Financial Cycle Down, War Cycle Up – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s 

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says his cycle analysis shows the highs are in for the stock market, and it’s downhill from here—way downhill.  Nenner’s analysis show major support was breached at the beginning of 2022.  Nenner explains, “If it closes below the trend line, you better get out of the stock market, and it did.  Now, in January, it has closed much lower that all the quarterly lows.  This is not making lows on a daily chart but a quarterly chart, and that is much more important than short term. . . . I did a report about how many stocks are in an uptrend and how many stocks are in a down trend.  I think 50% is already in a bear market. There are just a few stocks that are holding up the market, like . . . Microsoft, Apple, Google.  I looked into what the earnings are . . . it was clear they are never going to sustain those prices. . . . I think 1% of the stocks are holding up 40% of the S&P.  Once they give in, the markets go down.  A lot of people have already lost a lot of money because most stocks do not perform anymore.  I think we are very close, and my target is still 5,000 (on the DOW).  It seems very farfetched, but it you just do the math. . . . The media will not help you.  They will invite you if you talk about markets going up because the companies that want to advertise with them want to sell.  So, very few companies like to talk about stocks going up and do not care if it goes up or down.  We just tell you the truth.”  Nenner says he and his clients are out of the stock market since the first of the year.

Nenner does cycle work for oil, the dollar, Bitcoin, interest rates and the bond market, to name a few.  Nenner says interest rates have hit their lows and “are going up for the next thirty years.”  Nenner thinks gold will be going up to at least $2,500 per ounce, but it has a short while before it starts moving up.  Nenner says the only market investors should be long is the commodity markets.  Commodities are going to go up for years to come, according to Nenner’s cycle work.

No cycle is more important to Nenner these days than the “War Cycle.”  Nenner does not see a war with Russia, but he expects after the Winter Olympics in China, things are going to turn dramatically more intense with the CCP.  Nenner says, “I think the big problem after the Olympics is going to be China. . . . nobody is going to do anything against China, and I think they are going to take over Taiwan.  If the West is going to fight, then we have major war.”

(There is much more in the 30-minute interview.)

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner. (1.25.22)

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Absolutely fantastic interview Greg.
    Thanks so much.
    Yep the mRNA Vax are full of poison.

    • Edmunde Burke

      Thousands of individual reports of vaccine deaths and side efects on the telegram group “theysayitsrare”. (They say its rare).

      Another great page for information on telegram is called *Remedies and Protocols for victims of covid 19 injuries”. This has lots of links to loads of options.

      I managed to buy 1000 ivermectin tablets from India to the UK for £150, problem free and delivered in less than ten days. However our friends in Germany think their order was seized at the border. (so be wary if you are EU based).

      Lost a triple jabbed friend this week to a very aggressive cancer that was diagnosed about two months ago. In his forties, very fit cyclist and soccer ref. Also know of three others all triple jabbed who have been diagnosed with cancers in the last three weeks, all late stages (thyroid, prostrate and bowel). All male and under 60.
      I tried so hard to warn people and so few listened, I am finding it very hard to sleep and whilst trying/praying to stay humble and it is extremely hard not to say I told you so. I feel this is the tip of the iceberg as looking around many people seemed to have aged very very quickly ( ie. gone grey overnight, got very forgetful, having stupid minor accidents, can no longer do simple tasks etc).

      The financial angle, whist important for those who survive the vaccine cull is going to be secondary to the mental anguish of watching a very high percentage of our friends, relatives and neighbours die off.

      Stay safe Greg and fellow watchdoggers.

      • IIG

        Before they distract us with WWII – all those injured by the “jab” have to immediately sue the pants off Big Pharma – you do have the right to sue them into bankruptcy according to Karen Kingston –

      • bert trim

        Sorry to hear about the loss of a friend. Yes, India is where I got my Ivermectin. My second order was mixed up a bit but hey I’m not complaining, only took a few weeks to get to Canada. I find it very hard to talk to people over here about Covid and the jabs. Every time that I open my mouth and start a discussion with a friend, I lose a friend. The vaxed get downright militant when you mention deaths. It seems that the media wants the un vaxed to shut up. Sooner or later the unvaxed will have to unite in order to stay sane. Thank God for situations like the trucker convoys in Canada. These puppets seem to be losing their grip lately. Be well, there’s a lot of pure bloods out here waiting to unite.

    • BOB S

      best guest you have! thanks!!

  2. Jeff robbins

    I’m always amused with how quick this guy is with his answers. Can’t recall him ever giving a long interview, but a great guest. Personally i think the best part is the European perspective of world affairs.

    • IIG

      People are not very amused by Nenner’s stock market forecast – this past week, retail investors began to panic (as their stocks fell apart) – previous favorites have begun to fall and selling pressure has now taken the S&P 500 below its trend-line support (deep into oversold territory some 3-standard deviations below the mean) –×618.png – is it time for a reflex rally? … Likely, but how long will it last?? … question is will funds withdrawn go into cash or gold (as a safe haven)???

  3. Doug


    Democrats don’t need voters. They just count the votes.

    • Dwight Branson

      I totally agree, that is how the current occupiers took control. I pray that sufficient controls are now in place to prevent the rampant fraud next go-around.

    • Suzette Lawrence


    • Warren B.

      IN the corrupted world in which we all live……its never about who makes the votes…more so those who count them.

  4. SCott

    We live in California and the Communist Chinese infiltration of every state institution and every private corporation, at every level, is an epic, EPIC problem, here. Point it out to anyone and straightaway the Chinese start screaming, “racist! RACIST!”

    Americans need to get over being labeled whatever PC slurs the Chinese select and confront their criminal behavior: industrial espionage, military espionage, IP theft, bribery, money laundering, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, and on and on it goes – their growing presence in this country is a HUGE, HUGE Trojan Horse.

  5. Jerry

    I’m not sure what to make of the Ukrainian situation but I find this information from FEMA almost humorous.

    Obviously the oligarchs that run both the east and the west are interested in the oil pipeline that feeds Europe from Ukraine. Wether a deal can be struck is another matter? Just remember the globalist are running out of time on the reset and need a distraction as the pandemic begins to fall apart. Every since 9/11 I never rule anything out, and don’t forget lucifers thirst for world domination has not changed. I would still err on the side of caution.

    • Gaylene Muir

      Jerry this might be of interest,
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      Liposomal Curcumin, patented Tart Cherry Extract, Quercetin, Resveratrol, EGCG Green Tea Extract, Cocoa Extract and Boswellia Serrata.
      These seven flavonoids in BioShield MD™™ work together to support healthy, balanced cytokine activity in the body and brain.
      When cytokines are working optimally, they’re a crucial first line of defense for pathogens and invaders.
      And healthy cytokine function means healthy energy, clarity and mobility throughout the whole body.
      This is the immunity formula that every American needs right now!
      Dr. Mark Rosenberg is one of America’s leading research doctors. He earned his Medical Degree from Georgetown University, and then went on to serve in the U.S. Army. Early in his career, Dr. Rosenberg worked in emergency medicine, eventually moving on to run the Emergency Rooms at the Beth Army Medical Center, and the Walter Read Memorial Hospital. After diagnosing his own mother with Stage-4 lung cancer, he devoted the rest of his career to immunity research and has since pioneered a treatment which successfully brought two Stage-4 patients into complete remission. This treatment is now being brought into clinical trials with scientists at Harvard University. Dr. Rosenberg frequently lectures across the country and serves on the board of the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida, with his wife and two sons.

