2014 Going to Be Better for Silver & Gold-David Morgan

2014 Going to Be Better for Silver & Gold-David MorganBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Precious metals expert David Morgan says, “I think 2014 is going to be better for both the metals.”  Morgan is not “exceedingly bullish” on gold and silver, but he says, “If a black swan were to take place, all bets are off.  This is where you could get limit-up days in gold and silver and never look back.”  On the stock market, Morgan warns, “The insiders are already out . . . They’ve left the patsies holding the bag, which is the general public for the most part.”  Morgan goes on to say, “As the general market goes down, you are going to see gold go up.”  On the Federal Reserve, Morgan says, “I think they are really having more sleepless nights than they portend.  . . . When there is a panic selloff in the bond market, and I think this will happen at some point, when there is a panic sell off and they have to stop bond trading . . . when there are nothing but sell orders, you’ve got a market crash.”   Morgan contends, “The financial system on a global economic scale is in a place that has never ever been established before.  So, it is very difficult to forecast how it will unravel.”  But, unravel it will.  That’s why Morgan says, “This is why I am such an advocate of hard money, gold and physical silver.  You want to be early.  You don’t want to be late.”   What will the price of gold and silver be this time next year?  Morgan says, “I think we’ll see $30 to $34 silver and $1,700 gold by the end of 2014.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Morgan from TheMorganReport.com.

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  1. mohammad


    Here is the timeline from Mr Sinclair and he is proven to be accurate in his calls before, sans a little delay in some calls that eventually came through as he predicted (TPTB will try their best to discredit him to no avail)


    “The entire financial and social episode from 2008 to 2020:

    The Great Flushing 2008 – took place with the forced bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers that guaranteed an eventual and total meltdown of the legacy OTC derivative fraud (which is still to come) as the means of the following;

    The Great Leveling 2014-2016 – is coming which will eliminate the Middle Class. Main Street is already eliminated.

    The Great Reset 2016-2020 – will come as a product of the BRICS which the West will first oppose then adopt as their own idea.

    This is why I am doing all these Q&A meeting as it is too sensitive to write about in today’s world of computer word recognition.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Mr. Sinclair is the man, and anyone who bets against him will be sorry–very sorry.

      • Glen

        Jim Sinclair is an awsome gentleman who is working very hard on behalf of the average person. He has made some lousy short term calls though. His long term calls have been pretty accurate though and he truly understands what is going on. Also he has many many contacts in the business. When Mr Sinclair talks I listen. Hope you bring both Mr Morgan and Mr Sinclair back on the program to be interviewed.

      • Anna

        Credibility is directly and inversely proportional to how much one has to gain by you following their advice. Mr. Sinclair’s credibility is no different.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is not about financial gain. It is purely about survival and many will not survive what is coming.

          • Anna

            You’re obsessing, Greg.
            What I said about credibility IS true today and will be true tomorrow.
            What you say about the future is STILL speculation.
            You seem desperate to convince everyone that what YOU SEE in the future is as certain as yesterdays news, but it’s NOT.

            • Greg Hunter

              I can do the math and the math works out terrible. The Fed just said there will be easy money policies such as near 0% interest rates through 2016. This will be will be 8 years of QE and 0%. We have well beyond a $17 trillion dollar debt (and yes all Americans owe that money.) Most of the Western World has been allowed to use phony accounting since April of 2009. (See FASB 4/2009) Professor Laurence Kotlikoff (Boston University) and 15 Nobel Prize winning economist (plus 1,000 others) say the real amount the U.S. is on the hook for is more then $200 trillion. These are just a few of the awful facts that leads any thing person to come to the conclusion America is in deep financial trouble. This is not “speculation” and I am not “obsessing.” I do not claim to “see the future”, but I can see facts.

        • mohammad

          Mr Sinclair issues papers (Tanzanian Royalty) however whenever he is asked he says hold physical in your hand, this is what made me respect him very much, he is not pushing his papers rather he is advising how to survive, he is the first i heard talking about bail in when no one heard the term before, and he put the time line for the major financial events that i posted here, I would listen to the man, won’t regret it a bit!

  2. mohammad


    Here is a black swan for Mr. Morgan to think about, a big swan that is, please factor in that Israel is on the same page here as Saudi Arabia for a totally different agenda than theirs!


    “We believe that many of the West’s policies on both Iran and Syria risk the stability and security of the Middle East,” the Saudi ambassador to Britain, Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz, wrote in a commentary in the New York Times.

    “This is a dangerous gamble, about which we cannot remain silent, and will not stand idly by,”

    Another swan is the diplomatic quarrel between india and the States in the wake of the insult of an Indian diplomat in US, here the Indians are removing the barricades from the US embassy that are suppose to protect, as if they are inviting the terrorist to the embassy!


    Can you smell WWIII in the air?!

    • Liquid Motion

      Saudi Arabia seem to be involved in more issues than that facing a Quarterback without offensive linesmen these days. Here is something else to chew on:

      and go here to hear Karl Denninger’s views on the topic:

      AND who wins from these maniacal games…well here is a possibility:

      IN Sum: The Game is bigger and more twisted than we can dare to imagine.

      • mohammad

        The game is crystal clear in the holy books LM.
        I have 20/20 sight of it!
        They cannot fool me.

      • frosty

        In the grand, twisted scheme of things, the 911 issue involves far more than just Saudi Arabia….

        • mohammad

          Am perplexed that so far no one single video of the plane that hit the pentagon is released!
          You can imagine how many damn cameras are there, yet no one freaking video of a plane hitting the pentagon.
          Isn’t odd no one asks or thinks or requests footage to be released to the public after so many years?

          • frosty

            The 9/11 issue must be controlled by some very powerful people since over 50 senior government officials, 100 respected professors and 2,000 architects and engineers have criticized the 9/11 Commission Report as flawed and called for a new, independent investigation. Regardless, there has been no further action taken.

          • mohammad

            Jesse Ventura says it very well!


    • Rebecca

      Mohammad, may I ask you a question that perhaps you have the best knowledge to answer? Why is Saudi Arabia anxious to have Syria and Iran put down? Could it be because there is a Moslems prophecy that the death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz will bring the arrival of the Mahdi and signal the destruction of Israel?
      Does this factor in at all in the political framework of what’s transpiring today?

      It has been “rumored” since November 2012 that King Abdullah slipped into a coma following a 14-hour-long back surgery and was “clinically” dead. Of course, Saudi officials denied the rumor. Is the King still alive? Has he been seen by anyone or always “his comments” expressed to the public through other officials? Kerry supposedly visited the King in November of this year, but I would not be surprised if U.S. officials are part of any charade that might be ongoing in this regard.

      Should King Abdullah have been in a coma all this time, perhaps his condition has deteriorated to the point that concealment of the news (that he is clinically dead) cannot be kept secret much longer. Could it be that Saudi Arabia wishes to take down Iran and Syria before such news become public?

      I have not been able to locate any current photos of the King. All that I have seen come up on a google search are from early 2012 and before. Does the King make public appearances today?

      • Rebecca

        Or is all this about King Abdullah just tabloid news?

      • mohammad


        Mahdi emergence is different from what the Shiites in Iran believe.
        Am not here in this post to take sides but to try to convey what i know.
        Iran and in particular Isfahan is where the Antichrist emerges first before he goes to Jerusalem to declare it to the world that he is Christ.
        There are many hadiths from prophet Muhammad about it and here i do not impose on any one what i believe in, i do respect other’s beliefs, just explaining my side on it.

        So Iran is where Dajjal is coming from and Mecca is where Mahdi will emerge, but that will be after the Russians take Constantinople.
        Yes the Russians will concur after big wars Istanbul (Constantinople) and then Mahdi emerges from Mecca, after that he will go to Damascus to meet Jesus and submit to him and there the end of Anti Christ is written.
        Some may say anti christ for Muslims is Christ for Christians. I solved this in my mind and it was clearly described in the holy books, all of them:
        Jesus is beautiful and perfect.
        Anti christ is one eyed and ugly.
        Is there any way to mix that up? I think not!

        It seems to be that things are getting at a fast pace, and that where i mentioned in many posts earlier that Iran and Israel are sleeping in the same bed and their hit to Iran’s nuclear sites is only to unleash Iran on Saudi Arabia to prevent the inevitable in Damascus.
        Believe me Rebecca it is not about oil, It is not about gas pipeline, It is about this final conflict no more no less.
        God bless and merry Christmas, it is interesting that most of those posts where in this great remembering of Jesus that all muslims and the whole world will submit to him when he comes back!

