Trump Indicted, Died Suddenly Increasing, De-Dollarization & Inflation

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 575 3.31.23)

President Donald J. Trump has been indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for 34 counts of fraud.  Legal scholars are calling this “prosecutorial misconduct,” “sad” and “a legal disaster.”  Many, including President Trump, the 2024 GOP front-runner for the White House, says it is nothing more than “political persecution.”  Trump says it is really “election interference at the highest level” because Dems cannot beat him fair and square.  Harvard legal expert Professor Alan Dershowitz says the case is really “foolish.”

The amount of people who “died suddenly” from the CV19 bioweapon/vax is increasing every month.  The number of people who are permanently injured is also increasing at a rapid rate.  Financial analyst Ed Dowd says the bioweapon/vax has caused $148 billion in economic damage and caused 26 million injuries in the U.S. in 2022 alone.  Stunning supply chain problems are coming, according to Dowd, and there is really no way to stop it.

De-dollarization is coming to the world, and that means many countries are planning on using the U.S. dollar far less in trade.  The President of Kenya, William Ruto, just told his citizens to ditch the dollar, and there was a “big change coming in a few weeks.”  CNN, FOX and even Goldman Sachs are all warning about de-dollarization and the end of the dollar as the reserve currency.  When this happens, many are predicting big inflation and even hyperinflation.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 3.31.23.

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After the Interview: 

Biblical cycle analyst Bo Polny will be back to update us on the unfolding situation in America and the world.  While there will be big problems, the news is not all bad, at least for believers in Jesus.  Polny says evil is headed for a Biblical beatdown from our Heavenly Father.

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  1. Shirl

    DemonRats are like “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA” all over again while they are transforming America into Amerizuela in every way possible.

    • Greg (not Hunter)

      I agree……….this country is going down a marxist hole.

      • Cousin vinny

        Greg you should get Nouriel Roubini on for a real eye opener on the economy!

    • June

      The DemonRats will have no mercy for Donald Trump (just like Trump had no mercy for Julian Assange)!!

      • June

        In the “Irony of all Ironies” – the DemonRat’s (controlled by Hillary) succeed in locking up Trump instead!!

        • Shirl

          June ….Except it all blows up in their faces and yours instead as President Trump returns in a larger Landslide Win than he had in 2020 😂😂😂

    • Roger

      Psalm 2:1-4

      1 Why do the nations conspire
      and the peoples plot in vain?
      2 The kings of the earth rise up
      and the rulers band together
      against the LORD and against his anointed, saying,
      3 “Let us break their chains
      and throw off their shackles.”

      4 The One enthroned in heaven LAUGHS;
      the LORD scoffs at them.

      • Karen

        Right on!!

      • Olaf from Oz

        Is it Coincidental that the Money Changers were driven out around PASSOVER – This year it is on March 5-7 2023.
        John 2:13. And the Jews’ PASSOVER was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem,
        14. And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting:
        15. And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and POURED OUT the changers’ money, and OVERTHREW the tables;

        Olaf from Down Under

  2. Casual Observer

    Clocked into your site a little early to get your take on Trump indictment. It appears the left will go to any extreme in their provocation of the right. And just days after their trans-activist gunned down children. The left is desperate to get a reaction out of the right so that they can perpetuate their racist, white supremacy narrative and crack down using the full force of the federal government.
    Everyone should keep in mind that this is a battle that is going to have to be fought at the state level. Armed rebellion, probably even protesting (J6 anyone) plays straight into the hands of the Marxist communist that have taken over our government. You are not an army and have no means of fighting a federal agency. But your state CAN fight back. If you live in a blue state, now is the time to move.
    Now is the time to focus on who runs your state. The federal government is totally corrupt. Don’t do anything that will allow them to put you in prison like the J6 folks. This is what they want.

    • Russ D

      The Demonrats have done their job well putting FEAR in Conservatives and Christians about taking up arms to uphold the true purpose of the 2nd Amendment. This is what J6 was all about……..AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU FELL FOR IT!!!! Look how far our country has fallen from the original vision of our founders. Look how much of the Constitution has been rendered null and void, and yet, the people do not use their 2nd Amendment rights to protect what is theirs. A 2nd Amendment doesn’t matter one whit when no one has the will to use it.

      The Second Amendment does not guarantee the right to hunt deer, pheasant or duck. It guarantees the people their right to shoot tyrants, no matter whether they are of the petty variety that accost you in your home at 3:00 AM and desire to murder you and your family, or the rather-more-dangerous variety that unfortunately have arisen too many times through the centuries, including in places like Nazi Germany, Rwanda and (yes), in Colonial America and now here in America.

      Our Revolutionary War began when The British decided to send 700 soldiers in an attempt to determine who owned and then confiscate muskets, powder and ball from the Colonists. They demanded that the 77 Minutemen who faced them throw down their weapons and permit that confiscation to take place.

      The Minutemen refused.

      It is unclear exactly who fired first, but the fact remains that it was The British who tried to confiscate the Colonists’ weapons and in doing so caused shots to be fired, whether they actually fired first or not.

      The Second Amendment exists to guarantee the people arms of similar type and quality as used by a military organization, as in the extreme case where that Amendment need be deployed that is exactly what those bearing them will face.

      The founders wrote the 2nd Amendment into our Constitution because they had just survived exactly that situation, they knew darn well that it might happen again, and they were well-aware that the only reason they did not all wind up dead, imprisoned or hanged is that they had their guns — the equal of those facing them — and refused to surrender them.

      The American people do not want war, but there appear to be plenty of law-abiding and patriotic Americans who will not go silently.

      All Representatives, Senators and The President took an oath of office when they were sworn in that included defending The Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

      There appear to be a few Representatives who understood what they swore to do and upon what they swore their oaths.

      • June

        Our Founding Fathers meant for the entire population to have “real” firearms (that could be used by a soldier in warfare) – so that when and if the Militia was call up to over through a Tyrant (domestic or foreign) we Americans would have the firepower sufficient to protect our nation – they did not envision the American people being allowed to own only a bee bee gun or shotgun without a bumper stock – they envisioned that each American should be sufficiently armed (like Rambo) to prevent any and all Tyrants and Commies from even contemplating the Destruction of our Nation and our Constitution!!

      • Frank

        Russ, the Nazis did not take weapons from the citizenry. They did put Communists in camps. As ever, most of the Communists were Jews.

        Communists often ended up as barrack headmen and were known for their brutality and unfairness hence the continued use of the term “kapo” as a term of abuse by jews among themselves. See Buchenwald: A Preliminary Report, U.S. Army, 12th Army Group, 24 April 1945 and “Communist Atrocities at Buchenwald,” American Mercury, October 1946, pp. 397-404.

        Tens of millions were rounded up in the middle of the night by the Bolsheviks in Russia but for some reason Hollywood and “academia” prefer to ignore it.

    • Tjoes

      Have you noticed that some MSM use a “React” on comments? They write and or publish a woke democrat article then with the React feature, give you the opportunity to agree and give a thumb up or opposite, an emoji. There is no thumbs down to simply disagree, opposite from the thumbs up is a red-faced ANGRY emoji. Maybe you can see the bias already! For a conservative to disagree on the 80% democrat articles published, to be opposite of the thumbs up (like thumbs down), disagree or believe the authors are omitting key information… one must self-identify as ANGRY and about to explode. Then 50 algorithms log you in as an angry, potential terrorist.

      • Farmer Ron

        Russ, Kudos for your words.
        Here in Canada, they are in the process of making gun ownership a crime.
        They started with a gun registry 20 years ago , then made a whole bunch of weapons restricted, only to expand those “restrictions” to make all semi auto, and large bore Illugal in 2020… but that law is being modified and they are now including the najority of the most common rifles and shotguns . This new law presently in Parliament will make over two million law abiding gun owners criminals overnight. How they plan to confiscate millions of weapons is not clear, but unlike the US we do not have the second amendment to fall back on.
        Gun ownership is a privilege not a right.
        Americans better wake up and arm themselves for the times to come and start making plans to take back their country. We have already lost ours and unless Devine intervention come our way, we will end up like NZ and Australia .
        Cherish your second amendment and protect it with your lives, because your lives are dependant on gun ownership and the second amendment .
        When the gov comes to take what little freedoms we have left, all we will have left to defend ourselves with will be Pellet guns!
        A second American revolution is innevitable. Get your head out of the sand , Load up, get ready for the inconvenient truth that should you wish to maintain your freedom, you are going to have to fight for it.
        At least , unlike Canada, you will be able to fight back with more than sticks and stones.
        God speed.
        Farmer Ron

        • Farmer Ron

          … and just in case you think I’m out to lunch… as I write these words in Freedom, the liberal party ( Democrat’s north of the 45th parallel) are shutting down parliamentary discussion on the subject of ” free speech on the internet….” They plan to ram the bill thru without proper debate and discussion.
          Go figure!
          Only in Canada.
          Like I said, stand by your second amendment , you guys are next….
          Bidenland here it comes.

          Farmer Ron

          • David

            FARMER RON, indeed you are just like a farmer, out-standing in your fields. Thank you for your learned but scary replies.
            But no one is mentioning Hussein Obama – how he has his head up O’Biden’s anal aperture.
            Like Van Jones, when he was in prison years back, he wrote that to turn a country into communism, you crush the economy, everyone looks to the government to save the day, and THAT IS WHEN YOU CAN BRING IT “UP” TO COMMUNISM. Van Jones and O’Bama are joined at the hip. THE MEDIA IS NEVER MENTIONING O’BAMA. NEVER. Thanks again!

      • June

        I’ve noticed that the DemonRat Deep State Government has claimed the Constitutional Right to Free Speech (by telling us continual lies) while denying the same Constitutional Right of Free Speech any American (who wants to tell the truth)!!

    • Kentest

      Reverend.make it so..

  3. Marie Joy

    Like minded people, known to each other, need to come together.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree, Marie! Happy you are here!!

      • sean

        Hi Greg.
        Sorry but you may have to re-upload the video. Encoading video error.

        • Greg Hunter

          Video will play when it’s finished processing on Rumble.
          No worries, it will play soon.

      • Jack

        We have to realise that the elites of the West, Russia and China are all on the same side. With robotics and AI ,we the people are redundant in their eyes. They created two world wars to get us to this present state of enslavement creating money as debt. Trump will not save us.This system created him. This system has been in place for over 2000 yrs. Jesus did drive the money changers from the temple but what has changed since then ?

      • Linda J CREAN

        Great show Greg. Your the bomb. Ho ho.

    • Astraea

      Perhaps we need to find a place of our own – like a country which we can defend from outsiders. I wonder whether Russia would be safest! It is so big!

      • jomer

        I don’t know about moving to another country, but one thing that did have me very interested in was Russell Mean’s Lakota Nation.

        The younger Russell Mean was a bit too much of an extremist for me, but as he grew older and wiser and did “Welcome to the American Reservation Prison Camp” it seemed he was on point.

