The Everything Bubble – Mike “Mish” Shedlock

By Greg Hunter’s

Economic writer Michael “Mish” Shedlock is seeing bubbles just about everywhere. Let’s start with the stock market. Shedlock contends, “Anyone who is thinking rationally knows this is a bubble. . . . On a median PE basis and a median earnings basis, the stock market is at an all-time high—an all-time high now. It exceeds the dotcom bubble. It exceeds the housing bubble. It exceeds 1929. Only the top 10% does not exceed the dotcom mania that we had in 2000. We know these bubbles have to correct. The question is when. The bigger they get, the bigger the collapse and the more pain that is going to be felt.”

Shedlock says you can blame the Fed for all the bubbles. Shedlock explains, “They wouldn’t let it go. They kept it up with round after round of QE (money printing). They inflated these things beyond belief. They didn’t know when to stop, and of course, they caused these bubbles in the first place by keeping interest rates too low for too long following the dotcom crash in 2000 and 2001. We replaced that with a housing bubble after that crashed, and now, we have replaced that with an “everything bubble.” About the only thing that is not in a bubble right now is gold and gold miners. Everything else is in a bubble. . . . The Fed is likely to cut interest rates again when the economy goes into recession. It’s been about nine years since we’ve had one. This is very long in the tooth, and the Fed is very late in hiking (interest rates). I don’t know what throws this over. I don’t know what drives this thing over the hill. Perhaps it’s just exhaustion. When it comes to exhaustion, think about the housing bubble in 2006. We went from people standing in line overnight in Florida, not to get a condo, but the right to enter a lottery to buy a condo — amazing. Guess what, one week later, the lines were gone. No one wanted the things. I think we are going to have some sort of moment like that where people are going to realize ‘what a bubble, I need to cash out.’ Of course, everyone can’t cash out at the same time, and this is what we are going to see.”

Shedlock also says there is a bubble in the bond market, but he is most fearful of the junk bond sector. Can junk bonds take the whole system down if they blow up? Shedlock says, “Absolutely, and in fact, it is likely the junk bond market that is propping up the equity market. If you go back to 2009, you had corporations that could not get funding. Now, everything can get funding.”

Shedlock says the trigger for the next collapse can come from a wide variety of places. Shedlock says, “Germany is owed something like 800 billion euros from peripheral Europe. How are these countries ever going to pay that back to Germany? It’s not going to happen. We are guessing where this thing is going to blow sky high. It can be anything. It can be insolvent Italian banks, it could be a political leader . . . that decides to take Italy out of the Eurozone. It could be a trade war that can do it.”

Shedlock also lists economic problems in China and possible war with North Korea and any number of things that could tank the global financial system. Shedlock points out, “If the economy wasn’t so weak that any big hiccup could send it into the toilet, then why does the ECB still have all of this QE? Why are we so slow at tapering? Why are interest rates so low, and not just in the United States, but Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan? Why do we still have negative interest rates? Central banks have blown another equity bubble. They have blown a junk bond bubble. Just the collapse of them alone . . . can send this thing down the toilet in a hurry.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Mike “Mish” Shedlock, founder of

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After the Interview:

Mike Shedlock is a prolific writer and tells me he produces (on average) three fresh articles per day on The site is totally free to the public. Shedlock is also a proponent of owning physical gold and silver. He wrote a special article as an addendum to this interview for visitors called “How Much Gold Should the Common Man Own?” Shedlock has agreed to come back to talk in-depth about gold and silver in the not-too-distant future.

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  1. Paul ...

    Bubble upon bubble is going to burst … and along with them will be the Antarctica “news blackout bubble” … seems Antarctica is where Satan landed in his damaged ship 45,000 years ago … actually three very large space ships have been discovered under the Antarctic ice (shot down by God the Father) … these giant mother ships that fell to Earth from Heaven during the War of the God’s are 30 miles in diameter and contain many hundreds of smaller UFO’s inside them … dead giants along with many dead humanoids with elongated skulls have been found … all this info is supposedly gotten from reliable sources very high in the Trump “Alliance” … who now have “the Evil Cabal” on the run … soon many many members of the evil Cabal will be brought before War Crimes Tribunals … Good is overcoming Evil … for a very interesting listen go here …

    • Vietnam Vet

      You have been listening to Cliff High for too long. Are you reading the cosmic dust and virtual tea leaves at the bottom of your cup ?

      • Paul ...

        Viet Vet … Actually … I’m listening to some very believable stories about “cosmic dust” (kicked up by an Interplanetary War that took place in our Solar System thousands of years ago) spoken of on Samaritan “tea leaf” tablets … a Cosmic War supposedly caused by “crooks” (who seem to always cause all our problems) who stole the “Tablets of Destiny” …

    • mushy

      Got pictures?

      • Paul ...

        mushy … From what I understand they are still melting the hundreds of feet of ice above the ships … once completely free of ice I have no doubt someone will take a picture and sneak it out to post on the internet!!

    • Robert G

      Paul…Why do spirit creatures need space ships. They aren’t flesh and blood and don’t need water and food . They are invisible.

      • Paul ...

        Good point Robert … but perhaps their cloaking devices and shields are down now right now … it’s not likely the Russian Pope, Cary and Buzz Aldrin went down to look at something “invisible”!

      • Charles H


        Interdimesional beings cross-over, to various degrees – in some aspects retaining telekenetic powers; others to fully incorporate to establish the “scientific” alien seeding of humanity. Having knowledge from the spiritual to the physical: technology of force fields and anti-gravity, transmutation (magic) – all to draw away from God and Divine knowledge. From the pyramidal technologies of ancient Egypt; to the anti-gravity ‘Bell’ technology of Hitler; to the Area 51, and Skunkworks – these being have been working at the level of technology of the day – and advancing it steadily. To the point of Genetic Manipulation, AI, and human hybridization – places where humanity was NEVER intended to go: is WHY God will make a short work upon the earth. The Amish probably have it right.

    • kevin scott

      Great interview!

      Mike Shedlock gave us an overdose of common-sense and well grounded observations.
      Greg was very wise to just let mike “go with it”. He was on a roll and covered a wide range of economic and war related issues, while exposing the absurdities of what is going on with our foreign policy.

