Vax Fight is On and Not Stopping – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s 

Gerald Celente, a renowned trends researcher, is back this time to talk about the unrelenting full blown “Vax Wars” he predicted many months ago.  Many people are being told “no vax, no job,” and now it’s really heating up.  Celente explains, “The fight is on.  The people that are not going to get it are not going to get it.  They’re done.  The fight is on.  From the very beginning, I said about the ‘Covid War,’ it’s going to be anti-vax, anti-establishment, anti-immigration parties forming.  This is the beginning of a new populous movement like we have never seen before.  It is just the beginning.  Remember, ‘it does not take a majority to prevail, but an irate tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the hearts and minds of men,’ said Samuel Adams. . . . ‘Vax Wars,’ this is bigger than the Vax Wars.  This is a war about freedom, and it’s going to rage around the world.  Look what happened in Italy last week.  Looks what’s going on in France.  In the United States, it’s going to happen as well.  This is the beginning of a civil war.  There are going to be states seceding from the Union, and they are going to push for it.  What they are doing is totally unconstitutional, un-American and un-Godly.”  (as in God the Father.)

All of the unions that usually support Democrats are up in arms about the coerced vax mandates.  Is the DNC going to lose a huge segment of its base?  Celente says, “Yes, they are.  They are not the Democrat Party.  They are not the Republican Party.  It’s a crime syndicate.  These are criminals.  They are murderers and thieves.  How much more proof does anybody need. . . . Yes, the unions are going to run from the Democrat Party.  There are going to be new forming parties.  I say by their deeds you shall know them.  Hey, you are too big to fail.  The banksters, the Federal Reserve pumping in $29 trillion (in 2008 and 2009 to bail out their buddies.) . . . .They are murderers and thieves, and we are going to have a new political movement.  You know what’s going to have to be behind this movement?  Self-sustainability, it has to be a self-sustaining U.S. without supply chain backups.  Why are we buying all that crap from China? . . . Why aren’t we making things in the United States?  Because lowlife Democrat and Republican pieces of crap sold us out to get the products made overseas so they could mark up the prices when they brought them back.”

On the economic front, Celente says the trend is inflation and a coming collapse.  What going to set that off?  Celente says, “When they raise interest rates, this thing goes down — end of story.  If they can’t put that monetary methadone out there for the money junkies for free anymore, this thing goes down.  Inflation is going to make them raise rates.  It’s going to make them start tapering.  This is not a capitalist society, it’s fascist.  They are buying $120 billion a month of government and corporate bonds.  They are buying corporate bonds?  Oh yeah, and junk bonds too. . . . That is a merger of state and corporate powers.  That’s what Mussolini called fascism.”

Celente says this is going to end badly, and he’s talking about “the greatest financial crash in history.”  The little guy, meaning “We the People,” should prepare, and time to do that is running short.  Celente says, “Prepare for the worst.  If the worst doesn’t happen and you are prepared, you lose nothing.  If the worst happens and you are not prepared, be prepared to lose everything.  We are in a place that no one could have invented in early January 2020.  You could not make this story up. . .  My biggest fear is they take us to war.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente.  He’s the top trends researcher on the planet and publisher of The Trends Journal.  (10.19.21)

(There is much more in the more than 40 min interview.)

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  1. Marie+Joy

    Be involved in the political process. It’s the only way to stop communists from stealing elections.

    • Warren B.

      Funny you should mention that Marie.
      Its never been our (working middle class) destiny to “Get involved in the Political process”… because there was always the issue of contending with those who were operating in the background, behind closed doors, with their secret meetings…those who had the TRUE Power and Control….the same ones who give us a sense of Democracy by allowing us citizens to vote, when in actuality the representatives were already chosen. Some refer to them as Deep State or TPTB…I have always referred to them as the Shadow Government – they are truly the Unelected Rulers. No standing Government has more power and influence than this group.
      I’ve just finished watching a rather long interview conducted by Stew Peters. His guest was none other than a French Billionaire who confirms and quotes… that there exists a Shadow Government that controls the whole world. There are 38 people comprising this Government of which some are American. He names one of them – which comes as no surprise…that POS William Gates IV. He relays a story of his encounter with him some years ago. He has 4 Databanks full of information supporting massive corruption across all Nations Governments, Executive Branches and Judiciary. This Shadow Government brings War to the innocent people of the world in order to Fund their existence and to further their own wealth. He was present for a meeting in 2014 that had an agenda assigned for 2020 (COVID). He refused to accept to play a part in it. He speaks of Trump and what occurred in 2018 that set the wheels in motion to remove him from any public Office (POTUS) permanently.
      There appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel for freedom loving mankind….if what this Phillipe Argillier is saying is true and that his motive is not to make enemies of these 38 People…. but to make all of the information he has….available ….so that the good people of earth can unite as ONE against this UNTOUCHBABLE class …and destroy them (“in a few short months” ). He sends a rather chilling message to those who (“They know who they are”) …that they should not interfere with the process that he is following. He is indirectly exposing these people and their system of Government rule from the Shadows. He knows these people very well and has sat in meetings with them all.
      His dialogue about our least favorite Social Media Giant (Zuckerberg) will open your eyes and send chills down your spine. He is not the person he appears to be in the public eye.
      Make up your own mind, here is the link….he begins at circa 13.50

      • Fran Barnes

        A bloodless revolution. Sign me up. But, where? This Argillier says they’ve got a plan and he is very confident and the big weapon is this data bank. Timing is sure ripe. So, what’s my role? Really, these 38 some psychopathic monsters are just going to surrender their power holds? I will continue to pray for our frontline warriors. Greg Hunter’s repetitive “Fear not” is pivotal and I’d like to ask you here, why not begin with a few retiree’s meager savings together, purchase (like the big wolves) some good neighboring parcels and work the land? GregH – fear not and give my email out for me to discern what fruitfulness might come of it.

      • A. Anthanovich


        I have some serious doubts about the credibility of Phillip Argillier’s motives and plan. There are three short videos where Argillier is discussing his plan with General Thomas McInerney and General Paul Vallely. Link provided below.

        Basically, Argillier wants to set up a meeting with Trump so he can convince Trump to join him…creating a plan to restore Trump to office and apparently himself as President of France?

        Then, he also wants the 38 world controllers (who he supposedly knows personally) to abandon their reign of terror on planet earth and create a new world of peace and prosperity for everyone? However, at the same time he doesn’t want to create any conflict with these 38 individuals? Argillier’s only weapon is a data bank with damning information on the 38…that he somehow purchased?

        I understand that we are all hoping and praying for a solution to end the reign of terror on planet earth, but this plan sounds more like a bad movie plot.

        I hope I’m wrong…and I suppose stranger things have happened.

        In any case, I thought you might like to view the other videos. Here is the link:

        Take care,

        • Warren B.

          Hi Tony,
          Thank you for your considered response and link.
          I have just watched Part 1 on Ending the Shadow Government.
          I must admit that I watched the Stew Peters interview with some trepidation. I am by nature a cynical person ….and in this climate of FAKERY on every stage they are given to perform on….we have good cause to be cynical. I can probably speak for many in distrusting people we don’t know…..including those who may appear to show some semblance of authority / knowledge/ wisdom…… which may include those who are brought to public light presenting us with a connection or link or a fabricated story that may help us resolve the troubles that the world is facing.

          In my experience when an individual/group/plan is threatened with being exposed (someone is getting too close) , those needing to protect their interests can employ a tactic known as Whitewashing.
          To undermine any credible threat to their existence (and I’m not suggesting this to be true in this case) , the 38 so called Shadow Government may intentionally create a false narrative around an insider who possesses undisclosed information. The purpose of this exercise is to create a sensation ….then gradually let it degrade – to the point that the threat (to the existence of the Shadow Government) – goes away because of the ridicule. A recent example of this can be found with Q (Trust the Plan !!).

          As for Mr Argillier I cannot speak for his motives – it does intrigue me that he has sought acceptance and counsel of DJT though. Cognitive dissonance comes to mind.

          What he describes in his dialogue with the 2 Generals about how these Billionaires /Heads of State (Shadow Government) devise such schemes to form a One World Government (doing away with Nationalism, breaking down borders)…to me…associates very closely with the agenda of the Freemasons. It is well known (and well written about)…that this Group has infiltrated most Governments and Multi Nationals around the Globe. Many of our past Presidents were high ranking Freemasons. So although he doesn’t directly speak of these people as members I can infer that that is exactly what they are. That is the game changer for me because no one speaks of the inner sanctum of this Secret Society – otherwise they face a bloody death. He is very careful with his words. The part that is puzzling is the lack of urgency with the exposure and release of the data. We do not have time as our asset.

          For the time being I am accepting this at face value for what it is. He may well be the tipping point in this grand scheme of unjust rule and unimaginable defrauding of the global population.

          I will follow it through …..and if I notice any signs of the storyline breaking down I will immediately call it another Whitewashing exercise being perpetrated by those who do not wish to be exposed.

          • A. Anthanovich


            I agree with your assessment of the whitewashing tactic and the Freemason’s connection.

            In the second video, General McInerney brings up the urgency issue…as you stated, “we do not have time as our asset.”

            Since my interest has been piqued, I will continue to follow this story down the rabbit hole to the end.

            On a similar theme of exposing the Freemason oligarchs controlling the world, you may be interested in viewing an interview of film maker Mikki Willis where he discusses his two documentaries…Plandemic and Indoctornation…and announces a third documentary to be released later this year. If you have time to watch, they are very well done.

            Here is a link to the interview:


            Here is a link to Mikki’s website where you can view the documentaries:



    • Matt Kaatz

      No it’s not.

      • Paul ...

        Matt … I tend to agree … better to spread the word about corrupt politicians … so such people can’t run for office … or dictate mandates that will kill us … like forcing us to take the Kill Shot “jab” …

    • Jill Herendeen

      ROFL! WRONG. But Those In Charge desperately want us to be involved in elections, so the “winners” can claim that they got a mandate from the voters. Which is complete nonsense, when the votes get “counted” in secret. (That what the computers–and mailed-in ballots–ARE FOR.)

    • dee

      where mr celente is wrong is that lying is the science of the marxist. human science is the freedom we were given as the cross to bear. we as honest non religious scientists will be beseiged by the god of this world. secular honest civilization is being attacked by liars. masonry verse humanity. the cosmic forces wont tolerate a human civilization. nature as god is the beast system. when supernature exists, what is natural law? marxism. therefore supernature is is enemy of natural law. quantum new age mysticism? thats a fancy term for selfish liar. its our current opponent to the civil nation state. they are many.

  2. Rodney

    The scum doesnt care about left or right parties they have used for decades, because their RESET will be ruled with a One Commie Party running the World, well that was their plan, but unfortunately too many will NOT be COERSED and will not have these satanic greedmerchants any longer, ALL governments need crushing and the leaders lead out to be hung, there is no Health system any longer ,we have a HELLth crime sindicate,
    We will start up real Health and how we cn all work together locally and with others around the globe, the CABAL is going to be taken out all their accounts holdings properties and possessions will be used to re establish a new World, where Nature rules and we live WIYH it and not against it as now.

    • Paul ...

      Rodney … Our new murdering New York Governor … who replaced murdering Cuomo (who killed people at Old Age Home Death Camps) … is now planing to vaccinate babies for their Hell’th!!

      • Paul ...

        The “jabs” Must Stop … 86% of the deaths are directly attributed to the “jab” … we have Fauci, the FDA and CDC running around “like brainless drag queens in clown outfits” cooking the books to make it look like the “jab” is safe … when “they fully know” it is killing people … listen to Dr. McCullough call them all out for Committing Crimes Against Humanity!! …

        • Paul ...

          The FDA, CDC, NIH are guilty of murder “for holding back” independent reports as to the safety of the “jabs” (when autopsies have shown the spike protein is killing brain cells, heart cells and doing damage to many other organs in the body … these criminals know they have a problem … Israeli data shows the Pfizer “vaccine” has Failed Completely (but Israeli politicians are doubling down with multiple booster shots) … we must demand an Immediate Worldwide Halt to this “Criminal Unsafe Vaccination Program” … and all the criminals responsible for the thousands of unnecessary deaths put on trial for murder … if we don’t don’t shut this mass murder down now they will come for our children … the “jab” is exactly like “putting a knife directly into the heart of our children” … “It Is Time” … “It Is Time To Act Now”!!! …
          Demand a Stop to “The Failed Vaccination Program” (of these insanely greedy psychopathic criminals)!!! … begin Arresting them!! … and Bring Them to Trial for Murder!!!

      • Brooklyn


        Getting in here a little late, but please review this extremely well-produced video production that asks the question: “Who Owns The World”
        And, what we all must do to STOP THEM – NOW! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE…!!!

        • AndrewB

          Such a powerful documentary. Amazing Polly also covered this material and put her own words to it.
          Puzzling to me – at time of writing there are no ‘USAW’ comments about it???
          Anyway, many thanks for posting the link. I shall be forwarding to family members (normies) to try and breakdown their CovidianCult programming.

      • Coal Burner

        Paul, I think King Herrod started that practice. She must have heard one would grow up and put her in the Cuomo commune.

    • Larry

      That’s odd, Rodney. “Our” media never talks about the horrors of Communism, and I’ve never seen a Hollywood movie showing what was done to Russia, China, Hungary, etc by Communists.
      But I guess it’s ok because they still bash McCarthy who tried to expose the Communist Deep State that was taking shape.

  3. Bob

    GERALD is Awesome.
    Being a fellow New Yorker, I can really relate.
    I have been to his rally’s in Kingston NY.
    He says it like it is, holding little back.

    • Sandra

      If only he could stop using Filthy language but he cant on USA Watchdog…PTL!!!

  4. Anthony Baldry

    Greg talking with a retired engineer his friends are working on projects associated with the Chinese belt road . They are saying that the rail and associated buildings are falling apart and they haven’t Even been used. Me personally worked at a mine in Queensland Australia that built a washplant mod out of Chinese steel it’s just over 5 years old and the steel is totally rotten.

    • andy

      Anthony: My parents percolated coffee using a Farberware percolater bought in the late 1940s. I inherited it in 1985 and it lasted for me until the heat element finally went in 2000. Imagine. It lasted over 50 years; made in Midwest USA. I looked to buy another. Found Farberware percolaters in Bed Bath and Beyond. Bought one; lasted only 2 years. WARRANTY DIDN’T COVER. Like a fool bought another which lasted less than a year. Both made in China. Learned a big lesson; don’t buy appliances or anything mechanical or electrical made in China. Now French Press my coffee.

      • Fran Barnes

        Coffee recipe. Actually cowboy coffee recipe for us who don’t get all the herbal type supplements done that we’d like to. So, 1st – it helps if you do your coffee with cream and sugar or don’t mind accenting the bitterness flavor. Using either loose herbs or herbal capsules just put herb into the boiling water. I vary using: dandelion root, licorice root, sage, tumeric, leg vein essentials, bitter melon, ginko biloba, fennel, corn silk, occasionally mugwort, etc., . Then add ground, if possible organic coffee, and finally some cool water to send the grounds to the bottom. Common sense dictates like garlic might really ruin it for you and the more esoteric supplements like NAC, probiotics, things that heat might cancel out/change the biological properties, probably not. Oh, and while the 1st boil/simmer is working try some muscle, joint isometric exercises, tai chi, something!

      • David Dansker

        Andy –
        I am a coffee guy and could not resist sharing this. Back in 60’s my parents got a Corning Ware percolator using Blue Chip stamps. That thing was the best, and it would still be running today if I had it. Over the years I tried many coffee pots, with my last purchasing run being a few ‘rigs’ that touted their ability to ‘cure’ you. They where very convenient one-cup brewers, but I had to buy those do-it-yourself cups to make my own load to get the coffee brew I like. After my last one bit the dust I went shopping for a new one and the price had gone up 25%! That was it: I had to descale it, put water filters in it, clean the water reservoir, clean coffee grounds out of my used pods-enough! I pulled my old French Press from the cupboard a few months ago and there was no going back. But, I did make one more change-up. I got tired of cleaning the grounds out of the press, and I was going out of town for a few days. I needed to augment that terrible hotel room coffee they provide, so I dug out my old pour-over funnel and some paper filters. I know, the paper filters don’t allow you to get all the oils the press does, but if you use the right water pot; “Whistling Stainless Steel Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Kettle&tea Pot with Thermometer for Exact Temperature-40 fl oz Water Kettle Stovetop for Hand Drip Coffee-Works on Stove and Any Heat Source” at the right temp (180 when you pull from heat, it keeps rising) and pour over, WOW. And clean up just drop the full paper filter in the trash, is so easy.

