Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.28.13

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Russia is still holding NSA leaker Edward Snowden.  This is a major embarrassment to the Obama Administration on many levels.  On the first level, why couldn’t Snowden come forward to let America know about this spy program?  Many say this kind of spying has been known for years.  Before the whole Snowden story broke, UMKC Professor William Black said on USAWatchdog.com six weeks ago, “This administration, very early on, became an enemy of disclosure.  It hates whistleblowers with a passion.”  How sad is it that China and Russia are protecting a whistleblower?  The NSA says Snowden has harmed the U.S.  Really?  How about money laundering for countries on the State Department terror list?  Big banks have been paying fines and nothing else for doing just that.  Isn’t laundering money for Iran, who funds Hezbollah, hurting America?  How about the U.S. government arming al-Qaeda in Syria? 

The Federal Reserve was taking great pains to back-pedal on what Fed Chief Bernanke hinted at last week–slowing down the money printing.  The Fed calls this “tapering.”  Many top Fed officials were on record this week saying the markets basically got it wrong and misinterpreted what Mr. Bernanke said.  I say the market got it right, and the 1,000 point drop on the Dow was just a test run.  Nothing is fixed in the economy.  When rates rise, the markets will crack.  Banking expert Meredith Whitney said this week she is worried about the effect of rising rates on the municipal bond market.  Investing expert Jim Rickards says the Fed is going to have to increase the money printing, and that is going to send gold prices back up.  Why?  Because the economy stinks, and the Fed knows it can’t pull back or the whole thing comes crashing down. 

The Senate passed an immigration bill by a wide margin.   The “No” votes say it does not fix border security.  It will never pass the House of Representatives unless it does.

 The Supreme Court handed down rulings on gay marriage and voting rights.  The court basically cleared the way for gay marriage by reversing the Defense of Marriage Act and struck down a provision in the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  I think the court got them both right. 

Finally, remember the big universal settlement for what the mainstream media called “Robo-Signing” in the mortgage debacle?  Well, “Robo-Signing” was really forgery and perjury and fraud on the court.  Big banks illegally foreclosed on millions of houses and were going to pay homeowners back billions as part of the settlement.  You know what the big banks paid most of the people they ripped off?  $300, that’s it.  Now, that’s what I call government of the bankers by the bankers and for the bankers.  

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis on these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Jim H

    Happy Friday Greg

    Good wrap up! Guess who bought all seventeen homes foreclosed on in our neighborhood? Banks, probably with bailout money. I can only repeat over and over that un-named Overlords want digits and as few currencies as possible and they will have them. This is why the banks were bailed out all over the western world. They will be the tool of the new world order. Gold is easily hidden once in place and they don’t like that. We have been hearing that gold would explode tomorrow for a couple of years now but eventually one has to face what is and not what should be. The World Bank, IMF and their children will stay and the world will accept their terms. Hope I’m wrong but facts so far say otherwise. Have a great weekend full of love and fun because they hate that too.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jim H for the real world reporting.


    Thanks Greg. Great as always.

    • Greg

      Thank you Scott and Eric!

  3. Robert

    I have been a huge fan of your website and have thoroughly enjoyed your no-holds barred reporting for several years. That will continue for me. Today, your reporting crossed a line. You have in the past reported facts as facts. Often times you would follow up with your opinion, which is great. You have always made the distinction between facts and opinion very clear. Today was different. You have reported opinions as facts.
    I am referring to your comment that gays are born gay and their behavior is a result of birth and not of choice. Please don’t write me off as a gay-hater or homophobe. I am not making a judgment call here. I have several gay friends and have a wonderful relationship with them. But I believe I could make just as many compelling arguments for homosexuality being a choice in behavior and not something genetically predetermined at birth. I also know two men who were active homosexuals and now are in monogamous, heterosexual relationships. It seems much more likely to me that they chose to change their behavior rather than modify their genetic code.
    Anyway, that’s the way I see. Thanks for listening.


    • Greg

      You speech and opinion are protected under the Constitution. I don’t like what the KKK says, but they have a Constitutional right to say it. (What you are saying is not anything like that, I am just making a point in the extreme.) This is a pure Constitutional issue for me. One of the basic principles of the Constitution is “Equal protection under the law.” Gays cannot be more equal or less equal than anyone else. As I always say, “Good men can disagree.” Thank you for your comment. You will not be blocked or written off here.

      • Chip

        Good reply Greg. I like the way you handle disagreement. Thoughtful and mature.

