Catherine Austin Fitts-They’re Going to Depopulate or Bankrupt the Rest of Us

By Greg Hunter’s 

Catherine Austin Fitts calls what happened to the U.S since the market meltdown of 2008 a “fiscal coup d’état.”  Fitts should know because she is a former Wall Street insider who has managed investments worth $300 billion.  She is also a government insider.  Catherine Austin Fitts was an Assistant Secretary for HUD in the first Bush Administration more than 20 years ago.  She says our leaders are “. . . doing a number of things that are going to depopulate or bankrupt the rest of us.”  Why are people so ill-informed?  Fitts says it’s because, “Corporate media is lying to you and wasting your time.”  She also says, “Were going through a period of great change, and the pace is going to accelerate.”  And, “Gold will be at the center of a new currency that will emerge.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts of The Solari Report.

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  1. jay

    You asked who are they that control the fed banks, and military.
    Its a Oligarchy. By definition (as you know) a oligarchy is not an oligarchy if the leaders are known. In america we just call them the establishment. There control is done not by athority , but by infulence. The media,The armed forces,The banks, The politicians…ect
    Even the formation of the thoughts of the general population. Are a part of the establishment.
    This is the number one subject that should be reported on,and YOU do a great job doing this. still some sound problems.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jay.

      I know there are problems but I at the mercy of things such as Skype, camera and connection speed. I would like it to be technically better but if i wait for the perfect interview I would not put out much important content. i and working to get things better. Thank you for your support.

      • BLT

        Just tell us how much u need for gear and we will pitch in and buy it! With enough $ u could have ur own radio channel and then u will promptly have to run for pres. Ur like maximus, it must b u, u r not corrupted!

        • Greg

          Thank you BLT for your kind words and support.

      • TC in Southern Hemisphere

        I’ll take timely, informative news over perfect news any day.

      • Jim

        Video and sound are great on MSM 🙂 But the content, not so much! The establishment is indeed the source of most problems. But the people let themselves off the hook much too easily. With freedom comes responsibility; with the lack of it comes a need to act in a way that will work. Whatever we had or thought we had is not coming back. Historical transitions have never been easy. Bad audio or video on this site is not the biggest inconvenience we will have in the next decade. Complaints about it worry me – because we could lose the grid, or water or steady food supply or destructive weather extremes, or gamage from all the nuke dumps that have problems and Fuku (which is nationwide at least, at times. People can change or have change forced upon them and it is an inside job at the beginning. Would you rather be run over by a bus or a small car – second joice – getting outy of the way – inconvenienct to people who have had it easy. Easy is over for a time now. Nobody will save you if you can’t do whatever must be done. Think flexible and think character.

      • Richard

        Greg: this email reply is in reference to another more recent interview with Catherine(May 2015)…in it she wonder s who is really in control of the financial world, whereas, you were most concerned with a violent WWIII starting…she also interjected her belief that funds “escaped” to the drug cartels( and CIA?) though HUD….I wonder if you might ask her :”Who is in control?”Thanx

  2. S. Murphy

    Help! I listened to your interview several times trying to understand Ms. Fitt’s explanation of “off budget” and “on budget” expenditures. What was she trying to say?

    • Greg

      S. Murphy,
      The stuff we owe, such as Social Security, Medicare is on budget. The wealth that has been robbed from the country is off budget, and that wealth is still there but hidden. That’s my take on what Fitts said.


  3. Bob

    I hope Catherine is correct but I just don’t see where she’s coming from. I think she trusts the system a bit too much, but then again, I’m just a listner of this awesome incredible news service. Yet… yet yet yet… I scan the financial alternative media every day and let’s just say that she has the most optimistic view of our economy, views I hope are correct.
    Yes… Fertalizer has gone up and outperformed some commodities, so has oil and so forth but fertalizer is not considered money, and it’s a bit tough carrying oil in your pocket when you want to buy groceries.
    I purposely don’t trade any market, took my money out knowing that I would probably miss good trading opportunities but it’s a matter of principal. I don’t feed the wicked monster called Wall Street.
    Just a thought.

