US/Russia Very Close to War, Global Debt Out of Control says IMF and MSM Political Hacks

1aaaBy Greg Hunter’s  (WNW 257 10.7.16)

The U.S. and Russia are a lot closer to war in Syria than the mainstream media (MSM) would like you to think. One top U.S general said that war would be “extremely lethal and fast” and he said it was “almost guaranteed.”  Russia threatened to “shoot down U.S. aircraft over Syria.  Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry has broken off all diplomatic relations with Russia in Syria.

The International Monetary fund (IMF) is warning of much slower global growth. That means there is an even better chance that the ocean of debt accumulated around the world will not be repaid.  Puerto Rico just defaulted on its $70 in debt, and that is just the tip of a much deeper debt iceberg.  The IMF also warns that debt to GDP globally is an astounding $225%, and it says there is $152 trillion in debt around the planet.

The MSM continues to reveal themselves for the biased political hacks they are. They have told you that it is the MSM’s “duty” to “Stop Trump.”  Anybody with half of a brain knows that journalism has ceased long ago, and the MSM are just political shills who do not care if they destroy their own business model.  To be a journalist, you must be a fair arbiter of the truth.  The only thing the MSM is doing is cutting their own journalistic throats by their political hack job against Trump.  Look for big layoffs in the MSM when Trump wins.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Charles H


    You may make a defense of your work – not based on the quality you produce, or based on the material: which you have no control over – but on the attack of it which contains a component of truth. Please understand that above a bold-faced lie – is the use of truth mixed with misrepresentation, or lies: which is the most destructive and heinous. I’m sure you get this steadily. Now come the direct threats, in veiled words. Welcome to the Big Leagues.
    NO ONE who leaves the main steam, and runs against the grain – doesn’t get damaged. If you’re not a mindless bot: you’re going to get shot (at?). Difference spells the possibility of one being right and the other wrong: and the world no longer produces individuals who can stand on differences – so to preclude anyone being wrong, nobody can be different. I crossed a ‘big-shot’, and lost 80% of pre-offence income, plus good friends turned away. But my conscience is clear both in my words and my work – toward man and toward God.
    Pressure-cookers generate enormous amounts of FATIGUE. You can read it in the comments; and sense the sniping from the periphery. But there is NO QUESTION of your integrity, or the quality of your work: the only criticism that can be fielded is the consistent and growing negative conditions both domestically and internationally – that no one has control over, least of all you. And you, in terms of professing faith – have taken more weight on your shoulders that Atlas.
    History won’t be written to do you justice – but in your own way you have been to many throughout the world, as a Paul Revere. You have raised your head with some very good, and some great, men: and brought them all to us. The amount of opposition begins to reveal the great importance of your work.
    “The woods are dreary, dark, and deep; and I have miles before I sleep. And I have miles before I sleep.”
    “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” Matt.24:6.

    • C romana

      Good analogy to Paul Revere. Greg will be remembered in the hearts of his readers as a fighter for truth, and all those who know truth, know Christ.

  2. Andrew

    Hi Greg, Where on earth would we be without brave people like you to counter the unashamed propaganda from the MSM? Just like to say a big THANK YOU!

  3. Robert

    I’ve been called several times now from companies retained to do polling. I make sure the answers I give are totally out of line with my actual views and opinions. I realized some time back that the information is used against me, and it is not in my best interest to give them any information at all. In addition, you are not paid for giving your information which is valuable to them. Don’t do it.

    • Chip

      I just don’t answer. I get dozens of calls from all over and from numbers I don’t know. If they don’t leave a message then they are not worth my time anyway… Chip

  4. Claude

    Gold and Silver are only temporarily going on sale. Now is the time to buy. One thing I learned is I should have bought more when silver was at $13.70. I have a friend in the Dallas area, who has a friend, that went to the bank to take out about 10-20,000$ USD. However, they told him they only had about 5000$ on hand at the branch. He had to go to 5 or 6 branches to get the entire amount he needed out. All banks only have about 5000-10000$ on hand at any time.

    • JMiller


      It is not surprising that the one bank branch did not have the $10,000-20,000 that your friend’s friend needed. There is no real reason for most bank branches to have much more than $5000 in cash. All one has to do if they are planning on making a large cash withdrawal, like $10,000-$20,000, is to notify the bank and they will arrange to have it usually within a few days. Withdrawing larger amounts like $50,000 would almost certainly take longer because of security concerns and the additional measures that may need to be taken. Please note that all banks are required to file a currency transaction report (CTR) on any currency transactions of $10,000 or more.

      The problem now is if your friend’s friend withdrew over $10,000 from multiple branches on the same day he MIGHT have to deal with being accused of structuring if it appears he was trying to avoid taking out $10,000 or more in one transaction in which a currency transaction report would have needed to be filed. Because of this a suspicious activity report (SAR) MAY BE filed. Not saying it will happen, just possible. However I think that out of almost 2 million suspicious activity reports that are filed each year, only somewhere around 10,000 of them are seriously investigated.

      • Claude

        Hi JMiller,
        You may be missing the point I was trying to make. The point being is that if for whatever reason, there was a run on the bank it would not take much for them to run out of cash.

        • JMiller


          You are correct. The bank would not have enough physical cash on hand if there was a run on the bank in which people wanted physical cash. But it has been that way for many decades. I was aware of that fact but I decided to give more info on the possible problem that your friend’s friend may have caused by withdrawing over $10,000 in several small amounts in a single day which it sounds like he may have done.

  5. v

    My call no war between America and Russia. I would keep an eye on europe and the EU. You can see the rise of the genitals around the world and the decline of the allie nations, Look at the rise of Russia,China,India, Iran, EU. Very dangerous times ahead.

    • Robert Lykens

      The rise of the genitals?

      • Paul ...

        It’s more then just the rise of “Christians Against Beheading’s” … God has made it clear that there will be NO WAR on EARTH (or in outer space) by crazed neocons … as “Christian Lives Matter” to him!!!!

        • Paul ...

          Lucifer and his neocon minions think they can return to Heaven with the weapons of war they have created on Earth and put Lucifer back on Heavens Throne … their hubris is even beyond their insanity … God’s army is now gathering about Earth … his messengers here are warning the people to abide by his 10 Commandments … God will “not allow” Satan’s neocons to destroy the entire Earth (the way they have destroyed the Pacific Ocean) which God must now repair!!

  6. Anthony Australia

    Love your work Greg!

    Propaganda 101. Tonight’s mainstream newspaper media lead story in Melbourne.

    • Richard Melbourne

      Let us ask our government to show leadership and start telling us the truth as to who are the villains and killers here, who has been planning this for years, who has been funding, equipping, killing Syrian Army for, the so called rebels, who is funding the valiant White Helmets who always seem to be around al Qaida.

      Why, now that the Syrian army, (the army that still supports its elected leader) and the Russians who are helping them, are making such inroads into defeating ISIS/al Qaida/al Nusra-Shams/al whatever, are the West/US/Israel further arming and supporting ISIS/al Qaida/al Nusra-Shams/al whatever.

      How is it that before Russia stopped them, ISIS/al Qaida/al Nusra-Shams/al whatever. were able to sell their stolen oil via Turkey and get resupplied, weapons, ordnance, nice new Toyotas, etc all the same way?

      Why is Israel providing medical care to various “Rebel” factions in army facilities, on Golan Heights? Netanyahu has been photographed visiting them.
      On that topic, why was Bishop not as excoriating of the IDF killings in Gaza and West Bank as she is of civilian casualties, whoever is responsible, in Syria?

      How much of Aleppo is actually in rebel hands and how much regained by government forces and the population safe?

      • Peterrj Sydney

        To Peter above …. “The problem is that that area is controlled by terrorists armed by the US and the west.” What??? You trying to say that the PKK backed by the US to over throw the Syrian Govt is a declared terrorist organisation?? I had better Google PKK for that answer. Opps, the Australian National Security. says it is!!!! But these are ‘nice’ moderate terrorists we are helping. Nit they are not the real nasty terrorist … is there a distinction???? OK!

        • Paul ...

          The US Government is helping all the “nice terrorists” overseas ( the White Helmets, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, etc.,etc.) … supplying them with cash, guns, ammo, new Toyota’s, etc. … how about the US Government helping the “nice terrorists” right here in America (the Christians, Veterans, Constitutionalists, etc.) … why don’t we get some cash in our pockets, guns, ammo and a new Toyota? … and the White Helmets, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra don’t pay one cent in income taxes the way we do … and we can’t get at least a new Ford??

      • Freebreezer

        RM – it is all quite simple … the US military complex needs to use the weapons, otherwise how can the justify purchasing more? another way to put it – if the military warehouses are full, how are they going to justify and keep the gravy train (US taxpayers money) pouring in? they really do not give a rats a$$ who gets the weapon or who gets killed, this as long as it gets used/destroyed and the $$$ keeps pouring/coming in … this is why it seems so chaotic with this side or that side – but it is not about sides it is about $$$$! The banking and Military elites are riding this luxury liner and have no intention of letting it stop. Why do you think they (mainstream media included) all back the lying thug Clinton and her rapist husband and are doing everything they can to stop Trump … $$$$ and lots of it from the US tax payer. I have no idea what Trump will do and neither do they and this scares the living hell out of Elites on wall street, MSM and CCC (criminal crony class) in government!

