Charles Nenner – We Are in a Very Dangerous Period

By Greg Hunter’s 

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner called this market just 2% from the top in January.  What does he think now?  He likes gold and says he “made more money in gold than in stocks” in the past few months.  Nenner says, “We are playing the long term gold market.  We went out at $2,100 (per ounce), and the price target was $1,850 (on the downside).  We hit $1,850 a couple of days ago, so we bought back in.  We get in and out for a couple of hundred points, and it’s worthwhile.  So, the gold cycle is up for much longer.  $2,500 is the first target, and it could be we get higher targets.  I do not believe in the stock market, most of the markets we do nicely in are the gold market, silver market, crude oil market, bond market and the dollar.  It’s all very simple and normal, and the stock market is not going to end very well.”

Nenner is long the stock market now until close to the end of November.  Nenner says the rising market may be signaling a coming Trump win in November.  Nenner is not sure, but what he is very sure about is the stock market is way overvalued just like it was earlier this year.  Nenner explains, “As you know, the stock market is still very much overvalued.  One of the reasons is the ‘Buffett Indicator,’ and that is the value of the stock market compared to the value of the entire GDP, and it’s extreme.  I think it’s more extreme than the 2000 bubble.  If you want to buy low and sell high, you have to have indicators of what is low and what is high, and, for me, this is high.  This is based on the fundamentals, but on the cycles, we can try to test the highs one more time.  This is not going to end well because everybody will try to get into the market, and then the whole thing is over.”

Nenner thinks with all the unemployment and businesses going under permanently, it is not an inflationary environment, at least not yet.  Nenner says, “I still think we are going into a deflationary environment, and that still makes sense.  That is also why gold is up.  Most people don’t understand that because they always look for inflation for gold to go up.  I show them that most of the bull markets in gold are deflationary periods and not inflationary periods.  When you have deflation, there is nowhere to hide, and it’s very cheap to hold gold.  You are afraid for the financial system, and that’s why gold goes up. . . . Look what happened in real estate.  You thought you were safe in real estate.  Companies are not buying malls, and companies are not paying rent anymore, or they negotiate and they are not going to pay anymore.  So, that’s also not a safe place.  So, there is not much left.  People go into gold and store it away for the worst case scenario.  If banks don’t survive, they have the gold.”

On the war cycle and the recent peace deals in the Middle East, Nenner says, “. . . .It is all putting pressure on Iran because they are all afraid of Iran.  They are going to make a pact to resist Iran, and the more Iran feels itself in a corner, the more dangerous it gets. . . . If we can go the next three to four years without a major explosion, then we are safe, but this is a very dangerous period.  This is another reason why the DOW can go down to 5,000.  I don’t know what is going to do it, but something is going to do it.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Nenner is a Genius and you’re a Cool Dude Greg!
    JobKeeper & JobSeeker is extended until March but being tapered down.
    Fun timed ahead….NOT

  2. JC

    Nenner is always fun.
    “Dow 5000.”
    “The whole thing is gonna collapse.”

    And the band played on…

    • Her Majesty's Regent

      Yeah this guy has been predicting a deflationary collapse for donkey’s years. Someone should tell him we have central banks that expand the credit supply and inflate the markets. Luckily forecasting stops these geniuses from building bridges or something and being a danger to society.

    • JC

      REVELATION 9:17
      G.A. STEWART:
      One of the greatest signs that my timeline is correct is the opening of war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. This is included in Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III. I will provide many quotes from that book and show people its importance to the infamous Battle of Armageddon.

  3. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, you should ward your listeners that a 60% crash is imminent before the election. You see Greg, Joe Biden has a superior economic plan to rebuild our country. Trump is all smoke and mirrors. That is why a crash is necessary to prove to the American people that Trumps economic programs are a disaster and just like in the past, bankruptcy is the only thing Trump knows about. That’s all he has done. Look at how many counterparties he has stiffed over the years including the Federal government where he has stiffed the American people out of hundreds of billions of dollars. Perhaps trillions. He has also endorsed polices of embracing Russia and giving our major trading partner china the middle finger. Open your eyes Greg !!!.

