Turning Points: Trump, War, Dollar, Vax & LLM

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 576 4.7.23)

President Donald Trump has been indicted on 34 bogus counts of fraud by an ultra-left New York prosecutor.  This was a huge turning point in American politics.  It has never been done to a former President and leading candidate in the opposing party.  It represents how deranged the Democrat party has become.  The Lying Legacy Media (LLM) cheered on the pain for Trump this week and reported he was arrested– when he was really only indicted.  CBS News (propaganda) buried what really happened.  CBS said in one report “an arraignment is different than an arrest” and went on to report that Trump was arrested like all the other LLM. There was no bail, no mug shot taken and no handcuffs.  There were some positive turning points for Trump.  He raised $10 million and has skyrocketed in the polls.  This has backfired in a big way on the Deep State Democrats and is not helping their chances in 2024.

War talk with Russia is heating up over the ongoing Ukraine war.  Russia is calling it a “hot conflict with the United States.”  Meanwhile, the DOD is consumed with the military being a “safe space for the non-binary.”  This is a total departure from reality and a very dangerous turning point for all involved.

The sick and dying from the CV19 bioweapon vax is still trending higher—much higher.  More and more are getting so sick they can no longer work.  People who “died suddenly” for no apparent reason are still stacking up in greater numbers.  Dr. Tony Fauci is now bragging about the next pandemic and says, “There will absolutely be an outbreak of another pandemic.”   Has the public reached a turning point for the CV19 vax and plandemic lies?

There is much more in the 55-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 4.7.23.

(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

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After the Interview:

Dr. Mark Skidmore from Michigan State University will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Dr. Skidmore is proving over and over again the CV19 vax is dangerous and debilitating.  Dr. Skidmore has new academic proof, and, yet, he is being attacked viciously for telling the truth about the CV19 bioweapon/vax.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Happy Easter Greg.

    Revelation 1:18
    I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

    • Carol Bolt

      Amen Anthony. Happy Easter.

      • June

        I have a question this Easter weekend for the Demon Rats: After you nail Trump to the cross – “will he rise again”??
        [You would know the answer – if you ever read anything other then “Alinskys’ Rules for Commies”]!!!

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Amen Anthony and all who comment here and God Bless all of you.

    • Shirl

      TURNING POINT…..Excellent Choice of Phrase there Greg!!!
      Here’s a must listen for the Holy Weekend, especially those mocked for daring to hope, wanting a return to Sanity and who support the ideology MAGA under “trumptsard” attack & abuse from little know nothings of the brainwashed throngs.


  2. Andrew

    Some of these ‘creatures’ must seriously get worried about their personal safety and must seriously get paranoid about what WILL happen.

    • Carol Bolt

      I been thinking that for a while now. Don’t they know all this crap they are promoting means them too? They won’t be safe anywhere in the future. Happy Easter Andrew.

      • Andrew

        A day will come when you think you are safe and happy, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth. And you will know the debt is paid.
        —Tyrion Lannister—

        Happy Easter to you too….and to ALL of you.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          No thanks Andrew. I think on the words of Jesus.; I’ll never leave you or forsake you;

      • Dawn

        Andrew and Carol
        Nothing will happen to them bc WE will NOT do sht about it.
        They WILL get away with all this bc being on the Covid gravy train is far too important to people and bc there is NO accountability.
        Most people are only working between 15-30 hours a week but getting paid for 40.

        But in the meantime people will get away with sht
        I’m all for a lesser work week but this is the wrong way to go about it – there is no structure to this and this is why a lot of sht is coming for everyone, all the while those responsible are going to get more wealthy while the masses lose everything
        It’s going to be a great show for them at OUR expense.

        Fauci in fact funds many animal experiments one out in Tunisia
        The experiment was to :-
        Tie dogs down
        Put heads in mesh cages
        Then they let the sand flies loose
        Dogs died in sheer agony


        Anyone who believes the demonic Covid lies and goes along with this bs mostly headed by that demonic evil monster Fauci deserves all the sht that’s coming imho.

        • Dawn

          I just wanted to add although I am not vaccinated I am glad they used people to “test” the vaccines on over animals

          Animals are NOT here on earth to be experimented on / abused or murdered by evil heartless monsters
          They deserve to have a nice safe life just like a human
          No animals should be on the endangered list bc of heartless humans
          But I’d be ok with humans being on the endangered list as things stand right now .

          • Earth Angel

            Agreed Dawn! God did not place animals on earth for ignorant, cruel, sick deviants to torture and maim helpless, innocent creatures in the name of ‘science’.

          • sdmule

            I am with you 100% Dawn!!

          • I Dig Au


            People are also ” NOT here on earth to be experimented on / abused or murdered by evil heartless monsters”.

            • Dawn

              I agree but I’d rather humans get experimented on than animals who are so innocent – like young children are.

              I hate this planet – it gets worse every decade so for me I would welcome a nuclear war bc WE are so undeserving

              • Greg Hunter

                You are too stupid to be here, Dawn. Don’t come back.


  3. Shirl

    The Gaslighting DemonRats finally finished with their “report” on the Afghanistan SAIGON Sh•tShow ending by, you already guessed it, by BLAMING Trump 😂😂😂

  4. tim mcgraw

    The DOD says the military is a “safe place for the non-binary”. What the hell does that mean? “Non-binary” means it isn’t dual. Twins are binary. Stars that orbit each other are binary. Bicycles are binary.
    So the military is a safe place for people who aren’t twins?
    Who comes up with these BS terms?

    • Paul from Indiana

      The same people who think and tell us that “trans” is normal. “Non-binary” refers to these individuals who are sick and not grounded in reality, meaning man-woman, positive-negative, and “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. “Non-binary” is a supposedly polite and pseudo-scientific term for “trans” aka mentally ill. Welcome to Hell. Best always. PM

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul from Indiana: Yes. It seems like we have been in Hell for quite some time now. It’s all so unnecessary. Tragic. I just try and laugh at it when I can.
        All the best.

    • Jeffrobbins

      We’re going to find out the rest of the world isn’t okay with all that b.s. Looks to me like all these trade and currency deals are in fact a ‘shunning’. Even rumors of Mexico joining bricks?? And just like some emotional unstable person i fear we will lash out, have our ass beat, and then cower in the corner. It might actually be good for the country if a good percentage of the wackos are taken out by the vax- i know that’s not a christian thing to say. Get A homestead ready- someone in the family needs to grow some food. Even having 5 or 10 bare acres set aside for an investment/ inheritance makes a lot of sense.

      • tim mcgraw

        Jeffrobbins: Years ago my younger brother recommended that our family buy a farm in the Midwest and construct a family compound for us all. We’d raise our own food. Fix our own machinery. And be as self-sufficient as possible.
        I wish the family had followed my brother’s advice.

    • Jerry

      What a pathetic DOD we have! Are you kidding??? IMO the US Military is utterly compromised. Lets start with forced jabs and we all know what they are doing to our service members. Lloyd and Mark are more concerned with integrating male female boot camp as well as trans integration than being on the ready. Lets not forget, kick out those who refused the jabs leaving only jabbed service members to defend what is left of this nation!

    • Connie


      It was probably Barak and Mike Obama who came up with the terms.

  5. Anthony Australia

    During this auspicious period we are reflecting on the importance of helping our communities.

    Homelessness is Australia is slowly becoming more common among people but nothing compared to the tragedy of the USA.



    Dan you Satan and all your pathetic followers.

    • Anthony Australia

      Half Homeless that call it now. I agree with one comment that the 1950’s American dream is dead.


      • Paul from Indiana

        This was to be expected: there is no such thing as permanent, infinite “growth”. We Amis didn’t understand that at the time. We wanted to believe the rules didn’t apply to us. As my mother used to tell me “wantin’ ain’t gettin’. ” Best always. PM

        • Ray

          Hi Paul,
          Happy Easter mate.
          There is a medical term for “permanent, infinite growth”.
          Seems like the nations of the West are deep in stage four of the disease as well.
          The prognosis is TERMINAL.
          Ray, Canberra, Magical Transgender Unicorn Land.

          • Paul in oz

            Ray, Well diagnosed … every day the world becomes more upside down … hoping we can all connect via Greg’s twitter account where we can pm.

            • Roy madison

              President Trumps ordeal this week sets a presedent. Now people like the Clintons, and obama can recieve similar treatment.

          • Beverly

            Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better, right? Stubborn people will not change unless they HAVE to. And, God is going to make it so we HAVE to—–change or find out what hell is like. It will get to the point where we just won’t tolerate this evil anymore.

        • Anthony Australia

          Agreed PM!

          “Nothing is permanent, except change.”

          “Somehow, in the process of trying to deny that things are always changing, we lose our sense of the sacredness of life. We tend to forget that we are part of the natural scheme of things.”

  6. Tommy

    Meanwhile…the gaslighting attempts of Blame Shift with the Get Trump Theme going Full Tilt Non-Stop diverts attention away from Another colossal crisis Among many Catastrophic crises occurring simultaneously (polycrisis as reported here on USAWatchdog) the US banking meltdown of nearly $2 Trillion in unrealized losses rapidly expands with US banks hemorrhaging deposits.


    • mark deacon

      US banking meltdown of nearly $2 Trillion in unrealized losses rapidly expands with US banks hemorrhaging deposits

      What is happening is people are forced to spend the money they saved to live with the Democrat inflation. Banks look to be bleeding out economically but only compared to the level of debt they are holding. Bank leverage is the problem at 10x+ … it is way too high when you consider it is only 10% collateral against the 90% debt they created.

      Getting worse too as inflation is not even tamed yet.

  7. Mat G

    Trump and the “Generals”…

    President Donald J. Trump dressed all of them down in a public news conference. The facts as President Trump simply stated are that with world’s largest defense budget, America’s Generals and Admirals lost to the Taliban in Afghanistan. This enemy has no Navy, Air Force, or Space Program.

    These would be the same Barack Obama Generals who wanted NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers removed from his position for going to meet with Donald J. Trump at Trump Tower on November 17th, 2016.

    These would be the same Generals responsible for putting 300,000 NATO troops on Alert on November 6th, 2016, two days before the Presidential Election.

    These would be the same Generals responsible for launching the E6B Doomsday Plane on November 17th, 2016, nine days after Donald J. Trump won the election.


    • June

      And these same guys that stood down on 9-11 and want to do a nuclear first strike upon Russia are now asking for us to double their Defense budget so they can retire and get a very lucrative job with some Defense Contractor !!

