WNW 161: Ebola Update, War on ISIS and Obama Criticism

WNW 161: Ebola Update, War on ISIS and Obama CriticismBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

It’s all Ebola all the time.  The Obama Administration got this wrong from the beginning.  It told us there was very little chance of a case getting to the U.S.–wrong!  Then they told us there was little chance of it becoming an epidemic–again, wrong!  If that was the case, the head of Health and Human Services would not be saying there may be other Ebola cases in the U.S.  Also, the head of the CDC would not be comparing Ebola to the AIDS crisis.  This is a big problem folks, and the Obama Administration is getting it wrong–again.  The IMF says the crisis will cost more than $30 billion to fight.  Many health professionals say there should be a travel ban to and from West African countries.  In Sierra Leon alone, it is reported there are five new Ebola infections per hour.  Of course, there can be exceptions for medical personnel fighting the problem, but this is the type of protocol that can contain the outbreak.  Senator David Vitter from Louisiana said the new Ebola health screening in five big airports is “laughable.”  Not having an immediate West Africa travel ban seems too stupid to be stupid to me.

The war with ISIS is going pretty well, if you are in the ISIS army that is growing by more than 3,000 fighters per month.  The bombing campaign is weak, at best, and now ISIS is looking like it will take the border town of Kobani despite the 14 reported airstrikes by the U.S.  Yes, you heard right, just 14 reported air strikes, and that just isn’t doing much to stop the terror army of ISIS.  It appears to me that President Obama is not serious, and he is doing exactly what he said he would do and that is to “manage” the situation.  Who knows what he is thinking, but he continues with a plan that even his own generals in the Pentagon say isn’t working, and remember, this army is growing by thousands each and every month.

This brings me to my next observation and that is top Democrats are throwing President Obama under the bus.  Top Democrat and former Defense Secretary and head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, is out with a new book, and it is very critical of President Obama’s policies in the Middle East.   He also said he told the President the night of the Benghazi terror attack that it was “terrorists,” not protesters.  Add to the list Former President Bill Clinton and former President Jimmy Carter, who also had negative things to say about Obama’s policies, and you have unprecedented criticism of a Democratic President from Democrats!!!  Also, with the mid-term elections coming up, almost every Democratic candidate is giving slogans saying things like they will “stand up to President Obama.”  What?  Stand up to the head of the party and the policies Democrats pushed and voted for such as Obama Care?  Am I hearing this right?  I don’t think the head of either party has been trashed like this before—until now.  This smacks of desperation, and I think the election will show big victories for Republicans, and it won’t even be close in many so-called “close” races.

Finally, how many times have you heard we are in a “recovery”?   Every week, the main stream media is cramming the phony good news down our throats.  Oh, it’s a recovery for Wall Street, but not a recovery for Main Street.  Now, they want you to think that the debt problems of the U.S. are getting better when just the opposite is the truth.  Look at this headline from an AP story in the local newspaper, “U.S. Budget Deficit Falls to $486 Billion.”   The story says, last year, the budget deficit was “$680 billion.”  What’s the real story?  According to folks like John Williams, the real total deficit was “$6.8 trillion.”  Yes, I’ll say it again, $6.8 trillion.  David Stockman, the former White House Budget Director, says the U.S. needs to roll over around $8 trillion in debt.  How long can we keep acquiring debt and commitments that we NEVER intend to pay back?  Who know, but this is not going to end well for most Americans.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. allen ols


    lol, very funny, “er, ah, well both parties take turns ripping us off”, sorta, like being raped first by a democrat, then by a republican. United states gov. gang rape division, ie congress, then POTUS and tranney.

    • allen ols

      also…. I call attention to a portion of Paul C. Roberts recent post.

      A top NSA official, William Binney, told us years ago about the illegal and unconstitutional NSA spying, but nothing was done about it. Edward Snowden told us again, and the response was to label him a Russian or Chinese spy. Congress has not conducted a meaningful investigation. No heads have rolled. The presstitute media attacks Snowden, not the NSA. And so on.

      Although I cannot answer the questions, I can draw important conclusions from the fact that so many are asking them. It is clear as day that the US government has lost credibility among large segments of the American population as well as abroad. Increasingly, Americans do not believe their government or the media that lies for the government. This is why the print and TV media are on the decline, making it easier for the CIA to buy the media to serve its agendas.

      Where shall we begin? Clinton’s lies about Serbia and Kosovo? George W. Bush’s lies about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction? Obama’s lies about Gaddafi and Assad’s use of chemical weapons? The lies about Iranian nukes? Obama’s lies about Ukraine? The demonization of Putin?

      Or shall we go back to the official lies about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination? Or Martin Luther King’s? Tonkin Gulf? The USS Liberty? Pearl Harbor? “Remember the Maine”?

      Or the granddaddy of them all–9/11?

      Try to come up with one important event about which the US government did not lie.

      My Ph.D. dissertation chairman, Warren Nutter, who was later given the task of winding down the Vietnam war, taught his students that democracy requires trust between the government and the people. Clearly, the government does not trust the American people. Washington pursues hidden agendas that it advances by deceiving the American people.

      The first observant and patriotic citizens who warned us of the deceptions practiced by our government were dismissed as “anti-American.” Patriotism became defined as “belief in the government’s word,” as British prime minister Cameron reiterated the other day. Today skeptics who utilize free speech are defined by Homeland Security as “domestic extremists.” Anyone who tells the truth in America is instantly discredited. Indeed, to speak truth in America is a high risk activity. (ie. g5)

  2. allen ols

    S I G

    Silence is Golden 10/07/2014 •
    I know you have a keen interest in Chemtrails.
    This video covers Geo-Engineering and is quite enlightening albeit at 1:17 long. Not sure if you are aware/seen it. Worth watching.

    I finally got to the video, and watched less than a minute and had already seen it, tks. al

    • Mark_BC

      Greg, I hope you post this, because I’m being critical here, but this whole “chemtrails” conspiracy theory has got to be the most ridiculous ting I’ve heard in a while, coming from supposedly normal people. It really does do a disservice to the genuine conspiracy theories that question the actions and motives of our leaders, like a real discussion around 9/11 and the justifications used to start wars, the financial chicanery that’s enveloped the western world, etc. These are real issues. This chemtrails nonsense is not.

