Red Alert on a Dollar Collapse

By Greg Hunter’s  

Peter Schiff is a legitimate candidate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut for the 2010 election.  He runs a big time fund called Euro Pacific Capital.  He has made some big calls that have proven to be correct.  For one, he predicted the current financial meltdown at least 2 years before it happened.  He has written three books on finance and investing.  All are best sellers.  According to him, this downturn is not over by a long shot.  Schiff was out recently with a You Tube video warning about the collapse of the dollar.  That’s right, collapse as in worthless or near worthless.   This is kind of a long rant but well worth the listen.  Schiff is an economist and is no fool.   Please give this a listen, if you have the time, and heed his warning.  And please protect your assets!

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  1. anon

    all american money is being funneled into mexico

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