Bipartisan Support for Secret Accounting to Hide Missing Money – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts says when it comes to making government accounting secret, there is widespread bipartisan support. We are talking about the new rule from the Federal Accounting Standard Advisory Board (FASAB rule 56) that took government accounting dark. Fitts explains, “If you look at FASAB rule 56, it was approved by both the (Trump) Administration and the bipartisan (Congress) on the same week that everybody was screaming about Judge Kavanaugh. It was passed while we had all the hearings on Mr. Kavanaugh’s teenage sex life.  At the same time everybody supposedly looks like they are fighting, we had a bipartisan Congress and Administration pass this very quietly underneath the attention given to the Kavanaugh hearings.”

Why did both parties “quietly” pass FASAB rule 56 that makes federal budgets secret? Fitts says, “Since WWII, we have been building secret financial operations, whether it’s the ‘Black Budget’ or what some people call the ‘hidden system of finance.’ Secrecy is a huge financial addiction. I think every member of Congress does not see a way to kick the can down the road without becoming more and more extreme in tactics. I called FASAB 56 ‘secret money for secret armies.’ The same week that passed, an ad came out in one of the mercenary magazines that said ‘Blackwater is coming.’”

Just because trillions of dollars are “missing” and the federal budgets are now “secret” doesn’t mean you cannot see the effects of all the massive amounts of money created. It’s showing up in the form of inflation, not official inflation calculated by the government, but real inflation for the man on the street. Fitts contends, “The U.S. dollar is getting debased. . . . Inflation is already here.  If you are looking at an area with a 14% increase in the cost of goods year over year and your income isn’t rising, or it’s falling, we are already there. It’s not hyperinflation, but it is very significant inflation.  If you look at the controls they have put on globally to fight inflation, they are quite significant. The U.S. debt went up 6% last year, and it’s estimated to go up 8% this year. God forbid we try to start any of the wars rattling around the world because the debt will skyrocket. We are in a spiral upward on the amount of debt. Next year, the Social Security fund will go negative cash flow. In other words, it’s going to stop being a net buyer of Treasuries and is going to be a net seller of Treasuries, which means if the foreigners are not buying, it’s down to the U.S. pension funds and the Fed.”

Fitts says “invest in real things” such as gold, silver, and she “loves farmland.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of “The Solari Report.”

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After the Interview:

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  1. paul ...

    Despite being legally required to conduct audits … to reinforce “taxpayer confidence” that their money is being spent responsibly … both parties “quietly” passed FASAB rule 56 that makes “federal budgets secret” … why?? … because the money “is not” being spent responsibly! … the United States Department of Defense is now currently waging war in over eight countries (i.e. Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc., etc., etc. to name a few) and they are preparing for war with Venezuela, China, Iran, etc., etc. … so they need a trillion dollars here … and 21 trillion dollars there … and before you know it … you’re talking “real money that is being spent very irresponsibly” by a multi-trillion-dollar “continual war machine” !! … and this doesn’t include the additional cost in civilian lives and mass destruction of infrastructure all across the globe!!! … the politicians in bed with the Military Industrial Complex won’t ever allow “a true audit” that might expose who’s pockets the missing Pentagon money is going into … this is why a missile was fired into the office of the auditors at the Pentagon (doing an investigation into missing defense budget money) on 9-11 … while at the same time our crooked politicians were bringing down the twin towers “as an excuse” to go fight a “couple of new wars” (in Iraq and Afghanistan) where we have been spending trillions non-stop for 18 years now!! … would the American people think this a very responsible use of our tax dollars by our politicians in both parties?? … obviously No!! … so why have we allowed these evil immoral politicians to get away with passing FASAB rule 56???

    • paul ...

      And because all these trillions are being spent on continual wars “creating raging inflation” … the politicians figure they must show the American people they are moving to take the official military budget down … so they are beginning to hire mercenaries (like Blackwater) “off the books” and off budget “to continue to stoke the fires of war” they still desperately need feed the Military Industrial Complex Monster … it is also necessary “to put chains” on the American people (with phony CPI numbers) and to manipulate gold and silver prices … so as not to exasperate the inflation “they have already created by all their wars” over the last 18 years … inflation is raging right now at over 10% … and more and more people (like John Williams) are exposing the truth about inflation … so “to take the heat off the Military Industrial Complex” for creating all this inflation “that is now very obvious” by their continual wars over the last two decades … they need a “straw-man” (tariffs) to blame all the inflation on … so while the politicians continue on with creating all the new wars necessary so the Fed will have a legal excuse “to print ever more dollars” to keep their Ponzi debt scheme from collapsing (for debts must continue to be paid “with easy money” so the entire fiat economic system created by the banksters won’t freeze up) … the banksters know they can’t keep a lid on gold and silver prices forever (to fool the American people into believing there is no inflation) … so the banksters (just like Chase is accumulating silver) are accumulating gold “hand over fist” (while they suppress precious metal prices) … they know a re-set in the price of gold and silver is necessary (to smooth out the inflation they have already created) … they just want to make sure the blame for all the inflation is placed upon Trump (with his tariffs) … rather then on the true culprits … the Military/Industrialists with their 18 year plus “never ending” wars!!

      • FC

        Paul… Brandon Smith is the only person who seems to be getting it consistently right and aligns with your theory of events.
        The big picture is the destruction of the American Empire along with every other allied Nation.
        Searching for missing money is pointless as no one will ever be prosecuted over it and plus it will be worthless if it’s ever found.
        Eventually the USD will have a Federal Reserve Note to cover the missing amounts.

        • paul ...

          FC … I think Brandon Smith is on the mark … a war with Iran makes no sense whatsoever to the American people … but it makes a lot of sense to the globalists and neocons in the US Military Industrial Complex … who stand to gain trillions from “another war” … the banksters will be very happy as they will be able to print trillions (to help cover their derivative debt problems) … the politicians will be happy as they appropriate trillions for the war effort (and take some gravy for themselves) … and Big Oil will benefit from rising oil prices … the neocons, banksters and big oil will be rooting for Iran to shut down the Strait of Hormuz (which is exactly what they want) … so Big Oil, the Neocons and Banksters will be happily smiling as oil prices explode upward … however … war will devastate the American people … who will be crying about having to pay high energy prices while being chained to a fake CPI … as the US economy goes into the spin the banksters want … they will then execute their monetary re-set … and inflate the price of gold to help cancel out almost all the banksters debt problems… so war and the complete destabilization of the Middle East is necessary for “the benefit of the few” … irrespective of the costs (in both wealth and American lives) “to the many” US taxpayers in America … a real war coupled with a trade war would be a globalist dream come true … as they could then label Trump “as a menace to global stability” … and “blame him” as the one responsible for the worst financial crash in US history!!

          • Greg Hunter

            Did Brandon Smith tell you that the “Iran Nuke deal” was an unsigned fraud and this is the reason we may have a war with Iran? Details.

            • H. Craig Bradley

              The reason we “may” have a war with Iran is largely because Saudi Arabia (Sunni) does not get along well with Shia Iran. Plus, Iran is not nor has ever been an ally, at least since 1979 when the Shah was disposed by the Ayatollah. Israel is our primary ally in the Middle East and Iran has repeatedly threatened to “blow them off the face of the earth”.

