2019 Democrat Debate 7.30.19 – Greg Hunter Live Analysis

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The second round of the Democrat debate took place in Detroit, Michigan, on Tuesday night.  The word “free” was used by the debaters at least 17 times. The debate seemed disjointed, and no one seems to have a coherent plan to help everyday Americans.   All presidential candidates uniformly touted the perceived racism in America, which, of course, is what many of them are running on.

In this live recorded debate, Greg Hunter breaks in to give his analysis of the candidates and what they are pitching to U.S. voters. Please ask yourself if there is there anything these candidates are saying that will make you go out and vote to put them in the White House?  Many on the YouTube livestream gave the answer to this question as a resounding NO.

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After the Debate:

Join Greg Hunter for the next round of the Democrat debates on Wednesday, July 31.

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    • Rob

      All this arguing about “healthcare” and someone dying before their time without said “healthcare” is a complete lie because our Father is the ONLY one who has the power over our spirit and the day of death:

      Ecclesiastes 8:8 There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power over the day of death; and there is no discharge in war: neither shall wickedness deliver him that is given to it.

      James 2:26 For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, even so faith apart from works is dead.

      Psalms 139:16 Thine eyes did see mine unformed substance; And in thy book they were all written, Even the days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was none of them.

      The “book” king David was referring to also contains our destiny:


    • Diane

      I turned my phone off before the debate, I dont watch TV ….I listened to Tim Conway Jr. On KFI 640 radio in Los Angeles , he critiqued each debater. Funny stuff. I laughed all through it.
      He spoofed all of them as a weak group of losers.
      I love your commentary. Just listened to it.
      MaryAnn Williamson topped the Drudge poll during the debate. A non politician.
      Tim Conway Jr. Predicts NONE of the candidates, including tonight’s roster will be the Candidate against Trump.
      He may be right.
      Do you think that’s a possibility, Greg?

  1. Paul in OZ

    I may be simple, but I can not understand how any politician can ever justify the greater provision of services to either foreigners in desperate situations, those who legally enter the country and are awaiting citizenship status, or those who have illegally entered the country over its own citizens. The latter of which should have the least status … yes America has been settled by immigrants but they followed the law. I especially can’t understand how any of those politicians can in any way legitimately say they believe in the rule of law. I just don’t get it!

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Are they really THAT stupid?

  3. Marie Joy

    I like listening to Greg’s commentary but listening to those fools is just too much.

  4. Ivan

    Democrat/Communist Debate Of Kooks 2019

  5. H. Craig Bradley


    What a stable of losers. Elizabeth Warren is on the War Path too. She is so far to the Left that she missed California and landed in Hawaii instead. She has NO CHANCE in 2020, even though the Governor of Calif. , Gavin Newsom just signed a law that requires all presidential candidates (Trump) to release their Federal Tax returns or be blacked -out of the Primary Ballot next year.

    New Jersey is reportedly considering such a Trump Ban on their ballot next year, as well. Its largely symbolic, as relatively few California residents voted for Trump anyway, so what difference does it make? Radical Blue States like California are gradually forcing Conservatives to “stay in their corner” and be quiet or leave the state. As far as potential Democratic presidential candidates for next year, the Party is increasingly being upstaged by the Squad of Four in major public policy areas. The Squad is “sucking the air out of the room” for the Democratic Party contenders.

  6. H. Craig Bradley

    Last Night’s debate was a Barrage of lies launched upon the Living Rooms of America.

  7. Montana Guy

    If no one cares about the national debt, then what’s wrong with ‘Free’?

  8. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nice touch to add levity to the DNC ‘clown show’ !
    Getting back to the explosive uncovering of truth and the underpinning of the ‘spy gates’ old and new by he same ole crew and MO is now over lapping and being exposed…as the AMAZING trail blazing to truth unfolds =
    also more on Seth Rich
    and a great visual @ 33:28 of how many ‘illegals’ crossed the border each of the last 3 months = https://youtu.be/QgVEDMvJEQ0

  9. Bob the Blessed

    Dear Greg,

    You remarked that you’re not a very talented report. Please, please NEVER say that again. You are in the top 1% of all reporters.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bob!

