Rotten Biden Numbers, Desperate Dems, Gold Smells Fear

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 515 2.11.22) 

The numbers for the Biden Administration keep coming in, and every month the numbers more rotten than before.  CNN just reported in a new poll that 57% think Biden’s first year is a failure.  I say this is the best they can make it look, and no way 43% think Biden is making America anything but a third world hell hole.

The rotten numbers are why you are seeing increasing desperate acts by Deep State Democrats.  Nearly 30 Dems are throwing in the towel and not running for re-election in the House.  You are also seeing increasing desperate acts by the Biden Administration such as its DHS calling criticism and facts a “heightened terrorism threat.”  Yes, Biden and crew are so desperate they are outright attacking the Frist Amendment.  I smell a huge backfire coming.

The Fed keeps threatening a rate hike.  Gold is not buying it at $1,824 per ounce, and you should not either, according to economist John Williams, founder of  If the Fed is stupid enough to raise rates in this very weak economy, you can expect a hyperinflationary Great Depression.  Who knows what the Fed will do because it, too, is desperate, and gold smells fear.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.11.22.

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After the Interview: 

Rob Kirby of will join us from Toronto, Canada, to talk truckers and an exploding money supply.  Hint: the inflation you are seeing is just the beginning.

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  1. John Doe

    “O Canada”—All four verses!

    • Anthony Australia

      Australia too.

      Canberra is going off Ray Mate! It’s going to be a cracking weekend.

      Hey Greg,
      The BS narrative there has been adopted here by the MSM, “meddling in the elections” they shout.
      Russians & Chinese, fun times indeed.

    • mike martin

      Be ready to have your mind blown.

    • Craig Yeargin

      As always your right on Mr. Hunter. Been listening to you now for over a year and your so informative and up to date. There’s no BS with you your always straight to the point on everything. Your guests are no different, they are spot on. Please keep up the great work you do and my God bless you and your family always. 🇺🇸

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks craig. Sorry to say I am not always right.

  2. Kenneth RAPOZO

    Mr. hunter , you are number one , Stew Peters is number two . Mahalo nui , aloha From wailua Kapaa , Kauai Hawaii . Kenny RAPOZO

    • al Hall

      for the people out there in Greg’s world and anyone who actually have 2 brain cells working- This is what you see happening around the world.


      CAN IT BE STOPPED!!!???
      Rockefeller Institute, THIS IS WHERE A CIA FRIEND TOLD ME ABOUT 15 YEARS AGO!!!

      Subject: The NWO Agenda – as revealed by Dr Richard Day in 1969

      • Laura McDonough

        Al Hall: I played this report over and over, there should be a written transcript online. Majority of people in this country and overseas are either ignorant of this or just don’t care. This is why the globalists are far advanced , close to a reset now. I assume five percent are really tuned in and well informed. We have few we associate with that’s informed and prepped. Several others (out of state) talk on phone and x cg online info. We are retired and only two people out of this retirement community are tuned in. America is over because so few patriots exist in 2022. People need to get their affairs and house in order. Voting means nothing, the whole thing is staged. Majority of people will march into FEMA camps willingly because they are dimwits and listen to TV news telling them to get more shots , and soon go to local fema center (when it’s announced on news).

      • JM

        Our grandson, 24 years old, died on Tuesday evening on Feb. 8, 2022. Admittedly, he had considerable birth defects and never ever spoke a word, took a step, or did anything for himself. However, he did live to 24 YO, but he took the “jabs” (his parents decision, both doctors) 6 or 7 months ago. What is of real interest is that the parents decided to have him cremated and when they called a crematorium in Albuquerque, they were informed that the crematorium couldn’t get to him until Feb. 15 because they were so backed-up with bodies. I wonder if Hitler ever had such a backlog with his ovens?

  3. Johnny Tepsic

    Gravitas Direct: Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ goes global
    19,057 views Feb 10, 2022 WION
    Canada’s Freedom Convoy has gone global. Protests against vaccine-mandates are being reported in France, Australia & New Zealand. Back in Ottawa, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is face the ire of the Canadian opposition. Palki Sharma gets you a report.

    • Laura McDonough

      The Canadian authorities have threatened to slash tires, drain their tanks and arrest them. Will they fight back? If not will U.S. truckers fight back in DC next mo.? A civil war is likely as people are fed up w/ mandates and want to earn a living and live a normal life. Children today and younger people won’t have a future as I see it now, as newer deadlier bio weapons planned to force people into accepting resets and mass genocide. Years ago, we chose not to raise a family when many books published in the decades after ww2 were read (no internet) and speakers came from patriot groups. These books today are suppressed and few in circulation. RFK Jr’s new book out exposing vaccines and agendas on reset. title: the real Anthony Fauci

      • Warren B.

        Whilst Fauci gets a lot of attention (and deservedly so because he requires retiring by way of Hanging/Guillotine/ Firing Squad)…he is nothing more than a Director ( A Front Man) for the Mob. He isn’t the brains trust behind this grand genocide and Gene Editing/Transhumanist scheme- playing GOD. The EVIL goes up many levels above where he sits.

  4. Scott

    More fun and games you might of missed

  5. Canadian B

    Greg you’re so adorable, love the haircut!
    God bless you!

  6. Mindy

    Thank you for being a source of news that I trust. You are one of the very few people that I do trust for information. Praying that the Father in Heaven poors down blessings upon you and your family.

  7. Scott

    Absolutely true on Ivermectin binding the spike protein and ACE2 . However, it’s still an FDA drug with side effects. I actually prefer God made Allicin vapor because it breaks the Spike, the Envelope, and ACE2 at disulfide bridge points. Plus vapor is super fast acting. It’s food, not FDA regulated at all. US Patent Pending 17/210,366.

    • IIG

      I agree – God made Allicin vapor breaks the Spike, the Envelope, and ACE2 at disulfide bridge points – Allicin is Garlic’s active ingredient (and one of the most powerful antioxidants found in food) – Modern research has shown that Allicin in addition to being a major antioxidant is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial (far surpassing the effectiveness of some antibiotics) – so having Garlic breath repulses these harmful alien life forms (and also Vampires who are repulsed at drinking blood with Allicin in it) – speaking of Vampires – we now have perverted humans at DNC Pizza Parties now drinking children’s blood for life extension purposes and they are now following orders to reduce the sunlight hitting the Earth (using geo-engineering chem-trails) so that the real off-world Vampires can come up to the surface from their underground nests (during daylight hours) to feed on humans!!

      • Mark Maples


        I am not trying to insult you. These wild claims undermine your credibility.

        I will offer some free advice, you can take it under consideration, or tell me to jump off:

        “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof “

        It isn’t enough to see some video on the internet claiming aliens live under Antarctica or some other such nonsense

        • IIG

          I guess you don’t believe the nonsense that the “jab” will kill you either … or the nonsense that inflation is over 7% … those who delve deeper for the truth (like award winning scientists and economists) are always put down by the lies of politicians and the misinformation of the main stream media (who follow a non-human agenda of covering up the real facts and instead tell us we live in some wonderful fairyland (where perverted transgender clowns bounce babies on their laps during story time in our commie schools) … listen to this “nonsense” from Linda Moulton Howe (and try to keep an open mind)!! …

          • Mark Maples


            Inflation is real

            Aliens and vampires are children’s stories

        • IIG

          You may still not believe the EBENs (and that is your prerogative) – but let’s assume “for arguments sake” that our Military men who “tell us they are real” are correct – should we not also believe the Military when they say the EBENs have a propensity to lie? – further – if these EBENs are supposed to be helping our American Government (as the Military says) and we know the EBEN’s lie – shouldn’t our politicians running the governments of the world not be so gullible in believing whatever the EBENs are telling them (that we all need to go to the doctor to be “jabbed”)???

          • Johnny Cool


            Have patience, there are people that understand, and people that don’t understand the true nature of evil. All of us here remember Paul…he knew, and was exterminated, but he was brought back to life as Lazarus was brought back to life by Jesus.

            No one can stop The Apocalypse, ask Nostradamus and Stan too…

      • Laura McDonough

        I use garlic daily, and keep my distance from others since garlic smells offend others . I am so used to it I don’t even notice. I wonder if I eat enough of it.

        • IIG

          You will know you are eating the proper amount of garlic when other people social distance from you by about six feet!!

      • Scott

        Good news, this processed food product does not have the sulfur content of the food. Garlic in food destroys the Allicin. If it makes to your GI tract the majority will be destroyed. The do coat it for the colon, but once it enters the blood the body absorbs it. This low dose of Allicin coats the surface of the lungs and sanitizes it of microbials. The halitosis and belching from eating garlic is absent. Our process catalyzes the allinase reaction in such a way that the yield and solubility goes way up 99%+. Allicin is only 4% soluble in water.

    • Pat McGee

      More info, how do you take it?

      • Ken Reidy

        Common since /Bottom feeders are ineffectual. Use your God given sience.

      • Scott

        The product is a food processed product. What you do with it is your choice. If you have an ear infection you may put food in your ear. If you have a lung infection you may put the vapor form of the food in your lungs. If you have a sinus infection you might inhale the allicin and then pinch your nose and inflate your inflamed sinus cavities with the allicin vapor and exhale from the nose. You can eat it out right as it is derived from the plant itself using a patent pending food process method. We do not have any OSHA data or any record of anyone who has ever died from eating processed garlic food. We sent Greg a sample. Perhaps he would consider demoing it for his audience (totally his choice).

        • helot

          I’ve read quite a bit about the healing and health properties of garlic. I’ve never heard of garlic vapor. When the fella above mentioned vampires, I suspect there’s some leg pulling going on.

          That said, from what I’ve read, there’s only one product on the market which delivers the clot busting benefits of allicin in garlic, Garlinex.

