Central Bank Digital Currency Prison – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report, financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is much easier said than done.  There is a monster fight behind the scenes between commercial banks and central banks.  CAF explains, “You have bubbled an entire economy, and now you are bringing out something (CBDC) that could shrink the bubble dramatically, and it can put a lot of banks out of the game and out of the business.  If the central banks are going to compete directly for retail accounts, it’s going to shrink the fees and business for a lot of banks.  You are talking about cutting their income or putting them out of business.  So, CBDC is highly controversial.  One reason is people are beginning to wake up and realize, oh, I am no longer an insider.  CBDC is going to turn me into a slave, and they are going to be able to take all my assets.  You think they could lock you down during the pandemic?  The CBDC is the ultimate lockdown tool, and they can lock anyone down whenever they feel like it.”

The Fed’s biggest fear is losing control of the financial system.  CAF says, “The Fed is scared to death of the global debt growth model, and they kept this model going by growing the debt more and more and more.  Now, interest rates are accelerating in a way . . . it shrinks your productivity.  So, the pie that is supporting the debt, is shrinking. . . . This is a coup model just like in Ukraine.  You push all the people out or you kill them.  You have war conditions so you can pick everything up cheap.  You can do this with government money to ‘help’ Ukraine.  No, it  is government money to help the insiders to buy Ukraine, control Ukraine, own Ukraine.”

CAF says if you want to fight against the CBDC, then start spending cash every day instead of electronic payments.  CAF started with “Spend cash on Friday,” and it took off.  CAF says, “Cash Friday became cash every day.  You know why?  It was so successful.  We get these incredible stories . . . hundreds and hundreds of stories of people starting to engage with their local businesses about what are we going to do about all of this?  It starts with cash because businesses pay 3% on their credit card fees. . . . This can be the difference between making a profit or a loss if everybody pays cash.”

CAF also talks about more ways coming where you can pay in gold and silver coins.  CAF tells us why gold and silver should be core investments and why she likes silver more than gold.  CAF tells us why she is not worried about the threat of nuclear war, what the NATO plan is for Russia and why it’s backfiring.  CAF also talks about why the Second Amendment is the biggest block to digital currency prison and why she thinks “2023 is a pivotal year for freedom and opportunity.”

There is much more in the 55-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts for 3.4.23.

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After the Interview:

There is much free information on Solari.com.  You can search for all the free information CAF talked about by using the search box in the upper right-hand corner on the homepage of Solari.com.

To use the “Gold and Silver Payment Calculator,” click here.

You can get way more cutting-edge analysis from Catherine Austin Fitts and “The Solari Report” by becoming a subscriber.


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  1. Anthony Australia

    I’m going to enjoy A
    Sunday lunch and sit down to watch this interview broadcasted on my big TV. (Hopefully all of the neighbours can hear 😊)
    I love all of you that contribute and participate in the wonderful community of USAW.

    • Anthony Australia

      Covid Hoax!

      Hard questions being asked in the Australian Senate.


      • Phoenician Trading

        We’re praying for ya mate.
        From our world view the Aussies and Kiwis are being sold down the river.
        I figger we all are but y’all are some of the initial. WTF happened? We got lazy. Complacent.
        Gone are the days of throwing down the gauntlet.
        “ Play ground 3 o’clock!”
        All scores and family business would be settled.
        The cockroaches can be squashed under foot and caused discovery by Exposing them to the light. They are allowed to voice their opinions. Their vitriol should be answered with truth and logic.
        🖕🏾Them. Let freedom ring.

        • Anthony Australia

          God bless you PT

      • tim mcgraw

        More like hard-ons being questioned in the Australian Senate.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Anthony and thanks for the link. Great to hear TPTB getting grilled, but galling beyond belief to hear the pithy, meaningless, and utterly insincere answers!

    • Anthony Australia

      Secret CDC Reports confirm 535k American Children & Young Adults have died since the FDA approved the COVID-19 Vaccine, resulting in a shocking 50% increase in Excess Deaths

      • Marie Joy

        Public executions are in order.

        • tim mcgraw

          Marie Joy: No. Death is too good and too quick for them. Send them to the freezing Alaskan islands in the Bering Sea. And all they can eat are Army rations. All they can drink is water.
          Oh, and they all have to wear Speedos.

    • Anthony Australia

      Russell Brand Exposes Big Pharma Corruption In Front Of Horrified Bill Maher Audience


    • Anthony Australia

      Roseanne Barr Reveals Her True Self In Face-To-Face Interview With Alex Jones


    • Anthony Australia

      List of #gold and #silver legal tender states. Includes the U.S. states that have already implemented the bill and those in the process.
      🔺West Virginia
      🔺South Carolina
      ➡️ Idaho

      • S W

        Louisiana doesn’t allow gold and silver to be used as legal tender. They don’t tax the purchase or sale of the metals. I tried five years ago to get my Rep to put in legislation on this issue and couldn’t get any action.

    • Paul

      Thanks for all you do and your wonderful reporting and guests. It continues to awake the wanting.
      Labor is a good currency/ trade without the reporting.
      The best to everyone except our tormentors.

      Paul from arkansas

    • Ella

      Paying with Gold and Silver…..Cash. ???

      Who is going to determine if your gold or silver is counterfeit when you are buying something at a store?? Chinese have been known to stuff their metals with something, then they coat it with gold or silver…. A cashier certainly wouldn’t know from “looking” at a coin if it’s counterfeit or not….


  2. Prospector

    War is the act of the creditor destroying the lender to avoid paying back.
    How much have we borrowed from China ?

    Thinking central banks know the long game here.

    • Jimmy

      Speaking about the destruction of money – Putin is making a big mistake telling the US that he will bomb New York and Washington AC/DC – what do US politicians care – they will simply run to their underground bunkers and let the American people get nuked – what Putin can threaten to do to these American politicians is hit them with an economic sanction (like they do to him) hypothetically he can threatening their money stored in Swiss Bank Accounts – all Putin has to do is say that he can fire a dozen or more TSAR nuclear bombs “right on their secret money vaults located in Switzerland” (where these politicians are storing all their kick-back money Zelensky is giving to the Big Guy and other US politicians under the table) – making their money so radioactive it can never be recovered or used – and if he times his attack just right (like when the Globalists are holding their meeting at Davos) he can effectively “get rid of many birds” with one TSAR stone !! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAd6Q69CFxY

  3. Drew Portia

    wth?? – another hazmat catastrophe in Ohio

    Khazarians are moving to destroying the Kentucky whiskey rick-houses and distilleries and the tobacco fields of Virginia. Both liquor and tobacco are trade-money barter. Furthermore, liquor is liquid courage in time of war. And nicotine blocks spike-protein docking on human cells. ………….. Get your aged-liquor and tobacco (nic-gum) preps in order now.

    • Donna Riggs

      Never heard about tobacco and what it can do thank you for sharing. We never took the jab but can pass on the information . Cheers and GOD BLESS!

    • eckbach

      Tobacco is easy to grow…just about anywhere.
      I grow it at 7200 feet.

      • Julie Crow

        easy to grow some years and others not is what we see with our gardens and fruit trees. And the weather is wonky–snow in Hollywood, CA.

        it’s easy to make homemade wine from lots of things. But that doesn’t mean it will taste good or familiar; which is also true of (distilled) moonshine.

        Bourbon and scotch can be sipped without needing mixers, like CocaCola. Or just perhaps a pinch of sugar and water. But these whiskies need years in oak barrels to develop flavor, at least four years. And barrels are difficult to make, and must be make of white oak. …

        other thing is strangers are not in the habit of consuming other peoples homemade stuff. Probably a guy like Greg Hunter who goes to church three or four times a week, is always confronted with homemade bakegoods. And this undoubtedly causes a lot of stress over whether to eat it without knowing much about the cook or kitchen. … That type of concern with liquor is 10x because people are fearful of contamination by toxic methanol due to improper distilling technique.

  4. EasyEnergy

    Would you be so kind as to put a link to the Dr. Mark Skidmore study that Catherine was referring to early on in the interview?

  5. Robert Dziok

    Putin has ordered the destruction of ALL Covid-19 vaccines in Russia. He has also ordered the execution of 130 scientists who created the Sputnik vaccine. One of his daughters contracted HIV after her third shot. This is all reported in detail in the 3/4/24 article by RRN (RealRawNews.com).

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Much as I would like to believe the story you report, RRN is total fiction. RRN sucks people in by ‘reporting’ all the stories they would love to believe are true. Such as, ‘All the bad guys have been convicted by military tribunals, etc., etc. IMHO, the underlying agenda is to quieten potential rebellion. Not good.

    • jack

      How was the Russian health system infiltrated ? You’d think after all the Western false flags that Russia would be alert to the Covid Plandemic. I was. We know there is also a lot of corruption in Russia but surely Putin’s intelligence would have alerted him ?

      China their ally was working with Both he USA and Australia is developing bio weapons. Both Russia and China were members of the WEF. Donald Trump did not get he jab for Covid and was treated by Dr Zelenko with Ivermectin yet still promotes the death shot.

      Is this an orchestrated war like all the others for mass genocide ? With robotics and advances in computing , they need far fewer people particularly China and India.

      China and Russia have banking systems separate from the Western psychopaths and may well be enemies with the same agenda for their people. ie depopulation. I trust none of them.

      • LOCK EM Up🕵🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️

        Russia News Live: Scientist Who Developed Sputnik Found Dead,
        Report Says’Strangled With Belt’
        TIMES NOW 45,228 views Streamed live 22 hours ago
        Top Russian scientist Andrey Botikov, who played a major role in developing the COVID vaccine Sputnik V, was found dead in his flat. Reports suggested that the scientist was found ‘strangulated with a belt’.
        Jack somethings rotten in Denmark, err. Further east in mother Russka!

      • Felix

        Jack you are exactly correct,putin is good friends with satanic henry kissinger,it is one big chess match to fool the serfs.If their is a central bank in any country or region they are controlled by satanists.The workers of satan want to depopulate the earth,plain and simple

    • Jimmy

      Is it true that one of Putin’s daughters contracted HIV after her third shot and that Putin ordered the destruction of ALL Covid-19 vaccines in Russia and the execution of the 130 scientist that created the Sputnik vaccine?? – what we need in the US is something similar happening to finally put an end to the “killer jabs”!!

    • Marie Joy


      • Jimmy

        as to the HIV component, Karen Kingston has plausibly demonstrated the insertion of up to seven different types of elements added to the spike of the SARS-CoV-2 lab-constructed crown. One is HIV, which was demonstrated by Indian researchers back in 2020, but was quickly censored. Two of those seven inserts correspond to two different types of snake venom. Why wouldn’t the Russian ‘vaccines’ have this contamination?
        We know the Deep State wants to bring down Russia (why not with the “jab” they are using on us!! –
        “As to the personal element of Putin’s daughter, whether this is true or not, it mirrors the reports of the Thai princess who went into a coma in mid-December. Stories have appeared about the Thai royal family going after Big Pharma “Pfizer” with the help of Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi. Plus Pascal Najadi (a retired Swiss banker who is vaccine-injured) is taking criminal action against the Swiss government. Lots of people were duped by this global plandemic of lies.”

  6. Wetzel

    Pay cash for everything…if only I had some 🙂

    • Robert Dziok

      LOL That’s a good one.

    • Jimmy

      Werzel – If you use your credit card to take out cash – you can spend that!! – or buy silver with it – then when the system crashes and the bank that issued you the credit card goes bankrupt you will likely pay back only 10 cents on the dollar!! –
      Note: Caution – remember “if it takes longer then a year” for the bank you borrowed from to crash and go bankrupt – and you are paying 30% interest on your credit card – you are not going to make out as well as imagined with such a “high risk strategy” – unless the silver you bought with the cash doubles in a year!!!

    • Patriot Protector

      Another viable option is https://upma.org/. They are a non profit organization that has services for constitutional money (gold and silver). They offer a debt card to be able to use legal tender money across all 50 states. Outside of the Federal Reserve and the IRS stranglehold of this Country. Another tool to fight back.

      • Jimmy

        To fight the Deep State – We Can Use Cash To Pay Cash!! – The other day I tried to use cash when buying some Lexan – I was told by the salesman that it was company policy not to accept cash payments – so I said: “Do you accept cash”?? – he said: “I just told you it is company policy not to accept cash” – I said: “DO YOU PERSONALLY ACCEPT CASH”? – he said yes – so I asked him if he would take my cash (plus 3%) for the Lexan I was buying and pay the bill to the company with “his personal credit card” – He Accepted!!

  7. Randy Doubosiff

    AAA> iLUV BIBLE PROPHECY FUTURE! are you rapture ready?

  8. jon

    Hi Greg, Perhaps this is related to Shadow work or similar. Went to Dollar General yesterday. Fairly long line at the cashier. She was in good spirits. Everybody was fine and in good spirits. We are all retired so nobody is in a hurry. She was the only one in the Store! It was clear. If she left. They would have had to close the store for the day!
    Mesquite Nevada

    • Michael Lee Shirey

      The word ‘Rapture’ is NOT even in the Holy Bible. Know why? Therre’s no such thing! Satan arrives at 666. Jesus arrives at 777. See how it will end? Don’t be deceived by Satan’s ‘Jesus act’. Revelation 9:5

  9. Tom parankewich

    Catherin is awesome . Thanks so much

    • Pamela Hankins

      You might want to do some research on how the word ‘rapture’ came to be. I don’t think you will, because you think you know, but your ignorance of the Word of God is woeful.

  10. Prospector

    Cost cutting for profits or sabotage or vaxxident ?

    Ohio : Another train derails in Springfield Oh. – Hazmat crews dispatched , looks like no spill ‘ yet ‘. @rawsalerts
    Ohio : #EastPalestine – A retention dam made to hold back pool of toxic sludge collapses in rain. Wells , waterways nearby impacted.

    • Earl Thornburg

      Possibly the smartest woman on the planet.
      Thanks for the great interview!

  11. Jimmy

    Rising interest rates will begin to force people to pay with cash “every day” and do away with their credit cards which are now charging as much as 29% interest (and soon will likely be demanding 35% to 45% interest payments just for the use of money a few months before it is actually earned) – people are now wising up and paying off (and cutting up) their credit cards – with extraordinarily high rates of interest (likely with money from their stock market accounts – before the Fed rises rates enough to crash the stock market) – the usurious banks that depend upon the exorbitant interest rates on their credit card interest and the 3% fees collected from merchants – will be driven into bankruptcy – so – they need to bring in digital money (and the control it gives them to siphon your money directly out of your bank account “if you don’t follow some made up rule of theirs” (like for instance – get jabbed and marked with an implanted “carbon use” ID) which will then give the bamksters the legal right “to steal money right out of your bank account”!!!

    • Michael Janket

      I kinda doubt that savvy businesses don’t already add in the 3% credit card fees to their prices on merchandise they sell. Here, at least, in the Nutmeg state gas stations have a cash fee for fuel and a credit card fee that is usually 8-10 cents more to pay this cost of money fee to their creditors. This is in addition to increased costs for their inventory of gas. The customer pays for everything.

