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Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.8.13

11By Greg Hunter’s 

The answer is NO.  The president cannot kill Americans on U.S. soil with a drone attack who are not engaged in combat.  It took a gutsy 13 hour filibuster from Senator Rand Paul and some other Republican and Democratic Senators to get that answer from the White House.  When liberal Democrat Ron Wyden joined the Republicans, it became very hard to blow it off as partisan politics.   (more…)

What Happens if U.S. Doesn’t Cut Spending?

Government Spending Cuts 2013: What Happens if the U.S. Doesn’t Cut Spending?Greg Hunter’s 

Everybody is talking about the cuts in government spending with the $85 billion in forced spending cuts in military and social programs.  $85 billion amounts to little more than a 2% cut in $3.8 trillion (or $3,800 billion) in federal spending per year.  Didn’t most working Americans just suffer a 2% pay cut with the expiration of the Social Security tax holiday?  (more…)

The 2nd Amendment

thCAMDZMEUBy Greg Hunter’s

A friend sent me a video, and I thought you all should take a few minutes and watch it.  It is a YouTube presentation about the 2nd Amendment from a young black female named Kira Davis.  She has a YouTube Channel that has more than 1 million views.  After you see her 2nd Amendment presentation, you will understand why.  (more…)

Housing Market-It’s all Manipulation-Fabian Calvo

Fabian CalvoBy Greg Hunter’s 

Real Estate investor Fabian Calvo says, “Trust me; there are enough troubled assets for the Fed to be buying much more than $40 billion a month. . .  It’s all about manipulation.”  Calvo says, “In essence, they are creating another bubble.  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.1.13

62 By Greg Hunter’s

To say the drama and panic being put out by the mainstream media (MSM) is unfounded hype is a gross understatement. The budget cuts known as “sequestration” will force mandatory cuts to military and social programs. These cuts are really pretty minor when you look at the more than $3.6 trillion in spending for the U.S. Yes, there will be some pain. Budget cuts are supposed to be painful, but to position this as an end of the world scenario is simply spin, poor reporting and fact checking by the MSM. (more…)

Fed Balance Sheet-Firecracker to Great Big Bomb-Karl Denninger

Karl_Denninger_Interview_Financial_Crisis_2012By Greg Hunter’s 

Analyst/trader Karl Denninger thinks the Federal Reserve’s $3 trillion balance sheet could blow up the economy.  The Fed is adding $85 billion to it every month!  Denninger says, “The larger the balance sheet gets, the more powder Bernanke is piling into the brick house.  So, instead of a firecracker, he’s got a great big bomb in there now.”  (more…)

U.S. Already in Technical Default-Gregory Mannarino

Greg MannarinoBy Greg Hunter’s 

Analyst Gregory Mannarino is worried about the out of control debt in America.  Mannarino says, “The United States is already in technical default regarding its debt because if it were not for the Fed buying all this debt, we’d be in actual default, which is coming.”  When the bond market bubble blows up, Mannarino thinks, “People are going to be destroyed here—destroyed from a financial standpoint.”  (more…)

Gold Has One Way to Go-Up-Peter Schiff

44By Greg Hunter’s 

Money manager Peter Schiff predicts, “We are headed for a monetary crisis, a dollar crisis. . . . Money supplies are going to explode, and gold supplies are going to be constricted.”  According to Schiff, that means only one thing, “The price of gold has one way to go in the long term, and that is up.”  (more…) is Back!

Hello to All!

I am happy to report we are back! We suffered a vicious attack that took the site down on Monday, February 18. I do not know who is doing this or what their motive is. I suspect whoever is committing these attacks is not happy with people getting real news and analysis. We still have some work to do to get back to full strength. We are working behind the scenes to make sure everything is functioning correctly before we put up video and longer written posts. This is the second attack in the last 6 weeks. is one of several sites that have been attacked. This hurts our traffic, revenue and will undoubtedly raise the cost of running the site. Thank you for your comments and for your support.

Greg Hunter,

Financial System-At Some Point it Blows-Eric Sprott

15By Greg Hunter’s 

Eric Sprott manages $10 billion, and he’s worried about the global financial system.  He says, “There is this huge chaos going on in the financial business which I think we all sense.  They are using desperate measures here to hold it together. . . . at some point it blows.  There’s no doubt about it.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 2/15/13

11By Greg Hunter’s 

The big story this week was the State of the Union address by the President and the rebuttals.  Please note “rebuttals” plural.  Everyone knows Senator Marco Rubio, but not much coverage was given to Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky.  (more…)

Currency Wars are Real—Yra Harris

2 jpgBy Greg Hunter’s   

Legendary trader Yra Harris says, “The currency wars are real, and the game is on.”  Harris says the global currency war is what helped Volkswagen gain market share in the last few years.  So, what is Japan doing?  (more…)

Biggest Bubbles in History-Stocks, Bonds, Dollar-Paul Craig Roberts

1By Greg Hunter’s 

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “I think we have three of the biggest bubbles in history.  The bond market, stock market and the U.S. dollar . . . and something is going to go.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.8.13

17By Greg Hunter’s 

The John Brennan CIA confirmation hearing is raising questions about waterboarding and drone strikes that include targeting U.S. citizens abroad.  Many Democrats have been up in arms about the use of torture, but not much has been said about killing terror targets with drones.  The White house says, “The strikes are legal, ethical and wise.”   Opponents of drone strikes say killing people this way is unconstitutional, especially when it comes to targeting Americans.  (more…)

Rise in Asset Prices all an Illusion-Fabian Calvo

Fabian CalvoBy Greg Hunter’s 

Real estate expert Fabian Calvo says, “There’s a lot of manipulation from government agencies and the Fed that is creating this rise in asset prices . . . but it is all an illusion.”  Calvo’s company,, buys and sells $100 million in distressed debt a year.  (more…)