          Otherwise, you’ve gotta crush a garlic clove, wait 12 minutes (no longer than 45 minutes) & eat it raw to get the benefits of the allicin in garlic.

          …That’s my two Cents, take it or leave it, our Lord’s will, be done.

  8. Michael

    Thank you Greg! You look refreshed. Keep up the good fight.
    Brothers in Christ, Michael

  9. Socrates

    There was a trucker protest in anchorage Alaska last weekend. NOTHING on the news.

  10. Rob Lindeman

    Great Show Greg. Keep up the “good fight”. In the end, the truth will win out (II Corinthians 13:8). Thank you for holding Donald Trump accountable for pushing the so called “vaccine”. I am hoping and praying that he is not a part of “the controlled opposition”, but as you have said in the past, his actions are “too stupid to be stupid.”
    Ultimately, our Friend and Savior Jesus Christ is truly in control, and stands with us every step of the way in our walk through this sin cursed world. God Bless you Greg, Rob.

    • Laura McDonough

      Rob: Some who wanted Trump in, now know he is one of them, pushing vaccines at his rallies this past year. Not draining the swamp or having traitors arrested while in office, and forming the MAGA cult. The elite control the presidents of both parties. Congress is bought/bribed. A Marxist gov. is now over and running this country. Biden and Harris are Marxist puppets. W. Wilson was first president to be under elite control, then W. Harding onward.

      • Warren B.

        “W. Wilson was first president to be under elite control, then W. Harding onward”….
        I disagree.
        Washington was a 33rd Degree Mason. Many of those that have followed – were the same.

      • Robert says no

        Laura, I’m convinced Trump is pushing the vaccines because he wants their ad revenue on his new social media network. I’m anxious to see if he accepts their ads and still allows for commentary against big pharma and these ineffective deadly COVID vaccines. I’m anxious to see just how “free speech” his new network is.

  11. Marie Joy

    We, all, need to be in better shape for what’s coming.

  12. barsoom43

    Peter Schiff says the inflation is just beginning.. Years ago he said that once the Fed begins quantitative easing, they won’t be able to stop.. He was right. The Fed is boxed into a corner..
    They may raise interest rates but they cannot go high enough to curb inflation.. If they try, they’ll crash the bond market and if rates go high enough, the government won’t be able to service the debt- $30T now..
    In the end, the Fed/government will do what they always do- inflate the debt away.
    Just as Alexander Tytler predicted, our democratic republic is going to die. Gold and silver are good; food is good as is paying off debt.. For what is coming to the US, you better have a lot of lead: 1790 France and 1991 USSR are in our future..

    • IIG

      But perhaps as Pelosi said: “they will just print all the money they need to pay the bond interest and all the money they need to keep the market from crashing due to inflation “in nominal terms” (where one share of Amazon stock goes to a million dollars – but it costs a million dollars to buy a gallon of milk)!!

      • Warren B.

        Voila !!!!
        Its not rocket science…that is exactly what they will do – default by debasement. Bonds cannot crash….as the FED’s Balance Sheet Grows – all newly created “Fiat” will support the issuance of newly issued Bonds… they will keep the short end of the yield curve down and thereby stabilize the long end. It means massive printing on a scale we have never seen…..10’s of TLN’s every year…..and there was talk of “Bubbles”….well …baby….you ain’t seen nothing yet. When Speculators/HF’s/MF’s /PF’s start to understand this….its off to the Races. Don’t expect any crashes sometime soon. We are years away.

        • IIG

          And they will make the paper US dollars you have saved under your mattress “illegal” as they replace it with a “digital” electronic entry in the Fed banks – where they will then have the power to add digital credits to your account if you obey their commands (like take the “jab”) or subtract “digital” electronic money from your account (if you don’t obey and want to remain un-vaxxed)!!

  13. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter a great review of the week.
    Larry Fink and his friends at the World Economic Forum and the United Nations are out to destroy a $10Trillions company Blackrock to carry out their ESG agenda,just like we have here in the UK that is utterly destroying our economy.
    Meanwhile Mr Karl Denninger does a fierce analysis of inflation in the USA.
    Here in the UK our economy is on a precipice of disaster,even Mr Jacob Rees Mogg,a minister in the Johnson regime,moved his investments (£11Billions) to Bank of America New York Mellon seemingly. We can only wonder in awe at such perception. However for us floor scrubbing plebs as we come to work,we see the local Stasi out with mirrors on sticks checking cars in highly secure car parks here in Chelsea(London,UK) and South Kensington.You can actually taste the fear in the air among the elite who are probably invested with Fink’s Blackrock.

  14. Lee

    Hey Greg. Check out George Gammon’s Channel where he shows on a White-Board video how the BLS changed how they measure (the already Fraudulent CPI figures) back in January 2022. They knew what was coming regarding Inflation well in advance. John Williams I’m sure is aware of it but no one is talking about it except George.

  15. Foxx Drake

    On Tuesday January 11th I got sick with what I believe was Covid – Omicron. It took 4 weeks but today I woke up and felt 99% better (not not 100% I’m a bit drained). It took 3 courses of Ivermectin but I beat it.

    I had zero appetite, was wrecked with horrible pain (electric shocks through my legs/back) diminished taste and smell (not got 100%), and a high fever – followed by a chronic cough.

    No hospital.
    No vaccine.
    No Remdesivir.

    Did it suck? Yes it did. But I’m 48 and in reasonably good shape and was comforted through the process by a few things.

    1. I’ve been sicker – Yes, I’ve has worse flu (but not by much) and Montezuma’s revenge
    2. I knew what to do (thanks to alt-media: vitamins ADECK, Quercetin and Ivermectin)
    3. Extra-strength Advil helped a lot…
    4. It took Greg Hunter 8 weeks and he may not be at 99%; a raspberry on him 🙂
    5. This is a spiritual war and Jesus will only take you when it’s your time – fear not.

    All that said, I firmly believe this WAS a bioweapon and if a Hospital was involved the outcome would NOT have been so favorable.

    While sick, I sent some $$$ to the pastor arrested in Canada for supporting the truckers and a Truck Trudeau sweatshirt from Rebel News.

    I pray this dark time we’re going through comes to an end and the Satanists are held to account.

  16. tim mcgraw

    I like your haircut. I haven’t cut my hair since last March. In May I walked into the hair salon and told them, “I’ll never wear a mask again. Good-bye until your mask requirement is gone.” And now, I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I had a pony tail in 1970 and now that I am 70; I think I’ll grow one again. I still have my hair though not much else.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim!

      • Blind Lemon

        Greg: Source for the UK vax data? Thanks for what you do!

      • Steve

        HP and CNN have never dealt with a truck tire, very thick rubber and over 110 lbs. of air pressure. They will only do 1 tire and the rest of their life will still be looking for their HEAD! Their hair will not look as good as yours.

    • Laura McDonough

      I cut hair for husband, barbers today (most) can’t do a good job. Have cut hair for decades. Get wife or girl friend a set of clippers, barber scissors and have her cut your hair, not rocket science.

  17. Paul

    I love the Canadians. I have a place in port Huron-blue water bridge. The economy there is cross bridge trade where Canadians come to port Huron for better prices. About 50 percent port Huron economy. It’s been closed to this activity because of Covid-essential only.

    So the border towns have taken a big hit last two years-but not woke, union auto plants. Parts never stop. They take some pain and big news.

    I have canoed all over Canada and met these great people-as far north as Churchill Manitoba
    In polar bear country.

    My first time in Canada as very young boy in kincardine. My grandfather won a cottage their in a poker game. Enjoyed two summers their until he lost it in a poker game. No finer people. Many People in Detroit spend dining evenings in Windsor because it’s safe

    Trudeau trying to playbook of Biden of cold dark winter to these freedom fighters

    Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.

    Paul from arkansaa

    • IIG

      Paul … Trudeau says: “Truckers don’t have the right to block economic activity by shutting down economic activity nor do they have the right to block arteries with their trucks” – the Truckers say: “Trudeau does not have the right to deny them the right to work nor does he have the right to block up their arteries with clots by mandating they take the “jab”” – seems to me they should be able to negotiate their way out of this situation (without bringing in the police and military) as their arguments sound exactly the same!!!

  18. Trumpet Gabriel

    Windsor seeking injunction to end blockade
    5,173 views Feb 10, 2022
    TRUCKERS OVER THE TARGET Catching flax over Windsor!
    Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV
    The busiest international crossing in North America is deserted. Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates for their industry and mandatory quarantines have essentially blockaded the Ambassador Bridge.
    241 Some of the Comments Add a comment…
    Ren Suzugamori 54 minutes ago
    The mayor is projecting. What he meant to say was “We don’t have a right to affect the way you and your family earned a living and we’ve gone too far.”
    Linda Hanley 32 minutes ago
    Keep on trucking , truckers. God bless. Stay strong 💪🇨🇦🇺🇸❤️✅
    bob smith 59 minutes ago
    Did that dude really say the protesters don’t have a right to prevent people from earning a living? Does he have any idea how ironic that statement is?!
    FROM HIS TRUCK? I Don’t Think So. . .BETTER Call ANTIFA!
    All the dough in China and George ‘sore loser’, Soros’s deep pockets couldn’t
    From Down Unda A Truckers Wife: Were All Canadian Now!
    Freedom Convoy heart-warming Story – “You have to see with your own eyes!” | IrnieracingNews
    35,206 views Premiered 2 hours ago Marcel Irnie
    A heartfelt and genuine story this morning to start the day with. It comes from one woman who is a Program Director with one of Calgary’s mainstream radio stations and how she felt a need to go to Ottawa herself to see with her own eyes the Freedom Convoy. 880 Comments Add a comment…
    Nick Hayfa 1 hour ago
    Thank you so much.
    Beautiful Canadian, God Bless you all .
    Michele Cox 1 hour ago
    I’m 66 years old. A grandmother living alone. These last two years truly have been like a near death experience for me. Emotional roller coaster doesn’t even begin to tell you of the stress that has taken me to the depths of despair Many Many times. I have considered just taking medication and not waking up because waking up in this world was such a painful thing . This world is being destroyed by an evil that is rolling into our lives like a slow rolling fog. It is only by the grace of God I am still here. But, since these Truckers began rolling in 10-12 days ago…. OH MY GOSH…. LIFE IS WORTH THE LIVING AGAIN ! I have a new found hope in people, society is finding itself again and people are tired of being suppressed and want to actually breath again. We have found our heart for living free again. God bless these Truckers and every man woman and child that are everywhere world wide watching praying and fighting for their God given rights FINALLY. Thank you, I now feel ALIVE again and that life might just be worth the LIVING… and joy might just be around the corner. Thank you for giving me a reason to want to breath again.

