Very Violent Reversal Before End of 2017 – James Rickards

By Greg Hunter’s 

Four time best-selling financial book author James Rickards says don’t get too comfortable with the record high stock prices. Rickards explains, “I think the markets will have a very violent reversal in late November or early December.  Let me be specific about why because I never make claims like this without backing it up. . . . Here’s what’s going on.  Right now, markets are priced for a Fed rate hike in December. . . . The stock market is interpreting this rate hike as economic strength . . . everything is set for a violent reversal because the Fed is not going to hike interest rates in December.”

So, why is the Fed not going to raise rates? Rickards says it’s because of not enough inflation and way too much deflation.  This has the Fed scared to move.  Rickards contends, “Why is deflation a central bank’s worst nightmare?  The answer is deflation increases the real value of debt.  In other words, the dollar actually gets stronger in a deflationary environment.  If I owe you dollars, and the dollar just got stronger, I owe you more money in real terms.  It becomes more difficult to pay off debt in a deflationary environment because my income is drying up.  The real burden of debt is going up, and if I couldn’t pay you to begin with, deflation is going to make it more difficult to repay you. . . . Imagine if we had one or two percent deflation . . . and the value of the debt was going up.  The defaults would be even worse.  Bad debts would pile up.  The banking system would be under threat.  Tax collections would go down in nominal terms.  The credit of the U.S. government would be called into question.  The U.S. government might default.  These are all the horrendous consequences of deflation, and it’s why central banks cannot have deflation.”

So, what happens if Rickards is correct and the Fed does not raise rates? Rickards says, “When that happens, and I think it will happen . . . all of a sudden, the dollar is going to get weaker, the euro is going to get stronger, gold is going to go up and bonds are going to rally.  So, there will be a lot of big market effects.  I am not talking the end of the world . . . . I am not talking about a total meltdown.  I am talking about a violent repricing of some major commodities and bonds . . . because the market thinks the Fed is going to raise, and they’re not.”

Is there a danger in October as many believe there could be? Rickards says “yes,” and it comes from increased tensions with North Korea.  Rickards says, “We have a window from October 10th to October 21st.  What is the significance of that window?  October 10th is the anniversary of the communist party of North Korea.  Kim Jong Un is getting ready to test more missiles. . . . We have two catalysts.  The anniversary on October 10th and war games (with South Korea) on October 21st.  In that window is when I expect one or more missile tests.  That’s going to be another wake up call to the markets.  The markets are sleepwalking . . . they don’t understand this war is coming, and it is coming.  A shooting war, a pre-emptive war, a kinetic war with the United States against North Korea, I do expect by mid-2018. . . . Kim Jong Un thinks we are bluffing.  We are not.”

Rickards also restates his case for “$10,000 gold” and contends it’s at a relatively low price, and people should buy it now and simply hold it.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert and best-selling author James Rickards.

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(There is much more it this more than hour long interview.)

After the Interview: 

For any of James Rickards’ best-selling books, go to and click on his book page.  For more about Rickards’ new predictive analytics based on complexity theory, go to

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  1. Paul ...

    Rickard’s contends there will be no rate hike in Dec because there is not enough inflation … this will make the dollar stronger which Trump does not want as we have to export more … so the Fed will print money to weaken the dollar by going to war with N. Korea and this will drive up the gold price … how about us doing this instead … we hand out cash to the people to compensate for “the fudged” low cost of living numbers over the last 15 years … the people spend this money … creating the inflation necessary to weaken the dollar … and thus we don’t have to go to war with N. Korea … especially since … we will be fighting a Soros and Demon-rat backed “Color Revolution” right here on American soil!!

    • Paul ...

      There are many nuclear powers in the world … Europe, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, S. Africa, Israel and we live with it … so now add N.Korea … if we need to counter N. Korea’s nuclear weapons we can tell Japan to use some of their Fukushima plutonium to build a nuclear arsenal … Japan has enough plutonium to build 10 times the nuclear weapons of Russia, China and N. Korea combined … we don’t need another war to bail out the banksters … we have to concentrate on the war right here in America … the “Color Revolution” being officially launched against us by the Deep State, Soros and the Demon-rats on Nov 4, 2017!!

      • Paul ...

        The immediate threat to our nation is not a foreign one … but a domestic one “by traitors right within our own government” … lets root out that evil first … before we go marching around the world to fight perceived foreign enemies in every corner of the Earth (like we can afford all these wars)!!

        • Paul ...

          As for inflation … the Fed knows how to create it … giving money to banks and creating wars does not do it (QE, Operation Screw, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. Yemen, etc. have not created inflation) the government needs to do what Lyndon Johnson did (money for the banksters, guns for the military “and butter for the people”) … give the people their rightful cost of living raises “without manipulating the numbers” and the Fed will have their inflation and a reason to raise rates (so they can fight the next recession)!

        • This sceptred isle

          Exactly right Paul. Like charity, rooting out corruption has to start at home.

  2. Frederick

    Couldn’t watch After Richards mentioned 911 and the CIA

    • ConcAmDad

      No need to worry Greg! The dow justngoes uo 100 pts day after fay after day!!! It’s so ridiculous.

    • Ron

      Couldn’t agree more. Giving this guy airtime isn’t worth the ratings. We have no memory of what it means to be American. It doesn’t stoke my patriotism bombing 3rd world countries back to the Stone Age. For all we know North Korea hasn’t launched any missiles. Have you seen a launch or landing site for all these many middle stories? War is a racket. The reasons for war are always a lie. I don’t want to hear from anyone who has been part of this Deep State and still promoting war as a certainty. Rickards is on the wrong side of humanity.

    • salem

      I can’t figure Jim Rickards out. He seems to have insider information, but if he is an insider then why would he share this knowledge with the public accurately? He mentioned the bombs on Japan and gave the MSM version of what happened in ending that war. We didn’t have to drop another bomb on Japan though. They had already tried to surrender. We didn’t need to drop the first one either, but the U.S. was testing those bombs out and sending a message. We are always attacking Hitler and saying how evil and terrible he was, but what about Eisenhower? I think it’s good to listen to Rickards and take in what he says because he is very well informed. But, Jim’s viewpoint is not the only smart one. One thing I strongly believe….This economic collapse will happen on a 3 day weekend where there is a holiday on a Monday. And, we will wake up with no electricity when it happens. It will come suddenly. Rickards acts like the world will just keep turning even though all these terrible things are happening. I don’t think so. This economic collapse will affect ALL nations. We also have to consider weather manipulation, earthquakes, and famine and drought issues. These are huge ones to consider.

      • Greg Hunter

        Your version of history is not the same as the real version. Japan had it’s own Nuke and was working on it at the end of the war:

        This explainer from the History channel: No Surrender for the Japanese

        By the time of the Trinity test, the Allied powers had already defeated Germany in Europe. Japan, however, vowed to fight to the bitter end in the Pacific, despite clear indications (as early as 1944) that they had little chance of winning. In fact, between mid-April 1945 (when President Harry Truman took office) and mid-July, Japanese forces inflicted Allied casualties totaling nearly half those suffered in three full years of war in the Pacific, proving that Japan had become even more deadly when faced with defeat. In late July, Japan’s militarist government rejected the Allied demand for surrender put forth in the Potsdam Declaration, which threatened the Japanese with “prompt and utter destruction” if they refused.”

        • salem

          I have read this about the nukes dropped on Japan, from sources that I trust. History is written by the nations that win. There’s much history that is taught in schools, by churches and religions, books, etc., that just isn’t true. I don’t believe we will know the whole truth until we are dead and able to find out the truth in the afterlife. Jim Rickards isn’t presenting some of history accurately though. What happened with Assad….he didn’t chemically poison his own people. That is a lie that the insiders want us to believe. Not that Jim Rickards is necessarily evil for giving the MSM version of certain events. He may know the truth but doesn’t feel like he can go into all of that, so he just tells the Media version of it. Still, it’s hard for us to know whether he is helping insider bankers confuse us, or not. What is his real motive here? If he were a traitor to his insider friends, to the extent that he really hurts them, then he wouldn’t be invited to many meetings anymore. But, he is still being invited. Why? What is he doing for them vs. what is he doing for us?

          • Greg Hunter

            I am so sorry this actual history does not fit into you America hating view but it IS what happened. I do not pretend to have all the answers but his part of history is pretty clear. Oh!! and did you like the pics of those Japanese soldiers murdering people?????

