Biggest Financial Bubble in History Will Engulf World-Gregory Mannarino

G2reg Hunter’s 

Financial analyst and stock trader Gregory Mannarino says pay no attention to the rising stock market because it is “fake.” Mannarino says, “The manipulation is absolutely epic.  We have never seen anything like it.  There is going to be a horrible price to pay for this.  Why?  Because it will correct to fair market value.  There is no doubt in my mind that all of this will correct to fair value.  All these distortions can only go so far, and we know this.  We have seen this throughout history without exception. . . .  We have the biggest bubble in the history of the world, and that is the debt bubble that has re-inflated this stock market bubble, it will burst.  It will burst because every single financial bubble in history, without exception, has burst before it.  This one is going to burst too, but this one is going to engulf the world.  It’s going to be unlike anything we’ve seen in the history of the world, and there is no doubt that the middle class will no longer exist when this occurs.  It’s going to be a massive transfer of wealth to these financial institutions that are going to go short all of this.  It is legal theft on a magnitude and scale that is unimaginable.”

The mainstream media is ignoring massive fraud by banks. The latest fraud is the admission by Deutsche Bank that it rigged both the gold and silver markets with other big banks. Mannarino says, “Of course, they have to ignore it.  They have no choice to ignore it.  Why?  It’s the system, and the system relies on one thing only and that’s confidence.  They can’t allow the general public to understand there is absolute fraud involved in the biggest banks on earth.  If the people start to get wind of that, then they are going to start to get afraid.  Then, they will pull their cash out of these institutions and start allocating it into different things.  They cannot allow the general public to know what’s really going on.  They need to keep the general public focused on the stock market.  Most people don’t know what to look at, but when they hear, oh the stock market is higher, my 401K is doing well, and that’s all they care about.  The same exact thing happened in 2008 when they were watching their houses go up in price.  They didn’t care about anything else.  When it reversed, then, all of a sudden they’re crying.  This is what’s going to happen now, but the magnitude of this one eclipses what happened in 2008–exponentially.  The 2008 event, that was a walk in the park eating an ice cream cone compared to what is going to occur at one point here down the line.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “We exist, beyond any shadow of any doubt, are living in an environment where nothing is real, from the prices of assets, to what is going on with the big Wall Street banks, to Federal Reserve interest rates and everything in between. All of this is being played in a way to keep people believing that the system is working and will continue to work.  It’s not going to.  Let’s look at the stock market. . . . There is no possible way that these multiples can be justified with the price action of stocks in the overall market.  They continue to rise.  Nothing is real, and I can’t stress this enough.”

On the trend for precious metals and the U.S. dollar, Mannarino says, “We talked about this last time I was on, and I said we would see the dollar down and precious metals up. This was going to happen.  We are going to continue to see more fakery and twisting of this entire system.  Right now, it’s upside down and nothing is real.  We now are in an environment where the financial system has been flipped upside down just to make it function.  That’s very scary. . . . We’ve never seen anything like this in the history of the world.  We have now hit 10 years for suppressed interest rates in the United States.  It can never stop.  The Federal Reserve has never been in a situation like this.  We are in completely uncharted territory.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Mannarino, who likes to say “silver is the most undervalued asset on the planet,” also predicts that “silver will hit at least $300 per ounce at some point.”

There is information, analysis and videos on the home page of, and it’s all free.

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg I really REALLY enjoyed this one and I hope, REALLY hope, people are paying attention!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank for coming on. I think what you said about people not caring as long as their stock and 401K’s went up was great. People are being fooled into thinking that they are going to keep these gains.

      • Galaxy 500

        And when 0bama steals all the 401Ks and IRAs, people are going to be shocked yet we saw it coming 4 years ago. Some will even think it’s a good thing the government took over them…until they realize how badly they are being screwed.

        • Greg Hunter

          I hate to say this but I think you are correct sir!!

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Shortly after 2008, I had a “government operative” point out the obvious to me:
          We no longer have markets.
          We no longer have the “Rule of Law”.
          Our Social Compact is a one-sided joke.
          The media is a designed distraction.
          The middle class and our country will vanish as the economy is hollowed out.
          I was more than a little taken back(for none of this was obvious to me at the time) so I asked him how he knew this. He laughed and said it was there for anyone who’d care to connect the dots. Seven years after the fact, this guy sure looks like a genius.

        • brian

          Sad thing is most of the value has already been stripped out of the paper instruments…..some people are starting to see this reality as a possibility; and of course their reaction to this is already being heavily managed and influenced.

          We are all going to be calmly walked into a cage and killed at the end of this. Figuratively, literally, what the fucks the difference.

      • red

        Listen you Doods….nothing says success more than a rising stock market…pay attention to theses pros’ for a change…

        • Robert Lykens

          Red, nothing goes up forever. The stock market is currently rising because:
          Fundamentals are so bad that brokers know the Fed will intercede on their behalf with ***EVEN MORE*** fiat, counterfeit $$$Dollars$$$!
          What does it say when stock Shorts are safer than Longs?

        • David Clumpner

          Oh yeah…Maybe they’ll be able to take their millions of stock shares and trade ’em for a loaf of bread!

        • Jallen

          The Fed and the Plunge Protection Team can make all the MONOPOLY MONEY they want, Thus sending the stock market to the moon, if they choose to do so. One of the tricks they do with their Monopoly Money is to have companies borrow money at super low rates and buy their company stock, raising its price and thus bigger bonuses for the executive and managerial classes. Your assignment RED is to determine when it is cheaper to wipe your butt with dollar bills rather than toilet paper. Red, you would be wise to study the 1929 stock market collapse as THE GHOST OF MARKET COLLAPSE PAST is about to visit
          the new class of fools and depart them from their wealth.
          Be careful RED as your don’t want to go into the RED.

      • Carol Smith

        I read an entire book on Hyperinflation in Germany in the Weimar Republic. Very Educating !! During this period in History, the stock market in Germany went up and up following the Hyperinflation. People are predicting a crash in the stock market, but I always remember what happened in Germany.
        Supposedly if you had left your money in the stock market, you would have been ok, but people had to eat and sold many of their things.

        • red

          Yes but if Governments couldn’t sell stuff with printed&borrowed money how else could we get people to mine and dig stuff up so cheap?

        • Paul ...

          Carol … your thoughts are similar to mine … who is actually “IN ” the stock market right now who owns enough shares to sell and crash the market?? … just the Fed’s Plunge Protection Team … but with the Fed’s PPTeam owning almost all the shares in the stock market they are obviously not going to sell their stocks and crash the market before the election … and with “unlimited” printing press money at their disposal … they will most likely simply print more and more … to keep the market going up and thus instill “confidence” in the public that everything is fine and dandy …

    • 8Ball

      I hope that Americans are praying attention! If you care for your country then humble yourselves and pray…

    • Bo Polny

      Great Interview Gentlemen! As the saying goes… ‘all good things must come to an END!’ Greg, the ‘Stock and 401K Gains’ the people believe they have on PAPER are about to evaporate and Gold/Silver will take off, and those who have NOT bought will be standing there watching gold go to $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, Silver $50, $100, $150 an ounce frantically calling their dealer and being told… Sorry, sold out: back ordered. Calling the Mint… Sorry, sold out: back ordered. You’re not going to be able to get it! In the end… PAPER is and will always be Paper and Gold/Silver… MONEY!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Bo for coming on. This was a treat!

        • WD


          I bought some silver coins but they are just non descript. Also bought silver bars ( 10 oz)…Should I just buy coins? or Eagle Silver dollars?

          I know you have mentioned this before but any help would be ideal.


          • Greg Hunter

            Please read this top to bottom: Let me point out I sell nothing and that includes gold and silver coins. Good luck.

            • WD

              Thank you,

              I know what you are saying about not selling anything…

              I bought some silver and after I thought I did it “wrong”


              • Greg Hunter

                Remember, the global debt and bond issuance has exploded since 2008. The dark powers created an amount of debt equal to an amount just shy of the global GDP ($70 trillion). The advice to buy hard assets, such as gold and silver, was sound. The the fraud (now officially admitted) by the big banks was designed to make that advice to look wrong.

          • James Hastings

            Silver coins are for spending. Bars are for large trades or wealth transfer.

          • Faith

            WD: a good site to do research is or and JM has some excellent FAQs (especially about when sales are reported to the IRS and why and what is not reported to the IRS and why). JM and SD both have big selections and a good way to learn is to just check the prices a few times a week and read the product descriptions.