      • Jerry

        Thank you for the information. Right now in addition to my chemotherapy I’m taking fenbendazole and a protocol of pathway from a company called ONCO. It’s interesting that many of the ingredients mentioned in the information you posted, are also in the
        protocol I’m taking, so have no doubts about its effectiveness.

      • eddiemd

        “Dr. Rosenberg worked in emergency medicine, eventually moving on to run the Emergency Rooms at the Beth Army Medical Center, and the Walter Read Memorial Hospital.”

        What? “Beth Army Medical Center”? “Walter Read Memorial Hospital”?

        Some kind of sales pitch? With the wrong medical credentials.

    • Saeed

      Thanks Greg! It’s always great to get differing opinions to make our own assessments and preparations.

      Jerry, I think you got the pulse on our current situation. Vax mandates falling, covid/omicron fear subsiding, inflation rising, stock, bond, crypto, real estate market bubbles bursting, President Biden’s popularity sinking, so is PM Boris Johnson’s. So what’s the best way of fixing the situation? You guessed it! War, war, more war.

      Don’t forget that White House was occupied by Democrats in WWI (Woodrow Wilson) and WWII (Franklin D Roosevelt), and this time (WWIII) what’s better than having a democrat President who is not even there.

      Also, don’t forget that international Zionist banksters take us from 1 extreme when making money via usury falls apart (peacetime economy) to financing wars to make money from bloodshed. Read history with deep analyses of secret societies’ involvement.

      • IIG

        Yes – Nothing better than having a Demon-rat President. When the White House was occupied by the Demon-rat (Woodrow Wilson) he brought us WWI and the Ponzi Fed (to screw with our money) – and when the White house was occupied by the Demon-rat (Franklin D Roosevelt) he brought us WWII and Ponzi Social Security (to screw with our retirement) – and now the White House is occupied by the Demon-rat (Joseph “Robin” Biden) to bring us WWIII and Ponzi Vax-Jabs (to screw with our very lives)!!

        • Johnny Cool


          You remind me of “Paul…”

          Stan will be happy.

          • Warren B.

            Similarities are unmistakable. 👌

          • eddiemd

            I agree. I thought the same.

            • Steve Bice

              Paul=IIG=Stan=Theodore=Johnny Cool

              The attention-seeking shtick got old a long time ago…sock puppets galore.

            • Steve Bice

              On second thought, never mind, Paul.

              Have fun keeping it all straight in the pentad…

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Nenner its amazing how his cycles match with those of Martin Armstrong nearly.
    The Davos Bolshevik Greenie elite installed in our bureaucracy are still determined to punish us plebs here in the UK by sending us to war on behalf of the elite who will weep bitterly over our unmarked graves! I wish this were a story instead they have openly written and promoted this and expect us to go along.

  7. Marie Joy

    IF China wants American land for farming, to feed their people, they will not use nukes but they will use EMPs. Woodstoves with a lot of wood.

    • Suzette Lawrence

      Good point!

    • Saeed

      Midwest will be safe, God-Willing! Woodstove, yup got that.

  8. jj

    Hands off Taiwan. Nenner you should no better than to encourage China to invade Taiwan.


    Another great and insightful interview Greg.
    I would not be surprised if the Dems are desperate to start a war before the midterms or the 2024 elections. Anything to maintain power and avoid justice.

  10. J. Loughran

    “I was in the sitting room when a hockey game broke out”, comedy? The engaging Mr. Nenner spoke sincerely, “truthfully” and for this he was attacked. Why, because his words broke the spell of the dental sitting room and the piped in music? His question to us, the viewer, “When your society has disconnected from God, how do know what is moral?”, shouldn’t be glossed over.


    Joe Rogan Slams CNN: ‘They’ve Destroyed Their Business’ (VIDEO)
    By Mike LaChance – January 24, 2022
    The liberal media has been on a quest lately, to destroy Joe Rogan! With the TITANIC of FAKE New’s CNN, being one of the loudest voices.

    • Randy Best

      I’m surprised CNN is still even in business.

  12. Donald Patterson

    God-bless you Greg you’ve been on fire

    • regaleagle

      Hey Greg…….what’s the average subscribers now? I’ve been coming here 7 or maybe 8 yrs now……I lost count! Just curious……lots of posters now, but I’m sure a heckuva lot more viewers than just posters. Can’t really express my sincere gratitude to everyone here and esp. to You Greg for all the truth and knowledge that I have been able to garner right here at the Very Best truther site in the industry. Maybe we can help change the minds of many who actually believe all those lying narratives they hear from MSM outlets. God Almighty is most certainly in our corner here on USA WATCHDOG……and YOU are the main reason why!!

      • pdxr13

        Many many more viewers than posters at USA Watchdog site. I download and save locally from Rumble, showing video in off-line places.
        Without grid power, most people and places will be off-line most of the time.
        No terrestrial internet, which means most folks will not have operational home phone because it’s VOIP with a few hour battery (when battery is new). Cellular service depends of powering both your handset AND cell towers. Who do you know with a vintage Plain Old Telephone Service phone on twisted pair? Typical SmartFone Cellular user charges daily, some cell sites have diesel gensets, battery banks, and/or some solar trickle, meaning no service within a week without improvising. Most people must idle car for battery charge, until half tank of gas is gone. Grid power is required by gas stations to operate normally, smart owners will improvise genset lift pump, For Official Use only. EMP will not stop everything, but it will put most on-foot shortly.
        Focus on sustaining life first. People lived without electricity until 100 years ago, and you can too, but maybe not where you are.

  13. Really Awake

    Mr. Nenner is an interesting individual and an intelligent man. I hope one day he understands “the reason why” his cycle system works, so he can explain it to us.

    I agree with Mr. Nenner that a “war cycle” is in progress; however, I disagree that the growing conflict of interest between Russia and Washington isn’t as serious as the move China will make on Taiwan. Both situations gave grave potential. And just remember that Russia has a massive supply of natural resources… Resources that Washington and Euroland want to control. What does China have? Slave labor, i.e., human resources… Human resources can be renewed and replaced a hell of a lot easier than oil, gas, timber, fresh water, abundant minerals, vast amounts of sparsely populated land, etc….

    Russia has abundant land and natural resources for its White Race, White Culture and White System. Euroland and Washington don’t like (in fact they hate) the Russian motto, “Russia is for Russians” – meaning not for blacks, browns, yellows or reds.

    I got news for you: the Russian people look at how America has been destroyed by “diversity”, transgender(ism), feminism, violent crime and a Zombie horde of Woking Dead… And they sure as hell don’t want the same outcome for themselves. Furthermore, it gives me no pleasure to say it, but Russia will be a homeland for the White Race as America destroys the culture, industry, religion, free-market economy and everything the White Race built – and that means Western Civilization dies, too.

    So, the war between Russia and the Woke Diverse West is going to be a showdown at high noon between two men who realize that “this town isn’t big enough for both of us”. Yes, this world isn’t big enough for Russia and the Woke West to coexist.

    Finally, it sickens me to have to admit this, but Russia might just be the vast country that preserves the White Race and provides it a homeland. I’ve always viewed Russia as an enemy of the Bill of Rights. But guess what? So is Washington. And Washington is also an enemy of White Western Civilization and the White race that built it. Russia is not an enemy of White People per se.

    Do you know the underlying reason why White People and the Civilization they built is being systematically destroyed? The reasons why Washington and Euroland are destroying Western Civilization and the race who built it is because they really, really believe they can “Build Back Better”… And by destroying Western Civilization and the towering achievements of the White Race, massive depopulation is then possible. Building Back Better means rebooting the entire system with a lot less people. Remember, it is white (and Jewish) innovation and technology – especially in agronomy – that has made the carrying capacity of Earth rise a thousand fold… Destroy the Race that invented and perfected modern industrial agricultural, and the result is billions starve to death.