      Here is what is going on. When something burns it takes oxygen and combines it with the carbon in the material being burned (like jet fuel, for example). This combustion then releases water and carbon dioxide. The chemical equation goes like this: CH6 + O2 –> H2O + CO2. Both the water and carbon dioxide are gaseous at the high temperatures of the engine. However, when the gases come out the exhaust they immediately mix with the much much cooler surrounding air and the moisture in the exhaust reaches its dewpoint temperature — and it condenses out as little water droplets!

      This is the exact same thing you see on a cold clear morning when you get dew on the ground. Or when you exhale when it’s cold out. Or, even, when you run your car on a cold morning? You know, that “chemtrail” emitted from your car’s exhaust pipe that drifts around for a while? The reason the plane contrails stay around longer is because the air way up there is much less dense than at ground level and therefore holds much less water, and therefore it takes longer for the condensation to evaporate.

      I was flabergasted when I saw that video’s footage of the plane supposedly intermittently spraying then not spraying (at 0:35), and the commentary that, “that plane is spraying, there is no denying it; that is not a condensation trail”, AS THE PLANE IS FLYING THROUGH INTERMITTENT CLOUDS!! And you know what? Clouds are condensation — you know, the same stuff that comes out of your car’s exhaust. Therefore, when flying through intermittent clouds and turbulence, the plane will encounter different relative humidities in the different bodies of air, and therefore in some air layers the water vapour will condense out to form contrails and then when the plane goes through another layer with lower relative humidity it won’t condense out becuase that air is dry enough to evaporate the condensation!

      And of course, all this spraying just HAPPENS to come from the thousands of commercial airliners flying around every day, and yet not one credible insider to my knowledge has EVER come forth with evidence of an actual jet that has been modified this way. You’d think that with all the mechanical maintenance the jets need to go through, and the THOUSANDS of mechanics that work on them, that SOMEONE would have something to show for it?

      PLEASE! Stop this chemtrail conspiracy theory nonsense! It’s discrediting our movement!!! Greg, can you please do your part in this?

  3. Emeth

    Nice wrap up, and thanks for telling it like you see it. These are uncertain times, and I totally agree that it is difficult to determine the immediate future. You are one of the few people that I take at face value … i.e. that strive to speak what you believe without some hidden agenda. Does that mean that I fully agree with all your conclusions .. no, I probably sit in that room by myself, but I thank you nevertheless, for you speak what you believe, which is more that I can say for much of what I hear on the media or the internet, and from politicians of all persuasions. Thank you, and keep it up.

  4. Pouncing Cougar

    What a boring week. Kirby – good guy. Nenner – I wouldn’t watch him if you paid me. Bring back Jim Willie. Bring back Gerald Celente.

    • Dan

      Unfortunately, don’t think we’ll see Celente again on this site after his “handling” last time. Hope I’m wrong!

  5. bob

    you are so right about how we and the world is handling ebola. however howard bloom was interviewed on coast and you really need to here what he said. panic. not so fast. must listen for yourself. wit what you said about people not going or doing out in public, one more step for obama to destroy the dollar. thats what he was put in place for. oh, isn’t it funny ebola has put benghazi scandal out of mind or even the irs scandal, so on and so on.
    obama can’t manage anything. it is amazing he broke bush’s rounds of golf and yet you don’t here about this in msm. panneta and so many others are distanting themselves from obama. the dems are running scared.
    6.8 trillion in debt with obama, is this not enough that obama is here to destroy the dollar? this has become a country problem, not dems or republicans we need to pull are heads out of the sand, quit looking for a hand out and fight the evil peacefully and intelligently and it doesn’ take much of that. even make sacrificess. you really don’t need a whole lot to be happy. think outside the box. oh! and follow greg’s last comment.

  6. Richard McHenry

    With the given attitudes from Washington and sorts,consider what the outcome could be should the Republicans regain a foot hold in the elections and what the Pres could do in the last remaining months of the incumbents Demecratic terms before the Newbes are to take office. How long before M/Law,qurintined and manditory vaccinations,frozen bank accounts and you fill in the next big thing.Your the best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Richard,

    • g.johnson

      exactly Richard. big woopee, the repubs are gonna get some victories. who cares? the real question is: when are we the people going to get one?

  7. vincentg

    Ebola and the economy – they are hand in hand.

    Why is that – because Ebola will be blamed for the break down of the system.
    Ebola is the perfect fall guy.

    No one will ever go to jail – no one will have to worry about being investigated.

    A good cartoon would be having a cartoon character named Ebola in a court room saying I was framed.

    What a perfect ending, wouldn’t you say?

  8. Mike Soon Over

    Excellent wrap up Greg, we have become a joke of a nation in all areas. In our schools PC gender, not closing boarders and or flights down, war on terror, a president and golfer, economy, military, markets, etc. etc. etc. Maybe someone can answer me this one question, I still haven’t heard the RINO party speak on our recovery and unemployment going into the midterms. Example. Huckabee last week mentioned the 5.9 unemployment rate as being legit. Why haven’t any of them brought up if we used 1990 metrics or before real unemployment would stand around 22 percent? If this was pushed after 6 years of Obama its a sure winning talking point. Hey, I understand the Right is a joke along with the Left, but, at least there not all out commies pushing Marxist theory on us. Does anyone understand why the RINOS are afraid in bringing the real unemployment factor up? Greg and or anyone else, please comment on worse case scenario for Ebola and its chance in spreading through out the US. Is this a real possibility or is it good TV ? Thank you

  9. Ross

    In the past, most of the money printing went into the real economy creating hyperinflation. Today our properties and shares are overinflated so even with low interest rates , a lot of this money gets taken out of the system back to the banks , instead of every day survival transactions .
    So this potential for hyper-inflation is stored in our over inflated asset values. Many countries like China hold $ trillions of US debt , not to mention the huge pool of US $ involved in trade.

    Always remember that real wealth exists in the knowledge and skills of your population. The West has de-industrialised and these knowledge and skills are all but gone. Thus we don’t have much to back up our currency.

    World debt is 5 times the GDP of the planet and derivatives are a minimum of 10 times the GDP of the planet. So bankers must create exponentially more money each successive year to pay for the debt of the previous years. We are on the hockey stick graph o collapse right now.

    It is a certainty that this system will implode. China and Russia want to delay this fait because they are just getting stronger.

    PS. It would not surprise me if the likes of the Rothschilds try to strike a deal with Russia and China so they can be part of this new world order. Unless this new BRICS Bank lets member states create their own currency debt free, I will be the same old system with different masters.

