Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.13.12

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

It looks like GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is opening up a wide lead in the national polls.  Gallup has his up by as much as 20 points, but he hasn’t won the nomination just yet.  The South Carolina primary is coming up, and it promises to be a real cage fight.  Another U.S. carrier battle group is now in the Arabian Sea with another on the way.  The Pentagon denies there is any link between increasing tensions with Iran and the carrier movements.  Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is upset over new video of U.S. Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters.  Is this another Abu Ghraib moment?  An Iranian newspaper is calling for revenge against Israel for killing one of its nuclear scientists with a car bomb.  Israel has not officially taken responsibility for the assassination but reportedly hinted it was responsible.  Can war be far away?  The ECB is still a mess, but some short-term, feel good actions will postpone the crisis for a while.  And, China has reportedly imported record amounts of gold this month–I wonder why?  All these stories and more from Greg Hunter in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Art Barnes

    Greg, respectfully disagree with regards to the possibility of Dr. Paul becoming the Republican nominee. Although anything is “actually” possible in that realm, the odds are so overwhelming as to be non- existent. As to a third party run, I believe Dr. Paul and take him at his word, if not he would be just like all the others, lips moving, lying words, etc. The MSM, the elite, and the political class won’t have a president who is against the Fed and fiat money or against the policing of the world, etc. Having said that, reasonable & rational men can agree to disagree. Thanks for the wrap up! A.B.

  2. Baja Bryan


    As far as polling numbers go, it’s no secret that Clear Channel basically owns conservative talk radio in the United States and it turns out that Bain Capital is one of the primary owners of Clear Channel. That of course is the company that Mitt Romney ran for so long and today is one of the “big bosses” over virtually all conservative talk radio in America. Of course Romney is not running Bain Capital anymore. Now he’s a “retired partner” but still has a huge financial stake in Bain Capital. This might explain why so many conservative talk show hosts are being so incredibly kind to Mitt Romney and giving him a daily pass.

    When one follows the money and reviews Romney’s biggest donors on opensecrets.org they’ll find the following:

    Goldman Sachs $367,200
    Credit Suisse Group $203,750
    Morgan Stanley $199,800
    HIG Capital $186,500
    Barclays $157,750
    Kirkland & Ellis $132,100
    Bank of America $126,500
    PriceWaterhouseCoopers $118,250
    EMC Corp $117,300
    JPMorgan Chase & Co $112,250
    The Villages $97,500
    Vivint Inc $80,750
    Marriott International $79,837
    Sullivan & Cromwell $79,250
    Bain Capital $74,500
    UBS AG $73,750
    Wells Fargo $61,500
    Blackstone Group $59,800
    Citigroup Inc $57,050
    Bain & Co $52,500

    • Greg

      Baja Bryan
      Some of the same folks (and similar ones) are campaign contributors to Obama and Democrats.

      • Baja Bryan

        I know, the whole right-left argument has become a false paradigm. It’s all about status quo.

    • Samantha in Tucson

      Thank you, Baja Bryan; I am passing this donor list on to friends and family. I hope others will do the same!

  3. brian

    How relevant friday the 13th becomes with the passing of each year, when we consider what it really stands to call into rememberance!

    A French Monarch, up to his eyeballs in debt due to endless war waging, corruption and overall abuse of power makes a stunningly bold decision to simply destroy one of his largest creditors. That creditor being a fighting order of monks and knights centuries old which was created to protect and assist religious pilgrims wanting to see the holy land.

    In order to pull off such a blatantly self serving and short sighted move the French monarch made an even more stunningly bold move to bully the pope into not only handing to the monarch a moral lisence to carry out his plan, but handing to the monarch the moral imperative to do so.

    That “moral” imperative of course was based upon pure fiction. However the fiction proved robust enough due to the fact that most folks literate or smart enough to call bull$hit were also smart enough to know that they were in a grim minority and that the stakes were very high indeed given that the veracity of the church itself was on the line.

    And so, on a very early morning of Friday, October 13th 1307, King Philip IV had over 2000 knights rounded up on trumped up charges, most were tortured and killed, some were dropped into deep dark holes and forgotten about, and all debts owed to them………well lets just say there was no longer any need to pay them.

    • Greg

      Good stuff Brian!! Thank you.

  4. Samantha in Tucson

    I listened to an abhorrent story about “Mittens” Romney and his poor dog, Seamus, last night on MSM (Rachel Maddow). He was clearly COLD and UNFEELING for his dog, who was in distress on a family trip to Ontario several years ago.

    View more of the story here:


    Do we want this kind of person running our country? “Mittens” is just another rich, cold-hearted, and unfeeling politician! He was (according to what I’ve read about him) a corporate raider who had no sympathy for outsourcing jobs and making loads of money off the backs of the middle class.