  2. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Mike says “we’re STILL in Afghanistan”. We’ve been there now for 16 years and the establishment media have called it America’s longest war. I beg to differ. This fall we will have been waging war against Iraq for 27 years. We started pouring troops into the Gulf in late 1990 after, in all likelihood., our ambassador told them to go ahead and invade Kuwait. Then after Desert Storm we spent billions enforcing the no fly zones and maintaining the embargo for 12 years that killed by our own admission nearly a million people including half a million children . Then the 2003 invasion until “our” Iraqi government demanded that we leave in 2011. Then using executive orders signed by Bush certain ?security” companies hired foreign mercenaries with military experience from El Salvador, Chile, Poland, The Phillipines, etc., usually in violation of their own countries laws. These mercenaries weren’t subject to Iraqi law, American law or the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Then around 2014 Obama started slowly funneling military “advisors” back into Iraq and we may be up to 6000 military personal in that country again. We have killed over a million people in a country of perhaps 17 million. Weapons of mass destruction were never found. There are veterans of Iraq who weren’t born when the war started. Thirty thousand dead and wounded Americans and trillions of dollars flushed down the toilet and for what? Can anyone tell me?

    • Paul ...

      Insatiable greed and the love of fiat and Satan!!

      • Greg Hunter

        I am hoping people will wake up and protect themselves. “Fear Not.”

        • Dan

          I am not worried about myself. God’s in charge anyway. What does bother me is that most people are refusing to see and thus prepare for major crap coming. Just storing a few months worth of non-perishable food would help. What bothers me most is that the need will be so great that the few of us who are preparing won’t be able to help all of those who did not or could not.

          • Greg Hunter

            Good point and all you can do is really all you can do.

            • Charles H

              Best summation statement I’ve seen in a long time. You nailed it, Greg.

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you Charles. If that is the case, then expect the tolls in force on this post.

      • Petedivine

        Oil. We will never be energy independent in the U.S.
        Modern life is dependent on cheap energy. Without oil the U.S. Population would probably decline by 70%. Think preindustrial age.

        • Paul ...

          Pete … The Rockefeller’s are completely out of the oil business … what does that tell you about the future prospects of oil?

    • sk

      Ask Wesley Clark………..or Christopher Bollyn.

    • Keith wilson

      For what ? For the illuminati banksters who own the federal reserve and all your politicians on capital hill . American spends 800 billion on defence and maintaining its empire every year. It goes to the federal reserve bank to borrow this money. It then goes to the defence corporations and purchases all that is needed for war and maintaining there american empire. Most of these military defence companies biggest stockholders also work for the federal reserve bank . So its a win win win situation every year america continues with endless war . Also its not Americas empire its the illuminati banksters empire owned by the Rothschild’s and there business friends, like Goldman Sachs . All those poor America servicemen died for a lie. To enrich the banksters at the fed. This is why President Trump is hated by the politicians in Washington, and the fake news networks across the world. The illuminati families will not allow peace.
      They need endless war. Its a business model. Twenty trillion is still not enough , more debt is required to finance new wars. Its a business .

      • JungianINTP

        Kieith Wilson, you’ll find stark confirmation of your “bankster” points in this now-expensive book, “The Elite Serial Killers of . . .,” by Robert Gaylon Ross.

    • Doug C.

      Don’t forget, war in the middle east seems to help one small “Democracy” in the middle east more than any other. That same small country has enormous power and control around the world for some unknown reason as well. It doesn’t matter how much it cost you taxpayer as long as the “special” ones plans are carried out. The west is being fleeced through endless war and illegal immigration by TPTB. It is the only way to defeat the US is through bankruptcy and watering down of the population with people that have NO allegiance to it. The Western way of life with our pride of country is exactly what the NWO needs to crush. The only way to fight them is to STOP the nonstop WAR, close the boarders to illegal immigration (only educated hard working people need apply that can speak English), and end the PC BS that is killing the Western World from the inside. IF not, the Western way of life will be gone in a very short time. Trump is their worst nightmare and must be given the ability to bring back law and order and concentrate on Western values (the ones we grew up with not the PC BS we live with now).

      • Frederick

        Ding ding ding And we have a winner for truth Thank you Doug Well done sir

        • Charles H

          You guys just don’t get it. It is like watching the crowd at a magic show – ewws! and ahhs! – where’d that card go?; didn’t he have a ball in his hand?: all the while you miss the real picture; what is really going on.
          It’s the JEWS – they are in control – they are going to ruin everything – they are going to get everybody killed. GROW THE “F” UP!
          There are only Two Sides: either directly aligned WITH God, by Truth-based Faith; or the Devil, who everyone becomes a tool of by default, or stands on the sidelines waiting to become a tool. By criticizing Israel: you show that you are a tool.

          Does it matter Who is serving the Devil, bringing this world to ruin? OH! Like I am a tool of the devil; but not THAT big tool of the devil: so I am more righteous than those I think are to blame! Just like watching the magic trick: you think you know what you see, but have it all wrong.
          It boils down to – what you believe; and has been that way all along. Most of the Jews are deceived, and just as stiff-necked as you guys. They’ve been taught that the Messiah will come, when they already have missed Him (Jesus Christ). So they are working (by-en-large) to set-up the welcoming of who will turn out to be the Anti-Christ, and the Devil incarnate. Would you feel better if it were your ancestors; or the American Indians; or Ubangi Tribe?!??
          So what if some people who are bloodline Jews, but have NO IDENTITY spiritually or culturally to their race – are the major protagonists in serving the Devil: they are NOT part of the Covenant which applied by Faith to the Nation of Israel. They are NON-BELIEVERS and atheists serving the cause of the wrong side (two sides, remember?): which is the SAME SIDE you are on in BLINDLY blaming the JEWS and Israel for all the Illuminatti crap going on now. You are part of the problem and can’t even see it.