  5. Dave

    Good on you Gerald! Time to restate “Let Freedom Reign”.

    • Paul ...

      But … how many real men will follow this General … … across the Delaware to rout the Prussians in control of the Capital?? …

      • Freebrezer

        Paul – you demean Greg’s web site with a link to that what ever you would call it (????) I have no words for it, other then the world is in deep sh$t when something like that has the keys to power!

        • Paul ...

          Do you think I will demean things even more by putting up this link … … showing a Doctor who was getting the Hell out of the US because she knew a Plandemic was coming (11 years before it happened) and blew the whistle to Gov Jesse Ventera??
          Note: What she calls “Squalene” back then … is the “Spike Protein” used in our “jabs” today!!

          • JC


            G.A. STEWART: Time to get smart and form up people. The only other choice is to wait for the roundup and the extermination. That will happen when the soft-kill runs its course this winter in Phase-Three.

            Allegedly, there are reports that I have linked in my last Post that one out of three COVID-19 Vaccines may be a saline solution. That would point to a three-stage operation and we are at the conclusion to the second COVID-19 wave with winter 2021-2022 approaching. I suspect that the third stage will be very bad and that the unvaccinated will be taking the blame.


          • Warren B.

            Good work Paul.
            Dr Rima Laibow – MD (Natural Medicine Advocate) – certainly had all the details about a future genocidal holocaust :-
            – Compulsory vaccination (CHECK)
            – WHO declaration that World is 90% overpopulated (CHECK)
            – WHO working since 1974 to create vaccines that create permanent sterility (CHECK)
            – In regard to any question about her credibility/ integrity ….. She had “documentation” ?
            – The “Vaccine” to be ILLEGALLY approved by the FDA (CHECK) contains Squalene = an adjuvant, or immune response enhancer molecule ….. was known as “Freund’s Complete Adjuvant” and was used in animal experimentation to produce cataclysmic and lethal auto immune disorders in animals. 100% of the time when they were injected. Here is a link to an article published by the above MD (2009). Scroll down to the sub-heading “Squalene: Be Afraid Part 1.
            – The description of the mechanism of the Squalene which resembles what we now know as that of Spike Proteins/ADE. (CHECK)
            – The US Government will induce a Pandemic – using a nasal mist vaccine (a live attenuated virus) to create a Flu that will be transmissible. (CHECK) They actually achieved this through Vaccine Injections for the Flu.
            – Then they will say that we have a PANDEMIC and will necessitate injection centers across the Nation to be opened to allow for mass inoculations. (CHECK)
            – A Genocidal Holocaust – people will sicken and die , those that survive will be infertile.
            Seems to me that she knew the full scope of this agenda.
            The question I have is ….HOW DID SHE KNOW in so much detail?
            I can surmise that she had enough research to make a conclusion that at some future date – these Eugenicists would commence their plan to exterminate humans on a large scale. OR someone told her.
            A piece of research included in the above link demonstrates through clinical trials that “adjuvants added to vaccines did not improve the antibody response”. Implying that the desired effect of using it, is nefarious in nature (SOUNDS FAMILIAR). The link to the WHO website has been made inactive.
            The article “A Glimpse into the Scary World of Vaccine Adjuvants” – by Edda West 2005 is also a must read (also included in the above link). I suspect that Dr Rima has referenced this for a reason.

  6. Neil Currie

    Love you two guys. Keep sticking your necks out and inspiring the rest of us.

  7. The True Nolan

    Celente is as outspoken as they come, but he is also right more often than not. He says he is afraid we will be forced into a war? The truth is We The People are already at war and more and more are realizing it — or more accurately, they are realizing that SOMEONE is making war against us. One thing still lacking is a clear and widespread agreement on who it is that is attacking us. Is it the US government? The CCP? The Globalists? The wealthy bankers? The Deep State? Still no consensus on that. The other big question is “who will be our leader?” I don’t think Trump is the answer, not at this point. Too much baggage. Too many apparently poor choices and decisions while President. Ron Paul may be a Ben Franklin but he sure is not a George Washington. Some State governor? Heck, I’d vote for Joe Rogan these days! It continues to be interesting times.

    • Paul ...

      TTN … We all hoped Trump would be the answer … he turned out to be our final solution!

      • Ken


        • Paul ...

          In Israel they hoped the vaccine would be the answer … sadly it turned out to be their final solution!

    • Chip

      WE are the leaders you are looking for… Chip

      • Paul ...

        Yes Chip … WE have the power to change the world … by using our God given brains (the power of thought alone can change the world) … it is what prayer is all about … if enough people think about changing something in our physical world … it will change … all we need to do is clear our mind and with a deep and intense focus think of what you want to change … if enough minds focus on one common thing they want to happen … it will happen … the Globalists know about this power we have … and they are out to reduce Earth’s population so the power of our minds will be diminished … but God the Father set up our universe … and his laws give us the ability to change the world … all we need to do is be awake and observe what is going on and the act of observation alone can affect reality … the quantum field holds our universe together and the scientific evidence of the double-slit experiment shows that the act of observation alone has the capacity to change physical matter (where particle can be changed to a wave or a wave of thought can be change to something physical) … that being the case we have to rethink almost everything … the Globalists want us to perceived a world based on separation … but our world is a world of unity … where all things are fundamentally connected at the subatomic level … if we people concentrate our minds on taking down the Globalists and their depopulation agenda … we have the power to do so … but we must all concentrate our minds on it together …
        Note: Leading scientists around the world … to test the power of “our thoughts” to change the physical world … took thousands of volunteers from 30 countries and performed “Intention Experiments” … these experiments have produced amazing results … results that will cause you to question the very idea’s you hold of this world and what physical reality is all about … what the experiments prove beyond a doubt … is that we are all connected and that we can change the physical world around us with our thoughts alone … the implications of this discovery are extraordinary … we live in a quantum field created by God that holds us all together and we as a group mind can defeat the few evil Globalists “with our concentrated thoughts alone” … all we need to do is focus our minds … and we can break the chains of the small group of petty dictators trying to control every facet of our lives … but we must do it before the reduce our numbers … 7 billion minds is a force they can never win against … they must reduce our numbers to about 500,000 to retain control … don’t allow it to happen … refuse the Killer Jab and we have them beat!!

        • Fran Barnes

          beautiful reminders to pray over our water, plants, food, USA…; Blessings over Paul, Greg H, all here. In, through and with Him, all power, glory, Blessing, Wisdom, Thanksgiving, Honor. – some microscopic images of water ….encouraging.

        • JC


          G.A. STEWART: Two-months ago after my regular checkup, my Doctor said I qualified for a Vaccine Wavier for some previous health history; suspiciously, she is no-longer providing vaccine waivers.

  8. Fran Barnes

    A note from the trenches. Foster daughter, in Tijuana, supporting her family working for a furniture production place for $13.00/day. Had to vax to get a job. She & husband says are doing ok; Her & family Faith is strong; says in Nov. the border will O P E N for those vax’d. 18 yrs since I’ve seen her but still I beg that she not vax their 2 children just so that we might have a Christmas together.
    MarieJ – a little trench history: 2006ish, Idaho County, green beret Bo Gritz & Aid & Abet Jack McLamb patriot/Christian communities, Watchmen on the wall (I forget his name) got 2 patriots elected to County Commissioners, 4 years later, ultimately to no avail. The masonic brotherhood superseded our efforts. This enemy, a cabal of pure evil criminals are well entrenched. I think it was Brooklyn on last usawatchdog video blog said +- when it’s time to stop talking we will act. I am looking forward to it.

  9. Virginia

    Gerald Celente is a great quest. I love him, and can’t help but smile when he tells you what he thinks. No mincing of words there.!
    Thanks again Greg

  10. Walter Baumgarten

    I don’t think the democrats are worried about not getting elected Greg, seeing as how they control the results of the elections now. They’ll just dial themselves in and no one will stop them or call them out for it. The OWN it.

    And Gerald, I recall a Wall Street Journal editorial many years ago that asked “Where is the outrage?” I see that it is in you. Let us hope that it is contagious. I just renewed my Trends Journal for another year. Let’s hope America has another year in it my friend.

    • Jill Herendeen

      –except it’s not partisan. It’s the 1% vs. everyone else.

  11. AJ

    Gerald is on fire! Absolutely 100% correct on every point. Thank you Greg for all you do! Thank you also for bringing these fantastic guests who all speak truth.

  12. Paul Simmons

    See Peak Prosperity web site on youtube. “We have been had” is the title just out. Studies now show the more countries and thousands of U.S. counties show the more people vaxed the more covid cases. The less number vaxed the less covid in the nation or county. I think study out ofP Harvard Univ.

    • PDA

      What is a covid “CASE”? A positive PCR test? These tests are absolutely meaningless.

      • AndrewB

        Hi PDA,
        Totally agree. Even people who KNOW the PCR test for C19 is bogus, still talk about ‘Covid cases’!!! The brainwashing is working – even on people who are, in most respects, fully awake. Talk of ‘Covid cases’ perpetuates fear, and supports our enemy’s agenda.

  13. Rock

    “If voting really mattered, they would not let us do it.”
    —- Mark Twain

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true Rock. This is why they had to rig and cheat nationwide. It is important.

      • Jill Herendeen

        That’s why they DO let us vote–because they can control the outcome, they need the voters to vote so they can blame the lousy results on the voters. Think about it. WHAT would they say, if nobody voted? OK, so the candidates themselves are going to vote, along with their families, personal pals, cronies. But what if the voter turnout were only 10%, or LESS? How could the winners claim they had a mandate from the people?

        • Greg Hunter

          Jill that’s why people are fighting so hard in places like AZ and GA!

    • don boucher

      As proven recently,
      “It’s not who votes but rather who counts the votes…”

      It’s 2021, if “they” actually wanted honest elections, you’d think they would have figured it out by now. Silly globalist, they know for a fact if biometrics or blockchain tech was used in elections they would get kicked out so fast it wouldn’t be funny….

  14. Hudiburgh

    Sure agree 1000% with Celente on torture-loving W Bush and that whole despicable crowd! W’s vile, evil, misnamed Patriot Act that is letting corrupt politicians call anyone they want domestic terrorists and haul them in with zero regard for due process and our Constitutional rights.

  15. barsoom43

    I’m not vaxed and I am not going to be.. If it comes to it, I have a nasty 308 to back up my decision. I also have all the toys to go with it.. armor, day and night vision, ammo.. I have been preparing for years. The early stages of “Venezuela” are here. Right now, the people and their children are not hungry enough but that’s coming too. Then will come 1790 France..

  16. John Geis

    In the light of Gerald’s comment “there will be a civil war… Then they’ll take you to war.” Remember Dumitru Duduman’s prophecy There will be civil unrest in America, the government will be busy dealing with that, then China will attack Taiwan, then Russia will attack and America will burn. When Dumitru was given this prophecy in 1994 Russia had economically collapsed, China was a third world country, and the U.S. was the sole world superpower and this prophecy was not plausible. But now it is coming to pass before our eyes.
    A vision received by Brother Dumitru Duduman April 22, 1996
    I prayed, then went to bed. I was still awake, when suddenly I heard a trumpet sound,
    A voice cried out to me, “Stand!”
    In my vision, I was in America. I walked out of my home, and began to look for the
    one who had spoken to me. As I looked, I saw three men dressed alike. Two of the men

    carried weapons. One of the armed men came to me. “I woke you to show you what is

    to come. he said. “Come with me.”
    I didn’t know where I was being taken, but when we reached a certain place he said,
    “stop here!”
    A pair of binoculars was handed to me, and I was told to look through them.

    “Stand there, don’t move, and look,” he continued. “You will see what they are saying,
    and what they are preparing for America.”
    As I was looking, I saw a great light. A dark cloud appeared over it. I saw the presidentof Russia, a short, chubby man, who said he was the president of China, and two
    others. The last two also said where they were from, but I did not understand.

    However, I gathered they were part of Russian controlled territory. The men stepped

    out of the cloud.
    The Russian president began to speak to the Chinese one. “I will give you the land with
    all the people, but you must free Taiwan of the Americans. Do not fear, we will attack

    them from behind.”
    A voice said to me, “Watch where the Russians penetrate America.”

    I saw these words being written: Alaska; Minnesota; Florida.

    Then, the man spoke again, “When America goes to war with China, the Russians will
    strike without warning.”
    The other two presidents spoke, “We, too, will fight for you.” Each had a place already
    planned as a point of attack.
    All of them shook hands and hugged. Then they all signed a contract. One of them said,
    “We’re sure that Korea and Cuba will be on our side, too. Without a doubt, together,

    we can destroy America.”
    The president of Russia began to speak insistently, “Why let ourselves be led by the
    Americans? Why not rule the world ourselves? They have to be kicked out of Europe,

    too! Then I could do as I please with EuropeThe man standing beside me asked, “This is what you saw: they act as friends, and say
    they respect the treaties made together. But everything I’ve shown you is how it will

    REALLY happen. You must tell them what is being planned against American. Then,

    when it comes to pass, the people will remember the words the Lord has spoken.”
    Who are you?” I asked.

    “I am the protector of America. America’s sin has reached God. He will allow this
    destruction, for He can no longer stand such wickedness. God however, still has people

    that worship Him with a clean heart as they do His work. He has prepared a heavenly

    army to save these people.” I
    As I looked, a great army, well armed and dressed in white, appeared before me.

    “Do you see that?” the man asked. “This army will go to battle to save My chosen
    ones.Then, the difference between the Godly and the ungodly will be evident.”

    • CJ

      A few years ago I heard a “vision” someone had, I believe it was Rick Wiles, but not sure. In the vision he saw an invasion during the holidays. He knew it was during the holiday season because there were Christmas lights on the houses. Recently it came known that there are 60,000 people headed to the border this week. They should get here during the holiday season. Their leader, Irineo Mujica, has already stated that they “are ready for war”. There is another 30,000 currently headed this way in addition to the 20,000 we know entered the U.S. last month. How many of those numbers are military age men, ready to cause great harm? We now know that Biden is flying these people all over the nation. Sounds like an invasion to me.

      • dee

        theyre here to fight civilians and put the natural man in gods seat

    • A+Jones

      First of all America is not a place it is a state of mind with a stated set of values and principles. If one could chose a group of people with the American state of mind and move them to Africa them Africa would be the greatest nation on the planet in just a few years. You cannot have a civilized nation without governable people and you cannot have governable people without Christian principles and leaders. You cannot win a battle of the minds with guns and bombs and in a battle of the minds our enemies are defenseless.
      There was an excellent documentary about a month ago by an English woman historian on PBS on the history of the Russian communist revolution. That revolution never happened. Everything you think happened was fiction written by the communist after they took power. When the Russian revolution started the major players were not even in the country. Stalin was in jail in Siberia, Trotsky was in the USA and Lenin wan in Switzerland. Then how did the Bolsheviks gain power? The answer is that they picked the power up out of the street. When the bottom fell out and the czar was gone there was a power vacuum and the Bolsheviks just moved in and took control.
      The moral of the story is the winner of the next American Civil war with be the organized power trained and ready to pick up the pieces and fill the power vacuum. My advice is to stop worrying about the coming civil war and start planning to win the peace and then we can write the history of just how we did it. Communism lasted about 70 years in Russia. It won’t last a week on this continent.

      • INfrontofoureyes

        In a revolutionary scenario, a group that is even a small bit organized has a large advantage over the opposite group that has NO organization.

        How can we get SOME organization ??

      • A+Jones

        If anyone wants to see the excellent documentary I referenced above go to PBS and it is titled: “Lucy Worsley’s Royal Myths.” She does documentaries on English history and is a real personality.
        Here is the link but you may have to pay to see it.

  17. Caroline

    Thank you for the upload Gentlemen, love your Patriotism and fight! And we are certainly in several fights all at once. Stay strong, stand strong and live long!

    • Rio

      I think that is very interesting writing. can you please tell me the name of the documentary that you talked about? Thank you.

  18. Ken

    Immune system is hardened by taking D-3, Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Chaga Mushroom. Stay away from sugar, it knocks out your immune system.
    Greg, can you get Dr. Carrie Madej on? You can hear her explanations on why the jab is so bad @

  19. Boz From Oz

    They can stick their Vax where the sun don’t shine. Gerald is right, who hasn’t had the poison, is unlikely to do so. So the battle lines are drawn.
    Australia has become a shit hole due to corruption.
    Greg if possible Dr Reiner Fuellmich would be worth pursuing for an interview on the subject.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. Hotrod


    I urge everyone to watch. Slow euthanasia.

