$21 Trillion Missing – U.S. Government a Criminal Enterprise – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts says you can add $21 trillion of missing federal money on top of the $20 trillion U.S. deficit. It’s all in a new explosive report on Solari.com.  Fitts explains, “This is $65,000 for every man, woman and child resident in America.  In addition, it is now more than the outstanding official debt on the U.S. balance sheet. . . . We know that the U.S. government has been run like a criminal enterprise from a financial standpoint.”

The new report was put together by Dr. Mark Skidmore at Michigan State University, and it is a detailed year-by-year study of DOD and HUD budgets between 1998 and 2015. The missing money is called “undocumentable adjustments,” but that may just be a polite name for theft, fraud and crime against “We the People.”  Fitts contends, “Here’s the critical issue because technology is leading us through tremendous change, and the people who get their hands on this technology and are able to subsidize the cost of capital are the ones that are going to win.  They have done that by basically hijacking the federal credit and using it to help centralize power under them.  So, we have to reverse that, and the Constitution is the tool to hold them accountable.  All their arguments just fall down when you realize they have just stolen an enormous amount of money from the federal government outside the law. . . . The U.S. Federal government doesn’t have information sovereignty, and it doesn’t have financial sovereignty.  So, we have to return it to that, and we have to keep that mechanism open long enough to get this money back.”

Fitts contends the Deep State swamp creatures do not want to give the money back and want to tear up the U.S. Constitution in order to keep all those trillions of stolen dollars. Fitts explains, “You want to preserve the Constitution because you want to have individual sovereignty, and you want your taxes to only go into things that have financial and national sovereignty.  So, that has to be restored.  The reason they want to tear up the Constitution is they don’t want to give the money back.  That’s a legal mechanism that requires us and gives us the power to reverse this. . . . They say we have $20 trillion in debt, and there is no money.  It’s a very different policy discussion if I can say, wait a minute, there’s $20 trillion in debt, but you stole $21 trillion . . . and we’re putting that back on the table for purposes of this policy discussion.”

In other words, “We the People” could pay off the entire federal deficit with the money that was stolen and still have $1 trillion left over.

Fitts also says, “Here’s the magic trick. You don’t need everybody to change this.  It only takes 5% to 10% of the population to completely turn this around.  It doesn’t take everybody, and that is one of the things that has got them so scared. . . . We don’t need to implode the federal government.  We need to take it back, clean it up and get it to run according to the law.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the President of Solari.com, Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of “The Solari Report.”

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After the Interview:

There is free information on Solari.com. There is much more offered to subscribers of The Solari Report.  You can become a subscriber by clicking here.   Here is the documentation for the $21 trillion in missing cash. 





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  1. Tad

    That would be quite a few lawsuits with honest juries and lawyers attempting to get paper money back. I don’t see it happening, anymore than Sessions going after either Hillary or Eric Holder for their past crimes.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      The problem is that when governmental fraud is never punished the crimes become larger and larger as the criminals become overcome with avarice and hubris.
      Does power corrupt or are the corrupt drawn to power? A bit of both I suppose.

      In a world with no laws the psychopath is king.

      • Paul ...

        When you put psychopaths between you and your money … see how easy $21 Trillion dollars can disappear … this is exactly why we must own physical gold in our own hands!!

        • Jay

          In 1933 the U.S. Federal Government confiscated gold from all citizens. My grandfather buried his gold in the back garden in a coffee can. Make sure if you have any gold it is not in a safe – because that is the first place they look. Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you. If you are stopped for any reason by the police they will take the money and you will never see it again. Better safe than sorry.

    • philipat

      I guess that exposing Government corruption, even on such a massive scale, isn’t really much of a shock. But when Doctors (bribes from big Pharma) and teachers (falsifying grades etc) are factored in, isn’t it correct that US society is riddled with corruption to the core? IMHO, this rot has set in over a relatively short period of time; perhaps 20-30 years, prior to which the rule of law generally prevailed.
      The US is, IMHO, running out of time to fix its problems before it all collapses in a massive new violent social revolution. In the meantime, for the US to continue to lecture Third World countries about Democracy and Corruption is both sickening and hypocritical in the extreme.
      The rest of the world can see this more clearly. Sometimes it requires stepping outside to be able to more accurately look back within. But, hopefully, more Americans are beginning to wake up? On the other hand, the majority of Americans still get their “News and information” from MSM and still accept the majority of the Government propaganda as the truth. Sad really.

      • Silence is Golden

        Agreed. The good ship USS is rotten to the core.
        It will take a revolution to resolve.
        That would imply (much) more than 5-10% of the populace.
        I dont believe that the masses are sufficiently knowledgeable enough to bring about change though.
        100 years of letting the criminals have their way is a good indication of the longevity of this madness. The exponential growth in nefarious activities over the last few decades is quite simply a precursor of the next act. Its not acceptable on many levels and yet they will continue until every citizen has whatever few remaining privileges and assets they have, removed. We have no rights. In the not too distant future we will be reduced to a sub-class of human. If you want to be fed, you will have to submit to their program. Thats the sad reality.

        • Charles H


          • freebrezer

            for what its worth = FWIW … Per the future, it is going colder with a lot more crop failures. Most civilizations grow and prosper during warming spells and chaos, death, famine during the cold spells. Also an unusual amount of volcanic activity occurs when the earth cools per the solar minimum? FWIW … I hope I don’t get hairier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__DcH4vs730

        • Peter from the Netherlands

          Yes, that iOS the only way to do.

          So why are you still sitting in your chair?

        • salem

          We can all just give up now and say salvation can never happen, or we can get busy and do something to clean up the government. Yes, this will take some work and it will take organization, but just like Catherine said….do something or kiss your money goodbye. And, there’s a good chance we will be kissing our lives goodbye too if we just sit around and give up hope. Catherine is ABSOLUTELY right about being able to take this country back. We have got genius and genius in this country who can help us turn this around. If the people are too afraid of being threatened from the government and they don’t take action because of that, then we will all suffer. If many people get involved though, they are less likely to go shoot all of them. We basically have to stand up to this evil and take the risks and we have to get our neighbors to do the same. How will we organize ourselves, is the question. Either we organize through already existing groups that are great, or we create something new under people like Catherine, Greg, Ron Paul, Bill Binney, and other like minds. We can do this! We HAVE to believe that with God’s help, we can win this!

      • Paul ...

        philipat … we have to put all the crooks (in government, in the military, in big pharma, in food and chemicals, etc., etc.) under a magnifying looking glass … shine an intense beam light on them … the truth will burn them to Hell where they belong!!

        • Joyce

          Agreed and we don’t have time to wait to vote these corrupt new world order puppets out. We need to demand the immediate arrest of all living ex presidents and all of their appointees, and all congressional members of their administrations (except for the few whose voting records will exonerate them) and their detainment in the FEMA camps while awaiting trial for high treason, crimes against humanity and every other crime that we can attribute to them. That is the only way we can drain the SWAMP of all of their puppets and get serious about MAGA by following our leader.
          I also suggest that we begin with the new AG, his next in line Rosenstein, Mueller, Hillary & Bill, James Comey, and Wray – since none of those now still in the DOJ appear interested in prosecuting these criminals, they must be working to protect them!

      • Flattop

        philipat: Its never too late when you ask God to fix it. It may take nuking Wash DC and everyone in it, and starting over in Kansas or Missouri to fix it.

      • Joyce

        Reread that again. The new world order puppets George W. Bush not only gave us a $20 trillion national debt, but they also stole $21 trillion from the treasury and he says it will only take 1 – 6% of We the People to go after these super thieves masquerading as political leaders, to make them replace the money. We the People had the numbers necessary to elect OUR PRESIDENT Trump, and that should tell us that we have more than 1-6% needed to go after these thieves and embezzlers. Find a good class action lawyer to freeze the assets of both ex presidents and all congressional members, whose watch these trillions went missing on.

        We still outnumber the new world order and their puppets by 1 million to 1!

    • Charles H

      The moral undergirding to subscribe to the Rule of Law, let alone enforce it – isn’t there. I think you are completely right – that it won’t happen.

    • Nancy Russell


    • Joyce

      Reread that again. The new world order puppets George W. Bush not only gave us a $20 trillion national debt, but they also stole $21 trillion from the treasury and he says it will only take 1 – 6% of We the People to go after these super thieves masquerading as political leaders, to make them replace the money. We the People had the numbers necessary to elect OUR PRESIDENT Trump, and that should tell us that we have more than 1-6% needed to go after these thieves and embezzlers. Find a good class action lawyer to freeze the assets of both ex presidents and all congressional members, whose watch these trillions went missing on.

      We still outnumber the new world order and their puppets by 1 million to 1!

    • Joyce

      Holy Helena Montana! and Ye Gads! The embezzled $21 trillion is only from auditing 2 departments: the DOD and HUD! and that adds up to $65,000 for every man, woman and child in this country. If only two departments embezzled $21 trillion, can you imagine the enormity of the embezzlement if they had included some of the most corrupt departments of all like the State Dept. under Hillary, The CIA, the FBI and the DOJ, the BLM and EPA! We need to hire Solari Report staff to do a complete audit on the entire government and then demand restitution. No wonder our Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is broke! Can you imagine what the SS monthly payments could be, if there were fewer corrupt crooks embezzling the funds all the time? Apparently our funds have been paying enough for the crooks to embezzle trillions of dollars from them!

    • Andy Jackson

      Of course there is no need to protect your rights because no one actually reads the bible or the Constitutions anymore and therefore they wouldn’t know that no one is a US Citizen (14th amendment) and that the 14th amendment states that no one can challenge the public debt (fourth paragraph), which means the criminals in CONgress can spend money like a drunken sailor on their buddies sleazy pork barrel projects (put all that pork in the pockets) and the US citizen will be on the hook to pay for it, so why wouldn’t they, WE ALLOWED IT.