    My advice for those who are thinking about a vote for Mitt: go by his ACTIONS and not his empty words! He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  5. rrrobert

    It would be fantastic if Ron Paul became 3rd party candidate for the presidency…this country needs it…running mate Ralph Nader, yeah…I bet people start paying more attention, and ratings for television stations hosting the debates…it would rival the super bowl

    • rrrobert

      or maybe Elizabeth Warren…at least the cable channels and websites like yourself plus talk radio

  6. M SMITH

    Greg, I ran into these two articles & thought both were worth sharing!
    http://www.golemxiv.co.uk/2011/12/plan-b-how-to-loot-nations-and-their-banks-legally/. On the same page on the right hand side you will see, “A new reserve currency to challenge the dollar & what is going on in the straits of Hormuz! Both make you say um! It sad/bad enough that congress have been bought off by the bankers & their massive lobbying efforts, they made it possible to be the first to get paid or place their hands on assets when a broker/dealer like MF Global went under. Armstrong was right, NYC Courts are stacked with crooked judges and DC is full of crooked politicians who have made it all possible to steal at will & have the courts stacked by adding amendments to a bill!

  7. droidX-G

    I don’t really care about the Marines pissing on the Taliban. They mutilate our troops and peeing on them os a big deal? However, the height of stupidity was to video it and share the video.
    5 minutes earlier these moslems were trying to kill these boys. You want people trained to kill and then are shocked they marked thei. r territory. Get over it. These were the same soldiers who were told they client shoot back under certain conditions. Send the outraged liberals over to fight them and see how long they last. My guess is that the liberals will try to reason with the Taliban until all the liberals are dead.

    • Greg

      Agreed, but the video is a recruiting film. That is not what our boys and girls in uniform need. Their jobs are tough enough as it is. Good point though!!

  8. Oky1

    Howdy again Greg,

    Great score on bring Jim Willie on board.

    I’ve been a regular reader of Jim’s stuff about 6 years now.

    Like with you, I found him though a Jim Sinclair connection.

    (Willie, if you have your ears on please consider an editor to help you tweak the flow of your material a bit. Thanks)

    Greg while I’m on suggestions have you considered a realtime message bulletin board here on your site?

    Zerohedge has on story up today that shows almost 30,000 views, with 500 post.

    A great growth story @ ZH.

    But when I have time to post I like Max Kieser/Stacy’s site because we can post immediately with almost zero hassle.

    Also a great growth rate.

    Karl Denninger, god bless him, he runs his site about the opposite of Max/Stacy’s /ZH & thinks himself some kind of mini me dictator so I don’t read or post there much.

    Off topic, Carnival Cruise Liner/Italy, I had a long career as a builder of things.

    I remember seeing the original plans for those type ships & knew the idiots building them were making them far to tall for the width of the ship to hold them upright.

    I knew years back I’d never willingly get on board that type crap. We see the same failed design flaws on a mass of vehicles on our roadways today. To bad for us all!!

    • Greg

      Got to like Mr. Willie!!! Thanks

  9. Oky1

    Matt Romney, “I like to Fire People”, Ron Paul was correct in one sense for defending, but the Firing comment sticks to Romney as it appears he’s drooling when he makes those comments.

    People like me are very PO’d that people in Romney’s position are getting Welfare checks from us Taxpayers to play their games of “firing” US workers & all the while receiving US Government support of Tax Laws allowing their profits to be Laundered Offshore.

    Approx #’s: 6 million jobs killed last few years in US by Wallst/London, 12 million jobs created by Wallst/London Offshore!!!!

    We in the US receive none of that favored treatment status.

    My & most American’s real, effective tax rate is around 85%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Production is Taxed/Financed/Insured most every step of the way!

    As a life long businessman why would I now engage in producing anything that might be subject to Wallst/London’s/DC’s Ponzi Scam?

    So I Don’t Now!!! Screw’em

    It has to be Stop!

    Run Ron Paul!

    • Greg

      You know Romney said, “I like to fire people who give him bad service.” The quote is out of context and not fair to use it. He did say “. . .corporations are people too.” And with his “Super PACs” this quote speaks volumes about what he thinks and what he stands for. Yes, I know corporations create jobs, but they are not people and should not get the same rights IE. “Super PACs.” That said, you also make some good points here that I also agree with!!!

  10. Oky1

    Max Keiser is saying now he’s getting bored with this global financial mess caused by Wallst/London/DC’s Derivatives Ponzi Scam.

    He’s ready & demanding to see heads roll.

    I’ve been bored with it since at least the year 2000 yet I can’t ignore it.

    Jim Sinclair’s Commentary
    QE to infinity in the entire Western financial world. There is no other alternative.