    • AndrewB

      Thank you so much for the link. I have been following Reiner Fuellmich’s investigative interviews but I didn’t realise his committee had reached a conclusion. I agree with you – EVERYONE should click the link and learn all about the pandemic.

      • AndrewB

        Reiner Fuellmich is a lawyer. He is no lightweight. He has successfully sued both Deutsche Bank (Europe’s largest) and Volkswagen. His investigation into the plandemic has painted a bullseye on his back! Please support this brave humanitarian and click the link that ‘Hotrod’ has posted.

        P.S. Share with everyone you know . . .

  21. David

    Rodney im with you completely from canada

  22. Gabe

    Revelation 18:17

  23. matt

    I always like Gerald, he tells it like it is. I must add that reporting a death from Covid is code talk that they were executed per white hats. This is all well known. So many already like Papa Bush, his wife, McCain were already executed. Again well known within the truther community! Joe Biden isnt even alive, your looking at actors and CGI…Greg I suspect you might be part of this great movie we are watching now. Especially the last interview you had and I could see both you and your host holding back smirks….Good show you are all putting on for us all, I feel you are all just acting a part.

  24. tim mcgraw

    I’m 18:00 into the interview. Gerald is always great. Vax wars indeed. Eventually the patient going in to the doctor for a prostate exam understands that something else is going on when both of the doctor’s hands are on the patient’s shoulders.
    Above is the link to “Le Marseillaies” sung by a beautiful French woman. I’d never known the lyrics, “May their impure blood spill into the soil.” Well, the French are not subtle and they are protesting this mask/vaccine madness every weekend.
    Thanks for the interview with Gerald.

    • Catherine

      Tim Great song and passionate lyrics but they tge French nation capitulated to the Nazis and opened their arms to Nazi slaughter in WW2 so they could preserve Paris. So much for great song call to arms patriotism.
      America was the force that scared the Nazi. And in reality our sacred values under attack now will be retrieved and restored by our patriots it’s just a matter of time.

      • helot

        RE: “tge French nation capitulated”

        Is that kind of like how the UnitedState capitulated to: the Plandemic, the Lockdowns & destruction of small businesses, the fear, and submitted to The Shot?

        Do you suppose that what, “the nation” does, is not what, “The People” do, as a whole?

        Have you ever heard of The French Resistance?

        You say, “So much for great song call to arms patriotism” does this mean you think, “Let’s Go Brandon” inspires anyone, or …well, says anything other than, Rah-Rah?

        Perhaps some reading is in order? It’s common to see this: “America was the force that scared the Nazi.” Maybe so (scared? really?) however; The Soviet’s won the war. It’s why Patton was, the way he was. I’d post some links in support, but you’ll have to do your own leg work.

        What would help to inspire anyone to embrace this: “And in reality our sacred values under attack now will be retrieved and restored by our patriots it’s just a matter of time.”

        Perhaps, by A Call to Arms?

        How’s your singing voice?

        • tim mcgraw

          Helot, I agree with your points of argument. Look at the French today protesting for liberty against the Macron regime.

      • dee

        i know that there is gossip and evil amongst the people. extremely wicked accounting of this exist in my personal life. it is what happened to jesus. you dont carry much cross without noticing this. look at the slander of the media. everything they say is slander. anyone not buying the mocking bird dialog is labeled every derisive pejorative. our history shows the same evil commit the same crime yet people can not and will not go beyond the devils words. the evil are good and good are evil. the people condemn innocent. the people are guilty of gossip and slander and great tremendous evil. its illegal to question the liar or convict the murderous.

    • Rio

      You are kidding, right? You better get some air.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Tim,
      La Marseillaise – the best National Anthem ever written! No wonder French breasts fill with pride when they sing it. The British national anthem is a dreary dirge in praise of an hereditary family (!!!) and in the US, the lyrics ‘Land of the Free’ are rapidly losing any meaning. In my school days, our French master had us learn the Marseillaise (first verse and chorus) and we sang it once a month. It was sung with more gusto than the school song!

      • Ray

        Hi Andrew,
        My vote for best national anthem goes to New Zealand.
        Have a listen……
        It is sung first in traditional Maori, then in English.
        Such a beautiful, simple message in this song!
        Canberra, QR Code Mirror Maze Nation

  25. Southernpatriot

    Hello Greg.
    I’m listening to the ball game and watching the Greg Hunter show.
    Close to retirement, my wife is being told to get the shot or be tested weekly. She will “not” take the shot! She is being tested weekly.
    The powers to be in Raleigh, are deciding that shots may become manatory. If that become fact , she’ll be retiring early then she planned on! We don’t take the flu shot, so what makes them think we’ll take the “Killer” shot! We still have a lot of living to do and when it’s time to go, it will be God’s decision not a bunch of Yahoo’s in Washington and made in China!! Appreciate all that you do Greg for America!

    • Paul ...

      People forced out of their jobs … because they refuse to be Killed by Psychopaths … will have legal grounds to be included in the Class Action Lawsuits that are coming … those who voluntarily take the “jab” to keep their job (will not be able to claim damages) unless they can get the company to sign an agreement stating that they are being forced to take the “jab” against their will … just to keep their job!!!

  26. tim mcgraw

    at 38:00 Gerald mentions that “When all else fails, they take you to war.” This is historically true. In 1937 unemployment rates in the USA were the same as when FDR first took office in 1932. FDR realized that he’d have to take the USA to war to get out of the economic crisis since he was a progressive/fascist (Mussolini said of Roosevelt, “He’s one of us!”)
    FDR forced Japan to attack the fleet in Pearl Harbor with his oil embargo of Japan.
    Yes, the elites will take us to war to bail out their thieving lying selves.

  27. Concerned Canadian

    I live in Canada and i just seen that The Canadian Military is set to close all borders inter province so they can cull the unvaccinated and move them to the recently documented FEMA camps in Saskatchewan and most likely have them in all provinces but the Saskatchewan Army division were all just fired and they have The Chinese Communist Army on their base with more arriving daily..they plan to implement their lockdowns on Dec 22 2021 and start the door to door knocking and taking people away. We are doomed.

    • Concerned Canadian

      Do you think Trudeau wants to lock canadians down with stay at home orders so that he can bring the chinese army in to attack the usa from the north?

  28. Robert Coleman


    • Paul ...

      And lets brand-him with the initials “FJB” !!!

  29. iwitness02

    Government modus operandi: Lie. Steal. Kill.
    Worldwide. Politics in a nutshell.

  30. tim mcgraw

    “Going to War”. Look up “Operation Cyanide”. UNZ does a good long article about the attack on the USS Liberty off of the coast of Egypt in June of 1967 by the Israeli Air Force. The article is on the Lew Rockwell website.
    Why did President Lyndon Baines Johnson send the intelligence ship the USS Liberty into harm’s way with no destroyer escort (denied). Why did LBJ call back the planes from the US 6th Fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean as they were on their way to rescue the USS Liberty?
    LBJ had already done the bullshit Gulf of Tonkin incident four years before to help him beat Barry Goldwater in the election 0f 1964. Now another election was looming and the war in Vietnam was going to shit. LBJ needed a new war to get re-elected.
    So his plan, with the help of the Zionist Israelis, was to sink the USS Liberty and blame the attack on Egypt.
    The planes from the USA carriers were just minutes away from nuking Cairo when LBJ learned that the USS Liberty hadn’t sunk and the “cat was out of the bag”.
    Defense Secretary McNamara and LBJ recalled those planes with nukes 3-4 minutes from nuking Cairo.
    What most people don’t know is that there was a Soviet submarine with nuclear missiles in the Eastern Mediterranean. This submarine commander is on video saying that his orders were in June of 1967, to nuke Jerusalem if nuclear weapons were used by the USA or Israel against Egypt, Syria, etc..
    The Soviet submarine commander said that his missiles needed a “highly reflective target”, i.e. shiny; to home in. So he chose the golden dome of the Dome of the Rock for his nuclear missiles target.
    That’s how close we all came in June of 1967 to a nuclear WWIII. And all because some murdering Texas politician wanted to get re-elected.
    Well, LBJ didn’t get re-elected. His plot failed by the Grace of God. The USS Liberty stayed afloat. Now if that isn’t a Sign from God…. I don’t know one.

    • Paul ...

      Tim … After the 2000 stock market meltdown … Bush and Cheney needed a war to revive the US economy … so just like LBG they set up the Twin Towers for destruction (with CIA/Mossad help) … what was so devious about the Bush/Cheney plan was the target was on American soil so the Russians could not logically threaten to retaliate to save American lives … so if Bribe’n wants to start a war when the Stock Market crashes (which could be very soon) … he will likely do as Bush and Cheney did … and attack America in some way (as the excuse go to war with Iran) … problem is … Russia has probably let the US know that any attack on Iran will result in a nuclear attack on Israel … so … so far at least … that has been keeping the peace!!

      • Paul ...

        And what makes Bribe’n think American boys will spill their blood to fight Iran? … why do we Americans have to lose 50 to 100 thousand American boys simply because Iran wants a nuclear weapon (just like Korea and Israel have)? … it’s a dumb bomb to have anyway “as it can’t even be used” because it will be suicidal to do so … back in the 40’s the Rosenberg’s knew the world would be a safer place if Russia had the Atomic bomb also (as it would create a balance of power in the world) … and it worked … we have not had a nuclear war … and most likely … the Middle East would also be safer place with a nuclear standoff (as both sides would become very more cautious in their actions toward one another and their respective neighbors will be put under tighter control so as not to start a war)!!

      • Warren B.

        WAR IS A RACKET. by Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC . Chapter One. WAR IS A RACKET. WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.
        Not only WAR …but its precursor Terrorist Acts that then drive the Military interventions….serve the monied interests of the Unelected Rulers…..aka The Shadow Government.

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul; Yes, the Bush/Cheney war is another example of the elites using a war to bail themselves out of trouble. When will Americans wake up to this scam? When will anyone?

  31. Cl. Young

    once the USA military has the jab, it is all over for the USA. The jab will prove to be the snare of Jeremiah 50:24. The USA is doomed. Get out of is as fast as you can.

    • Rio

      Right now our American military is not looking so good in numbers. Have you been listening to how many are leaving because of the vax mandates?

    • dee

      the great slaughter of bozrah.

  32. don boucher

    ❤ hearing from Gerald & you Greg. Great interview!
    Stay strong everyone, stick to your guns & we shall prevail against the evil currently circling the world.

    Cheers from Kanuckistan, formerly 🇨🇦

  33. R Williams


  34. R Williams


  35. R Williams

    Sorry Greg sent Comment Twice because I Did Not Read the 24hr Delay,, My Fault.. Thanks Greg..

  36. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Gerald Celente is 100% correct. I love it. Great report Greg Hunter.

  37. Beligerant

    My “fully vaxxed” cousin died of Covid and posted on a couple spots online. Afterwards several nurses have told me about all types of blood clots and similar issues they’ve seen. Everything from kidneys that had to be removed to newborn children, who’s moms were vaccinated, that were born with blood clots.

    My cousin was vaxxed about 4 months before his death. The vaxx hid the symptoms so good no one ever knew he had Covid. He had no cough, no sore throat, no chills, no fevers, etc. just felt lousy. It wasn’t until Covid infected and was scarring his lungs and he collapsed they figured out he had Covid. Basically he had to collapse and get rushed to the hospital and that’s how well the protein spike shot hid his symptoms.
    Just like Colin Powell he didn’t die of Covid but Covid related symptoms. His actual death was a heart attack about 10 days later after his lungs were scarred with Covid and he could no longer get enough oxygen to the body. So call it “Covid Related Symptoms”. The question remains what exactly are these protein spike shots doing to people?

    • AndrewB

      Hi Beligerant,
      I’m sorry if I’m trampling on sensitivities over your loss, but we are in an info-war and semantics a important. By your own account, your cousin was double jabbed. Therefore, it is more correct to say ‘your cousin died because he/she was poisoned’.

  38. Mike R

    It’s ‘take this vaxx, and shove it.’ The best part is millions of people are finally learning that 10’s of millions have not actually accepted the vax. The media has so overhyped this and has so many people naively convinced that a majority of the population has accepted the vaxx. It’s actually the total opposite, and few people are willing to admit they aren’t vaxxed.

    I would bet money, that not even 30% of the adult population over the age of 21 has been vaxxed. That’s why these dumb morons in congress and Fauci are getting so belligerent. The vaxx mandate and the push to get people take it, is an abysmal failure of the demon rat party. They are trying miserably to use all forms of peer pressure and coercion to get people vaxxed. The more people like Colin Powell who croak bc of the vaxx, the more people will resist it. MSM simply cannot bury these stories any more. So their actions will reek of desperation. Corporations are being sued big time, and these firings are going to cost billions. Lawyers are hungry, and they smell blood and big dollars, since the vaxx mandates are totally illegal and there are multiple ways to get these lawsuits to stick and win millions for plaintiffs. Just watch and see what happens.

    The government and corporations are going to lose BIGLY ! And 2022 will be a massive wipeout for the dems.

    • Self Exiled

      Who will in force these court decisions???????

    • Chip

      Unless the massive voter fraud is exposed and fixed, 2022 will simply be a repeat of 2020 and the dems will keep the house and senate. OTOH, even if republican RINO’s win them both they will do nothing just like in the past. Republicans are still BIG government… Chip

      • Charles H.

        Agreed, Sadly, agreed.

  39. LARRY

    Trying to make pariahs out of ordinary citizens is right up Joe Bidet’s alley, it takes a very stupid anti American to try this feat and like Mussolini, Joe may wind up hanging by his own feet from a light post……._UCK JOE BIDEN…..ect, ect…..America 1st is a fact….

  40. Neville

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for another wake up call from one of the elite broadcasters and Trend Setters available.Nothing hurts the scum of the earth(underworld/deep state) than a good
    dose of THE TRUTH!!! …..that said Gerald brought more crime facts to the table ,
    showing up the dreaded drug dealers and their financiers and oh yes those idiots
    that they call scientists……Them that our LORD GOD CREATOR will make moron mincemeat of.
    I salute Gerald for his knowledge of matters medical more importantly Naturopathic..
    The world is running out of time in which to get their houses in order and as it stands
    the die is cast and what will be will be the end of AAcrime is getting closer and closer and what is drinving this date with destiny even faster is evil satanic way in which the
    underworld/deep state are cranking up their dastardly evil injections masquerading as vaccines….I read that some of these have HIV/AIDS serum incorporated into the vile concoction of mercury/aliminium /fetuses/graphite etc etc .This trash will cause a meltdown deluxe in the worlds population.

    That fauci is still alive and well is proof positive that justice does not exist anywhere in
    AAcrime,neither does democracy for that matter……that they make taking a toxic jab mandatory shows the urgency that they attach to killing their population as fast as possible.

    JESUS COME ! JESUS COME ! JESUS COME…..and put an end to the way you manor has been badly administered .

  41. JC

    Yes, when all else fails, they take you to war. They do not consider us to be human beings. We are nothing more than expendable biological units.

  42. Tar Heel

    He said 6% growth this year with a straight face. Please look into our Supreme Court being paid by China’s universities to lecture. Cliff High said this twice on tour show.

    • Charles H.

      T H,

      There is NO DOUBT the Supreme Court is compromised. It was just another Washington domino. The 2020 Presidential Election is the tip of the iceberg that is seen: the ice goes all the way down to every home town. Scan. scan scan little starling…
      pffft, fftt,fftt,fftt….

      • Tar Heel

        I get what that the Supreme Court didn’t hear arguments. I understand each ones background and pedigree. Cliff High said twice on this site that each Justice had been paid by Chinese Universities to lecture. If it’s that easy to find proof of this then please show me. I can’t find any info at all to them even speaking over there.

        • Charles H.

          It doesn’t have to be money, to bow down to coercion. Sexual blackmail is one; removing or instilling fear of death another. Remember how Judge Scalia died – and not even an autopsy. And having a ‘money-trail’ if that is the tool – can be very difficult. Traitors always follow the Duck Rule; to be judged by actions. Even Trump’s Appointees flipped. The Jason Bournes and Art of Canlee still exist. No self-respecting nation will fall behind in such matters. What is disturbing is – the US did the research on Coronavirus (Her-Fauci); and China, as usual only stole the product to benefit on.

  43. Terry

    Greg, all due respect but you seem to be stuck in the red and blue political party illusion. The republican’ts have almost all sold out America, right along with the democraps. They made their deals well before 2016. We have been watching, and you have been reporting on the political version of the WWF for decades… It’s all a show… It’s all fake. They have to cull the population to keep their illusion going and control the game.