    • Greg Hunter


      Trump had $41 trillion in overt and covert debt (at least) the day he walked into office. Your folks did that fraud. Trump will reorganized the country and it won’t be the way Hillary and rest of the black hearted, godless, black hole of nothingness believers want. Biden and Wallace had their asses kicked last night. This is why you have to initiate a new plan.


      • Diane

        Gotta love Gina…she is ALWAYS WRONG!!!

      • WD

        Greg, one your best responses!

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter,
        Thanks. This incarnation of Gina is more fun than “she’s” been in a long time.

      • john

        greg – i think trump was quick on his feet last night – covid, judges, transition, law/order and struck a good balance between the economy and the environment – he did a good job in my opinion.

      • K. Wayne

        I am very mindful of numbers and in particular the way history rhymes (not necessarily repeating).
        It was back in 1987 (October 19 to be precise) when the Stock Market crashed. It was termed “Black Monday”. The Dow dropped almost 23 % on that day. The logic behind such a crash was said to be related to a Tax Bill/Interest Rates – not really Economically motivated/related.
        In just over 2 weeks we find October 19 2020 again falls on a Monday. Coincidence…not really. The fact that it is “33” years since 1987 is not coincidence either. But if ever there was a time for those opposed to the current Administration and duly Elected President …then the window for creating an “Event” in the Stock Market… is certainly there….perhaps. If the numbers that make up the date 10/19/2020 mean anything , then we see the number “33” appears again. Why is that number 33 so relevant and so conspicuous ?
        The number represents many things to many people. It also happens to be associated with Freemasonry….those who worship Satan.
        The 33 rd parallel is an interesting concept and with that many connected events have occurred. For one …the 1861 Civil War had its origin in Charleston Sth. Carolina. Can anyone guess what parallel that is on?
        If you have any doubt about the presence and influence of the Masons in America…then I would invite you to inspect the reverse of the Dollar Bill. Their Symbol is there for all to witness. “Annuit Coeptis”….”Novus Ordo Seclorum” .

    • Paul ...

      Gina … Use your God given brains … what you and your Demon-rat “commies” should be asking yourselves is “who is Biden going to pick to be his “Secretary of State” … because the “True President of the USA” is always a CIA man (that the Shadow Government picks) to really run things in our country (it’s been this way since the CIA killed JFK)!!

      • K. Wayne

        Nice Paul. You’re on target there…..except with the CIA stuff about JFK.
        All Americans and the rest of the Globe would be shocked if they knew.
        You are so close to the truth …knowing what you know about the involvement of the “Shadow Government”….. for me to now only suggest to you keep pursuing it. I have alluded to this very fact numerous times…and have been ridiculed and come under attack for it. I do roll with the punches (as some would say).
        Words of advice (if I may) …Do not make statements without knowing the FACTS first. You have been lied to like everyone else. That is encouragement…not to be seen as derogatory/disparaging. I do admire your intelligence and fortitude. Please persist. Once you have the key…it will unlock many closed doors.
        I am desperately trying not to come across as being flippant nor pompous. That is not my character. There are limitations on what I am willing to divulge.

        • Freebrezer

          K.W. I would be interested in your take via JFK? Mine is LBJ in cohorts with the A. Dulles …

          • K. Wayne

            Joseph Kennedy was an interesting man…..who wielded an extraordinary amount of influence.
            The Zapruder Film was “unique” in many different aspects.
            Dealey Plaza is on the 33 rd Parallel.
            From there you will have to Connect the dots…without knowing what you already know.

    • Paul ...

      Gina … Here is “another Gina” who would make a very good Secretary of State for Joe Biden (considering Biden is prejudiced toward women)!! …

      • Bonnie Grafeinger

        Pablo, Evidence destruction was one the main purposes of the Mueller “investigation” Just ask Andy Unwisewoman! One day he’s going to swipe his own Mockingbird brain.

