The Goal Is War-Gregory Mannarino

2By Greg Hunter’s

Trader and analyst Gregory Mannarino says the governments and bankers want war. Mannarino explains, “War is the goal. People need to understand here the goal of the world central banks is to bring us to war. So, they have a big, big reason to borrow cash into existence. This is it. The debt based economic model has got to be the most corrupt, evil and dastardly mechanism to be pushed down the throats of the entire world. They are going to do what they need to do and that means bring us to a full blown war, nuclear or whatever they need to do to keep this going. If they do not find the reasons to borrow cash into existence, creating refugee problems, leaving all the borders open, war, you name it. . . . The world central banks have created a situation where they have to borrow cash into existence in perpetuity. They can never stop. If they do stop, it will cause a loss of human life greater than a nuclear exchange. So, they are stuck here. The lessor of the two evils here is to bring us to war. As horrible as that sounds, that is where we’re at.”

On the surging stock market, even though the economic and geopolitical news is bad, Mannarino contends, “Forget about the stock market. It has absolutely disconnected from reality in every way, shape or form you can think about. We are now existing in economic fantasyland. The market top from May has held so far. Will it continue to hold? Here’s what I am thinking now. I do believe it has the potential to hold, but why is the market up on the shooting down of this Russian jet and helicopter? Because they are expecting the world central banks to do something. We have terror all over the world and war building up. This is going to give them an excuse to print and stimulate. That is going to have an effect on the markets, and that is why it is higher.”

On the Fed raising interest rates soon, Mannarino thinks, “The Fed is, frankly, screwed. They are going to have to do something here to remain credible. Confidence is the only thing keeping this farce going. If the Federal Reserve does not raise rates next month, then that is the biggest ‘no confidence’ vote for the U.S. economy, and that is going to melt down this market. Some think if the Federal Reserve does not raise rates, the market is going higher. I can’t imagine why it would do that. This secret meet they just had, this is what they were talking about. . . . I think the Fed was discussing the lessor of two evils here. The lessor of two evils is they are going to nudge rates higher.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg this time we covered the most critical issues ever. This whole thing is near a breaking point and sadly we are witnessing the next and final phase of the worlds central banks plan-WAR AND DEATH on an industrial scale.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes we did and I than you Gregory!

      • Oracle 911

        Guys, did you realize a not so tiny fact, if a war broke out between NATO/US and Russia then the war will be nuclear?
        On the other hand if the Turks will shoot down another Russian plane in Syria, then the Russians will ban any import from Turkey, no Russian gas (about 50% of natural gas in Turkey is from Russia) and substantial support for Kurds from Russia. Oh and another thing, the Turkish tourism is living from Russian tourists, now they cab say goodbye for the profits.
        My 2 cents
        Oracle 911

        • Greg Hunter

          Oracle 911,
          That has always been a given.

        • frederick

          True Oracle the Russians do contribute quite a bit to the Turkish economy but there are many other nationalities as well İt would certainly hurt but İ doubt it would be fatal İm in Turkey and just giving my local knowledge not criticizing frederick

    • red

      “old guys’ like me” lol that means’ i must be a certifiable artefact! but the point on millennial’s i worry for them all the time, but they are gonna have to stand up to these parasites’, all my daughters’ friends are just so beautiful. I feel sick when i start thinking on what they are up against.

  2. Chief Two Beers

    I’m heading back to the Rez. The world you white people have created is too crazy for words.

    • Rick

      Chief Two Beers, I saw a great bumper sticker the other day.
      “Trust The Government ? Just ask a Native American”.
      I believe that sums up the situation perfectly.

      • dbcooper

        Rick, My personal favorite is: “an armed society is a polite society!!” FN, DB.

    • Art Barnes

      Audios amigo.

      • Chief Two Beers

        I have an awesome sound system in my ride. Audios amigo, indeed!

    • Jerry

      You won’t be safe there either because the government will soon be cutting of their checks. Unless you have a casino, you’re screwed like the rest of us.

      • Chief Two Beers

        Thanks for the tip, Jerry. You certainly do have a firm grasp of the obvious… There are many problems on the reservation, but there is a growing awareness of the need for self=sufficiency. We are working to move forward on that. Ya-ta-hey!

    • brian

      Yeah well, if you know any of the ant friends put in a good word for me and see if we can get a nice spot in the underworld; I am white, but me and Sotuknang go way way way back to a time when He had no name.

    • 8Ball

      A+ CTB, that pretty much sums up this mess we are in.

    • Linda louin

      Chief Two Beers:
      An Indian friend of mine were once talking about all the businesses that get flooded when it rains in Mission Valley (San Diego). My friend sat for a moment in thought and replied “only white men build in river beds.” Have a great Thanksgiving on the Rez

    • Kerry

      Unfortunately, what is coming will affect everyone, whether they live on a reservation, or not. I hope the Native Americans have kept up their outdoors skills, like hunting, fishing, tracking?

  3. Mary Casey

    “Bulls-eye!”, Mr. Mannarino is sadly right on target.

    THOUGHT #1….This may offer another explanation to Mr. Mannarino’s query as to why the market is “up on the shooting down of this Russian jet and helicopter”:

    “$800,000,000 worth of ISIS oil has been sold in Turkey. ISIS trucks are routinely allowed to cross back and forth between the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa and Turkey, while the NATO country facilitates black market oil sales on behalf of the terror group.