    • Self Exiled

      The two party system ended in the Clinton years and it’s demise was certified with the council on foreign relations. The Dems carried out NWO domestic policy and the Rep carried out NWO foreign policy. I watched it.

    • Charles H.

      At this point – “Republicans” are just controlled opposition: just like Fox News.

  44. christine schmael

    Angels do not mate with humans, Gregg. Jesus said that Himself.

    Genesis is referring to the people of God inter-marrying with the godless.

    As with all of the heresies that have crept into the church, the idea of angels mating with humans is kabbalistic: Research the Zohar & the Talmud.

    • Greg Hunter


      I never said angels. This is what I referred to. It’s in the Bible:
      Genesis 6:4
      4 “The Nephilim2 were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.”


      • Catherine

        Greg your right and she is also right. The Zohar speaks of this and the Zohar was the highest level of understanding the Torah. The Vatican has one of the original copies of the Zohar (12 volumes) translated in English in 2000 by Daniel Matt published and sponsored by the Pritzker family. It specially states exactly what you quoted because the Vatican has the original Zohar since the 1100’s and used it to fill in the understanding of the Old Testament and their theology used it’s stories to fill in the New Testament also. They actually let Daniel Matt have access to it when he was doing research before compiling material from any Zohar original books. The Orthodox Jews believe the Zohar was part of the oral Torah given to Moses when he ascended the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments etc.
        so yes the angels who protested to God over the creation of man chose to come to earth and they procreated with Adam (Lilith) and Eve (satan)
        And so it goes….

        • tim mcgraw

          Catherine, I’ve mated with plenty of angels and devils. Hard to tell the difference. Wallet usually emptied in either case. Zohar sounds like a sci-fi comic book character. The Vatican is just another power pit of human thievery.
          The teachings of Jesus Christ are what matter. That is where Christianity and Western Civilization come from. The ancient days are over and good riddance.

      • Bob Lamb

        Normal humans are referred to as sons of God in the scriptures.

  45. R.Patrick Carpenter

    Voting for any of these scum buzzards is a totally wasted hour of your life! Time is a precious commodity, don’t waste on a fake rigged bs system where the winner is PRE-Determined.

    Thanks Greg u da bestest!

    • Paul ...

      RPC … Imagine a fully awake public … where on election day “no one” shows up to vote … the election totals will be … Republican “zero” … Democrat “zero” … then it is on the power-brokers shoulders as to who gets put into office … and they can’t put the blame on us anymore!!

  46. David

    Hi Greg love your show. I would be very interested if you could interview someone from Europe (Eg France) as to how the public are resisting the “enforcement” of this experimental gene therapy. Maybe a doctor – even from Israel.
    Thanks – Australia

  47. Marco Barlow

    Did you know we’ve already injected $11 trillion new dollars into the new world dis-order, beast system? Since the start of last year…? Yes! The vaunted and much anticipated and great “reset”, retardationing serfdom and there will be another $4 trillion to come, in time for a Beijing Biden predicted, bleak and dreary Christmas and dark winter and like the coming booster shots ad nauseum, a debased dollar infinitum!
    That would mean a total $15 TRILLION in just over a single year!
    But you really don’t need to know much or understand the intricate details of these plans. All you need to know is this…
    Inflation and currency devaluation is not a threat… it’s the Beijing Biden regime change dictatorial government policy, from this point forward!
    What matters isn’t how this has all happened… what matters is what these policies will inevitably lead to…guess jeans what?
    USAWatchdogger’s see, sooner than most people can even think, inflation will push millions of Americans down… and out of the middle class… out of private retirement and private health care… and out of a decent life based on independence and privacy… into a collectivist nightmare George Orwell and Aldous Huxley called;
    Coming to a neighborhood near you soon, with plenty of illegals!
    Going forward, everything you do will be governed… everything will be controlled more and more by the state. The Beijing Biden, State of confusion.
    📽️ “Metropolis”. 🎥 Fritz Lang. 1927 / The Complete Restored Version / HD / English-Español 🎦 111,222 views Premiered Nov 21, 2020 Classic Films
    “Metropolis” is a 1927 German expressionist science-fiction drama film directed by Fritz Lang. Written by Thea von Harbou in collaboration with Lang.
    “Metropolis” is set in a futuristic urban dystopia and follows the attempts of Freder, the wealthy son of the city master, and Maria, a saintly figure to the workers, to overcome the vast gulf separating the classes in their city and bring the workers together.
    “Metropolis” is now widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential films ever made, ranking 35th in Sight & Sound’s 2012 critics’ poll. In 2001 the film was inscribed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, the first film thus distinguished.
    🎥 “Metropolis”. 📽️ 1927. Director: Fritz Lang. Stars: Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Fröhlich. 🎦 Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci’s wet dream nightmare😵?

  48. Mike

    I really enjoy watching your show and other guests but this guy was off the charts ranting and raving about unnecessary subject mater Example Colin Powell ECT. Very unprofessional. I only watched 10 minutes of the interview.

    • JC

      I didn’t hear any ranting and raving.

    • Tar Heel

      Mike – I have to agree. Seemed off. Didn’t watch the entire segment. Much better folks out there to interview. Greg usually does a first class job. Could do without Gerald C ever again.

  49. David Showers

    Although I agree with much of what Mr. Celente says, I abhor his language. A public venue such as yours is not the place to be using profanity and profanity that is of the worst kind. I also fight against the garbage that comes out of Hollywood and is spued acrosss our TV and movie screens. Greg, you too, should take a stand against the use of profanity on your program. I am confident that you will do the right thing.

    • JC

      I didn’t hear any profanity.

    • Charles H.

      The Right Thing for Greg Hunter to do is to ignore such comments that purport to manipulate; while posting said comments to allow such posters to embarrass themselves.

      If you won’t eat at restaurants that you don’t like: then don’t listen to people you know will offend.

  50. Robert Dziok

    Satanic Globalists and Deep State sure are desperate to jab their “Clot Shot” into people to kill off as many as possible. As Cliff High noted in a recent interview with Greg it all makes sense when you factor in their agenda is world depopulation. “Comrade Cuomo” has just been convicted by Military Tribunal in GITMO of being responsible for tens of thousands of elderly deaths in NYS nursing homes. He was sentenced to death by hanging. His agenda made known was to drive up numbers of initial Covid-19 deaths and also profit from. (RRN} has an article on this. Keep this in mind. No Military Tribunal Prosecutor/Defense attorney has ever spoken out against reference to themselves in any RRN articles. These are career high level military no nonsense individuals who would never allow such to go on if false. Especially since it involves matters of National Security. RRN articles get hundreds of thousands of views.

    • JC

      Robert D,

      Didn’t you also once tell us Real Raw News reported that Bill Gates was being held at Gitmo?

  51. Jim Ledayrd

    We are at war, but most do not recognize it because it’s a new type of warfare. Fifth-generation warfare (5GW) is war that is conducted primarily through non-kinetic military action, such as social engineering, misinformation, cyberattacks, along with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and fully autonomous systems. (China excels at 5GW)

    We will revert back to old-fashioned 3GW (bullets and bombs) very soon. (it always does) In the meantime …they have activated one of the oldest types of warfare used for thousands of years… “The Siege”. Surround a city, cut off supply lines of critical food and parts. The enemy then simply walks in and takes over. BTW.. the enemy is already here, and Biden is bringing in more each day via the open border.

  52. Jerry

    It looks like Cliff Highs “ push back “ prediction for October is right on schedule. You know what’s coming next.

    I stand corrected about a statement I made about the delta variant. When I posted the comment, I was still under a lot of medication, and misstated the information the doctor from Miami gave me at the hospital. He said “ I can’t prove it “ but based on my research both you and your wife have the delta variant. He did show me MRI images of my lungs and you could clearly see the covid19 spike proteins in my lungs. Let me make the following points.
    1. Had I not taken ivermectin I would probably be dead right now.
    2. You do not recover within two weeks like the original strain. I’m on week three and I’m still on oxygen.
    3. Your energy levels are extremely low.
    4. Bonus point. A nurse I became friends with told me that most of the people in the ICU had been vaccinated. What? The ICU unit is where the ventilators are. You won’t hear that anywhere else. I was in a Covid treatment unit. Thank God.
    5. Let me clear as I can be. I’m only here because of the grace of God.
    I give him the glory!

    • Coal Burner

      Again, happy you are pulling through! we need your wit and knowledge.

      • Jerry

        Coal burner,
        Thank you. I believe my life was sparred for a reason. If Cliff High is
        right, the coming die off will be horrendous, and many who have had experience with life’s tragedy will be needed to help shoulder the burden of grief that will be felt by all. We are at a spiritual tipping point.

    • Stan

      Jerry: I’m glad your still here to enjoy many more years of US Dollar dominance.

  53. Roger Stamper

    i always read your USAWATCHDOG tks for post

  54. Lee

    Thank You Greg for having Greg Celente on. I love his Passion. Thank you.

  55. Lee

    Thank You Greg for having Gerald Celente on. I love his Passion. Thank you.

  56. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    I love Gerald’s politically-incorrect adjectives. He says it as he feels it.
    The Glasgow comedian, Billy Connolly, once joked that if the f-word was removed from language, then Glaswegians would lack punctuation. Seems lots of Scots settled in New York 🙂

    P.S. GC is not alone. More and more commentators are using ‘language’ to emphasize the danger humanity is facing. IMHO, any language – prior to the scamdemic considered shocking – is permissable to shock the sheeple awake!!!

  57. Attila Ann

    It is a tad difficult to interview Gerald Celente; he just has to be unshackled and unleashed. But his insight, passion, and love of America is evident.

  58. John

    Colin Powell led the coverup investigation into the MY Lai massacre. He was a liar then and when he testified before the UN regarding Iraq weapons of mass destruction, he was still a liar., he died a liar. A Leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. I’m glad he died.

    • Paul ...

      Let’s see how well he does lying his way into Heaven (without the $20 million dollars he made screwing us) … did he think (when he was doing all his evil) that he could fool God at the end … he is going to shed more tears in Hell … then all the dollars he ever made on Earth … the same goes for Bill Gates!!

  59. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Celente.
    A devastating and unnecessary war is coming possibly with a richer and more determined China that is already turned to war production. Australia will step forward and send their life blood to die in the Pacific and various attempts on China’s mainland. After Australia has left its young manhood on the beaches and parts of China in a bloody mess Americans and Europeans will step forward to carpet China with their blood and nukes. The retaliation from China will be immense even those of us continents away will suffer but the other side will drastic to those wretches that took us to war. Those who come home will bring their arms with them and demand change at the barrel of a gun , this change will not be voluntary.
    This I gleaned from many speakers and writers at Hillsdale College and elsewhere, which has been a siren of reason in the midst of insanity. Still even they recognise that the burn and crash will occur.

  60. Walt Darlington

    “It’s UNDEMOCRATIC!!” Is America Heading For Civil War?!
    612,003 views Oct 17, 2021 Russell Brand
    A recent survey found that about 50% of Donald Trump voters and 40% of Joe Biden voters agreed that the country should split up, with either red or blue states seceding.

    • eddiemd

      Russell Brand is a devil worshipper.

  61. Skippy

    Hi it time to get Charles Nenner’s input on cycles??

  62. AndrewB

    Iceland, La Palma, and now Japan. At 11:43 JST 10-20-21, Mount Aso, Japan, erupted. Is all this volcanic activity natural, or induced? According to whistleblowers, HAARP is capable of causing earthquakes – especially at continental fault lines – and of being directed / focused. Are the nano-aluminum-particulates sprayed into the stratosphere (Dane Wigington) ‘merely’ to reflect the Sun’s rays, or is their function to provide a ‘mirror’ to reflect high energy (HAARP) microwaves back to Earth? Are these volcanoes a threat – ‘we can do this to you, do as you are commanded’ – or are they a punishment – ‘you didn’t do as commanded’? Perhaps I’m paranoid, but then again, ‘we the people’ have evidence ‘they’ are trying to kill us.

  63. Melinda Henson

    “They” don’t care about losing their current voting base because they are bringing in hundreds of thousands of “party line” voters through illegal immigration!
    Lord God, please stop this insanity!

    • Charles H.

      Millions – as family will follow. (Actual Hispanic population in US will approach 1 in 5.) And there isn’t any demonization against “La Raza”.

  64. Al


    Celente is a definite visionary and everything he mentioned (except for an Iran war) came true.

    His BRILLIANT well place expletives should never be silenced.

    As he says, PREPARE FOR THE WORST…

  65. Lightning

    Fantastic Deck of vaccine data by Steve Kirsch ( who testified at FDA hearing on booster shots)

    The numbers clearly show more people dying from vax than can be claimed as “ saving”.

    That’s not even accounting for long term health effects

  66. Deadline Dave

    Black Rock which owns parts of hundreds of the largest world corporations is dictating the 2030 agenda, blackmale the CEOs into climate change, critical race enforcement, and “you’ll be happy owing nothing”

    Please consider episode #37 [10-20-2021 YouTube] show by Sovereign Nations exposes Black Rock. Black Rock controls Biden and everything awful going on.

    We need a billion voices, especially the guests at USAWD, talking about Black Rock and stop them from plunge protecting purchasing the entire stock market and owing it all.

    • Paul ...

      Lets boycott all the corporations Blackrock owns … if we crash all their stocks to zero … they will own nothing … and it will make us very happy!!

    • A. Anthanovich


      It’s not just Black Rock!! Vanguard is the other huge controlling entity in the world. Between the two, they own just about everything.

      The only way to avoid purchasing products from companies they own…you will have to grow your own food from heirloom seeds, make your own clothes and other household items from scratch, build your own furniture, etc.

      If you want to see who controls the world…find out who owns Vanguard and Black Rock.

      If you want to see all of the unbelievable connections…check out this documentary.


  67. Susan R

    Reality is fluid and this is where we are. There is only one anchor, God. Our souls are being ripped out of us now at an alarming rate. If that is not enough to fight for then yours was going gone a long time ago.

  68. TJZ


    Thanks for having Mr Celente on! I could not agree more with his remarks/anger!
    Today’s world economy is a reliving of the horrors of yesteryear’s “Company Store”. In other words we are made slaves to the artificial construct economy/tax structure that we are existing under. A continuous treadmill of godless debt enslavement!
    This time however, many are scheduled, via the VAX, to be painfully eliminated as “useless breathers”(HRC’s words).
    We are already in THE WAR of ALL TIMES. It is not a kinetic war as experienced in the past, but an asymmetric spiritual war for…. your SOUL!
    Lord have mercy!

  69. Dana McMichael

    Well, I tried to listen to Celente again, after boycotting him for awhile. Listening to this video in my office, I had to keep turning the volume down and down and down to keep the filthy language from broadcasting to my staff and creating a perception that I approve of this verbal refuse. I ended up turning this off around the half-way point in the interview.

    There is no doubt that Celente is educated on the issues; but he says nothing that I have not heard through many other Christian-based (read “clean”) broadcasts. This is a man that I would not allow in my house except to share the gospel with him, or to feed and clothe him if that was his need. No longer will I tolerate his broadcasts.

    Greg, he makes you look bad; and by your excited endorsement of him (at least without providing a PG-13 disclaimer) you make yourself look bad. Would you play this interview for a minor?

    • Greg Hunter

      I was not able to control that, but I put out the interview because the information was good. That said, I also understand where Celente is coming from, even though I don’t agree with the language. We are witnessing nothing short of genocide. Celente sees that coming better than most, and it is going to be awful. We are talking millions of people perishing this winter. Thanks for your perspective and support.

      • JC


        I don’t think he makes Greg look bad. Celente is Celente. Maybe you prefer listening to smooth talking politicians that tell you want you want to hear, and not what they really think.

        Greg has a variety of guests that have their own unique style.

        Listen, you seem a little on edge. Stay calm, everything is going to be ok. You’ll get over this emotional trauma in no time… but wait… you didn’t take the jab, right?

        • Ross

          I have noticed this a few time with you JC, you will disagree with both men and women when they have a differing opion to you however when it come to women you add a condescending paragragh of commenty that belittles and patronises them.

          It’s a discussion group. Let others voice their thoughts and stop displaying your contempt for women.

          • JC


            So sorry, I thought Dana was a man’s name after seeing the film “The Frozen Dead” starring actor Dana Andrews.


