WNW 164-Ebola Circus Continues, Fed Ends QE, Obama Care Cost Update

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The Ebola circus continues, and the Obama Administration officials look like clowns.  Let’s just take a look at a few of the headlines.  “Health System Not Prepared for Ebola” is a headline from the AP, and that is in stark contrast to what we have been told.  “Small clusters could overwhelm the system” is what the article says.  So, this begs the question of why no quarantine?  Some governors in places like New Jersey, New York and Illinois think quarantine is the way to go.  It is scientific technique on how to contain infectious disease, but that is not what the Obama Administration thinks.  Some in the MSM think the same thing.  This opinion piece says the decision by these governors is “hasty” and “adds to the Ebola problem.”  Really?  Well, that is not what the Pentagon thinks because it is “isolating troops back from Africa for 21 days.”  Some of the talking points are downright bogus.   They say things like we should treat these returning health care workers like “conquering heroes.”  Who is going to think these folks are “heroes” if they come back and infect people?  Africa’s best chance of beating this is if America stays strong and uninfected.  If America is consumed by Ebola, or even the fear of Ebola, West Africa hasn’t got a chance.

The Federal Reserve supposedly ended its QE program this week.  That is where they printed money to buy bonds to hold interest rates down.  So, what’s going to hold interest rates down now?  Are they just going to put all this Federal debt out for bids and let the market set the interest rates?  Can the Federal government, home buyers, car buyers, credit card holders and the overall economy afford higher rates?  You’ve got to be kidding.  Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net says the Fed can’t just say it wants low interest rates.  It has to do something to keep them low.  Mannarino thinks the Fed is now going to force the big banks that got all this QE to buy Treasury and other government debt.  Mannarino told me that he thinks the Fed is going to continue to print money to finance another form of QE.  He says the money printing has not ended and will never end.  The Fed is just going to call it something else.  The Fed also says the economy and employment have improved, and the third quarter had a 3.5% growth rate.  John Williams of ShadowStats.com says the 3.5% growth rate is “Happy election eve numbers” and says it was boosted by “guessed at trade numbers and defense spending.”  Williams says look for a downside revision.  If the economy was really that good, would we have nearly 93 million people not in the workforce?  There are 46 million people on food stamps, and half of Americans make less than $28,000 a year.  Would mortgage applications be hitting 19 year lows?  Would former Fed Head Alan Greenspan be warning about “turmoil” in the economy because of ending QE?  Oh, and “Maestro” Greenspan is also telling people to buy gold?  Let that sink in, Greenspan is telling people to buy gold!!

Violence appears to be flaring up in Israel again.  An Israeli was shot at the famous Temple Mount religious site, also known as the al-Aqsa Mosque.  The site was closed down after the shooting of an Israeli right-wing activist.   Now, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is calling for a “day of rage.”  Violence is expected.

Finally, I just received notification that my health care provider is going to raise my premium again for next year by about a $100 bucks a month.  My health care has gone up by about 60% since Obama Care was signed into law.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina says that it’s going up because not enough young people have signed up.  I have no problem with Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  Health care costs money, especially with a bad law.  Health care was supposed to be cheaper because of Obama Care, but for most people—it’s not.  Multiply those increases by millions of policyholders and you can imagine what is going to happen to the economy.  What really gripes me is the Democrats lied as a party to get this economy killing plan passed.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


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  1. Arthur Huxley

    “What really gripes me is the Democrats lied as a party to get this economy killing plan passed….”

    Oh really, Greg?

    Yes the Democrats lie as a party…!
    But, Greg, so do the Republicans…!

    Lying is the required M.O. of all who aspire to succeed within our thoroughly corrupted political system. The oligarchs call the shots and the rest is mere political “theater” designed to foist the illusion that we the people have some sort of viable “democratic” process at our disposal.
    So, do us all a favor:
    Quit the “partisan” sniping and stick to what you do best by presenting facts. Just spare us the ” Democrats suck , Republicans are OK” nonsense…They ALL suck…!

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not “partisan sniping.” It is a fact. It is now clear the Democrats lied as a party to get this hunk of junk Obama Care passed. It really is that simple. We are about to find out many people feel the same way I do. And yes “they all suck” but I do have to say one thing. not a single Republican voted for this disaster. Wait until 2015. Bye, bye growth because they won’t even be able to fake it. Thank you for your passion.

    • Jerry

      Stick to the facts. There wasn’t one Republican that voted for the Affordable Care Act(what a joke of a name). In fact the Democrats were so proud of it, they passed it in the dead of night on Christmas eve. If you haven’t felt the bite of this piece of crap legislation yet, you will.

  2. bob

    the problem is liberals. exactly what you said greg, political correctness. doctors and nurses should of all people understand quarintine. besides that was the only way disease was delt with years ago. borders should be closed. before you come in, quarintine 21 days.
    when the government decides to seperate themselves from the big banks and big corporate and get off the butts of small business and actually help and incourage small business and entice manufacturing here in this country thats when things could start to turn around. a country cannot make it without manufacturing. we have to produce. china has no innovation they only steal ideas, take pictures and try to reproduce it. but they have most of our manufacturing which puts a lot of people to work.
    the insurance companies are a total problem. i had a distant family member who became a chiropractor. he decided that he would use the insurance. right off that bat he has to hire a code writer for the insurance companies. a whopping $45000 a year to turn claims into the insurane companies. paper work out the butt. a chiropractor here in my town won’t except insuance. he charges $ 33 a visit with a first one at $75. he told me when i asked him why was he would have to charge at least $150 each visit just to keep status quo.
    there is so much information out there that i have actually repaired my washer for $17, repaire man told me $95 to knock on your door then the bill goes from there. i also fixed the kuerig machine. simple fix but i came real close to giving up on it and spending a butt load. it was givin to us in the first place for free and was kickin and scratching that i was actually going to have to buy one. people, real food, grow your own. a good stress reliever and rewards your body with nutrition. a good way to get the family involved. get away from the t.v. aka baby sitter and future doc bill. for those on meds might be able to get off of them. my doctor asked me what i was doing when he was ready to put me on high blood pressure meds, when i told him what i was doing he immediately changed the subject. hymm.
    thanks greg. you really have a way of getting me going and thinking. for anybody struggling you found greg, you are already thinking outside the box.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob!

  3. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    I will be a bit OT, but listen. Just tell me if it ring a bell:
    A hero see an upcoming catastrophe in his city. He is trying warn the officials but because of the election year he/she refuse to do anything. The catastrophe comes and the hero save the day.
    I wonder if there is any parallel with the reality. 😉
    And who will play the hero this time?

    Just my 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  4. Paul

    As everyone already knows the Ebola virus that got loose in West Africa was developed as a bio-weapon. Now I hear the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta has a patent on it.
    Everyone knows why patents are applied for. Obviously to make a profit selling a vaccine .
    So fear not what is going to make more “cents” in the minds of those in control … a quarantine or epidemic?

  5. Gizmo

    I agree with Mr. Hunter 100% that the Ebola nurse should be quarantined for as long as it takes. I think those coming from Ebola-ridden countries that then defy quarantine should be prosecuted for endangering the public.

  6. Kabous

    Hi everyone, I want to ask why are so many people complaining about the Fed’s announcement about stopping QE…? First we complain, “You cant print gold” then we complain, “Who is going to keep the interest rates down?”. I’m no expert but to me, stopping an unrealistic, fictional and ‘illegal’ enrichment system sound like a good thing…?
    Then I would like to ask about silver and whether it is still a good investment because I only ever hear buy gold now a days. I can’t afford gold, so i buy the next best thing, Not because I think it will necessarily make me rich one day but because to me its a great way of saving money.
    Thanks for this Fridays article.
    Stay save from S.A.