  12. Tom parankewich

    The wisdom of Catherin is so unlike, she can see ahead and tells you what is going on behind the scenes .

  13. Richard Jordan

    Another great show. Always like an opportunity to listen to Catherine.

    I was wondering if you have read about Merck and other pharmaceutical companies buying up Ivermectin manufacturing companies and then shutting them down? Merck is buying India manufacturing companies with this intent.

  14. Hannah Geisman

    I am suspicious of this individual due to some of her responses. She is making statements about the contents of the vaccine and she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Someone as well read, hooked in and publishing information as she is would know much, much more about the contents of the vaccine. I think she is trying to steer the narrative away from certain areas. I know EXACTLY what is in these vaccines. All you have to do is go find a group of people called LA QUINTA COLUMNA with scientist Richard Delgato and his team. They have been publishing electron microscopy evidence over the past year of what is exactly in these vaccines. It is composed of graphene oxide wrapped in lipid nanoparticles and once unfrozen and allowed to reach room temperature (or inside your body where it’s warm), carbon nanotubes start to form and there are micro routers, and nano circuitry that basically builds a neural network inside your body and you will register with a MAC address with bluetooth. The vaccines are basically hooking you up to the internet. 5G and ionizing radiation is the power supply which excites the graphene oxide to build the network. Karen Kingston knows this, Dr. Zev Zelenko knows this, and this information can be found. Why does this individual not know this? I have my doubts now about her.

    • Jeffrobbins

      You statements are not justified. We each have different perspectives. CAF is more of a financial and statistics person. Not sure if I’d say she has an axe to grind, but, both her and Martin Armstrong had big powers after them years ago. It’d be fair to say they outlasted to attempts to silence and kill them. I would say she’s one of the smartest ladies i have listened to.

      • Hannah Geisman

        Point taken and I respect your comments. I as well have a deep admiration for her and have listened to her for years. I am always wary though of those than come from high up in the halls of power and are now on our side. Of course, with many that is an authentic journey and it may well be for CAF as well. I do give her the benefit of the doubt, but she should be much more informed about this subject. If a lay person like me has found very hardcore peer reviewed scientific papers showing what is in the vaccines, and believe me, if the public at large knew that the graphene oxide in the injections were excited and activated by 5G and ionizing radiation around us they would go ape. It might be better if the public learns the details slowly. I just with people in CAF’s position would dig far, far deeper into this. People like her have a reach and a platform. People like me, even though I have spent massive time in research and know unequivocally what is in them, well–who am I going to reach? Nobody. Thank you for your perspective and comments!

      • Freebreezer

        HG – Knowing the content of vaccines is not her “wheel house” … this furthers that the info that CAF does give is the the facts as she sees them. Real experts will not venture into territories that they are not very well versed in (i.e. spout B.S., or state their opinions that they can not defend)! This important attribute distinguishes experts from the B.S artists in my book … if they defer a topic because they are not 100% sure of it, they get plus marks … A very good example is watch any of the interviews with Dr M Skidmore with Greg. I am sure that CAF has her opinions, but she knows she is not a scientist and thus defers.

      • Hank reardon


    • Tim K


      I agree, pertaining to the vaxx, she does not know what she is talking about.



  15. bill

    Best way to buy PMs is a little each week or two over 2-3 decades. All the bankers know is how to kick the can down the road. I don’t think anything they come up with will work so I’m not worried about CBDCs. I’m worried about what happens when they figure out they don’t know what to do.

    • Eileen

      Hello Bill, I kmow Catherine personally, and know of how she was persecuted and had to essentially sell almost everything she owned to pay off her legal fees in her litigation. I also don’t believe knowing what is in the vax is her area of expertise, or her mission in this lifetime. I can’t even imagine what the TPB would do to her if she made that her mission.
      Who is responsible for this element of the “Great Poisoning” will be held to account. It takes a lot longer for this to occur in the spiritual world. But Amen, it does. I am so grateful that righteousness wins, and I’ve seen it occur so many times.

      • bill

        I think CAF is awesome.

  16. Hannah Geisman

    Here is the link everyone. Want to see hardcore, hardcore microbiologists, virologists, and research scientists seriously show you is inside these vaccines? Go to this site.


    • Tarey

      Thank you very much for this link, Hannah! And I agree with your earlier comment that Catherine really needs to stick with what she knows well such as the economy, finance, and currency issues. Her response to eastern Ukrainians having the option to secure Russian citizenship to escape the conflict was short-sighted and did not consider that half of the country’s population self-identifies as western European. Truly, many of her claims on various critical current topics are unsubstantiated, and she remains static, almost willful in her opinion, while dismissing others’ contributions, such as Ed Dowd, who do the hard research and publish it.

      • Michael Janket

        I don’t know why people are so upset when somebody paraphrases and juxtaposes some wordings. Even great scientists offer up stern rebukes to fellow scientists. If you want to attack CAF, do so, but reveal the nature of your prejudices beforehand. HG is basically blowing her own horn in her chastistement of CAF, were she to open up her actual, real portfolio of science facts, we could then blow her doors off were we to find she took too many liberties when she called fiction fact. How stupendous would somebody have to be if they were to criticize the likes of one Richard Feynman? There are words to use that are constructive without being ad hominem. HG issues admonitions first and foremost. Ugh!


    🙂 🙂 🙂 Great video……

  18. T

    According to the constitution the only legal money is gold and silver ,so there for all states and the government is breaking the LAW

    • Jimmy

      The important point to remember is that “Governments always think they have the sovereign right to break the law” – and thus – you must remember to do one thing when you own legal money like gold and silver – Hide it Well!! – “for what Governments can’t find – “They Can’t Steal”!!!

  19. argy bargy

    Hey Greg….
    Residents Told To Shelter In Place After Norfolk Southern Freight Train Derails In Ohio Saturday, Mar 04, 2023 – 08:15 PM


    Will you delete this Comment too.?????

    • Fred Daake

      @argy bargy
      “The only legal money is gold and silver”

      The voting majority’s support of the deep state government has allowed them to develop the ability to enforce unconstitutional laws. The deep state does not need to amend the Constitution to control the government. Instead, the bipartisan Supreme Court is used to legitimize deep state deviations from the founding principles. This has allowed the Bill of Rights is evolve into the right of the deep state to do anything they want.

      That is why I have been screaming about the need to go back to the Articles of Confederation, which would not give anyone the ability to change the original intent of the Declaration of Independence. This could happen with the same type of Convention that gave us the deep state Constitution. To me, pro-America-First, pro small government means to go back to independent states that are protected by a lean and mean national defense that gives the states control. There is no other way.

      • Jimmy

        Texas can declare itself an Independent State “that will no longer contribute to a Federal Government that is spending its tax money in a way that hurts the State (like open borders) – Once Texas moves – other States will follow – by creating 50 Independent States that do not support a Federal Government controlled by the Deep State – we will be “Free Again” – as for the Ukraine (the Deep States Unconstitutional 51st State) it will be on its own (let Soros pay for their war with Russia)!!

  20. Tony Grandolph

    Putin orders destruction of all Covid vax:


    Trump is telling people to take Covid vax.

    • robert

      tele gram much traffic on what was going on i was raided over what a friend in china near wuhan sent by the govt and i am still in court over this never forget what randy weaver told a group the night my wife was murdered the fbi called on that line they threw next to the house. Randy what is your wife going to make you for dinner. This is the mentality of the police and feds. In fed traning you are taught you are a god in class in georgia. Do you really think anything will come from the mass murders of the vaccine many of these shills did not take it. Where was it the dhs or fbi was forced over nurses to take this crap?

    • Jimmy

      At least over in Russia the Creator of their Covid vaccine was found strangled to death with a belt around his neck – while here in the US Fauci who created our “Gain of Function” Covid bio-weapon continues to walk around with a big smile on his face (without even a hint that authorities will take any action against him)!!

  21. Gordon Becker

    If grocery stores start taking gold and silver as payment, they will have to figure out how to fight the counterfeit metals issue.
    A lot of physic as l s as me good is non magnetic alloys and lead filled pieces.

    • Gordon Becker

      If grocery stores start taking gold and silver as payment, they will have to figure out how to fight the counterfeit metals issue.
      A lot of physical PM’s out there is non magnetic alloys and lead filled pieces.

    • Prospector

      Real Raw News appears to be a fake news ‘ clickbait ‘ site.

      This is how an enemy spreads fear and confusion – Mind War , so you’ll never know what is true or false. Always look for multiple sources folks.

    • jomer

      In density gold is twice as heavy as lead. Anyone who handles gold could easily tell a gold-plated lead coin.
      They could also do a displacement test. Archimedes used displacement to show that the King’s crown was not pure gold. All you need is an accurate scale and a graduated cylinder.
      Titanium has the same density as gold which could fool the displacement test, but it also much harder.

      Personally, I’d spent a little extra to get PCGS slabbed coins. They grantee that the coins are genuine. Stick to the MS 67-68, don’t waste money on the mS69-70’s. Dealer send in tubes of coins for grading knowing they’d their profit off the MS70′ and MS69’s and sell the MS68’s a little over cost.

  22. coolridge

    DeSantis Had Advance Knowledge of Mar-a-Lago Raid; Texted With AG Garland

    Mar a Lago is a den of iniquity because Trump luvs to host sodomites at Mar a Lago (he did so by the hundreds a couple months ago). Therefore, this raid is the equivalent of the pre Havey Milk days when cops go raiding gay bars and bathouses. Trumps gay friends should be outraged at de Santis.

    • Matt Jaymes

      Go find a nice deep lake to jump into. Idiot!

    • Lin

      Trump was promoting sodomy decades before it became fashionable…his administration pushed it and his Sodomite’s Gala celebrated the codification of homosexual marriage.

      This is what passes for ‘Christian Conservativism’ in 2023…

      • Tex

        Obozo is that you? 🤡

      • Jimmy

        Queers (Obama and Zelensky) and Perverts (Biden) have been bringing America down – guess we should all be “gay” about it!!

  23. Pete+only

    Great interview Greg.
    Catherine always has some interesting points to help us all in these trying times.
    Historically, Silver has come out of the ground in a 10 to 1 ratio compared to Gold, (10 times as much as gold).
    In Roman times, it was given a 15 to 1 ratio because of the costs of handling the extra weight. (A Martin Armstrong quote I believe).
    But there is a bit more to it.
    Approximately 60% of silver that is mined gets consumed, as it is a miracle metal that is used in a wide range of industries. A small amount of it does get recycled, but for the most part, 60% of silver is not available for use after it is mined.
    On the other hand, almost every ounce of Gold that has ever been mined is still with us, as very little of it is ever consumed.
    One other point about silver is that about 80 or 85% of it comes out of the ground as a biproduct, so it is very difficult to ramp up production, even if it does become much in demand.
    I have been spending more cash than debit lately, and I am happy doing it. Smaller retailers need a break, and consumers do as well, as do supermarkets which have smaller margins generally.

    • A Jay

      Find that lake and take a deep dive also!

  24. Dave

    “What the voters think?” – They don’t have to worry – they have controlled voting machines owned by George Soros (in PA) that guarantee their death-head dictatorship over us.

  25. Major Payne

    If the shoe FITTS, wear it!

  26. Jerry

    Step by step.

    They will install this system. My son who travels for business has already
    accepted it. He said “ what am I supposed to do “ ? I have bills to pay. The younger generation will be easy to convince.

    • Jimmy

      He will die to pay his bills??? – If everyone simply stopped paying their bills we could easily convince the system to get off our back!!!

    • Marie Joy

      Funny, sort of.

  27. Margo

    I have truly appreciated Catherine’s insights for years. This year however, I greatly resonate with her ‘stop fighting the system, and start building where you are’. Last year I recall sharing with a friend that I was just plain tired of ‘fighting’ ( ie trying to wake others I love up) and just wanted to build and create the life my family needs. Been doing the cash thing at my local small businesses fora while, and they sure do appreciate it! I am finally taking the leap and subscribing to the monthly digital ( more affordable option for me) Solari Report. Not only will the more in depth information be useful, but this is a community of people I want to get behind!

  28. Prospector

    Fallout from NS train fire could impact Pennsylvania over 100 miles away.

    Newsweek – “It depends very much on the weather conditions, particularly wind speed and direction and on the quantities—but potentially well over 100 miles radius,” Veronica Edmonds-Brown ”

    #Controlled Release @jim_kosior ( Radar Map Of Smoke Plume )
    Norfolk Southern train derailed 100 yards from Pennsylvania They controlled the media from reporting .
    The initial #trainfire plume most all, went into #beavercounty
    and the Controlled Release
    of over 1 million pounds of #toxic #BURN-OFF

    • Tiger Tail

      the distilleries & rickhouses of Kentucky are not far away from the toxic plume. Get your bourbon now.

  29. Ralph Vanderbeek

    Hey Greg, Thank you for all that you do!! Here is an issue in your own backyard. I live in NC like you. Have you heard about the legislation SB49 “Parents Bill Of Rights? I read an article that this is a government take over of rights of our children from Parents and the republicans’ voted unanimously for this bill. What are your thoughts? Here is the link to the article
    Thank you,

  30. Sam

    Catherine Austin Fitts is doing the work that Every Cowardly and Corrupt so-called christian preacher in America should have done and be doing……..She is Biblical…..

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Sam! and Amen Brother!

    • netho

      Wow thank you Catherine now I know who the people will be robbing. Anybody with an orange cap is bound to be carrying plenty of cash that is awesome!

      • Sam

        netho..you sound and probably are one of the criminal class of Low IQ meatheads we have here.

        • tim mcgraw

          Sam: Please quit looking in the mirror and talking to yourself.

          Now that is how you play the insult game. Step up your game, Sam, or quit playing.

      • Richard Longacre

        Netho, Not sure about where you live, but where I live those are also the kind of people packing heat and know how to use it. But I must admit, I had the same thought as you did. Why bring attention to yourself?

        • Jimmy

          What about the Demon-rats who carry no cash but wear gold chains and diamond rings??

      • Won Witness

        You’d better rob someone else. Someone smart enough to support freedom by carrying cash is also likely to support freedom by carrying a gun.
        I’m old enough to remember when cash was king and people knew that law and order was the rule. (people didn’t lock their doors, property rights were respected, 911 didn’t exist.)
        But of course back then stores closed on Sunday and practically everybody went to Church and knew all freedom comes from god.

      • Sam

        sorry netho, I probably jumped the gun on your comment, I think now that you meant well and were not in attack mode. the EVIL of this Criminal Class makes me crazy.

    • Don W.

      That is so true. This morning I heard that the n.o.n.e group just went ahead of the Christian Church group that are the Baptist etc. this group even went in front of the numbers of the Catholic Church. This group is the totally NON believing people in the US. They don’t go to Church, believe in our God or Jesus. They think we just come and go.
      We do need the Pastors speaking out more strongly BUT we need to be there as well talking about our beliefs and why we believe. We don’t have that much more time and yet this nation is going in the wrong direction.

    • john lance

      Sam ,I fully agree with you . Most preachers , that In know of , are grifters . No wonder so many christians are leaving the church . When preachers start says drag queens , pedos , etcare really wonderful people and God loves and smiles down on them . At least Putin believes in God and family.