            • salem


              Do I like to see pictures of anybody murdering anybody? No. We are supposed to be a God fearing nation. According to the Constitution, we are supposed to stay out of other nation’s wars. According to God’s’ laws we are supposed to treat others as we would like to be treated. The fact is, is that the U.S. has NOT been a good example to other countries, if we are to represent what Christianity is all about–the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God inspired the Founding Fathers to set up a government based on the FREEDOM of the people. God doesn’t want the U.S. to have a King. He wants the people to be their own rulers. But, in order to do this, we have to take responsibility for our government and their actions. The people of the U.S. have not done this and we have not stopped our government from being a domineering and controlling nation over other nations. We, the people, have let our nation be used by evil men. And now, we are going to pay the price whether we like it or not! We are the Babylon of the world. If this nation is to EVER be set in order, we MUST stop letting our country be controlled by those who want to control the whole world! We can’t say we are smart by doing this or that if it involves breaking God’s laws. We will reap what we have sown and God isn’t going to let our nation go unpunished for all the crimes we have committed all over the world for about 80 or more years. God cares about ALL of His children, not just us in the U.S. If we are the hypocrites, then we better start seeing the truth of what our country has really been up to and correct ourselves. Have Ron Paul on. He’ll say it like it is.

              • Greg Hunter

                Then please do NOT come here and say ignorant lefty things such as we would have been better off if Japan would have won WWII–WE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN “BETTER OFF.” I hate the NWO and Luciferians and the deep state too and I am trying to do something about it.

                • Just The Facts

                  Greg, Salem makes a lot of good points. He sure touched your nerves! I too believe that there is SOMETHING about Rickards that is not right – I have felt this way for a while. Why did you not call him out on the BS about Assad doing the chemical attacks? I criticize my own country (Canada) all the time for being nothing more than an American lackey along with the rest of the G20 as they assist America in their evil empirical wars.

              • This sceptred Isle

                The globalists have used and abused America and will throw it in the garbage once it has served their purpose.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Yep and Donald Trump interrupted the trash party. This is why the Deep State-Lucifer Wrshipers are pissed and continue to be pissed.

          • Frederick

            Salem you’re giving him too much credit If he indeed knows the truth he should at the very least say NOTHING By chiming in on the side of the perpetrators he loses all credibility at least with me anyway And you are correct The alleged chemical weapons attack by Assad which they tried to pin on him twice were false flags probably done by John McCains buddies

            • Jim

              I wish we lost WW2. Multiculturalism is genociding us.

  3. Silence is Golden

    “The stock market is interpreting this rate hike as economic strength …”
    The stock market used to be a barometer of the state of the economy. Since the PPT /FED hijacked all markets ….any news …GOOD, BAD or INDIFFERENT doesn’t have any impact on the market whatsoever. Just re-visit the last 6 months is littered with episodes which would (in an historical context) have triggered massive selloffs (NOKO is just 1 example). The Stock Market is a BUBBLE which is directly attributable to :
    Interest Rates (FREE MONEY)
    Money Printing
    Corporate Action (buybacks)
    PPT activity
    & cough cough…..The desire to create the “WEALTH EFFECT”…..
    A RATE HIKE….is not a positive thing for Stock Markets…it implies increased costs…lower profits. Nice interpretation of it being an indicator of Economic strength and that the Market has already factored it into pricing ….??? WTF. Refer above note RE: HIJACKING OF MARKETS.
    Talk of a rate hike …I would agree….is just that….TALK…or NOISE as I like to call it.

    “Fed not going to raise rates? Rickards says it’s because of not enough inflation…”
    According to our dear friend over at Shadow Stats….Inflation is running at abt 6% which if used, would satisfy the mandate of the FED and FORCE them to raise rates.
    The FED is not raising rates because of the other well known reasons…..DERIVATIVES & DEBT!!. Lets not discuss the BLS and their machiavellian MO. Just another arm of the Government Propaganda machine.
    I do agree however that there will be NO Rate Hike in December….the effects of which JR covered well. Whether we see a Stock Market correction remains to be seen….but if recent history is anything to gauge, the Bubble will grow exponentially.
    It MUST….in order to support the UNDERLYING DEBT.
    Thats the real reason why these FINANCIAL ASSETS are in a bubble….its because of the DEBT. If the Debt exceeds the Asset Values then there is cause for concern and as JR points out….a Delationary Episode will ensue.
    Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place.
    It reminds me of the near-sighted painter ….who classically painted himself into a corner.

    • Paul ...

      What has painted Trump’s tax plan into a corner is the administrations insistence on incorporating “the elimination of deductions for state and local taxes” … for Trump to tax us citizens on the taxes we paid to our State and Local political crooks is kind of “moronic” wouldn’t you say? … “paying taxes on taxes” is a new concept in the ever closer shearing of the sheep … they are now drawing actual blood!!

      • Paul ...

        Say you earn $50,000 a year … and State taxes take $10,000 away from you … and Local taxes take another $10,000 away from you … all you have left with is $30,000 … but Trump is going to tax us on $50,000?? … come on Trump … if you want to raise money … why not give us the proper “cost of living increases” as calculated by John Williams … and simply drive us up out of the low 25% tax bracket into the highest 75% bracket!!

        • Paul ...

          I know raising money for the 16 year war in Afghanistan. the 40 military bases surrounding Iran, etc., etc. and paying for the “a brand new war” with N. Korea is a bitch … but lets try to rob the public of money they “actually have”!!

  4. Silence is Golden

    Getting off subject…Las Vegas Shootings.
    Sincere Sympathies to all that lost loved ones and the extended families of those that lost their lives.
    I have a serious concern about this crime. No disrespect to any of the families caught up in the drama.
    At first blush it appeared as though another screwball got loose and went on a rampage.
    But on closer examination …..and I think I’m not the only one to question it… the validity of the Person and the Act that they purportedly committed… instinct tells me…there is more to this than what is “Officially” reported…in the MSM. To me this smells like a FALSE FLAG.
    The insincerity of the President …his words were meaningless…they were not heartfelt.
    The manner in which the attack was carried out is not the work of someone who is inexperienced in weaponary – esp. automatic and high powered. This was more like a well trained /elite force operation….carried out with precision, timimg and execution.
    His cache of weapons on site (~23 weapons in the hotel room) and at his home (19) is unexplainable in the words of his relatives.
    His committing suicide sounds not disimilar to the episodes of the last several years….where Bank executives were taking the wrong exits and flying from buildings or hanging themselves …because they knew too much ??
    Whilst not on the same scale as 9/11…. this is by far the worst case of mass killings. It to me becomes glaringly obvious that this is the work of people with ulterior motives.

    We have recently been witness to so called terrorist work in England, Spain and France. It is becoming all too common. The Hegelian Dialectic is at work …in overtime.
    The problem being created …then the offering of a solution. These are Works of Lucifer.

    A stumbling block to controlling the largest private army in the world…aka…The American Citizen…is to divest gun owners of their guns.
    Can we expect an Executive Order in the not too distant future ?
    I have expressed my concern numerous times that the establishment will need to disarm the sleeping Army…before they can carry out the next stage of thir plan.
    I posted recently (eerily) here two weeks ago…about this very topic…..
    It remains to be seen what transpires from here.
    Just some food for thought…and ….my opinion.

    • allen ols


      It to me becomes glaringly obvious that this is the work of people with ulterior motives.
      We have recently been witness to so called terrorist work in England, Spain and France. It is becoming all too common. The Hegelian Dialectic is at work …in overtime.
      The problem being created …then the offering of a solution. These are Works of Lucifer.


    • Mary Casey

      Silence is Golden….The “powers that be” have failed to infiltrate your thinking.

      “……Whilst not on the same scale as 9/11…. this is by far the worst case of mass killings.”

      They do not want you to speak of mass “killings”…..they want you to focus on the words “mass SHOOTING”; because as you stated, they are after the guns. If it were about “mass killings”, they would try to outlaw fertilizers (Oklahoma bombing), box cutters and airplanes (9/11).

      They are desperate to “convert” who they view to be the ‘typical’ gun owner….those country music loving, gun toting, cowboy hat wearing, western state Republicans.

      They thought if gun owners were the target of a horrific mass “shooting”, suffering (in their view) the consequences of gun owners’ refusal to legislate gun control, then gun owners would be so horrified they would now rush to demand gun control.

      Instead, gun and “bump stock” sales have gone up. How little they understand the true American patriot.

      • Silence is Golden

        Yes Mary…its subtle but its semantics.
        Problem….Reaction….Solution. For me its too…OBVIOUS!!
        I can smell BS from miles away.
        As you put it…” How little they understand the true American patriot.”

        Now we find there are possibly multiple shooters as more witnesses come forth (with footage). LV Sherriff …..opened his mouth…
        FB and Google have suddenly deleted accounts…..under whose instruction ?
        2 people in the Room…ordering food…checking in the day before he (the shooter ??) was reportedly supposed to have checked in?
        Innocent lives lost again…..collateral damage ……without disrespect to the families.
        What is crystal clear is the diabolical agenda that they have. It concerns me what comes next…..perhaps they will now revert to something on a much larger scale… in order to have the necessary impact (thought control…leading to the required reaction) on the masses.
        9/11 did the job ….to create perpetual wars…..against the CIA /Washington DC created enemies….collectively called Terrorism.
        I don’t need a road map to know where this is all headed.