  7. Oracle 911

    The neocons declared war to the rest of the world through mouths of said generals.
    The good news: Despite the war talk the chances for war with Russia and China is lower as it seems.
    The bad news: It will be controlled demolition WTC7-style following this scenario:
    First terrorist bomb attack (the US Army lost 44 Afghans on the US soil).
    Second the BLM will rise again, Ferguson-style protests all over the US.
    Third the US will be cut off the supplies, including most of groceries and energy.

    BTW this war talk is out of desperation, because the neocons are loosing their grip on things, the latest example what did Chad (African country) to Exxon Mobile:
    And the ruling will be enforced by the former allies of the US, Russia and China.
    My 2 cents

  8. gary mcnaughton

    for some odd reason the videos for your friweekly news wrap-ups have not inluded the audio portion on my computer. the mon and wed editions are fine but the fri is lacking. have you been made aware of this at all?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are the first. It is playing fine for everyone else. So sorry you are having trouble.

      • Frederick

        Greg today I got only the audio with no visual First time that happened to me here Maybe it was Gina frederick

  9. Aussie Clive

    Hell Greg. I really felt your passion and frustration in this WNW. The fact that the FBI actually assisted in the destruction of evidence to protect Hillary sent me a clear signal – your election results will be rigged.
    The constant barrage by the MSM against Trump will be used after the election to justify a Clinton win. I can see all the MSM now chanting the same “we told you for months that Americans wanted Hillary to win” chorus, which will be used to drown out any conspiracy theory and request from the American people for a recount or revote.
    They will say that the polls before the election were inaccurate despite a large unexpected swing back to Hillary and that most voters decided to change their mind at the last minute. It will lead to the next biggest conspiracy theory after 911, and it will consume independent investigators for years.
    And I sincerely hope I am wrong with this prediction.
    I was also hoping that the Russians would be able to tolerate the US aggressions until after the election. But my gut feeling is that they also feel the vote will be rigged which is why they have pulled out all-the-stops to reclaim Aleppo and as much territory as possible before the election.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Here in the deep south my town is 58% black. I see no Hillary signs or bumper stickers. The black women I chat with here and there loathe this election. Hillary has failed to sell them on her “sympathy” for their lives.

      • Frederick

        Gee I wonder why(sarc off)

  10. Chip

    Greg, I can never express enough what a HUGE fan I am of your weekly wrap ups. Interviews are great too but the WNW’s are the best! Thanks for what you do… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Huger THANK YOU for your support.

    • JC Davis

      I agree Chip. Greg gives the best big picture.

  11. William J Greene


    Right on, Brother!!

    Thanks for all that You do and for the fantastic update this morning. We all see things exactly as You and we CAN change the course of this Country. We must unite against these sleazeballs.

    Have a great weekend and keep your eyes open. I am sure Hillary has a complete profile on You.

    Seriously though……always take a companion with You where ever You go, OK? Being with someone else greatly reduces the changes that anyone will mess with You or try to rough you up. We both know they would stoop to that kind of stuff in a second. So, please take my advice.


  12. Jerry

    Those of you wondering when the Chinese will reset the gold prices and back the Reserve Currency Yuan with it are about to get your answer.

    The Chinese and the Russians have not come this far to let the western banks take a dump in their mess kit. I have long believed that any time Gold was being smashed (especially in 2012) that it was because it was putting pressure I\on the fiat currency system. The western banks got away with it the last time, but not this time. The Shanghai Gold Exchange was built exactly for this purpose. As I write gold is being transferred to vaults in New York, London, and Frankfurt in preparation for the coming reset that was supposed to take place in April. But credit the Chinese for their patience. Reserve currency status in the IMF had to be completed before they could make their final play by resetting the gold prices. Its coming folks, and all the western banks can do is delay the inevitable.

    • Sam Hill

      Jerry –
      Can you spell S-L-O-W B-U-R-N? Your inability to see past your own narrow collapse-any-day-now bias is a classic textbook example of confirmation bias. It’s October 7. Gold is down and the dollar is up. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      Get a grip,

      Sam Hill

      • JMiller


        I agree that there are too many people in the ALT media world that seem to be fixated too much on one scenario, that being the sudden complete collapse of the global financial system that only takes 48 hours to happen. The fact is there are other scenarios out there and some are more likely to happen than that one scenario based on my understanding. And each scenario has many variables that could affect it. There are just too many unknowns out there for anyone to be making specific predictions, as some in the ALT media have made, who end up being wrong the majority of the time.

      • Jerry

        Believe whatever you want. I suppose you think the Russians are moving up tactical nukes because they like playing army? THE DOLLAR IS BEING CHALLENGED by the BRIC alliance. But don’t worry. You’ve got your head so far up your ass you’ll never know when it happens anyway.

      • Tracy Welborn

        Jim Sinclair sees it the same way that Jerry does. He says it will happen over a weekend.

    • Dan

      Jerry Jerry Jerry.

      Ridiculous again! Strike 3 buddy. Once again NOTHING happened after the Oct. 7 IMF meeting.

      As I replied in your post in the CAF interview on, you were WRONG all three times (April, Sept., Oct.) about the Chinese.

      So what do you have to say for yourself? When is the “next” big date now?

      Come and live in China for a few years buddy and then you’ll understand the Chinese a bit better. Meanwhile, please spare us with your doomsy gold-backed Yuan predictions.

      P.S.: I’m not saying China doesn’t have the gold. We all know it does.

      • Jerry

        How do you know I was wrong? Did the IMF contact you> Where you there at the meeting? Or are you stupid enough to think they would talk to the news media? Every time I read your post I get the distinct smell of a government employee. I’ve posted several documents from the IMF website over the last few weeks that verify everything I’ve said about where we are headed .But obviously you don’t read. Just for the record, if I was right, you’d never know the difference anyway. That’s reserved for people who have a brain and actually think for themselves instead of snipe on public website.


        • DBCooper

          Jerry, well said … you and I both know that in our lives is often the hardest thing to just be nice to people. That said there are posters on Greg’s site here that I do not care for and rather than snipe at them I skip their posts and move on. While it is tiring to continually have a target date that does not come to fruition I feel that we are being ‘numbed down’ such that we all will not see it coming. I am waiting for Tuesday … Monday is a holiday. Thanks for posting.
          Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  13. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great news wrap.

    I’m not sure how close USA & Russia really are to a direct confrontation in Syria. I’ve heard the talk, but people who want to go to war don’t talk, they shoot, Russia gas the S-300 in place but they’ve been there since just after the SU-24 was shot down by the Turkish F-16. The question is, will anyone be stupid enough to cross a red line that Putin lays out — rhetorical,– Putin is not O’. Russia will defend Syria, they like parking their ships in Tartus and they want to keep the pipeline out. Oil pipeline across Syria would not be good for Russian oil sales.

    I too think the polls are skewed away from the truth, but we’ll need to wait for November to see how far the MSM misses their call for Hillary to win. Friends think it will be a landslide for Trump — there again, we’ll see. The news is so confused, I just don’t know what to think or how to vote… not. I’m not confused at all and my vote is locked in for not Hillary.

  14. Marcus West

    I enjoy the Friday wrap ups very much and especially the comedy part I laugh all the time when you say these comical remarks. You are very absolutely the number one news caster in my opinion.

  15. Jallen

    Let us see what happens, when the electorate finds out Obummer and Hillary want war with RUSSIA! What will the Neo Cons, Liberals and Progressives do, when they find out Obummer and Hillary want to take on Nuclear Armed Powerhouse Russia? What will they tell their families, vote for Hillary, so your children can have their eyes melt out of their heads due to nuclear war? Perhaps, all those killed under the Obummer and Hillary regime, will have their voices heard in Heaven.
    Remember, what Jesus said about harming the little ones!
    I will not be surprised, if our Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ, has seen enough of this bloodshed and the killing and maiming of all the chidren in Iraq, Syria etc.
    Woe unto the War makers!!!
    Watch out Obummer and Hillary, those in their graves may come back to haunt you!!!
    Wake up Neo Cons, Liberals and Progressives, you are so easily fooled, with your false sense of intelligence!!!
    Blessed are the peacemakers.
    Wake up Americans, get down on you hands and knees and pray for peace.

  16. Mohammad


    If you can get your head wrapped around this please let me know because i cannot:

    So UN/US/EU all of them are screaming bloody murderer JUST because Russia is beating the crap out of AL Nusra the offshoot of Alqaeda. and all those are asking a safe passage of the men with their arms from the besieged Aleppo.

    Does that make any sense?


    • Paul ...

      The answer is these warmongering neocons have been in bed with these terrorists since 9-11!!

      • Chip

        ding ding ding, we have a winner Paul… Chip

      • Frederick

        Paul theres a great article by Jack Williams on Veteranstoday called “The neocons are stealing our souls” which should be read by all Americans

  17. allen ols

    what did I hear someone say?
    3 stages of stupid.

    there is stupid
    there is very stupid
    then you attack Russia ultimate stupid

  18. USAF Airman Rich Treadway


    You need not fear Russia. We have the situation well under control. The Russians made a huge mistake defending a rogue dictator and his regime. This aggression will not stand. As has been said and must be said now that the Lord’s judgements upon our enemies are altogether righteous and therefore Putin and the Russians are going down. Our boys cant wait to see who gets to drop the new HYGBU-5000 bombs on those bastards. The Kremlin will be turned into a smoking heap of rubble. The HYGBU-5000’s are truly a high yield payload that will have all Russians and their allies shaking in their shit and pee filled boots.

    • jim c.