          There is a Spiritual Israel mixed into the political and cultural one; a wheat and tares scenario, which cannot be separated or unmixed. That Covenant with God, which is based upon BELIEF (the one that you are not apt to share, Frederick, because of your marriage) STANDS with God: and it’s promises of Redemption, and restoration WILL COME TO PASS without fail or alteration. And by lumping-in the political and cultural mis-steps of a nation, along with the long divorced powerful people – who are getting millions killed and tearing-up the world: you are condemning Spiritual Israel, and dangling yourself over the fires of Hell.

          I am NOT enamored of wrong-doings of Israel; or of Russia, China, or the United States for that matter. the WHOLE WORLD is concluded under Sin. While in Sin: we are of the Devil’s family automatically. It takes an act of Faith; a decision of the Will to BELIEVE – to get a person to switch sides from the Devil to God. It has ALWAYS been a matter of what someone believes: NOT race, or nationality – whether Jew or GENTILE.
          As long as you are disposed to find fault with the Jew, or Israel: you are on the wrong side, and are a tool of the Devil. Soon most ALL the nations in the world will show themselves to align with the Devil and against God. It will seem real democratic and reasonable – because SO MANY people cannot be wrong: but they will be, and even God’s elect will be fooled. But people are too smart to be fooled; and everything can’t be boiled down to some ‘spiritual’ thing.

          The problem is: YES IT DOES – it boils down to what you believe; and which spiritual realm you put, or don’t put yourself into. It’s been that way irregardless of race, or nationality from the beginning. It exists in the spiritual Covenant with Irsrael based upon belief; as it does with Christianity, based on Bible-specific belief.

          • Charles H

            My apologies for the semi-“F”-bomb: you didn’t deserve it, and I was wrong to express it.
            The explanation – is probably as good as you will ever find. All roads don’t lead to Rome; and God is a singularity. For the sake of seeing more of mankind getting to be on the Right side of Eternity: I wish it were different – but I cannot change God, or His set-up. It IS sufficient and accessible for anyone; a singular path itself, making it equal to everyone. it’s just that people are disposed, or pre-disposed to ignore or disbelieve the very answer to Life. But the answer is True to those who find it.

    • Tin foil hat

      “Thirty thousand dead and wounded Americans and trillions of dollars flushed down the toilet and for what? Can anyone tell me?”
      Our dollar is the equivalence of Venezuelan oil. If Venezuela could force the rest of the world to keep buying its oil at $120/barrel, Venezuelan wouldn’t have to eat their own pets right now.
      Basically, thirty thousand dead and wounded Americans and trillions of funny dollars flushed down the toilet to keep Americans from eating their own pets.
      North Korea is the CIA’s terror army (similar to ISIS in the Mid-East) in Asia which has just been activated. I suspect the Deep State is either targeting China or Trump. The mainstream media is doing their best to exaggerate the nuclear threat from N. Korea which is in fact no more threatening to us than Pakistan.
      If Trump attacked N. Korea, the media will do their best to make him appear to be a reckless brute who put Americans’ lives at risk. If he doesn’t, they will portray him as an ineffective weakling who has no business being the POTUS.
      If the Deep State is not aftering Trump, then I infer China is about to initiate/reset the yuan with gold which I don’t think is likely to happen yet – they are waiting for us to implode.

      • Frederick

        Tin foil They may NOT have to wait long

    • Vietnam Vet

      We are constantly told that we are over there fighting for “”OUR FREEDOM””.
      I submit Au Contraire.

      We are guarding the American Oligarch’s Opium Poppies.
      That is why it makes perfect sense to “”Privatize”” hostilities in Afghanistan and in other places as needed. Erik Dean Prince who operates the mercenary outfit previously known as Blackwater and later known as Xi security services has volunteered to take all of this off our hands (for a price of course in the BILLIONS) and to privatize the war using his paid mercenaries. Nice guy he must be. He trains domestic police academy trainers how to rip a person out of their vehicle during a traffic stop and conduct stomp fests along American highways involving 4 or more officers. A real fine upstanding Christian. If the American people only knew.

      • Frederick

        In my experience the ones who are paraded around as the best Christians are inevitably the worst of the worst hypocrites You’re spot on about Afghanistan and the heroin industry by the way Vet

    • Justn Observer

      Protect and control the poppy fields…as always….= $300 billion cash crop …how’s the fields around Myanmar since Hillary’s visit?
      Where is all opiates coming from for the epidemic in the U.S.? hmmmmm

    • Just The Facts

      Why are we still in Afghanistan? How about the CIA black Budget funded by Opium poppies. Protected by American troops and sold in America. Which in turn fuels the war on drugs in America providing a good income for law enforcement, lawyers and the justice system. The icing on the cake – Privately run federal jails/industrial facilities which are manned by free prisoner labour, incarcerated from the poorest people in America. I won’t get into the gas pipe line on the drawing board.

  3. AA

    Refreshing interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AA!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Love your work Greg

    • Dan

      This may be a little off topic but one way to protect yourself in my opinion is as common as pocket change. It is the nickel. There are many positives about the nickel and few downsides. The positives are these.
      (1) Nickels are issued by the treasury and not the federal reserve. So the federal reserve note could go to zero but the nickel would still be a nickel.
      (2) Currently copper is trading at about $2.94 lb. In 2011 it reached $4.50 a lb. and was close to or exceeded the coin value of 5 cents.
      (3) There is no premium in purchasing them as you can order them at the bank.
      (4) They are in such small denominations that spending them would not raise attention to yourself by people thinking you had a large stash of cash because to them you would be down to spending your last change.
      (5) Even if commodity prices do not raise, it is still worth a nickel. It gains no interest but nothing considered safe is anyway.
      The only downside I can see is the bulk. But this is no problem for someone who lives in a rural area where he has ponds for instance that he can put the heavy duty plastic barrels he stores them in and dumps them into the pond. The odds of anyone finding them are remote and they would have to use equipment and take time to fish them out. I think Kyle Bass or someone else like him bought $1 million worth and stored them in some facility a few years back but I had the idea years ago and suggested it to some friends who could not afford precious metals. What do you think? Thanks Greg.