            If you can’t identify what you have how will you describe that product or be able to verify that product when you go to sell it? That is the reason some of us, including myself, prefer easily identifiable bullion coins.

            The US Mint, the Canadian Mint, and the Perth Mint all produce standard and easily recognizable 1-ounce bullion coins. The Candaian Mint also produces bars of silver bullion that are easy to identify due to assay marks and serial numbers that are located on the 100-ounce bars.

            I do not sell any type of silver product and I am not a trader. I buy minted silver bullion and plan on holding it for the long term and consider it financial insurance. I hope I do not need that insurance!

            Take your time. Remember the old adage about not putting all of your eggs in one basket.

            In conclusion I do not buy commemorative coins unless I am buying that coin to give away as a gift. Why? The mark-up is too high.

            Mark-ups or premiums over spot price can vary so it is best to research this in advance. When selling, the price you receive can be equal to spot or below the daily spot price depending on the buyer.

            There is another maxim to keep in mind: buyer beware. “Due diligence” is your responsibility.

            • Greg Hunter

              I can personally vouch for my only sponsor on this site and that is Discount Gold and Silver Trading. It took me a year and a half to find an honest trustworthy dealer and they have been on more than a year and not a single complaint. You can talk to the owner on the phone Melody Cedarstrom 1-800-375-4188. She has been in the PM business more than 20 years.
              (By the way, I get zero commission on sales and zero info on buyers.)

          • woody188

            Diversify. Even “junk” silver will be worth more, and the smaller amounts will be more trad-able. Of course the GOV is going to outlaw your holdings and confiscate all non-sanctioned money. Just watch and see.

    • Paul Buffoni

      Hey Greg and Greg, Love your work, great interview, I’ve got my gold and silver. Our time is soon.

    • Galaxy 500

      Greg M.,
      You are the man. Thanks for helping us here.

    • Californiawoman

      Greg Mannarino
      What helps you determine whether risk is on or off?

    • Dan

      If someone recommended buying silver at $40 an ounce & 4 years later, it’s at $17 an ounce, that was BAD advice. Now, it may be because of manipulation, but that doesn’t mean it was good advice at the time. To say that it was is ludicrous. If that’s the standard, then you could ALWAYS claim that advice was good at the time it was given BUT FOR subsequent intervening causes!

      • Greg Hunter

        When the system crashes will it continue to be bad advice? Best-selling author Jim Rickards says we are headed for a crash and the system will close down. I am going with it’s better to be a few years early then one day too late. Please keep in mind this is what we are talking about–a total wipe out of the system. Think Mad Max my friend and WalMart is a cheap place to buy shotgun shells.

        • Dan

          I LOVE the fact that you personally reply to comments that don’t necessarily agree with all of your guests positions. I agree that we are headed for a complete collapse & have been accumulating pm’s for the past 10 years & would do it again with what I know now. I sincerely appreciate all you do in coming up with all the wonderful & varied interview subjects. Gregory M. is one of my favorites & yes, I believe he will ultimately be proven to be correct with regard to the world’s financial system!

        • JC Davis

          Walmart yeah, that’s where I get my cheap cell phone, and ammo. Nothing else.

        • allen ols

          you are correct sir!!!!

        • JustMe

          Dan has a valid point. How many gurus here called the Gold bubble at $1900? (Bo claims he did, but he also said gold would never go below $1300 in 2013) How many have been calling for gold’s rise every month since 2011? The guy that called for gold to go to $700 has been lambasted by the Guru Community. At gold $1050 he was a lot closer than 90% of Gold Bug Guru’s. I hope gold and silver continue skyward. However, having a permabull philosophy has been quite unprofitable several years.

          • Greg Hunter

            I guess you missed the news that Deutsche Bank had admitted to covertly rigging the markets for both Gold and Silver on both sides of the Atlantic with other big bank. The debt and bond issuance was exploding and thus PM should have gone up accordingly. If you have an issue, it is with the fraudulent big banks. Let’s not lose site of that. By the way, if you are trading this market (and you should be dollar cost averaging in, to acquire the metal) then, you do not know what you are doing.

            • Tina

              What you really want to say is gm called the top in the equity market, which you have done ad nauseum until, well, now. Now, you go elsewhere with your one sided retribution. Hopefully you and Jerry will finally be right so you can say I toldya. I could start a blog espousing the complete opposing viewpoint of this blog snd I would be the soothsayer. Can you ever say you were wrong or is it always I’m right but, but manipulation. I nownown a ton of pm but I never bought until I thought the time was right. No one here admits they were wrong with, at least, the timing. I know, in the long run blah, blah, blah.

              • Greg Hunter

                I’ll say I was wrong, when I am wrong, not when I and others have been defrauded by the criminal bankers with market manipilation. Please start your own FREE site. I’d love to see your analysis and interviews week after week. Yes, Mannarino called the top in the Dow and I think that call from last May will hold. Thank you for your comment . . . “blah, blah, blah”

        • woody188

          I think it will be bad advice in a systemic crash. They’ve already shown a propensity to confiscate precious metals should they deem it necessary. Black markets will always exist but I hope you’re buying your PM’s with non-traceable cash or you’ll be in for rude awakening.

    • Phil Heard

      I have to be perfectly honest here and let you all know I have been reading and listening to these dire predictions for years on your website Greg (both). When do you say to yourself enough is enough and take the risk of making a lousy 2 or 4% on your money through a solid dividend producing stock? I’m leveraged very nicely in precious metals but am losing every year by keeping my hard earned $$ outside of my metals close to the chest. This environment we live in since the 08 crash sucks for the honest hard working people of this country. Greed and corruption seem to never be exposed in the grand effort to keep it all under control. The Fed and Admin seem to be doing a very good job of that. Like a slow drip we are financially tortured each and everyday we earn the money market rate for keeping sound money in our local banks and then we are screwed in the end? I’m just starting to believe that this so called coming crash of biblical proportions will not happen. It seems the chips always fall somewhere in between. I could go on and on but need to get back to work so our gov’t has the funds to waste away. .. Sadly, Phil Heard

      • Faith

        PH: you sound diversified. I don’t see any problem having a good dividend stock. PMs are simply a back up in case of an extreme situation. You also sound informed and aware. Just do what makes sense for you and what seems reasonable and prudent.

      • Johnny Come Lastly

        Sadly, Phil Heard;

        This so called coming crash of biblical proportions is ultimately the only answer, or were all toast in the end, as long as the answer is Biblical!

        The One Percent

        This 80-minute documentary focuses on the growing “wealth gap” in America, as seen through the eyes of filmmaker Jamie Johnson, a 27-year-old heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical fortune. Johnson, who cut his film teeth at NYU and made the Emmy®-nominated 2003 HBO documentary Born Rich, here sets his sights on exploring the political, moral and emotional rationale that enables a tiny percentage of Americans – the one percent – to control nearly half the wealth of the entire United States. The film Includes interviews with Nicole Buffett, Bill Gates Sr., Adnan Khashoggi, Milton Friedman, Robert Reich, Ralph Nader and other luminaries.

        • Greg Hunter

          This was VERY interesting. I do not have a problem with families being rich and having wealth. I have a problem with them committing fraud to keep it.

      • RichM

        I don’t want to give stock buying advice at all but there is a thought to gain exposure to hard assets and also earn dividends. Possibly something like……

        GAMCO Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust GGN:NYSE MKT LLC (Closed-End Fund)

        The theory here has been for those nervous to get into the more highly volitile PM stocks, to just see this one move up and down more slowly but every month still earn a nice dividend. So in a way it becomes a more (traditional) investment. Kind of a safer hold to wait to see what happens theory.

        • RichM

          ….also so if there is a HUGE move upward…. like a rocket taking off or something you are already in and have some exposure to the hard assets and even though it may not move up as fast as the junior miners, it will also not move down as fast in theory. Still I would buy physical first before buying anything represented on paper. Even before buying physical, I’d buy food, water, and lead.

    • David Clumpner

      The ‘Black Swan’ that most everyone is overlooking: The ‘Shadow Master Elites’ could come up with some type of globalized QE INFINITY in the form of
      a one or two QUADRILLION DOLLAR long term bond &/or tax that would be exercised after the coming implosion/melt down.

    • RB

      So Greg, the big crash isn’t happening now? It will happen one day but just not now. Just want to make sure I heard you right that you have changed your mind.

    • Hairy Herry

      Greg M,
      If you happen to plan to short all this nonsense, I want to be a part of it. I’m not a high $$ investor, but I have some to put in the kitty.
      Please show on your website if or when you have such an offering. No need to let Peter S. have all the fun. 🙂
      If I need to contact you, let me know and I’ll do so.