        • Rebecca

          Thank you, Mohammad.
          I agree with you that the world is headed to the last great final conflict. However, I am unfamiliar with the rest of the scenario you outlined concerning Istanbul and Damacus. Since you have read the Bible you know how it outlines the last days.

          Amen to your statement that all will submit to Jesus when He comes back.

          And to your statement that”No one can defeat God.” Amen and amen.

          Is that not the only hope that God-fearers have: God is in complete control of a maddening world. And as you wrote elsewhere on this site, HE will watch over His children.

        • frosty

          Please consider that blindness is not necessarily just a physical condition. An egomaniac, with an insatiable lust for earthly powers, can be be described metaphorically as one who is purely carnally sighted and spiritually blind. He sees with only one eye.

          Today, those whose greed and lust for earthly power spread wars, suffering and death on earth are often portrayed as “the elites”, while others are awakening to the madness and looking for answers. It seems as if the spirit of Dajjal and that of Christ are growing ever stronger as a prelude to their manifesting in the flesh. So here we are, eternal souls being taught spiritual lessons by the Almighty.

  3. Jerry

    Great Interview Greg.
    So many Black Swans that they could run into each other. Great quote!
    Watching the Fed is like playing Monopoly. When the Chinese own boardwalk it doesn’t matter how many times you go around the game. You lose.

  4. Mitch bupp

    As far as a currency reset we Greg; Don’t we have a currency reset every time we have inflation although it is a small reset. If you look at the accumulated inflation we have resets all the time but we (the average person) don’t have it thrown in our face like a 20-40 percent currency devaluation?

    And don’t forget the poor who are being scaled down as the SNAP program is NOT tied to inflation. If you look at the asset cap of $2000 which has never been adjusted for inflation. If you go back to the beginning of the SNAP program and replaced the asset cap with 2013 inflation adjusted dollar it would be $750……… Can you imagine the out cry in 1984 if the government would have set the asset cap at $750?

    This also doesn’t take into account the low CPI numbers which are put out………

    • Greg Hunter

      Good points Mitch!!

    • mohammad

      I wish Mitch if the reset is what you have described that would be able to handle and societies can adjust to the gradual loss, am afraid the reset is the complete wipe out of cash, and it will be only digital money through the banks, imagine if you do not have in your pocket any kind of cash to purchase groceries since cash is abolished and gold/silver is confiscated ( like you go to jail if you are found to carry on you silver coins or any kind of coins/cash … PERIOD…. pun intended), only that damn card that has every breath on it.
      That is the scary scenario that the coming financial collapse is going to carry with it, remember in desperate times people do desperate things, and when you push the world through the edge the people will take whatever solution offered and that will be DIGITAL CURRENCY!

      • Ugly

        Thus what you are saying is that the anti-Christ is probably alive and doing well. I believe before it goes all digital, there will be a small time frame that we will have to purchase with cash before the reset. Once the reset is in place, then all cash is done away with….

        • mohammad

          The digital money is prior to the declaration of Anti Christ from Jerusalem that he is the Christ. and for sure he is false. Then he will deal with gold and silver coinage that is non pictorial same way the real christ was using thousands years ago.

          • mohammad

            Not gold/silver BACKED currency, no, GOLD/SILVER real currency. and you can imagine what the population after all the wars will be to allow this to happen!

          • Liquid Motion

            You have great faith in Mr James Sinclair. You preach every word of his to the tee (when opportunity arises). AND yet…you miss one of his most important points:
            Gold is for Saving……
            Currency is for transaction.
            This implies they both co-exist in the new (monetary) world that lies ahead. Notice they are not concurrently one in the same ( a currency and a medium of saving).

          • mohammad

            Liquid Motion,

            I have a vision that goes further than Mr. Sinclair.
            He is looking at the money, am looking at the universe.
            I love the guy and I have a great deal of respect to him, that is why i quote a lot form his views, he taught me a lot.
            That have been said I have different way of looking at things and gold is not the only thing goes in my calculations.
            I am not questioning his faith god forbid, never, that is his personal belief and he is free to see it the way he wants, I am a MOSLEM, GOD FEARING PERSON, believe in my holy book QURAN and believe in holy books BIBLE and TURAT.
            Prophet Muhammad never missed a beat and if you look at Hadith you will realize how true is ISLAM and how beautiful it is, do not be misguided by the extremists that are trained by CIA and funded by them including the Saudis they represent themselves, my knowledge came from my belief after i used what god gave me and that is my mind and my heart to see with.
            I have a great respect to other beliefs and god forbid if i ever put them down.
            It is a long way of saying this:
            Inshaallah I see with both the heart and the sight.

        • Mitch Bupp

          Hi Ugly, I do not think that their digital currency plan will work because of the nature of bartering. The only reason cash works now is because of it’s historical use of paper money in modern society…… cash is nothing more than government approved barter

      • Mitch Bupp

        Mohammad, the FACT is that we have not been able to adjust to the currency evaluation called inflation. Wages have fallen during the last 40 years and the only thing that has been adjusted is the pocketbook of the average American who doesn’t have a clue that they have been robbed blind. The FED Ponzi will end badly……

        Secondly, I really don’t need anything from the system to survive. You are under the delusion that to survive and even thrive you must be connected to “the system”. You are wrong in that ideology. You are nothing more than a tax cow for the system and that is why so many barriers have been put up by government to ensure that everyone stays connected to the system.

        If you haven’t noticed that the BOE wants to eliminate all cash and go completely digital currency……

        I don’t need the system … they need me …….

        • mohammad


          If you think you will give a couch to get a loaf of bread then good luck.
          If you think that you will be able to pay in gold and silver without being thrown in the jail then good luck.
          If you think that few rounds for your guns are going to reverse course then good luck (here is Syria in front of your eyes learn from it a lesson or two).
          People eventually will submit, they have no choice, if they have a shot at the system they would of had the balls to do it in 1913, or when Kennedy was killed in front of their eyes just because he wanted to be free and let the treasury issue the currency, or when Reagan screwed every one with his charming smile and increased taxes and called cut……etc!
          Since every one including you is looking at the system reshaping our kids’ future and our grandkids and still being able to sleep i can tell you YOU WILL SUBMIT like every one else to the digital currency when it will get imposed.
          The only point of time when humanity will break free from the system is when Jesus kills the Anti Christ in Damascus, until then GOOD LUCK!
          And nope, no delusions about it from my side!

          • Rebecca

            First, your “Inshaallah” touched my heart.
            It reminds me of the words of my savior Jesus, that He does not judge by what He “hear” or what He “sees”, but He judges righteous judgment by looking in the heart of man and perceiving his intentions.

            You believe “all will submit.”
            But I believe we cannot.
            To take the digital currency will be to take the Mark of the Beast and damn one’s soul.
            What do you believe happens to those who refuse, even on the threat of death, to take this digital currency?

          • mohammad


            The whole story of humanity started when god created Adam and Satin vowed to destroy him out of envy and greed.
            The final chapters of humanity are on the door step, for sure no one can put a time line but there are major signs told by holy books and are unfolding in front of our eyes that tell us the final chapter is close, not necessarily tomorrow but close.
            the power of Anti Christ is big, the power of god is the ultimate and it will prevail.
            At end time the defeat of Anti Christ by Jesus is the climax of the humanity story. Until then it will be difficult to stop what is inevitable. Anti Christ will gain enough control to reach the position that will fool people and make them think he is god when he is not, only true believers know he is false and they will be FEW.
            The test is meant to be, the test is from god to know who believes and who does not, it will shake us to the core and the only ones who will withstand it are who have god in their hearts.
            It is the heart that is the place of the secret of all secrets that will charge the humanity with power by connecting to god the ultimate power.
            Yes the evil will have their day and they are roaming earth killing and robbing and laughing, but wait Rebecca, believers will have the final laughter.
            So my advice no matter what the system wants to do we will be protected inshaallah (meaning in arabic -god willing-) as long as we are connecting to god with our prayers and our good deeds to others, they will not have a way to harm us because we will be protected by the ultimate power and that is GOD.
            We moslems are strong believers like christians that Jesus will be back and will set the record of humanity straight, and there will be no mistakes when he comes back, he is the beautiful the perfect, anti christ is the one eyed and ugly!
            Merry christmas to you Rebecca and to every one.