    • Greg

      I try to put up the most diverse view possible. You are correct about both gold and fertilizer. I think Fitts clearly thinks gold is a good investment, but she points out you can acquire more wealth with other investments. My worry is with the brokerage houses. If your brokerage blows up like MF Global or PFGBest, making a good investment is not much good. That is a big worry for me. Thank you for your comment.

      • Spanky

        She must be on the Morgan payroll or just getting old and is part of the system. Anyone who cannot see that gold is the absolute best asset to hold is either stupid, naive, or on the Morgan payroll ( like Jon Nadler) , also she says that gold will not be a tier 1 asset which is wrong as Jim Sinclair has very clearly pointed out that it is already is , at least informally. Yeah sure, bio-tech and other stuff might be a good investment AFTER the crash and the revolution , in the meantime , we are looking at Mad Max and there will be no good investments, because we are entering a new dark age. Basically this lady is a babbling idiot, you should keep her off your site. Go interview Jim Sinclair if you want to know where gold is going….. I’ll tell you what Greg, I’ll keep my gold and this lady can have her “fertilizer” and we will see who is ahead in 3 years!!!

        • Greg

          She did not say it would not be a “Tier 1” asset. She said, that she read all 750 pages of the Basel banking proposal and could not find it in there. That does not mean it won’t be. It is already accepted as collateral in many brokerages and banks. She also said gold would be at the center of a new currency. She is hardly a gold basher. Thank you for your comment.

        • Spanky

          well she is no Greg Mannarino. now that guy has things figured out. also Jim Ricards although an insider, is at least honest enough to admit where gold is headed; however, these banks will fight gold tooth and nail. they have a love/hate relationship with gold… they want it, but they don’t want YOU to have it, so they play games in the paper markets. Hell even Bill Gross the bond King came out today and advocated owning gold and said it would outperform both stocks AND bonds over the next 3-5 years!!! Again I think Fitts is too blinded to see what is coming ( as Mannario can clearly see) You can see the confirmation as some of the biggest players have already quietly left the US police state. Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, were early, now we see Jim Sinclair packing up and selling his Connecticut estate and moving to Tanzania Remember Greg ,POSSESSION will become 99% of the law in a country that no longer respects the rule of law. Guys like Corzine steal with impunity … why would you own anything paper????? and don’t think that your gold ETF’s are safe either. GLD is a complete scam in order to double and triple count gold. when you “invest” there you are actually helping Morgan short gold and drive the price down. … as to gold being a tier 1 asset , it has ALWAYS been that since Rothschild said: ” gold is money and nothing else”…… we don’t need some official decree by a bunch of paper pushing bankers to tell us this… these guys won’t declare gold a “tier 1 asset” officially until they have flushed out every weak hand and have all of the gold for themselves, THEN and only then will they re monetize…. too bad the US owns no gold of it’s own though… they call it “deep storage” on the balance sheet , but the gold in Ft. Knox and the rest was sold off mostly by LBJ to pay for Vietnam and Robert Rubin sold the rest… Rothschild has been the biggest buyer all along including the BOE’s fire sale at $250 an ounce

  4. Saq

    Hi Greg. Now I’m confused about whether I should buy gold or silver. I have been buying it,and food,but I disagree with your guest about buying farmland. While it sounds like a great idea, I have a feeling the government won’t allow none GMO growing of crops, even for personal consumption. It has already started with the forcing small farmers out of business. Do you have a take on this interview?

    • Greg

      I don’t see how you can go wrong with any of the above you mentioned. In areas I’ve been in farmers both big and small are doing a good business, especially when we are not in a drought.

  5. Lulu

    This may be the best interview I have seen. Please anyone….please offer some creative ideas on what to do and how to apply her suggestions. Thanks Greg!

    • Greg

      Thank you Lulu. I’d start by buying some silver coins.

    • John


      There are many things that you can do to prepare for America’s uncertain future. A very good general presentation that might help/guide you in your efforts is linked below:

      All the best,


  6. Chuck O.

    Hi Greg, Report from Catherine A. Fitts was so garbled, I was wondering if you could run it again more clearly? I must have missed at least half of her important words. Thanks, and keep up the wonderful job you are doing. Chuck

    • Greg

      So sorry Chuck. She did the interview while she was traveling. The next one will be with a hard, fast connection in her office.