  7. mike

    Greg you just don’t get it!!!
    Say you live in a high crime neighborhood. The best way to deal with intruders is to leave all you doors and windows unlocked, possibly even left open and deal with any intruders once they are inside your home.
    This is the same mindset with the open southern border except that down there, the obamanoid administration actually rewards these intruders/invaders with a vast amount of ‘FREE’ financial and assistance programs.
    I hope that you enjoy your weekend, Mike

  8. Dale

    The health Care workers that go to West Africa but come back and refuse quarantine are only ” Part Time Heros ” . I thank them with all my heart for helping others in danger and thus putting themselves at risk, but when they return to Canada or Us or other non-infected Countries and recklessly threaten a whole country, this is just insanity. Would you let them come home and carry a Rifle around town while at the Mall or Theatre and let them pull the trigger not knowing if there was bullets in the gun.

  9. allen ols


    On September 23, 2011, the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA conducted a disaster drill in Denver, Colorado that they called Operation Mountain Guardian.The plan was all-inclusive and basically shut down the Denver metropolitan area including Denver International Airport, many malls, many schools and several other public venues including Sports Authority Field where the Denver Broncos play professional football. Why didn’t this event put people in the streets by the tens of thousands? To rub salt in the wound a similar drill was conducted at Giants Stadium in New York in the same year.

    In September of 2011, Simon Properties, the largest owners of malls in North America inked a deal with DHS to allow their malls to be used as detention centers in times of “national emergency”.

    Malls, the “new” FEMA camps.

    CBS News Admitted FEMA Camps Are Real

    Did you know that during Hurricane Sandy, CBS actually admitted to the existence of FEMA camps? I was able to obtain documents and photos which can be accessed in an article entitled CBS News Admits FEMA Camps Are Real. The article also details how the FEMA has privately contracted with vendors who can erect temporary FEMA camps withing 24-72 hours as original authentic FEMA/KBR communications were revealed.

    Your soon to be new accommodations are described in this PDF attachment, published by the Army (FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF). This document tells you that This is what a typical American FEMA camp looks like. The camps will eventually be run for foreign assets, presumably UN troops. Internment can occur for a variety of reasons including the stripping of one’s citizenship for political views which can get one to be declared to be a “sovereign citizen”. Medical incarceration would also be a reason that could land Americans into these camps. This document is less than a year old.
    I cannot shake a story that the late Larry Grathwohl told me regarding a conversation he had with Bill Ayers. Larry’s conversation took with Ayers while he was serving as a FBI special informant sent to investigate Ayers organization, the Weatherman Underground. Ayers is talso he man who launched President Obama’s political career from the living room of his Chicago area home.

    Grathwohl revealed, on my talk show, that he asked Ayers, the then leader of the radical group the Weathermen Underground, in a meeting of about 25 well-to do fellow Weatherman, most with advanced degrees from Ivy League Universities, what the Weathermen planned to do when they achieved their goal of a communist take over the government. Grathwohl stated that Ayers paused for a moment and then said that it was likely that about 50 million Americans will have to be re-educated in concentration camps located in the American Southwest and that about 25 million would have to be eliminated, meaning that they would have to be murdered. The potential implications are stunning.

    To this day, two years later, and even after Larry’s passing, these words still haunt me.


  10. Spanishbug

    Before talking about Ebola you should read this Editorial from The New England Journal of Medicine the most respected Journal of Medicine in the world probably: there is no need for quarantine contacts of Ebola patients until they become syntomatic (there is plenty of cientific evidence for that).


    • Greg Hunter

      Plenty of scientific evidence to refute that as well. That really worked well for the NYC doctor didn’t it? Worked well for Mr. Duncan too. Why take the chance? Let’s let the folks coming back from West Africa hang around with the folk at the NJM and see if they can spot the infection in time to not get infected. Let them take the front line chance day after day. You think they would be willing to do that? Stop issuing visas and stamping passports for people from West Africa for awhile. Oh, and tell the military quarantining soldiers not to do quarantine in Italy. You don’t think the New England Journal of Medicine could have been pressured do you? I don’t have to be a doctor to have common sense. Quarantine is an age old and respected way to fight infectious disease–period. That to is established science. Thank you for your comment.

      • JC Davis


  11. allen ols

    I served in the same missionary org. as this guys ex-wife, Kathleen Levasseur Hill.
    He went to prison for 18 yrs and was part of the WEATHERMAN UNDERGROUND of which bill ayres was a leader.

    Paroled radical to return to Maine – Democratic Underground
    Democratic Underground
    Aug 6, 2004 – Self-styled revolutionary Raymond Luc Levasseur will soon return to Portland after serving 18 years in prison for his part in a string of terrorist …

  12. JC Davis

    Excellent coverage Greg. Interesting take from Greg Mannarino. Hope you have him on to explain in small details how he thinks the funding of the dollar will happen next. Also I would like to see the math from John Williams of what the velocity of money would be if mandatory insurance were lifted. Including taxes/ insurance on homes and cars. I cant help but think of the judges retirement funds across the country. They are the ones getting the money from traffic fines. When you lift the laws stealing money from the general population the velocity of money is reduced greatly. Fatca was created to incress the velocity without changing hands. The article on Greenspan was a good point on gold, yet many reporters twisted it into him talking about investing to make money.

  13. art barnes

    Greg, if an Ebola outbreak starts to look like it is happening here, make no mistake about it, the Obama Administration will issue a quarantine executive order; they will be forced into it by the political wind.
    As to the end of QE the FED’s decision was timed on “recovery” propaganda. They believe that finally ” recovery” has been well entranced by the financial media to support the retraction. CNBC even found buy signals in the decision. Watch, wait, & see, interest rates are going to rise and after the first of the year things will start to slow down even more. Remember, historically interest rates are the elites & bankers god of gods, their holy grail if you will, they have enslaved the world with them and want them back to use them – and they shall have their way as always. A one percent hike of the discount rate triples to the consumer making the rate hike free money to the lender. However, its a find line they walk because too much hike and the loans go down thereby defeating the free ride money given them from the hike. Therefore, the elite & the FED are banking (no pun intended) on very small timed hikes that won’t spook their cattle into bolting from their slaughter corrals.
    As to health care, no industry can survive long term, even if supported by government, that goes up in overall cost 18 percent per annum; at some point it stops & its system crashes due to not enough money coming in at the bottom to support the top. $1,500 to $2,000 or more emergency room visits charges are common out here on the Western Front. $100 per month increase frankly, is on the low side of the average cost increase, and it will be at least yearly. I’ll bet your provided didn’t give you a guarantee of how long the new rate was good for, at lease a yearly increase I would surmise if not sooner.
    After the election, after Christmas, looks for energy cost to rise again as well as continued food cost, it will be an interesting 2015, I don’t think until the end of the year much will be of news, maybe a new shooting war in Palestine, but not much there either as Hamas butt is still sore form the last one. Have a great weekend, from the Western Front, ab

  14. Matt Jaymes

    Obamacare is the scourge of the country. My son’s fiancé was forced to go into the “exchange” to buy healthcare insurance. She got a single plan of only $275.00/month! The punch line: There is a $6500.00 deductible. Is it any wonder that congress exempted themselves from this POS? Keep up the great Work Greg.

    • susan

      My husband retired last year and I cannot afford to pay $6000 a year for premiums and then add $5000 in deductibles. Then, they pay pay 70%. This is ridiculous. Yet, my niece is a student and with no income gets the whole works for free. It is crazy.