      Rich. YOU ARE A FAKE, because no one can think that any one side can come out of a war a winner, any war in today`s times would be at total extinction event.

      • aussie jeff

        Mum always told me…….
        “If you cant say something nice about someone dont say anything at all.”
        Treadway……..Your an idiot!!!!

        Apologies mum….RIP.

    • eddiemd

      Right on! Way to go Treadway. Always at your best! Go team USA, kill’em all and let God sort them out.

      I am waiting for the russians to launch from the subs just off the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines and the EMP attack on the continental USA. Back to the stone age.

      More war. Treadway style.

      Let’s start the draft now. Everyone to the front line.

    • Frederick

      Treadway you are a sham and a fool as well Russia is not Iraq or Libya Anyone insane enough to write things like you just wrote need to be committed to an institution for evaluation

    • Pinocchio

      I would seriously think about what you said, if you put off your Batman mask and promise me that you will not wear your ISIS t-shirt again.

    • Paul ...

      Hey Rich … are the neocon bluster masters going to fly this bomb into Syria on their brand new “latest technology” F35 fighter jet (that can be taken down with a fly swatter)?? … or are they going to use “grunts” to carry it in by hand while facing a million new Chinese troops sent to Syria to kill all those helping ISIS??

      • Paul ...

        And Rich … your use of words is pure “neocon rhetoric” … since when is defending an ally against rogue ISIS terrorists that are cutting off Christian heads “aggression that will not stand” … and this is a good one … the “Lord’s judgement is going to come down” upon the enemies of ISIS terrorists that are cutting off the heads of Christians??? … so Rich … now the Lord himself has turned against Putin and his Christian followers (who are enemies of your ISIS terrorists that are now cutting off Christian heads with dull knives) … I think your Lord’s name is Satan!!

    • Chip

      Rich, your phony posts give real USAF Airmen a bad name… Chip

    • Robert


      Thanks for the entertaining sarcasm!

    • beLIEve

      Was it Putin who said “God will judge all terrorists. It is my job to send them to him “

    • John Doe

      Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power (ATBIP) Russian: Авиационная вакуумная бомба повышенной мощности (АВБПМ), nicknamed “Father of All Bombs” (FOAB) Russian: “Отец всех бомб” (“Овб”), is a Russian-designed, bomber-delivered thermobaric weapon.

      The bomb is reportedly four times as powerful as the US military’s GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb (whose official military acronym “MOAB” is often unofficially rendered as “Mother of All Bombs”). This Russian device would therefore be the most powerful conventional (non-nuclear) weapon in the world.[1] The veracity of Russia’s claims concerning the weapon’s size and power have been questioned by US defense analysts.[2]

      “FOAB” was successfully field-tested in the late evening of September 11, 2007.[3] The new weapon is to replace several smaller types of nuclear bombs in its arsenal.[4]

      The green moma still cant beat da da!

  19. Freebreezer

    Greg – you cover all these issues like horrible debt, 100’s of trillion in derivatives that could destroy the financial world; very possible nuclear war with Russia (tens of millions dead); major/possible conflict in Syria with Russia/ USA and many, many dead; no jobs; an economy faltering; the thug hillary corrupting the FBI; crime exploding; etc., and leave out the most important news item of the past few weeks (and I am really sure Gina would agree with me) …. Trump calling a beauty queen fat, 20 yrs ago, when she puts on 70 pounds and does not quite display the beauty queen image … talk about a HUGE violation of a persons “safe place” … and Think of all the counselors the high schools and colleges are going to need to to help the students deal with this!

    • Jan

      I truly fail to understand the fuss about Machado (which pales in the light of Hillary attacking victims of Bill’s sexual assault but I won’t go there). If you owned major sports team, you’d expect your athletes to stay in good playing form from season to season, and you would go after a player’s whose significant weight gain affected his running speed, etc. Similarly, major beauty pageant winners (or fashion models for major venues) are expected to wear the clothes meant for their size. Although I don’t know the sizes involved, the reality is that 70 pounds takes a woman from size 4 up to size 16–well beyond the size that many couture designers even carry! In the comedy, the “Devil Wears Prada” the secretary is obsessed with staying thin enough to wear the top fashions she adores. There is nothing Trump can say or do to change these fashion world standards, and it’s disingenuous to make a fuss about this.

  20. Earl

    It’s Time,
    if this election gets rigged and that sorry, raggedy,
    vodka soaked gas bag Clinton is elected then,
    bring out the pitchforks and torches.

  21. andyb

    By now it should be obvious to all that those behind this latest push for war are truly psychotic. The question remains: are the psychotic neocons setting the table on their own or are they just puppets for the elite bankers who need a major war as a distraction from the impending economic implosion?

    • sk

      andy, read “The Naked Capitalist” by W. Leon Skousen, Buccaneer Books, Inc., 1970, ISBN 0-89968-323-1

  22. Mohammad

    Please Greg, as a doctor i say to you take it easy on your self. God is in charge and let pieces fall where ever it does but do not work your self up like this, it affects your health.
    We need you in good full health.


    • C romana

      Agreed, Greg, please balance yourself despite the Evil which will prevail a while longer. Eventually, the good will be separated from the evil, but fight calmly on, a modern St.George.

    • Chip

      Much worse IMO is to keep it all pent up inside… I do so enjoy the WNW rants… Chip

  23. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Our military machine is in a shambles. Do you know that some of the very same Spectre gunships we used in Vietnam and Cambodia are still flying combat sorties? How they are keeping the airframes together I don’t know. Most of our equipment in the mid-east was sold off to Israel, given to the host countries and allowed to be captured by ISIS. And, the personnel are stressed and stretched to the breaking point.

    We are now in the “GAP”. The gap is a dangerous time because our new weapons systems are not due to come on line until the 2020’s, However, Russia and China are already fielding their new weapons platforms in land, sea and air based weapons. Many of these new weapons systems are one generation ahead of what we are already trying to field, i.e. F-35.

    I think Russia and China can now smell blood in the water. Forget all cycles, remember Sun Tzu was Chinese and Russia and China teach Sun Tzu. We are at our most vulnerable point between now and at least 2022. If I were Putin or Ji, with even US experts and think tanks reporting that 90% of the people in America would be dead 12 months after the grid went down, I would be positioning assets about now.

    Yah bless you and yours.

  24. eddiemd

    General Mark A. Milley

    I read the last comment section about how he probably is a yes man and serves the purposes of the MIC and current administration.

    His early service in the 80’s reflects the same period that I was in the army. His bio data says that he was in the 82nd and 5th Special Forces Group (SFG) at Fort Bragg as his initial assignments. The 5th SFG left Fort Bragg in 1988 for Fort Campbell.

    I was at Ft. Bragg in 1982-83 for SF training. My experiences and memories during this time as an enlisted soldier were that of both no nonsense enlisted and officer leadership. The cadre of leadership within the airborne and SF were Vietnam vets that experienced the political dysfunction that was Vietnam and had an attitude that it would not happen again. They were far from any political correctness. The team sergeants, sergeant majors, company and battalion command officers, and Group HQ were Vietnam vets of SF, 101st, and other infantry units. They experienced the war in the trenches.

    I believe that the general has forgotten his early military training. Too many years of compromise and going along to get along. He became one of them.

    By the way, he does not appear to be healthy. He has the appearance on somebody with a possible thyroid condition (low) combined with probable cardiovascular disease (high stress, male, raised on western diet, overweight).

  25. Steven R

    We are a hair from the the start of WWIII, this is much worse than the invasion of Iraq, and I wonder where are the “peace” protestors who stood on the corner each weekend with anti war signs when Bush was in office? They were 100% frauds….

    As far as I can see there is no choice but to put as many federal notes you can spare into food, water, shelter, and self defense. After that PM’s makes the most sense to me. When the price is pushed down you just have to realize its a time to buy more and not time to panic. You only lose money if you sell when the price is down. Buying when the price is down is smart. Spend your debt notes while they still will buy things…

    • Robert Lykens

      Steven, yours is the voice of sanity amd reason.

  26. David Clumpner

    Issaiah Chapt 17 seems to be coming into focus, Greg.

    • aussie jeff

      Its only a matter of time clumper,i truly hope that when the prophecy is fulfilled it will lead many to Christ.

  27. Steven R

    I will vote for Trump and hopefully so will the vast majority of the country but what is to stop the “count” from declaring Hillary the winner? I have no faith in the FBI, I have no faith in the justice department, I have no faith in the CIA, I have no faith in the sitting republican senators and congressmen, I have no faith in the main street media, so who is left to ensure an honest election? I don’t see anyone…

    • Paul ...

      We have to shine the light of truth on “count” Dracula … so that the vote is so overwhelming for Trump they can’t fix the election with their many warehouses full of Demon Rat ballots and can’t fix enough Diebold voting machines to make a difference!

  28. Paul ...

    You women voting for Hillary … reveal the “true reason” you are doing it … go ahead … tell us … like we don’t already know … you are doing it because you want “women’s liberation” from the drudge of having babies … you want to be “free like men to fornicate and have sex without fear of getting pregnant … so you want Hillary in office “to support Monsanto’s sterilization program” … as that will happily be the “final solution” to all your problems … you will be free to be promiscuous … and have sex like men without consequences … “full equality is the goal” … the only problem is … within three generations there won’t be any humans around “to have sex with” … such is the punishment for evil … go ahead and vote for Hillary … flaunt God’s word … just like you did in the Garden of Eden … see what the consequences will be … you better look upon your children’s faces for the last time … as the right to life is stolen from them … by evil neocons who have come up with a “final solution” for all humanity … they will make us humans as seedless as their seedless watermelons and seedless grapes!!