  10. allen ols


    lets see, they tried to take our guns, didn’t work
    ” ” scare us with ISIS ” ”
    ” ” flood the border ”
    ” scare us with ukraine/russia neuk threat
    ” maybe a pandemic will scare us. 45:20 min

    (John B Wells-caravan to Midnight)


    Gerald Celente– “We have stupid leaders, obobo+tranney, Holland, cameron, merkel, Sarkozy, one psycopath/sociopath after another”

    • Desert Rose

      I don’t consider these people leaders. They just work in their jobs.
      Leaders aren’t needed anymore.

      Tax base is gutted. Without the heroin money from Afghanistan (re Jim Willie info) they wouldn’t have money to fund the military ops, most of which are completely illegal.
      Game over, for them.

      • g.johnson

        you are right rose, how did a constitutional republic with representative self governance ever get conned into referring to their representatives as leaders?
        as for cash for black ops? seem there is still enough cash around to get ebola up and running. world health says that this outbreak has the potential to end the lives of 90% of the world’s population. why are we even bothering with wars at this point?
        thank god the best part my life is behind me. I feel a real sorrow for the youth of this planet.

  11. allen ols

    …….and, contd

    The Daily Caller reports that:

    The producer of an anti-Obamacare movie announced Tuesday he’s the latest conservative hit with an Internal Revenue Service audit, the Washington Times reports.

    Logan Clements, who produced the movie “Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style,” said this is the first time he’s attracted IRS attention.

    “I had never been audited before I made this movie,” Clements said, arguing that the chances of him being chosen for an audit are incredibly small. “There seems to be a pattern here.”


  12. allen ols


    99% of americans are stupid sheeple

    99% of usawd listeners are ALERT, PREPPED, AND READY


    this will be my last post.

    (kidding) 🙂

  13. Tommy

    American children need 14 vaccines delivered in 48 doses by the time they enter 1st grade. Some of these are for illnesses that are not contagious (tetanus). You cannot enroll your kids in school without proof of these vaccinations. Yet our kids are coming down with Enterovirus 68 which can cause serious respiratory conditions, paralysis and death and likely came from Central America along with the unnumbered thousands of illegals brought to this country and distributed to every state in the union. Then you have Ebola for which there is no cure and no vaccine, is fatal in over 90% of untreated cases and 50% if treatment is begun as soon as symptoms appear and we allow people from countries being ravaged by this disease into our country and our only precaution is checking their temperature, even though the incubation period could be up to 21 days? We are truly living in a dysfunctional country. Just remember to sneeze into your armpit and you’ll be okay.

    • JC Davis

      Tommy well said. We are to trust the leaders of the CDC. Can someone explain how isolating countries that have a infestation of Ebola virus will cause those who don’t have the infestation to be in greater danger ? This is the claim of the head of the CDC. Crazy statement .

  14. Stan

    Hi Greg

    That was a great summary of the state of play for this week. It will be interesting to see what happens to the stock market today – it usually ends the week on an uptick so if it goes under again it may be signal that the endgame has been reached. Also, it will be interesting to see if the Swiss vote for a return to the Gold Standard on November 30 and if they vote yes how that will affect global currency markets. That also happens to be shortly after the G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia. We live in interesting times.

  15. allen ols

    Jerry; u forgot to post prep items for a couple of times.

    check this out, I will buy one, then duplicate to a larger size for an 8k gen set.


  16. allen ols


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    May 25, 2011 – Car running on wood gasification – (Kris De Decker) … This is one of the reasons why driving on wood gas never became very popular.
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  17. woody188

    Please sign the White House petition to force the Obama Administration to halt flights from Ebola afflicted regions:


  18. Stoelman

    Dear Greg,

    Why is the USA so trying to be the Big Brother of the world ? Your deficit problems are big, better: very big. Your domestic problems are…very big. Why are you- Americans- are thinking to play GOD in the world?
    What I see: one big lie by the FED. The worst part is: your country (USA) is distorting the world and world economy.

    Please tell me why?



    • JC Davis

      Stoelman. In short the Americans that want to stop the ignorance of our leaders have been gaged, and tied. Then locked into a vault in the basement of the federal reserve bank.
      All in the disguise of freedom.

      • Dan

        Don’t forget the sad truth that most Americans are lazy & uninformed!

      • g.johnson

        jc, kindly please, stop referring to these treasonous murdering bastards as “our leaders”

  19. Robert

    Google ad on Gregs site,…Give Your Zaqkah..Islomic Relief,,,IRUSA.ORG.???

  20. Jerry

    Greg, do you know what the Rock of Gibraltar, Joe Namath, and Ebola all have in common? A rock, a jock, and a crock. More people have died in VA hospitals than from Ebola. Ebola, Isis are just the flavors of the month. Here’s the real story.
    How long do you think the IMF will allow us to continue reserve currency status at this rate? Not long I can assure you. But don’t worry, I’m sure the world will allow us to go on printing money just because they love us so much. If you believe that, I have some swamp land in the Ozarks I would love to sell you.

  21. Craig

    Greg, I thought you and your other viewers might appreciate this video about understanding and conquering fear.

    The video below is from Storm Clouds Gathering, who produce pretty good and informative videos about the untold (by mainstream media) background of current affairs.
    Including Ebola by the way, although you might what to start with this video first !-)

    All the best

  22. Jerry

    For those paying attention, do you remember what I said on Monday? That most economist believe that precious metals crash as a precursor to the crash of the dollar? Take a look at this.
    What does that tell you? Hint….check out the dollar index. Just saying.

  23. PatriotRider

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it again and again; It’s all over but the shooting. The path has been set and the fuse has been lit. there is no turning back. We are headed for a combination of civil war, massive social disorder, deep depression with a likely dose of pandemic thrown into the mix. Prepare yourselves for the worst.

    Just step back from the daily dose of the 24 hour news cycle and try to take an objective look at the big picture of what is happening here and around the world. We have not had this much disorder and chaos erupting at the same time since the 1920’s & 1930’s. The big difference between then and now is the magnitude of the coming event; just like how earthquakes are measured, via the Richter Scale. We are headed for a 9.0

    I go about my daily life and routine, quietly preparing, knowing full well what will eventually happen without discussing it anymore with friends, acquaintances, associates and relatives. Simply no use in wasting time and energy discussing it anymore with people. 99% have their heads in the sand and either don’t believe it , or know that something is up but can’t see the imminent danger for what it will truly be. My brothers’ wealthy father-in-law knows, he just purchased a string of condo’s in The Grand Cayman’s for the sole purpose of having an out of the USA retreat when it all goes to hell.