        I find it interesting that if you take time to look into the Native America prophecies, and compare them to the Biblical prophecies, I do not see how you cannot see there is a Divine Power at work warning all his children of the evil that surrounds them,

      • Paul from Indiana

        This is another way of saying that separation is needed. The Left is determined to take down the country, and nothing short of Divine intervention can stop it. Not knowing the Divine timetable, it is both smart and prudent to begin the separation process. The Left will resist vigorously and with all they have. That must not deter us. Best always. PM

      • Arthur

        I too have thought about leaving usa only to realize i couldn’t. Our home is here. Count yourself worthy for the good struggle!

    • Colleen

      Thank you for your comment. It is so true. USA Watchdog is a great source of consolation to me in this upside-down world. When viewing this site I know all information is TRUTH and fact checked. Most of all I know Greg’s final comment, FEAR NOT is always a reminder that God is in charge. It is a calming statement , as we enter this period in time that no doubt Angels would fear to tread, that Christ is in control over all. May God continue to bless you and your viewers Greg. Thank you again Marie Joy for your heartwarming comment.

    • Marie Joy

      Please become, politically, active in a peaceful manner.

    • Tom C

      Never has the world seen such Evil. These people are demonic and we must do all we can to surround ourselves with like-minded people. May God bless us.

  4. Mat

    Italian doctor Valerio Petterle was publicly asked about sudden deaths. He suggested that sudden deaths of adults are on the rise and recommended doing more autopsies to discover why people are dying unexpectedly.

    For this suggestion, Dr. Petterle was suspended for two months (English translation, archive link in Italian).


    Protests don’t work – as per Canada and Brazil.

    Americans MUST go on strike nationwide. Starve the cancer of funds by refusing to pay your rates and bills. Shut down the whole dam thing (before hitting the restart button).

    You are in a lawless country. What have you got to lose.

    • Diana

      I have been thinking the same thing or stop shopping for anything for 1 week. I think they would panic.

  6. NH Watcher

    Also interesting this week is the open letter from business and tech leaders such as Elon Musk requesting a six month pause in the sudden, rapid and unregulated development of artificial intelligence (AI). This segues to Ray Kurzweil’s prediction this week that humanity will achieve immortality through advanced technology by 2030. All of this plays into the ensuing End Times and final battle between God and Satan. The Bible is clear: only God may give and take life, i.e., one’s eternal life. This physical body we are in, is temporary, made of dust. We are spiritual beings created by God, first and foremost.

    The Holy Spirit has warned me to stay off ChatGPT and other AI tools currently raging on the Internet to dupe the curious and ensnare the innocent. ChatGPT, et al. is akin to a technological “ouija board,” because for all its so-called applications in improving efficiencies in business and everyday life, many are using it and hoping it becomes an all knowing “seer,” capable of not only becoming one’s quick-thinking friend and counselor (e.g., fixing coding mistakes in seconds; writing convincing essays on whatever subject), but eventually to replace God Himself as one’s spiritual guide.

    Johanna Michaelsen summed it up well in her book, The Beautiful Side of Evil. Evil is convincing and “beautiful,” can even heal physical and psychological wounds, but at what cost to one’s eternal soul and destiny? The “immortality” which Kurzweil envisions without God (becoming one’s own god) is succumbing to Satan’s lie.

    • Earth Angel

      Ray Kurzweil is a complete nut job, imo the guy belongs in a mental institution.

  7. Angelo Losavio

    Hey Greg, great job. I live in upstate NY, I’m not jabbed. I work in Construction Management, and we are having problems everyday basis with every aspect of the jobs. it has gotten so bad I had to take time off.

  8. Robert Will

    Great advice on defensive driving. I was sitting at a red light and was rear ended. Auto accidents have increased 25 percent since 2020. Keep your head on a swivel. Always assume other drivers are not paying attention. Have a great weekend Greg.


    We are now in a Banana Republic without bananas.

  10. Tory

    Driving around 4 to 5 pm is crazy hour. I have been doing my best to not drive durring the busy times and when I do there is way more flashing lights and ambulances!
    As for the Death Vax my sister who got the Physer shots got Covid again this past week (first was after the shots). My best friends wife has had it three times after the shots. I warned them all not to get the boosters!!!

  11. William Mitchell

    Robert Hunter Biden says he loves USA Watchdog

  12. FinnAnnie

    Does anyone have experiences of the previously discussed Carrion device to share?

  13. Russ D

    President Trump cannot be locked in a cell upon an indictment without triggering an immediate petition to a United States District Court for a writ of habeas corpus. An indictment is NOT a conviction and is a LOOONG WAY from a conviction.
    A former President has the guarantee of Secret Service protection under federal law. A New York DA cannot overturn Secret Service protection guaranteed President Trump under federal law.
    I would expect some real legal fireworks to be set off immediately and end up quickly in emergency session of the U.S. Supreme Court. Alvin Bragg may see the inside of a federal prison sooner than many think and nobody deserves it more than Bragg. He could likely be disbarred and never be allowed to practice law again AND be forced to PERSONALLY pay all attorney fees incurred by President Trump.
    This outrage is a threat to the entire legal system of the United States and any sane judge will see it that way.
    Keep in mind there is absolutely NO LEGAL PRECEDENT for these charges. It is a blatant act of political and malicious prosecution pulled out of the sky with no basis in law.

    • June

      There could be “a bright side” to the recent indictment of a former President (for something that has gone way past the Statue of Limitations) – for now we can indict former President Clinton for “rape” and indict Biden “for pedophilia”!!

  14. Really Awake

    There may not be a 2024 election. To me the indictment of President Trump is just another confirmation that the Deep State (and evil globalists like George Soros) will do anything.

    I agree with Marty Armstrong insofar as “the Neocons” won’t allow anybody to get in the way of their evil plans of world domination. To me it’s like something right out of a 1970s James Bond movie, e.g., Moonraker.

    It looks like to me that both the Seen and Unseen Powers That Be want to create a massive human die-off by any means necessary – including but not limited to war, famine, plague, democide and a lawlessness not seen on earth since Almighty God wiped the Nephilim off the face of the earth.

    It’s not just Donald Trump who is under attack. Under attack is anybody who doesn’t want to join the Woking Dead Zombie Horde that’s under the evil spell of Satan the Devil. And if you don’t believe in Satan the Devil how do you explain the abject moral depravity; the zombie army of transgender perverts; the evil clown drag queens; the animalistic pedophiles; and the total breakdown of a natural view of sex, marrage and a normal happy family; how do you explain the total insanity? If not Satan, than who?

    Frankly, at this point it looks like to me that the scripture is now true more than ever that states “the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one” ~ 1 John 5:19 King James Version

    And it’s not only the Bible I draw my conclusions from. I can’t publicly share what’s behind my secular sources like what’s behind Marty Armstrong’s paywall. But even secular men like Marty are being taken aback by the absolute evil insanity which has taken over every place on earth. My conclusion isn’t just some religious notion. My conclusion is a comprehensive one drawn from a lifetime of personal education and experience. The world situation reeks of evil. And it doesn’t take a genius like the fictional Sherlock Holmes to deduce that evil is afoot.

    • Don W.

      Thank you Really
      All we need to do is read 2 Thess: to find the first start information. Then we go to Matt:24 and read all of it. The Bible also tells us that the world will be under a ONE WORLD GOV. in the end times. We are here. They are in charge of this nation and will be in charge of the world shortly. We have at the most two years before the start of the “LAST SEVEN YEARS”. We already see the opening of the first seven seals in Rev:6 with more to come shortly. So we need to inform our families, friends and all others that we are lead to talk to about these end days. Because He is coming in the middle of the Tribulation time.

  15. Keith

    Hi Greg,
    Very sad how corrupt our country has become. I think another thing that is causing the mind problems is all of the drugs coming across the border. I’m sure you saw the story about how Our President laughed about some young boys dying from a drug over dose. Said that the drugs came over when Trump was in and everyone in the audience laughed. Evil.
    I wonder how long this world can continue. I think they will go ahead and start ww3 right before the election, if not sooner.
    Thanks for all you do. Take care.

  16. david vanwart

    just wondering if you could get any of the golden oldies back on, maybe the v the guerrilla economist, or harvey organ of the gold and silver report. ,, few others thanks

    • Myn

      Yes, I second V the g. economist.

  17. Nick de la Gaume

    Great Wrap up

  18. William Wilhelm

    Seems the Democrats are continuing to distract from what’s really going on. Look over here, your shoe is untied. While they steal your wallet. Unfortunately yours is one of the few where real honest news can be found. Keep up the great work you tirelessly do. God bless.

  19. Damien

    Still waiting on God to deliver like Bo Polny said. I think he’s wrong and that they will NEVER allow gold and silver to perform as they should in this environment. If God doesn’t act soon to help believers we will be destroyed the same as everyone else! It does no good if Satanic, communism is control when gold & Silver go up, We’ll already be doomed! Gotta admit Greg my faith is dwindling that God will intervene at all and maybe we don’t deserve his help anyway for letting it all happen. Keep up the good work and I’ll try to keep the faith Greg.

    • Mario

      God’s timing is perfect. We seem to sometimes think we know better that God but He is all knowing and sees the entire picture. God is doing things. He will come through as He always does. Keep the faith. Keep your eyes on Jesus!
      Don’t lose your faith.
      As Greg says Fear Not!

  20. keith

    Knowledge is good, keep the faith, do not be distracted from what is really important. and remember always, the battle has already been won. Christ Jesus is the source of my strength.

  21. andyb

    Greg: you mentioned the brain fog while driving due to the vax, but you should extend that idea to all of the random attacks and murders throughout the US. I firmly believe that the vax destroys that area in the brain that controls self control in addition to the clots, spike proteins, etc. And you thought all the zombie TV shows and films were just coincidental programming.

    • Doc Faithman

      Brain Fog / CNS Damage Writ Large
      Great observation, andyb! As a Ph.D. w/ training in Brain Health, I notice the same Zombie-esque phenomena. Agencies of restraint in the brain are being downgraded while the limbic “dinosaur brain” is left increasingly unrestrained. Whether it’s due to “covid brain”or the Jab — or both — neurological changes in the frontal and limbic systems are occurring writ large. Several overlapping CNS pathophysiologies such as inflammation, coagulation, and hypoxia are of concern.

      World-wide human brain microstructure and cerebral blood flow reductions not only contribute to interpersonal stress at home and work, but society is becoming increasingly reactive and violent. (caveat: I don’t want to be so mechanistic as to underestimate the spiritual conflict for the times in which we live).

      Would you also agree that lack of blood flow to critical brain regions means people can also be more easily manipulated by propaganda? A catchy, emotionally laiden yet intellectually shallow idea or slogan is all some people need for “proof” of their ill-conceived knowings.

      Brain energy metabolism disorders from Technology…
      The brain is also one of the most sensitive target organs for harm done by non-ionizing radiation, where mitochondrial injury occurs earlier and more severely than in other organs. Staring 8 hours per day into flickering blue screen devices, being radiated by cell technology, dirty electricity, magnetic fields and radio frequency radiation from wireless devices have been shown to harm brian energy and is associated with neuropsychiatric effects in biomedical papers.

      Please ditch your DECT phone, “Smart” electric meter, go hardwire instead of using your WiFi modem, and test for “Dirty Electricity” using a handheld AM radio set to the 530 AM, the blank spot on the dial.