    • Illya Nickovitch Kuryakin

      Gina, One of your buddies?
      Navalny is working for CIA: Kremlin makes explosive allegation after Fake-Poisoning
      “Probably, it is not the patient [Navalny] who works for the Western special services, but that the Western intelligence services who work with him” – Peskov
      By Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio -October 1, 20206221

      • K. Wayne

        That’s a FICTIOUS NAME (Mr Man From UNCLE)….just like you. Move on spook.

    • Mike R

      Well Gina, the market WOULD CRASH 60%, if Biden won. And it would be starting the day/night the votes are all finally tallied, but that wont be anywhere near election day.

      But Trump is gonna win, and markets will rally some more, especially when his team starts the prosecutions, of the sealed indictments, most of the 10,000 of which are demoncrats. Your little ‘boys and girls’ of your rotten left wing radical party.

      Trump is waiting for after the election to prosecute, since he will have full power and no obstruction from Dems, as the GOP is taking both the Senate and the House this election. Additionally, he will have the SC stacked with enough conservatives to help support his plans. So many many many great things will happen in the next 4 years under a Trump Presidency.

      I’ll bet you just can’t wait until you see Amy in the SC seat, vacated by RBG.

      From one very person who was ugly inside and out (RBG), to another who is beautiful inside and out. (ACB)

      I mean its REALLY hard to get much uglier than RBG was, her being integral in the SC decision that was responsible for the death of tens of millions of aborted children, never mind the pivotal role RBG played in the ongoing destruction of Federalism generally. Her social activism was nothing short of incredibly unethical, and basically warped whatever she interpreted into being essentially unconstitutional. Just like Roberts did in cahoots with Obama on the highly illegal and unconstitutional ACA. (which will be torn up post 12/20 when Trump gets underway in his 2nd term.)

      ACB on the otherhand, will hopefully help to save tens of millions of babies going forward…several of which could be the very geniuses our country needs a couple decades from now, to help save its existence from being destroyed by your party, the Demoncrats.

  4. roger stamper

    tks for post

  5. Paul ...

    This chart shows market capitalization compared to GDP … definitely at an extreme … … a 40% to 50% correction can occur at any time … Nenner says the final top will be in late November 2020!!

    • Paul ...

      Did anyone notice anything about the above chart??? … remember the powerful gold rally we had beginning in 2000 when this Buffet index fell? … remember the powerful gold rally we had beginning in 2009 when this Buffet index fell?? … has anyone (except for Stan) thought about what Buffet is doing right now??? … he is buying Gold stocks folks!!! … and Silver will follow Gold with greater percentage gains!!!

      • K. Wayne

        There is another side to the Warren Buffet “Barrick Gold Play” that no one else is talking about…..which makes a lot more sense than Berkshire changing its investment agenda. Off-loading the Banks could be the key ….!!!

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Nenner,like any good doctor,Dr Nenner tell us what we don’t want to hear but it will save you.I just love Nenner’s directness and his clarity,even though Mr Hunter does his best to corner Nenner and drag an absolute answer from him,Nenner has learned not to be trapped to fortune by this country boy Mr Hunter.Good and invaluable interview.
    Here in “cull chain pox UK,our beloved leader BoJo desperate for money and determined to out do his former PM,Mrs T May,who was eyes deep in corruption(with Deutsche Bank and PJ Morgan and the gold market in Qatar)only this time with big pharma who seem to be subsidiaries of Bill Gates and his gene bubble.We are no longer families here in the UK but bubbles.The odium of MPs that pepper our lives here is laid bare daily,indeed it will become necessary to unleash a whoop of hangmen.Still the whoops of Stasi that roam our streets is quite eye catching and worrisome.Whilst the whoop of inept deride us oldies for daring to work the murder rates escalates and the hacking of banks goes unexplored.Why Prof.Horby was able to murder 38 patients with impunity so in awe are the whoop of his intellect.Now he is advocating vaccine from his former bosses as the only way whilst holding shares in that company.See the UK does corruption so much better than elsewhere!
    The plebs are seething but unwilling so far to tackle the gang of collaborators we are in need of less confab of doctors and more a conflagration of arsonists,the latter seems likely.