      • susan

        My husband retired last year and I cannot afford to pay $6000 a year for premiums and then add $5000 in deductibles. Then, they pay 70%. This is ridiculous. Yet, my niece is a student and with no income gets the whole works for free. It is crazy. By the way, I am healthy so I choose to go without health insurance.

  15. Mitch Bupp

    I thought that gold was not money according to helicopter Ben …… ROLMAO ……

    I also remember what Greenspan said about the banking industry that he was surprised at the greed and risk policies of the TBTF …….

    that’s what happens when you live in one of your own bubbles ….

    Thanks Greg, your work shines a light on the truth …..

  16. Mike M

    Greg, regarding Health Insurance. Yes some employers will dump their employees onto the exchange. Most will be those with low skills employment or small business (less than 20 employees give or take). For HR competitive reasons most will not. Some employers talk tough about walking away and dumping their people into the exchange. That will last right up until they lose their best people to a competitor that provides the benefit. People are finding the best providers, or their own Doc will not participate in the Exchange program because of compliance and under-reimbursement.

    The inevitable path will be two classes of people, those with decent health insurance and those on the exchange. Small business will be disproportionally disadvantaged vs larger business and will struggle to get the quality employee they used to have. HOWEVER, those that have an employer with good health insurance will find their wages stagnant as the resources an organization has to dedicate to “compensation” will be increasingly consumed by health insurance premiums.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike M,
      You are probably correct but those employer plans are going to have to be ACA compliant at some point and that will push up the cost by a wide margin. Either way, it will still suck money out of the productive economy. Thank you for weighing in with your perspective.

    • woody188

      I disagree. When they start counting healthcare benefits as taxable income, I think all businesses will defer to the exchanges and instead make up the difference in a one time increase in wages. Just makes more sense at that point. Besides, the goal all along was a single payer system. They needed to make the current system so terrible that we’d be begging for a single payer system. Seems like that’s going to work out that way.

  17. Daryl

    Hi Greg,

    Another informative show. Thank you. If you are worried about the healthcare insurance costs than get out of it and learn what it takes to maintain your health. That is what I teach my patients to do. I do not have health insurance and never will. I do what it takes to stay healthy. Remember no one is required to have health insurance (see 42 USC 18115), so if one wants to do the work required to stay healthy get rid of your health insurance costs.


  18. Tom Porter

    I think its funny to see the East getting rid of their silver… knowing what we know about how smart they are… shouldnt this be a concern? I believe silver may not be worth anything… especially with that “replacement” that was discovered/created. Gold on the other hand, perhaps that still will have value.

  19. vincent_g

    People tend to turn to gambling when they know they are in deep trouble.
    The ultimate example of this is captured in the film the Dear Hunter.

    The stock market is not quite Russian Roulette but this is where people turn to in order to try and make quick bucks.

    Fueled by a faltering economy in Europe and corporate buy backs the market looks like total salvation.

    I suspect from this point forward few things will make sense.
    Chaos never makes much sense.

  20. Jerry

    Greg, its a race to the bottom to see which economic bomb hits first. If the Affordable Care Act doesn’t collapse the system with 30% increases, then fraudulent gold contracts that can’t be delivered will.
    The real circus is not Ebola, its the supposed end of QE. Does anybody really buy that nonsense? Greg the reason I keep posting information about the RMB is to demonstrate that the rest of the world is moving away from the dollar at breakneck speed. The underlying draw is not the fact that the RMB is paying higher yields than the dollar, but that it is backed by gold!

    Here we go again, another gold smack down by the western cabal. In the words of the smartest woman to ever trod the soil ” what difference does it make”? They can stall this off for a while, but eventually they will either have to put up or shut up when its time to back up their play. According to Harvey Organ, “they ain’t got nothing” so it looks like the day of reckoning is coming much sooner than even they think.

    The Chinese are finalizing their deal with Canada to open an RMB hub in November.
    Can you really blame the Canadians? It all about economic survival at this point. They either have to make preparations to launch economic life boats to a saver currency, or go down with the dollar. At least their doing something. What are we doing? Following the Bill Clinton strategy. ” Lie about everything, cover up as much as you can, and then ask to see proof”. Somehow I don’t think the Chinese will be as understanding as the Republicans in the Senate were during Monica gate.

  21. Tommy

    Gold an silver plunge another 3%! Look out below!

  22. Jerry

    Take a look at the dollar index boys and girls.
    Its back on its lunar trajectory because on the collapse of the Yen. This is going to end badly. Many predicted the collapse would start in Japan. It looks like they were right. It may take a few days for Wall Street to figure out, that the Halloween Party is over.

    • Jerry

      I’m no economist, but what does broaden the monetary base really mean? Is that a Japanese term for Quantitative Easing?
      Quote “Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda warned that Japan has reached a ‘critical moment’ in its battle against deflation, after announcing that the BoJ will broaden the monetary base by 80 trillion yen per year”.

    • Brian Stemmerman

      So Jerry my understanding is that if the dollar rises the stock market should fall. If the country’s currency is down I can see their markets being high. What do you think will happen to this market if the dollar returns to a dollar? All these moves in the last week due to midterm elections. My phone does not stop ringing. I tell the individual that was calling that I have changed my mind and no longer will no longer vote for your a-hole. Happy Halloween.

      • Brian Stemmerman

        Vote for Andy Hill

        • Brian Stemmerman

          That’s what the phone call says every 20 minutes as the phone rings.

      • Jerry

        Brian , I’m assuming you are late to the party, so I’m giving this to you for free.
        Your eyes are open now.

  23. Brian Stemmerman

    I am not a Gold or silver investor. I have been led to believe that when currencies are depleted by printing , golden and silver will rise.. I find it odd that gas prices are low and markets are at new highs. The midterm elections are next week. I am sure that it has nothing to do with that. Six years of QE and the market goes up to celebrate the ending. They get away with it because very few people really know what’s going on. There are people that I have talked to that have no idea that QE has ended. Thinking about buying physical soon.


  24. Jeff

    Right on cue, today the liar-in-chief takes credit for the booming economy (stock market). The farce we call the market is right now exhibiting a blow-off top. Since it’s all show (not fundamentals) they also know it can’t last…….Ebola mat suits being ordered by the 10’s of thousands is a sure tell they will use that as the reason the market (read economy) drops like a rock…… After the mid terms the fun will start.

  25. Outlookingin

    Why is “ObamaCare” costing more a surprise?

    The “ObamaCare” legislative package put before Congress and the Senate, was written by the big Insurance lobby in Washington! Of course they are going to make sure and line the pockets of their employers and investors. Again, the wealth “flows” to the top, while that “trickle” down is just not there.

    • Outlookingin

      By the way Greg, the “Bring Back Our Gold” movement in Switzerland has just been dealt a heavy ‘below the belt’ blow. PayPal has stopped any further deposits into their account and has frozen the account balance, without any explanation whatsoever! This news has been brought forward by Egon von Greyerz on King World News this morning.

      Looks like the powers- that- be are pulling out all stops in front of next months mid-terms, including relentless smashing down of the gold and silver markets.

  26. Whats it all about? Alfie

    What Does It All Mean?

    JESUS CHRIST said: “The conclusion of the system of things” would be identified by war, food shortages, pestilence, and earthquakes.—Matthew 24:1-8; Luke 21:10, 11.

    Since 1914 life has been marred by wars between nations and between ethnic groups, often as a result of political interference by clergymen and now by widespread terrorist attacks.

    In spite of scientific developments, extreme food shortages are the lot of hundreds of millions of people earth wide. Each year millions of people die because of shortage of food.

    Pestilence, that is, widespread epidemics of infectious disease, is also part of the sign given by Jesus. Following World War I, an epidemic of influenza claimed over 21,000,000 lives. Unlike fairly localized plagues in ages past, it touched nations earth wide as well as remote islands. Aids and such plagues as TB, malaria, river blindness, and Chagas’ disease persist in developing nations.