      • Greg Hunter

        I get dollar coins and half dollar standard coppy core coins when I can from the bank. Coins are not “Notes,” they are Treasury instruments. Much better than paper dollars in my humble opinion. You just have a bulk storage problem.

        • Diane

          What if you just have gold, silver and platinum collector sets. Most purchased from the US Mint.
          Won’t they have a record of what you have if they ever choose to confiscate?
          We don’t keep them in bank safes…store in a relative safe in another town…but I think they could demand you turn it over.
          Don’t have a lot…maybe enough to bribe border guards if it ever comes to that.
          Afraid to buy more for reasons stayed above.

          • Frederick

            Diane there are ways of “losing” your metals in case anyone should be trying to take them from you

      • Paul ...

        Dan … you are a smart man and heads and shoulders above all the main stream economic advisors out there !!!

        • Paul ...

          “Greater fools” are those who buy at the top (foolishly thinking they are smart enough to get out before the bubble bursts) … smart men buy up valuable things the greater fools have no time for (as they want “quick fiat money” profits) … little do they understand that nickels are real “debt free” money and in addition also have an intrinsic commodity value (many times greater then paper or electronic bits on a computer)!!

  4. FC

    It won’t be the banks or governments that will create the collapse as they can simply keep on printing for forever and everything will appear wonderful.
    It will be the middle class that will bring this madness to an end when they realize that they don’t have the same purchasing power because of the printing.

  5. Frederick

    Mish gets it

  6. David

    Great guest. Great interview. Thank you sir!

  7. John


    When you have a government entity that has unfunded liabilities into the trillions of dollars how are their bonds not considered junk? I think both Mish and Greenspan are correct but its more than each are saying – the entire bond market is in trouble not just the traditional junk or government sectors. IMHO – when rates rise and bond prices collapse corporations are going to be faced with increased borrowing costs and this is not going to be good for stocks, economic growth or the real estate market.

  8. William Bissell

    Why are we in Afghanistan? Purely for the Poppy. The epidemic of Opioid use here is because we are bringing it in by the metric tonnage thru Incirlik airbase and Kabul. One more reason we didn’t want Russia helping Syria, along with the Russian oil pipelines running thru Iran to Syria. Anyone who didn’t sign the Middle East Free Trade Agreement was scheduled for removal. Iran signed a partial one. Hillary’s failed agreement with Qatar thru Syria started the whole ISIS agenda. Dr. Jim Willie lays all this out time and again. Great interview, really knowledgeable. Lynette Zang, awesome! Keep up the Great work Greg. Thank you, Bill B.

  9. Nikki

    I’m on my way to Home Depot.
    I just realized after listening to this interview
    that I.m going to need a bigger toilet.

    • Paul ...

      I picked up a bigger fan for when thing hit!!

  10. Jerry

    I know first hand how bubbles work. I was involved in the housing bubble in 2009 in Florida. I watched my sons house in Ft. Myers go from $290,000. down to $85,000. in just a matter of weeks. When he defaulted on his loan, I came in to do a short sale with the bank. Would you believe they wouldn’t even take a letter of credit from my bank? They wanted cash. If anything that should tell you, when bubbles pop the only thing that counts is hard assets. I talked to other investors at the time in Florida, and they told me it was a feeding frenzy at the courthouse when the banks would show up with cash to buy up tax lien sales. What does that tell you?

    My advice to your readers is to get out now while you still can. The Fed is apparently going to burst the interest rate bubble in September when they clear their balance sheets.
    Anyone who thinks there is a real economy under this bubble to support the dumping of U.S. treasuries is a fool. There is a feeding frenzy coming, and unless you have hard assets you won’t be invited to the banquet. You can count on that, because the game is rigged by the central banks, just like it was in Florida.

  11. stonewall

    Good stuff Greg. Mish speaks common sense and the truth but his
    interview seemed much too short. So much to get into but not enough time.
    I look forward to his next visit with you on USAWatchdog.

  12. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Mish is a great guest.

  13. DBCooper

    Greg, Liked your guest but he lost me right at the end w/ “I’m an environmentalist” … ’round here we call them watermelons … green on the outside and red on the inside … we have been under assault by these communists for years and there is little excuse for being naive. It is one thing to be a conservationist and another to claim to be an environmentalist … it is a ‘loaded term’ . Yours, DB.

    • wondrouscat

      Hey DB looks like they just found a part of your parachute strap from 1971. Stay safe.

      • DBCooper

        Oh Shiite … I was wondering if that pesky thang would ever show up !!

        Thanks, DB

  14. larrythelogger

    Mish is a rock star. He’s one of the guys I’ve been reading for years. Grand slam home run Greg. Thanks so much and you’re work is greatly appreciated.

    • Greg Hunter

      I feel bad it took this long to get him on, but he says he will be back soon!!

  15. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Your website is first rate. Mish, had a big following untill he changed his platform.

    I read and do not comment much. I think I will try to comtrube to the site.

    While I am smart, I can’t spell wourth sh*t. I hope, this finds your and your family

    well. Kevin, ka7lrc 6.52 most of the time, West of Longview Wa.

  16. DougG

    Nukes DON’T work…. never have. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed liked Tokyo. All brick buildings were still standing including the Bank of Japan which is still there today. No radiation. It’s all a great scam by the elite. The USA, Russia and the UK were in on the original scam but soon others were brought into the club. The idea is control and keeping the peasant frightened. The USA has not won a proper war since WWII. Defeated in Vietnam by a country that had no airpower. The USA used every unspeakable weapon possible but still lost. Why no nukes? Because they DON’T WORK. It would seem the evidence of the world-wide mess the USA military is creating gives truth to the saying “All the gear and no idea”. I’m sorry guys but once again we have puppet Trump and the latest bogeyman of North Korea going through the same act as Bush and Iraq to keep the mountain of debt from collapsing. The USA and the West’s economy is based on war and more war. Trump now needs a Tony Blair just to make everything pretty.

    • Greg Hunter

      A mountain of physical evidence along with thousands of pictures say you are wrong. Nuked they were.

    • Paul ...

      DougG … the only reason those buildings didn’t fall is because there were no terrorists with box cutters flown into them like on 9-11!!

