Central Banks Absolutely Desperate-Dollar Terminal-Gregory Mannarino

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Financial analyst Gregory Mannarino contends all the market rigging that has been reported in markets such as Forex, LIBOR, stocks and commodities is a way to prop up a system doomed to implode.  Mannarino says, “It’s clear to me what the central banks are doing means they are absolutely desperate right now. That also means that we are very, very close to a major event here.  I don’t believe we’ve seen the actual end here because the central banks . . . are going to do things we can’t even conceive yet.  They are going to pull surprises that are going to shock people, and one of them is what Obama just did with regard to the immigration reform.  This is a dollar propping up mechanism.  That’s all it is.”  Mannarino goes on to say, “People need to understand . . . this comes back to the debt based economic model.  This mechanism absolutely requires they come up with more and more reasons to borrow cash into the system. It is a debt based economic model. . . . It all goes back to the premise that it can’t stop. This whole mechanism of borrowing cash into existence is so dastardly and so pervasive . . . once this comes down . . . once this debt bubble bursts . . . we are going to see a loss of life.  This hyper inflated debt issue has allowed an alternative universe that has carried the human race with it.  It will create an environment where resources, at some point, will become scarce, and it is going to wipe out a large portion of the human race when the debt bubble bursts.  This is why we are seeing this desperation and the twisting of everything from the manipulation of metals to the manipulation of currencies.  The central banks are going to do everything they can to prop this up.   This is what this immigration thing is about, just like the expansion of wars.  It’s going to get much worse.”

On the U.S. dollar, Mannarino says, “The U.S. dollar is in a terminal phase.   I don’t care what dollar’s strength is recently with regard to other currencies out there.  We have countries, specifically China and specifically Russia, who are betting against the U.S. dollar.  How do I know they are doing this?  They are acquiring huge amounts of gold with these suppressed prices.  This is what everybody needs to do as well.  Bet against the debt and become your own central bank. . . . The U.S. dollar is a dying currency.  It is in the terminal phase.  Russia understands this.  China understands this.  The only people who don’t understand this is the zombified American populous.  It’s very, very sad.  This is why shows like this are so important.  I am afraid that people like us are going to become more and more censored.”

On timing of the dollar’s demise, Mannarino says, “Money velocity is the speed money moves through the system. Once we begin to see the money velocity start to pick up, we’re going to have the $3.3 plus trillion, which the Federal Reserve has printed out of thin air since the crash of 2008.  All those extra bills are going to start chasing the same amount of goods.   You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how this is going to play out.  In my book, “The Politics of Money,” I say in the end stage, we would see deflation first and then massive inflation, and that plays exactly into what’s going on right now. . . . The U.S. dollar is on borrowed time, and I think there is going to be a terrible price to pay. . . . Watch for hyperinflation because it is a very real possibility.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Gregory Mannarino gives several market reports for paid subscribers of his YouTube channel each week. The cost of subscription is $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.  Click here to subscribe for a two week free trial.  If you would like to get a copy of Mannarino’s book, “The Politics of Money,” or any of his other books, click here.

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  1. allen ols



    How does WAR prop up the dollar, or what are the mechanisms? I dont get it. Walk me through the process of how war props up the currency.

    FROM oct. of last year, till NOW, beef prices went up 22.6% OR and increase of 76 cents a lb.

    • brian

      My take on it is that it does not so much prop up the dollar but it does deflect a lot of the blame for its loss in value as the pain of such loss starts to be realized by all us peons.

      As Smedley Butler pointed out, there is always money to be made at war, but every dime made costs some other poor bastard a stack of gold. So in effect it is a way to transfer some wealth, destroying much of the same in the process–but hey if your the one getting the pennies from burning dollars who cares I guess…thats the logic anyway.

      War also has a way of asserting the authority of the authorities, consolidating and solidifying the allegiance and fealty of the populations they lord over and does a fine job of neutralizing our ability to reason things out as we are caught up in the fervor of the pounding of the war drums and the horrible drama of its unfolding.

      Additionally the cost of the war and anxiety it causes quickly marginalizes any losses we suffered from the preceding economic shenanigans and thievery. There is always also an outside chance that the balance of power in the world can be preserved or directed in a way that supremely benefits our lords and rulers, and its obviosuly a chance worth taking for these guys, especially since they are risking everything they have to gain a larger portion of what we have for themselves!

      War results in us accepting a few more clicks down on the police state ratchet, the forfeiture of a few more of our rights, and as a bonus any anger we feel as a result of having our standard of living slide down a few pegs on the totem pole is also then rendered impotent and steered into an empty target we have no hope of clearly identifying or being able to reach in any meaningful way, which has an added benefit of reasserting the notion driven into us time and time again that there is nothing to do but submit to the wisdom and authority of our powerful rulers, because they truly do have their hands on all the levers of power and through the prosecution of a war they clearly demonstrate the ability to yank on them as they please.

      • allen ols

        wow brian

        excellent tks. al ols

    • Silence is Golden

      War implies uncertainty and fear.
      Seeking a safe haven in times such as these is paramount whether it be temporary or medium to longer term. The Dollar becomes the “go to” currency du-jour.
      Is there evil encapsulated in that equation. Damn right there is.

  2. Silence is Golden

    Both of you hit the mark here on many different but related issues.
    In regards to Greg’s YouTube channel (and a few others who have experienced similar disturbances / interruptions) …it is my belief that TPTB are losing the “Propaganda War”. To reclaim the advantage, the soothsayers and those portending the TRUTH must be removed from dispensing their knowledge to the greater population. GM hits the ball out of the park on this point…there will be others likely to be the centre of attention in the not too distant future.
    Clearly we are entering the episode of enormous volatility and hyperinflationary debt and once again GM is correct in his summation that the CB’s do not want DEFLATION.
    Unfortunately we will experience this Road-show until they admit they cannot defeat the deflationary curse. Deflation is a very difficult animal to beat. In my eyes 1-2 years of this nightmare will be sufficient to engender a currency reset. In fact it will be the only solution left. At that point we can assume that a reset (devaluation) of the USD, in the magnitude required, will for all intents and purposes be its demise, its de-throning as KING DOLLAR. This is a 100% certainty in my book.
    We must all keep in mind that the USD …is the LINCHPIN …to the world’s monetary system. If the USD fails the whole system crashes. That is the point that is constantly overlooked in any discussion about the USD.
    Of course when the USD is eventually devalued….its nemesis GOLD… will concurrently find a new value in orders of magnitude above its current (suppressed) value. Gold is the ONLY asset capable of saving the monetary system OR should I say sustaining an alternative (non-debt based) one. SDR’s may play a short term role, but longer term Gold will be the go to Asset without exception.

    • Silence is Golden

      On the matter of DEBT creation (money printing or counterfeiting), an enormous amount of discussion is witnessed about the process undertaken by the CB’s particularly the FED….in purchasing MBS and supporting the deficits of Government. More to the point…the quantum of the Debt creation is beyond the realms of what was considered to be $1-1.2TLN P. A. (normal???) and now in the vicinity of $4-7TLN thereabouts. To the point of asking ….where is all that extra Government spending going if the value of the FED’s balance sheet is not growing by a commensurate amount ?

      My point : Why is the government continuing to tax the public (generate TAX REVENUE) when it has the ability to borrow as much as it needs (doing anyway) to finance its spending? Doesn’t it all seem incongruent that the Government can borrow as much as required and yet still be required to continue raising revenue as if to say the economy is still functional and we should all just carry on with what we are doing notwithstanding the increased demands on a substantially reduced and ageing workforce. There is a tremendous inequality and injustice occurring in the US which all and sundry have not woken up to. The burden of expending one’s life to pay a tax multiplied by 120 Mln soles (taxpayers) vs the capacity to “print ad infinitum”. The day of reckoning is upon us when this point is brought to the attention of those who choose to govern and uphold laws.

      • allen ols


        strong point—-My point : Why is the government continuing to tax the public (generate TAX REVENUE) when it has the ability to borrow as much as it needs (doing anyway) to finance its spending?

