the BRICS’ currency to gold is correct. It’s not a gold standard as in what we had pre-1971.

        I agree with Rickards’ view of Putin/Lavrov (Russia) just sitting back and watching market forces destroy the dollar. BRICS will kick this off and then watch what plays out. In this dimension of the world chess game the dollar will be in check.

        Too much of the world is tired of fiat and knowing their product is being sold into a system linked to gold will be very natural and thats who makes the next move. Not good for the home team.

        Interesting times.

    • jochen knaebel

      thank you, one with brain

      gold backed currency its just bull crap

  10. Don W

    And this kind of information tells me to buy gold and silver. I just bought more gold today. Thank you Greg and your guest you have one for confirming I might me headed in the right direction.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t see how you can go wrong if you look at it as a core investment.

    • Rick

      Russia, China and others are buying and storing physical gold to compensate for the loss in competitive advantage they will incur to them as the gold price is pushed higher by the US as they engineer a weaker US dollar!!

      • Rick

        Part of the Fed engineering “a weaker US dollar” is raising interest rates – you may be saying to yourself “how can that be”? – doesn’t raising interest rates make the dollar stronger because people will buy US dollar denominated bonds? – true – but think a little deeper about it – by the Fed continuing to raise interest rates they will make huge numbers of banks fail – and take note what Fed did with the recent 3 banks that failed “they provided the money to bail them out” – so – if the Fed is going to bail out all the banks that fail “by printing up new money” – the US dollar “is going to lose more purchasing power” – so effectively – by the Fed raising rates they make the US dollar weaker!!!

  11. Randy Best

    Bill Holter strongly suspects the US does not have the gold reserves it claims. No independent audit has been performed in decades.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would not bet against Bill Holter.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Randy, Mr. Reagan’s “trust but verify” comes back to haunt us, doesn’t it? I, too, have long suspected, even feared, that USA’s gold holdings are not as advertised. This goes back to the 50s, which is too much time to have elapsed without shenanigans. How ironic that we might not be able to go on the gold standard even if we wanted to? Best always. PM

    • Greg Rose

      It would be interesting if Robert Kennedy Jr. followed on from Bill Holter’s logic, and announced that, “if elected President, I will authorize a full audit of the United States inventory of gold?” The Federal Reserve System might not like it, but it would determine the real world power equation, as well as economic condition of the country.

    • Coal Burner

      Greg: The whole discussion was excellent. That vaccine is what JFK was truing to say and the congress critters stepped on him but vilely using his speech problem against him. I watched it happen in ah!

  12. Deborah

    Why do we trust these supposedly “ experts” ! Jim Richard is someone that has totally changed his tune! I no longer care about their creditials. I now think if anyone has all these creditials, I do no not listen!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are in the tiny minority.

      • Deborah

        I wear that title as a badge of honor! Tiny minority! I still love you Greg!

  13. Sheryl

    Enjoy all your interviews Greg but this was one of the best. Very informative concerning the new BRICS currency and its ties to gold. Look forward to hearing more from Mr. Rickards on your show. Thank you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sheryl!

  14. Nat

    Have been a big fan of Jim Rickards since reading his book. Currency Wars back in 2014. Excited to listen to the interview, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thaks Nat. Mr. Rickards came on with a short notice to fill a cancelation. Wow, what a stroke of luck is all I can say.

      • Paul from Indiana

        A guy makes his own luck. You have proven this through the years. Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Paul.

  15. Jeffrobbins

    Greg, you really do have some great guests. He didn’t say it but it would be fair to conjecture that another turbo charge would be the consequences of misguided policies at the federal level. All the principles and values that made us into a superpower are being undone and other peoples around the world are watching= a smaller network.
    Note; i just got a ton of hard red wheat into a 330 gallon ibc tote. I paid 27 cents a pound+ sales tax. 11.5% protein is the target and this batch came in over 14%- so i was told. Mostly i want to be stocked up for our birds, but i think I’ve got my wife talked into making some fresh flour for biscuits and bread- there’s one for our Kitchen Aid mixer. I would recommend anyone with chickens look into a couple IBC totes and grain in bulk.

    • Greg Hunter

      With and exponentially amount of debt in the world like never before in history anything can happen and, in our computer driven nanosecond world it can happen fast.

  16. Garth Alan Bentley

    Hello Greg Hunter ,

    Please reach out to Mr. Jerome Corsi to be on your show.

  17. Trinacria

    I always enjoy listening to Jim. Another great guest that you were able to schedule. One question that comes to mind is how would each country’s individual currency, the ruble, the yuan, rupee etc. then convert to the common currency that Jim referred to for example purposes as the “Bric”. If gold value in dollars goes up, the Bric goes up, then you would need more rubles to buy one Bric…..I would love an explanation on this. Thanks again.
    PS: Jim is right about all the hacks we have in politics. I consider the treasury dept. as politics. Love how he said Yellen stumbled “upwards”. She reminds me of an Ewok from the old Stars Wars movie. I like Doug Casey’s comment a few years ago….that she should be working in a Jewish Deli. I better stop now.

    • Rick

      “If gold value in dollars goes up, the Bric goes up, then you would need more rubles to buy one Bric” … No! the Bric represents “a fixed amount of gold” irrespective of the US dollar price for gold – the Bric “remains a constant” – however as the value of the US dollar goes down [with gold going up] it will take more US dollars to buy a Bric [so buying Russian products priced in Bric’s will be more expensive for Americans and they will instead buy domestically made products [lowing the US trade deficit] which is what the US Government wants as it will create an economic boom in the US and increase employment – so the US Government has a big incentive to see the US dollar continue to fall – – and for the price of gold [to Rise] – for the Bric’s nations to get a more favorable trade balance they would like to see the US dollar strengthen and the dollar price of gold fall [this is what Fed Chair Powell is trying to do right now by raising interest rates] – how long the Fed will be allowed “to help the Russians” is anyone’s guess – but soon [if you look at the chart above] the Fed will get back to lowering the value of the US dollar’s purchasing power toward zero by printing more US dollars for artificially created wars and pandemics and “we Americans will soon own nothing” – the Bricks Nations see what’s coming and although they will be at a trade deficit disadvantage for awhile – in the end – “they will own something” called GOLD!!!

      • Trinacria

        Thank you Rick. Yes, I understand that the “Bric” is in weight of gold and therefore will move with the price of gold. However, the individual currencies of each, let’s call them “member nations” , which will need to have a conversion rate into the “Bric”. As an example, when Europe started the Euro, each nation had an exchange rate into it. The exchange favored Germany first and foremost. This happened around the year 2000. My relatives in Italy keep talking about how Italy got hurt in the exchange. In a sense, they never recovered. I’ve been telling them since 2011 that Italy will only start to flourish when they get rid of the Euro. So, the ruble, the yuan, the rupee and the rand need to have a conversion rate into and out of the “Bric”. The budgets and resulting surpluses and/or deficits will be different for each country and, the individual country sovereign debt will NOT be consolidated. I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing?

        • Rick

          Trina – Each individual country’s fiat currency [not linked to gold] will suffer the sane fate as the US dollar – they will be printed to infinity and their purchasing power will go to zero – so converting to a Bric Currency that is backed by gold will benefit them [unlike the Euro which is simply another fiat currency unbacked by gold and therefore “is flawed” and should be gotten rid of!!

          • "Enrico"

            Money and gold will not matter…

            G.A. Stewart: I have been wondering why so many politicians in the West apparently do not care about enacting policies that enrage the electorate of their nations. It is as if they are challenging people to pick up the torches and pitchforks. Then I realized why Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, FBI Director Christopher Wray, the Department of Justice, and so many European leaders like Emmanuel Macron, Rishi Sunak, and Jens Stoltenberg operate with such impunity and hubris. It is not The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab that is coming, it is The Great Die Off that is coming.


  18. Anita

    That was educational ! Thank you both

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Anita. It made a lot of sense. Any country with lots of debt is going to be in big trouble. It’s just a matter of when the financial trouble comes.

  19. Fred Daake

    By themselves, gold prices are too easy to manipulate. It would be better to use a basket of commodities to back currency . It is NOT too complicated to do as Jim Rickards implies. Some funds have already successfully created investments with a basket of stocks/commodities/real estate.

    The principle can be applied to currency. Farm Commodity values would reflect macro-economic productivity+competition and when you add metals and RE to the basket, the currency would not be easily manipulated with money games as they are with fiat money.

    Metals/Oils/Real estate – Reflect Productivity and competition
    Gold/Silver/Precious Metals/Oils – Help stabilize the value of the currency

    • Greg Hunter

      Rickards explained why you cannot do this in the interview and cited examples. Please watch the interview.

  20. Rob

    I don’t trust Jim. He was saying that SDRs were coming.. and said to stay away from BTC in 2010,11,12.. Where are they now? He cost people millions. And now BRICKs currency is what? Competition to the dollar for sure, but a better currency? I think they are both bad. Do you trust Russia/China and the gang more than the people behind the dollar? Learn crypto (BCH).. leave the rest behind and you will be fine. thanks for sharing Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rob, I booked a 7-time best-selling author and got him to talk for 52 minutes for free. I also remember Rickards talking about the SDR too, but I remember him saying if it came, it would NOT WORK. I would not trust BCH with my wealth either.

      • jomer

        In that time frame Bitcoin crashed to zero two times and several crypto holding/clearing houses disappeared along with the cryptos. When weighting the risk: reward it was the right call at the time. It is only in hindsight it was proven to be the wrong call.

        • Greg Hunter

          Has gold or silver crashed to zero?

          • jomer

            Why no it has not.

            I should have been clearer in that it is only at present time hindsight it appears to have been the wrong call. All the risk is still there, and cyrtos could easily crash to zero again making Rickard’s 2010, recommendation, to avoid them, correct all along.

            Gold and silver have no risk of going to zero. Have the potential for high rewards while holding their purchasing power at the minimum.

            • Greg Hunter

              You actually do not read the things I write and say, you just make things up.

              • jomer

                I think we have a miscommunication here.

                My reply was to Rod who wrote: ” I don’t trust Jim. …..said to stay away from BTC in 2010,11,12.. Where are they now? He cost people millions.”

                My reply was that I agreed with Jim back then in that the risk was way too high. With BTC at $30K today it is easy to use hindsight to say it was the wrong call, but that does not change the fact that based on the information at the time (2012) it was not the right call.