    THOUGHT #2….and this may be why the Russian jetliner was brought down over Egypt:

    “A large majority of Russia’s military strikes in Syria have not been aimed at the Islamic State [ISIS]….and have instead targeted the moderate Syrian opposition, the US State Department said on Wednesday. “Greater than 90% of the strikes that we’ve seen them take to date have not been against Isil or al-Qaida-affiliated terrorists,” said spokesman John Kirby.

    THOUGHT #3…..and Putin apparently got the message:

    “The plane crash and the Paris attacks clearly have raised Russia’s determination to fight IS….” Obama said Wednesday while traveling in the Philippines, “We’re going to wait and see whether in fact Russia does end up devoting more attention to targets that are ISIL targets and if it does so that’s something we welcome.”

    President Barack Obama said the U.S. would “very much want to see” Russia shift its military focus in Syria to targeting the Islamic State and will be “in discussions with Moscow, Mr. Putin, to see if that will continue.”–punish-those-who-bombed-Russian-jet.html?isap=1&nav=5016

    THOUGHT #4…..and since Putin was cooperating by increasing attacks on ISIL, one can understand why Putin complained, “this represents a stab in the back by the terrorists’ accomplices. I can’t describe what has happened today in any other way.”

    THOUGHT #5…..and pressure continues on Putin to convince him to back off of the Syrian militants or be the cause of the war escalation:

    “After Turkey heightened tensions in the region by downing a Russian plane, US President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande have pressed Russia to focus its attacks in Syria on Islamic State militants.”

    If Russia directs its energies toward IS forces, “some of those conflicts or potentials for mistakes or escalation are less likely to occur”, Mr. Obama added.

    Mr. Obama said, “…..similar confrontations could be avoided if Russia stopped attacking “moderate” Syrian rebels who are battling forces loyal to the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

    THOUGHT #6…..Watch for a false flag attack on a NATO country so as to continue to escalate the war.

    THOUGHT #7 …..Putin has “vowed to hunt down and punish those responsible for a bomb that brought down a Russian passenger jet”. (However, I find no news articles where Putin actually attributes the blame to ISIL….but many articles where the American MSM blames ISIL.)

    (yes, I’m one of those conspiracy nuts….)

    Thank you, Greg, for all you do. And this Thanksgiving, may we give Thanks to Our Gracious God for His continued mercies.

  4. OutLookingIn

    When all else fails – the bankers and moneyed interests take the war path.

    If you have not prepared, the hour is very late and may be too late now.

    I wish all the very best of luck. Gone to my “safe space”!

  5. matt

    Go back to Rez. To lazy to spell out rest.

  6. Brian Stemmerman

    Did you find it interesting that Catherine Fitts has extra door locks and a baseball bat leaning against the doorway?

  7. Dan


    Thanks for having Gregory Mannarino on again. I completely agree with everything he said in the interview. I think Gregory Mannarino is one of smartest people out there in the alternative financial media and doesn’t get enough credit. He is a very generous individual who gives it straight and honest; and this is something rare in today’s world. So thanks to both of you and I already look forward to hearing him again in the near future. Be safe!

  8. Karl

    Sadly this is exactly what I have expected since 2008. It is incredibly sad that most if the sheeple could not see this as well. Perhaps if we had all United like the good people of Iceland this could have been prevented. Too late now.
    Personally I think the war will give them an excuse not to raise rates. They’ll say “look it was all working fine if it wasn’t for those pesky Russians etc”

    • frederick

      İve seen this coming since the 2001 attacks

  9. ED

    WOW! Stunning interview for sure. Gregory Mannarino really puts things into perspective.

    A few months ago my 83 year old father and Korean war veteran told me that only a war cold change things for this world now. At the time I was not so sure about his comment. But now I’m beginning to see the realization of it.

  10. Paul

    Greg, always enjoy your guest appearances! Any chance you can do a follow-up interview with Jim Sinclair. He made some bold predictions in August regarding markets and in particular precious metals come late fall. That said, Bill Holter , who works closely with Jim is an excellent source and smart guy! Lastly , as a Canadian I wish all our American neighbours a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

  11. Jerry

    According to Rogue Money. the Russian jet was shot down over Syrian air space. If this is true it is a clear indication of just how desperate the criminal banking cabal really is. I find it incredible that this event just happened to occur at the same time the Fed was meeting behind closed doors.

    Greg, I rarely disagree with Greg Mannnarino but at this point I do not believe that Putin will take the bait from the western cabal and create a war. The BRIC nations have much bigger plans in place than that, and besides the Chinese want this country intact for economic purposes (cheap American labor in the future).

    I think Putin will continue to tighten the economic vice on the west by blocking the western banks in Ukraine and Syria as has already done. I think the overall game plan by the BRIC alliance is to disarm the western military industrial complex controlled by the criminal cabal, by collapsing the debt based economic system that is fueling it. They don’t need to start a war to this. Our entire infrastructure is built on paper. The Russians know we are on borrowed time now. All they have to do is wait.

    December will be a critical time for us, because the IMF is scheduled to grant reserve currency status to the Chinese Yuan. I also believe they will push to reset the Gold Price by making Shanghai the central trade hub. The timing of how much time we have is almost impossible to predict, but I will say this. Once the Yuan gets reserve currency status, I do not believe the central banks will be able to keep Gold prices down any longer, as they will be to busy trying to mop up all the U.S. Treasuries being dumped back into the market. There is simply no way they can fight this battle on two fronts and win. The dollar is toast.