  2. Paul ...

    Why use the stolen $21 trillion we “claw back” … to pay off a phony $20 trillion National Debt (that was incurred by the same crooks for printing up money we could have printed up ourselves) … lets “claw back” it all … and have $41 trillion dollars available to get our economy moving again!!

    • Paul ...

      The neocon crooks don’t want to give the stolen money back … so they must destroy our Constitution … one Amendment at a time … or by calling a Constitutional convention and putting in a clause that exempts them from paying back the stolen money … if they can’t initiate a Constitutional convention … they will start a nuclear war … that totally destroys our Nation … which is of no concern to them as they have residences outside the US they can run to !!!

      • Paul ...

        As CAF says … all we need is moral people working together (about 10% of the people of every race and religion) to defeat the neocon crooks who no longer wait for a crisis … they “engineer them” (9-11, N.Korea, etc., etc.) thus exploiting their control over the Nation and private enterprises … this process “of engineering a crisis” expands their powers “under the guise of saving us” from a variety of threats … we must bring all those “above the law” to justice … did you hear that Trump? … stop with the nice lady talk and lock her up … that will be the signal that we have turned the corner and have begun the return of our Government to the people!!

      • Eileen Kuch

        That’s a form of suicide, Paul, since any nuclear war the Trotskyist crooks start will be a global one wherein life on Earth would be wiped out, save radiation-immune micro-organisms and roaches.
        Do these Trotskyists really believe they’ll survive such a global war? If so, they’re totally delusional. They’ll survive the initial blasts, but when the bunkers wherein they manage to hide run out of clean air, they’ll wish they had died in the initial nuclear blasts.

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks for a great interview! It’s always a good forensic tool to “f0llow the money.” If we do that we will tend to find the sources of the evil, which are more shocking than most people are willing to imagine.

    • Roger

      Agreed. Very informative interview. And yes, ‘follow the money’ to find evil.

      One point about ‘taking back the federal government’. Forget 5-10% to take back something evil. It took only 3% to defeat evil and start a new country.

  4. Frederick

    CAF stated that they just stole an enormous amount of money from the federal govt I say whoever ” they ” are have stolen that money from the American people Everyone should be REALLY angry She also said the US govt is a criminal enterprise financially speaking Well that’s obviously true but she’s being very kind when you consider 911

    • Paul ...

      Frederick … The NSA has data files on everyone … seems it should be “very easy” to disqualify pedophiles, crooks and psychopaths from running for office to “represent the American people” … instead … it seems this information is currently being used to actually “put these pedophiles, crooks and psychopaths into office” so they can be controlled by an elite few to do their bidding … like steal our gold, create wars and do 9-11’s!!!

  5. Anthony Australia

    I bow to you Greg for this production.

    Life used to be funnier, safer & far less complicated here in Australia. It wasn’t always about money but sadly nowadays it sure is. Inflation will definitely kill us if the new strain of flu doesn’t first.

    • Paul ...

      AA … Or the constant manipulation of the weather down under … seems to me the globalists want to create a desert wasteland down there … do you find it is getting hotter and dryer??

      • AA

        We had a very cold Winter here in Melbourne and generally it rained frequently. There used to be 4 distinct seasons, somehow I feel it has changed to 2 or 3. Long cold Winters and Long hot Summers.

    • Charles H

      “With variation of parameters – this is the answer.” (Famous line from a movie). The whole world is going in the wrong direction; except for a few.

  6. This Sceptred Isle

    Sorry Greg and Catherine, I agree that the American constitution is important for preserving individual liberty and is being undermined through calculated attacks on its creators. However, our history has whitewashed these powerful figures and given us a sanitised one-sided version of them. These historical figures should be judged warts and all. Just because they were instrumental in creating the constitution it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be criticised.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Charles H, you undoubtedly disagree with this as will most Americans on this site, but idolising any historical figure is as dangerous as denigrating them. What is needed is an honest and objective analysis of these people along with their achievements. Anything else is merely propaganda for the globalists or the nationalists.

      • Paul ...

        All the people casting stones at our Founding Fathers … should consider if they themselves are without sin!!

        • This sceptred Isle

          True, we are all hypocrites, even the Founding fathers. It is human nature unfortunately.

      • Charles H

        This Sceptred Isle,

        You are right – all are worthy and deserving of criticism: myself and all historic figures included. That said – whitewash goes both ways; or erasures (whitewash) and unfair additions that taint and distort (coloring) can occur, in an hindsight manner. So much then falls into a realm of choosing which sources please you.
        It is true that people like me tend to idolize, or see the best in their heros; and tend to resist criticism, which when presented, centers on the negative and leaves the positive assumed and un-expressed. The problem then becomes – a fair, balanced composure becomes beyond the powers to condense in a few lines; thus limiting most commenters to just ‘being nice’, or ‘not being nice’.
        You are one sharp and decent person: so do your best, and let your comments fly.

        Also, it is almost flattering to be anticipated; but I somehow feel that that shouldn’t be. No one, except Greg Hunter, should limit or inhibit comments on this site. You have my apologies if I have improperly impressed you here. Your comments are just as valid as mine or anyone else’s. And just as exposed to counterpoint. CH

        • This sceptred isle

          You raised some fair points Charles.

  7. This Sceptred Isle

    Catherine has done excellent working in highlighting the corruption endemic to the system.
    However, it is so frustrating that she keeps saying everything will be ok as long as everyone becomes good, sees the error of their ways and remove all the corruption. As has been noted before on this site the corruption is propping up the system. These people have been involved in the worst crimes possible and have too much vested interest in keeping the status quo.
    I believe Greg Mannarino’s crash scenario of Jim Rickard’s reset scenario are much more realistic.
    Catherine is definitely on the good side but she is too vague on details. Perhaps she is saving all the good stuff for the Solaris report. She makes a good point about the holes needing to be fixed in the bucket before worrying about how much milk is poured in. However, restoring the stolen money does not change the fact that we have a debt based financial system.

  8. Jerry

    The full story is here.
    The money is gone. It has been shifted to the PBOC for the coming reset by the central bankers who have joined forces with the globalist.

    • Faith

      Here is another excellent interview. Dr. Dave Janda: https://youtu.be/K56XAs98RQU

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Usually that’s the case….even with small time thieves. When your cards are stolen they leave a trail of fast food and gas before you can call 911!!! A stolen laptop is at the pawn shop by 2 shakes of a lamb’s little tail.

  9. Dr Darryl Jewett

    I love the way CAF talks about money. Her and Nomi Prins. Thanks for the interview, Greg.

  10. David

    I love CAF but unfortunately there isn’t a politician who will say what she is talking about. Not to be a Debbie Downer but we’re going to go through the rape of America led by the usual suspects.

    I hope we can find a leader in the future that will lead us out of what is ahead. The current crop of immigrants is brought in to replace the current population and will gladly choose serfdom vs freedom.

    Trump was/is our last hope but besides the supreme court justice he hasn’t done any of what he campaigned on. Healthcare isn’t really his fault but DACA is something he seems to have caved/leaning towards caving and he could stop that on his own.

  11. Dave Duclos

    Does every member of Congress, fox news and all conservative news media have a copy of the report? Need to start there. How do we get the 5 to 10 to know? And get them involved. Dabe

  12. Mike Preslar

    None of that money actually exists.

  13. Nj

    And where do we sign up to start?

  14. Erika Miller

    Catherine, what an inspiring lady you are. You give me hope.
    Thanks Greg for having her on again.

  15. Diane

    Enforce the Constitution or kiss your money and freedom goodbye.
    Love it.

  16. JJ

    Watch ‘Unacknowledged’ by Steve Greer, a trauma ER doctor.
    Part 3 tells us where trillions from the DofD disappeared.
    This revelation is deeper than the ‘deep state’ in this country.

  17. Stan

    Hey Jerry: It is October 1st. I don’t see any crash, reset, apocalypse etc. Everything is ok. What happened?

    • Nick in U.K.

      Calm down Stan, as Jerry’s latest prediction is 18th October so you can bitch about it in a month’s time, if you still think everything is OK.
      For the record I think trying to nail a collapse time and date is foolish and Jerry risks his future credibility, when actually his information and research adds to everyone’s knowledge.

      Great that you think everything is OK because nothing looks OK from what I can see….
      1. The US is 20 trillion in debt, with uncaculateable future liabilities and the worldwide FIAT currency system can only currently survive with NIRP and ZIRP interest rate policies.
      2. The EU is 12 trillion in debt and at least 90% of the worlds countries are also in debt. UK is 2 trillion, Germany is 3 trillion etc etc.
      3. The USA is divided by Trump v Clinton , Black v White, left v right, legal v illegal immigrants issues all ramping up and is a civil war waiting for a spark.
      4. Japan has been flushing a nuclear disaster with sea water for years does that sound OK ?
      5. The Middle East is a complete mess and has been since before Christ.
      6. The Crimean people’s voted to join Russia resulting in ongoing war in Ukraine as only certain “democracy” is tolerated. (This is war in Europe)
      7. The Catalonians want to break from Spain and again “democracy” is getting stamped out in Europe. This risks another civil war in Spain – Europe.
      8. Africa is a complete disaster, no infrastructure, no society structure, corruption everywhere, no value on human life. Charities have collected billions for decades but nothing changes as only .1% of the donations make it to the right place.
      9. Merkel’s open border policy for the EU has allowed thousands of Islamic militants to spread like cancer across Europe and we are currently seeing an “incident” EVERY day.
      10. Unemployment in the West is at levels governments cannot be honest about and jobs are being exported to the cheaper East by the thousands.
      11. Stock markets are in huge bubbles, housing in most places is nearly unaffordable and in a bubble. All waiting for a pin.
      12. The education systems in the West have been underfunded and the water fluorinated so that the dumbed down sheeple are easier to control by the parasite political class.
      13. “The Kalergi plan” of the elites, to obtain a working class of poorly educated mixed race watered down culture of slaves is working well and political correctness stops people from exposing the truths.
      14. World day is in August and creeps forward every year. It is the day that the worlds food fails to meet the world population food demand. We cannot produce enough food, millions in the world currently starving to death already whist food mountains are withheld to control price and maximise profits. European farmers are paid NOT to grow ! Does this sound OK ?
      15. Churches are rich, but getting emptier whilst vicars in tutus playing with the choirboys goes unpunished and gays are allowed to marry. There are so many branches of religion, all at odds with each other, it’s another minefield to negotiate. A recent pope was a Hitler youth Nazi …does that sound OK ?