              Americans take people at their word (literally) but in the Middle East, lying and deception are standard practice. Nobody over there or from there actually says what they mean. President Obama also was a traitor when he used foreign policy against Israel ( Obama did not like Jews) and instead favored their nemesis, Iran.

              Lastly, Neo-Cons in the Defense Dept. and “Deep State” ( such as John Bolton), as well as Democrats in the Federal Bureaucracy want a War, both with Russia and/or Iran. Our bellicose rhetoric and actions towards Russia have driven all our enemies (Russia, Iran, China) to link-up with currency transactions (sans dollar), treaty agreements, and military co-operation and joint training exercises, as well.

              So, its plain to see that we have in-effect framed the future which is war and the parties we will fight or conflict with are China, N.Korea, Russia, and Iran. If we were smart, we would elimate one or two of them while we still have overall superiority. We can only get weaker over time while our enemies are taking steps ( stockpiling weapons in Russia and China) and get ever stronger.

              When the overall global balance of power has tipped too far in the other direction, they may make a overt move against US or our allies. That would be the climate in which the next World War may erupt. It can happen sooner than you think too. Just look at history. Everything was hunky-dory in 1914 and then, suddenly, an obscure Archduke was assassinated. The rest is history, as they say and we know history has a tendency to repeat.

            • paul ...

              Greg … I think we have more of a reason to go to war with Mexico (to stop the Drug Cartel Mafioso’s from killing our children) … then we do helping the Saudi Mafia (to kill off their Iranian competition) … but I bet the “One War I Would Support” (because it is a direct threat to American children and our Nation) “won’t be fought” by our politicians … because the Military/Industral/Bankster Complex and our politicians are too deeply involved in the drug trade that is killing our children and undermining our Nation!! …

    • Rowena

      What are the specific dates when this Rule was passed in Congress?

      • Greg Hunter

        According to Fitts the same time the Kavanaugh hearings were going on.

  2. Anthony Australia

    I’m blown away, great interview Greg. The stars are aligning and this is global phenomenon taking place before our eyes.
    Never too late to wake up people.

  3. JC

    How can one invest in farmland without buying a farm? Is there any type of REIT that invests in farmland? How can the little guy invest in farmland?

    Regarding government debt problem, Martin Armstrong has stated we will see a massive shift from public to private assets, so out of government bonds and into equities.

    Any chance Mr. Armstrong will back on USA Watchdog in the near future?

    • JC

      Answering my own questuon, I found this.

      • Freebrezer

        JC – the farm land has to be productive! with major portions of the grain belt flooded and will only get splochy planting at best … start at ~4:00 min mark ( and CAF labeling it farmagedon, which is correct! The Reit (mentioned above) has it major lands in Cal and Florida … Look at atmospheric rivers … California in 1861 got over 10ft of rain in two months … the central valley wasn’t flooded it was a lake! That reit would go under in those conditions. Is 2019 a fluke or the start of a trend in wetter/cooler springs? On a side note: The Trump tariffs on China might be the biggest stroke of luck (and a God send) to benefit the American consumer … i.e. China backed out of the soy bean contracts with the USA farmers and thus all that food will stay here in the USA! With crops failing all over the world, I can not think of a better place for all that soy beans (it is a major constituent for pork and chicken feed) to be?

        • paul ...

          But Freebrezer … if all the GMO “glyphosated” soy beans are used to feed “our” chickens … “we” are the ones who will now get poisoned … GMO soy beans may be the “real reason” China is backing out of its soy bean contracts with American farmers … and they are simply using Trump’s tariff war as an excuse to do what they always wanted to do anyway!!

        • john

          DBA a food commodities futures ETF might be another way to go. Recently showing signs of life after years of down trend. A new commodities super cycle may be here as soon as next year.
          CBC is another one. MOO is somewhat similar.

    • paul ...

      Farmland has “a lot less stability” then owning physical gold outright … farm land can go from a dust bowl in the 1930’s ( ) … to water bowl in the 2019’s ( )!!

      • john

        DBC not CBC. Also assuming stock market doesn’t freeze up.

  4. uncommon sense

    Great interview Greg. Catherine Austin Fitts obviously does her own shopping.

  5. Jerry

    It’s every man for himself. Or in this case every country for itself. China is selling off U.S. Treasuries at a record pace.

    CAF is right. Debasement is at the root of the sell off, not the trade war as the talking heads say. Why would you hold worthless paper when you can buy gold at rock bottom prices, knowing the new financial system will use it as a benchmark? It’s a nobrainer. Inflation is created, when the buying power of currency becomes worth…..less.

  6. Jerry

    Here you go Greg.
    My red flag just went to the top of the pole. Since when is Henry Kissinger part of the trump administration?

    FYI – isn’t it interesting that President Trump is going to be in London at the same time the Bilderberg meeting is taking place?
    Me thinks, something is afoot.

    • paul ...

      You know … Bilderberg is a symptom of the US doing things all wrong … modern day alliances are what America’s founders warned strongly against (especially George Washington) who warned against “entangling alliances” … in contrast US policymakers today have so many military alliances that these alliances have now become very dangerous (and very expensive commitments we just can’t afford any longer) … most of our alliances today have very little relevance to America’s National Security … today we can easily get involved in dangerous and risky conflicts with “nuclear armed powers” just because we have an ally living in a dangerous part of the world who doesn’t really care about getting along with its neighbors because they think they can count on the US to come to their rescue … a good place for Trump to start his “America First” foreign policy would be … to begin turning allies (simply into friends) … cooperating (when in both nations’ interest) … but … and this is essential … no longer treat ally governments “as dependents” (who expect America to go to war and fight every battle for them) … we must realize we are broke and can’t afford to fight all these non-ending continuous wars … it is about time our allies grow up and either learn to make peace or fight their own enemies!!

      • Jerry

        Will Rogers was right. America has the best politicians money can buy. I’m still trying to figure out President Trumps worth? So far it’s been delay, delay. delay, and baffle the masses with B.S. But Greg is right. Things could, and can be, worse. Much worse. At some point the strategy of waiting, WILL loose its effectiveness.

        • paul ...

          Jerry … As Einstein said: “doing the same thing over and over again (that does not get you anywhere) is insanity” … well … putting the American people on the line for over 18 years in continuous unending non-stop wars against nuclear-armed opponents like Russia and China (over countries of little security relevance to the United States) is insanity!! … what would “not be insanity” is invading Mexico to get rid of the Drug Cartels actually killing our American children and destroying the economic and moral structure of our Nation they consider “useless Gringos” … so if the banksters “need a war” to keep their Ponzi scheme intact (as printing up the trillions and trillions of dollars for a war will create the inflation they need to have their outstanding loans and derivative obligations paid back) … then lets have a war … but with a Nation that is “a direct threat to us” (not some nation that is a threat to some Saudi Prince)!! … “Trump’s worth” is in clearly seeing where “the real threat to our Nation is coming from” …

    • Coalburner

      Jerry in the case of Saudi Arabia, they want weapons and us to use them on their enemies. Namely the shitites and Iran. The last dollar in the Reserve system is riding on them everyday. And that is their last threat to use on us to kill their enemies. We are trying to hold onto the Reserve Currency as long as possible to delay the reset because it will hurt “muchly” for us and the world. We need Walls and guns at our borders before the crash too. Of course that will work both ways. No one will want any gold leaving this country or any country. If you have any you may have to bury it for a hundred years. No, I don’t see any options but transfer it forward three generations. Jerry Thanks for all you do!