  2. allen ols

    thanks greg,gregory;
    It is true, everything in usa, economic, political, militarily, IS RIGGED. The curtain is falling, and the twits are being exposed.

  3. Paul ...

    Greg and Greg … absolutely correct that nothing is real (except precious metals) … we know the bankers will and must keep their system going … which means print, print and print … so how do we determine the “mean” … if the money supply is doubled from here the “mean” for the market might be its current price … how can the “mean” be calculated and given any reality in a constantly expanding monetary system???

  4. . Jeremiah Rooney

    How is it that Clinton winning by 15% is “winning big” when her losing in other states by upwards of 50% to Bernie Sanders is no big deal? Winning in Washington by 50% gained Sanders 16 delegates on Clinton. . losing in New York by 10% lost him 19. The difference isn’t much, but the corporate government media sure makes it out to be.

    New Yorker’s don’t realize she has used them as a stepping stone. Ask Hillary why she didn’t return to her and Bill’s home state of Arkansas after living in the White House for eight years, to run for the senate in New York? Because they hate the Clinton’s crime foundation in Arkansas. She couldn’t have been elected dog catcher in that state. So she goes to New York, a state full of minorities and welfare cases, where she can make more promises than Bernie, to get their vote and then throw them under the bus when the election is over. Wait and see people she’s nothing but a lying war-mongering neo-con whore. Prostituting herself for the powers that be. That be, deep state, treasonous traitors.

    They say behind every successful man is a woman. Bill Clinton would never have been anything if it weren’t for that power mad, power hungry woman, who pushed him and pushed him and always wanted to be president, herself. Woe for the earth and the sea’s, if her wet dreams, come to be!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point JR!!

    • RichM

      Very True, they feel they would not have been able to control Goldwater then Ross Perot then Ron Paul and this year Bernie or Trump. They consider themselves Lords and Kings and we are all just peons….. They are not about to allow a populist or anyone who is 1st and for-most about country and country, patriotism, and We The People first and government, the NWO, and themselves 2nd.

  5. . Jeremiah Rooney

    How is it that Clinton winning by 15% is “winning big” when her losing in other states by upwards of 50% to Bernie Sanders is no big deal? Winning in Washington by 50% gained Sanders 16 delegates on Clinton. . losing in New York by 10% lost him 19. The difference isn’t much, but the corporate government media sure makes it out to be.

    New Yorker’s don’t realize she has used them as a stepping stone. Ask Hillary why she didn’t return to her and Bill’s home state of Arkansas after living in the White House for eight years, to run for the senate in New York? Because they hate the Clinton’s crime foundation in Arkansas. She couldn’t have been elected dog catcher in that state. So she goes to New York, a state full of minorities and welfare cases, where she can make more promises than Bernie, to get their vote and then throw them under the bus when the election is over. Wait and see people she’s nothing but a lying war-mongering neo-con whore. Prostituting herself for the powers that be. That be, deep state, treasonous traitors.

    They say behind every successful man is a woman. Bill Clinton would never have been anything if it weren’t for that power mad, power hungry woman, who pushed him and pushed him and always wanted to be president, herself. Woe for the earth and the sea’s, if her wet dreams, come to be!

    There’s no place like home? Please go home!

    • . Jeremiah Rooney

      The Number Of The Beast; Iron Maiden

      • . Jeremiah Rooney

        asmy myba 2 years ago
        “Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the
        beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short…
        Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of thebeast for it is a human number, its number is Six hundred andsixty six.”
        Simone Calloni 1 year ago
        I laugh hard when I read on the web that this song could be satanic… with an intro from the Bible!

  6. Mike M.

    Listening to Greg Mannarino talk about how to trade and make money is like someone telling you where the best view on the deck of the Titanic is after it hit the iceberg.

    Why don’t you ask him where he plans to go after the SHTF and the entire system collapses? Does he think he can just sit tight, count his winnings and wait until it all blows over? Got news for you. Whatever he does have he will lose like the rest of you.

    Few of you see the real big picture. You think it is going to get bad but you just need to weather the storm and things will be just fine. Keep the faith, fear not, blah blah blah.

    The end game people is once the collapse comes, it’s permanent. You better find a safe haven now while there is still time and I don’t mean heading for the hills of Montana. Then again, it’s probably time to thin the herd as dumb as you’ve all become. USA USA

    • susan

      the hills of Montana are a pretty good place to be. If… you can handle the weather and all the other hardships of the state. I love it here.

      • Hairy Herry

        It’s on my short list. I get the economic news from the state every time it’s released. People there are fantastic. Being independent is not frowned on there, and it just carries good overall vibes.

  7. FC

    I’m waiting for Cirque De Soleil to come up with their own interpretation of our manipulated economy with a presentation called SyllyBanco, starring Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen, all in Spandex swinging from Fed to Treasury, while juggling Data.

    Or perhaps, even an illusionist like David Copperfield, with his presentation called GreenBackGone, he’ll have the 3 leading performers levitating above golden eggs, as he makes the elephant appear in the room.

    • Studmaster

      Mike M,
      Your comments add nothing to the current topic DS. Calling everybody a bunch of idiots is about as useless as I am sure you are bonehead.

      • studmaster

        This comment was meant tor meathead mike m.

        • MIlton Welch

          Mike above has a point.
          During the Balkan Wars there were eerie occurrences where, unshaven, dumb looking paramilitary would go
          with x-ray precision straight to the hiding space in the car or cart of fleeing refugee that his group ambushed.
          Not saying do not stack, just be careful in thinking that is the ticket to safe side.

          • Hairy Herry

            That’s PRECISELY why those with metal are encouraged to do their homework and consider havmg it transferred out of the country to somewhere safe. Other than Bitcoin, I really don’t know what to say except maybe just throw up your hands and beg to be shot because it’s ultimately hopeless??
            I’m not here to suggest any particular outfit, but there are a handful who exist and they don’t trade or hedge your metal in paper garbage. Texas has voted to put in a state depository for PM’s but that hasn’t been built yet.

  8. Mots

    Assuming this is all true (the basic facts are irrefutable after all) why cant stocks keep their high dollar valuations after the upcoming helicopter drops? Deflation likely will be followed by inflati0n, and stocks may have just led the way…….?

  9. Anthony

    Keep up the good work Mr H.

    Greetings from Australia!

    Celente- Keizer- Hunter

  10. Anthony

    good work Mr H.

    Greetings from Australia!

    Celente- Keiser- Hunter

  11. Karl

    Hi Gregory. Really enjoy your videos and I have read your free books. I am sitting on 699 hundred odd ounces if silver and 25 odd of gold bit am at a loss presently due to buying most in 2010 to 2012.
    I also gave some stock in tobacco companies and national grid. I see these as defensive stocks. Do you see the entire stock market unravelling including defensive stocks?
    How would you counter Martin Armstrong who sees bonds as the main bubble and stocks not as a bubble which will provide refuge from the debt bubble?
    I am tempted to put all in Pms but what if like in 2012 ww are wrong and they crash again?

    • MIlton Welch

      You’re stacking and stacking and you’re stuck ?

  12. roger

    thank you for let me know

  13. James Hastings

    Wonderful interview. I watch greg on his home site. Always enjoy his comments. I have mentioned in a number of comments….that some people imply, in their comments…..”things will work out…where should I invest. Most seem to think, my pension…401…..paper assets will carry me through. I will transfer my wealth through this”

    I think Gregory Mannarino touched on that without screaming it out. HUGE amounts of wealth will vaporize. We are about to transition into a new economic reality and your paper will be worthless. It’s hard to let go. Most will not be able to change. They just won’t accept the situation. It will be ugly.

    • OutLookingIn

      James H

      Not ALL paper will be worthless. To paint ALL paper with the same brush stroke is to do yourself a disfavor. There are quite a few companies that have a solid niche market, with equally solid financials and are very well guided by a vested solid leadership.

      Case in point; Hormel Foods (HRL)
      When the crunch was coming I was on the sidelines and looked for somewhere (besides PM’s) to put liquidity. Hormel looked like a real bargain ($12.80), so I went in heavily planning on just a short term. I still own these and more shares since. Close today at $38.50

      During times of financial duress, people still have to eat. Hormel’s chief claim to fame is SPAM which is a cheap source of protein in tough times. Keeping ALL your eggs in just one basket will cause you to eat nothing but omelets!