      This is about .5% of what I could list for you Stan and this sounds OK ??

      An elastic band can only be stretched so far and when it snaps back it hurts, predicting the millisecond of snapping is impossible.

      Coming onto a free site to have a cheap shot at a contributor whilst providing nothing is beyond contempt. I suggest you get back into your spaceship and vamoose back from whence you came, as where you live things must be idilic. Why did you leave ?

      • William Stanley

        Good partial list.

      • Jerry

        Thank you Nick.
        I agree. Nailing down a date is a fools errand, but even a blind man can see what is coming. I post the dates that I get from various sources in an attempt to connect the dots. Sometimes I’m right ( IMF Yuan reserve currency ) and sometimes I’m wrong. I missed the gold price fix that was supposed to happen in April at the SGE. But then again I didn’t know the Chinese were planning on synchronizing the price fix with the gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark they are planning on rolling out. If I would have posted that, who would believe it?

        • Jerry

          Like I said, back in April 2016 I was sure that China was set to restructure gold prices after buying vaults in New York, London and Frankfurt and then opening the SGE in Shanghai. I was wrong. I didn’t know about their plan to corner the petroleum market and back it with newly acquired gold.
          Sheer genius! Its a checkmate move for sure.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          On 10/11/2015, you posted:
          Don’t believe for one minute that China is going to wait a whole year to get SDR drawing rights as some are saying.”

          I posted this on 10/13/2015:
          “That was precisely the stated intention of the delay. There will be minimal effects upon the various markets upon the inclusion of the CNY in the SDR, because the inclusion has been delayed specifically so that the necessary positioning and adjustments can take place beforehand. ”

          On 10/14/2015, you posted:
          “For anyone who thinks the IMF has delayed their decision on RMB drawing rights until September 2016 really needs to review the actual document. ”

          The basket of currencies used to value the SDR was to have been reviewed in November, 2015, and the new basket announced by Dec. 31, 2015. The change was DELAYED a full nine months, taking effect on Oct. 1, 2016.

          According to plan, there have been minimal effects of that inclusion on the various markets. And the yuan hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm as a reserve currency.

    • Sunshine Pumper

      The dollar is heading back up, too. You know Jerry, though. Always wrong about the dates.

      • Frederick

        It’s only around 93 A dead cat bounce perhaps Why don’t you buy into it I sure as hell am NOT Gold and Silver are nearing their correction of nearly 10 percent and look especially attractive at the moment

      • This sceptred Isle

        ‘Sunshine Pumper’? That’s a Jerry quote isn’t it?

    • Jerry

      Please take the time to read what I post. I’m growing tired of your carping.
      You are obviously a scum sucking bottom dweller that has nothing better to do than snipe at me. For for you and the other scum suckers, this is what I said.

      “It was reported from Chinese sources that Chinese leaders held a closed door session in August following meetings with economic finance ministers that were working on this project. I am led to believe that since the Chinese Communist Congress only meets every fifteen years, that following their meeting on October 18th some type of announcement will be fourth coming. Am I making a prediction? No. I’m simply saying that seems like a logical date to me, since the first quarter of 2018 started on October 1st”

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Even scum-sucking bottom-dwellers know that the National Congress of the Communist Party of China meets every five years.

      • GoneWest

        Ah, here we go again. Calling Stan a “scum sucking bottom dweller” because he calls you out on your posts and your failed predictions. I was characterized as a “sunshine pumper” in the latest Mannarino thread when I challenged your predictions. You also called anyone that didn’t agree with your point-of-view as kool-aid drinking ignoramuses.

        The value of your posts are being diminished by the attitude expressed that we USAW readers are ignorant and uninformed. (Reference the comments in the latest Mannarino interview for evidence).

        BTW, I will still take your bet regarding the petrodollar’s demise. To reiterate, if the petrodollar dies on October 18, I will make a $100 donation to USAW. If the petrodollar is still alive on October 19, you make the $100 donation. Either way Greg wins.

  18. George

    The dog ate 20 pages of my 21 pages of homework but I have one page left, to prove the system works, darn that dog. What is the point we have a corrupt system nothing new to see here, Wall st. London system by its very nature is corrupt, opposite to the real historical wealth producing “American System of Political Economy”. Wake up 500 years of history is coming to an end the new Chinese-Russian-United States cooperation to build the new World Wide Land Bridge (silk road) high speed railroads around the world is about to be born. This is a win win for future generations and word peace. Fear not man in the image of the living God prevail!

    • This sceptred Isle

      ‘Fear not man in the image of the living God prevail!’
      Charles H – read above

      • Charles H

        George’s comment is like shooting a close-grouped bullseye: then putting the gun in the holster only to fire a round through the foot. There truly is a new world about to be born: but it won’t be a win-win for future generations. And it will totally be against God. What it will follow will be a counterfeit. The key here is – ‘man in the image of of the living God shall prevail’. It is a statement of humanism veiled in a Biblical or spiritual expression. Sinful man will prevail? No, no matter what form or image he takes or bears.

  19. Hatemail

    Get it back? It’s gone!

  20. Fred

    Greg, Catherine did a great job bringing this to light but I have to correct her comment below:
    In other words, “We the People” could pay off the entire federal deficit with the money that was stolen and still have $1 trillion left over.

    The $21 trillion stolen MUST really be added to the $20 trillion debt officially on record to arrive at a correct U.S. National Debt of $41 trillion. The $21 trillion never existed, it is just created with computer key strokes, with off book accounting journal entries, undocumented/unsubstantiated plug $ amount accounting fraud adjustments/tactics that are hidden in U.S. Government DoD secrecy. The U.S. Gov’t Motto: It doesn’t exist if you don’t tell the public. The Dept of Defense/Pentagon with Congress has ALWAYS been a financial dark hole of financial fraud and has forever been UN-auditable like Fort Knox.

  21. al Hall

    Greg/ Catherine: I have told Greg for years where the money goes that is hidden from the people. Basically two different places.
    1. THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM- yes we have one. Greg- my friend W worked in the program- we have our own UFO’s and have been flying out of the solar system for many decades-since the 60’s. We have anti-gravity devices- “zero point energy”. this could and should be given to the people- FREE energy. No need for gas-oil, etc.

    2. Money to be used for underground cities for the rich and government . I have told you Planet X (Nibiru) is real and coming. These cities have be built and stocked for these people to survive, not us. If people don’t believe this – I just say- do your homework. – https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=nibiru+is+coming&view=detail&mid=AFD788AB3743EE0F4E08AFD788AB3743EE0F4E08&FORM=VIRE – Phil was murdered for speaking out.- at least listen to what he says!!
    People have to wake-up to what’s really happening. The elite’s & government think we are all fools.
    Greg: have Steve Quayle on to talk about this!!! He know about these happening.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Actually, there’s one a half mile from us. The land over it is beings bulldozed as I write and lots of activity day and night…on land and overhead. Such idiocy….I guess it gives them a feeling of safety.

      • al Hall

        My friend was a scientist for the deep space program and also later a CIA officer. He said most of the people who go to these underground cities will die- barrier alive- because the continents will shift like they have in the past. Chances of living will be best under ground. Anyone on the surface will die as Nibiru’s massive tail will bring the fire and brimstone upon the Earth- Twice we will pass through this tail of stones.
        This has happened many times in the past-.


    Our Congress and Senate members would have to be blind, deaf and stupid to not see this. So if they are not any of the above? then it seems they are in collusion and are the problem not the solution. God help us all.

    Kudos to Greg and Catherine.

  23. Fred

    The $21 trillion has been SPENT over the last 50 years or so by the DoD/Pentagon. It is not coming back and it cannot come back. It is all out there sloshing around in the world. The U.S. Gov’t can’t bring this digital money back if it has been spent and gone.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Exactly! Catherine has to move on and tell us how the debt crisis will resolve itself.

  24. libertarian jerry

    The central problem is that the corrupt “real owners of America” control,to a large extent,the judges,courts and law enforcement organs of the state. The bottom line being that any “peaceful” attempt to right the fiscal ship of the United States Government will be thwarted by a corrupt judiciary.

  25. Sherrie

    Love this interview, Catherine Austin Fitts is always a favorite and as she states we only need 5 or 10% of the people to begin to turn things around. Sounds much like Ron Paul’s oft repeated truth from the founders… “it does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” I believe we have many more than that 5 or 10 percent at this point which is why Trump was voted into office in the first place. We the people are sick of the crimes being perpetrated on us and the criminals getting away with their misdeeds.

    Thank you for the great interview Greg!