      If your neighbor has Solar, you may be receiving strong kHz bandwidth e-pollution radiating on electrical wires in every room of your home due to backfeeding from a shared transformer (“distributive impedance”). Fortunately, this can be filtered at the panel if you call a trained Building Biologist.

  22. J. Loughran

    Trans-drivers leading the way in every lane of government and institution wraps it up very succinctly. Thanks, Jim L.

  23. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for another week of real news analysis.

  24. Patricia H.

    Excellent wrap-up. We know any violence are the usual suspects not patriots. Thank you for covering these topics.

  25. Karla

    Good morning,

    Always enjoy the Friday wrap up the most
    I have bought a purse from happy hollow previously because they are your sponsor
    I just ordered from field of greens and the water filtration company.
    I place these orders to support your work.
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1 Peter 1 : 6,8
    Karla Fiaoni

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Karla for your very kind comment & for supporting the people that support the truth tellers!

  26. Russell Holmes

    Google “traffic accident deaths” or “traffic accidents increasing” and you’ll find many stories about how they’re up massively. In the ’70’s there were 55,000 deaths on the roads so they started cracking down hard on drunk driving and, along with other safety measures, the number of deaths fell steadily over the last 50 years, falling to a low of around 31,000. But now the projections for 2022 are 46,000 deaths! Add to that something smart investors know; that in depressions alcohol sales skyrocket. Further add the fact that Obiden has welcomed 1,000 terrorists into our nation and the fact that they’re releasing violent criminals by the 10’s of thousand. So when the fertilizer does hit the air circulation device, the cops will be so busy with other crimes and terrorists attacks that the roads will become quite dangerous. I recommend buying a big SUV for safety if you can afford it (but then when the fascists restrict how much carbon “pollution” you’re allowed every month you may not be able to buy gas). If you have $110,000 for an electric vehicle, there’s some out there with bulletproof windows.

  27. FreeBirdJohnny

    When Trump wins the election, he should encourage The blue states that want to secede, to do so. Then, let them go (minus the areas that want to break away from those states).

    We demand to know, what drugs & hormones that Thing in Nashville was on… was it Drunk or High?!?

    Also, in addition to Ivermectin being used for an effective Cancer treatment, another de-wormer, Panacur, has also shown to be effective.

    Please interview Harvey Organ again!!

  28. Catherine

    Past two weeks the following results of the jab is hitting on personal level. 1. Good friends of ours husband and wife, both had heart surgery (quadruple bypass surgery— both in their 50s) she is a nurse and be an accountant —they own and run 6 nursing homes,—-surgery not helping.. They redid their wills and are very very angry. 2. Our insect exterminator who had original covid landed in hospital for a month. Survived it only to get fully vaxed got sick last week ended up in hospital and died there. 3. Our financial advisor whose wife kids and grandchildren all fully vaxed told me his 34 year old nephew died in his sleep recently and everyone now in his family has to get hearts tested and some now are on beta blockers 4. Our plumber told us he can’t work because after the vaccine he thinks something is wrong and he can’t sleep anymore. 5 our bookkeepers best friends and her father dropped dead two weeks ago and all of them were fully vaxed and then some. 6. Our family doctor is so vaccine injured he had to retire and is very very sick —-planning his trip to Europe with his family. He was practically crying last week as he examined my husband as a follow up visit. He looked terrible.
    All this within two weeks.
    My family wakes up every day THANKFUL FOR GODS GUIDANCE THAT ENABLED US TO SAY “NO” TO ALL MEDICAL ADVICE. and we are very grateful for being. UNVAXXED.

    • Scott

      Amen to that for God’s protection in your life but now the hard part starts – – We (untaxed believers) will need to show God’s love to these people when they finally “wake-up” and realize what they have taken and what it has been doing to their bodies. That’s something I struggle with based on all the ridicule myself/family received from non-believers & believers for not getting vaxxed. I “told you so” is what I want to say but the Holy Spirit in me feels for what has happened to them…

    • Tim K

      Hi Catherine,

      Sorry to hear about all of this. Thank you for keeping us informed. Do these people (who are still alive) believe this is from the jab?

      Take care


      • catherine

        I forgot to mention my hairdresser who is gay and had underlying conditions (maybe aids) and had the jab. Six months later he developed cancer and now is on his deathbed. So within one year of the jab he is at the end.

        And yes every single person I mentioned got fully vaxxed and boosted…incredible!

  29. Glenn c Rossi

    I herd the congress is declaring the Covid Emergency over. Go to your Pharmacy and inform them they can no longer give EUA shots. Every shot is a Crime. Now more than ever , No Emergency no Authorization.

  30. Going to Hell "in'ah" HANDBASKET

    Glenn Beck issues grave warning to America after Trump indictment
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    ‘The Great Reset’ author Glenn Beck reacts to the ‘unprecedented’ indictment of former President Donald Trump on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

    Why The World Is Dumping The American Dollar | Vantage with Palki Sharma
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    Why the World Is Dumping the American Dollar | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    China and Brazil have struck a deal to trade in their local currencies instead of the US dollar. They joined a long list of countries including Saudi Arabia, Kenya and India. Why is the world attempting to de-dollarise?

    This is a ridiculous charge: Miranda Devine
    Fox Business 317K views 10 hours ago
    New York Post columnist Miranda Devine shares her thoughts on former President Donald Trump being indicted by the Manhattan grand jury on ‘The Evening Edit.’

    The Truth is coming out and THEY’RE P*SSED | Redacted with Clayton Morris
    Redacted 196,121 views Streamed live 14 hours ago
    “We’re DONE with you!” – Zelensky STUNNED as they walk out
    Politicians in Austria walked out of a speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday, placing signs in their places that said “A place for peace” and “A place for neutrality.” Zelensky was addressing the Austrian parliament via videofeed. The conservative party called the Party of Freedom had warned that they would stage some kind of demonstration if the Ukrainian president showed up in parliament to ask for military support. Austria’s current public-facing position is that it supports Ukraine politically but will not send weapons or engage militarily in its conflict with Russia because neutral is neutral. Apparently some politicians really mean that.
    The debate on Senate bill 686 is one of the most important pieces of legislation to watch as Republican Senators debate its merits. The bill would put a ban on the Chinese social media app Tik Tok, with Rand Paul schooling Josh Hawley on exactly why the legislation won’t fly. -Jump to the 31: 00 mark;

    Saudi Arabia Enters China-Led SCO: US’ Hegemony in West Asia Over? | Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 80,719 views Mar 30, 2023
    Saudi Arabia has become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. It’s a security block led by China. What does this shift in West Asia mean? Palki Sharma explains.

    Ask Prof Wolff: Is the U.S. Dollar in Trouble?
    Democracy At Work 119K views 1 day ago

    Putin’s deadly display of Tos-1A ‘flamethrower’; Three Ukrainian strongholds snatched in Donbas /Hindustan Times 77,476 views Mar 30, 2023
    Russia’s Ministry of Defence released footage of its military firing at Ukrainian strongholds using its feared ‘flamethrower’. Russian troops used the TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system in Donetsk’s Krasno-Limansky area. Watch the Russian ‘flamethrower’ in action.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi GtH,
      Great links, thanks.

  31. Lora

    Hi Greq
    George Soros has perpetrated horrible (war) crimes around the world by funding billions of dollars in Sal Alinsky’s 12 steps for radical concepts in order to destroy multiple countries, including AMERICA, which he despises. Soros is responsible for much of the destructive funding/problems occurring in the US, and so why isn’t this awful man rounded up and thrown into a dungeon somewhere? Why aren’t more people talking about this, and why isn’t something being done to stop this horrible man?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Lora,
      I share your frustration, but IMHO Soros is ‘merely’ a front man, a capo, of the Rothschilds. The dynastic central banking (Babylonian Money Magic) families are secretive and, when rarely appearing in public, mild mannered and softly spoken. Soros is their pet Rottweiler. He deflects attention from the true instigators of the globalistic mayhem. I agree, in a just world, Soros should be “thrown into a dungeon somewhere” – but ‘we the people’ should not stop there . . .

  32. Marie Joy

    I just sent a note to Senator Blumenthal asking him if he was still going to go along with this treason against President Trump.
    I suggest we have a letter writing campaign for our President Trump.

  33. Marie Joy has a vote about a Trump conviction.

  34. Rodney

    Great weekly wrap up Greg, keep plugging away and don’t give an inch.
    The Truth is going to prevail in the end one way or another.

    • Sheryl

      I think 🤔 we know Greg well enough now that he is not going to give an inch

  35. Linda

    I had a fender bender the other day. I got an estimate on March 28 at a local body shop. His lot and parking area was so full that I could hardly get in and turn around. The first appointment for fixing my car was in June 15th. They are slammed with work. Hmmmm…wonder why?

  36. HANDBASKET Hell Fire

    Russia’s ‘burst of fire’ blows up 93 Ukrainian units; Kharkiv hammered with back-to-back missiles /Hindustan Times 4,515 views Mar 31, 2023
    Russia is in rage since German Leopard main battle tanks arrived in Ukraine. Moscow’s troops have scaled up their aggression against Ukraine to the maximum. In the latest development, a barrage of Russian army missiles has hit the Kharkiv region. Kharkiv’s Kupyansk saw carpet-bombing by Russia’s Zapad group of forces. The ‘Burst of Fire’ attack killed an entire platoon of the Ukrainian army. sO SAD.

    Putin’s men destroy West’s arms before they reach Kyiv | 70 Ukraine troops ‘surrender’ in Donetsk /Hindustan Times 327,341 views Mar 26, 2023
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed that his Army is destroying the weapons sent by the West for Ukraine before they reach the frontlines. In Donetsk, 70 Ukrainian troops have reportedly surrendered in the last two weeks Meanwhile, the Russian forces have destroyed an howitzer in Kherson and eliminated five sabotage groups in Kupyansk.

    Putin’s fan club in NATO growing? Zelensky may lose support of Slovakia amid war. Here’s Why /Hindustan Times 162,413 views Mar 28, 2023
    Slovakia President Zuzana Caputova has warned that public support in the NATO country for aiding war-torn Ukraine could suffer ahead of elections. Slovakia is an eastern flank NATO member that borders Ukraine and has been a staunch backer of Kyiv. However, public attitudes differ with a recent poll showing 39% citizens believe NATO and U.S. are to blame for the war in Ukraine. Watch this video to find out more.

    ‘FAUCI IS BEHIND THE OUTBREAK’ Watch Jim Jordan EXPOSES Fauci’s LIES About ‘Lab Leak Theory’ Fashion Flyer 58K views 16 hours ago

    Russia’s ‘burst of fire’ blows up 93 Ukrainian units; Kharkiv hammered with back-to-back missiles /Hindustan Times Mar 31, 2023
    Russia is in rage since German Leopard main battle tanks arrived in Ukraine. Moscow’s troops have scaled up their aggression against Ukraine to the maximum. In the latest development, a barrage of Russian army missiles has hit the Kharkiv region. Kharkiv’s Kupyansk saw carpet-bombing by Russia’s Zapad group of forces. The ‘Burst of Fire’ attack killed an entire platoon of the Ukrainian army.