    Bill Gates and George Soros and many other elites have figured out a comprehensive plan to depopulate the Earth. And White people and thier way of life must be destroyed. End of story.

    • Randy Best

      Russia is for Russians. I love it!

    • eddiemd

      We can always fly a rainbow flag over the embassies.

      Nuland can hand out Genderbread cookies in Kyiv.

    • Katja "Katya" Mulrooney

      Really Awake,
      Spot on mate, fair dink-um, dinky die! Whatever that means. sTRUTH, Truth! The Slavic Viking blood of the Russki, runs deep in European Russia. But don’t forget 12 time zones and you got a myriad of lands and ethnic Russians of non-European blood. Tatars, Mongols and the Siberians, cousins to our Native Americans.
      I get your drift yes, but look at St. Petersburg. The most western and European of Russian cities, yet somewhat cosmopolitan still, because of the vastness of Russia beyond Moscow and very much Asian! We must face the fact the world is dominated by Asia and it looks as if Russia is handling it’s diversity well.
      Russians love Americans, I don’t know why, not to different why Australians and Americans have a thing going on too. Whats the thing? Maybe family? God made people and God made dogs. But when any breed of dog takes a poop, they all scratch the ground in an attempt, to at least partially cover it. We humans share many such same characteristics. So we especially identify with those that look like us or use silverware like us, ect. The far eastern Asian is still a bite strange to us westerner’s, will we get over it? No. But under maybe a heavenly government promised in the Bible all things within reason can be possible.
      Take care friend and never forget. Don’t worry, pray instead and pray for peace! Jesus promised the meek would inherit the Earth and he would rule it with an iron rod. Sounds like a hot rod to me, sorta like a revealing hot mic to a politician?

  14. Ray Berkeley

    What Are The Odds of Four People All Having Children Working for Ukrainian Gas Companies?
    When Nancy says “for national security”, she means for her investment portfolio and
    -were risking nuclear war for this scum?
    Fred Astaire doesn’t dance, Gregory Peck doesn’t destroy the destroyers (as he does in THE GUNS OF NAVARONE), Ava Gardner doesn’t look as beautiful as usual (since she is playing an alcoholic, if a genteel one), and Anthony Perkins hasn’t yet appeared in PSYCHO, but these Hollywood stars bravely played the characters in this story that terrified us in 1959. Worth watching at any time. On The Beach

    Tucker: Biden has enabled this ongoing assault
    485,211 views Jan 25, 2022, Fox News
    ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ slams the administration for prioritizing the safety of Ukraine’s borders over our southern border.

    The Narrative Crumbling #Short
    98,967 views Jan 25, 2022 12 hours ago
    They’ve sloppily stitched together a thousand lies and now wonder why they feel a draft.

    14,954 views Jan 26, 2022, Black Conservative Patriot
    00:00 More signs of a Red Tsunami in 2022
    03:20 Biden WILL NOT be the Democrat to run against Trump in 2024
    07:26 A very weird event that the CDC is monitoring
    11:25 Alex Jones pisses off the Deep State by playing it smart
    14:25 3 years ago today the FBI did this disgusting thing
    18:40 New York gets a break against tyrant governors
    20:00 Great news for Julian Assange


    Most of the Democrats voted for Trump in 2020 — Trump won more votes than any other president in history. The deep state satanic cockroaches have invaded every nook and cranny of our society — government, education, religious institutions, health care and have been around for hundreds of years. Only God can exterminate them off the face of the earth to eternal damnation. The Great Awakening is in process and it is time for all of us to get on our knees and worship God and listen to him as we walk through the valley of death.

  16. Kerry

    Wow, Nenner hit the truth nail on the head. I’m no fan under any condition of Putin. He is after all former KGB. KGB & CIA are both global crime organizations even though KGB has changed their name. Putin, just like Kennedy, doesn’t want nukes on his border so unless you are on strong medication that is amazingly simple to understand. Nenner and High have some differing views on the dollar but only time will tell. I don’t understand cryptos, so I avoid them.

  17. Kondor

    Nenner only forgets that iranians are shia and 95+ percent of muslims going to Europe are sunni. And we all know that shia and sunni hate each other as much as they hate christians, jews, etc. It’s the sunni countries especially Turkey and KSA and the other inbred rich monarchies that demand that Europe turn muslim….not Iran.

    • Dave

      Interesting fact – Islamic (Ottoman) forces almost conquered Venice (city-state) in the 1500s. If they had won the famous battle of Lepanto Europe would be Muslim today.

  18. Hedley Larmar

    Ooh baby! Clif High and Charles Nenner back to back. It doesn’t get any better.
    I heard a lot of agreement between the two and one thing for sure..It’s gonna be rough sledding for awhile.

  19. Dave

    Excellent interview. Mr. Nenner is correct about Americans seeing the world situation in a black and white manner which is not the reality. For instance, Kiev was once the capital of Russia. It was the place where Russian princes officially converted the country to Christianity (Orthodox).

    As to the world, Nenner basically says this century will be the century of China and of Islam. By mid-century Islam will claim almost 40% of the world’s population while Christianity will be followed by about 25%. Right now, Christianity is 31% of the population and Islam is 25%. Islam is surging and Christianity is falling off – especially in Europe and North America which are now essentially post Christian.

    The conflict this century will be between secularists and Islam. The flashpoint is Islam’s core principle that religion and not the state is the ultimate authority on issues. Especially moral issues as in not recognizing the ability of a government to sanction homosexual marriage as much of the West and Israel do. Muslims won’t submit to secular governments and that becomes an issue as they reach a significant percentage of the population. Europe will see a growing fight between its secular population and its Muslim population over moral issues and, as Europe becomes plurality Muslim, there could be a civil war of sorts on the continent.

    Little factoid which Nenner probably knows – the most common name for newborn boys in England and several of the Scandinavian countries is Mohammed.

    • regaleagle

      Factoid Deluxe: According to all the signs and Biblical prophecies that are quite evident to those that have eyes to see and knowledge gained……we SHOULD be counting days now instead of decades. Look upward…….for your redemption draws nigh! In other words…..we are all living in these flesh bodies on a very short leash right in this present Church Age. God’s Word has been “trashed” in this country for at least the last 30 yrs…..esp. in the mainstream churches. There is no unity, God has been exiled from our schools, and now from our worship. IF there is no large scale repentence led by a uniting of believers and churches in America……then God will have no reason to tarry our destruction any longer. I fear that the time clock is now ticking and well under way……lest We the People rise up to expel these Social Demonrats from our governing bodies immediately this year, put God back into the forefront of our lives, and pray for repentance of all the sins that this country has committed against its people, and the world. AMEN.

      • Dave

        Yes. One of the signs of the end times will be a great falling away from the faith. That is happening around the world now. Aside from Europe and North America, Brazil is rapidly seeing “nones” grow as a percentage of the population. In Africa Muslims are steadily converting Christians in places like the Congo which have been predominantly Christan for centuries. Nigeria is now majority Muslim.

  20. Tim

    So Trump broke the War cycle, Clinton would have already lost the war that bidens handlers are so hell bent on starting. Wish that clown cared as much about our border as he does about the Ukraine border

  21. Pam

    We’re already at war with China. Kicked off with sanctions and then the plandemic.

  22. Stan

    I shorted more Gold today 🙂

    • Mark Maples


      I was wondering where you have been

      Welcome back sir

      • Stan

        Mark: Thank you. I was in Casa de Campo for a few days getting some R & R.