      • Rick Perkins

        “Why is the government continuing to tax the public.. when it has the ability to borrow as much as it needs.. to finance its spending?”

        Understand that banks don’t lend without requiring some form of collateral that ensures them a profit. The ability to tax the public, and now even its posterity, is considered to be that collateral.

        Furthermore, although the power to tax was initially provided as a means to finance legitimate (Constitutional) government spending, it has since morphed into a political instrument used for wealth transfer and even for the purpose of social engineering.

        • Silence is Golden

          Sure Rick I understand.
          But at $17TLN and counting ….how much collateral is left. Its a given that the Government (Public) wont be paying it back anyway so why continue with the farce. We live in a socialist/communist world where there is tremendous inequality (free money for the Banks and a life of servitude for the populace). You hit the nail with “wealth transfer”. We are slowly being driven to poverty then total reliance on the Government. Welcome to the NEW Fascist State of USA.

          • Mark_BC

            Eliminating taxes would send a pretty clear signal that something is very wrong and would openly admit that the government is literally printing money to monetize its debt.

            I do however disagree with your assessment that we live in communist / socialist societies where wealth inequality is rising. This statement is contradictory. Communism implies that there is no wealth inequality, that everyone gets the same amount of stuff regardless of what they do. That is the polar opposite of what we are now experiencing, and evidence suggests that wealth inequality in the US is now higher than it’s ever been and actually near the breaking point for a society to continue functioning, in historical terms. Of course I do not agree with communism, but merely pointing out that this is definitely not it; I argue that what we have now is the inevitable end result of “free market capitalism” when the economy can’t grow anymore and then the only way the elites can continue to get rich is to find ever more inventive ways to steal from the masses.

            Ironically, it seems that the end game for both communism and capitalism is similar — it is what we have now. Most countries around the world now operate similarly. They have central banks with debt based currencies that are used to enslave the masses to get them to go to work. They have a market system in which people have to go to work to earn money and buy things (unless you want to live in poverty off welfare). We all live under the illusion of democracy, however those in power see to it that only a couple parties are electable which are similar in their platforms. Both parties’ politicians are bought and paid for by the new corporate / government monopoly on everything.

            • allen ols

              mark; bc

              correct, good post!!

            • Silence is Golden

              China and Russia are communist countries. Tell me there is equality there.
              Ooops !!!
              Sorry to dispel your nice theoretical work.
              I think there are more Billionaires in China than the rest of the Globe.
              Proof that you can have Capitalism and Communism…..they call that rule by Fascism I believe.
              I stand by what I said notwithstanding an academic point of view.

            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

              I agree with you except that it is not capitalism anymore.
              It is “BANKISM”

          • Silence is Golden

            Lets take a step back gents.
            What exactly is the core of the problem that faces not only the US but the entire Globe. Governments, Bankers ….??
            It really is a failure from the adoption of a plan to permit the “State” to be at the centre of society.
            The dangerous pattern that may be apparent here is that the State has continued to progressively push the agenda of putting itself ahead of the citizens (it is superior instead of being subservient). There is also a tendency to push the concept that the STATE can better accomplish it goals by organizing society. Phrases such as Centralising, Abolishing and Confiscating are well known but not well observed. It would be true to assume that a State run society would see evidence of these characteristics. I contend that they do exist, just not in obvious form.
            Like it or not our society is under the direct control of the State as purported in the “Communist Manifesto” – Karl Marx. I trust all of you gentlemen would be familiar with the title. If not you should be….because it is being lived and brought to existence every single day.
            No Western or Eastern Politician would dare speak of Marx as being the Godfather of their ingenious plan.
            You want equality – here is a progressive tax system…to bring some balance. How’s that working out by the way?
            You want free public education – here is indoctrination of our children.
            If we go to war – you will be called upon to serve your country.
            You want a public health system – here is centralisation.
            You want something for nothing – here is a socialist democratic society.
            Oh and we (The State) will dictate policy on Agriculture – Subsidies !!!
            While we are it – why don’t we create a centralised credit system and have a Bank that acts as a Monopoly.
            The State assumes that its citizens will gladly participate but it doesn’t count on the fact that people don’t like theft, taxes, regulation and oppression which all stem from the State.
            The State also finds itself in a bind…when it finally works out that providing benefits comes with a cost. The cost is prohibitive taxes and then deficits and soaring Debt levels.
            Our fiat money system is a convenience to permit Communism to flourish. It simply fills the widening gap between desired output and real production.
            We do live in a Communist Society , but like most people (with all due respect) there is not sufficient comprehension behind the makings of a State run society or its presence in current day.
            We face a massive issue going forward because how do you reconcile the divide between Politics and Economics where Fiat is no longer available to resolve the imbalance of what is available and what has been promised. Communism will be proven to be a precursor to something more sinister.

  3. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    About the debt based economy. Well if people knew what is all about they would demand abolishing the fractional reserve system and the usury in other words the time based growth of debt everywhere.

    Another thing, the war is already on, luckily for us it is mainly war of words, currencies and economies. And if it will depend on Russia, China and the rest of the world or thanks to the saner countries it will remain on the same stages. Why? Because nobody in his/her right mind want a war which can go thermonuclear hot.

    Just my 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  4. Peter Solanikow

    As an economist, options trader, and corporate strategist I am fully aware of what is happening around the world these days. I am a subscriber to your channel and watch your interviews with interest. The greatest value of your channel is in the guests. However, the biggest exception is very easily Mannarino. I listen very carefully to what he says and how he says it. Remember, I know my stuff in the area that he discusses. As a specialist in this branch I am telling you loudly and clearly that the guy is a bluff. His knowledge of the subject matter is basic, at the very best. If anything he is a commentator and not an analyst. His commentary is regurgitation of what is available in the public sphere. You probably cannot catch this, as your background is not in finance or economics, but I can. I can sit down and interview him myself and then you will see how little he knows. I will accept his vague and sometimes even erratic answers without question. You discussed the Yuan Swap agreement in your interview. Look at him. He doesn’t even know what you are talking about.
    If you have questions for me I can be contacted on Skype. Let me know your thoughts.

    PS. Mannarino will not bluff specialists in this field. You are damaging your reputation by giving this fool air time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please give us you view of what is happening in a general sense. I’d like to hear your views. I am sure plenty of other people reading this would too. Thank you for your comment and I hope you give us your thumbnail of global financial events. Also, please tell us who you work for and your work history.

      • rick

        PA’s are just cheaper drug dealers than MD’s, imo. That’s all the doctors etc. know how to do is prescribe drugs and never solving the underlying problem that causes the conditions people have. I have went to homeopathic doctor or ND and what they tell me to use or do solves my problems 90% of the time with no prescription or over the counter drugs required.

        • Greg Hunter

          Very unfair comment.

      • Peter Solanikow

        Thanks for your reply. In fact, I didn’t expect a reply so I never even checked the site after my comment. Anyway, I work for myself and have done so since completing university. I established an education firm at the age of 23. I taught accounting, economic and business management to students as well as ran seminars in my home town of Melbourne, Australia. I also employed academics in other fields. I continue to operate the organisation but has also expanded into business consulting, forecasting and mentoring. Although I am a qualified stockbroker, I have never worked in this field, apart from undertaking a few weeks of work experience in a number of stock broking firms when I was still at university. I trade for myself.
        Anyway, I am convinced that there is an economic crisis ahead of us. I expected this in late 2006 and so began to purchase put options in 2007. I was early in my call by about a year and a half. Unfortunately, my reasoning for the upcoming economic crisis is a little more sinister than most. I am convinced that this situation that we are in has been planned well in advance. I feel that the goal is to create a shift in wealth transfer. The goal is to create as bigger bubble as possible, since the bigger you are the harder you fall. As the bubble increases the possible losses do to, and so the wealth transfer can be much greater. That’s it, in a nutshell.

      • Peter Solanikow

        A few other little bits and pieces. The “war about oil” is not about oil at all. All those who claim this, I ask them….”so who got the oil”? Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz were the war hawks back in the day, and their role as secretaries of defence were crucial in the decision to go to war. Did they get the oil?? How much oil did they get? What about Bush? Is oil being shipped to him personally? So who exactly gets the oil? BP, as in British Petroleum? Has the US gone to war for the sake of British Petroluem, or perhaps Royal Dutch Shell? So who is it that the US has spent billions of dollars for to get the oil?? Can someone tell me in detail who got Iraqi oil and how?
        The oil argument is just a decoy. Sorry.