    ‘China Has No Right…’: Russia warns after Zelensky invites Xi Jinping to Ukraine amid war /Hindustan Times 310,606 views Mar 29, 2023 [[[Trouble in da camp!]]]
    Russia has praised China for its ‘balanced’ view of Ukraine after President Volodymyr Zelensky invited his powerful Chinese counterpart to visit the war-torn nation once again. In an interview to news agency Associated Press (AP), Zelensky said that he wants to speak to Xi Jinping as the talks hadn’t taken place since Russia invaded Ukraine. The Kremlin has now reacted to the development and warned China that though it doesn’t have a problem in case Xi Jinping accepts Zelensky’s invite, it has no write to come up with any advice. Watch this video for more details.

  37. Bennet Cecil

    I am a physician who has taken likely 50 or more vaccines. I stopped in 2020. If a restaurant gives you food poisoning do you go back and order a different item from their menu? Civilization is based on trust. Do you trust the vaccine companies now?

    • Jane Hill


      My doctor was upset with me for not getting the Covid-19 vaccine.
      In the past I had gotten all vaccines she recommended,
      She could not believe I would not be getting her recommended flu shots either.

      It was like I was some radical….. I simply ignored it.

  38. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg- i do go back and read all the comments a day or two latter; For some positive news- i got my wife talked into meat chickens-about 10 weeks turn around time- i thinking a batch in the spring and one in the fall. It’s not as easy as just getting them- want t0 build a mobile structure to move with the four wheeler / electric fence isn’t cheap either- joe Saladin has really interesting points about pasture animals.
    The dedollarization is most certainly tied to all the press about gay/ trans this and that. The rest of the world has seen how nuts we are- were going to be shunned. Most people will trust their eyes and the images we are broadcasting…… all the Arab counties will be the first to leave the party and the Chinese deal over there is the first chapter. How about all the African countries? Hindus? Traditional Japanese or Korean values? Grow some food- it takes time to build up and get small farm systems set up. Even a few fruit trees and a raised garden bed might mean true wealth. If i have precious metals- i can sell them once; fruit trees and a garden- every year.

  39. Slvrwllwn

    Isn’t it interesting how the leftist’s can so easily get a political figure to court to the degree which they have with Trump! WHY is this same procedure NOT happening RIGHT NOW with the likes of Biden & son, and the Clintons!!!??? They all clearly have evidence which would find them all treasonists. It all stacks up like the Great Wall of China

  40. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg

    James O’Keefe would be an interesting interview ????

  41. lynn

    China – Involved in everything, shots, currency decline, partnerships for trade, but no one wants the USA in any deals. Well, as soon as the decline has disabled us enough, then what? THEY TAKE US OVER, YES, THEY DO…Hyperinflation will make us starve, no trade, no currency, A DECLINE that allows the enemy to take us over, China has farmland here enough to alarm us, WHERE THE HELL ARE THE GOOD GUYS, Vaxxed and disabled….PRAY AMERICA…and Greg, have someone tell us the FUTURE OF THE USA based on the numbers and the decline now…What do we look like in 5-10 years….?? END OF USA…we become Venezuela?

  42. Earth Angel

    I was not surprised when the latest school shooting was once again used to put the focus of blame on the GUNS for the recent shooting. Seems to me another ploy used to push gun control.. since many thousands die in car crashes why no outcry to ban CARS by these people?! Why are they not focusing on the gender confused person who did the shooting? How about putting a ban on transgenderism? How about getting some psychological help for these pathetically confused people who cannot just be happy and accept what God made them? Perhaps this person’s attempt at transexualism has made He/She/It? so angry as to lash out at society in this awful manner. Who knows? Perhaps sex change therapies should be BANNED instead of ENCOURAGED to children in government school systems. Maybe its time to have THAT conversation loudly in public! And while we’re at it- how about banning all the violent video games put out there for kids to play? Of course it desensitizes young developing minds to violence and death. Same with the degradation of values pumped out over the past 50 yrs. nonstop by the sewer pipe of Hollywood and the music industry. So sick of hearing ‘it was the gun’s fault’ that people got killed. And now the ‘witch hunt’ on Trump. Completely ABSURD. We need a complete overhaul of society to fix this; a real ‘come to Jesus’ moment in time. The inmates are truly running the asylum.

  43. Jim Harvey

    The decline and end of the USD as the reserve currency is no surprise. Porter Stansberry was predicting it 10-15 years ago in his newsletter.

  44. Judy

    “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” …
    Obi-Wan Kenobi aka Donald J Trump

  45. Dan

    You can watch all the dangerous auto drivers on YouTube, under such titles are “stupid drivers” or “idiot drivers”, etc.

    The Fed’s U.S. dollar is going to be replaced by Treasury notes, at the appointed time.

    • Justn Observer

      So, explain the difference between an unbacked worthless FRN and an unbacked worthless U.S. T Bill in a hyper-inflationary environment? What we need is the list of who are the ‘stakeholders ‘ of the Federal Reserve…and an accounting of the ‘missing trillions’ to get clawed back as well as all ‘insider traded’ profits of Pelosi and others over decades… Then a proper dispersal of funds to the families of the dead and disabled military they caused pushing ‘their’ endless wars throughout the world! And IF their are outside-foreign stakeholders…those too , to those nations dead and wounded. ALL the same should apply to the PHARMA CEO, CFO; and) (pierce the corporate veil) and get the shareholders that ‘profited’ from the scam/fraud of the current medical situation would be pleasant to see.

      Doubt I have enough popcorn or time left on earth to see it!

      • Nika

        I think there might be a list of the original 13 families, that started the So-Called “Federal Reserve” in the book “Creature From Jekyl Island” g.Edward Griffin

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Justn,
        Agree with your ‘sentiments’ – but it will never happen. Nice ‘pipe dream . . .

  46. cathy


    ‘The FIRST indictment and Arrest’….
    Will trigger the MASS awakening around the world…… and will verify action and confirm direction setting the needed PRECEDENT for future arrests of former Presidents….
    AND those in Congress and Military AND …. ALL Cabinet positions …
    ALL the things current and past Congress members HAVE committed… etc .
    Clinton’s, Fauci, Comie, etc etc etc … create your own list…

    An indictment is a formal ACCUSATION … nothing more …

    Grand Jury was threatened … so they came back early… to ONLY indict …So could be tomorrow… for arrest…
    HOWEVER…. No one has seen nor read the indictment papers … to know the OFFICIAL charges…

    Anyone one can be called before a Grand Jury … and have the Grand Jury members vote to Arrest.

    Regular people ( school teachers, gardeners, secretaries, etc) are on the grand jury… NOT attorneys nor judges…

    This is HOW we get Biden family, Clinton family, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, OBAMA, Fauci, Gates, and 10’s of thousands of others currently in Congress, military, governments, Corporations …etc etc etc…
    They are ALL touchable now … and NOT beyond the law because of no former Legal Precedent….
    NOW ………

    Other countries can follow suit !!!

    And THIS is also HOW we get Soros!!!!! And the others in the world …

    • Earth Angel

      This seems wishful thinking to me. Does anybody really think Hillary or Bill Clinton will EVER be indicted for THEIR long list of terrible crimes? Its probably hard to name a crime they haven’t committed- and even Trump said he’d go after the Hildebeast but guess what- crickets. Never happened. I’m not even sure Hillary is still alive. She’s never seen or heard shooting off her big mouth in the news anymore at all. Doesn’t anyone think that a bit strange? I do. Remember how odd she was acting before her last election run, when she got that glazed look and began babbling nonsense to the presstitutes as the s.s. agents ushered her to that dark colored van where she pretty much collapsed as they shoved her into it? Later that evening they put a body double on the streets posing as her. Clearly the woman was MUCH younger than her, even if she did somewhat resemble her. I think we got the same charade with Osama bin Laden. I think he was dead well before the big psy-op of the US military special forces unit going into that safe-house (or whatever it was) and taking him out. Remeber he was a sick old man with kidney disease when he was supposedly found hiding in the caves WAY long ago. Whoever the stiff was they dumped into the ocean before sundown (claiming that to be a muslim custom -really?!- never heard that one before) we’ll NEVER KNOW! REALLY. ; )

  47. Marm

    The vaxxed were all pawns in a chess game of kings.

  48. Steven Allen Pool

    The da doesn’t have to prove anything. It’s more about keeping Trump indited with felonies in court beyond the 2024 election, because he won’t be able to run as long as Trump is being charged.

    • Justn Observer

      YES, HE CAN….he is innocent until PROVEN guilty !

  49. Jerry

    Greg, take a look at this video. Foul language is present FYI. Who believes the shooting was real?

  50. Don

    Greg, Your weekly wrap ups are the best, nobody compares!

  51. Fred A Engel

    The go after Trump, taxes, now indictment, set precedent to go after other politicians and family taxes business taxes. The indictment of a former president sets the stage to go after Obama, Clinton, Bush. Some heads are gonna roll.

  52. barsoom43

    You’re right, interest rates will continue to rise…… until Congress cannot service their debt, currently $31.7T… The Fed can save the USD or the government but they can’t save both.. The liars in government, Federal Reserve and MSM will use some BS numbers to claim victory over inflation and then they will lower rates and print the USD into oblivion. “Not worth a Continental..”
    When the USD loses reserve currency status, all that green toilet paper will come flooding back to the US adding to our inflation woes..
    The US government is bankrupt.. Bankrupt governments always print.. Even the Roman emperors “printed” by adding increasing amounts of base metals into the silver denarius mix until it was worthless.
    I have a medieval French 10 Franc silver coin worn thru until its copper core was visible.. It’s not supposed to have a copper core.. It too was “printed”… In the end, they all print..

  53. Catherine Wallace

    Love your weekly news wrap ups , thank you!
    It’s time to have Martin Armstrong and Clif High on again.

  54. jacob cukjati

    thank you thank you for your talk today regarding shedding and COVID
    ie: from 11:21 to 20:00
    you are a blessing and your message is being shared….
    i will note: if I right click on your message to copy the link (like starting at 11:21)
    the site is restricted or does not allow us the ability to take the snip-et and
    share it with others.
    Your messages are informative and your delivery (can’t say enough) about
    it and would like come and buy you dinner at least, if you please. Again thanks again

  55. Rich Rozmarn

    30 counts because there were 30 checks written for the same thing. Ridiculous.
    And Greg your right the Weekly Cumulative All-Cause Excess Deaths continues.

    And what are all these people dying from? Nobody asks and nobody cares.

  56. jacob cukjati

    would appreciate more information on shedding or reference past interviews
    where that subject was discussed.

  57. Nika

    Nancy Pelosie said ” Trump has a right to prove his innocence” Left-Wing Socialist Pelosie, doesn’t know in the USA, that people have presumed innocence!

  58. John Maskell

    What a sad sick world this is. For us English to watch America being destroyed is painful . The UK is no better but what a disgusting act to pull on President Trump.
    I have the up most respect for Donald Trump. In my book, he is the only chance we’ve got. If America falls , my country (UK) and Europe will be destroyed . It’s not our fault ( the people ) but a select group of twisted evil scum! Good content Greg, as always !