    • susan

      And dear son-in-law Kushner is attending the Bilderberg get-together. Suddenly I am not very hopeful for our administration or country.

      • paul ...

        Susan … with Manafort and Steele cutting good deals I am not to hopeful about Hillary … will she now also spin herself a “good deal” from Trump???

        • paul ...

          You know … based upon the 97 years in jail given to this police officer in the post below … I think we can figure out how many years Hillary is supposed to get for her multiple counts of neglect of children in Haiti … hundreds of counts of culpable negligence with an unprotected server that cost hundreds of undercover agents lives in China and the many counts of perjury committed before House and Senate watchdog committees … it’s probably something like 666 years in jail!!! …

  7. Ron Spoon

    Government hidding money? Who knew?

  8. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview. CAF is obviously very smart and well informed regarding the extra $21 Trillion, and your interview (more of a discussion) style helps us absorb the information.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a lot to take in and it is a lynchpin issue to the world. I do not think I am overstating this. What the heck has China done, or Europe or the Fed??

      • Arrowflinger

        No, Greg, you are not overstating it.

        The Rule of Law and every institution in the USA charged with protecting the people are so dead that they stinketh like Lazarus, with no resurrection of them in sight.

        There were giant harbingers made manifest, like the Enron, LTCM, and Parmalat (an astounding $3 billion ficticious bank balance in just one company) scandals but this is world ending in magnitude.

  9. Jose Sanchez Gallardo

    The only way to fix the economy is through a peaceful overthrow of the economy, when people decide to abandon the US dollar and rely instead on bartering and alternative currencies not made by the US government, only then can we prosper, but Americans are not going to organize and do this because they are conformed with the system of economic enslavement and debt. Bartering is the best method of a transaction, you give me some apples and I will give you some oranges, you give me some gold and I will give you a car, you give me some silver and you can rent this house, see how easy this is, we don’t need the governments money to survive, we just do it out of conformity.

    • susan

      Jose, the very rural people are already bartering and quite ready to do total bartering.

      • Jose Sanchez Gallardo

        Just make sure you don’t get caught because the IRS always wants a piece of the cake whenever you perform any kind of transaction.

        It may or may not be legal, check your local law to see if bartering requires taxes and if it does, either pay up or do so in secretly at your own risk if you think that the government is not morally entitled to your money even if they are legally.

  10. Country Codger

    Good morning Greg,
    You always have the best guests but Ms. Fitts is one of the best of the best. How she sleeps at night, I don’t know. She worries about things most people don’t even know exist and then she says “I don’t have the intelligence” to know how the system works. If she doesn’t, who does?

    I will have to go over this several times. FANTASTIC!!! interview.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • iwitness02

      I often think about people from the past, who would be interesting to talk to. For me, that list is mostly people from the Holy Scriptures. But there are others. One would be Shakespeare. (Henry V)

  11. Chip

    Great interview Catherine and Greg… Chip

    • Chip

      I was wondering if you become a digital subscriber for one month can you also then purchase the hard copy Volume I (annual?). Thanks… Chip

      • Greg Hunter

        I am sure they will work something out.

  12. Rob

    Thank you Greg for calling this what it truly is “the BEAST”.

    The dragon is watching his beast rise out of the sea which are the peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues:

    Revelation 12:17-13:1 And the dragon waxed wroth with the woman, and went away to make war with the rest of her seed, that keep the commandments of God, and hold the testimony of Jesus: (13:1) and he stood upon the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns ten diadems, and upon his heads names of blasphemy.
    Revelation 17:15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the harlot sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

    There is a harlot who is riding this “data” BEAST that will control all information flow through a world wide WEB that is NOT sovereign:

    Revelation 17:1-3 And there came one of the seven angels that had the seven bowls, and spake with me, saying, Come hither, I will show thee the judgment of the great harlot that sitteth upon many waters; (2) with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and they that dwell in the earth were made drunken with the wine of her fornication. (3) And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness: and I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet-colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

    The dragon who is the devil has been given authority to raise up this Beast by our Father so His Son can fully separate those who love self in the world from those who love the WORD:

    Luke 4:6 And the devil said unto him, To thee will I give all this authority, and the glory of them: for it hath been delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.
    Matthew 25:31-33 But when the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the angels with him, then shall he sit on the throne of his glory: (32) and before him shall be gathered all the nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as the shepherd separateth the sheep from the goats; (33) and he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

    This “beast” will be a corporate body of the “sons of perdition” that will be fully revealed by the end of the next decade:

    • Jose Sanchez Gallardo

      I am going to keep it simple here, everyone should be informed about the end times prophecy and the liberal filth that comes out of Hollywood, liberal, I define it to mean “those who seek to liberate themselves from Gods law”. Liberals are anti-Christ here is the Ministry

  13. Gina M Mancarella

    Bang ! You got us ! Stil, we will never allow gold and silver to rise like you people want to see. Just like Blockchain, money can be created whenever needed. The reason there is “bipartisan support” is that it is everybody’s interest to maintain the integrity of our financial system. I want to commend the people who conceived the idea of the Federal Reserve System as we are still the RESERVE CURRENCY and the ENVY OF THE WORLD. There is nothing wrong with owning your own printing press, Greg. And there is nothing wrong with enforcing our stature at the point of our bayonets. As long as we maintain the most advanced military force in the world, then America will stay on top or an integrated New World Order. There is nothing with a gloablist scheme as long as we are top dog in the kennel ! What say you Greg ? Probably just hit the delete button and say nothing ?

    • Rob

      Gina definitely does not understand who will have the last laugh:

      Psalms 37:12-13 The wicked plotteth against the just, And gnasheth upon him with his teeth. (13) The Lord will laugh at him; For he seeth that his day is coming.

      Psalms 52:6-7 The righteous also shall see it, and fear, And shall laugh at him, saying, (7) Lo, this is the man that made not God his strength, But trusted in the abundance of his riches, And strengthened himself in his wickedness.

      Psalms 59:7-8 Behold, they belch out with their mouth; Swords are in their lips: For who, say they, doth hear? (8) But thou, O Jehovah, wilt laugh at them; Thou wilt have all the nations in derision.

      Proverbs 1:25-26 But ye have set at nought all my counsel, And would none of my reproof: (26) I also will laugh in the day of your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;

      The righteous must endure unto their end to be a part of the congregation of God that will NOT be laughed at:

      • Jose Sanchez Gallardo

        ROB I think you will like this website

      • john

        Who is this “we” you reference? “They” are certainly not going to use the military to defend “we”; it is just them, we are their cattle.