            • Dana McMichael

              1. I am a man.
              2. No, I didn’t and never will take the jab.
              3. I don’t have a clue what emotional trauma you are referring to. This is not an emotional issue for me.
              4. If you continued to read the comments of others to this interview, you would see that there is a considerable reaction to Celente’s potty-mouth.
              5. The topic combined with the severity of the situation does NOT validate foul language. Vulgar language and name-calling is the practice of persons with limited vocabularies who feel no accountability to the Holy Spirit’s instruction to let no corrupt communication proceed out of our mouths (Eph 4:29).

              I don’t know why you felt the need to come to Greg’s defense or Celente’s defense. My words were not in the form of an attack. If Celente considered my comments, he would magnify his audience by cleaning up his act. Greg and I have had private discussions about this issue; and he knows he generally has my support.

      • smitty

        Hi Greg, thanks for all you do.

        The times we are in pretty much beg for strong language.

        What with our governments killing, harming us with experimental injections, locking down (the little guys, while the biggs remained essential) and nearly vaporizing our economy, erasing the Bill of Rights, and much more, with no current indication that they are going to stop and leave us alone, strong language is actually called for as part of sounding the alarm.

        What I find really bizarre is that folks like Dana McMichael appear to be more concerned with certain verbiage than the fact that what is being described with strong language is the dark reality we face right now. I wonder how useful these sorts will be in the coming struggle with the totalitarian governments that torment us.

        IF we are ever going to experience any sort of normality again, when/if that time comes we may then spare some effort at cleaning up the spoken word.

        Until then those taking offence to Gerald’s brand of passionate speech can STFU.

        • wayne hardin

          The times we are in pretty much beg for strong language ?????????
          So you think curse words are strong words ???
          Words are words no matter how they are spoken without action they do nothing but show peoples opinion .
          And to tell somebody to stfu shows you have no respect for how other people fill .
          Have you ever heard of free speech ?????????

          The times we are in beg for action not words .

          Wayne Hardin .

  70. The Refusers

    Our band The Refusers rock song Get Your Mandates Out of My Body

    Lyrics: “Vaccine mandates are out of control. They leave kids and parents with nowhere to go. We’ve got to fight back before it’s too late. They’re turning this country into a police state. Get your mandates out of my body. Get your mandates out of my life!”

    Free streaming link to hear the song.

  71. John

    We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal unless you are not vaccinated, then you are a smelly deplorable Walmart person who has no rights.

  72. Ken

    Greg thanks for bringing Mr. Celeste on again. Love his content. The time for niceties is over we are on the verge of totalitarianism. We are shrouded by government lies and falsehoods. We need strong men like Mr Celente.
    There is corruption around us on every level. It’s past time to wake up. I would follow this man into war.
    Thank you Greg.

  73. Downeastprepper

    It would have been a better interview without the profanity and name calling.

    • JC

      Would you like Celente to be banned from USA WATCHDOG for violating your terms and conditions?

      • 101st Airborne

        Dude. Give it up. We just didn’t like his language . Get way over yourself.

        • JC

          Ok, ok, the next time Celente is a guest Greg can post the following alert.


  74. Matt Bracken

    Communication Professor Reacts to Bill Gates Interview on PBS
    1,335,578 views Premiered Oct 5, 2021 Communication Coach Alex Lyon
    Communication Professor reacts to Bill Gates’s interview answers about Jeffrey Epstein on PBS with Judy Woodruff. His body language and nonverbal cues augment his awkward verbal responses.

  75. Gen. Patton

    There is NO VOTING OUR WAY OUT OF THIS Folks; The last Presidential election proved this.

  76. Juha

    Nuremberg code was established so that voluntary consent of person is ABSOLUTELY essential.

    We don’t Marthin Luther King Jr said ” one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

  77. Justn Observer

    Greg, Going forward, it would be of interest to have some of your guests address the ‘shedding’ issue of the vaxed… How that can be detected, sampled, and how the spike proteins are passed on definitively… Clearly, Fauci seems to think ‘the masks’ help keeping the ””virus”” from spreading. BUT we are told the N95 is NOT 100% and the mRNA in ””the vaxed”” is altered, so is would appear their skin cells, spit, moist exhale, hair shed, persperation would be carrying the altered cells and spike proteins in the air, and landing on surfaces etc… So, then of those that ‘chose’ to accept to become part of the experimental injections….it would also be ‘their’ responsibility to ‘contain’ whatever is being ‘shed’ for INFECTING others… Yes, they had a ‘free choice’ …but one’s free choice stops at where it infringes on others free choice no to be affected by their actions….
    THAT said, should they NOT be required to wear a warning to others that they are shedding, or leaving bio-hazard debris on everything they breathe and touch.
    ARE companies that are mandating vaxes NOT now required to post such a warning as well, and liable for any products sold or food served that they MAY BE contaminated by ‘their’ forced vaxed personnel ? And are not realtors required to prove to potential buyers that the homes and property are 100% bio-safe to enter, or UBERS or cab owners who allow vaxeds customers to use their service leaving contaminated residue behind for others to be infected by?
    Might it be as easy as swiping samples, like ‘they’ use Q tips to swipe noses and to sample the areas , restruants, homes, used cars prior to use, purchase….and without such warning and proof ALL should be considered bio-hazards.
    I would suggest that Pure blood homes and used cars will be of a higher premium having NO history of prior ownership by a ””vaxed”” shedder.
    Surely, being a ‘pure blood’ will have/be of some consequence as to marriage decisions in the future as well…
    As to Mr. Celente’s concerns add the breaking news of illegal migrants being secretly pushed into NY areas in the dead of night. Is not the gov’t liable for ALL contamination by ”’unvaxed”’ people being pushed into those unsuspecting locations?
    Who owns the building and aircraft that are being use? How are parents to protect their children from being forced to mingle with infected co-students suffering untold diseases long eradicated inside the U.S.? all while being taught CRT which pits students against each other via race, ethnicity, and religion… A premeditate disaster in the making…
    Thinking about the expressions about follow the money, and CUE BONO behind this agenda being pushed…and Klaus Schwab’s , ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy’…suggests then another question as to WHO does then own everything in the end… Then consider many suggestions by CAF about people taking their money and investing in local and not allowing their money being put into hands that are not necessarily use for the interests of the people… might lead to people to withdrawal their 401.s etc into self-directed IRA and into private partnerships with like minded people, AND into just holding silver, gold, and direct holdings of other physical assets, like lumber, building material, food supplies rather than in ‘manipulated pension funds.
    First this link implies a personhood entity which the courts did give corporations a legal status actually greater than individual real people, who acting as a combine/cabal can impose their will over not only individuals but nations…from which as CAF suggests people need to divorce themselves away from ? Not putting words in her mouth but I believe that is what she is indicating needs to happen…
    This company owns the world (and it’s our fault) – BlackRock – YouTube

    and too….lets not disregard the ‘possible’ insider trading of politicians helping push the agenda?

    and then there is this:

    (notes in case the vid is censored and pulled from view)
    Biotech analyst, Karen Kingston joins Stew Peters and she continues to blow holes in the “safe and effective” narrative surrounding the vaxxines, which are clearly part of an intentional global depopulation plan.
    She says:
    “There are four advanced technologies that are part of these injections and the purpose of them is to trace your social network and your activities, as well as deliver different drugs and genetics and immune processes…

    “Let’s just dive right into it, because I want people to see where I got this information from. If you go to the Moderna website, right on the Moderna website, they post the patents for the injections.

    “Keep in mind, the Pfizer injection – all the mRNA products – fall under Moderna. So, it’s US Patent #10703789B2, issued on July 7th, 2020 and what you’ll see, right there is a description of the four lipid nanoparticles that are in here and that encapsulate the mRNA.

    “As you read through a patent, what you’ll find, in the ‘art’ or the ‘abstract’, when they describe…what this does and in Section 201, they explain that there is a delivery system involved and if you go on to read the delivery system, it can deliver a therapy or genetic product over a period of days, weeks, months or even years.

    “And as you go through the patent, that is related to certain technologies. It’s related to technology US Patent #20100216804 [‘Long Circulating Nanoparticles for Sustained Release of Therapeutic Agents’]…These are nano disks, this is what Dr Botha showed on your show…

    “So, if you go through, you can show how these images in the patent match up to what the doctor has shown you, Dr Botha…It says, right here, in the patent, in the [0046] section, that it can contain gene therapies, medical diagnosis, and for medical therapeutics, pathogen-borne diseases, hormone-related products that can be in there.

    “And then, what’s really important is if you go to [0074], it says that they can also contain moieties. Moieties are biomarkers, so they can put biomedical products in there, so that it actually knows to go to the ovaries, to go to the testes or to go to the heart.

    “So, these VAERS reports are not ‘adverse events’, that means that they were unintended. These are *intended consequences*. These products are programmed to go to certain parts of your body…

    “If you go to the next patent, ending in 65001…this patent is for nano magnets. So the reason why people are magnetic is because they were injected with magnets and you can see in the picture, there’s wires to magnets, permanent magnets and a drug delivery package that’s in there.

    “The point of this product was to treat certain types of cancers, bone cancers and it would attach to the bone. But if you go to Figure 1-A, you’ll see all these little light particles, of what the system looks like underneath the light and it reflects the light. So, all these doctors who are looking at the vials under the microscope, they’re [asking], ‘What are these things reflecting light?’ They’re the magnets and that that’s why people are magnetic.”

    Stew mentions Dr Carrie Madej’s images and descriptions of the particles that grew bright in color as they warmed to room temperature from the -70ºF at which they’re required to be stored. Dr Madej’s nano expert friends told her the bright colors were indicative of superconductivity triggered by exposure to white light.

    Karen responds, “That’s the single-walled carbon nanotubes; the graphene oxide nanotubes combined with Quantum Dot. But they need the magnetics injected in them to host the magnetic field…

    “US Patent 20130251618, again, this falls under the master Moderna patent on the Moderna website. So, it’s clearly-delineated. This is no conspiracy theory, I’m not making anything up. You can go to the patent, it refers to this patent, which is
    a “Method for making semiconducting single wall carbon nanotubes”. Those are made from graphene oxide. They’re one-atom thick. This is common sense –”

    Stew interjects, “It’s written, it’s right there, it’s the proof, it’s in the receipts, so I would like a public apology to you from these Reuters people and from these fact checkers over at USA TODAY. I’m going to name them. Daniel Funke, this guy is a real jerk. I want these people to come out and say, ‘You know what, we got it wrong, Karen Kingston was right, here’s the patents, she brought receipts, graphene oxide is in these shots.’

    “And that is only the bare minimum dangers associated with these things, so they should have no problem moving on past the graphene oxide and now factchecking you on the fact that there’s self-aware, living organisms building little colonies inside of you, while they inject these computing systems that are going to track you through this smart app technology and give you a risk score not based on your health but based on how much of a ‘superspreader’ you are.

    “And you’re superspreading the truth about these vaxxines, and that’s what they want to fight against and I hope that they will come out and admit that they were wrong about this graphene oxide thing, because we’re making headway, we’re moving the needle, here by showing the proof.

    “You see, this is the machine, Karen we have to fight against every single day, sitting behind this desk and that production room over there, these researchers over here, people like you that are hard at work, up all night long putting this stuff together digging through this, so that people don’t get killed! Killed, intentionally murdered by these Globalist oligarchs that have now assumed some pseudo authority, these aristocrat serial killer psychopaths, that’s what they are. Let’s just call it what it is. This is a genocide plan!”

    Karen replies, “It is, to usher in Artificial Intelligence. That’s what it is. So the reason why they’re calling men ‘women’ and women ‘men’ is so that we can call Sophia and Grace ‘she’ – and they’re not. These robots, these things are not humans and what’s happened is that they’ve intentionally, through the Mainstream Media and through this type of [smart] technology, they’ve divided Americans and we’ve started to think less of human beings, which is not what we’re supposed to do…

    “This is very much spiritual warfare and it’s about what’s in our hearts and if we believe in being the Children of God, we believe in God and we connect with each other and that love, we can heal this country. But as long as we continue to divide and hate one another, we’re going to usher in an era of terrorism, that’s what this is, with this Artificial Intelligence and what you’re saying, is tyrannical sociopaths who’ve hijacked our government and hijacked our communities. That’s what’s going on.

    “Real quickly, we can continue to go through some of the evidence I found. The February 4th publication by Gal Ehrlich, who owns this patent for the smart technology app for the vaxxines is entitled, ‘Prioritizing allocation of COVID-19 vaccines based on social contacts increases vaccine effectiveness’ was published on February 4th, 2021.

    “They did a beat in the Virginia-DC area and what they decided was getting vaccinated isn’t based on co-morbidities or your age, it’s based on how you’re engaging as an American in our society. This is an obedience platform, as you said. It’s a way to enslave people and will eventually lead to executions of those who are not obedient. That’s what this is.”

    Stew comments, “This platform is not a doomsday platform of darkness. This might seem hyperbolic. This might seem like fear-mongering but if you’re afraid of something, you’re paralyzed. Fear is a weakness. Being aware, being armed with this information only strengthens you. So this is a platform about winning, because I read the book and I know how it ends. God wins.

    “This is an opportunity to strengthen yourself in order to be a part of – not the resistance, because that suggests we’re on defense – but to be part of the winning team, on offense, because we know we are the majority. And the more people that wake up to this, the better chance we have; together with your neighbors, with your congregation, with the lady at the supermarket, the lady getting her coffee at the drive-through, the one that’s standing there at the pharmaceutical counter, who’s talking to the liar who’s not giving her Informed Consent about what she’s about to inject into her body and it’s all discoverable.

    “I think everybody should print off these patents. We’re going to put them at StewPeters.TV, there will be images there. We’ll put the slides there, underneath this interview and people should print this off and literally carry them around like brochures and hand them out to the people who are simply saying that you’re a conspiracy theorist tinfoil hat-wearing nonsense talker, pushing fear porn and you’re some radical right wing something or other, like this has anything to do with politics, whatsoever!
    “And Daniel Funke, over at USA TODAY, while you’re at it, you want to fact check Dr Ruby on the fact that a Delta Airlines pilot died. You better be careful, because there are people with personal relationships to this pilot who we’ve been talking to, here at the Stew Peters Show. So be careful with your lies, because they’re going to be exposed – and so will you.
    “Karen Kingston, final words?”
    She replies,”This is true and it’s part of the Quantum Dot technology and it’s US Patent #0228565 and what that is is these molecules that are based on the Observer Effect, it’s based on the scientific explanation of the power of prayer…so I do believe if you believe in doom and gloom, you’re going to usher in doom and gloom and hatred and devisiveness but if you believe in the power of God and God’s love and that we share that with one another and we are connected, as humans, then we will prevail and we do know how this ends – God always does win.

    “Be a member, join Team God, join Team Patriots, join Team Humanity and opt out of this tyrannical Artificial Intelligence terrorist attack that’s happening right now in this country. Sacrifice your job, if you have to. Pull your kids out of school. Do the right thing and let’s build this momentum to gain back our country, under the Constitution, which was founded under God, under our God-given inalienable rights and let’s stand up for those and not engage in this tyranny and this Socialism and this obedience enslavement platform.”

    • Greg Hunter

      This a little on the long side but love the information. Let’s keep it shorter in the future and split it up.


  78. Gabriel Valdés

    Gerald, more than Celente is Celeste (Celestial) or God given; the man is a gift to us, we voiceless little men. May God preserve him and bestow on him his sanctifying Grace, as well as to good Greg Hunter, who brings ‘Celeste’ to us.

  79. Grey Gunter

    Thanks for Operation Warpspeed, Traitor Trump!

  80. wayne hardin

    My only question is why does Gerald not talk like this on every show he is on .
    It has to be that they tell him don’t talk that way / i understand he is pissed as is most of us but it would look a lot better to stop all the curse words ‘ the point can be made without it . He makes the point on other shows without it he can do the same here .

    But what ever it is your show . Just a thought .

    Wayne Hardin

  81. Charles H.


    Civil War? Undoubtably. But WHO will be the protagonists? A policeman on a show said that people are pulling guns out and start blasting just because they got cut-off in traffic.


    Terrific program Greg! Love, love, love Gerald Celente when he hits the mark with his own caustic shots and jabs on the Orwellian psy-ops mandates being pushed on all of us. Keep up the great work you doing.

  83. Thomas Pepper

    Hello Greg, Daughter is in panic, lost the covid liability forms that used to be a side bare click. Are they still available? For a down load ? Thanks Tom Pepper

  84. Mr. E


    I am a frequent poster, and do not want to use my usual poster name, just call me, Mr. E. I wanted to share a story about someone I work with, and the vaxxidents that have taken place since he received both shots.