      • Brandon

        Thanks for the great site and service you do. I have to say I agree with Robert above about homosexuals being born that way or not, however I believe that when it comes to gay marriage, we are arguing about the wrong issue. I myself don’t believe that the government has the right to tell anyone whether or not they can get married. Marriage for the most part but not exclusively is a religious institution. When the government decided it was something to regulate it became a secularized institution and as such demeaned the value of it. We really should have the freedom to do what we want as long as it doesn’t harm someone else. If you want to marry someone from the opposite sex, the same sex, or marry a tree as glenn beck puts it, you should have the right to do so. This is why so many people came to this country so long ago, so they could live as they saw fit. I hate the fact that we even argue about this as it gives the political elites something to distract the masses with as they are robbed blind by the banks. Sorry for the long rant, just my two cents worth. Thanks again for the great site.

        • Greg

          Thank you for weighing in Brandon.

        • Tad

          Our creator, MADE US ALL FREE MORAL AGENTS, so were free to do as we please. Just remember he doesn’t want us hurting ourselves or others, even when we don’t think it so (no excuses-better have a good reason), thats why he gave us a conscience and his word, “bible and son”. He’s going to have to straighten out this mess we got going on down here, he better hurry up or were all toast, so all bets are off. Never fear though, theres going to be a Great Day! YouTube> (Paul Whiteman Bing Crosby- Great day (1929)), When yer down an out, lift up yer head an shout, there’s gonna be ah great day. Angels in the sky, (meteors&rites & UFO’s), promise that by an by theres gonna be a great day. Gabriel will warn you, some early morn., you will here his horn, ah ruettie tottin. It’s not far away, hold up yer hands and say there will be a great day! PS.> ARM A GETTIN OUTA HERE!!!

      • jc davis

        Greg and Robert. If I may say your both right. As one that has seen a lot of both the gay, and straight world. I say. For most it is a choice. For some its just the chemicals they were born with. All people are born with both male, and female hormone’s. Development plays a big part in what we become.
        Now for the marriage issue. Marriage is, and always will be given by God not man. Regardless to what laws are passed, Love/God will always be the final word over who will be married.
        Greg thanks for showing your on fire side. Too many times intellect over rides emotion, and conviction.

  4. george

    Who would have thought that theft by fraud and money laundering would be the new business model for some banks.

    • Greg

      Bingo George!!
      Market fundamentals are now guessing the manipulation and fraud.

  5. george

    Even the Vatican is laundering money!!??!!


    A Vatican official has been arrested by Italian police for allegedly trying to illegally bring 20 million euros ($26 million) in cash into the country from Switzerland with a private jet.

    • Greg

      OMG. What’s next?

  6. Bert

    These so called robo signed foreclosures were of homes that were of dead beats. These dead beat American citizens refused to live up to their contractual obligations. The banks were 100% in the right. The citizens that got foreclosed upon should be banned from obtaining any kind of loan from now on. Just because you give a mortgage to bank A, and they sell it to bank B, and so on until bank Z owns it, does not not excuse the “homeowner” from default. These foreclosures were the reason why the banks got bailed out, the American dead beat citizen caused it, not the banks. Otherwise, good work and nice web site, even though you also have the “gold to the moon”/hyperinflation collapse thing also wrong. Think worldwide credit-income-hyper-deflation depression. There will be little or no buyers for your gold, nothing but desperate sellers of gold to feed their kids. But, good luck to you and your shiny metals.

    • Greg

      You are wrong on the facts and you are wrong on the law. The banks 100% caused the problem, and broke the law to try to recover their money. You must be a banker.

    • Liquid Motion

      How did the so called “dead beats” obtain a mortgage in the first instance?
      I would suggest that there has been no separation between low middle and upper classes when it comes to foreclosures. This is nothing more than a corrupt scheme to unwind a bubble whilst concurrently ensuring that collateral is retained.
      Your point is worthless has no merit or integrity and fully supports the central planner’s mantra and propaganda. You are clearly siding with the banksters / clueless OR both.

    • Viola

      >>>American citizens refused to live up to their contractual obligations.

      Read the fine print.

      It say’s if the homeowner defaults on mortgage payments the bank has the right to seize the asset. Just because the Banksters no longer viewed properties as assets due to negative equity in said home(s) is their problem, not the homeowner(s).