    • Paul from Indiana

      “I loathe the military.” – – William Jefferson Clinton.

      Best always. PM


    RFK Jr 2024

    • Russ D


      “Let’s be honest. The NRA is as responsible for the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas child murders as if they pulled the trigger. The NRA has turned the 2nd Amendment into a suicide pact for our children. When do we deal with the NRA?”

      – RFK Jr., 2018..

      Does that sound like someone who believes in the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution?.. And NO.. Kennedy has NOT modified his opinion regarding the private ownership of firearms, nor the culpability of those who would defend the 2nd Amendment. Pro climate change, pro abortion, pro taxation, pro marxism. Vaccines?? He is on the right side. All else??? Study up! Even blind pigs find acorns on occasion, so please, let’s not be fooled by this PIG…..

  9. Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

    just a thought came to me… how good it would be if you could get Lin Wood to appear in a show with you Greg……

    • Daniel Hall


      I suggested this a month or so ago in one of my comments. Interview Lin Wood ASAP.

  10. Andrew Cox

    Greg – I hope you and your family have a good and healthy Easter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andrew!

      • Robert Rosenkranz

        I believe his name is dr Shiva says Taibbi is plant to make musk savior when in reality government has backdoor to Twitter for censorship


        Thank you Greg for everything you do. 🐣 Happy Easter. I pray new life comes out of these ashes 🙏 for everyone who is not connected to any of this evil and the people who are connected that the gavel will drop on each and every one of them. Judgement at last no place to hide. 🙏

        • Greg Hunter

          Happy Easter Linda!

      • Shane Martin

        Sometimes I wonder with them vaccinating the animals even the wild deer, if Dr Sherri Tenpenny is right. The spike protein folding in on its self will cause prion disease aka Mad Cow disease. It would be a effective way for the transhumanist to come in as heros with NeuroLink, a true ghost in the shell dystopia. It is defently a good time for Christ conciousness to envelope the earth. Have a good Easter Greg.

      • Mike

        Hi Greg
        May you have a blessed Easter. Thank God for our Savior. We don’t need any politician. We need God.
        You are one of few faithful newscasters. You’re one of the best.
        My feelings likewise for Fauci.
        He killed my brother in law. Him and his killer hospitals and protocol. Keep up the great work. Mike

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Mike! Happy Easter!

      • Rob McCleary

        Greg I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do to keep us informed, for speaking the TRUTH; and I hope you and your family have a happy Easter.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        God Bless you Greg and your family and I am so grateful for all of your work.

  11. Rodney

    Greg do the polls really matter anymore? after all, the voting is still controlled/manipulated/gerry mandered or whatever one wishes to label it. How can anyone know the results will ever be liget? 2020, Arizona, Georgia keeps coming to mind.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. Julia

    Please consider having Dr. Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD, on the show. The food, specifically meat at this point, is being poisoned and tainting the blood of the unvaxed. Even though I don’t eat meat (it grosses me out; don’t care if you eat it), I feed my dogs chicken every morning. So even we vegetarians should care about this, as you can be sure vegetable crops will also be tainted, and we love our meat-eating friends and animals. https://anamihalceamdphd.substack.com/p/self-assembling-nano-worms-food-blood?publication_id=956088&post_id=113196159&isFreemail=true.

  13. Bob Paterson

    I am damaged without a vax… I can feel my body leaking internally with blood pooling in areas… And now entire veins just turn to red lines…the ones I can see from the surface. I can feel it in my arms legs torso and head…. Totally random locations… I have my own meat supply from several years ago but it started when I had a cookout with my cousin and had to buy a single organic burger from the store cause mine was frozen …. It felt like razor blades cutting me up inside. If this is happening andibearly eat processed food… I think everybody is going to perish… 95%

    • Sam

      You may be damaged without a vax…..but I bet you Drink Tap Water. brush your teeth with Fluoride Toothpaste, use Deodorant with Aluminum and eat Pancakes, and Pickles with Aluminum..Fry with Canola Oil, eat Fish sticks, Ham,Oysters and Clams..devour Diet Soda Pop with artificial sweetener… Drink Bud Light…the worst beer in the market….and..get no sunlight.


      Hi Bob, If you have asked Jesus into your heart he will restore you. Acknowledge to Father God that He is God and you have accepted Lord Jesus as your savior and ask Jesus to heal your body like Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood . Jesus can and He will. 🕊️

  14. Dave

    America, or sections of it, has gone demented! Sad, I love America. The focus on dysfunctional degenerate behavior is sickening.

  15. Julia

    RFK Jr. isn’t a woketard, but he still believes in Dem socialist ideals. He should not be Trump’s VP. If Trump did get jabbed, he may not live much longer. Then we’ll be left with a Democrat at the helm. I respect Bobby, but I would NEVER vote for him UNLESS he was provably RED PILLED.


      My thoughts exactly Julia. RFK Jr might be a nice guy but the Democratic’s are still the party of abortion, no God in their platform. Having eyes they cannot see and ears they cannot hear they have no Spiritual understanding.. Schumer, Palos, Nusaance. No one with a good heart would belong to the democrat party it’s pure evil. Happy healthy Easter everyone.
      Father God gave Moses instructions a lamb for a house NOT a ham ,the blood of the perfect lamb Jesus over our homes for protection and forgiveness then to cook the lamb and eat to be ready to pack up and leave healthy no sickness or disease and wealthy the Egyptians were afraid of them because of our God’s strength and wanted no parts of them. Until the King figured out they needed them to do all the hard work and tried to get them back. That didn’t work out so well, that’s when God really showed off one of his strengths moving waters. God, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit are the same yesterday today and forever. I wonder what miracle Father is going to do for us for deliverance it has to be massive so no one will forget or give someone else the glory. First it was blood ♥️ and death then it was 🌊 water and death to get the evil ones to stop, and let my people go. Amen Amen
      . Happy Easter Be watchfully be sober and vigilant. General George Washington was on the ball crossed the water caught the German soldiers drunk, asleep five miles from me. Why are the Germans and English [rich ones] always getting together to murder,steal evil hearts.
      Thank you Jesus for everything ❤️.

  16. Judy Oldenburg

    Greg, my husband and I also live in NC, we’re big fans of yours. We’ve been hearing that there going to put the MRNA vaccine in the food supply. We try to only eat organic. Could you find out some information on what foods will be safe to eat.
    Do you ever speak publicly?
    Thank you for all you do.

    • Marie Joy

      The safest foods are the organic foods you grow, yourselves.

    • Paul

      Hi Judy,
      Items to eat would be out of corporate food control. Wild fish, deer, locally grown chickens, rabbit, cows, goat, etc.. and your own gardens, canning and salting for later use.
      Not much leeway I am afraid.

      Wait until fuel and energy is only sold with CB digital currencies.

      The window for self reliance is being broken, so communes or red states will be last Beacons of strength or choice.

      Paul from arkansas

  17. Chris wren

    Love ya man, keep up the good work.

    • ken

      There is a wide gulf of difference between old school democrats and today’s Marxist demorats. At least he was not afraid to declare fascism was the countries top problem and he doesn’t share the Israel first that the top two republican candidates do.
      His own wife,,, sister,,, and the Demorat party are against his run so he can’t be all that bad….

  18. John Pick

    One of the main anti Vax lawyers in the Missouri
    Food Law is Thomas Renz he has a Brighteon
    Channel. I first saw him and Karen Kingston on Stew Peter’s. Mr. Renz is outraged over SADS too.
    Tho.as Renz would make an excellent USAWATCHDOG guest.

  19. Marie Joy

    “We deserve the government we tolerate.”
    Putting mass murderers in jail is not enough.
    19 of 20 democrats took the clot shot and they and their babies are dropping like flies.
    Avoid shedders, if you can.
    Support the truth tellers.
    Shareholders of woke companies should sue when their stock prices tank.
    We are accepting our own murders without a whimper.

    • June

      We need to accept the fact that the ignorant and weak minded who took the “jab” will be leaving us soon – just say a prayer for them “and let them go” – so that those of us who are left “will have an easier time” putting our world back on track without all the criticizem and rejection they constantly impose upon us (who have the capability to not only think about our safety but courageous enough act to ensure it)!!

      • Marie Joy

        WE have done nothing to ensure our safety.

  20. andyb

    If Biden runs, RFKJr will siphon off AT LEAST 30% Dem voters, giving Trump the win, especially as the bioweapon gets more and more acknowledged as a fact.

    Question: Will cooking make the injected foods inert? Or do we now subsist on rice beans and fruit?

    DeSantis refuses to comment on the J6ers in the gulag. Just another globalist Rhino? BTW no automatic autopsies in Florida.

    Connect the dots folks. If someone was purposely paving the way for the Chinese invasion of the US, starting of course in California, they couldn’t do a better job than Biden. Only reason it hasn’t already happened is the 2nd Amendment.


      Hi Andy, ”America Intelligence Media’s has found out a lot about Ron D he was a lieutenant in the Navy overseeing urinalysis tests cardboard cutout. No kidding. I’ll take President Trump a billionaire businessman, developer, golf courses, jets, hotels, married 5 children needs NO money from anyone so they can’t bribe him.

      • Wanda

        When you are a Jag officer? That’s part of their job, over seeing that the urine tests are performed as they should be. That does not demean his position as an Officer, and especially as a Jag Officer. Since he is so proficient as an attorney? I trust he did his duties were/are unquestionable . I agree with Andy’s assessment, RFK will siphon off the dem voters and leave a wide open for Trump. I also agree with you on your assessment of DJT He cant be bought, not for the Office of president especially. He still needs to come out publicly and clear himself to the people, about the clot shot. Too many ppl are falling for the misrepresentation on this, the truth needs to be said and clarified. We all make mistakes, how ever, we were not standing there in ear shot of what/who were giving him his information were we? God knows he ended up with a lot of Rhinos in position close to him.


      Good idea about RFKJr and Biden. Can you imagine that debate. 🙏

  21. richard beadle

    conservative mp exposing the covid crime/execs mortality adverse reaction as well as conflicts of interest in the houses of parliament using the u.k govs own data presented by Dr John Campbell MD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvSHD_n3Lyg

    and even after MP andrew bridgen exposed the crime in progress the u.k gov/globalist owned/compromised puppet parliament in the U.K have just revealed an agenda to inject new born babies daily mail link https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11945899/Covid-jabs-given-vulnerable-BABIES-Health-chiefs-recommend-two-Pfizer-doses.html?offset=300&max=100&jumpTo=comment-974286823#comment-974286823

  22. Robert

    Michigan state univ has fauci speaking at the phd spring commencement ceremonies . How
    Low can the state of Michigan sink???