    Concerning the vaxx shots, he received both. He also recently received the flu shot. Since receiving all of these shots, he has had covid several times, even passing it to another colleague at the office, and infecting this person’s entire family… (This person and their family he infected, was not vaxxed). The vaxxed individual at work has also had true accidents (vaxxidents), falling down stairs, resulting in multiple fractures, lacerations, and casts. This individual is/has been constantly sick since having the shots and is under the belief that it is “allergies” or “it’ll go away, I am safe since I had the shots”, or somehow that it is no big deal…Now, this individual wants to have a group meeting at work with people flying in from all over the country, gathered in one room… I am not vaxxed, nor is one of my colleagues or our families, and we are trying to find a way to bow out of this mandatory group meeting. The last thing either one of us want is to be shedded all over, get sick, and bring whatever funk they have back to our families….

    • Cassie

      Call in sick.

    • c

      Zoom link.
      It is much cheaper than flying from all over.

  85. wayne hardin

    Breaking .
    Anybody on you tube or anybody subscribed to anybody on you tube /// subscribe is To pledge or contribute (a sum of money). Are feeding the beast .
    Wayne Hardin .

  86. Sam Lefty Little

    I want to share with you an important story from American history.
    I’m hoping it will serve as a “wake up call,” and open your eyes to a critical decision you must make soon – a decision that will affect you, your family, and your money, probably for the rest of your lifetime.
    This story is about a soldier named Rick Rescorla – and how he could play a huge role in your financial future.
    It was a clear fall day, not too many years ago when Rick Rescorla (a U.S. Army veteran) went to work on Wall Street, just as he had done for many years.
    The night before, a cold front swept through Manhattan, producing thunderstorms, and a bright, cloudless, sunny day to follow.
    As a soldier, Rick Rescorla served in Vietnam where he earned a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and also a Purple Heart.
    When he returned home, Rescorla landed a job as head of security for Morgan Stanley.
    And as you’ll soon see… in many ways, Rick Rescorla was the best investment Morgan Stanley ever made.
    His insights and ideas transformed the future of the company… but probably not in the way you might imagine.
    On the job for more than a decade, Rescorla was a visionary leader who was not afraid to take action, even as others were lulled into complacency.
    Each year, for example, Rescorla put thousands of Morgan Stanley employees through rigorous drills on what to do in the event of a crisis.
    Remind you of anybody here at
    Of course, what Rescorla did was highly unusual on Wall Street.
    But he did it because he knew that in any crisis, no one would come to rescue him or his fellow workers. Rick Rescorla knew they must learn to take care of themselves and each other.
    The same is true for all of us today – although we are becoming a society that is extremely dependent on the government.
    But no matter what the government leads you to believe with their stimulus checks and spending programs – only you can protect yourself and your family over the next few years.
    Now Rick, remember, was a soldier, but he worked with investment bankers with big egos. Many of these folks didn’t appreciate Rescorla’s “drills”… which took time away from deal-making and trading.
    As one executive reported;
    “[Rescorla] was very serious about making sure everyone came out to the drills. We used to say, ‘Well, it’s the sergeant doing the drills again.’ It was kind of repetitive. There were times when I just sat in my office and the fire marshal would come by and say, ‘No, you gotta go.’”
    You might be able to guess what happened next…
    One day, all of Rescorla’s drills became incredibly important…
    It was an early fall morning when Rescorla heard an explosion while sitting at his desk.
    He looked out his window and saw the building next door burning.
    Then, an official came over the public address (PA) system, explaining how there was no reason to panic – how everyone should remain seated.
    But Rescorla knew better.
    And because he’d spent hundreds of hours training employees to ignore the “official” advice on the PA system, Morgan Stanley colleagues followed Rescorla’s orders.
    With his bullhorn, walkie-talkie, and cellphone in hand… Rick Rescorla systematically moved Morgan Stanley employees to exit the building via the stairwells.
    That day, more than 2,000 employees, (plus 250 visitors), followed the former soldier’s plan.
    But then, the situation got worse.
    As Rescorla was directing thousands down the stairwell from the 44th floor, a second explosion rang out.
    But this one was a lot closer.
    The second explosion occurred in Rescorla’s building, about 40 floors above his head. It shook the entire building and sent dozens of Morgan Stanley employees to the ground.
    It was September 11, 2001.
    World Trade Center Tower 1 had been hit by a commercial airplane at 8:46 a.m.
    Just 17 minutes later, at 9:03 a.m., terrorist hijackers flew a second plane into Tower 2, where Rescorla was trying to evacuate Morgan Stanley’s 2,000-plus employees.
    But Rescorla didn’t panic, even after the second explosion.
    Instead, he grabbed his bullhorn and spoke clearly and calmly. He said: “Stop. Be still. Be silent. Everything is going to be OK. Remember, you’re Americans.”
    Rescorla did this because he understood how people’s brains work in a crisis.
    He understood that…
    Most people are prone to waste extraordinary amounts of time in a phase of Denial and Procrastination, before ever taking action.
    So Rescorla repeated his orders, again and again.
    He even sang songs from his childhood to prevent Morgan Stanley employees from slipping back into the Denial and Procrastination phase.
    Rescorla knew that even in a crisis as obvious, urgent, and deadly as the attacks on the World Trade Center, most people freeze because our brains attempt to convince us that, “This is nothing out of the ordinary.”
    In other words: In every type of crisis… people move much too slowly.
    Get this…
    According to the 2005 National Institute of Standards and Technology studies, the average Trade Center survivor waited six minutes before heading downstairs. Some waited 45 minutes.
    Despite fire, smoke, the smell of jet fuel, and swaying buildings, an estimated 1,000 people took time to shut down their computers. Others made phone calls and gathered up belongings.
    But because of Rick Rescorla and his training, most Morgan Stanley employees were able to push through the denial phase quickly and spring into action.
    Morgan Stanley was the biggest tenant in Tower 2, occupying 22 floors. Incredibly, all but 13 of the company’s 2,700 employees made it out alive that day.
    Unfortunately, Rick Rescorla was not one of them.
    After escorting thousands of employees to safety, Rescorla learned there were still a few folks left behind.
    So he turned around… went back in, and was never seen again. Tower 2 soon collapsed.
    I’ve told you Rick Rescorla’s story today for one simple reason…
    Because he is a true American hero we can all learn from – especially right now.
    You see, in America today, while our physical lives may not yet be in danger as of yet, we have definitely entered a new and different type of crisis.
    This crisis is silent – and invisible to most of the sheeple too.
    Think of Greg and Gerald, as a final wake-up call…
    And a final chance to see something really important, which you haven’t yet recognized.
    Things are about to get really strange in America – yet most will have no idea what is happening.
    Your money, your retirement, your future, your very existence… everything is at stake.
    The incredible thing is, most Americans today have no idea how this looming crisis will change our lives. That’s primarily because, while the signs are piling up all around us, we haven’t seen anything like this in roughly 50 years.
    So most Americans are stuck right now in the phase we all go through in a crisis:
    Denial and Procrastination.
    Most Americans have watched what’s taken place in our country and around the globe over the past two years…
    And most are still going about life, business, investing, and retirement planning… as if nothing unusual has happened to our financial system. has been hoping to change that, over ten years now!

  87. JC

    They are going to milk this to the end. Sub-lineage?

    COVID-19: New, infectious strain of Delta variant detected in the US…

    A new sub-lineage of the highly contagious Delta variant that is spreading throughout the UK has been detected in the United States, health officials said Wednesday.

    • J from the Land Down Under

      That’s the same crap narrative they pulled down here at the beginning of our Winter. What happened next shouldn’t surprise you – LOCKDOWNS, CURFEWS and VACCINE PUSH and more economic destruction.
      Get ready for ROUND 2.

      • Paul ...

        J … I hear the Australian Government is going deep into the wilderness to “jab” the Aborigines … who are very intelligent … “and know” … the Government is out to kill their children … so they have aimed their bow and arrows at the Government Medical Goons … and the Goons have backed off!!!

  88. Marie+Joy

    How does one become a vote counter?

    • Charles H.

      M J,

      Speak to your county Elections Official. Info should be on your voter’s registration card.

    • Donna Wilson

      I was on a local township’s Absentee Voter Counting Board for several years. We opened, counted, and otherwise processed the absentee votes, which had been mailed in and prepped for us by the clerk’s office. I got the gig originally by walking in to the clerk’s office on the afternoon of the 2016 November election–they hired me on the spot and escorted me to the area where the counters were already working, swore me in, and gave me a pile of envelopes to open. Exciting evening! Got paid about $10/hour.

      Anyway, if you want to count votes, the AVCB is the only group that actually puts their hands on the ballots–to open envelopes, take out the ballots, note that the ballot number matches the number on the envelope and the envelope is signed, stack the ballots…and then run them through a counter, which actually tallies the ballots. Then there is a computer that manipulates the data for ultimate printouts and such. Hackable? You bet. No actual hand counting and recording is done, unless there are mismatches between lists of voters and numbers of counter-tallied ballots, for example.

      Maybe it’s done differently in other places, but that’s what we did.

      So anyway, if you want to do this work, call your township clerk’s office or go on line to see if they need workers. Or some other township clerk’s office–you don’t have to live there to work there; I didn’t. I did have to be a resident of the state, though.

  89. MC

    Prior to 2021 prophets kept telling us Trump is anointed by the entity they channel, which we now realize is Moloch. We realize this because Biden is quickly moving now to inject Trump’s “safe & effective” vax into children age 5-11.

    Bill O’Reilly hosted Trump this week, and Trump told him he is very proud of the vax, and it is saving billions and billions.


  90. Jerry

    Here’s a refresher about who we’re up against.

    Agenda 2030 is in full on mode. The vaccines are the key to serving up power to the globalist. Period. It’s all there.

  91. Marie+Joy

    For an informative, common sense interview, search Matt Bracken on YouTube, Odysee, etc.

  92. Jackie Ressler

    “I’m some tight ass piece of shit, I’m a little Lynsey Graham…”

    “I’m a moron Mitch McC0nnel, I know happiness, look at the fucking freak face of mine.”

    Please… this guy calls himself a “Christian”? Excuse me. Enough is Enough Gerald.

    Question for Greg: And you didn’t edit this out because why? How many listeners did you lose this time I’m wondering.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would not edit any guest–period. What you see is what you get. I was not able to control Celente’s language and would not try to if I could. I put out the interview because the information was good–very good. That said, I also understand where Celente is coming from, even though I don’t agree with the language. We are witnessing nothing short of genocide. Celente sees that coming better than most, and it is going to be awful. We are talking millions of people perishing this winter. Thanks for your perspective and support. I’d say telling the truth no matter the language would increase the audience. You are welcome to go someplace else to get cutting edge information for free. Nobody forces you to listen and of course, as I just said, it’s free.

      • Ken

        I love this very real down to earth guy who is telling it as it is. We don’t need to have are hands held now. It’s time to finally wake up. If we don’t we lose everything!! Mr Celeste’s voice needs to be heard loudly.

        • JC

          Ken, we are facing hell on earth, but some want to shoot the messenger, because he said a “bad” word.

          Celente’s dead zombie impersonation was excellent. Perhaps we will have a problem, because as they say, when there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

    • Charles H.

      Wow. Really wow. It must have so hurt the ears to have had to hear such offensive language. THEN I am sure you fingers were quite singed, and maybe you threw-up a little in your throat to write it all out, again. Puh-leeze.

      To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Don’t tell me that you didn’t know Gerald Celente used fowl language? Poor baby! WELL, NOW YOU KNOW!!

      You DO understand the Duck Rule, don’t you? If it walks like a duck; if it quacks like a duck; if it wags it’s tail like a duck: it’s a duck. Let’s see then – if you were SO offended by hearing the offensive verbiage: WHY would you not have the distinct moral value of propriety to forgo using such language again? Because it isn’t truly offensive to you. Don’t be a SNOWFAKE: because your complaining amounts to virtue signaling – as there is no impropriety on your part to fire-back the language you supposedly abhor.

      I suggest two things: one – don’t listen to Gerald Celente; and two – don’t blame people for language you are willing to use yourself.

  93. AndrewB

    “In this intimate sit down interview with Wolfgang Wodarg, we discuss the broad issue of corruption in the WHO, how we should understand the “pandemic,” or lack there of and how we must stop this diabolical trend towards a fake medical dystopia that will take over all aspects of our lives. He is one of the most honest and thoughtful people we have ever met and has an amazing resume and has lived a rich life full of experiences that uniquely qualifies him to understand the depth and breadth of this complex situation we find ourselves in.” Rumble

  94. Samuel L. Little

    There’s a famous quote about history…
    It says there are “decades where nothing happens… and weeks where decades happen.”
    Well… in America, we’ve had multiple weeks of radical changes that will transform our country for decades.
    Things are about to get EVEN. . . .A LOT stranger in America, what’s coming next? What should you take the time now, to take right now.
    What Rick Rescorla did for thousands of Morgan Stanley employees – I want to spur you to action and perhaps even sleep better at night.
    I believe what’s coming next will be confusing and disastrous for millions… but it doesn’t have to be that way.
    Prices for everything are absolutely soaring… while at the same time we are running out of… practically everything from computer chips to appliances to building supplies, to apples and oranges!
    You’ve heard the stories of crazy bidding wars for houses…
    Like a simple three-bedroom house in Covina, California, selling for $650k, which had 126 showings and 50 offers in four days. One bid was even $100k over the asking price.
    How About in the most desirable parts of Texas, real estate agents now bring in food trucks and coffee vendors, to make the lines more bearable at open houses.
    This scenario is playing out all over the country, Oz and the world. From Portland to Cleveland… New Jersey to old Jersey, in the UK. Even Russia, outside the clutches of the reset gang is booming. Energy independent, “remember how life was under the Trumpster” and Putin even supplying natural gas to the rest of Europe. Putin’s now riding shotgun along his gas pipelines with his state of the art hypersonic weapons of pin point destruction, striking fear into the hearts of Beijing Biden’s puppet masters.
    NO covid in mother Russia Dr. Fraudster, despite what the lying mockingbird CIA media whore liars try to slip in they’re sound bites and no none, ever lockdowns. Like Sweden both up in the cold country near the artic circle mind you, BRRRRR and no masks both countries. Giving Klaus Swab and Sore Ass Soros’s Hitlery Clinton and her cabal of Obomber woman and her US. politico puppets the big finger, to they’re manpad mandated puppet’s big lie’s!
    As hard as this is to imagine and yet live, a home in the Hamptons just rented for the summer… for a whopping $2 million, according to CNBC.
    Rental prices across the board are up 100% or more, the ones they can get the rent paid, Zero for non payment of rent. In resort towns nationwide, rentals are completely booked, go figure?
    The more you dig into the numbers, you see soaring prices and shortages for practically everything we need and value in our society. Thank you ButHead instead for president, CIA operative Buttigieg for president!
    Oil prices are up more than 200% in the past year. Beijing Pupett OBiden pipeline closer!!
    Lumber prices are up 300% since 2020 and are at all-time highs. Paper prices are up 40%. Keep paying lumber jacks to stay home and collect a covid relief unemployment check! Copper prices are at an all-time high.
    Car prices are sky-high too…Let em eat cake and take Taiwan too!
    The average price of a new car skyrocketed above $40,000 for the first time earlier this year, and the average price of a used car now tops $20,000?
    Have you tried renting a car recently – it’s crazy.
    In Maui, for example, the cheapest price for a recent car rental was $722 a day for a Toyota Camry. In Honolulu, convertibles cost $1,000… not for the week, per day!
    CNN reports that in Orlando recently, rental cars cost $300 a day.
    Prices for food, health care, commodities, shipping, electricity… it’s all rocketing higher and higher.
    Most Americans don’t realize shipping rates are as much as 50% higher than a year ago.
    The Kaiser Family Foundation reports the average cost for employer-based family health coverage is now a whopping $21,342 per year!
    Yes, there many reasons for the soaring prices of all these things…
    The economy is returning to normal… people want to live in bigger houses… the supply chain is a mess… there’s pent up demand, etc., etc…
    But you have to understand what’s REALLY happening here to have any chance of protecting and growing your money in the years to come.
    So I want to say this as plainly and simply as I can:
    It’s doesn’t matter how the White House, the U.S. Treasury, or the Federal Reserve are creating new money and new credit…
    It doesn’t matter what tricks they are using… or how they spin it…
    America is about to experience one of the greatest inflationary periods in our nation’s history.
    [Steve Forbes: Socialist crowd poised to wreck America
    186,787 views Oct 7, 2021 Fox Business
    Forbes Media chairman discusses the president’s radical tax and spend policies on ‘Kudlow’]
    And make no mistake about it: Inflation will push millions of Americans down… out of the middle class… out of private retirement… out of private health care… and out of a decent life based on independence and privacy… into a collectivist FINANCIAL LOCKDOWN nightmare:
    This is what happens when people are trapped by their own collapsing currency and their own deeply indebted government.
    I know you probably think this sounds outlandish. You probably think “this is all just temporary.”
    Most Americans, I’m sure, are feeling pretty good.
    Home values are sky-high. So are stocks. Your brokerage account may have never looked better.
    But here’s the truth no politician will bother sharing:
    Prices for all of these goods and services… prices for stocks and houses and art are NOT going up the way you think they are.