  31. Don

    Greg, Great interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. The Europe comment surprised me too! I also wondered about this war, with all these neocons parading around Kiev, it always seemed bizarre to me!

    • Jimmy

      Ukraine has effectively been made the 51st State of the Union by Biden and Yellen (without an act of Congress or following lawful Constitutional procedures)!!

      • Jimmy

        And by Ukraine becoming the 51st State – it has “automatically” become a member of NATO!!!

  32. WaiLani

    Please tell us … what happens to the enormous black market ??? Nobody is talking about that. Those very dangerous people are not friendly to being exposed and controlled!

  33. Kathy

    How does Katherine fly to other countries and come back to the US without a vax?

    • Agnes

      I know of one trip where she flew into Mexico, and drove to Tennessee. I don’t know how she got through the border.

    • ARM

      I believe that the jabbed requirement applies only to foreigners. CAF is a US citizen who couldn’t be refused entry.

    • Linda J Crean

      Kathy, Her own air plane most likely, lot’s of companies have them nowadays.

  34. Eric Cartman

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of former US Attorney General Robert Kennedy, is mulling a run for president in 2024 as the Democrat Party nominee.

    Kennedy is a lifelong liberal who still believes in free speech, free assembly and civil rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution. He is ouspoken in his defense of individual rights.

    DON’T BE FOOLED, RFK Jr is a soldier in the Rat Packs of the Clinton, Obama and Biden Crime Families. His environmental beliefs are straight from the UN 2030 Goon Squad, complete with 15 minute cities and you’ll be happy owning nothing, support of carbon credits and social justice scores at the citizen level, and the banning of all combustibles as fuel.

    In late 2007, Kennedy and his sisters Kerry and Kathleen endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries. After the Democratic Convention, Kennedy campaigned for Obama across the country. After the election, he was named as a front-runner for Obama’s EPA administrator.

    Kennedy has been critical of the integrity of the voting process. In June 2006, he published an article in Rolling Stone purporting to show that >>> GOP operatives stole the 2004 presidential election for President George W. Bush <<<

  35. Denny Sam

    Clif High used to talk a lot about the effect of energy and form upon water. Theory of Structured Water. Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese scientist and water researcher who has revealed the true nature of water and how thoughts and vibrations affect the molecular structure of it.

    when he wasn’t pushing the vax. Trump was pushing the 5G.

    Now this is happening to the water in Trump-prophet Mark Taylor’s home state of Fla.

    Karen Kingston told us on USAWD that the 5G is toxic.

    • Linda Walling

      There are 5G antennas going up almost everywhere, but no RF or microwave frequencies can penetrate the metal water tower or even a sheet of aluminum foil. Why don’t you look to see how many cell towers and 5G antennas are close to where you live, work, shop and play? They are everywhere now except for areas remote from towns, cities and major highways and freeways. The blue dots are cell towers and the red dots are locations of 5G antennas. https://www.antennasearch.com/HTML/search/search.php?address=205+N+Rowland+Ave%2C+Stephenville%2C+TX

      • Luis Delacroix

        a lot of preppers built pole buildings which have metal siding. These are like airplanes nowadays with WiFi radiating the passengers. The EMFs get in there through a window and bounce around.

        the way you must look at everything is that it is designed as a genocidal weapon. The more old school you can get, the better.

        if your doctor is telling you not to drink whiskey, but keeps a cell-phone in his pocket or strapped to his waist, then rebuke him in Jesus’ name for he is a charlatan.

  36. Jeffrobbins

    I’m not sure what happens in 2030, all i know is that theres going to be some major issues sometime and food is part of it. I’m the guy that keeps saying Jesus changed some words in the Bible as a warning. I believe i was blessed my God in a number of ways for being a blessing and being willing to fight for taking care of a preachers widow- His widow. Doing what we know to be the right and good- those things are their own reward, i guess He thought i could handle a bit more. I get some looks, but most folks don’t know what they believe.
    This weekend we got 14 fruit trees and 2 pecan trees planted- two more pear trees on the way- all cold hardy. We’re going full on homestead here in eastern WA. I’m soon to shift focus back to a second fenced chicken area. Get your gardens ready. Just saw a headline that the US beef herd is the same size as it was in 1962.

    • Jimmy

      No more T-bone steaks for the common people – insect burgers will be forced upon us!!

  37. robert

    WHAT IS GOING ON… look into cell site simulators a bill in oregon a democrate is trying to push through for law the last bill was rejected why because of lobbyists. youtube this if you like bill 2122. DHS just got another 30 million it was 73 million now it is 93 million this is what china did to get people on the grid DHS is not your friend locally i have flight radar evidence of them using stingray on all locals and cities. QR code is a thing of the past really. The pot has frogs in it and it is simply simmering i think those today complain but do not do anything about their freedoms and liberties because they are the grandchildren of those who never faught for those rights and privleges hell remember the jay leno walk a thon or that man in california who goes on board walks asking simple political questions. Most people do not even know who we fought against in the civil war. Let alone know more than the 2nd amendment to the constitution.

  38. Matt Jaymes

    Okay. I’m convinced. Gonna put some new tires on my truck, then buy some silver. Late next week I will subscribe to the Solari Report. We’re all God’s children, but CAS is a gift that came in a beautifully wrapped box complete with a resplendent bow!! Yep, I’m gonna take the plunge!

    Thanks Greg!

    Matt Jaymes

  39. Vince

    How every woman wants to be introduced…..”…a work of art and so is her brain”. LOL. Good one Greg. I could here Catharine snicker in the background.

  40. Jeffrobbins

    Just to be in tune with the affairs of the day. We should listen for export controls of food items around the world. One country may restrict rice exports, another may restrict palm oil, fresh fruit, or fertilizer. With the global economy being fractured and no signs of it stopping- one countries excess/ exports are another’s necessities. When this phase starts, it will be like dominoes falling as more counties get protectionist. This should be a marker on the road to any famine in the west. I hope I’m wrong, but the pieces of the puzzle sure do fit. The Russians and climate change will be blamed. There will be messaging to make us feel good about “shared sacrifices””we’re all in this together” Proverbs 22:3 A prudent man foreseeth evil and hideth himself……

  41. John


    They needed a certain significant percentage of harmless saline shots to perpetuate the fiction that the most people had not problem. It couldn’t have been planned or contrived. Some people died in minutes, others in hours, yet others in weeks, still others in months and finally years. The more time the less temporal connection with the jab. It was science all right, the science of STATE-SPONSORED_GENOCIDE. Here we are 2+ years later and the jabs are still actively promoted and administered. Millions have died and virtually everyone is whistling passed the graveyard.


  42. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Austin Fitts.
    Here in the UK we have the faces of the new Nazi in full view,
    whilst we plebs are struggling to feed ourselves against the odds,
    The predator class also known as the Neo-Cons with a permanent war ethos elicited in the Knesset in 1948 in the USA and their handmaidens in Europe the WEF are telling us that they want us dead. How more clear can their wishes be made.
    Here in the UK our economy is dreadful for us pleb class and our royal family have sold us out to the WEF and kicked their greatest supporters allegedly Northern Irish Protestants where it really hurts. Yeah

  43. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for another great interview with CAF. Yeah, when you wake up do you want to work for good or evil? I have family who supports and works for DC. We no longer communicate with each other.
    “You are either with us or against us.” G. W. Bush.
    That war criminal’s attitude is alive and well in DC.

    • Sam

      Hi Tim ,Are you not the same guy who got a teenage kid fired from his supermarket job because he was misguided and you were vengeful?…no wonder the DC people dont communicate with you any more, I Pity You. PRAY

      • tim mcgraw

        Sam, you changed your name, but not your material. You can do better.

        • stanley skrzypek

          You are a Mistaken FOOL…..are you PARANOID or what?…..but….SAM is CORRECT.. He REMEMBERED….You Got a Young Misguided TEENAGER FIRED from his After School Job, saving for his Collage days,,,,,because you are a VENGEFUL NIP and BRAGGED about it here in USAWATCGDOG.COM….It is NOT My Fault that the people REMEMBER and Call You Out on it…..I must admit….you are a total A$$h***….

  44. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Wonderful to hear a message of optimism and hope from Catherine this Sunday morning, albeit she warns of interim hardship. To her point/s, ‘we the people’ need to disinvest in “unproductive” activities. I believe this means, among, other things, disinvesting in Big Pharma stocks, so called ‘defence’ stocks such as Raytheon, LLM stocks – and on and on. Use your investment portfolio and your income – by using cash – to vote ‘NO!’ Individually our actions are weak, but united we can make a huge dent in ‘their’ evil agenda.

  45. tim mcgraw

    18:26 CAF says that Ukraine has some of the most fertile farmlands. NO Ukraine does NOT have fertile farmlands. When the Nazis invaded Ukraine the grass was so bad that the Germans couldn’t feed their horses. The Nazis had to ship the horses back home.
    Ukraine gets one crop of wheat a year, in a good year.
    Iowa has fertile farmlands.
    Not Ukraine.
    Ukraine’s crop is corruption and misery.

    • Ernie

      Ukarine is a top exporter of corn and buckwheat and a leading producer of cabbage, pumpkin, sunflower, etc. The Cossacks certainly had no problems feeding their horses over the centuries.

      As for the Germans, their advance against the genocidal Communist regime was stalled by cold and mud not grass. Weimar Germany’s crop was corruption and misery which was routed out and undone only to spread around the world post-WWII, slowly at first and then suddenly.

      • tim mcgraw

        Ernie: Watch TIK’s video series about the Battle of Stalingrad. The grass of Urkaine was not nutritious enough for the horses. The Nazis had to ship many of them back to Germany.
        TIK will also explain that it was poor logistics that did in the German Army at Stalingrad. Not the cold. The German troops starved.
        Germany is now the most efficient wheat producer (tons per hectare) in the world. It is much more efficient than Ukraine or the USA.

        • Jimmy

          From where is Germany getting its fertilizer for next seasons crop??

          • tim mcgraw

            Jimmy: Don’t know. Do you?

            • stanley skrzypek

              PROFOUND QUESTION…boy are you DEEP or what?

            • Jimmy

              I don’t have a clue – hope the politicians running Germany know – otherwise their people starve – which seems to be the goal of the moronic psycho politicians in Europe who want no more cows, no more eggs, etc., etc., etc.)!! – but – perhaps they are not psycho’s – but intelligent demons! – who diabolically want to degrade the human populations ability to fight off their Marburg Virus (which according to Bill Gates they are planning to release on the world in the next few months) – because – meat, eggs and dairy are high in vitamin B12 (which is necessary for our immune systems to fight off the hemorrhagic fever that Marburg produces)!!!

    • Netho

      I think you need to stick to country music my friend

      • Ernie

        I think you should continue to avoid topics that are beyond your depth. It’s a lot warmer in the kiddie pool. Stay there, friend.

      • tim mcgraw

        Netho: I linked the data on world wheat production (tons per hectare) in a comment below. OR you could look up your own data.
        Ukraine’s wheat production is slightly more efficient than North Dakota’s, but way behind Germany’s.

  46. Lishen Tumie

    A secular person, Martin Armstrong, is having to address theological issues–and this is because people like Mark Taylor have reneged on their vocation.


  47. john

    Fantastic interview Greg, love Catherine’s unique insights. I look up her most recent interviews on BITCHUTE, she has some fantastic content posted on that site.

  48. Ed Mustafo

    BEWARE of something Catherine mentioned that I’ve also been concerned about and expecting. Natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis that ARE NOT so natural. For instance, I think it’s very possible that we could see a tsunami created by a nuclear bomb being detonated under water in a strategic location. Or perhaps hitting La Palma with a bomb to create a tidal wave of destruction. There was chatter recently about Russia somehow hitting the San Andreas fault or the Yellowstone volcano with some sort of strike to trigger a catastrophe. Of course it would be the Deep State, not Russia doing it but they would either blame Russia or pretend it occurred naturally. Just a few examples to think about but to me the tsunami is the most likely scenario if anything. Anyway, interesting that CAF mentioned it. In any event, we should expect a major disruption at some point. The question is when?

  49. John Maskell

    Great show, great quest ! Well done Greg . March is going to be a mad month, relating to the bond market. The Japanese Yen is in deep trouble as the dollar strengthens . Gold and silver will have a pull back due to a strong dollar but don’t let that discourage you . When the dip occurs , buy buy buy. This will be a perfect opportunity to get proper wealth , if you can ( food and water is priority ). My heart goes out to people who cannot buy food and are cold due to high energy costs. The global elites (WEF) are really evil and sick. Yesterday, a 40yr old dad has a heart attack while running while two weeks ago a man dies at the steering wheel not far from me in the UK ! These vaccines are killers , so dangerous now.
    All the best Greg .

  50. Phil

    4075. The Lies of Time and Money: Attention H.E. Dominique Mamberti  http://annavonreitz.com/liesoftimeandmoney.pd

    First Addendum to Claim Before the Vatican Chancery Court January 19th 2023.
    It is the position of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of organic States, that neither time nor money exist in the manner presented to the public, which results in fraud and practices of evil.
    Seasons exist. Celestial cycles exist. The one eternal moment called “now” exists, but
    time does not exist in the way that men have been taught to think of it. These errors promulgate more errors.
    The Holy See has created an imperfect and arbitrary system of

  51. Roger Stamper

    tks caf greg

  52. DJW

    You are your own man Greg, I really respect that.
    What are your reasons/data for disagreeing with Catherine about the possibility of saline in some batches/areas? It seems a plausible theory for initial shots so as to not spook the herd but why would they do it for boosters? My 78 old mother is on her second or third booster but has not suffered any adverse effects thank God(same with my aunts and uncles) – I’m praying that by some miracle there are saline batches even in the boosters. I’d be interested in a deeper dive into injection content/batch/location research if you can find someone who has dug into this.
    Much of the research that’s out there would suggest that the injections do indeed differ in content. There are clearly other agendas besides outright murder – according to Karen Kingston there are self assembling nanobots displaying cognitive function – they can control cells and metabolic processes, they can form circuitry, link together/conduct/be switched etc. It would appear the transhumanist psychos are experimenting with mind control, behavioral entrainment and/or editing.
    And what’s going on with the ‘spinners’ – people who rotate while looking up, then collapse have a seizure and die? Is it possible to ‘hack’ a life force? Are they experimenting with uploading consciousness? Is this about the lunatics figuring out how to download their own pathetic consciousness into Avatars/host bodies?

  53. tim mcgraw

    I apologize. I looked up the data. https://ag.purdue.edu/commercialag/home/resource/2021/07/international-benchmarks-for-wheat-production-2021/
    You can see for yourself the various yields per hectare for each country. Germany is the leader in efficiency. Australia lags. Ukraine and the USA are about equal.
    The difference between the USA and Ukraine is that in Ukraine, the wheat crop is the only crop. In the USA the farms plant winter wheat and harvest it in the late spring or early summer. Then the farmers plant another crop before winter sets in.