  59. jon

    The Regime is in the process of facing many strategic failures. They are simply going crazy by their actions. Just a few. Soon Ukraine failure, Clot Shot revelations, Bank bailout in trillions, big time inflation, BRICS has massive applicants, Getting kicked out of Middle east, getting kicked out of Africa, getting kicked out of South America, Constant big accidents in Agriculture, Transportation, probable collapse of EU, Nato. China being the Big World Peace maker. Rejection of Woke PC, AA.
    We have reached Peak Corruption in Washington and Woke Land.
    Good trends, disarmament of Nato weapons, collapse of EU, loss of Dollar hegemony, probable US Military leaving overseas outposts. Complete recognition of illegitimate fraud government and politicians.

    • June

      We have reached Peak Corruption – with the contrived war in the Ukraine already bleeding American taxpayers the Military Industrial Complex has big plans in the wings for raping the American taxpayer even more!!

  60. Ken Landon

    Greg, I’m glad your doggie Is ok! I’d make that incident known on Yelp and everywhere else, for the protection of other pets.
    I’ve noticed a growing number of drivers with their lights off, driving in the dark.
    They’re clueless, even after I flash my headlights at them.
    God Save America! The Chinese have hollowed out America with the bio weapon,and they couldn’t have done it without bought off traitors , especially Biden.


    Thank you Greg, we all appreciate your efforts and devotion to God & Lord Jesus Christ and Country USA to warn us of their evil plans & devices. Father God said ” be not decived God IS not mocked what so ever a man soweth that shall they also reap” Father God also said ” give no appearance of evil” we can’t let them get us upset and J6ed. We have to trust in the Lord and do good and God will bring it to pass. Father God also said “Vengeance IS MINE saith the Lord, I will repay”. Keep our calm, remember what President Donald John Trump said, ” This is the calm before the storm” as he was standing with the Generals. Looks like the storms coming so we have to hunker down, speak “PEACE” to the storm like Lord Jesus Christ said and wrap His love and blood around us and swing free. Lord Jesus Christ said “I’ll NEVER leave you or forsake you”. Father God, Lord Jesus the Christ, Holy Spirit the comforter can not lie, the God Head can not lie. ☘️ Three in one. A three strand cord is not easily broken. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Greg & God bless you & your wife and puppy health&healing. Happy Easter everyone Jesus is alive alive alive forever more. Remember Jesus said “we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb Lord Jesus Christ & the Words of our testimony and we love not our lives into death “. I plead the Blood of Jesus over the Church of Lord Jesus Christ & my testimony is Love never fails 1 Corinthians 13 & Peace be still to the storm. FatherGod we ask you to bring healing to everyone injured by these bioweapon and poisons in water, air,soil, our food and our souls (minds, wills, emotions) in Jesus name. Might want to listen to Rev Papa Kenneth E Hagin Sr he might be in Heaven but the Word is still alive,& Rev Keith Moore Sarasota FL. God bless everyone. All over the World God Spirit is moving, all over the World like the Profits said it would be, all over the World is a mighty revelation of the Glory of the Lord as the water covers the seas. Amen Amen ,Rev Keith Moore song
    “Count your blessings” see what the Lord hath done.🕊️🌄👑🙏🇺🇸🐈♥️🌎

    • June

      I believe the God of Jesus (God the Father) could not have been Yahweh (the God of the Jews who claimed all races inferior to his chosen ones and that only his people would rule a One World Government and inherit all its wealth) – God the Father was not a segregationist – he was was for helping “all peoples of the world”!!

      • JoJo

        You’re not too well informed if you think that! Jesus was a Jew, and his father, the G-d of the Jews, never ever said or intimated the terrible claim you attribute to Him.

  62. jon

    There is no Transsexual. Transsexual is pure self mutilation. Which is a mental health problem. There is only a Gender Identity Crisis Syndrome or Gender Dysphoria. Clif High mentions a term Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. As a lay person, I suspect it is also connected to the same psychological process as Stockholm syndrome.
    Those that agree with the Mentally Ill patient suffer from Dissociative Disorder due to the refusal to recognize reality of the two physical sexes and the gender identity. These are not the same as gay. Gay recognizes the two sexes and is a preference model. All this is easily researched.

  63. Jerry Hammond

    They’re trying to lock up the opposition. They’re murdering the citizenry. They’re burning down the financial system. They’re instigating war around the globe.


    “don’t take the bait”

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat.”

    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

  64. Jerry

    Greg you talk about a friend who works in aircraft manufacturing, I can confirm that as well. I work for a “5th.gen” AC manufacture and let me tell you the quality of work and the ability to do the job correctly is absolutely staggering.

  65. Carrie

    You are absolutely correct about the “bad batch theory”. This theory is based on the accurate reporting of the VAERS data. Unfortunately, the reporting of CV19 Bioweapon Vax injury would be heavily biased, therefore blue states/cities/people would be less likely to report, if they would be even willing to admit an injury was caused by the shot. The psyop was so great that most people, esp Dems (1:19), would be unable to acknowledge any problem related to the jab.

    PS Great show as always, thank you

  66. Prospector

    Former L. E . O. says they are found with cutting torches and railroad police are told to stay quiet.

    Chinese Nationals caught with tools capable of cutting railroad tracks
    FBI and NTSB Cover Up in Progress

    Also , the ” Restrict Act ” bill # S-686 is an internet Patriot Act being sold to ban TicTok


    STOP Bill S686
    This will allow the criminals in the US Gov to lock up indy journalists over statements made on social media, including past reporting!

  67. jon

    Greg, Two Army helicopters collided killing all onboard both helicopters in Kentucky. Collided? Clearly not normal.

    • Nika

      In Wijonbu, Korea I decided to hitchhike my first helicopter ride. I have never rode, on a helicopter, before this. As I placed my first boot on the side of the helicopter and was hoisting my body up into the helicopter through the open door. Meanwhile, the Helicopter Pilot glances at me, and suddenly takes takes off. Within six seconds, the helicopter was 500 feet above the ground. The pilot made a right turn, and I was trying to hold on to the 2 ends, of my unlocked seat belt . I could not lock my seat belt because
      the centrifical force was forcing me, to slide my weight towards the open helicopter door (500 below). I could have died that day. Helicopters can be dangerous, depends who the Pilot is? Just like guns, depends on who is holding the loaded gun!

      • Nika

        Greg, you talking about People driving on the wrong side of the road. I had one of those about 3 years ago.
        I was drivng on a 4 lane highway at night. There was no concrete divider, separating the 2 north kanes and 2 south lanes, just a painted white line. I was in the left lane of the 2 lanes heading South.
        All of I sudden, I see a set of headlights pull into my lane about 200 feet ahead. One second passes and he’s still driving in my lane. I told myself I can’t believe this! I waited another second, and he’s still coming at me in my lane at 60 MPH. That’s when I bailed out. I quickley moved to the right lane to let that maniac pass! I never had that experience before. That showed me, the World had changed. I could no longer trust, other American Drivers as I had in the past 30 years of driving!

  68. Shiloh1

    on ZH this morning -Manhattan Assistant DA Nukes Twitter Account After Anti-Trump Bias Exposed

    Best comment so far, “Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle…”

  69. Led Skelton

    I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum.
    The movie “They Live” was a documentary.

    If they do a 2023 remake of that movie, they wouldn’t need aliens, just use YouTube/TickyTock, anti-American, anti-straight-white-male, anti-capitalist, BLM antifa The View Chenk Uggers professional victim Hanoi CNN Whoopie Behar Jane, DEMS and LIBS as the “aliens”

    Today you don’t need a special pair of sunglasses to see that you are being fucked over.


    Subliminal Message on US Currency: “THIS IS YOUR GOD”

    You still don’t get it, do you, boys? There ain’t no countries anymore, no more good guys. They’re running the whole show! They own everything, the whole god-damn planet. They can do whatever they want!

    Drifter: What is wrong with having it good for a change? Now they’re gonna let us have it good if we just help ’em. They’re gonna leave us alone, let us make some money. You can have a little taste of that good life too. Now, I know you want it. Hell, everybody does.
    Frank: You’d do it to your own kind.
    Drifter: What’s the threat? We all sell out every day. Might as well be on the winning team.

    I wish they would remake this film today, exposing the left, professional corrupted political criminals, and MSM

  70. Jeff gerst

    Damascus will play a key role soon because the Bible tells us it will be leveled and inhabitable. Possibly even a nuclear weapon will be used. What few understand is that America must be taken down as a significant world power so the new world order can the implemented. Most Americans won’t roll over and give up our rights and all we’ve worked for so these tyrants can take over so we must be eliminated. It’s no suprise to me that america is. Or mentioned in the revelation. It’s because we aren’t there

  71. Mr Nobody

    the fbi is dressing antifa people us in maga clothes and pushing them out to make trouble.
    Type in and see who their real handlers are.

    And PS. Its the same as infer guard.

    • Frank Cooper

      Did Redirect to Official Website?
      The Joe Biden campaign has been at the center of redirected URL since the Democratic secured the presidential bid in 2020. / Madison Dapcevich
      Wow! It did for me. I did just as you said Mr. Nobody. What a shell shocker!

    • Connie Conyers's

      Mr. Nobody, this proves it. George Soro’s son is running the country and he’s running scared, like the Saudi Prince was__ and took out Kash’oogie. This time they’re both trying to take out the Trumpster, for they’re fathers, like W. took out the sad Sadamm Hussyinsane! My God, my goodness, what’s this world coming too?

  72. Damien

    I reckon that at least 150 million Americans will eventually die from the bioweapon unleashed on us. The economic collapse will kill millions more and NOBODY will ever be brought to justice. Also Greg I’m quite dubious when it comes to Bo Polny and “God’s/Daniel’s Timeline” stuff. I see no immediate collapse of these demons power looming, but I guess we will soon see. Don’t get me wrong, because I surely want the Lord to intervene on behalf of his followers, but frankly, I’m not seeing the Lord’s hand anywhere! He needs to intervene or there really will be no flesh saved! God bless and keep up the hard work Greg, IT IS APPRECIATED!

  73. JP

    Soon. NCSWIC. We’ve got this.

    For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Luke 8:17


    Pray. Pray out loud. Go by Faith; not by Sight. God gave each one of us the power to defeat the enemy, so use your voice as He intended. Tread on snakes, scorpions and any other demonic being the evil one spews forth from hell.

