We Are Facing Overthrow of United States – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Steve Quayle, filmmaker, author and 25 year radio personality, says America is under attack from the left. Quayle contends, “You have to understand, we are not just facing turmoil, we are facing the dedicated and very well positioned and financed overthrow of the United States government by former federal officers and by those in the military.  I want to read the 13th rule of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”  They are doing this to President Trump.  It’s character   assassination.  This is what people have to understand.  The 13th rule is what Hillary Clinton, the Marxists and what all of the Obama Administration believe in, and they are following this blueprint.  Saul Alinsky dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer.  He said at least he got his own kingdom. . . . So, here it is:  ‘Pick the target (President Trump).  Freeze it.  Personalize it.  Polarize it.  Cut out the support network, and isolate the target from sympathy.  Go after the people and any of the support, any of the institutions that support him.’  The point being is that is what we are watching.  And this is the killer statement:  ‘People hurt faster than institutions.’  The fact that these monsters, and that’s what they are, these media monsters, those mongrels from hell . . . going after the President’s son and going after his wife. . . . I am concerned with the treason, the treachery and total assault upon the military.  When you see these people turning their backs on the President, former NSA, CIA, DIA, military commanders . . .    kick their sorry butts out.  I would also say this to anybody that has political clout.  Call President Trump and tell him to bring back the commanders that Obama fired.  Then, fire the ones that are there now.”

On the mainstream media propaganda, Quayle says, “I can’t believe that people cannot see beyond the BS, but you’re fed it in the news by the vomit brokers. I want to make this clear that you are considered by the mainstream media (MSM) to be stupid.  You are considered basically zombies.  So, all they are (MSM) are channeling you to their position.  They will bring you to the point that you will say it’s better for everybody if I just die of starvation, or it’s good for the world if 90% of the world’s population is destroyed.  When you have the richest people in the world believing that, believe me, you have got a problem.  This is a spiritual war, and Lucifer is the ultimate rebel. . . . Even Hollywood has become more outspoken with its love affair with Lucifer and his plan to rule the world.  So, we are seeing every single day the vilification that is a traditional moral, or anything that has to do with our borders, culture, our heritage, our monuments, our statues and everything, everything is being defaced.  That’s what the Romans did.  When one Roman conqueror came in, he wanted to obliterate the other ones.  Same thing with the pharaohs in Egypt. . . . This is exactly what they are doing to our nation. . . . This is a spiritual war.  What do they hate about Donald Trump?  I’ll tell you.  You see the President of the United States, a very powerful man, brilliant man, and he is surrounded, but his head is bowed as people pray for him.  He knows that God put him in there against all odds.  That’s God’s odds.  There is a Bible verse that says the whole world be gathered against thee.  The whole world has been, if you will, summoned to battle that man.  Is he a King Cyrus or a Nebuchadnezzar?  One destroyed the Jews, and one released the Jews.  Cyrus was given a command by the living God to free the Jews and allow them to go back and build.  They hate Trump because he believes in God and he is acknowledging him.  Remember this, in the new age, you can be your own god.  Donald Trump bows his head to God.  The most important thing people can say is Mr. President I am praying for you.  Prayer changes history. . . . This is a spiritual battle.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Steve Quayle of SteveQuayle.com.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

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After the Interview: 

Steve Quayle also told me he is praying God will send and angel to tell Donald Trump who in his Administration is for him and who is working against him. Lots of free information on SteveQuayle.com.  You can also buy his books and videos there.  Quayle also reminds us all to pray because history has been changed with prayer, and Trump needs it more now than ever.