    Reportedly, there are tens of thousands of earthquakes of varying intensity every year. Regardless of available equipment and improved reporting methods, disasters in population centers as a result of earthquakes have become frequent news.

    The Bible also foretold: “Know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away.”—2 Timothy 3:1-5.

    You have to agree that we are living in “critical times hard to deal with”.

    Have you observed that people, to an excessive extent, are lovers of self, lovers of money, and driven by pride?

    Who would dispute that the world is filled with people who are demanding but unthankful, not open to agreement, disloyal?

    Are you aware that disobedience to parents along with a shocking lack of affection has dramatically increased, not only in a few places but around the globe?

    No doubt you realize that we live in a world that is intoxicated with love of pleasure but is lacking in love of goodness. That is how the Bible describes attitudes that would prevail in “the last days.”

    Is more needed in order to identify the time in which we live? Jesus also foretold that during this same time, the good news of God’s Kingdom would be preached in all the inhabited earth. (Matthew 24:14) Is that being done?

    Every year all sorts of people, students of the bible, devote billion’s of hours to witnessing personally to others about God’s Kingdom and a few on this wonderful website, USAWatchdog, thank you Greg!

    Literature, radio, television, the internet, is exploding, explaining the Bible in some 400 languages, even languages that reach remote and small population groups. The good news has reached all nations and missionaries have also preached in many islands and territories that are too small to be significant in the political world. In most lands, they carry on a regular program of Bible education.

    Indeed, the good news of God’s Kingdom is being preached in all the inhabited earth, not to convert the world, but to give a witness. People everywhere are being given an opportunity to show whether they care who created the heavens and the earth and whether they will show respect for his laws and demonstrate love for their fellowman.—Luke 10:25-27; Revelation 4:11.

    Soon now, God’s Kingdom will cleanse the earth of all the wicked and make it a global paradise.—Luke 23:43.

    This wont be the last days of humankind, but just the opposite. For those who do the will of God, the Bible holds out the prospect of living forever.—John 3:16, 36; 1 John 2:17.

    Nor the last days of the earth. God’s Word promises that the inhabited earth will endure forever.—Psalm 37:29; 104:5; Isaiah 45:18.

    Instead, these are the last days of this violent, loveless, lawless, system of things and those who cling to its ways.—Proverbs 2:21, 22.

    But, is the Bible Really God’s Word?

    Repeatedly, the Bible prophets wrote: “This is what Jehovah has said.” (Isaiah 43:14; Jeremiah 2:2) Even Jesus Christ, the Son of God, emphasized that he ‘did not speak of his own originality.’ (John 14:10) The Bible itself clearly says: “All Scripture is inspired of God.”—2 Timothy 3:16.

    No other book is published in as many languages—over 2,200, as reported by the United Bible Societies. No other book has such a large circulation—now more than four billion copies. Is that not what you would expect of a message from God that is for all mankind?

    If you read the Bible with appreciation for the fact that it truly is God’s Word, you will greatly benefit.

    Ever wonder, what Is God’s Kingdom?
    It is the government in heaven that expresses rulership by the true God, the Creator of heaven and earth.—Jeremiah 10:10, 12.

    The Bible identifies Jesus Christ as the one to whom God gives such ruling authority. (Revelation 11:15) When on earth, Jesus demonstrated that he already had amazing authority from God—authority that enabled him to control the natural elements, to cure all sorts of illnesses, and even to raise the dead. (Matthew 9:2-8; Mark 4:37-41; John 11:11-44) Inspired Bible prophecy foretold that God would also give him “rulership and dignity and kingdom, that the peoples, national groups and languages should all serve even him.” (Daniel 7:13, 14) That government is called the Kingdom of heaven; it is from heaven that Jesus Christ now exercises his rulership.

    16 Therefore, we do not give up, but even if the man we are outside is wasting away, certainly the man we are inside is being renewed from day to day. 17 For though the tribulation is momentary and light, it works out for us a glory that is of more and more surpassing greatness and is everlasting; 18 while we keep our eyes, not on the things seen, but on the things unseen. For the things seen are temporary, but the things unseen are everlasting.
    (2 Corinthians 4: 16-18)

    • Jerry

      Lets say a closing prayer and go home.

    • Charles H.

      Whats it all about? Alfie ,

      Why don’t you just step up to the plate and tell everybody this is a Jehovah’s Witness come-on? The generic name; the “problem and the promise” style; all the key-words and phrases – that shape an idea but keep short of stating from where and who is writing this.
      Let me just ask two questions. Is Jesus Christ the Lord Jehovah God? Is there a literal place of eternal torment named Hell? If you can’t confirm either of these in the affirmative; which is to say argue against them, or disagree: then you’ve changed God’s Word into your own and you are in heresy. It is THAT simple.
      This site is NOT for proselytizing. You’ve made your ‘warm-up’: now make your pitch. Don’t slink around: answer the questions.

  27. Stan

    I have a problem with BC/BS as they supported the passage of this law. My family has no health insurance now after refusing to pay double for obamacare. We did join a Christian medical sharing group so we are exempt from the fine. The cost for my wife, son, and myself are about what we would end up owing the IRS in fines so even if they never pay a medical bill for us its a wash. And the best part is my money goes to help real people and not to the IRS…

  28. allen ols


    WELL NOW, this is an interesting twist;


    According to Bushman, there are “two types of aliens.”

    “It’s like a cattle ranch,” he said, noting that some could live for more than 200 years. “One group is wranglers, and the others are rustlers — the stealers of cattle.”

    Bushman said that the “wranglers” are “much more friendly and have a better relationship with us.” He also said that the alien planet is some 65 light-years away from Earth, but can be traveled to in under an hour using alien technology.

  29. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, Amen to your statement about collective Democrat lies to get Obamacare passed, but what you left unsaid is even more important. They lied without true consequence. And the borders are still open, letting in millions of potential Democrat votes as well as Ebola. It’s too stupid to be stupid; isn’t that how the line goes? The election in Tuesday; I’m awaiting next Friday’s analysis. Best always. PM

  30. Jack Martinez

    Greg – As a small business man – Obama Care gave me a new tax to pay – Shared responsibility Tax in 2013 – it was $1600 – $133 a month. A 3.8 percent tax on top of the Federal Income Tax paid every quarter 2013. This means the extra money donated to my church stops !!! It is not there to give anymore. Just like more money to health care insurance premiums – that money is gone from a family. Both money(s) are gone from the consumer – no money to give or buy stuff. The economy dies !!! To think – like your guest Martin Armstrong – the Federal government does not need money (Taxes) from us. What they take from us is paper money !!! They can print all the paper money they want AND spend it !!! They do not need our money. Imagine – how great it would be to keep YOUR earned money !!! Jack Martinez Carson City, NV

  31. John M.

    Back in 1992, I had a short stint as an intern at a conservative organization in D.C. One of my assignments was to investigate and research what public health officials were doing at the time to control AIDS vrs. what they had previously done throughout earlier decades to control traditional diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea. I concentrated on Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia., by mostly researching at the National Institute of Health, Library of Congress, and correspondence with the CDC in Atlanta– before the advent of the internet to make researching much easier. Eventually my research was published in USA Today Magazine “Why the Opposition to AIDS contact tracing?”, which I had concluded that these states and the District were generally disorganized and were being too politically correct by not following closely with the contact tracing of infected persons which risked widespread spread of disease. Sounds like a repeat! I can only think that public health guidelines have disintegrated a lot more since the 1990″s and I definitely am a lot more jaded now about anything and everything our governments does or is doing.
    How are we also to believe that Fed will be ending QE for real? The banks will eagerly assist in the Fed’s dirty work similarly to the smoke and mirrors recently performed by their cohorts in Brussels. At some point they will probably force public and private pensions to buy the toxic US Bonds that the world does not want. Savings and checking accounts will also probably be raided in the middle of the night. Like Greenspan, they will probably make a complete flip on the value of gold as they have continually convinced Americans not to acquire it. The lies just keep on proliferating.
    As for health care, it’s just another scam and the American people are headed to slaughter. We better hope and pray that it is only our paper money and health care system that will be lost in the quickening disintegration of the American Empire!