    • John

      Are you serious? My Grandfather worked on the Manhattan Project. My mother had a friend of hers from Japan whose parents were vaporized and their shadows burned into the sidewalk. Sorry, the two nuclear bombs used against Japan in WWII ended the war in the Pacific. People don’t realize how close we were to losing WWII nor do they appreciate how many lives would have been lost by both the Americans and the Japanese with a full scale invasion of Japan. The problem with using nukes against a country is that they can also be used against you as well. The problem with North Korea is that their nuclear rhetoric is going to unleash an American first strike if they are not careful and its going to be overwhelming and justified. The NK leader may be playing to his internal audience but openly threatening the US on the world stage while at the same time you are launching your most current missile towards Japan, an ally of the US, is going to get you the attention you may not want – by land, air and sea.

      • Old Dog

        May I suggest you do some extra study on WWII. We were not close to losing WWII, hence the use of nuclear bombs.
        The truth is Japan was negotiating with Russia to surrender weeks before the bombs were dropped. The U.S. did not want Russia to be given the of political power that negotiating Japan’s surrender would have garnered for them.

        Here’s a good place to start learning the truth:

        But there are many excellent reports on the Internet.

        • Paul ...

          So the US nuked Japan to prevent them from surrendering to the Russians? … no wonder Japan is throwing plutonium into the Pacific to make all the fish we eat radioactive!!

        • John

          Old Dog,

          In the first two years of WWII things were not going well for the allies – sorry my mother was a US History teacher for 26 years and my grandfather was a major in the US Army – serving in South America and on the Manhattan Project. He was also a graduate of VMI and on the draft board in Virginia – so I do have reliable on the ground sources not just information from an article. My other two uncles were graduates of VMI – one was a tactical nuclear weapons specialist and was involved in submarine nuclear reactor design. My other uncle served two tours of duty in Vietnam. Sorry, nuclear bombs were used on Japan because the invasion of Japan would have cost more lives (Japanese and American) and would have extended the duration of the war perhaps by years. You are simply wrong if you think the US was in a good military position in the Pacific after Pearl Harbor was bombed – taking two years to regroup. It took Patton to change the direction in the European theater. The pacific island campaigns revealed how strong the Japanese were as fighters in trying to defend their homeland from a US invasion. In addition, read how they pulled their best tanks and airplanes from the pacific islands to the mainland in anticipation of a full scale invasion by the US.

          • Robert G

            John.. The tide turned within 6 months at the battle of Midway when the huge Japanese naval fleet was severely damaged with 4 or 5 aircraft carriers destroyed. Huge morale builder for U.S..Besides the U.S had broken their code so from then on it was downhill for the Japanese . Slowly but surely. James Doolittle raid on Japan was only several months later.after Dec 7. Japanese general Yamamodo said after attack at Pearl Harbor that they has awaken a sleeping giant. No doubt as to out come. The manufacturing power of the U.S. was infinite. In Europe your right it took several years to get that turned around. The Russians lost millions fighting the Germans, but they did the bulk of the fighting. D- day was the beginning of the end. Old Dog was right about the Russians and Japan. Stalin wanted to get into some of that Japanese action, which would have really complicated things.

    • alohajim

      Doug : You’ve got no support re your ‘nukes don’t work’ call so I’m here to give you some. After seeing the expose on the subject, I also am convinced. For those who are not, (every commentator & Greg), here are some common sense talking points :
      1. Except for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, no other ‘nukes’ detonated anywhere (except for government ‘testing’). It’s been 72 years and not even one since?
      2. Every single nuclear war head produced by every single member of the nuclear ‘club’ splits the atom and creates a giant explosion? Since 1945? Including backwater third world failed states that can’t even produce chopsticks?
      3. Governments have lied and are lying today about everything – but not about nukes?
      4. The firebombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima prior to dropping nukes apparently is true. The physical damage observed is identical to that of Tokyo. The US ‘nuked’ two cities totally destroyed by napalm?
      5. The only rebuttal of this lie from the people is : “my (insert relative) worked on this or that government project so I know with certainty it is true”.

      There are ‘dirty’ bombs (explosives packed with nuclear material) and there are gigantic MOAB’s – no argument there. But nuclear bombs with warheads that split the atom is a lie. A lie like the moon landings, Tate murders, Boston bombing, the worldwide monetary system, and the numerous false flag military and ‘domestic terrorist’ events.

      We are living in a matrix of lies, brought to us by the folks who control all governments. The matrix will collapse as the people realize the truth and understand that governments have always been controlled by and serve those folks who own, run, and control our world. The ‘nuke’ lie is one of the best to fool us into thinking that ‘only the government can save/protect us’. Wake UP!

      • Paul ...

        Lets not also get fooled into thinking that God the Father of the Old Testament would tell us to kill or go to war … the truth is he said no such thing … what he said was …”Thou Shall Not Kill” … only warmongering neocons would interpret the Bible in such a way as to make God into a warmonger that would tell us to kill thy neighbor (this is just more fake news) … God was not a Nazi!!

  17. Diane

    Love MISH!!!
    Thank you Greg!!!
    Great guest. I’ll be following him!

    • Greg Hunter

      I will invite him back soon to talk about gold and silver. I like Mish too!!

  18. Jerry

    The Fed extends a resolution that allows banks more time for filling in the event of bankruptcy. Gee I wonder why?

    Greg I would highly recommend that people take whatever steps are necessary to secure their financial assets before the banks go on lockdown. If my hunch is right a false flag event of some type (most likely Korea) is in the works that will not doubt precede accounts being frozen as a security measure. As we approach the Fed unwinding their balance sheets in September, I have a sneaking suspicion that they will need a 9/11 type diversion to keep the public occupied. Americans have short memories and even shorter bank accounts.

    • Greg Hunter

      The insolvency of Italian banks is a very under reported story and that default could take the entire system down. Italy leaving the EU would sink them forever and then the Italians would be asking where is our gold. Mario Draghi better beware of he might end up like traitor and Nazi ally Mussolini.