    17 The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in Your name.”

    18 So He told them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19 Behold, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you. 20 Nevertheless, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” Luke 10:17-20

  74. Justn Observer

    Greg, indictment is a huge distraction…LOOK HERE. but what they do not want focus on is …the collapse was CAUSED by the FED too aggressively raising hikes…and now the 21 pt. indicators flashing a massive crash within 60 days…

    Add the Biden’s Ukraine ‘get Putin’ plan going bust,
    Is the Tide Turning in the Ukraine Russian War – S=cott Ritter=
    How Ukraine is Causing World Power Shifting – Tony Shaffer=
    as the world too now pivot away from the U.S. and western banks bullying tactics…
    Now that France in a prior zerohedge post showed even NATO allies are backstabbing the U.S. and buying LNG using YUAN…= no reason to support NATO or UN with U.S. funding any longer. Certainly, no U.S. troops deployed …time to let EU and Russia have at it and sort out their own old Monarchy/HRE empire problems. even with the majority of EU.S royal families being of the lineage of Catherine the Great of Russia… go figure!
    Many now waiting for POTUS Trump designer ”’OFFICIAL”’ signed, I’ve been indicted for trying to MAGA TEE SHIRTS AND COFFEE MUGS OF HIS MUG SHOT!
    *Do not buy them from the RNC…ONLY purchase them from an ‘official’ Trump campaign outlet. The RINOS like MITCH, ROMNEY, etc should get NO BENEFIT for ‘their’ party as we saw what ‘they’ did and how they did NOT deploy the RNC funds last election… Just support Trump and let him decide who he might want to share with on the campaign…He has taken enough shots and arrows and hopefully he will pick a new running mate that will not stab him in the back…

    • Won Witness

      Justin or anyone who knows the answer,

      I will no longer support the republicans with donations.
      I ONLY WANT TO DONATE TO TRUMP”S CAMPAIGN (and other worthy canidates) ONLY.
      Trumps 2024 campaign mailing address ???
      I do not want the republicans routing my money to rino’s, deep statists,
      and NWO freaks.

      • Diana

        Won you can go to Truth Social to check where to send President Trump money, but I have never seen a mailing address.

  75. Bob


    Natto is a HEALTH SUPPLEMENT, not a drug.


  76. Desperate Desperado's Run Amok!

    EMERGENCY BROADCAST! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Republic in Crisis: Trump Indictment Reveals Deep State Transforming America Into Banana Republic One-Party Dictatorship! Watch LIVE Friday, March 31st 2023 repeat airing Saturday the 1st. April
    Alex Jones and special guests including Roger Stone & Alan Dershowitz, Robert Barnes are LIVE taking your calls and breaking the latest exclusive details on the Trump indictment and what it means to the future of America. Learn what comes next LIVE! This is only the beginning………………!
    WERE at the tip of the spear in the information war! The hard truths of the publicly announced global takeover! The Great Awakening, NOW LIVE!
    ALSO: The American Journal: NYC Indicts Trump As Desperation Mounts to Keep Him Out of the White House
    Start your weekend with this explosive edition of the most banned broadcast in the world;

  77. Ron Conus

    I’ve tried but to no avail to get Bo Polny to explain his prediction of a stock market and worldwide economic collapse to occur on October 24, 2022. Instead the Dow Jones has risen 10% and the Nasdaq 100 15%. No crash. In fact, just the opposite. And I am now seeing any worldwide economic collapse.
    So, during your up coming interview with Bo, would you please ask him to explain why those predictions didn’t pan out. Are they just delayed or completely wrong?

    • Ron Conus

      Sorry, meant to say I am not seeing any worldwide economic collapse.

  78. Southern Girl

    My dear girlfriend’s husband was rushed to the hospital. They said his BP was high! I was so surprised around the 11:30 marked when you talked about the brain dying off. It seems her husband’s brain is doing the exact same thing. She is awake so I asked her to watch your video to see maybe if this is her husband’s problem….fully vaxxed and boosted. I mean fully shot with bioweapons. How sad she had a melt down and is so mad but she herself took the bioweapons. She had me order Ivermectin for them. I don’t know if giving her husband Ivermectin would slow the killing of his brain cells. Praying for them.

  79. Lon Bell

    The US Soldiers Leaking Nuclear Secrets | Investigators VICE News
    2,155,459 views Jan 23, 2023
    US nuclear weapons are stored across Europe but their presence is neither confirmed nor denied.
    NOW/Along with Editor Maxim Edwards, Foeke Postma from Bellingcat, went looking for them and discovered that US soldiers had been leaking highly confidential locations of these nuclear weapons via flashcard apps, for years and years as well as hundreds of other secrets that were not meant to be in the public domain at all.
    This has been described as “one of the most monumental security breaches” in recent years. And all of it was online and available [to the Russki, to be destroyed with Hypersonic nuclear multi-tipped weapons of mass destruction, undetected in seconds] at the click of a button.
    This is the story of this unique investigation, conducted entirely through open source techniques, harnessing the power of google searching and social media stalking to expose a massive failure of the US military. [In the heart of Europa!] VIDEO;
    “US Soldiers Expose Nuclear Weapons Secrets Via Flashcard Apps” by Foeke Postma for Bellingcat is available to read here;

    Nuclear Aftershocks (full documentary) | FRONTLINE
    FRONTLINE PBS | Official 731,949 views Dec 13, 2022
    When this documentary premiered, less than a year had passed since a devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami had crippled Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex. FRONTLINE correspondent Miles O’Brien examined the implications of the Fukushima accident for U.S. nuclear safety and asked how this disaster could affect the future of nuclear energy around the world. (Aired 2012)
    In “Nuclear Aftershocks,” O’Brien traveled to three continents to explore the revived debate about the safety of nuclear power, the options for alternative energy sources, and questions about whether a disaster like the one at Fukushima could happen in the United States. In particular, he visited one emergent battleground: the controversial relicensing of the Indian Point nuclear plant in New York, located on a fault line some 35 miles from Manhattan, in the most densely populated region in the U.S. Were there lessons to be learned from the disaster in Japan?

    How would the United States Fight a Nuclear War?
    Modern Muscle 7,175,317 views Jun 27, 2022
    Today we’re going explore the unthinkable: How would the United States respond during a Nuclear conflict?

    “After the Big One: Nuclear War on the Prairies” (1983) Cold War Film
    LionHeart FilmWorks 327,808 views Dec 17, 2022
    A Canadian made-for-television movie – This film deals straightforwardly with the consequences of a nuclear attack for the Canadian Prairies. The Prairies are singled out because of their proximity to huge stockpiles of intercontinental ballistic missiles located in North Dakota. Scenes include a visit to a missile base and to an emergency government bunker in Manitoba. A doctor, a farmer and a civil defence coordinator provide different perspectives on nuclear war. Although the film focuses on one region, it provides a model for people everywhere who would like to know more about their own situation but don’t know what questions to ask.

  80. Lynn

    I have as much sympathy for Trump as he did for the J6 victims…

    • Coal Burner

      Now that is a twist! Trump may end up regretting that! It could turn into an election issue.

  81. Christopher Foster

    I thought Rob Kirby was smarter than that!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Kirby did not get vaxed. He went to the hospital with covid, and they murdered him with Remdesivir and intubation.

  82. Marie Joy

    To contact our President Trump, go to
    Fill out the form and express your opinion.

  83. Nancy King

    in the TV series The Chosen after Jesus speaks in the Nazareth temple, reading Isaiah 61, them jews seek to cast Jesus over a high clif as, they say, is required punishment of the Law. But Jesus’ prophecies actually come true. . . . How do we reconcile this with Trump prophet Mark Taylor and and Bitcoin prophet Bo Polny.

  84. Bio Wreck

    They can’t indict George Soros. He’s already dead.

  85. Dale Durbin

    Oh, Greg, Thank you, woke me up. At near 80 I’ve noticed I’ve been loosing my speech. I’ve had throat Cancer twice and have blamed the speech lost on the cancer until todays vid. I’ve also let the yard go and minor home upkeep, very unusual for me. Tuesday I called my Cardiologist asking if they had a test determining if one had a stroke. Very good chance the Spike has me. I’m unvaxxed and have been a very strong advocate against the vax, the mask and fought against restricted activities. I stocked up on Ivermectin years ago but haven’t taken any thinking I didn’t need it, it appears I do, thank You for waking me up.

  86. Judy

    Thursday is the most likely day to have car accident traditionally…everyone trying to get errands done before the week-end, according to insurance claims prior to shot. Clif High mentioned some interesting things about the impact of hormonal rage on Trans people. We know now they’ve been messing with people’s hormones for years to lower population.

  87. Justn Observer

    Greg, new KING of derivatives on the block…. with a leverage of 108 to 1? What could go wrong? =
    Goldman Sachs is New Derivative KING! JP Morgan Delivers 1B oz Silver Lease!

  88. Tony Buick

    Hey DEMS/CNN, be careful what you wish for.

    In big blue cities, you put a candidate on the ballot with a criminal record and he/she will get 90+% of the vote.

    So many cities have elected felons or “persons of the arrested type” as their mayor or local supervisor, it is almost a prerequisite.

  89. Cry Me a Ruble

    Trump’s situation reminded me of another in history. I am not comparing Trump to the Messiah but There are similarities. This was another trial in history where the corrupt rulers of the day falsely arrested and put on trial someone who was exposing their corruption and hypocrisy.

    And the high priest stood up in the midst, and asked Jesus, saying, Answerest thou nothing? what is it which these witness against thee?
    But he held his peace, and answered nothing. Again the high priest asked him, and saith unto him, Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?
    And Jesus said, I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.
    And the high priest rent his clothes, and saith, What further need have we of witnesses?Ye have heard the blasphemy: what think ye? And they all condemned him to be worthy of death.

  90. SkeptiSchism

    Thanks for another roundup, you really help to highlight the news and what I need to pay attention to. As far as that darn ‘vaccine’ goes, I’m just wondering if the railroad and industrial accidents shouldn’t really be called vaccidents.

    It’d be nice to hear what Clif High’s been up to.

    Great show.

  91. SkeptiSchism

    Also, I forgot to add in AI, notice how they roll out the automation like ChatGPT that can think for so many people that will be unable to think.

    Or maybe it’s a coincidence.

  92. Tag Geren

    I’m a mostly retired dog groomer after working in the business for 50 years. Unvaxed One client i kept was a friend with a rather difficult dog. Nice dog but suffered from anxiety. She stays when i groom her dog and I know from conversation she is vaxxed and boosted. 3 times after doing her dog I came down with covid symptoms. Mostly respiratory that limits me daily. Weakness and fatigue is unbelievable. I did her dog last week and I barely made it thru the session. I felt like I was going to faint and had to stop and sit down 3 times. I am taking ivermectine and hoping for the best. I am lost at what to do. She is my friend. but my health has suffered.

  93. J D

    Talking with friends recently about Fetterman 2.0. I told them they don’t really care what we know because no one is going to do anything about it. All the Uniparty cares about is the fact that he isn’t the guy Trump supported. I have been saying for some time that they are going to put Trump in prison. Who’s going to stop it – Mitch McConnell? Lindsey Graham? No complaining, voting, protesting, emails, or any other non-violent mechanism is going to right this ship. Our Bolshevik Revolution is 3/4 completed. America has begun it’s socialist phase and we are along for the ride.

  94. Justn Observer

    Greg, possible ne FED – Treasury plan coming out late meeting ?
    The Fed Just Broke EVERYTHING!! (This Is Bad)


    Looking forward to BP

    • Greg Hunter

      Me too!

      • Diana

        Me too….great expectations.

  96. Marie Joy

    Anti Christian Bigotry is becoming a big thing.

  97. Graham

    Hi Greg,
    I see RMR don’t ship to UK.