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  1. Jennifer Crowther

    Greg, I just listened to this interview and I just have to tell you it’s crap. I consider myself a liberal and the last thing I am after is to “overthrow the government.” As a Liberal, I want responsible government. I want a government that responds to the needs of the people. After all, we are a democracy. At least I hope we are. If Hillary were elected, we still would be, but somehow we elected a President hell bent on sending the blacks back onto the plantations to pick cotton and determined to take away all sexual rights except middle aged rich white men to have concubines on demand. Not only this, we have a president hell bent on rubbing the noses of African Americans in the feces excreted by the confederacy more than 150 years after the conclusion of the civil war. Its time for American people to stand up and say enough ! Enough of monuments to white imperialist rogues like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E Lee., Stonewall Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and many many others. African Americans are completely justified in pissing on the statues of these traitors and pummeling their monuments with feces ! In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the real patriots of the United states have awaken and are saying NO MORE !!! NO MORE !!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You want a “responsible government”????? The candidate you ran in 16 had unprotected private servers while Secretary of State to cover the fact she was taking treasonous bribes to a global charity fraud. Oh and the DNC cheated the real winner of the Dem primary to get her in. “Responsible government”–That’s rich. You want to erase America’s history just like the Nazis did when they burned books in the 1930’s. Go play in the street with your communist/Nazi/Antifa buddies. You are a paid troll loser and a product of “common stupid” education. You are incapable of critical thinking. NO MORE STUPID COMMIE COMMENTS FROM YOU. The only reason why I posted your comment is for the people here to see what kind of ignorance and evil we are up against.

      Oh, and by the way I must be directly over the target to have an idiot paid troll like you to come on this early and spew your incoherent vomit. I guess I should be flattered. Now back to the street and make sure you cover your treasonous ugly face with a mask.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Greg, good point. You have to be very lucky or very vigilant to get the first comment on this site. You are keeping the trolls up working hard!

        • This sceptred Isle

          I can’t access the video

          • This sceptred Isle

            Christopher Colombus is the next target:

            I guess we have been given an overly sanitised history of these ‘heroes’. However, where does it stop?

            • laura ann

              This country is being trashed by ultra leftists well funded and conservatives , Christians must prepare for civil war. With high tech weapons used by the UN/military for a false flag agenda, many will hide out knowing we are outnumbered. Ref to: leaderless resistance by Louis Bean (online one page article). Not a time to start a family, get house in order and needed supplies.

              • JC

                I like that ann

              • Frederick

                I’m starting to agree that civil war may be their agenda

            • Flattop

              Sceptered Isle: Don’t forget those evil men on Mt Rushmore

      • Better Chetter

        I think Jennifer is not a troll, but a symbol for the dumbed-down society we live in. She could be a kind-hearted person, wanting to help those disenfranchised – w/o knowing that the liberals are only giving that lip-service, are putting up a front, had done (per Cath Fitts) massive lock-ups on African Americans in private prisons, & have white-washed the media to make DT seem to be truly superficial. He is not – he bullshits a lot – maybe ‘country dumb’ as is said in ‘Ray’ [autobio movie of Ray Charles life) – but folks who have little spiritual discernment, cannot see the mess the US is in, & what is truly needed to right the ship of US Gov’t (if its not too late – & I’m sorta thinking it is).
        Jennifer is also unaware of her transference of her respect for elders being put upon liberal politicians, who are wolves in sheeps’ clothing (@ least the front running Dems are).

      • Get Real

        Alright for you to kills natives and steal land. What does the Bible have to say about that!

        • Greg Hunter

          I looked it up and it says “Get Real” is an “idiot, snowflake, paid troll.” The Bible is an amazing book!!! Just kidding, even God has a sense of humor.

          • Pristine Pierro

            I’m not a liberal thank God, but just wondering how do you see the gay community agenda fitting into this scenario? Especially since elementary text books are teaching homosexual instruction to our children in many schools?

            • Greg Hunter

              The Bible says it’s sinful and wrong. That said, we are all sinners.

        • Paul ...

          Get Real … if you read the Bible it speaks of people killing the natives and stealing land all the time … it is nothing new … the “white men” didn’t invent it!

          • Paul ...

            And if you need to be told … it was Satan who invented it!