    Time is short.


  24. Spanky

    To have financial pundits claim the monetary situation of the US is improving because this year’s deficit was 184 billion less than the previous year’s shortfall is like an extremely obese man claim he’s losing weight because he only gained 50 pounds this year as opposed to the 75 pounds he gained the year before.
    On a different note, I was surprised the other day to hear Jimmy Carter admonishing president Obama’s actions (or lack thereof). I distinctly recall President Carter during the early years of the Obama administration suggesting that anyone who had anything negative to say about Obama was a racist. So, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that make Carter a hypocrite (or by his own words, a bigot)?
    If I had to choose between Jimmy Carter, George W Bush, and Barak Obama which was the worst president in recent history, I’d be at a loss to do so. As far as I’m concerned it’s a dead heat on a merry-go-round. By the way, it greatly pains me to leave Bill Clinton out of the mix, since I honestly believe his administration was ground zero for the “Great Recession.”

  25. Willard Ferch

    The hardware store owner in our little one-horse town said it’s costing more for re-orders than what he took in on the previous material. I told him the story of the keg of nails from the German experience with hyper-inflation, and he said it sounds like it’s beginning in his business. In the last few months the prices have risen in restaurants & cafes. As for our foreign policy, some people should stick with basketball & golf and stay away from things they are completely inept at. Fiddlin

  26. Aziz JAAFAR

    I’ve learnt recently that CDC was a private institution ! You’ve got the Federal Reserve,a private central bank (???!!) that has the privilege to print the money ! And now, it turns out that the organization which should combat diseases like Ebola, is private too !
    Of course it wouldn’t face pandemics correctly and efficiently since it can earn much more money if every citizen is affected.What’s wrong with you Americans ? What do you wait to make both FED and CDC national or public and not let in private evil hands ?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think it is part of the U.S. government as in HHS.

  27. Truthseeker


    Thank you and your readers for another great week of analysis. Rob Kirby’s metaphor of the dollar’s death as of a “Supernova” is one I have imagined for quite some time as others have predicted an endgame of meteoric rise followed by eventual oblivion.

    Could Ebola be one of Kirby’s “circling black swans”? One of your previous guests, Brandon Smith, has written an insightful article on this topic, “An Ebola Outbreak Would Be Advantageous for Globalists”, as well as Mike Adams’ (The Health Ranger) article “Ebola Outbreak Would Devastate Sectors of US Economy”. So is the US administration’s handling of Ebola simple ineptitude or purposeful ineptitude?

  28. dchayden

    The 1976 ruling (not passed in any American legislature) by the 7 Supreme Court justices, who basically ruled that >> spending money to influence elections, is a form of constitutionally protected free speech, in my opinion, was a huge contribution towards the downfall of the United States of America as a constitutional republic…or at least a great part of it. Clearly, ( in my mind ) because of ridiculous “laws,” such as these, elected politicians can absolutely become a slave to corporate interests, without any need for a conspiracy theory etc… In my opinion, this abomination needs to be abolished. How can you avoid a fascist merger of corporation and state, with laws such as this in place ? You can bet that nonsensical decisions, and procrastinations, made by elected officials, often serve “other masters.” We as Canadians, who live in a so called constitutional monarchy, sadly, fair no better.
    Great wrap up Greg !! It is thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada, all the best to you and yours !


  29. Daryl

    Interesting info as always. As regards the debt. All the debt is is pieces of paper of no value printed out of thin air. Why not have the government print out a couple of trillion dollar bills, give them to the federal reserve and call it even. At least that portion of the debt will be paid. Worthless paper for worthless paper.


    • Charles H.

      Because the computer stroke that creates value out of nothing, then has either instruments such as the cash Fed-notes printed, or other interest-bearing instruments used to trade around banks. It is when value-less, conjured “money” is circulated and used in the economy and falls on balance sheets that show losses or expenditures to foreign entities: that realities show up and impact THAT WE OWE. Work or a product, in trade with another service or product is the Work Ethic, a basis of PRODUCTION or value. The more money in circulation: the less it is worth.
      So we give the Fed a few Trillion Dollar Bills for the debt and call it even: money in banks and wallets becomes worthless. How you going to buy food or eat when money has been proved worthless?

  30. Stoelman

    Dear Greg and to the people of the USA,

    To ” Helicopter Janet” from the most criminal organization of the world, I like to lent from you 3 trillion of euro’s at an interest rate of 0,75%. Why???: to short JPM and end this war.

    So people of the USA, what do you think.

    This is how we in Europe think about you (Americans).



  31. Matt Jaymes

    We do live in interesting times. It is clear to anyone that has an IQ north of one’s shoe size that nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is as it seems. I’m not a “financial guy” the subject very often leaves me flummoxed. However, because of sites like yours I have come to one immutable conclusion – one has to be prepared for anything and everything! That’s why I’m a stacker (central banks don’t hate gold, they’re terrified of it) and I’ve been accumulating food stuffs. Sadly, way too many umm…..”folks” are going to be caught unawares; everyone should tune into “The Dog.” That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! Have a great weekend, and absolutely – FEAR NOT!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Matt!

  32. wd

    Hi Greg, Thank you again….

    Stupid question…
    What do you mean when you say:

    “David Stockman, the former White House Budget Director, says the U.S. needs to roll over around $8 trillion in debt” …… is this per year?

    Thank you

  33. James E. Fertig

    The new metals exchange over seas, how will it effect the USA? I understand gold & silver will go up. How will we be able sell it to them?

  34. Paul from Indiana

    I believe actions speak louder than words. I believe Obama is a Muslim, at the very least a Muslim sympathizer. He had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this “management” of the ISIS/ISIL situation. His refusal to crack down on illegal immigration has caused the nation unimaginable difficulties and costs, not just with Ebola but the other respiratory virus the hordes of illegal immigrant children, who are now dispersed into the country, brought with them. All of these policies and more are consistent with his stated goal of transforming (a euphemism for destroying) this country. This man, whether a shill, a frontman, an incompetent, or whether simply an evil person, is beyond the pale and has, in my opinion, caused irrevocable harm to this nation. Two more years of this, and then Saint Hillary comes waddling in. In the words of Cicero, How long, O Cataline…? Best always. PM

  35. Horsenut

    I find it interesting that everything these days is defined in $’s. ” The IMF says the crisis will cost more than $30 billion to fight.” I also find it interesting that the term ‘Billion’ is that commonly used. I remember when our debt was in the lower Billions and we the people couldn’t believe the number. Where does all the money actually go?