  98. GE

    Go to LaRouche PAC, Barbra Boyd’s article comparing the Pearl Harbor to the arrest of Donald Trump. To wake up of the American People a game changer!!

  99. Marie Joy

    There are several online calls for President Trump to use his mugshot photo for his 2024 campaign.

  100. Justn Observerda

    Of course this is another warning from 7 years ago…but how much closer ‘they’ are…as Joe is about to burn the last bridges to ever get back if something is not done soon…. Any wonder why they HAVE TO get rid of a guy that is determined to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and anyone else that has those same views?
    @ 43:20

  101. Justn Observer

    Of course this is another warning from 7 years ago…but how much closer ‘they’ are…as Joe is about to burn the last bridges to ever get back if something is not done soon…. Any wonder why they HAVE TO get rid of a guy that is determined to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and anyone else that has those same views?
    @ 43:20

  102. john beasley

    Trump, seems like a movie script. He knows what the people want. He tells them what they should have but he doesn’t help them get it. He tells them what America was, and no longer is. Trump works for the Jewish cartel that funded his “empire.”

  103. Rose Mont Sellicka

    “We all want our normality back.”—Angela Merkel, German chancellor.
    But what does “normal” mean? What are people hoping to do?
    Resume their former lives? Some long for a more social life, one with hugs and handshakes as well as opportunities to travel. They feel that “getting back to a degree of normality” involves “restaurants, theaters, [and] that kind of thing,” as Dr. Anthony Fraudci Fauci put it.
    Some see a chance for a “new normal,” that is relief from the life we had during the planned demic scam demic. They feel that this world of demanding jobs, social inequalities, and deteriorating mental health must change. “The pandemic,” says founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, “represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.” Ya, we know, we will have nothing, own nothing. We’ll all be woke, broke, busted and disgusted. But be happy, right? Mein Führer!
    Leaders are often seen as “first among equals”. But according to the Nazi Deutschland, it was clear – Deutschland could survive without a million or two millions of their citizens death, but most important would still be, that the Leader and Nazi Party is okay. Deutchland could survive without these millions, but not without the Leader and Party, sacred heroes that lead the Deutsch nation to brighter tomorrows – the point of view and ideology the Nazis created and strong-armed the people. Like communism, Nazism held such points from simple reason – they didn’t want be just some new ideology, they wanted religious fervor (because of that they didn’t like independent churches, they didn’t serve as harbingers of their regimes). Mein Führer and member of Party were no longer humans according to that religion. No. They were saints, half Gods, simply, something with Absolut authority, that cannot be wrong, or cannot make mistakes, sorta like the new Democrat national socialist party, wouldn’t you say Aunt Nancy?
    Most Americans have been so devastated by this new world dis-order of the post planned demic world, that hope for a “normal” life seems so far-fetched. For example, many have lost their job, their home, their good health or, worse yet, their loved ones. Especially in the weaponized cold virus, lab leak covid-19 VEKLURY® (remdesivir) ventilator death scam. You can’t make this junk up!
    Of course, no one can predict exactly how the post-pandemic world will eventually turn out. (Ecclesiastes 9:11) However, the Bible can help us manage our expectations and cope with the never ending unfolding events. What is more, the Bible points to a future that we can be certain of, one that we may not expect.
    We must gain the right perspective on the COVID-19 planned-demic.
    Long ago, the Bible foretold that widespread diseases or “pestilences” would occur during “the conclusion of the system of things.” (Luke 21:11; Matthew 24:3) When we consider the COVID-19 scam from that perspective, we see it as one of many noteworthy events—including wars, great earthquakes, and food shortages—that we are told to expect in fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
    Knowing this helps: While current pandemic conditions may improve, the Bible warns that we are living in “critical times hard to deal with.” (2 Timothy 3:1) Knowing this can help us manage our expectations about life in these challenging times.
    The Bible gives us the right view: Our world, plagued by ever-increasing challenges, is in a time of transition. A transition to what?
    A post-planned pandemic future you may not expect
    The Bible foretold not only the serious problems we now face but also the better times we can expect soon. It describes a future that is way beyond what human governments could hope to achieve, one that only God can provide. “He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.”—Revelation 21:4.
    God promises: “Look! I am making all things new.” (Revelation 21:5) He will solve this world’s problems, including those made worse by pandemic. He will provide the following:
    Perfect physical and mental health, with no more sickness and death.—Isaiah 25:8; 33:24.
    Satisfying work that brings real contentment, not demanding jobs that lead to frustration or burnout.—Isaiah 65:22, 23.
    Prosperity for everyone, ensuring an end to poverty and hunger.—Psalm 72:12, 13; 145:16.
    Recovery from emotional trauma, along with the prospect of seeing dead loved ones brought to life.—Isaiah 65:17; Acts 24:15.
    Knowing this helps: The Bible says: “We have this hope as an anchor for our lives.” (Hebrews 6:19) Such hope of better things ahead can stabilize us. It can help us to cope with today’s difficult situations, to reduce anxiety, and to keep our emotional balance.
    Bible principles for coping with the transition to life after pandemic.
    Value life Scripture: “Wisdom preserves the life of its owner.”—Ecclesiastes 7:12.
    What it means for you: Make wise decisions to lessen, THE chance’s of getting sick. Evaluate the risk’s in your life. Consider your health and safety, the local rate of ignorance, and propaganda, the percentage of the population that is fully vaccinated or boostered. Get the word out about, Ivermectin, Hydrochlorichine and even the poor man’s, Oregano oil! They work and can keep you around, whether vaxed or unvaxed. You have to keep those dog gone spike proteins down and out!
    Remain cautious. “The wise one is cautious and turns away from evil, but the stupid one is reckless and overconfident.”—Proverbs 14:16.
    Continue to take appropriate health precautions. Experts anticipate that the corona, covid, actually the common cold virus, weaponized by government, will be with us for some time to come. Maybe till Kingdom come!
    Thank you Bill Gates and Tony Baloney Fauci! Whom ever got you two goof balls together, needs a check-up from the neck-up!
    Reliable information. “The naïve person believes every word, but the shrewd one ponders each step.”—Proverbs 14:15.
    What it means for you: Choose carefully what advice you will follow. Your choice matters—you could potentially harm your health by making decisions based on misinformation.
    Stay positive. “Do not say, ‘Why were the former days better than these?’ for it is not out of wisdom that you ask this.”—Ecclesiastes 7:10.
    What it means for you? Be determined to make the best of your current situation. Avoid nostalgic thoughts about life before pandemic, and avoid dwelling on opportunities you missed because of pandemic restrictions.
    Show respect for others. “Honor men of all sorts.”—1 Peter 2:17.
    What it means for you: People have reacted differently to the pandemic and its consequences. Allow them their opinions, but respectfully stick to the good decisions that you have made. Be considerate of the vaccinated, the elderly, and those with serious underlying health issues.
    Practice patience. “Love is patient and kind.”—1 Corinthians 13:4.
    What it means for you: Be kind when others express their anxieties about resuming activities that previously caused no concern. When planning your own activities, be patient with yourself as pandemic fears ease.
    Take comfort in the Bible’s promises of a bright future, this helps us to see beyond the pandemic fears. They also support us by obeying the Bible’s command to gather regularly for worship. (Hebrews 10:24, 25) Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings of Christians, which many were being held virtually, which means they weren’t virtual, but on Zoom, during the pandemic and many still are, your choice.
    Most agree that joining together for worship has been helpful during these difficult times. For example, a woman I know infected with COVID-19 accepted an invitation to join these so called, virtual meetings on Zoom. Those meetings helped her emotionally despite her ongoing health issues from the virus. She later said: “I feel that I am part of this family too. Reading the Bible gives me peace of mind and inner calm. It helps me focus on my hope for the future instead of my problems. Thank you for helping me find that connection with God that I have sought all my life.”

    • Rose

      Greg, I can say the same for the meetings we all have here on,!

  104. Marie Joy

    IF President Trump is jailed, they will Epstein him.

  105. Dr. Ghassi Khatt

    The next few weeks I see the cryptos all skyrocketing as rumours begin to leak pending the fed’s CBDC announcement.

    Then the official cbdc news will break and crypto will flatline at a plateau for a day or two as millions of buyers get in — while millions are selling at the top. And this will end without any warning, the realization occurs, that the fed-central banks aren’t going to allow the cryptos to connect into their new cbdc banking system.

    Crytpos will fall 99.9% in three days,
    they are counterfeit fiat after-all.

    • Dr. Ghassi Khatt

      That will THE easy way for the fed to remove the trillions in execess liquidity and allow them to bring back QE, still, the fed has lost control of the system the next time they announce QE. Fed attempts to goose the markets one final time, this time Wall Street won’t be liking it.

    • Justn Observer

      Might check with Clif High on that…some are saying there is real hackability problems with CBDC ie open coding problems that have failed on beta runs. I do not know, just what I heard… am not a coder so I have no idea.

  106. Kim Rouge

    The Vulkan Files: Vladimir Putin’s Secrets Leaked | Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 110,358 views Mar 31, 2023, ___BEWARE SANDWORM!
    The Vulkan Files: Vladimir Putin’s Secrets Leaked | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    Putin’s war machines is getting new upgrades. A massive leak has revealed fresh details. Over five thousand documents have come out. What do the Vulcan files reveal? Palki Sharma decodes.

    U.S. admits to Putin’s victory? General doubts Ukraine’s war prospects | ‘Can’t Kick Russians…’ / Hindustan Times 10,066 views Apr 1, 2023
    U.S. Military is skeptical about Ukraine’s ability to achieve its objectives against Russia. General Mark Milley, chairman of the US. Joint chief of staff said that Ukraine’s stated objective of expelling all Russian “invaders” is unlikely to be achieved this year. U.S joint chief of staff made these remarks when Ukraine plans a spring offensive. Watch this video for more.

    On Cam: Putin’s Army captures several Ukrainian strongholds as Zelensky’s men ‘run for life’ /Hindustan Times 186,190 views Mar 30, 2023
    Russian army shared a battleground footage showing its might amid Ukraine war. In the footage, Russian troops captured several Ukrainian strongholds in Donbas. As per Russian military, its paratroopers supported by artillery, tanks & UAVs inflicted significant losses” to the Ukrainian personnel and equipment. Russian military claimed that Ukrainian forces were forced to introduce more reserves in order to prevent further losses but still failed to hold their position. Watch this video for more.

    The HERMITAGE on Saturday Night in St Petersburg, Russia. Wooow! LIVE
    Baklykov. Live 433 watching now Started streaming 2 hours ago.

    • John Little


  107. Mylar Rupee Donatable

    India’s Rupee trade gains momentum over Dollar; Malaysia to settle payments in INR/Details Hindustan Times/46,569 views Apr 1, 2023
    In a major development, Malaysia and India can now use the Rupee to settle trade in addition to other currencies. The Ministry of External Affairs made the announcement. “India International Bank of Malaysia (IIBM), based in Kuala Lumpur, has operationalised this mechanism by opening a special Rupee Vostro account through its corresponding bank in India that is Union Bank of India,” it said. It comes after the Reserve Bank of India allowed settlement of international trade in Indian currency in 2022. Watch; WOW! It’s finally happening. . . Sad.