    • Jerry

      Like I said, once that Yuan door opens, there’s going to be over 120 elephants trying to get through it at the same time. The IMF may drag their feet, but they can’t stop it. The Yuan is going to break from the dollar one way or another.

      • Macray

        Do you have an educated guess as to what % of the (XDR or SDR) basket will be assigned to the Chinese Yuan and what % the US Dollar will be reassigned to?
        Based on the latest review conducted on December 30, 2010, the XDR basket consists of the following four currencies: U.S. dollars ($) 41.9%, euro (€) 37.4%, pounds sterling (£) 11.3%, and Japanese yen (¥) 9.4%.[2]

        • Jerry

          The forecast I’m reading is calling for somewhere between 15% to 33%. After reading the BRIC news and watching the shift take place with HSBC and CHASE behind the scenes I would say it could go much higher. The Swiss de-pegging was a major sign.

    • Jeff L

      Jerry I agree Russia wants no part in war…..BUT….. It’s a given WE will create a false flag and hang their calling card on it. From here on out Russia will be blamed for EVERYTHING…….. Again, the Great Satan can’t live without another war.

      • Jerry

        I’m afraid you might be right. But don’t forget the Russians have a 1000 pound dragon sitting in the corner waiting to pounce. Its not Germany and Japan this time. Its two major superpowers.

    • frederick

      Jerry Would you buy gold now or wait for the price to drop more first? cheers frederick

      • Jerry

        Survival supplies (food , water , bullets) first – for short term. Gold should be your long term strategy- Second. The central banks are losing control of the markets so they cannot manipulate gold prices much longer. Especially if China reset the price in December. If you can get it. Get it now. I have been leaning toward silver because its more in my price range. Diamonds are not a bad investment either.

    • Jerry

      Evidently PM Xi had a few words to say about the U.S. at the G20 meeting a few weeks ago. I think you can figure it out for yourself.

      • WD


        What is the expression….The writing is on the wall?

    • Deanna Clark

      I agree that the BRICs countries want America to survive and stabilize. In SC a cotton mill has already reopened under Chinese ownership. The manager said the workers were happy to return to their old jobs, which were ended years ago, and worked hard. He did say Americans needed to be punctual!!
      The calico is cute and available at Joann’s and other places. It’s actually less expensive than the quality fabric from the far east.
      However, the best laid plans for such things could be ruined by the far right war mongers in Washington in obedience to banks that choose megalomania over cooperation.

  12. dchayden

    IF the Russian jet entered Turkish air space (IF) it wouldn’t have been there longer than 7 -12 seconds if my math is correct, because if you look at the scaled map (provided by the Turkish Defence Ministrty) the area where the Russian plane allegedly entered Turkish air space, and the point it exits, is less than 4 Km, maybe possibly only 3 Km but not more than 4 km.. That’s clear by the scale. A SU-24 has a top speed of 1,315 Km/hr.
    That’s 22 km/min or 365 m/s. Even at 12 seconds the Jet would have covered 4.5 Km. The distance is clearly less than 4 Km so the time has to be less than 12 seconds. I do not believe that would be enough time for any Turkish Jet supposedly on ‘patrol’ to wait for 10 airspace warning messages to take place, and then following this, wait again for an executive order to filter down to take this action. In other words I think the Turks planned an ambush, and ran straight to NATO. In my humble opinion, this could have been premeditated. .
    In 2012 Syria shot down Turkey’s spy jet when it entered its air space.
    Erdogan said way back then, that although the Turkish jet did briefly stray into Syrian airspace, “this kind of short-term border violation can never be regarded as a pretext for a hostile attack,” while NATO was busy saying that its “a completely unacceptable act.”
    Both Turkey and NATO in this context show an absolute hypocrisy.

  13. Calgirl

    PCR discusses global false flags and TPP in this podcast

  14. NC Yankee

    Mannarino and you had a superlative interview. It answered many questions such as “Why, did the US-Nato proxy shoot down a single Russian plane which was not a threat to Turkey?”.
    NC Yankee

  15. andyb

    History is unfortunately replete with the Rothschild-Zionist psychos funding, arming, and otherwise supporting wars as the ultimate distraction to financial chaos. That they profit regardless of which side wins or loses is very telling, and God help anyone who stands in their path.

    I am reminded of Lincoln and the US Civil War. When Lincoln sought help from the Rothschilds to fund troop movements, the bankers offered an usurious 37% interest rate. Lincoln turned them down and starting printing Greenbacks. Within 6 months, Lincoln was assassinated by just another convenient patsy. Very coincidental to JFK’s assassination after issuing silver certificates.

    • frederick

      @AndyB İ had never heard about that 37% rate until now Thanks for the education happy thanksgiving to you and everyone

    • matt

      Absolutely AndyB. The money changers of old in different attire. The only time Jesus showed anger was in the temple with the likes of such.

      • Charles H


  16. NC Gal

    Greg and Greg,

    Thanks for a great interview that goes to the core of the present problem. However, this is only the first phase of a much longer-term plan. I see this endless creation of debt as a transfer of actual wealth ownership to the hands of the elite and paving the way for a world in which they own everything and everyone in it. As I have posted earlier, this country (the original federal united states of America) was sold out and literally handed over to the banking cabal over the years since 1860, and has declared bankruptcy TWICE along the way. The USA is now a corporation and we are its property. Washington DC was deeded to the IMF in 1944, under the Bretton-Woods agreement. The first Great Depression occurred just 13 years after the bankers succeeded in getting the Federal Reserve chartered in 1913, and FDR turned over all of the assets of the country to the Fed in 1933 as collateral for the debt that existed at the time and going forward. We don’t have clear (alloidal) title to anything!