        The other classic is the “danger of deflation”. I will take on anyone who uses the absurd argument that deflation is bad. This is a just another made up issue which has gone viral. I cannot believe how stupid people can be to believe what is actually quite unbelievable.
        The “inflation is good” argument is there to prepare (condition) the moronic public for upcoming inflation. To have people actually be pleased that they need to pay more for goods and services goes to show how influential the media is and how the thinking part of people’s brain has been put to sleep.

    • jc davis

      Peter Sloanikow. First is your heritage German / Russian. Interesting last name. Ok On a personal level I like Greg M. Yet some of his pieces don’t fit. like the time he said he was going to take advantage of the stock knowledge he has, yet telling others to invest in gold. Greg is a good guy , But like many of my good friends I disagree. Would you tell us the other side of the coin.

      • Peter Solanikow

        Going back a few generations my background is Ukrainian. I am Polish living in Australia since I was a child.

        It’s not a matter of telling the other side of the coin. I just wanted to point out that Greg Mannarino is really not much of an authority on these matters and so those who are guided by him should be very careful. There are many other more credible and knowledgeable sources. Credible sources does not mean that they are right. Even the best of us, yes, me included, have gotten things wrong. I also thought gold and silver would appreciate. I expected markets to fall. I was wrong. I could not see the wildcards like the background manipulation which is there to inflate the bubble more. Nevertheless, you ask me questions and I will give you concrete answers or honestly say “I don’t know”, if I actually do not know. Has Mannarino ever said he doesn’t know?? I never heard him say. One thing I have heard him say and that is often very, very vague responses which are given in such a way that he can rarely be proven wrong because he rarely gives concrete and specific replies.

    • Smaulgld

      Credentials don’t make your arguments stronger; they just help you gain an audience with those predisposed to believe you are credible.

      I try to listen to what is said or written rather than focus on who has written or said it.

      Rather than trying to impress us with your credentials, impress us with some analysis!

      • Peter Solanikow

        Mate, this is a blog. The topic is too complex to provide a deep analysis.
        It wasn’t even my intention to provide an analysis but to send Greg Hunter a message about my opinion of Mannerino and to give Greg Hunter something to ponder. It’s only now that I find my comments being made public and a whole heap of replies given.
        I am now responding one by one to them.

    • Common Sense

      You got that right Oracle.

      We also need common sense regulatory reform.

      Regulate what we should – Glass Steagall ,outlaw derivatives, and naked commodity gambling comes to mind, as well as streamlined real agency enforcement, reestablishing and upholding the “rule of law”.

      Simplify, triage all institutions, make due, pick up the pieces.

      A new economic system needs to match our present needs.


      The last ditch of capitalism is the way.


      It fits our divided nation politically as well as it is FAIR.

      Here are some books I would recommend:

      Solving the unsolvabel – Mason Gaffney.

      How this happened – corruption of education, media, economists, etc.


      What to do with our present system applying these concepts:


      A Moral Outline as seen across “the Pond”


      This will unleash a new era of innovation, prosperity, but will be different, not wasteful. This aligns with our ecological challenges. Steady state with strategic investment transitional period. Open source “plug ins” as we see fit will result.


    • Silence is Golden

      Be so kind as to furnish where you were educated and which entity employs you.
      And when time permits, kindly provide a snapshot of what indeed is happening around the world as seen through your eyes. Please avoid a “rehash” of what is common knowledge. I am intrigued by your comments however substantiation is the key to integrity.

      • Peter Solanikow

        Gosh, I never expected my initial post to be made public. Sorry for the delayed response.
        I have a B. Com from La Trobe University in Melbourne.
        I have a Grad Dip in Finance & Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia (used to be the education arm of the Australian Securities Exchange).
        I have a Cert IV in Small Business Management from Holmesglen TAFE in Melbourne.

        I have always worked for myself. When I completed my university degree I founded an education business employing academics and teachers. I still assist students but I have moved more towards assisting people with business ventures and helping organisations improve their performance. By Australia law I am not qualified to give investment advice, so I don’t. I trade options and I do this for myself at home. I do teach people about options, but I don’t advise them on what to buy as I cannot do so. In teaching them about options and how they work I try to give them the power to do it themselves. I do give general advice as a point of discussion.

        You will find some details about my work here:

      • Peter Solanikow

        In regards to what is happening…..
        We are in the process of a wealth shift. Bernanke, Yellen, Greenspan et al are not stupid. They are fully aware of what is happening and what is going to happen. This was pre-planned decades ago. To be Chairman of Federal Reserve you CANNOT be an idiot. These individuals are elected by specialists in the field. An idiot cannot slime their way to the top over half a century without anyone knowing. For example, to get an entry level job at the Reserve Bank of Australia one needs to have a Masters. That’s just to get in!! Now to head that institution you need to have a track record and be better than other other people who are competing for that position. So to say that the heads of the Federal Reserve are morons and they don’t know what they are doing is just absurd. They know what they are doing and it is going to end badly if you are not prepared.
        No one can change what will happen, but we can position ourselves to take advantage of it. That is what people should focus on rather than trying to alter the inevitable.

    • wd

      PS put your money where your mouth is. Been following GM for 2 years very impressed. Didn’t see where he was confused about Yuan swaps. I know you probably have an MBA PHD blah blah blah blah- I have heard it all from the over educated take no risk crowd. Come on the show do an interview or STFU and go away!!

      • Peter Solanikow

        I have been putting my money where my mouth is. I trade options. I have been doing so since 2007 in preparation for the economic collapse which I thought would have happened in that year. I made some losses for a year as I was too early. However, by late 2008 I made up the losses and made a nice 1000%+ on December expiry puts.
        I have been trading options ever since.
        To trade index options one MUST be aware of what is happening in the financial world since this influences markets and markets influence option prices. You can be here and make opinions all you want with no result whether you are right or wrong. If I am wrong I lose money, so I need to be very, very careful and awfully thoughtful.

    • Buzz Offimov

      Take a hike you troll. Greg Mannarino is one of the more knowledgeable guests on this site. And yes, he did work for a major Wall Street firm previously. Greg is one of the few guests on here who is NOT out to deceive people.
      BTW – the top three are Willie, Celente and Mannarino. So, take a hike dude. You didn’t make the effort to let Greg know your work history and expertise.

  5. vincent_g

    I don’t know quite what it is as I haven’t looked into Mr. Mannarino but for some reason I don’t seem to think he’s a good source of info.

    Yes there are many things he says that sound right but snake oil sales men always say things that sound right.

    I am not saying he’s not legitimate – just saying he doesn’t ring quite right to me.

    Maybe it’s due to him sounding like an alarmist that makes me not trust him.

    Again yes we will see inflation at some point down the road.
    We will see the dollar fall by the wayside.
    But laying out what is wrong with good facts is all one needs to do.

    My guess is in January the Fed will announce the dollar is revalued to maybe 70 cents on the dollar.
    This move will be made for two reasons.
    One: to stabilize the currency.
    Two: to stabilize the housing market.

    They will do this to curb dollar speculators and to stop people from moving their money to the US for protection.

    It’s the most logical next move.

  6. Don_in_Odessa

    I read Greg’s blog on a fairly regular basis for quite some time. During that time He offered for free, a list of of shorts and longs. He uses options as his trading vehicle of choice but I don’t remember ever seeing him reveal the strike prices or the month of expiration he traded. So it was difficult to gauge just how well his trades did. He talks a good game but honestly, I never made a dime on is advise.

    He has now started charging for his service. I don’t know if he has been more forthcoming with his advice. I won’t pay for a service that has not proven itself. There is just too much free advise that can be proven to pay someone for less than that.