    • Charles H

      If America is to be nullified, where it’s true rulers are positioned so they cannot possess government, and act independently of a One-world homogenization: it must be disarmed. The lengths those behind these atrocities can and will go nowadays is truly horrific.

  5. Jodyp

    Being the ‘insider’ that J.R. is,not sure I can trust him like other guests. But then some or someone will be right in the end. Highly entertaining interview though. And $10,000 gold? Gonna be ugly if we hit that mark.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rickards makes no bones about being an insider. I would take him seriously about North Korea.

      • JungianINTP

        What “insider” actually means: The Federal (sic) Reserve SERVICING Bankers SERVICING the Washington Swamp (and military complex) SERVICING the Ponzi stock markets SERVICING the elite 1% SERVing itself–by sucking the middle-class workers’ productivity thru confiscatory taxation and printing of no-value pieces of paper (( each dollar that you hold represents no wealth but what you owe, and shall pay!, to the Washington B U R E A U C R A M E N T; a term I had coined to differenciate between the Founders’ will-of-the-people “government” and this self-serving bureaucratic swamp )).

        93% of citizens is suffering the beginning stages of the GREATER DEPRESSION while Rickards discusses the monetary/financial ups-and-downs of his interests, and that of his INSIDER FRIENDS (( find and study the “Fourth Turning”)). -Rick

    • Hairy Herry

      The paper manipulation will end. You may see gold go way, way past 10k, possibly twice that. Silver will do incredible things too, it going up in sympathy.
      It’s hard for this Hairy Guy to agree that it’ll happen this Winter, but it’s certainly way closer than before.

  6. H. Craig Bradley


    First, I do NOT believe that a shooting war is imminent with North Korea. China would not stand for it and would be obliged to aid North Korea in that event. So, its “not in the cards”, as they say. Garden Variety brinkmanship is more the case with Trump and Kim Ung. Beyond that, its wild speculation and more gold-buggery from the Dollar Haters.

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope you are right H!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yes, unfortunately for you China and Russia also happen to be into gold sodomy and dollar hating…

  7. philipat

    Rickards, as the consumate insider, must know damn well that Assad did NOT “use chemical weapons against his own people”. That was a falso flag operation which has been widely exposed by reputable, credible sources.
    If he is lying about this, one also has to wonder what else he lies about? I just don’t trust the Guy.

    • Frederick

      Philipat True those two attacks they tried to pin on Assad regime were both debunked and actually done as false flags by the good friends of John McCain( ISIS) His depiction of 911 as done by Arab terrorists also made me stop watching as per my above comment

    • Uma

      Spot on, and there are other Points to criticize.
      Love that Part you got. more challenging, Greg, “Come on you are will contected, you Said …”
      Would have Loved the question “You say the Gold is there, what, if not!?”
      Find it very mocking to state , “we make others to sell theirs” leaving Canada, looking like stupid morons.

  8. Bob

    Just in time?

    Also,thanks for everything you do Mr Hunter.

    • H. Craig Bradley

      Jim Richards is a lawyer by trade. Need I say any more…?

  9. Ray

    If the US currency weakens (as Rickards says may happen) due to current US economic conditions, combined with the obvious Fed “Painted into a Corner” position…..


    Why would US Bonds (Remember….Bond = Promise) actually rally?

    “Invest in promises of US economic strength……whilst the house of cards implodes”???!!!

    Yes, Yes…..let’s all rally into the faultering, sputtering death throws of the biggest Ponzi Scheme ever devised……”The full faith and confidence
    of the US Government”

    Let’s buy up, let’s invest in their promises….which, after all, they are sure to keep (guffaw, guffaw)

    Listen…..I’ve got some promises to sell people here.

    I promise that the US won’t invade another sovereign nation inside the next 5 years.

    Buy my US Government Peace Bonds.

    It’s backed by the full faith and confidence of the clearly democratic, fair and incorruptible
    US Government.

    No, really……throw your money toward me…..invest here immediately.

    The US Government won’t invade… more war and death based on UTTER BS.

    No more Pentagon / CIA planning to control the resource of THE ENTIRE PLANET.

    Invest in the US Government Peace Bonds……”a wise investment”


    Good Night America……..karma is – a – coming.

  10. Anthony Australia

    Wow! The Man has spoken.
    Too stuff Greg.

    • Anthony Australia

      *Top Stuff!

  11. chuck

    Rickards is ignoring a very real threat coming from a destabilised Germany. Frau Merkel will not be able to hold a coalition. This will result in a huge crisis. The EU as it now stands will collapse, ushering in a leaner, meaner 10 nation German-led nuclear armed superstate. Watch for the rise of one Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. He will be the strong man of prophecy. He is a Hapsburg, the original globalist-feudalist family that helped engineer the Civil War. Lincoln destroyed all Hapsburg influence in America by backing Juarez against Maximilian and Napoleon III. His title is Baron of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. He has many like-minded friends in the US who absolutely hate the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    • Charles H

      Intereseting. Very interesting. Europe – as in European Union is showing serious cracks. The world on thin ice.

  12. Joe

    He says: “The gold is IN the vault [Fort Knox]”. LOL How the heck could he know this? Not believable at all. Making such a statement is 100% pure speculation, a real joke.

  13. James Thomas

    I like your show Greg and listen to your weekly wrap up every week, but Rickards like all the rest of the financial pundits say something every week about the disaster that is waiting to befall all of us, and they also keep pushing their dates back, and further back, and even further back.

    We know that it WILL happen, we just don’t know WHEN, and these pundits are taking full advantage of this to try and keep themselves relevant. We are sick of this constant fear mongering pundits. I have waited two years for this economy to collapse because of what the pundits keep spewing. Even I could do a better job, and I’m not even in the financial industry.

  14. Boz From Oz

    I respect what Jim has to say, however a preemptive strike against North Korea would be suicide for the U.S, its allies and the markets. Im sure both Russia and China would have alot to say before that would occur.

  15. Tad

    Retired General Wesley Clark’s speech on planned wars against seven countries in five years. perhaps this concept is less based on predictive linguistics than having access to current Pentagon and Fed war and currency plans.

    I’m not denigrating Richards. He gives it away by acknowledgment of privileged access.

    Having not completed viewing this video, I believe he’s calling for $10,000 gold and higher. He formerly called for holding ten percent in gold. He’s probably calling for substantially higher precious metals holdings.

    As to Kim Jong Un, I doubt he’s bluffing either. Considering the circumstances, he’ll won’t go lying down. Trump won’t be able to sell the war to Americans, but that hasn’t stopped presidents before him.

    Impoverishing nation will distract a citizenry more interested in personal survival.

  16. Russ

    Outstanding interview Greg. Listening to James Rickards discuss & describe complex monetary issues is fascinating and educational. Great timing too — I’ve sent this email link to friends in and out of the market. They’re now officially forewarned.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Russ for the viral promotion and the kind words!!!

    • Russ

      The comments by others here regarding Rickards’ track record and how he’s been wrong so often got me thinking; has he been wrong or just early? To amplify a bit on my thoughts regarding James Rickards’ assertions — imo he’s not stating beliefs that he hopes are true and he’s not guessing. Throughout this interview Rickards laid out his analytical process, where he started and how he reached his conclusions; it showed a methodical process leading to his conclusions.

      IMO this was one of if not the best interview I’ve heard from Rickards. The message was clear and convincing — unless you really want him to be wrong. But what we want doesn’t really matter; what can be shown to be happening does matter. Inflation as determined by the FED falling from 1.9% to 1.3% matters; China transitioning the crude oil market from the Petro-Dollar to Petro-Yuan & Gold matters. Rickards didn’t make that up.

      Late November to early December is not far away; between now and then we have that window in October to watch North Korea. I heard the same remarks regarding North Korea coming out of DC and I don’t think they’re bluffing either. Trump likes to face his problems head-on and get past them.

      Interesting times.

  17. Justn Observer

    Greg…. HAVE NOT FINISHED listening to this interview…but will. That said…I would hope you let me repost an article by Truthseeker at the end of comments of Catherine Austin Fitts interview… And thank Truthseeker…as he should get the credit for providing it. Just did not want it to go without getting the attention it deserves concerning the Lee Wanta Affair that is so under the radar and so pertinent to a lot going on…
    Thanks Greg…for all you and your guest do…and this venue. Never a dull interview…so much knowledge and awareness people would NEVER hear or find in the MSM….

    • JC Davis

      Justn Observer do you have the audio ? I click the links and the video has been disabled.
      The corruption runs everywhere in government.

    • JC Davis

      Found it. Start at the 5:58 mark.

  18. Jerry

    Though I agree with Jim on just about everything , I can’t help but think that war with North Korea is an aversion to block the launch of the gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark. (which by the way has “already started” ).

    If the Chinese perceive the threat, and realize that the U.S. Deep State is not bluffing with NOKO, then they may back off and postpone the launch date globally. We’ll see? Stranger things have happened to divert public attention from the new world orders real intention. Need I say 911? And now….. possibly Las Vegas. Its difficult to see the reality of things when perception is constantly being manipulated by the elites. Either way October will prove to be a very interesting month.