    • Daniel O'Hooligan

      Well Tim, it’s gonna be worse now with depleted uranium. Why are we using depleted uranium, trying to solve a temporary problem with a permanent disaster, for the Europeans breadbasket and the middle east’s too, mind you! Sure our breadbaskets better, but doesn’t give us the right to ruin they’re breadbasket! I mean, were turning the NATO countries, “Europe,” into a bread basket case! First we push Ukraine to do a Milosevic, “Serbia,” on the Donbass, to provoke Russia into world war third. Then we blow up the pipeline, providing heat for them Europeans, during winter and run factories for jobs. For what? So’s, they can buy our! High priced gas and have to pay the high shipping, to ship it all out there. Which is a load of Shiite and now whose gonna want to eat the bread and pasta from the breadbasket of Europe now, with spent uranium, all over the place, with a half life of trillions of years, because that LGBQRSTUV puppet, couldn’t stand up to Beijing’s $3.8 billion Biden’s puppet masters, owned by sore as Soro’s 4 eyed son!
      U.S. Sends Depleted Uranium Ammo to Ukraine
      Israeli News Live 24,304 views Mar 3, 2023
      Purchase order has been signed and depleted uranium tank ammunition is being sent to Ukraine this and more  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrXiU3pmxpU

      Half life of trillions of years sounds like our debt bubble, eh! It didn’t take the Euro’peons, long to see how far in the toilet they was was, good ole uncle Sambo sure gave it to em, in the ass! Just so’s we can sell them, even more of our own wheat! What a gas, what ah goosed gas lighting! Reminds of q? Dolly Parton And Jerry Reed –
      We Got The Goldmine, Europa got da Shaft!

      ‘Europe is Waking Up’: Protests in Europe Call For Peace in Ukraine
      Fundraiser /- BreakThrough News 141,525 views Mar 3, 2023
      Last weekend, anti-war and progressive groups organized major mobilizations across Germany, Britain, Belgium and Italy to condemn NATO escalation and demand peace talks as the Ukraine war enters its second year. Ben Chacko, Journalist & editor of the Morning Star discusses the increasing escalation of the conflict, the suppression of anti-war voices and the mainstream media’s role in perpetuating the dominant state-sponsored narrative.

      The Century: America’s Time – 1914-1919: Shell Shocker

      E.M.P. 333 Days (2019) | Full Movie | Thriller | Crime Movie
      597,057 views Premiered Jun 22, 2022
      An Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon is detonated, North America is forced to live in pre industrial conditions. Anything electrical is useless, creating anarchy. An 11 year old girl must fend and fight for herself while trying to find her father.
      Paul Hyde 3 months ago
      What a fantastic film…. I loved it. Treamendous production values and some wonderful, wonderful acting – from all, but especially Rosa and Liam. I found that it took 3 years to make; and with young people of their age you can see how they were ‘growing up’ faster than the film timeline. But an utterly charming and, in many ways, a totally innocent portrayal. Dad was lovely too!! Proverbs 27:12 New Living Translation
      12 A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.
      The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

      CPAC Crowd Stands and Cheers as Raging Steve Bannon Vows to Bring Down Fox News: ‘We’re Going To Fight You Every Step Of The Way!’
      Story by Caleb Howe • Friday
      At several points during his speech at CPAC on Friday, podcaster and former Donald Trump strategist Steve Bannon heaped scorn on Fox Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch and Fox News Channel, to wild cheers and multiple standing ovations from the MAGA audience.

      World at War | Russia threatens to shoot down American satellites aiding Ukraine | Latest | WION Sandria Celestin 7 days ago
      This is getting serious real fast every human life is at risk for these peoples egos
      Debra Williams 7 days ago
      Taking out our internet and satellites seems like a good idea in theory. But I have witnessed my teenage sons lose their minds without internet. Imagine all of the people in the US without it. People would actually go outside. Seriously not a good idea anymore. Lol

      Hey Wray, where wray, were you?+
      -Lab Leak Liars: How China and authorities deceived us
      Sky News Australia 419,868 views Mar 2, 2023
      For so long anyone who dared suggest COVID-19 began in a Wuhan lab was dismissed, criticized and mocked.
      Now the US Energy Department and FBI have conceded a lab leak most likely caused the pandemic.
      Sky News Digital Originals presents this report from Host Rita Panahi.

      To Little To Late?
      New Missile Against Ballistic and Hypersonic Weapons | Can Japan Deter China, Russia & North Korea? CRUX 2,491 views Mar 5, 2023 #japan #china #northkorea
      Japan is planning a three-tier defense against ballistic and hypersonic glide weapons with a “new homegrown missile”. Test production of the improved Type-03 medium-range surface-to-air missile Chu-SAM will begin in fiscal 2023, followed by a software upgrade by 2027, and updated hardware around 2030.
      Cleonhide 39 minutes ago
      By 2030? Will the world exist by then?
      Nima Ramon 45 minutes ago
      U.S has been occupying east of Syria for last two years, so I am really interested to know that what Is NATO position about occupied Syria by U.S or occupied Palestine?
      John Liew11 minutes ago
      Money will be wise spent if they build bunker for protection. That is the best defense strategy for them. Some say all China need is 2 days to conquer but I think more than that. Maybe 5 days.

      • tim mcgraw

        Daniel O’Hooligan: Thanks for your long and well-researched reply. Mankind goes mad every generation or so. Not sure why. Are the lessons of war so easily forgotten?

        All the best and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️

        • Dano

          Yer welcome Cus!

      • Jimmy

        Good points Daniel – How does making farmland in the Ukraine “radioactive for thousands of years” make any sense? Just because Russia occupied part of Ukraine?? The US is occupying Syria. Israel is occupying Palestine. Occupying a country does not give anyone the right to spread radioactive depleted uranium on farmland used to grow food (salting the land in this way for thousands of years is Demonic)!!

  54. Wayne Swanson

    I really despise what bankers, neocons, RINOs, and liberals/socialists (communists, really) have done -are doing, to this country. CAF is right about cash…use it!

  55. Mark

    Katherine Austin Fitz, awesome mind!

    I agree it’s a face to face meeting for money laundering, president Biden to zalenski. Treasury secretary delivered on the Biden made promise. It’s in our face!!

  56. Tom Deplorable


    I want a “USA Watchdog ” hat that says USA Watchdog.com The Truth Spotlight!

    CAF is a precious gem! Keep mining for the Truth!

    • tim mcgraw

      I want a hat that says, “Tim Deplorable.”

  57. John Geis

    Catherine left Washington in 1999 because she was unwilling to participate in genocide. BUT pastors and Bible scholars say America is not the Babylon of Revelation 18 because Babylon bad and America good. Thus the nation is deceived! My people die for lack of knowledge! Rev 18-23 23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
    The lights go out forever because Putin is going to use his weapon of indignation, his super EMP. The bride will no longer be heard because CHINA is short 100 million females and they are going to take away a spoil. And the great men got rich from PHARMAKIA DRUGS, FAKE “vaccines, MAN MADE DISEASES.
    America has been BETRAYED AS THEY SOLD OUT OUR WEAPONS SYSTEMS TO THE CHINESE! WE HAVE NO TRIAD OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS! The DETERRENT DOES NOT EXIST AND CHINA AND RUSSIA KNOW IT! Soon in one hour the lights will go out and America will burn. As for the pastors who have taught that America is not Babylon? nd if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

  58. Iotolo

    What are the resources CAT was talking about for detoxing from the mass poisoning?

  59. Yvonne

    Minute 18ish: They’re trying to drain Russia. Russia/Putin is a problem for the globalists. Russians love Russia, imagine that!

  60. Slvrwllwn

    22:10 Follow the money. The Ukraine arena is organized crime at it’s best.

    • tim mcgraw

      Slvrwllwn: Dude, buy a vowel. Are you Welsh?
      The only thing worse than organized crime is disorganized crime (in-laws).

  61. Prospector

    Dr. Robert Malone Latest.
    The Burning Platform . com

    With the FBI and the DOE admitting that a lab-leak caused SARS-CoV-WIV, I believe that it is time to pull this report and the documents out of the dust-bin of time, the collective memory hole, and to re-distribute and re-assess their relevance.

    Major Murphy’s report goes on to detail great concern over the COVID-19 gain of function program, the concealment of documents, the suppression of potential curatives, like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and the mRNA vaccines.


  62. JOSEPH Aiello

    The next money laundering scheme for the Dems. is to funnel the money through the unions for the next election. This is why Biden gave those unions in the Midwest 30 billion dollars supposedly for retirement accounts.

  63. Randy Doubosiff

    19 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; 20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.8They will put on sackcloth, and terror will overwhelm them. Shame will cover all their faces, and all their heads will be shaved. 19They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will seem unclean. Their silver and gold cannot save them in the day of the wrath of the LORD. They cannot satisfy their appetites or fill their stomachs with wealth, for it became the stumbling block that brought their iniquity. ARE YOU RAPTURE READY?

    • Linda J Crean

      I was thinking along those lines too Randy. Lord Jesus Christ told a story in Luke 12:16-21 about a rich man who had such a great harvest that he figured he’d tear down his barns and build bigger ones and sit back and take it easy. But God said to him, YOU fool! This very night your life will be demanded of you. Then Jesus said, this is how it will be with whoever stores up things for themselves but is not rich towards God. Also I thought of the Rich man and Lazarus that both died rich one Hell poor went to Abraham’s bosom. Also the Rich young Ruler who came to Jesus and said “what must I do” Jesus said “sell all you have give to the poor and follow me”. Jesus also said ,” He who gives to the poor will always have “. How much Gold and Silver can we store up? When so many have nothing. 🥹🙏❤️ Jesus also said ” trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path”. She’s a nice woman.
      Lord Jesus Christ is our treasure. Jesus also said, “wherever your treasure is that’s where your heart is/ or wherever your heart is that’s your treasure”. We came into this world with nothing. Jesus also said ” it’s better to give than receive” because when you give you plant when you plant you get a harvest many more times than you planted. 🌱🌱

      • Jimmy

        According to Jesus there should be a limit to how much Gold and Silver we should store up (especially when so many have nothing)!! – I believe Jesus meant “just enough gold and silver” so that we don’t simply sit back and take it easy – but to “give any excess to the poor” – but obviously not purposely make yourself poor (just so you can collect free handouts) like many do in America!!

    • Jimmy

      But the Bible does not say we can’t own gold – it says: “To lay up treasures for yourselves that neither moth nor rust can destroy (like gold)” – but – to be sure to store it away “in a place where thieves can not break in and steal it” (the most secure place obviously being in Heaven) – however – until we get to Heaven we must make sure we don’t accumulate so much gold that we feel ashamed or unclean and thus will have to throw it into the streets “in order to avoid the wrath of the Lord” who has stated he does not like overly rich men and that such rich men will find it hard to get into heaven!!

      • Shirl

        I just snagged another monster box of silver with the nice rigged market dip going on..$20/ounce Spot is ridiculously under priced.

        Using the brain God Almighty gave me I know I’ll be able to secure goods down the road as needed when needed AND while staying ahead of XidenFlation with Real Money. The question of “How much is enough?” is perhaps better put as how much can you afford to lose of what you already have in Fiat? Printing to INFINITY is an old joke that is played throughout history with the infamous Weimar Republic being one of the most shocking examples because it was so well documented.

        Praying more would get wise to this and learn from history along with other unneeded mistakes that should never be repeated.

        BTW, I knew MUCH would go wonky with the XIDEN Regime Election Thieves, however, I am enjoying the Precious Metals smash at the moment 😆

        • Wetzel

          Spot on..catch the pun?
          Let’s go Brandon 👍

  64. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg

    Found the following from Cliff’s twitter


    “The game is up. The leaders of our world now know that the injections are lethal and have maimed millions. – They are extremely concerned that their own families have been poisoned and maimed.

    There is consensus that justice must be served.”


    On my local front I am not seeing any disinflation for 3/4 ton Chevy vans or good condition back-hoes. Stupid money being asked for machines that you would spend more time working on them than they would spend running provided you could get parts for them.

  65. madi

    Thank you again for this excellent interview! “Cash is the way” . Here in Florida at Publix grocery store they still have cashiers and take cash in theirs stores. I think paying your debts is the #1 . (When you can)!
    Greg , I am looking for your your show every week end for many years.
    BTW, I purchased the water filter and the Air purifier (carry on) . Those are amazing products . Thank you for having them on your website!
    Blessings to you Greg, CAF and all your followers
    from a refuge from Canada , naturalized proud American Christian

  66. Prospector

    Draw your own conclusions. ” WHEN DO WE DEPLOY THE NEW VARIANT ? ”

    UK health minister
    exposed. ARREST HIM NOW : “when do WE DEPLOY THE NEW VARIANT to frighten the pants off people and get the PROPER BEHAVIORAL COMPLIANCE.”


    ( Now we know why they published articles about amnesty and , ‘ lets just forget what we did to you ‘ )

    • Linda J Crean

      Dear Prospector, That’s a disgrace. I’m praying for all of you I pray the Blood of Jesus over the “British prisoners” including USA. My grandparents both sides got out of there one side Scotland 1921 the other side Ireland 1860or70’s and I married one (Irish) who’s father’s parents got out too. God forgive me, 🙏 but the man has a proper last name.

  67. Southern Girl

    I have a plan to pay off a line of credit since my HVAC system went and I had to buy a new one. My car will be paid off in September. By November I will be debt free. Geez only took me 70 years but better than never.
    My whole portfolio is gold and silver coins I own. Did this years ago when I first bought ETF’s and then made $30,00.00 in 4 months and then sold all the ETF”S and purchased real gold and silver.
    Thank goodness my pension and SS payments will allow me to start saving for whatever comes up.
    Planted potatoes already this year will get tomatoes later on. From 6 Roma plants I got 120 tomatoes. Just did research on how to fertilize. Canned the potatoes and tomatoes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good!! Proud of you!

  68. matt

    Catherine is always my favorite interview! Today took the cake! I so much enjoyed this on a Sunday morning with coffee. I shared with my normie family. I dont expect any reply’s as usual from them. Its difficult being the only one fighting this evil force! I did buy each and everyone of them a Silver Eagle this XSMS in hopes of waking their lame asses up. I am definitely buying one of those orange cash hats when they are posted. I love Catherine and this interview! I would love to go to the Museum April 7nth also, have to look at the memberships. Much Love to All of Us!

  69. Dan

    I went back to paying cash 7 or 8 years ago, and keep trying to wake others up to doing the same. I knew COVID was a lie for day one and defied 110% of their illegal rules and laws, went about life as before. Never had a flu shot in my life and at 67 I am healthier than many half my age. Keep your immune system strong and you have nothing to worry about. Control your own world and forget about everything else, it does not matter really. I always enjoy Catherine when she is on, I don’t wear hats, but will buy one or have one made, they look great and spread the word.

  70. Paula

    Congratulations to Greg & his Bride!

  71. Southern Girl

    Just an update on my CarryiOn I purchased. I sleep better with it on at night, but I have noticed I am able to think more clearly and faster. Has anyone else noticed this?? I leave it on when I’m on the computer and when watching TV and of course when I go to bed. Just wondering if it had the same effect on anyone else. The reason I bought it was to be able to take up to school where I volunteer and out to restaurants when I’m around a lot of jabbed people. I wanted it to kill the spike protein.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do too!!