    Freedom Convoy: How might Canada’s trucker protest end?
    By Sam Cabral BBC News, Washington 1 day ago
    The narrow streets of central Ottawa remain clogged with trucks and other vehicles, two weeks into a protest calling for the country’s pandemic measures to be axed. How might they be moved on?
    Organisers have pledged to keep going “for as long as it takes… until Canada is a free nation again”

    The Canadian Truckers CAN’T Be Stopped!!

  19. Robert Coleman


  20. Rich

    Greg, so if we’re unvaxxed, but exposed to vaxxed people who shed the spike proteins, do our bodies start producing spike proteins forever like the vaxxed, and does it change our mRNA? Or do we just get sick temporarily from exposure to the shedding of spike proteins from the foolish sheeple who took the vaxx?

    • Greg Hunter

      No, but it does your body harm. Ivermectin binds to the spike proteins and removes them from the body according to Dr. Kory.

      • todd

        greg 3 rivers pharmacy in indiana fill out medical history form they have physician who will prescibe if appropriate.Takes about 2 weeks

  21. Daniel

    Hello Greg

    Glad to see you are doing better from your symptom that you had…… Here is a bible verse in Matthew chapter 7 verse 24 and 25 and Psalms chapter 62 verses 5, 6, 7, & 8 King James Version:

    7:24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

    7:25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

    62:5 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

    62:6 He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved.

    62:7 In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.

    62:8 Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.

    Have a delightful day and enjoyed your presentation Greg……….

  22. Gaylene Muir

    Canadian protesters tell Hannity how they feel about ‘gutless, spineless, cowardly’ Trudeau 118,787 views Feb 11, 2022 Fox News
    Fox News contributor Sara Carter reports live from Ottawa on the state of Canadian truckers’

  23. Bob Hoffman

    Hi Greg:
    Another superb interview with John Williams. What did he say to you off camera? Somehow I had the feeling that he knew the economic condition comes close to collapsing. Did he ever say more about it off camera? I am following your advice from a couple years ago: Get prepared. Stay prepared.

  24. GayleneMuir

    Gen. Keane says Putin ‘wins’ if US, Europe do this
    228,960 views Feb 8, 2022
    Sanctions against Germany, am laughing my head off. Who sanctions America then????
    Putin responding to a French journalist : “nobody wants a war, neither Russia, nor France, nor Ukraine but if it were to happen, you wouldn’t have time to blink”

  25. Muir Gaylene

    The woman behind the man behind the wheel – Pamela Gilmartin
    Pamela Gilmartin Irish Country Singer!
    For All The Girls Missing They’re Men In Canada

  26. andyb

    This am, on the populist press website there is an article on an Alabama embalmer who speaks of horrendous findings during embalming indication death caused by the vaccines and not the virus. Everyone should read this. I have also seen similar reports from MEs who do autopsies. I fail to understand why the fact that it is now proven that the vaccines are bio-weapons has failed to gain traction. Apparently, everyone who works for the MSM should be held accountable and it is now obvious, from the lack of deaths among the elites and the pols that they have been injected with saline or some innocuous substance. By all reckoning, by the end of this year, there will be at least 10 million, perhaps 30 million US deaths, which by percentage, would indicate the deaths of at least 15 to 50 politicians on the national level.

    Amazing, isn’t it, how much we are being played.

  27. Astra Penny

    I too like your hair cut Greg – but then I like you whatever your hair cut , and I am so grateful for all the essential and vital information your bring us, over and over again. THANK YOU Greg.

  28. josh

    Hi Greg,

    Can you ask Martin Armstrong if he would come back on?


  29. Lynn Moser

    You said it is a bioweapon…so considering that; the clot shot IS working. It’s offing people one way or another sooner or later. The bioweapon IS effective.

  30. Jim Kuzdal

    Another great show, another homerun, how does Greg do it, amazing!! 😀

  31. Lynn Moser

    They cheated in every state. Washington state has been selecting governors for decades. We used to go back and forth term by term but in the 80’s that stopped…Been all DEM since.

  32. john geis

    Ivermectin THE HUMAN PILLS, are available at pharmacies in Mexico and people in Texas are crossing the border and buying it CHEAPLY!

  33. Robert Swan

    Greg, suggested Tomorrow’s Poll Question: Regardles of whether you have or have not received the experimental drug CV-19 protocol, do or would you have any concerns or apprehensions about getting a blood transfusion from someone who has been injected with the CV-19 shot?

  34. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  35. Carl Drysdale

    I’m so glad you got over your ‘flu’ and are back in good form!

  36. Roger...

    Tip of the hat to the Canadian Truckers!

  37. Louie

    Great Information !

  38. Steve

    Crack pipes matter!

  39. Louie

    Another Great Report By Greg

  40. Andrew Cox

    Greg – Please keep an eye on and report on what is unfolding in Ukraine/Europe.
    Many of us fear that the US/UK/NATO are actively provoking Russia into starting a war over the Ukraine.
    A war could kill millions of people and destroy the economy.

  41. Gene

    The Demon-rats are digging such a political hole for themselves that they simply cannot afford to let elections occur this November. They must find some way to justify cancelling them. Perhaps they will embrace the plans of the Neo-cons to provoke nuclear war as a pretext for avoiding elections.
    The agitation by the Neo-cons for war over Ukraine continues to escalate, so that we should expect it will succeed before long. Russia is aware that the Neo-cons have advocated a nuclear first strike, so they know they must strike preemptively using unstoppable hypersonic nuclear missiles, among other means, to avoid annihilation of their military capabilities before they can be used. Communist China will then launch its invasion of Taiwan and the US, understanding that China must not be left intact, will retaliate with whatever nuclear weapons have survived Russia’s attack.
    The strategy of modern warfare was developed during the Civil War: complete destruction not only of the enemy’s military, but also decimation of his entire society, economic, political and social. That was the brief given by General Grant to General Sherman, which he executed to the letter. This prevailing doctrine of total war contemplates elimination of the enemy’s will to fight.
    The soon-to-come nuclear war will quickly result in sudden destruction of our Power Grid by EMP attacks, as well as the devastation of every American city with substantial population, significant industry or an adjacent military base. Ninety percent of the American population could be lost as a consequence.
    But then, in the absence of significant real assets to securitize the banking system, central banking will also become extinct. Only real money will survive to provide liquidity for economic reconstruction. American society will become predominantly agrarian from necessity (after the nuclear winter passes); reconstructed industry will serve basic human needs, not warmongering. The transformed country will in many ways be much like the American society of 1790 for which the original Constitution was designed; Constitutional government will then be reconstituted and reinvigorated.
    In the war, all of the nuclear powers likely will endure devastation, including those that might not take sides in the war (e.g., India and Pakistan will take the opportunity to launch nuclear attacks against each other). In the absence of foreign threats, the American remnant will be able to avoid the foreign entanglements abhorred by President Washington.
    The “new birth of freedom” so ardently desired by President Lincoln will blossom in a simpler and saner world thoroughly disgusted by war. The emergent societies should subsist in peace until memories fade and Satan is once again able to temp foolish men to pursue power over all others (Matthew 4:8-10).

    • Dwight Branson

      I think I prefer the Promise of Christ’s return when He will rule and reign with a rod of iron for a thousand years, and then there will be a perfect, eternal new heaven and new Earth. Come LORD Jesus…show the elitists who is really in control!

  42. Barbara

    Nice to see you feeling better Greg and that your cough is gone. Did you see that Luc Montagnier died?

    From a post on Ben Fulford’s blog:
    Didier Raoult (outspoken microbiologist at Marseilles ‘Tropical Disease Centre’ promoting hydroxychloroquine) tweeted: “Luc Montagnier has died. We are losing a man whose originality, independence, and discoveries on RNA enabled the creation of the laboratory that isolated and identified the AIDS virus. This earned him fame, the Nobel Prize, and the incredible hostility of his colleagues. The attention paid to his latest assumptions was disproportionate.”

    The last sentence leads me to believe his death is suspicious.

  43. Francine

    You sound and look better… please take care of yourself…thank you

  44. Dusty Dude

    Great weekly wrap Greg, you look great and sound even better…. I’ve been taking the horse paste weekly. I’ve gone through 2 tubes. I recently received 300 x 12mg ivermectin tablets from my indiamart supplier. 300 x 12 mg doses cost approximately $175 which includes PayPal fee and shipping. It’s easy to request quotes for Ivermectin on India Mart via the phone app and just add the stipulation that transaction must be done through PayPal. This way the charge can be reversed. Very simple and it takes 3 to 4 weeks for the pills to arrive via United States postal service. I believe everybody should have some ivermectin on hand. I continue to use the the horse paste since I’ve got it on hand. Dosing is easy just dial your weight on the plunger and dispense. Flavor is not that pleasant But all you have to do is chase it down with water and some food to mask the taste. Ivermectin horse paste can be purchased online through tractor supply and they’ll deliver it to your doorstep for $20 delivery fee. Bottom line is stock up on plenty of vitamins (vitamins c d zinc quercetin NAC… Etc), Ivermectin, food, water, maintenance parts for vehicles, anything else you can think of. Buy it now it will only be more expensive later. I’ve found the lowest cost per calorie for food with a 30-year shelf life is the church of Christ later day saints. They have an online store where you can buy 30-year shelf life food by the case. Very reasonable. Also buy as much old junk silver silver bars and gold that you can afford.
    Been watching the freedom convoy in Canada. It’s the first demonstration the world has seen that actually has some teeth. Truck stop rolling the shelves will be empty in no time. That affects everyone. Governments will fall. I feel the tide is turning. Trudeau’s days are numbered and hopefully that ripples through the United States and throughout the world. This all ends when we the people collectively say no. These tyrants work for us unfortunately most have forgotten that.
    Keep fighting the fight Greg and thanks for all you do….