      • Liquid Motion

        A side thought.
        If cash is completely wiped out, then how do the CIA function without the ability to trade in narcotics (as opposed the current cash system) …with credit/debit cards? Is everything applicable for us , applicable to them….will they subscribe to the electronic traceability of transactions (even when illegal) ?
        How about the black market in goods and services (not captured by current tax systems). Without same, the economy becomes dysfunctional…entirely. Many ramifications of a cashless society.

        • mohammad

          Digital money!
          CIA/NSA/FBI….. etc holds the largest wallet of bitcoin after killing silk road.
          that can be transferred to a new digital currency with a different name they will embrace thus will be their new avenue to remain in charge!

  5. Stuart

    New to this website , most informative interviews I have ever heard , thank you Greg hunter and great job!!

  6. George

    I believe that we all know in our hearts, when all is said and done, that the powers behind the curtain of whos names we do not know and are not allowed to hear, will keep the prices of both metals where they want them, until they either do not want them there, or they lose control of the market.
    Hoping for the later, as soon as possible.

    History proves (not just shows) that only two things ever come out of monetary shenanigans done about by the banks, which 100% of time they start printing to monetize debt, which 100% of the time crashes the economy it finances (steals from), and ever survives is Gold and Silver!

    All the talk of everything else is great and informative. But, when the sun sets, and the music stops, if you do not hold gold or silver, or both in your hand, you’ll be empty handed. Whatever you thought you had in the bank will be realized to have been 1’s and 0’s in an electronic computer system (an illusion) and there was never any “real” money there to begin with.

  7. Jerry

    Greg can we really predict when the derivative market will collapse ?
    According to this Paul Volker is saying March 2014. To me that sounds
    about right when I look at the Chinese set up. What do you think?


    • Greg Hunter

      What is going on has never happened before in recorded history. Everyone needs to maintain a constant state of readiness. One thing is for sure, this cannot and will not go on for ever. I predict a series of devastating events not just one. Thank you for posting this link and for your comment!


      • Anna

        I predict your worst fears coming upon you, because Jesus says “In me you will have peace, in the world you will have tribulation.”
        If you were truly “in Christ” you would not be afraid, and would not be trying to make everyone else feel your fear. And so on it goes…
        The Sunday morning christians say “we were not appointed to wrath” AS THEIR TRIBULATION INCREASES… and increases, and increases.
        But do they turn to God? Read the Book.

        • Greg Hunter

          Why can’t good Christians read the Bible and prepare. Didn’t God also give us the story of Noah?

          • mohammad


          • Anna

            Yes, and if you had eyes that could see, the door to the Ark has been opened to all, but only a few will actually Enter-In.
            “Good Christians” follow Christ, not men.
            “Good Christians” aren’t afraid of what man can do either.
            Neither do “Good Christians” spread fear, like:
            “…many will not survive what is coming.”
            Buying gold and or silver will not “save” anyone from what is come upon the earth and all who dwell therein. And carnal fear is NOT the way of the Lord.
            It is the way of carnal people who look to the things of this world for their security while God is shaking down all of it.
            But you go ahead and believe your security is in owning gold and silver, and persuade all who will follow you, but it won’t do any good for them or you because your security is misplaced – and THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT.

            • Greg Hunter

              Please do not come here and question my faith. I am warning people of calamity. I believe it is my calling. It is not up to you to come here and judge me. Isn’t there a Bible isn’t there scripture for that?

          • Anna

            What faith?
            You don’t have faith.
            You’re AFRAID, and trying to shape others in your own fear. God doesn’t call people to spread fear of man, but to have faith in God.
            If you feel “judged” because I speak the truth, then so be it. But I won’t bear YOUR GUILT. And I won’t cease from speaking the truth either.
            Since you say you’re a Christian, preach Christ and faith in him. God didn’t command us to go into all the world and spread the fear of man and evil, did he? Then WHY do you do THAT?
            Is it perhaps that YOU don’t know God, Greg?

            • Greg Hunter

              There you go again, judging me. What you call fear, I call facts. Good bless you and Merry Christmas!! Remember the reason for the season–Christ is Born!!

          • Rebecca

            Matthew 7:1-5
            “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you for this Rebecca. Love that Bible. There is a story in it for everything! Merry Christmas.

          • Rebecca

            Merry Christmas, Greg!
            Anna is right.
            Everyone needs to reading and studying their Bibles. God’s Word is the words of life.

            • Greg Hunter

              I agree 110%. There is a reason why the Bible is called the “Good Book” because it is!!

          • Rebecca

            And you are right.
            These are perilous times.

          • Anna

            You and Rebecca are cut from the same cloth; study study study, or just clip a quote here, clip a quote there; whatever supports your carnal presuppositions, but NEVER come to a saving knowledge of the truth.
            The church world is filled with carnal christians just like you all, all saying “don’t judge me” because they WILL NOT RECEIVE CORRECTION. So they go on in their doubts; reassuring each other because they get NO ASSURANCE FROM GOD.
            You’ll burn just as well as everyone else, just like Jesus says.
            There is no point trying to reach people who aren’t interested in the things of God because they are so preoccupied with the things of the world.

          • mohammad


            Thank God there is God!!!!
            If this universe was left to your likes it would of been destroyed long time ago.

          • Rebecca

            Anna, I am sure you won’t like this Word from God either, but I will share — hopefully, God can yet touch your heart.

            II Timothy 2:15
            “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, accurately handling the Word of truth.”

          • Rebecca

            Lastly …

            James 3:6
            And the tongue is a fire, the very world of iniquity; the tongue is set among our members as that which defiles the entire body, and sets on fire the course of our life and is set on fire by hell.

  8. mohammad


    Picking a fight in principles with conservative eastern christian Russia :


    “President sends right statement by including two gay athletes in Sochi Games delegation”

    • mohammad


      Thank God there is God!!!!
      If this universe was left to your likes it would of been destroyed long time ago.

      • Anna

        Go ahead, strike me again.
        You act like a pagan because you are a pagan.
        Here’s my other cheek, pagan. Take your best shot; free!

        • Greg Hunter

          You might have a better experience here if you don’t call people names and are not so judgmental. Let’s be nice to each other here. God bless and Merry Christmas.

          • Anna

            My goal is not the approval of man, neither is it to get flattery from others. If you want to receive mohammad’s god Allah as your god, go ahead. Jesus doesn’t teach the tolerance that churchianity does, he says to come out from among them (pagans and idolators) and be separate.
            Of course; your goals are commercial and you have a vested interest in cultivating as many responses as possible…

        • mohammad

          I double posted it by mistake , reply button was too close to my post i thought it was a reply to you turned out to be a reply to mine, Greg can take the second double post out and the first one should remain.

          • mohammad

            I forgot to say, Merry Christams to you Anna, and I pray to god to give you light in your heart same way i pray for it for my self.

  9. OutLookingIn

    Where is the gold?

    A ‘telling’ anecdote from an employee of a swiss gold refiner; This person said that despite extra shifts and working around the clock, the refinery could not keep up with the demand to recast 400oz. bars of gold into 1kg. bars, the preferred bar size in Asia.

    Also that some of these 400oz. bars had mint marks on them dating back to the early 1960’s! Seems that the bullion vaults in the west are being scoured for goldbars, back into the dusty corners where ‘old’ gold was stored. What cannot be denied is the fact that gold is moving from west to east in increasingly larger quantities.


  10. WD Deni


    Thanks for this site and your interviews I have heard from you. All of us that are here know these employment numbers are a sham…no doubt.

    My question to you is about an elephant in the room that is desperately being ignored.
    This massive student loan bubble. Defaults are skyrocketing and with no higher paying jobs along with way to many college grads how will this be “tamed”. Its almost this secret, like having that alcoholic in the family and keeping him in a different room at family gatherings. What do you say about this?

    By the way I have explained my opinions to close friends, about this economic disaster headed our way, my friends think I am a loon and tell me I need to come back from the Twighlight Zone. Just saying…..

    Thanks, as always!

    • Greg Hunter

      You need to point people to the recent interview on this site with David Stockman (former White House Budget Director) and Professor Laurence Kotlikoff from Boston University. They are not “loons” and either are you. The facts are the facts and this will end badly, especially for the unprepared.

      • WD Deni

        Thanks for that. I know “we” are right about this.

        What do you think about this student loan bubble…it seems like this is purposely being ignored.

        Thanks as always

        • Greg Hunter

          So many bubbles and debt out there it can only end in a gigantic default.