    • IIG

      Don’t you consider selling gold to be dangerous right now – just as an escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine begins? Any conflict that disrupts oil and gas flows would lead to higher energy costs (triggering inflationary implications) as higher energy prices push consumer prices ever higher (which is sure to put the European Central Bank and the Fed in a very difficult position regarding their current policy of raising rates to quell surging inflation)!!.

  23. Southern Girl

    Dear Bible Reader,
    I meant to respond to what you typed on Clif High interview. I too have much respect for the St. Benedict Medal and wear one and also put one on my phone, TV, etc. anything electronic the demons can mess with.
    You said you were having trouble sleeping. Maybe try to bless your house with exorcism water, incense, and oil.You will have to have an exorcist priest bless both before using. If you are a very sensitive soul and are around others who your spirit senses as evil they probably are and they dump on you, their demons.
    When I have trouble, I try to go throughout the whole house/garage blessing and moving the incense claiming the Presious Blood of Jesus on your house. Then open the door and command the demons live in the name of Jesus Christ. If you are out and about much, do it weekly. It works every time for me. I have been doing this for years and it really works. Prayers for you.

  24. Southern Girl

    Dear Bible Read,
    Sorry I should reread my own typing: Then open the door and command the demons to LEAVE in the name of Jesus Christ.

  25. Rick

    I think he’s wrong about interest rates. There’s no way they’re going up to what they were in the 80s. In the current financial situation were in that would be a virtual impossibility! Can you imagine what that would do to the housing market. The government debt and the unfunded liabilities would be unpayable! They’re having trouble right now making the debt payment and the unfunded liability payments. If the interest on the debt quadrupled it would be even more unsustainable. Imagine how much money they would have to print then just to service the debt!

    I think we’re almost at the end of this monetary system!

    • Hans

      Rick, you are right on the money and interest rates. If America was to return to nominal [normal] interest rates, interest paid by the treasure department would be the second largest in the federal budget – near 900 billion dollars annually.

  26. Southern Girl

    I just got my order of Ivermectin in that someone on your site gave me. I ordered from The pills are $.80 cents apiece and shipping is $30.00 so the total for 100 pills was $110.00. I took about 4 weeks, but I just got it the other day. This is so much cheaper than trying to order from Canada. In Canada they wanted $4.50 a pill. Just thought I would let everyone on your site know that they can still order but just be prepared to wait about a month.

  27. Country Codger

    Thanks Greg,
    That was a fantastic interview, as always, with Mr. Nenner. The current war cycle should run until Spring of 2023, then the Sabbatical year and then the next cycle is much worse than the war cycle which would make the probability of war 7 times greater if we have not had a war by that time. That may be why he said it may be in 2 or 3 years.

    The next Super Cycle will begin March 3rd and run until June 29th, a long cycle and will focus on the Americas, western Europe and western Africa. It could be war but war and financials go hand in hand so it could begin as a financial cycle and just end up with a war. Remember what Gerald Celente always says.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  28. Bryce DeBorde

    My dad and uncles fought in WWII, I’m the nam generation. Grandfather WWI, GG & GGG grandfathers Civil War, GGGG Revolutionary war. My sons generation was Iraq & Afghanistan.
    The one thing for certain is war. The other thing is $ problems just before war.
    We’ve arrived once again.

  29. Ccw

    GREG. If the v–xers give BLOOD, will the spike proteins transfer by TRANSFUSION to an INNOCENT, unv–xed person?

    • Warren B.

      History does repeat. What we will see is exactly what took place during the 80’s- 90’s with the tainted blood supplies….passing HIV and other viruses to millions worldwide.
      This time will be same process different recipe.

      • Charles H


        After my father lost a great deal of blood from diverticulitis – he had a blood transfusion to prevent a stroke: but that blood was tainted. I don’t know of other symptoms – but he definitely became a ‘bleeder’ afterward. This was the early nineties? Same dance, but different tune now.

  30. Sean

    Another excellent interview ! Thank you.

    Would be great if you could get on
    brother Bugnolo (


  31. MC

    Congressional testimony given — Trump’s “safe & effective” vax is DESTROYING the US servicemen:

    Obviously Trump is playing 5-D chess. His vax is ridding the US military of something Jared & Ivanka’s NY colleagues call “toxic masculinity”. And this will help Trump in 2024 election, gaining favor with woke Democrat voters.

  32. Paul murphy

    If Taiwan goes
    So does computer chip to USA
    So does auto repair industry to USA
    16 percent of their total exports go to North America

    Deep water trench east of Taiwan is strategic submarine geography

    So do our other allies in the region

    • Warren B.

      Manufacturing Chip (semiconductor) Facilities being built in both Arizona ($30BN) and Texas ($15BN) . These are game changing for electronics and especially for America.

  33. MC

    Very recently, vax pusher Quebec premier flashing the satanic hand symbol in plain sight for all with eyes to see to see:

    For reference, during inaugural speech the father of the vax used the same symbol, apparently to give a shout out to the Lodge:

    Many people overlooked this and other hand signals (e.g., the Illuminati triangle hand symbol whenever sitting in a chair) because simultaneous to their occurence, false prophets and heretical pastors were bombarding them with the message that he was anointed by God. But now with the death vax going like a scythe through the population of children, women and servicemen it has become impossible to ignore the question.

  34. Ruth

    Would love or you to interview David Hunter who believes we will set a new high before the crash,
    if the link is not allowed and deleted he’s under DaveHcontrarian Twitter

  35. Warren B.

    Nenner says his cycle analysis shows the highs are in for the stock market, and it’s downhill from here—way downhill.
    Well, I would put forward that Stock Market cycles are perhaps somewhat redundant given the lengthy duration of the current market uptrend ( 12 years and counting) without long lasting deleterious downturns/recessions or reversions to mean.
    I have seen many commentators / experts use outdated cycle theories/pricing models …forecasting downturns over the last 5-6 years with ZERO
    The no. 1 reason for that is …….THE FED….more specifically the profligate stimulus.
    Follow the money flows ……FED money creation – Banks(Primary Dealers) and Hedge Funds – eventually work the money into investments (Real Estate and Stocks) either directly or via the Public. This is what really drives the economy.
    Stock markets can stay quite elevated / very overvalued for as long as the stimulus continues…..for my way of thinking this has several more years to run. Sure there will be volatility…..but the overall trend will still be UP. I have skin in the game….so this is more than hot air.
    Eventually what Nenner’s target of DOW 5000 may come to pass…but not before it surges to unfathomable levels – what is called the exponential phase – which may be 2.5 -5 X the current levels. Yes…hard to fathom.
    I’m not saying this Market is False/Unrealistic….but it is symptomatic of the excesses that have been created everywhere. Take BTC as an example – the naysayers say its worthless- but what stops it from going to $100,000?
    Likewise Real Estate – rather odd that prices keep going up (even during the long 2 years of a PLANDEMIC)!!! They will IMHO…. lead the Stock Market much higher.
    Too much excess money chasing fewer goods.
    Consider who has acquired large parcels of land across the Nation (not isolated cases either). There is an understanding how money flows and works by these individuals.
    Once you can see and comprehend that…then the BIG Picture becomes obvious.