    • Jerry

      Don’t you find the timing of this announcement interesting? I do.

      Lets see. China purchased gold vaults in New York (across from the Federal Reserve bank), London, and Frankfort, and then set up the SGE in Shanghai in April 2016. Why? There was no price fix? But then again no one knew they were cutting a backroom deal with the Saudi’s (who had their gold stolen by the way) to purchase oil with gold, giving way to gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark. Its was no accident that the first Yuan clearing house in the middle east was in Dubai. Its all coming together now. All that’s left is the price fix once the supply of gold is finally depleted.

      • Greg Hunter

        That’s roughly 4,000 tons more than the “official” U.S. holdings. That is very big news!!!

        • Lake M

          Another interesting and timely event taking place right now in Moscow- Putin meeting with the King of Saudi Arabia making his first ever trip to the Kremlin. Also on hand for talks is the leader of the country having the largest global oil reserve, comrade President Maduro from Venezuela.

          Maduro needs a way to thin his heavy crude, either
          mix it with lighter oil or get a refinery that is not located in the US or under US control. China and Russia are both interested in this oil patch as is the US Deep State. Venezuela may provide a future location for violent meddling by the MIC and Deep State.

          • Charles H

            Meddling under the guise of ‘Hemispherical Sovereignty’ – or some other contrived description.

      • Stan

        The Saudi’s had their Gold stolen? Can you provide a link or a credible source? And the National Enquirer does not qualify as a credible source.

        • Silence is Golden

          This theory is not dissimilar to that of Gold still being in Fort Knox.
          Saudi Gold for all intents and purposes was being held in London and Switzerland vaults.
          The suppression of the Gold price carried out through the paper comex game, implies physical gold access/delivery.
          Hypothecation or Re-Hypothecation of said Gold has been the mainstay of The Gold Cartel (read BIS/FED & Bullion Banks). All in support of the USD Hegemony.
          Numerous analysis have been done to determine where the Gold that China/Russia (& others) have been importing, has come from. Melted and re-cast bars together with the depletion of Reserves Held by Central Banks is a given primary source. So much so that it is a fair assumption that the “Vaults” are now empty.
          The Saudi’s have been thrown under a Bus.
          They have been Royally raped of their Gold. This is their reward for supporting the PetroDollar.
          The Saudi’s (US Allies) are left with nothing more than an IOU….and just more fiat confetti when they go to collect their physical and are offerred cash settlement.

          • tin foil hat

            Silence is Golden’
            “Hypothecation or Re-Hypothecation of said Gold has been the mainstay of The Gold Cartel (read BIS/FED & Bullion Banks)………… (US Allies) are left with nothing more than an IOU….and just more fiat confetti when they go to collect their physical and are offered cash settlement.”

            I think you nailed it. Hence, I believe, with my fingers crossed, we still have over 8,000 tons of gold.

    • allen ols

      the deep state is reading u mail, and postponing/manipulating everything to discredit you. hang tough

  19. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Mr. Rickards may well be right that the United States under Trump is not bluffing with N. Korea. I sense his time line about mid 2018 is also on point. More missile test as your learned guest mentioned may well turn the tide from diplomatic efforts to a strike. Trump is an interesting man, he has been known to negotiate a deal for months and if things just don’t go right as rain just turn 180 and walk; deals over, deals done! Mid 2018 also may coincide time wise with a economy downturn of not only a reversal in stocks but in recession as well, a natural state for a “wag the dog” punch. Further, China now also is come on board that the U.S. threat of a hot war is not bluffing as you touched on last Friday, All in all, your guest is clearly articulating the future of this coming hot flash conflict with N. Korea.

  20. Judy K

    Thanks for having Jim Rickards on again, Greg. He’s generally the sharpest guy in any room, and I think his books, global outlook and ptojections are usually on the mobey.

    • Frederick

      Judy K Sorry to disagree but if he truly believes that 19 Arabs destroyed three buildings in NY and that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people he’s either not too bright or attempted to deceive people I believe the latter as he’s obviously not stupid

  21. Daniel Ringuette

    Hi Greg,

    Really enjoyed listening to Mr Rickards, very intelligent man, greta interview.

    God Bless,

  22. Truth Seeker


    Richard Riding, June 16, 1985

    I had a dream, I don’t know if I was in the spirit or body. I was at a fire station in Los Angeles, CA, early in the morning hours. It’s as if I was transferred there for a temporary stay. I had my uniform and fire gear in my car. I reported to the captain and was trying to find a bed to sleep in for the balance of the night. I went to the dormitory, upstairs, and it was full of beds with men sleeping in them. It was crowded and I found a bed without a mattress. So I decided to go down stairs, and when I got there, there were other firemen milling around out in the front of the station. I could see their faces and I knew some of them from my earlier days as a fireman (1962-1978). While outside I was talking to three chiefs of different rank. While we were talking, a particular high ranking chief (I don’t know who he was) came running out of the fire house towards his chiefs car in his turnout clothes, in a panic and I mean Panic. He tried to get in his chief’s car and drive away, but his aide (a fireman who drives for him) stopped him from doing so. He kept hollering, “I have to get out of here, I have to get out of here.”

    The next thing I heard was a wailing noise (siren). I looked up and heard a noise and saw, it seemed like thousands of jet aircraft traveling fast with their afterburners blasting. (I was in the Air Force for four years.) There were literally thousands of them. It was dark in the early morning and I could see the flames coming out of their engines’ tail pipes. I made a comment to one of the chiefs, “There are thousands of them.” (They were fighter aircraft.) The chief was looking at me with a scared look and I said to him, “Jesus is coming.” When I said this there was a bright flash in the sky and the heavens glowed with a bright light. I fell to the ground and heard screaming of the men around me. I could feel the heat of the light around me (it was an atomic bomb) exploding in the Los Angeles area. I then woke up and had the strangest feeling of emptiness that this is going to happen in Los Angeles, IT WAS SO REAL.

    Dream on 6/16/85

    Richard D. Riding Sr.

  23. john duffy

    An Act of Pure Evil

    What, exactly, is the difference between a ‘crazy’ individual shooting from the 32nd floor of a hotel into a large crowd of people with conscious intent to kill and a nation’s military lobbing cruise missiles or dropping bombs onto an opposing nation’s population centers, occupied hospitals or upon other so called ‘innocents’ with the same conscious intent to kill?

    • Paul ...

      Good analogy John … you are exactly right!!

    • Frederick

      Nearly everyone I’ve listened to on the internet believes this attack in Vegas was a false flag It’s impossible for a single guy to have done that much damage

    • Charles H

      The amount of money?

  24. The Seer

    Great interview. I wonder why he didn’t expose that NK has at least one satellite that crosses the USA twice a day? Is it weaponized? Maybe our secret weapons are in
    some of our satellites those will be the surprise secret weapon . . . . best to keep your enemy thinking of antiquated missiles/bombs and the surprise them . . . If China, Russia, Japan and SK could manage an intervention or to contain instead of us . . . . . duh? But I guess the military complex loves to make and never end wars . . . .

    • JMiller

      The Seer,

      From what I learned I can tell you that those two NK satellites are not really a threat. When those satellites were launched in 2012 and 2016 NK was only testing nuclear devices equal to about 10-15 kiloton yield. Equal to the Hiroshima bomb. Even if one of the satellites had a small nuclear bomb that was EMP enhanced and it was detonated at a high altitude it would have little effect, if any, on the U.S.

      And if one of the NK satellites did have a small nuclear bomb and tried to bring it down on the U.S., it would burn up.

  25. Justn Observer

    Greg… Great interview! A lot to think about. Timeline seems right…since the winters can be brutal there as history shows… Thank you and Mr. Richards…

  26. Buck

    Put volume prior to 9/11 was 286 times average daily volume on targeted airlines. Curious as to the put volume on Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos running up to the Harvest Country Music Festival?

    I’d also wager insiders went long on Michael Chertoff’s body scanner company and OSI Systems. They will be coming to hotels, concerts, and stadiums near you.


    • Buck

      Mystery Surrounds Metal Towers Popping Up In Tunnels & Bridges

      Looks like the apple cart got ahead of the horse.


      • Paul ...

        Most likely control towers with laser death rays to zap terrorists intent on blowing up bridges and tunnels!!

    • Frederick

      No doubt about it Buck

    • Charles H

      Tourniquets. Airlines and transportation hubs are phase one. Invading the PUBLIC SPACE is advancement. Yet it is the “no gun zones” which are targeted? Which serves the cause of evil: Anti-terroism, or Terrorism? BOTH.