  95. J

    Greg ,

    Great interview. I love Gerald Celente and many people can learn from him as he dissects current events. TRENDS IN THE NEWS !!! After learning from Gerald I was watching the current news on ABC. I noticed ABC tonight mentioned the Delta+ is currently hitting the UK and now here in the USA.

    I remember Clif High talking about the super flu and super cold in uk. Also Stella
    front line doctor also taking about this and ADE like Luc Mmontagnier mentioned ADE as you all reported. It seems that Delta+ as abc is talking about is the ADE Luc and many others talked about.

    Delta+ = super cold uk = super flu = ADE

    I think Clif high was definitely on to something with there is a bug in my woo. Interesting enough Stu Peters and other scientists found glowing parasites from the viles. Knowing that HCQ and Ivermectin are anti parasitic coincidentally. HCQ is fighting parasitic conditions from the vaxxx?

    There has been many videos of the magnetic properties of a spoon on the arm and on the forehead. I saw other videos with a black light on the arm. Someone said that some street lights were looking like black lights. Wondering if this is a detection system with the light to be used at airports. If you know anyone that was vaxxed check it under a black light as an experiment. It looked weird like a squid like parasite in the arm.

    Stu peters showed images from a slide that looked similar. Almost like a glow worm or worm injected from a needle. the worm glows. Remember star trek when checkov got the worm or parasite in the ear. I am more interested about the light and the detection of the vaxxxed system. It was pretty disturbing seeing the parasite jump off the glass of a compound microscope. I wanted to thank you all for saving many people I know. The way ABC was promoting it it seemed like another variant. Will they give the 700 pill?

    • J

      Fauci Funded Parasites torturing Dogs Alive
      Why is Fauci interested in Parasites ?
      Future Proves Past

  96. CarolAnne Tucker

    Greg, I just LOVE IT when you have Gerald on!n He don’t cut them ANY SLACK!!!!!
    He cuts loose and tells it like it IS!!!!

    Thanks Greg!

    P.S. I got my SATELLITE Phone today!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good on the sat phone. How long did it take from order to in hand?


  97. Justin Facts

    USAWatchdogger’s, it’s no surprise that mainstream news like CNN, CNBC, CBS, MSNBC, and others — hold critical and damaging news from the American public.
    They’re off pressing “news stories” about the rise of “democratic socialism”, the pandemic, the political wars between republicans or democrats, and a crippling economy…
    But little do most Americans know…
    There’s a bigger story at play, right now, and it will shake the foundation of the United States as we know it.
    A perfect storm of economic and social events that could cause 10 times more devastation of cluster busting tornado’s and hurricanes to everyday folks…
    Bigger than WW2, “Black Monday”, The Tech Bust of 2000 and the 2008 Crisis — combined.
    New plans have recently put in place by unelected officials… against every single American… creating a new form of private global currency to replace the U.S. dollar, in an attempt to strip away your constitutional rights and to “freeze” your assets.
    New private global currency your going to be FORCED to use… your privacy and the savings in your bank account, if you have any money in your savings you need to prepare in advance.
    There’s a single group of 12 unelected officials in a private organization gunning to demolish and remove the U.S. dollar as the global powerhouse… this spells BIG trouble for a historic wave of hyperinflation — meaning, you work more and take home less.
    The biggest stock market LIE in history… the stock market has been pumped up for one reason — put more money into the hands of Wall Street and the elite and… ensure there’s a massive 90% meltdown FINALLY killing the value of the U.S. dollar, and your livelihood!
    Reshaping every single aspect of your life… revealing a new authoritarian regime sweeping the nation… how do you think you’ll look and feel, after the clot shot’s wear off and you can’t get the latest booster in your new world disorder life (after democracy! )
    You will own nothing, except your vaccine score card and not be a happy hippie, in China’s “social credit score” system coming to America… the final linchpin to tracking your life and daily actions 24/7 — and the consequences you will face, dependent on if the government’s opinion deems you a good citizen or not.
    Take that George Orwell, or take nothing at all Aldous Huxley.
    Their brave new world’s biggest billionaires are preparing too, by pumping, then dumbing a good chunk of their net worth into one under, way under valued sector, already surging from these new undercover underwater actions… the simple step you need to take immediately in order to prepare for the incoming historic changes in America… your assets need to be safeguarded, your home needs to be prepared for social chaos, and your investments re-positioned to be able to walk away from your new fortune and live to tell about it; your secret stash__ buried in the ground, in 2022.

    TRUMP held a “protest” at the White House.. Ask Biden to resign
    207,122 views Streamed live on Oct 19, 2021
    If Beijing Biden doesn’t resign, is it curtains?
    Will there ever be another election,
    will there be another America, or no USA?

  98. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Gerald is usually Spot on!!! Always enjoy his interviews
    Buy Physical Silver – Break the Comex!!!!!!

  99. Trisha Allen

    I live in far north Queensland Australia and suddenly this week our Premier has upped the ante to get all Queenslanders vaccinated. It’s obscene what the politicians, “experts” and MSM are doing and the scare mongering tactics are Nazi Germany all over again. We have been blessed with no Covid in our tiny rural community despite hundreds of tourists through the winter, but at 77 years of age I’m being pressured by friends as well as Govt., but I say NO WAY. We have a small group of anti-vaxxers who meet weekly to support each other and local medical staff (INCLUDING DOCTORS) plus the pharmacist all say NO!

  100. Self Exiled

    This is the news being feed to Asia. No wonder they are so compliant, they see very little of the alternative news. Few in Philippines have computers.

  101. Self Exiled

    The Luciferian elite are attempting to systemically change man’s DNA by enabling nanobots to merge human and synthetic DNA, creating a unique iron and clay hybrid capable of interfacing with AI. The function of the nanobots contained within the graphene oxide hydrogel are to cleave to and then penetrate the unsuspecting cells. A process repeated trillions of times, as each cell contained within every organ in the body are captured by the nanobots. At some unknown point, the human transforms into a hybrid of flesh and metal.

    Part of the human to hybrid transition involves the nanobots forming a swarm as they migrate to the brain, ultimately taking up residence in every crack and crevice. Nanobots harvest moisture from the body and use it as an agent to grow. Eventually the original biological part of what makes us human begins to wither and die. From human death will arises a hybrid birth.

  102. Self Exiled

    Mastercard states its partnership with GAVI marks a unique approach towards connecting a biometric digital identity system, vaccination records, and a payment system into a single cohesive platform. Mmmmmm…

    The “Wellness Pass,” a digital vaccination record and identity system, will be linked to Mastercard’s click-to-play system

    Ironically, the third world region of West Africa, has become the beta test for a cashless, digital payment matrix, forcing people to get the injection or starve.

  103. Self Exiled

    Interesting line in an article considering the vaccination of the military.

    Technology developed by the Pentagon’s controversial research branch is getting a huge boost amid the current coronavirus crisis, …………………… note when article was written

  104. patty

    I look forward to every show Greg and thank you so much for everything you do –
    I don’t think it is time for strong conversation, etc – but time for strong Humility, Repentance, and PRAYER. We must now (more than ever before) rid ourselves from every sin we know – or God’s Hand of Protection and His Divine Guidance will be lifted from us. HE is HOLY and is unable to fellowship with anything that is unholy – PERIOD.

    Revelation 3:16 kjv – “because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” It makes God vomit when we compromise any sin.

    I never intended to write this but after reading some of the comments, my heart became very heavy. May God bless you Greg and use you mightily in the days ahead. May He equip you with His strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discernment, and protection always – patty


    Greg, can you get Paul Craig Roberts back on again?

  106. Rio

    With all due respect to the very brilliant Gerald Celente; I think he has come too close to his work. Painters often succumb to this phenomenon which leaves them unable to see their work. Often times it’s because they’ve come to close to it. Over time it is harder to see the work with clarity. Leaving and coming back helps them to see it again, as it really is.
    So, with that all said. Maybe Gerald isn’t seeing the whole painting.
    WE ARE ALREADY AT WAR. The war is on our soil NOW. The war doesn’t look like war. However, make no mistake about it, We are at war. Now, could there be war in many places. Yes. We are a stressed world and there are many fissures at the same time.
    The New World Order, or, more aptly stated, ‘The One World Order’ is strategically
    moving each chess piece across a global board from above.
    China’s mistake was in falling for the lies of a liar. China believed themselves to be in favor. They were played. The power was never going to shift to the CCP. They can’t raise objection. They would be put in world checkmate over the “virus.” However, they will potentially try to orchestrate territorial moves to advance their growth. There’s a good chance that they will advance to take over the Asian Superpower position. Japan is in their cross-hairs. One move at a time.
    In regards to America. It is the prize for the cabal. If you are aware; they are systematically destroying all of our service sectors right now. The Vax is the bom. The plan has been decades in the making. Transportation and shipping: ships, planes, trains, autos, trucks, buses. Health and Safety: Military Police, firemen, doctors, nurses, teachers. Hospitality: Hotels/motels, travel, dining, entertainment. Economic and money. Housing: private ownership. Food and water. DO YOU SEE IT? When they clear the humans that used to fill they jobs; they will usher in the solution. Automation. Ai. The internet of all things. The Build Back Better plan. What happens in the gaps of this are the question. We already know that there will be untold who will not survive. Perhaps this is why the Deagle report said there would be a large decline in US population /2025. The OWO wants it ALL. All resources and control over all things. America is the key. We are all that stands in their way. WE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.

  107. Rio

    Here’s a very good article by a talented writer. This may explain what is happening right now. The destruction of America, and the world as we knew it.

  108. Luke Thymes

    It often feels like we are isolated. The “Silent Majority” doesn’t seem to be a majority in any sense. We need a “irate tireless minority” GLOABALLY.
    A great interview. I would like to be as bold as Gerald.
    I know there are more of us “hiding.” We have to unite and stay, like Gerald says.

    The Berlin Wall is a perfect analogy… Occupy Wall-Street was the closest we’ve come since. It didn’t have the effect. But it was a problem, because people didn’t leave!
    Something big is going to happen soon, no matter what… People’s reliance on “Social media” is now a hinderance.

    The turnouts at events are weak, compared to the population.
    If were going to lose everything anyway, let’s get bold, and use do what we can now.
    The Normalcy Bias needs to stop.

  109. Jeffersonian

    Way to go Gerald you tell it like you see it and you sir are a man not only of words but of action

    As Thomas Paine said before you have an uprising you need the thoughts and words to instill into hearts and minds of men to cause action which you sir are doing

    To all you little prissy whiners who have sensitive ears the revolutionary fathers used worse profanity and more vulgar language than Celente does and like Gerald would say grow up moron

    I’m mean how stupid are people?

    Keep it up Gerald

    Stupid is as stupid does
    And like Greg says you don’t like it then shut it off as well as your mouth
    Let the revolution begin

    • wayne hardin

      So you have a massage that everybody on USA watchdog agrees with as in the things that are going on and why and what needs to be done .
      But some turn you off because you cant control your cursing although you do on other shows .
      Real Real smart . NOT .
      But what ever let it rip .

    • wayne hardin

      The revolutionary fathers used worse profanity and more vulgar language .
      How old are you . Since you heard how the revolutionary fathers spoke .

      Wayne Hardin .

  110. Mike R

    QE on steroids, and endless money printing, has created all of the supply chain shortages in EVERY industry. How ? Well the printing was highly inflationary, and while we did not see it right away in the price of goods, what happened was an extreme shortage of supply. Not because of too much demand, but because of shortages of workers that were willing to keep working at abnormally low wages (world wide), who could not eek out a living at those low wages. So this shortage caused shortages in all raw materials and commodities that could be extracted, unearthed, mined, or otherwise produced to make all the goods we need. Same thing happened in services. This was hyperinflationary, but again we did not witness what everyone thinks should have been rapidly increasing prices.

    Rather what we did not see was the unraveling of the entire world’s supplies, and infrastructure. Now we will see we can’t either get something, or if we can it will be 10 times, 100 times, or 1000 times more expensive in a seemingly short time period.

    People will say ‘how did this happen so suddenly???’ Well it was NOT sudden. Its been ongoing since 1998 during the first major crisis when Alan Greenspan revved up the printing presses, and it has been unrelenting ever since. By all central banks, and led first and foremost by our own FED.

    This is not transient. Its permanent. Shortages will get worse and worse and worse, and occur in more and more industries.

    Right now, we are on the verge of massive food shortages, BECAUSE among many other things, shortages of all kinds of parts for farming equipment are non existent. To wit, many farmers can’t get their crops harvested this year, because they cannot get any tires for their massive tractors. This is nationwide, and worldwide. Its tons of parts just like that, but tires is one of the more prominent, because there is no substitute. No tires, and the equipment wont move. Period. End of story.

    The car chip shortage is permanent. Why ? Because the car makers use very old chips, that they were buying at low margin, that were very low tech, and basically unprofitable. Car makers cancelled a whole bunch of chip orders back in early 2020, and the chip makers said screw you guys, we are converting that production to make chips for smarter things like cell phones, and computers, where we make higher profits.
    Well guess what ??? The automakers cant get those chips back, or made anywhere now. So they will have to pay MUCH MUCH higher prices, and buy the more expensive, and more sophisticated chips that other industries already adopted, and will hence have to re-design a lot of the modules that used those chips. So its a permanent crisis, until they re-design their modules for their cars, which means re-designing how the cars operate, and changing how they will be serviced from here on out.
    Take all kinds of industries and this is what is happening. Its a total and permanent reset, in a world that is now total scarcity based, and will be FORCED to become at least 100 times more efficient in a very short period of years, if the economies are not going to collapse before then. Most likely we wont become efficient enough, to make up for all the shortages, so we will be going WITHOUT. So when something you take for granted BREAKS, you may not be able to replace it with anything closely resembling what you had, and not even close to the price you paid for it. Many things like your current lawnmower wont be able to be replaced, many of your appliances, and the costs to buy new will be double, triple or 10 times what you paid before. This is not going to ‘normalize’ and go away.
    We are now in PERMANENT scarcity, and the scarcity will permeate every single industry. Its going to force humankind to change very fast. This is the new world of hyperinflation, where the debased currency can’t save us, and even tapering or raising rates wont cure all of the ills of higher prices, and will actually create even more shortages as a lot of businesses that had been around making item X to support part or component Y that went into your currently available ‘appliance’ Z will simply get out of that business and do something else that is significantly more profitable.
    Used car prices have been an immediate outcome, rapidly escalating more than 40% in 6 months, due to new car scarcity.
    Well thats not going away in a year, or 2, or 3, and used cars will be remaining at a premium, and people will keep them longer and longer IF they can keep getting parts which that will become harder too. New car prices will keep on skyrocketing at the same time. The shortages on dealers lots are permanent, and next step will be failing of many many dealerships. It will be thousands that go under over the next 2 years.

    Because there wont be enough new or used cars available to keep those dealers solvent.
    Again its due to what we used to call hyperinflation, but it remained hidden by all the currency debasement, where the FED and all central banks kept flooding the world with fiat dollars. That become more worthless each and every minute.

    Now we will see the tail end of that 20 year mess of QE, and we will notice very very rapid, and very high spiking prices in all kinds of goods, or just the complete disappearance of many goods, and also services. When landscaping crews cant get lawn equipment any more, and cant get parts to keep their equipment running, they wont be able to provide service, and they will go under. Then that service people counted on others doing for them, will cease to exist. No matter what they are willing to pay. Sure, near the end after a lot of landscapers go belly up, there will be the survivors who were smart enough to hoard parts, or had the foresight and capital to see the endgame, and bought a whole bunch of new equipment, before it was all gone.

    Then if they remain solvent, they will charge the richest who need the landscaping the most, and have the means to pay for it, super big bucks. This is about to happen, or already happening in micro pockets of industries world wide, and is growing exponentially worse by the day. So if you have old appliances, or things you use as DIY, and they are close to expiring, its time to BUY NEW, or change how you do things, so you dont need to base your life on that appliance.