    I know at least part of what Uncle Jim is saying, but I must say, what good does it if we have a flat tire on our pickup to walk around & shoot holes in our remaining 3 good tires?

    Paraphrasing very loosely Paul Volcker from some of his December 2009 comment’s, Volcker basiclly apologized to all Americans, Me, my fimily & my wife’s family.

    Volcker: “Banks, (Insurance Co’s), are Socially Useless!”

    Volcker: “Most all of the Banks/Insur Co’s Functions could be carried out by an honest paper boy refilling the ATM & backend system administrator keeping the computer programs up & running.

    He stated also he regretted bailing out the Wallst/London Banks back in the early 80’s & wished he would have sent them all to hell in a Bankruptcy Court!!!

    Conclusion of mine, Ich Will, I want thousands of local, depositor/borrower/insured owned, Not for Profit Banks/Insur Co’s across the US/World.

    Back to Max Keiser & the rest of our collective bored with this never Financial Ponzi Scam.

    Max started Krama Ban, Crash JP Morgan Buy Sliver, plus, Alex Jones Infowars, JS Mineset, Tea Party, Occupy Groups, William K Black, John Williams/Willie USAWatchdog, ZH, etc……….

    As I’ve been saying/asking years back what are the collective peaceful Actions that all of us like minded people can take individually to being this mess to a successful close?

    Yes, we can support, vote Ron Paul, but we must pretend that there is no Ron Paul type savior coming & act for our collective & individual best interest everyday.

    Our “New Media” must join together & with a bit more unity of propose.

    And there are a whole bunch of people out there that are going to have to set aside their complete ignorance of what Liberals/Conservatives/Labor Unions/Business Associations really are & what Socialism/Capitalism is.

    Because this mess we find ourselves living in today is just the modern version of the Nazis socialist state of Fascism.

    The Wallst/London Banks/Insur. Co’s/ DC Polecats, the 0.001%, are currently “Unionized”, through assocations, against the rest of us 99+%.

    And anyone who didn’t flunk out of Junior High School history/Civics classes know dam good & well the the USA was founded not as a Fascist Socialist State model, Not as a Theocracy, but as a Hybrid State of tightly Limited Socialism blended with Limited Capitalism.

    And as I think Ron Paul was suggesting if people haven’t the info to engage in an intellectual debate people should turn off the sports channel & instead pickup a book on economics, history, etc….

    Ok, got those rants out.

    Hopefully it’s readable & sorry for not mentioning the story about the 100 year old hooker’s birthday that Max/Stacy had up on their site the other day as I’ve got a soft spot when it comes to Old Hookers.

    LOL:) Let’s Pump Up the Humor in 2012 as we attack the Wallst/London/DC tyrants!

    No reason not to have some fun out of it.

    • Greg

      Thank you for including me in top notch company!!!

  11. Oky1

    Oops, typo needs corrected:

    We in the US receive none of that gov. favored tax/trade treatment status.

    My & most American’s real, effective tax rate is around 85%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Production is Taxed/Financed/Insured at every level!

    As a life long businessman why would I now engage in producing anything that might be subject to Wallst/London’s/DC’s Ponzi Scam?

    So I Don’t Now other then just at a minimal level!!! Screw’em

  12. Jan

    It is simplistic to blame corporations for moving jobs off-shore for cheap labor. The US has so many controlling entities that drive up the cost of doing business here. To build a new factory here versus in China to Viet Nam where they could build a million dollar factory in short order would take years and several million dollars and EPA studies and traffic impact studies and on and on. Corporations are in business to make a proft for their shareholders. These shareholders are public & private pension funds as well as retail investors.

    We also have special interest environmental groups that throw up roadblocks like protracted legal battles that cost us jobs too. We have special interest fund private foundations that also add to the cost of everything. They lobby for taxes to control our behavior and of course pay them for the privilage of losing our rights as Americans.

    I listen to all the debates. I ask myself who do I believe? The answers keeps coming back to Ron Paul, but I don’t think he will be on the ballot by the time those of us on the Left Coast get the chance to vote.

  13. Oky1

    If those running the Republican Party/Media/Democrats are successful in blocking Ron Paul from the Republican nomination I hope Ron Paul does run as a 3rd party candidate.

    Often one doesn’t get to choose the conditions battlefield, but the battle demands it be fought regardless.

  14. Oky1

    Dang, wrong comment page, meant to post that above on the Ron Paul story.

    Anyway,regards to Jan’s comments, I agree with yopur comments.

  15. Oky1


    I think many of us agree now that some of these large transnational corporations are not for-profit corporations, but they are just hiding behind the corporate vail & they are really nothing more then ongoing criminal mafia type organization & the court cases do back up that position.


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