    • j.c.davis

      W.D. Deni Don’t feel bad bro my church members gave me a tin foil hat for a Christmas present. They don’t thing any level of radiation is a problem. No chemtrail, no dollar troubles and no chance of war. Like a snake in the grass it will surely bite there …

    • Jerry

      We are playing a game of wolves and sheep. What do you want to be, a wolf ,or a sheep?
      The sheep always follow their shepherd , right to the slaughter .

      • Anna

        You forgot to mention that the sheep become the shepherds, just as the Lamb of God overcame the world and now rules and reigns over it.
        Baaa baaaa baaaaa!!!
        PS my husband calls me his little ewe lamb, and I love it!

        • Anna

          the Lamb of God ain’t afraid of no wolf either. Do you know what he says to the wolf? He says: “EAT ME”!!!
          and that’s the truth!
          Isaiah 65:25
          The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent’s meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the Lord.

          Of course, it helps to know where the Mountain of the Lord is, and how to climb it. That’s something the false leaders of christendom and their followers do not know.

  11. Jerry

    Greg let me see if I’ve got this correct. The market rose 250 points today after Ben Bernanke announced they were going decrease its bond buying program by 10 Billion a month starting January first right? I’m sorry I don’t buy that. The mans lying. How can Congress push to pass a bill that will add 2 Trillion more in government spending without very few cuts, without borrowing more money? More phony accounting eh ? He’s right about one thing, the history books will have a lot to say about him when this is all over.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct sir. Bernanke also said the Fed could increase QE if needed and told the markets easy money policies will continue through 2016. This will be 8 years of QE. How does this end well? Thank you for your comment.


    • j.c.davis

      Jerry to quote Celente there money junkies. fear of not getting there next fix they line up.
      Be not deceived God is not mocked, of what a man sows so shall he reap. They steal from there own children. Legalized thievery can only last a season.

      • Galaxy 500

        It’s worse than theft. It is at best, indentured servitude and at worse, slavery. The old don’t want to be held accountable for voting for dumb a$$ that overspent and over promised. The old timers have been running things into the ground since LBJ passed welfare by lying about the cost. The young are going to have to vote the corrupt old people, like McCain, Reid and Pelosi, out of office, if they have any hope to save themselves. Then vote to try the old for treason and crimes against the nation. No, the young don’t have all the answers but maybe they won’t sacrifice themselves, their children, and grandchildren like the current crop of Breads and Circus politicians. When you hear Bonner, Ryan, King and McCain trash the TEA Party, the more you know who not to vote for. And while Paul Ryan may be young, he has aligned with the powers and principalities of evil. If you don’t believe me, look at what he agreed to in the budget Bill. In the name of moderation, Ryan sold out the honorable warriors who protect our nation with their blood and lives, gave the Dems the ability to pass future financial bills with a simple majority, and other travesties. And he calls himself a conservative? If Ryan is a conservative, what does that make Obama and Reid?
        And yes, I know the young are stupid, self centered and egotistical; as a matter of fact, I am counting on it. You see, in their attempt to save themselves, they will have to cut welfare benefits, social security and Medicare. While it’s a wonderful fantasy to give everyone Bread, Circuses and free healthcare , it is a parasitic relationship that is killing the host. The old will pay for their sins of bleeding the host dry by suffering poverty in their final years..unless, we go back to the extended families of the golden age of America. Maybe, we can work together and save each other
        Disclaimer: I am over fifty

        • Rich

          Amen, nailed it.

        • Liquid Motion

          Spot on 500.
          Our future is full of broken promises. No two ways. On top of any remaining “wealth” being subject to a one-off tax @ 10-30% (assets > 10MLN). Time for calling in all debts is nigh.

        • J.C.Davis

          Galaxy 500 I agree with 98% of your comment. Slavery never left it simply changed places.
          What i disagree with is young people voting the old out. I believe the facts are know the voting system is the most rigged system of all things. Vote flipping is very real and being covered up in every election. Thanks for your posting.

          • J.C.Davis

            I am 52 years young going on 70. lol

        • Rebecca

          Hi, Galaxy 500

          I agree with many comments you made, but not all.
          “The old will pay for their sins of bleeding the host …”
          I am over 60 and have worked since I was a senior in high school. Every paycheck I paid in Social Security. It was not voluntary; it was mandatory. Up to this point in time, I have never collected one cent from the federal government in any form – Medicare, Social Security or even unemployment. I have not “bled” any host “dry.” There are probably many other oldtimers like me.

          But for the other 78 million baby boomers, like myself, who have worked all our lives and paid in Social Security — if you would multiply the money we paid in for 40-50 years by 78 million and add in the interest that money should have collected, there would be no financial disaster waiting to happen today. Congress spent the money we placed in the “Social Security” trust, basically stealing from us all.

          Unfortunately, you are probably right.
          We will get to suffer in poverty.
          I just don’t see the “stupid, self centered and egotistical” young people have the moral values needed to “go back to the extended families of the golden age of America.”
          Many don’t even think enough of their parents to call them now to ask if they need help with anything — when times are not in total crisis. Usually Mom and Dad’s phone only rings when “they” need something.

          Pretty gloomy outlook for us “oldtimers.”
          We did not “create” the welfare system.
          We just worked hard and paid taxes.
          Congress did not have foresight enough to realize that one day young people would chose to have smaller families or no families, and the old would come close to outnumbering the young.

    • WD Deni

      Thanks, I know I am “right”. Way too many credible people are pointing this way.

      I was a wholesale lender from 1999-2006, and in early 2006 I would tell people, that this just can’t keep going like this. Not that I was a genius or educated in that field, I saw credit reports and money being loaned out at lighting speed. IT FELT SO WRONG!

      They said I was crazy then. Point well made…Thank you all again!!!

  12. Fraser

    Thanks Greg…
    Glad we are onto silver – the Group 11 metals on the periodic table (often referred to as the monetary metals) are Copper (Cu, 29), Silver (Ag, 47) and Gold (Au, 79). Their origin, physical properties and uses are truly remarkable and you don’t have to be a chemist to appreciate them. But when it comes to price, I have noticed that copper leads the others into a bull market. AND copper is now well off its June lows and is moving higher, while silver and gold are (temporarily) lagging. As an aside, I believe that physical copper and copper stocks are also worth investor’s attention.

    • Fraser

      PS. Each pre 1982 one cent (penny) coin now contains over 2 cents of copper – so you can double your money selling a paper dollar and buying 100 cents – such is the effect of inflation!

      • Galaxy 500

        Sure you can…oh, wait my bank is fresh out of 1982 pennies. And if you try to trade your dollar for 100, you will be waiting a long time. But you are correct, which is why there is little copper in new pennies. As a matter of fact, they will take pennies out of circulation when they are unable to make them at a discount.

    • J.C.Davis

      Fraser. I question what will happen to the value of copper when copper is totaly removed from coins. I have been getting boxes from my bank and on slow days sorting the copper from the zink. Galaxy 500 is right soon they will have to remove copper from the coin. I think there is a bill in congress intending to do just that.

  13. Glen

    Thanx for the great interview with David Morgan. No one knows more about silver than Mr Morgan. I cringed though when you pressed David for pricing forecasts. David, like so any others has not been accurate for a good while. He is certainly not alone though. I think people should cost dollar average into the markets. In other words, be careful and do your own homework. Anyways, I certainly hope that Mr Morgan is right about the price of gold and silver for 2014 and good luck to everyone.

  14. Ugly

    There is really no way out of this mess, except maybe five possiblilities.
    1. A ‘Global Stiffing’ where we tell creditors to take a hike.
    2. A currency reset for the dollar is worth a penny to the dollar (.001 of value).
    3. Confiscation of all assets in United States (homes, mutual funds, 401k, land).
    4. Wars where confiscation of other countries assets are taken.
    5. All the above.

    I am not sure I like any of the above. We need voodoo dolls of all central bankers and NWO leaders and begin poking them immediately….

    • Ugly

      I meant to say 6 possibilities.

      #6 depopulation on a massive scale….

    • Liquid Motion

      Perhaps 1 (or more) to add:
      7) Social unrest and Anarchy on a global scale. One could argue that the western governments have planned for this contingency(uprising). Certainly “confiscation of assets” would bring about instability in government.
      That would be followed by :
      8) Martial Law &
      9) One World / Company totalitarian government.

      Picture of our future becomes less opaque by the day.