  45. L

    But, DEMS are excellent at Cheating, so the next Election is not a sure win.

    • Laura McDonough

      L: elections are a farce since the elite control both parties and congress. We quit that game long ago. Ever since W.Wilson became president onward, they are all puppets of the elite.

  46. David Bain


    Remember, the Biden administration is smoking the crack pipe. dey doughnut what dey do hey!

    Very sick administration. Very Very Sick!


  47. Ralph Kenniston

    Had the omicron middle of January. Felt like bad cold or flu. Five day treatment of ivermectin and all is well. Thanks to FLCCC and a pharmacist willing to fill the prescription no hospital stay, no remdesivir, no ventilator, no body bag! Took a couple of weeks to regain strength. The FLCCC and Dr. McCullough protocols work! May God bless and protect them from the evil they expose.

  48. Kevin24

    Updates from Toronto, Canada
    Today our Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford (like state Govenor) started talking tough against the truckers. Fines, tow, etc. and Ford is suppose to be a (PC) Conservative where as Trudeau is a Liberal.
    The PC party has become Liberal Lite and none of these politicians get it, that the people are done with the mandates, passes and segregation.
    The more politicians push the stronger the support for the truckers.

  49. Mike Anenberg

    Although I liked Neil Young and Joni Mitchell songs in the early 70s,, I never bought a single record from them. I didn’t give a nickel to them or their record labels. I’m glad about that.

  50. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    Hopefully Cliff High is right about the jab (that 19 of 20 Democrats took it and the death rate), Comments I am seeing from these idiots want the us (unvaccinated) dead

    • IIG

      The Demon rats “jabbed” their hand in the fire and got burned with heart attacks, cancer, etc., etc. – so they now tell “us” (who were smart enough not to put our hand in the fire) that “it is our fault” they got burned (because we didn’t “jab” our hand in the fire – like they would have learned anything from us getting burned) – the Demon rats are so dumb and greedy they are now buying crypto currency (to give the government total financial control and power over them to monitor their every purchase – and with that power comes the ability to lock people out of their digital account if they don’t obey government of corporate mandates) – do you think they will allow people to buy gold with their digital money? … this is why we all need to buy our gold and silver now before the US dollar is made digital (and the paper US dollar “made illegal” and not accepted for the purchase of anything)!!

  51. M Sansone

    Those crack pipes weren’t a gift to the black community. They were a gift to Joe and Hunter Biden.

    I wish folks were more curious and skeptical about the people they trust: Verify!

  52. Kevin24

    I lost another friend this past week with heart failure at 67. that’s 2 dead and 2 injured. We passed along the news to several old co-workers and got a message from a sweet mother who would be in her early 40’s and a health nut. I paste the sad response.

    “I too, is not 100%. I had a stroke in June. No history in my family, I was very healthy but I had my first AstraZeneca shot…5 weeks later, my left vertebral artery (the artery on the left side of my neck that supply blood to my brain ruptured while I was jogging. It caused blood clot then stroke. I’m not saying it’s related to the vaccine but right now, I only have 1 artery (right side). The left is not healing and I can have a Stroke anytime.
    So, In fear that it could be related to vaccine…I decided not to get my 2nd shot. I’m doing alright though. I just enjoy my life and family one day at a time. I hope you guys are well. ”

    This is not going to end well if the numbers in Canada are true with 90% vaxxed

  53. Rick Larson

    I can not make any recommendations, nor would I want to as every human is different. But as a thought experiment I just imagined a large group of white coat thugs having pinned me down and forced the injection on me, what would I do?

    I would eat one meal a day, a big meal, of naturally grown animal proteins and fats along with brassicas, alliums, and anything green (which has other healthy benefits of course). No sugar, no fruit, nothing processed. Overtime the hope is between autophagy and the production of new cells would clear my body of these spike proteins produced by the injection.

  54. Joseph Boudreau

    It’s the same here in Canada with Trudeau. The more he stands his ground the way he is doing, the more obvious it becomes that he’s finished. I compiled some numbers yesterday regarding last September’s elections. 79.5% of eligible voters either did not vote for Trudeau or didn’t vote at all.
    It’s time for dessert with a nice toppling.
    Thank you, Greg. I love independent journalism. Thumbs up! I too, am sooooo proud to be Canadian right now. Threaten with fines. Take away the gas. See it as it is. The honkin’ ain’t stoppin’…

  55. Donald Patterson

    Thank you Mr. Hunter you’re in my thoughts and prayers keep up the good work

  56. Jerry

    It won’t be long before we find out how the globalist will respond to the truckers.

    Just in case you’re readers have short memories, I might remind them of what they did to the branch dravidians in Texas and demonstrators at wounded knee, and of course the demonstrators at the park in Oregon who were blocking uranium sales to Russia by Hilary. The list could go on and on. Unless you’re in the group that wants to tear down this country they’re coming after you….period.

  57. Pat McGee

    Greg, the horse wormer is getting hard to get hold of as well. Many Pet Supply companies are selling alternate horse wormers either because they cannot get the Ivermectin, or…???

  58. RE

    Please note there ARE Rx companies online selling Ivermectin WITHOUT Rx – I have 12mg pills – but I may have lost them in a boating accident

    • susan

      RE, the one when you lost some of your guns, too.

  59. david wilson

    Brother Greg,
    I am so glad you are better. I was worried they had gotten to you.
    Thank you for all you do. There are few warriors who have fought as hard as you.
    You can walk with your head held high.
    Know that you will be greatly rewarded.

  60. Jerry

    Thank you for another great Weekly Update. The nail that stands up is the one that gets the hammer. You’re standing pretty tall. I hope you have an automated email set up that a significant other can send out if something happens.

  61. William Mitchell

    We need to support Trump’s gun control views “take the guns first. Due process second”.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do NOT support this and nobody should.

      • Todd

        i think he was joking…or being facious?

  62. David K

    Hi Greg,
    You look great … got a little worried !!
    Thanks for keeping us up to date !
    Keep fighting the fight !
    WWG1WGA !
    David K

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank man but I am OK now.

  63. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg. I ll bet the crack pipe idea was Hunter’s. Call it the Hunter plan, must be using them in the WH seeing all the trippy ideas they are coming up with. They could have sent them out w/masks and test kits for covid, missed opportunity. Buckle in stay prepared enjoy the ride.

  64. J. Loughran

    Maybe its time to interview a trucker with a degree (school of hard knocks is OK) in logistics? Apparently the mandates are just one of many shocks to the industry and to those trying to make a living as a hauler.

    See, Truck Rates Staying Hot, By TOM KARST February 10, 2022, The Packer (on-line magazine).
    Noted in the article, “Even though fuel costs are high for truckers, they only represent about 25% of their revenue, which is a fairly standard ratio. If fuel costs approach 30% of truckers’ revenue, there is expected to be a rise in bankruptcies and exodus from the industry.
    And it noted, “New CDL requirements could cost you up to $8,500 and weeks of training…New federal requirements for a commercial drivers license (CDL) take hold Monday, and it could have a major impact on anything from hauling grain or livestock to picking up a piece of equipment that’s more than 150 miles from your farm.
    According to the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association (ILFA), the new requirements could have a major impact on the movement of inputs. The Association says the new requirements mean an entry-level driver must successfully complete a prescribed program on theory and behind-the-wheel instruction provided by a school or other entity listed on FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry, all prior to taking the CDL test.

    “OVERVIEW of Article”
    Per-mile rates for refrigerated trucks are up 52%;
    The industry outlook on truck rates for the remainder of 2022 shows that rates will head even higher;
    DAT’s long-term forecast for spot-refrigerated truck rates predicts rates will increase in a range from 5 cents to 30 cents a mile higher by the end of the year;
    As deliveries are rushed to retailers, shippers had a preference to be “on time” rather than “in full.” That meant less-than-full truckloads were delivered in order to keep product moving;
    As compared to the previous, pre-pandemic times, spot market accounted for approx. 10% of freight. In November, spot market rates were sitting at about 25%;
    If fuel costs approach 30% of truckers’ revenue, there is expected to be a rise in bankruptcies and exodus from the industry;
    Tight freight conditions are expected to persist through much of the year.”

  65. John Shipp

    In Canada the Government is trying to say the Truckers are an insurrectio, but if you are going to an insurrection you do not take the kids and their bouncy castle, or the barbeque.

  66. Felix A Renteria

    We are glad you are feeling better greg,you are my source of many for truth in this deceptive world.My fellow americans please try not to support big pharma,pharmakia means sorcery,in my opinion they have killed millions with their garbage drugs.Pharmaceuticals stop the body from healing,period.I think vaccines cause more disease than they cure,like dr tenpenny said when you vaccinate babies the sick care system has a customer for life.GOD bless americans stay strong the fight against evil has just begun.Pray for the power of discernment.

  67. Vincent Osburn

    Lost another friend to the clot shot. He suffocated to death as he was coughing up blood due to blood clots in the lungs.
    Rest in peace Armando, I always admired your hard work ethic and thank you for all the kindness you showed me. You were way too young to leave us.