      • Jerry

        I find it insane that even after Allen Greenspan’s warning people still persist staying in the market.
        All I can say is “when the SHTF don’t come crying to me”. You’ve all been warned. The days of warning our neighbors are just about over . I think by now everyone has pretty much made up their mind on what they want to believe, and they will either live by it or die by the choices they make. The lord warned the people right up and until the day the door was closed on the ark. Everyone has been warned.

        • JMiller


          God never warned the people about the coming destruction. God told Noah that He was going to destroy the wicked people and God instructed Noah what He wanted him to do. And Noah did as God commanded.

      • Frederick

        We can only hope Greg

    • Keith wilson

      Jerry I agree. Its time to stockpile everything you can before the SHTF. It would be no surprise to me, if the banksters and the deep state got a third entity to explode a nuclear bomb on Guam and blame it on North Korea. They couldn’t blame this one, on some old guy in Afghanistan living in a cave, reading the Koran and watching old episodes of baywatch . Also if I was a us serviceman I would be the first guy on a plane, out of there. Why throw your life away for some arsehole politician in Washington.

      • Frederick

        Ahh yes it’s been 16 years since the last false flag And they will do it seeing how sucessful the previous one was Count on it folks

    • JMiller


      Based on what you said you seem to think that this allows banks more time for them to file for bankruptcy or something. Actually it just allows them more time to submit a resolution plan, also known as a living will, to the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which the banks have to submit periodically. Not a big deal. There have been numerous times that financial institutions were give more time to submit a resolution plan.

      And here is another one just a couple of weeks ago.

  19. Buck

    Nothing is free in this dimension, not lunch, healthcare, education, and certainly not trade.
    If it is not fair trade, it is not free trade.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother. Harley Davidson has a 100% tariff if it wants to sell it’s products there according to published reports. I guess Germany is protecting BMW? This is unfair trade. Free trade has to be reciprocal.

  20. andyb

    Greg: Mish is an excellent guest. Moreso than other so-called financial experts, he offers a wide range of financial analysis on his site and is well worth a visit. As to the US Imperialism mentioned, I think it is worthwhile to understand (and thus recap) the reasons for our misadventures abroad ( Hint: the wishes of the 99% do not pertain)

    Iraq: First and foremost to create continuing chaos in the ME; second to ensure Israel’s hegemony in this region.

    Afghanistan: It’s all about the heroin needed for CIA black ops (and political bribery) and the rare earth elements yet to be mined in the country.

    Libya: Several factors here. One was Libya’s gold needed at the time by the bullion banks. The second was that Libya contains the largest fresh water aquifer in Africa. Potable water will be a most critical commodity by 2050, if not before. (it should be noted that the Bush family owns the largest fresh water source in South America, located in Paraguay). Most likely the most important reason was that Ghadaffi planned to introduce a gold backed dinar in Africa to replace both the French franc and US dollar in trade. A significant no-no to the banksters who rule the planet.

    Yemen: we are supporting the Saudi’s with arms and contractors to grab the massive oil reserves locate in that country. Most don’t realize that the great Saudi oil fields are almost empty.

    Syria: all about a preferred pipeline route to Europe for Qatar gas and the major gas field off the coast of Israel that is partially owned by Cheney. This has a secondary effect of creating a competing choice to Russian gas to Europe which is a large factor in Russia’s economy.

    The common denominator in the above is the corporatist/banker/globalist agenda over control of all critical global assets and to maintain hegemony of the $US.

    • Corleone

      Iraq was invaded because Saddam Husein no longer accepted FRN for Iraqi crude oil.

      • Frederick

        Corleone That was a major reason but not the only reason in my opinion

  21. Paul from Indiana

    I hate to be the party pooper, but not everyone is going to be able to “save” themselves or “preserve” their wealth in the next crash. It’s not mathematically possible. This is why I say, only a relative few win. It is a much better approach and a better bet, for that’s what “investing” really is, just educated gambling, and in many cases, not even educated, to look at your individual situation and forget “winning” and think “survival”. And if the crash becomes an all-out implosion, some, perhaps many of us won’t even survive. It’s called mortality, and I hope your outcome is good. Best always. PM

  22. Scott Miller

    This is called USA Watchdog!

    How dare you! Act like a patriot!

    Use the logo with the Stars and Stripes behind you!

    You are a fraud!

    Tell them what you did


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Scott, I got tired of taking your crap on this free site and I stopped posting your comments. 1st Amendment only applies to government suppression of free speech. This is a private company and you are welcome to start your own and post all the crazy hateful crap on it you like.

      • jodyp

        Gee,Greg. How dare you deal with these whiners and ranters! Ha!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for your support!!

      • Timothy Toomey

        Cheers Everyone. I like Miss also.

      • Jerry

        I have always felt you should charge a price for admission into your site. There is nowhere else anywhere you can go to get the type of information you provide. Plus it would eliminate 90% of the socialist who think everything should be free except …………. us. Just my opinion.

        • Greg Hunter

          Your point is well made and well taken, but I want to keep it free to help as many as possible. Thank you for your contributions to the site!!!!

  23. Paul ...

    The economic boom and bust bubbles have been going on for a very long time … listen to Jim Mars interview with Joseph Farrell who looks into the deep past and connects the dots in a very unique way … the Banksters keep the sheeple under control with their “debt fiat” (which is not money) and any re-set of “their system” simply provides the banksters with more of our wealth … true money is “debt free” like gold (or yuan) … I hold my physical gold (which is “debt free money”) in Panda gold coins (which are denominated in “debt free fiat”) providing even more stability then a US gold Eagle coin which is denominated in “debt fiat”!! …

  24. ccwaters

    John Michael Greer
    Dane Wigington
    Would you ask these fellows to weigh in on current events? We have global issues creeping up on us while we stick-fight the shadows of economic crisis. The Giant environmental disasters bearing down on us will make the stock market look like a Gnat when food crops cease to grow. Thanks. Always great interviews; always great guests.

  25. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Looks like the nay-sayers about BIT-COIN AND BLOCK CHAIN and their rants about Clif High are about to be proven WRONG as the most recent report from Lynette Zang suggests is already in the works as the SDR comes on line….