    • Bill Gates

      J o h n M.

      “Hope and pray for the best and prepare for the worst!”

      That must, have to be, the Watchdog motto!

      Semper Fi

      The Meaning of Semper Fidelis: by Cam Beck
      Marine praying in tribute to a fallen comrade with American flag backdrop or my family, Semper Fidelis is more than a fancy slogan. It is truly a way of life. My father retired from the Marine Corps in the 90s, after serving over twenty years and more than one tour of duty in a combat zone. Therefore, my two brothers and I grew up in a culture that demanded excellence and loyalty of its members, and it showed. It is partially for this reason, I am convinced, that we all joined the Marine Corps when we were of the appropriate age. Because of my upbringing, it is somewhat difficult to imagine what life would be like, had I not grown up surrounded by living, breathing personifications of “Semper Fidelis,” and I am increasingly beginning to realize that I do not understand the mindset of those who had not. It is this realization that led me to reflect on the history of the phrase, and speculate the reason it holds such weight with the members of the Marine Corps..
      The first thing I questioned was the Latin thing. Why not simply make the slogan “Always Faithful,” since that is what the Latin phrase literally means? More people would certainly understand it. Apparently, whenever someone has something important to say, he translates it to Latin, and that lends the phrase credibility and respectability.

      E Plurbus Unum. Pro bono. Carpe Diem. Mea Culpa. Sic Semper Tyrannus. The phrases are a part of our culture, but not native to our language. Unless we have been taught what they mean separately from our education in English, we would have no idea. I would wager that Semper Fidelis means more to those who use it than just about any other Latin phrase in use today.

      Customarily, though, Latin has also been the language of law. Habeus Corpus, Stare Decisis, and Per Curium are terms one commonly would come across if he did only a precursory exploration of legal decisions. Even the United States adopted the practice of using Latin in its written Constitution, in spite of the desire to create a Constitution that could be easily understood by common people, who typically could not read and write Latin. However, America was a special case. The people had already been governing themselves for some time before the revolution. Unlike today, now that apathy reigns, participation in local politics was almost necessary for survival. That atmosphere of social and political cooperation was one that was replete with Latin phrases. America was unique–set apart from the other countries–for just that reason. It was a province that was governed by the people, not kings–and its people would not relinquish that tradition without a fight.

      When doctors started translating ailments into Latin-Greek hybrids, they were criticized for creating a language that only doctors could understand. Of course, that was partly the point. It set apart those who could understand from those who could not–thus both signifying the value that doctors provided as well as creating a group of people who could identify one another by their similar values and education.

      The use of Latin in the Marine Corps motto is not bred from a very different motivation. Of course, the Marine Corps has never experienced a mutiny. Marines in England were revered for their loyalty to the crown, just as United States Marines are now revered for their downright fanatical dedication to each other, their service, and their country. Using Latin to characterize this quality represents its legitimization–its codification. Significantly, for Marines at least, it also provides a caste–a group that is separate and unique from any other–a group that has no desire to be like any other.

      “It is not
      It is not
      relative, but

      What is left unsaid in the motto is also notable. The phrase is “Always faithful.” It isn’t “Sometimes Faithful.” Nor is it “Usually Faithful,” but always. It is not negotiable. It is not relative, but absolute. Who is always faithful, though. and to what, exactly are they faithful? Interestingly, the simplicity of the phrase and the calculated neglect to specify its parameters seems to strengthen it. Marines pride themselves on their straightforward mission and steadfast dedication to accomplish it. Things do not need to be spelled out for them; they know what it means and what to do about it.

      Even though Marines are known to swell with pride from time to time (they do, after all, have a noble legacy to continue), they are not snobbish. Even the use of Latin must make them uncomfortable, because they shorten an already-short motto to the more colloquial “Semper Fi.” This does not misrepresent the phrase; it simply symbolizes the ability of common people to become part of a brotherhood that demands more of its members than any other comparable group in the world.

      The longer I am out of the service, the more I recognize my draw to and longing for the culture of “Semper Fidelis.” I suspect that reading this will impart nothing significant to Marines, as they already are aware of their glorious charge. It is my earnest hope, however, that it may help others understand the reason Marines hold the Corps in such high esteem. All those references by former Marines, in their new jobs, to “back when I was in The Corps,” will begin to make a little more sense. Marines are imbued with Semper Fidelis, and all it means, and because they lived it for so long, they have difficulty accepting any less from others.

      Semper Fi!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for your service to the country!

  32. Matt

    The Democrats lied as a party and the Republicans were complicit. 2 headed snake. Let’s not get into the fake two party system. Also, gold is dropping and after Alan Greenspans recommendation. Japan went full whacko with more stimulus today. Printing losers all over. Id wait to back the truck up on metals.

    • allen ols



  33. Marie

    I beg to differ in your views about quarantining people who’ve been to Africa for 21 days even if they show no signs of symptoms. I have no problems with them being out and about as long as they carefully monitor themselves and especially if others are monitoring them on a daily basis.
    To insist on quarantining (and essentially detaining) people is like running a Communist country especially when there is no scientific basis for it. The moment the story broke out of states wanting to quarantine people regardless, I intuitively thought of Communism!

    • Greg Hunter

      The NYC doctor showed no signs of the disease until he did and just before he did he was bowling and ridding the subway. This disease has a 70% mortality rate and according to the AP even small clusters can overwhelm the medical system here in the US. Let’s get real here.

  34. Kevin

    Thanks Greg for keeping us updated without the MSM bias and BS.
    *Conspiracy Theory Warning* The govt isn’t doing anything to stop ebola, they may even be encouraging it. Why? Maybe ebola’s purpose is to drastically reduce the elderly population. Elderly Americans consume a huge amount of resources but don’t give anything back. Social Security, Medicare, and pension plans are huge, unsustainable drags on our economy. They’re killing the budget. What’s the solutions? Socialized medicine that will ration care (politically impossible) or cut entitlements (politically impossible). So how about something that will drastically reduce the elderly population – that’ll solve the problem.

    • Bill Gates

      K E V I N,

      Don’t give them any ideas’s, us watchdogs aren’t get-tin any younger!

  35. Marie

    With or without Obamacare, health insurance will go up year after year whether we like it or not … always have and always will.

    • Greg Hunter

      These increases are on steroids. Blue Cross and Blue Shield say that most grandfathered policies will go up on average 30%. That’s not normal, it’s a function of Obama Care.

  36. allen ols

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – MLK Jr. http://buff.ly/1xEjfhx
    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – MLK Jr. http://buff.ly/1xEjfhx
    LikeLike · · Share · 139160

  37. allen ols


    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
    – Arthur Schopenhauer

    “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,” Ma’ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events “swung American public opinion in our favor.”
    – Benjamin Netanyahu, quoted in Ha’aretz, “Report: Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel”, April 16, 2008
    by J.C. Sevcik, UPI, October 30, 2014

    Ha’aretz, one of Israel’s leading newspapers, published a cartoon by Amos Biderman on October 30, 2014, depicting the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as a terrorist pilot flying a plane into one of the towers of the World Trade Center.