  27. Paul ...

    Think the Soros and the Demon-rat “Color Revolution” now set to randomly kill thousands of Americans on the streets will be the big deal? … No! … a “True Revolution” that will destroy “millions of lives” will soon take place (the new monetary relationship between oil and gold) … and it will bring about a “very big devaluation of both the US dollar and Yuan” … Hugo Salinas Price explains it very well here … … get your physical gold and silver now and hold it dear … the US dollar, Yuan, Bit Coins, etc. are “all fiat paper and electronic entities” … the “only real money” is silver and gold in your hand!!

    • Paul ...

      Don’t forget nickels … which is Treasury money backed by the US Government (not Fed paper backed by a private corporation) … if you want to hold fiat paper printed by a corporation “Forever Stamps” are probably a better bet then a Fed note … as the Post Office is not generating stamps by the trillions each month the way the Fed prints paper dollars!!

      • Paul ...

        Here is an interesting analysis of the silver deliveries market by Craig Hemke … … that might fit Jim Rickers criteria for “detecting coming events” by spotting unusual market activity … although these silver delivery statistics are illusory and purposely made opaque to hide what is really going on in the paper derivative market … the fact that things are “very different all of a sudden” … could imply the COMEX is getting very close to failure!!!

        • brewmaster

          Not likely, Paul. Turd will be proven wrong once again.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Pre-1982 pennies are 90% copper. 163 of these make one pound of copper. These and nickels, as you point out, are a poor man’s way to play commodities! It is currently illegal for individual citizens to melt US coinage for its base-metal value, commonly referred to as “melt value.” Best always. PM

        • Paul ...

          PfI … a pound of copper is currently selling for $3 dollars … I wonder if when we go to a bank and ask for pennies … do the tellers send a form to the IRS ?? …as we are making almost double our money buying physical copper from them with our “fiat paper” dollars??

  28. David

    This interview, along with Gordon Long’s, have been the two best interviews this year. Serious and cogent discussion regarding current developments that inform decision making. Thank you.

    Regarding North Korea, the gap in our understanding of Kim Jong-Un is how he interprets actions and/or threats against his regime, the latter gaining significance if sanctions are fully enforced. Bottom line: We do not have enough history to gauge how he will react. He’s not his grandfather or father.

    Regarding North Korea’s break-out in nuclear weapons development, I doubt that North Korea advanced unilaterally this rapidly. Who is assisting North Korea with brain power or technology? Who else benefits from North Korea’s development and testing?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David!

    • Donald

      ” We do not have enough history to gauge how he will react. ”

      Its not hard to figure out Kim Jong-Un. He is a psychopath and a narcissist. This means he is always manipulating things to his advantage. You can’t believe anything he says and NO agreement of any kind will guide his actions. In fact, in his mind he believes he wins whenever he breaks an agreement in secret and will do so just to stroke his own ego. He is a total nut. Given enough time, he will sell nuclear weapons to whoever pays his price and I suspect he has already sold some to Iran. This is just one of many problems that is wrong with this world. There is no mechanism in place to detect and remove psychopaths from the world.

      • David

        Donald: you are describing his personality, not his analytical or decision making process. Thus far, his only real retreat was not shooting missiles in the direction of Guam. Instead, he demonstrated a thermonuclear capability. Both involved decision-making; the latter was more instructive, but hardly predictive.

        Today, the U.S. government is using brute-force diplomatic language for a reason — nothing else is working. It is our only “trump” card. How will Kim Jong-Un react? If you know, please contact the Pentagon or Department of State. Our government desperately needs your assistance before they pull the trigger on another war.

        • Donald

          “How will Kim Jong-Un react?”

          This is too easy. He will do whatever he can to get revenge. He has to just like a drug addict needs to get his next fix. This is the only way he can appease his ego and need to feel superior. This means he will work even harder to get a nuclear warhead into the hands of anyone that opposes the US (although he was going to do so anyway). The rest is easy to figure out. Of course all nuclear weapons have “finger prints” – meaning their source can be traced.

      • Paul ...

        You say: “There is no mechanism in place to detect and remove psychopaths from the world” … well we do have … where we can expose idiotic behavior … Kim Jong-un is not the only psychopath in the world … we need to promote “good men” in the world “who abide by their word” … like “I will remove troops from Afghanistan” … “I will defeat ISIS” … “If Hillary is elected she will start a war” … what do we get? … “I will bomb N. Korea with fire and fury” … “Iran is violating their stupid deal” … “let’s tax people on the taxes they already paid to State and Local officials” … etc. !!

        • Paul ...

          Another mechanism already in place to remove psychopaths is the NSA … they have data on everyone … once we get control of it and put it back into the “good guys” hands … we can weed out the crooks, the pedophiles and psychopaths and not allow them to run for office … and the world will begin to change for the better! … as long as the Deep State controls the NSA they will search for all the crooks, pedophiles and psychopaths and purposely “put them into office” so it becomes very easy for the evil elite to control them to do their bidding!!

  29. Paul ...

    OK Trump … you recognize this ISIS attack in Las Vegas (coordinated by the Deep State and Demon-rats) “was an Act of Pure Evil” … so what are you going to do about it? … besides lowering the flag to half mast and saying a few prayers? … are you going to continue to help ISIS in Syria to kill Russians and behead Christians ? … the fake news media as usual is not giving us the truth (about how the crowd of mostly your supporters was penned in like cattle to be slaughtered by numerous shooters)!! …

  30. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter
    It’s always a special treat when you get Mr. Rickards. I’ve read all his books and am a fan of his. His forecast for war was especially interesting and confirms what I’ve heard from a somewhat connected Korean friend who dismisses the notions that Kim is irrational, completely under the thumb of China, or will ever give up nukes. Also interesting to me is that Rickards’ and my friend’s analyses of Kim’s psychology and motivations are at odds with what our intelligence agencies have believed and/or pedaled to us for decades.
    However, while I hope Mr. Rickards is correct, I remain skeptical that the U.S. has a super weapon that can neutralize Kim’s artillery. I think the casualties would be quite high should we attack, and the financial/economic consequence would be significant worldwide. As Mr. Gerald Celeste points out: “When all else fails, they take you to war.”

  31. Stan derman

    All I see is massive inflation…

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree. Gold and silver work well in the extremes. Deflation (debt default) and Hyperinflation (total destruction of the buying power of the currency.)

    • Corleone

      The FRN inflation is happening on a very large area, beyond USA territory, so it is not easily spotted.

  32. Flattop

    GREG: New Subject. Las Vegas
    Now there are witnesses who say there were three shooters at the Mandalay Concert. We heard this same thing at the shooting in the gay bar in Florida. The police say only one shooter there, and it looks like they are about to do the same in Vegas. What say you???

    • Greg Hunter

      There is video of at least on other shooter that the dark powers are saying is a reflection.

    • Paul from Indiana

      “They” say there was only “one shooter” in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX on Nov. 22, 1963. Not a new thing, is it? Best always. PM

  33. Donald

    “Rickards says it’s because of not enough inflation and way too much deflation.”

    ?? Not sure I understand this. Real inflation for the past five years has averaged 9%-13% depending on where you live. Probably the cost of housing is a big factor in this. You can see what real inflation is at:

    What exactly is deflating that affects most people? Although there is a risk of great deflation – in collapsing stock, bond and real estate prices.

    • Greg Hunter

      Think debt destruction as in Puerto Rican bonds. They defaulted on $74 billon in debt.

  34. John

    Greg! I’m a big fan. However, I think you should start thinking about culling some of your guests that have abysmal track records.

    James Rickards is a man who predicts “Dire Economic Collapse” over and over again. Here is just one of hundreds of write-ups about him:

    Like Dennis Gartman, you can trade and profit by inversing everything this man says. In that sense, he has an amazing track record.

    • Greg Hunter

      First of all I have never seen the irregular times. There was not one link backing up what quoted in the article–not one. Secondly, this is an anti Trump website, Marxist/democrat and anti-Christian site. You do not know who the owners of the site are, or who funds it and nobody takes responsibility for the writing as the reporters are nameless. Therefore, this is FAKE NEWS and you are a paid troll. Now, go play in the street and do not come back.

      • John

        Greg, I had no idea that posting a quick link from one of many websites would cause these personal insults. I should have posted links from Forbes, StockGumshoe and your own USAWatchdog videos.

        I also don’t appreciate being called a paid troll. This charge is baseless and patently false.

        Again, I still believe that having guests known for constantly barking about economic collapse is not necessarily helpful. Before you direct me again to play out in the street, I’d like to point out your own show encapsulations about Mr. Rickards:

        Notice a theme? StockGumShoe discusses this as well:

        That’s it. Sorry that your blog has made you so cynical. I’ve silently supported you and your YouTube videos for years. Thanks for having me re-think my actions.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hey “John,”
          If you want to trash somebody, then step out here in front of everybody and use a real verifiable name, Don’t act like a Paid Troll and simply use “John.” “Gumshoe” whatever-his-name-is wrote a hit piece on Rickards–so what? Time will, tell if Rickards is correct. One thing for sure is that Rickards has much better experience and connections than “Gumshoe” whatever-his-name-is. I put on a 4-time best selling book author that gave an hour of his time away. Take from it what you will, it was free. You are welcome. Now stop whining as nobody knows who the heck you are because you are anonymous “John” –unlike Me.