    The move toward war is certainly something that will create more debt in the shorter term. However, it will also act to deplete sovereign nations, kill off large numbers of people (one of the NON-economic goals of the elite) and give the elites the opportunity to offer their “peaceful” solution — a totalitarian global government, with a single (electronic) currency, and control over every aspect of human existence everywhere in the world. Now THAT is the wet dream of the elites!

    Everything Greg said is true, as far as it goes. It just doesn’t drill down to the cause, but focuses on the symptoms of it. If things go as the elites plan, all of this will be resolved and realized by the year 2030, under Agenda 2030, and this war is just part of getting there. However, there may be some surprises along the way and it is not a given that everyone reading this will end up in the same future. The data suggests otherwise. I do not expect to live in that world and will be glad of it, no matter how it goes for me personally.

  17. CLB

    Greg, appreciate the effort, but this guy doesn’t have an original thought in his head. All he does is cry wolf, the sky is falling, he’s been saying since the first interview that it’s all come no to an end. I think your guest are desperate, 2016 is a month away and not one has had an accurate prediction yet, 100% strikeout rate. Sorry, you can choose not to post this, doesn’t change the fact. Jerry brings more to the table, Chine, Yaun, IMB, SDR, AIIB, reserve currency status, the death of the dollar, those are events that will change our way of life. Let’s stay on topic here, the world will not collapse.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and I am going to post it even though I don’t agree with it. You are wrong about Mannarino’s originality. He has documented his thoughts of coming events long ago in his free book you can download on his site.

  18. al hall

    Greg M. is correct- I agree, but the banksters will hold off as long as possible. Only hope is as Pastor Lindsey Williams has been told is divine intervention= alien intervention. Greg as I told you via personal email- W has told me there in a fleet of huge UFO’s( 20 miles in diameter,each) now position behind the moon at this moment. Report came from our moon base on the backside of the moon. (Yes, we have one)
    He believes their intention is to rescue much of the human population before nuclear war or planet X’s return coming soon. Christians know this as the tribulation period.
    Greg: you know of W- he has no reason to lie about Nibiru(X) coming if it weren’t. If one studies the effect of it’s return( what will happen to this planet, it is basically what is described in the bible- earthquakes, Volcanoes erupting, fire and brimstone, etc.
    People can decide for them selves- but realize the government lies about everything else, ie- what Greg M. says all the time, they have lied massively on this, and W knows this from being inside at one time and still connected via friends still on the inside.

  19. Paul

    If I was some how appointed and put in charge at the Fed … knowing that I had to borrow more cash into existence I could never pay back … I would immediately call a secret meeting of all the bankers to discuss the creation of a “One Thousand Year Bond” … just think of the fantastic (for the bankers) implications of such a bond created in our era for continuing our debt based economic model forward … the Fed can create these “One Thousand Year Bonds” and not have to immediately worry about paying back the principle for a thousand years … and by that time … our money will be “so worthless” it would be a simple matter to pay it all back with Con Fed Era it money (if our nation hadn’t already dissolved away by then) … and every One thousand Year Bond sold now could be paid off with money as worthless as a Confederate $2 Dollar bill a thousand years from now … problem solved!

  20. Art Barnes

    Greg, have a nice Thanksgiving, especially this year as its important to appreciate it to the fullest as we may not have any more to appreciate in the near future. Once again Greg, Happy Turkey day. From the Western Front ab

  21. Jerry

    The IMF has set 11/30/15 as the date they will make a decision whether to include the Yuan into the SDR basket.

    Anyone who thinks that this will not have an immediate impact on the global economy really needs to check their meds. You cannot gauge the impact by what the current markets have done, because the Chinese have been busy for the better part of the last 18 months setting up new trade platforms across the globe from Switzerland to Canada.

  22. Mr.Lee

    Mr. Mannarino is spot on and echo’s what Mr. Celente, Mr. Kirby, Ms. Fitts have said. To paraphrase Mr. Celente, “When all else fails, they take you to war.”. Spot on Mr. Mannarino.

    As with all things though, any thing that can not go on will not. I agree that this debt based system needs to go on for those who benefit, namely the interest recipients of the system and war is a was to keep this scheme going. However (question for both Gregs here), in order for the war plan to work….our so called side needs to win. A war say with Russia also by extension means a war with the PRC. In this scenario the outcome of victory is not so certain. Even a stalemate would be indicative of a loss of stature in the financial status of the US dollar dominated globe. In other words, how are we going to win against a formidable foe if we can not even take on some goat herders in Afghanistan?

    Also, I agree fully with Mr. Mannarino, the Fed has no other option than to raise the rates by 25 points. This is a confidence move designed to contribute to the narrative of economic growth which is a sham as we know. It also leaves the Fed the room to lower again should (unforeseen head winds arise in the economy), before they venture down the road of NIRP.

    Happy Thanksgiving Gentlemen and to all.

    • Jeff L

      1/8th point rise….

      • Jeff L

        With the word GRADUAL inserted into the Fed’s language.

    • Jeff L

      25 basis points gives them room to move if need be ? 25 basis points will be pissing in the wind when all hell breaks out. Does anybody believe a worthless/corrupt Fed dropping 1/4% will make a difference when the markets are collapsing ? Really ?…. That would be the same people who believe in false flags being real and ISIS created out of nowhere…… You know, the voting retard populace responsible for keeping these inept leaders in office. Our Founding Fathers would ……you get the picture.