    Taken at face value, the cartoon indicates that Israeli intellectuals like Biderman are well aware of the findings of my 9-11 research, published in the Solving 9-11 set of books, i.e. that Netanyahu was one of the architects of the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11. It is well known that political cartoonists are able to broach difficult subjects before they can be openly discussed in the mainstream media.

    The controversial Biderman cartoon showing Netanyahu as a terrorist pilot on 9-11 reminds me of the quotation of Arthur Schopenhauer: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    It seems to me that we have now reached the third stage of 9-11 truth: it is now self-evident that Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres, Michael Chertoff, and a host of senior members of Israeli intelligence were the real architects and perpetrators of the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11.


  38. allen ols


    Do right and risk the consequences.
    – Sam Houston (1793-1863)

    • Bill

      “Keep Conquering the Evil With the Good!”

      “Do not let yourself be conquered by the evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good.”—ROMANS 12:21.

      Is it possible to defeat the forces that try to pull us back into the ungodly world? The answer to both questions is yes! Why do we say so? Because of what the apostle Paul states in his letter to the Romans. He writes: “Do not let yourself be conquered by the evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good.” (Romans 12:21) If we trust in God and are determined not to let the world conquer us, its evil will not overcome us. Further, the expression “keep conquering the evil” shows that we can defeat evil if we keep up our spiritual fight against it. Only those who let their guard down and cease fighting will be overcome by this wicked world and its evil ruler, Satan the Devil.—1 John 5:19.

      Please never give up!

      Don’t forget, “Lose lips sink ships!”

  39. David Brown


    A 1966 essay by Alan Greenspan reflecting his gold advocacy.

    I’m wondering how deep inside he feels about his contribution to global economic destruction.

    Like any Wall Streeter, he’s an opportunist.

  40. Jerry

    Greg, Allen, JC , WD, and informed watchdog readers, I strongly encourage you to look at this recent video with Jim Rickards. He goes into great detail about the government’s plans for economic collapse.

  41. David Brown


    Zero Hedge piece authored by Michael Snyder regarding aerosol
    or air transmission of Ebola.

  42. mark

    This week we read in the comments section about Russian and Chinese troops on American soil which is not something new to me. Like Jerry said in his comment I have heard about this for some time now. Later the same individual posted another comment where he essentially stated that the Chinese eat babies and that “our money problems are the least of our worries”. Again, I would like to point out that with respect to the Scriptures, a report does not have to be necessarily untrue to be considered evil. Consider again the account of the report the twelve spies sent out by Moses who came back with after they had surveyed the land which the Lord promised them (Numbers ch.13). Ten of the twelve gave an evil report and told only of the “giants” who inhabited the land making them see themselves as grasshoppers in comparison. But Joshua and Caleb had a different spirit and said “let us go up at once and possess it”. And with respect to the so-called giants inhabiting the land, they said “for they are like bread (food) to us”. While it is true that there were “giants” in the land, (just like there is here today– figuratively and literally), our perspective regarding the existence of these occupying forces of evil informs our reporting on them and determines whether ours is an evil report or not. What made the report that the ten spies gave evil? It was the fact that they had completely neglected to mention one word of the Lord’s promise to them to be with them in their going up to take the land to give it to them. As for Joshua and Caleb, they saw the same giants, but refused to disbelieve the Lord’s promise regardless how many or how big the giants were. In any reporting of evil here or anywhere discerning the motive and spirit behind that which is being spoken or written is as critical as the report itself. “God”, the apostle Paul wrote to his young co-worker Timothy, “has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2 Tim. 1:7). As to the observation that “your money problems are the least of your worries”, I would agree. The problem of the sin of unbelief is the greatest problem of all. And to call unbelief a sin, implying judgment — isn’t that a little cruel and unsensitive for such a kind and loving God? Well actually if you look at the inspired account of the apostle John recorded in Revelation 21:8 we read the defining characteristics of those who shall suffer the judgment of eternal torment in the lake of fire which includes, firstly: the COWARDLY, next: the UNBELIEVING (faithless), next: the abominable (vile), then the following: murderers, those who commit sexual immorality, those who use drugs and cast spells, idolaters and all liars (Rev 21:8 Common English Bible). So who then should we fear? Fear Him Who has authority to cast both body and soul into Gehenna. and not just him who has power to kill the body and can do no more (Luke 12:4-5). Dear Greg and friends here at usawatchdog.com, the GRACE and PEACE of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST BE RICHLY WITH YOUR SPIRIT!!! GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD! AND NOTHING CAN SEPERATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS (See and BELIEVE ROMANS 8)

    • mark

      Dear Greg and friends at usawatchdog.com,
      Just to be clear allow me to state the One we should fear (Luke 12:4-5) is the One Who “was made sin on our behalf that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (2 Cor. 5:21). Also note that “now God’s righteousness has been revealed apart from the Law, which is confirmed by the Law and the Prophets. God’s righteousness comes through the faithfulness of Jesus Christ for all who have faith in Him. There is no distinction. All have sinned and fall short of God’s glory, but all are treated as righteous freely by His grace because a ransom that was paid by Jesus Christ. Through His faithfulness, God displayed Jesus as the place of sacrifice where mercy is found by means of His blood. He did this to demonstrate His righteousness in passing over sins that happened before, during the time of God’s patient tolerance. He also did this to demonstrate that He is righteous in the present time, and to treat the one who has faith in Jesus as righteous.” (Rom 3:21-26 Common English Bible)

  43. Donna C

    Greg, I totally agree with your stance on Ebola. Why is W. Africa our problem to begin with? What about the children in this country who became paralyzed with the viral illness going around? Quarantine equates to communism? Tell that to the parents who recently lost a child to one of these invaders.

    Thank you, Dems, for making my health care political. Now that we have “ACA,” we get to pay for every last newcomer to this country — about 1 million per year. Throw in all the exotic viruses, 90 million adults unemployed, 10,000 people retiring each day for the next 15-20 years, people working for dog wages, and I say you’re sniffing glue if you think this is sustainable. Greenspan remarked that you cannot have a return to a gold standard in a welfare society.

    I do recall Greg mentioning he was not a part of either party.

    I was raised a Democrat. My father was a Democrat politician in the time of Mayor Richard Daley, Sr., Mayor John Lindsey, and the like. Dad died in 1984. If he came back today, the shock of lib politics would kill him off in the first hour. It is socialism pure and simple. Dependency and demoralization are lib requirements, it seems.

    No, I’m not locked into the right/left mindset. Repubs stink on ice, but who is it that put all the same old fools like Lindsey Graham, McCain, McConnell, etc., back in office time and again? So much for sending a message in the primaries. They’ll be spitting in our faces come Wednesday morning, deservedly so.

    I am simply hoping to see a rage election this Tuesday, big time. The politicians need to be reminded we have a pulse, we are out here. I’m hoping to be surprised, even shocked.

    Take no prisoners.

    • Greg Hunter

      America should help West Africa, but not get infected doing it, and that CAN be done. Thank you for your comment!!

  44. Robert

    The current technical pattern for gold is defined by the descending triangle pattern! The price has clearly broken the $1200 support level and should next test the $1000 level. This should be tested within the next few weeks, and may be the last clear buying opportunity we get before, I think, a major trend reversal!



  45. John


    The official intelligence designation granted to Nurse Hickox by the CDC was “Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer,” and she is a graduate of the 2012 EIS program. Anti-quarantine nurse Hickox was trained as intelligence officer by the CDC See Attachment Pages 138-139 of PDF http://www.naturalnews.com/files/PDF-2013-EIS-Conference.pdf.