    • Donald

      “James Rickards is a man who predicts “Dire Economic Collapse” over and over again.”

      I doubt Mr Rickards is being frivolous with his predictions. NO ONE (probably not even the central bankers) imagined they (the central bankers) would be able to carry things on this far. Here is an older video that worth viewing (about the 14:00 to 23:00 minute mark):

      Here’s a couple more:

    • Donald

      Here’s a quote from the link posted by John:

      “Is Jim Rickards the CIA’s Asymmetric Warfare Advisor? Of course I can’t say for sure that this isn’t true, because the CIA is a secretive organization, and it just might have people hired in positions that no outsiders know about. ”

      For those that know little about narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths, this is exactly how they talk. The number one thing they like to do is belittle someone with the intent of discrediting them them. One could say the following about the author who wrote that:

      Is Peregrin Wood a paid disinformationalist under the employ of George Soros? Of course I can’t say for sure that this isn’t true, because the George Soros operates secretive organizations, and he just might have people hired in positions that no outsiders know about. “

  35. This sceptred Isle

    Jim Rickards is a guest that I enjoy very much and have read a lot of his books. He seems a double edged sword though: Has access to a lot of inside information. 95% of what he says seems accurate and a lot of it is backed by evidence. However, I don’t fully trust him as every so often he slips in a red herring such as 9/11 wasn’t an inside job and America has all its declared gold in Fort Knox.

    The fact that he has published his gold eulogies in the mainstream media, such as the Daily Telegraph shows he must be an agent of the elite.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Greg, thanks for pressing Rickards on his insider connections towards the end of the interview. It is telling that he asserts that what the Fed says publicly is in contrast with its private beliefs/aims, yet he is willing to believe the public statements of Trump (not known for changing his opinions lol) and the US miltary, who are always pushing for war anyway, on the subject of war with North Korea. Inside information.

    • Paul ...

      Every so often he slips in a Deep State red herring such as 9/11 wasn’t an inside job … and America has all its declared gold in Fort Knox … what if $10,000 gold is also a red herring??? … perhaps the Deep State wants us to buy gold … when we should be buying nickels?????

      • Paul ...

        Remember how the US Dollar was worth 100 cents in 1913 and is now worth 3 cents … well the nickel and copper metal in one nickel is worth about 3 cents … meaning it currently has the value of a depreciated 1913 US dollar … these “US dollar nickels” should hold their value (as they have very useful commodities backing them up) while fiat paper is printed to worthless infinity … so lets not buy the “banksters gold” as they want (or the NSA created electronic fiat bit coins) … lets instead buy physical Treasury Bit Coins (the US nickel) … and let the Deep State keep all the gold they already stole from Fort Knox … and think they are now going to pawn off on us for $10,000 dollars per ounce!!

        • Paul ...

          Talk about bit coins being “limited in number” … do you realize that only about 150 nickels currently exist for each person in America … each one of us should have at least 150 “Treasury Bit Coins” in our cookie jars … for when fiat becomes worthless (and the grid goes down) … these “ordinary nickels” will be the only money (with commodity value) the common people (who don’t buy precious metals) will have to barter with!!

  36. This sceptred Isle

    The way this market is going the outbreak of world war 3 will send the stock markets soaring on the promise of more money printing and the boost to arms and construction companies.

    It’s Buzz Lightyear economics. As Scott Miller would say: “To infinity and beyond!”

    • Paul ...

      We would have already seen mushroom clouds over American cities if Hillary was elected and had her finger on the “red button” … so we have to be grateful to some degree for Trump … unless “he unleashes” on Kim Jong-un … and says ” we came … he went … he’s dead … hee hee hee !!!

  37. Don

    James, it seems to me the good cop/bad cop we are playing with NK is really directed at China…the message seems to be: decapitate the regime and put your own stooge in charge or we’ll do it ourselves.

    Also, to force China’s hand do you think it would be wise to quietly inform China if they do not get control of NK that the US will help Japan, SK and Taiwan to go nuclear…something China clearly does not want to happen…a nuclear Taiwan in particular.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Don, it would be very wise to threaten China with a nuclear Japan, if fact, Japan should do it for their own protection as they have been enemies of China for three thousand or more years and will be the first to go if China decides to go to war with the U.S. On another note, China could be halted in one year if Americans would stop buying their trinkets!

  38. Jeff

    Jim said that “inflation” has nothing to do with the money supply. I disagree. Asset values are massively inflated largely due to excessive increases of the money supply. The FRB has $4.5 Trillion on its balance sheet due to creation/inflation of the money supply. This directly affects bond values.
    Jim is a very good interview and has some good books. This is one of your best. Congrats!

  39. Jay Dee

    Thanks for all that you do Greg and your determination to stay on course. We thought this was going to be a 1600 meter race but it has turned into a marathon- perhaps more because the finish line has yet to be defined. I was surprised by the absence of discussion of “re-booting the dollar” . In recent interviews Jim had said that consideration was being given to a re-boot. I am also perplexed because I have been led to belief that there are hundreds of black swans circulating over our heads like hungry buzzards and that an orderly outcome is essentially off the table. This too was not discussed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jay for your support.

  40. David

    Narcissistic JR is abusing Gregs hospitality to deliver his usual commercial presentation, supposedly supported by much mumbo-jumbo and highfalutin pseudoscience,

    • JMiller


      Every interview of JR that I have seen has one thing common. JR always promotes himself. I did this and I said that etc…. Not that such things can’t be mentioned, but JR really overdoes it as do others like Andy Hoffman.

  41. OKGranddad

    I follow the conversation on the site fairly often. Cudos, Mr. Hunter for your efforts to bring truth to the few left that seem willing to hear. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts. I offer the following link as simply food for thought…

  42. Sunshine

    I find it noteworthy there are no comments .
    Almost as if readership has issue with some of the interview but is hesitant to vocalize those issues. Then again, maybe folks are just busy!

    • Greg Hunter

      I took the day off and it took me a while to read and get all the comments posted.

    • Frederick

      Oh some of us take issues alright Lots of issues in fact

  43. Wayne Swanson

    Okay, if the gold is supposedly in the vaults of Ft. Knox, the Fed, and West Point, what’s the big impediment to an audit. Nothing to hide? Let’s see it, then…it’s been a very long time since a real, full, and thorough audit has been done.

  44. Paul ...

    Remember the world boxing champ Mohammad Ali and his “rope a dope” fighting technique … seems Trump is applying it to international politics … Trump: “Iran is violating the nuclear deal” … Top US Generals: “No! “Iran is not violating the nuclear deal” … so what is going on with Trump? … and why would Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly call Trump a “moron”?? … could it be because Trump is trying to get “two wars” started at the same time (N. Korea and Iran)??? … I guess … compared to Hillary (who likely would have started three(3) or more wars at the same time) we made the better choice!! …

    • Paul ...

      I guess to Trump the Iran deal is “the stupidest deal of all time” because the idiotic Iranians buried their nuclear reactor in thousands of tons of concrete, gave up 13,000 uranium enriching centrifuges that were buried deep in a bomb proof facility under the Fordo mountain range and shipped its 10 tons of already enriched uranium out of the country … does seem sort of stupid doesn’t it?… knowing what happened to Saddam and Qaddafi when they gave up their nuclear weapons programs!!

    • Flattop

      Paul: NONSENSE. Tillerson stated publically that he did not say that. Iran is violating Obama’s nuclear agreement right now

      • Paul ...

        Flattop … please post the info you have that proves Iran is in violation … according to Marine General Dunford of the Joint Chiefs and Air Force General Hyten of the US Strategic Command Iran is in compliance with the deal … this may be inconvenient for Trump who wants to get two(2) new wars started (N. Korea and Iran) … but the Generals know the US can’t fight two more wars at the present time as they have their hands full in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, etc., etc. plus they are moving troops toward the Russian border … unless Trump is really out to push the US off the edge of the “flat Earth” … he should stop all his war talk … he is sounding very much like that “nice lady” Hillary!!

  45. Tad

    All Steve Mnuchin had to do was videotape the gold, as opposed to one bar.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      I would want to make sure it wasn’t painted tungsten… trust politicians and the fed –not a chance.

      • Tad

        “We’ll never know, will we”? said the cynical, precious investor.