          • Frederick

            Hey Paul The dollar is selling off big Gold is now 1327 and Silver is 17.56 Let’s hope TPTB don’t crush prices down

            • Paul ...

              Fred … The US dollar is now at its most debased it has ever been over the last 100 years (relative to silver and gold) … with all the excess fiat debt dollars out there the market is now seeking equilibrium … if silver relative to the US monetary base returns to the same ratio as it had in the late 70’s silver should now be selling for $1500 dollars per ounce … so buying at $17.50 means a potential 85 times your initial investment (those buying bit coin at $4000 would need to see it go to $340,000 per coin just to stay even)!!

              • Paul ...

                And as we were recently reminded by Paul from Indiana … “possession is 9/10ths of the law” … so you bit coiners out there … you may want to begin diversifying into “physical” silver!!

                • William Lyons


      • James Stamulis

        Outstanding reply Greg! Absolutely spot on.

      • Sandy Linville

        👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Greg !!

      • Joanna

        Spot on Greg. I wish there was a like button!
        It’s amazing how successful the deep state has been in brain washing the masses! I see it daily and it’s mind blowing!
        Common sense should be considered a super power because it’s extremely rare!

      • Charles


        “The only reason why I posted your comment is for the people here to see what kind of ignorance and evil we are up against.”

        God bless you, sir. We are indeed up against it these days.

        I live in a strongly Republican County in a State which recently transitioned from purple to deep blue. This spring, I had a neighbor ambush me in my own rural front yard to inform me that the Holy Bible was a work of fiction, and that the Constitution is an outmoded document with no more value than toilet paper.

        I informed this “person” (demon would be more accurate) that not only had they furthered the divide ripping our society asunder, but that they could COUNT on me being on the opposite side of the fence when it eventually / inevitably turned violent!

        If this sort of thing is happening in conservative strongholds across the country, I can only assume that we are so far down the drain that recovery is not an option…barring Divine intervention. I don’t consider that likely for a nation that has murdered 50 million + unborn children, sanctified sodomy, and rejected Christ at every turn.

        Again, may God bless you, and may He protect His Own through the coming unpleasantness.

        • Bill

          Charles: That’s what happens when you get your news from cnn.

      • John

        Hi Greg,
        How did “Psycho” Jennifer even listen to the interview? I can’t, it says ***Video will be up shortly***

        • Frederick

          John The video was available on YouTube earlier

      • Robert

        She.must be reading the Huffington Post. I agree that all dems and liberals arent the problem but the antifas, Black Lives Matter and the radical left msm are now the face of the democratic party and even some republican political figures who pander and placate to ride the fence.

        I dont know anybody who supports the white supremacists on either side, but I have spoken with people on both sides who are very concerned with this destruction of our countries history and the belief espoused by the far left that speech they don’t approve of and label as hate, can be responded to with violence, is quite disturbing.

        Out of control political correctness and identity politics has replaced any common bonds we all had by first calling ourselves Americans. There’s nothing wrong with American nationalism.

        PS – how did you view the video? It wasnt posted yet or at least by when I started typing this response.

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s up now Robert.

      • freebrezer

        Greg – great reply! A couple of points: 1st the troll CAN NOT call them self a liberal but is clearly part of the hard alt-left (i.e. a Maoist-style cultural revolutionist that want to overthrow the USA). Very scary in that BOTH the KKK and the Antifa/Black lives matter both want to control everything – they want absolute power. Which is worse? … there are only about 6000 KKK vs. tens of thousands antifa?! … and per Jennifer above, please explain the difference in that the anitfa cover their faces with black masks and the KKK use to cover their faces in white? Seems to me to be absolutely no difference between the two groups except the color of the face cover. Both preach hate, intolerance, violence and desecration of others. Sad were some Americans have degenerated to. ALL marxist revolutions have ended in millions and millions dead – and that will be the end result of Antifa and Black lives mater. Jennifer you should really think hard on these few words – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.— That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed … the consent of the governed elected D. Trump per the rules of our constitution!