    • Jeff robbins

      Hold on to that. I would agree with everything you say except my question is with the politics of the economy. There is a path – i believe- where the fed could allow some of the air to come out of the markets as an attempt to slow inflation. If theres too much inflation to fast the sheeple will get restless. They know they can pump it back up, especially with the help of congress, and it makes little difference which party is in there, they’re mostly all gaming the system anyway. So, by ‘allowing’ a controlled decent of stocks you could have the narrative for the common man that the market and the economy are doing normal things. In reality they want the dollar game to keep going and it’s primarily that a deflationary effect is basically a consolidation of assets by the banks. I think of it as like a shearing of sheep. So, in other words its heads- they win and tails- we lose. I choose to get my own house in order, honor the lord, try to help a few others. I’m trying to game life and it helps knowing how the oppressors are doing what they do. I guess the real question of the day is ‘ What is the higher rate of inflation that everyone is okay with?’

      • Warren B.

        Hi Jeff,
        … “allowing’ a controlled decent of stocks you could have the narrative for the common man that the market and the economy are doing normal things”…..
        I don’t believe for 1 minute that they can “control” a drop in stocks. Head fakes are exactly what they are described as.
        What we are seeing until now ( today – the DOW + 500 pts) in the Stock Market is volatility on the back of psychology – Interest rate/ (Covid/War) related – a tactic the FED Chair has used umpteen times in the past – paint a narrative and let it fester.
        Now let me make another point very clear – the Stock Market and Real Estate ARE the ECONOMY – regardless of the Political backdrop. And as stipulated above, the FED’s ongoing stimulus is correlated to the moves in Stocks and Real Estate – consider the Balance Sheet of the FED and then overlay the value of the S&P 500. What you see is a constant that cannot be ignored. As a clear marker of this – there has been a $10 TLN increase in Real Estate in America over the last 2 years = the power of Fractional Banking……which is consistent with the astronomical increase in the FED Balance Sheet.
        With regard interest rates – I always use history as a valuable teacher – more precisely what occurred during the tumultuous 70’s is quite stark = rising rates + rising stocks + rising Gold + rising Inflation.
        In the context of all of this – we are – in my humble opinion – on the cusp of one of the greatest Bull Market blow offs that you will not see in Stocks and Real Estate for another 2 decades. The gains over the next several years will be stupendous as will the volatility. Many people will make small and large fortunes.
        Disclaimer: This is not financial or investing advice for anyone reading this.
        I will, as I have done, act in a contrarian manner. I do not panic out of Markets …there is no structural weakness nor evidence of Recession present. In fact American Companies have largely beaten the estimates/expectations on earnings for the December Qtr. I use the volatility and the knowledge of the drivers of the economy as the cornerstone of my Investing Philosophy. I don’t envisage the punch bowl being syphoned anytime in the near future…..those driving the economy have much more to gain and will continue with their agenda uninhibited.
        It will come eventually….but not this year or the next.

  36. Donald

    Clif High & Charles Nenner, back-to-back…doesn’t get better than that!

  37. Donald

    Will Greg go for the Triple Crown of interviews by having Martin Armstrong on next…???

  38. Donald

    I heard Nenner took the ClotShot & is a believer in the CoronaHoax narrative…puzzling for someone so dialed in to things…

    • Greg Hunter

      Nenner told me he has had 4 of the so-called vaccines. Thats aa lot of evil crap injected into you.

      • Donald

        Holy Cow…

      • IIG

        For a man who studies numbers for a living – he blindly takes the jabs? Why has he not studied the Covid death number statistics and trends (that predict the fall of humanity)??

      • Laura McDonough

        Julia: I decided last year to separate myself from people I associated with casually that took the shots anyway, plus, they were warned ahead of time. The shots spread variants. Who needs friends that are losers and pro Biden/Fauci? I choose like minded people who are informed w/ critical thinking skills. Later on, people will snitch on others in a full blown police state.

  39. Assell Steve

    Didn’t Bo pony state that God was going to put china in its place. They have an Achilles heel it’s called the 3 gorges dam. I believe when it goes china will be back in the Stone Age. Wait for it.

  40. Bobby Hitt

    We are already at war with China. But only the Chinese side realizes it. It just hasn’t been the traditional format of actually shooting at each other… yet. That will come if the US interferes with their takeover of Taiwan. This is their best opportunity now with Joe Brandon occupying the white house. Get past the Olympics and stand back.

    • Mark Maples


      Doubtful that happens anytime in the immediate future.

      The Chinese are still too dependent on the US consumer.

      Do I believe that day you speak of will come? Yes, eventually

      The US consumer, dollar reserve currency status, access to SWIFT, not to mention the sheer size of the MIC

      The only way the Chinese do anything overtly aggressive is if two things line up:

      They feel they can absorb the loss of US consumer and loss of SWIFT access, and it would have to be a scenario where they believe all out war is not a response option for USA

      • Occasnltrvlr

        I’m pretty sure their closing of their ports reveals how concerned they are about any dependency on the US consumer.

  41. George

    If it was a hate the white race thing why didn’t everyone stay home and tended to their own land and kept their own god instead of saving the world heaven would have been just for them instead of making a hell on earth with their righteousness evil

    • IIG

      Big Pharma considers “Ethnic Cleansing” necessary when it comes to Whites, Palestinians, Iranians, etc. , etc. and especially the Jews as they have “jabbed” almost all of them (and are now up to their sixth booster clot shot)!!

      • IIG

        Big Pharma’s “reverse psychology strategy” is all too obvious – by jabbing and killing the Jews they get “all the Nazi’s in the world” to back them up to mandate and promote their extermination agenda!!

  42. Steve Bice

    Riddle me this…
    Why does the most prolific poster on the site suddenly disappear at the same time his inane nemesis disappears and another prolific poster suddenly appears with a similar histrionic style?

    Three names, one person…or is it now four names with the new handle seen for the first time on the Cliff High posting?

    • Warren B.

      Very observant SB….👏👏👏👏
      I was waiting for that to occur and you deciphered it first.
      This is not an isolated case btw.

    • eddiemd

      We are missing Paul… , JC, and a couple of others.

      • Mark Maples


        I cannot speak to the absence of Paul, but JC has been banned from the site

        • Rachel.M.

          Really Mark?, lol, … so who is Johnny Cool? .. See further up the page. JC ??
          The only person who is missing is Self Exiled and in his case I fear his family may have confiscated his phone.

          • Mark Maples

            Perhaps JC reinvented himself, but I know for a fact Greg banned him

            His site his rules

            Ask Greg yourself

            • Greg Hunter

              JC stopped commenting.

            • Rachel.M.

              Sorry Mark, that wasn’t supposed to come across as disrespectful to you.

    • Rachel.M.

      I see it Steve! I was wondering how he would go without his compulsive posting. At least he is well and back to his old self.

      • IIG

        When the Apostle Paul … was struck down by lightening – it only made him better!!

    • IIG

      Riddle me this … why was it necessary for 3 persons to be in one God? … perhaps to destroy evil from many directions??

    • Rachel.M.

      Another riddle noticed here by one of our newspapers where a bridge in Pittsburgh collapses just a few hours before Biden arives in a previously planned visit to speak about infrastructure funding.

  43. p. vanslambrouck

    Suggestion for a new poll: FOR EVERY TRUTH SITE TO DO

    Have you been physically injured after taking the jab?
    Has anyone in your family been physically injured after taking the jab?
    Has anyone in your family died after taking the jab?

    If all the truth sites did this poll, and the numbers were extremely high,
    wouldn’t that be enough evidence to TAKE THIS JAB DOWN? just a thought!

    Thanks for all you do – patty

  44. Boz From Oz

    Hard to imagine the Dow falling to 5000, this would be complete annihilation of the investing public. Loss of paper and real wealth on a massive scale.