  26. Joe

    Mr. Greg,

    You said,

    “…way better than usawatchdog.com.”

    What the heck is wrong with the usawatchdog.com site? I sure wish I had a site as good as yours plus all that traffic. I’ve been struggling for months and have nothing.

    And if you are a first grader compared to solari.com what’s that make me? Not even an infant.

    I know what Fitz talked about is shocking but to me it’s not surprising at all. You see, every major institution in this society is corrupt. In fact, corruption is so deeply ingrained in this society that people don’t even recognize it as corruption. They think it is normal.

    • ConcAmDad

      Blah blah blah…. so sick of the bs- the crimes will never be publicized nor punished . Greg, what is ortell doing with all the evidence he’s compiled against the clintons. I thought trump was going to do something about crooked hillary? What a joke. It goes on and on and on, record highs every day!!! Gold will be smashed below 1200 before long.

      • Frederick

        Dad Hopefully I’m looking to add to my stack and would love sub 1200 prices

  27. Deanna Johnston Clark

    1 second ago
    Even if we hire Perry Mason we still have to name the thief. “Swamp creatures” may not suffice. “The jews” won’t either. Anti-semitism is all over this gadget and NEVER censored. Why’s that? DUH! This monstrous theft has thieves with names and addresses. This is the real problem…who will bell the cat? That takes a very brave mouse.

    • Flattop

      Deanna J Clark: Politicians have no solution to our problem since they are the problem. We need new blood in Congress. The old guard must go, and be replaced by people like Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan and a couple others who support our Constitution and the rule of law.

  28. shelley sullivan

    So Greg and Catherine how can we help with achieving the 5-10% of population supporting this ? Do you have a plan of attack?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am doing everything I can.

      • salem

        Catherine is one of your best. Thanks for having her on. I appreciate your effort. I have an answer to Shelley’s question if people will just do it. That is: Join the John Birch Society. The JBS is one of the BEST informed political groups in the Nation. They have been fighting to preserve our Constitution since about 1970. I joined because I could see how credible they are. They have investigative journalists who really investigate! The JBS was founded by Robert Welch, a political genius and knew 7 languages as well. The JBS has been fighting all the anti-sovereignty trade policies, Nafta, the Con-con, the U.N. The John Birch Society makes it easy for people to become active in the political process. They have a website http://www.jbs.com with a heck of a lot of contact information, making it so much easier to make our voices heard. Maybe you should get the CEO of the JBS on for an interview. He would agree with Catherine and he would also support what Ron Paul has said. If people on this site are afraid of joining the JBS for fear of their neighbors looking strangely at them, they need to find out what the JBS is really all about, and they will see it is probably the nation’s best political organization out there.

        • Jr kelwaski

          I click on the. Link you put in and it’s all in Japanese

    • Better Chetter

      shelley – CAF noted elsewhere, that if folks could audit county by county, the expenditures, to stop payments to services that go out of state, in order to bring those jobs (& taxes) back within the county, then that is a starting pt. However, she’s said that for over 2 yrs. now, & there is no over-arching, organization spear-heading that – its up to grassroots groups, and no one (to my knowledge) is asking the legislators, politicians and officials to be responsible. Our differences have diluted us – or perhaps its more accurate to say that our needs to attend to “other matters” (children, schools, churches, civic groups) have minimized our free time to where we want to do fun/stress-release activities. Social justice has been hi-jacked into work for minorities – instead of work on changing the system that hits minorities/low income groups the hardest.

  29. Linda Karlson

    I agree with Catherine that it will take a small percentage to take back this country. I do agree that there are many ethical and capable people that are willing, and that they are up against a dangerous structure.
    The question is…HOW? Who has the courage and clout to begin such a movement and grow it? I see the numbers out there, but we are divided, fractioned, and confused. How do we find a way to gel and move as one? We need that superior intelligence to lead, and create a non-stoppable movement.

    • Better Chetter

      a facebook page – Linda Karlson … not for you to do, or I to do, but to organize in the other ways – Meetup.com – Facebook.com – via churches, civic groups, etc.
      I shudder to hear you ask for a superior intelligence to lead – as that seems to veer us into having a Rep or Dem campaign to lead, & right after the election, they would capitulate to big business (who would line their pockets, assure a 2nd re-election & basically buy them out).

    • salem

      Join the JOHN BIRCH society!

  30. H. Craig Bradley


    Martin Armstrong (Economist) forecasts the dissolution of America after 2032, first into separate regions and then various city states. America’s cultural wars will end-up in a similar manner as currently happening in Catalonia, Spain ( Independence Referendum Vote). In the process, we too can expect sporadic urban riots, violence, civil disorder, financial disruptions and push-back from the U.S. government ( repression).

    The various known budget and fiscal problems (Public Pension Crisis) seen already in a number of prominent U.S. States and large cities will aggravate class warfare and civil unrest. We are headed (cruising) for a bruising regardless of the “Deep State”. What is, is. America is currently fragmented into factions and not United together.


    • Paul ...

      The men, women and children of Catalonia you need to use better tactics as you protest … so that you are not bludgeoned by police state goons … you must organize your protest to last a maximum of five minutes and then disband … then randomly come together again and form a protest crowd on a different street for five minutes … then again disband … coalesce into another five minute protest, and another, etc., etc. each of five minutes duration … and continuously disbanding … sort of like how people come together to do a “flash dance” … by simply having numerous “flash protests” at random locations of limited time duration … the Deep State police goons won’t have time to react … you can’t make yourselves into “a standing target” where the goons have enough time to break your women’s heads and your children’s bones!!

  31. JimH

    Hello Greg & Catherine

    I am back from Barcelona. The people there were upset with the Wall Street Journal article that said there was 100 people at the demonstration after the arrests. This is a lie there were thousand and tens of thousands of people in the streets giving out free beer and wine. There was so many people we did not make it to the restaurant. The WSJ article was downplaying the election. The people in Barci said the poll rigging in the media much like the US. Taxi cab drivers said they are not allowed to talk about the king of Spain due to threats of arrests and fines. The talk on the streets was the disney like ship had 10,000 military people to take over the vote. Several people on the no vote has changed their minds due to the violence. Some people said that they did not trust both parties Madrid and in Barsi and the count would be placed in the us in one of the Carolina states here in the US. Some wanted to have a none Euro currency, but a Catalonia currency

    Interesting times.

    • Frederick

      A Barcelona Bitcoin perhaps backed by paella lol

    • This sceptred Isle

      The Spanish government showed their true face.

  32. dachsielady

    A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I know, isn’t it ludicrous?

  33. Solomon

    Justice will come to the USA. If not via the intentional hands of the Man, then by the unintended consequences of evil actions.

  34. Bill Moulyn

    Hello Greg,
    Dane Wigington has been your show about Chem Trails.
    On his website he has posted:
    Perhaps part of the $21 trillion is used to fund the “Deep State & Shadow Government” ?

    “I was blind but now I see”
    Bill Moulyn

    • Paul ...

      Funding Deep State projects has been going on a long time … the federal government was working to militarize “weather modification” in the 1960’s … they discussed how “hurricane steering” could be used as a geopolitical tool … the major question was always “where would scientists direct a storm”? … toward a less populated area? … or into major metropolitan areas? … steering a hurricane into small communities could wipe them out financially … steering a hurricane into a farming community could wipe out crops … steering a hurricane into a major city could cripple it for days, weeks or even years and cause significant loss of life … I bet hurricane Maria was used as a geopolitical weapon against Puerto Rico by the banksters (who want control over their “private electrical system” as partial payment toward their massive bond losses)!! .

      • Paul ...

        Yes … such evil does exist in this world … only good men can stop it … by taking out the evil ones (the way God did with Satan)!!

  35. Jerry

    According to this article the Chinese have been working on the launch of the gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark contract since July.

    It was reported from Chinese sources that Chinese leaders held a closed door session in August following meetings with economic finance ministers that were working on this project. I am led to believe that since the Chinese Communist Congress only meets every fifteen years, that following their meeting on October 18th some type of announcement will be fourth coming. Am I making a prediction? No. I’m simply saying that seems like a logical date to me, since the first quarter of 2018 started on October 1st.

    Just keep in mind, according to my sources the alternate economic patch has already been installed inside all of the international banking systems, so its just a matter of semantics as to when they will deicide to go public. That’s anyone’s guess. My guess is it will be simultaneous with some type gold price fix at the SGE, that should have happened back in April. I see now that the Chinese wanted to synchronize the gold price fix at about the same time they rolled out the gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark. It all makes sense now.

    • Jerry

      Unfortunately I agree 100% with Hugo Salinas Price on what’s about to happen.

      A few weeks ago, I spoke with a very good friend of mine who has deep contacts with the military. I opened my big mouth and started voicing my opinion about my “theory” of the gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark being launched on the eighteen. He immediately went silent, as I apparently had struck a nerve. I said: alright _____ what do you know? He said I can’t say a word, but all I can tell you is it lines up with some of the information I know about. I tried to press him further for more information but he clamed up, and then changed the subject. You can read into this whatever you want, but I’ve known this man for over thirty years. For him to dodge a question like that told me a lot. What will happen? I honestly don’t know, but I do believe that whatever happens will be tied to “when” the Chinese decide to launch their gold backed Petro Yuan. (that’s what I’m calling it). If they think it will cause a military attack by the deep state that controls the Pentagon, they may decide to delay it until they can defang the military another way. We’ll see?

      • Stan

        Jerry: I spoke to my contacts today and told them about the gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark and they laughed. They said it is pure fiction. And my contacts have been wayyyyyy more accurate than you contacts.