  14. Dan

    Dear GREGORY,

    You are always my favorite guest. I’ve asked you about something very important on this site twice already but no reply; so I hope this third time is the charm:

    Of course we all know the system will implode but only don’t know the exact time frame. That being said, WHO IS TO SAY that the Fed & Treasury’s ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund – with likely over a trillion dollars in funds, as presumed by my second favorite guest Rob Kirby) CAN’T SIMPLY KEEP BUYING S&P500/Dow/NASDAQ index futures (keeping the indices perpetually up) to prop up the markets (and also to suppress/smash gold & silver) with their funds FOR ONE OR TWO or more YEARS TO COME?

    Same goes with the major stock markets in Europe and Japan, as we know the Central Bankers – via the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) are all complicit and buy each others’ shit constantly, In other words, through coordinated actions, I don’t see how they can be stopped (short of a crash/black swan beyond their control) because they gots infinites amount of firepower (printing presses) for at least one or two years to come. What’s to stop them? They are too powerful.

    Your expert take on this would be much appreciated by use WatchDoggers.

    Thank you!

  15. uma

    I like Gregory’s work. Esp. his concept to invite people to take part, and do good with a share if they cash in gains.
    Follow you (I know you are having an eye on the comment section) for over a year.

    Just the problem is that I might be to paranoid, being in Europe, to put money in a bank or a Online Brokerage account, as I fear there are no stocks or options, and they might keep it all, once they are going down.
    I even think by now, that if one buys stocks that there is fraud and they show up in your account without ever being bought.

    So I do little what I have im phsy. PM – even I regred seeing how much I could have done with my time and knowledge following all of you guys – and even would have more PM by now.

    Am I paranoid – or kindly, too careful?

    I always think this goes down by next couple of weeks, but still it hasnt.
    It just gets worse and worse, and if you thin, now it will happen, it just gets darker nad darker and the markets playing the game …

  16. Jerry

    Yesterday was the day the petrodollar died. It is not a coincidence that President Obama is in Saudi Arabia right now. It has nothing to do with the 9/11 bill that the MSM is peddling. The Saudi’s are about to join Nigeria, Egypt, and a host of countries who are about to embrace the Gold backed Yuan and dump the dollar.

    Greg. The dollar is living on borrowed time. Just like an animal that’s been shot, it may run awhile, but eventually it will fall over and die. Just follow the blood trail, and it will lead you to the carcass. Deutsche Bank was the finger that pulled the trigger. The Shanghai Gold Fix was the bullet that delivered the kill shot.

    • Jerry

      Another example of countries around the world who are leaving the central banks house of illusion for something that is real. Eventually paper slight of hand no longer works, and the crowd sees the fake card up your sleeve.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one Jerry!!

      • Jerry

        Greg here’s more.
        It seems like everyday the Chinese are expanding their portfolio in some region of the world. At some point, even the Financial Security Board will not be able to handle the amount of U.S. paper headed our way. This drip, drip, drip of treasury dumping will turn into a Tsunami.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think you are correct Jerry. It is clearly unfolding in front of our eyes. The Chinese are controlling the agenda and are out in front of a very bad situation.

        • JMiller

          I think that you mean the Financial Stability Board.

          • Jerry

            I stand corrected. It is the Financial Security Board.

        • 8Ball

          Here is an interesting question: Who controls the Chinese?

          • Jerry

            All financial tracks lead to the “City of London Corporation” one way or another. And in that woodpile you will no doubt find a Rothschild, or Rockefeller. They have been grooming China to replace us for quite sometime. More sheep to fleece.

        • WD

          Just like Holter, Leeb and Pento have said…amazing

    • allen ols

      ok, I copied and pasted YOUR COMMENT to my friends but did not include your name!! I stole your comment fair and square and made it my own. sorry but u lose 🙂

      • Jerry

        Damn you Allen!
        Just kidding 🙂 I’m sure I stole it from someone to.

  17. km

    No hysterics, just common sense is needed here! This isn’t 29, it won’t be the identical scenario as back then! The gutting of the middle class has been gradual, over time with many sitting presidents. I would say that the one thing that will happen quickly at this late hour is national and global riots (which the elites planned and want), and the end game is ww3 of course! Then and only then can the global re-set happen. With many people here not possessing metals of any kind, it will be easy to further devalue/eliminate any and all paper currency for a total financial control grid! I observe this through Biblical eyes, so I realize the elites are setting this all up for their messiah to arrive. “Order out of chaos”!

  18. andyb

    His points about silver are spot on. It appears that silver has escaped the bankster straightjacket lately. Could the rumored shortages be actual fact? Especially since the bankster smack downs aren’t working anymore. It is interesting to note that upon the opening of the SGE physical only exchange, silver has experienced extraordinary demand.

    I fully expect the gold/silver ratio to be at par in my lifetime. After all, we can easily live without gold, but not without silver, the most critically important element on the planet.

    • frederick

      Not anymore Andy the cabal just dumped paper onto the silver market and crushed the price down below 17 dollars and there has been a dead cat bounce back above 17 Look for the overnight buying in Asia to bring it back up to around 17.30 to 17.50 İMO

  19. Fran

    Hi Greg,
    President Roosevelt signed executive order 6102 on 4/5/33 forbidding hoarding of gold coins & bullion. Doesn’t anyone else think that can happen again? I’m all for physical gold but not if I would have to turn it in when we have a financial collapse. Your thoughts on this possibility?

    • Maggie

      That is why physical has been known to go missing in unreported thefts and unfortunate boating accidents.

  20. Paul ...

    In this “unreal world” consider this conspiracy theory … we know in 2003 China “lent” the US 600 million oz of silver that had to be paid back by 2018 … Chinese bankers lent the silver to the US so the US bankers could sell silver into the open market and bash the metal along with selling “paper” gold and silver contracts to bring the prices of both metals down … as the price of gold came down China then proceeded to massively buy and ship tons of gold onto its shores … and as silvers price plunged to extreme lows JP Morgan/Chase began buying silver … they now hold physical silver in excess of 550 million oz (while at the same time fraudulently selling silver paper contracts) … JP Morgan/Chase now only needs to buy another 50 million oz of silver to collect the 600 million oz that has to be paid back to China (the 15 year contract ends in 2018) … so the collusion to take down the precious metals prices seems to have been “a grand collaboration” between both the Western and Eastern bankers … if this fraudulent scheme is in fact true … Trump upon his election should seize all the silver in JP Morgan/Chase’s vaults (and return it to our empty vaults at Fort Knox) … 600 million ounces divided by 15 represents about 40 million ounces of gold or about 1250 tons of the 8000 tons of gold stolen from US citizens … then to recover the rest Trump should put a “gold tariff” on all Chinese goods shipped into our country … we didn’t spend a fortune on our military only to have all our gold stolen … in order to avoid this “gold tariff” Trump can make a deal with China … they can build their factories here in the US … we may not get all our gold but at least we get our jobs back!!

  21. robertsinclair

    Great interview

  22. Spencer

    Bitcoin !!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Spencer, I would not touch “bit computer program” as there is zero “coin” in it.

      • andyb

        Bitcoin is just another scam-in-the-making. Greg: I’m sure you know who Blythe Masters is; supposedly invented the WMDs called derivatives and was instrumental, while head of the Commodities Desk at JPM, in the drive-by shooting that took silver down from $50. Well well, she is now working on a Bitcoin deal to be massive in scale; just another reason to avoid bitcoin like the plague.

        • JMiller

          Just a correction about Blythe Masters. She did not invent derivatives. Derivatives have been around for a very long time. She is widely credited with creating one kind of derivative, that being credit default swaps.

  23. Martel

    Bravo Mr. Hunter

    Mr. Mannarino is, I believe, spot on Silver pricing. Historically the silver to gold ratio ranged from 15 to 1 to 20 to 1. Now that ratio is 80 to 1. When the price of gold escalates to a point that will make today’s pricing look like a discount, people will flock to silver as they have done for centuries.

    One comment on Mr. Kirby’s analysis on the war card in times of economic struggle. I believe that if the establishment could of, we would of been in a global conflict already. The situation is somewhat different today than in WW1 and WW2. Russia is not a Germany and China is a Japan of the WW2 era. Any war with these powers will have the effect of large collateral damage to the infrastructure that the establishment needs to hold on to power. Imagine, if two planes caused the sort of chaos in 911, what would a full attack yield as a reaction? Utter chaos, that is what. As much as the establishment may crave conflict as a diversion, they hate the idea of losing power even more as a result of a conflict that they so crave.