  45. The Canuck

    Keep an eye on us Canadians up here in the Great White North folks. We currently have many, many hundreds of semi truckers and tens of thousands of people running a VERY LARGE convoy towards our parliament building in the nation’s capital, Ottawa Ontario. Trucks are coming in from all directions.
    The Trudeau Liberals are scrambling to try and control the narrative! You know things are getting bad when the normally placid Canadians loose their cool.
    The nation has found it’s Grit !

  46. David Dansker

    Off topic, but thought Cliff High would appreciate this:

  47. Paul murphy

    Power is a weed that only grows in the vacant lot of an abandoned mind.”

    People being mind broken into being afraid of something they told isn’t frightening, following rules they are told are not necessary, taking “medicine” they are told does not work.
    Forcing people to believe your lies, even as you admit you are lying, is the purest expression of power

    Thanks Greg for perseverance and bringing us knowledge and community

    A couple useful links regarding Covid treatments


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Paul,
      “Forcing people to believe your lies, even as you admit you are lying, is the purest expression of power.”
      George Orwell predicted this ‘Doublethink’ in his predictive novel, ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’.

    • IIG

      Paul … Perhaps the use of Glyphosate (a broad-spectrum herbicide and crop desiccant) can be used it inhibit all the damn weeds now growing out of control behind our US Capital walls. All these damn weeds are inhibiting the growing of food crops for the rest of the nation. These damn insidious weeds are shutting down natural gas pipelines (used to make fertilizer) and are clogging up transportation supply lines such that any food that is grown – can’t get to market. All these Damon-rat weeds are killing us (in more ways then we know)!!!

  48. Lois Petersen

    I would love to see you interview Lynette Zang at ITM Trading. She reminds me a lot of you Greg. She’s got some spitfire and passion and that’s a good thing.

  49. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    Here is your next virus contestant.

    The medical tyranny continues.

  50. eddiemd

    Cyber-attack on the nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

    The nuclear power plants inside the Ukraine are an issue no one is talking about. Ukraine has the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. If only one goes into meltdown, it will be a disaster.
    The winds blow to the west.

  51. Paul murphy

    Many astute comments from your
    Esteemed guests and patrons , all close to the bullseye
    We all hope and pray, I think for continuity in family and country. Salt of the earth.
    Therefore it’s in our nature and duty to preserve.

    An inspirational movie “greater” on Netflix
    Based on true story about out of shape, lack of natural talent, walk-on player.
    And becomes an all-American. His attitude and conviction is a testament what is good.
    The show embodies what paths to follow
    I was moved. Good Food for the brain movie.

    Please continue your ride, like fellow patriot Paul Revere.


  52. Jerry

    I hope before Biden drags us into a conflict with Russia that the American people will remember him bragging about buying off a Ukrainian judge.

    This whole thing turns my stomach. FYI a few months ago Biden’s son Hunter had a judge in Arkansas issue a judgement against him for not paying child support to a stripper he got pregnant. These people are nothing but rat filth and the only reason Ukraine is even a concern is because of their crimes they’re committed there.. Don’t you think Putin knows that? If I was making a deal with Biden I would blackmail the crap out of him to get what I wanted. But oh no. The MSM will never report any of that. They’d rather push us toward war with Russia instead of telling the truth. If the Russians pull out, you’ll know there was a payoff. Watch and see.

  53. IIG

    More confusions for us gold bugs to figure out!! – Nenner thinks gold will be going up to at least $2,500 per ounce – so silver at an 100-to-one-ratio would sell for only about $25 per ounce – but according to Clif High silver will be selling for the price of gold (a one-to-one ratio) – that’s a pretty wide disparity we gold bugs are getting “from the experts” – lets split the difference and assume a 50-t0-1 silver to gold ratio – this would put silver at $50 dollars according to Nenner (exactly what is printed on a one ounce gold coin)? – is it that simple? – but now look at what is printed on a one ounce platinum coin ($100 dollars) – therefore one ounce of platinum should be worth 100 silver dollars (at $50 silver, a platinum one ounce coin should be selling at $5000 dollars each) – now since platinum is 3 times rarer then gold – gold should therefore really be selling for $1667 per ounce (not the $2500 Nenner says and thus silver at a 50-to-1 ratio should sell for only $33 dollars per ounce) – so what does all this mean??? – does this mean that both gold and silver are currently about “fairly priced”?? – and that only platinum is way undervalued? (for on a rarity basis platinum should be about 3 times the price of gold and therefore should be selling close to $5000 dollars per ounce) – but wait!! – palladium is 15 times rarer then platinum – and yet palladium is only selling for about $2,000 dollars per ounce?? – so does this suggest one ounce of platinum should be selling for just $133 dollars per ounce?? (and why a one ounce platinum coin has $100 dollars stamped on it by the US Mint)??? – yet, the underlying basis of value for all these coins are denominated in US dollars (that are being printed to infinity Zimbabwe style by the Fed)????? – so does it really matter what price in dollars the US Mint puts on our coins or the price in US dollars people say these coins are worth? – ultimately – it comes down to the value “ordinary people” place on things – right now “ordinary people” seem to placing a lot of value on chocolate candy bars, tech stocks with PE ratios above 100 and “tulip bulb” virtual reality crypto – and things simply won’t change until ordinary people change their mindset (as what has value to them)!!

    • Pete+only

      And crypto needs continuous electricity…let that sink in…what’s in your wallet?

      The elites know how to make money in each direction (long or short on crypto), and even Nenner I believe was unsure how to make it going short, but in the end, Governments want TOTAL CONTROL going forward, so they want to be able to cut you off if your social score is not the best, or even if they think you are too far from your home, or even having fun somewhere else by shutting off your electric car or preventing transactions from taking place using your debit card when cash is no longer an option (that’s why bartering with silver dimes and quarters might become necessary).
      Physical assets are more difficult and messy for governments to wrestle away, so gold and silver and copper and platinum are of better value in my opinion, and still relatively cheap.
      Let us not forget that since the middle ages, there has been more than 500 currencies come and go in the world, and that only a small handful has been around in its original form for more than 150 years.

      • IIG

        Has anyone ever calculated (except for perhaps Clif High who thinks silver will sell for the price of gold) how much silver it will take to build all the solar panels needed to keep the crypto computers running – now that Bribein (to lower CO2 emissions) has shut down all the coal powered electrical generation plants and halted the natural gas pipelines that could have helped produce the necessary electricity needed to run the many tens of thousands of crypto computers (insanely wasting our precious electricity to crunch out prime numbers for a few mathematical geeks)???

        • Warren B.

          There is an abundance of Electricity in Nature – they choose not to use the Technology (in use well before Tesla “developed” (rediscovered) it).

  54. Jerry

    Well Friends,
    The White House is being fortified. It begs the question what are they getting prepared for? How many barriers do you really need?

    Tactically speaking, barriers are only useful against ground forces, since any airborne weaponry will render them useless. I guess paranoia runs deep for criminals and thieves?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Jerry,
      IMHO, walls are intended to defend against an incensed population armed with ‘fire-brands and pitchforks’.

    • Mark Maples


      It does seem strange

      As we currently sit today, there does not appear to be any particular reason we would need to bunker in the White House

      Have you seen any commentary on this?

      I would think it would be newsworthy, and of interest to even the most casual political citizens

      • IIG

        The politicians “ruining our Government” likely know that the illegal aliens breaking across the southern US border have the necessary skills to break into “their” territory – so – they have appropriated all our taxpayer money they deemed necessary to put up a complete wall “to protect themselves” (while the useless eaters in the rest of America who pay the taxes for “their wall” are left to fend for themselves!!

