Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.9.11

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

There was a big meeting in Europe this week to try and find a solution to the sovereign debt crisis.  The fate of the European Union hangs in the balance.  French President Nicolas Sarkozy said, “Never has the risk of disintegration been greater.”  He was also quoted saying there could be an “explosion” if a solution is not found in the next few weeks.  Former MF Global chief testified in front of Congress and says he has no idea where up to $3 billion of segregated client money is after more than a month after the brokerage declared bankruptcy.  S & P threatened a credit ratings cut of 15 EU nations if the debt crisis is not fixed soon.  War drums are beating louder in the Middle East.

Iran says it shot down a U.S. spy drone and fears an attack for its nuclear program it claims is for peaceful purposes.  And, did you hear Presidential candidate Ron Paul is beating all his Republican rivals with more than 65% of the votes in a new poll?–Of course not!   According to U.S. News and World Report, Paul has nearly twice as many votes as the entire field combined!  This is not a hot story for the mainstream media as it continues to ignore Congressman Paul.  All these stories and much more from Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. UncleJoe

    “According to U.S. News and World Report, Paul has nearly twice as many votes as the entire field combined!”

    Greg, I went to USNWR and couldn’t find this in any recent article. Would you consider pointing me in the right direction. I would like to spread this info around. Thank You.

  2. Art Barnes

    Greg, the MSM won’t give Mr. Paul a soundbite, once again America’s MSM show itself as being what they have become, an English speaking Pravda.

    Our modern day America is still full of good hard working citizens who simply are just lead by leaders who put their personal goals and their politics above all else. Our leaders know the economic machine of America is broke and is not going to be fixed anytime soon. Was is coming and the citizens of this great country is being left in the dark by our leaders and the MSM. I believe that is why both parties did not fix the debt ceiling in August or November as promised, they know they are going to have to spend like crazy to destabilize Iran, control China, and take the hard hit of skyrocketing oil prices.

    In all of these darkened times I sense America is still out there, beneath the Sports & electronics, beneath the corruption at every level of government, waiting for a leader to come forth to direct us out of this pit. Americans are herd animals and want to believe but need leadership. Someone will come along that the MSM cannot pretend doesn’t exist in their headlines and we will climb out of the hole we are in and emerge great again, I’m sure of it as the history of humanity has been on the side of freedom for the average man, no government or its mouthpiece media can stop it only slow it up. In the meantime we wait asking God to continue to Bless America.

  3. M SMITH

    I wish a very Merry Christmas to you & your family & friends. I will post some more great contents to add to your great work you laid out with no strings attached! May GOD Bless all that you do! Peace Out.-.–.

    • Greg

      Thank you M Smith for the kind words and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  4. Steve

    “Indefinite Detention Bill,” Greg you didn’t mention it. THAT is big news, sorry you missed it.

    • Greg

      I wrote such a post about the indefinite detention bill and there were so many comments I just decided to cover some of the other crazy news out there. It is a big story and I am not ignoring it. Thank you for pointing this out.

      • rrrobert

        that’s a very scary bill…sitting at the president’s table as of now…george carlin did a skit on the bill of rights, check it out

  5. deadmanlives

    Hey Greg, always appreciate your work. I can’t find the Ron Paul poll story on the USNews website. Can you supply a link so I can get more info? Thanks much.

  6. MasterLuke

    Go Paul!

  7. Roderick Pagnossin

    One would think with all this not so good news the public would be hovering around each other concerned about tomorrow. I guess the worlds condition does not capture Americans attention span. Plus did you hear Kardashian is pregnant?

    My view of course is just the opposite and find it refreshing that you bring us the important issues on a timely basis Greg.

    I am so glad to hear about Ron Paul and his honest rise to the top.

    That man has never flip flopped.. he does what he say’s he will do. He is the only candidate that understands how to restore America’s economy. Ron Paul loves this country. I heard Bob Chapman speak recently on a talk show and in his words Ron Paul is America’s only hope. He said if we care about life and our children living we “have to” elect Ron Paul.

    • Greg

      Roderick Pagnossin
      Thank you for your comment and support.

  8. jay

    i need the artical. you said ron paul beats the other republicans by 65%. iv been looking on world news reports,and cant find it.

  9. jay

    greg sorry for posting. i found it.

  10. jay

    greg. your the only one other then u.s.news and world reports that is reporting the news about ron pauls 65% poll. that is just amazzzzing.
    thats big big news. not even on youtube..your the only one iv found.
    this tells me id better write in my vote.

  11. Empire

    Here ya go Greg! I figured this is some news you would want to see!


    • Greg

      The Massachusetts AG–love her!! Thank you. This should have been big news on the MSM but it’s not. WHY??? I worked for the networks and I know a big national story when I see one. This is why the MSM is becoming irrelevant. Thank you for the link that everybody should watch. The big banks did not rip of just the folks in Massachusetts.They did the same dirty deeds everywhere. Iowa AG Tom Miller should hang his head in shame!!!!!! He is a disgrace to the legal profession and has ignored the laws of Iowa and the United States of America. He was trying to broker a deal to allow the banks off the hook for their crimes and a fee of $25 billion. DISCGRACE!!!!!

  12. fred

    I think that Ron Paul link is goofy- You can’t find this poll from the US News site itself. Please provide verification.

  13. rrrobert

    I read that there’s 3 us carriers in the region…no infor on the MSM…can you confirm that, thxs

    • Greg

      I cannot. If we are approaching a war footing there will be no way to confirm. That would out our folks in danger. Things are funky, especially since the downing of our spy drone in Iran last week.

  14. Jan

    So, we sort of kind of got a Christmas kick and EU agreement of sorts. Mrs. Merkel is going to twist arms and make promises she can’t deliver to get EU countries to accept the terms and remain in the good graces of Brussels and allow Germany to dictate their budgets & austerity measures to stabalize their countries.

    Gosh, that sounds wonderful -for the government elites. They can agree to anything they want, but they will never change the culture. They can write all the rules they want, the trick will be enforcing them when the citizens expected to pay for the bailouts choose not not participate in the scheme.

    This will be a short lived solution.

    • Greg

      I agree, Thank you for weighing in.

  15. Sean

    Regarding a potential war footing, watch Syria closely. Find the USS Mount Whitney – the NATO flag ship and command & control platform – and you’ll have a good indicator of when/where things are heading. She was just recently refit in Croatia and is ready to rock’n’roll. She’ll be involved. Especially with Turkish engagement on the ground and NATO/Libyan involvement for supplies and foreign fighters that are being shipped in to force a regime change in Damascus.
    Also note that Pakistan is beginning to form up a stronger policy against US military activity inside Pakistan. This may indicate strong external support – or warnings. I suspect that both China and Russia are reminding Pakistani leadership that they may be in the Central Command theater of ops for today, but by choosing the wrong side now they’ll be signing up for a world of hurt when its time for a joint Sino-Russo effort (possibly an SCO action) to open a supply line into Iran.
    Things are moving very quickly and the US mainstream media is not painting any kind of picture.for.the American people of.what is.coming as sides are quickly.lining up

    • Greg

      Thank you for the excellent analysis Sean!

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