    On the airport screening,,,, Checking peoples temperatures? My normal body temp is 96.1. I have to tell the hospital that everytime I go in. I have gone in and been told everything was ok with a temp of 99.0 while I had underline infections and in fact was running a temperature of 3 degrees. That’s like everyone else (normal temp people) having a 101 – 102 temp. I have also been told that my body temp is NOT UNCOMMON…… So if all they’re going to do is check temps,,,,,, I could walk straight through while having Ebola symptoms. THAT WORKS!

  36. Jeff

    A repeat of last Friday only everything is deteriorating. I mentioned last week the only thing our citizens cared about was the Ebola factor. The other thing is their pocketbook. Next week you will be writing about the stock market crash (drop)……. Won’t everyone be in a tizzy then…….. Thanks, Greg for all your hard work.

  37. West Tejas

    Here’s a really good article on possible remedies for ebola. Many of these were used in previous pandemic situations. As an example, did you know that using an alkaline really inhibits virus and flu symptoms. Typically a virus likes a certain blood alkaline and if you get out of the norm it can really disrupt the disease. A very simple treatment to alkalize the body, Baking Soda!
    Anyway, a really good article with several steps and treatments ranging from ebola to the common flu:

  38. Rick Perkins

    Could the “Ebola epidemic”, as presented to us by the true, tried and trusted MSM, be but another false flag problem presented to provoke a reaction for which a solution has been pre-determined? Read some cogent thoughts and observations relative to the Ebola crisis offered by a man who has been a free-lance investigative reporter for the past 30 years. He explains how the tests being used to determine whether or not a given person has Ebola are completely inneffective and how the CDC has lied to promote other false H1N1 and Aids contagions for the benifit ofthe pharmacetuical industries. The articles are…

    Dept. of Defense Ebola manual: smoking guns
    Death doesn’t =someone’s opinion about death
    Ebola: how to stage a fake epidemic
    Martial law shakes hands with the US vaccine program
    The Ebola test: let the test’s inventor speak
    The Ebola fear: “transmission of the virus”


    Speaking of illness generated on a massive scale, listen to what the County Board of Supervisors in Shasta County, California were told recently…


  39. windcatcher

    What is Washington’s Agenda? Is it the same agenda as it was on 9/11/01?
    What is the Congress critter Agenda? Is it the same agenda as it was on 9/11/01?
    The Washington regime of war criminals agenda is never ending war of terrorism. Check!
    Open borders and UN Agenda 21st. Century North America Union that is designed to destroy the United States of America’s sovereignty and independence. Check!
    Agenda of secret trade agreements is designed to destroy the Free Enterprise System of American capitalism (that was free from corporate monopoly) and the American dollar. Check!
    Multinational global corporate empire of criminal central banksters agenda has purposely bankrupted the United States of America and is destroying the middle class. Check!
    The Washington controlled main stream media agenda is openly brainwashing American citizens with lies and the schools agenda is to brainwash American children in UN Agenda 21st. Century globalization. Check!
    Ebola is a designer war germ agent designed and controlled by Washington’s powers. Standard quarantine procedures were not followed, still not followed, and can only be logically explained as purposely spreading the disease. The biological warfare is against the American People. Check!
    Fascist totalitarian Washington agencies agenda is to gear up for war with the American People to protect the fascist bankster/big Oil/drug running/military complex criminal cartel from being brought to Justice for Treason against the American People and the democratic government of the United States of America. Check!

  40. todd clay

    could see this ebola outbreak coming a mile away!

  41. Silence is Golden

    I said that Ebola was being severely under-estimated and under-reported….now its starting to get the attention it deserves but nowhere near the level of action required to stop it from becoming an epidemic.

    Another BIG headline which quietly slipped under the RUG this week was the key data point from the FED’s last meeting……..”INTEREST RATES WILL NOT GO UP NEXT YEAR” …DUH !!!!!!

    What did I say about interest rates again……
    Silence is Golden 09/24/2014 “Interest rates cannot ….repeat CANNOT….go up” Nomi Prins interview 09/24/14
    Consequence……Dollar drops like a stone….stock market does too….then rallies…..then falls….Bonds are in fairy land.
    This is a depression folks. Accept the reality….dispense with the Government BS.
    Here’s a perspective for those who need to understand what kind of a farce this is:
    US Economy is 70% consumer based spending:
    -With unemployment (out of work) in the 90+ Mln range
    -People on food stamps in the 50Mln range
    -Government employees in the 25Mln range
    -Those employed in the middle class seeing their real average wage go backwards for the last 15 years
    To say that the economy is surviving on the Government deficits/debt is an understatement. Without the Government the “Economy” would not exist. GDP numbers are pure fiction and superfluous anyway.
    The US is doomed and there will be no recovery period. If this isn’t Communism …someone needs to re-define it.

  42. Kent

    Here’s the real debt for fiscal 2013-2014, courtesy of Uncle Sam himself: -1,085,887,854,036.50


  43. SamAdams

    Read Jon Rappoport on HIV/AIDS & ebola.
    Its a FRAUD. Just like swine flu, bird flu, and so many others. Americans have an extremely limited attention span and memory it seems.
    The powers that be may try to use this latest ‘pandemic’ hype as a way to steal what little freedom remains in America however. Recently I heard someone quote some thinker who said that it takes enough intelligence to see how important Freedom is and it takes enough courage to fight for it.
    Do Americans have either of these qualities today ?

    “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” ?
    It doesn’t seem to fit now.

  44. SamAdams

    Greg – – – – better yet, please get Jon Rappoport on your show.

    How about another (logical, well reasoned) viewpoint on ebola ?

  45. Davis

    Speaking of wars: Is there a war on Harvey Organ? You recently did an extensive interview with him. Today I find that his blog has been removed. Any info?

    • Greg Hunter

      I called him and he told me that his site was removed by Google. It was a “BlogSpot site and Google owns that platform. Mr. Organ says Google gave no reason, and Mr. Organ told me he will get more details next week on the removal by Google. My gut tells me that he’s closer to the truth and the timing of when the manipulation ends that some would give him credit for. To me it looks like they want to shut him up and they did–for now.