  24. Darren

    Greg, Thanks again as always…This question is for both of you…..With all the talk about Gold & Silver…..In the event of a all out collapse…Could the US Govt issue a statement declaring Gold & Silver will not be recognized as legal tender?? This would really screw a lot of folks….Thanks again..:)

    • andyb

      Doesn’t matter what the govt declares; gold and silver will always be recognized as the only true money. The worst case scenario would be to use it as a bartering vehicle; better than booze or cigarettes.

      • Darren

        Andy…..Recognized by Who? What if the NWO declares that Gold & Silver are not legal tender? Crazier things have happened. It would not surprise me one bit. Alot of folks will be wishing they bought food, medicine and a whole lot of other things than worthless Gold & Silver…..Darren

    • freebreezer

      Utah, and I believe Texas is trying, passed a law that in the state, all gold and silver coins are considered currency and can be used for all purchases and can not be confiscated. Per the fed declaring it is not, it could become interesting how the state responds. I think the Mormoms, at that stage, would tell the Federal Govt where it could put it’s declaration.

  25. Paul ...

    With Hillary beating Bernie in New York last night it seems she will be the Democratic pick for President … now if Hillary can hold off the “justice” department and beat Trump in November … as President she can “Pardon Herself” of all crimes and misdemeanors !! … talk about this “unreal world” we live in!!!

  26. Joy

    Greg, I hope you see this message.

    I have two questions:

    1. I got my very small 401 out of the marked Jan 14, and found out later I lost an incredible amount in just the first two weeks of January. ( So I missed 2016 bubble. ) Is it safe anywhere, in you opinion?

    2. We are trying to sell and downsize, because we are retired and have a 10 acre property and huge (to us) mortgage. What would you do? We can stay, only if we rent space on our farm. We can stay and grow a huge garden. Or we can downsize IF we sell.

    I don’t expect you have a crystal ball. Please don’t be afraid to give an opinion.
    We feel downsizing to a place where we have no debt is the best plan.

    If banks fail, totally, what would happen to all of the mortgages on homes? Would the banks demand payment in total, and then own all of these properties, or are there other options?

    • Greg Hunter

      You simply must only focus on holding on to what you have as far as financial matters. “Fear Not.”

    • Jerry

      You have to trust me on this one as I have no verifiable proof to back up what I’m about to tell you. I have been told that the Chinese have purchased the lions share of the Federal Reserve Bank which has roots into just about every lending institution in this country. If this is true , and there is a default on a mortgage, I do not believe for one minute that they will hesitate to foreclose on the property. My advice get out of debt ASAP.

      • WD


        If this is true it is a very strategic move by China. I know you have experience in foreclosure propeties as do I…I can tell you that we are building up to another wave of these. They are not being reported but go to Zillow and check out the blue dots.

        If China did this,it gives them the power to greatly accelerate this process and go after everything they want.

        • Jerry

          I totally agree. I spend hours on case net looking at mountains of homes in pre-foreclosure. The Chinese just simply stuck their arm up the puppet shoot and grabbed the puppet by the throat.

      • aussie jeff

        I would have to agree with jerry;
        If you can downsize and be debt free thats the way to go.
        It may mean a smaller garden and maybe only a couple of chickens if you have room but at least its yours and you will be able to sleep at night.
        Hope it works out for you and yours joy.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Joy, if banks fail, most likely someone else will take over your loan, and you will continue making your payments. Banks failing doesn’t mean civilization ends. It means the government will restructure things and create new banks. There could be a period of time you won’t be able to access your bank account, and you might lose whatever was in that account, but your debts will be assigned to someone else to collect.

  27. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Greg M. never disappoints. He is far more courageous than I am to play this market. I have a quick question; Have you tried using ZOOM for your meetings rather than Skype? I had a lot of trouble with Skype that I do not have with ZOOM.

    Take care.

    • DBCooper

      Country Codger/GH/GM/ all Watchdoggers … CC We read your three articles that you recently posted and they are excellent … a lot there to mull over … Thank You … We are encouraging everyone to listen to Trunews/Rick Wiles 4/18 Monday program which is an interview w/Mr. Mark Taylor about a prophecy he received in 2011 and I feel it dovetails in with CC’s articles because Mr. Taylor tells us that it is not so much the American people who are under judgment as the corrupt systems (everywhere) … fits in with the seven year debt jubilee ETC. and what RK had to say as to the shills who are carrying the soiled water for these evil entities. The LORD gave us laws and rules to live by and we are not doing this … hence judgment. OK, ’nuff said … Take Care all,
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you DB Cooper!

      • Country Codger

        Hey DB,
        Just wanted to say thanks; thanks for reading the articles and thanks for your kind words. Most of the time I feel like the “lone nut case in the wilderness” but then I guess I have great company.
        Thanks again,

        • DBCooper

          CC, I have a Tinfoil Hat especially crafted by my haberdasher and I know that I have a big red target on my back, Yours, DB.

      • Mark


        This was an enlightening interview for sure. I’ve heard other prophecies for this year, but this one seems to ring true more than the others IMHO. For those curious about what was said here’s the interview…

  28. K in Kansas

    I don’t understand how there is any gold or silver available for sale when I hear that countries, dealers, and the average person is buying metals to shelter their wealth. Have they manufactured something that looks like gold & silver? It seems like they are baiting us into putting our money into metals so they can come back later and confiscate it or outlaw the use of it for trade. Why would they keep the price low….it does not make any sense to me.

    • Dan

      They keep the price artificially low so that the decline of the value of the FRN is not as readily apparent!

    • Tin foil ha

      K in Kansas,
      Take my words for, hardly almost nobody is buying physical gold in America. I have subtlety been encouraging family and friends to dip into gold for the pass 7 years to no avail. Whatever little gold is sold in the US is merely a drop in the bucket on the grand scheme of things which has little impact on confiscation or whatever.

      The cost to suppress the gold price is nothing in comparison to the cost of losing the global reserve currency status.

  29. Donna

    Thank You for a spot on interview with Mr.Mannarino.I am a fan of Miss Ann Barnhardt as well,would love to see her interview too.

  30. Galaxy 500

    It is fake. It will explode. The question is when.

  31. Paul ...

    Wow … look at silver go …
    If we get more silver buying due to the derivatives failure that “most likely occurred” last week (requiring an emergency Fed meeting with the President and Vice -President) … we could see silver begin to jump $1 per day … at that rate … in only one month’s time silver would be selling at $47 dollars per ounce!! … at that point a silver panic could ensue that drives the price of silver up by $2 to $3 dollars per day … and $200 to $400 dollar silver could easily become a reality before year end … now how’s that for living in an “unreal world”!!

  32. Clare Doll

    Greg and Greg
    I believe that if you look at gold from the perspective of Michael Burry of “The Big Short” then all of the frustration makes sense. Imagine gold to be the unrecognized asset (not to be shorted, but you get the idea) that Michael Burry has decided to work with. After all that research and smarts and whatever, being right is not enough. Everyone around you thinks you are simply a goldbug and their fears that you really are a nut seem true. Not only do they not believe you but the banks are manipulating the asset (gold) so that it’s true value is perceived as only of YOUR imagination. Your colleagues, your family, everyone thinks you are wrong . . . but you aren’t. After all these years, is being right enough? Remember at the end, after making all of that money, Michael Burry has suffered in his relationships of family, friends, co-workers — talk about feeling superior and alone!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Clare! Thank you for adding it here.

  33. Larry Carter

    This is the MOTHER of all frauds and the laws of supply and demand do not exist!

  34. Samantha Judge

    You couldn’t have hit the nail on the head any better if you tried!! I know some people who like you say are only concerned about their 401Ks and any other investments they have within the Stock Market. I saw fear in their eyes when the market started to go down fast, and now it’s as if everything is ok, it was only a glitch. They’ve learned nothing. Sadly when all of this collapses they’ll be panicking and there’s nothing we can do for them. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed. Greatly appreciated!!

  35. Greg Downing

    Hi Greg, You and Mannarino and in fact all of your guests are great. The info provided most always relates to conditions in the US but here in Canada I am sure things are not much better and the manipulation is most likely occurring here as well. I have taken all of my investments out of the market and have bought precious metals and other hard assets. Plan to continue to buy metals. My investment advisor thinks I am crazy. Says no one is buying metals. Was wondering if you are planning on having Dr. Roberts back on again. As far as the geopolitics of the wold goes, he is the best and most reliable I have ever come across.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Greg.