    • Jerry

      Ugly I agree with you.
      These people are common thieves, and nothing more. They just happen to be wearing three piece suits and own politicians. History would dictate that their end will be violent and bloody as others that have gone before them, that have done the same thing.

    • Galaxy 500

      A penny on the dollars is 0.01 not 0.001 but I think we will need at least 0.001 to 0.0001 for each dollar

  15. David

    Getting back to the article/interview’s original title “2014 Going to Be Better for Silver & Gold-David Morgan”:

    I strongly suspect after a lot of reading and communication with people [including a few interviewed by Greg] that the TBTF banks, plus the Fed and their foreign alliance central banks, plus the Federal government, WILL NOT allow prices to go up much in 2014. They simply can’t afford to have anything make their fiat currencies, equities, and ersatz financial products look bad. How? The same way they learned to do it after getting burned by the 2011 run-up in spot prices of PM’s. No, they can’t have their manipulated spot define the physical prices forever. They will lose control of that some day. When one sees historical monetary metals moving up steadily next time it will be a harbinger or bellwether of soon-to come massive social, economic, and political upheaval.

    • Galaxy 500

      Looks like a buying opportunity

  16. John M.

    I don’t care what they say about tapering, they lie about almost everything anyway. Most of what they do is also off the radar screen, so what does it really matter? The Fed is probably buying debt at multiples of the $85 billion per month as some savvy critics are saying. Even the bailouts they claimed at under one trillion during the “emergency” bailouts of the financial meltdown were much larger as they were also bailing out European banks and who knows what other buddies they paid with additions to our debt. Who knows what kind of secret dealings are done in the casinos of the derivatives’ markets, which can threaten a financial crash at any moment?
    It really doesn’t matter about what the paper price of gold or silver currently is. We know they manipulate precious metal markets most of all, because metals have real tangible value, and more importantly, they represent higher real values like honesty, truth, and integrity. In the end, truth shall prevail.
    Paper assets and paper dollars will soon be discarded like all those cheap plastic goods of our Throw Away society. Our cultural values are also just as artificial and fake as our money. This is all so obvious to China and the rest of the world. I am really afraid about what is soon coming because it promises to be worse than a Weimar hyperinflation, a Great Depression, and a World War all rolled into one. Sadly, this must all happen because our nation doesn’t really believe about what’s truly important: strong families, belief in spiritual values, a unified national heritage, the importance of work, production not consumption, saving and investment not spending and debt, freedom of mind and spirit and not government control of anything and everything, etc. etc.

    • Liquid Motion

      Taper ????
      The FED’s agenda was – once 7% Unemployment was achieved….then they would take the foot off the pedal.
      Why is that so hard to believe. AT LEAST FOR THE SHEEPLE.

      This is nothing but PROPAGANDA and Management of Psychology of the highest order. We are compelled to believe the storyline. After all, they are following their own agenda….walking the walk (not just talking the talk). But we are fed lies constantly. Its very difficult (for the layman) to decipher the truth.

      They want to give the impression that everything is improving. WE KNOW ITS NOT.
      Wait until the stock/bond markets tell a different story. Then we will see if BSB can still raise a smile.

      The dichotomy of the market and tapering is an interesting and disturbing one.

    • David

      John M.,

      Well said, and I think you are spot-on correct. Unfortunately correct, because I don’t want bad things to happen but I think it is inevitable. And for those with the time and money to expatriate, you may put yourself into just as bad a situation in another country…which also has a fiat currency, and will be rocked by any failure or collapse of the U.S. Japanese, European or other large country’s economy.

  17. Kim

    I enjoyed the interview today. I had to cash in my IRA to prevent from being homeless in 2008, but the gold and silver I bought earlier rose to make up for it! I did have to cash in some of the silver last year for my family expenses (medical bills for my son who was in an traumatic accident). It was nice to hear how David had to cash in some of his silver also.
    I really believe gold and silver are the true assets needed to survive in this economy. It takes a lot more dollars to survive now, where precious metals continue to rise with inflation even though suppressed and manipulated.

  18. Ugly

    The Rev Billy Graham infamously stated in around 1970 that if, ‘God does not judge the USA, then he will owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology’

    With the sins that we have committed on a financial level and on the warmongering levels in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya, and so forth, don’t you think our judgment day may be coming and coming soon? By that, I am also meaning portions of WWIII on our very own soil.

    If you look at our current situation and mounting at a very fast negative pace, I just see no way out….PS. Good Guest and interview again, as usual….

    • Anna

      Billy Graham; antichrist.

      Have you ever really listened to what he teaches and preaches?
      Of course if you’re like most “christians” (Sunday morning believers) you have no idea what Jesus really says because you never have read the bible.


      • Ugly

        Your knowledge of the Bible parallels that of Archie Bunker. I do read the Bible nearly everyday. Remember, Revelation has been a 2,000 year warning about the last days. Unfortunately too many Christians believe in the pre-trib rapture, thus they take comfort to that.
        PS. Good luck to all folks of all beliefs, except those that believe in NWO of course….

        • Anna

          Coming from a mind like yours, that is a great compliment.
          Thank you, and now “stifle; edith!”
          Ha ha ha,

    • Galaxy 500

      Great quote from Rev. Graham. And it gets more true with each passing day

  19. bill thomas

    Black swan events are always on the table, but wouldn’t be at all surprised to see gold stay around current levels in ’14.
    The message to all doomsayers: Don’t bet against America.

    • Greg Hunter

      What you are really saying is don’t bet against massive fraud and manipulation. Please wake up before it’s too late.

  20. Chuck

    Morgan is full of sh*t. He has been saying the bottom is in since silver was at
    $33.00 and I took his advice and went all in with physical and mining shares. Needles to say I have lost my behind. I have been forced to sell to pay expenses at a loss. If I were him I would cover my ass because I say we go after these charlatans in the PM business instead of the bankers. Who are the real fraudsters here? These people just chuckle when the price goes down and say it is a stacking opportunity. If they were so smart they would have told everyone to just wait and pick up the metal at a much lower cost. Their advice has hurt a lot of people, including me, and I am pissed!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You still have the same amount of ounces. The market is rigged but it will break back in your direction. Don’t be pissed just hold tight. What is going on now has never happened in recorded history. This is much bigger than a trading position. Hang on man, you’ll be happy you did.

    • Ugly

      I don’t think anyone was telling you to sell all, go into debt, and buy silver. Hopefully you didn’t buy the etf’s, but if you did then good luck. Be patient and wait. I bought physical and have in hand. Yes, I panicked and bought at a high price, but my only regret is that I didn’t buy more. Two years ago, I could get silver at any pawn shop. Today, not so. It is starting to get short.

      • James C Davis

        Ugly. I am a copper, and silver buyer. I have noticed a huge decline in availability of silver on the street. I don’t buy from pawns because I want the working man to know how to value silver as money. Those that once sold silver to me now save it themselves. I lost thousands in stock in 2008 so I no longer play a rigged game. Silver and gold cannot become rigged unless your willing to sell it for a fake money. As I see it PM, and the dollar is like comparing a car to the dirt. One will always be of use, and the other will brake down to nothing in time. J.C.

    • Jonathan

      I feel your pain. I subscribe to David’s newsletter (which I still recommend, by the way — it’s one of my favorite reads every month) but I recall him saying the “bottom was in” at $30/oz. Admittedly, there was very little to support the huge drop in price from a technical support level, but I’ve grown a bit weary of this endless “now it’s time to back up the truck!” talk from the precious-metals-uber-alles crowd out there. Even though he’s reviled as a “shill” by many in the PM community, I’ve actually come to value the predictions of the CPM Group’s Jeffrey Christian quite a bit. He’s been consistently accurate with his calls and avoids the whole TEOTWAWKI motif.

      Luckily for me, I bought most of my gold around $400/oz. and most of my silver around $15/oz. so I’m certainly not hurting too badly. I definitely feel for the people that bought gold around $1700 and silver at $30 though (hopefully no one reading bought at > $40 — it was obviously going to go down at that point, although I know at least one that bought a bunch of $40 silver and vows to never touch the PM’s again.)

      I fear the latest canard that some of these people are promoting is the notion that prices won’t fall too much further since we’re now at or below the cost of production. True, this will cause a lot of new projects to be shuttered and will cause existing mines to close, and over the longer term it is certainly an untenable situation, but in the short-term (and by “short term” I mean at least 2-3 years) there’s absolutely no hard and fast rule that says gold and silver won’t trade for below the cost of production for potentially several years. Look at uranium, for example: it’s been widely quoted that it’s not worthwhile to bring new projects online for less than $75/lb. but it’s been trading for nearly half that for quite a while. Over a several year period, it will be obvious in hindsight that the price eventually had to go up but it’s just going to be pure pain for some time to come (barring a black swan event, of course — but no one can predict those.)