      That’s terrible Robert. They can’t see. Pray Ephesians 1;17 that the eyes of of their understanding be enlightened in Jesus name.

    • Shiloh1

      They are getting $billions shoveled in the back door by Gov and MIC.

  23. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    A Trump & RFK ticket most interesting

    A wonder what the odds are of FJB crashing the dollar to wreck the economy & use that event to forestall the 2024 election?

  24. Robert

    Bud light and now jack daniels is telling us the new era of consumers(men) is here.
    It sounds they know the middle class, hard working age of regular guys is over. The world is clearly going thru a major transition downgrade.

  25. Nick de la Gaume

    Right ON!!!

    God Bless you and your family

  26. Heinrich

    Bo Pony predicted an epic event to happen on April 6. Another failed forecast….

    • Shiloh1



      Macron going, going….

  27. John Maskell

    Sometime in May 2023, the dollar will devalue . The bond market will crash and this will affect all western society . The contagion will spread into the derivative market thus causing panic that no human has seen before . Banks will not be able to control the flow of cash withdrawals . The time has come to seriously prepare .
    So much going on behind the scenes , but the Federal Reserve Note is done. The
    BRICS are dropping the dollar in favour of local currency backed by gold other commodities . Please research this and get ahead of the curve . Stock up on food ,water etc. Get precious metals if possible and pray for protection . Great show Greg .

  28. Jerry

    April fools.
    Bill Clinton. Lied to a grand jury about Monica. Nothing happened.
    Robert Kennedy. Had an affair with Marylyn Monroe while in office and nothing happened.
    Wilber Mills had an affair Fanny fox. Nothing happened .
    Who could forget Mary Jo kopekny who wound up dead by the Kennedys?
    If you’re part of the deep state. Nothing happens.

  29. Fred Engel

    Get what is need now, just replaced furnace and water tanks. This goes for things you rely on like your car battery, tires, belts, did that also.

  30. Southern Girl

    I too feel your anger at the murders! God will avenge and He will have justice. I just found out that I am going to be a great Aunt. My youngest sister’s son and his wife are pregnant with their first baby. I am praying my hands off that they have a healthy child. I know the father has been vaxxed because he is in the Guard. I asked him to try and get a religious exemption. He said the form was 57 pages long. I have no idea if the wife has been vaxxed.
    I know that all things are possible with God. Therefore, I am begging Him to have mercy on that baby.


      Southern girl, my three children and 3 grandchildren are vax and my husband and my self. I’m also praying for our protection from it. That the Lord Jesus Christ lives in us and His blood is perfect and flows through our bodies and cleanses our blood from all evil.

      • June

        All you can do is live every day to the fullest – the damn stooges in government “wanted to shorten American’s lifespans to 55 and under” so they would never collect Social Security (because they didn’t want to print up all the money needed to fund it) then they have the audacity “to print all the money necessary” to sent to that queer in the Ukraine!!!

  31. Dan

    Regarding Robert Kennedy Jr., you might want to have a look at this article from 3 years ago. Watch out:


    Have a nice weekend.

    • Paul from Indiana

      We need to quit looking for the Magic Bullet. There is no such thing! How can conservatives and traditional-values Americans even THINK , much less recommend, that a Hyannis Port Kennedy is the ANSWER to our troubles??? Are we that damned desperate that we have gone nuts? Best always. PM

  32. Bryce

    We are witnessing the end result of what Obama said back in 2008, “We are going to fundamentally change the USA”.
    We have arrived.
    The real question now, when will Americans say enough?
    Those children who died suddenly?
    When I served in Europe, after Vietnam, I saw first hand the beginning of the end for the western civilization.
    They were importing cheap labor from 3rd world countries, and they were not assimilating, causing the beginning of no go zones.
    Sound familiar?
    Get right with God, mankind is doomed without salvation.

  33. Robert Messina

    My complaint is they call it Good Friday

    Good Friday cheers to you Greg and your audience,
    It was a bad day for Jesus but for our sake it was well worth it

  34. Stan

    If your reality is the Flintstones then I can see why you like Gold. Fred Flintstone liked rocks and used Gold as a currency. Modern monetary systems don’t use rocks as a currency.

    • Shiloh1

      The Flintstones, not the Jetsons, was futuristic.

    • June

      Stan – I guess when you were a kid you played the Bankster invented game called “Rock/Paper/Scissors” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4uQssMXO38 – and were brainwashed by the Banksters into believing that “paper beat rock” (and therefore fiat beats gold) – but if you ever wake up and return to the real world – get yourself a rock and throw it at a piece of paper (the paper will be torn apart) – and then get a piece of paper and throw it at a rock (the rock will remain undamaged) – if you keep believing in Bankster fairy-tails – you will never realize why our Modern Monetary Systems are failing (it is because they don’t use gold as their currency)!!

  35. jim giordano

    HAPPY EASTER GREG.Thank you for all your hard work.

  36. Southern Girl

    Blessed Easter to all!!

  37. john

    Wait a minute, hold up , I thought when the democrauts were installed into the white house, that now ” the adults were now back in the room”. What a crock of horse dung. Now that lying sack of poop john kirby says well Trump didn’t leave us with any good options for withdrawel from Afghanistan. WHAT. You are in charge now, sleepy joe. It was TREASONOUS allowing $80 billion worth of military equiptment to our enemies.. But thats OK lying joe, now your buddies in china can take that equiptment and counter engineer it like what obama did with the drone in Iran, which now russia is utilizing in ukraine.. STUPIDITY or TREASON, but it’s all on you biden.

  38. Benjamin Johnson

    Thought this Monty Phyton Skit was impressive, since it was done in the 80’s.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Benjamin,
      Great find – thanks.

  39. John Mills

    Great show today Greg ! … you knocked it outta the park !
    The facts ! & the truth !

  40. KooiBono

    Hi Greg, Brother. God bless you.
    Apologies in advance, though. That interview with Bo, of all the ones with him, afraid this was the weakest link. The Return of DJT…? The Rebuilder? Like Nehemiah, etc? Um, no words, sorry.
    On another note, big fan of IVRMCTN, definitely, however “it binds to the SPIKE PROTEIN”, so the question is, does it bind GRAPHENE OXIDE, etc?
    Ciao. Greetings

  41. david calkins

    does it kill spike by cooking it

    • June

      Cooking meat at high temperatures for long periods of time “will definitely weaken” the structure of the Spike Protein – and to then detox them out of the body – include a few of the following into your detox program: Vitamin D (which reduces cancer cell growth, helps control infections and reduce inflammation) , Vitamin C (strengthens immune system, improves cardiovascular health), Nigella Seed (anti-cancer), Onion or Quercetin (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, kills cancer cells, prevents heart disease), Zinc (boosts immune system to fight germs), Curcumin (heals kidney, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer), Milk Thistle Extract (protects the liver from cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis), NAC (beneficial for lungs and reduces DNA damage to the sperm), Ivermectin (antiviral against a wide range of RNA and DNA viruses), Magnesium (supports muscle and nerve function), Prunella Vulgaris (prevents diabetes), Pine Needles (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial) , Emodin (antimalarial), Neem (anti-viral used for small pox, chicken pox and warts) and Dandelion Leaf Extract (which helps reduce cancer growth and support liver function)!!

  42. david calkins

    bud now gives you a bud plug when you buy it

  43. dave

    Love those cartoons.

  44. Dave

    mRNA Vaccines in Livestock and Companion Animals Are Here Now
    Jan 13, 2023

    By Dr. Robert Malone | Substack
    The current (public) receipts are included in this essay, and more are on the way
    Before we can discus mRNA vaccines for livestock, pets and wildlife, we must first address the elephant in the room. That is, how come the public is able to access human clinical trial information, but is not able to do the same for clinical trials involving animal health?
    During the early days of the AIDS epidemic, the AIDS community demanded public access to clinical trials. In 1988, the U.S. Congress passed the Health Omnibus Programs Extension Act of 1988 (Public Law 100-607) which mandated the development of a database of AIDS Clinical Trials Information Services. This Congressional Act motivated other non-profit disease related groups to demand access also.
    The Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act of 1997 amended the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the Public Health Service Act to require that the NIH create a publicly available clinical trials database. This eventually led to the development of the website ClinicalTrials.gov. This allowed tracking of drug efficacy studies resulting from approved Investigational New Drugs (including vaccines).
    The law requires (from Wiki):
    • Federally and privately funded clinical trials;
    • The purpose of each experimental drug;
    • Subject eligibility criteria to participate in the clinical trial;
    • The location of clinical trial sites being used for a study; and
    • A point of contact for patients interested in enrolling in the trial.
    • The National Library of Medicine in the National Institutes of Health to host the public website/database
    (BTW, one of my former clients held the federal contract to support ClinicalTrials.gov and Pubmed. I have spent time in the back rooms of the NLM and do know a fair amount about these things….)
    The searchable ClinicalTrials.gov website was made available to the public via the internet on February 29, 2000.
    ClinicalTrials.gov makes searching for human clinical trials easy. For instance, a quick search reveals that there are over 50 clinical trials for mRNA vaccines in progress and over 200 registered.
    With animals, there is no such database. mRNA vaccines in the “animal health” or veterinary markets are difficult to track until the company or the USDA is ready to release information on that product’s development or release. The USDA and/or the NIH have no mechanism for tracking potential new vaccines, drugs or biologics for the animal market.
    Therefore, one must rely on press releases, the occasional peer reviewed paper, conference notes, USDA grant and contract notifications, university websites and company profiles for discovery of such new products. Not adequate, in my opinion, and most definitely not transparent. By federal law, the public should have open access to the results of this type of federally funded research.
    In today’s substack, the state of mRNA “vaccines” for animal “health” is discussed. Citing public sources, I will review what is known and not known about commercial liaisons and partnerships, the corporations involved, ongoing research and products in various states of development.
    Bayer Partners with BioNTech to Develop mRNA Vaccines, Drugs for Animal Health
    Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News. May 10, 2016
    Bayer will partner with BioNTech to develop novel, first-in-class mRNA vaccines and therapeutics for animal health indications, the companies said today, under a collaboration whose value was not disclosed.
    Bayer agreed to secure exclusive rights to BioNTech’s mRNA technology and intellectual property for development of mRNA vaccines for animal health applications…
    The companies said their partnership is the first of its kind focused on developing mRNA therapeutics specifically for animal health applications.