      • Davis

        Thanks Greg. Unfortunately big corporations like Google and Facebook have become agents of government censorship. Being controversial is one thing, being controversial and having an audience is apparently quite another.

      • Gene

        Dear Mr. Hunter,

        You may be right that the manipulation could be coming to an end. Jim Willie has reported that China intends to double the gold price soon through the Shanghai Gold Exchange. They will thereby invite the market manipulators to arbitrage whatever real gold they can get from the COMEX and the LBMA at artificially low prices to sell at the much higher prices in Shanghai, assuming any real gold can be obtained through these fraudulent Western systems.

    • Silence is Golden

      Freedom of Speech ?….just another nail in the coffin.
      If they can’t shut you up …they shut you down.
      Greg, I think you are correct in stating Harvey is close to the truth.
      One of your other guests believes we have less than 6 months for the system to crash (intentionally)….!

    • dchayden

      It could be copyright infringement. Given Harvey’s propensity to cut and paste ENTIRE articles into his daily recap (instead of a lead and a link) I think this is a very reasonable supposition….but even so, they may have been actively looking for just that kind of reason to shut him down. I hope Greg has him on again soon.

  46. cibrid

    Hello Greg and every one else here. I`ve been following for some time your reports, great stuff! I dont agree on all comments but I respect avery ones non the less.

    I want to share an old post I found really interesting that makes one think of how things develop over time…

    Best regards,
    A silent observer (most of the time)

    • Collateral Damage

      Excellent link ci.

      I think that often things do accumulate slowly over time, and the piling on these last few years has been phenomenal.

      I do think, however, that we are so very set for a catastrophic, cataclysmic event from the perspective of the world economy. I have dabbled in studying complex systems and the more complex the system is, the more inherent (embedded) levels of instability, the more ‘potential energy’ exists for a vigorous kinetic release of that energy.

      One sign that the eminent is soon to be existent is hearing the rumblings of rumors to the event. Sort-of like when Rockefeller was listening to investing advice from the shoeshine boy he knew that the stock market was overheated. Or alternately reading stories like this:


      Do you remember how you feel when you are at the beginning of a long roller-coaster ride and the carriage slowly drags you up to the high point at the beginning? The carriage is ratcheted up slowly but inexorably. The knowledge, in your bones, that it is going to be a swift and violent ride to the end is unmistakeable.

      Buckle up and hold on for the ride.

  47. Donna C

    “V” Guerrilla economist/Mike Rosecliff (The Looking Glass). Great interview, Halloween frightening.


    Greg, great interview on Coast to Coast a few nights back. I listened to the encore airing also to fully absorb everything discussed. You should do a 2-hour round like that with John Wells or Hagmann and Hagmann (which has broader non-subscription access). I’m always interested in the callers’ questions also.

    I agree that Jeb Bush will likely be the one shoved on us for prez. Big mistake, but nothing new in that. I registered as “no party” last spring and I’m not in the mood for a Bush dynasty. I admit I voted for W twice given the alternative. I’ve had quite enough though.

    You also mentioned to George the fact that an Ebola scare would empty out the stores. The only big shopping activity that I can see is in the grocery stores. I do not know what keeps the other retailers going. For years, I have tapered off on my shopping during the flu season. Have you ever noticed the used Kleenex tissues and like debris in the shopping carts?

    I know what goes on in the ERs, transcribe charts for the inpatients also. I have listened to the doctors’ private musings in every specialty for 30 plus years. I know every wart on a patient’s body by the time they’re discharged, all their habits, all their drugs. We are swamped with patients at the moment and it is not even flu season.

    I am always amazed at the amount of self-abuse the human body can withstand, but throw in an epidemic and many people will not have their immune system as an ally. Throw in an economic collapse and lack of prescription medication access — and look out. The population is medicated to the eyeballs.

    Working in the medical field, I entirely avoid running to doctors and the ER. Medicine is big business, has been for many decades. The MDs have 2 solutions only: drugs and surgery — surgery and drugs — drugs and surgery. That’s it. The “health” part of health care does not generate profit. It is sick care, truth be told. My sister, a nurse, died this July. She was a pain killer prescription drug addict.

    We will need our full wits and good health to handle the coming years.

    • Greg Hunter

      Donna C,
      Thank you for your feedback from C to C. I like those folks! I am so sorry about your loss. You are correct the we will need wits and good health to make it. That said, “Fear Not” God (The Father) has got our backs.

      • Old Dog

        Does the Almighty have our back?

        Or is the wickedness (lawlessness) of the world bringing a Judging God face-to-face with us?

        I think the latter.

        Way too much time is spent watching, discussing and preparing for what the “devil” and evil men are doing; way too little attention to what God Almighty wants us to do.

        It is not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, who enters the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does the will of my Father in heaven. Matthew 7:21

        No where does scripture say to “focus all your attention” on evil and what it is doing. How many good deeds go undone because every effort goes to ” being prepared for the devil’s deeds”?

        • Greg Hunter

          Old Dog,
          God the Father loves us all (even though we are all sinners) but that doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen Mathew (the apostle you quoted) was a tax collector and yet he found salvation and redemption. “Fear Not” my friend.

        • mark

          “There is now then no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has freed me from the law of sin and of death. For that which the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending His own Son in the likeness of the flesh of sin, and concerning sin, condemned sin in the flesh that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit. For those who are according to the flesh mind the things of the flesh; but those who are according to the spirit, the things of the Spirit. For the mindset of the flesh is death, but the mindset of the spirit is life and peace. Because the mindset of the flesh is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, for neither can it be. And those who are in the flesh cannot please God. But you are not in the flesh, but in the spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Yet if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not of Him. But if Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, the spirit is life because of righteousness. And if the Spirit of the One who raised Jesus from among the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from among the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who indwells you. So then, brothers, we are debtors not to live to the flesh to live according to the flesh; for if you live according to the flesh, you must die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the practices of the body, you will live.” (Rom 8:1-13). “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Indeed, He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not also with Him freely give us all things?” (Rom 8:31-32). The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Old Dog, amen.

