Ron Hera-We’re at 2008 crash levels

Greg Hunter’s

“We’re at 2008 crash levels,” says Ron Hera of   Hera thinks, “The dollar has been artificially strong . . . the dollar is due for a sharp decline.”  The Federal Reserve is likely to start printing money soon to spur the economy, and that will add to already rising commodity prices.   Hera says, “Silver is massively undervalued.  A smart investor would just buy silver and wait for the supply/demand fundamentals . . . to cause the price to rise.”  Rising food prices are especially troubling to Hera because of their negative impact on global stability.  He says, “Spiking corn, wheat and soybean prices” are leading to “political instability on a large scale.”   Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Ron Hera.

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  1. scoffers piont of view

    Yesterday i had a conversation with a scoffer that said(web sites just want to sell gold, and silver, Bread has not gone up to $8.00 a loaf,and theres no reason to fear high prices.)
    He was responding to a comment i made that bread will be 8.00 a loaf by 2013. I replied to his scoffing 2013 is not here yet.
    In short I hope im wrong,but i still think thats what (will) happen this year.Just as there are many roads that lead to the city, so there are many factors that can cause higher prices happening today at the same time to cause bread to be over $8.00 a loaf.

    • Chris

      It’s a mistake to attach time frames to paradigm shift arguments. Only talk about direction and leave the time frame to the market. There is plenty of historical data from the past 100 years to make a convincing point. If that isn’t enough, then future prognostications won’t save someone from their own cognitive dissonance.

  2. Mitch Bupp

    I believe he is correct.. we are still in a recession heading to depression.

    How about bailing out Main Street not Wall Street.

    Fake accounting methods and ponzi type stimulus will create sustainable economic activity.

    The “measures” in general have bee gutted and really don’t reflect the reality.

    The end of the “Green Brick road” and now the only thing that can save it is the yellow of Gold and a silver Eagle!

    Will crop yields break open inflation. I expect 50 percent increase in crop commodity prices.

    Thank You Greg for another insider view of the economy.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mitch for the support and comment!

  3. AndyB

    Greg: the reason that I am one of those oft derided silver bugs is that I have well researched the market and understand the supply crunch that is coming, as well as the price suppression schemes of JPM as the FED’s straw man. What I want to point out, though, is something that is out in the open (but rarely discussed) as to why silver, at current prices, may be the bargain of all time.

    Go back to 1980 at silver’s last top of $50. Research other commodity prices in place then. What you will find is that virtually all of them have at least doubled, with some actually quadrupling. So ask yourself a purely objective question. Why not silver? Especially since, over 30 years, mined ore grades have drastically declined, costs have risen exponentially, and there have been no significant technological advances in mining silver that would reduce costs in any significant way.

    Finally, and critically important, we most likely hit “peak silver in the 80’s; we are now most definitely on the downside of the supply bell curve, with perhaps a mere 20 years left of mineable silver on the planet (see USGS 2010 Report).

    • Greg

      You are a smart man and all your research is consistent with just about all billionaire investors I talk with who own physical silver. I predict you will be proven correct by a wide margin!!!

    • big3

      counter-args, not that i disbelieve your point…

      -we have no hunt brothers, only fat cheese morgan mafia
      -industrial use accounts for quite a bit of silver, and we’re at peak industry, particularly for film
      -if population drops, and/or fossil fuel supplies drop (which ultimately propel “the market”), demand should drop

      but in support of your view:
      -given any FUTURE industry/personal demand, price should rise
      -peak everything, price should rise

    • Jace

      In the last 10 years, demand for silver has dropped off due to digitization of photography. Silver-based film required a vast amount of silver. Most people have converted to digital media.

  4. victorkiriakus

    This site is awesome!! The interviews are so good, I wish they were a little longer. I think it would be helpful to get into specifics about what the crash will actually be like. I love precious metals but I can’t recommend putting ALL of a person’s savings in it.

    It is hard to find other good investments. For instance, some investors recommend investing in China. However, I think this is risky. If the U.S. defaults on the debt the Chinese hold, I think it is possible that the Chinese will not honor the shares in Chinese companies that Americans hold.

    Will worldwide default be the rule of the day?

    • C6

      I have 90% of my savings in silver and still feel that is the safest place funds could be located. Fiat currency will be worth very little in the future.

  5. this

    Nancy Grace spent a 1/2 hour ranting and raving about the lunacy of buying silver bars. It is almost funny listening to these clueless sock puppets in the main stream media talking out their arses! Keep stacking!

    • Chris

      I couldn’t be happier that despicable woman bashes silver. I was right about her before I found silver and now all the stars have lined up as she continues her misery for profit campaign by bashing money and freemen.

  6. Danny B

    Everyone is wondering which Black Swan is going to go splat and start things off.
    Hecla’s Lucky Friday Mine and Greens Creek Mine are temporarily closed. Silver production [ Jan to May] is down 63%. We are importing;
    silver bullion, silver doré, silver ores and concentrates, and silver ash and residues from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru.
    So, we’re importing “silver ash” and other concentrates from 14 countries. Does that spell desperation or naked?

    • Greg

      This is good info and analysis. Thank you.

  7. Norm Ezzie

    Silver- “Simply Irresistible” what else can I say on that?????


    Hi!, Patrons Of Et AL:
    First, Larry Edelson from Weiss Resarch’s Uncommon Wisdom says silve could fall to around $18/troy oz., before bottoming to rise again. Will it and who knows?
    2nd: NEVER let anyone fool you about silver’s viability, because one troy oz. of industiral silver can be drawn into a refined wire for use in all items electronic to send electrons from point A to point B that is 50 miles long. So, silver you see stretches much further than any of Hilicopter Ben Bernanke’s fake, fiat, I Owe You Nothing, private corporation, Federal Reserve Notes. NEVER undersell your silver below the intrinsic value just described herein or forever regret making this type of a huge, irretrevable once in a lifetime mistake. Use your silver to proser & never forget the world can electronically make it worldwide without it.

    RUSS SMITH, CALIFORNIA (One Of The Broke Stats)
    [email protected]

  9. Choo Hader

    I’m not a TV watcher. Cancelled cable long ago, but I know who Nancy Grace is and I would actually feel good if I woke up one day and found out she was hit by an 18 wheeler in a crosswalk. That disgusting b*tch is bashing PMs?!?! Excellent! So she has moved on from exploiting child murders? I thought she was a one trick pony.

    Find the Hader in you, then you will find out who is the primary cause of the planet’s misery (the Choo!)

  10. thejerkstore

    While this may all be well and good for those of us in the know, many people outside of this realm naively or not will be crushed as we see the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. Our first duty is to our family, the second is to help our fellow man.

    Everybody loses in a depression, he who loses least is the winner.

    • Greg

      Yes, and the best thing you can do for your family is keep preparing. I have the feeling you are doing just that and that is a good thing. Thank you for your comment.

  11. Andy

    Silver and gold the Gods have denied them, whether in mercy or in wrath, I am unable to determine. – Germanicus

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