    • iwitness02

      Odd. Looks like Gina, but dosen’t talk like Gina. Stepped up your game. You sound a little smarter today. Still don’t agree with you. You talk like you are the NWO. You are a curious creation, of someones imagination, I suspect. Does it pay well?

      • iwitness02

        Or is just fun?

      • Perce Sledgehammer

        Gina is our stupid intel community and boy are they stupid, or what!!!!?

    • FC

      The only problem Gina is that China has a very large dog whistle and you do know what they are used for?

    • uncommon sense

      Is this a new Gina? The standards are dropping. Several mistakes and grammatical errors. I hope you are not getting paid for typing this Gina.

    • paul ...

      So you are admitting everything neocon Gina??

    • Jerry

      Wow Gina,
      Why don’t come down off your high horse and come to Missouri and work with tornado cleanup and flooding victims. This week I have the task of relocating eighteen families that have lost their homes. Feeding. Sheltering. Relocating. Libs like you talk a good talk but at the end of the day you’re all full of B.S.

    • Horst

      “Nothing wrong…”? You are so wrong it seems ridiculous to even reply to such corrupt mentality. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (or one day they just may; mighty Rome fell) Do you welcome that in your life? Everything rotten is fine as long as it is happening to someone else is what be wrong with the so called “elitist” attitude; more aptly named Degenerate selfish attitude. The mightiest military will do what against an EMP and/or nuke or false flag attacks from that same mightiest military as minions to their Globalist masters?

    • John


      1) – ” I want to commend the people who conceived the idea of the Federal Reserve System as we are still the RESERVE CURRENCY and the ENVY OF THE WORLD. ” – I doubt you know who was instrumental in the creation of the FRB

      2) – ” we will never allow gold and silver to rise like you people want to see.” – China may have a different perspective.

      3) – ” there is nothing wrong with enforcing our stature at the point of our bayonets.” – Gina, the rest of the world has bayonets as well

    • Coalburner

      For the first time Gina you have a point! But the Reserve Currency is on knife edge and if you lose Trump it will fall. Because he is the only one more than half the country has one iota of trust in. The rest are all losers and thieves all so dirty filthy they belong on the worst street in San Francisco. Biden, to Butt Gerbal too Willy’s Girl and Fakeahantas.

  14. DB Cooper

    Greg, While I do not expect you to ever interview Rick Wiles due to his exposition of Israel (not to be confused with anti-Semitism or as you like to say “Jew Hating”), I encourage all ‘doggers’ to listen/view Trunews series last week in regard to the USS Liberty tragedy. A shameful and heartrending true story. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Greg Hunter


      You have on incident that happened 50 years ago. What is the point other than Jew hating for today. To make them look like less of an ally. So funny how you hang on to this story, but say nothing of the daily radical Islam carnage reported here:


      • DBCooper

        Greg, Thank you for your reply. As you know I have blasted the ‘Fascist Ideology’ here many times and in the interest of keeping a post short and it was off topic. To suggest that this tragedy was so long ago that it doesn’t matter makes little sense to me. I spent a 35 year career aboard ships and empathize with what the crew of the USS Liberty went through. My point is is that we should be very careful as to who we call friends, foreign and domestic. DB

        • Greg Hunter

          Jew hater bring this up because they do not have a single other incident. You say nothing of the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House and nothing of the DAILY carnage of radical Islam but the USS Liberty 50 years ago is YOUR big Issue. Yes, “we should be careful who we call friends” especially when Jew haters hate Jews. “Your “point” is you hate Jews and you hate Israel. I got it!!!!!! You keep hating those Jews and NEVER Stop reminding everyone of a 50 year old event because it’s the only good Jew hating event you got. Yes, the Israelis stunk on the attack of the Liberty in 1967. Just about everybody running Israel during that time is DEAD!!!!! Now, what about the radical Islam attacks going on every day? Are you worried about the Jew hating Muslims in Congress right now??????????

          • Jose Sanchez Gallardo

            Islam is a cult with most of its converts are converted out of fear, because they believe in killing non believers, Islam uses deception and fear to grow, it’s like a cancer, the same thing is happening with mandatory vaccines, the use fear to get you to submit to their tyranny.

            • Greg Hunter

              It is, in fact, a religion of submission. I heard a top Imam say this from the UK.

      • jack

        How about 9-11? Israel’s fingerprints are all over that disaster.

        • Greg Hunter

          Prove it. I mean with actual evidence not somebodies opinion that you stat as fact. Prove it. I think it was an inside job in the Bush Administration. Please don’t give me your Jew Hating opinion. I will not post it.

          • Jose Sanchez Gallardo

            I don’t have anything against Jews other than the fact that they deny Jesus Christ as being the messiah, I am not against Jews the race or tribe, I am against the religion of being Jew.

            • Greg Hunter

              A very nice way to say you are a Jew hater!! Don’t you feel better? Don’t comment with Jew hating comments. I will NOT approve.
              This is the end of it. Go hold on to your Jew hating some place else.

        • Frederick

          Alan Sabrosky agrees with you Jack

      • David

        “You have on incident that happened 50 years ago.”

        So by that reasoning I guess everyone should forget the holocaust. After all, it happened 70+ years ago. It isn’t relevant today, right? As DB Cooper was alluding to, there is a huge difference between “Jew Hating” / anti Semitic and being anti Zionist. It would be great if you would invite someone like Chuck Baldwin on to explain this to you but that would require an open mindedness that you don’t appear capable of. It’s sad to say Greg but you are a victim of confirmation bias in the worst possible way when it comes to Israel.

  15. Jose Sanchez Gallardo

    Socialism is bad, communism is bad, but there isn’t any evidence or examples of properly regulated capitalism being bad.

    We need regulations on our capitalist economy, we cannot just allow phone companies to drain our wallets unnecessarily when we could just avoid paying for a service that is being suppressed by design in order for them to charge or should I say steal our money.


  16. iwitness02

    Wow……dirty cops, dirty judges, dirty lawyers, dirty bankers, dirty politicians, dirty government, dirty corporations, dirty money, dirty liars and a dirty shame.
    Makes a lot of sense to be a law abiding citizen, you know, because it pays so well.
    So rewarding to be submissive to criminals. So fulfilling. Sarcasm off.
    Thank you Greg and Catherine. Another haunting/daunting interview.
    Our national motto should be shortened from in God we trust, to ‘trust us.’
    Then even our motto would be a lie.

    • Arrowflinger

      Sometimes I think the national anthem should change to “What a Fool Believes.”
      The great masses of the people cannot fathom basic math or assess evidence we would not be in this duress.

      Zero interest rates over indefinite time makes the present value of a stream of payments an even “greater infinity. ” That isn’t conspiracy theory, it is Finance 101. It also is a Thunderclap of brutal reality on what we now face.