  7. Dean Crouch

    At 8:10 in the video she said that gold will be the center of the next currency. What currency is she is talking about?….???

    • Greg

      I am going to ask her about that in the next interview which I hope will be in few weeks. Catherine Austin Fitts is smart and connected.

    • ManAboutDallas

      @Dean Crouch ( and everyone else ) :
      Gold will be the centre of the next currency BECAUSE IT CAN BE. Before you dismiss that remark as simply glib, understand that a Demand Deposit Account ( what you know as a chequing account or checking account ) can be denominated in ANYTHING YOU WANT, thanks to the power of the modern mainframe computer. In other words, there is – right now – NO TECHNICAL reason you couldn’t have a DDA account at your bank – anywhere in the world – that couldn’t be accounted for, reported in and – MOST IMPORTANT – USED by YOU in terms of GRAMS OF GOLD. NONE! And what makes this possible? The ubiquitous Debit Card. And the ACH Clearing House mechanism that EXISTS RIGHT NOW that already does currency translation for transactions, if necessary, without breaking a sweat. Want to buy a piece of penny candy ? Yes, $.01 ! Swipe your Debit Card in the terminal and – voila! – your Gold Gram denominated “chequing” account will be debited for .000182 Grams of Gold at the current price of $54.92 for a Gram of Gold ( 10:54am CDT on 09-06-2012). Now, to our human two-decimal-place minds, that looks weird. But to a computer it’s just another millisecond’s work. So what bank will be the first to offer GoldGram DDA accounts and become the premier bank of the 21st Century ? Actually I think banks in China and elsewhere in the Far East are already offering this.

      • Greg

        Good stuff Man!!!

      • TC in Southern Hemisphere

        Grams of Gold sounds a like rich for me seeing that a gram is worth $55.78 on todays price of Gold. And that is just going to go up…way up. My guess is a bi-metal system where gold and silver float.

  8. TC in Southern Hemisphere

    When the insiders and well connected, like Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts, cry out that the Powers are raping us, even the deaf should listen.

  9. Don


    The web format and video interviews are great. Keep up the good fight my brother!

    • Greg

      Thank you Don!!

  10. US of A NoLonger

    …but they won’t let us have gold…it will be stolen from us because it will be a crime to own any.

    • Greg

      US of A NoLonger,
      Gold ownership is totally legal. The U.S. Treasury sells gold coins through dealers. They are Gold Eagles.

      • ManAboutDallas

        Wow Greg, that’s unbelievably naive coming from you. It was totally legal to own gold in the 1930’s, too, right up to the stroke of Franklin Roosevelt’s pen on that Executive Order. Think it can’t – or won’t – happen again JUST THAT FAST ?

        • Greg

          Sure, anything can happen, but if it happens this time, a giant black market will develop. There won’t be many lining up to turn it in as they did in the 1930’s. Thank you for weighing in man!!!

  11. Max

    The quality of the guest’s video & audio make it un-watchable.
    Please try to get a handle on this!

    • Greg

      I do my best. This is a free site.

  12. Karen

    Go to to find out more about the California Ballot Proposal to label GMOs.
    Let’s get this done!

  13. Michael Patrick McCarty

    For several years I have become painfully aware that the politicians and the government no longer care what we think. They know something about the end game or they would not act this way. The question is exactly what do they know, and what are they planning? Something tells me it is not a good thing.

  14. Christine Hoeflich

    It’s important that everyone avoid GMO foods as much as possible. GMO foods (e.g. soy, corn, canola oil) are in almost every processed food and GMOs damage the liver and kidneys–the major organs that detox your body. If your body can’t detox, it will get ill quite fast. To this end, we need to have the CA-initiative (for the labeling of all GMO foods) pass with an overwhelming majority.

  15. Mitch Bupp

    Great info but bad video…. I think she is spot on…..However, I would call this wealth redistribution where the folks on balance sheet are paying into the pockets of those off balance and don’t pay back in to the system.

    Gold will have to be revalued on the balance sheets of the banks because they will need money/assets to bulwark the bottom line.

    I will be honest… I do not see where we could afford to move technology into the infrastructure ….. those will have to driven by the car market.