    • Deanna Clark

      I recall Catharine being asked about a collapse in the US. She said, “Oh, no…they’re going to shake somebody down.” Nobody knows the inner thoughts of our government like she does.

  23. lynn

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Greg and Gregory. We are thankful for people like you who serve the good of the people and tell it like it is so we can make decisions on how to go forward in this insane world. You are both patriots that we can look to as examples of great leaders in the alternative media. Thank you both for all you do and to all of you out there who don’t know what to do “fear not”….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Lynn and happy Thanksgiving!!

  24. brian

    We don’t get into next spring without finding ourselves on our knees and bellies desperately praying for all this to stop…hell, I suspect that more than a few of us are already there.

  25. Macray

    Turkish Intelligence Chief-
    “ISIS is a reality and we have to accept that we cannot eradicate a well-organized and popular establishment such as the Islamic State; therefore I urge my western colleagues to revise their mindset about Islamic political currents, put aside their cynical mentalité and thwart Vladimir Putin’s plans to crush Syrian Islamist revolutionaries,” – Anadolu News Agency quoted Mr. Fidan as saying on Sunday.

    AND ON TUESDAY……………………..

  26. Paul

    Obama warns the enemy to save their lives …

    It would have been a nice gesture to warn the women and children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to save themselves when we knew we had overwhelming power to destroy Japanese cities with nuclear bombs … even if the men fled with the women and children the point of destroying the cities was not to kill people but to show we had the power to take down their infrastructure … let’s hope Russia and China will give American women and children fair warning to leave our cities before they demonstrate to the Neocons that American infrastructure can be vaporized in a war they provoked by poking at the Bear and the Dragon!

    • frederick

      @paul i wouldnt count on it

  27. Mohammad


    The downing of the Russian fighter jet and killing its pilot in SYRIA is a TURNING POINT of the events unfolding there.
    This action is going to put Istanbul in the cross hair of the Russians who always been dreaming of the return of their church HAGIA SOPHIA back to their glory days as a step towards towards Jerusalem.
    Any one thinks of Putin as a KGB is misinformed, and mistaken.
    Putin wants the eastern church to be back to its glory pulling the carpet from underneath Rome.
    Turkey as i expect is going to be left alone to its fate with the Russian bear after NATO turning their back to Erdogan when push comes to shove.
    The trap is set and Turkey fell big time and they will harvest Turkey next. (a large Sunni country as usual allowing their beloved nuclear armed Shittes Iran moving forward).

    The more i see events unfolding the more i see my previous notes on this blog materializing.

    Any way Time Will Tell.

    Happy holidays to you and your bloggers.


    • Rebecca

      Thank you, Mohammad. Your insight is always welcome.

    • WD

      Hi Mohammad,

      1) I agree on this completely. I think Turkey did a major screw up ( intentionally?)
      2) I know he is NOT Communist/KGB and that he is devoted to the Eastern Orthodox Church’s revival.
      3) Maybe Istanbul to become Constantinople again?
      4) WE Pollack made the assessment that US Military has become a paper tiger…. I agree they wont go fight directly anytime soon..
      5) My co-worker was Russian history major and became fascinated with Russian history and their country. He told me we are playing with fire and also said never never engage with Russia.

      Thanks again Mohammad

  28. Greg Downing

    Things are no different here in Canada. The elites keep pushing world ending scenarios related to global warming and how we must reduce our carbon footprint. The intended consequences being the reduction of our independence by reducing even further our disposable wealth by introducing carbon taxes, carbon trading, etc. Now there is even talk of placing a tax on meat products in an attempt to reduce our consumption because meat producing animals are a prime source of carbon dioxide. It’s all a smoke screen to divert our focus away from what is really going on. Corruption and the theft of our national wealth. Our governments have stolen our wealth and my children’s and grandchildren’s future by bankrupting our nation. Our homeless shelters are full and the overflow of homeless are forced to sleep on the streets. Our soldiers who have sacrificed to fight their wars are now refused benefits and some of them are now homeless, but; they always seem to have sufficient funds to bring in over 25000 refugees and the sheeple just applaud and say “Oh look at us, aren’t we a caring nation.” God help us all.

    • Greg Downing

      The Rez won’t hide you Two Beers.

      • Chief Two Beers

        Take care of yourself, Greg. Don’t worry about me… Always best to be with your own people.

    • CrazyCanuck

      Indeed Greg . As a Canadian, I saw that there was a recent motion in the United Nations to basically resist any and all support for political parties that espoused support for Nazi and neo-nazi movements. What shamed me beyond belief is that this motion had the support of all but just THREE countries in the world — the US, Ukraine and CANADA. So many good and honourable vets are rolling in their grave! Bottom line? Sometimes Canadians can get downright self-righteous when looking at their southern neighbour . Given our blind support of Washington’s foreign policies, that is farcical.

    • Gary Canuck

      Greg, we just got a Carbon Tax in Alberta, were following the Europeans to disaster, if your cow farts they will tax the methane.
      Canada should pull out of NATO, we have no business being involved in Syria with NATO, re Turkey who is supporting ISIS buying their oil, the whole thing is a sham.
      Fortunately Putin is level headed, and thinks things through, although I strongly suspect, he will be forced into a corner and react.
      We need a leader like Putin running this country, re to get our oil to Asian markets, however that is not going to happen, with Baby Doc Trudeau, sucking up to Obama, re climate change more bullshit. Warren Buffet owns the railways, and makes several billion hauling Alberta Crude to US Refineries, big donor to Obama.