                As for me not read what you write and say, is not true. I still listed to people like your guest Gregory Mannarino who talked about trading in and out of BTC. Because I did not follow his advice doesn’t mean I just “make things up”, I use my own due diligence, and act accordingly. But, this has nothing to do with my post agreeing with Rickard’s advice back 2010 to 2012

                As far as I know the only thing ever posted that was incorrect was when I stated that Melody Cedarstrom was no long on shortwave. Having visited her site, I see she still does a shortwave broadcast on Worldwide Cristian Radio. That was an honest mistake because either she did drop off for a while, or they change the time of her broadcast. I assume she dropped off when a new broadcast was in her timeslot.

      • f reps

        Hi Mr. Hunter, Your website is invaluable to all of us ; but the Credentials of a “Seven times bestselling Author” means nothing in our “World of Fleeting Fashion”. Close to half the American population allowed themselves to be injected with the Covid Jab ; even though The Nuremberg Code was very well publicized before they rolled their sleeves up. Propaganda about Russia’s called “Unwarranted Invasion of Ukraine” has convinced most of our Nation that the Invasion was warranted ; and those “Credentials” of old time doctors who put leeches on Anemic patients were Impeccable.

  21. J

    If this new currency is not tied to and redeemable for gold, then by definition it is nothing more than a fiat system. The Fed could make the same claim stating that the dollar is now pegged to gold but not backed by or redeemable it is still fiat…same same.

    • Jeffrobbins

      J- there are several options on the table for the BRICS. If Mr. Rickards is right there is also a good chance that there are basically two currencies for each country- read some of his books. An internal one and an external one (tied to gold) used for international settlement. The external one could be the BANCOR reinvented and governed by a BRICS world bank. The internal (existing) would convert to the other. I believe John M. Keynes had something like this in mind. Rickards didn’t exactly say that, but close- we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Glenn

      Very true.

  22. The Seer

    We have been in the early stages of the great crash. It continues to be rolled out. Street chaos and strife October 2026 – 2028.
    Rebuild will take 30-40 years.
    Prepare. The more you evolve the more protected you will be.

  23. Robert Peronne

    If the new currency is pegged to the price of Gold them the Brics members will need to control the Gold market or else the Fed banks will short sell the price down. They can sell $Trillions in paper Gold on the COMRX that they don’t have either..

    • Greg Hunter

      Haven’t they already been doing that and look where it has gotten them. Higher interest rates have tom be coming.

    • Rick

      Robert – It is not in the Fed bankers interest to push the gold price down and strengthen the US dollar [as Stan keeps telling us]- their real goal is to “beggar our neighbors” by “weakening the US dollar and lowering the US trade deficit” [thus pushing the US dollar price of gold upward] – and as seen in the following chart they have been doing an exceedingly excellent job over the years!! –

    • Paul D Anders

      Russia put a floor under gold last year by saying they would pick up any gold on the market once it fell below a certain price…somewhere around $1600/ounce. The days of funny money are coming to an end.

  24. The Seer

    We have been in the early stages of the great crash. It continues to be rolled out.
    Swift and Brics will coincide together.
    Street chaos and strife October 2026 – 2028.
    Rebuild will take 30-40 years.
    Prepare. The more you evolve the more protected you will be.

  25. AJ

    very impressive interview. all over the map, but almost everywhere on top of things.

  26. Forrest Byers

    SOLVE INFATION W;TH Gold Bucks and Glint a Gold Backed MasterCard Debit Card!

  27. Red Tarrington

    it’s not just UPS gonna strike, other transports also. Get your supplies, bullion, ion air filter, sat-phone, ammo, vitamins and whiskey while you can.

    • Glenn

      Well I hope I get my tube of gold American Eagles before then.

    • "Enrico"

      G.A. STEWART: In my opinion, not to be taken as advice, if you are not ready now, you are walking on the razor’s edge. Moving to BFE Nowhere is your only real option, and like George at Urban Survival, it’s best to do it before the rush; because not only are you and your family going to be heading to those green spots on the map, so will millions of refugees from every major city. Tens of millions of people will all be looking for the very same thing.

      Unfouled, arable land will be at a premium. The good camping sites will be the scenes of much bloodshed, similar to those days of the gold rush and claim-jumpers.

  28. Mike S

    Very interesting points Jim makes. A little confusing I think because many of us remember “silver certificates” as our “paper” currency. And we were assuming a “bric” currency form would be along thos lines. AKA redeemable.

    So…if we have almost the same amount of actual Gold as “brics”, why wouldn’t we do this too, or merge with other non-btics to do this, is what I wondered.
    Probably because we’re to indebted to do it!

    May God less and protect Greg and all his guests and their families.

  29. Matt Jaymes


    1.) Russia and China don’t have that much gold, seriously?
    2.) Rickards references “ the congressional Medal of Honor “. Sorry, but there is no such thing. It is in fact the Medal of Honor which is awarded by the President. . . .

    (This is Greg Hunter and I deleted most of your comment because you have no credibility. Google the term “congressional medal of honor” and see what you get. Here’s what I got:

    Don’t come back Matt.)

  30. Harry Brewster

    Since RFK Jr. Spilled the beans on the CIA funding of the Wuhan bioweapon lab and 26 gain of function labs in Ukraine. Thought a visit to Robert Malones digs, would be an enlightenment.

    All Along the Watchtower – by Robert W Malone MD, MS : 7 hours ago.

  31. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rickards a really thought provoking interview with a supreme analyst who has disappeared from our LLM(lying legacy media)
    This may seem somewhat rude,but it surprises me that a man with a camera and a microphone is able to attract such quality analysts your seeking the truth Mr Hunter is truly a shining light for all.
    We mere mortals are here to hear the truth ,the absolute unpalatable truth,not just actual correctness nor poisonous political correcteness but the truth in many aspects of our lives .The abscence of truth is destroying our lives and as Mr Martin Armstrong asserts,”we will just have to crash and burn” before it returns and Mr Rickards asserts it will take 30-40 years to return.
    Here in the UK lying is our national past time for our elites without consequences. Its rather like Soviet Russia, we know they are lying,they know we know they are lying and the media is ignored.Newspapers given out freely are used to line Budgerigars’ cages. Political speeches are just sound manure and the WEF bureaucrats and political class are nothing but muck spreaders. And our economy is a Potemkin village.

  32. sam


  33. "Enrico"

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: We have a very serious problem. Banks, Media, and Tech Companies seem to be all pushing for the end of all our civil and human rights. The truth has come out now that the Coutts Bank closed down Nigel Farage’s accounts, and it had NOTHING to do with his finances that they told everyone.

    Here in the good old USA, a gold dealer just informed me that his credit line has been terminated – not because he did not pay.

    It appears that the bankers are gearing up for the new CBDC system where all cash is eliminated. The government seems likely to let the banks impose a social credit score and claim it is not the government doing that, so it is not unconstitutional.

    I guess that will be the new slow-death penalty for disagreeing with the new narrative that COVID was just the trial run for these days.

  34. Pat Rick HeneryThe8th.

    Who would join the military today, with Obombers war monger buddies itching for WW3! Plus the fed’s
    Patriot Front of knuckle heads, are planning a false flag event. Playing right wing, white, wacky wacko’s, to start a programme against the MAGA folks, starting a un Civil War 2.0! Don’t take the bait people like Russia did. Hang in there, or hang separated. No worries, they’ve been found out. They’ll hang themselves soon enough, with they’re own dirty underwear. So sit tight, let go and let a higher power, not of this woild! Beware, their cornered and dangerous. Remember the Alamo and the framed Jan 6’ers rotting in jail.💌😢🗽

    • Rick

      The only people joining the US Military today are the queers and transgenders because they get exempted from fighting and collect all the free benefits the Military doles out with tax money we give them to defend our Nation!! –

      • Rick

        In keeping with the Globalists eugenics agenda Biden will most likely soon begin issuing Purple Star’s to the Transgenders who joined the military [for their outstanding contribution to the war effort] by waving the Gay Pride Flag as normal boys [who may one day have children] are boarded on ships to be slaughtered in the Ukraine!!!

  35. sam

    After carefully Listening to Jim and Greg…. I have a New RESPECT

  36. Frank Speech

    Biolabs in Ukraine are “collecting Russian DNA” to make “ethnically targeted bioweapons”. This was the reason given to NATO by Russia for invading Ukraine : r/conspiracy

    • Rick

      Yes!! – The Bio-labs in Ukraine was the bait the US used to get WWIII started!!

      • Block ROCKChainLink

        In war truth is it’s first casualty, pure propaganda and Ukraine was always a shitshow country, a perfect place to stage the propaganda event OF WORLD WAR.
        There were 100% genetically targeted diseases being created in the bio weaponization labs there and when Blackrock which now owns Ukraine just bought 23 and me, as well as Both of which were DARPA funded programs. What are they cooking up for us? We the sheeple?
        They are people who are literally trying to reduce world population for the common good of the future of they’re own inhumanity, the club your not in as George Carlin so fondly warned us about. Of course they have no idea of a higher power, where they don’t have to take control of everything, into they’re own hands. But unfortunately on judgement day they might have to get a good ass slicken lichen. The sheeple’s only hope and prayer, devin retribution. But you know sometimes prayer works and what goes around sometimes comes RIGHT around AND right back at ya, incoming Blockhead BlackWackoRockER’S!

        I’m sorry you guys were so unfortunate enough to be in a company, that has bought such a corrupt country with a prime location for global countenance. But I’m gonna Be honest. If the media never played it up. NOBODY WOULD CARE ANYWAYS.

        The war in your BOUGHT AND PAID FER country is horrible. But it’s reasons are a farce. We are collectively paying taxes that wind up literally paying for globally destabilizing viruses. And I can guarantee that they will be deployed as soon as someone figures our how to better automate the pleb worker jabs and don’t forget your boosters up the gazupta proper folks! Who pays, why you do, a real hero. Can it be stopped Christopher Rufo? Read the book. Good guest Greg?

  37. Randy Best

    Jim Sinclair, i.e. Mr. Gold, is on record as saying that in 2024, gold will be the last man standing.

  38. Craig

    The “what do you know, you are not a Doctor” was one of the retorts that always infuriated me, I’m not a professional urologist either but I still know not to eat yellow snow.