  36. Htc

    Greg, you heard anything about military retirement and benefits being cut for its members? My brother is currently in South Korea and he told me that retirement was either cut or drastically reduced. I’m a national guard member and haven’t heard this, not that I believe it makes one bit of difference as we will literally never see it anyway. Just curious if anyone can confirm this as well. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      I have not heard this but in a general sense anyone thinking they are going to get a full value pension in this environment is dreaming. I am sorry to say this.

  37. John D

    Greg Mannarino is truly one of the sharpest minds in the financial realm. He has the ability to take a complex subject and put it into simple terms.
    Thank you for supporting a forum for disseminating this important message.

  38. Scott

    I really enjoy listening to Mr. Mannarino, and follow him on Twitter. The things he posts there I’ve turned around and used at my job, to inform (and to warn) my colleagues.

    Thanks for having him back on, Greg.

  39. freebreezer

    Gregory’s comment that nothing is real in the markets … Try nothing is real in the social world either. The WHOLE SYSTEM is disintegrating to the lowest denominator … Fraud, greed, debauchery etc. the moral compass that holds our society together has been severely frayed and we are hanging by a thread here in America … Europe is gone! We knowingly bring in refugees from societies that want to destroy us (; We back the lowest denominator in our conquest to secure the petro-$$$; We allow men dressed up like women (Tranny) to use girls bathrooms, and ignore the harm a pervert can cause to our young girls (talk about a Trojan horse); etc, etc., The west lost it’s moral compass as a whole ( Christian Religion) and let a new wave of thinking come in among us – Feminism. Think hard about Europe and it’s decline ! Here is a very interesting video that was sent to me per the west’s decline and the unstoppable train wreck that we are on … (controversial – Greg you should watch before posting … it wraps up in 19 minutes why the west will destroy itself and (for me) the markets are but the canary in the coal mine) –

    • allen ols


      correct, ….and it is ALL RIGGED against U.

      • freebreezer

        I agree but it should be … and it is ALL RIGGED against US.

    • Mary Casey

      I watched:
      It’s scary that anyone can take this video seriously….

  40. pat the rat

    I learn three things,be your own bank, buy gold and buy silver.and the rest will collapse when it happens!

  41. mark57

    How do you expect people who themselves live in there own little bubble to become aware of the economic crisis facing the world. They are conditioned to a day to day paycheck to paycheck lifestyle with zero concern for the future.

    • Greg Hunter

      It will make no difference what people are conditioned to do at this point. Everything is on an unstoppable course for dramatic change. Travel well and “Fear Not.”

  42. Paul ...

    In this “unreal world” lets do a reality check … there is now no denying that “some object” has entered our Solar System … it is now clearly visible near our Sun … … could “this planet” be responsible for the “increased solar activity and brightness” of our Sun creating the higher then normal ultra-violet radiation readings we are seeing here on Earth? (and the Governments chem-trail program) … then also consider the number of magnitude 4 and above earthquakes that have been occurring on Earth (which have increased by over 40% in the last year) … only a year ago the number of earthquakes of magnitude 4 and above was about 475 per month (now the number of earthquakes of magnitude 4 and above has increased to 674 ) and dangerously Yellowstone is getting more active … … whatever this “something is” (Planet X, Nibiru, etc.) that is now clearly in our Solar System … it is creating havoc on both the Earth and the Sun … and what is our Government’s reaction?? … simply quash the news and “fire the scientists” that dare to speak about it!!!

    • Paul ...

      Keep in mind that aluminium is a cheap and very good reflector of light … exactly what someone (like the Government) would likely use to obfuscate the sky at critical times (like early morning) so that people won’t be able to see “the planet” that has entered our Solar System that is acting like a magnet pulling on the Earth (creating stress and earthquakes) …

      PS … and why is Congress not showing up for work the whole month of October???

      • Htc

        Paul.. I agree 100% with you. This is a big deal and fits nicely with biblical prophecy. Lots of elaborate thoughts on what they’re doing spraying the skies, but it would seem the simplest explanation is that of hiding something they aren’t ready to have seen. Would seem to be the reason for the hubble space upgrade as well as the Vatican infrared telescope on Mt graham named lucifer. Lots of speculation on what is coming but there’s no doubt that the .gov know about it, and are most certainly watching it, as well as covering it from the eyes of the people.

      • freebreezer

        Paul – they are not showing up for work …Well that is an easy one – because at that point the American public will know that the whole system is a fraud, they have lost most of there savings to the big banks, and the elections were rigged and most of the members of congress will remember those haunting images of what happen during the French Revolution.

  43. Linda L.

    Hello Greg
    My 5 and 9 year old grandkids were told by their parents that they were going to take them and their piggy banks to a neighborhood bank to open savings accounts for each child. To my surprise, I guess the 9 year old must have been intently listening to me awhile back when I tried to share info. with his parents regarding the possibility of negative interest rates in the near future, and even bank confiscation of depositor’ s money, because when my grandson learned what his parents had planned for him and his precious money, he had a melt down, throwing a major temper tantrum, crying like no tomorrow. Gavin informed his parents that he didn’t intend on giving away his savings when there was a possibility that he might not “get it back.” (very smart kid). When the 5 year old saw her older brother carrying on like this, she joined in too. Guess who got some flack?…..but I’ll say that they went lightly on me because I promised to buy each of the kids their own kid sized home safes to put under their beds. I have to chuckle just a little because apparently my grandchildren have more sense than their parents (gotta love them anyway). Thank you for your interview with Greg Mannarino.

    • Greg Hunter

      Linda L.
      Thank you for sharing that story. Wait until the banks shut down and bail-in money. The parents will react the very same way.

    • Robert Lykens

      Linda L, I’m glad your grandkids have an aware grandmother. I’m afraid their generation will see some tough times and they’d better listen to the wisdom of their elders. Teach ’em all you know!

    • Faith

      Linda, that was a great story! I got a good chuckle out of it too. I was one of those kids that used to eavesdrop on the adults. Kids understand more than adults realize. It sounds like your grandson is going to be one precocious child! Good! That means he is smart!

  44. Brad W.

    At 6:38 you say “so you are trading on manipulations and interventions…” and Mannarnio says “yes”. Then talking about gold and silver starting around 19:30 you repeatedly claim “the fundamentals were right but the bankers screwed you”. What you should have said regarding gold and silver is that Mannarnio and many other speculation junkies blew it. Why do you act like they were victims of the very manipulations you and they having been talking about for years?

    • Greg Hunter

      Brad W. The manipulation were covert not overt so yes they were victims of a fraud. This is now proven fact as DB admitted it.

      • Brad W.

        Greg, if the manipulations of gold and silver were covert how is it that you and your guests have been talking about them for years?

        • Greg Hunter

          Brad W.
          They lacked concrete proof and an admission of guilt. We now have both curtsey of Deutsche Bank.

          • Brad W.

            Long before Deutsche Bank’s admission you and many guests said repeatedly gold and silver were undoubtedly being manipulated. You and your guests discussed gold and silver manipulation as an irrefutable fact. Now Mannarnio is a victim of manipulation we all knew was going on? I don’t get it.

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes Brad that is correct. The big difference now is we have an admission of guilt that is official. All other lawsuits were settled without an admission of guilt. Now we have an official admission of not only guilt but crime that can be charged under the RICO statute. This is no longer a conspiracy theory, but conspiracy fact. We also know that it involved primary dealers and it spanned both sides of the Atlantic. There is a big difference. Hope you get it now.

              • Brad W.

                Nope, I still don’t get it. Mannarnio said many times in the past that gold and silver pricing was being manipulated down. He didn’t need an official admission, he knew manipulation was going on! And he could have used his insight to tell people to short gold and silver and they would have made a bunch of money. And you would have hailed him as a genius. Instead he made a mistake. And that’s okay. Being a speculation junkie is not easy. But how is he a victim? He knew they were manipulating the price down long before the official admission.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Brad W.
                  You don’t want to get it, you want to criticize. I got your point and I don’t agree.

  45. Precious Mental

    Now what if……..just what if these bank “Fines” are nothing more than a hidden tax in the for of a kick back. The frequency the regularity of these penalties raises an eyebrow or at least should.
    Backs are turned to allow banks the opportunity to game the system while .gov squeaks in revenues in the form of fines. You and I get fleeced on a regular basis with no end in sight.
    It truly appears to be allowed to operate as a skimming device.
    Welcome to the Republic of Trashcanistan

    • Paul ...

      All these fines the government is collecting from the banks … for defrauding the public … should be shared out with all the American people (who were the ones who were harmed) and not pocketed by the crooked politicians! … if $100 billion in fines have been collected so far … then each of the 310 million American citizens should get a check for about $160 dollars!