  17. L. Carter

    Greg, I have just one question for you. Was the shooting at Virginia Beach 4:00 pm ON
    Friday afternoon a set up or black Ops program designed to block and turn citizens
    away from what is happening in the Russia investigation. Sean Hannity was doing a special show on his involvement for over 2 years in the Trump investigation on friday
    nite The last 15 minutes of his show was interrupted by reports from Virginia Beach.
    That was critical part of his show and was laying out the the events surrounding Mueller and his investigation You cant find a story over this weekend on MSN or any of the Sunday shows about the Mueller investigation. I think this was a black ops event.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know L but remember FOX called the election in 2018 waaaaaay early for the Dems.

  18. Mike

    So it is confirmed that the US has been run by a shadow government who engage in the theft of trillions with no criminal or financial liability. If Trump and the patriots succeed in restoration of the rule of law, the IOU falls back on the criminals in accordance with the Trump EO. The $21T in missing money is difficult to comprehend but that is dwarfed by 1 quadrillion in derivative products being treated as real money. As an observer, I knew the system was doomed to fail when printing money to “pay the bills” became normalized. The magnitude of criminal activity keeps expanding beyond the ability of most people to comprehend.

  19. Justn Observer

    Greg, Might this only add to the fraud perpetrated upon the legal system and courts?
    Quite striking that they think they could now go forward with ‘impeachment’ with not only the FISA court debacle, but that the ‘report’ of the investigation is also a fraud, as to the ‘evidence’ used on which to base any decision on ‘obstruction’ is beyond laughable. Once this is widely known, there will be NO tolerance for any more of this fiasco to go forward…in fact…one hopes that if this is true…those on the Special Prosecutor team will be disbarred…and sued to recover their ‘legal fees’ paid for their work like any attorney would be if they mis-represented their client intentionally…
    But then too…we do now live in fantasy land with apparently the insane running the asylum !

    • Justn Observer

      Is there now a ‘desperation’ to hang the decades long outsourcing of the U.S. uranium industry? Where are all the nuclear tech and equipment going that is being closed down?
      Has the Congress/Senate and Rep’s been bribed or ‘compromised to pass laws to de-nuke the military so the warheads could be turned into fuel rods to be sold all over the world, including to ‘supposed’ U.S. enemies? in a nukes for gas and oil pipelines play? Megatons to Megawatts = suitcases for tankers? hmmm Meta data starting to appear so? Seems things are starting to add up…and maybe Mueller’s new standard can now be applied to say – McCain- Pelosi- Schumer – etc Gang of 8’s, Ohr, Strok, Page and quite a few others?… sure seems som but not yet quite enough to say someone did —but also now…so many dots point to say someone didn’t = bribery and nuclear espionage…and it appears it’s been going on far to long to say it was POTUS Trump?

      • Justn Observer

        hmmm, interesting = TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 1h1 hour ago
        Hey Bradley, er, I mean Chelsea. Ever been to Wales? Was your Dad helping the Brits with CyberWarfare? (The site was reactivated in 1995 by the British Army and became Cawdor Barracks, home to 14 Signal Regiment, the army’s electronic warfare unit.)
        * and Christopher Steele worked for who? And Mueller said what?, Seth Rich WAS a ruse?
        So Julian Assange might have been -fed – what Binney said was an inside thumbdriver not down loaded…as a ‘trap’ so whistleblowers would gravitate to wikileaks and then the government could find cause to take Assange down? and where/who is speculation is behind this scheme = the State Dept. and Nuland? Anyone in Congress call Nuland to testify under oath lately?
        One just has to peruse the offering at
        Some really RICH stuff… SETH RICH, MARC RICH or is he really Ron Fisk? Seems more metadata lining up …like ….. = ‘ Mueller’s dad was in biz with his(MARC RICH) at Englehadrt. Mark Lambert was the understudy, he’s alive
        Could , MAYBE the whole Special Prosecutor think has all been just damage control and an attempt to shift the blame of some rather nefarious and illegal activities? Maybe its all about the global elites slicing up the pie, the same model as the break up of Russia AND now the same of industry and resources in U.S., for themselves?
        Chaos = force people into positions of having to sell, pay them with worth less un-backed paper…for their physical property and real estate and companies with inherent demand cash flow = farms, trains, utilities and in such things that fall under the force of law like healthcare, car insurance and tagged with user fees.
        Side note… Hillary’s bleach bit dude’s house raided?
        and what’s with Hillary supporter Bill Mahre tweet? a CON-trition if sorts?
        Bill Maher‏Verified account @billmaher · Jun 1
        Now #Hillary has a Hollywood production company? If its anything like her hard drive, she should crush it. Congrats, you finally found a calling lower than running a pedophile ring out of a pizza parlor.
        Jsnip Joe on Q clue on same =
        Lastly…Deutsche Bank at this time edges down to = $ 6.68 .. toward the $6.46 call?

  20. Joe Lalonde

    Hi Greg,

    Your stash of buried Canadian Currency is about to be useless…
    Here’s what the Bank of Canada said in a statement:

    “The Government of Canada now has the power to remove legal tender status from bank notes—something it could not do before. Effective January 1, 2021, the Government will remove that designation from certain bank notes that are no longer being produced—the $1, $2, $25, $500 and $1,000 notes— the final step to fully removing them as transactional notes in Canada. This initiative is supported by the Bank of Canada.”

    I guess our next legal tender will be bus tokens…

    • paul ...

      See how easy it is for a government to devastate fiat paper currency … a CME from the Sun can do the same to electronic crypto currency … but neither government, CME’s, EMP’s, etc. have the power remove legal tender status from “God’s money” (gold and silver)!!

    • Country Codger

      Hi Joe,
      We had a state representative, in Louisiana, that was named Lalonde and he ran on the nickname “Lala”. He was a democrat and I am an Independent but, Mr. Lalonde would walk down the street and knock on doors or talk to everyone outside their homes and shake hands and engage people in conversation. “What do you want to see made Better”? In French of course. I always voted for him even though I disapproved of some of his views but he was the only man to walk down the street, knock on doors and shake hands with each and every person in our tiny town. Now we have Donald Trump who will go to Colo. Spr. and salute and shake the hands of 1,000 graduates. I feel as though if it were necessary he would walk down the street shaking hands and ask “What would you like to see made better”? He is a people person.
      Lo Iyrah,

    • The Canuck

      They will be removed as legal tender (the paying of taxes) but the central bank and it’s chartered banks will still take them at face value in exchange for the circulating currency.
      A sobering interview Greg and I can’t help but reminisce of 1999 when slick Willy repealed the Glass Steagall act on the advice of Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and the maestro, Alan Greenspan. Clearly the system is being looted ! …….. and everybody is asleep at the wheel. So sad

  21. Arrowflinger

    The brave Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Mark Skidmore discovered by basic accounting and audit trails that the crony gamesmanship many discovered locally runs to the top in shocking fashion. $21 TRILLION digitally conjured and spent is a game-over point, no matter how people like to glaze their eyes and avoid thinking of the implications.

    The perpetrators threw the essential construct of DOUBLE ENTRY accounting and the basic necessity of balance out the window in favor of single entry. Like men, accounting entries have two legs. Without both legs you get a cranial fracture in short order, no matter how good one is at hopping about on only one sound leg! This is true of government as well.