    Infectious disease vaccines is the focus of one of the three therapy platforms BioNTech is building through mRNA technologies; the other two are cancer immunotherapies and protein replacement. The three platforms are designed to produce pharmacologically optimized protein coding RNA for targeted in vivo delivery…
    2016. This means that Bayer and BioNTech have been working on livestock and companion animal mRNA vaccines for over six years…
    Logic predicts that they will soon have livestock and companion mRNA vaccine and RNA therapeutics on the market.
    Bayer, BioNTech developing new mRNA vaccines
    Feedstuffs.com May 16, 2016
    Companies collaborate on cutting-edge technology to develop new solutions to protect companion and farm animal health.
    Again, note the date…2016. This means that Bayer and BioNTech have been working on livestock and companion animal mRNA vaccines for over six years…
    There are three therapy platforms that BioNTech has been building through mRNA technologies to be used in livestock and companion animals.
    • Infectious disease vaccines
    • Cancer immunotherapies and
    • Protein replacement.
    Bayer to manufacture mRNA vaccine in Germany
    Bayer Website, February 1, 2021
    “Following discussions with the German government it has become clear that current manufacturing capacities for vaccines need to be increased, particularly for potential variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    This includes the need to expand production capacity as well as related manufacturing expertise in Germany.
    We at Bayer will contribute even further by making more vaccine available to help fight the pandemic.
    So, Bayer lent their mRNA manufacturing vaccine facilities for use for the making of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Given the above 2016 press releases, that Bayer and BioNtech were collaborating to make mRNA vaccines for the animal markets, it would make sense that these facilities were actually built for the production of veterinary vaccines.
    SEQUIVITY: Custom Swine Vaccines, using RNA vaccines.
    Merck Website, Accessed Jan 2023
    Combat current and future swine diseases with SEQUIVITY from Merck Animal Health. A revolutionary swine vaccine platform, SEQUIVITY harnesses RNA particle technology to create customized prescription vaccines against strains of influenza A virus in swine, porcine circovirus (PCV), rotavirus and beyond. It’s supported by a sophisticated dashboard filled with comprehensive data and insights, all to help you stay on top.
    Important to know. Merck is already selling mRNA vaccines for swine. For whatever reason, they are selling these products as “customized prescription vaccines against strains of influenza A virus in swine, porcine circovirus (PCV), rotavirus and beyond.” This is an interesting market segment. Merck’s reason to limit the production of mRNA vaccines in the “customized prescription” market is unclear. Production facility size and scaleability of the RNA product could be factors.
    Acquisition Expands and Complements Merck Animal Health’s Strong Vaccine Portfolio
    Merck Press Release, November 12, 2015 5:00 pm ET
    MADISON, N.J., November 12, 2015 – Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada) and Harrisvaccines, Inc., today announced the companies have entered into an agreement under which Merck Animal Health will acquire Harrisvaccines, a privately-held company that develops, manufactures and sells vaccines for food production and companion animals.
    “As a leader in biologics, Merck Animal Health has built a robust portfolio of vaccines across all animal species,” stated Rick DeLuca, president, Merck Animal Health. “Combining Harrisvaccines’ R&D and portfolio of products with our strong capabilities and global reach will enable us to address even more devastating diseases that are impacting production animals and reinforce our commitment to the science of healthier animals.”
    Harrisvaccines offers innovative technology and an important portfolio of vaccines, with a focus on production animals, an increasingly important segment as consumer demand for protein continues to grow worldwide. The company has a unique RNA Particle technology which represents a breakthrough in vaccine development. It also has a highly versatile production platform able to target a wide range of viruses and bacteria. Pathogens are collected from a farm and specific genes are sequenced and inserted into RNA particles, making safe, potent vaccines able to provide herd-specific protection.
    This pioneering system is rapidly adaptable to new disease challenges and was instrumental in producing the first conditionally licensed vaccine to help control Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv), a deadly virus that has killed more than eight million piglets since suddenly emerging in the U.S. in 2013.
    Read that last paragraph again. Slowly.
    Sometime before 2015, the USDA issued a conditional license for a mRNA vaccine for use in pigs for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv), information about this product can be found at drugs.com.
    Basically something akin to an emergency use authorization was issued around 2014 or 2015. Just like with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, full licensure was not granted but the conditional license remains in place. Is this a strategy to circumvent the USDA vaccine licensing and/or authorization process?
    To conclude:
    Like with the BioNtech’s veterinary mRNA vaccine development, Merck’s development of an mRNA vaccine product started years ago. For Merck, it may have begun in earnest in 2015 with the acquisition of Harris Vaccine.
    Some ongoing research:
    IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY (grant summary page)
    Non Technical Summary
    Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a significant viral pathogens of young cows that is a key component of the respiratory disease complex and often leads to secondary bacterial pneumonia. Prefusion F has recently shown to be highly efficacious in barrier housed RSV challenged cows. However, the difficulty in generating prefusion F along with the cost of its production are a hurdle for adoption to the farm. RSV immunity also tends to wane quickly and given the complications of field or pen raised cattle and their stressors and other circulating diseases, and a protein vaccine may not prove highly efficacious in the real world. Here, we will test a novel mRNA vaccine system we have developed that substantially lowers the price point for production animals and may lead to more thermal stable transcripts compatible with vaccinating on the farm. The use of an alternative delivery system rather than lipid nanoparticles will also lower the vaccine costs. We expect to demonstrate efficacy of the vaccine platform using mice at first as proof of principle before switching to a full cow vaccination and challenge system in year 2. Our overall goal is to test a novel mRNA system for inducing immunological protection from bovine RSV infection. We hypothesize that a prefusion F mRNA delivered continuously by vaccine implant will lead to prolonged and robust cellular and antibody immunity. Here, we will optimize our vaccine further and then test for potential correlates of protection to examine for in eventually challenged cows.
    Research into mRNA vaccine livestock vaccines in New Zealand and Australia continues with governmental fast-track approval.
    NSW fast tracks mRNA FMD and Lumpy Skin Disease vaccines (in cattle)
    The NSW Government has taken another step towards fast tracking the world first mRNA vaccines for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Lumpy Skin Disease, inking a deal with US biotechnology company Tiba Biotech
    A Foot and Mouth Disease mRNA Vaccine Deal Has Been Signed Between the NSW Government and US Company Tiba Biotech
    Finally, inquiring minds want to know… what is Pfizer up to?
    Pfizer animal health goes by the name Zoetis.
    Zoetis clearly does not make its animal vaccine developmental stages known to the public. Internet searches do not reveal much inside the workings of Zoetis, in terms of mRNA vaccines. However, we can safely assume that development of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics for “animal health” are underway – so stay tuned.

  45. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Happy Easter weekend.
    Said it before, but never truer than WNW576 – you are ‘on fire’ today!
    Love the way you have tied all the dystopian world event together with the TURNING POINT theme. Very serious content but I confess to laughing out loud – what you describe so vividly is like a black comedy.
    You are 100% right to call the ‘Cv-19 vaxx’ deaths MURDER!! I agree. Whenever the media try to deflect attention with a local murder – gosh – and the ‘diligent’ work of law enforcement regarding the case, I want to shout out loud, “ What about all the fffing murders our governments and medical profession have and continue to commit daily???!!! Here in the UK ‘they’ are rolling out yet another round of ‘boosters’. WTF!
    Excuse my language, but colourful language pales into insignificance when considering what is being done to innocent law-abiding men, women, and children. Sometimes colourful language is ESSENTIAL in order to shock awake those who are sleepwalking to an early grave.
    Thanks again for a wonderful broadcast.

  46. felix

    I never miss a episode of usa watchdog,I love you greg and I am not gay I am your brother in CHRIST.Some of our fellow americans wouldn’t know truth if it slapped them in the chops.Another great commentary and yes we are at the fall of the empire,sad but true.Right when I am about to retire but this is not about me,its the country I love.We see the father of lies brain washing the mental midgets on a daily basis.All we can do is try to help our fellow man and lead them to CHRIST and helping those in need if we can.GOD bless all the patriots on usa watchdog and worldwide because we are entering a shitstorm.GOD bless all and a wonderful time of year as the savior was resurrected for us all.Pray extra hard these days for our nation.HAPPY EASTER.It should be happy resurrection.AMEN

  47. Eugene Jennings

    Trump’s arraignment has to play out. So he’ll probably be found guilty on at least one of the felony charges to complete the exposure of the DA and other DS figures. This will allow charges to be brought against all the other elected officials. Time will tell!

    Interesting parallel to the Easter season.

    Peace and health!

  48. Richard Longacre

    OPEC+ reducing oil production at the same time the world is dumping the dollar. Hyperinflation of food, fuel, and energy coming very soon.

    I watched the Tucker video and thought the same thing as Greg. There was so much truth in Tuckers video that it must now be too obvious for everyone that it can’t be ignored.

    Happy resurrection day. He has risen, indeed.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Richard,
      Please provide a link to the ‘Tucker video’.

    • June

      Indeed – reducing oil production will drive up the price of gasoline, etc., etc., etc. creating an inflation where all things will cost more in Dollars – at the same time Dollars will be flooding back to the US (as foreigners won’t need to hold them any longer)!!! – so when you go out to buy something ( like for instance a silver dollar) people will demand you fork over a lot more of those surplus Dollars for their product – as its purchasing power will get even lower then this – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 – while inflation is rageing – who would have ever believed the US dollar would go to zero as silver and gold go to infinity!!

  49. Ted Kanterman

    Way to go Greg! You were in rare form today, for sure! Keep it up my friend! Happy Easter!!

  50. Prospector

    Jack Daniels has gone woke and ‘ Trans ‘, promoting drag queens like Nike and Bud Light

    Travis Tritt
    All the
    drinkers should take note.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Companies can’t go “woke” fast enough. Why? Government controls the lending process with ESG mandates, determining who gets Wall Street support. What happens to financing if the corporations can’t demonstrate their ESG bonafides? It disappears. These guys who run these corporations aren’t dummies; they know who controls their livelihoods. This is systemic; it’s everywhere. All of us are being sacrificed on the ESG, TRANS, WOKE altar!! Wake up! It’s here and now. Now running away, no taking anything elsewhere. Best always. PM

  51. Ken

    After watching an interview with Ted Nugent I learned that TSC (Tractor Supply Company) sponsored a drag queen event with children. Well, I have no choice but to take my business elsewhere! Anheuser Busch Is swill I don’t drink, but vote with your dollars!


      Oh my gosh Tractor Supply? I won’t be going their anymore. Before you know they’ll be voting for marrying your farm animals.