    • Paul ...

      Maria … It’s a worldwide problem we all need to work together to solve “by exposing the evil demons” for all the sheep to finally shake their heads “and see” who is sheering them!!

  7. Joe Lalonde

    I see the biggest crash in human history is when the internet goes down permanently.
    Much of our society has switch over to be dependent on an aged system and too many things are now a problem such as space junk for satellites, older equipment, incompatible equipment, poor quality components failing, fires, quakes, and greed and corruption in the system.

    • Paul ...

      Joe … When the internet goes down permanently … crypto fiat will become non-existent … unlike physical metals in your possession like gold and silver … even “base metal” copper, zinc and nickel coins will have some value if the internet goes down (and people are currently beginning to hoard these base metal coins “creating a shortage”)!!

  8. Jerry

    It’s all coming together this month in October. Back in April Elon Musk said he would have the Starlink system beta tested in three months, followed by public transmissions three months after that.

    I just love when a term is self descriptive. Starlink. How appropriate. Using 5G to link us with the stars. It’s more like a cloud according to the patent Microsoft filed for back in March. It’s all coming together. Warp speed biometric injections. Cryptocurrency linkage with a cloud. And of course Starlink. The only thing missing is you. Buckle up. October surprise is on the menu.

    • JC


      Bill Gates has a plan. But as Mike Tyson once said, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

      Bill Gates:
      West Must Finance Global Vaccine Distribution Network If It Wants To Defeat COVID-19

      “Vaccines are the only answer, Gates says, and vaccines won’t work unless everybody around the world is vaccinated…”

      • Mike R

        Gates is a diabolical narcissist, quite capable of enabling the killing off half the planet’s population, having no morals or conscience whatsoever. A ‘vaccine’ could be the ‘cover’ to easily accomplish that. Just one look at the side effects of one of the early vaccines, tells you all you need to know…

        And these vaccine ‘side-effects’ are just the ‘warm up’ and pre-cursor to something far more sinister. They are slowly brainwashing the public into acceptance of what will be a far more deadlier outcome, than Covid-19 itself.

        One can only hope and pray that monster is on the list of the 10,000 sealed federal indictments now in AG Barr’s hands.

    • Jerry

      Do you want more proof? Fact check this.

      Do you remember the patent that Microsoft filed for back in March of this year? Biometric linkage to a cloud via injections. It’s all coming together. But guess what? It’s no secret. Last night I had Alexa define what Event 201 was, just for kicks. Try it. You’ll have AI informing you of a simulation covid19 exercise put on by the Gates foundation. When? That’s right. October of 2019. And guess who was there? Johnson and Johnson. Who’s that? The ones that will be helping you roll up your sleeve. Buckle up friends. Like we say in the Ozarks. It’s nutt cuttin time.

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … Sky-Net and computer/robotic control over the human mind is well underway made easier by the vaccines immoral criminals working for Big Pharma are giving to our children … to give them autism (so they can’t focus their minds or resist Deep State computer commands)!!