      • Frederick

        Watch out Jerry Stanley is gunning for you brother

        • Jerry

          When this goes down it will take your breath away. Those that are dumb enough to stay in the markets will become paupers overnight. The Chinese have been working towards decoupling from the dollar since they loaned us 3 trillion dollars (that they will never see) back in 2007. Americans are to dumbed down to even know what a petrodollar is. Ask anybody. They’ll just give you a dumb look.

          • Frederick

            I’ve been expecting something like this since 2004 and am fully diversified owning some dollars some Euros some Turkish Lira and two properties one in Warsaw and one on the Med coast in Turkey And of course physical gold and silver

      • Silence is Golden

        Like I said…..”They wont go down without a fight”.

        Glad to see that the analysis on the OIL/RMB/GOLD settlement has picked up steam and now getting plenty of air time. Embry…HSP…..Rickards….EVG….quite the eclectic group all having a say now. As I keep repeating ….THIS IS A GAME CHANGER.

        • Silence is Golden

          Feeling Warm and Fuzzy…..atm…..
          Stephen Leeb…..
          “A True Game-Changer
          Establishment of the benchmark will be a true game-changer. It will kickoff a process that will reshape the monetary system in ways that will diminish the dollar’s importance, and elevate the role of both the yuan and gold – helping propel gold to new heights along the way.

          I realize, however, that many in the West still assume that the dollar is still too mighty, and the U.S. still too important, for China to significantly attack the dollar, Eastern oil benchmark or not. Unfortunately, anyone holding on to that belief is either ill-informed or in denial. Yes, it’s always hard to imagine or accept that a long-established status quo can be upended. But those who bury their heads in the sand will end up financially harmed. Those who recognize the new reality that lies ahead – and respond to it by buying gold – will end up with fortunes.”
          Hats off to you Stephen….good call !!
          The full article…..worthy of reading several times….jus to make sure it sinks in.

        • Silence is Golden

          From our dear Friend – Bill Holter….and they just keep coming…nice one Bill ….two thumbs up.. 🙂
          As clear as mud now?

          TFH….where are you?
          Come back on and lets have some further dialogue about where this is all headed.
          I explained this all well over 1 week ago (and posted it on this site). Did anyone pay attention ? Some people do like to eavesdrop occassionally.
          I talked about currency devaluation and GOLD price revaluation and the mechanism.
          Too many people in denial …damn right.
          Time to WAKE UP. Time is of the essence here.
          “World Hegemony and Domination” ….if only we could fortell the future.

          • Tin foil hat

            Silence is Golden,
            Yes, Bill finally gets it.
            “I believed China might mark gold higher by making a bid and ask price at much higher numbers, instead, facilitating and using natural demand makes so much more sense.”
            China will not back yuan with gold since it would create a very strong yuan.
            China wants to loosing COMEX’s strangle hold on the gold prices by causing a market force, yuan/oil/gold, which would likely stimulate the demand for gold – I said yuan/Chinese gold convertibility will not happen until COMEX paper gold scam or yuan/COMEX’s gold convertibility is crushed.
            After COMEX is crushed, there will be yuan/Chinese gold convertibility at the right or much higher price – all paper will burn (devalue) when that happen, including the yuan, just like what Bill suggested in his article.

          • Tin foil hat

            There is a problem with the scheme.
            If China is not going to convert the yuan to COMEX’s gold on behalf of her oil suppliers, the Saudis or the Nigerians will not have the balls to come knocking on the door of the Federal Reserve in NYC.
            And if China comes knocking on the door, will we come to our senses or war?

        • Jerry

          They know its coming, and along with it the gold price fix we’ve been waiting for.

  36. Joni

    Greg, you know that I love your very informative interviews and I love CAF. But I am also one who thinks we have a snowball’s chance in H-E-double-hockey-sticks in accomplishing what was laid out by Catherine. Please watch the short video discussion I listened to right after watching you and Catherine. Notice the great frustration of its very informed commentators (as well as Judge Napolitano) regarding how things have played out or NOT played out since the election. (BTW, I think the title of the video by the channel owner is referring to Comey, Mueller, Sessions, Clinton, et al. ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm0Wo9P_AJo

  37. TrumpSlayer Kim BigHands

    Id love too see your Arithmetic , it mathematically impossible to repay debt in Fed Res fractional reserve system . It cannot be done , you must / should know this by now . The system is used globally , Private Central Banks do not lend anything , the Gov agrees to repay $1000 to fed plus int . With this agreement the bank then creates $1000 and credits the Gov. Now because the bqnk has a $1000 deposit it must keep 10% in reserve and can loan out $900 so now out of nothing and as crazy at it seems the bank can create another $900 to match deposit of $900 and loan out . When its deposited $90 reserve $810 available and $810 created from 0 .. repeat etc

    Now if this wasn’t bad enough there’s the interest , so as all money is created this way therefore every note in the sytem is owed to someone & even if all debt inc Gov was repaid at once …there would be 0 notes in circulation & interest would still be owed because no money was created because it doesn’t exist.
    That is the problem , as you should .

    See Evidence

    Fed Res of Chicago’s Modern Money Mechanics . pdf
    Interview with Author “The beast from Jekyll Island ”
    Creation of Fed Reserve

  38. Ron Spoonemore

    Sounds great, but it is not going to happen..

    • Greg Hunter

      You defeat yourself.

  39. stonewall

    Catherine and Greg, you should both be commended for trying to wake
    America to the true facts of life but it seems to me to be a near impossible task.
    Most Americans have drunk the Kool Aid so they don’t know or don’t care to
    know the amount of corruption in the system evidence of which surrounds
    them. I had great hopes Trump would be able to drain at least some of the
    deep state swamp rats but he seems surrounded by swamp creatures with
    a different agenda so I’m losing hope of him getting much done before he
    is impeached. What a sad state of afffairs.

  40. wayne smith

    Greg my name is Wayne Smith I am retired from the Detroit News In 2006 I got information on the China trade policy that Larry Sommers and Phil Grahm help craft. It gave China a 19% export subsidy for 7 years and a 25% tariff On our goods sent to China for 15 years. I sat down with the editor and publisher and said in a few short years it would bankrupt the auto companies if the auto companies went down it would bankrupt Detroit. I was told to keep quiet because the story would rile the people up. so much for informing the public. The fake news has been with us for years.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Wayne,
      The treason runs deep and long.

    • Frederick

      Wayne I thought Detroit was already bankrupt

      • sk

        The statement”it would bankrupt Detroit” was made in 2006, Frederick.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Thank you, Wayne. The people behind all this take a long view of everything…today was planned 50 years ago.

    • Charles H

      And to think – I was a Detroit News paperboy!

  41. JC Davis

    TREY GOWDY is needed now more then ever. Without a stand for the constitution we have a criminal oligarchy running the country. Get people in office to enforce the constitution. Greg a year or so back I said Trey Gowdy would have my vote for president. I say the same today. Trump has changed directions because he is seeing how deep the corruption goes. A whistle blower is not able to fix anything.
    My word this country is in for big changes.

  42. Jay Dee

    It seems like we just keep preaching to the same small choir. The interview which you just presented will never be seen or heard by a lot of good people who have been brainwashed about “conspiracy theories” to the point that they rebel against all discussion about the unusual things happening in this country. Your program was excellent but will it reach 0.01% of new people? NO!
    So how do we convince people of the absurd position that a small group of wealthy elites are trying to destroy the US? We can’t on any reasonable time schedule, but now we have the opportunity to show skeptics that some of the other conspiracy theories are realities. Just recently a video was released on Youtube that shows beyond all doubt that the moon landing in 1969 was a complete HOAX. The title is Moon Hoax Proof – The URL is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXhhXGJP_kE. You will here Kissinger and Rumsfeld explain why it was the right thing to do.

    • Frederick

      Jay Dee TPTB label all their deeds ” conspiracy theory ” in order to confuse the non thinking sheeple amongst us

  43. JC Davis

    Greg and Site I think this ends when the scam gets bigger then the scammer.
    That has happened.

  44. pat the rat

    $21 trillion +$20 in debt all of it fiat and what do you have zero.Invest in gold and silver ,then try to use the crypto monies to get yourself out of debt good luck!

    • Paul ...

      Pat …the poor bit coiners are infatuated with “block-chain technology” and “privacy” … they hopefully believe that this new technology will free them from the evil banking system … but what they fail to consider is history … have they forgotten what happened to Lincoln and JFK when they threatened entrenched financial interests? … they were both shot dead … now bit coin threatens the entrenched financial interests … do bit coin purchasers think nothing will happen to it?? … if the technology is as good as people say the banksters will simply co-opt it … put it under their complete control and make it their own!!

      • Paul ...

        All the logical reasons to own cryptocurrency (i.e. crypto is “limited” to a fixed amount of coins) will soon be nullified by the banksters … consider that there are only 180 fiat paper currencies in the world (the US dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen, Yuan, etc., etc.) but already 1,072 different cryptocurrencies … while each of the “limited number of fiat currencies” can be printed to infinity … the “limited coins in each crypto currency” is nullified by creating a zillion of them “to infinity” … this is a fatal shot to the head of crypto … the banksters are creating zillions of crypto currencies to create “systemic risk” and “instability” in the crypto space … although China has currently cut down a few ICO’s and their exchanges … don’t expect that to last … the game plan is to create “a zillion crypto currencies” to foster in peoples minds the systemic risk and instability of crypto … so that the “limited number of fiat paper currencies” in the world (180 of them) look good in comparison!!