  7. BOB D

    Snowden is a agent , being a agent means he pick a side. The battle in DC is for control of information and who will say what is true and what is not.
    Snowden side has the upper hand because, leaking the truth is a WMD.
    Saying Snowden is a embarrassment for Obama,maybe just part of the show. We outsiders have very little true information to go on.
    As far as we know Putin and Obama could be planning the out come in Syria as the death blow of the NWO.
    The simple truth, the whole world knows 9-11 was some kind of inside job. This being a fact, puts the main battle right smack in the middle of DC.
    One side is using leaks the other side is using scandals. PEACE

    • Greg

      Bob D,
      It is looking very nasty and “We the people” are caught in the middle as pawns. Thank you for your comment.

  8. jerry

    Greg thanks for another great week of reporting.
    A few months ago I remember hearing from someone (either Gerald Celente, or Mark Faber) that gold prices would tank just prior to the economic collapse. At the time gold was at an all time high so it didn’t make much sense to me why that would happen? What I didn’t understand was how much the Feds are trying to manipulate the market in order avoid the collapse of the dollar. It would seem this strategy can only work for a short while until the natural market forces kick back in. And then what? I think you are right Greg in your buy and hold strategy with gold. I sure wouldn’t want to be holding any paper when the Feds are done playing with their bag of tricks.

    • Greg

      Gold in today’s market is for insurance and protection against calamity. I say forget about price, it’s all about possession.

  9. george

    Last time I looked, we were a nation of laws. A bank has to produce the promissory note to foreclose. Perjury is a crime and robo signing sounds like they are rubber stamping paperwork while in reality, they are committing fraud by theft. The banks, house appraisers and others appear to have colluded to give loans to people that would not be approved for an apartment lease. In doing so, the banks misrepresented the quality of their loan portfolio.

    Morsi just opened fire on demonstrators in Alexandria, Egypt.

  10. jerry

    One last comment about the Banks. I do Short Sales for a living. Most people don’t know some Banks get paid 80% of the original loan on the back end by the Federal Government to accept a Short Sale. We usually find buyers who purchase the homes about 40% below market value, so the Banks are still netting about a 40% profit. However the vast majority of homes that are foreclosed on wind up going to Freddy Mack or Fanny Mae with the Federal Government, because there simply is not enough buyers to go around. Bottom line, the Banks never loose. The taxpayers are always there to bail them out. At least for now.

    • Greg

      Very good info!! Thank you for posting it here.

  11. Anne Elliott

    Greg – did you see what happened to this guy who wrote against the big banks in chalk on the sidewalk?


    Gee… Not so sure the free speech thing is still cherished all that well…

    Keep fighting the good fight, anyway, and stay safe my friend!

    • Greg

      I posted this link under “Hunter’s Top Stories” as well. Thank you!

  12. Audre Peterson

    Yes yes yes America definitely needs a fence on the Southern border!

  13. Chuck Allen

    Hi Greg,

    It is a sad commentary that an American citizen has to be protected from our own government. Right or wrong, and I am in favor of Snowden being right, Russia being a hero is all wrong. America looses once again!

    What is really hurting America is the terrorist group known as CONGRESS! America looses once again!

    How is it constitutional, for the last 100 years, to have a single “un-elected” person controlling the financial security of America? That is a “constitutional responsibility” allocated to congress! Once again congress abdicated another responsibility. America looses once again!

    The Senate has passed an appeasement bill labeled as immigration reform. However, as soon as the Republican controlled House espouses their BIG concern, for the appropriate public consumption period; they will pass it. America looses once again!

    The Supreme What? I am in favor of changing the term of office for members of the Supreme Court to a maximum of 6 years. Additionally, they should be elected by “We the People” instead of politically appointed by a President. They have become “makers of law” instead of constitutional interpreters of the law. America looses once again!

    In light of all these dark shadows and uncertainty, “We the People” can make “A Real Change” if we want to….but it will not be easy. Our founding fathers gave up their reputations, fortunes, their lives and the lives of their families, to form the greatest country in the history of the world. America is a driving force for good but it is being corrupted from within.

    As usual, Greg thanks for the great job of informing us about the real issues of the day. Have a Great Weekend.


    • Greg

      Thank you Chuck for weighing in here.

  14. Daniel Vigario

    Hi Greg

    I have emailed you before about a year ago regarding what is going on in the world versus biblical eschatology. I listen to all your news broadcasts, donate to your site and support all your views and the views of those you interview. You all have it spot on.

    However one thing I really disagree following your last weekly news rap up is your comments on gay marriage. I do not for one second believe we are born gay. If you read the Word of God and you are a born again Christian you will understand that the Lord clearly say homosexuality is against my laws and is SIN.