  39. Charles Whitlatch

    Keep these important interviews coming Greg. My only disappointment is not having Jim suggest alternates for gold/silver. His 10% seems too low unless you are coming from the ultra rich perspective.

    • Rick

      That 10% figure should more then likely be stood on it’s head in this upside-down world – so the true figure becomes 90% in gold, 10% in silver and any cash you own should be spent immediately before it’s purchasing power goes to zero!!

      • Glenn

        I agree. I have 80% in physical precious metals.

  40. Roger Stamper

    tks jim greg

  41. Stephen

    Yellow closing. Supply chain looks to be getting worse.

  42. Paul Anders

    “The U.S. has more gold than China?”
    There is no way…

  43. Jorge

    Rickards is OFF HIS ROCKER!!! First, China has much more gold than the US – that fact will be made public in the near future. Second, the ONLY reason why there is not enough gold yo have a gold-backed currency is because the Central Bank Cabal has criminally suppressed the dollar price of gold for over 20 years. If gold were at $50k/ounce then there is more than enough gold. I’ve always said that Rickards is an agent of the Central Bank Cabal and he proves this on most days.

    • Greg Hunter

      Can you please post the official audit of China’s gold?

      • Scott

        My father worked at Ft. Knox for over a decade, he spoke often later in life about the every changing regulations once Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard…very few people where even allowed in the buildings, midnight trucks visiting the facilities, etc…

        The US gov’t can’t find itself out of a paper bag, I will not be a fool in believing we have the largest GOLD reserves in the World. Period.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are probably correct. Rough sledding no matter what. Get ready and stay ready and Hang on to Jesus above all!!

          • Dennis Jantzen

            Greg, great interview. Please please have back on hero hugo Salinas price. It has been years

        • Rick

          Scott – Did your father ever mention to you if those midnight trucks visiting the facilities were depositing gold or were they withdrawing gold?? – The fact that the trucks were doing what they were doing “at midnight” – doesn’t bode well for our gold still being there!!!

          • Rick

            In fact – once the gold is deposited at Fort Knox it should just stay there untouched – why would there be any need to keep sending trucks there at midnight?? – unless gold bars were being continually taken out to be filled with tungsten and then returned [knowing there would never be an audit that tested the composition of the bars]!!!

        • Marie Joy

          The big clue here is the word “midnight”. Why would the trucks need to come at midnight? The question answers itself.

  44. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg & Jim

    I was bummed the interview ended so soon the time just flew for me.

    I have to wonder how the criminal cabal on wall street will short or rig this new BRICS currency? Knowing them they will find a way to screw this up.

    • Rick

      The Globalist Cabal can screw it up royally by pushing the price of gold up [creating a negative trade balance in all the BRIC’s countries] – although the physical gold the BRIC’s countries hold will probably overcompensate them for these foreign exchange losses!!

  45. Robert Dziok

    Jim mentions China does not have as much gold as America. Not so! The question even is and often arises does America have any gold at all as Ft Knox has not been audited for many decades. I am hard pressed to believe he is not aware of this. He also does not bring up “King Dollar” and the SWIFT system have been weaponized (e.g. sanctions) and why countries want out asap. They could not even sell any US treasuries at the last auction. There is no “Petrodollar” anymore either. Saudi Arabia recently announced oil can be bought in any currency now and not dollars. The world is sick of the US wars to prop up the fiat paper dollar (e.g. Kaddafi/Libya wanted Africa to have a gold backed currency). BRICS wants HONEST trade. They also have their own payment system outside of SWIFT and means to convert their currency to gold. BRICS want something of value for something of value. Babylonian America and Satanic West want something of value for useless piece of paper. “King Dollar” has to go down to free the World of control by Satanic Globalists and all their EVIL. Without it they have no power. Dollar based assets become worthless. Only 10% in gold Jim recommends? Good luck with that. Gold and Silver are GOD’s money and been for thousands of years. Should have in hand too. Cryptos an illusion in Cyber space that is gone as soon as the Internet can be for any number of reasons.

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be correct. I do know China does not sell any of its gold output. I would love to see an official audit. To my knowledge there is not one country willing to do an “OFFICIAL” audit of their gold hoard. The operative word here is “OFFIFIAL”. If there was an official audit with China or Russia of their gold, it would put massive pressure on the USA to come up with an audit. Then we would all know for sure. The gold market is like liars’ poker.
      One thing is for sure, the US Dollar is going to come under increasing pressure as the budget explodes higher.

      • J_C_

        My neighbors don’t tell me how much gold is in there mouths let alone their basements! Reminds me of the Clint Eastwood movie about Iwo Gima. Where the Marines were pulling gold out the mouths of dead Japanese soldiers. How true? Don’t know.

  46. Mary Ann Saluri

    Thank you Greg and Jim. Jim, I have some money in local community banks. Do you anticipate bank failures throughout the U.S? If so, will depositors lose everything?

    • Greg Hunter

      Think currency inflation along with bank failures. You need to protect your money and your buying power.

      • Lynne

        Agreed. What a dollar buys today will cost more in a month or two. Gold/silver are stores of wealth. Inflation destroys buying power. Thank you for this interview. I’m left with a slightly better point of view rather than listening to the hype of the “bloggers” as Jim termed them. His books are eye opening, most importantly at present, “Currency Wars.” Thank you Greg & thank you Jim!

  47. Freedom-4-All

    Hi Greg,
    I watch Rickards closely. He may miss some, but not much. I feel that this gold-backed currency is just the beginning. I think they will not happen overnight but take a few years minimum. However, it is the start of hopefully a better monetary foundation. I am actually pretty excited because maybe, just maybe, this will give my children and grandchildren a chance for a future world with stronger money, which means less war. To me, the biggest issue is stopping CBDC from being the only available money out there. at minimum, we HAVE to have options.
    Keep swinging.


    when are you going to get jim sinclair back?

  49. Rod Brumley sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    My personal thoughts are simple
    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
    I continue to stack pre 1965 US Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars along with 1oz Canadian maple Leafs. The 90% is by far the best for Barter purposes. I want to leave my kids real wealth not just fiat Dollars.

    • Rick

      Good strategy – why can’t our Generals in Washington understand such sound military planning??

  50. Mac

    Great interview. However … Rickards has some explaining to do. In your interview he says there isn’t enough gold to support a gold-backed currency. And yet here’s a quote from an interview he did with Stansberry Research from just two years ago: “… people say you can’t have a gold standard because there’s not enough gold to support commerce and leverage industrial commercial loans and the whole financial system. There’s not enough gold. That’s nonsense. There’s always enough gold. It’s just a question of price. Now could you do it at $1,800.00 an ounce? No. But could you do it at $15,000.00 an ounce? Yes.”

    I’ve been listening to him for years. I’ve also read all of his books. Until this week, “There’s always enough gold at the right price” has always been his claim.

    What a revelation! Too bad you didn’t follow-up with him on this.

  51. Russ 2

    Thanks again Greg. Excellent info from James Rickards.

    GOLD SPIKE ALERT: Here Is Why Gold & Silver Prices Are Set To Spike Higher

    It sounds like Alasdair Macleod also agrees in large part with Rickards.
    “The dollar trade weighted index broke down last week. It went through a very, very important support line. And that breakdown is very important because it came at the same time that Russia announced the BRICS Summit will have on its agenda a new gold-backed currency. But equally on a chart when something breaks down below a support level, it’s initial will be to rally back up to test that support. And anyone who failed to get out will have a second change to get out of dollars. This is a perfectly natural rally in a bear phase. I think the speed at which the dollar is going to fall is going to be quite surprising. This story is going to push gold and silver because silver goes up with gold roughly twice as fast. These metals priced in dollars are going to soar….

    • Rick

      I keep thinking about Stan who is short so much gold [will he cover his positions or simply go down with the unsinkable “Titanic” dollar???

  52. Natasha

    Thanks for the continued and great reporting by all your guests.
    You helped me stick to my decision not to take the jibby jab when it was mandated in the healthcare profession. I was fired “with cause” after 25 years of service. Life has moved on for me and I have gratitude to Jesus for that.
    Thank you Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      So happy you are still a pure blood just like Jesus made you. People who took the jab permanently altered their DNA.

      • Jerry

        Greg, what is sad is I know or am aware of so many Christians that were deceived and took the jab. My mother has told me about her church and many of her friends have taken it and to this day live in fear of the con.

        • Greg Hunter

          So sorry Jerry. The psyop was intense and some in the Christian world pushed the CV19 bioweapon for cash.

  53. WKSwanson

    I have read (and re-read -general studies majors have to do a lot of re-reading) 5 of Jim Rickards books over the past 10 years. I have also listened to him numerous times about a wide variety of economic and political topics and do respect his opinion. Nevertheless, I cannot for the life of me understand why Mr. Rickards insists upon the idea that China only has the officially reported 1,900 or so tons of gold, or that Russia only has about 2,300 tons. Alasdair Macleod and others have shown that these countries have, in reality, many times more gold than the above figures would suggest. Curious.

    • Greg Hunter

      Is there an official audit for anyone’s gold anywhere on the planet? The key term here is “OFFICIAL.” I suspect The USA has a lot less in Fort Know than the government is telling us. Maybe they are counting gold in the ground in Alaska and the Continental US. We live in very weird and dangerous times.

      • WKSwanson

        Greg, you’re a good man for warning people of so many of the pitfalls that we face as a nation and a culture. I appreciate your efforts.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks WK!!

      • Rick

        Greg – To refill Fort Knox – the Globalists are so evil they will probably use any means they can – even use human children in trade – to negotiate with the Annunaki to bring back some of the gold they stole from our Earth [to spray into their home planet’s atmosphere to keep it from escaping into space] – which incidentally “didn’t work”!!

  54. David Murray

    Good Sunday morning; While listening to Jim, he states that the ” gold backed” Chineese currency to be announced/introduced in late August will not have signifigant gold backing. Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I had a chat with Rob Kirby back in September of 2018. The content of that particular interchange, ( we spoke frequently ) , was about a series of observations and subsequent research made by me. The observations and interviews happened entirely by chance. The research took a few weeks. Rob Kirby was completely unsurprised by the evidence, however he was unaware of circumstances. Rob told me that he would find a way to get this news into the narritive /news stream. Sadly his first life challenging illness happened very shortly thereafter, and he did not get around to the project after recovering and moving in with his sisters’ family. If you or Jim would like to know more about this,,,please respond and we will find a way to have a chat. Thank you for your tine and attention. David Murray …….