        • IIG

          To defend the Ukraine border – why doesn’t Biden build a wall to keep the Russians out? It would be less costly in terms of the human lives that will be lost (here in America) by starting a nuclear war with Russia to protect Ukraine’s borders (when Biden won’t even protect ours)??

      • Jerry

        What comes to mind is the movie Olympus Has Fallen. There is no doubt countless bunkers and underground railway systems all over Washington so I’m not sure what the real purpose of these walls are?
        Biden and his globalist cronies are crazy if they think the patriots would even consider an attack on the Whitehouse after January 6th.
        But…paranoia runs deep with criminals. They’re always looking over their shoulders thinking someone is out to get them. Guess what Joe?
        Those walls can’t save your ass when the lord Jesus Christ makes his triumphant return. Just like a cockroach you can run, but there’s nowhere to hide.

  55. ken e weberg

    Greg if you manage to get to this here is a thought in my opinion. The reason Boris and all have back peddeled on the vax crap is this the 5-G is now active. The graphene oxide is in place and folks are going to start dropping. Thats the reason the head of Pfizer came out on the 18th and openly said in an interview his crap doesn’t work on covid. Of coarse it doesn’t it wasn’t designed to . Its the spike protein and the GRAPHENE OXIDE. Just a thought

  56. Pat McGee

    Thanks for this interview, it was much needed!

  57. Taj Mal Balles

    “The View” guilty of diversity crimes…. everyone involved in that programming, from the CEO of the ‘nitwerk’ and all their commercial sponsors, all the way down to the backstage ‘felcherflluffer’ ought to be fired and banned from all multimedia for life. Is the View for persons with vagina or imagined pretend vagina only?

    Where is the diversity there? Why aren’t two of the five ‘moronic panelists’ – white commy idiochits straight males?

    Let 2022 be the year of exposing the double standards to the point where the professional victim freak show is silenced.

  58. Donald

    Nenner has talked about the Dow going to 5000, which is hard to fathom, but has he ever given a rough date for this occurrence?

  59. Marie Joy

    Become a poll worker to keep elections honest.

    • IIG

      To get the job – “emphasize your poster hanging skills” – which will come in handy for covering up the viewing windows and prevent any vote counting monitoring!!

    • Marie Joy

      Politicians MAY cancel elections because they know they will lose.

      • Charles H

        Elections are too important a decision for normal people to make. I thought everybody understood this…

  60. Greg Morrissey

    Continuing the teaching of God’s word, here is the next lessons on Deuteronomy
    God’s word is still valid today and has always been valid. Let’s grow together

  61. Paul murphy

    Where and how to donate to your

  62. Anita

    Always interesting , thank you both

  63. Coal Burner

    Thank You, Mr. Nenner!
    Thank You Greg!

  64. Paul murphy

    During mankind’s rule. Armies and law enforcement was namely used for bill collecting and gaining new grounds. Not much different today. In the past, they emptied nations treasuries. Today we print and continue to feed the Rothchilds banking cartels. Go thru the countries of the world and plain to see the Rothchilds representatives leading and pushing their agendas.

    Regarding, if the lights go out, If you’re not near heavily forested areas with water teeming with protein. It’s gonna be tough, wood needed for cooking, heat and necessary tool and defense. City dwellers will need to burn their furnishing for heat as recently evidenced last year in Texas freeze. Farm land hard to defend, but necessary for surplus stores
    Land and metals investments should be considered for intrinsic values and historical wealth preservation. Personally too much fluctuations in these assets can lead to misery. Europeans land ownership is almost all hereditary now. USA banking cartel (fed)holds about 25 percent of real estate mortgages and lord knows how much stocks. Biting at the bit for margin calls.

    If emp attack is your worry, you better start now living without Electrified things NOW
    Otherwise, likely to perish. You will play later like you practiced today.

    War is the art of deception

    • IIG

      Yes Paul … In time we may all find we will be forced to use “the art of deception” to win over Satanic forces in this Final War of Good Against Evil !!!

  65. Kevin24

    I am in the Toronto Canada area. We get a little newspaper every Thursday with community news and flyers. I sometimes scan the want ads and glance at the obituaries since I caught news of a friend passing away a few years back where I was not notified by the family. I looked at yesterdays paper and it was alarming, typically the obituaries were a page or two with maybe an extra page around mother / fathers day. This week the obituaries section was 10 pages long with about 75% at end of life however there was a good chunk in their 50’s and 60’s which is not normal.
    I’ve coached a few kids the on their career path the past few years and was heavy on skilled trades where they are doing great, I think we should look at the retirement / funeral industry where their is a booming business.

  66. Rich R

    Great interview. I have followed Charles for year his cycle analysis is spot on. I would sign up for his service.

  67. John n Marzigliano

    Everything he is describing is The Kalergi Plan.
    It is their plan for you.
    I dare you to read all of Kalergis books and cover his plans.

  68. Pete+only

    Does anyone out there know any better browsers out there that both work and can be trusted?
    I have Internet Explorer right now hatb is now ancient and unsupported right now and I am finding it more difficult to work in copying things among other activities.
    The only choices that I know of so far are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, which I know both are terrible for ethics.
    I am not that tech Savvy, but I need to know my options without having to Google some biased answer.

  69. Tim


    I was looking forward to your Friday Wrap-up and did not see one for today (Jan 28th). I hope you are alright.

    Take care


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tim. I’m working on it. I’ve been sick.

      • Tim

        Thanks for the response. Take care of yourself and take it easy.

        God bless you!!!


  70. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Have looked out all day for your Friday WNW but to no avail. I hope you are keeping well and that nothing untoward has happened.

  71. barsoom43

    File this in the “For What it’s Worth” column.. I personally believe they are called clot shots for a reason and have remained unvaxed..

  72. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Great discussion fantastic to hear the European perspective especially on America. If we are morally conflicted it is because so many in the United States now have conflicted morals. Most want to be good people while supporting eugenics-sponsored abortion platforms 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ It just doesn’t make sense! Also…
    Some think anyone who asserts their love of country is “bad” and some kind d of supremacist while the Godless, globalist agenda which seeks to undermine individual countries and sovereign rights is “good.” Upside down world!

    Thank you for all your efforts, Greg! Your guests and discussions are top notch, God Bless you ☦️🙏🏻😊👏🏻

  73. regaleagle

    Yes…..I’ve been reading and seeing videos about Devolution again. About how they have expanded Gitmo extensively in the past two years, and about how some of these “traitors” have been arrested and given the edict of life imprisonment if they give helpful data, or death by firing squad immediately after a guilty verdict at a military tribunal that Trump set up while President. Supposedly, Special Forces are poised for a military take-over of the country sometime in March…..and will put some of the country under martial law. They have been waiting for the Big Players of the Elite to expose themselves and to show to show the People what it looks like to have One World Government controlling everything. Under the rules of Devolution, the military must wait at least one year from the time of inception before they can take control of the defunct governing psychopaths. There’s more, but I’m not very good at posting links. I
    have run into this information on more than just two sites…..and the intel seems to be fairly consistent in all cases.