    She is an Intelligence Operative to usurp attempts to impede Ebola from coming to USA !!!!! We are in the KILL BOX
    Anti-quarantine nurse Hickox was trained as intelligence…
    Anti-quarantine nurse Hickox was trained as intelligence officer by the CDC

  46. macdonald

    Here in America we get Bloomberg TV explaining the “markets”, Ebola, QE, Obama Care. Then it is CNBC providing the smoke…
    Believe me, these 2 Networks are the problem! They spin what their boss instructs (the Fed and the Banksters). They will print contradictions to what they had said one minute before, believe me. They are a threat to us all.
    They are trained psy-ops people, there to win your ‘mind’. Most important to get it!

  47. Sambo

    Tell it like it is Greg, I could not agree with you more. Great week and great weekly wrap my man up as usual. I just love your show. A lying tongue is an abomination thus saith the lord, feet that are swift to shed blood and arrogance. Boy howdy I just wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of our national leaders because they qualify heavily on all counts. Judgment is not far off my friend in what ever form it may take and that you can take to the bullion bank and as usual I would like to help all I can to speed that along. Keep up the good work


  48. NC Gal


    In addition to the items you discussed in this week’s wrap-up, there are three other items I feel are important for your readers to see and grasp.

    The first was already mentioned above, but I feel that Egon von Greyerz said is worth repeating here:

    “As you know, Eric, I have been involved in the Swiss Gold Initiative. The Swiss National Bank is opposing this initiative. They have admitted that it stops their ability to manipulate markets. The campaign is going well. The public has generously donated because of KWN and other sites. But that came to a stop two days ago when Paypal closed the account for donations and they froze the funds that were in that account without any warning.

    So unfortunately the campaign cannot receive some of those donations which were just frozen. Paypal will not even answer the questions we are asking them, but I assume the money will be returned to the donors. Clearly the powers that be did not want the campaign to receive this money. We will keep on fighting for this campaign because gold will always have an advantage over worthless printed pieces of paper that governments and central banks create at will in order to manipulate markets.”
    (source: http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/KWN_DailyWeb/Entries/2014/10/30_Powers_That_Be_Have_Frozen_Money_For_Swiss_Gold_Initiative.html)

    I think this is very significant and similar to what happened to Harvey Organ’s site. It seems clear that the elites are feeling threatened by this referendum and have called upon one of their banks to step in and try to stop the donations to the opposition to their plans.

    The second item was Andrew Maquire’s explanation for the smash-down in gold that took place yesterday:

    “We saw this come through and it attacked the entire (massive) bid stack (defending the previous low of $1,180) in a matter of seconds. Obviously there were visible stops. They (the Bank for International Settlements) knew exactly what they were attacking there. It was purely paper gold. We are talking about 50 tons, Eric. That’s an awful big position for somebody to put on (as) a risk position in a single shot.

    People ask, ‘How do you know?’ We know that it has to be an official (entity). It cannot possibly be somebody with a compliance department with a risk position they have to look at. And the other thing is this (trade) was enacted in the foreign exchange markets, as opposed to the Comex.

    In other words, the short seller suddenly sold gold against the dollar in the foreign exchange market, and that had a huge effect and was able to trip off (an additional) 50 tons of Comex supply in a matter of minutes.”
    (source: http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/KWN_DailyWeb/Entries/2014/10/31_Maguire__This_Triggered_Todays_Massive_Selloff_In_Gold_%26_Silver.html)

    Maguire tried to get the manipulation of the silver markets stopped by proving to the regulators that it was happening (in real time), but that came to nothing other than some paper shuffling and muttering for awhile. Maguire watches these markets in great detail and if he suggests that the BIS was behind this particular move, that suggests to me that the elites are getting very desperate to keep the status quo going for as long as they can. It also suggests to me that things are coming apart faster than they want them to and they are not fully ready for the next steps they intend to take.

    The third, and possibly most significant development in the past week was Vladimir Putin’s remarks at the 11th meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club (on Ocotber 24), which were characterized by one writer as, “… this is probably the most important political speech since Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech of March 5, 1946.” (source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-30/putin-western-elites-play-time-over)

    Paul Craig Roberts considered this such an important statement that he devoted a separate page to it on his web site and included a full English translation of the transcript of the entire speech, including the Q&A afterwards. See PCR’s article at http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/10/25/vladimir-putin-leader-moral-world-paul-craig-roberts/ for the details.

    November is looking to be an interesting month. The US mid-term elections are on Nov. 4, the G-20 meeting in Brisbane is on November 15, and voting on the Swiss gold referendum will begin on November 9 and conclude on November 30. It would not surprise me in the least if there is some incident or other to distract people anytime after November 4. I don’t know how ready the elite are to pull the plug and bring the system down, but the three items I mentioned above are certainly pointing to where things are going! Popcorn anyone? The show is about to begin! (You DO know it’s all theater, don’t you?)

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Great post NC Gal!!!

  49. JC Davis

    CDC admits Ebola is air born. Where is congress, and when will they impeach Obama for incompetence ?

    • Silence is Golden

      We don’t need the CDC to state this fact.
      They lied when the outbreak erupted.
      The facts at the time were incongruous.
      Simply there is an epidemic of Ebola that spreads like a common cold/flu.
      Vaccines are the next stop.
      Sanitation in third world countries is very poor….assists in the spread of the disease.
      Sanitation habits of people from poorer countries may be used to advantage where they reside in advanced countries. Open border policies is the canary in the coal mine.

      • JC Davis

        SIG. Truly, Surely, Knowing what I know there will Never be another needle enter my God given body. I would rather be dead. I have lived a good life. No tats and no trust in mankind here.

  50. Jerry

    Conspiracy theory or not, the military bunker in Highlandville is nearing completion.
    I live nearby, and I can guarantee you that there is absolutely no reason for a defense contractor to build a complex of this magnitude in the Ozarks unless they want to avoid densely populated areas for a reason. There’s nothing there, unless you want to include the underground complex in Ozark a few miles away.

  51. Thomas1


    The CDC seems helpless.

    Your comment about Ebola adding to a US hyperinflation scenario
    is possible, but I believe we need a couple more factors: Harvey Organ’s “December to Remember,” a global equities and bond market crash, and the “too stupid to be stupid” US response the allows Ebola to go out of control–at least domestically.
    “Circus,” barely begin to describe the next few months.

  52. Jerry

    New World Order – Straight from the horses mouth.

  53. allen ols

    ………..Vladimir Putin is stripping America of its superpower status. But he’s not using bombs or tanks to do it. He plans to destroy the one thing that underpins demand for the dollar and Americans’ way of life: the petrodollar system. This was the secret pact Kissinger struck in the vast oil rich deserts of Saudi Arabia. America guaranteed to defend Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud in perpetuity if the Saudis would sell oil in dollars. But many countries resent this system, and their leading spokesman is Putin. There’s a new Colder War going on, and it’s threatening the only thing holding America at the top.


  54. allen ols


    Paul Craig Roberts

    If you require more evidence that the United States is a dysfunctional society, observe American elections. Election season is slander season. Each party’s attack teams focus on misrepresenting, defaming, and ridiculing the opposing party’s candidates. Attack ads have replaced debates and any discussion of what the issues are, or should be, and how candidates perceive the public’s interest. Each attack team tells lies designed to enrage various voters about the other team’s candidate.

    Whoever is elected is indebted not to voters but to the special interests that provided the campaign money. Once elected the official serves the private interest groups that put the official in office. In America the government can be bought and sold just like everything else. In its Citizens United ruling, a Republican Supreme Court put its stamp of approval on the right of corporations to purchase the US government.

    Each state has its own dominant interest groups that win every election. In Florida real estate developers routinely defeat the environment and local communities. Developers have even been known to form organizations that pose as conservation supporters in order to misrepresent and defeat conservation measures.