    Another way to look at it is that this is a second, duplicate government-sized OFF BALANCE SHEET entity. As we know, being off balanced never was, is, nor never will be good. Deceit and trickery got to be generally accepted accounting practice, principles being damned.

    If it were not ultimately tragic for everyone, it would be the biggest comedy of all time. Only Satan, who created it with the hands of greedy men, will be laughing.

  22. Ruby

    Greg, great interview as always! And Catherine is just the best. You hit the nail on the head with your comment about the beast. I have always thought it would be a system, and not a just single individual.
    Thought you might fine this clip interesting:

  23. Donald

    “The United States government is NOT sovereign.”

    C.A. Fitts is beginning to get it, although she is farther along than most. There is a lot more to this picture than most realize. As you examine history, the same pattern gets repeated again and again. This pattern is being used against Russia and the Russian leadership knows it. Bottom line – despite some individuals meaning well, human government is a total failure as it has no ability to ensure honesty and fidelity. Purposeful control and corruption of the world has been ongoing for some time now.

  24. Donald

    “Just because trillions of dollars are “missing” and the federal budgets are now “secret” doesn’t mean you cannot see the effects of all the massive amounts of money created. It’s is showing up in the form of inflation, not official inflation calculated by the government, but real inflation for the man on the street.”

    That’s exactly right. There is simply too much inflation out there relative to even what the government is doing. But just where is a big part of this inflation coming from? Easy. The central banks print money for themselves that is never on the books. Free money – counterfeit. And no one from government or the regulatory agencies does anything because they are part of the cabal. And then the governments take the blame for all this inflation. With all that money, they control all the big corporations of the world along with high market cap companies that are essentially a scam. They also waste scads of money on useless assets such as Yachts, multiple multi-million dollar homes around the world, and on and on. All paid for by Joe general public.

    As for getting an IOU for all of this – Nope. Lucky you – you get a UOU. That’s right. You owe you – plus you owe all these criminals out there on top of that that “legally” steal from you in secret (a little bit each year). This is why democracy is a gross failure. Its allowed the criminals to take over the system.

  25. francis m reps

    It is always nice to see you interviewing someone with intelligent insights on your program. More Mannarino and Dane Wigington interviews please.

    • Jose Sanchez Gallardo

      I would like to see an Alex Jones interview.

      • Greg Hunter

        I have asked many times.

        • Jose Sanchez Gallardo

          There is another person named Gary that goes by the name of Grindall61 and he also has asked for an Alex Jones interview but never got it, I think he would love to interview you, he is a patriot who is loyal to this country, he is very easy to find just type Grindall61 on YouTube.

  26. H. Craig Bradley


    The Oligarchs are buying-up Bankrupt Family Farms today. Just like ancient Rome, the elites are concentrating ownership of Agricultural operations. Institutional investors, large “family offices”, and big AG are all picking-up productive prime farmland for pennies on the dollar. Yep, its being stolen and its legal.

    Consumers, at least for the time being, don’t care and neither do any politicians either. Family farmers (the true expendables) don’t really matter to anyone. The only important factor to urban consumers is their overall grocery bill. If its up its Trump’s Fault. If its down, then its all O.K. with them. Very narrow-minded the consuming public is and fickle, as well.

    Now, back to the land. Record Number of Farm Bankruptcies in Minn. Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota for the past 5 years. In fact, I was shocked to see the stats: 40% of all family farms and ranches have gone out-of-business since 1990. (That was not all that long ago either). Wealthy private investors and large Agribusiness together are seeking to invest or buy former family farms on the cheap at auction or in Federal Bankruptcy proceedings where many ex-farmers end-up these days after their local U.S. Banker discontinues their credit or life line. Then it curtains or end-of-the-road.

    Afterwards, some of these destitute small farmers might go to work for a nearby Big AG Corporation for say $25,000/year driving truckloads of produce or chickens to market. This ongoing process of attrition is destroying (depopulating) small Midwestern communities and towns throughout the Great Plains and Midwest alike. AS their lives are falling apart, many farmers are committing suicide with a gun or by drugs like Opiates and alcohol .

    Eventually, sooner or later, food prices at the local grocery store will increase a lot and consumers will then “feel the pinch” but remain ever clueless. Such is life in the City and Country alike. We just herd around like so-many cattle, headed for a feedlot to be fattened-up with $1.00 Hamburgers for slaughter later-on.

    I suggest we are currently building a bottom in commodity (food) prices right now and the next uptrend will result in much more expensive farm commodities and food on the shelf. Often, food shortages or unaffordability results in (urban) civil unrest or actually destabilizes civil government, as was the case during the so-called “Arab Spring”.

    However, the farmers who can hang-in there and survive farm depression or culling-out (of the herd) will be amply rewarded with higher prices and income if not higher yields down the road. Commodities are VERY cyclical (and volatile), as market history indicates. Its pretty hard for an independent small farmer to make-it anymore. Just a long term trend of bigger but maybe not better for rural America.

    • Arrowflinger

      Sadly the stage is set for the Chinese and other foreigners to use corporations to buy up Georgia timberland and farmland and to be able to hold it virtually free of property tax. The founders warned that we would end up homeless in our own land.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        There are an estimated 65,000 homeless in Los Angeles, Calif. alone today. Add-in all the other major cities on the East and West Coasts and you can see we really have an out-of-control economic and social problem that for the most part is not a concern to the Federal Government or either political party and sure not foreign nations. Homeless do not vote and do not consume, making them useless (worthless non-entities) to govt and business alike.

        In fact, China is probably smiling at our growing homelessness problem as its payback for the Opium Wars and Opium Dens in the 1800’s China while Europeans gobbled-up Chinese resources on the cheap. Karma is when the worm turns, as ‘they’ say. We did it to them and now, they are doing it to ALL Westerners. Have to just” lay back and enjoy it “.

        However, our biggest national problem, systemic corruption in Government, is totally of our own doing. Can’t blame Russia or China or Iran for it. We are just quietly screwing ourselves and voting (reelecting) incumbents back-in Congress to continue giving it too us up the ying-yang with a big smile. We like our rogues don’t WE ???

    • Justn Observer

      H. Craig Bradley , Very interesting post – Thanks ! Yeah, odd there is so much of that in the ‘slant drill’ oil fracking country eh? Maybe those farmers should take up welding or drilling or pipe laying? Maybe they should contact Butina and set up a ‘hunting party’ with some of her global resource spotting tech crews?

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Maybe Justin should just get a horse and ride it. Go hit the dusty trail, Dude.

  27. John Vilven

    This is one of the most powerful verses I have experienced. Our prayer that coincided with this verse has been, ” put whatever pressure necessary on them to get them to do what is just. The fraud, theft and debasing of the currency is afflicting widows and orphans. They need to be made aware that they are far from helpless. I have personally seen the Lord take the lives of two unjust attorneys and recover funds to widows. I believe this is in response to the above prayer. Other things were tried and failed. But these verses have not failed.
    Exodus 22-24 You shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child. If you afflict them in any way and they cry at all to Me, I will surely hear their cry; and My wrath will become hot and I will kill you with the sword; your wives will be widows and your children fatherless. NKJV The Lord knows who “they” are.