    • Greg Hunter

      Rickards did not say gold backed he said “gold linked” or pegged.” BRIC not redeemable with gold. That said I really liked Rob Kirby and I think he was murdered for what he knew. I am not posting you phone number because I don’t want to put you at risk.

      • Rick

        Greg – “Gold linked” likely means “the link can be adjusted” which is not what we want!!!

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Rick,
          The price of gold in non-dollar ‘BRICS’ may be adjusted upward – i.e., you get more BRICS per ounce. This would enable Russia, China, et al to effectively devalue their currency to maintain international competitiveness.

  55. Susan R

    I respect Jim and his knowledge. I was unhinged from the internet for about four days and used the radio and TV to keep abreast. That showed me without a doubt what they do not want me to know and it was incapsulated here in this interview. I am becoming more aware of the cloud surrounding most people, some of whom think they are truly aware.

  56. Paul from Indiana

    All of this is well and good, and everyone, including me, would like to see the USA (not America) taken down a peg or two. I get it. There’s just one problem with “sock it to the USA”. The USA market is currently 30% of WORLD GDP. So, you succeed in breaking the USA politically and economically? You make it impossible, or impossibly expensive, for the USA to trade with the world. What have you achieved? You have achieved a PERMANENT 30% cut in in your own viability! How many of you Watchdoggers could blithely take a 30% haircut on ANYTHING and not wish you hadn’t? Some might survive, but most would suffer, possibly even go under. It’s not a realistic scenario. It could happen, anyway, as $33 trillion in debt can do funny things, but the idea that some bloc of fools somewhere decides to “kill” the USA internationally is not only stupid, it’s suicidal. Best always. PM

  57. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    This is not a critique of Jim Rickards but of, IMHO, serious contradictions both during the interview and between the interview and his book, ‘The Death of Money’, published 2014.
    I have followed Jim Rickard’s for some time, having bought and read ‘The Death of Money’. Something about this latest interview jarred, not only because statements made at the beginning did not align with statements made at the end, but because much of what was said contradicted what I remembered from the book. So, I got ‘The Death of Money’ down from the bookshelf and noted that I had dogeared (bad habit) passages of particular interest.
    Interview at 6:08+
    “The Chinese currency, the Yuan, is not going to be a global reserve currency, the Russian Ruble is not going to be a global reserve currency. They’re not going to have gold backed currencies, they do not have enough gold . . .”
    From the book, page 221, second paragraph.
    “The first myth is that gold cannot form the basis of a modern monetary system because there’s not enough gold to support the requirements of world trade and finance. This myth is transparently false, but it is cited so often that its falsity merits rebuttal . . . (same page, paragraph four) The problem in this scenario is not the amount of gold but the price. There is ample gold at the right price. If gold were $17,500 per ounce, the official gold supply would roughly equal the M1 money supply of the Eurozone, Japan, China, and the United States combined. The point is not to predict the price of gold or to anticipate a gold standard but merely to illustrate that the quantity of gold is never an impediment to a gold standard . . .”
    G. Edward Griffin makes the same assertion in his book, ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’.

  58. PersonaNonGrata

    Interview at 6:10+
    “They (China – sic) have some gold but not as much as the United States does, so in no way are they even close to having a true gold backed currency and they’re not going to . . .”
    Interview at 50:30+
    “ . . . if the price of gold goes up, they (the BRICS – sic) win, so they are going to be in favour of higher gold prices, but considering you’ve got two of the five biggest gold producers in the world, Russia and China, in that, and you’ve got, uh, two of the – well, if you include India – three of the ten largest, certainly two of the five or six largest gold holders in the world, ah, they’re major players in gold, um, BRICS currency or no BRICS currency, Russia and China are two of the three or four largest producers of gold in the world . . .”
    From the book, page 43, second paragraph.
    ““That’s interesting,” Marshall (Andy Marshall, senior Defence Department official at the Pentagon financial war games, September 2012 – sic) said. What propelled his comment, after an hour of complete silence on his part, was our disclosure of China’s stockpiling of gold . . .”
    Interview at 28:40+
    “. . . and (Russia – sic) just keeps buying gold, which they’re doing anyway, which also tends to drive up the dollar price of gold and makes their currency more valuable.”

    The leading statement appears to me to contradict the statements following.

  59. PersonaNonGrata

    Interview at 48:40+
    “Absolutely, and I recommend a 10% allocation to gold, 10% of investable assets . . . I recommend 10%, not 20%, not 50% . . . 10% is the right amount, but yeh, um, have that allocation or, you know, season to taste, if you want 5%, that’s fine, but I would have said that’s a good allocation and will preserve wealth.”
    This raises the question. If 5% to 10% allocation in gold will “preserve wealth” then this indicates an expectation that gold will appreciate in real value by between X10 to X20 its current value vis a vis all your other investible assets. That being the expectation, why the ‘warning’ not to invest more?

    In the book, ‘The Death of Money’ the about the author section reads, “He is . . . an advisor to the Department of Defence and the US intelligence community. He served as facilitator of the first ever financial war games conducted by the Pentagon.”

    Given the upcoming currency announcement by the BRICS+ block, do TPTB seek to head off a mad rush, an unsustainable conversion out of ‘Western’ fiat and into gold? Is it possible ‘they’ have recruited well known advocates for gold to apply a little pressure on the brake pedal?

    • Greg Hunter

      Read between the lines PNG. Rickards is an investment guy and does not want to be ridiculed and attacked.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Greg and thanks for ‘going easy’ on me.
        I think I understand the pressure some people are being subjected to – hence my opening, truthful, remark that my comments were not intended to be a critique of the man. I spent several hours transcribing from the interview and cross-referencing ‘The Death of Money’ because accurate assessment of the situation at this critical time is vital for survival, and not everyone will ‘read between the lines’ as you put it. No offence to Jim Rickards intended.

  60. Richard Longacre

    Thank you Greg for bringing Jim on and letting him explain what he believes the new BRICS currency will and will not be. A lot of speculation going on about this, including from me. To me its like a puzzle I’m trying to figure out and fit together.

    Jim was pretty confident when he talked about the US gold at Fort Knox being there. Has he seen this gold and inventoried it himself? Nobody has been allowed to inventory this for over 50 years. With all of the lies being told to us by our politicians and central banks I simply don’t believe there is any gold left in those vaults, and if there is, it is probably just gold plated tungsten (from the Bush mines). I suspect the BRICS nations have far more gold than they are openly admitting to and we have none. We shall see who is telling the truth soon enough as USAinc and the USD is shown to have no clothes on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Show me an official audit of anyone’s gold anywhere.

      • Richard Longacre

        Good point Greg. When it comes to honesty in a world of fiat currencies, everyone lies to protect and cover up their crimes. Thank you for bringing Jim on.

  61. Dan Knight

    Great guest … thank you, Greg!

    God bless.

  62. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    In prior comments, ‘Rodster’ provided a link to a new rap song, ‘BRAINWASHED’ by Tom MacDonald.
    Rap music is not to my taste, but the lyrics of this song are powerful and will resonate with many of your audience. It’s encouraging to see evidence that the younger generation get it . . .

    Tom MacDonald


    [Verse one]
    Half the country fell asleep, but they scream “woke”
    We’re distracted by vaccines and TV shows
    Politics, celebrity gossip, popular neat quotes
    Black lives, white lives, which lives mean most?
    We only dedicate one day to remember our fallen soldiers
    The men and women who died young
    But if you come out the closet as Caitlyn Jenner
    You’re a hero and you get a whole pride month
    The most dangеrous pandemic’s propaganda from these clowns
    Only mask that’s gonna savе us is duct tape on they mouths
    Don’t speak, we don’t need to defund police
    Need to defund the media who lies through they teeth, like
    Big pharma doesn’t cure you, dawg
    ‘Cause every patient that gets cured is a customer lost
    And big oil runs the world, the only wars that get fought
    Are with the countries who have natural resources they want
    Heard ’em claiming if a white man braids his hair
    And likes rap, he’s appropriatin’ culture
    But if a white man acts too white, he’s white trash
    He’s a racist, he’s a bigot, he’s a monster

    Let’s just have the conversation
    Not every Liberal is dumb, not all Republicans are racist
    The government wants everybody fighting with their neighbors
    ‘Cause they know that if we get along, we’ll probably go against ’em

    They can’t stop us
    ‘Cause we’re ready to fight
    Try to brainwash us
    But we won’t let freedom die
    The whole world’s brainwashed
    Everybody pick a team, start a riot in the streets
    The whole world’s brainwashed
    It’s us against them, it ain’t you against me

    [Verse 2]
    How did monkeys become people and people turned into sheep?
    They put fluoride in the water that’s keeping us all asleep
    Claim they want what’s best for us, I find that hard to believe
    ‘Cause they been selling us cigarettes since we was 18
    Fake news, fake woke, distract, and divide
    You’re either right or you’re left or you’re black or you’re white
    Big tech don’t need a microchip to hack in your life
    ‘Cause the phone inside your pocket is a trackin’ device
    And I don’t know what I’m more sick of
    Rappers or Joe Biden, looking like he ate a hundred Xanax for dinner
    ‘Cause censorin’ the president and kicking him off Twitter
    Is a bigger threat to freedom than foreign ballistic missiles
    You don’t trust the police or the government
    But you want people giving up their right to own a firearm
    Why would you be comfortable if police and the government
    The only people on the planet with the right to buy a gun?
    White privilege getting amplified to reinforce the vision
    It convinces white people that they’re favored by their skin
    And black people getting angry ’cause they’re told they’re treated different
    So the conflict is between us and never with the system

    They can’t stop us
    ‘Cause we’re ready to fight
    Try to brainwash us
    But we won’t let freedom die
    The whole world’s brainwashed
    Everybody pick a team, start a riot in the streets
    The whole world’s brainwashed
    It’s us against them, it ain’t you against me

    Step one, train the people only to consume
    Step two, infiltrate adults with the news
    Step three, indoctrinate the children through the schools
    And the music and the apps on the phones that they use
    Step four, separate the right from the left
    Step five, separate the white from the black
    Step six, separate the rich from the poor
    Use religion and equality to separate ’em more
    Step seven, fabricate a problem made of lies
    Step eight, put it on the news every night
    Step nine, when people start to fight and divide
    Take control, this is called situational design

    They can’t stop us
    ‘Cause we’re ready to fight
    Try to brainwash us
    But we won’t let freedom die
    The whole world’s brainwashed
    Everybody pick a team, start a riot in the streets
    The whole world’s brainwashed
    It’s us against them, it ain’t you against me

  63. T

    Everyone going to fall for this new digital currency because it’s backed by gold why does no one see it’s the new world order digital dollar before they know it they’ll be trapped in it. Every one think the us is going to introduce the cbdc and the deep state knows that that why their using Russia to bring it out.