  68. Verdon Susan

    I’m so happy to see you completely recovered Greg
    Thank you for all of your hard work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Susan. “I’m Back” just like Joh Wick.

  69. Ivan

    Hey Greg,

    You are for sure one of my favorites. Not only for your personal views, but I think you have regularly of the best guests.

    Probably a favorite of many is Bo Polny. I expect soon you will have him again. When you do PLEASE ask him why do we expect what he is now saying will take place this year and happen by May when he said SOOO many specific dates and BIG happenings for Nov. & Dec. did not. Since, on his videos, he is ignoring the many misses as to why but [as he usually does] now is on to other strong & important calls….. The many misses he has had for me really affect his integrity, especially when he uses the Bible as his source of reference. I hope someone will for once make him answer to this. BLESSINGS!!

  70. Elias Andrinopoulos

    When the former 60’s “Freedom” has-been rockers and folk artists start shilling for big pharm drug pushers, you know things are bad!

    “The Needle & The Damage Done,” indeed. I wonder… if any one of Neil’s family got a vaccine side effect if he would change his tune..? Not that he or his family are required to take the experimental jabs…🤦🏼‍♂️

    What’s next? Bob Dylan advertising for Pfizer?? 🥴😂

    These people are all owned and controlled by the wicked record industry, plain and simple. And not a one of them acts in a way that is of their own volition. These people seem powerful but, just like the politicians and actors, they do what they’re told. All that $ and influence comes with strings attached!

    Check out Dave McGowans great book, “Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon,” tells the story of Laurel Canyon, the California hippie scene that birthed Buffalo Springfield (Neil’s first band with members of CSNY), Joni Mitchell, The Byrd’s, and others. Explains who funded it, and how the sound they pioneered proliferated throughout the world.

    Thanks again, Greg! God Bless! Love starting my weekend with WNWU! ☦️🙏🏻👏🏻

  71. Barb

    Thanks Greg! Look into Fenbendazole. It’s very much like ivermectin. Human grade is sold on Amazon.
    Be careful of donating to the 4 people claiming to speak for the Truckers and the GiveSendGo money. Amazing Polly has found some concerning things about them. Her video is on her Bitchute channel
    Did you see the video clip, during the Rittenhouse trial, which looked like a mans foot disapeared in the background, as if it was greenscreen?

  72. Harvey Ackermann

    Got you beat Greg. I’ve got a pair of cowboy boots that are 59 years old !

    • Greg Hunter

      I got mine in Beaumont TX in 1981. You got me beat.

  73. Brian Klug

    I have been able to obtain both Ivermectin and HCQ from this website:

    The drugs are produced and shipped from India and it takes about 4 weeks to arrive, but they don’t charge your card until you receive the shipment. The prescription is issued by a doctor on the website after filling out a questionare. The prices are reasonable and the the people at insulinhub are great to work with.

    HCQ comes with zinc sulphate capsules and Ivermectin comes with Doxycycline.

    I have heard that the US Postal Services has been intercepting these drugs but I don’t know if they are able to detect Insulinhub shipments. But again, your card is not charged until you receive your shipment.

  74. Diana Brown

    I have a question: Do you believe or know that the 11/3/2020 election was compromised? If you do, why do you think the midterms or any other election will not be compromised? I am truly puzzled about this as I know many if not most, do believe the election was stolen from #45. That stated, there were several governor races as well as other important issues on the ballots nationwide. I am truly puzzled why anyone would believe a federal election is the only level of concern when we all live in states where those state level positions are, perhaps even more important, than ALL of those on a federal levels. All of this is to state, I do believe/know the November 2020 election was compromised. The results of which have not been corrected. Until these issues are brought to light publicly, with supporting data, and prosecutions take place concerning same, where necessary, are held dealing with that fraud, one can only expect the same manipulation of public voice. I don’t plan to participate until a correction is implemented. The cries I hear for the “midterms” being the correction is seriously misplaced.

    • Mike R

      The 2022 elections have been already heavily compromised. Karl Rove screwed the GOP big time for the past year as all the re districting has heavily favored Dems. He was supposed to be advising, and helping them, and has been MIA.

      Oh, and gold is now $1860.

      There won’t be any red wave, as pelosi has won again with cheating. The gop is a bunch of never trumpers, siding with far leftists at every turn. That’s how Biden get cheated into office, as the compromised rhinos colluded with progressives. Shou,d turn everyone’s stomach,as conservatives have no voice in the GOP. Zero representation, sorry to say without Trump. People need to wake up here, and get over Trumps comments about the vaxx. Demon rats have already run the stinking table for mid terms. Don’t let the ‘near 30’ comments about that many dems not running again bc they are scared, fool you into believing that Biden and the dems are cooked in November. Nope and thanks to Karl rove, it’s the gop who is cooked. It’s pathetic.

  75. FreeBirdJohnny

    Awesome Update!

    Would like to hear you interview:
    Harvey Organ,
    Jim Sinclair
    James Anderson
    Keith Neumeyer(?)


  76. Al Day

    I do not concur with you or Ron Kirby’s synopsis of the on-going “trucker’s strike”. I believe this was a production of the deep state in order to further slow down and shut down our economy. It’s awful odd how many in DC are embracing this situation in many ways. A DC ‘trucker’s convoy’ is being organized and will even further shut down our economy. I believe this is all part of the “reset”. The unloaded ships, the truckers strike, slow downs in production of almost everything and the inflation are all parts to this scheme. Mark my words.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your opinion is not a fact. It is what it is and that what the sourcing says.

  77. I Ain't Moening

    Putin Warns Macron: Do You Want France To Fight Against Russia? Because This Is How It Will Be!
    200,641 views Feb 8, 2022
    skybot 999
    Mr. Putin nailed it when he said it was NATO moving infrastructure towards Russia and not the other way around.

    ‘See This Tiny Little Picket Fence On The Bottom Here—Probably Not’: Lankford Rips Biden On Border 99,512 views Feb 4, 2022
    Calamity Kate
    This is heartbreaking for the American taxpayers.

    GO CANADA – Six Days On The Road!

  78. John Wade

    Greg….great video as usual. I’m No doctor. I’m wrong 100% of the time. Take the info. I present as what I’ve done. You can present the info. any way you want, or not present it.
    Here’s where to find the 1.87 % Ivermectin, ( horse Dewormer).
    The place to get it for lots of folks is…. Am..on. In this instance, they may be a life saver for some people.
    According to lots of posts I’ve read, ( citizenfreepress ), you want the ( GEL) version. Any other version is NOT recommended. Also, you don’t want to take this internally by mouth, you want to rub it on fat areas of the body, using the FLCCC protocol amounts of Ivermectin.
    You are right about the cost of so called “human” Ivermectin. It’s expensive. I paid $120/20 – 3mg tablets from local pharmacy.
    The way I got my PCP doc to prescribe it – I educated him on it. I gave him all the links to your interviews with the docs. All the stuff I’ve dug up on the web. The FLCCC links to the docs and everything else I’ve been reading about. It worked, because I’m sure he’s overloaded with garbage science and lies. He said he could loose his license if things go wrong, but he’d do it this time.
    In addition to 50 Human Use Ivermectin tablets, I got a few of the 1.87% GELs to put away.
    Everybody needs to do the research themselves, and I believe it will lessen or eliminate everyone’s fears about Ivermectin. Just stick to the version of it listed above, and use it as a rub on, in the right doses. Follow the FLCCC guidelines, and it’s the best we can do in the face of these despicable tyrants.

  79. Pam Berkeley

    Senator Dr. Rand Paul MD.
    On Truckers, COVID Tyranny, Hypocrites, And Civil Disobedience Feb 10, 2022
    This is what a real interview should be. No prompters. Journalism.

  80. andyb

    Greg: I sent a post this am about the horrific news from an embalmer in Alabama re what he found in dead bodies. Similar news has come from Medical Examiners performing autopsies. Why, after monitoring, did my post disappear? Have you been threatened or paid off?

    • US vet 1968

      hi Andy, I saw that embalmer video truly amazing and some of those rubber things were the length of the legs I wonder why you don’t hear more about that stuff. I know Greg is 100% 1st amendment and would never remove such a post. He is one of the last pure journalists left on earth.

      • helot

        After learning about that, I keep thinking, the monsters are turning people’s blood into Silly String.

        Never thought I’d see the day when real life is more freaky than a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode,… yet, here we are.

  81. Pretty Boy Floyd

    Tucker: Justin Trudeau is attacking human rights
    292,504 views Feb 10, 2022
    As a Canadian I’m proud of these truckers! It’s not just about mandates, it’s about the compliance and the lies! It’s time we ALL had a voice, thanks Greg Hunter and

  82. Paul Brant

    The TRUTH About Protesters From Ottawa Residents
    65,813 viewsFeb 10, 2022
    Dennis Hendrickson
    40.3K subscribers
    Two Ottawa residents tell the truth about protesters in downtown Ottawa. They claim that their businesses are not affected and how wonderful and nice they truly are. Be sure to watch to the end about how the mainstream media is controlling the narrative.

    Wait…Have The Truckers Won?
    726,814 viewsFeb 10, 2022 Russell Brand
    With two Canadian provinces dropping vaccine passports and members of Justin Trudeau’s own party starting to turn on him over Covid restrictions, we ask, has the Freedom Convoy won?

    Trudeau is recoiling ‘in revulsion and horror’ at the Freedom Convoy truckers
    540,697 viewsFeb 8, 2022 Sky News Australia
    The Trudeau government and other elites are “recoiling in revulsion and horror” at the ‘Freedom Convoy,’ which is continuing its protest in downtown Ottawa despite a crackdown from local authorities.