    • Paul ...

      To the intelligent women not voting for Hillary … when you go shopping only buy watermelons with seeds and grapes with seeds, etc., etc. … put the evil ones producing these Obamanations (and Hillary Nation posters) out of business … the fruit God gave us was given as a gift to humanity … they willing sacrifice their flesh because they know they will be resurrected with the seeds we discard … just as Christ gave his flesh knowing he would be resurrected … but the Satanist’s want to throw a monkey wrench into God’s creations (they are now working to create human-goat hybrids so humans will have cleft feet and horns on their heads) … don’t allow it by making a conscious effort not to buy any seedless fruit, etc. … stop buying anything with corn in it … don’t buy anything with soy in it … until it is clearly labeled “non-GMO” … watch how quickly the food industry begins to label their products … and for your moral and godly efforts all of Humanity will be saved!

    • Paul ...

      You want the right to turn into this??? … … take this message to the banksters … God is not going to allow it!

  29. Rob

    Excellent video message today !
    I think that the Hillary camp is running very scared right now. When papers print stories like “Don’t vote for Trump” , it reeks of fear and desperation. They give no reasons why anyone should vote FOR Hillary. It is also known that no one reads papers anymore – the Internet and shows like yours is where people get their info.
    It has become clear with every new revelation just how deeply corrupt Hillary et al has become ! There is nothing honest about this woman or anything she is connected to. The rot runs deeper than people can even imagine and what us worse – she is shameless and continues in her corrosive and destructive ways – that sir, is the very definition of ‘deplorable ‘
    I don’t know if it is true but I read where Bill Clinton was tweeting to donate to the Clinton Foundation to help the people of Haiti in the aftermath of hurricane Mathew. How sick can these people be ??
    The speech given recently by that Army Chief of Staff was chilling !!!
    See it here -> scary !
    I think that what is happening is that the plan is to take the country to war because the world economic situation is beyond salvage. The only way for the USA to try to maintain its dominance of the dollar and position in the world is to ‘ dominate’ . For those that have been listening – Putin has been warning for quite a while now that the US is provoking war – that Russia does not want war – but Russia will not stand idly by while the US tries to destabilize the world.
    Currently the tentacles of corruption run so deep in the US that the powers that be (who ever is pulling the strings ???) have a plan that they are putting in motion and those elected are merely the mouthpieces to spread propaganda and diversion until their endgame is played our = NWO ( however that looks to them)
    Putins warning to the world – we should pay attention !!
    In the final analysis, everyone ( the 99%) have a sense that something is seriously wrong ! We now live in a time when nothing makes sense and logic no longer applies. It is programs like yours that are so important in bringing all this to light because those that follow you and similar internet sites see just how thin is the attempt to cover the corruption and true agenda. The MSM is complicit in this scam but increasingly people are waking up. This accounts for why Trump is able to get thousands at his rallies and Hillary can even fill a small room.
    Trump, with all his flaws, remains the last best hope to save America and, yes, the world from marching into an unwinable war.
    Please take comfort in the the fact that :
    May God bless you and your important work Greg.

    • Susan

      Boy Rob, you really hit the nail on the head with your summary. Thank you. Mostly, I thank Greg for giving of himself. He truly is a soldier in the army of the Lord.

    • Chip

      I listened to the entire 50+ minute speech. The General NEVER said we should start WW3. He said in short we should be prepared for the wars of the FUTURE. And he characterized what that war in the future might look like. He indicated that we have moved from a uni-polar world into a multi-polar world and that historically multi-polar worlds have proved less stable than uni-polar or bi-polar (as in during the cold war). It is the Chief of Staff’s primary purpose to prepare the Army for the battles of the future. But in the end as he said they are a POLITICAL INSTRUMENT OF POWER. Army’s do not take us to war. Our elected officials do. And if our Army has been corrupted it is those elected officials who are to blame… Chip

      • Paul ...

        Chip … I know I rant about the military upper crust for not having the courage to defend America or even the Pentagon (like on 9-11) … but there are “good and honorable men” in there among them … otherwise … nuclear bombs would have already been set off in American cities by the evil neocons to get WWIII started!!

  30. Diane D.

    Thank you Greg for your tireless efforts to get the truth out. USAWatchDog is my #1 site for truth about the real issues we are facing.

  31. Jerry

    If you’d like to know what the possibilities of war is with Russia, just check out the recent leaked Russian Embassy tweets .
    My question to you is, do you really think China and the BRIC nations will allow our criminal rogue government to start a war with them before they pull the plug on the dollar? The world bank of governors meeting in Washington with the IMF concludes today. You can bet deals are being made.

    • Jerry

      Do you see how this recent BRIC news headline reads? “Our forces” ?

      • JMiller

        Sorry Jerry but Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made that statement and he was talking about Russian forces only which is clearly stated in the article. It has nothing to do with any other BRICS nation.

        • Jerry

          THIS IS ME USING CRAYON. By the sheer fact that it was front page news in the BRIC paper is a statement itself.
          When was the last time USA today posted front page news about NATO?

          • JMiller

            Sorry Jerry, but are making something out of nothing which is not the first time.

  32. john duffy

    The US is becoming a barbaric country

    • Jerry

      Its only fitting that Hillary should be president. Its fits. A criminal for a criminal state.

  33. Southern Girl


    Love, love, love your WNW’s….I think I am as aggravated as you are about the main stream media trying to shoot down TRUMP…they are really scared and it shows.

  34. Southern Girl

    This election is all about GOOD (Trump) and EVIL (Hitlary). She would probably eat her own if need be…she doesn’t care…the end justifies the means.

    • Paul ...

      S Girl … In just about a month we will see with “no uncertainty” … that God indeed has our back … Trump will win with 2/3 of the popular vote to Hillary’s 1/3 … the results will be Biblical for all the world to see … as GOOD once again resoundingly defeats EVIL!!

      • Chip

        I know you wrote this before it came out but the 2005 locker room trash talk bit is setting up Sunday’s debate for a major fail on Trump’s part. I’ll still be voting “against HiLIARy”… Chip

      • Diane D.

        Paul, the election of Trump may be Biblical? Perhaps. The people are demanding a King and God may give us a King. How did that work out in the Bible?

        • Paul ...

          I know … he was crucified … lets hope in the second debate they put a crown of thorns on his head!!

          • Paul ...

            Sorry I left out DON’T … (Don’t put a Crown of Thorns on his Head)

  35. Hurricane

    Hi Greg,

    I read Martin Armstrong and respect him very much. This was on his site. NOT GOOD!

    Russia WARNS Obama not to attack Syrian forces. It is clear that the Obama Administration is desperate to continue its nation building policy and is determined to overthrow the Syrian government with absolutely no alternative as they did in Iraq and screwed up the entire region. It appears the US military is on a fast track with NATO to start World War III ASAP. The polls are rigged and they fear that if Trump were to win, he would put an end to this type of activity. So it seems the Obama Administration is to be trying to create a direct confrontation with Russia and then should Trump win, Obama will declare the election was hacked by Russia and declare a state of Martial Law to deny even Hillary office. He would then step aside and hand it to Biden to run until, of course, everything is back to “normal” and another election can be held.

    This is talk behind the curtain.

  36. RTW

    There won’t be lay offs in the MSM after Trump wins. They will just increase the intensity of their hit pieces for his entire term(s). He won’t be able to take a leak without the MSM criticizing him and demanding he be impeached for it.

    • Paul ...

      Don’t be so sure RTW … it will be just the opposite … once Trump gets in the MSM will be “easy pickings” … because they concentrated all their six(6) news companies in one media basket … Trump simply has to take control of the Plunge Protection Team and short the six(6) MSM stocks relentlessly (the way they currently short gold and silver) … short the six(6) MSM stocks continuously until they are down to pennies per share … force them all into bankruptcy and put all the evil MSM reporters out of a job … what will be left? … the Alternative Media!! … providing real news once again … instead of neocon propaganda! … the MSM is easy pickings once Trump gets in … because they foolishly concentrated their forces in but six(6) stocks … is it any wonder they are now putting up full page ads stating “Don’t Vote For Trump” … they know they will be out of a job once Trump gets in next month … all the MSM reporters will be on the street begging the alternative media for jobs … but the alternative media knows who the bad guys are … and for not being men of honor … they will suffer complete banishment from the “real news” industry!

  37. David H


    Martin Armstrong has an article on his site entitled “Are They Planning to call The Election a Fraud if Trump wins? The article discusses the possibility of Trump not being sworn in even if he wins on these grounds. Do you see that as possible? PS- Your optimism that we can still make a difference and that God the Father is in charge is a weekly encouragement.

    David H

  38. Dee Garmon

    He is going to have to bring out Clinton Foundation and what it’s done to Haiti.
    Nothing better illustrates how much she cares about blacks or anybody else for
    that matter. The only thing she cares about is to get their votes.
    It does not even matter if she only lasts a few days as president because of ailing health.
    Her ego will be satisfied and and a loyalist ( remind you, we’re not talking about Northern Ireland) will take the oath of office and serve Wall Street and the City bankers.

  39. Mark Hendry

    Well said!!! Great site and info for the so called “little guy”.
    Thanks Greg for truth and honesty in a very crooked world.
    And yes, the “Father” is in control-he just needs to hear from us.