  72. Linda J Crean

    Dear Prospector, That’s a disgrace. I’m praying for all of you I pray the Blood of Jesus over the “British prisoners” including USA. My grandparents both sides got out of there one side Scotland 1921 the other side Ireland 1860or70’s and I married one (Irish) who’s father’s parents got out too. God forgive me, 🙏 but the man has a proper last name.

  73. Really Awake

    CAF is a good woman. For sure. And I agree with a lot her way of thinking. And I don’t want to be too negative with such a fine woman. And I really respect CAF. However, she is woefully ignorant on the subject of nuclear war. She seems to think that nuclear weapons would ruin Ukraine because of the radioactive fallout. Wrong. Totally wrong.

    My father is a 95 years old who still collects a special hazard pay from the U.S. government for all of his exposure to over 30 nuclear tests back when all of that above ground testing was done by the U.S. My dad was at ground zero taking readings sometimes only an hour after the nuclear testing. He was there at Operation Castle.

    So let’s get something straight: a nuclear air burst leaves practically no long-term residual radioactivity. And FYI the modern Russian nuclear weapons are much cleaner than ever. They are much more efficient and therefore cleaner. The Russians could air burst a dozen targets in Ukraine and end the war with no long-term radioactive affects.

    Of course absolutely no radioactive exposure is better than getting exposed, but my father is living proof that people can be exposed to the after affects of a nuclear airburst multiple times and yet live a completely normal life. Yes, he collects hazard pay because of his exposure. But his exposure is a lot more than the majority of Ukrainians would experience in modern nuclear warfare.

    I actually got to personally talk to Robert S McNamara back in the early 90s. And a lot of his work on MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) used to be declassified and available on the internet. All of the facts and figures. Subsequently it has all disappeared. But the short answer is that nuclear war isn’t going to completely render the USA or Russia or Ukraine uninhabitable.

    Get the facts. Because Washington, the Kremlin and Beijing all know that they can hide deep underground and survive unscathed a total thermonuclear war. So, you make up your own minds, but my mind is made up that WW3 is likely and that means nuclear war sooner or later. Satan, himself, wants WW3 kust like he wanted WW2 and WW1. Let that sink in.

    Finally, you should know that it’s the nuclear ground bursts that create the deadliest fallout. So, if you are downwind from a ground burst you better have a fallout shelter and be prepared to stay in it for up to two weeks after the ground burst. That’s the facts.

  74. jim

    IMAGINE a genius & leader like caf in the white house….

  75. Harry

    Catherine is spot on when she says we all need to use cash. And that tptb are killing us with toxins in our food, water and air not to mention pharmaceuticals and other means. However, Catherine should not comment on things she has little knowledge of or expertise.

    Perhaps the Netherlands is doing ok but as for Sweden not so. I’m bicultural and lingual and lived in Sweden in the 70s and 80s and have relatives there. Here are some hard cold truths.
    1. The health care system is understaffed and workers are stressed due to conditions
    2 energy costs are out of sight and people have less money to spend on other items
    3 small businesses have been forced out of businesses especially boutiques
    4 small fisherman are being squeezed out by large fishing enterprise
    5 in Gavle and other Swedish cities there are shelters for homeless unthinkable
    6 food prices are up 10 to 15 percent year over year
    But this is a manipulated number low. People eat cheaper less quality food or eat less or both
    7 seems like everyday there is a shooting, stabbing or explosion in once of the major cities like Stockholm, Malmo or Goteborg

    I could go on and on but bottom line Sweden’s quality of life has deteriorated over the years and is not the stable tranquil place I knew and experienced in my youth

    Always been neutral and now wants to join NATO

    And please Catherine what about the protests in the Netherlands France and other EU countries and squeeze by the government on farmers I seriously doubt all is well in Northern Europe

    Many seem to realize Europe is the lap dog of the USA and being allied with them is hurting their standard of living and is putting in the cross fire of a proxy war between the USA and Russia

    And Catherine do you really know for a fact that saline was put in many of the injections or that even if the shots lacked quality control they are still not harmful. You do not know all the Ingredients in each every shot. Think about it— if you got a saline shot thinking you were getting a covid shot and you died the lawyers would be suing everyone in sight

    And by the way, yes, they’ve been spraying toxins etc for along time but according to Dowd we see excess mortality starting in 2021–logical conclusion it was the bio weapon injections. Not the other toxins they are slow killers unlike the bio weapon

    Please Mr Hunter ask her some hard questions now and then like

    1 how did you travel in and out of Europe without getting jabbed during the lockdowns because I couldn’t travel to Europe without the jab
    2. How do you know saline was in the injections for sure and what exactly is in the shots to even know if they are harmful or not
    3 what about the migration crisis in Europe from Africa and middle east and its impact in Europe
    4 what about low birth rates by traditional Europeans versus influx of immigrants and their higher birth rates leading to social unrest
    5 do you really interact with and socialize with the disadvantaged in Europe or just in your own social upper class sphere
    6 why does Catherine refuse to call it a bio weapon
    7 is the UK better off now than before the plandemic. I think not

    Sorry Catherine your credibility went out the window with this interview.
    But you are still spot on saying use cash but remember barter and exchange of labor works well too

    And yes I ain’t seen no deflation yet. Fertilizer, feed and supplies up and up meaning your food ain’t getting any cheaper and propane prices up too

    In my world inflation is hot and sticky

    Ps most if not all my friends who got jabbed complain of fatigue, constantly getting sick, brain fog, racing heart, stomach issues and on and on

    Tell me Catherine they all got shot up with saline solutions
    I think not

    If you haven’t seen the Jesus Revolution, you might want to— based on a true story and pretty well produced for a non major Hollywood film

    • Really Awake


      You bring up some excellent points that I myself also was thinking during the interview. Europe is a cooked goose. And more and more sauce for the goose is being poured every day. And let’s not forget that there is no Second Amendment in Euroland. Yes, Switzerland has reasonable gun ownership laws, but that can change with a snap of the globalists’ fingers.

      America is the only place on earth where you can still gun-up and expect to have many states where gun owners are welcome. Not so in Euroland.

      Moreover, when WW3 begins Euroland is right next to Russia; therefore, the most horrific events will take place there..

      Americans who take the time and money to prepare have the best chance to survive what’s coming. I agree with Marty Armstrong who has publicly stated that the euro will crash and burn before the dollar. So even if we somehow manage to avert WW3 until the next decade, the EU’s goose is cooked in a cauldron of socioeconomic collapse.

    • Tim K


      Good points on everything.


  76. Marie Joy

    At what point?

  77. Julie

    Really enjoyed the interview- she has such an eloquent way with words. Always learn so much. Thank you Greg

  78. Tony

    Great to hear CAF sounding so positive. She’s right to be: Mr Global/The Cabal are fast running out of time and money. They can’t even afford to spray us from the sky on a daily basis here in the UK any more. They have rushed their agenda through because they are panicking, and their trans=pedophile agenda on our kids has woken most of the normies up somewhat. As CAF says, 2023 will be a pivotal year.

  79. Francine

    Greg I thought of you, my husband went to Tracker Supply and bought 5 bays of potatoes to plant. He consider it his birthday present. His birthday is 3/8. Oh boy…doing what we can…ty for your hard work

  80. Susan R

    I am late commenting, was outside doing firewood. Catherine is what this world needs, along with you Greg. I love her honesty and abilities from having been in the belly of the beast and surviving. She is a treasure.

  81. Prospector

    EXACTLY THIS ! The ‘ experts ‘ who would never , ever lie to you , all at once agree in unison – Blame China for C-19 lab leak – ( please ignore U.S. run labs in Ukraine )
    As soon as this became the all the time , on every channel ‘ news ‘ , that’s when you know its B.S.

    “What you have are the clear signs & characteristics of another propaganda play…emphasizing the role of the CCP & attempting to obfuscate or obscure the role & complicity of the US gov’t.”—Dr. Robert Malone on the FBI, DOE finally acknowledging China lab leak.

    Do you know why they are admitting that it was a lab leak now?

    Because they want you to hate China — so that the war in 2025 goes down smooth with you.

    Don’t let them fool you.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Prospector,
      Good thinking. Unfortunately, as we have learned with the whole Covid scam, most people will buy into the propaganda – especially if they already have a bias against China. TPTB have mastered the ‘art’ of manipulation over generations.

  82. Thomas Fiust

    Catherine is the Economics Preacher Prophet. Great interview, again. Aloha from O’ahu.

  83. Gabe Zendar

    What if they use neutron bombs? They kill the population but leave the infrastructure intact? I’m thinking an east coast city….Boston?….New York?

    • Jimmy

      Why even keep the infrastructure (it is all so old and rotted)- just use “regular nukes” and then re-build America giving us high speed bullet trains (that everyone else in the world has) and then the new owners of America won’t have to fly in planes at 10,000 feet (getting hit with cosmic rays) that give everyone cancer!!

  84. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. No one in their right mind would accept the centrally-controlled Central Bank Digital Currency, unless they have no choice. For example, if they were starving, they would. But don’t count the rich bastards out. They have means of getting their way. Sooner or later, Americans will figure out that we, the people, are at war with a powerful foe that intends to destroy us. So for, we have done little more than protest. By itself, that will not accomplish anything. Just ask the Canadian truckers. Our enemies understand one thing, and that’s personal danger. Where are the assassins, the spies, the military top snipers when we need them? The American military has let us down. Right now, Putin is our best hope for a hero. Look what we’ve become.

    • Jimmy

      Haven’t the Globalist elite ever heard of Murder Incorporated?? Don’t they understand that “hit men” can easily be hired by the people they are out to kill?? – Yet the Globalist walk around like they are immune from attack and untouchable – Bill Gates is now heading up “Catastrophic Contagion” his latest drill exercise scenario for planning the eugenicist latest attack against the people of the world – Catastrophic Contagion is an exercise “On how to murder our children with a deadly new virus” Purposely Designed To Kill Only Our Children (and thus make more trillions for the elites who will sell a new vaccine to our governments) like they don’t have enough money!!?? – https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/exercises/2022-catastrophic-contagion/

      • Jimmy

        Take out about 300 of the Demons and the world will immediately change for the better!!

  85. Rick Silos

    Multiple people injured with one fatally by Hazardous Materials found inside a vehicle. @ E 56th St & Sutton Pl …. S East Manhattan NYC

    ~ 6.66 miles from NYSE @ 11 Wall St & 18 Broad St

  86. tim mcgraw

    Waterford, Ireland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaeUCHw_kNE
    Link above is a video of walking around Waterford, Ireland (pop. 50,000). No homeless. No drug needles, No trash. No feces. All the buildings are well-kept. The video is from two years ago.
    If a “poor” city in Ireland can look like this why do all the American cities and towns look like hammered S^&T! Europe IS doing just fine.
    The USA is not.
    Shows how much of our money is stolen by the FED, DC, State, County, City, and local government thieves.
    Yeah, America is the greatest country on Earth. Bullcrap!
    Oh, and years ago I wrote to the Irish consulate in San Francisco about getting an Irish passport. But they told me “No. Because my great-grandfathers came from Ireland. That is one generation too many from the old sod. My Dad could have received an Irish passport.

  87. ken

    How do you fly into a war zone? In this case, Ukraine.

    Biden asked for and received a 24 hour ceasefire from Putin. The only condition was the US could not fly any aircraft in Ukraine.

    And then,,, After Putin was kind enough to give Biden a ceasefire Biden bad mouthed him.

    • Jimmy

      Was Yellen given a ceasefire also?? – you know – if we can send people to visit the Ukraine “on a continuous basis” we can effect a permanent ceasefire – so why not send Trump, then Desantis, then Kennedy, etc., etc., etc.m etc. on trips to Ukraine (to stop the war)!!

  88. SkeptiSchism

    Another great interview to both of you, thanks for educating us all.

  89. Liber8tor

    YES! “Shadow Work”…I thought it was just me and I was losing my mind! I’m located in the Hurricane IAN devastation zone. I spend 8 hours a day updating my devices. The next day, various sources send updates and all of my devices stop working. (The process repeats day-after-day.) Last week, my stove quit working with no parts available , while the windows in my home remain smashed from the hurricane. The owner of the window repair company died and there is no one to take his place. No parts available anywhere.
    Thanks Greg and thanks CAF for the enlightenment. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

  90. Richard Longacre

    I loved her analysis on the Ukraine war. Biden and The Deep State are getting all of the people of Ukraine to leave their homes and flee or be slaughtered by the Russians if they choose to stay and fight. All of that US taxpayer cash sent over there to “help Ukraine” is being used to buy up everything in Ukraine, on the cheap, for later.

    CAF is also correct that the big global poisoning is a lot more than just the bioweapon injection poison. Our air, food, water, and medicines are also poisoned. Even growing our own food will not be much safer than store bought if geoengineering is allowed to continue. I went outside last night (it was a clear sky – no natural clouds anyways) and with the bright moon I could see the crisscross artificial clouds/lines everywhere. One aircraft would pass over with no trails and the next three would be spewing out their poisons while on the same flight paths. If we can’t stop this or even have a civil conversation about the obvious current weather warfare/geoengineering going on, how are we going to ever win this battle? Are they spraying an aerosolized CV19 VAXX from these aircraft? Why are so many people that didn’t take the jab feeling tired all the time and having brain fog? Stock up on Ivermectin now if you have not already.

  91. tim mcgraw

    44:35 CAF: “Don’t lose your faith in the human race. We have a small predator class.”
    No. Here in Sonoma County and the San Francisco Bay Area, we have a large predator class; both the very rich and the very poor.
    WWI and WWII and then Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, et. al. the American people SUPPORTED these wars.
    No. I have little faith in the human race.

    • Raymond J

      We have a small predator class, but the trouble is, most of the non-predator class will go along with them, since they value their material possessions and status, more than doing the right thing. This is what history teaches us, what the COVID fiasco taught us, and this was also demonstrated in the Milgram and Asch experiments. More importantly, Jesus said, Mat_7:14  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and FEW there be that find it. Those who go along with the Beast system will NOT find it. Predator class or not. This includes most people in your “conservative” churches and most pastors. Unless they repent.

      • tim mcgraw

        Raymond J: The legal term is “Aiding and Abetting.”

  92. tim mcgraw

    46:00 CAF; “Don’t invite them (bad guys) into your home, business, life.”
    CAF is living in some Pollyanna world. The Mafia will burn down your business if you don’t pay. The IRS will take your assets if you don’t pay. The county will take your home if you don’t pay.
    Do you want to be free of the bad guys? Kill them. “It’s the only way to be sure.” Hicks in the movie “Aliens”.
    This is the way human “civilizations” have worked since the beginning. You can run away, or you could in the old days. Maybe you still can.
    Otherwise, you will have to fight or put up with it.
    Look what happened to Ceaucescu.

    • Jimmy

      Is there any difference between Biden and Ceausescu?? – both committed Genocide (the “jab” in Biden’s case) – both organized actions against the country (in Biden’s case destruction of oil and gas pipelines, supporting blacks destroying and damaging buildings, explosions of trains and food processing centers in many cities, opening the borders and undermining the national economy!!
      Historical Note: The Ceaușescus were executed at 4:00 p.m. local time at a military base outside Bucharest on 25 December 1989. The execution was carried out by a firing squad consisting of paratroop regiment soldiers: Captain Ionel Boeru, Sergeant-Major Georghin Octavian and Dorin-Marian Cirlan, while reportedly hundreds of others wanted to volunteer!!!