    Ottawa Police Quitting, Taking Leave Over Handling of the Protest – Freedom Convoy 2022 Feb 10, 2022
    GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ottawa Police Staff Sargent Resigns. Reports of many other members quitting, taking leave over protest handling. Give Send Go reaches $8.1M.
    More truckers and Farmers arrested over fuel.

  83. Blind Lemon

    Greg: Source for the UK vax data? Thanks for what you do!

  84. Paul

    Robert Leroy Finicum – rancher
    Rest In Peace
    Bundy ranch-Harry reid-
    Expect similar to try to quell, USA participation in trucker strike.

    I guess are fbi in Ottawa

    This is troubling and would determine other country populism arising. If USA with second amendment stands down

    Thanks for the good show Greg

    Paul from arkansas

  85. Paul

    We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.

    The trucker strikes – worldwide-
    Need to be successful , determine human spirit for chance against this oppression

    The minsky moments in the background

    Paul from arkansas

  86. Dan

    There are millions of legal gun owners in Canada and they stand with the truckers, this is not counting the guns that no one knows about. Trudeau is toast and he knows it. Hope he hangs for treason, it could happen.

  87. pbd

    The FED tapering QE or actually raising interest rates is simply not going to work or be done (I think). The ONLY option for the FED is to continue to ramp up the funny-money printing. J. Powell jaw-boning about raising interest rates will accelerate the money-printing, because any increase in interest rates or even talking about higher interest rates will hurt the inflated stock, bond and real estate markets – and the FED will have to maintain liquidity and prop-up prices via money printing. J. Powell is gambling – essentially pursuing a “beggar thy neighbor” policy – in the hope that higher-interest rate jaw-boning is going to cause capital flight out of Europe, Japan and other jurisdictions in order to escape ex-U.S. state sponsored inflationary expropriation – and capital will flow into the U.S. as a supposed capital preservation safe haven – which will prop up U.S. financial asset prices – and create a positive feed-back loop (temporarily) that takes some money-printing pressure off the FED from having to “buy the market” to prop-up domestic financial asset prices.
    One way or another in the near-term stagflation is going to progress and morph eventually into hyperinflation as the FED will be forced to maintain capital market liquidity and thereby debase the currency into oblivion – FED jaw-boning and higher interest rates are only going to depress the economy and accelerate this monetary Ponzi death spiral – even with the unspoken “beggar thy neighbor” policy to shaft U.S. allies and enemies alike.
    FED strategy is dependent on maintaining control with the petro-dollar standard and USD reserve currency hegemony – that is why the powers at be want a Ukraine-Russia conflict to blow-up – so as to bust up Nord Stream 2 pipeline supply initiative that would increase potentially Russian gas/oil to Europe that at some point in the future could be paid for without USDs and bypass the U.S. controlled SWIFT system. Also a Ukraine-Russia conflict probably would involve higher oil prices which would support the U.S. fracking industry. And lastly, give the U.S. a more overt excuse to intervene in Ukraine to thwart and reverse the significant Chinese investments therein – China knows this and that is why recently it has openly sided with its otherwise arch enemy Russia – against the U.S.
    Best of luck all.

    • IIG

      I think China knows that as the Fed raises interest rates – they will at the same time print all the fiat dollars necessaery pay the rising interest expenses and likely put price controls on the American peoples basic necessities – this will obviously lower the value of all the US dollars China already owns (and thus take away their economic power over us) – so China is now rapidly building its own domestic market (to absorb all the goods they manufacture) and they are calling on every Chinese family to have three(3) children!!

  88. Robin D.

    Canadian protester slams Trudeau: ‘Does not deserve’ to be prime minister Feb 11, 2022
    WOW! This is tremendous! A real uprising. Truly Historic.
    FOX Business reporter Jeff Flock speaks to Canadian truckers camping outside of parliament in Ottawa.
    When you hear the stories of how people have been individually impacted by this Tyranny it is just heartbreaking.
    Calling these loving people racists and white supremacists is an absolute disgrace to humanity.
    Tears and cheers for my neighbors to the TRUE North!

  89. Michael L. Quick

    Neil Young’s music is owned by Pfizer… that’s what I heard see if you can check it out.

  90. ALBERTA Saskatchewan LOVE

    Mark Your Calendars! February 11th, 2022 Is The Day The Attempted Global Government Covid Power Grab Officially COLLAPSED – Watch LIVE

    Across the world, from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America, globalists are forced to back down after facing massive public pressure and raw facts of science!
    Alex Jones is taking calls & laying out all the incredible developments on the NEW giant trucker convoys and they’re journey to DC! The chain reaction for liberty has begun as people are waking up and discovering the horrible truths of what REALLY happened over the last two years!

    “When tyranny becomes the law, rebellion becomes a duty.” ~ Thomas Jefferson~ Terrorist; said the Royal eletists.
    To the American colonists, a Champion! Our founding father, framer of the Declaration of Independence constitution, Bill of Rights, which enabled those such same people to throw off the yoke of slavery, black and white and will never let the eugenicist return it, AXELROD, FAUCI AND GATES! You too OBOMBER!

  91. Kevin J Osborne

    Joni Mitchell had a serious stroke some years ago and is likely only getting info from sources near to her. She has been apolitical except for Woodstock so I doubt she’d comment on this, at least without influence. Young is another story.

  92. al

    Both my Wife and I are Pure Bloods. That’s going to be the next status symbol.

    I said the same exact thing Greg, how is it 42% of the people approve what this buffoon clown is doing? I live in a semi-blue area. I know all my Neighbors and they know me. We never talk about Politics but I know they are Trump haters thanks to the Marxist Enemy Media.

    NONE of them approve of what is going on and they ALL BLAME BUFFOON BIDEN THE RESIDENT. AND THEY ARE DEMOCRATS!!!
    I have to say it’s sweet watching them slowly wake up to reality. The Marxist spell is wearing off.

    I’m glad to see you do much better. I was worried. Prayers going your way.
    God Bless you and your Family

  93. Judd

    I don’t want hearings, I want trials , convictions, confinement and in some cases HANGING / FIRING SQUARD at the National Mall.
    Everything shall being televised on CNN, MSNBC., etc. Narrated by personalities from the “The View”.

  94. Paul

    Courage is the greatest of all virtues, because if you haven’t courage, you may not have an opportunity to use any of the others.

  95. Paul

    Some of if not all, the worst lockdowns countries all occur with one common
    Denominator. The lady on their currencies
    New Zealand, Australia, Canada and can’t forget England. Why is that

    • IIG

      The Queen originates from Transylvania (well known for harboring alien off-world bloodsuckers)!!

  96. Paul in OZ

    Another great job … here is the current strategy for dems to sell themselves on msnbc the last word with Lawrence O’donnell … Eric Swalwell admitted that Obama is going to be speaking to the Democrats tomorrow about their “messaging” and how to rebrand themselves:

    “If we can brand ourselves as a party that has delivered – Democrats deliver!

    Rescue plan, restaurant grants, getting the vaccine out there, getting kids back in schools, people back in churches… bringing down inflation, addressing crime… and oh by the way, the other side prefers violence over votes. We can win on that.”

    Pretty laughable … but Obama’s 3rd term with is resident will fail!

  97. Jason Kelley

    The short hair looks great, Greg.
    I appreciate the report.
    Thanks for being a blessing.

  98. richard english

    Greg , can someone tell me what the truth is about what is in the shots. If congress or the public wants to know, isn’t there a law, that tells you what is in the predict that they are giving you. It’s on everything I buy. You see there I’m going?

    • helot

      Man, richard english, are you kidding?
      I suppose you’re not, and you’re not the only one who thinks like that,… as if goobermint were a caring parent looking out for everyone’s best interests. Psft!

      Besides this title from Jon Rappoport, ‘FDA ready to OK the vaxx for babies; why not just throw the babies off a cliff into a volcano?’ … there’s this bit which I’ll never forget:

      ““It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption”)” …

  99. ron martin

    The fire for freedom and liberty has been ignited and it will not be snuffed out until bloodshed on both sides. Canadian truckers lit the match and it is up to us to keep the fires burning. If we fail all is lost. All who disagree are naïve. Pray, prepare, persevere.

    • IIG

      Their “secret weapon” is to pass laws mandating a digital US dollar – once Pelosi and the Demon rats get rid of cash by promoting electronic crypto currency using greed along with outlandish unbelievable profits (to the greedy among us who still can’t figure out what is really going on) – and a digital dollar established – no one – no one will be able to fight them (as the Globalists will have the power to shut down the digital bank accounts of anyone “they deem a terrorist”)!!

  100. Skip Havely

    Nice job again this week!

    I’m really looking forward to your Rob Kirby interview. Hope that you can get Bill Holter for an interview. These two guys are two of the best at providing insights into the pending global financial disaster. Wonderful to see you feeling better.

    God Bless You Greg.

  101. Gerald Benton

    When you mention the gates of hell. I think of the quote that Muhammad Ali borrowed from Jesus. “It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.” Amen.

    • East Coast Guru

      Gerald, it was Dizzy Dean who first coined the phrase you are referring to. Not Jesus.
      The famous quote about bragging was part of Dizzy Dean’s prediction of
      the number of games that he and his brother (Paul “Daffy” Dean) would
      win in the 1934 season. The Dean brothers won 49 games, and the St.
      Louis Cardinals won the World Series.

      “Dizzy Dean and his brother Paul (Daffy) were the pitching backbone of
      one of the most famous teams in history – the 1934 ‘Gas House gang’
      St. Louis Cardinals. Before the season Dizzy said ‘It ain’t bragging
      if you can back it up… Me and Paul’ll win 45 games this year.’ Dizzy
      won 30 and Paul 19 on their way to a World’s Championship.”

  102. SkeptiSchism

    Glad to see you in better health. I don’t know if you would ever like to do this, but today I was reading Romans 13 and if I may I’d like to include the first 3 verses because they are difficult for me to comprehend:

    Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same.