  45. BRValentine

    The Cancer that has and continues to infect the patient is, rampant; unabated; In Your Face Fraud & Corruption (Lawlessness for the privileged few) perpetrated from Washington to Wall St.; Corporate Board Rooms; MSM and Everything in between. Radiation and Chemo is Not the cure. The Cancer needs to be Gutted and those whom (The aforementioned above) continue to benefit from the rape & pillage have zero incentive for change/remedy as they are the sole benefactors of their crimes against the Citizenry and Society-Globally knowing full well that there are to be Zero consequences or accountability for their actions.

    This is The Fascist Business Model at work.

    This Gutting must take place/shape at/by the hands of the Citizenry as this Cancer has metastasized Globally.

  46. Stan

    If plan A involves “5% to 10% of the population to completely turn this around” then you better have a plan B, Because the chance of a turn around is ZERO.

  47. Tad


    I could be wrong, but me thinks the inmates are calling the shots.
    With past and present players diagnosed with CTE, I’m hoping the sport, if not the league, dies.

  48. Jim

    Could someone who knows give us a little refresher review defining “control files” and who holds them? Thank you. I don’t recall the specifics.

    • Paul ...

      A control file is within your computer database … typically named with the extension .CTL or .CON and contains the names and locations of your data files, backup, recovery, archiving, log history information and a host of other internal information as well … if it becomes “corrupted or hacked” say good bye to your crypto currency … as you will need CIA and NSA experts to retrieve it (exactly the people you don’t want to see your transactions)!!

  49. Tim McGraw

    Don’t let the government steal our wages in the first place and the problem is solved. We’ll never get our stolen labors back. In ancient Rome at its heyday the Romans worked two days a year for the Empire. We work four months!

  50. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    I think this discussion of undocumented adjustments has been “imprecise.” While undocumented adjustments may indicate fraud or “stolen money,” that is not necessarily the case. For example, the DOD, CIA (and the other 16 intelligence agencies) have large “black budgets” wherein they hide the nature of their spending (and occasionally make “adjustments” to balance the books). The undocumented spending can be for black operations (secret wars) or for secret research and development of weapons, espionage, or related technologies and operations. Obviously, such secret spending posses a huge risk not only for fraud, but for the maintenance of our republican form of government, which assumes that the citizenry knows how its money is spent and what is being done “in their name.”
    Other undocumented adjustments in such agencies as HUD would seem to have no “redeeming” virtue at all, although much of it may simply be the result of shoddy bookkeeping (or another aspect of the security-related black budget) rather than “fraud.” We just don’t know. Moreover, more so than Ms. Fitts, I’m skeptical that we can expect a positive rate of return on very much of our Federal spending. It’s more in the nature of consumption spending (or transfer payments) than true investment.
    Finally, I think it is a mistake to relate the cumulative total of undocumented adjustments to the size of the Federal debt or to the size of the Federal Reserve System’s balance sheet. Such comparisons strike me as an undesirable apples/oranges sowing of confusion about the nature of our problems — about which you, your guests, and your commenters are, in my opinion, otherwise pretty conversant.
    That said, I enjoyed your interview of Ms. Fitts and look forward to seeing her in the future.

  51. ross

    Greg you need to get Lynette Zang and a crypto nerd on for a debate about Bitcoin. There are so many questions the need to be addressed. 1/ Why didn’t Satoshi Nakamoto take a patent out on his invention with it being so innovative? 2/ Many are now saying that the NSA invented cryptos to be the basis for their new world currency but cryptos by their nature can circumvent the banking system. 3/ Cryptos in their present form reward early buyers while the news ones have more risk and far less growth potential. This again creates a few elites profiting at the behest of the many. We had this in the USA in 1873 when gold was made 100% currency and few owned it. 4/ As the new ICO’s grow, Cryptos can become much like fiat currencies as they are created as will with no worth backing them. 5/ Could it be the NSA did invent Cryptos but some insiders like Edward Snowden had a hidden agenda ? These are some of the crucial questions that none seem to be addressed.

    • Frederick

      Well Christine LaGarde just gave Bitcoin her endorsement so you can bet TPTB are involved somehow

  52. Justn Observer

    Always a great presentation when you and Catherine Austin Fitts collaborate !
    First it is the people’s job to widen the awareness… more re-posts…not just to friends but to elected official – state and federal – so they know and they know people know.
    Then … demand an accounting federal and state…not of the budgets…but of sworn CAFR reports including a listing of accounts holding all funds…and of where they were dispersed to… Then identify the suspect agencies and have the people de-list them as corporations and leave the ‘for profit’ corporations and not the people responsible for’their’ debts do to mal and misfeasene… Those ‘elected’ officials represent those corporations…not the people. Treat them that way…. Only when the nation/borders and it’s money are dealt with in terms of territory and it’s treasury run directly and not thru a ”’corporation”’ called the UNITED STATES… and return the people to a status of sovereign individuals , and not alien enemies of a bankrupt territory put into receivership…with the people bound over as a security for it’s debt…will the people be able to re-claim their rights…that have been reduced to liberties …and ‘benefits’ derived by their own unwitting and voluntary consent…when they ‘registar’ their birth records and sign up by asking for and signing their ‘agreement’ when they execute a contract upon asking for and signing up for their ‘social security’ card…= admission to board the citizen- ship that takes you off the land…and places you under the flag of the sea = an administrative jurisdiction of admiralty law…thus replacing the common law now but an illusion… It is not to ”’amend”’the Constitution…but to peel back the layers of deceit… to demand an accounting and redress and remedy for ‘their’ criminality, acts taken without authority…for money spent without Constitutionally authority and purpose… Stop the passage of ACTS, policies that are too broad and pass un-defined administrative authority to un-elected bodies…and return to PASSING LAWS…that proscribe specific laws, money= taxes for specific purposes and intents for specific amounts of time to accomplish specific goals, aid, infrastructure needs…
    Before your next vote….strike some fear in your incumbents heart…ASK TO SEE THE CITY, START OR GOV’T CAFR REPORTS as offered by Jerry Day….
    THE CAFR SWINDLE: https://youtu.be/1pRPBKJQnyU
    SECRETS OF THE SLAVE STATE: https://youtu.be/DVq_fIZeO00
    GOV. IS THE CORPS: https://youtu.be/mCAIj3YJUmg
    and if you don’t like what they say or are doing…then maybe you need to follow the road Ken Cousens is searching out…if they refuse to return to a Constitutional Republic of Consent …
    1 https://youtu.be/AU6-U7g8L48
    2 https://youtu.be/S49uL5edTKw
    3 https://youtu.be/Wkbw-wGjzj0
    4 https://youtu.be/IDy0N1NRIok
    5 https://youtu.be/7tV1L71d0pI
    and with the ‘social media’ – I phones/ internet of things/laptop computers/medical record/banking interface… being laid over those onion like ley lines…you can see the people in many ways have participated with blind consent simply by accepting their names being grafted as a ‘trust’ over their birth given names…John Doe becoming JOHN DOE…and tagging that to a SSN. and those being layed claim on since the proclaim of Pope Boniface without retort. It matters little if your a ‘Catholic’ or not…re-legion was co-opted at every level…inner faith or not…secular or not thru ‘lay’ societies including the Jesuits, Freemasons, Muslim Brotherhood, and Fraternities at their ‘higher levels’ of control…
    The people simply have to wake up to the level of control they have ‘grown up in’. The length of time over which this ‘prison planet’ has occurred and the of breath ‘divide and conquer ‘ being employed… re-ligious, race, culture, class, political, color, gender, sex orientation…every conceivable point a wedge can be inserted… It is THE SECRET…employed to gather and employ control over the masses since the days of Babylon and earlier…It is the weapon that keeps people needing ‘port passes’ to surveillance the movement of people from one plantation to another. The bank…simply just the tool used to contain the ‘currency’ – the energy of the people, their access to desires, needs and level of growth and success… Those attainable only through their ‘faithfulness’ – ‘acceptance’ of the controls over their lives…
    These latter ‘banking layers’ were discussed by a woman named Joan Verona before her passing…that in a large part went unheeded….
    R.I.P. JOAN VEON – YOU TRIED TO WARN THE WORLD ,THEY WERE NOT READY TO LISTEN…what a free lance journalist she was….
    In large part…it comes down to the toleration of the use and sharing of ‘Your Identity’ and your failure to read and respond as the first steps.
    THE IDENTITY TRAP: https://youtu.be/lQI4lET97o4
    POWER OF PAPER: https://youtu.be/kEwxYhIIal0
    But…like all the posts before that Greg has allowed…I hold out little hope anyone will take the time to work thru them and offer any cohesive steps forward beyond the posting of rants about ‘what they are doing to us…or bible verses offering we just carry on and evidentially Jesus will avail us of the burdens imposed by these tyrants…all while forgetting HE gave us free will…a choice…and expected us to use it !
    Or…we might all just be marched towards the surrender of more Constitutional rights or worse another war to ‘paper over’ the ongoing corruption and theft discussed in this interview… As for the Moon post…like 911…like Sandy Hook…like so many ‘black flag events’ staged to take steps —like gun control, tolerate gender/sex issues etc… How gullible and for how long will the people tolerate that feeling of being trapped in the matrix….waking up every morning with that feeling …something just is not right…forced vaccines, chem-trails overhead, GMO food people do not want, inclusions -exclusion of every kind. When are you going to ‘start the discussion’…share opening with family, friends and acquaintances…and then let the ‘elected’ corporate officials know… we know…and inform them…they will stop … at that point will come then…the difference of shifting from Jerry Day’s , and Ken Cousens or Michael Tellinger’s Ubunta… Plan B to a Plan A. The point being…..doing nothing changes nothing…and doing something will create a ‘flow’ = kinetic energy toward a solution… Talk however…is just that …it too is just the snake eating its own tail… So many like Greg and Catherine Austin Fitts and others interviewed …have gone to such lengths and frankly costs and danger to inform people … At least there are many who are coming here… but so few of the many needed …and we can not just expect to buy a ‘ Make America Great Again’ hat and vote…and then expect one guy…even with the personal wealth he has …to ‘drain the swamp’ on his own no more than others could expect change from Obama…that is the bait and switch of it….first one then another… the gutters of the alt extreme left and extreme right…with the ball forever rolling down the same lane , somethings faster or slower but in the same direction as planned only because we ‘choose’ to take the red pill or the blue pill…never making the decision not to swallow either. It never was about ‘them’ deciding if Neo…was ‘ the one’… it was Neo ‘believing’ he was. And just as Jesus answered, who is it you say I am, he too never took the name – identity they hoped to lay on him… His response was , I am.
    Only when you act as JOHN DOE…do they have authority over you contractually…and so send that con-struction of ‘liberty’ allowed by a captain to leave their ship…the jurisdiction matrix of privilege, license, fees, and indulgences back… and re-claim the freedom of a John Doe with the common law, God given rights of free will and consent.
    At least to the point of where there IS AGREEMENT…to those proscribed by ‘The Constitution for the united States of America’ and its enumerated Bill of Rights and following Amendments to correct important unacknowledged dificiencies. And to end the attacks on free speech, privacy , the 2nd amendment (the possible force necessary) to retain the rest of them…not ‘hunting rights or merely self-protection from home invasion…but of national subversion by tyrants ! So – I agree with Greg…the treason runs deep…and doing nothing and thinking so…IS self -defeating ! Time to change that mindset…