    Georgia becomes first American state to condemn Hinduphobia; Passes historic resolution | Hindustan Times 152,238 views Apr 1, 2023
    The U.S. state of Georgia has passed a resolution condemning “Hinduphobia” making it the American state to do so. Condemning anti-Hindu bigotry, the resolution said Hinduism is one of the world’s largest and oldest religions with over 1.2 billion adherents in over 100 countries. The resolution was introduced by Representatives Lauren McDonald and Todd Jones from Forsyth County in Atlanta – home to one of the largest Hindu and Indian-American communities in Georgia.

    ‘Door Open’: U.S. NATO envoy woos India; Military alliance wants deeper ties Hindustan Times 92,932 views Apr 1, 2023
    NATO is ready for ‘more engagement’ with India. US ambassador to NATO, Julianne Smith said that the transatlantic military alliance held an ‘informal exchange’ last month. The Ambassador though stressed that currently there are no plans by the alliance to expand this to a broader global military alliance. Watch;

  108. MylarRupeeDonatable

    ‘Mini-NATO’ in the making in Europe; Nordic nations’ Air force join hands to deter Putin’s Russia / Hindustan Times 24,221 views Mar 31, 2023
    Air force commanders from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark have signed a letter of intent to create a unified Nordic air defence aimed at countering the ‘threat from Russia.’ The unified Nordic air defence will be able to operate jointly. The signing at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany was attended by NATO Air Command chief General James Hecker, who also oversees the U.S. Air Force in the region. Watch this video for more details.
    Prison Planet Gang Formations ARE GROWING! Don’t be left out in the cold!

  109. Nikiti Rusher

    WOWSER! You got to see this frauci!
    Lawyer Who Took Dr. Fauci’s Deposition Reveals Why It Shocked Him To Jim Jordan
    Forbes Breaking News 388,768 views Mar 30, 2023
    At today’s House Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing, D. John Sauer, Special Assistant Attorney General of Louisiana, told Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) he was stunned by the number of times Dr. Anthony Fauci’s failed to recall when he took his deposition.

  110. lonni

    China Just Won the Tech Race…USA in Shock!
    Cyrus Janssen 143,779 views Mar 31, 2023
    China and America are battling it out in tech and China has an edge. A new report from ASPI reveals the reality of the China USA tech race. Let’s break it all down.

    So THIS was all a LIE in Ukraine? | Redacted with Clayton Morris
    125,165 views Apr 1, 2023
    Ukraine has admitted that it is out of amunition as heads of state go to China to talk about peace. Meanwhile, those weekend warriors that up and went to Ukraine at the beginning of the conflict turn out to be frauds. Who’d have thought?

  111. lon bell

    Neil Oliver: All the neo-Liberal stooges are running scared now and for good reason.
    GBNews 3.9K views 48 minutes ago /This Scot, is over the spot!

  112. lonni oop's

  113. Prospector

    Be Informed !

    I was just told an interesting story about my daughters friend who took their non-vaccinated four-month-old to a Dallas ER for fevers. After they told the ER doctor and nurse that the child had not received any vaccines, child protective services were called to come and interview the parents. CPS admitted they were called because of the V status of the four month old. #TXpolicestate

  114. John Cascara

    They Planned To Silence Me For Good 🔪🤐 – Judy Mikovits
    London Real / Yesterday
    “Judy, Judy, Judy”!

  115. Disgusted

    Shocking: Putin Cancels Africa’s Debt To Russia Worth $20 Billion.
    The New Tourist 53K views 8 hours ago
    Wow, were doomed. Were a house divided and their teeming up!

  116. Wadsworth Binghamton

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s address to the nation | Russia-Ukraine war live| WION

  117. sonny b

    your personal invite
    Important event !!! you are invited to the memorial of Christ death
    date April 4, 2023 it’s free
    Who is Jesus find out more in this link
    What Can His Sacrifice Mean for You? find out more in this link

  118. Coal Burner

    Greg; I heard a rumor that Soros was dead. Would you check your sources. Please fine out where he is buried. I want to sell tickets for a dollar each . At least 6.5 billion will want to piss on his grave.

  119. Kenneth Stalley

    Thanks Greg, for always bringing us the True News.! You always give us the Truth and we appreciate it so much… Thank you.!
    Ken… in Costa Rica

  120. Paul

    Has anyone heard about Israel banning Christianity?

  121. Justn Observer

    Greg, watching the ‘new precedent’ of arresting Presidents for past crimes beyond the statute of limitations one wonders if now Gov. Sarah Huckabee might be able to open up some cold cases that are not past the statute of limitations – like murders?
    Interesting that AG Barr and Asa Hutchinson who might run for president might help on some old cold cases concerning Mena , Roses Law Firm, Vince Foster, or the 4 cops that outed Bill Clinton that were put on the roofs of the Waco temple and followed into the window by a 5th cop with the 5th cop climbing back out of the same window as seen in that old vid by an investigative journalist who shot the vid- Rules of Engagement? Now I have to admit, at the time I thought some of the Koresh guy’s views were extreme about the gov’t was coming to get kill them…but…today? and as to some of his ‘relationships’ with underage children were then and are still unacceptable…but he just might have been a prophet as to the FBI coming after Christians. Certainly, as to the current CRT, and Pedo and schoolbooks-teachings and goings on today, the FBI is certainly accepting to those so, it would appear it was the Christian views they were there to stomp out…not the illicit marriages …. those seem now to only have been the ‘excuse’ used as such behavior today appears quite acceptable by the reigning regime!
    Sole Australian survivor of Waco siege breaks silence | 60 Minutes Australia =

    That some of the cops from Arkansas ended up on these teams and were ‘those Arkansas cops’ killed ,what’s the odds? Do not believe the two teenagers found murdered on the railroad tracks in Arkansas was solved…and sure a string of ‘suicided’ and strange deaths along the way to making de-sensitizing movies like American Made and Air America.
    Did AG Barr or Hutchinson ever give Congressional testimony on those drug and gun trafficking ops by the CIA? Most of the people I talk to never heard of or even remember the Clinton Chronicles…but compared to a bookkeeping error by Trump or his now FELON attorney inconsistent and perjured memory seems to pale in comparison.
    One considers the testimony of Ollie North…and one really has to wonder who really started up the drug running border problems we see today…and where and from who those cartels got the idea of running drugs from Central and South America into the U.S. in the first place?

    The current view being pushed that Trump could NEVER be electable because of an alleged paying off a stripper, but such events surrounding Bill and Hillary and crew could/should is quite dis-ingenious as a matter of ””equity”’?
    It appears the good Lord will have to sort this all out some day…the sheeple of the U.S. have not the stomach for casting off what is now plaguing this nation now.

  122. Captain Kirk

    Too bad for brain-dead voters that Jesuit-educated President Trump supported neuro-toxic Operation Warp Speed over descheduling neuro-regenerative cannabis!

  123. Sheryl

    I really miss Rob Kirby. Loved listening to him. I really didn’t know what happened to him but was expected the worst after his initial health problems. Rip and fly with the angels

  124. tim mcgraw

    David Stockman does an excellent job in the link above of dissecting the Trump Presidency. Trump was a failure. He destroyed our country with his lockdowns and “Operation Warp Speed”. Trump is a traitor.
    As Stockman writes, Trump’s policy was “Lock them down. Jab them up. Pay them off.”

    • Greg Hunter


      Nothing for Biden? He’s not a total failure???? Really??? There is a long list of great things Trump did for the country. There is a much longer list of the disasters the Biden/Obama administration have done and are doing to America. So, RINO Stockman is not focusing on the unfolding disaster that being caused by the Obama/Biden Admin. He’s focusing on the guy running two years from now??????? That is the big problem??????? Are you Nuts??????? You are calling Trump a traitor and you ignore the CCP and bribes in the billions paid to the Biden Crime family????????? Biden was the guy that forced the CV19 bioweapon/injections!!!!! FORCED!!! and still FORCING!!!!! This is a joke, right??? You and Stockman appear totally disconnected from reality with this little rant.


      • Shane

        What is a “RINO”?

        I see Trump supporters throw this term around a lot but no one ever explains what a ‘real’ Republican is or is supposed to be.

        From my pov Republicans have basically surrendered to Progressivism & have been every bit as bad (or worse) as Democrats. Republicans don’t even pretend, anymore, to have any interest in rolling-back the Progressive gains of the last century.

        Remember who got us into the disastrous Iraq-Afghanistan wars and inflicted the horrible Patriot Act, TSA, DHS, and original Bankster Bailouts on the USA? It was the Republicans whom YOU folks elected!

        Also, Greg, ‘real’ conservatives like yourself who hold up New Deal Democrat Ronald Reagan & NYC Liberal Democrat Trump as your political heroes are in no position to throw stones at anyone else.

        • Greg Hunter

          I report the news and I try to be fair. Please set up your own site and show us all how it is done.


    • Melania

      We love Trump Timbo, because he isn’t a liar like most and we judge a man as if he were a judge we were being sentenced. We trust Trump. He one of the few honest men we know.
      As a judge we know he’d give us a break. The dishonest hate Trump. I hate to say it. But I think your not being honest Tim. You have a lot of bones to pick. Your an old and disillusioned man. You hate Trump. Trump doesn’t hate.
      Thats why you hate him. Bury the hatchet. Not in somebody’s head. Lift your head up! The meek are about to take the world, a gift from God.

    • Justn Observer

      Mr. Mcgraw….you might consider Mr. Stockman and his wife’s close ties to the establishment who just might have a tad of bias against POTUS Trump.. Spend a few hours researching the interlocking ties to the various ‘club’s and foundations. which in the end are just as uni-party as many of the entwined DNC and GOP members sitting on boards as both party members in CFR, Pilgram Society, S&B, Cincinati Club, and Tri-lateral Commission…of the elite Deep State, all who likely are a tad un-appreciative of some guy like Trump who would like to upend those that play in the murky swamp of pay to play among the greater world of elite of the world. Trump is no more loved or accepted by them all than Kennedy Jr. was who embarked on the same mission with his magazine GEORGE. It was all there to see at Trump’s inauguration…as all the prior POTUS were less than receptive of ‘an outsider’ getting sworn in…and equally at the H.W.Bush funeral… When one consider’s how D.C. rumors leak…that what those notes passed to the attendees was about never surfaced. Was Never pursued by MSM.
      Many researchers are just waiting for the pin on that grenade to get pulled.

      • Justn Observer

        start here..have fun…. › press-release › stockmanendowment
        The Guggenheim Museums and Foundation
        Richard Armstrong, Director, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation, announced that Jennifer Stockman, President of the Board of Trustees, and her husband, David Stockman, have endowed the position of Chief Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.

        Might follow some other threads of the elites of Gibson Island =
        and cross tie other with the 1001 Club and the others that now intersect with the WEF of today. along with the ‘young global leaders’, Bilderberg Group and the Bankers, Hedge Funds, and world planners at DAVOS

  125. Jo

    Mr. Hunter,
    Look into Mike Gill, New Hampshire and State of Corruption. A very interesting story about money laundering, trafficking of drugs (fentanyl), and other things.

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