    • Greg Hunter

      What digital currency backed by gold? This is not what the CBCD is.

  64. MacGuy

    As Catherine Austin Fitts stated they will do whatever needed to defend the US dollar and I believe here is the missing puzzle piece supplied in this interview with Joseph Farrell PHD. They want to keep the dollar alive for themselves so the “elites” (government black ops, politicians, central bankers, military industrial complex) can still use the dollar to transact with the Cartels (mafia, drug and human trafficers etc) since neither of these entites trusts the other but must continue to utilize each other services to remain in control of the masses.

    While the dollar will NOT die they are also planning to impliment the CBDC for the masses so they have complete control over our financial livelyhoods.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are right but the BRICS currency linked to gold is going to be a big problem and this is all part of the ongoing war. It includes financial war. What do you think the failed sanctions were? Just because they do something does not mean it is going to work.

      • Scott


        I think you are missing the point. As more countries join BRICS, they will effectively eliminate the need to transact in US dollars period. Those countries do not need the US as a trading partner – they can operate within the products and resources all member countries manufacture, grow, etc. Name one item that the US has a global monopoly on that other BRICS absolutely must have…

        • Greg Hunter

          No Scott I am not missing any point. I had Jim Rickards on to explain it all.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Is the BRICS bloc prepared to do without the USA market that is currently 30% of global GDP? That may not be a monopoly, but it’s a big chunk of everything economically that goes on in the world. As Greg says, they can do whatever they want, but that doesn’t mean it will work. Best always. PM

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Hi Paul,
            Apart from the weaponisation of the US$, which Russia and China have decided to avoid, there is the fundamental financial problem that the 30% of global GDP accounted for by the US is funded by debt + creating currency out of nothing. If memory serves, the US is running a trade deficit of circa one trillion dollars per annum and also a fiscal budget deficit of circa one trillion dollars per annum.
            Put bluntly, if you had a customer who could not pay, would you continue to supply regardless, or would you cut production and plan to develop other markets?

            • Paul from Indiana

              Fair enough. We’ll see, won’t we? The problem with BRICS without USA in the mix is their demand side will crash. The BRICS internals will also not be strife-free, as both China and Russia are historically gangsters. Good luck to India with ever increasing mouths to feed. Best always. PM

  65. Follow Da Moolaa
    Taliban’s Opium Ban: Why The West is Upset With The Decision
    359,504 views Jul 19, 2023 Vantage with Palki Sharma
    Last year, Taliban banned its opium and heroin cultivation which was the major source of revenue for the country. But some western commentators are now against the ban. They call it harmful for both the Afghans and the West. What are their objections centered to? Palki Sharma tells you more. No h’opiate, no food! Only Fentanyl from Mexicovia, VIA CHINA!

    • Rick

      One reason the WTC was attacked by Bush and Cheney was so they would have an excuse to attack the Taliban in Afghanistan [who had banned the cultivation of opium and heroin back in 2000] – it took the Taliban about two decades to get the American criminals out of their country – and they have once again banned opium and heroin – now the criminals in Washington are complaining and probably thinking up new ways to stop the Taliban from limiting the supplies of opium and heroin for Hunter Biden and all the American children!!

  66. Ashton Kruger

    Poverty in Britain – Why are millions of Brits so broke? | DW Documentary
    DW Documentary 1,369,702 views Jul 20, 2023
    Britain has a historically low unemployment rate of 3.6%. Yet poverty levels are breaking all records. It’s a paradoxical situation: almost 15 million Britons are considered poor these days, although there’s almost full employment. The reason: inflation and high energy costs.
    Galloping inflation and a dramatic spike in energy costs in recent months are forcing millions of Britons into poverty. Wages fluctuate in an “uberized” working world of precarious employment conditions. Over the past 10 years, beginning with David Cameron, the government has scaled back its support to vulnerable members of society. The result: reduced life expectancy. Disadvantaged Britons are dying 10 years sooner than their wealthier compatriots – victims of what’s become known as the “shit life syndrome” – a life marked by poor living conditions, disease and addiction.
    The documentary profiles people who have a job but can still afford nothing – from Blackpool in the west, to Ashton-under-Lyne and Cumbria, on the border with Scotland.

  67. AshKruger

    Poverty in the USA: Being Poor in the World’s Most In Debt car park Country
    Business Documentary from 2019
    Watch ‘Homeless in Las Vegas: Where Poverty Meets Big Money’ here: • Homeless in Las V…
    In 2019, 43 million people in the United States lived below the poverty line, twice as many as it was fifty years before. 1.5 million children were homeless, three times more than during the Great Depression the 1930s. Entire families are tossed from one place to another to work unstable jobs that barely allow them to survive. In the historically poor Appalachian mining region, people rely on food stamps for food. In Los Angeles, the number of homeless people has increased dramatically. In the poorest neighbourhoods, associations offer small wooden huts to those who no longer have a roof.

    • Paul from Indiana

      This was entirely predictable when we dismantled our industrial and manufacturing base, farming out production to cheap-labor countries. Big mistake. Best always. PM

      • Rick

        You know – it was when Mount St. Helens blew up (in 1980) that US Corporations began to panic – dismantling their industrial and manufacturing base in the US and moving production to China, etc. – they rightfully feared Yellowstone would soon explode – well – recent examination shows that the amount of melted rock beneath Yellowstone’s super-volcano is far larger than previous thought and the ground level is now currently rising in the Yellowstone caldera “creating numerous small earth tremors” – people living west of the Mississippi should take heed and begin thinking about at least relocating their families back east {where the toxic gases released will be more diluted] – for when Yellowstone blows the poisonous toxic gases released will likey asphyxiate all the people in the West [even before the volcanic ash covers over their bodies] – similar to what happened when Mount Vesuvius killed the people in Pompeii in 79 AD [it took only about 15 minutes to kill all the inhabitants who were later buried in the volcanic ash]!! –

  68. Matt Jaymes


    I didn’t make this up, it was explained to me by a Medal of Honor recipient that lives and works in my neck of the woods.

    For further clarification:


    • Greg Hunter

      NO LINKS in the article you posted. Another dud. Maybe you should take your case to the Congressional Medal of Honor society and tell them to rename their group: Anything you can do to discredit my guest. It was FREE!!!!! I am not ashamed of booking a 7-TIME BEST-SELLING author to give his analysis for FREE for 52 minutes. You are welcome. Now go away. What part of don’t come back did you NOT understand?

      • Steve W

        Greg, great interview. The whole debate about Congressional Medal of Honor or just Medal of Honor is just a shoulder shrug of importance. Per your link you provided here is what it says in the FAQ’s…
        “What is the name of the Medal? Is the “Medal of Honor” or the “Congressional Medal of Honor”?
        The name of the Medal is simply “Medal of Honor” — the word “Congressional” is sometimes mistakenly used because the Medal was created by Congress; however, the Medal is purely a military award. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society was chartered by Congress, which is why the word Congressional precedes the Society’s name.“

        Keep up the great work!

  69. Wadsworth Binghamton

    Putin’s Rare Photo-Op In Kronstadt; Smiles, Hugs, Selfies In Candid Walkabout Hindustan Times 6,133 views Jul 23, 2023
    Russian President Vladimir Putin met a crowd of people on the streets of St. Petersburg. Putin can be seen posing for photographs with people, with bodyguards standing nearby. He also greeted children and hugged many people in the crowd. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko also joined Putin to meet the enthusiastic crowd after a crucial meeting since the Wagner Group launched its rebellion last month. Watch the other side of the Russian President.
    Come on Joe, crawl out the Washington swamp and meet with the man!

    Why wait for Trumpa? Joe’ba? THE PEOPLE WANT PEACE SECURITY AND LOVE!
    Nyte, “NO”, endless grief of cluster Freaking WAR! Let the children keep they’re arms and legs you frocking BUSTERD!
    Now’s not the time for cowardice but bold action!

  70. Ed Eibling

    1. Holding some Russian Rubles seems wise since they are likely to go up against the dollar by Jim’s logic. Is there a way to buy Rubles with dollars in the USA?
    2. Swapping the appreciated Rubles back into dollars to pay off dollar based debt might be attractive. Could such an exchange be done without a taxable event?
    3. Is there a possibility of the Ruble bills being canceled by Russia or confiscated by the US government?

  71. Andrew Harrison

    My goodness what consummate professionals you both are, loved the interview Greg you steered the conversation whilst hardly speaking awesome. Jim was, as usual interesting and went much further in this interview in condemning the COVID policy than I’ve heard him do before, of course his writings will confirm his position prior to this my impression. I think also Jim’s statements aligned quite well with Catherine Austin Fitz, in that the dollar is troubled but not over by a long way. Thanks again for your wonderful work. Off topic but could we get an update on your puppy, I have three dogs a German shepherd a Labrador and a border collie, plus we care for our neighbours dog whilst she is out at work. I know that this is an intrusion into your privacy and fully understand if you prefer not to answer, no problems still love your work. Thanks an fear not…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andrew.

  72. Pete+only

    A few things need to be clarified from Jim’s discussions.
    1) There is not likely very much physical gold in the vaults at Fort Knox any more, and Jim did not discuss any of this as it relates to physical gold in the vaults of the BRICS nations.
    2) The price of Gold is still being manipulated on world markets through the COMEX through its rigged markets. Will a new market price for Gold be established or impacted by the new BRICS currency? We will know more by late August.
    3) How will everything impact the price of Silver going forward? It too has a manipulated market price, but it’s current market size is so small that could benefit significantly from things going forward.
    4) Is there any truth to the rumour that the BRICS and it ‘s dozens of countries signing up for it may no longer accept U.S dollars going forward? Again, we will have to wait until late August for this one.
    Regarding only keeping 10 percent of your money into gold or silver, I believe there is much more risk having assets exposed to the current banking system and any future central bank digital currencies going forward. Remember, if you don’t actually have it in your hands, you likely don’t own silver or gold. Having food, water, property not exposed to banking risks, and means to protect yourselves should also be top priority, as well as having survival skills, (such as stretching your food capabilities, and foraging skills), will also go a long way. Finding like minded people will also help for what we know on this show what is coming…Pray to God each day and thank the Lord for everything that you can be grateful for will also be helpful.