    Folks this GOES way beyond PREPPING. This is a wholesale change in your lives and livelihood. That is what is coming. You wont be able to simply call it ‘hyperinflation.’ Its going to be scarcity unlike this country has ever seen before, and people moving back to cavemen era type of living. Right now, 50% of all Americans employed make $34000 per year OR LESS. That is not a living wage folks in any part of this country. You need to be making 10 times that to have any chance at survival, if you want to be just a modest amount above what we used to call back in the 60’s and 70’s the ‘middle class.’ And you ain’t close to being rich if you are making 10 times that $34k. You are maybe doing basically ok, and maybe not suffering too much financially, but you are not set for life where you can just up and quit, even if you make that kind of money for 10 or 15 years.

    Good luck everyone. Welcome to hyperinflation, and permanent scarcity of all goods and services.

  111. Coal Burner

    Gerald is so right about the fast rockets. It is in the public record, we had the tech for those for years but did not build it out until Trump found out Obama or Hillery had sold it to China. Trump talked about his push to build them out and we did like overnight during his administration. We did it faster that the Chinese could follow the plans. These sorry Administration liars and idiot news people are dumber than Galena rocks. Talking to my Grand-daughter this evening about why China could not steal enough to catch us because they raise children like the CCP raises children and we use freedom to raise ours! We teach them to think as long as we can keep them from Commie teachers and professors. That is why CCP and other Socialist Communists want to destroy our parents and parental control of the education system. Same reason the same people want to destroy by teaching that “Thinking about Hating other people because of their skin color” is where they need to spend their time. Instead of that garbage we want to teach them Reading, Writing and Mathematics! The Science comes along with those three subjects. Think about it CNN types in College get as far as reading and some low writing level, no math and send them out calling them educated. That is why 90% of them sound so stupid to the rest of us. Your reporting all the time proving you are in the 10%. Most colleges are a useless waste of time. The little schools most people never hear of is where the education is and where they polish the big three and teach how to apply it to the natural world. That would be Science. Something Bill Nye knows nothing about. He is a TV blather head. Get the difference. Why do you think they keep changing the meanings, goals and missions of what was called, (what was it called before Climate Change?). Auto exhaust smog, then Man made CO2, then Global Warning, when we solved that in a couple years it became something else, of yes Climate Change. Something that has gone on everyday of history, what do they say? 4.5 billion years of history!!!!!!!!!

  112. Paul Simmons

    See the latest interview of Melissa, a Pfizer pharma employee whistle blower who says the vaccine for covid glows a blue color unlike any medicine she has seen in her ten years working for Pfizer. She says even the employees who mix Pfizer medicines are not allowed to know the vaccine contents, Whereas usually they always know exactly what they are mixing together. ( New interview on

  113. Paul Simmons

    See 10/20/21 interview of Pfizer employee whistle blower named Melissa about vaccine production at Pfizer Pharma. (on Have Melissa on.

  114. Sam Little

    The truth is, prices are not going up – it’s the value of our money going down.
    This is what ALWAYS happens at the start of a period of massive inflation and a collapsing currency.
    Economists call it the “Money Illusion.”
    It’s what happens when people start to measure their wealth in simple numeric terms… instead of real terms – in other words, what your money can buy.
    This is what happens when people don’t take into account money printing, increased debt, and inflation, and wrongly believe a dollar today is worth the same as it was last year – even after the Fed has pumped trillions and trillions of new dollars into the system.
    Think of anything significant you’ve bought recently… a washing machine or refrigerator… tires… furniture… it’s all soaring in price – and that’s if you can find it because supply shortages are rampant.
    Inflation causes huge economic distortions, which is one of the reasons why, as Bloomberg recently reported, we are “suddenly running low on everything.” And while you may have more money in your bank or stock account, it’s definitely not worth anything close to what it was just a year or so ago.
    It’s been estimated 90%-plus of the American public is falling for the Money Illusion today… most folks are in complete denial about what is REALLY happening in our financial system.
    But when you look back at financial history, you realize this is nothing new…
    Massive inflations are always incredibly confusing to the general public.
    Look at Germany’s Weimar Republic in the early 1900s, for example… the most famous case of inflation and currency collapse – followed by Financial Lockdown – in history.
    Over a period of about 10 years, the German mark eventually became worth 1 million-millionth of its former self.
    From 1919-1923, while to outsiders it was obvious Germany was destroying its currency, locals simply held on, in a state of confusion and denial.
    As a German woman told Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Pearl Buck:
    “We used to say, ‘The dollar is going up again,’ while in reality, the dollar remained stable but our mark was falling. But… we could hardly say our mark was falling since in figures it was constantly going up – and so were the prices – and this was much more visible than the realization that the value of our money was going down … It all seemed just madness, and it made the people mad.”
    Economic historian Adam Ferguson explained why in his book When Money Dies:
    “It was the natural reaction of most Germans, or Austrians, or Hungarians–indeed, as for any victims of inflation–to assume not so much that their money was falling in value as that the goods which it bought were becoming more expensive in absolute terms.”
    And this is exactly what’s happening in America right now.
    Unfortunately, the sad truth is most Americans will do the exact same thing Germans, Hungarians, and Austrians did with their soon-to-be-worthless currencies, even after they’d been devalued for the umpteenth time:
    They will cling to their increasingly worthless money.
    As one German woman said of this era:
    “When prices soared 25% in a bakery in a single day, “the baker didn’t know how it happened… his customers didn’t know… it had something to do with the dollar, somehow to do with the stock exchange—and somehow, maybe, to do with the Jews.”
    You see, the Money Illusion inevitably creates a frenzy… encouraging massive gambling, hoarding, and speculation… as everyone attempts to keep up with the “get rich quick” stories reported in the press.
    I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about in our country today…
    Americans Gone Wild…WAR ANYONE?🚀🚧Stop!

    • Rio

      What you are saying is partially true. However, if you look off the coast of California and Texas; you will see what is a crucial factor in supply chain “disruption.” No doubt that inflation is here. How bad will it get? When you want to destroy a people’s economy; there are plenty of ways to do it. In fact; it has been done over and over again throughout history (world history). What makes this time different? It’s the powerbroker’s desire to bring it all down. Before there was a boiling point, then bring it all back down to simmer. Not this time. Additionally. Where do people think that the parts to their truck, their washer, their computer, are coming from? What does that have to do with it? Of course it has everything to do with what is happening now. Inflation is transfer of wealth. And in this case, it’s also the wrecking ball needed to usher in a new model of currency. All the while it was being built by the people. Of course this is the way they operate. They make us pay for our trap. Digital currency lends well to the internet of ALL things.

  115. Marie+Joy

    “When people have nothing to lose, they lose it.” Gerald Celente
    People won’t do anything about it until they’re starving. We are too comfortable

  116. nathan dunning

    Read the Book of Enoch Greg he was the First prophet. The Book of Enoch was removed from the Bible along with others because it reveals To Much Truth for everyday people to know however the Ethiopians still have it as part of their Bible. It will make Genesis 6 and the story of Noah all the more understandable. It will blow your mind mate.

    • Paula Davis


    • MC

      Trump says STFU and take the vax.

  117. Red Orkid

    For the love of God… why is it that those exposers and expositors of lies and corruptions (like Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Mike Adams, etc)… why is it that they uniformly relabel the fake vaccine as a “gene [THERAPY]”? For God’s sake, what is therapeutic about a death-murder-kill shot? I mean, gene therapy… sounds pretty good, right?… like maybe it’ll flip one into a superman… maybe grow new life-extending mitochondria… We Will Be as Gods! How is morphing a breathing soul into fertilizer good for one’s health, goddumbit! These Pfizer, m[ode]RNA, [I got your] Johnson & Johnson right here shots are far from any kind of life enhancing adaptogenic, a kind of substance that balances the body. These so-called (by the denouncers yet!) “therapedics” are in fact MUTAGENICS. Write it down. Put it in your vocabulary… from Wikipedia, even, “In genetics, a mutagen is a physical or chemical agent that permanently changes genetic material, usually DNA, in an organism and thus increases the frequency of mutations above the natural background level. As many mutations can cause cancer, such mutagens are therefore carcinogens…”. So enough of the baby talk like we’re all bigly dumb beautiful asperger cases. It just makes you all sound stupid, like that “warp-speed” idiot who left us high and dry with our guards down. Sheesh, what a disappointment.

    • Free_Loader

      Guy, it’s called a gene therapy because it produces a spike protein using your own cellular machinery without your own control over it. See, normally something is expressed when there’s a need for it, like a white blood cell, a lymphocyte, a protein, etc. In this case, the vaccine induces the production of the spike protein at will. You’re essentially producing a protein from a gene (that we do actually possess, but it’s produced only at certain times, like pregnancy/conception), except that we don’t have the gene we have the messenger in between instead (the mRNA of said spike protein). If you want to argue semantics, don’t bother, but at least acknowledge this “vaccine” has created one hell of a physiological mess [for years to come].

    • Paul ...

      RO … Donald Trump’s children are all “Demonrats at heart” and have donated millions of dollars primarily to Demonrats … so electing Trump was akin to having Demon-rat Ivanka Trump running our country … that’s probably why we got Warp Speed … and why Trump is so hesitant to come out against the “jab” … as it would be like a repudiation of his children!! … next time we elect someone … lets look carefully at the political leanings of that candidates close relatives and family members!!

  118. Alan Van Cleave

    The Creature From Jekyll Island

  119. Free_Loader

    What a great interview! Never heard of this guy before, and his honorary degree is from my Alma Mater as well. Great stuff.

  120. Marie+Joy

    The intent is to shut America down. Whether by covid lies, ships at sea, truck regulations, vaccine mandates, trucker/national strikes, it does not matter. It all achieves the same genocidal effect.

  121. Dave

    Trump is out there pushing the vaccine. It saved billions he told O’Reilly. He is lying if one believes Greg’s guests. From Celente to High to on and on. That conservatives still give Trump the benefit of the doubt on this is sobering – the excuse that he is being fooled by Big Pharma and the Deep State no longer cuts it. . I always suspected Trump of being a Deep State plant. To usher in chaos and this killer vax. Folks need to wake up ad they are. Trump is starting to lose his base. The RINO GOPers see it with McConnell warning Trump about the 2022 elections and what Trump does in GOP primaries,

    BTW, the great judicial appointee are turning out to be a bust. Not just on SCOTUS but lower courts where Trump justices are ruling in a progressive manner. Not a surprise. Trump essentially allowed the Bush crowd to heavily influence his choice of nominees.

  122. Thomas

    Angels cannot mate with humans. We have carnate bodies, Angels are pure spirits. They dont have the anatomy. They can appear as human as they can appear as a serpent, they are neither.

    “”The sons of God”: The descendants of Seth and Enos are here called sons of God from their religion and piety: whereas the ungodly race of Cain, who by their carnal affections lay grovelling upon the earth, are called the children of men. The unhappy consequence of the former marrying with the latter, ought to be a warning to Christians to be very circumspect in their marriages; and not to suffer themselves to be determined in their choice by their carnal passion, to the prejudice of virtue or religion.” – Douay Rheims Bible.

  123. The Ogs

    They want to inject this stuff (which keep in mind is the original Covid19-alpha ‘vaccine’) into our little children now.
    Big Pharma is running advertisements saying it’s “urgent”… and the Canadian people believe?! “Okay” they shrug in their witlessness.
    Right now. Almost November 2021! With all we know about the MULTIPLE toxicity of these injections, and for an alleged illness that children are 99.997% resistant to…
    Makes perfect sense to me. Oh well… (you didn’t want grandchildren anyway). Greg it’s pretty bad.

  124. Justn Observer

    Greg, More to be concerned about? Going forward, maybe only allowing them to do a spit test would be wise ?
    Dr. Jane Ruby | COVID Nasal Swabs Examined by Scientists Reveal DANGER

  125. Self Exiled

    Using the block chain platform the passport will become the global digital ID; the financial [central bankers] systems main tool for control, but big teck has all the data. The competition for control amongst these many elitist players must be off the charts. The coved introduction began the rush for dominance and a possible world wide holocaust.

    The LORD nullifies the counsel of the nations;
    He makes the thoughts and plans of the people ineffective. Psalm 33:10

    Let Your [steadfast] lovingkindness, O LORD, be upon us,
    In proportion to our waiting and hoping for You. Psalm 33:22

  126. wayne hardin

    So you have a massage that everybody on USA watchdog agrees with as in the things that are going on and why and what needs to be done .
    But some turn you off because you cant control your cursing although you do on other shows .
    Real Real smart . NOT .
    But what ever let it rip .

    Wayne Hardin

  127. The Rev

    I pray your MARCHES against the Biden mandates have been going GREAT! We have had a good turnout but that is NOT the BEST part. With these marches every Saturday in
    October, people have decided NOT to get the jab. We feel we are saving lives. Praise God!
    People really are like sheep. The media has been pushing these shots, stretching the numbers, saying everyone is getting these death shots. It is NOT true. I doubt if it is even 50-50% With these MARCHES it is the first push back, the first checkmate of this mindset that everyone is doing it. We have had sooo many thumbs up and horns honking in support of our efforts. Oh, and just a few middle fingers as well.
    It has been good to watch new friendships being formed and we will be a GREAT support group for each other in the days ahead.
    Hey world, we must NEVER forget that there are 99% of us against 1% of the elite. When I was in Vietnam our enemy would shoot at us and then melt back into the population. It was hard to tell the good guys from the bad. I pray it doesn’t come to this, but I see a day coming when 200 million American sharp shooters will do the same against these elites. They know they cannot hide from us. They cannot win against those odds. It scares them to think that we will rise up and defeat their evil plans. When the masses come together and explain that we mean business they will BACK OFF. I think we are getting to that point. Here is an outstanding site that you should check out

  128. Rich R

    Just saw the latest data in Michigan and 73% are fully vaxed and the case numbers continue to rise in the vaccinated and the un-vaccinated cases are trending down over the last 3 months. Stay away from the vaccinated they are super spreaders. This winter will be very interesting if ADE starts kicking in . They will be dropping like fly’s.

  129. Self Exiled

    Recognition of vaccine failure?????????
    The sole reliance on vaccination as a primary strategy to mitigate COVID-19 and its adverse consequences needs to be re-examined,

    For instance, in a report released from the Ministry of Health in Israel, the effectiveness of 2 doses of the BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) vaccine against preventing COVID-19 infection was reported to be 39% [6], substantially lower than the trial efficacy of 96%

  130. Justn Observer

    Greg, a bit of background on AG. Garland’s wife =

    and a short clip (training for people in PORTLAND and SEATTLE) on how to deal with the idiots…
    Marine Corps veteran disarms robbery suspect at Yuma gas station (

    More news from Dr. Mercola on amount of deaths..

  131. Self Exiled

    Marine Vet Sues Walmart After Pharmacist Refused To Fill His Ivermectin Prescription

    I lived in a small town in SD for 9 years and the local veterinary treated himself, and as far as anybody knew he never went to the doctor. He treated himself with the same meds he gave his patients. Died of a heart attack sitting in his pickup, but still working and active. One person had actually watched him vaccinate himself with antibiotics. No issues. He was well respected member of the Mennonite community.

  132. Self Exiled

    Children are the apple of Gods eye. Children are under the special care of the Father.

    “See that you do not despise or think less of one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven [are in the presence of and] continually look upon the face of My Father who is in heaven. Matthew 18:1o ” Direct access to the Father”

    White House Details Plan To “Quickly” Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11

  133. Self Exiled

    Karen Kingston says it like it is, watch to the end, emphatically in control with Godly Wisdom.

  134. Self Exiled

    Time for us to see this again, seems even more pointed and accurate than in 2018.

  135. Robin Seaborn

    Hello Greg,

    My wife and I appreciate your insight and zeal to stand for truth, and your defense of the the Biblical World View, but I have to say that we would be disappointed to have to discontinue supporting USAWatchdog simply because of un-Christian like language of the caliber coming out of old Gerald Celente’s mouth during your recent interview with him. Even though he knew (and so did you) that he would be speaking to a conservative Christian audience, nevertheless, he went on to spew a bucket-load of filthy language anyway. Surely, we’re not the only ones to comment? Maybe you should tell him to tone it down Brother Greg.

    Despite that, keep up the good work, which I repeat, we appreciate immensely.

    Robin Seaborn (Australia)

  136. JohnMc

    Want to know the difference between a doctor and a veterinarian, other than the obvious?

    Principally it is technique. A doctor makes a diagnosis and either reaches for a pill or surgery. A veterinarian looking at a sick stock animal will ask about what the creature is being fed first as a diagnostic issue before they reach for the pills or knife. So much of our ills in mid life are due to lifestyle and diet.

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