      • Shiloh1

        with pedophilia comes bestiality and necrophilia.

        Histories, by Herodotus, written about 2500 years ago.

      • Annabel Australia

        See Offgridwithdougandstacy.com
        The video is called ‘Why is Tractor Supply silent?’
        Eye-opening to say the least.

    • Marie Joy

      Thank you for that info on Tractor Supply. Nike and Budweiser/Anhauser Busch.
      What other companies are woke?

    • Paul from Indiana

      What happens when there is nowhere else to take your business? Are you just going to do without everything? Sooner or later, all of us are going to have face this dreadful fact: it’s coming down to us vs. them, and they intend to kill us. Now what? WE just going to “take our business elsewhere”? TRANS: this is it, friends, the final showdown. Who’s got what it takes? Best always. PM

      ALL of this sudden corporate “wokeism” is a reflection of the ESG standards the government now requires for loans and financing. This explains the sudden explosion in corporations not being able to sell out fast enough. The CommieDem fundamental transformers have us over the figurative barrel. What are we going to do? Call Ghost Busters? Best always. PM

  52. Brian


  53. Greg (not Hunter)

    You are correct our government along with the world wide swamp have created a genocide against its own citizens. The word murder is correct when describing these sudden deaths of our children.
    Those responsible have to hang for their evil deeds.

  54. Will

    Just a wild guess but perhaps the Chicago mayoral race was….rigged?

    • Nika Loy

      When I stayed in Chicago for about a Month, people that I talked to, were generally proud, that Chicago was a Gangster City.

    • Shiloh1

      Lived and worked around there for ~ 60 years.

      No, frightening thing it’s NOT rigged.

      And thank 30 – 50 something white liberal wine moms.

      Look up tweets of –
      Joan Esposito
      Heidi Stevens
      Neil Strindberg
      Rex Huppke
      for starters

    • Paul from Indiana

      If by “rigged” you mean overwhelmingly “blue”, then yes. Have you been to Chicago, seen who lives there and how, and what goes on? If not, go. I guarantee you, you’ll come out a changed man. Come up from the south on I-94. Miles and miles of wasteland. See it, and you’ll understand. Most people cannot conceive of what exists. It makes Soviet Russia look modern. Best always. PM

  55. Justn Observer

    Trump = nationalist seen as pushing to reverse globalism,
    War = is the means to help steal natural resources while bankrupting the U.S. as ‘they’ embarrass the U.S and then lose it’s allies.
    Dollar = de-dollarize the U.S. to achieve above as ‘they’ remove/strip the wealth of the U.S. and send it across the world to ‘their’ outposts across the world which it along with the weapons can later be used to turn them back at the U.S. Vax = a de-population weapon to weaken and neutralize political dissent against ‘their’ globalist agenda of control.
    LLM = those that are compromised, complicit, or unaware now of ‘their’ decades old grand plan of world domination and use of a multi-national, multi-international public-private corporate partnership mockingbird media to mask/deflect/subvert the narrative and exposure.
    ( qualifier for these posts…EXCLUDE the ill-use of the word ‘jews’ from the time period these investigations were addressed’. A poor choice which since has been corrected other that the fact THAT all that attended Jekyell Island appear to have been…but it was NOT that attribute that is even relevant… What is the important focus IS that they still are of the world banking cartel…of a particular bent and agenda designed for world domination…thru the use of divison and subterfuge…TO PUSH conflicit and endless wars, to acquire control of nations wealth, resources, and compromise and their leaders to ‘their’ aims. Note, any leader that stood in their way has been assassinated, and/or their nations warred unpon be it thru the use of religions, ethnic, racial, or political tension. Historically, some are pointed to blame the jews, now the WEFers, some use Zionists, or different names of ”’secret societies”’…as JFK alluded to… which their true identity might more rightly found it the FED and other stakeholders of the other CENTRAL BANKS were forced into the open…= those that have and do now profit from all the points you raised in your wrap up… As we all were warned about since before the WWI and WWII and later in warning of Albert Pike’s plan for a coming WWIII. All muddled and labeled conspiricy ‘theory’ and witch hunts …but were they really?
    We can not really blame the later Gen X AND Y since the overwhelming amount of them are not even old enough to have ever heard these, let alone the JFK speech, and have be a subject of being drugged up and dumbed down for decades. Few ever heard of the ‘rat-lines’ and those that were ‘allowed’ to infiltrate and given jobs inside the U.S. gov’t and many of its agencies and organizations and ‘projects’ including defense, bio-weapons, and psychogocial and socialogy MKULTRA, world weather modification, use of social media- tracking surveillance technology etc..all used for the formenting and advance of their aforemention world control and dominantion!
    Some say, you know the truth when you hear it…if the shoe fits. or if it looks, sounds like one…you just might have to admit it is one.
    So, I hope at least some here, with the time over the holiday and thru the weekend after they review your wrap up,,,and after with Ph’d Skidmore’s interview…can review these with a wider view and context as to where were are NOW, as opposed to what they saw and ‘tried’ to express of who and what ‘they’ were planning then !
    coincidential predictions? Looking back was it all really ‘conspiricy theory puppycock’?
    Myron Fagon, How the Federal Reserve was created and
    by whom and for what reasons?


    Sounds all to familiar today, same MO =@ 8:00 @32:00


  56. Brian Roy B.

    You glossed over an important fact that needs to be addressed regarding Trump. The 34 Count Indictment, now pulled down by the Manhattan D.A. Office, lists February 14, 2017 as the FIRST date of offense.
    This February 14, 2017 date is a month AFTER Trump signed away his business control in over 400 companies
    (the 19 page document being)
    Therefore, all 34 indictments IMMEDIATELY are clearly out of the scope of Donald Trump’s association – participation – oversight of the same, and the case is FRIVOLOUS!

    Cornell Law School defines this as:
    …A frivolous claim, often called a bad faith claim, refers to a lawsuit, motion or appeal that is intended to harass, delay or embarrass the opposition.
    A claim is frivolous when the claim lacks any arguable basis either in law or in fact Neitze v. Williams, 490 U.S. 319, 325 (1989). That means, in a frivolous claim, either: “(1) “the ‘factual contentions are clearly baseless,’ such as when allegations are the product of delusion or fantasy;” or (2) “the claim is ‘based on an indisputably meritless legal theory.'” Livingston v. Adirondack Beverage Co., 141 F.3d 434, 437 (2d Cir. 1998).
    If a court decides a claim is frivolous, the court can dismiss the case, order the party which files the frivolous claim and the party’s attorney to pay any reasonable expenses, including attorney’s fees incurred as a result of the frivolous claim. …
    [Last updated in June of 2020 by the Wex Definitions Team]”
    The 34 Counts actually read as charges against Attorney Michael Cohen, in specificity, from counts 5 through 34.
    A Google Search I did on April 4, 2023 gives the quote:
    “On December 12, 2018,
    Cohen was sentenced to three years in federal prison and ordered to pay a $50,000
    fine after pleading guilty to tax evasion and campaign-finance violations.
    On February 26, 2019,
    he was disbarred from practicing law in the state of New York by the New York
    Supreme Court, Appellate Division.”
    Donald Trump was legally removed in time from the alleged charges of criminality, as well as being removed in access, in oversight, in involvement with the alleged offenses. Besides all this, the 5 year Statute Of Limitations on all the 34 Counts charged have EXPIRED.
    These facts should be regularly brought up and pounded on those who rail about Trump’s arraignment or worse, and something Trump himself should have somberly done after the arraignment, instead of in front a bunch of childish drunken and useless supporters who wouldn’t stop whooping ;like 79 I.Q. morons, having no clue of reality of Patriotism and Constitutional Rule of Law versus celebrity worship and hear me cheer on television mindsets. That’s my opinion.
    Otherwise, decent broadcast today.

  57. stephen spear

    I agree. RFK Jr seems to be a conservative and constitution supporter. I could vote for him but he needs to leave the dimocrats.

  58. Dave

    While the GOP fights over Trump and whether he should be the nominee in 2024 the Democrats are organizing and winning elections. They took over the Wisconsin Supreme Court – easily defeating a conservative pro-life candidate. This means Wisconsin will allow abortion up to birth, will throw out laws that protect election integrity and will throw out any redistricting that does not favor the Dems. Wisconsin, Michigan Pa., are perhaps gone to the GOP and if the proves true it doesn’t matter who is the GOP nominee in 2024. The Democrats will win. Charlie Kirk is warning the GOP about this – that they are doing nothing on the ground to prepare for 2024 while Dems orchestrated a major get out the vote effort in Wisconsin to take control of the Supreme Court there. Victor David Hanson is raising similar concurs.

    BTW, the new mayor of Chicago is an open neo-Marxist, will push for opening local elections to non-citizens and supports reparations. On the latter the new chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court supports reparations so if Milwaukee goes forward with them – as it and a number of o cities are planning – the Wisconsin Court may well uphold it.

    Carl Jackson, a young talk show host, this week chastised other talk show hosts like Hannity for being in denial. As in the Democrats could win it all in 2024. And that most of talk radio (the older hosts0 are spinning wheels talking about Trump or whining about how conservatives are being treated unfairly but doing nothing practical to stem what could be a progressive tide in 2024.

    • Paul from Indiana

      How did the Holocaust succeed? It wasn’t “possible”, right? No one could “believe” it was happening. It was happening, but it was so shocking that no one could deal with it. It continued apace. This is our situation now: Normalcy Bias (this “can’t” be happening) occupies our thinking. While we can’t shake ourselves out of our comfort zones, the opposition is taking over. First, we have to accept what is happening. Then we must confront it, and then we must stop it. Based on what we have seen so far, what do you think the chances of any of that happening are? That’s our situation. Best always. PM

  59. Tim K

    Hi Greg,

    I hope people figure out (that the government wants to kill and torture it citizens) about the death jab soon. It seems like it still will be a long time (if ever) the general population will learn the truth.

    God bless you


    • June

      Spikes can kill quickly when injected into the heart (like Christ on the cross) – so the Globalists injected everyone in the arm (this way it would take longer to kill their prey and they could avoid immediate punishment!!

  60. Wanda

    Happy Easter Greg and every one else here, the weather looks good up here in Wi for the day as well. It’s great to see the little ones out collecting eggs! Just to get out and enjoy the sunshine and hear their laughter is oh so special for any day. Families getting together. This is what its all about. Family, friends, neighbors, being together and praying together as one. Oh tell me where to find the sir purifier you showed early on in the video. Amen and God Bless each and every one!