      • Paul ...

        And … that $160 dollars could buy each one of us 10 ounces of silver … which will be worth $10,000 dollars when silver eventually rises to $1000 dollars per ounce in a few short years … the politicians talk about getting the economy moving again … give “us” the fine money … just imagine what $10,000 dollars in the pocket of 310 million Americans will do to revive the economy!!

  46. Jerry

    This may be an eye opener for some of your readers. This is why I beat the China drum constantly. The globalist are in firm control of our government, and Hillary Clinton is their anointed representative.
    Ask yourself, what possible interest would Hillary Clinton have in helping China and the BRIC nations complete the Silk Road project when she was Secretary if State? Before you can answer that question, you have to answer this one. What possible interest do the Chinese have in the Bundy Ranch in Nevada? Before you can answer that question, you have to answer this one. Why would the Chinese purchase the JP Morgan Chase building in Manhattan across from the Federal Reserve Bank? Are you seeing a pattern here?

    • freebreezer

      Jerry – it would be interesting to hear what Gina would have to say!

    • Faith

      Jerry, I was watching some interesting information about earthquakes today that was posted on the SGT Report. The guy was talking about earthquakes and then jumped to different maps with dormant / old volcanoes and he also happened to mention that there are some confirmed gold deposits in the area around Bunkerville, Nevada. I didn’t save the link. I think I read another article about how China has been accumulating silver, here is the link:

      Is it true? It looks like both sides are stocking up. The financial and currency wars are clearly in play. Much of that is out of my control and beyond my level of understanding. I may as well be a mouse just trying to avoid being stepped on by the elephant stomping around in the circus tent. Will I avoid being stomped on? I hope so. Is that guaranteed? No.

      • Jerry

        That’s amazing. It all makes sense.

      • MCasey

        Hello Faith from Oklahoma, the new Earthquake Capitol of the U.S.

        You’re correct, there’s gold all over Nevada. The Bundy Ranch is in Clark County, southwest of Bunkerville (just off of New Gold Butte Rd). Perhaps new discoveries every year.

        This is an old, but interesting, report: USGS.GOV REPORT:

        BUNKERVILLE DISTRICT: Placer gold is reported in sands and gravels in Nickel Creek (T. 15 S., R. 70 E.) and other creeks to the east of Nickel Creek, in the northern Virgin Mountains near Bunkerville Ridge. No placer production has been reported. Literature: Beal, 1965: Reports placer gold occurrences.

        CLARK COUNTY: Production history: Placer gold was produced from the Las Vegas district in 1905. In 1909 the Empire Gold Dredging Co. of Los Angeles controlled 1,440 acres of placer ground in Las Vegas Wash on which they planned to install a large dredge. These plans were not implemented.

        • Faith

          MC: Thanks for backing up my comment with facts. Forgot to say that Bunkerville is in Nevada near the Bundy Ranch.

          Oh, and guess what was planned for that so-called Wildlife Refuge in Oregon? A placer mine. Here is FONSI document from BLM.

          Why would they put a placer mine on a Wildlife Refuge? It doesn’t make sense. Also, placer mines use a lot of water. It is my understanding that there are severe water shortages in eastern Oregon.

          Putting this information out so that people smarter than myself can connect the dots.

    • RichM

      Jerry… I see the pattern but please state the obvious.

      • Jerry

        Here it is. The globalist inside our government are in bed with the Chinese. Hillary Clinton gets her marching orders straight from the Council of Foreign Affairs.

        • Faith

          Jerry, that is it. Obama is also a globablist. He has done a fine job for them and destroyed the US. I am sure he and Michelle will be well compensated.

  47. JC Davis

    Eccl 8 : 5
    Whoso keeps the commandment shall feel no evil thing: and a wise man’s heart discerned both time and judgment. Because to every purpose there is time and judgment, therefore the misery of man is great upon him. For he knows not that which shall be: for who can tell him when it shall be? There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power in the day of death: and there is no discharge in that war; neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it. ( Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil. ) Though a sinner do evil an hundred times, and his days be prolonged.
    Until sin is seen for what it is life will not change for the good of the common man. In this world a stock player is a will work for food guy on the side of the road. He will get a free meal on the back of a working man.

    • JC Davis

      If I know a thief will steal from my friend, am I not guilty if I say nothing ? If I buy from the thief the Item he stole am I guiltless ?
      Hillary, Bill, Bush, and a long line of bankers should been in jail 2008.
      I am sure I missed a lot.

      • JC Davis

        Willing to be Honest is more then a action it is a conviction. willing to live honestly.

        Greg the heart of the American and world problem is a lack of will power to be honest. Crooks breed crooks.

  48. James Hastings

    Pretty good summation of the future Kingdom on earth. But there will be free choice, just no second chances…….”Then everyone that survives of ALL THE NATIONS…….shall go up year after year to worship the KING…..And if any of the families of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship…..there will be no rain upon them….then shall come upon them the plague…….(Zech 14:16) Good job.

  49. Robert Lykens

    Hey Gregory Mannarino, we are paying attention!
    I’m as prepped up as possible for an American suburbanite, got my gold/silver and keeping my eye on USA Watchdog.
    Thanks for all your free analysis!

  50. vincent_g

    Glad to see your back on track

    With the special out of the blue Rob Kirby interview and no weekend wrap up and then no Monday show thought you might have ran off in hiding.

    Just kidding but did miss not having your Wrap up and Monday show.

    • Greg Hunter

      Back tomorrow with the WNW.

  51. rahrog

    Gardening is fun!

  52. Sayonara

    The MAN was awesome as usual. We are living in a total twilight zone where nothing is real, yet you can taste, feel and smell the impending implosion. As the MAN states, every bubble in history has imploded like the law of gravity. This bubble, which is the largest in human history is in the process of imploding like a gigantic avalanche. They start slow and then accelerate in velocity wiping out everything below.
    And I agree that silver is the most under valued asset in the world. Wait till SHTF and we get exponential value increase plus AU/AG ratio compression.

  53. Dan


    An absolutely MIND-BLOWING DOCUMENTARY called THRIVE. It not only shows the evils of the bankers, corporation, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, et al., but shows how “FREE ENERGY” (and even CURES FOR CANCER) is there at the world’s grasp but is being suppressed by the elite usual suspects to protect the industries of energy, big pharma, agriculture, and finance. Lot’s of amazing guests with very short snippet interviews with the likes of David Icke, Catherine-Austin Fits, G. Edward Griffin, and many more.

    (Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

    You can start watching around the 46:50 mark for the segment on how the corrupt world is organized (the energy and cancer-cure stuff is before). The creator and narrator explains thing so CLEARLY and SIMPLY that anyone could understand (similar to what Mike Mahoney does with the Hidden Secrets of Money video series)

    PLEASE SPREAD THE LINK with your friends and family. A MUST WATCH FOR ALL! Together, we can make a difference! Knowledge and Education about this is what will start our own world revolution!

    P.S.: World elites, we are coming to decimate you! You have nowhere to hide. We are nearly 8 billion while you are not even 8,000. The GREATEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN HUMAN HISTORY is coming – WE are taking it back from you!

  54. Peter

    Mannarino looses credibility if the stock market makes new highs, which he claimed was impossible. It’s acting strong currently, so time will tell. There is no doubt the US is decaying morally, economically, etc. as freebreezer said, although I think there are multiple reasons why. A reset will eventually happen, but until then it appears we are living in the Twilight zone. I pray that Hillary Clinton doesn’t become president, but if she does, the situation will continue to deteriorate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well let’s just wait and see. You do realize this is being propped up with massive fraud?

  55. Simon Ruszczak

    When the western economies have a “Wall Street Crash II”, (the first being the 1929 crash), private personal pensions will be converted into a state pensions. Or in other words, the governments will steal the monies in the private pensions (not just in the USA), to prop up the false economy.

    This time though, they won’t bother confiscating gold (or silver) in the USA , because so few of the general public have used it as a store of wealth. Most citizens have become too trusting of governments.


    My prediction for your presidential election is, Clinton to “win” against Trump.
    I made this prediction in January 2016, to one of my sisters who lives in the states.

    The elections are rigged (just like the UK, and most other places). After Reagan, the presidents have all been corporate controlled puppets.


    Great website.
    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

  56. WD


    The Intel layoffs are very troubling…these were good jobs, high paying jobs in an industry that seemed to have infinite stability. If this doesn’t wake people up nothing will.