    • Saint Lawrence

      Donna C
      I think this blog should-would call you “Love a Nurse”

      Looking back in history:
      Full text of “The fearful master; a second look at the United Nations”
      The author, Mr. G. Edward Griffin

      The anglo masters have been trying to get back Africa,
      Congo Crisis:

      The United states and its’ puppet the United Nation have created
      The United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM or AFRICOM)

      Various genocides against the black population can be seen in history – Ruanda, Katanga, Biafra…
      The weaponized NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) covert actions in Africa go back more than 50 years, my opinion only.

      Info on surviving an NBC attack –
      Antibacterial drugs are beneficial in those with severe disease to shorten its duration and severity

      Within the first 7 days, disease respond well to antibiotic treatment

      Ebolaviruses can be eliminated with heat (heating for 30 to 60 minutes at 60 °C or boiling for 5 minutes). On surfaces, some lipid solvents such as some alcohol-based products, detergents, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or calcium hypochlorite (bleaching powder), and other suitable disinfectants at appropriate concentrations can be used as disinfectants.

      Like other MRNA (messenger RNA) displacing viruses it likes cold.
      Unlike other MessRNA it is hydrophilic.
      My opinion is that this weopon was aimed at Africa, and a small amount of powder burns will show up in USA.
      Who has breed and nurtured the virus since 1970 and why?
      Who has been disrupting the peaceful Allah-Worshipers, and killed or caused the death of millions of Arabs?
      Who created Israel to eventually control Africa and the Middle-East?

      • Saint Lawrence

        The real plutocrats and oligarchs have been working on this for more than a hundred years. Oblomas, your pres, is so far out of the loop, he knows nothing. Oblomas is an actor, not a planner: he did not write one page of obamocare ACA. The second America revolution has been fought and won – Read the “United States Code” and “Codified Federal Regulations. Lincoln gave people a choice: Run, Obey, or Die.

      • Saint Lawrence

        A number of readers have read reports that the CIA was active in West Africa just prior to the ebola outbreak, and some have read reports that the ebola strain is a weaponized version engineered to spread by air and surface contact. Some readers ask me to confirm or refute these reports, and others want to know if the One Percent or the Bilderbergers have started the process of eliminating the surplus population.


        Based upon Griffins book and recent info, I beleive the weaponized ebola was planted in urban cities in Africa. I dont claim to know who, yet after centuries the anglo supremicists cant control native Africans.

  48. Silence is Golden

    The Ultimate aim of Ebola…..
    Countries to shut their international doors/gateways.
    NO INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL….death of the tourism industry.
    James Dines forecast the end of the age of travel recently….

  49. Stoelman

    And Greg,

    You see now what I said before with YOU Americans. What has happend to Harvy Organ’s Blog can happen to your blog.

    This is the NEW USA. And are you happy? Your country is ONE big lie.

    Be happy.



    • Banana

      I suppose the refusal to shut international borders is being used to help elicit cries from the public of, “Stop international flights!”

  50. Tom Nacey

    I see people are taking note of the underwhelming response of the CDC to ebola. When I saw the pictures of the two guys hosing the ebola vomit off the sidewalk in Dallas, I was reminded of 9/11. On 9/11 all NORAD could muster was two unarmed fighter planes. All the CDC can muster is two guys dressed in jeans, t-shirts, and tennies to scatter the ebola around the parking lot with a pressure washer. It begs the question,Why do we continue to let overpaid bureaucrats play the moron card and get away with it?

  51. Kart

    I have listened and read all on your site for two years now. Keep up the good work. I also have read Harvey Organs’ Blog daily. As of yesterday, Google has deleted his blog and according to http://www.brotherjohnf.com/archives/339061 it was from a court order. Please investigate and report why….
    Thank you and,

  52. Klemens

    almost all problems and lies in world have one mother: the banking tyranny!
    That means, we all together have responsibility to stop this tyranny. The best an easiest way is, to dump the “satans money”, the dollar, euro, etc. and buy silver coins as much as possible. This is the bottle neck of the banks!
    Only if we all together stop the “Dept-Money-System”, we can get back our freedom. regards from Germany, Klemens

  53. diane

    Greg, read your wrap up every week. Thanks for honest reporting.
    Some of would be interested in you interviewing James Norman, the man who wrote The Oil Card book. He has made some interesting and accurate calls.
    Thanks again for your work.

  54. Galearis

    Hi Greg,

    I’ll say it again, ISIL is now part of the White House plan to keep the M.E. destabilized. As long as Obama does the MINIMUM against ISIL (and without solving the problem) Saudi Arabia will likely not dump the Petrodollar. Obama can still say he is looking after the security of the House of Saud.

    And Ebola will likely be exploited in the same theme domestically. It is a scapegoat from Heaven for those who need a “reason” for a crash or a down turn and will work much better than blaming the weather….When the Ebola scare manifests from a few more cases, we will see a move toward a more national martial law reality that may not quit for Americans. And given how naïve the general public is, they will be grateful to the government for this massive new insult to the constitution. One wonders if “they” will attempt to promote a fictitious Ebola outbreak – and yes, I suspect it has been considered.

    Do you ever get the feeling that the “too stupid to be stupid” public deserves what is coming to it? Perhaps that is too strong. Perhaps it is more a matter of wilful ignorance as the deserving trait?

    And the REAL danger for the United States is that just like how the Russia/Ukraine crisis is being handled, there will be no discussion like yours in the mainstream media. Stephen H. Cohen keeps repeating this in his interviews (have you reviewed him yet?), and I think he is coming from the same mindset. This is why, from my point view, when the Fourth Estate fails systemically in the USA, as it has for some years now, it is the precursor stage to the failure of state. Or worse. The advantage of being aware is sometimes early bereavement. We are the first to know we are at an end.
    Goebbels was right.


  55. john


    thanks for updating us on harvey organ!

    his interpretation of the data that was regularly published made it very difficult for anyone to refute his position – i can’t see why it took so long for them to pull the plug?

    harvey is a shining star who’s site was a wealth of knowledge and information for anyone to see and read.

    ironic ally, we had this story come out this week ….

    now we find out that harvey’s blog has been deleted. coincidence? who else is on the list….hmmm… maybe bill holter? maybe …… usawatchdog? maybe …… FILL IN THE BLANK

    is the USA a democracy or a corporatocracy?

    google : goldman sachs.

    long on goog

  56. 02144pomroy

    Hi Greg,
    I went to look at Harvey Organ’s blog and it has been “removed”. Anyone know what’s up? What did I miss here?