  93. Led Skelton

    Walmart announced it is permanently closing all of its locations in Portland, Oregon, over financial reasons. MORE LIKE FIVE FINGERED DISCOUNT CAUSED BY A CERTAIN GROUP.

    Don’t stop there, close the stores nationwide in all crime infested areas, perhaps then the people in these crime infested areas will demand their court systems to become color blind and put away all of the criminals for life and beyond.

    If all stores were smart, they would close all of their stories in areas of over 25,000 people in a 10 sq miles. If people choose to live in these urban socialist hell hole garbage dumps, then let them start up their own little stores that get ripped off by their own local “citizens”

    You know many urban black areas hand out free TAXPAYER PAID stipend money to black teenage males for not becoming gang members!! NOW HOW RACIST AND SEXIST CAN A CITY BE?

    • Tim K


      Good points on everything.


    • Jimmy

      I never got any checks for not joining the Klu Klux Clan ???

  94. Stephanie Cramer

    Catherine Austin Fitts & Greg Hunter are both very brave & have helped countless people. She had the bravery to warn early on about the vax being suspect on this program–so kudos & gratitude to Greg & Catherine. I wish she had had more time to expound upon how we are all supporting corruption-not sure I fully understand. Wherever the reader lives, support or encourage government movements ( state or provincial govt. movements) for gold & silver to be ratified in your jurisdiction as legal tender. Psalm 2 says God sits in heaven & looks down & laughs at those who think they are leading. If we all in different locations mobilized to encourage state/province use of gold & silver for payment I think God would be pleased & look down & laugh with joy.

  95. James Schweitzer

    Why weren’t the methods of how to detox pursued and discussed?!?! I/we were left hanging in the wind!! I wish that topic would have been fleshed out more! You two quickly blew right past it!

  96. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Make cash great again, good idea.

  97. Mark

    KAFitz talks about saline solutions. I pulled the disclosures on the vaccine and they show an enormous amount of saline units produced with the vaccine units. That always puzzled me till now, I see why it was done.

    • Greg Hunter

      What disclosure? By whom? Who or what is the source for this.

  98. جوجل

    Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo 3/5/23 FULL | BREAKING NEWS TRUMP’S March 5, 2023 THÀNH PHỐ NEW YORK
    18 hours ago
    17 hours ago
    We are at war with the media, Applause, applause Maria and Tom Cotton in this fight!

  99. Prospector

    So, If you say this is a bad idea , that makes you crazy right ?
    Stalin would be proud.

    EFF …. these soviet hacks.

    WA State Bill Will Send Political Enemies to Psych Wards
    America is rapidly becoming a full-blown authoritarian state.

  100. Pavlovian Dog

    As we recently learned, most political conspiracy theories appear to be true. But I observe a pattern in what types of untruths the Left and Right believe.
    The Right’s untruths tend to organically spring from true believers in their ranks.
    The Left’s untruths are more likely to be deliberate hoaxes concocted by their political operators.
    Only the Left creates elaborate hoaxes to spring on their own members. The Right is just sometimes wrong.

  101. Prospector

    Save the date. Popcorn ready.

    Wenstrup to Hold First Hearing on COVID Origins
    Hearing titled “Investigating the Origins of COVID-19”. DATE: Wednesday, March 8, 2023. TIME: 9:00 AM ET. LOCATION: 2154 Rayburn House Office Building

  102. Lubock W.Pashko

    “Unwinnable War”? Calls Grow for Negotiated End to Ukraine War
    Democracy Now! 3 days

  103. Liam Bartmess

    The Dr. Fraudci virus built and paid by we the sheeple!!!!!!

  104. D. POWERS

    Donald Trump Live News | Ex-US President Vows To Settle Russia-Ukraine War In ’24 Hrs’; Blasts Biden TIMES NOW 16 watching now Started streaming 7 hours ago

  105. FromTheRussian_Front

    Scott Ritter – The Siege of Bakhmut: A Centuries-Old Russian Tactic
    Hello guys.! Welcome to Channel Fellow Traveler: Scott Ritter is an American author, pundit, former United States Marine Corps i …
    Add a comment…
    @livebythesworddiebytheswor5969 1 day ago (edited)
    Scott Ritter former Major In American intelligence speaks the truth and people don’t like
    @kajunat 1 day ago
    Ukraine is an example to all nations who trust US and West thinking that they will save their ass. All that matters to US and West is that how much profit they can make out of your misery.

  106. Justn Observer

    Greg, always a nice and thought-provoking interview with Ms. CAF….
    Wish she might have addressed the weather there and in UK as to how it is affecting their food supplies. Also, their fuel supplies as to how much and how dependent they are on LNG getting there from U.S. and/or Norway currently after the NORDSTREAM debacle…As to ‘they are doing fine there in Germany area…is that pertaining to what, financially? How is Deutche and Credit Sueiss etc. and just how are they ‘dealing with’ the massive derivatives/off book swaps in the grand scheme of things? Or, is much of the U.S. $trillions actually being funneled there to backstop those problems AND UKRAINE is just the ‘excuse’ for all the money going ‘that way’ , as there seems to be an effort NOT TO track/trace where those funds are actually going? Second, why is it the U.S. has to send money there? That is ‘borrow’ money we do not have and put the debt on U.S. taxpayers, and future generation taxpayers.backs by borrowing from FED shareholders who many say are ‘foreign’ shareholders? Why does the EU and World bank there,ie Rothchilds and IMF not loan them the money to BUY U.S. weapons and equipment and let Europe be on the hook for the debt? Stepping back a bit further, as the LAND in question,and the ownership/claim of it is always the underlying principle= WHO holds claim and colletion of taxes RIGHTS to the land and assets- minerals, oil, timber, grain production etc beneath of the war-torn area in the end? Which entity? Which Monarchy-Fund-Bank or corporate consortium? I doubt it is the U.S. taxpayers. SO why are we being stuffed with the debt of the loans? There usually at the base of it all…a thing called fee simple absolute above all Deeds of Trust…and like the Treaty of Paris etc….someone somewhere has claim or grant deeds of sovereign lands in the game of dominion over the earth. AND before JPM or Blackrock OR others give out ‘loans’ to rebuild Ukraine and its infrustructure…it should be open and apparent as to JUST WHO owns or will own the LAND under them.
    Jim Willie has some speculative thoughts and supposed’ insider’ info that puts some interesting insight on parts of it all…
    as to China ‘opening up’ it appears it HAS NOT sufficient to address the coming shortages…that WILL create greater UN-OBTAINIUM until other countries like the U.S. embrace the return of industrial base as POTUS Trump had hoped to do and again yesterday says he is committed to… How much better position would the U.S. be in IF he had be allowed to further his plans?
    Chinese Ports Full of Empty Containers=
    For now, {their} plans are still in play =

    • Justn Observer

      Greg, It appears the ‘hopium’ of China ‘opening up’ was NEVER in China’s plans and the world economic resurgence and growth to stop the death spiril of collapsing economies has been a pipedream for a decade and many knew it and just feed the public BS so ‘they’ could best position ‘themselves’ as they stripped the last of the middlelass wealth as they bought up all assets of value with worthless unbacked fiat? =
      Looks like all will be much worse before getting better…and with two more years of Biden’s? policy…who knows what we be left to rebuild?

  107. Rich Rozmarn

    Great interview. Greg check this out How bad is my batch.


    • Greg Hunter

      This is total bull crap. As if much of it was good for you?????? It was a bioweapon and NONE of it helped a SINGLE person.

  108. Pamela Hankins

    The reason that everything is coming out in the open is because it’s too late. They don’t care who knows, or who gets thrown under the bus for ‘helping’ forward their agenda. Just like the air, food and water are polluted as they flood the airways with lies to poison our mind or put us to sleep, the corporations are corrupt, the governments are corrupt, the banks are corrupt and the people are wholly apostate. How I wonder do you intend to fix it now, when no one paid attention to the monolith when it was being put in place? The same methods work to silence the masses as always worked: any mention of some ‘benefit’, or any promise of reward, or any new fascination will serve to make people blind to the rest of the story. On the physical plane, how can you grow nutritious food when most people have no concept of where food actually comes from, or even if they do, how to produce it, or how much time, energy, and money you need for that. But even if you have all of the above, you can’t escape the pollutants coming down in the rain poisoning the ground and the water, or the effect of the UV rays that are making the weather topsy-turvy ? You can try, but just getting the word out is a phenomenal task. Who will believe who? Even the experts on your own show don’t agree about what is happening. The Bible is the only source of truth and no one agrees on that either. There is no discernment and no understanding just like it says will happen in the last days. There is only deception and delusion. God is in control. Daniel 12:10, “Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”

    • Self Exiled

      For from of old no one has heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen a God besides You, Who works and shows himself active on behalf of him who (earnestly) waits for Him. Isaiah 64:4

  109. Justn Observer

    This is an amazing must-see video! A grand AWAKENING IN NZ…spell binding!
    Disgraced Ex-PM Jacinda Ardern, Excoriated by Former New Zealand Television News Presenter and Attorney (Liz Gunn)

    https://rumble.com/v2bjgnj-liz-gunn-letter-to-the-real-jacinda-ardern.html 47 minutes

  110. It's Yahweh or the Highway

    Oh My GOD😫
    Wagner Boss warns Zelensky’s forces to retreat from Bakhmut; ‘Only one route left…’ | Watch / Hindustan Times 158,494 views Mar 5, 2023
    Amid intensifying fight in Bakhmut, Putin’s secret army has warned Ukrainian President Zelensky. The Wagner group chief has threatened Ukraine to withdraw its troops from the besieged city of Bakhmut saying that it has been almost completely surrounded, with only one route left for the Ukrainian forces to leave. Russian troops have rained down artillery on the last access routes to Bakhmut, bringing Moscow closer to its first victory in half a year.
    Idolatry and dishonesty cannot produce a healthy society. Because of resorting to such measures, the unfaithful Jews are now reaping the trouble that they themselves have sown. We read: “The eggs of a poisonous snake are what they have hatched, and they kept weaving the mere cobweb of a spider. Anyone eating some of their eggs would die, and the egg that was smashed would be hatched into a viper.” (Isaiah 59:5) From conception to realization, Judah’s schemes produce nothing substantial. Their wrong thinking results only in bad, just as the eggs of a poisonous snake produce only poisonous snakes. And the nation suffers.
    Some inhabitants of Judah may resort to violence in an effort to protect themselves, but they will fail. Physical force cannot replace trust in Jehovah and works of righteousness as protection any more than cobwebs can replace real fabric as protection against the elements. Isaiah declares: “Their mere cobweb will not serve as a garment, nor will they cover themselves with their works. Their works are hurtful works, and the activity of violence is in their palms. Their own feet keep running to sheer badness, and they are in a hurry to shed innocent blood. Their thoughts are hurtful thoughts; despoiling and breakdown are in their highways.” (Isaiah 59:6, 7) Judah’s thinking is flawed. By resorting to violence to try to solve her problems, she demonstrates an ungodly attitude. It matters little to her that many of her victims are innocent and that some are genuine servants of God.
    These inspired words remind us of the bloody record of Christendom. Surely, the Hebrews Yahweh / Jehovah too, will call her to account for her tragic misrepresentation of Christianity! Like the Jews of Isaiah’s day, Christendom has pursued a morally twisted course because her leaders believe it to be the only practical one. While they talk of peace, they act with injustice. What duplicity! Since Christendom’s leaders continue using this tactic, true peace will remain beyond their grasp. It is as the prophecy goes on to say: “The way of peace they have ignored, and there is no justice in their tracks. Their roadways they have made crooked for themselves. No one at all treading in them will actually know peace.”​—Isaiah 59:8.

  111. Yahweh or Highway

    Oop’s Wagner Boss warns Zelensky

  112. Marie Joy

    The Bundy standoff, when LeRoy Finicum was murdered, when Patriots went to stand with other Patriots, was about a land grab. Uranium and gas are under western land and that’s what that was about.
    Now, Ohio must have something they want. There are 4 explosions/fires/traitor actions on Ohio land. People have to leave their land to save their families and they end up selling to the highest bidder and there are not many bidders. This is about murdering and stealing from Ohioans and our turn is next. Stand or die.

  113. Marie Joy

    Biden regime surrenders American sovereignty to WHO – No more medical freedom, especially during a “health emergency.” Ammo up.

    • Jimmy

      Where does it say in the Constitution that the President has the right to cede our Nation’s sovereignty to a foreign power????? – This Is An Act of Treason!!!!

  114. Roy

    I started using cash only three years ago…. if there is a face there it’s cash or I walk without buying. One time over the three years I forgot my wallet… only had my cards… was starving…. so made that exception. Since then not once. Hereza blog post I did on the subject….. https://www.cluelessrebel.com/cash-vs-cards-july-27-2019.php

  115. Marie Joy

    RFK Jr is anti vaccine but he supported obama and the clintons.

  116. John Devereaux

    I will never forget the first Trends Research Institute Conference at the building Gerald was remodeling, where we discussed gold and silver. I was the only one in the room telling them I was buying silver – I got flack where everyone was saying that silver was a lousy investment, but I continued anyway due to the ratio differences. It seems I was right all along.

  117. Ken J

    the black kids are out of control

  118. Mark

    Enjoyed the interview and Catherine makes some good points and recommendations. Like you Greg, I differ from her opinion on many people who allegedly received saline shots. (By the way, I can see powerful people receving saline shots). This contradicts her earlier statements in the interview re: how the funeral business profit is up 20% and life insurance profit is down 20%.

    I think the data that shows funeral business up, life insurance business down, excess deaths up is far more significant than conjecture that many people received saline shots.

    I did like her idea of contacting commercial banks to ask them if they support CBDCs as a currency…that maybe they need to lobby against the idea. If I was in charge of a commercial bank, I would be looking at ways to enhance the business to become custodians of gold and/or bitcoin. Caitlin Long has initiated a bank that does just that with bitcoin along with being a traditional bank….

    Long is the founder and CEO of Avanti Financial Group, a Wyoming-based bank that is part digital asset custodian that safeguards keys, tokens and more, and part traditional bank. Perhaps you should invite her to your show.


    • Greg Hunter

      No doubt powerful people got saline shots but that is not what I am talking about. (Congress and many other got exemptions) You cannot source this big group of people getting saline or degraded shots. This is hopium. 600 million injections in USA alone and 58% in this group got 3 or more shots. 13 billion injections worldwide. They did not get lucky. I hope you are right, but there is no proof of this.

      • Mark

        Hi Greg,

        Yes, Congress got unfair exemptions, which shows the injections are not safe and effective, otherwise they would have been the first ones in line to receive injections!

        My point is:

        Early in the interview, Catherine stated there were excess deaths, funeral businesses are doing well, and life insurance businesses are doing poorly. This indicates most people received toxic injections.

        Later in the interview, Catherine stated that many people received saline shots.