      • Lucas Doolin

        She is a product of what America has become. From the government schools to the corporate owned news media to manipulated popular culture, they have changed tens of millions of people into her. Quayle is right about what could have done this to America and what we are up against.

        Thanks for being there Greg.

      • john duffy

        Good one Greg! Jennifer, it must really suck to be you!

      • Gwendolyn Phillips

        Greg, You need to be careful. You talk about God’s justice and his wrath on this channel, but the fact is the price of being wrong for 400 years is going to catch up to all the middle aged white men such as yourself. Your generation is going to pay the debt my friend that is long overdue. Just last night Floyd Mayweather beat the piss out of your white supremacist hope Conor McGregor. God allowed it because the law of reciprocity requires that the white race make proper and complete restitution for all the wrongs done over the centuries. To put it in the language of the inner city …., Niggaz is rizin’ up and they gonna freak dis mutha$%$# down. If I were you, I would recommend all you white middle aged men to get down on your knees and beg forgiveness to the world for your transgressions.

        • Greg Hunter

          Gwen = paid troll,
          You are a pathetic snowflake and hate is all you got now. Not a single good idea to help people make their lives better from the Communist/Marxist/Nazi Left–NOT one. You just have hate and lies–lots of lies. Your snowflake generation is going to come for us??? Really??? Please stop me from laughing in your face. I must be over the target because George is paying for more and more trolls to come here and vomit and lies.

          • Robert

            Gwen and Jennifer both show that the black lives matter and those that stand with them, dont stand for equality, they want revenge and black supremacy. Equality isnt the issue. They want revenge, violent revenge. I don’t believe all black citizens feel this way though. Just the snowflakes that follow the likes of Tanesi Coates and others like him that tell these professional victims that reparations is the answer to all the ills in the black community. Reparations will never fix the self hatred that consumes professional victims that blame every one else for their own failures and bad decisions.

            • Deanna Johnston Clark

              Then they can start reparations to all the 3rd world slaves of all races who have worked for them for years now….
              Anybody can play that game….had any innocent chocolate lately? or yoga pants? pr smart phones?
              The world is so full of bs now it’s reached a high water mark more than poor Houston.

          • Shadow of Doubt

            This is the type of tripe that is making the rounds on most American college campuses–its called “white shaming”. In case you haven’t heard some institutions of higher learning have now decided to ban military vets from their hallowed halls as they are considered dangerous and highly undesirable elements in today’s academic milieu. I am sure our “Indoctrination Centers” find it difficult to cow these vets into accepting their world view, con them with their revisionist’s take on history, or deride the soundness of those quaint ideas found within the US Constitution. SOD

        • JEB

          Jennifer Crowther, Gwendolyn Phillips and numerous other aliases ,
          Sir what is your real name ?
          Now don’t be shy !!!

        • Frederick

          Gwendolyn huh NO Not gonna happen sweetheart

        • FC

          Gwen, so you are saying we are faced with Niggaism?

          • Greg Hunter

            Gwen is a paid trill and I am taking her comment down.

            • FC

              Greg, even though posts like that infuriate me I’m glad you posted it as this shows us what we are up against nothing but idiotic, imbecile, brain dead, oxygen thieves.

        • Wayne Cox

          What do any of us have to do with any of that? I was born in 1970. I’m not paying any debt for something I wasn’t alive to participate in. Go see a Dr. for goodness sakes. You clearly need treatment from someone trained in treating mental illness.

          • Frederick

            Wayne You are wrong unfortunately If you are a US citizen you have liability for part of the debt I was born in 1954 and there was already debt at that point It may not be fair but it’s reality son

          • Linda L.