  28. Janet M

    This woman speaks ‘greek’ to me. Unintelligible to those not in the know. Sorry. I get the major facts, but too much is unintelligible to neophytes. And no answers from her at all. What does the little person do, the person who has a nice pension plus social security and feels fine, and she says it’s all going bye-bye. Fears. No answers.

  29. Horst

    Actually there is an easy fix but for we the people who are too lazy minded to spend an hour a month gathering together to screen and nominate those of integrity for all offices, from all parties, in numbers, who sign contracts to implement term limits, transparency, a return to the Constitution, and implement a simple method for we the people to oust corrupt Judges who refuse to follow the Constitution; thereby voting the bums and traitors out. I cannot even get friends and neighbors to write a letter to their congressperson regarding matters that directly impact them and their property. People would rather listen to the musicians on the deck of the Titanic than to do so little required to save themselves.

  30. Merry

    Greg: Thank you for your mind blowing “Sunday Wake Up Call”. What an insane situation we are in. I have been trying to understand the FASB rule 56 for some time. Your guest said, “Basically moving all the Federal money into a cloud”. Wow! (formerly posted as MK)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Merry/MK!!

    • iwitness02

      Right on! Merry.

  31. Major Payne

    The enormity of the financial fraud in the US is beyond me. All I can do is reflect on what Thomas Jefferson had to say about central banks.

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies,” Jefferson wrote. ” If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around(these banks) will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

  32. Mike R

    Looks like Gina’s ‘buddy’ WINS THE PRIZE !

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to be the WINNER of the “Prison Lottery” discussions currently ongoing in the US Department of Justice as to which Obama Regime officials are to be criminally charged and put on trial—a fact supported by President Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani who just revealed that 3 to 5 top Obama officials are going to be indicted—and US Attorney General William Barr further revealing that the criminal investigation into Clinton is near completion.

    • paul ...

      Lets hope Barr understands the difference between Witch Hazel (which is a “natural” astringent) compared to “unnatural” Hillary (hee, hee, hee)!!!

  33. H. Craig Bradley


    No offense to Ms. Kathryn Fitts, but there are a number of factors which have brought the world to a new era of permanent constraints to economic growth. By “World” I mean in this order: Japan, Europe (EU), Great Britain, and lastly the United States. Suffice it to say that the next 20 years will hardly resemble the last 40 at all.

    We face ongoing declines in the number of live births in ALL Western Democracies which will and are crimping overall economic growth. Live Births in the U.S. have dropped -25% just since 1990 alone! So, in the long term, reduced economic growth (GDP) translates into overall stagnant wages when you pull-out the effects of inflation. Thus, more consumers take-out ever more debt and continue to pull consumption from the future into the here and now. In fact, this is what we have been doing en-masse since 2007. More and more debt from all sources (Private, Public, and Corporate) further suppresses economic growth over time. President Trump can not do any different, under these terms and conditions.

    So, we are apparently in a prolonged period of deflation. Unfortunately, we are burdened by ever larger debt loads which have suppressed the Velocity of Money (M2 Velocity). As we spend more and more to service this overall debt load, taxes increase to attempt to keep the beast alive and less discretionary spending results. More credit to enhance consumer spending results in more debt payments and less discretionary money. Downward Spiral, as they say. As evidence of the trend thus far, just observe all the retail business that have already closed and more to come.

    While the internet is seen to be the blame, the bigger forces at work are demographics ( reduced or declining population growth), declining labor force participation of 25-54 year olds, reduced productivity made worse by increasing debt service, and declining trend GDP ( <2.0% ).

    Stagnant wages and constrained corporate profits around the world will further affect stock market returns ( projected to be maybe 3% + inflation/annually by the late John Bogle, Vanguard Founder) and will impact many public employee pension funds and their returns. Right now, according to the Pew Foundation Studies of Pension Funds, 33% of all public employee pensions are only 33% funded. These funds will assuredly fail and go insolvent, forcing benefit cuts of up to -50% in future years. In the meantime, property taxes will go way-up in some jurisdictions. In response, more residents relocate to low tax or no (income) tax states in an attempt to stay ahead of this progression.

    The rest of the public employee pension funds can not "make it" long term with annual total returns less than 7% without either significant tax increases (California and CALPERS, for example) or benefit cuts. Some states have taken meaningful steps to reform public pensions by spreading the risk around using part pension and part 401(K), such as Utah and Arizona. These states will be relatively more stable financially in the future, but the trend is too strong and embedded for them to escape totally unscathed.

    I suggest everyone should expect and prepare to take a hit as "austerity" further envelopes the United States and most of the rest of the world. It won't be fun for anymore for those conditioned to get their jollies by going to the local mall and "shopping until they drop".

    We are ALL headed for trouble (civil unrest) and even worse, collectivism with a vengeance once President Trump is out-of-office. California is about 10 years ahead of the rest of the United States. Be advised, in the end, "there is no place to run, no place to hide". To me, it would appear we face many of the same circumstances in the global economy as we had back in the 1930's when FDR began our journey down the road of Socialism in a big way.

    So, we never went back to truly being a Republic since then either. No public policy has worked or reversed this secular trend in my lifetime either. I can clearly see it, while others can not. Believe me, we are locked-in. As things grind-down even more in the future, we face about a 50% chance of another major War, probably with Asia (China). We do not seem willing to go down without a fight. Sadly, we lack the political will to reform and restructure to encourage savings and not spending (consumption).

    So, without true economic reforms, we just pile-on more debt, experience a few transient quarters of elevated GDP Growth and tax revenue, and then slump back-down to trend. Its Cycles that make us feel good, then not so good over and over. ( like a drunk who sobers-up and then takes another binder). Its as if we are stuck in quicksand and every attempt to extract ourselves causes us to just sink that much further. It even reminds me of the Greek Mythology of Sisyphus to an extent. The Greeks knew what Tragedy really is. We seem to be learning it anew.

    Kathryn Fitts financial analysis about ongoing "Deep State" systemic theft (heist) of public assets "out the back door" is quite disturbing. "Asset Stripping" from the Treasury while at the same time adding to the public debt is one area where we could improve our (collective) future but the political will is definitely not there and the public is so uninformed and dumbed-down they could never comprehend it and vote for financial reform anyway. Basically, we are way too corrupt internally weak to take the necessary corrective measures.

    So, the status quo is our collective fate as we sink further into the pit of quicksand. Its how all past empires or civilizations, such as Rome, declined and fell before us. History repeats because human nature never changes through the ages. We all should at least know that much but many do not or don't care about what happened to the Roman Empire. So be it.