    This is another nasty crack in the recovery lie.

    Intel Fires A Massive 12,000 Workers, 11% Of Its Entire Workforce….

    • Greg Hunter

      If this is not a sign the real economy is tanking, I don’t know what is. Can you imagine what the forward book of business is for Intel and companies such as Dell?? Can’t be good.

      • WD


        My thoughts exactly! Intel is everywhere in every country, industry, home, school etc. Just about in every computer. This is the 800lb canary in the coal mine….

        If they are losing sales like this something is headed this way that is not good.

        Take care

      • Casey

        Greg, I just saw an article in reuters staying the jobless claims are better than they’ve been in forty two years. I just don’t understand how people can believe this crap!

        • Greg Hunter

          They simply stopped counting people. Look at what just happened to Intel–12,000 gone and to be replaced by foreign (cheaper) workers!!!

      • Maggie

        Sears and Kmart announced today they are closing 78 stores around the country. Hancock Fabrics is closing all stores and going out of business.

  57. RichM

    That will be a great and marvelous day indeed Banjo….. to see our Lord and Savior come again. God bless us all and I hope we all live to see it. I do not know when (as no man knows) but somehow I suspect it is coming shortly and will be happen within most of our life-times.

    Perhaps that is the reason we are (prompted or have an unusual drive) to prepare…. to stay a little outside the worldly approach of looking at things…. all so we can protect the ones we love, protect our free-agency, and perhaps live to see that great day.

  58. 8Ball

    The RNC is starting to play nice with Trump after realizing they are making a lot of people mad with their delegate shenanigans. They are weasels but still have enough sense to stop the BS when it doesn’t work anymore.

    When Trump said the delegate selection process was “rigged” and he won big in NY, that scared them a bit. Now they are saying that he needs to tone down his rhetoric but it was the truth and they are scared of losing their control of the electorate along with the electoral process…

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump is the ONLY candidate in the RNC that can put the entire Northeast in play in November. Cruz got hammered in this outing and it exposed that he cannot win–period.

    • 8Ball

      Yes, it would be a Clinton runaway if she runs against Cruz. DT is another matter altogether because he has huge popular support from the disenfranchised electorate. He has the power brokers tied up with a knot in their shorts…

      It will be a very interesting few months coming up!

  59. Jerry

    Evidently Deutsche Bank was just the tip of the Gold Rigging iceberg.
    Just how suppressed the PM markets really are is anybody’s guess. But I would wager we’re about to find out, now that the cap has been officially removed in Shanghai on Tuesday . I think once the Chinese are comfortable that AIIB, CIPS, and all the other EFT are in place and ready to go, they will push the plunger down and kill the dollar by driving the price of PM up. Why wouldn’t they? They have essentially cornered the worlds gold market and can set whatever price they like. Especially if they decide to back their currency with it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Some very big people are preparing lawsuits right now. This is going to expose the whole cartel and they will be creamed in court with the help of DB!!! Can you imagine the email and documents that the people suing will be ably to get their hands on? This is a huge story and the MSM is largely ignoring it.

    • Gil

      Jerry, today we’ll see how China reacts to the 2 billion dollar raid by the cabal that happened yesterday pulling the price of gold by $15! If the price of gold does not shoot up to where it was then China is in cahoot with the cabal because the response for China( if serious about gold not being manipulated) should be to buy gold to the tune of $2 billion with treasury bonds which would really shake the banksters and bring back the price of gold to $1270 where it was before the raid and momentum kill!

      Further more on your statement that Jacob is in cahoot with China, I’ve read that China owns a big chunk of JP Morgan.

      Jerry I’ve posted on this site a little while ago that THEY are all in cahoot to bring the NWO into existence… Russia included!

  60. Mark Maples

    Couldn’t one argue we have been in a slow economic burn since Nixon took us off the gold standard 45 years ago? If the “powers that be” can keep up the economic illusion for 45 years, why can’t they continue it for another 45? I welcome any responses.

    • WD

      Inflation was steadily taken off since they went off gold standard….it is easy to see this.

  61. Roman

    As usual, most of these pundits know nothing and are dead-wrong most of the time like this guy.

    When we get closer to 20,000(Martin Armstrong target from years ago) I’ll start worrying about correction.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good luck with that.

  62. aussie jeff

    Banjo you need to research your great crowd theology,it is a problematic doctrine for those who think that revelation7:9 is an earthly group.
    I suggest putting down the watchtower magazine and stick closely to God’s word may help.
    Please feel free to ask Greg for my email address if you would like to discuss this further.
    Peace to you.

  63. aussie jeff

    As a side point,scripture says that the great multitude “come out of the tribulation (they are heaven bound as they serve IN God’temple not in the courtyard) where as people who survive on earth into the millenial reign are infact Armageddon survivors!!
    Jesus returns immediately after the Great tribulation ends to collect His saints and also guests of the bridegroom who are invited to the wedding.
    A careful reading of revelation19:1-9 will show the bride is given fine linen to wear,the guests who are invited make up the great crowd,you being taught that the guests and the bride are one and the same group is incorrect.

  64. helot

    I saw this in the comments at The Organic Prepper, are you aware of this?:

    olde reb – April 20, 2016 and

    Perhaps I should have added some dialogue with the links. They detail how the Federal Reserve embezzles $3 billion daily from the government using the FRBNY’s exclusive control of the disbursements of Treasury security auction funds. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.

  65. ROY

    Back in 2008 when the financial crisis hit, it was obvious this was an organised event. A senior manager at Washington Mutual Bank gave me an inside view of how this was an inside job. The FED and the treasury dept. were some of the ring leaders of this event. He called it the great harvest of financial assets, on the road to forming a vast global banking system. Within a few years of the financial events of 2008, I sold out all assets and moved to a remote place. Time to retire anyway. Lots of small time farmers in my new location, whom i am friends with most. I have certain technical skills that i can trade for products. As this mess plays out, the large cities will be make a mad max movie look like the good guys. It has become apparent over the past few years the political and banking classes in the western world are beyond corrupt, to the point of becoming self destructive. The near time question is what will come first, a global financial collapse or WW3. I saw an article on a Russian site today, where the Russians warned United States, they will take out American assets, if they continue to get too close to their military positions. This won’t end well. If I was serving on the Donald Clark, I would keep my life jacket on 24/7. A sacrificial lamb for a false flag event ??

    As far as precious metals go, I found a few months ago a very small stream in a mountain ravine that has an amazing amount of black sand with lots of good colour in every pan. Where ? Like a good fishing hole, never tell anyone. Good exercise, and a backup source of funds as other assets go away. Can’t afford many coins. Need something to supplement income , as I suspect cash in a bank or any pensions will not be around much longer.

    Do not wait much longer to get prepared for what is coming. Over the past few years, this site has had a steady stream of financial folks trying to help people see what is unfolding. They spend their time coming on here to give valuable info, they are really good people. If such people were into senior government positions , then we wouldn’t be in this dangerous mess.

    Have some extra food and a way to prepare it. A small camping type hand held water filter. Enough food to last a month or more. Make friends with some neighbours, but also buy a Remington 870 shot gun with several boxes of buck shot. Learn how to shoot it. A few hundred or a few thousand dollars of extra money is better put into a few gold or silver coins. Some 20 dollar bills are also good for the short term. When this really hits the fan, there will be no more time to prepare. The government looks upon us peasants as someone to prey upon, not as someone to help.

    The western economies at this point are no longer solvent, they will have too crash to be saved. Just look at what happened to the old soviet union and the horrible 10 years Russia went through after the collapse. America will face much worse.

    • Faith

      Roy, you were lucky someone gave you a heads up. I lost my home in 2009. I have been able to recover since that time though it has been a slow and painful process.

      At least when Russia collapsed people were used to living hard. Also, most lived in rent-controlled apartments. Many people kept some rural land where they grew food and prepared that food for use in the winter. Dmitry Orlov and his website, are a good introduction to how and why the Russians were able to make it through their collapse. Too many people in the US are clueless about what is happening. The MSM is useless. There is no real news in the MSM or the MS Financial media that is relevant or useful. People will just wake up one day and be told their IRAs and 401ks are being converted in order to save the country and that it is the “patriotic” thing to do to support the New Retirement Deal (or whatever they call it). They know that old people are not going to riot or cause problems. The also know that group of people is more likely to commit suicide. The globablists are beyond evil.

      I am reading a new book, very interesting. “The Breaking Dawn,” by Paul Rosenberg. Excellent, so far. And terrifying.

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