    Most notably I have been listening to to the guys at TFNN.COM for years. These folks have no idea that I am giving them a thumbs up here and I have no financial interest in saying positive things about them. Free actionable training and real time advise. Don’t get me wrong, they do sell stuff too. But I have learned nearly as much just listening to their streaming shows all day long for free as the few courses I have paid for. They offer free archives of their shows just for registering so you can prove to yourself that they actually have something of value to offer.

    Mr. Manarino could learn a thing or too about marketing himself by these guys, maybe even a little more.

  7. laura

    Thanks for yet another great interview. Rick Wiles from Trunews has had some odd things happen to him. Listen at http://www.trunews.com/monday-november-17-2014-doug-hagmann/

  8. andyb

    Greg: greg’s comments on insidious forces at work on the internet ring a bell with me. There are government propaganda sites like Business Insider that refuse to let me post anymore because I constantly call out the BS that they spew, not in any ad hominem way, but by citing facts that dispute the assertions. In other cases, I have been refused access to sites like Zero Hedge, and SGTreport until I had my computer purged of numerous viruses that I had picked up along the way, one or several of which obviously did not want anyone calling out Govt propaganda by citing the truth. I would be interested in knowing if any of your other readers have experienced the same.

    • Silence is Golden

      Ahh yes ….viruses…..and lost postings….with you brother. ;-(

  9. Jerry

    Brilliant interview Greg.
    The “Lag Theory” Greg Mannarino mentioned concerning money velocity in the system is absolutely spot on. I see it in my industry all the time. It takes time for monetary actions (usually three months) to wind their way through the system.

    Unless I missed my guess, I think we’re going to continue to bottom bounce the next two months with this fake economy, as a result of continued artificial market stimulation , and then the bottoms going to fall out, when the stagnant money supply catches up with the system in the first quarter of 2015. I’m basing this assumption on what’s happening in the RMB market right now. Its literally exploding. One can only assume that foreign investors know what’s coming to the point, that they are dumping the dollar in record numbers and running to the gold backed RMB for safety.

    Evidently the pressures inside the western banking system are so great right now, that knocking off a few bankers in order to save a few billion dollars in worthless investments, is an acceptable part of the banking balance apparatus. You know like a wolf that chews off its own leg, to free itself from a trap?

    GM is absolutely correct in his assumption about what the banksters will do when they get desperate. If they would do that to their own kind, imagine what they will do to us?

    • Jerry

      To my USA watchdog friends ( I include you Greg ) this is my Thanksgiving gift for you.
      We are not only ones that see the blinking red light on the worlds economic dashboard.
      Its coming folks, and there is no way to stop the momentum that the worlds debt bubble has created in this cycle. Please, please , do not fall into a false sense of security that nothing is going to happen, simply because it hasn’t. Japan is not printing money right now because they have a need for pretty paper. They are trying to save themselves from financial ruin with a formula that has never worked anywhere in the world it has been tried, including here. At some point someone has to pay for debt. The laws of financial justice demand it.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for adding to the content of this site!!

      • allen ols


        u said; Please, please , do not fall into a false sense of security that nothing is going to happen, simply because it hasn’t. Japan is not printing money right now because they have a need for pretty paper. They are trying to save themselves from financial ruin with a formula that has never worked anywhere in the world it has been tried, including here. At some point someone has to pay for debt. The laws of financial justice demand it.


  10. foggygoggles

    Although you alluded to Catherine Austin-Fitts, you did not mention that she does not believe there will be a collapse of the dollar. In deed, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, recently did a post on what he calls “financial chicken littles”. He states that most commentators are using outdated models to understand our current financial situation. In this regard, most people are not factoring in the black budget/projects, the criminal underground economy involving drugs and money laundering, and a hidden system of finance that factors in all of these areas. All of which are HUGE, and together, they keep the game going. Any analysis that does not include them is going to be a dry hole. You can read what Dr. Farrell had to say at, http://gizadeathstar.com/2014/11/economic-financial-chicken-littles/

    • Smaulgld

      Not much analysis- he leaves out that there was plenty of inflation throughout the 70’s until Volker took interest rates to near 20%
      He also fails to mention that in the 90’s to the present day the US has exported its inflation and managed to find foreign buyers willing to purchase 50% of our debt.

    • Jerry

      Wishful thinking. The numbers do not lie. These pundits are whistling through the cemetery. History shows time and time again, that fiat debt based societies always end in depression. Somebody has to pay the price.

      • allen ols

        small gold and Jerry;

        both right!!!

  11. Eddie Laidler

    IDK. Does Mannarino seem …… stressed underneath the surface ? I mean a bit more than normal?
    I continue on purchasing silver as an alternative storehouse of wealth. I keep my money out of the bank too. I pay all bills immediately and pay other debt down at an accelerated rate.
    LOL. I live in a …well …what would be considered a stable and affluent bedroom community between two cites and noticed the activity around the gun counter in a large branded sports outlet is a boomin. Lots of wives along with the husbands showing a lot of interest too. They do not look like sportsmen.
    Just do the little things you can do to stay ahead of the debt trap and hope that you have time enough to react to the wealth confiscation that is coming.
    I appreciate your repetitive question that you give for every guest Greg. What can the little guy do? Unfortunately there is not a lot except the things that make us look like “Survivalists” . Just do them quietly !

  12. brian

    Given that a majority of Americans are more than happy to go along with the current situation of epic and unchecked fraud, immoral and abusive practices, rampant and naked lying and the more than obvious unethical and unsustainable schemes on display my guess would be that a majority of Americans will simply walk face first into whatever new “system” has been planned by the same scoundrels currently ruining our lives and incinerating whatever future we have that does not involve us being buried half dead in some trash filled shallow trench.

    We are a ruled people, not a free people, and we put this on display every day we wake up and play this game where we ignore what we know to be wrong and seek merely to walk the path of least resistance that has been laid out for us to walk…and rest assured, most of us will feel so moderate, sensible and comfortable doing it, because like we always hear and say, there is nothing we can do about the way things are anyway……the hallmark words of a ruled people.

  13. Paul from Indiana

    This guy is incredibly gifted and intelligent. He is a MEDICAL DOCTOR, and we, the people, are much worse off for his being able to do better for himself in finance than medicine. Someone of his brilliance needs to be practicing/ministering to the benefit of humanity, and to the extent that he is showing us the mess behind the curtain and explaining it in basic language, he is. His term, “zombified American populace”, is unfortunately accurate. I think he is absolutely correct in pointing to the velocity of money as the sign. What releases the created QE dollars from the corral in which they are currently contained? I don’t know, but when the breach occurs, it will be a torrent. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all in the USAWatchdog fold. I appreciate each and every one of you. Many thanks and best always. PM

    • Greg Hunter

      Actually Mannarino is a Physicians assistant, but he can prescribe all sorts of medications just like an MD. This is the growing trend in health care. Mannarino is very smart as well and I thank you for your comments.

    • allen ols


      true datt;

      His term, “zombified American populace”, is unfortunately accurate.

  14. Michael


    I am not sure about Manarrino’s site but your monday video was not accessible from your site. We were only able to find the video through a hyperlink on Quayle’s site. I think they are doing their best to suppress the fact we have a Yuan exchange here in the US- nothing says destruction of the USD better than an exchange here in the “Dollar is king” fairy tale…

    • Greg Hunter

      It posted last night but it un-posted this morning. I don’t know what happened? So sorry. It is up now. Thank you.

      • Smaulgld

        Yes I accessed the interview on my iphone and then went to get it on my pc and it wasn’t up. Since I left the window on my iphone open I was able to hear it last night.
        Greg- it may be that when you post new stuff you have to clear your cache. I had this same problem

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you I’ll try it.

  15. M.

    Didn’t they do a similiar thing to Harvey Organ’s website?