      Like it or not, all politicians American & Canadian are liars, and both forms
      of these scumbags will take us to war.

      You mentioned our troops, I live near CFB Wainwright, and when these guys come back from Afghanistan, they are really messed up mentally, once they realize they were just a pawn of their government to fight terrorism.

      Were going to let in 25K of Syrian refugees yet we treat our soldiers like shit who have PTSD, got their limbs blown off, for a war that no one will win
      except for Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics, BAE, and the Bankers.

      Ron Paul down in the USA was the last politician in the USA who made any sense and he was marginalized by his own party, In Canada we have no politician who make any sense, about anything, our news media might as well be FOX,CNN, NBC, were all being fed a load of crap.

      Hell I might have to move to Costa Rica, at least you can get 10% on your money in a bank, if its US Dollars, they will not take our Canadian Peso.
      End Of Rant.

      PS Enjoy The Gey Cup.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        According to a friend who does testing for PTSD and interviews returning veterans for a civilian study, the chief cause behind the stress is knowing they served a criminal government. Even the young privates know about the poppies, the corruption, the lies. the breaking of international laws.

        Our military is demoralized , they do what they must…but wave no flags. This is military land here in the south.
        If Texans in the army lose their morale….Bob Hope couldn’t make them true believers.

        • Kerry

          I suspect when Texas is threatened they will respond. So says a good friend who is a Texan and a Marine/Special Forces veteran, military intelligence. He has not lost his basic patriotism, Marine first and always, God and Texas before all else. I surely hope he is right. Same with most of my friends here in the Lone Star State. Like David Crockett said, Y’all can go to hell, I am going to Texas!

  29. dchayden

    Also I have to mention that later reports that I have read are saying that Turkey warned 10 times in 5 minutes “prior” to airspace incursion. If that is true, then clearly they were tracking speed and direction and would have known that the “supposed” airspace incursion would be 7-12 secs or so. Where is the security threat to Turkey that justifies a possible “Archduke Franz Ferdinand” event ? With the time given by the Turkish story, this fighter would have been moving so slow that it would be risking stalling its engines to trek that distance in that amount of time. No matter which way I look at it, it just does not add up. Years ago, when something violated a countries sovereign airspace, two “friends” would suddenly appear, and kindly escort you on your way to your course correction. I call bs on this whole thing. Just my opinion…feel free to critique !!

  30. frank position

    People have forgotten the proven scientific results of a “limited nuclear exchange”
    If 100 1 megaton weapons go off in the northern hemisphere , then the cooling effect of the soot and other material that will reach and be caught up in the stratosphere will drop temperatures in the middle of North America and Europe by 40 degrees in a few weeks.
    Food production will crash. Ten years after an exchange, we will be lucky to have 20 percent of today’s world population.
    Some way to save the world economy.
    The economy after the upcoming nuclear war will consist of trading rocks and old cans
    of food !

    • freebreezer

      Maybe this is the elites way of getting a 2 for 1 … permanently ending global warming;
      population control; I would guess the delicate flowers at the Universities would buy in to this one.

  31. James Brown

    Hey Boys!!! I love you guys. Keep on teaching and preaching.
    Martin Armstrong says that this war cycle will go until 2020 and the economy won’t crash until 2017 (Charles Nenner says something similar). There will be another crash and I think Nenner and Armstrong are the best “SWAGs” (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) as to when it happens but “no one knows the day or the hour”. Greg have me on your show, I am running for POTUS and I will rebuild the economy and rebuild the PEACE.

    • Jeff L

      “I am running for POTUS and I will rebuild the economy and rebuild the PEACE.” If you’re standing on principles like that the MSM, bankers and political whores will destroy you. This country is incapable of electing anyone with stature…….. Not to mention THERE WILL BE NO ELECTIONS.

      • Dan

        Because aliens riding a comet will prevent them no doubt.

  32. Clint Bower Sr.

    Dr. Jeffery lewis has a post out today on his view about J.P.Morgan and the silver they have. This is just an FYI on some insight on where silver might go.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Clint Bower

  33. Don

    Debt clock jumped another $40,000,000,000.00 overnight to $18,703,246,507,964.00. This baby has gone exponential, take cover.

  34. Jerry

    Evidently this bill passed two weeks ago and is setting on the presidents desk.
    I know he’s to busy dealing with ISIS to sign it. Right……..

  35. Karl

    Hi Greg,

    Can you just link to where I can download Mr Mannarino’s book please?

    Best Regards

    • Greg Hunter

      There a a few free offers on Mannarino’s home page of I think what you are looking for is near the bottom of the page.

      • Karl

        Thanks Greg.
        Yes it was the politics of money I wanted to read. A very good book and backs up precisely own feelings were for a while now.
        His take on blowing the bubble as big as possible is a good explanation to the madness. I guess they employ people like Krugman to convince us that debt bubbles are good . I cannot believe people fall for his nonsense.

  36. Coal Burner

    Hey Chief Two Beers;
    I will be kissing up to my Pueblo Friends. Hope they remember that deer I gave them a few years ago. Yes, Yes, they never forget a gift, and I mean that from the bottom of my Thanksgiving Heart.