  74. oneno

    On mass migration into Europe see CR720:

    32. And the fact that these determinations have already been planned for a long time, indeed already over several generations, and namely beginning after the end of the last world war, has on the 3rd of October 2007 even been clearly and publicly stated by the American General of the USA Army, W.C., who resigned from his service, when he in a general sense made the following statement: “… so that also the plan of the US military strategist ‘Thomas M. Barnett’ succeeds, in the sense that the mass migration to Europe demanded by him and militarily arranged for the change of the populations’ ethnic composition of the European nations can be carried out in order to let the new world order become reality’.
    33. So that the human beings all over the world do not look behind the scenes of the might-games of the rulers, of the secret services and of the army, everything is concealed from the outside and portrayed completely out of touch with reality by lies, deception as well as false representations and false reports.
    34. Accordingly, the American people believe what they are supposed to believe, as is the case in Europe too, and namely also in Switzerland with regard to the EU dictatorship, against which Switzerland should exercise very special caution with regard to the framework treaty, which regarding Switzerland contains manipulations that are intended to drive the country into the clutches of the dictatorship, something, however, all know-it-alls and supporters of the treaty are not able to recognise in their foolishness and will only wake up when it is too late to still save something.
    35. It would be important for Switzerland that, above all, human beings who think clearly and rationally would take care of the affairs of the framework agreement instead of elements who have fallen prey to foolishness and are in respect of intellect and rationality of unsound mind, about which, however, I have already explained to you on the 21st of April the necessary things, which you should prepare and pass on to as many politicians etc. as possible.

  75. oneno

    CR626 part 3:

    More on migration into Europe and those responsible.

  76. oneno


    18. With regard to the criminals and violent criminals who have infiltrated all European states, our registrations for the whole of 2016 show a total of 131,476 persons, but they are in fact spread over all European states, which also includes Switzerland.
    19. This figure mainly refers to legal and illegal criminal immigrants from various African, Arab and Asian countries, as well as from South and East European countries. We registered 102,108 in Germany alone and 916 in Switzerland.
    20. The remaining number is distributed among all states of the EU dictatorship.
    21. Other bogus refugees, such as economic refugees and those who only want to apply for financial help, are not included in our registrations, because if they are neither criminal nor violent criminals, they are of no relevance to our investigations in this respect.
    22. And as for your question concerning percentage calculations, such calculations are extremely wavering, because they have to be specified according to criminality or crime, which is not relevant for us, I also cannot give you any information in this respect.
    23. Only a part of the majority of all refugees corresponds to effective refugees who seek protection for their lives in European countries and flee from acts of war in their home countries.

  77. oneno

    On CN question “how many are coming?”. See CR669:

    Nonetheless, the refugee culture created by the mad German Chancellor has been the real cornerstone of the refugee flows into Europe. It is true that, according to your information, more than 70 million human beings are already on the move as refugees worldwide, which is why only a small percentage of the 1.6 million or so who came to Europe in 2016 or crept in illegally are against it. But if we consider that in the next two centuries – as the prophecies explain – not only wars and terrorism, but also climate and environmental destruction and the resulting shortage of food and water will create an overpopulation of 250–350 million human beings as refugees, then the Earth, its human overpopulation, as well as nature and its flora and fauna, will face very bad times. But what I want to say about the criminals and violent criminals etc. who have crept into Europe legally or illegally, they are still being lifted up into the sky by false humanists, especially in Switzerland and Germany, and everything is being done to protect them from the law for their crimes and offences. This will be particularly true now that everywhere, especially in Switzerland and Germany, as elsewhere in Europe, over the Christmas and New Year holidays, the police and other officials and security forces carried out strict controls, made arrests and protected and safeguarded the populations from murderous terrorists and rapists. Incorrigible morbidly effeminate, weak-intellectual and bean-throwing false humanists, who come specifically from left-wing political camps, or who otherwise could not exist in their effeminacy and incapacity to live without the protection of the police, officials and other security forces, are in the foreground in order to criticise the protection officers and the protective measures and the crackdown. And when these idiotic and pathological fools and intellectuals suffer harm even by criminals or violent criminals, they are the very first to cry wrath and murder after the security forces, officials and police have failed to provide security. … Wait, you also heard it, it will be Piero who rang the bell because he has to explain something about the bookkeeping to me in the computer.

  78. oneno

    Recommend reading all of CR669.

  79. Mark Maples


    I value your opinion on this question I want to pose:

    I was an 0311 in the Marines years ago, my youngest son is about a week away from graduation at MP school in Missouri

    He has been assigned to Camp Fuji (Japan)

    I know from reading your posts that you have an extensive military background

    The way I see it, if conventional war cracks off over Ukraine, the Russians win that fight, at least in the initial land operations

    Now, given the time and if we have the commitment, I don’t think Russia can “win” a prolonged conflict with us

    What is your take on it?


  80. Laz

    Greg, praying for your good health.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Laz.

  81. bert trim

    Great show Greg. Thank you. It’s always good to hear from Mr. Nenner. Be well and God Bless you and your family and everyone watching USA Watchdog.

  82. Jeffrey Smith

    Hi Greg, been listening for awhile and noticed your cold recently, is that why no Friday release, concerned for your health

  83. Jaun Valdez

    Mayor Peter Deep State Mole
    +____Sorta Like Brennan
    Tucker: What are we getting for $1.2 trillion?
    1,059,926 views Premiered Jan 27, 2022 Fox News
    Tucker Carlson investigates what Democrats consider as ‘infrastructure.’

  84. Paul murphy

    I don’t know if this thread is over

    But seems to me, hearing and evidencing
    Things that come out about the injection, mRNA, and some hiv discussion relating. Will this change fornication in the future. I saw a study and told my wife about it regarding this issue and she couldn’t bear to read. Implications would be horrendous.

    I don’t hear much experts addressing
    This concern

  85. Computer Guy


    No weekly wrap up this week?

    • Greg Hunter


      • susan

        Greg, are you okay? I think I had better get every pray chain praying for you. If it helps, I took ivermectin for a cold. Gone in 2 days. I had a fever, too. We love you, Greg!

  86. Paul Anthony

    I dont know whwt to think any more ..cycles can be broken – hopefully with common sense

    Listen I am ready to fight — But I cant stand anywhere alone Id just be on the news as a right wing looney and arrested and mocked – But IF and to me at this point its a big if … IF there is mass protest like they have had in Europe I will be there with my fellow americans – Until then … and even after then – ALL MY TRUST IS IN GOD THE FATHER! dont agree with everything Nener says if mass deaths of himans is a cycle ITS NOT OK! AND SHouldnt be brused off. It is santaic evil

    all the best Greg

    paul Anthony

  87. Pete+only

    If you want to donate any amount of money towards the Canadian Truckers who are marching on Ottawa against Tyranny, please click on the link. So far, about $8 million has been raised but with 36,000 trucks involved, it does cost a lot of money to keep things running in the frigid cold…and the cost of freedom is actually priceless…Thanks Greg for everything.

  88. Todd

    Get well soon. Your WNW have been important in keeping up our morale.

    The Kaczor family

  89. David Juckem

    Get well Greg. We can live without your words of wisdom for a “short” time. 😉

  90. Paul murphy

    Watch your back Greg
    As your website influence grows, so does your enemies. Any method is not out of bounds for these criminals
    Look forward to hear more from your
    “Not on my watch” no nonsense dialogue
    Many praying for your speedy recovery
    And old age

  91. Jennifer Updegraff

    Greg – Hoping you have not gotten sicker. God Bless y9u Greg. If you have – again – try North American Herb and Spice’s Oreganol. I have not been sick for years as I use this for everything. I am almost 72.
    Take care of yourself.

  92. Deb

    Good morning Greg,
    We hope you’re feeling much better soon! Prayers for your speedy, complete recovery as well as for your safety and well being always.

  93. Donald

    Sorry for the repeat question, Greg, but I’m very interested in knowing if Nenner has provided a timeframe for when the Dow will crash down to 5000?

    • Greg Hunter

      Nenner says he’s out of the markets and has been out since Jan. 1st 2022.


      • Donald


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