      Bottom line is: there’s no guarantee _at all_ that the carnage in the PM sector is over yet. We could well see $1000 or even $900 gold and < $15 silver, and in the meantime we still have to pay our bills with "fiat", not physical metal. While $1200/oz gold and $18/oz silver certainly seems like an attractive entry point, I'm personally waiting for the dust to settle a bit more before diving more into the metals and the mining companies. (I took out a small $40k portfolio in mining companies about a year ago since I thought they had "nowhere to go but up" and bought some companies that were getting the whole "back up the truck at these prices!" hype at that time, only to watch a lot of them fall by 50% or even more. Basically, I'm bleeding cash. Long-term I'll probably be vindicated but I've found that most people just don't have the stomach for this kind of thing. My $.02 has it that everyone would be best served by waiting a bit for the metals and mining companies unless you don't have any at all (in which case you'd be advised to buy a first tranche.)

      Best of luck to all of you,

  21. bob d

    The Ukraine story boil down,Western bankers lost the pipeline wars.

    • mohammad

      Bob ,

      Do not underestimate what those psychopaths can do!
      I pray to god the Ukrainians will wise up and not act foolish like Syrians because let me tell you this: The Russians will crush any uprise there, no mercy, no tears, no regrets, look at Syria and see the scenario, and that is exactly what the western banksters want, that is their game they master.

  22. A. Paco Liptz

    David Morgan has destroyed a lot of people with his arrogant self assurance and baseless predictions of silver’s price rise that in fact crashed violently. When do guys like this stop getting a platform for their self-aggrandizing false prophesies?

    • Greg Hunter

      A. Paco Liptz,
      There is massive price manipulation going on that will end sooner than later. You can always go long Treasuries and the dollar, but I wouldn’t do that. Hold on to your physical wealth and you will be protected and rewarded.

    • John Mackenzie

      Chuck & A. Paco

      Indeed – IF you know a market is manipulated – stop predicting.

      Morgan has misled and mis-directed many Silver investors into buying at improper levels.

      And Greg – same number of ounces? What rationale is this…”My house was cut in half, but it’s still whole” ?!?!?

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes, even if your house is cut to half it’s value, it still functions as a house. You buy a house to live in, not to speculate on. You buy physical gold and silver as a core asset to protect your wealth. You have a trading mentality and are short sighted. How do you think this massive paper debt bubble is going to be resolved? It is going to be resolved and the longer the ESF and the Fed prop up the economy the bigger the bubble gets. My guest next week (expert in OTC Swaps) say the big banks put around $10 trillion in interest rate swaps in the third quarter alone! When this blow (and it will) it will be a disastrous global event the like of which the world has never seen. Please stop with the trading mentality and try to protect yourself. Thank you for your comment.

        • John Mackenzie

          Recent history is not on your side Greg – a great many homes were purchased during a speculative mania due to artificially low interest rates… it should be obvious why the Fed is propping the MBS market, Banks are laden with mortgages which went south – a great many homes were indeed speculative investments Greg.

          Further still an even greater number of homes were sold to people who had no business attempting to “finance” a house.

          “Wealth” is a moving target Greg, you have made some rather poor assumptions regarding my Short-Sightedness, you do not know my financial and trading arrangements so to assume I am somehow operating under a “trading mentality” is unjustified.

          There are periods where opportunity presents itself, those who recognize them tend to prosper above and beyond the Buy & Hold crowd. You can still purchase physical metals… it has not become the issue many Gold/Silver promoters would have you believe.

          It is certainly wise to have a core position you hedge while speculating in other areas such as energy, softs and FX – while limiting your exposure to the inherent risks. It will likely prove an intelligent move to remove one’s assets from the system altogether.

          Are we there yet?

          I do not know, nor do I pretend to know.

          You have neglected to respond to your guests unfortunate mis-guidance at times… understandably so as they are your “content.” The end may be nigh, it may not be, our overall Financial Economy has done little for the average American and continues to worsen enriching a very select few.

          Conditions are unprecedented, unparalleled and extremely dangerous in my humble opinion and yes, it will end in disaster… when? Again I have no idea nor will I pretend to – being prepared on every level is a good idea, one I suggested a very long time ago. You do not know me personally Greg but my record is in black and white for 15 years, a great many articles and interviews I have requested removed from multiple websites – http://www.safehaven.com/author/78/john-mackenzie

          I broke the story on Fed interventions long before your website appeared Greg – http://www.financialsensearchive.com/Experts/roundtable/2004/0626.html

          Prior to assuming I’m an ill informed trader who lacks the proper “mentality” or “Knowledge”… please check your facts.

          We agree on many fronts, we disagree on a few. I merely expressed an opinion based upon fact that several of your guests have made serious mistakes which cost many “investors” large percentage losses. It is important to maintain balance, objective balance.

          Our anthropology does not appear to indicate we have learned a great deal, it seems we are back to the same old carrot and stick that has always been present, serf and overlords, slavery takes many forms – we are indenture as are many generations to come.

          This is nothing short of tragic.

          I appreciate your efforts Greg and have been a financial supporter of your website, making contributions in the past an will continue to do so in the future – Merry Xmas Greg and may the New Year bring you much success.

          • Greg Hunter

            John Mackenzie,
            I did not mean to insult or disparage you. If I did, so please accept my apology. My only point is: the debt is so enormous and the manipulation being applied is so unprecedented, that there really are no real markets at this point. People are just anticipating the manipulation, and that is a very dangerous game. You are a smart guy and prolific writer. I am grateful for your comments and support! We do agree on many fronts! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

        • On The Beach

          Or will ever see again, Matthew 24: 21.

  23. Musings of a Reader

    I noticed No one anywhere, here or on other sites, ever seem to talk about what could possibly be good for America. The only person who comes close is Martin Armstrong with his idea of zero percent Fed Income Tax and other moves. I think Jim Willie would nip that idea in the bud with his notion of a permanent and hardened corruption in the American landscape. So, the country sinks and a few remain with bars and trinkets… ?

  24. David

    Again getting back to the title of this article:

    “2014 Going to Be Better for Silver & Gold-David Morgan”
    Here is an article by John Embry related to gold and silver prices…and why the suppression will continue in 2014.


  25. mohammad


    This is a rolling ball of fire that will only work in the favor of emancipation of physical gold from paper, please remember every one how much pressure US had put on India to curb the appetite of their citizens to import gold and we remember the laws India passed to comply with US requests, that what kept the lid on the gold demand for a while.
    Now as India seethes after this STUPID insult to the diplomat the first retaliation comes to mind will be removing the restriction form importing gold to India and then you can see that lid US put on physical gold demand shoots to the roof.


    Too late Mr Kerry, god bless your heart you have been regretting and apologizing a lot recently:


  26. David

    In my opinion this is the best follow-up comment to David Morgan’s opinion silver [or gold] priced in dollars will go up in 2014:

    “It’s really quite simple – a manipulated market is defined by a concentrated position; a free market has no such concentration of holdings. Let me make it more specific. For the past six years, one entity (JPMorgan) has often been the sole new short seller on every silver price rally of significance. This is how and why the silver manipulation has persisted. This is how and why the manipulation will end, namely, JPMorgan not adding to Comex silver short positions. I suppose it is possible that this crooked bank may find a way to disguise future additional Comex silver short sales, but barring that it comes down to whether JPMorgan shorts more silver or not as to whether the manipulation is terminated”. – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 18 December 2013

  27. allen ols


    Graham quoted Leonard ravinhill

    BTW David Wilkerson wrote in ” The Vision” in 1973 everything we are involved in.

    Google D W vision 1973 , a 5:12 video of a recap and you will find he says our currency will collapse and people will have fled to metals for security BUT THERE WILL BE NONE

    Now everything else he envisioned has happened so I only stock long term storage of food, seeds fertilizer, etc
    Yesterday I picked up 100 lbs whole pwdrd milk, white,bulk, beans more oat meal ,hard white wheat, 620.00 to vacuum pack

    All ols

    • Ugly

      allen ols,
      I agree on investments for 2014. I am doing pretty much the same. Here is my list:
      1. Debt reduction
      2. Food storage
      3. Knowledge of water, not just 5 gal containers
      4. Cooking stuff such as small wood stoves, etc.
      5. Seeds and NPKSfertilizers
      6. Some silver and cash
      7. Solar stuff such as lightings

      Ultimately, a trust in God. I want to work and prepare and talk to other with an willing ear. Not too many willing ears though, just docile ones….