  16. Jerry

    Greg here it is. More evidence the dollar is in trouble.
    Chinese Bank now offering RMB CD’s in its branch bank in New York City. They wouldn’t do this if they didn’t think there was a market for it.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, yes, there is undoubtedly a market, but HOW LARGE that market is at this point remains to be seen. I don’t dispute that the potential is huge, but I don’t know how long it takes to get there. If there is a collective pull on the dollar rug, by the Chinese, or by everybody, the thing could easily backfire, as you’re talking about the WORLD economy taking a 15-20% hit, if they deep-six the Dollar, and by extension, the USA. I think the USA is capable of tanking itself. Give a snake enough rope and all that… Thanks for your valuable contributions here throughout the year. Best always. PM

      • Silence is Golden

        Just remember that the USD and the world’s monetary system are one in the same. You cannot kill the dollar without imploding everything else. Regardless of what is happening with the RMB.
        In that sense there is only one course of action. DEVALUATION.
        Like they did in 1933….re-price the dollar in Gold terms. A 60% devaluation is not beyond the realms of possibility. The consequence is a very bad recession stemming from inflation and the resulting need for interest rates to normalise. The Dollar may still serve a purpose but will fall from grace in trade settlement and foreign currency reserve status as a result.

        • allen ols


          “Just remember that the USD and the world’s monetary system are one in the same. ”

          good thinking!!

    • jc davis

      Jerry, and Paul. I think about what Jim Rickard said. It takes years to lay the foundation to be the world currency. China is ahead of there times.

      • Silence is Golden

        China is way ahead of the Western World. Leaving them in its smoke. They are in such a strong position not by accident but by meticulous planning.

  17. Jeff L

    Nice to hear from quest that will admit the blatant manipulations in all markets (some of your quest don’t ). I’ve always contended this was a final, desperate attempt to keep us afloat……….Mannarino, please explain how the ” immigration reform is a dollar propping up mechanism”. I can’t get my head around it. The cost to our country and services out weight any tax receipts. The idea that it is revenue positive and the REALLY ridiculous argument that it will support our SS ponzi scheme is MSM BS….. How is any of that dollar positive ?

    • Paul from Indiana

      You have to accept (and I think it’s a valid contention) Mannarino’s underlying proposition that the current economic model is debt-based, requiring never-ending “borrowing” (meaning creating or “printing”) money into the system. Then, anything that promotes DEBT is a dollar-propping mechanism. If we have immigration costs, if we have war costs, we don’t have to invent reasons to create debt, and the thing continues unabated going forward. As Greg Hunter would say, it works until it doesn’t. Best always. PM

  18. Jeff L

    My opinion is the immigration law is more an “in your face because I can” challenge to those who might oppose his ego (Republicans). Also another step toward getting UN troops on the ground…….. I honestly think Nobama doesn’t listen to his financial advisors (again ego) and really doesn’t know or care what the dollar does. In other words, we’re giving him way to much credit for making another immature, self-centered move.

  19. allen ols

    …………..A week after we reported that the head of the Ukraine central bank admitted in an unofficial, informal interview that Ukraine’s gold is gone, all gone, moments ago the Central Bank revealed that, sure enough, the gold holdings in the civil war-torn country have tumbled, as a result of a decision in September to “increase the share of US dollars in a reserve basket”, or in other words, to sell the gold. Just don’t call it that: in fact, as of today we have a brand new buzzword for gold liquidations: “optimization of international reserves.”

    Read More @ ZeroHedge.com

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Al, if I come down to the Volunteer State and audit your storage, will I find that all that canned bacon is gone? Like Ukraine’s gold, Hmmm? Not that I would blame you…Thanks for your involvement here, and Happy Thanksgiving. Best always. PM

      • allen ols

        🙂 tis true, I have been eating the bacon. U got me.

        • jc davis

          Paul and Allen good men will survive . LOL Paul come visit us we will always have food..

  20. Gregory Mannarino

    Now despite falling demand for the dollar, being clearly demonstrated by money velocity at historic lows, the Federal Reserve continues to print (or add to a digital screen) more of these dollars thus setting the stage for a major inflationary event, a simple supply/demand issue. As long as the money velocity stays low there is no problem, but as soon as this velocity picks up and all of these extra printed (or digital) dollars begin to move, we will begin to witness the effect of all those new trillions of dollars chasing the same amount of goods.
    The result: massive and even possibly hyperinflation.
    Thank you Greg for the opportunity to be on your show!

  21. Al

    On the immigration amnesty, did Obama just pardon himself?
    He is an illegal alien, who has been here more than 5 years…
    Incidentally, neither Obama nor McCain were Natural Born Citizens in the election.
    If they proved now that Obama is an illegal alien (which he IS) would he be immune to prosecution due to the executive order he just signed?
    Makes you wonder about his motivations.

    • Common Sense

      Agree with GM, and don’t forget the foreign “dollars” – treasuries, etc.

      China is already doing a “Japan” on us. JPM HQ is just a taste.

      They are also doing it worldwide, Portugal comes to mind, Africa, ebola country!
      Saudi Arabia, crap everywhere. Why didn’t we do it that way? Yea, I know why.

  22. tsuki

    Speaking of war, I don’t know if you watched this ARD interview of Putin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdlXqyZHB9k

    For the first time, Putin drew a line in the sand this time, and Russians do not make idle threats. It frightened me because it appears to me that this is where the West wants to go.

    Worth the view.

  23. allen ols


    food for thought;

    from PrisonPlanetLive: Renowned hacker Guccifer, who accessed the private emails of numerous top military, political and intelligence leaders, told the New York Times that a city in Pennsylvania is the target of a nuke attack in 2015. Guccifer also…
    – 19 mins ago, 24 Nov 14, 8:13pm –

    • jc davis

      Allen where is the link ?

  24. Charles

    Hey, I do believe you, but without a date for this to happen, the info. is not to valuable to me. How about between 1/1/15 and 3/1/15? Sound good?

  25. Shawn in San Jose

    Hi Greg,

    Keep up the good work. I like when you have Greg on. I must admit though I am getting fatigue from waiting or expecting the entire “thing” to collapse. As a result I’ve learned to worry less and get outside a little more and go for a walk.


  26. Klemens

    Monday Demonstration:
    7.000 Demonstrants today at City of Dresden, double than last Monday:

  27. Sambo

    Thanks for the guest Greg, Greg on Greg is always a treat. I always enjoy listening to Mannarino and I believe he knows what he is talking about. Thanks for having him on as always. Keep up the good work my friend


    • Common Sense

      Good observation, I believe Germany is ahead of us people wise because they are educated, paying attention, and have seen enough propaganda to know what’s up.

      They might turn from us if we keep this up.

      Then our task will be that much more difficult.

  28. Mr.Lee

    The US was set up as a exclusive reserve currency as a result of the decimated economies of the world after WW2. Some 69 year later the realities of the above have changed. The luxury afforded to the US as a result of this exclusivity is whittling away. Reserve Currency status is making way for multiple settlement of accounts currency or trade currency status. The Yuan is part of this realization.
    Will the US dollar erode to nothingness? No I do not believe this to be so, but what I can see is the US dollar will have to compete amongst a basket of currencies in order to be used and traded in. This will be the end of US global hegemonic ambitions and delivery.

    • jc davis

      Mr. Lee Pure and simple. You are correct 100% all the way.

  29. Karen

    Truth be told, I don’t think any of the most educated, brilliant economists are able to explain or understand what is happening in this insanely complicated world of finance, bankers and the economy. So in defense of Mannarino, maybe he doesn’t know everything about economics. Well, name me one person who does? Look at Bernake, Greenspan and Yellen. Does anyone think they know/knew what they are doing or have a complete understanding of the economics? It is very clear they did not and our economy is living proof of their lack of knowledge. Besides, in my book, anyone who stands up and sounds the alarm already has proven themselves as someone who understands a lot more about the economy than most, including all those educated “economists” who think everything is just peachy.

    • allen ols

      karen; funny, and tru, 🙂

    • Silence is Golden

      Main stream Economists are part of the problem. They have vested interests.
      They work for either Government, Big Business or in Education …so they follow the mantra of Keynesian Economics to appease their employer. They are indoctrinated to only think inside this realm. They do not know alternatives nor are they permitted to discuss them either. Forecasts and analysis stemming from these clowns is contextualised to only display positives. Unfortunately for most the system is so perverted that the “nonsensical” as defined in a normal world, is substantiated with fact (fictional numbers).
      Greenspan and Bernanke knew exactly what they were doing and followed instructions to the tee.
      People like Mannarino are simply voicing concerns and issuing warnings. Regardless of what is said, the importance of it being said often is imperative in getting the message across. We go dark when this avenue is diminished or removed because then we are all totally subjected to the MSM BS PROPAGANDA.
      Our problems are vastly more severe or concentrated in just Economics.