  53. al

    Great info as usual Greg. I can’t really use it in my own life at this time except to be aware of what’s going on, which pains me greatly. I’d love to be able to do something about this but all I can do is vote (LOL).
    I can’t wait for you to turn this newscast in to a cooking show, meaning there is no more serious news to be reported and the fake news lame stream media dies once and for all.

    It’s obvious that this is a true war between GOOD and EVIL.

  54. Paul ...

    Breaking News … 400 shot … 50 killed … George Soros “color revolution” was not scheduled to start until Nov 4, 2017 … this guy couldn’t wait! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-02/shooter-las-vegas-concert-kills-20-injures-over-100
    Hey Trump … arrest George Soros (and Hillary) “NOW” … are you going to wait for these warmongering neocons to start a war right here in America because they can’t do it in N. Korea?!!

    • Paul ...

      It is always the people “who are sacrificed” by Deep State goons … who are part of an evil agenda (forget the “lone gunman” BS) … we know Soros and the Demon-rats want to create mass chaos on Nov 4, 2017 … bust the Commies before they act Trump … you have NSA intel … use it … you must stop the Soros “color revolution” before it starts by arresting the leaders!!

    • Frederick

      Podesta and Wasserwoman Schultz too please Paul

  55. D3F1ANT

    We’ll NEVER know where these TRILLIONS went…and even if we did…there would be no prosecution. Some animals, it seems, really ARE more equal than others…

  56. Flattop

    CAF says we need to take our Govt back and clean it up. Is that not what our President is trying to do??? However, the deep state members of Congress who we continue to re elect, push back hard on AG Sessions and the President to keep the swamp. We really need to do SERIOUS thinking about this upcoming election.

    • Paul ...

      Come on Trump … the same people who created ISIS and gassed those children in Syria are now machine gunning “our young Americans” … you can’t fire 60 Tomahawk missiles onto American soil … but you can send “special forces” to take out Soros and the Demon-rats leaders who are outwardly and in your face planning “an American Color Revolution” starting on Nov 4, 2017 !!!

      • Paul ...

        The same “nice lady” who shipped guns to ISIS terrorists from Benghazi (Hillary) wants to take away the right of Americans to defend themselves from these ISIS terrorists … wake up Trump … she is as much an ISIS terrorist as her cohorts who just machine gunned down over 500 young Americans (killing 57) … you can’t be nice to terrorists and give them a free pass to create a revolution in America … we can’t have people fighting people in the streets the way the Deep State wants to bring in their NWO … we need some good guys “American Special Forces” to take out the evil Deep State leadership!!

        • Frederick

          Nice and Lady are NOT two words I would use to describe the Hildebeast Paul

  57. waltt

    Nothing will become of this knowledge. It is just knowledge.
    I don’t like the fact that an asteroid is going to hit Earth, but if we are to learn from history for example the past 20 years, nothing will be done- it’s just knowledge.
    People have lost their power to rebut, regress, protest and be heard. The people will not, in mass, unite against the enemies. As desired by the rulers, the people are far too separated and disconnected.

  58. Mark

    Dear Greg and to all who come here to read and post,
    It is my observation in light of the pervasiveness of criminal activity which now- a- days seems more and more prevalent on every hand that history has demonstrated human intelligence alone is not sufficient in discerning, avoiding, preventing, and eliminating the presence or evil or the occurrence or criminal activity in modern society.
    Now there are some who will argue that the presence of evil and occurrence of criminal acts and catastrophes of other causes are proof that there is no ” Being of Higher Intelligence” or “God”, while others who, acknowledging the existence of some form of “Higher Being” or “Consciousness” or “Power” or “Energy”, are reluctant to name, let alone define such a Being for fear that in doing so, such a definition would lead to the construction of some kind of religious system, which, while initiated with the noblest of intentions, would tend toward corruption with the implementation of schemes devised by flawed human reasoning which, together with mixed motivation and intention (like leaven added to flour) could end up turning into some form of systematized error of fraud perpetrated upon its adherents in the name of the “God” Whose nature is in fact contrary to what is practiced in His name.
    Here though, I would simply point out and submit for your consideration that being we are aware evil does exist and those who are so inclined engage willingly in that which is harmful to others, victimizing even those of higher human intelligence and sophistication, then we should expect that if there is a “God” or “Being of Higher Intelligence” or “Power” or “Energy” or “Consciousness” by which all things have come into being, then we should be able to find somewhere in history where this Being has confronted evil and either been overcome by it, become party to it, OR HAS DEALT WITH IT AND OVERCOME IT.
    Now I submit that in all of history, there is only One Person of Whom it can be truly be stated that He not only confronted Evil in its personification (that being the Devil), but also overcame it and that Person is Jesus Christ Who was shown to be the Son of God by His resurrection from the dead by the Father of Glory in Whom He abides and in Whom it is written in the Scriptures that all the fullness is pleased to dwell (Colossians 1:15-23) — in other words, God manifested in the flesh as the literal effulgence or out-raying of the glory of God (Hebrews 1:1-3) or as John writes, the Word (expression, definition, articulation and manifestation) of the invisible God Who dwells in unapproachable light (John 1:14,18) Who “through death destroyed him who has the might of death, that is the devil, that He might release those who through all their life were held in slavery because of the fear of death”. (Heb.2:14-18).
    So that is why I say to you Greg and to all who come here to read and post, “Fear Not” for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7) and “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” (1Jn 4:4) and “If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed”.

    • Charles H


      The “Fear not” – is for Believers. “For this cause thank we God without ceasing, because , when you recieved the word of God which ye heard of us, ye recieved it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which EFFECTUALLY WORKETH also in you that believe.” 1Thess.2:13. The correct order here is: you must believe to see; or in this case – belief must preceed before the word can have effectual work in someone. This order can’t be changed. And the reason God’s Word can’t work, or be made sense of because they don’t believe it. Why should God honor those who deny or disbelieve Him?

      • Mark

        God bless you brother.
        That is the exact reason for my post. It is for those who may be aware of the Name and gospel account of Jesus but think of faith in Him as being no different than faith in any number of “belief systems” based on one’s preference.
        I am simply attempting to point out that the testimony of Christ conveyed in the Scriptures is verifiable proof that He is uniquely separate from all other spiritual leaders and teachers in that He has confronted, dealt with and defeated the source of Evil and that belief in Him is more than just subscription to a set of teachings and adoption of certain practices as is common in all religions.
        He is in fact the Son the Blessed, the Word incarnate, the Head of the Body and the One through Whom all things have come into being and the One for Whom they have been created, with all things being upheld by the word of His power and is so much more than many appreciate Him to be as is demonstrated by this portion I quote from Justn Observr’s above listed lengthy post which documents in detail the evil which is perpetrated upon us unwittingly, but in which he seems to minimize the stature of the Lord Jesus as well as make little of those who trust Him in simplicity.
        “But…like all the posts before that Greg has allowed…I hold out little hope anyone will take the time to work thru them and offer any cohesive steps forward beyond the posting of rants about ‘what they are doing to us…or bible verses offering we just carry on and evidentially Jesus will avail us of the burdens imposed by these tyrants…all while forgetting HE gave us free will…a choice…and expected us to use it !”
        Now this also speaks to the response written by Paul in that we are to exercise our will to choose wisely which entails not only being informed regarding the schemes of evil arrayed against us, but also to see and to employ the victory which has already been secured for us IN HIM.
        So for example, in the apostle Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians we read that ” though we walk in flesh, we do not war according to flesh; for the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly but powerful before God for the overthrowing of strongholds, as we overthrow reasonings and every high thing rising up against the knowledge of God, and take captive every thought unto the obedience of Christ. And we are ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled” (2 Cor.10:3-6).
        So yes, Charles, I agree the order you listed is correct and I hope many more will reconsider the testimony which God has testified concerning His Son and by faith begin to appropriate all that which God in Christ has made available to us for the working out of His will for His good pleasure and to His glory, Amen!!
        And so I say to you Charles and Paul and Greg and to all who come here to read and post, and who receive the testimony which God has testified concerning His Son, “Fear Not”, for “God has not given to us (who believe) a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” and “great is the mystery of godliness” which mystery is “God manifested in the flesh” with “Christ in us” being “its hope of glory”!! and “greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world”. “Fear Not”!