  57. Donna C

    Feedback to comments on my Ron Kirby posting.

    I never said it was noble to kill yourself as a result of being unemployed. I simply stated what 2 men had done. People do some unthinkable things when they lose all hope.

    We are broke. Tell me, how genteel and noble minded will we be when the government programs are no more. Will we just stand there like Custer and take the incoming. I think not. Take Black Friday for instance, all those people trampling each other, tummies still topped off from Thanksgiving dinner, sometimes killing each other to save a few bucks. Is it noble to kill your fellow shopper for that just right gift?

    This we owe to the sense of entitlement.

    I know broke. Came back from the financially dead and still marching. My husband died at WORK in 2001. Suffered a massive brain hemorrhage at WORK as a construction laborer. Lost half my income from that day. After Obama was elected, my employer in the health field went into bunker mode and cut our pay in half, no benefits, no vacation days. If my math serves me well, I lost 75% of my income since 2001.

    I understand that it is hard. I live it. Not some mythical back when. This is life now. If you cannot make do now, where are you at when the freebies run out? Do you think they will print money forever? We have 10,000-15,000 people a day retiring, no borders to speak of, health care now for the whole freaking world. We’re on the Lusitania. Better learn to swim real quick.

    Did you really believe that the clown-in-chief was all about health care? Do you think the next “savior” will make your dreams come true? They’ve all gotten fat, and we got had. What catchy phrase will have people fainting at rallies this time?

    I have no magic answers and neither do the politicians. John McCain is my senator, enough said.

    The politicians see you as an organ grinder’s monkey tipping your little hat for nickels and dimes.

  58. David Brown

    In another development, Harvey Organ’s blog has either moved or been removed.

    In trying to avoid typical conspiracy talk, I’m hoping others might might aid in finding out the reasons.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s been taken down by Goggle and Harvey doesn’t know exactly why. I called him and he told me he’d get more details next week. That’s all I know.

      • David Brown

        I don’t think he’ll receive an adequate “why”?

        Sorry, I posted before scrolling and reading JC’s post.
        This becomes all the more interesting if other who extoll the metal like him or David Morgan lose their platform.

        This may be the trend, and an admission of incompetence–especially if predictions of a December black swan event appears more imminent to Fed heads.

        This is not a back page story, IMO.

  59. Dan Koetter

    Wow are they burning Obama now or what! Mr. Leon ‘President has the authority to override Congress’ Panetta critical of the President ?!? Plus with ebola now getting really amped up, when Obama said a few weeks ago there wasn’t anything to worry about. They are going to continue to make him look like a big stooge in my opinion. Could it be false flags are getting turned back on the US. I believe that weaponized ebola was released in Africa to destabilize the region to make the resources easier to steal. Whats to stop Russia or China from releasing their own strain in the US as retaliation?

  60. Dutch

    Hello Greg,

    As a loyal listener to your shows I have a tip for you for a new guest: my fellow Dutchman Willem Middelkoop. His book the “The Big Reset” is a global best seller:


    and is very much in line with the message you have been broadcasting for a long time.


    He speaks good English, and is internet/skype savvy. I am almost sure he gladly will show up as a guest in return for a plug for his book, like you always do.

    In 2007 he wrote the book “Als de dollar valt” (“When the dollar falls”), so he is an early adopter.

    Kind regards,
    Keep up the work!

    P.S. Dutch dramatized documentary from 2005 with English subs, mixing a 24 hours scenario ‘when the dollar dies’, mixed with interviews with people like Peter Schiff and Wall Street luminaries.


  61. Casey W

    Did you know Harvey Organs blog has been removed from the internet. Didn’t know if anything happened to him.

  62. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    Thank you for pointing out the hoax that the “US budget deficit … [fell] to $486 billion.” This fantasy is easily exposed by the data readily available from the US Department of the Treasury through its website at http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/faqs/Markets/Pages/national-debt.aspx

    There I found that the “Total Public Debt Outstanding” as of September, 2013 was 16,738,184 million dollars, while the “Total Public Debt Outstanding” as of September, 2014 was 17,824,071 million dollars. So, it is easy to confirm that the national debt increased by over One Trillion and Eighty-Five Billion Dollars in the past year. (Perhaps the US Government has copied the deceptive practice of stuffing its liabilities into “special purpose vehicles”, just like the too-big-to-jail banks.)

    Of course, I will continue to listen to your reports and interviews, as you continue to expose the lies emitted by the propaganda machine of the Established Media.

  63. Joel Medina


    Turkey’s government has agreed to military intervention in Syria. But to what extent? Iran has warned Turkey about intervention. Behind Iran is China and Russia. Read this article
    Germany and Turkey stated last month they were not going to get involved. Germany is getting closer and closer to the brics, while Turkey is the middleman for Iranian Oil and Indian gold transactions. Business over paper promises.

    do not post this part of my comment, but was it not Karen Hudes whom stated the war in Syria was about a natural gas pipe line. Please invite her back on.

  64. dee garmon

    I agree with a previous comment that we will not see Gerard Celente again and I also
    think that I am wrong for that would be a huge loss to USA Watchdog.
    That said, the three men I admire most in this show are PCR, Jim Willie and John Williams.
    It’s time to bring them back, Greg.
    Lastly, I do not recall ever seeing William Engdahl on USA Watchdog, am I mistaken?

    • Greg Hunter

      You can “agree” all you want but I will have Mr. Celente on again if he will do it.

  65. Klemens

    you just have to thing a few minuts what is going on in the whole world.
    If you know the bibel on one side you have got God and on the other side you have got satan /lucifer. There is nothing in the middle between!
    You have got in all very big companys, banks, goverment, media, etc. the people of the same group. They can not be from god, so they must be from satan! That`s very clear.
    So where are the people of god? You can check all religions and if you check really good, at the end you will find that Jesus Christ was/is the god. If you then try to find out, which of the christian churches is the right one, you will find out that the catholic church is the right christan one (ok. they make also many mistakes, but it is running by man and not by god). Please check the history and the faith of all christian churches!
    You do not have to belive me, you have to find it by yourself. So now we found the good ones, but what is happening right know in the catholic church?:
    “The Secret Synod Does What We Expected: Evil”
    what`s going on in the church of god, is writen in the bible – prophecy.
    Satan is not interesting in all other christian churches (please think, why!)
    The day will come, where have the fight between satan and God.
    Please take your time and think about that! all the best from Germany, Klemens

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