    • Michael Harvey

      Hi KAREN
      Having just red n’The Death of Money’ by Jim Rickards, he needs to be heading up the Federal Reserve.
      He is ‘On the Money’ so to speak.
      Maybe Greg can coax him to do an interview.
      This man knows his onions
      Mike Harvey
      Resident in Ireland

    • Mark_BC

      Karen, the problem with economists is that they basically just spend their time in the faculty of arts. They don’t learn anything about how the real physical world works — ecology, energy, farming, mining, manufacturing. They make their own stories and theories describing how the world works which are based on a flawed understanding. Specifically, economists believe that labour “produces” wealth. You hear this from both sides of the spectrum, left and right. The problem is that it’s totally wrong — labour TRANSFORMS wealth. They are all scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get employment back up so we can return to a former level of wealth “creation” but they don’t understand that they’e barking up the completely wrong tree.

      This is why people who take an interest in economics from a different field (eg, ecology or engineering) generally do a much better job of analysing and understanding economics and finance, once they figure out the language of what everything is and how it works.

      However, financial insiders from within Wall Street do have a lot of good information and insight to share with us since we are generally not privy to that. However, I do not place much of any faith in these insiders’ wider views on the state of the economy and society as a whole since they live in a narrow little world which operates largely at odds with the workings of everything outside.

      • allen ols

        mark bc;

        good post, im watching ur stuff!

  30. allen ols


    IM WILLIE — CLIMAX EVENTS: Stealth QE, Currency Wars, Dollar Demise & Gold Demand Meets No Supply

    “We’re running out of nations to plunder. We’ve plundered Syria. We’ve plundered Libya. We’ve plundered Ukraine and stole their Central bank gold. By plundered I mean steal the central bank gold in all those nations. We plundered Tunisia and stole theirs. We plundered Cyprus, confiscated money. Now we’re turning to our allies and plundering them.”

    from Paul Sandhu: http://sgtreport.com/2014/11/jim-willie-climax-events-stealth-qe-currency-wars-dollar-demise-gold-demand-meets-no-supply/

  31. Andy Sloan

    Even if various central Bankers think the idea is to prop the system up, I believe the idea of the master-planers right at the top, is just to make the eventual crash they will contrive, even greater ie; they want to bankrupt the entire world as a platform, along with a World war, to bring in their New World Order

    Tragedy and Hope
    A History of the World in Our Time
    by Carroll Quigley, 1966
    Pg. 326-327:

    It must not be felt that these heads of the world’s chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather, they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up and were perfectly capable of throwing them down. The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers (also called “international” or “merchant” bankers) who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks. This dominance of investment bankers was based on their control over the flows of credit and investment funds in their own countries and throughout the world. They could dominate the financial and industrial systems of their own countries by their influence over the flow of current funds through bank loans, the discount rate, and the re-discounting of commercial debts; they could dominate governments by their control over current government loans and the play of the international exchanges. Almost all of this power was exercised by the personal influence and prestige of men who had demonstrated their ability in the past to bring off successful financial coupe, to keep their word, to remain cool in a crisis, and to share their winning opportunities with their associates. In this system the Rothschilds had been preeminent during much of the nineteenth century, but, at the end of that century, they were being replaced by J. P. Morgan whose central office was in New York, although it was always operated as if it were in London (where it had, indeed, originated as George Peabody and Company in 1838).

    God bless all.

  32. Jim Gregovich

    This video was interrupted four times. I had to refresh the website and then restart the video and then return to the part where it was interrupted. Obviously someone wants this material suppressed. Keep fighting Greg and Gregory!

    • Greg Hunter

      We will! Thank you.

  33. tonsil

    Peter Solanikow. He exists Greg, though I think his first name is Mark. He may hail from North Carolina.

    “You probably cannot catch this, as your background is not in finance or economics, but I can. I can sit down and interview him myself and then you will see how little he knows. I will accept his vague and sometimes even erratic answers without question. You discussed the Yuan Swap agreement in your interview. Look at him. He doesn’t even know what you are talking about.
    If you have questions for me I can be contacted on Skype. Let me know your thoughts.”

    Sounds as though he wants to talk his book. I think if you scratched the average economist–an honest one–you’ll find they’ve become stackers. Or about to.

    It can’t be rocket science as Gregory admonished. I would rather talk to analyst than an economic theorist.

    How many schools of economic thought? And every devotee is an expert.

    • Greg Hunter

      He has yet to reveal himself of answer my comment. Thank you for your comment though!

      • jc davis

        Greg I love your site because of the varied opinions. Good work.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you JC!!

    • Peter Solanikow

      Hello. Yes, I do exist and here I am again. Mark in my cousin, I am Peter from Melbourne, Australia. Although I have written 3 books they are for high school students to help prepare them for exams. Nothing that would be of interest to Greg Hunter or the general public as they are just high school study resources. No big deal. So no, I have not contacted Greg to discuss my accounting and economics study guides. However, thanks for your interest in my person.

  34. Big John

    Something I just realized reading this one. One thing I will say first off is that the more new people you get the better. I like Mr. Mannarino, but there’s not much new he is telling regular viewers. I appreciate in advance how much time you take to respond to people.

    Anyway, I had a conversation recently. And a random person just dropped that they heard the dollar was going to collapse at any time. I work for the government. Obviously not everyone is saying this. However, it isn’t taking a scientist to figure out that things aren’t great. I feel that more people are ‘aware,’ ‘awake,’ then people realize. I see this as a sign that things are turning. Because, what is money if only an imaginary store of wealth meant to manage all resources. I read something about critical mass and adoption. Once you reach a small threshold, those people influence people, and it’s like dominoes. Ideas are contagious like a plague.

    My life won’t particularly change no matter what happens. So I don’t really care. The economy sucks and I along with a lot of people aren’t making much money. I just find it interesting how I’m talking to people who don’t seem to be particularly interested in economics or anything like that, talking about gold and inflation.

    Big john

    • Greg Hunter

      Big John,
      Lots of people are going to know what we know at some point and the unprepared will be especially hurt.

  35. Joe G.

    On top of all this, I predict that in 2016, when the Obamacare mandates kick in for medium-size businesses employing between 50 and 99 workers, the entire economy is going to go into shock when a huge amount of disposable income is sucked up by health premiums. Something to consider.

  36. Jeff L

    I have to disagree again with you guys promoting the idea that massive immigration will cause/create more debt and thus dollar positive. It may (definitely will) put us farther in debt but it’s not like we aren’t inundated with debt and needs for debt attention in every aspect of our country. We have collapsing cities, pensions, counties, and states. No problem finding a place to “add” debt if that’s your desire………. This theory is MSM/banker’s BS. Practically the “broken window” theory gone wild…….. Like I said, this is NOT dollar positive. Debt never is. Regardless how many Fed chiefs, politicians, or guests (Greg’s) say it’s so……..They are wrong.

  37. Coal Burner

    Many years ago, I was aiding a friend on a job for free. I was on vacation in a beautiful area of Colorado. My friend had a contract job for services and earth work with equipment. A second contractor was on site. He had bid his job with a certain number of labor employees who turns out were illegals. That fellow told me they gave him SS numbers and he was withholding all the taxes and SS payments too and was sending them to Uncle Sam. I recognized that uncle Sam had a financial interest in these guys. Taxes and SS payments that would never be collected upon. It is occurring all over the country. Obama made a middle of the road bid with 5 million illegals. It was all politics and he doesn’t care what the final outcome really is. The money will keep coming so everyone covers his own behind.