    I believe that Gods judgement is on America and the majority of this world and we are heading straight for the Great Tribulation. Gay marriage is completely against Gods Word. America was founded on Gods Word and hence if one chooses to disregard His Word and choose not to come under His mighty hand in obedience, YOU WILL BE JUDGED.

    Americans and the rest of the world need to repent and give their lives to Jesus before it is too late.

    All the best


    • Greg

      I am looking at the gay marriage question with only the Constitution in mind. I myself am not gay, but this is what the Constitution says about “equal protection under the law.” I am also Christian, so this is a though issue for me as well. Thank you for your support and for your comment. As I always say, “Good men can disagree.”

  15. MAL

    Greg did you notice how many of our courageous members of congress who voted for the DoMA cheered the court for striking it down? Whether the court is declaring escaped slaves property to be returned, upholding segregation, striking down segregation, ordering new discrimination, etc. it seems that their primary function is to do what our incompetent congress lacks the courage to do and frequently nullify the constitution in the process.

  16. M.Smith

    Greg, you have a very great gift, if only congress & the rest all of all the gov would be as bold!

    Here we go again, M. Armstrong has been telling his loyal readers( now who are they, the banksters, shorts sellers or is he playing both sides for his own gain or being told what to say?) I don’t care, it seems he has to much inside info to just relying on a computer to forecast the future! Jail time seems to do strange to people, you never know who they will be siding with when your freedom & life is at stake! No computer can tell the future, if they could the nuke plants in Japan would not lay in ruins & spreading deadly nuke waste world wide 24/7/365 with no end in sight, what we have is a government way out of control & those who run it, that’s it, just facts, period.

    What you do is more important than all the MSM combined & I thank you & all who help you! May GOD Bless You & your Family.

    • Greg

      Thank you M. Smith for your blessings and support.

  17. george

    Any wonder why we have no money or respect as a nation?

    The U.S. government is about to spend more than $771 million on military aircraft that the Afghan people “lack the capacity to operate,” according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

  18. Doug

    Well there it is. Somehow Bert, and the people who think like Bert, have somewhere along the line gone stupid. To miss what the overall game is with Washington, big banks and wall street, will leave them wandering naked in the big bright moon light. Easy targets and easily manipulated. I guess we will simply watch them from the high ground.
    As always, great work Greg.

  19. Dan


    I love your reporting, your equanimity in replying to comments and your overall courage and clearness of thought. God bless you sir!

    • Greg

      Wow Dan!,
      That is the nicest thing I’ve been told in awhile! Thank you.

  20. Troy

    Aloha Greg Thank You for the news rap up!

    Because Snowden has info of interest to these counties. It’s is a shame, whistle blowers will not receive justice.


    Hezbollah needs money laundering as mush as Al CIA Dah and drug cartels. Don’t discriminate ;)!

    The economy is a house of cards!

    • Greg

      Nice humor “Al CIA Dah.” Yes, the economy is “a house of cards.”

  21. Pierrot

    These polititians are self-serving maniacs. It has not changed and will not. Just look at what they did to Bobby Fisher. Everything was fine when he won against Spasky right smack in the middle of the cold war against the USSR. He was a national hero. When he played a rematch, for fun, essentially, in the crumbled Yugoslavia, he was hunted down by George H. W. Bush and he had to expatriate. That’s what the USSA does to it’s heros when they step out of line.

  22. Troy

    Reports in Der Spiegel that US agencies bugged European council building ‘reminiscent of cold war’, says German minister: http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/key-us-eu-trade-pact-under-threat-after-more-nsa-spying?xg_source=activity

  23. Antonio


    I was born gay! Yes, BORN gay. I had as much sexual choice when I was born as your average hetero-sexual.
    I live in a gay community that is considered one of the largest in North America, and I can tell you, it is mostly chemical. The ignorance on this topic never stops surprising me.
    I am an avid fan of your site, and I stack! Fiat currencies have always failed, and this one will to.
    Keep reporting, because we need you and people like you.

    • Greg

      Thank you Antonio!