  37. Coal Burner

    Forget the 100’s, more like a half dozen 20’s is all it will take even if they are committing suicide cause they cannot dodge the one heading for Moscow. These NeoLibtards in Washngton actually think they can survive a few nucs. They dont uderstand mutual destruction anymore. Hell, I would set off everyting I had on my own soil to assure the enemy gets a more miserable death months later. Do you think those idiots in the Wolfishitz crowd understand that.

  38. Coal Burner

    GReat to see you Mohammad, you are right or soo close to it. Putin is doing his best to make Mother Russia the king of the Greek/Russian Orthidox now a days, Christianity is going very big for him. He also recently helped build the greaetest Mosque ever built as I recall. What do you say about that?

  39. Diane D

    Thank you Greg and your guest for an excellent interview. The world and especially the Middle East is in chaos. Where are all the warmongering, blood-thirsty Neocons? Ah Grandma was right, success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.

    Every time the possibility of nuclear war is discussed, I am compelled to emphasize this point. The vast majority of Americans COULD SURVIVE an all-out nuclear attack and live through the difficult post-attack years.

    There is so much valuable information available. This is my favorite, If families have nothing else, I urge them to print out this FREE PDF file. It is an excellent easy-to-understand 7-step plan with one exception. Do Item # 7 Gather Supplies NOW! DO NOT WAIT until nuclear attack is imminent!

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane D,
      This freaks me ouit but it is very good information. Thank you.

  40. mark

    Hi Greg,
    Fear Not!! The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit! I am reminded of your comment (more than once) that the Iran Nuclear deal would ultimately lead to wider war. I am not sure how that plays into what we are seeing now, but it sure looks like wider war is what we’re getting.

  41. Smaulgld

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg and Greg and to all USAWDoggers!

  42. Daphny Lamb

    Judgment will come because the ruler of this world has already been judged. [New Living Translation] John 16:11

    The time for judging this world has come, when Satan, the ruler of this world, will be cast out. [New Living Translation] John 12:31

    The World’s Secret Ruler Exposed

    “THE ruler of this world will be cast out,” said Jesus to the people on one occasion. Later, he added that ‘the ruler of the world had no hold on him’ and that “the ruler of this world has been judged.” (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11) Who was Jesus speaking about?
    Considering what Jesus was saying about “the ruler of this world,” it is obvious that he could not have been referring to his Father!

  43. David S

    Hi Greg

    Could you get Stephen Cohen on your show? He knows what hes talking about when it comes to Russia and he hardly ever appears on the msm.

    I think its pretty clear at this stage that ISIS is backed to the hilt by NATO. Does anybody seriously believe that satelitites woundnt pick up all the movement of ISIS killers from Turkey into Syria and all the oil tankers shipping stolen Syrian/Iraqi oil to Turkey?

  44. glen

    seems odd for nato to launch an attack on Russia at this time of the year, the arriving European winter is expected to be the coldest and harshest in quarter of a century,
    a couple of false flag attacks on conduits that carry energy to Europe and beyond could cause serious hardship resulting in a very weakened population as winter ends and the opportunity for offensive warfare appears,
    you don’t need a nuclear weapon to take out a nuclear energy facility, the number of these across Europe is quite significant, they represent open easy targets for maximum damage from minimum output.
    try and stop multiple crisscrossfiring missiles from reaching at leas t a few of these target’s,
    great commentary as usual from GM.

  45. Jim Taylor

    Hey Greg I saw Axel Merk at the Silver Summit. I said hi to him and told him I enjoyed listening to him on your show. He said you are a great guy and asked if you were there. I said I didn’t thnk so. Bummer would have been fun to see you there too!

  46. Linda louin

    Hi Greg:
    I just heard via Info Wars, Alex Jones that Turkey has purchased over 800 million in oil from ISIS in Syria and that this information has been confirmed. Yet TURKEY is a member of the UN (corrupt organization). You’d think that this kind of information would demonstrate to the world that the Western countries are all financing/supporting ISIS! PUTIN is disrupting the chain supply of oil from Syria to Turkey and in retaliation, this is why the pilots were shot down, are dead. Mr. Mannarino is correct when he says that war is coming, and it’ll be like nothing that we’ve ever seen before. GOD help America for its part in the crimes against humanity.

  47. Mike Morgan

    I want to see if Mannarino’s prediction of a market top holds. I think the Dow and S&P will try for a new high. I’m very into waves, and also market psychology. Say you shorted the current high and your stop is a tick higher, then that call would be wrong if your stop got hit. Prechter bet that the top was in while I thought that the move from 2000 was a big flat. I was right, Prechter wrong. I very much respect his intellect, don’t know what happened to his judgement, probably too much ego, too much need to be right. When the market is saying it’s going against you, dump that position. Going against the market is like going against God, you can’t win.

  48. Russ

    “War is the continuation of politics by other means” – Carl von Clausewitz

    Thanks Greg & Greg. CvC was exactly right. Is there another quote that says something about politics being the continuation of banking… 😉 Follow the money:

    Doh! hand in the cookie jar? So there’s a financial relationship between the son of Turkey’s president and ISIS regarding profiting from stolen Syrian oil? Hmmm, so when a Turkish F-16 shoots down a Russian fighter bombing “rebels” [b]in Syria[/b] is that because the SU-24 violated Turkish airspace or that the bombing is cutting into profits. BTW that “in Syria” remark above takes new meaning when it’s leaked that “….the Russian jet shot down by Turkey on Tuesday was hit inside Syrian airspace after a brief incursion into Turkish airspace, a U.S. official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. …” oops. (Hint — if you want to look good in a shootdown, shoot them as they are entering your airspace, not as they have left).