  40. Htc

    Greg, loved the wrap up. You hit on the important facts here, namely the growing tensions between the US and Russia. My guess is war on Nov 20, 2016. As far as the elections go, I feel like we are being baited into an act of war against our gov. Via the people of the us.

    Seems very similar to what turkey did in their fake coup to propel Erdogan into dictator status and flush out 80,000+ citizens, judges, military, police etc. Anyone who might rise up against him and take out the trouble all in the name of a failed coup. I could see the gov following the same playback right here. Force the hand of the people, lock it down, blame the same people, and finish the job that was started 2 decades ago or longer.

    Either way greg, the sabre rattling wars and rumors of wars has hit an all time high, not to mention the chaos in literally every other facet of life for people around the globe. Nov 20, 2016 – sept. 23, 2017 the birth pangs and the beginning of sorrows.

  41. Jimbo

    “Give me power over a nations money, and I care not who makes its laws.” Is the Creature from Jekyll Island any where near, Of, By and For the People? How can it be that those in charge of OUR money can print it out of thin air, with nothing backing its value, loan it to any country, corporation, organization, be it legal or illegal, and have the power to tell OUR representation by OUR elected, its none of your business what we do with it and we don’t have to tell you anything? This is Monetary Treason and shreds the rule of law. Tell me how free markets work under a Federal Reserve. Better yet, tell me how a free market can even exist under a Federal Reserve.

    • Jimbo

      Mr. Greg, you are doing a great service to the people and to our country. Bless you and stay vigilant.

  42. 8Ball

    If “God is in Charge” then we need to get our rears in gear and take our lives back from those who would enslave us.

    “When a farmer prays for his Corn crop, God expects him to say Amen with a hoe…”.

  43. Mohammad


    “loose screws” of pissing in pants from S300/S400 allover Syria?


    • Paul ...

      Hey Mohammad … the German jets were not grounded because of “loose screws” on the airplane … but because of “loose screws” in Washington … the definition of a neocon “loose screw” is someone who tells you they are going to save the world … by ending it!!!

      • Paul ...

        Lucifer is the biggest “loose screw” … and all the little neocon “loose screws” who worship him are telling us they are “saving the world” from Syria’s dictator and the Russians … first by McCain crucifying the Christians and then by Carter firing the entire US nuclear arsenal at the Russians … in their psychopathic warped minds they will bring us Nuclear Armageddon to quote “Save the World for Democracy” … now where did we hear that before? … Oh Yeah! … but we already fought World War I for that! … now we need to fight World War III for the same reason? … they couldn’t even come up with “a different excuse” to kill millions??

  44. Diane

    Thanks Greg.
    Love it

  45. Mohammad

    Russia is going to veto a French draft in UN if no changes to it, the draft requests all planes to be grounded:

    Inching to war faster.


    • Paul ...

      Do the crazy neocons really think that succeeding in implementing a “no fly zone” that they can then win a ground war in Syria? … how can they forget that Chinese troops can be added on the ground in the millions? … they better wake up to the fact that they are on the wrong side … they are supporting Hillary and McCain’s Christian head hunters … I know … I forgot … you neocon warmongers are Satan worshipers who pretend you want to save the world (by destroying it) … kill … kill … kill is your mantra … kill the little children … kill the pregnant women … gas them … shoot them … explode their bodies with lithium-magnesium bombs … and then nuke them for good measure … all to earn another star on your shoulder??!!

  46. Paul ...

    Let the neocon generals bluster … according to SOCOM (the US Military’s Special Operations Command) out of the approximately 100 wars the US has fought since WWII only El Salvador, Grenada, Libya, and Panama were “wins”… with such a dismal record of winning only 4% of the wars it fights I think Russia has a pretty good chance of beating the neocons at their own game! … especially since the neocons foolishly outsourced their military contracts to foreigners to build their weapons for them “that don’t work” look at the F35 which can’t even go up against Russian S200’s … let alone Russian S300’s, S400’s and S500’s … the neocons greed and hubris are their downfall … once Trump get in … we can start building bridges to Russia and new airports and rail systems here in the US … we can get rid of the “insane neocons” First Strike Nuclear Policy and remove the threat of Nuclear Armageddon from all the peoples of the world … we make the Defense Department (for Defense not the starting of Wars) … we will bring Justice back to the “Justice System” … and purge the FBI and CIA of the traitors that did 9-11 … we will put the genetic scientists on trial who with their DNA manipulations have stolen away humanities “right to life” … etc., etc. … things seem darkest now before the dawn … but the Sun will rise as Trump is elected … and the light of that Sun (created by God) will vanquish all the damn evil Satanists of this world!!

  47. Hatemail

    War? What war? I haven’t heard anything about a war.

  48. libertarian jerry

    Its not Hillary Clinton or Obama that worries me. They can be voted out of office and the damage that they have done to our liberty and Republic can be repaired. What worries me are the fools who voted them into office. They are the real danger. The stupidity and ignorance of Boobus Americanus is the real danger to our nation. And the sad part of the story is that in the modern American mobocracy their vote is equal to yours.

    • Paul ...

      Boobus Americanus … the “missing links” anthropologists have been searching for centuries … and they were right under our noses all this time … sadly those “missing links” will soon go extinct again for the next generation of anthropologists … when they are vaporized by the Boobus Psychopathic Neoconus branch of the specie with even greater missing links!!

    • Chip

      that ignorance stems from indoctrination via our centrally planned schools/universities and our centrally controlled MSM outlets… Chip

    • Freebreezer

      LJ – so true! I look at the morons that voted for Obama thinking that he is going to improve there lives (same applies to quite a few republicans) … Yea Right! Warren Buffet gets bailed out by Obama in 2009 and he is now worth 65 + billion and the common American on the street lost $5000 in wages and got NO bail out. Wall street is drunk on all the bail out money taken from the average American and these Morons (especially the women voting for the thug) think that voting for the Democratic party, i.e. the thug hillary, is going to help them and that she is really, really here to help them! WOW!!!! … stupid is as stupid does. If the average American would vote per action vs. words we would have a much better country. Take Obama’s Actions = Bailed out the wealthy on wall street; His words = I am going to bring prosperity and jobs to middle America. Same with the thug … she collects millions and millions from big banks and wall street and says she is going to help all the poor (especially women) make more. Yea right!

  49. Paul ...

    Greg … You are right about not fearing evil … we must stand up to it and shine the Light of Truth upon the evil vampires of this world … whether they be in the MSM (USA Today, NY Times, etc.) … or in politics (Obama, Hillary, McCain, etc.) … or in the military (Carter, etc.) … or in industry (Monsanto, etc.) … who’s policies always lead to death and destruction … keep up your good work … as it can strike a cord within the human heart … as it has in mine … to fight for what is right and to denounce evil wherever it is found!

  50. Jan

    Greg, Thank you for telling us not to fear Hillary, we should fear God the Father. He will be our Protector!

    If you hadn’t said so, I’d have no idea that Kerry had broken off relationships with Russia and that we’re headed for war with Russia. You’re the only one I know of sounding the alarm!

    One more thing that just came out is that Hillary broke U.S. laws by arming known terrorists! Gen. Mike Flynn reports that “at least 18 shipments of arms from Qatar…led to the indictment of American arms dealer Marc Turi who was charged with selling weapons to Islamist militants in Libya through Qatar. The charges were dropped this week after Turi threatened to reveal emails showing Clinton had approved the sales…[which is bad] for Secretary Clinton. The rebel leaders were on the State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organization list. It is a direct violation of the law to provide material support for terrorist organizations under 18 U.S. Code 2339A & 2339B. Penalties for providing or attempting to provide material support to terrorism include imprisonment from 15 years to life. Nor is the Qatar connection insignificant. Qatar has donated anywhere from $1 to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, and emails reveal members of the Qatari royal family were privileged with back channel meetings with Secretary Clinton at the State Department.” Taken together with the other tragedies Hillary created in Libya, this “should disqualify her from holding any kind of leadership role in our government, let alone president of the United States.”

    • Paul ...

      This may be the “October Surprise” info that Wikileaks held back from releasing on October 3rd! … Secretary Clinton supplying arms to rebel leaders on the State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organization list is a direct violation of the law … how does Hillary get out of this one?? … penalties for providing material support for terrorist organizations under 18 U.S. Code 2339A & 2339B means she is facing imprisonment from 15 years to life!

      • Paul ...

        Another question that should be asked is … how do our neocon military generals, McCain, Obama, etc. get around supplying arms to head hunting rebel leaders on the State Departments Foreign Terrorist Organization List?? … when it is a direct violation of the law to support terrorist organizations under U.S. Code 2339A & 2339B where the penalties fro providing material support to terrorists is imprisonment for 15 years to life?!! … perhaps we should start building golf courses at our Federal Penitentiaries … as we know how much these neocons love golf … and the extra work building all these golf courses will provide a needed boost to the economy (now isn’t that the way Hillary’s “for profit” prisons work?)!!

        • Chip

          My opinion is that the Generals are not involved and that it is a CIA run operation. The “shadow” government if you will… Chip

          • Paul ...

            I know “there is good among the bad” … but we must do as God did … when he threw Satan and his crew of neocons out of Heaven!!

      • Bill

        Paul; I don’t think there will be any October surprise from WikiLeaks. If Bill Clinton can bring Lynch and Comey to see his point of view, guess what he can do to WikiLeaks. All three enjoy breathing.