  24. Rod Cloutier

    Bush and his deputies have been CONVICTED FOR WAR CRIMES:


    (Big news)

  25. Charles H.

    Hey, Greg,

    By agreeing to the idea that “Gays were born that way” – you subscribe to the camp of Science: which professes that there is NO God. Yet in the same space, where you make replies you state that your are Christian, and this should put you into God’s camp. I anticipate that you will resist such categorization or the issue of “fence-sitting” – but no matter how you see it: this IS your position.
    Homosexuals have clamored for acceptance; and Science and government have proportioned them a great deal in the concept of legitimization: yet this is contrary to history, world population, Natural Law, and common sense. And by supporting the idea they were born that way – many seeming contradictions and complex difficulties arise for Bible apologists; and this generally does not serve the cause of Christ. Not that we cannot answer the issues – but with greater controversy, there is greater marginalization.
    God has not, and does not change: and His position against homosexuality stands. In terms of eternity we are not doing homosexuals justice to give them the idea that somehow they’re alright – because they are not going to be.
    I understand the idea of “equal protection before the Law” – but Divine Law is higher than Man’s. And though technically they deserve that right: Higher Authority – God’s – precludes or preempts and invalidates any support or attempt to legitimatize homosexuality: even by Law. Not all laws are good. Mike Huckabee put out a very good video on Fox about SCOTUS and DOMA.
    Despite your very best intentions, Greg – if you want to believe Man over God – that’s your perfect right. But if you are going to name the name of Christ – I suggest you believe God over man. God the Holy Spirit is symbolized by oil; Sinful man is symbolized by water. They both co-exist: but they cannot mix. Bob Dylan had it straight – “it may be the devil, or it may be the Lord: but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.” I say – choose ye this day who ye will serve… Joshua 24: 14,15. The issue is the same: only the time has changed.

    very respectfully yours , C. H.

    • Greg

      Charles H.
      I believe in God. I also believe in the Constitution and it provides “equal protection under the law.” It is not up to me to judge anyone.

    • Greg

      I understand how you feel and you make some valid points. I believe in God and Christ. I also believe in the U.S. Constitution, and that affords us all “Equal protection under the law.” I don’t agree with the KKK on anything but I approve their Constitutional right to talk all the hate they want. God will be the judge of all and he needs no help from me. Thank you for adding your perspective.

      • Charles H.


        Thank you, and I really mean thank you for both your replies. Many would attest that they think the world of you; and I cannot improve on that by my agreeing. In fact, I consider it a honor to post on your site. I can tell you have given good consideration to my post, and I am flattered. I won’t add anything more, or revisit issues. Take care my good friend.


        • Greg

          Charles H.,
          I love posting well thought out opposing points. It is the way I learn, understand and gain perspective. Thank you and please don’t stop even if we disagree. Total perspective from all angles is very important.

    • Angie

      Great points Charles.

      Greg why do you keep regenerating that you do not support the KKK with reference to homosexuality? Anyway does this really have much to do with the economics of the day, I think not. Your blog and you thoughts are respected here and appreciated but the implication to the KKK is over the top.
      I say this with all due respect towards you and all who discuss here.

      • Greg

        Point taken. That was a Constitutional reference and nothing more.

    • george

      You wrote, “By agreeing to the idea that “Gays were born that way” – you subscribe to the camp of Science: which professes that there is NO God.”
      I am in the science camp and must have missed the memo that there is not God. I marvel at the order and logic that God created when he spoke the universe into existence.
      I do not know if all or any gays are born that way but anyone who took science in high school (even in the USA where education is political inculcation)understands that a lot gets transferred from parents thru DNA. You have children born without legs…is it so big a stretch to think that some could be born this way?

  26. Antonio

    Charles H.

    Everything you just wrote, does not change the “fact” that I was born gay. I was raised Roman Catholic, was an alter boy, and hold a degree in theology. I also believe in God and that he created everything, including me… please let that sink into your head. Its people like you who “judge” and think that God gave you the given right to do so. My sexual orientation is not the norm, but, it is normal for me. How this affects you and other people is up to you and other people.. Seems like it threatens your faith which means your faith is not on strong footing to begin with. I suggest you actually get into the game and start spending less time judging, using the good book to your personal advantage and contributing to this thing we call the human race and help out!. Just in case, I spend a considerable amount of time in poor countries around the world actually getting my hands dirty. I strongly believe in the Constitution and Equal protection under the law. All human suffering is due, to some degree or another.. to the inequality that exist between humans. The problem is not resources, but, distribution. Greed! Please get off your arm chair.

  27. RJ

    RE: gay rights. They already are doing what they do, this is about forwarding their agenda. The same “rights” could and will be demanded by pedophiles, animal “lovers”, (google german animal brothels), polygamous marriage “rights” with equal constitutional protection.
    Btw, moral or immoral “rights’ are just as valid as the ones covering lying and stealing, it is a persons choice and everyone is born that way too.
    We have been under a full bore hollow-point attack on morality and the cultural traditions we inherited from our forefathers who were Christian.. It worked for 200 years..

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