  10. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    After listening about 15 minutes half-jokingly I can say 3 things:
    -I envy your endurance sitting through it.
    -I hope no-one will charge Donald Trump from the Democratic party for doing his campaign.
    -It was the worst beauty pageant I ever saw.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Oracle 911

      BTW I am not an American citizen.

      • Greg Hunter

        What country do you come from?

  11. Jerry

    I tried to listen to the demoncratic debate but I couldn’t. Theres only so much insanity I can handle. Instead, I decided to rewatch this frontline story. “ The Warning”. I wish I could tell you things are different ten years later but they’re not.Nothing has changed.

  12. tsuki

    Thank you, Mr. Hunter, for watching so I do not have to.

  13. Thomas Nacey

    I kept waiting for one of them to pull out an actual bottle of snake oil ointment that would almost magically cure ignorance, poverty, disease, hemmoroids, mental illness and darken white people to create equality.

  14. J in Ireland

    I am a surgeon in Ireland. I worked in Shriners Burn Hospital Galveston and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston. I agree that doctors need to be paid (we are poorly paid in comparison to our US colleagues). However, every person in Ireland gets free healthcare – even though it’s not Harvard style – it’s extremely good. I remember a patient who was burned in the ICU in Texas becoming hysterical that the hospital would sell his house to pay for his treatment and my boss at the time felt it was a good thing. He would become homeless after treatment. This is immoral. Free healthcare never happened in the US – even though you spend more of you GDP on healthcare than us, you’re not able to cover the entire population. You have to ask why? It is possible and it is affordable!
    Otherwise, keep up the great work.
    J in Ireland

  15. Coalburner

    Bernie will get rid of all the Doctors. Right now they already are eliminating any and all General Medical Practitioners MD’s Notice the system set up is now all PA’s, NP’s etc. Not that I have that big a problem with it but I have two doctors in the family to consult with on the side. Who else is that lucky. All I need is three lawyers. My Grand daughter wants to be a Vet. I tell her she has to promise to sew me up when necessary. Most Vets do more skin sewing than ER Doctors. Hint, Raise yourself a Dentist, a vet and surgeon. Plus a pilot, a couple lawyers, an engineer and two business monsters. One girl and one boy.

  16. Russ McMeans

    This was painful to watch but at least Greg chimed in with some good quips shining the truth about these rats. It’s hard to watch so many sociopaths lying to us and promising ‘free’ stuff. These people are the worst type of people to put in charge. Promising to solve America’s problems by printing up more money.
    I still remain bullish on God, Gold, food and guns to protect it and our loved ones.

  17. paul ...

    It’s 12:30 here in New York … and I’m waiting for the Fed to announce a 50bp rate cut two(2) hours from now … it will be the first easing cycle in 12 years … and the first rate cut since December 2008 … but something seem odd looking at what gold and silver are doing … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.htmlhttps://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html … which implies something is wrong!! … gold and silver should be rising as the Fed (and other central banks globally) are supposedly going to pivot and resume easing (meaning currency devaluation) which should be good for gold and silver … and we have Trump increasing pressure on the Fed to “go fast” (especially ahead of the 2020 election) … and easing is necessary to cut US dollar strength (which is a clear headwind to achieving the Fed’s higher inflation goal and to help US exporters) … so a FOMC rate cut of 50bp seemed in the bag … so why is gold and silver moving down? … is the Fed going to “pass” and not hike as there too many risks coming from global trade uncertainty? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-31/us-china-trade-talks-collapse-after-half-day-negotiations

    • paul ...

      Now I see both gold and silver are beginning to turn up … so perhaps … the spike down was just a “head fake” by the precious metal manipulators … to scare up some selling … so they could buy some metal cheap!!

      • paul ...

        Well … it seems gold’s pre-Fed downward spike … “was signaling something not kosher” … as the Fed’s later action was not as accommodating as hoped for … the Fed only cut rates by a ¼% (rather than the ½% hoped for) … which sent US equities as well as gold and silver strongly lower … Powell then put “a further damper on things” when he said that “the Fed was not embarking on a long rate cutting cycle (as in a recession)” … Trump immediately blasted Powell … and I expect Powell won’t Fed Chair much longer!!

        • paul ...