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy Easter to you too Wanda! Look up westonscientificllc.com

  61. LondonCenter

    Saturday Afternoon Movie!
    THE SPY – English Movie | Hollywood Blockbuster English Action Thriller Movie HD | Pierce Brosnan
    Hollywood English Collection 3,522,607 views Mar 24, 2023
    Deep State Intell Agency’s, Our Real World Governments, Plausible Deniability In Action? Are they literally killing, the mouth that feeds them. The Taxpayer!
    Crazed project Mockingbird brainwashed maniacs?
    State Sponsored Killing

  62. Jon Vaughn

    Blessings this Easter, Greg, to you and your family. Thank you for putting yourself out there at such great risk !
    As we celebrate the victory over death that the God of Creation established whilst visiting us here disguised in an earth-suit, let’s all remember He PROMISED that He would COME BACK and put a halt to our shenanigans.

    E.G. As Martin Armstrong opined:

  63. scott

    From Steve Kirsch
    14 year old Japanese girl dies 2 days following vax, full autopsy
    Here’s the abstract
    A 14-year-old Japanese girl died unexpectedly 2 days after receiving the third dose of the BNT1262b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. Autopsy findings showed congestive edema of the lungs, T-cell lymphocytic and macrophage infiltration in the lungs, pericardium, and myocardium of the left atria and left ventricle, liver, kidneys, stomach, duodenum, bladder, and diaphragm. Since there was no preceding infection, allergy, or drug toxicity exposure, the patient was diagnosed with post-vaccination pneumonia, myopericarditis, hepatitis, nephritis, gastroenteritis, cystitis, and myositis. Although neither type of inflammation is fatal by itself, arrhythmia is reported to be the most common cause of death in patients with atrial myopericarditis. In the present case, arrhythmia of atrial origin was assumed as the cause of cardiac failure and death. In sudden post-vaccination deaths, aggressive autopsy systemic search and histological examination involving extensive sectioning of the heart, including the atrium, are indispensable.

    • June

      The Japanese can ill afford to lose a young women – as their population is already not reproducing at a fast enough rate “to avoid extinction”!!
      What happens to the Yen – when all the Japanese are gone?? – will the SDR’s (made up of a basket of currencies) backing up the US digital currency have to be devalued???

  64. Scott

    I am very suspicious the Dylan Mulvaney is a kleinfelters syndrome. These patients have an extra x chromosome so their Karotype is XXY. These patients are nominally male but have odd body proportions. Very thin with exaggerated arm, legs and torso length. Hip structure is between male and female.

  65. jon

    2 + 2 = 3 USG Logic. Many countries have an SPR. Japan, France even Germany are topping off their SPR’s. Biden has emptied our SPR for political optics. Now the Biden regime is pushing a possible direct war with Russia in Ukraine and China is Asia. And the idiot Biden doesn’t refill our SPR?

  66. Robert S

    Jack Danials was purchased by a Chinese company in 2018 or 2019 for 40 million dollars. They bought the whole company in total. It is now CHINC DANIELS

  67. tsuki

    The only winners in a Trump vs Kennedy campaign are the American populace. Can you imagine what the MSNBC and CNN Hall monitors will do? Oh yes, go “Bobby”.

  68. Locked Up!

    US Resumes Construction of Biolabs in Ukraine, Russia Claims
    by Sputnik April 7th 2023, 10:20 am
    Russian Ministry of Defense describes the US Department of Energy and Pentagon as main organizers of American military’s biological activities.
    The construction of biological laboratories in Ukraine, as well as expand the format for training Ukrainian biologists,” Kirillov told reporters.
    ‘Springboard for NATO Troop Deployment’
    Kirillov noted that the goals of the US biological programs prove that Washington views former Soviet countries as a springboard for the deployment of NATO forces.
    The Pentagon finances dual-use projects through a system of grants, the Russian official said, adding that the distribution of money is entrusted to the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) and the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC).
    “The goal of the ISTC bio-threat reduction program is to protect the United States, its military, and allies. This once again confirms that Washington considers former Soviet states as a springboard for the deployment of NATO military units,” Kirillov pointed out.
    Who is Main Organizer of US’ Military Biological Activities?
    According to Kirillov, the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) believes that the US Department of Energy, along with the Pentagon, is the main organizer of and direct participant in [the US’] military biological activities.
    “The official referred to the statement by the US Department of Energy claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic could have occurred as a result of an accident that leaked the virus from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.
    “Legitimate question arises — what does the US Department of Energy have to do with combating biological threats and implementing projects that have signs of dual use?” Kirillov added.
    Officially, in 2023 alone, the US Department of Energy allocated $105 million for research under the Bio-preparedness Research Virtual Environment project, which is supposed to study the epidemic spread of diseases, he noted.

    Tom Renz joins host Owen Shroyer to break down the reality of lab created food containing mRNA vaccines.
    Don’t let globalist censors cut you off from the truth! PRAVDA, DA DA !

    WATCH: Fauci Warns a New Pandemic Could Happen in 2024
    The Alex Jones Show | Infowars.com
    April 6th 2023, 4:19 pm
    Alex Jones raises alarm over Anthony Fauci’s recent warning of a new possible pandemic in 2024. Fauci mentioned this and more while speaking at a town hall event with Jim Acosta on Monday:
    What should we do with our domicidal government taxpayer paid mad scientists before they kill us all?
    As the Donald would say;
    LOCK em UP!

  69. Lori

    Happy Easter, Greg. I always listen to your broadcasts, thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support Lori!

  70. Jeane

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment. When you say “wait until they find this out” about the jab, Greg, if they can’t see it now I don’t believe that they ever will. They are tuned out to all truth. That “everybody has their own truth” makes it impossible to educate people any longer. And add to that the impossibility of even having a civil conversation with acquaintances, friends, and family and you have a hopeless situation. The percentage of those who are red pilled to all of the ways that we are being attacked is so small as to probably not even be measurable. And one of the things that I find most astounding is the incredible stupidity in comments and chats by people supposedly of our same mindset not to mention the crudeness.

  71. Gloria Quintana

    Happy Easter to you and your loved ones! Appreciate what you do.💐❤️‍🔥

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gloria!

  72. Book am DANO

    26,203 views Apr 7, 2023
    ‘C.LINTON MISLEADS US’ Jim Jordan STUNS Obama with ‘possible’ JAIL TIME over ‘wrong’ policy
    The Deal Is Off

  73. Jim McArthur


  74. Valerie

    I love RFK Jr., but hate the Democratic Platform of Atheism, Communism, and destruction of the USA!!!

    • Shiloh1

      If he runs as a D and loses Massachusetts in the primary to Xiden that would speak volumes on how f -(messed)- up the Team Blue (excrement) holes are.

  75. H.Dexter Unusual News

    Russian technicians appear to have sabotaged MiG-29 fighter jets headed for Ukraine, Slovakia says
    Story by [email protected] (Chris Panella) • 3h ago

  76. Susan R

    Happy Easter to you Greg. You opened my eyes quite a few years ago. When it is my turn to be with Jesus and our Father, I will rejoice to go home. I have many loved ones there.

  77. PersonaNonGrata

    Harrowing first hand account of vaxx injury / symptoms. Dr Campbell interviews victim of three Pfizer shots . . .

  78. Loretta Younger

    Putin claims Ukraine slaying its own soldiers; ‘Cynical and cruel Kyiv…’ | Details
    Hindustan Times 174,469 views Apr 6, 2023
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a big claim about Ukraine’s ‘brutality.’ Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine is killing its own troops on the battlefield. The Russian President alleged that Ukraine fired 300 shells at a spot where its own personnel were stationed after they surrendered. Putin stated that the ‘brutal’ attack by Kyiv killed all Ukrainian personnel and injured a few Russian soldiers as well. Watch;

    Setback for Zelensky, Biden amid Putin’s war; Ukraine’s ‘Spring Offensive’ plans leaked
    Hindustan Times 46,036 views Apr 7, 2023
    Pentagon is reportedly investigating the leak of ‘classified’ war documents detailing ‘secret’ American and NATO plans for the Ukrainian military. The sensitive documents were reportedly posted this week on social media channels. The Pentagon is investigating who may have been behind the leak of the documents. Watch;

    Gravitas | Leaked: NATO’s game plan in the Ukraine war | Here’s what the top secret files reveal /WION 17,292 views
    Secret files detailing NATO’s war plan in Ukraine has been leaked on social media. The confidential documents have data on weapon deliveries, troops, and battalion strength. Who leaked these files? Molly Gambhir;

    Wolf: U.S. decoupling from China is reshaping world economy
    Quest Means Business 38K views 22 hours ago
    “People are very anxious about the direction of the U.S. — but most of the world wants a strong, effective U.S.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPKbZjvcaSo

    U.S Forced to Beg China To Buy Chip ? Exploratics 33,321 views Apr 7, 2023

    🚨BRICS Nations To Issue NEW Currency BACKED BY GOLD To Further Weaken The US Dollar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvPf_DJoHCY
    Lena Petrova, CPA – Finance, Economics & Tax 614,206 views Apr 5, 2023

    Douglas Macgregor – The Dangers of Provoking a World Leader
    Begin Your Journey 11,826 views Apr 7, 2023

    The Dollar Collapse is Imminent with Alasdair Macleod
    WTFinance 3,142 views Apr 7, 2023
    Interview recorded – 5th of April, 2023

  79. Prospector

    VAXX Poison going into #FoodSupply

    Chinese successfully loaded cow’s milk with mRNA and it was absorbed in the GI tract of recipients. Concerns about surreptitious insertion of mRNA into food are valid! Must be stopped! #courageousdiscourse

    BREAKING: Since #Congress decided to remove country of origin labeling from food this seems pretty important. I need EVERYONE supporting #InformedConsent & #disclosure as we are fighting for in #Missouri #HB1169 to make sure our legislatures see this. #mRNA – @RenzTom

  80. Nina

    I think trans rights is going to evolve from trans sexual into trans HUMAN. Then it will make more sense why the military is all on board. They can create super soldiers, trans human neural implanted enhanced armies. Remember Dr. Harari at the WEF and the trans human agenda. Catherine Austin Fitts is right.

  81. Spur

    What you guys are not seeing is that Trump will have to drop out of running for the presidency! They’ll give it to him straight, drop out or go to jail! That will be the deal…making way for Desantis the guy they really want at the Gop…!

  82. Lady Au Stackers United

    RE: BIG PHARMA and the COVID-19 injections: they’re murdering our very elderly too.