  34. polly huggins

    If I understand your interview with CAF correctly, then not only have all of the assets of our government been stolen but now each individual in the US owes $65,000 to these thieves? How will they collect these funds? Taking our property and other investments? Taking our retirement? Will refugees or other migrants in America be held to this amount? I hope I am wrong with my interpretation of this interview. What can the average person do to stop this rape of America?
    Most people I know fall into the normalcy delusion mindset and are too busy being entertained to rise up and take action (much less even think about what CAF is talking about). I wish that CAF, Dr. Skidmore and other such people would develop a game plan on how to combat all of this (FASB RULE 56).
    On a side note have you looked at what is happening to the farmers in California’s San Joaquin Valley with their water issues. Even with an extremely high water year, they are only being allocated 30% of their water by the California Water Board. All of the new governmental rules, regulations, taxes and lack of allocated water are destroying the family farmer in California (which produces a large portion of our agricultural produce). I believe this is planned to strip farmland from families and to move farmland ownership to mega corporations. And to make matters worse, the weather is preventing midwestern farmers from planting corn and soy crops, thousands of livestock have died and grain silos have been flooded. I can’t help but think that this next year food prices will skyrocket.

  35. paul ...

    Sometimes reminiscing as to just why we voted for Trump brings a laugh … look at the faces around Trump as he pokes the snake … it’s hilarious!! …

  36. Stan

    Just bought more Deutsche Bank – anyone not buying at these levels is a fool.

    • Frederick

      Give it up Stanley

      • Tin Foil Hat

        Hey, are you the American in Turkey Frederick? If you’re that Frederick, long time no see. I heard a lot of Muslims from China had escaped to Turkey. Have you come across any of them?

        • Frederick

          Tın Yup thats me Been real busy building three houses and building a vegetable garden Havent se7en any Uigers here in Marmaris yet as far as I know

    • paul ...

      Stan … do you think Deutsche Bank getting some gold from Maduro will save it? … don’t you think Maduro (or “Mad -Euro” man) who wanted Euro’s instead of gold … likely had an “under the table deal” with Deutsche Bank … so that when he defaulted on his loan … he would automatically get tons of gold transferred to his private Swiss Bank account … so it is probably not likely … that the entire 750 million in gold is going to Deutsche Bank!! … and Russia probably seeing “what a crook Maduro is” has begun backing away from Venezuela militarily!! …

  37. Addison Libby

    Is there a transcript anywhere of this ?

  38. Addison Libby

    Certain people, showing us a look behind the scenes, are still alive because those re-engineering the existing order to the NWO agenda know there is no going back. Or, at a minimum, the power structure believes things are past the point of no return. ASIMIL8…Resistance is futile…the Borg..

  39. Justn Observer

    Greg, This is BS…
    IF he had what they said they had, and POTUS Trump was what they said he was…the Senate could not stop an impeachment. Schiff NEVER had any PROOF ! And Trump NEVER was a traitor nor did he ‘sell out’ the U.S. or it’s nuclear secrets or resources like the elite cabal and the bribed/compromised members of Congress have ! = Uranium One/Pay to Play/ Clinton Foundation (as per Charles Ortel/Jason Goodman research)…

  40. tim mcgraw

    Great interview! CAF is right about inflation in the SF Bay Area. Regular gasoline is now $4/gallon in Sonoma County. Food prices keep going up. Taxes are very high. There is a 30 cents per gallon surcharge on gasoline in California and no one knows who is getting that money. Money is being stolen from us in secret ways everywhere you look.

  41. Wallis Pepper

    The Peasants’ Revolt
    by Jeff Thomas
    In 2016, James Delingpole commented that toffs hate Brexit because it’s the Peasants’ Revolt.
    Here in the US., i’ts the smelly Wal-Mart mob!
    In the 1940’s it was Ingrid Bergman and Gary Cooper, that’s why we loved them.
    They were us!
    Long live the middle class and long live, THE REPUBLIC!
    Parting Is such Sweet Sorrow
    Back To Reality And Future

  42. Jose Sanchez Gallardo

    I don’t find any pleasure in bashing Trump but the problem is that he fakes right and goes left, he is now pushing the leftist cause of LgBTQXYZ+ on twitter and that’s not ok because people who voted for him voted to stop this agenda, next time he makes headlines he is probably going to say that abortion is a woman’s civil right or something.

    Quote is below

    “As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people have made to our great Nation, let us also stand in solidarity with the many LGBT people who live in dozens of countries worldwide that punish, imprison, or even execute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation,” he wrote in a series of tweets. “My Administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invite all nations to join us in this effort!”

    • Tin Foil Hat

      Trump has never been a conservative. He is socially liberal, fiscally conservative and a nationalist from NYC. One of his close confidante, Mayor Giuliani, was hosted by a gay millionaire when he got kicked out by his former wife.
      If you wanted a real conservative, you should have voted for Ted Cruz. He was the man until Trump came out of nowhere.

  43. Anthony Australia

    RBA here are cutting rates today. So much for a ‘booming economy’ .

  44. paul ...

    Listen to the way the democrats are talking!! … looks to me like they want to take back the votes that went to Trump in 2016 … in a strategic move Liz Warren states: “If we can aggressively intervene in markets to protect the interests of the wealthy and well-connected — as we have for decades with bailouts and subsidies — then we can damn well use all the tools at our disposal to protect the interests of American workers” … so what is Warren pushing for?? … I bet … the Democrats will soon be pushing to take the “chains off the CPI” … if they succeed … they will have both Democrats and Republicans who voted for Trump in 2016 … voting instead for the Democratic Presidential contender in 2020!!

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, trove of good stuff…

  46. paul ...

    Trump meets with Farage and supports Brexit … says trade between the US and UK will triple when the UK leaves the EU!! …

  47. paul ...

    June 4, 2019: Remember June 4th 1989? … it seems it always comes down to the meek … using “their power to resist” … to change war or peace policies of a powerful “commie” government … … here is China’s longest night in review …

  48. MCasey

    “….FASAB Standard 56 creates a set of situations where government entities may move numbers around to conceal where money is actually spent or even not report spending outright. These new changes make a substantial portion of government financial reporting so unreliable as to not be a useful tool to the public (see FASAB Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 56, available at

    Standard 56 allows federal entities to shift amounts from line item to line item and sometimes even omit spending altogether when reporting their financials in order to avoid the potential of revealing classified information.1 …..”

  49. K. Wayne

    Some excellent commentary on the US-China Trade conflict.

    Martin Wolf over at the FT has written an outstanding piece. Less than a 5 min read but most informative and worth the read.
    (if the link doesn’t work try a google search using “Prepare for the 100-year war between the US and China” then look for the article by Martin Wolf)

    Similarly Dr. Stephen Leeb has made a valuable assessment of the current state of affairs.

    Also of note our good friend in David Stockman has recently been all over this issue with a number of timely contributions (

    All of the above (and many more well recognised financial and economic writers) seem to be singing from the same book about the truth behind this false War. All support what I have been saying in my comments on USAWD ( and have been wrongly castigated for).

    Greg, kindly bring back David Stockman. He has a no holes barred approach and calls a spade a spade. I would welcome some honest and factual account of this situation. Lets hear it directly from the so called expert.

  50. Lyntwo

    Even more worrisome is the revenue streams generated and controlled by our present Military Industrial Surveillance Complex. Now not only disappearing money, but money acquired from sources outside of allocation by Congress.

  51. John

    Greg, this is your most legitimate financial guest. She’s been right on her prediction that the stock market will continue rise and thankfully I’ve followed her vision.

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