    • Paul ...

      Mark … it is good to turn the other cheek and be thrown to the lions by evil people who enjoy seeing innocent blood spilled? … how about turning the other cheek as someone comes up behind your wife and daughter and overtly stabs and slits their throat yelling “Ala Acaba” … are you simply going to forgive them “for they know not what they do?” … when you damn well know “they know exactly what they are doing” … at that point you stop turning the other cheek and take defensive action to protect the ones you love … it is now time to take defensive action Trump … arrest Soros and Hillary immediately and send in true American good guys to “take out” the evil Deep State leadership … this is Sodom and Gomorrah time when “Good Angels” use force to take out “in your face totally evil people”!!

      • Mark

        Paul, please read my response to Charles.

      • Charles H


        Becoming a true, born again Christian doesn’t make one a fool, or blind. It gives access to higher wisdom and facilitates greater discernment; and that inclines to better judgment. One does not know what it is like to be royalty: unless you ARE royalty. Similarly – you cannot know what it like to be Christian – unless you ARE Christian. This is why I don’t understand WHY you continualy try to put Christians in a box; like you really know how they are. I am afraid you don’t.

  59. pat the rat

    I have one thing for the negative people, The crash of 1929 P.B.S about 1 hour long it should before you invest in any crypto currency.

  60. Tad


    I wonder if Trump is aware of the Dana Rohrbacker deal with Julian Assange?

  61. gregd

    There is no way we the people can follow the Constitution and the laws and still defeat the global and elitists on any level. City, State or Country. They have the media all the judges and all the politicians and all the money and all the laws and the police. Remember Obama’ baby the NDAA? They can kill American legally. They can put Americans in jail legally without a lawyer and without a trial. They have equipped government employees with weapons at all levels. They can open the borders and let the garbage people in from the middle east to do their dirty work. Even if they don’t get our guns it’s all over folks. The American people have no unity and no fight. If we were united I think we would have a great chance.
    As I see it, it would take another bloody revolution of which I don’t believe we’re capable of. They have no risk and unlimited reward. That’s what we deserve for being a Country of lazy a**es, dumba**es, and pu**ies.

    • Greg Hunter

      Never give up GregD–never.

    • Tin foil hat

      “lazy a**es, dumba**es, and pu**ies.”
      Welfare, public school and media. One way or another, they got us.

    • Clare Doll

      So Gregd,
      I wasn’t in Las Vegas when it all went down. But my sister is a nurse who was on duty during that night. She says that a guy who had been in the armed forces drove the first pick-up truck full of victims to UMC and told the staff he was going back for more. Their first reaction was “MORE!!!!” Because this guy had reacted so quickly even before anyone knew or fully understood what had happened, he gave the hospital and trauma center 30 minutes to get ready before going into lockdown (no one except victims in or out). At that point, CODE PURPLE went out to all area hospitals. The ER emptied to get ready for what was coming. CODE PURPLE is a distaster warning and that is all. You don’t know what is coming, you just know its bad. All hospital staff was notified CODE PURPLE on their cell phones throughout all of Las Vegas and everyone came into work. They were dropped off by relatives because when there is a disaster code, you can’t park anywhere since the hospital is in lockdown mode. She says this guy, whoever he is, deserves a metal for giving them warning of what was coming because of the lives he saved in doing so.
      But he was just the beginning. When the city woke that morning to what had happened, lines formed to give blood — hours in line to wait, that’s how many people showed up. The hotels and restaurants prepared food and sent it to the hospitals to feed staff and families of the victims. People in Las Vegas even opened up their homes to house the concert goers who could not access their cars where they had locked up their belongings (money, ID’s, credit cards, airline tickets) before attending the concert.

      If Las Vegas can unite in such a catastrophe, all is not lost . . . .

      • William Stanley

        Great story! All really is not lost!

  62. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Your interview of Ms. Fitts was conducted prior to the shootings in Las Vegas. And, I imagine many of the comments were made prior to learning of it. Nevertheless, I find it worthy of reflection that none of us here have mentioned it (at least so far to my knowledge), since so many here fancy ourselves on the right side in the battle for good against evil. What does that say about us? Perhaps we are simply numbed, and this is just one more instance of that to which we have become accustomed from all around the world.
    I, was awed at the courage of the police who ran toward the gunfire from a fully automatic weapon in order to avert untold further tragedy. Moreover, I saw photos of courageous men instinctively shielding their wives and girlfriends with their bodies. Sadly, I was not surprised by the glee I have seen on some sites because the victims were fans of country music and, presumably, pro Trump conservatives.
    What’s the lesson here? Not what many might fear. The lesson here is that people who are the salt of the earth showed us that uncommon courage, even in the face of death, is more common than we know. We owe it to the world (and ourselves) to follow their example.

  63. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Tell me if I’m wrong….but did anyone see this about the Vegas shooter in any MSM reporting…. https://youtu.be/cPPGHt_FMsM …. seems awfully close resemblance to me….an anti-Trumper that might be a national terrorist shooter – like the one that went after Congressman Scalise? Maybe there is a dangerous violent underground movement behind the antifa movement?

    • Justn Observer


      • Justn Observer

        more reports and video of flash and police reports of shooters on 4th floor? https://youtu.be/WNiRr763gJA
        LOOK AT THIS VIDEO @ ABOUT 4:58 where taxi driver is passing the hotel…. and catches the flashes coming from a floor MUCH lower than the reported…. 30th floor… and comments he thinks they are coming from about the 10TH FLOOR ! Which driving right under there…with his window down…is would be much more incline to interpet the location of the shots being nearly right under the location… as to them being lower or coming from much higher up ! Just say’n that is 20 floors different…or 20x 10 ot 14 ft. per floor = 200 to 250 ft higher? More like 2/3 a football field in height…. so it would be obvious that close…that a gun was being fired over a half football field away from an end zone and a 70 yard line at other end of the field- right?
        Also at beginning…much louder bursts before the later muted ones suggests two different locations and shooters !
        AND COPS CONFIRM TWO SHOOTING LOCATIONS ! @ another at Alibaba? @ 47:20
        and a police report of shoots and air footage of flash coming from a 4th floor here @ 6:10

  64. Chris in Arkansas

    Someone should buy a few billboards in major metropolitan areas saying, “Dear US Government, where’s our missing $21 Trillion? No more taxes for you! “. Then post a website on the bottom of the billboard in big bold letters. “Visit http://www.missing$21trillion.com to read the whole story and take action.” I would actually contribute to such a cause as long as it was not monetized for financial gain. I may actually go ahead and buy the domain name just after I post this and see if Ms. Fits will allow me to post her content.

  65. Kim

    Feeling broken hearted about the Las Vegas incident and government corruption. Then I realized we are not helpless.

    There are effective ways out of this mess. First is to understand that as long as Satan is around there will be evil to deal with.

    Next is to understand the true power of prayer. Prayer is a weapon and does change things. We can pray!! We can pray for each other and our country.

    Thank you for the insightful interview. Being informed is power!

    • William Stanley

      We are beginning to fight, as your comment makes clear. Indeed, I suspect, that shooting reveals vital truth, i.e., that our enemies are desperate and are taking increasingly desperate measures. Although it may not seem like it, the tide of this long battle is already turning. We gain strength every day, especially on the days the evil seems the strongest.

  66. William Stanley

    Paul . . .
    I now see that you did comment on the shootings.

  67. truthseeker

    A friend sent me this link wondering if this is the missing 21 trillion
    Thought you all might be interested:
    Is this why TN Senator Bob Corker decided not to run again for Congress in 2018? – The Millennium Report

    • Justn Observer

      An amazing article that should not have passed without more comments…Thank you…this is an amazing under the radar article that deserved more comment and attention !

  68. marcus

    I learnt as a kid once you put your penny in the slot machine you never get your penny back……The American people have no way in hell to get their evile money back from the deep state as it is called, I prefer to call it the Hell hole creation of American Petrodollar, end the Evil Petrodollar and you will have to buy your oil with real money like every other nation, Until America realizes this you will never have honesty. No matter what Catherine is saying it is BS because the world is rejecting US dollars and unless you can place your gold out in the open to be tested to regain trust America is banished from the one form of money that can save her.
    My conclusion is that Catherine my be smart but very dumb as the scales have been weighed America show us your GOLD or dont play.

  69. Robert Powell

    I know where the money is- It is in the gargantuan expense of Geoengineering, which is going on globally. Plane operation is very expensive, aluminum, a raw material that must be extracted through mining, is appearing on the surface of the earth, globally.
    This is not an accident, and hearings were just held, only pro potents were allowed to speak. This is openly online, and MUST be engaged.
    Aluminum is highly toxic ingested, or inhaled. Use Duck Duck go, and look the issue up for yourself. The process has been onging in one form or another since the 50’s & 60’s .
    The process, has been angaged to the ( now confirmed ) Agenda 21, with the introduction of PAris 2030. You will upon inspection of AG 21, the the UN program includes the destruction of Christianity, and replacement with GAIA, also openly on line.

  70. jOHN


    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t thing so John.

    • TheHolyCrow

      @John….and we will be sitting back for thousands of years, watching them reap the fruits of all the bad karma they heaped up over just one misspent lifetime. Simply because they worshipped Mammon and not the one true God/Creator. They had better watch their P’s and Q’s !!!

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