        • Paul ...

          You may be right … perhaps they offered him freedom from that Embassy he has been locked up in for years … if he falls for that bait he is a dead man (as a car may “accidentally” run him over when he is freely walking down the street)!

  51. Rob Seetan

    Thank you Greg, you have been a beacon of truth for me. In your honor I did not renew my subscription to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel a Gannette affiliate (aka the dead tree). Subscriber for more than 20 years. I will miss it’s convenient fire-starting skills as well as it’s ultra-absorbent dog urine barrier properties. I feel better already!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank Yu Rob!!

  52. Richard Fuller

    Love you’re show Greg. I think the next guest should be the President of Haiti.

  53. pat the rat

    War with Russia insane!

  54. eddiemd

    Posted on ZeroHedge October 7th.

    “US Officially Accuses Russia Of Hacking Democratic Party, State Election Systems”

    1. Nothing said about the unsecured servers used by Ms. Clinton and potential backdoor exploitation by any country in the world.

    2. No evidence presented. Just accusations.

    3. An excellent reason to forego the use of electronic voting systems and revert back to paper ballots. Oh, hanging chads, I forgot.

    4. Another reason to amp up the rhetoric for war against the russians.

    Where is Treadway? Let’s get the draft going. All the distracted young people get ready to fight and die for the neoconjobs.

    Are we going to have an election at all?

    • Charles H

      Treadway has not been broken or shot-up, evidently. Gung-Ho for war is one thing; being maimed for life is another. It’s always a simple, dreamy, glorious time – like the motorcycle commercials. What is never shown is the horrendous accidents – and even those “would never happen to me”. But they DO.
      I think Treadway is a flavor-of-the-day troll, from a government cubicle. What most don’t understand – like the Six-Day War: outcomes can NEVER be predicted, no matter the odds. America has lived in a Disney-World-like prosperity: but nothing lasts; especially when it goes bad from the inside.

  55. Colin

    Just remember, not too long ago, the 0bama administration said that a cyber attack is an act of war.

    • Charles H

      And you can believe the government! (Rule of Law, lies, and such.)

  56. your fan in Japan

    Greg, forewarned is forearmed. Thnnks to you, we are both- half the planet away. Thanks for your work. Remember that USAWatchdog has an effect on lives around the globe.

    • Charles H

      “Around the globe.”

  57. Keith wilson

    Greg,what’s going on in Syria is a bloody civil war.Every civil war throughout history is always bloody.Look at your own civil war ,nearly 600,000 servicemen killed.Rather than john Kerry shout his big mouth off against Russia.Why doesn’t he try to fix Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya,plus the dozen or so other countries the USA has messed up with over the last 50 years.Your economy is broken,90 million Americans not in work.Your national debt is nearly 20 trillion.Your crime cities are out of control to the drug gangs etc.The only problem Kerry can see is Russia and Putin in Moscow.Gun crime,claims thousands of lives in USA every year.Kerry only seems to worry about a problem,10,000 miles away in Syria.When will your political masters start to worry about Americans,and there day to day problems,Greg,you could’nt make this clown show up.What planet are these people living on.

    • DBCooper

      Mr. Wilson, While I agree with the gist of your post I must take some exception … Syria is not experiencing a civil war; Syria is experiencing an invasion. In addition what is being foisted on the world by the USA’s malintended actions all around the world are at the direction of a cabal bent on total world tyranny. I would venture the same entities who own the US Fed. and the same who are members of the CFR. Yours, DB.

      • Paul ...

        And lets not forget that the crimes in the cities by the drug gangs was all planned and orchestrated by this same cabal of neocons to boost Hillary’s “for profit prison system” and to serve as an outlet for all the heroin they bring in from Afghanistan … do you think Obama keeps US troops in Afghanistan for their health (its been 15 years now)? … or to protect the opium heroin poppy fields the Taliban would otherwise burn down!!

    • Frederick

      Keith it may be a civil war but it was instigated by troublemakers from outside Syria with an agenda Nothing new there I suppose

    • Chip

      Sir that is the VERY reason for Trump’s popularity! We are sick and tired of our leaders NOT putting America first!!! Our “leaders” are all beholden to their globalist masters, not the citizens of this once great nation. MAGA…. Chip

  58. john duffy

    Reading the paper will never be the same again, Greg.
    I picked up a paper and you are spot on, the bias was unbelievable. Who would of thought that the cartoon strips would become the most serious part of the paper. Remember that old saying: Bullsh#t baffles brains. Well that saying doesn’t apply to you. keep up the good work Brother!

  59. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    First of all, you and your family are in my prayers: my Christ our Savior bless and protect you and your family always!
    Now to less important things: I was surprised initially that one of Hitlery’s boot lickers would threaten you. But upon reflection, it appears to me that the ruling class has become genuinely frightened and is lashing out at anyone who it believes might pose a threat to them.
    Their actions have become irrational and extreme. They have caused their media shills to explicitly set aside all pretense of journalistic ethics and integrity to attack their mortal enemy, Donald Trump. It seems they are justifiably afraid that someone might become President who would actually carry out the until-now-fictional policy of “justice for all”.
    Their prospect of losing geopolitical power, which now seems inevitable, has induced them to threaten Russia with war. It is as if they are asserting, “If we can’t keep our hegemony, the world must be destroyed.” They perceive rightly that, when their power has been sufficiently diminished among the nations, justice will come for them just as it did for the rulers of Nazi Germany. They might be saying, “If we are going down, everyone else will go down with us!”
    But as you have rightfully and boldly asserted, God the Father is in charge! And I also trust in Him as you do.

  60. John Doe

    Kerry says Russia, Syria should face war crimes probe;
    Russia Now Terrorist State!
    Associated Press 11:34 a.m. EDT October 7, 2016

    “Russia and the regime owe the world more than an explanation about why they keep hitting hospitals, and medical facilities, and women and children,” Kerry told reporters alongside French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, who arrived in Washington directly from meeting Russian officials in Moscow.

    Kerry said such acts “beg for an appropriate investigation of war crimes.”

    “They are beyond the accidental now, way beyond,” Kerry said in some of his toughest criticism to date. He accused Russia and Syria of undertaking a targeted strategy to “terrorize civilians.”

    • Paul ...

      Russia is now a terrorist state … for killing terrorists????

    • Chip

      Okay, right after we conduct hundreds of war crime trials on the USSA for the last two decades of unjustified wars and killing of innocent civilians… Chip

  61. John Doe

    Air Strikes against Syria: Who are the War Criminals? Who is Supporting Al Qaeda? Russia or America?
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
    Global Research, October 07, 2016

    America is coming to the rescue of Al Qaeda under a humanitarian mandate. The unspoken agenda is to undermine the Liberation of Aleppo. The pretext and justification for these actions are based on America’s “responsibility to protect” (R2P) the “moderates” in Aleppo from Syrian and Russian attacks and bombing raids.

    • Paul ...

      The crazy neocons figure if they get WWIII started they can always blame it on a black man (Obama) … Hillary is probably hee, hee, heeing over that one!!

      • Paul ...

        But I agree with Hillary on this one … it is kind of funny … the New York Times Headlines would read: Read All About It … Read All About It …
        Black Man (who won the Nobel Prize for Peace) Starts World War III

        • Paul ...

          The USA Today front page would read:
          Obama Saves the World … by Launching 1800 Nuclear Warheads on Russia!!

          • Paul ...

            The Washington Post … Obama Nukes the Entire World (except Africa) … Because Black Lives Matter!!

            • Paul ...

              The Daily News … “Finally a President Who is on the Ball and can Swing a Mean Club at Those Rousky Terrorist Killers”

  62. Linda L.

    I think our debt problem really got a great start back in 1913 when the government began collecting/demanding federal income tax to support all their spending. Our founding fathers never wanted this kind of tax, especially all this crazy taxation without real representation (not Constitutional). We the slaves have given them all our money and been brain washed to think that this is what we need to do to be good citizens. And in return this out of control government has created massive, corrupt programs that were never meant to occur in the first place. This government can’t even run an efficient post office and they want to tell everyone else what to do/run the world (makes me sick). Yes, war is coming soon. Thank you Greg for a great interview and all you do. Take care.

  63. John Doe

    New York Times Tries and Fails to Cover Up Extensive Links to ISIS by Senator McCain, Chairman of the International Republican Institute, National Endowment For Democracy

    Two War Heroes

    John Kerry – Anti-War Speech (1971) [short clip]

    Syrian-American Woman & John McCain

  64. Mimi Dick

    When a president is corrupt and the State Dept. is corrupt and the FBI is corrupt and the IRS is corrupt and the Justice Dept. is corrupt and with ample evidence of said corruption is staring people in the face and nobody–even Congress–seems to be able to initiate prosecution it called TYRANNY!!!

    VOTE TRUMP/PENCE NOV. 8TH 2016 to hopefully give us a chance of not having a DICTATOR government!

  65. FreeOregon

    “Extremely lethal and fast” – that’s what the German General Staff thought when they unleashed the Blitzkrieg against France, bypassed the Maginot Line and raced to Paris.

    How well did that work?

    Let’s hope the armchair generals in the Pentagon, generals who have not won a war since WW2, do not believe their own propaganda. They assume too much.

  66. FreeOregon

    Wells Fargo Bank may reassess the risk of lending to California and Illinois, both of which are in deep trouble.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s game on. Well Fraudgo is called out on fraud and they get pissed. Outrageous.