      • allen ols


        get a couple “sawyer water filters” free flow bucket types or backpack type, at bass pro.

        get all the hard white wheat u can, a coffee grinder will grind it, as will a blender, but u can get a hand crank for 53 bucks. Also go to primitive survival, for info, like—a chap stick with que tip will make a candle. a large can of crisco with twisted paper stuck down through center will make a loooonnnngggg burning candle. knowledge is power. get ahold of mennonites in your area for bulk orders of oatmeal, powdered milk, honey, etc, look for small rocket mass cook stove, get a couple of dutch ovens, get fishing supplies, and a small good quality tent. I have advised many to buy a used camper ie. “dan and kathaline just got a 51′ camper for 4k, to move to a small 10 acre lot with spring fed creek, and woods. solar is great, get only the “trojan” brand batteries, six volt are best. We personally have two motorcycles w/gas to get everyone outta dodge. remember full sine wave inverters, used off of marine batteries go along way.

        stay at it, i keep no money in banks except for my ss deposit, which i pull all out immediatly. I have little gold and silver, i dont follow the gold line. everything will go digital, mark of beast etc. this is the end

        alols fop usa wd

  28. allen ols


    I’m not sure if my first post went through so here is my 2 and try

    The quote was from Leonard ravinnhill, and then go to Google
    Find: David Wilkerson 1973 prophesy on u tube 5:13 min. Long a recap of his book vision and near end he states Americans will flee to gold silver but find no security.

    Yest. I bought 100 lbs pwd milk, beans-wht , blk. Oatmeal , H W Wheat 620.00 worth to vacuum pack , will buy gen. On sale harbour frgt. 4 kva 300.00 norm. 399.00 as I see actual stuff in hand better. I see everything going down hill w/no recovery for yes. And a rise of anti Christ. BTW I have hundreds who agree w/me. Seeds and fertilizer as well



  29. frosty

    Looking at the probability of a rise in the price of gold from another perspective, the article linked to below points out that the Fed creates only about 15% of the money supply while the other 85% is created by commercial banks. It explains that the recently proposed reduction in, or elimination of , the interest the Fed now pays the banks on the 2.5 trillion in excess reserves (money banks hold at the Fed) will prompt the banks to start lending in earnest again and unleash a torrent of liquidity throughout the commercial banking system.

    How will this effect the price of gold?


  30. Frank Brady

    From “Obamacare” and its cascade down the tubes to trigger the premature collapse of Medicare to potential war in the Middle East to the dethroning of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, I wonder Greg, what does one call a whole flock of colliding Black Swans?

  31. John Mackenzie

    Dave Morgan has made mistake after mistake in calling bottoms in Gold & Silver.

    Frankly has so has Jim Sinclair and many, many other Gold Promoters.

    We will see the 1090 Futures Gap filled – IMHO.

    The Continuous Contract does not show it due to rollover.

    This will ALL end badly,


    • Greg Hunter

      John Mackenzie,
      I do not get your logic, but I am not a trader. We have more than $17 trillion in debt, and more that $200 trillion unfunded debt and liabilities. Is there a magic debt fairy going to wave a wand and make this all go away? You are right about one thing, “This will ALL end badly.” Thank you for your comment.

    • mohammad

      Lets say we will see 700 gold, when it trades 3500 (and it will) does it make much of a difference if you bought it 1200 or 700?
      Yes it will end badly but not for PM.
      Just name for me please one thing, one single freaking thing that is now cheaper than 80’s …………. OTHER THAN SILVER!!!!!!

      • mohammad

        My note is to John Mackenzie sorry i did not put the name at the beginning of my post.

        • John Mackenzie

          Mohammad – apparently it does to a great many people who feel they were misled into purchasing precious metals, several have expressed as much here.

          Value is relative, something you may want to consider.

          • mohammad

            It has proven value for thousands of years, that is a hefty long time works on the side of PM.
            god bless and merry christmas.

          • Liquid Motion

            John M,
            I too find it rather convenient (and disturbing) that the soothsayers and prognosticators of PM’s have (not only) very much an awareness about their (price) appreciation and “ultimate” peak in $$$, as much as they do about cycles and corrections.
            They all knew very well that $1900(Au) and $50(Ag) were intermediate cycle peaks(or EW “Major” Peaks to be followed by corrective phases in order of 40%) within a secular BULL market. Nothing goes str8 up continually.
            Someone prove to me that the very same individuals did not benefit from the up cycle as they did/have from this vicious correction.
            IN the vernacular of trading….its commonly referred to as “talking ones book”….to make profit.
            Love how they come out after the event and say… “keep accumulating, buy the dips, average price down, we have bottomed, sellers are exhausted, no gold left in the vaults……”.
            Having said that, I still believe in the trend and the death of fiat. An interesting article I read recently highlighted that this cycle in Gold (including the correction) will be a drawn out one and ultimately proving the original forecasters correct. The correction, it stated, isn’t over and could last another 6 months, after which Gold resumes it bull cycle. Cycle theory but with added complexities of fundamentals, technicals, behaviour and portfolio.
            Short term mentality for investing in Gold is not the play this time. If you swap fiat for Gold/Silver, do so on the understanding that the process is one of decades. We are probably mid-secular bull market at this point. Take that from our starting point of circa 2000, implies we have until 2023-2025 to see the full value of gold being recognised. Just my 2 cents.

  32. Joe G.

    You can tell right away when someone resides mostly in the emotional realm, like this Anna commenter… accusing Greg of “spreading fear”. I’m sure Jews who escaped germany in the 30’s were also accused of being “alarmist” or “fear-mongerers”. US Debt is mathematically beyond being able to be paid off, by the sheer amount of labor/man-hours required, even at 100% tax rates (aka slavery). At this point the game plan seems to be keep the ponzi/game afloat while distracting the tax-donkeys from their rapidly decreasing standard of living.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Joe G. for the support. I still like and welcome Anna even though we disagree.

      • Rich

        You are a better man than I. I recon I still need scads of work.

        I am thankful for you Greg and what you do. I am also thankful for the comments on this board. Merry Christmas.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Rich for your kind words and support.

      • Anna

        Thank you Greg. I am here because my husband likes you. He says God has great plans for you, and shall bless many families through you, even in things you do not yet know.
        We don’t celebrate Saturnalia, or the church’s mixture of idolatry into their “christian holidays” because it offends God, so I can’t wish anyone “merry anything” with a clear conscience, but I can and will continue to bless you in Jesus’ name by telling you the Truth I know, whether or not you regard that as worth anything. The good-will of my husband (who recently went through surgery) is behind it.

        • Greg Hunter

          There is no doubt that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. His birth is unique and it changed the world. Thank you for your blessings. May you be blessed by the Almighty in return.

    • John Mackenzie

      Dollar cost averaging, although popular with the investing herd, serves to “smooth” revenues for those promoting their inventory – it keeps buyers active and promoters in business. It is NOT necessarily a winning investment strategy.

      The very the principle of dollar cost averaging states that if we invest a fixed dollar amount into a security periodically over time, it will result in a reduced weighted average cost per share – this method is NOT effective as random/strategic purchases over time using tools readily available to investors.

      Buy Low – Sell High – do not chase, do exercise greed do not exercise fear. Bull Markets are obvious events.

      There is a great deal of emotional baggage within the Precious Metals arena, perhaps the mentality stems from the participants culture. The “Big Event” is always lurking…. and although it is IMHO wise to hold both Gold & Silver as core physical assets for the impending doom, until that point in time arrives it is quite obvious one would have been benefitted greatly form hedging this most recent decline from 1913$ Au (futures high) and the same can be said for Silver, going all in and holding one’s nose is foolish – particularly when waiting for Karmaggedon.

      Personally – I attempt to prepare for the entire curve and win from every point. As you suggested – trees do not grow to the Sky. I have been a proponent of “Honest & Sound Money” for my entire life, always suggesting to own the Physical Metal first and speculate in Equities/Futures in order to to profit and use capital gained to accumulate further Physical and “things of Value,” or simply put the things we are dependent upon within all the inter-connected systems which make up our arrangement.

