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Islamic State-Loose Artillery Shell on the Deck of the Ship of History-James Howard Kunstler

44By Greg Hunter’s 

Veteran journalist and author, James Howard Kunstler, is worried about the violence heating up in the Middle East–especially Saudi Arabia.  Kunstler says, “Saudi Arabia is between a rock and a hard place, or should I say Iraq and a hard place.  Both sides that are now contending in Iraq, the Shiite and the Islamic State or caliphate, are both not friendly with Saudi Arabia.  (more…)

Money Bubble Will Pop-John Rubino

4By Greg Hunter’s 

John Rubino, author of the new book “The Money Bubble,” can sum up the ongoing global financial problems in a single phrase: “There is too much debt.” Rubino goes on to say, “Debt works the same way for a country as it works for an individual or a family, which is to say if you borrow too much, then your life basically craters. Everything gets harder to do, and you end up doing things in order to deal with your past mistakes that you would never do normally. You start trying absolutely crazy things, and that’s where the world’s governments are right now. . . . (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.4.14

ISIS or ISIL, Updated Ukraine Crisis and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone!  Well, the fireworks went off all over the place, and I am talking about real war.  The al-Qaeda linked terror army operating in Syria and Iraq, called ISIS or ISIL, has declared a new Islamic State.  It covers land taken by them in recent fighting and is comprised of parts of Eastern Syria and Western Iraq.  Now, the Russians are sending fighter jets to Iraq and are teaming up with Iran to protect what’s left of Iraq.  (more…)

Official 2014 IMF Forecast Based on ‘Magic Number Seven’-Steve Quayle

Steve Quayle - Official 2014 IMF Forecast Based on ‘Magic Number Seven’By Greg Hunter’s

Radio talk show veteran and 10 time published author, Steve Quayle, says dark powers are at work in the financial markets at the highest levels of global government.  Quayle contends, “First of all, the illuminati and the occult are one in the same with hidden meanings to the general population, but announcements to people on the inside.”  At the beginning of 2014, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, gave a primer on numerology to an audience at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  (more…)

Iraq Crisis-$150 to $200 Oil Might Seem Cheap-Chris Martenson

4By Greg Hunter’s

Chris Martenson is an economic researcher and futurist who produced a popular video seminar called “Crash Course.”   Back in early 2008, he explained the “interconnected forces in the economy, energy and the environment.”  Now, he has produced a new “Accelerated Crash Course,” and this theme is playing out in places like Iraq.  Martenson says, “If you want to understand what is going on in Iraq, you have to understand what is going on with energy in this part of the game. (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.27.14

4.jpgBy Greg Hunter’s

Iraq is the top story, and the crisis there is boiling over.  At its core, this is a religious war between the Sunni and Shia Muslims.  One big problem–the U.S. has armed and supported both sides.  We have sent military advisors to help the Shia majority government that is being helped by Iran.  ISIS was armed in part by the U.S. in Syria; and, now, the Obama Administration is asking Congress for $500 million to aid the so-called rebels in Syria.  (more…)

Iraq About US Dollar, Hyperinflation Trouble in 2015-Gordon Long

4By Greg Hunter’s 

Macroeconomist Gordon Long says, “We’re not really running a capitalist system.  We are running a credit system.  Instead of using savings, we are using credit.  Credit, the way we are doing it now, is really a form of counterfeiting.  If you look at the $72 trillion shadow banking system that we have operating right now, that is generating this credit . . . it collapsed in 2008 . . . and now it’s on a hairy edge.  (more…)

Corporate Empire Created Failed Global Economic System-John Perkins

44By Greg Hunter’s 

John Perkins, best-selling author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,” says corporations, not governments, run the world.  Perkins explains, “We are in a world situation unlike anybody has ever known before.  We have a global corporate empire.  It’s a corporate empire and not a United States empire.  It’s the first time in history it’s really not a national empire.  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.20.14

4By Greg Hunter’s

President Obama is sending 300 military advisors to Iraq.  This is the ultimate lose-lose scenario.  Remember I told you Iran was already there, and the U.S. would be helping Iran defend Iraq.  Well, it’s happening.  Obama does not want to attack the ISIS or ISIL forces that have come down from Syria, and he does not want the Iranians to defend Iraq and gain influence.  (more…)

Dollar Ready to Die, We are Losing our Country-Jim Willie

goldenjackassBy Greg Hunter’s

Financial newsletter writer, Dr. Jim Willie, says, “The dollar is ready to die . . . I think the funeral march starts this year.  I have been saying the year is not going to close out the way it started.”  (more…)

Dastardly War Will Prop Up Failing System-Gregory Mannarino

Greg MannarinoBy Greg Hunter’s 

Financial analyst and trader, Gregory Mannarino says the new Iraq crisis is no accident.  Mannarino says, “They are letting this happen on purpose. . . . We have an economy that needs to borrow cash into existence.  It is built upon the acquisition of debt–period.  This cash needs to be borrowed into existence and then dispersed.  They don’t even care where it goes.  If this mechanism becomes impeded in any way, the whole thing will collapse.  We do not have a wealth based economic model.  We have a debt based economic model. (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.13.14

Russia-Ukraine Crisis Update, JP Morgan Cut First Quarter GDP and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

Remember how I have been pointing out repeatedly that the U.S. was arming al-Qaeda linked terrorists in places like Libya and Syria? Remember how I have been telling you it’s a very bad idea to arm terrorists to do your bidding?  (more…)

Bilderberg Group Worried about Nuclear War with Russia–Daniel Estulin

Bilderberg Group Worried about Nuclear War with Russia--Daniel EstulinBy Greg Hunter’s

Best-selling author Daniel Estulin sold 5 million copies of a book called “The True Story of The Bilderberg Group.”  Estulin says the book is about “the true story of the world’s power elite and their plans for our future.”  Last week, the secret annual Bilderberg meeting wrapped up in Copenhagen, Denmark.  One of the top priorities at the Bilderberg meeting was the Ukraine crisis and sanctions being not so effectively pushed by President Obama.  Estulin says, “Anybody who makes too much noise and threatens too often, they do that because they don’t have any real power.  This is the case with Obama.  You can’t threaten a country like Russia.  (more…)

Negative Interest Rates Signal Final Currency War-Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman: Gold and Silver Update, Negative Interest Rates and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s

Financial analyst Andy Hoffman says the negative interest rates installed last week by the European Central Bank will eventually mean depositors will pay the banks in Europe to hold their money.  Hoffman explains, “I believe that will happen in time . . . inevitably there are only so many tools in the arsenal of the central bank.  They can print money and lower interest rates . . . all that stuff.  Now, the ECB, like the Bank of Japan, and the Fed are at the bottom of the barrel. . . . (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.6.14

4.jpgBy Greg Hunter’s 

The top story is the global economy.  It’s not fixed and there is no real recovery. Yes, I know the stock market hit all-time highs again, but that’s because the market believes the Fed; and now the European Central Bank will continue the easy money policies.  The ECB just announced it will go to negative interest rates of -.1% on deposits. That’s right.  In, Europe you have to pay a bank to hold your money!  (more…)