      • Paul ...

        Just like Kerry gets pissed when called out!! … now he wants air strikes against Russia as being war criminals … but who are “the real war criminals”? … that’s easy (even for beer drinking corn chip eating John Q. Public to answer) … just look at who is supporting “head hunting” ISIS and the 9-11 Al Qaeda’s!!

  67. FreeOregon

    There are many, many rogue, bureaucratic top-heavy agencies with vested interests in the status quo and thus motivation to see Trump fail, lethally if needed. CIA? Pentagon? NSA? Banks (though they may control him because he’s a debtor), Secret Service (like the Roman Praetorian Guard), Homeland Security, among others. So many motivated, potential assassins and no one with any great incentive to bring a perpetrator to account.

    The next President gets the blame, like Herbert Hoover. One wonders if only the insane want to become President.

    • Charles H

      Or Federal Reserve Chairpersons.

  68. Noel

    Greg, I have not seen you this animated thus far. I ‘ve shared your wrap up on FB, along with a post crying out to my friends and colleagues to wake up, as we have never been this close to a possible nuclear confrontation, and if we don’t speak up now and do all we can to stop it, life as we know it will be over.

    The mainstream media is failing. I have business dealings with a major “news” provider, and can tell you that the boardroom is out of touch – they think they are dying because of the competition from mobile. In other words, they blame the channel and not the content. Were I a shareholder, I would be screaming at the top of my lungs at these chumps with big titles and paychecks that are in the convertible roaring towards the rim of the canyon.

    I often contemplate the reason that so many of my colleagues are so deeply asleep – to the extent that the only thing that will awaken them appears to be a missile launch. My thinking is that all it takes is the exposure of One Big Lie to start awakening process, but not even this seems to be an elixir with sufficient potency.

    I’m reaching the conclusion that one of the benefits of the squeezing of the middle class in the West is that these critical issues get pushed way down the stack of concern.

    However, I do take comfort, and rest on scripture: Luke 12:3 comes to mind, wherein despite the best efforts of the enemy to conceal and deceive, the things whispered in the closets are being shouted from the rooftops. I don’t believe it is a co-incidence at all that the malfeasance of the fiat war mongering cabal and their mouthpiece and front-woman are being aired (albeit through the alternate and real journalism channels such as yours) on a public clothesline for those with eyes to see and ears to hear to understand the times.

    God will not be mocked.

  69. David

    Author: Don Stott | Publish Date: 10/03/2016

    Six questions to see how much history you really know. Answer all of the questions before looking at the answers below.
    1) “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”
    A. Karl Marx B. Adolph Hitler C. Joseph Stalin
    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    2) “It’s time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, and for the few.. And to replace it with shared responsibility, for shared prosperity.”
    A. Lenin B. Mussolini C. Idi Amin
    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    3) “(We)…. Can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people.”
    A. Nikita Khrushchev B. Joseph Goebbels C. Boris Yeltsin
    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    4) “We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to give up a little bit of their own … In order to create this common ground.”
    A. Mao Tse Tung B. Hugo Chavez C. Kim Jong II
    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    5) “I certainly think the free-market has failed.”
    A. Karl Marx B. Lenin C. Molotov
    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    6) “I think it’s time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable sector in (the) entire economy that they are being watched.”
    A. Pinochet B. Milosevic C. Saddam Hussein
    D. Barack Obama E. None of the above

    Scroll down for answers…

    (1) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/29/2004
    (2) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 5/29/2007
    (3) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
    (4) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
    (5) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
    (6) E. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 9/2/2005

    • Southern Girl


      Holy Crap….good one!!!!

  70. Ralph Meeker

    Christ’s True Followers~Expect Opposition

    God’s Word, the Bible, explains: “12 In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” (2 Timothy 3:12) True Christians generally are not popular and never have been. Why not? The apostle John told his fellow Christians: “19 We know that we are children of God and that the world around us is under the control of the evil one..” Satan the Devil is also portrayed as “a roaring lion, seeking to devour someone.” (1 John 5:19; 1 Peter 5:8) Fear of man is one of Satan’s most effective weapons.

    Even Jesus Christ, who did so much good and committed no sin, was ridiculed and persecuted observed: “They hated me without cause.” (John 15:25) On the night followers with these words: “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.. 20 Do you remember what I told you? ‘A slave is not greater than the master.’ Since they persecuted me, naturally they will persecute you. And if they had listened to me, they would listen to you. ” —John 15:18, 20.

    On this account, many hesitated to take a stand for true worship. Of those who were looking for Jesus on one occasion, the Bible says: “No one, of course, would speak about him publicly because of the fear of the Jews.” (John 7:13; 12:42) The religious leaders of the day threatened to ostracize any who put faith in Christ. Thus, fear of man prevented many from becoming Christians.—Acts 5:13.

    Later, after Christianity had been established, we read of “great persecution” against the congregation in Jerusalem. (Acts 8:1) In fact, throughout the Roman Empire, the Christians faced adversity. Prominent men in Rome told the apostle Paul: “As regards this sect it is known to us that everywhere it is spoken against.” (Acts 28:22) Yes, Greg genuine Christians were widely opposed.

    Even today, Satan still uses the fear of man as a weapon to hinder many from becoming Christ’s genuine followers. Sincere people who are studying the Bible with opposition or ridicule in school, at work, in the neighborhood, or in social circles, may fear losing respect, friends, or material support. In some rural areas, farmers fear that neighbors might refuse to help with the harvest or to protect their livestock. Despite such fears, however, millions have resolved to trust in God and to live according to God’s Word, in imitation of Jesus Christ and he has blessed them for doing so.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother Ralph.

  71. Mohammad

    I said in the past on this blog that Jeb vs Clinton is the final round.
    I think Trump is done.
    Will Jeb step in ?
    Wow that will be a wild card if it happens….
    Time will tell


    • Greg Hunter

      Trump is not done. He made some nasty comments but Clinton is OK and she sold the Russians 20% of U.S. uranium production in the Uranium One deal? Please nasty comments vs. treason–please stop.

      • Mohammad


        Am not saying she is ok, but just imagine the impact of such release?
        He is toast.
        Women are the major voting force wether we may like that or not, and the recent bombshell is not going to sit good with them.
        He is done.

        Time Will Tell.


      • Robert G

        There were 9 other people and agencies involved with that. Also how could she pull that off herself. We are talking national defense, does it make sense that the U.S government would allow the sell off of 20% of something like that to one person. “What’s the evidence in Clinton’s favor? Even if Clinton had wanted to make sure the sale was approved, it wouldn’t have been possible for her to do it on her own. CFIUS is made up of not only the Secretary of State, but also the secretaries of Treasury, Justice, Homeland Security, Commerce, Defense, and Energy, as well as the heads of the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the Office of Science and Technology Policy”. No prove that she did what you are insinuating as of yet that is.

        • Greg Hunter

          Robert G,
          No Proof??? Yeah let’s get the FBI working on that and they will make sure there is no proof by destroying some more evidence.

    • Tin foil hat

      Why do you think Trump is done? Do you think Hillary is done after the Benghazi, email and the latest fundraising speeches fiasco?
      At this point, I will vote for Trump even if he did rape somebody. If the democrats had no problem revering murderer like Ted Kenndy and rapist like Bill Clinton, I’d give them a president they truly deserve.

  72. Mohammad


    It is getting dicy on too many fronts:

    “Report: U.S. Pacific Command chief tells troops to be ready to ‘fight tonight’…”

    It is NO GOOD no matter how you cut it or slice it:


    • Paul ...

      It is all so obvious to see … the evil neocons want to start WWIII before Trump is elected … so it will be too hard for him to stop … Russia and China will need the fortitude of Christ “to turn the other cheek” and ignore the US provocations that will greatly intensify over the next 30 days … the entire world and our civilization hangs in the balance!

  73. Frederick

    Just a confirmation that the economy is turning down(as if we really needed it) I had email contact with an old friend who runs a bath and kitchen remodelling firm in Huntington NY a wealthy area of Long Island and she tells me that her business is way lower as of late That sort of confirms what Ive heard about NYC housing market sales being way down And this is an area populated by alot of Wall Street people so you figure it out

    • Tin foil hat

      Huntington is not wealthy, it’s middle class at best. I was shopping in Port Washington NY, a wealthy area in Long Island. I saw Asians everywhere, half of the shoppers are Asians and most of them are college age. If that is not a manifestation of “Slave labor dollar recycling” or “NAFTA dollar recycling”, I don’t know what is.
      There was hardly any Asian shopper there 5 years ago. I believe foreigners/petrol or NAFTA dollar recycling are holding up the real estate market in the more affluent areas in NYC.

  74. Charles Turner

    We really have to hope Wiki leaks have something serious on Clinton. If Trump is done because of the tape, any wall street, elitist 0.1% focussed leader has to be better than someone who would lead the world blindly to war. It is increasingly looking like the good or fair options are disappearing and it is going to be bad, very bad or awful. Time to get Martin Armstrong on again. he rightly forecaster the political turmoil we are experiencing around the globe

  75. glen

    UN are about to authorize direct military intervention in Allepo.
    around feb/march 2017.

  76. NH Watcher

    Interesting how the Bushes have befriended the Clintons over the years, and now the Clintons are more than willing to take down one of them … as Billy Bush (cousin of the former President; nephew of Bush Sr.) may likely lose his job and reputation over what has now turned up on the Donald. Ridiculous. That says more about the character of the Clintons than anything. Trump in his apology on Twitter says that leaving out Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults on woman, and Hillary’s defense of them, is no longer possible. I would hope Gennifer Flowers is in the audience on Sunday night. Hypocrisy at its best.