    I agree that food and water will be important. Raising your own food will continue to a bigger and bigger part of ones budget.

    Thumbs up Greg…

    • Greg

      Thank you Mitch!

  16. Brian H

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the Austin-Fitts web interview. Compelling stuff and you are to be congratulated for bringing us such great and pertinent guests. Yeah, shame about the vid quality on that one but as you say her next chat with you will be in her office on a good connection. That bad quality must have made the interview more challenging for you too. Greg, the work you are doing is so, so, so valuable. Your passion for unearthing the bullshit in the current American system is wonderful. Somehow I don’t think you’l ever run out of material to unearth (unfortunately)! Looking at you all from across the pond in Oz I can only hope for the best for all of you. Keep up the GREAT work Greg and don’t let the turkeys get you down!! Cheers and very best wishes, Brian H (Sydney Australia)

    • Greg

      Thank you Brian H for your comment. Last month more than 3,000 visitors came from Australia. So happy you commented. The “land down under” is both beautiful and rich in natural resources. You folks will do better than most in the world.

  17. Michael Reyff

    And “we the people” are now the “slaves” of the “new economic and financial facism” because both the Republicrats and the Democans have for the price of campaign donations “et al” allowed the country’s economy to be sold to the corporate bankster pimps and public employee unions who own them lock stock and barrel. Don’t expect any economic recovery soon. But do expect economic meltown as our fiat currency will melt like an ice cube in the middle of July Mohave Desert heat wave.

  18. Mickey

    Very good content Greg! What is lacking in the video is made up in the words this lady spoke. I have found what C.A.F. has to say very truthfull & in line with what she reported a few years ago. Her back ground is very important & the many reasons she left DC & Wall St.

    I woke up this morn to find a small but powerful storm had took out my well & much more. Still with out running water until morning, I found a weakness & is now corrected. Be prepared for all things now because soon it will be to late.

    For a web site that is free & full of truth, you can’t complain, keep up the great work on bringing the best news you will find. A big thanks from the State that C.A.F. now lives in!

    • Greg

      Thank you Mickey for your comment and support!

  19. therooster

    Greg … her reference to gold (as money) seemed to be of a centralized concept of global scale. We have de-centralized gold payment processors that allow you to monetize one’s own personal gold. I cringe at the idea of any centralized system , regardless of the currency’s nature. We need more competition for private gold payment systems where people can deposit their own bullion and use the digital application of distributing the ownership of the gold (by weight) as a currency. Only assets in circulation can purge debt. Gresham’s Law can reverse because it’s predicated on FIXED bullion values, not floating values that can rise. This needs a good grass roots support. We CAN save this situation but it can only be done in an organic, bottom-up way.

  20. Roderick

    I have no problem with Greg having a interview with a person who is opening the curtain to the wizard of oz show.

    Just imagine yourself in a room and the Treasury secretary is talking to Bernanke. Would it make you angry that you could not hear the words with perfect clarity or would you not be thrilled you were exposed to a insiders view of the next manipulation of the economy even though you would have to press your ear to the wall to hear.?

    Saying this I am convinced she is spot on for many things she stated.

    I would not accept her rosy picture about how things are going to be ok for America though.

    Here are a couple reasons why she may not see the enourmity of America’s conditon. The ramping up for martial law with the military being trained for civil disobedance. The insistance that Americans have zero rights coming from the White House. That view provided by the President signing NDAA on New Years eve 2012. That view fortified because even after the Federal judge stuck down the NDAA where Americans can be detained, tortured or even killed we see the White house persuing a course to return it into law.

    I also think she misses the complete attacks against basic freedoms, where people are arrested for doing things as normal as standing on their own property and taking photos. Even more bizare behaviour coming from TSA where drinks purchased at airports past the point of security are being tested for chemical and other ridicoulous ingrediants.

    I think money, prestige and lifestyle have placed symbolic blinders on the lady because she does not see something big is about to happen and the system is preparing for it.

    1.4 billion rounds of ammo purchased in the last year by Homeland and many of them hollow points is another alarm bell. But to these things she is deaf. I could go on but I just accept that what we know about things is different for each of us. One fact remains though and that is collapse can happen suddenly just like it did in 2008.