    Some people like to use this verse to say we have to do everything the government says, but I completely disagree. Especially if the government is clearly evil, and doing evil things. If you ever happen to hear a pastor speaking on this verse I would be very interesting in hearing his exegesis of the text.

    Sorry to go off on a tangent, good show as always keep telling the truth!

  103. Ginny Silcox

    Hair cut? I couldn’t tell which hair you got cut, Greg/but don’t worry, such trivial things always undo themselves.

  104. Farmer Ron

    Good-day Greg!

    Glad to see you’re back!
    Thought i would share the view from ground Zero here in Ottawa.
    our farm is 75 miles south of the Capital so we took the opportunity to go to town and see for ourselves what is going on.
    What we found is a peaceful hoge -poge mix of trucks ( truckers) supported by hundreds of supporters ( pickups , cars, vans…) from all areas of our society.
    Vaxxed and non-vaxxed, People who were forced out of their jobs for refusing to comply with the vax mandates ( the vax or your job) . Nurses, Teachers, cops, civil servants, … people from all walks of life who have had their lives, families, careers, ruined by the fascist mandates. Kind, generous, intelligent, peaceful people who want to make a stand, a line in the sand that says that this non-sense has to stop!
    The city, province and federal governments are all working together at harassing and spreading fear in the convoy in the hopes of discouraging and defeating them and their cause of Freedom. They are also vilifying the “truckers” portraying them as violent, selfish, mysoginist, racist, terrorist.
    The CBC ( our NPR) is even saying that the Russians are having a hand i this!!!!! LOL !!!
    We met an elderly woman who drove hundreds of miles to support the truckers. She shared with us that both her adult sons died shortly after they got the jab.
    She went into a deep depression and gave up her will to live until she heard of the truckers plight. Now she demonstrates against the Government for her fallen sons. She has nothing to loose and or to live for. She, like most of the people in the convoy are resolute in staying against all odds! The media is trying to compare this standoff with the Jan 6 th DC ” insurrection”. Last weekend thousands of farmers from the area drive their tractors to Ottawa to support the convoy. This weekend a delegation of thousands of blue collar workers, tradesmen and construction workers are piling into town to also lend a hand. Today and Saturday on Parliament Hill the top Scientist and researchers in Canada and the US will be sharing their scientific research and world data to show how the mandates and the vaccines are all rubbish and harmful to the population. The truth is coming out and these scientists are supporting the truckers 100% for their courage in challenging the establishments’ criminal disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    It’s time Americans shut off their Netflix and get their butts in the street and start voicing their anger and dissaproval of the same crimes being omitted against the American people by Bribem and the fascist governors of many states. It’s time to wake up and show the world what Americans are made of! Enough talk – time for action. Your truckers are now on route to DC….. pull up your britches and get involved. Canada is showing the way, but it will take the US to really make a difference and overthrow the WEF and Globalist world wide!

    Support your truckers, support your patriots…. get involved.!

    Farmer Ron

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting Ron!

  105. john+duffy

    Our Lady’s View of Our Times:

  106. Greg Morrissey

    Please get to know God. Read his word and watch this YouTube on the Book of Deuteronomy chapter # 7 & 8. if you want to join our online Bible study

  107. Mary Salzman

    Good evening Greg,
    I always enjoy getting to listen to your show. I’m glad you’re getting well from that nasty virus you had. Continue doing what you do. You’re a true warrior in God’s Kingdom. Continued prayers for you and your loved ones.

    Mary Salzman

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you so much Mary for all your Prayers & support!

  108. Virginia Silcox

    By the way, Greg, Pfizer owns the majority of Neil Young’s catalog.

  109. Jeff robbins

    Virginia is home to the Atlantic Fleet. When i was a kid back on the Eastern Shore, the late vote almost always went republican, and that was when you had the Blue Dog Dems, not some wacky he/she cross dressing, bug eating tree hugger. The late vote was military, and there is no way that vote went for Biden. I’ve heard that those votes are hand scribed onto conventional ballots- i believe theres fraud and a story there. It sure looks like banana republic stuff, and as much as I’d like to starve the government of their tax revenue, i know that the money printing is going to increase and that means the inflation tax is really our biggest tax bill going forward. We need a revival, our nation depends on it.

  110. Jerry

    Now the fun starts.

    The globalist are going to push up their timetable to destroy individual governments and replace them with the new world order of a one world government. The moment you hear someone use the term “ global citizen”
    you’ll know they’ve been trained like Pavlov’s dog for the state and will do
    whatever their told. According to some a false flag attack will happen sometime between February 15th and March 15th as a cover for the reset that’s coming.

  111. Bob Mihalovich


    • IIG

      And the Demon rats will supply all the pipe dreams necessary to make things seem better!!

  112. Pete+only

    So now, the Ontario Provincial Government has just seized the proceeds from Give Send Go destined for the peaceful Canadian Truckers. a sum of about $9 million.
    The Canadian Truckers also have a fund accepting donations for legal support, but so far that is still intact.
    Where were any of the governments when George Soros was funding Black Lives Matter, and now more recently the upcoming U.S elections with his $125 million of influence which is quite in the open.
    Terror is financed not by dollars, but ignorance of who the tyrants really are.
    If only the general public knew that banks have a license to make money up out of thin air, and then enslave most people with it….while governments back it from the ability to further tax the same general public.

  113. john+duffy

    Here is the video of the imbalmers testimony. Its convincing!

  114. Justn Observer

    Greg, This was rather confirming ?
    So many on the lists of the young global leaders and global stakeholders in WEF, explains their positions and places in MSM, industry and gov’t…all planned from 1993 and earlier… a complete list of , if successuful, a global fascist class running the NWO of things. And if the people do not stand up and confront it…nations certainly will lose their sovereignty and freedoms.

  115. Frank Stiles

    GREG, Please read this short report on the engineered 88% fatal Marburg strain which China unleashed on their own citizens late last year. They plan on exporting this globally after the Olympics. This is RED ALERT real!!
    Steve Bannon’s European journo, Ben Harnwell, has been reporting and updating this since Jan. 3rd. 15 of Putin’s staff + 5 bodyguards caught it. That’s why he left Beijing.
    I believe Dr. Kory said it can be treated pre-and-early infection with Ivermectin, etc.

  116. Elinor Saunders

    Greg, Your intelligence, sincerely, and wisdom is such a gift to us all. Particularly I want to add that throughout the years your ending statements about “FEAR NOT” have been very helpful to me. You are a gift to the people of this planet. God Bless you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Elinor for the very kind words.
      Your Brother Greg

  117. rv

    Liberals Are Losing Their Minds Over This Arizona Senate Candidate’s Super Bowl Campaign Ad.Jim Lamon.

  118. kbg

    Hey Greg,
    I wanted to second you about Melody. About a year ago, I liquidated my former company stock and bought metals through Melody. I found her because she sponsored you. The bank make me sign additional paperwork to approve the wire, just a cluster*, that left me a mental wreck for a few days. It took a few weeks to get delivery as my metals came from several countries. After the first txn, I worked with her for two more orders to reach my metals goal and it was a pleasure doing business with her. I think overall, I am currently up a little bit if I were to sell, but the stock I held is currently down about 20%, so yeah, it is nice to be out of the system. I can’t imagine losing my retirement to a crashing market/economy – and now I don’t have to worry about it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Very kind of you to report this to USAW folks. I have never had a complaint about Melody in 8 years–I kid you not.

  119. Dwight Branson

    The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is only about two weeks;>)

    You are looking and sounding great Greg, Praise God!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks DB!!! Youn made me smile.

  120. Gary Horn

    Yeah I do agree the most important health related question when entering the hospital would be whether or not the patient has already been therapeutically treated. However, if they have had the jab (according to studies) their innate immune system is now weakened and so it’s still pertinent to their likelihood of survival to know their jab status. Plus, we need to compile statistics to find out the percenrage of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated getting sick if we are ever to stop this tyrannical jab mandate!

  121. Ed Mustafo

    So as it turns out, China never jabbed their own people with the MRNA shots. They did purchase them ( gotta make it look good) but they never used them. I think that tells us all we need to know.

  122. D. Garrod

    And don’t forget the Jan 6th murders of Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland by Capitol Police.

  123. Randy Best

    Bo Polny continues to be wrong, month after month, year after year. God has not moved
    his hand and Gold/Silver are still being smashed down and not allowed to do what they are supposed to.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you not see what happened to gold on Friday? Be patient. Polny is right on the trend line.

  124. Bradley J Calhoun

    I remember a long time ago, I visited the campus of Harvard and the surrounding area of the city. It was a cold, damp, overcast day in New England and I also felt a heaviness and I just had a weird feeling and now I know why. I bet I felt the heaviness of an evil presense in and around Harvard. The people there seemes fake to me. I did not enjoy myself. I remember thinking, ‘remind me to never go to Harvard’.
    Good reporting Greg. Tell me, what do you think of a possible white-hat plan/military plan to fix this whole situation and usher in a new era of peace? I have heard a couple very smart people say they think there is no plan.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have the same feeling when I was there, and it was a bright sunny day.

  125. Patrick G. McHenry

    1. Polling (even fake, manipulated polling) indicates Dems are facing an epic rout this November.
    2. No one with much sense believes economic news is going to improve over the course of the year.
    3. Widespread vax injury and death will only become increasingly difficult to cover up.
    4. Those in power (Dems and Repubs) are desperate to prevent truth leading to accountability.
    5. Heightened scrutiny will make election fraud much harder to pull off.

    Obvious implication: there will be no mid-term elections this November. IMHO. There is very likely a new and more serious crisis coming between now and then. War? Another (worse) pandemic? Complete economic collapse leading to domestic chaos? Regardless, before November the powers that be will find a pretext to declare martial law and suspend the election and the Constitution under emergency powers.