          You know … Powell is a real #$$$$$$ … he knows Trump wants “a lower dollar” so American companies can sell their products abroad and we can balance our trade deficit … so what does he do? … he says “this is only a mid-cycle rate cut” (which means it is one to two cuts and done) making the US dollar skyrocket higher!! … the banksters are not giving Trump what he wants … so Trump will likely take something away from the banksters … like for instance … signing an Executive Order putting an upper cap on credit card interest rate charges that banks can impose!! … Trump should make it “illegal” for the crooked banksters to charge 27% … and immediately put a cap on credit card rates at 5 to 6 percent!!

          • paul ...

            Do the banksters think they can scare us out of gold by not lowering rates and not weakening the dollar as Trump wanted? … no way … because even if they succeed in getting Trump out in 2020 … a commie/socialist will get in … and all Demon-rat Marxist/socialists without exception believe in printing money out of thin air to infinity Zimbabwe style … so any correction in gold and silver is simply another opportunity to buy if you haven’t already!!

  18. Donald

    To understand what is happening now, look no farther than past historical examples. Here is a link:


    Here is a quote from that link: “Is it any wonder we have to watch the disgusting spectacle of German self-hatred evince itself in song parodies and silly artwork which degrade its historical figures, or her politicians falling over themselves to see who can utter the most apologies? In the utter absence of national pride, there is fervent persecution of any who dare challenge this abysmal, degenerate, masochistic trend.”

    Doe this sound familiar???? Worse yet, think who is behind this. Who controls the media, banking, politicians, and so on; and who controls them? There, you will find your answer to why the world is the way it is. Many have long since figured this one out….

  19. paul ...

    Trump has a golden opportunity to “save” Social Security for the common people … the SS Trust Fund currently has 3 trillion dollars in it (invested in Treasuries paying hardly any interest) … what Trump must do is “use his God given brains” and invest the 3 trillion into money (gold) that God created … instead of keeping the peoples Social Security funds in the money created by criminal Banksters … this way when gold goes to $50,000 dollars per ounce (as Sinclair/Holter predict) … the Social Security Trust Fund will be worth $100 trillion dollars … and the common peoples retirement checks will be saved from worthlessness!! … now why is it so hard for politicians to use their brains and do the right thing??? … Trump simply needs to sign an Executive Order to allow Social Security Trust Fund money to be invested in gold (instead of Treasuries) … especially as Trump knows Treasuries is a bad investment because he is telling the Fed to lower rates, print money and weaken the dollar!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-30/treasury-department-desperate-need-sucker

    • paul ...

      And another thing … if gold is a “tier one asset” for the4 crooked banksters … why can’t it be “a tier one asset” for the peoples SS Trust Fund???

  20. Mike R

    The debates are secondary to the fact that the Fed just capitulated with its first rate cut in 10 years. So here’s the rub. If the Fed can’t raise rates now, when can it ever ? Worse, we have $260 trillion in global debt, that has been at an accelerating pace since they began QE, and the world went to ZIRP and then NIRP, so lowering rates will further accelerate the doubling of the world debt, now quickly heading toward $500 trillion —- IF, and a big IF, world economies dont simply implode before it ever reaches $500 trillion.

    We are literally witnessing in real time, the collapse of Rome. Its unstoppable, and not only that, the leaders that be, are actually driving the demise to be worse than it ever needed to become. Most of the US will become impoverished by this move, within the next decade. What we see now in Baltimore, San Francisco, LA, in terms of the filth and rat infestations, and building rot and gentrification will now very very rapidly spread to many other cities across the US. It will appear in cities and towns, you will never expect it to. Taxes will become crushing, and people will attempt to flee to other places that will just become the same. There will be nowhere to flee to. Those fleeing to other countries will get crushed as well, and while those countries may seem ‘cheaper’ now, they will all face extreme hyperinflation. The hyperinflation will be much more pronounced in all the other countries than here in the US, so it will seem like we are doing ‘ok’, relatively speaking, but in the end we will be much worse off, falling from a much higher standard of living, and unable to adjust or survive or adapt to the very steep fall in living conditions. The entire state of Illinois for example, is becoming like Baltimore, and it may seem stealthlike, but the taxes are so burdening, that it can only keep going out for larger issuances of massive debt, just to keep basic infrastructure from crumbling beyond repair. Schools meanwhile suffer huge cuts, and children get worse educations, and crime spreads beyond the pockets it was once limited to. Uptick in robberies and smash and runs, residential theft, are occurring in once immune and peaceful and well kept neighborhoods.