  46. marcus

    Well Well Well, James is spot on,
    One thing this guy Knows is war, all his mates are war mongers, it’s all OK for America to have nukes all around the world, weapons of mass destruction, Including secret weapons. Really Greg you are a follower of God, is this God’s plan for America to have another secret weapon to kill humans, He is wrong on so many fronts and speaks with a forked tongue, be weary of the forked tongue that will baffle you with knowledge please buy my book, it will tell you how strong America is, and will tolerate no other country to protect itself,if you want to play in my world…… I got news for James he may be right about secret weapons and the war mongering Gods of America, but where there is Yin there is Yang, and believe this Kim is only a pawn with 10 Trillion dollars worth of commodities, I call BS on James is That America wants the 10 Trillion BUT Kim has war monger mates as well that will step in to protect this country’s sovereign wealth.
    James is a one world player, another brainwashed war monger American elite, have a look at the back ground of his one of many homes, do you not think he has access to a bunker like Kim would he not run like a rat to the same hole in Hell, what a 2 faced con artist, Oh yes Greg promote his book the guy has no money, just wants more. Shame on you America for having men that breath and sleep war to profit.

    Im not sure if this site is for humanity after hearing this creep. This is the work of the connected evile Elite.
    I hope the leaders of the peace fighters are awake to this man.

    • Greg Hunter

      You would be speaking Japanese if it were not for America, mate.

      • Frederick

        The people we are talking about have nothing to do with the America of WW11 Greg These people are traitors and NOT Americans in my opinion I think everyone who visits your site love America

      • marcus

        If I was speaking Japanese I’m sure we would be Honorable men, Have you ever researched a Japanese Samurai, This culture has been captured by America and we know what America does best. They destroy traditional culture with broken Treaties lies and deception….Yes Greg I think the world would be a lot more honorable If the Japanese wear in power, America people believe it won world war 11, But it is run by Nazi Fascists

      • William Stanley

        Please get a grip. True neocons have no concern whatsoever concerning the language the Japanese or the Chinese would have you speaking if America were to withdraw its protection from you.
        Greg didn’t attack you. Why not apologize to him, just to show that you really care about real people — even people with whom you think you might disagree?

        • Sharon Rogers


          Could you kindly point out an example of what is not correct in my post? I am far from clear as to why an apology would be warranted.

          Furthermore, I make no apology whatsoever for pointing out uncomfortable truths when it comes to the disgraceful hegemonic behaviour of Washington…. I suggest you yourself should comtemplate “getting a grip”.

          • Sharon Rogers

            I suggest that you listen to what a former President had to say on NKs predicament….it may help you “get a grip”….

            • Greg Hunter

              Another one sided America hating piece with zero objectivity and using the second worst president in U.S. history is Not objective. Is you country, New Zeeland, perfect? It must be the perfect socialist nirvana. You never have one good think to say about America or this site. Why do you come here????? Really, why???? Frankly, I am sick of your nasty comments.

  47. Kevin

    I like how he throws out that gold caveat at the end…and then please visit my website….not because he wants money…he truly cares about us…Greg you should rename this site the 5 R’s……Round Robin Rinse Repeat Regurgitate lol

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a free site and I was able to get a 4-time best-selling author for an hour. You are ungrateful and disrespectful for having paid $ero for the information. You are welcome.

  48. gregd

    Perhaps I’m I bit more pessimistic or just a little depressed. And I’m not giving up under any circumstances, but I don’t see anything happening in our lifetime like we did in 1929 or even 2008-9. I remember reading that they can make the markets any number they want. They have to keep the stock market up to cover the selling for pensions. It’s not a big deal if you think about it. They just print more money to buy the stocks when the pension managers sell. As long as they get the other Countries to print also, our dollar will stay at the same value compared to the other Countries printing. All they have to do is manipulate gold and silver. Bernanke said as much. As I see it China has printed even more than us but they spent it wisely. Russia is the only major Country that didn’t print like a drunk sailor. They have little if any debt so that may explain why we’re picking fights with them at every turn.
    So I think they will just manage the economy, even if we go to war with NK the stock market will go up. Fukushima can kill all life in the oceans and an asteroid could be heading for a direct hit on earth on the 16th and the market will hit a new record. They may already have a new world order but we just can’t detect it yet.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not.” They want you to give up–don’t fall for it.

  49. C spokane

    That was very interesting interview and history tidbits with it. Thank you

  50. jim taylor

    Havn’t listened yet, just read the write up. I got him saying Gold going up big, and the dollar going up. But did he specifically mention stocks. I would think they would crash too, but if the fed does not hike, wouldn’t that be a sign of more easy money and stocks to continue higher?

  51. john duffy

    Greg you should ask Rickards why the US gold has not been audited since 1954. I think Holter and a few others asked him in the hallway at a conference, and he acted surprised and pleaded ignorance of that fact. So he is a gold expert and he didn’t know that. Holter thinks he is a phoney. Ask Holter the next time you have him on.

  52. Steve

    I was amazed at the guest’s mindset of not 1 mention as to why the U.S.A. has an exploding number of homeless people and being post industrial plus post consumer which resulted in on work anywhere that pay’s a living wage. He comes off as a total globalist baby boomer that cares more about this money system than any single person still alive. And not 1 mention as to why this money system is totally unconstitutional. He is part of the problem, not the solution!

  53. al

    Richkrds makes sense, however he has been expecting gold to rise for a few years now. He applies probability factors, but unfortunately he doesn’t realize that there is no probability in a rigged command control Soviet style economic system. Under such a system the probability is 0% for us and 100% for the manipulators.
    He’s putting his neck on the line so by Dec 2017 I’m expecting him and his PHD high IQ officials to be correct this time.

    Greg, what can I say, you hit it out of the park on this one. Awesome!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al!!

  54. Mr Mister

    The only metal that has reached $10,000 an ounce is Rhodium, and society did not collapse. Rhodium and Platinum, two of my favorite things. And rhodium and platinum are used in jet engines, and we are heading for a major war cycle.

  55. Bic Edwards

    Having had a neighbor who
    worked in the upper stratosphere
    of Government, the line he used
    when I asked about different
    global events was this. “Those who
    know don’t talk and those that talk
    don’t know”. I have a gut feeling Rickards
    is a disinformation asset.

    • Frederick

      BIC that makes a lot of sense How far would a govt employee get if he/ she started revealing state secrets My guess is Not too far

  56. genocidal politician

    this could be the moment of advanced scientific warfare, biological method,
    establish the delivery system, insert the weapon, clandestine,
    wait for the crisis and fear to appear,
    allow mass deaths to occur to ensure extreme panic, globally,
    close the borders, bring all nations onside with advanced fear of contagion tactics, psyops,
    discover the vaccine, insert the scientific army followed by regular soldiers, (its all about vaccines just now)
    allow the elite the usual free passage out,
    reclaim the territory,
    or go full genocidal effort until unconditional surrender occurs,
    conventional weapons and cumbersome nuclear tactics may be unreliable in bringing about victory on this occasion at this time in history,

  57. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, I believe deflation is a good thing so long as it doesn’t get too far afield. Frankly, if the FED hates it then that in itself makes it a a good thing for basic people LOL. Defaulting on debt is not in my mind necessarily a bad thing either, maybe more people should default on debt with the bank(s), really Greg, what have they done for the working class lately? Just my two cents, that’s all.

  58. Jerry

    Color me an idiot.
    Quote : An idiot with a plan is better than a genius without one. T-Boone Pickens.
    In short its better to wrong and be prepared, than to be right and not prepared. Insurance isn’t worth anything………until you need it.

  59. Diane
    Geraldo Rivera destroys FAKE NEWS and named names!

    • Frederick

      Diane The only trouble with that is Geraldo is the fakest of the fake news He’s a virulent 911 truth denier and nothing more than a water carrier for the elite

  60. wondrouscat

    Ron Paul says the U.S. should get out of South Korea, bring the troops home, that we have no business still being over there after fifty plus years. If we did that then Kim would calm down. He also says, like Rickards, that what Kim is doing is purely defensive, after seeing what we did to Hussein and Kadhafi – we invaded their countries and assassinated them, which is what Kim is trying to avoid. Paul says all this war talk about N.K. is neocon globalist hype, and we shouldn’t fall for it, and that N.K. is not going to attack us. I can’t think of anything more stupid than the U.S. attacking North Korea. A lot of bully talk yes, but keep it at that – and bring our troops home.

    • Frederick

      Doctor Paul is probably right Did it ever occur to anyone that the North Koreans are truly afraid of the US military presence just over the border It’s a real threat and the whole nuclear issue might be a reaction to that perceived threat They did lose a lot of their citizens in the last Korean War

      • Greg Hunter

        Hey Sharon,
        If NK was shooting ballistic missiles over you lovely little country I bet you would be singing a different tune. The Japanese are the ones in harms way (along with South Korea), and you are pretty smug about North Korea and it’s intent.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are not coming here to spew you anti-Semitic hate–period. You sure are not going tom be allowed to spew hate with an anonymous name. Now beat it.

  61. Justn Observer

    How about having Naomi Wolf on with her 10 steps to Fascism…and see how close to the final steps….’collapse of currency’ and ‘gun control’ and ‘ propaganda news= identifying who the enemy combatants ARE.
    and as a side note…just watching a report on out of ordinary insider stock sales of Casino stocks just prior to the current event… Might see what Lynette Zane has on that ?