      It is important to observe the Facts surrounding those in the Gold Community who have made “predictions” as to price. Their track record is important and they should be held accountable for their prognostications. There is a great deal of Hero Worship and Idolatry within the Precious Metals community. It tends towards herd like behavior which feeds upon itself.

      Patience is the best course of action. I have been listening for two decades to the end of life as we know crowd… any minute now…

      Certainly “things” are downright criminal, disgusting and will end in an unparalleled disaster regardless of the levers pulled. We crossed the Rubicon long ago… and very long time ago.

      Peace be with you and kind regards,


      • John Mackenzie

        The above response was to Liquid Motion.

        • Liquid Motion

          Thanks John, appreciate the response.
          What is clear is that too many rely on those that are supposed experts in their fields. As you allude to, that can and has proven dangerous.
          What is required is time spent in ones own education to
          allow or permit rational decision making. There are a multitude of reasons for people not pursuing the necessary or required course of action. I don’t need to elaborate them here.
          It is a very mixed up world and nothing makes complete sense. Fear pervades every thought and the need to protect oneself in whatever way possible is paramount. Most will follow the herd, because they haven’t got/ know alternatives or have the ability to question. This is no different to any other time in history. There are always winners and losers.
          I like to think that I have enough balance in my life and wherewithal to fulfil mine and my family’s safety & future. I do also have grave fears for those not in a position that even remotely resembles mine. I don’t profess to have absolute resilience against the criminals running the world. I do have some protection nonetheless.

          Peace also be with you at this time of year.

    • Anna

      Joe G. thank you for the compliment.

  33. John Mackenzie

    Logic Greg, those are facts – perhaps some research into the Gold Promoters – and both have vested interests in selling you either physical or paper – as do many, many other Gold promoters. They have been wrong as many times as they have been correct. Look at Eric Sprott.. 90% redemptions for his fund.

    King World News reads like a who’s who of bottom callers and Financial Doom… “Any minute now…”

    Anyone looks a genius in a Bull Market… literally any person, “buy low – sell high.”

    Most survive on the Halcyon days in Bear Markets… however long their duration may be – Jim Willie learned this as well, he no longer “predicts” the Price gyrations of the Metals – you know this as you interviewed him on several occasions. I have far more regard for “i do not know” than repeated “mistakes” with their attendant excuses/reasons.

    Our Debt is our Debt, it is a fact as well – nothing more than a Ponzi scheme that will eventually enslave humanity if permitted to persist – Why you suggest a “Debt Fairy waving a magic wand” – has nothing to do with the above and below – and I am 100% correct in the above, not just “one thing.”

    Gold will bottom when it is go and ready, it has a nasty habit of filling Gaps. There is one at $1090 on the Futures, you will not see it on the CC, IMHO it will be filed regardless of the Jim Sinclair, Dave Morgan, Eric Sprott or any Gold Promoters fog-horning.

    I have owned Gold and Silver my entire life and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, it is but a small part of my overall hedge and preparedness for what lay ahead.

    • Greg Hunter

      John Mackenzie,
      You are a trader and that mentality will not serve you. I will ask you again, how do you think this enormous debt bubble will be resolved. The Fed’s balance is pushing towards $4 trillion. The current cash deficit is more than $17 trillion. The amount we owe and have committed to is north of $200 trillion. The Fed is printing now only $75 billion a month (that’s the official number the real number is much higher) I do not care about your trading models. I am talking physical gold and silver and if you try to pick the bottom the metal may not be there when AU and AG hits your gap. I am not a gold promoter. I am telling people to get protection. By the way, you don’t really think we have free markets do you? You should do some research into the Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) Here’s a started link for you: http://www.marketskeptics.com/2011/06/the-esf-and-its-history.html There are no free markets John. We have enormous fraud and manipulation my friend. Please stop trying to play the market. It is playing you.

      • John Mackenzie

        We are clearly not communicating all too well Greg.

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    • mohammad

      I wish gold will go lower so i can have a better position before the whole monetary system resets, if not me it will be my kids that will benefit. Same way i benefited from my grandmother’s gold when we had a rainy day in Syria, a huge long rainy day that is.

  34. Derrick Michael Reid

    Just six short years ago, the median net worth of middle class US households was $120,000. Today, it has fallen a whopping 45% to just $66,000.

    Way to go, you free chit army folks, and your whitehouse champion.

    I was watching PBS, and guy gave a lecture covering his new book, a mankind history of insurgent guerilla warfare, and concluded that guerilla warface IS THE NORM throughout history, and conventional armies the EXCEPTION.

    The barbarians for example took down ROME, that historically 80% insurgencies fail, that General Templeton, ?, in Mayala, (as with MO of china) understood that to defeat an insurgency (Chinese migrants in Mayala 1950s), or maintain an insurgency (MO in china WWII) you need support from the people. To defeat insurgencies you need “according” to Templeton, you must win the hearts and minds of the people, (that was used in vietam, when the US started “getting it”) by giving them a better alternative than the insurgents. With widespread media, these days, insurgency success rate has double to 40% over the last 100 years. Conventional power can not these days commit genicide and just wipe em out, (unless black out, eg Chechnia), as scorch earth is politically out, and thus total annillation is out these days, and so victory depends on 75% media coverage and 25% battle tactics, with a better proposal. Templeton for example promised Independence if the people help defeat the insurgents. While many would turn their nose, that voting in Iraq, with purple fingers was probably the most significant act of the gulf wars over the long term. Afganhistan is conflicted between a corrupt government and the brutal taliban. Not good.
    Listening, 2010-11 collapse prediction, gold trade settlement, et al, it seems as though some early thoughts were actually not alone.

    Turd and Jack, … say no more.

    Pento, Willie, and a few others seem to think 2014 will see some changes. surprise

    In the OLD DAYS, lol, it was asserted that the US is limited economically, unless it elevates other nations’ economy to sale advanced stuff. Cultural Evolution takes much time, but there is reason, in the apparent globalization, despite short term losses accommodating. So, the end game is reset, gold trade settlement, a US gold certificate “allocated” by cert/bar #, with an elevated global economy, in which the US could do very well, if it stuck to policing air/sea lanes, and the let the local tyrants and insurgents GO AT IT, supporting in a limited way, THE EXCEPTIONALISM, which ever side has the FREEDOM moral high ground, so as to stop trying to conquer the world and nuke the sites for morbid, but rather, make it real, honest, profitable, with increasing living standards. US is back sliding, but can quickly recapture the moral high ground, if we can resist the temptation to elect, one after another, totalitarian socialistic US-centric fascists.

    I loved Willie’s comment about the Japanese and Germans, having educated women raising kids for an intelligent work force, whereas the Arabs and Muslims generally, in all their misguidedness do not exploit 50% of their mental powers, and as such will always be 2nd class nations and inherently limited resulting in, ?, you guessed it, INSURGENCY.

    I know many are on the Iranian, Syrian and Border bias, but I would put the big red 1 on the southern border with shoot to kill orders, while implementing a fair and equitable immigration solution, all would accept, as there should be no 2nd class residence in the US, and would BLOCKADE Iran in a heartbeat, lifting it upon compliance with UN nuke supervision, and would have tried Assad in the US Senate (foreign affairs committee) in abtensia for war crimes, and if successful, enforce an assassination resolution, commutted upon delivering up all gas WMD.

    Morgan ….
    1700 gold end 2014, unless black swan, then up limit days.

    Morgan refers to Williams and the “reset” as Willie mentioned. Willams and Willie are on record calling for a 30% devaluation.

    Morgan called 1700 gold by end 2014, and in view of 12 year gold rally, with one correction year, down 25% in 2013, this is a good thing in a bull. If 1700 at end the year 14 , without a black swan, the bull is reinforced. So, either the bull continues in 2014, or black swans in blue skies with fiat currency melt down.

    Hunter did an excellent interview with D Morgan, a straight shooter, always.
    coincidentally, a 1700 gold price end 2014, is ….. drum roll …….
    a 30% devaluation of the US fiat dollar in 2014.

    anyone noticing the 3% treasury 10 yr yield ….. tic toc tic toc tic toc …..

  35. Derrick Michael Reid

    Hunter should interview the man that coined the term “counterfeiter in Chief”, Mr. Michael Pento. He is on it!

  36. Derrick Michael Reid

    The Dollar monkey manipulators will seek 11 and 19 PM handles for 2013 closing price, to decimate sentiment as best able. The bomb goes off 2014. HAPPY NEW YEARS.
    and merry christmas Gregg.

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