  73. Benny

    Another Stockman gem!

    “We have minimum low regard for Donald Trump, and not merely because he is a bombastic lout and world historic megalomaniac.”

    “His policies were terrible, too.” . . . .

    (This is Greg Hunter and I cut off the rest of your comment. You got to ask yourself why doesn’t David Stockman write about the guy who has been in the White House for the past 3-years destroying the economy and the world? What kind of corruption, compromise, hatred or stupidity dose David Stockman have to ignore: Biden’s true 9% approval rating. Biden is A-OK with David Stockman? The rest of America does not think so but the DEEP State RINO’s do. The Biden/Obama Administration just cut a deal that just removed the federal debt ceiling, and it is spending borrowed cash like crazy. That’s OK with Stockman?? Remember this is going on NOW, not something happening after the 2024 election. There is much more David Stockman is ignoring. A short list of catastrophic Biden/Obama blunders follows: Biden is the guy who mandated the CV129 bioweapon shots, sent $150 billion to Ukraine (so far) with zero accounting controls, opened the southern border to 7-million illegal immigrants, exploded the federal budget right along with inflation, took at least 17-million in bribes from foreign countries (like China) according to IRS whistleblowers in sworn testimony. The biggest blunder of all from the current Biden/Obama Administration has us all teetering on the edge of nuclear war. Stockman is ignoring this kind of performance???? Stockman is OK with that cheated in Biden President? Stockman’s big worry is the guy they are making up more crimes and prosecuting who might be in the White House in 2024? If you can please send this to David Stockman and tell him, I would love to have him on USAW? Really, send it to him. Not another word about David Stockman until he comes on to answer my questions–I mean it. Greg Hunter)

    • Pauline

      Wow, Benny, you triggered Greg Hunter more intensely than anyone else I’ve seen!

      Stockman used to be a regular guest here but ever since he went against Greg’s cult leader Trump, he’s been “cancelled”.

      Greg also doesn’t like being reminded that he claimed he wouldn’t support Trump unless he “came clean” about the ClotShot…well Trump didn’t (and won’t) and, yet, Greg is still supporting him.

      Shame on you Mr. Hunter!

      • Greg Hunter

        I have no shame!! Stockman sure does. I have criticized Trump for his ongoing stance on the CV19 bioweapon/vax too, as you point out. I work for “We the People” and Not Trump and Not David Stockman. By the way, I did not say I would “not support Trump.” I said he needs to turn on the CV19 clot shot and call it what it is, and that is a bioweapon..

        • Paul from Indiana

          Greg, Stockman is a pitchman for Doug Casey, the contrarian investor. He is going to couch things in terms that makes Casey’s investment newsletters look essential. I would not get exorcised over Stockman; he is an entertaining nothing-burger unlike PCR who is the real deal and not a shill. The fact is the country would already be on skid row had it not been for Mr. Trump. Best always. PM

  74. Wads Binghamton Esq.

    And Certainly not Barry OBOMBERS Michelle Obombers all! Now ClusterFraudci’d!
    It’s Judgment Day — Where are the Men?
    ‘Europe Suffering’: Putin Gets Support From Within NATO Against Western Sanctions Over Ukraine_! / Hindustan Times 25,548 views Jul 23, 2023
    Hungary PM Victor Orban has again refused to support sanctions against Russia due to the Ukraine war. The Hungarian President said that Europe is suffering due to sanctions on Russia. The Hungarian PM further claimed that most Western firms haven’t pulled out of Russia because Western firms understand that Russia will remain part of the global economy.

  75. Stephen Weber

    Very cool. The meeting of two fearless geniuses

  76. Brian

    Hello Greg,
    I appreciate every interview you conduct.
    Jim Rickards is an absolute financial genius. The man is brilliant. Thank you Greg for another great interview.

    I live very remote….and unfortunately must use my dumb phone for research
    and media. Streaming video is very difficult. Would it be possible for you to post all your awesome interviews with an MP3 audio only option?

    May GOD bless you and yours Greg.
    Thank you for this free educational

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brian. Living Remote may be the best thing you can do with what is coming.

      • Brian

        Hello Greg,
        What is coming is already here.
        There is no longer any ‘remote’.
        I shall explain why:

        Thy ears affright upon me stoop
        Wince to harvest harried flies
        As I parried the black-op soup
        Bleeding gray across blue skies

        Three by six the filth swipe at me
        Culling low their streaming war
        To snuff thy essence soft from thee
        Thus make of me more

        Steeped in Hell this toxic terror
        Sweeped adrift thy Father’s sky
        As I kneel to pray in horror
        So seep me sores and weep thy eyes

        Black-eyed flies sow Hell’s affliction
        Infirmed aflame rat woe and cage
        I bled dissent, no remission
        Thy dread for war sick airmen wage

        God bless,

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t give up Brian. We have Jesus. That is the most powerful force in the universe.

      • Rick

        Greg – An audio option seems like a good idea for the coming hard times – is this too expensive an option to implement??

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s more work for me Rick and I can barely keep up now.

  77. Tammy Nestle

    What’s coming to USA/Candada this year ……….. this seer is superior to all of USAWD’s prophets and sorcerers combined.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is the occult. Hang on to Jesus. This is frowned on BIG-TIME but I will post anyway.

      • Better Chetter

        When I met my wife, then lover, in ’81 & she showed me her tarot cards, I told her it was frowned upon in the Bible. So she said, let’s look for those passages, and in Exodus, we found one that said “do not consult with fortune tellers”. So she said, to read the next line. The next line said to “not shave your beard below the ears like the Egyptians do” – leading her to ask me, ‘how many men do you see in church wh0 shave their beards below the ears like the Egyptians do?’ My reply was most men do that –
        Now you can say this is twisting the words of God, but much of what was written in the Bible was meant for a certain people, at a certain time – that in their passage thru Egypt, they Israelites needed to keep their culture alive & not diluted from taking on attributes from another culture.
        Like the currents of electricity being positive and negative, the negative isn’t bad, it is just the opposite of the positive – what goes in a different direction. Aramaic scholar, Rocco Errico, noted that a better translation of Matthew 5:48, the ‘be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect’, would be to ‘be ye inclusive as your Father in heaven is inclusive’ – that God shines his love on saint and sinner alike, always seeking to bring the sinner back into the fold, like the prodigal son. Rocco also noted that Jesus never titled his parables, and that a better title than Prodigal Son, would be “the father who loved like a mother” – not punitively, but loving and supportively. Just a few thoughts ~*~

        • Greg Hunter

          You cannot compare shaving a beard to getting involved in the occult–period. This is not “culture–it is demonic and anti-Christ. It is God’s word then and it is still the same today. Don’t come here and mislead people. I do not appreciate it.

  78. Carl William

    Greg, This interview is so important that I am going to listen to it 2 or 3 times. Great explanations and logic. Congratulations to you and Jim.

  79. Scott

    Almost 80 years since BrettonWoods…

    Libya tried to back it with gold but the US gov’t stepped in and took care of that…. We live in WICKED times, do not expect politician’s to willingly give up their position of power…this all will not end well at all. Clif High recent updates shed some light on the upcoming events we will face in late 23′ and 24-25…

  80. Brian

    Forgot my lines…ha..ha
    ‘Thus make of me no more’

  81. Christoffer Lennartsson

    Can’t find the interview on the homepage

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s there and playing well. Try this:
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

  82. Doug

    My favorite guest Greg. His analytical skills are the best. Thank you so much for getting him on your show.

    For people that were interested in his investment advice, he’s about 10% gold (maybe more now due to Brics…). The remainder of investible assets, he recommends a barbell approach (look up on the net). But that can change as conditions on the ground change.

    His conclusions yrs ago were n have been excellent. That’s why I respect his opinions so much.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nobody is 100%, but Rickards has been right a lot. He said the supply chain was damaged and more problems to come with UPS strike and Yellow Freight possibly going under.

  83. Henry James

    Bo Polny’s famine forecast happening now in Dallas Texas …. as people horde rice due to worldwide grains shortage and India stoping exports.

    popular American beers are made with some rice. And liquor is made of corn, barley, wheat and rye. Beer has been rising in price. Bottom-shelf and some mid-shelf liquors have yet to see rises. There is oversaturation in the American bourbon market with too many upstart distilleries. A collapse and reorganization looms, esp with a recession underway and shortages of grains. If the shortages of grains persist, there will be no grain alloted to breweries and distilleries.

  84. Eric

    We The People have been in a Currency War since the Federal Reserve was established!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Eric,
      You make a good point.

  85. Richard Westwell

    Thank you Greg for having Jim Rickards on your channel. The guy is one smart cookie.

  86. Larry Groninger

    MANY times I’ve heard Greg, Bill Holter and others say that they must be wrecking the US dollar on purpose because “nobody could be that stupid”, or “too stupid to be stupid.”
    My question is that if they really were intent on destroying the dollar, why not simply stop manipulating the precious metals markets and let gold and silver soar to their true inherent values—many times their current levels. It would wreck the dollar and would happen very quickly if that was their true goal. Would love to hear Greg or Bill Holter explain why this has not happened…at least not yet.

  87. Marie Joy
    Today’s headline is ” A Third World War Seems a Certainty.” 7/23/2023

    • Self Exiled

      The last of the critical thinking political analysts who had a grasp of the behind the scenes ramifications. Such futuristic thinking critical analysis can not be found any longer. Putin maybe followed the constraints found in Roberts article in order to gain an alignment to a Chinese Russian world order that European NATO defect nations might be absorbed. Especially if the US collapse or destruction is complete enough to render it ineffective beyond its borders financially, militarily, and communication is limited. By limited communication I mean the political mouthpiece (politicians) are silenced. This may shift the NWO power base from the the western corporate elites to a more political; religious, or middle eastern emphasis.

  88. Amy Rickhouse

    Trump being anointed by the Torah club ……. why is Clif High ignoring this?

  89. The Seer

    Very general reading not experienced or connected enough to render better information, imo. She means well, however, more evolution and development will render better readings.