        Catherine’s statements cannot both be true, since they contradict each other. Since the data indicates excess deaths, funeral businesses doing very well, and insurance companies are doing poorly, this indicates most people received toxic injections.

        I was hoping you would challenge her a bit more on her saline shot theory during the interview. Where is her evidence? Why does it disagree with excess deaths, etc.?

  119. Warren Cordes

    Canopy | FULL MOVIE | 2013 | Action, Drama, WWII
    Singapore, February 9, 1942. The Japanese invasion is underway. Jim (Khan Chittenden), an Australian fighter pilot, wakes up dangling from a tree by his parachute strings somewhere in the middle of a vast jungle overrun by hostile forces. As night devours day, he forges into the danger he must navigate in search of sanctuary when he encounters a Singapore-Chinese resistance fighter, Seng (Mo Tzu-Yi), who, injured and frightened, also seeks to survive their tenuous surroundings and common enemy. The men realize that their only hope of persevering lies with each other as their journey begins the exploration of the collision of war, nature and its impact on humanity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYFSdMa_aCY

  120. Phoenician Trading

    Gold is cool, silver is easier.
    CAF also invests in pints and half pints of liquor.
    What a move to be prepared for greasing the palms and throats of border guards and local bureaucrats.

  121. Old Rancher

    Greg –
    Sorry this is off-topic.
    Have you seen anything regarding The Jab and low white blood cell counts? We may have had a “Died Suddenly” case in our little community in which a school mate of our kids’ (he was 37) passed away suddenly and all that we’ve been able to find out is that the tests that were run on him before he died said his white blood cell count was almost non-existent. No one else knew of any ailments he may have had.
    I’ve tried contacting the FLCCC but, of course, they’re swamped and I don’t know of any blog communities that I can pose that question to. Have you seen any articles on this or know where I can go to ask?
    Thank you.

    • sk

      I have a printout titled “BNT162b2, 5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Events Reports, Appendix 1. List of Adverse Events of Special Interest”. In it are mentioned “antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody increased”, “antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody positive”, anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody positive vasculitis” BNT162b2, I believe, refers to the Pfizer vaccine, a neutrophil is a kind of white cell produced by the marrow. Antibody to the white cells would destroy the white cells. At the bottom of the page is the phrase “FDA-CBER-2021-5683-0000083” See if you can follow up on this.

      • Old Rancher

        In looking through the Pfizer documents search there doesn’t seem to be a page or document number with that low of a final set of numbers. They seem to end, or begin, at -0002372~. I’ll keep looking.

        • sk

          I have no idea about the numbers. In any case, the BNT-related vaccine seems to have induced antineutrophil antibodies in at least three cases. It is a possible reason for a “nonexistent” peripheral blood neutrophil count. Lymphocytes are also a type of white blood cell, but they normally contribute a lower percentage to the total white blood cell count, and eosinophils and basophils contribute negligible percentages. So when they say “a nonexistent white count”, they usually mean “a nonexistent neutrophil count”.

  122. Great Caesar's Ghost!

    Is the US CAPABLE of Fighting WW III? Military Expert’s WARNING | The Glenn Beck Podcast
    170,166 views Premiered Feb 25, 2023 The Glenn Beck Podcast
    The Space Force may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but it’s as real as every other branch of the military … maybe even as real as UFOs. On this episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” Glenn talks to Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, the first Space Force veteran. As the commander of a space-based missile warning unit, he was disturbed by the military’s increasingly woke and Marxist agenda, and he decided to speak out and write a book, “Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military.” But instead of listening, the military fired him. Now, with Putin’s finger near the red button and China sneering at Taiwan, Matt joins Glenn to sound the alarm: Did the U.S. bomb the Nord Stream pipeline? Did our woke military give Putin his greatest weapon? And are we even capable of fighting World War III? Plus, Matt shares his personal experience with a UFO.

    The minutes following a nuclear blast are vital to your survival
    Story by Stars Insider • 4h ago

  123. Garland Nails It!

    No Germany left either, it’s now the dis-United Germanic state of America 😊
    THE HUBRIS of any civilians who believes Ukraine deserves all the USA’s support and expects it to have any sovereignty?

  124. Rose Mont Sellicka

    BREAKING::Hidden Two Years /FOX News
    Tucker Carlson: No honest person can deny this about Jan. 6
    2 hours ago [1.] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMvqU2BBEa0
    GETTA LOADA THIS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Fox News host Tucker Carlson says Capitol videotape not released to the public shows that Jan. 6 committee members lied about the alleged ‘insurrection.’
    [2.] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opy7MLGAPBk

    • Shirl

      Yes, proving what we knew from the start.
      It was a FEDSURRECTION….NOT shocking either that the same people behind the Clot-Shots, Open Borders, The Control Scam of the Green Deal with the lies of Glo-Bull Warming, Election Thievery, War Mongering the World into WW3 are all the same and connected by a string of conspiracy proven facts.
      Stand Up Speak Out Take Action!!!

  125. EMP_PrayTo LIVE

    Ukraine Russia War Live | Putin’s Top Military Official Sergei Shoigu Lands in War-hit Mariupol /TIMES NOW Started streaming 2 hours ago.

    Amid Constant Russian Attacks in Bakhmut, Ukraine Conducting Tactical Withdrawal / TIMES NOW 75 minutes ago.
    It is too early to tell if Ukraine is considering a complete withdrawal from the city, the Institute for the Study of War said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsOHb6LJnzc

    Zelensky fighting ego battle with Putin in Bakhmut? ‘Won’t surrender,’ declares Ukrainian President/Hindustan Times Mar 6, 2023
    Day after reports of infighting between the Ukrainian President and Army Chief over Bakhmut’s withdrawal, Volodymyr Zelensky’s office has issued a big statement. Zelensky has declared that ‘Ukraine won’t surrender’ to the Russians in Bakhmut. Zelensky even held a meeting with the Ukrainian Army Chief and top government officials to discuss Kyiv’s strategy for the Bakhmut battle against Russian troops. This came after German media house Bild exposed the infighting among Ukraine’s top brass. The German newspaper reported that while the Ukrainian army is ready to withdraw from Bakhmut, Zelensky is insistent on not giving up. As fighting gets more and more intense, Putin’s army is certain that the fall of Bakhmut is imminent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpDhgNo0enc

    US-South Korea Drill News Live | North Korea Threatens US with Nukes; Ready to Act Against Drills / TIMES NOW 2 hours ago.
    The influential sister of North Korea’s leader warned Tuesday that her country is ready to take “quick, overwhelming action” against the United States and South Korea — one day after a nuclear-capable B-52 flew over the peninsula.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuLd1ssj-rQ

    China Taiwan Conflict Live Update | Taiwan Warns Of China Military’s ‘Sudden Entry’ Close Island TIMES NOW
    Started streaming 84 minutes ago.
    Chinese Military Enters Taiwan Live | Taiwan Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng warned the island has to be on alert this year for Chinese military’s “sudden entry” into areas close to its territory amid the rising military tensions across the sensitive Taiwan Strait.

    Seymour Hersh – Biden’s Blackout: How America & Norway Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines /London Real 1 day ago

    Economic Update: Establishment Media & Russia with Aaron Maté
    Democracy At Work/ 18 hours ago Economic with Richard D. Wolff

    Putin’s ‘friend’ China rebukes NATO Nations U.S., Germany over arms aid to Russia | Details Hindustan Times 28,927 views Mar 7, 2023
    China has hit back at the U.S. and Germany for claiming that it was planning to send weapons to Russia amid its war in Ukraine. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang slammed Germany’s threat of consequences and said that such statements were ‘absolutely unacceptable’. While claiming that there was an ‘invisible hand’ in the Ukraine crisis, Qin Gang said, “China did not create the crisis; It is not a party to the crisis and has not provided weapons to either side. So, on what basis is this talk of blame, sanctions, and threats against China? This is absolutely unacceptable.” Watch this video for more details.

    Putin’s hurricane strikes cripple Ukraine; Kyiv’s key arms depots gutted in back-to-back bombings. Hindustan Times Mar 7, 2023
    Russian forces have massively spiraled their attack in Ukraine after recent battlefield gains. Vladimir Putin’s revamped blitzkrieg has brought Ukraine to its knees. In Kharkiv’s Kupyansk, the attacks by the artillery of the ‘Zapad’ group of Russian forces resulted in the decimation of the Ukrainian army units. Kyiv’s forces also suffered a big blow in Luhansk region’s Krasny, where an intense battle has been underway for weeks. Putin’s army has also launched a new wave of attacks in southern Donetsk amid the raging battle for Bakhmut city in the region. Watch this report to learn the latest developments about the Russia-Ukraine war.

    Italian PM Giorgia Meloni receives ceremonial welcome at Rashtrapati Bhawan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3gsgbEptw8
    PM of Italy Giorgia Meloni delivered keynote address at the Dialogue 2023
    DD INDIA 4 days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXs22ayc9es

    Douglas Macgregor – a Massive Russian Offensive
    Ms. Phoepe 49K views 10 hours ago

    • Tin foil hat

      Since the Russian Army has integrated their satellite system GLONASS with the Chinese BeiDou, they are no longer fighting blind in Ukraine. Technically, that is not considered military aid but it saved the Russian a lot of ammos.

  126. FlashEMP

    Economic Update: Establishment Media & Russia with Aaron Maté
    Democracy At Work/ 18 hours ago Economic with Richard D. Wolff

    Putin’s ‘friend’ China rebukes NATO Nations U.S., Germany over arms aid to Russia | Details Hindustan Times 28,927 views Mar 7, 2023
    China has hit back at the U.S. and Germany for claiming that it was planning to send weapons to Russia amid its war in Ukraine. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang slammed Germany’s threat of consequences and said that such statements were ‘absolutely unacceptable’. While claiming that there was an ‘invisible hand’ in the Ukraine crisis, Qin Gang said, “China did not create the crisis; It is not a party to the crisis and has not provided weapons to either side. So, on what basis is this talk of blame, sanctions, and threats against China? This is absolutely unacceptable.” Watch this video for more details.

    Putin’s hurricane strikes cripple Ukraine; Kyiv’s key arms depots gutted in back-to-back bombings. Hindustan Times Mar 7, 2023
    Russian forces have massively spiraled their attack in Ukraine after recent battlefield gains. Vladimir Putin’s revamped blitzkrieg has brought Ukraine to its knees. In Kharkiv’s Kupyansk, the attacks by the artillery of the ‘Zapad’ group of Russian forces resulted in the decimation of the Ukrainian army units. Kyiv’s forces also suffered a big blow in Luhansk region’s Krasny, where an intense battle has been underway for weeks. Putin’s army has also launched a new wave of attacks in southern Donetsk amid the raging battle for Bakhmut city in the region. Watch this report to learn the latest developments about the Russia-Ukraine war.

    Italian PM Giorgia Meloni receives ceremonial welcome at Rashtrapati Bhawan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3gsgbEptw8
    PM of Italy Giorgia Meloni delivered keynote address at the Dialogue 2023
    DD INDIA 4 days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXs22ayc9es

    Douglas Macgregor – a Massive Russian Offensive
    Ms. Phoepe 49K views 10 hours ago

  127. John Little

    When speaking of “the conclusion of the system of things,” Jesus Christ urged his disciples: “Keep looking, keep awake, for you do not know when the appointed time is.” After that, Jesus admonished them repeatedly: “Keep on the watch.” (Matt. 24:3; read Mark 13:32-37.) Matthew’s account of the same discussion also reveals that Jesus warned his followers to stay alert: “Keep on the watch, therefore, because you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. . . . Prove yourselves ready, because the Son of man is coming at an hour that you do not think to be it.” Again, he said: “Keep on the watch, therefore, because you know neither the day nor the hour.”​—Matt. 24:42-44; 25:13.
    As Christian witnesses, we take seriously Jesus’ warning. We know that we are living deep in “the time of the end” and that there cannot be much time left before the “great tribulation” begins! (Dan. 12:4; Matt. 24:21) We see distressing wars, increasing immorality and lawlessness, religious confusion, food shortages, pestilences, and earthquakes taking place around the world. We know that a phenomenal Kingdom-preaching work is being accomplished by God’s people everywhere. (Matt. 24:7, 11, 12, 14; Luke 21:11) We eagerly anticipate what the Lord’s coming will mean for us and for the accomplishment of God’s purpose.​—Mark 13:26, 27.
    We know that every season has a precise time to start. However, try as hard as we might, we cannot pinpoint the exact year, much less day and hour, when the great tribulation will begin. When on earth, Jesus said: “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Matt. 24:36) But Christ has been empowered in heaven to wage war against Satan’s world. (Rev. 19:11-16) Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that Jesus now knows when Armageddon will occur. We, however, do not know. It is imperative that we stay watchful until the tribulation occurs. Yet, the timing of that event has never been uncertain to God. He has determined exactly when the end will come. He is counting down the time to the start of the great tribulation, and its start “will not be late!” (Read Habakkuk 2:1-3.) How can we be sure of this?

  128. Marie Joy

    Could/Would Ivermectin be used to treat Bird Flu, possibly, our next plandemic?

    • Marie Joy

      I think WE should find out what the treatments are for ALL the possible new plandemics. Marburg, for one.

    • Marie Joy

      I fear Marburg and to that end,
      It is mostly about managing symptoms.

  129. `-`*

    Ukraine Russia War Live | Putin’s Top Military Official Sergei Shoigu Lands in War-hit Mariupol /TIMES NOW Started streaming 2 hours ago.

    Amid Constant Russian Attacks in Bakhmut, Ukraine Conducting Tactical Withdrawal / TIMES NOW 75 minutes ago.
    It is too early to tell if Ukraine is considering a complete withdrawal from the city, the Institute for the Study of War said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsOHb6LJnzc

    Zelensky fighting ego battle with Putin in Bakhmut? ‘Won’t surrender,’ declares Ukrainian President/Hindustan Times Mar 6, 2023
    Day after reports of infighting between the Ukrainian President and Army Chief over Bakhmut’s withdrawal, Volodymyr Zelensky’s office has issued a big statement. Zelensky has declared that ‘Ukraine won’t surrender’ to the Russians in Bakhmut. Zelensky even held a meeting with the Ukrainian Army Chief and top government officials to discuss Kyiv’s strategy for the Bakhmut battle against Russian troops. This came after German media house Bild exposed the infighting among Ukraine’s top brass. The German newspaper reported that while the Ukrainian army is ready to withdraw from Bakhmut, Zelensky is insistent on not giving up. As fighting gets more and more intense, Putin’s army is certain that the fall of Bakhmut is imminent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpDhgNo0enc

    US-South Korea Drill News Live | North Korea Threatens US with Nukes; Ready to Act Against Drills / TIMES NOW 2 hours ago.
    The influential sister of North Korea’s leader warned Tuesday that her country is ready to take “quick, overwhelming action” against the United States and South Korea — one day after a nuclear-capable B-52 flew over the peninsula.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuLd1ssj-rQ

    China Taiwan Conflict Live Update | Taiwan Warns of China Military’s ‘Sudden Entry’ Close Island TIMES NOW
    Started streaming 84 minutes ago.
    Chinese Military Enters Taiwan Live | Taiwan Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng warned the island has to be on alert this year for Chinese military’s “sudden entry” into areas close to its territory amid the rising military tensions across the sensitive Taiwan Strait.