    Or if you prefer a less terrifying alternative: elections do happen, the chairs in Congress get rearranged, and subsequent Congressional investigations are as impactful and world-changing as ever.

    I honestly don’t know which scenario I prefer.

  126. Bloglogician

    I love the autoposy part re following the science. Made me LOL. Keep up the great work, love the show.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Blog”
      It would be funnier is not so true. Love Dr. Cole.

  127. William Wilhelm

    Greg, glad to see your well. My wife who is a cardiac RN is unvaccinated. She got a religious exemption! Unfortunately she came down with COVID-19 and somehow passed it on to me and my mother who was visiting! She was only sick for a few days but had to continue her quarantine for a total of ten days. I spent nine days in the hospital, received remdesivir as part of my treatment! Three months later, still using oxygen and struggling to control heart rate. Oxygen use is dismissed, usually at night. Mother wasn’t so lucky as she passed in November leaving me to attend to her affairs! God test her soul! Quick note to those police officers who arrested that older man for blowing his horn in support of the truckers, you must make a choice who you serve. Do you serve the citizens or the system? This is the only way to gain the respect you have lost.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry William about the CV19 treatment. Dr. Kory and Dr. Eads both say never take Remdesivir. The hospitals and doctors get a bonus for giving this crap. Pure evil. I Pray to Jesus you get well soon. Thanks for your sharing and reporting.

  128. Richard M Cisar

    Spent 5 days in the hospital after second Moderna shot. Has a 33000 White blood cell count and high fever. After 5 days of running blood cultures the resident idiots would not tell me why I was there.

    Hang’em High!

  129. Andrew BAC

    Hi Greg
    You must watch her she is great and know the law.

  130. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, great wrap-up. Your news wraps are great simply because of all the news that comes out during the week — much of it is either hard to believe or simply makes no sense. Then I watch your WNW Friday mornings and I get a bit (sometimes more than a bit) of confirmation that what’s in the news is either BS or is worthwhile.

    There seems to be a serious lack of critical thinking these days and many people will buy anything — see it on the evening news, read it on the internet — must be true. Hence, such a high percentage of the public being vaxx’d and boosted when all scientific indicators say it’s a bad idea; I’m not talking Fauci and his ilk, I’m talking actual science. Face it, a 99.7% survival rate (~100% for those with no comorbidities) is not a reason to live in fear, nor a reason to roll up your sleeve for an untested inoculation.

    So a little grounding by a former investigative reporter who knows BS goes a long way. Thank you.

    • Russ 2

      About that fear thing — when Biden came out with one of his EO’s/directives/whatever, my job required that I either get vaccinated or receive an exemption. I was ready to just chuck it and retire because I was not going to be vaxx’d; but that would have meant they had won. My boss recommended I apply for a religious exemption which, not being a particularly religious person, I had not considered. So I sat down and started composing. My entire argument was based on a couple lines from Corinthians.
      “Corinthians 3:16 — Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst? 17 If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple.”

      You don’t need to wear religion on your sleeve to believe those lines. Believe what you will, but God is in us. As I said in my request, I’ll keep my DNA as God gave it to me until my final breath. My exemption request was accepted as written — still working, not jabbed.

      Greg, your repeated “Fear not…” has resonated with me. The Bible has many quotes from Jesus regarding fear. People were and still are living in fear of a fracking virus that is totally survivable for most of us, particularly the young with robust immune systems. But Fear is what allowed Fauci and friends to overcome rational thought and vaxxinate a large percentage of the population. Fear of a flu-like bug caused people to allow themselves to be jabbed with an untested inoculation which has been described by many as a bio-weapon. Fear is the mind killer.

      There is a quote from Frank Herbert’s “Dune” which is the Bene-Gesserit “Litany Against Fear”. I do not know where Herbert’s inspiration for the litany was derived, but — “Why Dune’s Litany Against Fear Is Good Psychological Advice”         is a good read.
      — “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. …” SciFi with a fictional religion (if it’s even a religion), bringing so much truth. Fear messes with your thought process, which leads to bad decisions and consequences.

      Fear not, clear your mind and think rationally. If more people had followed Biblical passages on fear or quotes from science fiction, fewer would have been jabbed.

  131. larry Giglio

    I’m a born again pacifist. I will slaughter any one or thing that attacks anyone I love.
    I love strangers.
    This slow motion march to “war” in the Ukraine is insanity. I no longer comprehend a build-up of machines, operated by humans, to destroy opposing machines.
    It’s the people inside and in the vicinity of “war” machines who die. It is the forward marching hordes of people who die trying to kill each other, to compile a dead bodies count. Body bags of dead people. Why ?
    For some unknown reason, there is a conflict between 2 people, both represented by these personnel and equipment, that is irreconcilable. What?
    These same 2 people are too cowardly to openly discuss grievances?
    Blindly nations of peoples must march to death to save an economy, to promote a philosophy, to vanquish a bad race of peoples? What?
    War is insanity. Anyone bringing people to war should be executed.

  132. Michael Hilbert

    Greg please live in world without the Left or the Right but only GOOD and EVIL
    Trump is just another EVIL man. He does not live in the Good at any time.

    • Greg Hunter

      And you are his judge? I disagree. You opinion is NOT a fact.

  133. Justn Observer

    Greg, Seems daily we get ‘news’ that cause concern about the direction of the U.S. gov’t and it’s current leadership?

  134. Mark Alan—training-manual.html

    this explains what they have done to mine and many others for speaking out since the Patriot Act.
    Which was the act against the patriots

  135. Paul Brant

    ‘The Five’ shreds the media’s coverage of the Freedom Convoy
    531,225 viewsFeb 11, 2022 Fox News
    ‘The Five’ gives their take on the Canadian truckers protesting over the vaccine mandates.
    George Henderson 16 hours ago
    Geraldo complaining about the inconvenience being caused by the Truckers and ignoring the Canadian government’s insane lockdowns and mandates that have done FAR more damage to the economy is hilarious.

    Does Biden want war? [Globalist’s Do! Psst, they think they can take em? Crazy!]
    330,681 views Feb 11, 2022 Fox News
    2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard lays out what President Biden can do in order to prevent war with Russia on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’
    Scary considering the growing conflict with truckers blocking roads. Neither the US or Canada seem at all sure how to deal with THAT conflict. How the hell are they going to handle Russia? What if China puts its two cents in. We have military in Ukraine and athletes in China. How are you going to protect them?
    Tulsi Gabbard is absolutely 100% correct with democrats you look for the coverups and follow the money.

  136. Mark Alan

    these people from top to bottom we are warring with are luciferin satan worshippers.
    At this point they are all highly charged with demon entities. That is why they just dont get it. Niel young sold his soul for his fame. I know you know it is a spiritual war.
    It just seems it is not brought to light enough by we who can see it. We are at war with principalities and people are perishing for lack of this knowledge.
    Start looking in to peoples eyes. Say out loud in prayer mornings “I choose to see the truth of what is before me” and you will start to see what they are. You WILL see the slits. These are dangerous people that should not be touched if you can help not shaking their hands.

  137. Merry Piper

    Greg: I know you like music. You and others on this site might find humor in the Neil Young, “Sold Man” parody song. It’s been circulating around. Lew Rockwell posted it also. I wish I could provide a quick link, I’m not that computer saavy. Thank you for keepin’ on!

  138. Paul

    A man can win against any powerful person if he decides to fight with the will to win at any cost under any condition

    For a Christian, the battle is nothing more than the process of concluding the victory.

    Paul from arkansas

  139. Marco Segura

    God bless you brother 🙏 i fear no evil God is in control Amen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Marco!!
      Your brother in Christ,

  140. Pete+only

    Freedom Convoy U.S.A: We have a right to resist and we have an obligation and duty to do so. This is the best 10 miniute speech that I have ever heard.
    Please pass this around to as many people as you can before it is taken down.
    It summarizes everything. Greg please put this up. The time is now to act.

  141. Pete+only

    Best 10 minute speech ever: Freedom Convoy U.,S.A

    Pass it on to everyone before it is taken down.

  142. wayne hardin

    It is Painfully obvious that there is a blindness upon the earth that surpasses anything seen before and has to be the blindness spoken of in the bible ‘
    God has blinded people and turned them over to believe lies . because even if you show people video they still believe the lies / you can bet that something is going to happen that looks good / good enough that if it were possible it would deceive even the elect .
    People will be thinking it was God that done it and the signs and wonders that are about to happen is God not understanding that the bible says it is non other than satan to deceive people .
    If satan can just keep people living in sin and for the world and the things of it he has what he wants because to live for the things of the world is what God said don’t do.

    Wayne Hardin

  143. Trinken Sie Bitte

    Victor Davis Hanson knows America’s #1 Enemy:

    I wish this guy was 20 years younger and was electable for President along with thousands of House/Senate/Governors/Mayors/DA’s just like him.

  144. Tsc78

    Greg, Peter Schiff gave you and a big shoutout when he spoke about you having John Williams and on this week.

    • Tsc78

      Episode 776 36:40

  145. Ken

    Greg, just watched your intro and you had me cracking up laughing!
    Democrats running on handing out crack pipes. Thanks for the great laughs. I really needed that as of late. 🙂 BTW, sounds like you are feeling better…prayers to you.

  146. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  147. JCLivesInMe

    A fine interview, very fine. It is always great to get accurate observations about all that is happening.

    Having a guest on that has a solution to all that is happening would be great as well. Greg, surely you must be able to find a guest that offers solutions, a pathway to eventual victory. Perhaps there is no solution. This is, after all, a spiritual battle being waged. Seems like God is the only solution.

    I did notice one thing, though. Estulin mentioned more than once that Trump ran from the fight, which is correct. I’m trying to understand, though, how that is any different from Estulin running to Mexico, far away from the fight up in Canada. What? You have to be President to make a difference? A bit of hypocrisy, I’d say.

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