  83. Bennet Cecil

    Happy Easter Greg

    I bought my silver and gold several years ago when they were cheap. My friends are calling me now and asking questions.

    Remember the Jimmy Carter bonds?

    The world called the US monetary bluff when Carter was in the White House. The US treasury went to Switzerland and Germany for finance. That reality made if possible for Paul Volcker, who would have taken interest rates to 50% if he had to. 20% was enough and then it was morning in America again.

    The fall from grace of the US dollar might be less severe than we are expecting. Most of the wealth in the US is held by old people who have worked and saved for decades. If interest rates go up to 10-30%, many Americans and others will buy T bills with 30 day maturities with some of their savings. That will stabilize the dollar.

    The Americans who bought bonds at the 1982 peak did very well for many years.

  84. Dwight Lionel Powers

    The Truth About The Spy Who Saved The World | True Life Spy Stories
    Philip Thompson 91K views 3 weeks ago

    Peter Doocy: No one is getting fired for this
    Fox News 111K views 5 hours ago
    Fox News’ Peter Doocy and Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-Texas, react to the White House claims that the Afghanistan exit was a success and the need for Alvin Bragg to testify to the House Judiciary Committee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5jwQ02MngE

    Is India already on course to have hypersonic missiles? | Wion Game Plan
    Hypersonic Weapon Systems (HWS) have been in the limelight after Russia used them against Ukraine. Now this weapons system is being considered a game changer in modern warfare.
    The $64,000 dollar question is, how long will the Russki’s wait to use? Before everybody and his sister has one?

    The minutes following a nuclear blast are vital to your survival
    Story by Stars Insider • Yesterday 7:15 PM
    The $64,000 dollar question is, how long before Russia waits to use before everybody and their sister has one?

    Kazzy Creates & Reacts 56K views 1 year ago
    Dr. Strangelove Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb

    Who’s Sorry Now?

    Taxpayers unite! Bypass the middlemen and lobbyist’s!

  85. A. Witness

    Looking for turning points, keep an eye on Israel. They are being surround by proxies of Iran who want to wipe Israel off the map. April 6, the start of Passover, brought a barrage of missiles from (probably) Hamas out of southern Lebanon. When Bo Polney says God will likely move on such and such a date, keep in mind he is God of the whole earth, not just the US. Let’s keep the faith, and remind ourselves; In God We Trust!


    Amen Amen Bryce

  87. Marie Joy

    Citizen Free Press has a warning from the CDC about Marburg. We need to educate ourselves about possible plandemics. Fauci said there would be another plandemic in 2024. I wonder (not really) how he can be so certain.

  88. Lee

    We can help out. The jural assemblies are forming, people. The military is helping us form the assemblies. Alaska Jural Assembly told Governor Dunleavy to DRILL and he is. Michigan Jural Assembly told President Trump to form Spaceforce. He did. Join us in California at CaliforniaGeneralJuralAssembly.org

  89. Pete+only

    Greg, another great analysis on what is going on in the world.
    There seems to be a common theme however relating to mainly Democratic Presidents.
    It was Jimmy Carter who passed legislation allowing the banking industry to become truely larger than it ever was, thus doing away with many hundreds of smaller state banks.
    It was Bill Clinton who passed legislation allowing 50 or 60 media companies being whittled down to just 5 or 6 main stream media giants.
    It was OBama who surrendered control of the Internet to the UN, and then it was Biden who took away America’s self sufficienncy in energy, and selling out America in so many ways.
    Attached is an interesting take on recent events.

  90. Jeffrobbins

    Ideas anyone?? I have wondered if someone changes their name and gender if they should lose any pension and social security accrued up to that’s point? They are now a completely different person. The other thing i have wondered about is this- My birth certificate declares my name, date of birth and sex. Two of them can be changed, how about the date? I’m 51; if i can decide to be a woman, why can’t i decide to be 65 and draw on my retirement monies? As odd as that seems- a friend of mine has a machine that can tell a persons metabolic age. He has tried to trick it, but it consistently ages him 5 years more than he is, and his wife about 2 years over. We could be looking at a across the board collapse- what is true after all? The Amish could have been right all along.

  91. Nomean

    It is a very good time to alive – all these different things that we have to grow our souls over – the letting go of all illusions and delusions and learning that for all of our lives we have been prisoners and slaves to some sort of energy form that keeps us like cattle to feed off our misery – and now we start to see that if we do not project hatred or pain or sorrow or anxiety and really work at just looking at everything around us like clouds passing us by – we can starve whatever the invisible energy is – perhaps as it starves we will be able to actually see its shape in our physical world – and we won’t have to kill it because it will just die from lack of nourishment – but us reaching that level – well many will die not understanding or not able to live that kind of peace that passes all understanding in their hearts. However, for those that do – maybe a thousand years of peace will arrive – before the mother ship comes back to check on us and says, “hey what happened to the energy we left in charge?” I don’t really see what good it does to talk about what you’re going to do — after all 62 million babies have been murdered since 1973 – just in the USA – and everyone just let it happen – Can’t even behind to guess how many really great people we killed – that would have changed the entire world compared to where we are now. – anyone ever give that a thought? All the inventors and honest politicians and real Christian prophets – all dead out of the chute.

  92. Steve

    Hey Greg,
    Just thought I would leave the new “unvaccinated” ICD-10 diagnostic code for you that the CDC has in place to help track us pure bloods. Folks might want to call there doctors office and ask if they have used this code in their billing for recent visits over the last year and file a complaint with their provider if they have. Helps weed out “Narrative” providers.

    Unvaccinated for covid 19: Z28.310
    Partialy vaccinated for covid 19: Z28.311

    Artical at zerohedge referrenced EPOC times article.

  93. Thomas Fiust

    The Weekly News Wrap-up is my Friday highlight. Always informative journalism. Thanks, Greg Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Thomas. I spend a lot of time putting it together and sourcing it all.

  94. M Sansone

    The dissppearing / reappearing glasses …, nobody’s buying it.

  95. Mark Sansone


  96. Danny Devino

    Whale Approaches Boat Captain To Ask Him To Do Her A Helpful Favor
    Story by Stephen Messenger • Yesterday 4:35 PM
    This is encouraging, my faith in fish and Mexicans!

  97. Robert

    I pray that the blood of the children they’ve murdered would cry out to you from the ground Lord Jesus, and Your wrath would pour out upon their heads. Amen

  98. R.I.P.

    The Left and media arm Is Losing it and found wanting…..

    Nancy Pelosi heckled by crowd members at NYC event
    Fox News 460,779 views Apr 7, 2023
    Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt weighs in on war funding and why he thinks war will be a central issue in the 2024 election on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

  99. MLK

    Notice, nobody is writing legislation to stop all of this.

  100. Justn Observer

    Apparently there was justification for such concerns?


    • Justn Observer

      the progression of the U.S. being sold out by those from within the FBI, CIA, U..S. NAVY has only continued for decades…some merging with the Mafia over the world and with Cuban, Central and South American weapons, alcohol, and drug importation and inroads into the U.S. with Marxist/Progressive/Communist interests.
      add this ongoing theme to today…with the CIA Mena, Panama, Bolivia, Air America in Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam, the ‘POPPY FIELDS’ of Afghanistan etc…and more current infiltration of the U.S. by China of tech industry-labs-universities, the meddling in East Europe to cause a war in Ukraine…along with some of the shared comments by others below below… it would seem there is indeed much to wonder how corrupted elements within the U.S. really are, in gov’t, banking, and in NGO’s and ‘un-elected’ positions in gov’t and the multi-national corporations that are ‘socialist’ owned that many that may be behind the WOK movements being used to blow-up the U.S. families, spiritual beliefs, cultural values and morals…to cause strife, chaos, and wedges of divisions that ARE causing much financial-economic-political unraveling as we are being marched into wars on several fronts the U.S. can now ill-afford and with a military in a weakened state.
      There is not greater threat currently than their NEED to DIS-ARM the public…all the other RIGHTs under GOD and the Constitution will fall easily once the people lose their abillity to defend themselves… Second, is the RIGHT to free commerce, and trade and Private property rights….including water, the free use of land for ranching – farming – gardening = the ability to live and sustain oneself independent of ‘gov’t’ surveillance and control.
      ALL of the other forms of Tyrany, Monarchys, Fascist, Marxist, Communists gov’ts loath the U.S. and its freedoms and Constitution…that is why they ALL are in on a joint effort to destroy Christianity and the U.S. They are and have been THE ROCK they all have been bashing against, to destroy so the ‘elites who see themselves as the ‘gods’ that should RULE behind all those ‘forms’ of anti-Christ’ who aspire to control and take dominion over the people, their minds, and world…IS IT any wonder that ‘they’ break or all the weakening of every one of the TEN COMMANDMENTS daily?

  101. PersonaNonGrata

    Here’s a link to the Tucker Carlson monologue about de-dollarisation – referred to by Greg:

  102. Marie Joy

    On Youtube, The Poplar Report has a timeline of Venezuela’s communist disintegration at Drought Maps and News Update and they show, at minute 6:16, where we are. WE are at “Opposition leaders imprisoned”.
    Next comes
    “Food/Healthcare Shortages become Widespread.
    “Constitution and Elections are suspended,
    “Unarmed citizens massacred by their own government.”

  103. Jody

    I made a comment on Mark Dice’s channel about how Trump was never arrested and he responded back by calling me names and stating “What did you hear that from Q” . Mark Dice is a sham! it’s funny how Mark’s channel has never been removed or banned..

    • Greg Hunter

      CBS news explained this: “As the New York court system’s website explains, an arraignment is different from an arrest. Law enforcement can make an arrest if there is probable cause someone committed a crime. An arraignment follows an indictment, which comes when a grand jury votes to charge a person with a crime based on evidence.” Here’s the link: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-indicted-what-is-an-arraignment-charges-president-surrender-new-york-criminal-courthouse-tuesday/

      I am no longer on You Tube and Dice has proved he is an idiot shill. YOU are the smart one.


      • Jody

        Thank you, Greg!

    • Shiloh1

      However, I like the ‘idiot college student’ quizzes he does. Actually, they scare the heck out of me!