    In the mean time seems we are to be ‘distracted’ by the sabre rattling over North Korea for the ‘cover-up’ necessary to shift the blame for the loss of the world reserve currency status.

    It will be interesting to see if there are any apologies for the smears, slander against Clif High…for just try to bring awareness =’ predictiveness’ of what is his spyders were uncovering in the internet linguistics… Unless they think —he—is the inventor of bit-coin…and all the chatter running on it between prinicples – their white papers etc. I guess if you do not like….or understand…you attempt to discredit the messenger–AGAIN !

    • Tin foil hat

      Justin Observer,
      This ACChain outfit seems to be a scam set exclusively for Chinese investors with a lot of Bitcoins. If it’s not a scam, then it’s a money laundering operation to get money out of China via Bitcoin/ACC. I’m surprised Zang is taking this seriously.
      There are no naysayers about Block Chain, Bitcoin is the issue.

    • Tin foil hat

      Okay, after watching this video,, SGT Report.
      I realize Mrs. Zang does understand ACC by itself is not a threat yet. Without government backing and cooperation, this ACC thingy could be shut down in any nonparticipating nation within a nano second.
      I’ll take a jab at the identity of the devil in the video. I suspect the devil in the ACC’s eyes is the Federal Reserve. If the Fed could manage to get the dollar to become the host instead of the SDR, the Fed (U.S.) would be able to capture/enslave the world (assets) in the form which gave Zang goosebumps.
      If the IMF succeeded in digitizing world assets into SDR, then God (IMF) would benefit mankind which gave me the goosebumps.
      I don’t think the U.S. or any nation with half a brain will give up its sovereignty that easily.
      Btw, Zang stated Bitcoin will not save anyone from the reset, she recommended gold. Personally, I will not get any numismatic coin. Imho, it’s nothing but a waste of money.

  26. Marvin Double

    Another well experienced expert guest and informative, value packed interview. There is no way to discredit such potent facts because they are true. As time passes it becomes more obvious how screwy the markets are. As manipulation continues nothing is as it seems. The concept of free markets is today nothing more than smoke and mirrors. I hope your viewers will take to heart the facts your guests continue to bring forward and take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families from the gathering storm.

  27. Linda L.

    You say that you buy half dollar “coppy core coins”. This may be a silly question, but what are coppy core coins? Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      They are the quarters and half dollars and dollar coins of today.

      • Linda L.

        You really mean coppy cat coins (no silver, just the shell)! Great interview. Thanks, Linda

  28. Paul

    I agree with so much of what was said …I’m not to sure of The US overthrowing the Shah of Iran … The Shah had been supported by US and UK because of their oil interests. The Iranian people led by Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the Shah who wished for his country to maintain more of the wealth generated rather than exporting that wealth to US and UK oil interests (BP). Hostages were taken …. funding was supplied to Iraq to destabilize Iran and alas Saddam Hussein became a US ally until he became there enemy. Iran then developed allegiances with the USSR and Russia which remain today. The US foreign policy is the disaster that Mr. Shedlock claims but Shah was a US ally … That policy has been combative ever since WWII which they reluctantly joined until Pearl Harbour since that war most all worldwide skirmishes and wars are a direct result of US hegemony.

    • Paul ...

      Welcome “new” Paul … in ancient times … people wrote in run on sentences like I’ve been doing here … see you are catching on to the technique … but you still have a few periods and capital letters mingled in!!

  29. Russ

    In case you’all missed it, the article on MishTalk which includes the interview between Greg and Mish made …

  30. Flattop

    GREG: Might you k now why Jason Chaffetz from Utah gave up his seat?

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not.

    • Freebreezer

      Flattop – I saw in interview with him on this topic … His response was that he would much rather be home with his family and that he concluded that all his work in congress would not make a single bit of difference. I felt his response was a bit fatalistic in that things were going south and his first responsibility was to be home with his young family … my take. Sorry I could not find the interview but it is out there on the net.

  31. Gary Cates

    The following poem would be very good reading, food for thought libtards, snowflakes . And those of the Talmud. They that own use.

  32. z

    uh oh, this “whole thing” goes on into perpetuity. no crashes, no downside, just
    business as usual. that is, this korean thing is a smokescreen to roll out the new
    blockchain sdr ACCChain via china. be ready folks, it’s your new one world order currency.
    the banksters retain control. this IS the reset. get lynette back on greg & fast!!

  33. Kelly Hamilton

    Hey Greg,

    Great shows and I thank you. I just listened to an interview on SGT Report’s You Tube channel with Lynette Zang. I know you just had her on your show recently; however, I am asking you contact her concerning the topic she spoke of today concerning the ACC, SDR, and crypto currencies and have her on again very soon.

    Thanks Greg and God Bless,
    Kelly Hamilton

  34. coalburner

    Greg; I dont know which planet DougG is on but Nucs do a pretty good job the size of the first few. Tatcial nucs are prett handy! However we dont need them anymore. Remember Hillery breaking Security rules and saying it “takes 4 minutes to get a nuc rocket off the ground” during the election. My unknowledgeable comment was and 5 seconds to fry it.
    Watch this series of videos.

  35. mark

    Hi Greg,
    If you have not done so already, I urge you to check out this interview Shawn at SGT report posted with Lynette Zhang concerning Crypto-currencies and the SDR. Very sobering. As always brother Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit. For “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” and Great is the mystery of godliness, which mystery is God manifested in the flesh with its hope of glory being Christ in us!!

  36. The Duke


    Really agree with Mish, but sure wish I knew WHEN things will really fall apart. Don’t you think it will be another hidden change where more stocks fail to set new highs ( Market Breath) and some start to go down, while Indexes still “look” good with FAANGS, ets.?

  37. Tad

    It’s difficult to discern what Kim Jong-Un expects to derive from a confrontation with Mr. Trump. He’ll receive no benefits or grants, as Trump will not concede. George W. he’s not.

    I don’t think Un will back down, despite his brainwashing of DPRK citizens. With execution at will, who can possibly “disagree?”

    He must realize that life amongst irradiated air particles is short lived. He and Xi Xinping appear think Trump is playing some game.