    Seymour Hersh – Biden’s Blackout: How America & Norway Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines /London Real 1 day ago

  130. Drone Wars

    Can This Weapon Turn Russia’s Fortunes in The Ukraine War? | Vantage with Palki Sharma / Firstpost 5,296 views Mar 7, 2023
    Russia has launched a new wave of drones in Ukraine. The Russian Forces have added a new weapon to their arsenal – the boomerang drone. Will it help Russia make territorial gains? Palki Sharma brings you a report.

  131. Catchin A RAY

    Black Conservative Patriot 10K views 2 hours ago

  132. Prospector

    To introduce CBDC , a catalyst for change will be needed.
    F E A R – will be employed. ( I.E. all money is contaminated , we must pull it from circulation and go 100 % digital …… for your safety. )

    From the short clip below: ” When people are afraid the become irrational … become easily manipulated ”

    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
    Covid-19 Origins – Using Global Fear to Manipulate the Masses

    Same ‘fear’ that leads to this :
    UPDATE: Blackrock Board Member and Former Pfizer Executive Is Behind Push for Chicken Vaccinations – Chicken Vax Company Is an Offshoot of Pfizer

  133. Jaun Valdez

    Yup, Father God’s prophecies have always been fulfilled right on time! Consider his precise timing when he delivered the Israelites from Egypt. Referring to Nisan 14, 1513 B.C.E., Moses stated: “At the end of the 430 years, on this very day, all the multitudes of Jehovah went out of the land of Egypt.” (Ex. 12:40-42) Those “430 years” began when God’s covenant with Abraham went into effect in 1943 B.C.E. (Gal. 3:17, 18) Sometime later, Jehovah told Abraham: “Know for certain that your offspring will be foreigners in a land not theirs and that the people there will enslave them and afflict them for 400 years.” (Gen. 15:13; Acts 7:6) Those “400 years” of affliction evidently began in 1913 B.C.E. when Ishmael mocked Isaac at the time of his being weaned, and they ended when the Israelites made their exodus out of Egypt in 1513 B.C.E. (Gen. 21:8-10; Gal. 4:22-29) Yes, four centuries in advance, God set the precise time for the deliverance of his Hebrew people!
    Joshua, who was among those delivered from Egypt, reminded all Israel: “You well know with all your heart and with all your soul that not one word out of all the good promises that Jehovah your God has spoken to you has failed. They have all come true for you. Not one word of them has failed.” (Josh. 23:2, 14)
    Today we can be certain that Jesuse’s promises of deliverance through our heavenly father, through the great tribulation, will not fail us either. As it didn’t fail our Hebrew brother and sisters of long ago!
    However, if we want to survive the destruction of this system, we must keep on the watch. So, keep on keeping on the USAWatchdog.com, watch!

  134. Nika

    Public Citizen, a nonprofit watchdog group, filed an ethics complaint against House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., for releasing security camera footage of the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

  135. Mrs. T. Abraham

    BREAKING! U.K. pushes DIRECT war with Putin’s Russia as Ukraine nears collapse | Redacted News
    21,269 watching now Started streaming 92 minutes ago
    These warmongering clowns are going to get us all killed. Last night Tobias Ellwood, head of the British parliament’s defense committee, openly called for a direct head-on NATO lead war with Russia. This comes as Ukraine’s president Zelensky says they will not negotiate a peace settlement and demanded more weapons and aircraft.

  136. Don't Squeeze THE/SHEEPLE

    Douglas MacGregor || Russia is not Yugoslavia, Russia is not Iraq, NATO will crumble!!! The Truth 2.14K subscribe.

  137. Justn Observer

    Greg, did you know that ?
    The national emergency gives the White House the power to “deal with” threats to Ukraine’s democratic process. Hm. Deal with? Deal with how exactly?
    Biden enacts permanent EMERGENCY powers over Ukraine
    News on the Net image
    By News on the Net — Redacted with Clayton Morris——Bio and Archives–March 7, 2023 =


  138. H. L. Haldiman

    We can learn a lesson from ancient times about the importance of being watchful. Back then, many larger cities​—such as Jerusalem—​were surrounded by high walls. The walls provided physical protection from invaders as well as elevated vantage points from which to watch the surrounding landscape. Day and night, watchmen were stationed on the walls and at the gates. They were to alert the city’s inhabitants of any approaching danger. (Isa. 62:6) It was a life-and-death matter that the watchmen remain awake and attentive at their posts.​—Ezek. 33:6.
    Jewish historian Josephus relates that in 70 C.E., the Roman forces were able to take possession of the Tower of Antonia, adjoining the city wall of Jerusalem, because the guards at the gates were asleep! From there, the Romans rushed the temple and set fire to it, resulting in the finale of the greatest tribulation that Jerusalem and the Jewish nation had ever experienced.
    Guess what most people today. are not aware of?
    Most nations, except the US. of course, today have “watchmen” in the form of border patrols and high-tech surveillance systems. They watch for intrusions into their territory and for enemies who pose a threat to national security. However, such “watchmen” can perceive only those threats that come from man-made governments or humans. They are unaware of the existence and activities of God’s heavenly Kingdom government in the hands of Christ and the role it will play in the impending judgment on all the nations. (Isa. 9:6, 7, ftn.; 56:10; Dan. 2:44) On the other hand, by being alert and watchful spiritually, we will be ready whenever that day of judgment arrives.​—Ps. 130:6.

  139. Prospector

    COVID origin hearings in DC happening now.

    Now that ALL Lying Legacy Media outlets are reporting the line that ” We are now sure that Covid came from China’s Wuhan lab ” , there can be little doubt that we are being played again. This is a cover story !!
    Why no media coverage about the clandestine UKRAINE LABS ?
    What are the other U.S. run labs around the world up to ?
    They , and their ‘ intelligence sources ‘ were sure that Iraq had WMD’s too. So this will set the stage as a pretext to war with China. A war that will assist the plans for a great ” RESET “. A war wipes out our debt with China among other things.

  140. Henery Patrick

    Col. Macgregor near the end, nails the whole situation!
    Over ten years ago, sore ass Soros was spouting his mouth off about this all out war, that would come against Russia. Because he said, Russia is the last nationalist state!
    That Russia rests on Orthodox Christine culture, with Russian identity at its core. That has to be removed! That the puppets in charge of the west and Washington, think that they have essentially destroyed the identities of the Euro’peon and American middle class, or whats left of it! That we have no sense of ourselves, our borders remain undefended, [at least in the US., since the Trump coup d’état. Of the illegal seizure, of the White-House, by the present political faction, of the Soros-[Obama puppet] deep state. Commandeered by the $3.8 Billion dollar Beijing Biden bought and paid for dis- administration.] We present no resistance to the incoming migrants from the developing world who essentially rolled us over, as if we owe them a living and our laws don’t mean a damn thang! In other words they wanted the Trumpster out and when they get Putin out, they’ll own everything and we’ll own nuttin honey! We will be with out a country in a land our forefathers fought and died fer, against the British empire, the original globalista’s!
    Douglas Macgregor – A Massive Russian Offensive
    Begin Your Journey 5.74K subscribers 33,860 views Mar 7, 2023

    Chinese COVID Lab Leak Debate Resurges After New Report Drops
    https://www.newsweek.com/chinese-covid-lab-leak-debate-resurges-after-new-report-drops-1783864 WHAT STARTED IT ALL! GOODBY FRAUDCI!

    Black Conservative Patriot
    642K subscribers 44K views Streamed 17 hours ago
    The truth shall set all political prisoners free!!!!
    President Trump 2024🇺🇸 Go Tuck! Schummer the Boomer
    Chuck Schumer – CIA has “6 Ways from Sunday” to get ya

    Taking My Family to Steak and Wine Bar for Dinner on The International Women’s Day. Baklykov. Live

    ⚡ Roots of Ukrainian nationalism | How West provoked biggest war in Europe since WWII Scott Ritter 56.5K subscribers

    OUR GIRL NEXT DOOR Olivia Newton John

    Douglas Macgregor – A Massive Russian Offensive
    Begin Your Journey 33,860 views Mar 7, 2023

  141. Buford Soundstone

    Wednesday LIVE: Deep State Putting Massive Pressure on FOX to Stop Tucker Carlson From Releasing More Jan 6 Footage – Watch LIVE Posted 3 hours ago
    In addition to this key 1st Amendment issue, Alex Jones will be covering Biden’s official rollout of the Central Bank Digital Currency system that is the final piece globalists need to turn America into a digital PRISON!

    RINO Lawmakers Melt Down Over Tucker Carlson’s Release of Hidden Jan. 6 Footage
    by Jamie White March 7th 2023, 3:09 pm
    Sens. Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Tom Tillis, Kevin Cramer and other squishy GOP lawmakers denounce Carlson airing suppressed Jan. 6 footage that exposed insurrection lie. https://www.infowars.com/posts/rino-lawmakers-melt-down-over-tucker-carlsons-release-of-jan-6-footage/
    Meltdown indicative of ongoing civil war within Republican Party waged between America First faction and establishment RINOs ahead of 2024 presidential election.

  142. TPW

    You better check out Emmit bill from MN…..seems he is more concerned about providing/promising protections than actually stopping digital……

  143. Frank Cooper

    Biden is the ‘best president China has had’: Newt Gingrich
    Fox Business 73K views 1 day ago

  144. Marie Joy

    Surviving the Xiden regime seems to be Americans’ biggest issue and, frankly, I’m not giving weaklings, like me, great odds.

  145. Marie Joy

    Anything that CNN, et al, say is a lie designed to scare you to death. MO.
    That said. Ammo up.

  146. Marie Joy


  147. Justn Observer

    Greg, more discussion son Secession Is Inevitable. War to Prevent It Is Optional.
    Maybe time to cut the cord….cut the oil and gas pipelines, and cut the food production zones from the latituds north of the 20 latitude. They ignore the will of the ‘flyover’ productive states…so maybe time to ignore them as the Grand Solar Minimum rolls in for a hundred years or so again?

    Based on the availability of silver…biden wants to go with solar panels which will take out any production of EV vehicless and I-PHONES and medical uses…if they go EV , then there is not enough for solar panels…so apparently the ‘real’ plan is something else! Well, more than just control and making people dependent. Its more like you walk or ride a bike, and AL GORE and ‘them’ keep flying their private jets with the diesel you can have! Unfortunately, most people ever do anything until it affects them personally…and by then the U.S.A. we all love will likely be gone. So time now is just for preparing and making plans to get thru a very turbulent time…and hope there will be enough freedom loving people on the other side to rebuild and have enough love for freedom and God’s given rights and freewill to try again!

    • Justn Observer

      Greg, Can Biden deny the world economic collapse any longer? Or the sheeple not see it or deny it how much longer at their own demise? Undeniable massive world slowdown in progress and the damage is done….except for the layoffs with the bankruptcies and the rest of the issues all you guests have rightly preceived and report coming to fruition…

  148. Lily Cramtree

    Clif High & Bo Polny always praised cryptos without ever telling how complex they are to manage/manoeuver.

    Better to stick to the simple advices of CAF and Bill Holter.

  149. robert keenan

    Greg, please watch this interview. I thought I was pretty well informed but if this true , well my friend , we have a seriously sick leadership in this country as well as worldwide! This woman worked developing viruses for the military for 21 years.

    Thank you,


  150. roy

    well, it is clear that the sheep’s will line up to take CBDC, exactly the way they took the jab, on top of that they will criticise the rest of us for “not taking the jab/CBDC/or anything else the crims come up with”
    god help us

  151. Led Skelton

    New TV Smash Hit, by me – THE BLUE STATE HIPPIES

    Episodic Misadventure #1:
    An eleven year old great grandchild of a hippie, pours bleach into the coffee cup of a teacher (err inner city liberal brain eraser), whom is a grandchild of a hippie.
    The school principle, the police, the city DA, and the entire court system are also all grandchildren of this hippie inner city inbred clan.
    It has been reported that the people in this city are way too scared to say or do anything, out of fear of being called a name by the woke left.

  152. Achilles Dagger

    Gravitas | Battle for Bakhmut: Russia uses hypersonic missiles in Ukraine
    WION /16,696 views Mar 9, 2023
    Russia has fired at least six hypersonic missiles into Ukraine. These missiles are called Kinzhals or daggers, and they are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Is Russia exhibiting signs of desperation? Molly Gambhir tells you.

    Published March 9, 2023 1:56pm EST
    Transnistria accuses Ukraine of organizing assassination attempt of its president
    Moldovan breakaway region known for close Moscow ties, hosting Russian troops

    OH SH*T, It’s starting. Putin launches MASSIVE military strike as war enters next phase | Redacted
    The next phase in the war just started as Russia launches hypersonic missile attacks on key infrastructure targets. All of this in an effort to soften targets ahead of a massive offensive. Former weapons inspector Scott Ritter joins Redacted for a look at the latest moves.

  153. Tommy Crown

    Discussion with Russell Brand
    Dr. John Campbell 15,655 views Mar 9, 2023
    This was a great talk; this is a clip from it.
    These guy’s make a great team! Like Mutt and Jeff! Abbot and Costello. Hope and Crosby! Martin and Lewis, DO IT! Keep it up boy’s, do it again and more often! With you Russel the straight man and Dr. Campbell’s sense of soupy humor, you guy’s Hollywood, or Pinewood?! Yes! I’m staying tuned!!!!!!!!!

  154. Cousin Don

    Americans died because of this: Tim Kennedy
    Fox News 26,249 views Mar 9, 2023
    Save Our Allies co-founder Tim Kennedy responds to testimony shared during a Congressional hearing Wednesday on the withdrawal from Afghanistan

    BREAKING! Yet another Epstein and Clinton ally MYSTERIOUSLY dies w/ Whitney Webb /Redacted 228,351 views Mar 8, 2023
    Why do so many associates of Bill and Hillary Clinton keep winding up dead in mysterious circumstances? Another associated of Clinton died suddenly under bizarre circumstances this weekend and someone is trying to hide her past. Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb joins Redacted Host Clayton Morris for a closer look.
    Don’t blame Bill, It’s the tentacle’s of the Deep State and the Ark. mob! You know who they are, watch your balls, mate!

  155. D.Howe

    Sorry! Epstein and Clinton ally MYSTERIOUSLY dies

  156. Tony

    Scam Alert!! The FDIC insures $9 Trillion of bank deposits with only #125 billion worth assets!!


    Prayers for you and your family on the loss of your grandchild. That’s a tough one. Thanks for all you do.

  158. Dannlopar

    Catherine Austin Fitts in one of the greatest and smart woman I known, its unbelieveble how she can simplify complex topics on Economy and transmit to the audience in a way some easy to understand (theory). I strongly dissagree on one Topic when she blame Trump about the vaccines, because five minutes before she said the Military, Pentagon (Establishmetl) controls the POTUS and have the guns pointing at him so how Trump could say NO to them, also the WHO is a very corrupt international institution and you cannot Outsource Healthcare, she commited a big falacy then.

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