  38. mac

    “the dollar is in a terminal phase”…oh, is this 2004? 2005? 2008? 2010…or ? …I have heard this for over a decade…the USD has its value created in a basket (Euro around 47%, Yen, and 3 more) so yen down dollar up, euro down dollar up…Yen down makes Japan’s competitors devalue – China, Korea, etc and euro, too. Thus the Japanaese are today the guilty party, causing more insanity in their own country and disturbing all the world

  39. Varughese

    The problem we all face is that we have no other option but to play the game fed is playing. There is no point in keeping the money in banks, because they will take it anyway. Also when the crisis start they will make us take a mandatory hair cut. So only option left is try to second guess when the bubble pops. It doesn’t matter which bubble pops, we need only one to pop after that there will to total devastation.

    One option I am doing now is putting money in stocks and from the profit buying physical silver(gold is kind of costly to own in big numbers and also I believe the total fight will happen in Silver first than gold).

  40. Klemens

    Insider Exposes South African Central Bank

  41. Andrew W

    Now the French want their gold back. This is getting crazy.


  42. Freddy

    I like past statements by Greg which explains a lot of what I view as incorrect analysis by a spectrum of expert analysts. He correctly states that price discovery does not exist because the dollar is rigged, This is true because it is a closed loop manipulated scheme. Just look at Libor fraud. Since this is the end all bench mark for commodities, energy, metals etc. The price of these goods are in gross error, regardless if what paper markets or supposed forces of supply and demand should dictate. i.e. the current drop in oil. Many analysts are saying it is dropping because of supply glut. Yes to some extent. But if we look at the charts. In June Oil, gold peaked, dollar was troughed and the world news worsened. But the dollar turned around on a dime and so real assets turned down. This makes no sense if we look at only supply and demand. With a fiat dollar as the benchmark, it should not matter supply demand because there is no price duscovery. One last point, if the dollar was at 79, would we see oil and metlals this low? When the dollar loses trade use in the future, will supply demand matter in price, no because finally the fictiious benchmark anslysts use will not be used anymore.

    • jc davis

      Freddy it seems the whole crazy mess is designed to drive me crazy.

  43. Robert

    I hope there is no reason for your broadcast to go behind a paywall due to planned interference by those exposed by the truths spoken here.
    I spend a fair amount of time reading many sites that cite similar issues so I know there is some concerted effort against those few truth tellers going against the system.
    If I was to pay for a site I would consider yours important enough to ask the wife for approval to spend what discretionary funds I have available. I would offer she is very tight with the purse these days…
    As for “hyperinflation” I hear that term a lot and I disagree that any funds flowing overseas will return with the tide and “wash” out our economy. This is simply a matter for the “Fed” and I suspect they will meet those excess funds with the proverbial “flamethrower” and simply “burn” the excess and store the ashes in the basement.
    The local guy only cares there is two hundred bucks available out of the ATM for small purchases and that the bank account receives and dispenses monies from employers and to creditors. When was the last time anyone took a mortgage payment in cash down to the loan office, or auto dealership? (Note: do not travel with cash as the police seem to know and will steal it if reports are true)
    What no one mentions is that we have become a hybrid financial system and several aspects of that system are “virtual” and have no visible parts beyond a few numbers on a screen or paper statement.
    The “zero sum game” theory of money creation is no longer valid and is very much a vestial stub of the last century. Too many parts outside the view of the common man for him to worry about or be affected by and the fascism of price controls and captured markets keep the rest in check for now.
    The value of the money has always been near zero as the only role it plays is to facilitate a change in human psychology when dealing with needed goods and services so as long as small monies flow trade remains stable. (Example: Just how do you get a cranky seller to trade a cow for two chickens and a goat?) money will not survive the digital age as we now see it can be “wished” into existence for as long as folks need it to use for trade until humans catch up to the future.
    The day should come where we all benefit from the advances in technology that can provide a cornucopia of benefits without the need for trade and currency but until that utopian model appeares I am afraid we will continue to mistake wealth and money for true contentment while discounting the fact that human potential and advancement are the real areas of wealth for our society.
    Thanks Greg! you are a true patriot and we need so many these days.
    All the best to you and yours for the holidays.

    • jc davis

      Robert. You said we have a hybrid financial system . Thanks for the post. As a fisherman I had to think a hybrid is best caught with a smaller live bait.

  44. Jerry

    Greg do you remember this interview?
    Harvey Organ said that the manipulation ends in December because of default on delivery. Does he still stand by that prediction? I think he is correct. I would love to hear from him again.
    Thanks Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am trying to get him on in December. Stay tuned.

    • Silence is Golden

      Very interesting things happening on the LBMA.
      There is a HIGH ALERT within those circles…physical is difficult to source. The $1200 psychological barrier is being fought with all force. Next few days will be interesting:
      – Election on Swiss Gold 11/30/14
      – Options expiry on Gold Futures
      – End of Month balancing
      – More European Nations (now France) considering Gold repatriation.
      Harvey may yet get his prediction. Then its game OVER.
      I think I recall from that interview that December could be the culmination of a series of events stemming from a stock market crash/ bond implosion, Gold Skyrocketing and USD crashing.
      Bells will be ringing …just not the ones we are accustomed to during the festive season.

      • Greg Hunter

        Bill Holter from Miles Franklin is on tomorrow just past Midnight Eastern Time and he says the market is “corner-able.” It would take just $20n billion to wipe out both silver and gold inventories out of COMEX.

        • Silence is Golden

          You know Greg what astounds me ?
          Is that for all the noise that there has been about the manipulation in Gold/Silver supressing the price via naked shorts and doing so in time zones where great volumes traded on the sell side are not being matched….forcing the price on CRIMEX lower…..
          WHY HASNT THERE BEEN A COUNTER PARTY DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE ON THE BUY SIDE AT THE MOST INOPPORTUNE TIME FOR THE CABAL TO REACT……In this day and age… $20 BLN is chump change and the reality is Russia could implode the whole market if it were to decide that it had had enough of the Western Cabal Sanctions nonsense.
          I would be very intrigued to here Bill’s take on this especially why there hasn’t been a concerted attack by even a HF. This scenario reminds me of Soros when he took on the Bank of England …AND WON with his bets on the British Pound. Where are the Hunt Bros or more to the Point ….Mr Jim Sinclair would have a tremendous view on this topic too. He was called in to rescue the Hunt Bros position (in Silver…circa 1980).
          I am excited at the prospect of hearing Bill and I look forward to attaining greater clarity about this topic that remains at the core in what I have been following for decades. We live in interesting times.

          • Greg Hunter

            I think the East is trying to get all the suppressed physical gold they can get until it runs out. When LBMA and COMEX cannot or will not deliver gold it’s over and it might coincide with the beginning of WWIII. Hope I am wrong.

      • Larry Krudlow

        Silence Taint Golden, Those bell’s will be ringing for me and my gal!


    • Silence is Golden

      I went back to the Andy Hoffman interview and re-read what I posted there:
      Silence is Golden 10/27/2014
      “This also at a time when we know physical stores of gold (GLD,Comex) are being raided. There is talk that even some Euro nations have front run the Swiss decision and are demanding some of their Gold back in anticipation of the YES vote.
      The December Longs on Gold Futures are a potential Game Changer for this entire complex. That one event in November could blow the whole matrix apart and send the entire financial system into a tailspin. The USD would be obliterated.
      There is in my mind, some very anxious people discussing the ramifications of the Swiss decision. I can visualise the beads of sweat pouring off the brow of one Christine Laggard. I would dare say that the National Guard/Militarised Police would be kept on high alert from early November.
      If the insiders are knowledgeable, expect to see the Gold price spike ahead of the vote.
      One way or another the system is going to be tested before this year is out.
      Banksters should be very fearful for the next month or two because their fabricated world is about to cave in”.

      Few things observed:
      1) Gold price has spiked
      2) European nations are getting on the bandwagon and showing their true colours.
      3) Shorts are being burned alive.

  45. NCDirtdigger

    You can only pull demand forward for so long.