  104. PersonaNonGrata

    What you need to know about ‘15 Minute Cities’

  105. PersonaNonGrata

    Sorry, I don’t know how to copy a link to a Tweet, so here is a copy-and-paste of a very recent Tweet by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is this an indication of the ‘platform’ he is going to run on?
    “The collapse of U.S. influence over Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom’s new alliances with China and Iran are painful emblems of the abject failure of the Neocon strategy of maintaining U.S. global hegemony with aggressive projections of military power. China has displaced the American Empire by deftly projecting, instead, economic power. Over the past decade, our country has spent trillions bombing roads, ports, bridges, and airports. China spent the equivalent building the same across the developing world. The Ukraine war is the final collapse of the Neocon’s short-lived “American Century.” The Neocon projects in Iraq and Ukraine have cost $8.1 trillion, hollowed out our middle class, made a laughingstock of U.S. military power and moral authority, pushed China and Russia into an invincible alliance, destroyed the dollar as the global currency, cost millions of lives and done nothing to advance democracy or win friendships or influence.”

  106. Rich

    Thank God, He created Hell for Satan and a lot of other democrats and RINOs.

  107. Keith

    MRNA vaxxed meats?! “Hand me my Winchester, Sam….” I guess I’ll be out in the yard, hunting squirrels.

  108. Keith

    I miss Rob Kirby, sure would like to hear his take on the state of our crumbling world.

  109. Keith

    Greg, you said it well- “There will be a rush/stampede into real assets”. When you look at the dollar denominated paper markets, and the size of the metals and other physical markets there’s nowhere to go for most of the dollars. The excess paper that’s left is FAKE, may as well play a game of Monopoly with it. Pull up a chair before the music stops, people.

  110. Marie Joy

    If/When there is a kinetic war in America, world war or civil war, we may have more to fear from our own military and police than anyone, else. Years ago, police were asked if they would kill American citizens upon command. 40% said yes. I spoke to a cop, I know, about it and he verified that did happen and he said no, he would not kill Americans, on command. The fact that it was asked indicates things are going to get much, much worse for Americans. There are a lot of very bad people and crazy people.

    • Paul from Indiana

      That was what the Obama purge of the military was all about, making sure they military would be compliant. The constitutionally oriented officers and generals were purged. Yes, it’s awful to contemplate, but they can’t kill us all (assuming we resist, of course). It’s a numbers game. If they expend all their resources to control us, what happens internationally? Things do not happen in a vacuum.

      Much depends on the local makeup of your town, township, city etc. If the people are conservative, the cops, particularly the sheriff and sheriff’s deputies are going to be conservative. Ultimately, they are the ones who will make or break local law enforcement. They live, work, and have families in the area. They can’t afford to be controversial. For example, our local sheriff has stated explicitly several times that he and his dept. will enforce no laws that infringe the right to keep and bear arms. They know that trying to implement gun confiscation would be suicidal. Best always. PM

  111. Joe Citizen

    I feel your pain Greg.

  112. Fred Barbarossa

    Business Insider: After the next round of major fighting with Russia, Ukraine may be living ‘paycheck to paycheck’ with Western gear, expert says
    Story by [email protected] (Jake Epstein) • Yesterday 10:19 AM
    Kyiv’s partners may have trouble replenishing Ukraine’s arsenal to the level needed for a clear advantage over Russian forces, Michael Kofman director of the Russia Studies Program at the Center for Naval Analyses, said on an April 3 episode of the War on the Rocks podcast.
    “However this offensive goes, Ukraine is going to lose personnel, it’s going to lose equipment, and it’s going to spend a lot of ammunition,” Michael Kofman. More;
    Time could be running out for Russia too? With it’s first strike capability. It can’t afford to wait on the US. Hypersonic’s to catch up!

    Popular Mechanics: The Air Force’s Hypersonic Scramjet Missile Aced Its Final Test, Beautifully_ Story by Darren Orf • 20m ago
    That progress will be needed if the U.S. military hopes to match the might of other hypersonic missile programs currently in development around the world.
    Since the Russki’s are clearly still ahead in the state of the art Hypersonic delivery systems, Russia should consider using it’s first strike capability soon, before the US. catches up!
    Time is running out Vlad, remember Lebensraum (living space)?
    Soros, Hillary and the puppet master, to the star’s in the Washington shadow government. Obomber him selfie! Is out to get your eleven time zones and abundant natural resources, from the Alaskan border to NATO’s Finland! Your gas station⛽, is surrounded! You project Mockingbird brained scoundrel!!!
    There gonna arrest you an the Trumpster, in ah dumpster fire of a mockery trial.
    Get Ready, Get Set, Glow little glow worm, glimmer!

    Putin declares condition for Ukraine peace talks; ‘New World Order Should…’ Hindustan Times 253,017 views Apr 7, 2023
    Russia has declared its conditions as the West prepares the ground for peace talks. Russian Minister Sergey Lavrov said that any peace talks should be about a new world order.’ Vladimir Putin’s top minister also lashed out at the U.S. and said Russia rejects a unipolar world order led by ‘one hegemon.’ The statement comes at a time when top voices in the West are pushing for talks. French President Emmanuel Macron and EU Chief Ursula Von Der Leyen even met Putin’s ally and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing to discuss the peace process. WATCH;
    Euro’peon’s are tired of eating the dirt sandwich, Obomber!

    Saudi goes India way; Welcomes Russian military ship in Jeddah as U.S. watches
    Hindustan Times 224,253 views Apr 6, 2023
    It seems Saudi Arabia is going the India way amid the big global divide over the Russia-Ukraine war. A Russian Navy ship has made its first-ever visit to a Saudi port as Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman continues to play hardball with U.S. President Joe Biden. Admiral Gorshkov has become the first Russian warship to dock in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah, as per an Arab News report. Experts view this as a mega-Russian power show in the Indian Ocean region. The Russian bonhomie comes just days after Saudi-led OPEC+ shocked the West with a surprise oil output cut. The docking of a Russian military vessel is set to frustrate the U.S._ Watch; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elPbjhOArvw
    Heck, uncle Joe lunch bucket puppet promised to cut off oil, for Musk’s Tesla and Mary Barra’s GM! So eat your sandwich Amerikan’s! Now if we can only get some of that Lithium from China in Afghanistan, uncle Joe $4.8 Billion Beijing Bribed Biden. Come on Man’wich?

    ‘EU, U.S. were fast…’: Brazil rebukes NATO, West amid war; Tells Zelensky to give up Crimea_ Hindustan Times 8,825 views Apr 8, 2023
    A major non-NATO ally, Brazil, has blasted the West for interfering in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Brazilian President Lula Da Silva said that the EU and the U.S. were quick to back Ukraine in the conflict instead of trying to de-escalate the situation. He also urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to give up Crimea and cede the peninsula to Russia. Watch;

  113. Prospector

    When they tell you who they are and what they are planning …… listen To Them !!!
    Coming in October. She admits it in 3 min. video.

    Pranksters Vovan and Lexus posing as Zelensky tricked ECB President Christine Lagarde into disclosing her plan to launch a “Digital Euro” in October that will give central banks control over how citizens can spend money:

    “There will be control. You’re right. You’re completely right. We are considering whether for very small amounts, you know, anything that is around 300, 400 €, we could have a mechanism where there is zero control. But that could be dangerous…

    I don’t want Europe to be dependent on an unfriendly country’s currency, for instance, you know, the Chinese currency, the Russian currency… I don’t want Meta, Google, or Amazon to suddenly come up with a currency that would take over the sovereignty of Europe.”

    Central bank digital currencies are the latest battleground in the ongoing struggle for individual liberties. Without global awareness, central banks will pull off a massive violation of human rights, and citizens will cheer them on while they do it.

    kanekoa.substack.com – April 6 2023
    ( They have already made private transactions over 1000 Euro ILLEGAL )

  114. SilverHawk

    Ok, well I had to come back to post this reply. It’s been a few years. The dollar. I posted that Kyle Bass was told many years ago in an interview with a Federal Reserve official, that the Fed was going to kill the dollar. I also told you that Greenspan said we’re next in reply to Venezuela’s hyperinflation. I told people back in 1989 the USA and USSR would reverse rolls. I predicted many things that have almost all come true, except for the last one, which is about to. Gold and Silver going to the moon. Book of Revelation. Before your Eyes Wide Shut. A documentary by Kubrick, not fiction. Now open your eyes and prepare for the Rapture. February 12 2027.


    And for those of us who are experts in the paranormal, like me, check out what I have concluded is evidence of Heavenly Paranormal.


    The computer in the beginning of the video shows February 14, 2027, two days after the Rapture.


    Thank you for standing for the truth.
    What is budweiser going to do to recover. They appear to be lost in the weeds on this publisity disaster.
    Hope this is a warning shot across the bow of others who are thinking of going in that direction.

    • Greg Hunter

      If I was a shareholder I would “Sell, Sell, Sell!!!”

  116. elle

    I hope Kennedy keeps the democrat label he is from the old school so good.

    • Greg Hunter

      RFK Jr is now much more of a MAGA Republican than he thinks.

  117. elle

    Greg, Please bring a doctor on about Norovax. My friends are pushing me to get it. It is suppose to be like a old style vax. I will not get it but I am sure others may and I do not think its going to be any different I believe it got pushed in India and thats why covid shot up. I have a friends daughter 4 shots mRNA and if you have already taken mRNA you cannot get the Norovax well they are freeking out and getting fake IDs to go to another state to get this shot. Crazy world.
    Yes mRNA is the food. I just bought 2 piglets and I breed meat chickens, grow my own food. I think you need to save seeds soon they will be MRNA.

  118. Hillary

    Trumpers aren’t mad because the justice system/politics has been weaponized (“Lock her up!”, anyone?)…they’re mad because they suck at it and always lose at it.

    Lock him(Trump) up!

  119. Robert

    Hi Greg
    Ask Dr S. About what he thinks about MSU inviting fauci to speak at the spring commencements

  120. Prospector

    EYE DROPS RECALL — made in India brands , severe contamination , causes blindness, in some cases death. People that did not die had to have their eyes surgically removed due to infection.

    Do your own search for brand names.

    If you watch the nightly TV news , you know most commercials are BIG-PHARMA advertising. The ” news ” is never , ever going to tell you anything negative about their own sponsors.


  121. I Dig Au

    Regarding companies going ‘woke’, they are being extorted by the Human Rights Campaign and others in order to protect their “social credit scores” (ESG). Either promote our agenda or we will destroy you on social media. Maybe Greg can do a segment on these creatures.

  122. Nika

    Teachers thought a 5-year-old who collapsed during recess was ‘playing dead’. They left him for 8 minutes with the delay costing his life, new lawsuit says. The boy died two days later, of a rare heart condition . The kids were playing “Freeze Tag” at a Conneticut Elementary School.

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