    If one occurs you can bet with the thousand trillion dollars of worthless toxic derivitives the worlds banks hold and those derivatives suddenly imploding would without doubt cause worldwide depression.

  21. Caca de Caballo

    Greg – Ms. Fitts is a biz puzzling here. Fertilizer better than the real deal?? Hahahahahah…maybe she is asking us to put our money into horse manure? I’m rushing out my door right now to put all my money into horse crap! Woo Hoo. I’m gonna be rich. Thank You, Ms. Fitts!

    • Greg

      Caca de Caballo,
      That totaly not what she is saying here. As an investment, fertalizer is up ten times more than gold. She is talking about buying a company that makes fertalizer. That sais, she also clearly said gold was a good imvestment and gold is money.

  22. Ken

    Greg…after reading all the posts following the Fitts interview, I have to jump in and say you did a great job…Catherine is amazing…the use of Skype or whatever you used was a great idea…and it worked brilliantly. A few bytes did bump together along the way, but so what…it still was well worth listening to. In fact…I’m on my third run through as I try to keep up to the discussion with my note taking…The concept of digital economy scares me to no end…science fiction at our doorstep…visualize: complete finances, one’s entire wealth, can then be instantly wiped out if we speak out…frightening stuff. This interview was an eye opener. THANK YOU. Keep up the GREAT, GREAT work and interviews. Just brilliant. Your broadcast, too, worked BRILLIANTLY. Thanks. Ken.

    • Greg

      That’s the spirit!! Thank you. I know the quality was not perfect but her content was really good.

  23. Foood For Thought

    America truly is the Greatest Country in the World. By: Kitty Werthmann

    Google it!

    • Greg

      Foood For Thought,
      I totally agree and I want to see it stay that way.

  24. Dwight

    Had to turn it off…Drove me over the edge trying to follow 6 out of 10 words.(or less)


    Wanted to send it to others…but didn’t.

    • Greg

      Can’t win em all man. I’ll try to get better quality next timme. Thank you for your feed back.


    Hi!, Patrons Of Et Al:

    Wow!, the banks can pick up gold now, store it & account that it’s a Tier 1 asset for their future collaterialized security. As my mechanic pointed out “what do the banks care about the price of buyin gold in their fiat money, becaue they can print all they need to buy gold etc. can’t they? What do we do, Greg, in order to afford to buy OUR gold. The point is that the repository gold in Fort Knox etc. should be in the physical possession of all Americans, the Fed. thereby should have never been needed to supply us with monetary units of account in the first place and, by that loss of the Fed’s origination itself, the Fed. wouldn’t be here to offer FREE paper purchasing media to their banks with which to buy a single troy oz. of gold. But, now, with the present set-up, the banks needn’t care less about our survival but their own survival utilizing FREE profits from their own interal operations. Because they get money virtually for free from the Main Office Fed., they don’t need to pay their depositors much interest if any do they? The monsterous Fed. continues canabalizing the entire private sector; along with canabalizing everyone by indebting beyound control the whole system of OUR Government. This can’t end in silence can it?

    RUSS SMITH, CALIFORNIA (One Of The Broke States)
    [email protected]

  26. BOB D

    Redistribution of wealth will happen by war, inflation, taxes and marriage. It’s like a force of nature and can’t be stopped. All you can do is have a plan and hope it’s not all out war.

  27. steelerdude

    Greg, I just want to say a big hats off to you! The videos are outstanding and I want to thank you from everyone on how you reply to all who comment and ask you questions. The only other site that comes close is shtfplan and mac slavo.
    take care and God Bless

    • Greg

      Thank you Doug for the comment and for your support.

  28. Michael

    Very interesting, thanks for that interview. Regarding the video quality: when guests are traveling, you might scrap the video and use a still picture along with a solid audio connection. We need to hear the audio. After the interview, you could edit-in several still pictures of the person interviewed for variety. (And re: Skype: unless they have changed their technology, it doesn’t matter how good your camera is because they reduce its quality to the lowest common denominator for transmission; this was in their fine print.)