            The radical left use people like Jennifer to incite violence for a cause much beyond racism (NWO). It is too bad that most people don’t seem to understand this, and if they did, maybe all the discord would stop. Read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, or take a look at the 10 goals engraved at the site of the Georgia Guidestones Monument. When the elite have managed to reduce our world population to 500,000,000, they’ll use people like Jennifer as slaves because people like Jennifer do their bidding without question.

        • Bobby Dale Marcum

          I have a hard time taking people seriously when they basically cut off the branch they stand on, which they need to stay in the tree which they have been “rizin’ up”–and can do it in a paragraph . And be unaware of it. I mean, aren’t these people paid to be convincing of…something favoring their masters’ agendas?

      • Jennifer Crowther

        Ha Ha,
        Got you going.

        • sk

          Cheap shot. I gave your earlier comment some thought….until now. Go away. Play your games elsewhere. In a sandbox maybe?

      • Tim McGraw

        Hi Greg, That was a very good reply to Jennifer. I’m surprised that she lumped in Abe Lincoln with the other “white imperialist rogues.” Abe Lincoln is the hero of the central government control freaks like Jennifer. She went off script there. Jennifer will no doubt be chastised for her mistake and going off message by her handlers.
        Folks are starving in Venezuela because of this socialist/liberal bullshit. My Dad told me that the Daughters of the Confederacy asked for their monument dedicated to the women (Scarlet O’Hara and her maids and sisters, etc. e.g.) of the Confederacy be removed from Ward Parkway in Kansas City because some dumb ass sprayed a hammer and cycle on it. That is rich that the left would actually use their communist symbol to show who they are.
        A private donor paid for the removal of the monument to a safe location.
        This is Kansas City! IMO the most livable city in the USA with the most level headed population. And yet it’s going mad.
        Very sad.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Tim.

      • Pieter

        Greg you might investigate too what kind of books the Nazi,s burned
        as what you state is exactly the opposite what happened in Germany
        in the 30,s last century. Mayby you forget the national socialist were anti commie and for a good reason


        • Greg Hunter

          Even your link says is was way more than just anti-communist. It was mono thinking and mono cultural.

      • Sam a Morgan

        Greg Hunter – Over target and taking flack.

        Yes Greg, you’ve rubbed a nerve. Bravo!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Sam.

        • Frederick

          Sam it’s ” flak” but hey what the heck we get it

      • Mike Massey

        Greg: I guess that was a woman whom spewed all that crap from her mouth. I have said it over and over. I will build the biggest boat for all these satanic communists to load their sorry Kristen’s on and send it on a one way ticket to hell. I served in the military for these sorry Communists to have their free speech. God will destroy and send the satanist to hell for a thousand years. Glory be to God, Hallelujah. Give Jesus Christ the praise, Amen.

    • Zak

      Liar! The video has not even been posted yet. You could not have possibly even watched it yet. Liar! liar! Pants on fire! Troll!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Good point Zak.!!!

      • Gwendolyn Phillips

        The video has been on Youtube since last night.

      • Frederick

        Not true Zak sorry I watched it on YouTube while Gregs site said ” Video will be up shortly” even though I disagree with her

    • youth

      Jennifer, please tell us why blacks keep leaving their happy safe space in Africa for the oppression zones in Europe and America.

      • susan

        Jennifer, answer youth’s question. I really do want to hear it.

    • Julia

      Jennifer, Im really sorry to burst your bubble but there was a training meeting in San Fransisco which concerned training for the type of activity Mr. Quayle us speaking of. There will be something similar to the James Okeefe undercover videos covering this.
      As for your comments regarding Blacks that is really quite sad to see you believe this given President Trumps involvement with the Civil Rights movement. Black unemployment is at a 17 year low. It is the Clinton’s who built the private prison system by dropping operatives into Black neighborhoods and entrapping them selling drugs. As for reproductive rights, I dont see anyone stopping you from paying for your right.

    • Saul Alinsky

      Keep up the propaganda !!!
      As ever, The depth of your socialism is directly proportional to your contempt for fellow man,