    Yet, despite their long string of losses to special interests, voters still participate in elections. I once read a theory that elections are a form of entertainment. President Clinton’s encounter with the young woman on MTV–”boxers or briefs”–is one indication of the lack of seriousness that Americans bring to politics. http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/133280/vintage-mtv-bill-clintons-briefs.jhtml

    Perhaps the lighter moment of a young woman’s interest in the president’s underwear should be cherished. The Clinton years will be remembered as scandal after scandal with dark events unresolved and covered up. The Clinton years were transformative. For those who don’t remember and those too young at the time to be aware, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: The Unreported Stories (1997), will be an eye-opener. Perhaps the Democrats should read the book before nominating Hillary as the party’s presidential candidate.

    Evans-Pritchard was Washington bureau chief for the Sunday Telegraph, one of the main British newspapers. He was stunned by how the American media ceased to function during the Clinton years. The Clinton years gave us such events as the federal government’s murder of the Branch Davidians in their Waco compound and subsequent coverup, the Oklahoma City bombing and coverup, and the coverup of the apparent murder of White House counsel Vincent Foster.

    Almost everyone who paid attention saw coverups, not investigations, of these extraordinary events. Evans-Pritchard was one who payed attention, and what he saw did not pass muster. Yet, there was no press asking questions.

    For example, the official story was that Tim McVeigh was the “lone nut”
    (the rest of the story is GREAT)…al ols


  55. M.A.

    Bibi’s response to “chickenshit” is “grassy knoll”. Does that even need interpretation?
    Putin’s letter circumvents the heads of state – giving legitimacy to the NWO schemes… of the NGO’s.
    Obola; haloween costumes of an Obama mask in a Germ Suit are just too surreal to be funny.
    Your gold and silver won’t help you.
    Too late for the “vaccine” too.
    The fan is running at full speed, and the chickenshit is blowing back… in a big way.
    Good thing my family has the antidote – too bad for all you that you followed the wrong leaders!

  56. Troy

    Greg, your the best, still listening!

    But is not $100 dollars a month, $1200 dollars a year?

    • JC Davis

      Troy. don’t laugh that is almost what I make a year. Thank God for fish, Deer, and greens. I can buy whatever I want. I have chosen to abandon this fake, controlled society.
      Good to see your still alive. There is a mainland you can stay in .

  57. Silence is Golden

    This is an interesting development on Ebola related topic:
    Lakeland Industry …the maker of the Hazmat suits has just issued notice that it has orders for 1mln suits.
    Some might argue that Ebola is good for the medical supplies / pharma industry…true.
    But the bigger and immediate concern is WHO us buying 1 MILLION suits ?
    AND WHY ?
    Is the perceived threat so enormous….seems a few people don’t want to take the risk.
    Go to para. 5 where the declaration that more orders above the 1million are being taken.

  58. allen ols


    Scientists warned that an earthquake could take out Fukushima. The Japanese ignored the warning.

    (The Fukushima reactors were damaged by the earthquake before the tsunami hit, because the design of the reactors was defective.)

    But that couldn’t happen in the U.S. … right?

    Well, the engineers who built the Fukushima reactors also built a nuclear reactor at Shoreham, New York … which is highly vulnerable to an earthquake:

    The plant was riddled with problems that, no way on earth, could stand an earthquake. The team of engineers sent in to inspect found that most of these components could “completely and utterly fail” during an earthquake.

    (1) the company fraudulently changed the seismic report to pretend the plant was earthquake-safe;

    (2) the exact same thing was done at Fukushima.
    And the same company that designed the failed Fukushima plants and the vulnerable Shoreham facility is:

    the designated builder for every one of the four new nuclear plants that the Obama Administration has approved for billions in federal studies.

  59. skilaki

    Hello. I would like to know why if things are so bad economically, that we have not seen cutbacks in welfare spending? Thank you.

    • Paul from Indiana

      If you are serious, ask Greg for my e-mail address, and I will tell you. The short answer is that, for 40 years, we have engaged in deficit spending rather than fiscal discipline. We have our lists of “wants”, one of which is welfare, because it produces a voting bloc, and we finance that through debt, rather than pay the true cost outright. On account of this behavior, we now have an intractable ACKNOWLEDGED debt of $18 trillion. If more people would ask the question you posed and ponder the implications, we might yet still save ourselves, but the odds are heavily against us. Best always. PM

  60. Donna C

    Greg, charity begins at home. We need to help first those families who have been destroyed by the enterovirus introduced by the illegal children. We need to help those lined up in the parking lots of Mayo and other hospitals on a Monday morning looking desperately for answers.

    I question the real reason we are in W. Africa. Four thousand troops are helping with an illness? How about a construction crew of some sort, non-military? I do not believe the malarkey we are given for this issue. If we should help, then what about Africa as a whole? There is wholesale slaughter all over that continent. We are broke. Did we really care about the people in Iraq? Our “help” was perhaps another agenda entirely?

    Who is paying for all of this while we are taking on water ourselves? Name a country that could not use our manpower and the taxpayer’s money. Out of nowhere we suddenly have a gripping issue in W. Africa. Ebola has been around since the 1980s. I believe it was Art Bell that had numerous programs on this. Now all of a sudden it is wrenching our guts? There seems to be a crisis per week. It is distraction. Unless Obama imports this disease here in a big way, we will very quickly forget the people of W. Africa, just like we overlooked the mass bombing of the Serbs and every other shady maneuver since in our history.

    Americans did not sign on to all of this. Where is the justice for the families whose children came down with a polio-like illness? I saw a picture of the first little boy who died of this virus. It is heartbreaking. It was totally avoidable. What madness makes the American citizen so expendable, so vulnerable? It is not charity. It is real easy to be generous with other people’s money, other people’s families, other people’s jobs, other people’s very lives.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fair points. Thank you.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Ms. Donna, with all due respect, the American people DID sign on for this and more, and they signed on for it TWICE. What you really might mean to say is that we didn’t understand at the time to where it would all lead. Do we yet? I respect your sincerity and your contributions here. Many thanks and best always. PM

  61. Robert

    “They say things like we should treat these returning health care workers like “conquering heroes.” (I’d like to buy that heroic guy a drink- I just don’t want to be in the bar with him)

  62. Beeman

    Hi Greg
    I really enjoy your video on youtube, I wouldn’t miss a one.

    Here is a new subject for you to discuss. That is the plight if the American Beekeepers, we are fighting a losing battle. I have given up, I used to run 300 hives in SW Minnesota. Today I have 5 left, they all were wiped out by GMO poisonous crops. 20 years ago there were 5 large beekeepers in my county, today there are none left. Just 75 miles from where I live the worlds largest beekeeper, Richard Adee, is just barely making it, he runs 50,000 bee hives.

    Beekeepers are now required to replace all the combs in a hive every 3 to 5 years because of the pesticide buildup from GMO crops. Normally we could keep combs up to 30 years or until the wood frames fall apart. This is unsustainable for beekeepers when one figures it takes 12 LBs of honey to draw wax for just 1 frame. There are 20 frames in the brood chambers of a regular hive.

    If anyone really looks into GMO crops they will find these crops were given GRAS status with no research what so ever . They even use nutitional data from old crop data, they could never test GMO’s, they have almost zero nutritional value.

    I would have contacted you from my youtube account but I’ve been banned from making any comments. The Pro-GMO trolls don’t stand a chance when they are faced with real data. I liked to use the governments own data to prove my points.

    If you decide to look into this story contact me by email .

    here is a website that reveals some of the lyes: http://www.bouldercountybeekeepers.org/toms-corner/

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