  29. Bob

    Hi Greg, I have a tough one – is there a way to post the videos in audio form only also? I know it is hard to believe, but I do not have high speed internet where I live and cannot watch the videos. I spend my day reading all the comments trying to get the gist of the video. I would love to actually hear what the interviews have to say. I read the “negative” comments about video quality, and all I can say is I wish I could watch the video at any quality. Thanks for considering. Blessings, Bob

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob. So sorry you cannot listen or watch.

  30. Tim


    Thanks so much for having Catherine on your site and have her back again soon. After hearing or reading her thoughts on our present situation, experiencing the main stream media becomes totally surreal.

    And everyone in California please make sure you vote yes on the GMO labeling initiative.

  31. Stan Miller

    I appreciate your site and enjoyed the Fitts video! Wow, we are in for some big changes, some of which she isn’t even sharing. Great job on the interview and the video quality was great on your part but poor on hers. I would say she needs a better connection.

    • Greg

      I will get better quality next time. She was very kind to take time out while she was traveling and do the interview for all to watch.

  32. Don

    Greg, Howdy:)

    To expand on CA Fitts suggestion we should all adapt to looking out more for our own interest @ the local level & shun the Crooked Wallst Banks/Insur & their DC Puppets below is an idea I had a decade back & had forgot about until recently.

    I know 1st hand from my own experience with diesel farm tractors small diesel engines get far better fuel efficiency then gasoline engines.

    Not everyone can do this type project, but many of us redneck farm boys can.

    In the video below from a few years back I see another true American Citizen actually has already acted on my idea of putting small diesel engines currently used on farm tractors & put them in pickups & cars.

    His vehicles are said to be getting about 40 to 60 mpg.

    Yes, this idea takes time, money & skill, but just like my wife & I taking control of growing much of our own food, cleaning our water & more control over our electric production & consumption we’ve proven time & again that our efforts provides a very nice ROI over a short 10 year period.

    We can see also by this video the DC puppets sold “WE The People” down the Toilet to energy companies. With engines & equipment “Already on the Market” some of us can take a stand today & cut our fuel mileage another 50% from what we’ve already cut it & thus deny Oil companies & DC puppets their profits.

    (yeah, we need to work on the muffler;)

    This is his 2nd video 1st because I think it gets right to his/my point.

    Shade Tree Conversions Diesel turbo tractor engines Part 2

    • Greg

      Thank you Don! Farm boys (and girls) are golden in my book!!!

    • TC in Southern Hemisphere

      Or for those that are not so handy with tools, you can buy an Audi or BMW TDI 😉

      • Don

        Funny TC. LOL;)

        But riddle me this batman, If you bought them today & held on as an investment in 4 years which assets would you rather own?

        A used diesel pickup getting 50/60 mpg & used the savings to buy cattle & PMs

        or buy an expensive Audi or BMW.

        Hint: Rusting Iron & rotting rubber has an almost always certain price history. 😉

  33. Don


    Also, we are still looking for details on that one pension plan.

    I’m posting this here in case some of your viewers have the same dilemma.

    1st of all until recently my wife & I didn’t even know this pension plan even existed, it was a ghost pension from a past corporate merger.

    And after reading through Fidelity’s website 3 times so far it’s very clear to me Fidelity is doing all they can to make sure the owners of the pension can’t see the details of the pension & what options are available.

    If I have to hire a CPA to dig out the truth of the details that’s what I’ll have to do.

    Remember George Carlin & his comedy bit about the vanishing pension, it vanishes the day you try to collect on it? LOL, George comes to mind on this issue.


  34. peter

    NO way in the f###### would could I try to listen to 25 minutes of broken up sh@*….
    Bookmark gone for this site…

    Good luck.

    • Greg

      I am sorry this free site did not meet your high standards of excellence.