    Is it possible that the Turks are trying to stop Russia from bombing the younger Erdogan’s oil export business in Syria? I suppose it could be said that war is the continuation of business by other means — nothing personal but those Russian airstrikes are cutting into profits… More to read at :

    One way to get a big war going is to do stupid greedy things in a small war.

  49. dee garmon

    Thus spoke Greg and drink deeply from his words.
    Thanks for a wonderful interview and please bring
    him back real soon.

  50. Eric the Troll

    Greg – always enjoy your interviews 🙂
    But, I think we have it all wrong!
    The MSM said this morning that this was going to be an excellent shopping season with retailers expecting massive on-line sales. In years past, it was always the nasty weather that caused folks not to spend… Not this year!!! The MSM also said we have record-low unemployment – so taxes from all those dollars spent will make a nice dent in that national-debt. Why worry about something that we would have to pay back in the future?

    The whole Turkey/Russia thing was just a coincidence (those poor Turks were just testing an air-to-air missile, and the Russian fighter got in the way) – accidents happen! I am sure a full apology to Putin is forthcoming any time now.

    Fukushima? It must not be important, because it’s *never* in the news! In fact, it’s such a non-issue that I heard the administration even turned off the radiation sensors on the west coast! What could possibly go wrong?!?!

    A litmus test of economic confidence is the price of gold. Lately, it has fallen through support levels, and is continuing its decline. I am so glad to take a loss on that ounce I bought – because it proves that people are happy, content, and not afraid of anything bad happening!

    I think that one song sums it up – ‘Everything Is Awesome’!!

    Have a great, generic, holiday season!


    • Greg Hunter

      Sure Eric, Merry Christmas to you as well.

  51. boris chikvashvili

    Happy Thanksgiving all
    Greg Thank you for giving platform that may not otherwise have it.

    As someone born in Georgia( country) and knowing Russia/Turkey/Persia/Georgia history ( wars ) i could have said lot about what is going on( besides having lived in USA Israel, Hands on observer of Sunny Shia Rivalry( and Saudi desire to build the “replacement of Russian Gas supplies in Europe, via Syria, which not too many have touched) Nuclear Physicist (:- ) trader .etc.

    But let us leave this things to deeper thinkers.

    Let us look at things PURELY from Cycles point of view and extract ourselves from amateur diplomat games.
    I agree with comments, given above that , unfortunately, most of what has been predicted here( in terms of markets) has been wrong and detrimental to readers pockets. So, here is my two cents worth as the rest of the details can be found at ( / boris chikvashvili, free and open, advice on markets).
    After a near collapse in August( publicly Shorted 21st July, collected 24-25 August, third most devastating day of DOW in 100 years). I have proceeded to be careful with shorting and did it only for quick daily gains, but stated none stop that Stocks will , most likely rally into early mid December, as CHINES stock market cycle seems to be pointing there). I have said here and endless places that GOLD will , most likely make new lows into the end of the year( have a happy). I do not know what else can I say and how can i contribute, but please come and some sanity for your own pocket’s sake to my personal FB page given above. I can tell you though, that while another panic selloff is still possible into the first quarter of 2016 before Gold Rallies, next 5 days likely to present excellent bounce (up) point for gold.

    Thanks again
    and please forgive me if my English is not very polished. I type fast( programmer as well(:- ) and hate corrections. Seems like nobody ever was pissed of on me because they could not understand what I wrote(:-

    • Greg Hunter

      Comment anytime thank you for doing it.

  52. boris chikvashvili

    Thanks Greg, Perhaps later we can do more, but let me throw in the little reminder.
    When Germans Merkel was in states this year, Obama was all over her, promising , overtly and covertly, that as / when EUROPE supports him on putting sanctions on Russia, She shall never fear, Germans freezing in coming winter due to Russia’s NYET on Gas Supply.

    Well, If the PAPA BEAR gets mad and does that , how does Obama keep promise?
    One way, of course is to FINALLY, EXPORT NATGAS as LNG.
    The other way was to build a nice little PIPELINE from SAUDIA via Syria and onto EUROPE.

    Now, you maybe able to reconstruct the rest of the story. I am sure, it will jive much better, than any other theories stated before.

    As for my experiences in this huge of being a cross cultural creature of the crazies places of this world, we shall talk later. I think, I can understand what drives Mid Eastern Egos and Western Egos as well as anybody, I have seen. Even though they may claim they know better, because they were in Government. No need for that. In government you have a program and do not have to understand the other side, what else are tanks , plains for ( witness the sanctions).
    I had to live among all of these cultures and continue doing so, while understanding, cause I have no tanks(:-.
    Also, it helps that most of the time, I do not lose in TRANSLATION, as I speak their languages.

  53. boris chikvashvili

    planes ( not plains(:- )

  54. ED

    Paul, I also read that about giving a 45 minute warning to save their lives. Unreal!

    In regards to your comment “it would have been nice to have given the folks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki a 45 minute warning” . The USA actually gave a couple days (perhaps 3 days) warning to Japan. I cannot recite it word for word but it was something like “We have a weapon to the likes this world has never seen before” and asked for immediate surrender. Of course surrender never happened. Even after the first bomb was dropped and as bad as it was, Japan still refused to surrender. Nagasaki was bombed 3 days later with a larger A bomb and Japan finally surrendered.

  55. william l. goldring jr.

    money or racial biase is the cause of all war since tribal creationby humans unless and until humans can over come this we are doomed.

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