  21. Boswell

    “perceived racism” There’s your clue… If you think Trump is “racist”, you have been successfully brainwashed.

  22. Coalburner

    Yes, Greg, they unspeakable idiots. Insane talking nutjobs . One cannot find enough denigrating words to address them or call bad names to call them.

  23. Jerry

    Gitmo transcripts.

    Yes the trials are going on. More on the way.

  24. al

    I’m sorry Greg, awesome coverage on your part but I could NOT stomach these whiny weasels wheezing and screeching one lie after another. These bleeding-heart left-tards are very hard to stomach. I watched all of 3 minutes and had to shut it off.

    I’m sorry, I wish I had only your commentary to look at. I can’t even stomach looking at their faces.

    Oh what a total sh-t show!

  25. Bill B

    GREG: A little humor.
    The demorats have been exposed in Baltimore.
    Elijah Commings will soon be known as Elijah Goings

  26. Major Payne

    Thank you Greg. I send my condolences that you actually watched it. The only thing missing, I heard, were big red noses and clown suits.

  27. paul ...

    Peter Schiff is one of the few people who predicted Trump would win in 2016 … now he thinks Trump will lose in 2020 and explains why … https://www.kitco.com/news/video/show/Kitco-NEWS/2495/2019-07-31/Why-Donald-Trump-Wont-Win-the-Next-Election—Peter-Schiff-Part-3#_48_INSTANCE_puYLh9Vd66QY_=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.kitco.com%2Fnews%2Fvideo%2Flatest%3Fshow%3DKitco-NEWS

    • paul ...

      Trump has the banksters working against him … the banksters want to create an economic downturn going into the 2020 election in order to make Trump lose and put a commie socialist in the White House … Trump doesn’t have much time to do some positive things (like putting the Social Security Trust Fund into gold, putting a cap on credit card interest rates, etc., etc.) and appoint a gold bug as the new Fed Chair!!

  28. Merry Piper

    Greg:Thank you for your tremendous play by play commentary. You dedicated a long time going through it. My hat’s off to a true patriot. This debate fiasco was shocking.
    My husband and I haven’t had television reception for many a year now, just his and her computers. Absolutely revolting to watch these dumbed down people. I forced myself to get through it in an attempt to get more understanding as to what is going on in this country.

  29. paul ...

    Did you notice that the crypto (pumpers and dumpers) were out pushing Bitcoin higher today (over $10,000)? … don’t let the crooks sucker you in … Peter Schiff tells it straight concerning crypto!! … https://www.kitco.com/news/video/show/Kitco-NEWS/2494/2019-07-30/Could-Bitcoins-Biggest-Convert-Be-Peter-Schiff#_48_INSTANCE_puYLh9Vd66QY_=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.kitco.com%2Fnews%2Fvideo%2Flatest%3Fshow%3DKitco-NEWS


    50 years as a Democrat and I’m voting for Trump again.

  31. Tim McGraw

    LOL! To hell with all of them. To hell with Washington DC, and Sacramento, and that shithole Detroit that’s been run into the ground by socialists and is now 83% black. The audience is not reflecting that Detroit diversity.
    I withdraw my consent from this bullshit government of lies, wars, and thievery.
    Tim McGraw

  32. Cole

    Thank you again, Greg, for all you do. I did not watch the debates, but knew it would be about “free stuff and racism”. I read today that Rush predicts Michelle O running. I don’t know if you have followed what is going on with England’s Royal family, but Meghan Markle,
    herself “woke” and a globalist is pushing a leftest liberal global elite agenda much to the consternation and chagrin of the British.

    All the news outlets shut down many negative comments about her and anything else that disagrees with leftest ideology. Many are perplexed as to why the Queen has allowed this
    woman to air her political persuasions so blatantly as the RF are supposed to be apolitical. Check out her “guest editing” of vogue. It is eye opening.
    Many major sites are actively banning any opposition and to the contrary promoting leftest ideology. Parents need to impress upon their naive children who are old enough to vote what is really going on. I fear from speaking to my overly educated friends and family that they just don’t care. Many, unfortunately, even in our churches, believe the lies spewed forth about our President, may God bless him and our country. And God bless you, Greg.

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