      • jay



    I’m so darn tired of hearing or reading about the totally imagined dangers of genetically modified products. Every vegatable you can eat is genetically modified by years, in some cases, centuries of selective breeding. As an example: that ear of sweet corn you ate this summer or the corn used for a tortilla or the hominy grits in southern quisine or the broom corn used by your mother to sweep the kitchen or the corn fed to a hog or the corn distilled into ethanol for your car (or your Tennessee Whiskey) or the multi-colored Indian Corn you will buy for Halloween ALL HAVE A COMMON ANCESTOR. The original parent, Central American Maise, probably would not be identified by the readers of this post. That maise looked more like crab grass on steroids. It was was a thick stemmed grass about 3 feet tall with a stunted ear at the tip of the plant–Not a bit like the plant that is the highest yielding of any crop,and the crop with by far the most uses of any plant ever cultivated by humankind.
    More importantly (I am very serious in saying this!) Are YOU going to get to pick who eats and who starves?? Without modern farming practices, including GMO crops and commercial fertilizers and the wise use of pesticides, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that the earth’s population can be fed; no matter how you hope, wish, or strategize, that goal will never be met.

  36. Caca de Caballo

    Greg – you are very respectul always and I/we appreciate that. Ms. Fitts has a lot of good things to say, however, it was my impression that she was putting down “the real deal” in a way that was a little underhanded. Sure, a person could gamble on horse manure (or chemical fertilizers), or even tech stocks, but it’s very hit and miss, isn’t it? How about the highly touted FaceCrook? It was the hottest thing, and it went “CRASH.” So, yeah, one could buy this or that, but one could also lose his or her shirt (and pants too) in the process. She sounds like the other insiders who have put down the “knight in shining armor.”

    That being said, it was an interesting video/interview. Thank you Greg!

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment Caca de Caballo.

  37. Ted Kass


    CAF was highly informative and I hope you get to do a follow up interview. When the going gets tough there will be many other assets and skills that will be bartered. If money and food are hard to obtain you can count on increased crime and home invasions. Things like ammunition will become worth money. CAF was correct to try and maintain your health as medical professionals will demand cash or precious metals to perform life saving operations. Having a good supply of prescription medicines will be paramount for older citizens. There are so many items that we now have access to that we take for granted that may no longer be within our reach making it important to become self sufficient like the very people who built this country. I feel fortunate to have been born here and lived during the times that we were the greatest nation on this earth. It is with profound regret that I and many others are powerless to halt the decline of our nation. Throughout our history great leaders emerged to keep this country safe and secure. It is my sincere hope that we make sure to vote out the current crop of self serving politicians and replace them with people with brains, principal and most of all ——-honor and integrity.

    Ted Kass

    • Greg

      Thank You Ted and David for the comments.

  38. David

    Greg – Thanks for the interview with Ms. Fitts. She is one of the financial talking heads that I’ve been listening to for years.

    After reading many of the comments including the criticisms, it occurred to me that in many ways this is similar to a discussion on religion. We all seem to agree that current financial and geopolitical events are being manipulated without thought for the common good. And we disagree on the details of who did what and what we should do to prepare for the train wreck that we all see approaching.

    The bottom line: Is we all must prepare as best as we can to protect our families and friends.

    I have noticed the sound quality on your side has been much improved in recent interviews. Thanks for all that you do to keep us well informed.

    Colorado Springs

  39. denise rivkees

    I would like to know if they stole the money to keep it away from worse people- i.e. to shroud.

  40. chris

    I challenge anyone to deny this truth.Your country has been subverted!

    April 29th, 2010 Obama named three more to the Federal Reserve:

    Janet Yellen as Vice Chairman, Peter Diamond and Sarah Bloom Raskin as general members – all are Jewish.

    Federal Reserve District Bank Presidents:ALL JEWS!!
    – Eric S. Rosengren – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
    – Charles I. Plosser – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
    – Jeffrey M. Lacker – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
    – James B. Bullard – President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
    – Gary H. Stern– President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
    – Thomas M. Hoenig – President, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
    – Richard W. Fisher– President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
    – Janet L. Yellen – President, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

    Treasury Secretary JEWS…-Timothy Geithner, Under Secretary of the Treasury – Brainard Lael, Chief Adviser to the Treasury – Ron Bloom, Deputy Secretary to the Treasury – Neal Wolin, Special Inspector General – Neil Barofsky, Assistant Treasury Secretary – David S. Cohen, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence – Stuart A. Levey, Director Financial Crimes Enforcement – James H. Freis Jr, Pay Czar – Kenneth Feinberg, Budget Director – Peter Orzag, Chief Economic Advisor – Larry Summers, Chief Economist and Economic Policy Adviser to the Vice President – Jared Bernstein, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Counselor to the Secretary – Matthew Kabaker, Counselors to the Secretary -Lewis Alexander, Lee Sachs, Jake Siewert, Gene Sperling, Economic Advisor – Robert Reich, Economic Advisor – Robert Rubin, Chair of Securities and Exchange Commission – Mary Shapiro, Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission – Gary Gensler, White House Budget Chief – Jacob Lew – all are Jewish.