    • Greg Hunter

      Stick with Jesus.

  90. Irv

    2 Corinthians 13: 4-6 key verse #5 look up and grab the Life Vest JESUS Thanks Greg for your work to get the truth out

  91. Felicia Music

    Tied to supply chain issues are both Yellow Trucking on the verge of bankruptcy and UPS truckers may be going on strike the end of the month. And connected to both is the loss of power of the unions – Intl Teamsters – which has bigger ramifications, longer term.

  92. Will Cunning Cunningham Jr.

    I was wondering why the US. would resort to using thousands of the pretty little cluster bomblet’s, that not only kill but maim, mostly civilians and not only here and now. But from here to eternity. Killing maiming, yet future unborn little children for God’s sake! Talk about sick and demented dementia. It’s beyond dirty. For what? So NATO can be on Russians border, on a once friendly country. No its more than that. It’s, the Soros globalist hijacked banker family deep state cabal. That despite they’re lack of faith in something higher than themselves, they better get some balls soon, or were all going to hell in a hand basket case of trying to survive a ten year nuclear winter! Which for all intensive purposes is frankly impossible. The US. Military needs to fight dirty because it’s losing its wet Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Tori Nuland, Mike Morell wet dream of killing Russians! These old farts never saw a war that didn’t turn them on. They’re still fighting the old cold war, willing to let it get hotter and hotter. Till what, arguing over the peace table in their own demented Ukraine Beijing Biden billions of taxpayers money laundering in old age! To be the richest in the cemeteries?
    Your right Rick, while were were going woke, broke and disgusted, in Barry Obombers transformational transformation of America. The Russki’s knew that the deep creep state globalist eugenicists, were coming after them. Drunk on human blood from endless wars, they were coming for them in eastern Ukraine. Soon enough, after they decimated the American people with endless economic collapsing war and big pharma’s bought off, paid off debt, to the Shanghaied American taxpaying suckers! Even out right killing them! Brought to you by legally propagandizing we the sheeple (thanks Barry Obomber) via the US. Criminal News Networks, CIA project mockingbird fake news media whores and their corporate pimps! The writing was on the wall! Trump and we the people were out and they couldn’t wait to get they’re grubby hands on old slumbering Mother Russia. But Putin had other plans and couldn’t sit back and wait for a Kosovo Albanian like rescue. No Nato wasn’t going bomb Kiev like it did Belgrade. Putin don’t bong pipe dream’s ? The US. wanted ethnic Russians out Ukraine come hell or high water and Zelinski was paid Biden solid, to pay off any and all his government with freshly printed pallets of Benjamin’s to kick ass in east Ukraine provoking Putin to strike like a coiled Gardner snake! Ouch!
    Well Rick the gloves are off now. No more little Gardner snake, there bringing out the big guns now, they haven’t been on a debt induced crack high, sitting on their asses! Playing with our woke, broke selves like we.
    Were desperate and no choice to be dirty, we didn’t do our homework like the Russians. Or due diligence, so they win. But to save face and be damned the Slavic woman and children and it doesn’t matter, they’ll be torn apart in Ukraine and Ukrainian. All’s fare in love and war, not politics though and like what we did and didn’t learn in Laos, may the God of war forgive you, yourself and I, an American!

  93. Peter Waroblak

    I too am skeptical about the amount of gold that the USA is holding. Remember all the phony gold “tungsten” bars that appeared around the world after the Clinton years? Did they ever investigate Robert Rubin? I’ve heard that China might have accumulated over 30,000 tons, not sure about Russia but I’d bet it’s a huge amount.

  94. Hanoi's Jane

    Watch “Jeffrey Sachs Interview – The Us Blocked a Peace Deal with Russia.” on YouTube

  95. Shirley Thompson

    Rickard’s position on gold, the BRICS currency to be pegged to weight of gold are well founded in research and opinions. However Martin Armstrong’s position would seem at odds with Rickards. Can you harness Armstrong in an interview to explain his position as clearly as Rickards has explained his? It’s evident the supply chain is currently being challenged by worker shortages, inflationary costs of operation and tensions between US/China. Perhaps jaded, I’m rethinking my position that our govt’s silent hand has been complicit in the food production explosions/fires, train derailments spilling toxic chemicals polluting ground waters, crop land and rivers along with the obvious weather geoengineering that has impacted US crop yields. Thinking through Rickard’s explanation of how a tortured supply chain can increase cost of goods and how that ultimately impacts the buying power of the USD, the thought that China and/or Russia are at the heart of that terrorism which would hasten the US demise…

  96. Clay Lane

    The Russians Have Annihilated The Depots In Odessa
    Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls 133,664 views Jul 22, 2023
    Colonel Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls – Analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States of America and the world.

    Why is Britain Furious With EU’s Falklands Statement? | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    Firstpost 1.58M subscribers 80,319 views Jul 21, 2023
    EU has left Britain in anguish after it gave a statement referring to Falkland Islands by their Spanish name, Islas Malvinas. Argentina called this a victory for their diplomacy. But why is the EU’s statement angering London?

    ‘Ukraine Suffered Significant Losses’: US Admits Kyiv’s Counteroffensive Failure Against Russia / Hindustan Times 49,481 views Jul 23, 2023
    Ukraine’s Western backers have raised concerns over its slow counteroffensive against Russian forces. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan described Ukraine’s offensive operation as ‘hard going’. The U.S. NSA, however, said it was too early to assess the counteroffensive’s results. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy sought to assure allies about Kyiv’s counterattack.

  97. Curtis

    He said a lot, especially about the future of Gold. I think that I understood the message hidden within. Thank you!

  98. blagostwin

    The way for the USA gov to fight the BRICKS, is to demand a gold redemption on their BRICKS currency. In effect run them out of gold. Exactly what France did to the dollar. We can break their backs in short order.

  99. Geir

    Well i just saw John Wick 4….. not a single gold coin was shown! In the other Wick movies 1~2~3 there have been gold coins left and rigth. But now NADA.
    Signs in the times

  100. Dr Paolo

    Great Interview Greg, I am pleased that Jim explained the BRIC currency unit. Its a very smart move when as described, no need for the gold and actually no need to transact even. Its a play on the precious metal price manipulation (price suppresion0 and the artificiality of FIAT, once you choose to reference a fixed and physical item such as gold then that “questions” the printed greenback and that is enough in itself to sweat and stress the legacy financial solution.
    I look forward to more things getting “called out”, lets make a list:

    Electric Vehicles
    Real Estate
    Fashion and Product Connsumption
    Internet 3.0 and CBDC credit scores.


  101. Darrell

    Good interview, now I understand his position on how the new gold backed Brics currency would help destroy the dollar.

  102. Marie Joy has several articles about how they plan to take Trump off the ballot in all 50 states.
    They believe we will do nothing because we have done nothing about anything.
    Protests don’t work.
    Communists are much more active than conservatives.
    Get in better shape.

  103. jon

    I am relieved to hear more and more people saying the Government Lies about everything. Here is why this is true.
    William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

  104. Robert Hood

    Greg; You keep using the 30% figure for disability in the U.S. workforce. I’ m 75 so my memory is not what it used to be but I’m reasonably certain the figure was 3% not 30% that Ed Dowd had quoted.

  105. Marie Joy


    ice cream
    booze – tequila, beer
    farm grown produce
    canned tuna
    Dr Pepper
    pharmaceuticals including OTCs

    • Marie Joy

      More shortages include…
      rice, potatoes and wheat. Potatoes will go in a fresh, canned, dried order.

    • Marie Joy

      Stock up on whatever method you use to heat your home. If possible, have alternates, like wood/coal/solar/propane/stock up on burnables like newspapers, opened snail mail and paper catalogs. There will come a time when we fight over things we threw away in a better past.

  106. Greg Morrissey

    As It Was in the Days of Sodom and Gomorrah – Dr. Steven Collins

    Please Greg have him on your show

  107. James Hall

    Greg, best to view this before commenting on not being against vaccines. This would be a great guest. They have always been bad.

  108. Arnold Y

    video clip shows the moon passing in front of clouds

    wouldn’t this imply the biblical firmament is real and therefore rebuke Clif High ?

    video clip of water being sucked upward to the heavens

  109. Ulysses Joyce

    yet another biblical prophecy manifesting in real time, that Clif High says cannot happen.

    the sky is split into two (cf. Isaiah 64:1 )

    30-sec clip

  110. Marie Joy

    They put fluoride in my water in 1958ish and I drank fluoride from about 1958 to 1982… So…24 years. Hitler put fluoride in POWs food to make them compliant. I bought this place, out in the sticks, no fluoride, in 1982. So does the fluoride you/I drank in my youth stay with me for the next 50 years or does it leave my body and brain over time? I ask here because a lot of you are PD smart.

  111. regaleagle

    Actually I don’t think it is a “qualified” recommendation for the common working stiff to hold only 10 % of his meager portfolio in pm’s. Yeah…..sure it’s a very plausible recommendation for multi-millionaires to do this…..they’ve got flexibility and leverage. What does the working stiff have, Huh? Only a very good chance to sink with the ship. So for those of us that are NOT wealthy…..I don’t see any reason not to commit at least half of my meager capital to pm’s just to hedge against high inflation that will doom the working man……just sayin’. You have to realize that these financial experts speak to a well-heeled audience……not the common man.

  112. Marie Joy

    Obama’s personal chef was, almost certainly, bioweaponed. He drowned in front of obama’s house.

  113. Rodster

    I’ve been waiting for a high profile celebrity/athlete to go into cardiac arrest. It just happened to LeBron James son, Bronny James. He went into cardiac arrest during practice. And NO ONE wants to ask questions why a healthy young athlete suffers a heart attack at such an early age.

    It’s f****** criminal what Big Pharma, the Washington Crime Syndicate aka US Government and the MSM have done to people around the world. I remember back in the 80’s how Tylenol was removed from store shelves because less than 25 died due to tampering and YET, these BS Covid Bioweapons are still being pushed on the stupid public.

    • One Brain Cell


      Is the public that mentally RETARDED that they can not figure out young athletes in their prime are not supposed to go into cardiac arrest?

      • Rodster

        Answer: Yes they are!