    • Justn Observer
      In The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, Wolf takes a historical look at the rise of fascism, outlining 10 steps necessary for a fascist group (or government) to destroy the democratic character of a nation-state and subvert the social/political liberty previously exercised by its citizens:
      1.Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
      2.Create secret prisons where torture takes place
      3.Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens
      4.Set up an internal surveillance system
      5.Harass citizens’ groups
      6.Engage in arbitrary detention and release
      7.Target key individuals
      8.Control the press
      9.Treat all political dissidents as traitors
      10.Suspend the rule of law[37]

      The book details how this pattern was implemented in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and elsewhere, and analyzes its emergence and application of all the 10 steps in American political affairs since the September 11 attacks.[

      • Silence is Golden

        Prescient ……& Pure Evil.

  62. Dan

    I have listened to Jim a lot recently but not long enough to know how accurate his claims of past predictions have been. A common strategy these days is to take both sides of an issue or to put so many qualifiers on it that you can claim to have predicted something which you did not really.
    But if Jim Rickards is correct and really believes it why would he not advise people holding 50 or 80% of their wealth in gold instead of 10-20%. Is he saying that his prediction 10-20% possible? I don’t know how this house of cards is going to collapse but I know it will end badly. I notice Jim did not predict the exact time only that if on a certain date something else happened, then it would be next year before a correction. I am preparing for the worst frankly. I am not as optimistic as Jim is.

    • Frederick

      Dan Yup 10 to 20 percent seems way too low if you’re convinced of hyperinflation I’ve got around 20 percent and other non dollar denominated real estate

    • John


      I think you have to hear what Rickards is saying about a reset – it is going to play out over several years. The dollar is going to die a slow death. However, you have to have a position in gold in place before the transition starts to accelerate as you might not be able to buy it when that time comes. I think his advice is prudent in that you have a decent amount of exposure to gold in order to hedge a correction in your portfolio when the dollar crashes. Remember, all your traditional assets (stocks,bonds,real estate and cash) are priced in dollars. When gold starts to move upward then assets priced in dollars will decline. Jim seems to be saying that China will buy oil with yuan and allow the suppliers of that oil to convert the currency to gold/gold futures on the SGE – bypassing the dollar and thus checking American hegemony. I would go further and predict that the oil suppliers in turn will form economic partnerships with China in the form of importing Chinese finished goods thereby keeping gold on deposit within the Chinese banking system. In short, China will provide the oil suppliers with a gold backed currency but China will require the reciprocal trade – gold for Chinese products/labor. If this scenario plays out then we are in big trouble as we produce very little anymore in this country and you are going to wish you bought that “ancient relic” at $1300/ounce.

  63. Justn Observer

    Hmmmm – who is right…
    James Rickard thinks FED will NOT raise rates in Dec. and Greg Mannarino…barring an ‘event’ WILL raise rates in Dec. @ 4:30
    So — North Korea maybe has to be the ‘event’?
    Enee ,Menee. Minee ,Mo …

  64. Clive

    Rickards knows how to sound authoritative by throwing out a lot of research terms and paradigms, but he has been chicken little for a number of years and preys on ‘end of the world fears’ in order to entice purchases of his books and research services. He now says the his research team that has a number of PhDs uses IBM’s Watson computer and complexity theory, applied mathematics, behavioral economics, and history when making his predictions, most of which have been the same over the past 5+ years. His definition of Bayes theorem and its use is not entirely correct, in that most problems, especially those that involve world markets, are extremely difficult to quantify and solve, even if you throw the kitchen sink at them as he says he does. Long term capital management had all its Nobel prize winners and models, yet they still failed. Martin Armstrong and his AI program and large database has come the closest to forecasting future events.

    • Frederick

      Clive I agree He throws a lot of bovine excrement at the sheep hoping some will stick Mumbo Jumbo and snake oil is his trade

  65. Ralph The Simpleton

    No reversal is coming! S&P almost to 2,600 by XMAS, my earlier prediction made on this website back when the S&P was 2,200 and going sideways – and all your guests were on this site saying the sky was falling and you and your posters hated me for my opinions! Look, there will be no massive correction until the USA/EUROPE/CHINA ALL stop QE and all stop creating additional debts and additional deficits. And that ain’t going to happen! See you at DOW 100k and S&P 20k. Never bet against the Federal Reserve, when it comes to dollars, they have infinity plus one. So now you are stuck with metals you bought at the top, thousands of dollars spent on preps that are due to expire soon that even your goat refuses to eat, seeds that you are too fat, dumb, and lazy to plant, and books that even make “Chicken Little” laugh. Tell me Mr. Rickards, did the FED tell you that the world is now ceasing the creation of new debt? NO IT HASN’T , NOR IT EVER WILL STOP. But keep it up — and sell those funny books.

    • William Stanley

      You’re clearly no simpleton, but I think you are wrong when you say “Never bet against the Federal Reserve, when it comes to dollars, they have infinity plus one.” Yes, the Fed has been on a roll for a hundred years. However, money is a tool, and when someone invents something better than the dollar, I think the dollar will completely die (contrary to Rickards, who sees it managing to limp along as a minor regional currency). It looks to me that the Chinese have just invented a better currency with their incipient gold-backed petro-yuan, which fulfills the “store of value” function of money much better than does the dollar. Indeed, it is exactly the Fed’s willingness to print to “infinity plus one” that dooms the dollar and a lot of assets denominated in dollars. Rickards is one of many who knows that.

  66. Mr. Lee

    Perhaps a war with NK is the plan. Seeing how successful Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have been, a larger blow out is just what the State needs to 1) divert attention, 2) prompt economic output, and 3) justify an increased intrusion on private wealth in the form of IRA and 401K confiscation for the “war effort”.
    As a previous commentator quoted Gerald Celente, “when all else fails, they take you to war.”. Guess what, all else has failed

  67. californiawoman

    Jim Rickards is an insider who happens to tell the truth? Please, how naive does he think we are ? At best, there are some truths to his discussions but good luck separating fact from intentional fiction.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a 4-time best selling author that took me months to book. He spent an hour of his time and I posted it for free. You are welcome.

      • Peter Hoffman

        Yep, 4 time best selling author that continues to get his waffling predictions incorrect year after year after year. This year or next the clock may finally turn his way. When are you and similar hosts going to hold your guests accountable for so much BS dribble. It undermines your own credibility massively without accountability.

        • Greg Hunter

          He’s warning people. What is coming is something that has never happened on this scale in recorded history. Better to be early that one day late. Get ready snowflake. That’s the message. I am not apologizing for that.

          • Pete Hoffman

            No kidding unprecedented and massive disruption is coming. I’m part of the group bringing about the disruption. Jim has no idea, or he’s ignoring my emails the last 12 months. 10 Years Greg of incorrect warnings, just this article alone compared to what happened in reality is laughable. Watch what happens in Germany for Merkel & Co over the next 6 months

            • Greg Hunter

              You mean the $21 trillion you all printed up to put off the collapse. Total crime show. I did not know that and neither did anyone else. So what are you predicting? Please give us some specifics.

              • Pete Hoffman

                Absolutely not that group of criminals. We’d be the group of approx 10,000 investors waiting for our $300 Billion to be released from these scumbags, who stole and held our funds since 2007 as collateral to fund the $6 Trillion EU Bailout in 2012. No predictions to make except that Jim’s prediction for financial collapse is finally just over the horizon. Germany as the criminal overseer of our distributions has less than 60 days liquid cash to meet their obligations. Hence why they have just signed an onerous “Agreement” with Rothschilds to access an additional $1 Trillion on top of the $6T. One of the conditions is that our group payouts must be well progressed before Germany can drawdown on the $1T extension loan. (Extremely unlikely) If you would like to discuss this further after investigating, you may communicate via my email as per your contact form I have just sent, or speak to those leading our group directly via their contact form at the above website.

              • Pete Hoffman

                So, did you get a chance to see the $20T that Germany illegally oversaw, distributed to the incorrect destinations (investigation still ongoing), over only 3 1/2 yrs, bearing in mind this has been going on since 2007 to Oct 2018? Or the $10T Bernanke and Co obtained/borrowed from the same sources? Also bearing in mind there are 9 other groups in a similar boat to ours. Would you like the transaction file from BIS for the $20T?

    • Frederick

      Pretty naive I’m sure Look at what they got away with in 2001

  68. Mr Mister

    The graphite bomb will be so effective against North Korea, I almost fell into a laugh induced coma. What is next, electric windows on a submarine, waterproofed coffee. fireproofed matches, the list can go on. Anyways, here is a map of the world, and that little dot in North Korea, is actually Pyongyang.
    NASA at Night:

  69. Milan Heikes

    Here’s one other approach that we do not ordinarily take:
    start with the final problem in roughly the way in which that I’ve stated it above, and
    have college students make it specific sufficient to unravel as a primary approximation to a general solution. .
    They’ll choose any thing that you want.

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