    Look,people need to stop being afraid to say what is,if you can’t tell the difference between the names Silverstein and Smith,then you are retarded..OUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN SUBVERTED,and people don’t even know it…everything.banking,government,both parties…our intelligence NSA outsourced to NARUS and VERINET…the DHS gives %97 of all money in grants to Jews…media..all of it..all of it

    • Greg

      To this I say, SO WHAT! The President, Vice President, past and present Speakers of the House, Secretary of State, Senate Majority leader and overwhelmingly most of Congress are NOT JEWISH. I am not going give anyone a platform to bash people. Your comment is ridiculous and anti-Semitic. No more such comments from you or anyone else will be allowed. Commenters can criticise Israel or any other countries policies, however, anti-religious comments of any kind are off-limits. This goes for Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or ANY other religion. This stops here! On this point I WILL NOT YEILD.

    • anony-mouse

      Note that Janet Yellen is another Council on Foreign Relations member–The Union of the Wealthy Elite…

  41. joe blow

    Why should we believe anything Fitts says. She was part of the BIG HUD ripoff that occurred in the ’80’s. Got away with it too. They all lie. What they are trying to create is a 2 – class society. The rich, and the poor slaves who keep things running for them.

  42. Chuck Allen


    I am always cautious when a so called “ex-wall street type and government insider” is providing advice. Who are they kidding?

    Greg, keep on fighting the good fight! Everyone else VOTE THEM OUT! All of them.

  43. mile

    thick as a brick down in phoenix flourideville and somebody stole the railroad am track………….

    • Greg

      Thank you TC for the devotion and support!!

  44. Cardillac

    we can put as much stock/wealth into precious metals as we want but if the grocery stores suddenly become empty what good will gold do?- we can’t eat precious metals-

    where is the proof that what happened in 1933 once the Roosevelt administration took over demanding everyone turn in their gold may never happen again?- there is none

    • Greg

      So what’s your plan?

  45. tsuki

    I always enjoy Catherine Austin Fitts. She is one of the only people bringing attention to “food insecurity”.

    We have been pushing small gardening in our area for almost twenty years. Lately, there are a lot of people paying attention. We also got friends to put down a “sprinkler well” before the rules on well drilling became so draconian.

    Gold and silver are good investments, but food and water are key.

  46. anony-mouse

    Absolutely Excellent, Greg. Gives credibility to the glimpses from Lindsey Williams and supports my research of the last decade….

  47. GaryAZ


    I have pondered this post with great concern. A few thoughts.

    While gold and silver are, and will be the base of any currency, what about…guns, for instance? Or, anything that is a physical asset? Gold and silver may be the base value, but won’t everything else be based on that? Oil, food, textiles, minerals, furniture, shoes, … get my drift? Ask her next time. It seems plausible to me.

    Those of us who can not buy the G&S metals need a viable solution. We are heading for a major reset in “asset” value. Don’t you think?

    Personally, I take great value in the content of my heart. That may not mean anything to anyone, until it is time to spill the contents.

    And yes, I am clinging to my guns and my book. 🙂 Value to me means nothing here.

    You have a GREAT service Greg. Keep it up.

    • Greg

      Thank you Gary AZ.
      I think anything useful and not broken will be of value.

      • Gary AZ


        I’m slow. But even after this 2012 election, my heart is not broken. While I voted for one, I knew neither mattered. Both would have taken U.S. down the same highway. One on “high speed rail”, the other in a classic 65 Impala convertible, candy apple red :)Either way, distracted. God Bless.

        • Greg

          You are much faster than you think my friend!! Thank you Gary AZ!

  48. Lee Cochran

    Miss Fitts is the real deal .I am always suspeuious of people that dont do their homework !!

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