  46. Jeff L

    Swiss vote will not pass…. If it did (and it won’t) there is considerable time lapse for stalling. More than enough time and of course, the CB’s (central banks) have more pressing problems at this moment…….Whenever THE black (gold) flag comes, China and Russia will probably use the opportunity to announce their horde. The dollar will drop in one day ……… As an aside….For anyone interested read Rev chapter 18. See how many times “in one hour” is mentioned. The world rulers and merchants cringe in fear as multiple times it’s mentioned that they ” stand from afar”……….. We all know the dollar demise will reek havoc thru out the world…….. I read this many years ago but not until I began to understand what’s happening here and abroad did it jump out at me with a new meaning. Read it and tell me the description isn’t surreal.

    • Greg Hunter

      We shall see.

  47. Larry Krudlow

     Washington, DC

    Larry Kudlow @larry_kudlow
    · Nov 24
    Betchya #SecDefChuckHagel canned because he agreed w/ @Martin_Dempsey that @BarackObama fighting #ISIS w/ 2 hands tied behind his back.


    Meet me in St. Louie, Louie, in future, or past, but not present, tense!
    Want to really escape the present?

  49. Jeff L

    Silence is golden…. ” WHY HASNT THERE BEEN A COUNTER PARTY DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE ON THE BUY SIDE AT THE MOST INOPPORTUNE TIME FOR THE CABAL TO REACT……In this day and age… $20 BLN is chump change ? When time is up, specifically having the most effect. Greg is right, they would like to buy while it’s available. They would also prefer we hang ourselves. Which we are doing.

    • Silence is Golden

      They are undoubtedly achieving a means to an end. I understand that fully.
      However they are not the only players in the so called MARKET.
      My point is it wouldn’t take much to upset the status quo and bring about massive losses for those on the “SELL” side of the equation. That proposition doesn’t have to be about physical delivery…..case in point…..PAPER Sellers have driven the price down to absurd levels without the need to provide physical. Selling NAKED shorts to shift the market, triggers further selling and margin….only then allowing the sellers to buy back their positions at much lower levels. No physical required…just margin.
      China, Russia and India are taking advantage of the suppression game…with good reason.

  50. Whats it all about? Alfie

    I don’t believe this has been brought up here yet, I believe it is a fairly new discovery.

    It seems that Micheal Brown was a rapper and the things he rapped about only paints a clearer image of who Micheal Brown really was.

    Here is a link to his Soundcloud page where you can listen to 10 songs of him rapping about drugs, money, women, and shooting people.

    Michael Brown’s Soundcloud

    “Guilty of what ? The kids them dress slack and they’re branded as thug, put there cap backwards and they’re criminal”. Rioter

    In InvestigationDon Lemon Sparks Outrage With Marijuana Comment In Ferguson

    The Huffington Post | By Catherine Taibi

    Posted: 11/25/2014 8:42 am EST Updated: 11/25/2014 4:59 pm EST

    Don Lemon “whom is black, INSERTED ” really needs to start to think before he speaks on live television.

    The CNN anchor was describing the scene from outside the Ferguson police station Monday night, just moments after the announcement that police officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Speaking with Anderson Cooper, Lemon reported hearing the sounds of gunfire and seeing protesters jumping on cars.

    And then he said: “Obviously, there is the smell of marijuana in the air.”

    But to viewers at home, that wasn’t obvious at all. The comments immediately sparked backlash on Twitter:

    INSERT; Of course it wasn’t obvious, smell ah vision has not come out yet, but not at all? You could obviously see the dope smoke!


    Dr. Michael Baden, who performed the initial autopsy on Michael Brown joined Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Monday night to share the conclusions he was able to draw about how the unarmed teenager was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri last weekend. But before he got to his findings about the bullet wounds, Baden weighed in on a toxicology report that allegedly shows marijuana in Brown’s system at the time of the shooting.

    “Does the fact that they found marijuana, does that exclude the fact that there might be other drugs in his system or even that the marijuana was laced with anything?” Van Susteren asked the doctor. “Is that the final analysis or could there be more information to come in terms of the toxicology?”

    After admitting that he had not seen the toxicology report in question yet, Baden went on to speculate about what the presence of marijuana in Brown’s system could mean.

    “Very important with marijuana is the levels of the different drugs that are present in marijuana to have an opinion as to whether or not he might have been affected by the marijuana,” he said, “so that he may have been acting in a crazy way and may have done things to the police officer that normally he would not have done.”

    What neither Van Susteren nor Baden mentioned is that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, can stay in a person’s body up to 40 days after its use. So even if the medical examiner did detect the drug in Brown’s system, it does not mean he was necessarily intoxicated at the time. Not to mention the fact that marijuana is not known to be a violence-inducing drug.

    INSERT; It has now been determined it was a rather high, amount.

    Watch video, via Fox News:

    Interesting comments also.

    Sure, not violence-inducing, but it sure is confidence inducing. Which can gets you in lots of trouble! Michael Brown did not have a self esteem problem, at least what he displayed and the wacky tobaccky didn’t help.

    So whats the morale to the tragic story of our tragic way of life in the dis United States of America? Bill said he didn’t inhale, Monica said she didn’t swallow, Hillary say’s what difference does it make?

    The difference is what Abraham Lincoln said long ago. . . “You can fool the some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all the people all of the time.” The pot smokin baby boomers are in charge now and they’ve replaced the American dream with their pipe dream, legalize wacky tobaccky and you know the rest, it’s quickly turning into a nightmare, especially for the informed and somewhat self-edumacated, like Lincoln, because we know whats coming and what is coming? The end of the greatest debt bubble,”party,”in human history and were way past 1999. This is involving the whole world and possibly the end of human history, because the survivor’s if any wont be able to ever explain what happened and we’ll all be soon forgotten in the eon’s of time. . . Or,

    ◄ Psalm 2 ►

    American Standard Version
    Why Do the Nations Rage?

    1Why do the nations rage, And the peoples meditate a vain thing?

    2The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against Jehovah, and against his anointed,’saying ,

    3Let us break their bonds asunder, And cast away their cords from us.

    4He that sitteth in the heavens will laugh: The Lord will have them in derision.

    5Then will he speak unto them in his wrath, And vex them in his sore displeasure:

    6Yet I have set my king Upon my holy hill of Zion.

    7I will tell of the decree: Jehovah said unto me, Thou art my son; This day have I begotten thee.

    8Ask of me, and I will give thee the nations for thine inheritance, And the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

    9Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; Thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.

    10Now therefore be wise, O ye kings: Be instructed, ye judges of the earth.

    11Serve Jehovah with fear, And rejoice with trembling.

    12Kiss the son, lest he be angry, and ye perish in the way, For his wrath will soon be kindled. Blessed are all they that take refuge in him.

    Section Headings Courtesy INT Bible
    © 2012, Used by Permission

    He who laugh’s last, laughs the loudest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntLfaAhETDQ

  51. Mike

    I do not consider myself an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist by any means.

    However I do not consider myself a realist.

    In the past I have offered my opinion on subjects that interest me, and I do follow the belief that where there is smoke usually a fire will break out soon enough.

    On at least two occasions in the past when I was writing a rather long comment on my concerns of government actions I was exposed to events that caused me to wonder the following.
    1. Is there such things as word recognition programs that monitor the internet for people expressing opinions that may not fit into what governments want us to believe and or think…
    2.Does this monitoring allow for posts to simply disappear before ones eyes…

    My spider sense is causing me to anticipate black swan type events in the near future that will take our focus away from where it is today as we wait to see if the YES vote is allowed to occur.

    We live in what I would call transitional times.

    Be wise and be safe.

    Plan for what is coming… be it next week or next year.

  52. DiscoProJoe

    Greg and Greg must be doing something right when the *paid trolls* come out of the woodwork on YouTube to spam their comment sections. http://tinyurl.com/lwduqfh

    Anyway, I can only imagine *how much worse* the mainstream media’s propaganda and smear campaigns will get once this next big crisis breaks out. Right now would be a good time to start using a good secure VPN to surf the web (if you haven’t already), in order to bypass your country’s present or future censorship barriers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good idea DiscoProJoe. Thank you.

      • DiscoProJoe

        I’ve been using Astrill VPN ( https://www.astrill.com ) and its predecessor for more than five years, and it’s worth 10 times the price. More than 100 servers in 50 countries to toggle between while surfing the web, fast speed, secure, encrypted connection, etc. It’s awesome!

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