  114. Led Skeletor

    In an early morning televised address on August 8, 2023,
    Faux-President Joseph Crackpipe Biped announces his intention to become the second pepsodent in American history to quit. With impeachment proceedings underway against him for his involvement in multiple illegal activities, Joe’s Hind-end was finally bending over and spread from the pressure from the public and Congress to leave that Big House on the very fenced in street.

    “By action this taking c’mon,” he said in a coma-like zombiish state from the local Baskin Robbins, “I that the I needed will have have hastened shopping malls the of start the process of healing Florida which is Putin desperately needed in America.”

    Nixon is no longer the worst.

  115. Shiloh1

    ZH post today on Bronny James, just go right to the comments.

  116. Prospector

    Dr. Robert Malone , who can hardly be called a ‘ conspiracy theorist ‘ , has a new substack article on DEPOPULATION agenda and how it relates to what has been seen with Covid and VAXX deaths – sickness – infertility.

    ” Personally, I have been reluctant to wander down the rabbit hole relating to various “depopulation agenda” theories involving the COVIDcrisis. However, the odd concordance between a possible population reduction objective and the dysfunctional “public health” policies is obvious to all open minded thinkers.”

    ” Here are the top 10 methods “they” are using to reduce human population down to a “manageable” amount, at which point those remaining (apparently including the heirs to the fortunes of those driving this bus) will all live in a “utopian society”. Personally, I suspect that the result will be more akin to the dystopia of “Mad Max” than enlightened Athenian Democracy or Platos Republic.”

    LeBron James’ 18-Year-Old Son Suffers Heart Attack During Practice – Zerohedge
    ( They will blame anything and everything but the VAXX )

  117. Rod Sturt

    Russia Fires Nuclear-Capable Kalibr Missiles At Ukraine’s Odesa; Casualties In ‘Revenge’ Strikes / Hindustan Times 138,768 views Jul 23, 2023
    In the latest wave of overnight attacks on Ukraine, Russia launched a devastating assault on the Black Sea port city of Odesa. The attack resulted in one person killed and 18 others injured. The governor of Odesa referred to the attacks as Russian “terrorist acts” that caused severe damage to residential buildings and religious infrastructure. Ukraine’s air force reported that Russia fired high-precision Onyx and sea-to-shore Kalibr missiles during the assault.

    Putin’s Drone Fury Hits Odesa Grain Hangar; Russia Unleashes Iranian-made Shaheds Overnight | Hindustan Times 36,416 views Jul 24, 2023
    Russian drones wreaked havoc on Ukrainian port city of Odesa for another night. The Ukrainian military claimed that three Iranian-made Shahed drones were shot down as they targeted Odesa overnight. A grain hangar was destroyed and four people have reportedly been injured in the attack.

    “Dead Ukrainians Don’t Matter!” – Says Washington Post
    ” Let Them Mow am DOWN SOLID,” Says $Billion Briben Biden!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 109,485 views Jul 23, 2023
    In a recent Washington Post column, opinion writer David Ignatius argued that the Ukraine War has been an unalloyed success for everyone on the Ukrainian side before adding parenthetically, “except for Ukraine.” So nice of him to acknowledge that the one downside to continued American imperialism has been the tragic deaths of tens of thousands of Ukrainians. [Joe, your rape of Ukraine, worse than anything Hunter did!]

  118. Rice Christian

    ⚡ALERT! PANIC BUYING BEGINS, Exports CRASH! Polish Troops to Border, 37% FATAL VIRUS, HEATWAVE!
    Canadian Prepper 177K views 15 hours ago
    Hell In a Handbasket Case, of WAR!

    White House MELTS DOWN As NEW WHISTLEBLOWER Humiliates Joe Biden
    Stephen Gardner 196K views 21 hours ago

    • Prospector

      Canadian Prepper is small time. Shock-Jock headlines for clicks.

      ” ITS OVER ” ” Evacuate NOW ” ” You wont believe what they just did ! ”

      If you want true , over the top , disconnected from all reality fear porn , that gets even more over the top , overhyped & exaggerated each week , see Patrick Humphrey for laughs.

  119. Darren Zych

    Love Jim R However just about every financial guest that has been om in the last year totally disagrees with him concerning the currency issue. Once countries realize they can leave the $ behind with no military consequences to suffer, the United States financially will collapse and implode simultaneously. First the fake Stock Market and everything attached to it, then mass un-employment followed by SUPER hyper inflation. Bad things are coming. Jim will never say he was wrong, probably just write another book…

  120. Richard J. Dunleavy

    Who Is “the King of the North” Today?
    “He will come all the way to his end, and there will be no helper for him.”​—DAN. 11:45.
    WE HAVE more evidence than ever before that we are living at the end of the last days of this system of things. Soon our father God, through his only begotten son Jesus Christ, with the power of the Holy Spirit, will destroy all governments that oppose the heavenly Kingdom. Before that event occurs, the king of the north and the king of the south will continue their conflict with each other and, mind you! With God’s people!
    After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, God’s people, most that were apart from the Orthodox Church. In that vast region of 11 times Zones and sharing a border with Alaska in the United States and separated by only two and a half miles. That you can swim across in summer and has been done many times and walk across on ice in only 15 minutes. Those separated from the Church enjoyed “a little help”​—a period of freedom. (Dan. 11:34) As a result, they were able to preach freely, and before long the number of those Christians outside the Chruch, in the former Communist bloc rose to hundreds of thousands. Gradually though, because of Satan the Devil. Knowing he has a short period of time to kill us all off, like Hitler. When Hitler was facing impending doom too, like his father the Devil now today in defeat. HITLER, egged on the allies, refusing surrender to the last German, to take as many with him! Blaming the German people for losing the war and his agony of defeat. ◄ Revelation 12:12,
    So, Russia and its allies emerged as the king of the north and for a government to fill the role of the king of the north or the king of the south, it must do three things: (1) interact directly with God’s people, (2) show by its actions that it is an enemy of God by persecuting his people, whether main-line Christian or not (3) compete with the rival king.
    Note why we can say that today the king of the north is Russia and its allies. (1) They have had a direct impact on God’s people, banning the preaching work and persecuting hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters who live in areas under their control. (2) Those actions show that they actually hate and any of his people. (3) They have been competing with the king of the south, the Anglo-American World Power. Let us see how Russia and its allies have filled the role of the king of the north.

  121. R.DunLeavy

    The king of the north and the king of the south continue to compete for world domination. For example, consider what happened after World War II when the Soviet Union and its allies gained influence over much of Europe. The actions of the king of the north forced the king of the south to form an international military alliance, known as NATO. The king of the north continues to compete with the king of the south in an expensive arms race and direct war with Ukraine, stuck in the middle. The king of the north fought his rival in proxy wars and insurgencies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In recent years, Russia and its allies have spread their influence across the globe. They have also engaged with the king of the south in cyber warfare. The kings have accused each other of using destructive computer programs in an effort to damage their economies and political systems. And as foretold by Daniel, the king of the north continues his attack on God’s people.​—Dan. 11:41.
    Daniel 11:41 says that the king of the north will enter into “the land of the Decoration.” What is that land? In ancient times, the literal land of Israel was considered to be “the most beautiful of all the lands.” (Ezek. 20:6) But what made that land especially precious was that it was the location where true worship was practiced. Since Pentecost 33 C.E., that “land” is not a single, literal geographic location; it cannot be, for God’s people are spread throughout the earth. Rather, “the land of the Decoration” today is the realm of activity of God’s people that includes such things as their worship of God through meetings and their ministry.
    During the last days, the king of the north has repeatedly entered into “the land of the Decoration.” For example, when Nazi Germany filled the role of the king of the north, particularly during the second world war, that king entered into “the land of the Decoration” by persecuting and killing God’s people. After World War II when the Soviet Union took on the role of the king of the north, that king entered into “the land of the Decoration” by persecuting God’s people or exiling them to Siberia.
    In recent years too, Russia and its allies have also entered into “the land of the Decoration.” How? this current king of the north banned the preaching of God’s people and threw some of our Christian brothers and sisters who are outside the Orthodox Church into prison. He also banned publications, including Bibles not approved by the Church. However, even when God’s people are severely persecuted, they refuse to participate in any action to subvert or change human governments. Rather, they follow the Bible’s counsel to pray for “all those who are in high positions,” especially when such ones are making decisions that could affect freedom of worship.​—1 Tim. 2:1, 2.

    The prophecy recorded at Daniel 11:40-45 focuses mainly on the activity of the king of the north. Does this mean that he will conquer the king of the south? No. The king of the south will still be “alive,” when God and Son Jesus destroy all human governments, including the Anglo-American king of the SOUTH, at the war of Armageddon. (Rev. 19:20)
    Why cry over spilled milk, patriots. Don’t be like the loser Hitler. You can’t argue with God. This has been in the works since Adam and Eve, betrayed God and Cain clubbed Able, on his head killing him! Able will be a winner in God’s new green Earth, because of his faith! Have faith, in God’s righteous new Heavens and new Earth under his Kingdome rule. Will more than do enough to right all the wrongs, injustices suffered. Because of evil spirit creatures and the men, they duped! They were only allowed free reign, to settle that issue Satan raised, skin in behalf of skin. In that case of Job, still playing out up until the incoming great tribulation. Why can we be so sure? Well consider more of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. I’m sure. To indicate in future posts and yes Greg welcomes all to chime in. Bible prophecy is in all our future and salvation. Yes, in our human condition it’s always better understood in hindsight. When we will see it was always there but hidden from prying eyes. So, lol, keep prying and trying. Don’t be crying, except tears of joy, when we see the son of man and God. On the Whitehorse, of the Salvation Army!
    Does Salvo’s have any good used horses? Maybe after the war that will end all war!
    Watch Out INCOMMING SOON. TO A Neighborhood NEAR YOU! So be it. Amen

  122. Kay Lake

    Leaving EU…’: Hungary’s Bitter Brawl With West Escalates; Pro-Putin Budapest Issues Warning / Hindustan Times 63,742 views Jul 25, 2023
    The war in Ukraine has triggered an internal fight within the West like never before. Both NATO and the EU have witnessed infighting over the Russia-Ukraine Conflict. A nation that is a member of both alliances, Hungary, has openly “supported” Russia. In Fact, Budapest is drifting closer to the scenario of potentially leaving the European Union. The country’s ex-central bank governor made the big revelation in an interview.

  123. Mike

    Excellent guest. I always enjoy listening to Jim.

    Thanks for having him on Greg.

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