    China and Russia may be about to be drawn into a war not of their choosing. Sometimes political assassinations are best performed by friends.

  38. Tad

    . . .I’m not sure the Chinese have the guts to pull it off.

  39. Frederick

    Sure hope all you fellow watchdoggers took the opportunity of sale prices on the metals and loaded up the truck I’m really enjoying this rally we are experiencing from all the war Talk from Kim and our president Hope he keeps tweeting but NOT bombing

  40. John

    Greg, you have a great site, thanks for all your hard work and interesting and informative guests. I don’t know if you know of George Ure ( or not, but if you can get him for an interview you won’t be sorry. His market analysis has been spot on and he’s expecting what he calls “The Greater Depression” in the near future. I’ve followed his work for more than 10 years and he also has a subscription based site ( which offers more in depth analysis.

    • Greg Hunter

      I went to his site and could not find a contact. Do you have one?

      • John

        Hi Greg, thanks for your interest.
        On the site…..
        He has this contact info under FAQ
        Got More Questions?
        Send general interest / FAQ questions.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you John.

          • John

            Greg, I sent George an email to let him know you will contact him. He gets a lot of emails and he uses some type of filter so as not to waste time on useless ones. So if he doesn’t reply right away don’t give up, keep trying. You can also trying leaving a comment.
            Thanks again for your interest.

  41. mushy

    A little off topic,

    Donald is getting into real deep do do and he doesn’t seem to realize it.

    He better be start talking with the folks at Jones Day – real soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Who or what is “Jones Day”?

      • Justn Observer

        Greg… this is Jones Day… appears Mushy thinks POTUS needs a new law firm….

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you JO!

      • mushy

        Sorry to get back to you so late. Our friend JO has answered your question.

  42. Kim

    Here is an important video from SGT Report about possible world currency developing from the block chain. Please have Lynette Zang on again! Thank you! God bless us all! He is the light of the world!!

    • Kim

      Sorry for the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). Looks like I fell for this.

      There is not a right or wrong with this but facts are needed. Thanks!

  43. stonewall

    Greg. The latest from Lynnette Zaing.

    It’s time to bring her back.

  44. dee

    Indeed, why did it take you so long?
    He is simply great.

  45. Jerry

    For months I have been detailing how the central banks plan to fold us over into a new banking system spearheaded by a transition to gold backed securities. The nagging question has always been when? When will the internal transformation be complete.
    Even though its a fools errand to name a specific date, you can follow the template the central banks have always used to make a guess. October.
    Why October? Well there are a number of reasons holidays, temperature change etc. etc. etc. The one I prefer. The beginning of the 1st fiscal year of 2018. Say what you want about bankers, but at the end of the day its always about numbers and balancing credit scores. In this particular case, a reset is needed to restart their liquidity which is about to freeze up. Check out the money velocity chart published by the St; Louis Federal Reserve Bank. Banks do not make money unless money is changing hands and when velocity is approaching zero it ain’t happening!

  46. Frederick

    Thanks for that Mark but I already knew that I’ve met numerous Iranians in my travels and they’ve always seemed like fine people to me The whole thing seems like propaganda to me Someone wants to demonize them just as they did with Assad and Khadaffi Remember Noriega who was not a nice guy was CIA and a friend until he got too independent After that Panama was invaded and he was arrested

    • Frederick

      Greg It’s got ZERO to do with hating America or Christ I have no such feelings but feel hypocrisy and deflecting the truth will never get us to a good place God bless America Return our nation to sanity and righteousness

  47. Roger D

    Mish tells it like it is. Awesome interview full of truth and wisdom. Thank you Greg.

  48. Adam Giessler

    Lynette Zang would be a great guest. You can see her emergency interview at SGT Report.

    • Paul ...

      The banksters say they are doing “gods” work (and their god is Satan) … they are taking real things and making them into “ethereal bits” on a computer (the same way they take real people and make them into dead spirits or warmongers) … bit coins made by banksters are dead things (crypto) … gold is “real money” made by God!!

    • Neil

      Very interesting video. The follow up interview is also important to view.
      Made my mind up about the nature of crypto.
      I will cut the hand off the person who tries to chip and cryptify my existence.

  49. eddiemd

    It would be interesting to know what is occuring in the churches in Korea. Certainly God will pour out His Spirit.

    We pray for the people of the Korean penninsula.

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Ephesians 6:12

  50. jc

    Greg 5 years ago you did a writing on the NDRP. Great study, and effort to explain. Thank you for your works.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC.

  51. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks, Greg, for interviewing Shedlock. I’ve been reading his posts for many years. He’s a smart guy and I’m sure you and him could provide for many more hours of good media experience that audiences won’t find anywhere else.

  52. Just The Facts

    I like and agree with most of what “Mish” had to say. He describes himself as a “free trader” and at one point he kind of criticized Trump for his nationalist leanings. I believe that Mish is really a “globalist”, which is the farthest thing from Trump. Globalist policies destroyed the whole Western world. I do not believe the Trump election was about right or left politics. It was really about Nationalism vs Globalism, Hillary the Globalist vs Trump the Nationalist. Other Nationalists include Putin in Russia and the other right of centre parties in Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands. These elections are coming shortly and with God’s help, Nationalism will succeed and the NWO Globalists will be dead.

  53. BRValentine

    If the US launches a pre-emptive strike against NK, be prepared for China; Russia; Iran and others to engage. Not pretty.

  54. BRValentine

    Mish, agree. The US needs to STOP meddling in the affairs of others around the globe. However, the US is an Empire in decline that is rotting from within via Lawlessness for the elite; Stripping of Rights & Liberties of its Citizenry; Police State; Patriot Act; Full blown Fascism and a relentless Propaganda campaign and the list goes on and on and on. US citizens no longer enjoy any representation from the criminals in DC.

    We’re in Afghanistan to run the Poppy via the CIA/MIC. It’s BIG Business. The Poppy business in Afghanistan has increased over 1,000% since the entry of US personnel.

    • Greg Hunter

      U.S. is concerned in radical Islam and other enemies getting control of Venezuela. That is a legit concern.

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