    When is the last time a liberal has forgiven you? Even after you apologize. It is not in their vocabulary.

    • Justn Observer

      NH Watcher- he might offer up the name Cathy Obrien, and Hillary’s spiritual New Age ‘guide’ that helped her write the book, ‘IT TAKES A VILLAGE’, the one that Bill admits Hillary conjures up to invoke a connection with Eleanor Roosevelt, named Jean Houston… Some remember when Nancy Reagan was chastised for her ‘astrology’…but her never heard her channeling with spirits ! lol

  77. GV

    You should stop saying “main stream media”.
    They are the “CORPORATE media”, the propaganda arm of the government.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fair enough. Thank you.

  78. David

    Greg Hunter, I watch Every Newscast that you do! Thank God for your High Quality of Guests and your understanding of geopolitics, so the rest of us can wade through the quagmire of Lies from the mainstream media, undaunted. You are a True American!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David!

  79. Mohammad


    I heard his apology video and heard towards the end how Trump vowed to expose Bill for abusing women and how Hillary protected that…WRONG, DAMN WRONG.
    Instead he should appeal to Sander’s youth (educated) to get them to his camp by exposing the foundation, selling off the country , selling uranium to Russia, being bough out by the banks …etc.


    Do not fall big into their trap. They are setting you up for a big upset if you go RATED R.
    Go after Sanders youth and get them to your camp that will guarantee you a win.


    • Greg Hunter

      You are right about that my friend. He should stay on the big important issues.

    • Diane

      Good point Mohammed. Agree

    • Tin foil hat

      Mohammad & Grey,
      I disagree with your premise that Trump should stay clear of Rated R. If Hillary or the moderators brought up the slew remarks which Trump made in the yonder year, he should give Hillary a chance to back off. However, if she doesn’t get the message, he should then go after her disgusting women bashing behavior like Hurricane Matthew.

      Trump should apologize for the slew remarks first, then he should mention he said something deplorable 10 years ago but Bill and Hillary had done something deplorable 20 years ago. If Hillary insisted on dwelling in the past, Trump should make sure the audience hear/understand that he would much rather talk about policies in the next hour or two but he would have no problem going dirty if Hillary insisted on playing dirty politic. Trump didn’t come this far because he is a gentleman.

  80. Oxfarmer

    From the Farmer-on-the-Street…A friend drove to a town close to the water in FL and back to an interior city. He was outraged at the hype, as he saw nothing comparable to the MSM reports. Could this be a distraction from the October Surprises?

    Oxfarmers are once again very grateful for your work. Just keep strolling in those bean fields, pick up a hoe, look up at the night sky and turning year, and you’ll be fine. There’s no better place to see God the Father At Work.

  81. marie joy

    I can only hope that, if war comes, DC, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, et al go first.

    • Justn Observer

      Mary Joy,
      Until the world population understands the depth and breath of FREEMASONRY…they will never enable themselves to escape the chaos in the world… The ‘illuminates’ will remain hidden behind the eclipse of evil and darkness (chaos) while their deeds are ‘illuminated’ for all to see…. The are in all religions…societys…clubs…organizations worldwide…bound by their common oaths…to effect a NWO so they …like one coming out of a closet…finally hope to declare their preeminence over the sheeple they wish to rule over…as inspired by Lucifer ideology… One must cast off their rebukes of ‘conspiracy theory’…and allow oneself to see into thru the fog… Wolves in sheep clothing has been not been made emblematic nor more the the term …”double crossed” . Once people can even just get passed the thought that …’it can’t happen here’ …as the first chain cast off… and that TV programming is but one more… and realize skepticism is but part of the gift of free will give to all mankind…a useful tool even as a basic defense of all animals to keep oneself free…it must be applied if one is to be successful…
      The UN & Occult Agenda:

  82. Mohammad

    Trump’s last chance is the 2d debate.
    Pence gracefully addressed his mishap and foolish thing he did (who is without sins).

    Trump has a power house VP.
    He won big against the clown Kaine.
    Pence said in his tweet he will pray for Trumps family. Good. Prayers work.

    Trump HAS TO grill this witch on REAL issues.
    Apologize to Americans from heart and have a real remorse and carry on.

    And please Greg have a special edition today . put your heart in it and TALK DIRECTLY TO TRUMP THROUGH YOUR SITE.

    What comes out of the heart gets directly to the heart.


  83. vincent_g

    At the slightest little drop of a pin we see the republicans jump ship.

    I find this strange that the democrats remain committed to their candidate no matter what bad news comes out about him or her!

    Yet the republicans seem to have one foot out the door at the slightest bad news that pops up.

    What they don’t understand is no one cares what they think anymore.
    The people have picked Trump and that is the end of the story.

    So my viewpoint is to just tell these republicans, that can’t seem to back the candidate that we the people have chosen, “Please close the door on your way out”!!

  84. DLC

    Nothing changes, just different invaders.

    Kinda makes you forget all about some man’s potty mouth.

    Maybe we could solve it all by handing over Kerry and Obama (along with all the blood thirsty Amazons — Hillary, Samantha, etc.) directly to this crowd.

  85. MCasey

    Billy Bush, Trump’s “partner in crime” in the latest hot mic fiasco is President George H.W. Bush’s nephew and first cousin to President George W. Bush and Trump’s former Presidential candidate challenger, Governor Jeb Bush.

    Jeb Bush has condemned Trump’s “reprehensible comments”, but has “no comment” about his cousin, Billy. There’s obviously a double standard here.

    Billy had a wife and 3 daughters at the time he pawed Ms. Zucker, but stated, “I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very sorry”.

    From what I heard on the video, Billy Bush, didn’t just simply “play along”, but clearly encouraged Trump to behave inappropriately with the “Days of Our Lives” actress Arianne Zucker, which Trump fended off despite all of his “locker room” smack talk just moments before.

    Trump does not owe me or the American people an apology for what he said. It was not said to me or about me. And he did not represent the American people at the time he said it.

    However, what Trump said does show a lack of good character in this area; but nothing Trump has said is as bad as what Hillary has done or will do if elected president. (And do we really want Billy “Boy” Clinton back in the White House with his cigars.)

    Truthfully, I would not be surprised if it were the Bushes who made sure this video was released.


  86. DLC


    Compare this to the drumbeat we’ve been hearing for the past decades. Libs have succeeded in gutting families, man/woman normalcy roles, destroying love of country.

    Looks like we’re about to see who has the moxie, the cohesion, the morale and will to survive.

  87. George Posnak

    After watching

    I now see why some prefer Hillary

  88. John Doe

    Hillary Clinton says “Kremlin has weaponized WikiLeaks” as she pushes war agenda

    Latest, News, Sections
    Alex Christoforou 7 hours Ago

    Out of thin air Hillary created a “Russian hacker” narrative, much like Bush created the WMD narrative.

    Trump apologizes for his “locker room” talk. Hillary blames Russia for her Wall Street leaks

    The difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is exposed in a double October surprise leak.

    Latest, Our Picks, Video
    Alex Christoforou 8 hours ago

  89. 8Ball

    TMR 155 : Dr. Paul Craig Roberts : On Syria & Washington’s Psychopathic WWIII Gamble

    Published on Saturday, 01 October 2016 15:48

    PaulCraigRoberts”People say, ‘Oh the Cold War’s started again.’ You hear this constantly from pundits. I wish the Cold War would come back, because the Cold War was very carefully managed; tensions were reduced. We’ve got the opposite of a Cold War; we’ve got tensions increased beyond any level they ever existed before.”—PCR
    We welcome once again Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary to the Treasury for Economic Policy, who joins us to discuss the increasingly dangerous geopolitical tensions focused upon Syria. Dr. Roberts argues that unless the European peoples wake up and refuse to co-operate with Washington’s insane neocon policy of “world hegemony”—a co-operation that helps facilitate Washington’s illegal wars around the globe—the result will almost inevitably be a thermonuclear WWIII: a war that can have no winners.

  90. Charles Turner

    If Trump wants to leave a legacy in world history, tonight he will use the debate to:
    Expose the Feds interest policy for the damage it is doing to America
    Expose the criminal links between Wall street and government
    Expose Americas foreign policy madness and desire for war with Putin as crazy.
    Use the Clinton foundation as an example of corruption at the top.
    Question why there is a two tier justice system. One of the elite and one for the common man.
    Lay out what is going to happen to America and the world if this path continues.
    If he cares about America and not just about Trump he has the opportunity to do this to one of the biggest TV audiences worldwide and write history before it happens. It may not get him elected, but when the wheels come of, people will remember and demand change Getting this message to a mass audience is almost as important as being elected president. It is not just about the next 4 years, it is also about the next 50.

  91. wondrouscat

    I am a woman. I will vote for Trump. We’ve come too far to throw away an opportunity to derail the war-loving, chaos/social disorder creating NWO and the elites over a sexist, male mind that for the most part says what we need to have half a chance to not become complete slaves to the elites. My self-indulgent indignation is not a license to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Many, many lives are at stake here.

  92. Henri Thibodeau

    Hi Greg,
    You are one of the most balanced and impartial commentators I rely upon in the alt. media – and you back everything you say. I thank God for having called you out to do this, and trust your are under His veil of protection 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Henri!!

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