  9. A Jones

    I see things in a different light in-regard to the future. I agree with everything this guest said in the context of the existing economic paradigm. Things do not look so good in that context. The new evolving economic paradigm will be different. A whole new world is evolving. Here is how I see it: A new internet system, one of which is the Musk Starlink space-based internet system with remarkably high speeds designed for rural areas will change the World in ways you cannot imagine. All the small businesspeople put out of work by the virus represent pent up demand for new ventures. They are the productive middle class. To illustrate where we are headed, an example I see every day in my own family is my daughter and two grandchildren. My daughter works in the medical field and travels around the state visiting medical doctors. One of my grandchildren is a senior in HS and the other a freshman in college. As you can imagine when schools and offices closed their doors things started happening. No school, no doctor visits. When I was working, I had to take continuing education classes online and I was totally sold on that method. My kids did not agree at the time. First, my daughter had to start doing virtual visits with doctors online and her life totally changed. After one visit online she said I use to have to drive 200 miles to do what I just did. Grandson was accepted to several colleges but decided to live at home and school online. He lives at home and life is normal while getting a better education at a $25,000 per year discount. My granddaughter is a HS senior and did not like the online idea. She is #1 in her class taking three advanced classes. She is breezing through her work and meets with three of her friends and tutors them in a study group. She misses the social contact being a senior, but the education is far superior for her.
    The space-based internet system is for rural areas and is global in scope with service superior to urban areas. This will kill big cities. The population of productive people will be dispersed out in the rural areas and the cities will be just what you are seeing on the news every night. Everything I purchase is online and my wife said yesterday she is going to start buying groceries online. Imagine what this will do to commercial real estate, colleges, transportation, medical practices, infrastructure etc. The new paradigm will negate inflation if the demand diminishes under the old paradigm and the excess funds are invested in productivity increases under the new paradigm. Its down with the old and up with the new. Driving this shift is the anarchy in the big cities.

    • William Stanley

      I enjoyed your post.

    • Charles H

      “Its down with the old and up with the new.”?!? Pave Paradise and put up a parking lot.

  10. Chuck

    This guy is the biggest flake in a blizzard. Only 2 more years of gold appreciation when the fed is going to go nuclear with the printing press? He is giving advice on gold but owns no physical and doesn’t even know what the premiums are. I think his so called computer model is just a magic 8 ball.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nenner is right about the deflation coming. That is a lock. He did say he could have higher price targets for gold.

      • notyourpatsy

        Personally, I put my money on what Mr Jim Sinclair has to say over Nenner. Because Nenner never owned Physical (afaik) and is ‘playing the Pm’s by etf’ which hurts owners of Physical as we have all known.

        JPM is in deep doo doo because of their PM manipulations over the course of the last 25 years. But, maybe not, because JPM is THE Bank of record for the US(Corp)’Federal’ (in name only) government. Look on any credit card issued to ‘EBT holders’.

        • Greg Hunter

          Both smart guys!!

      • K. Wayne

        I have said that we will face a Deflationary Depression since last year (refer to my comments)….and again I have repeated it several times this year. So I agree with Nenner on that topic.
        On Gold… doesn’t favor either Inflation nor Deflation …it appreciates during both economic periods. Gold moves (appreciates) on two key elements : 1) The USD cycle Weakness, 2) Real Interest Rates.
        On the Stock Market…Nenner mentions its overvalued. Again here he is using the standard metrics of Price/Earnings and also other “fundamentals” and even the USD as the price methodology . As we know the Stock Market isn’t a free market. It is now controlled by the CB/PPT/ESF. There are ZERO FUNDMENTALS to gauge its level. The only true measure one can apply is to test its price in Gold ounces.
        The DOW at present can be purchased with 15 ozs Gold.
        As far back as 2000 ….the DOW could be acquired with 38 ozs Gold.
        In 2003 The Dow represented 22 ozs Gold.
        In Sept 2007 17.5 ozs Gold bought the index.
        In 2015 the DOW could be bought for 15 ozs Gold.
        For 2018 17.5 ozs would buy the index.
        The performance of the Stock Market, when measured against Gold, in fact is quite poor. It is very telling….so far as indicating that although the price might be high (based on an Inflated Dollar base)…it is in fact doing the exact opposite when measured in real money.
        Everything needs perspective. Gold does the job in spades.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        By “deflation”, I take it you mean asset deflation, right ? No deflation observable in essentials such as health care services or health insurance, just annual single digit premium increases (+ 6.5%). Everything goes up, not down. (CPI propaganda from Uganda?).

        • Greg Hunter

          I have long said we will have inflation and deflation at the same time. Look at the jobs being lost and leases being defaulted on and stores closing. All deflation and capital destruction.

    • Paul ...

      Chuck … have no fear … after two years of deflation that drives Gold prices to only $2500 (according to Nenner) … we will then have five years of hyper-inflation that drives Gold to $50,000 dollars per ounce (likely by the year 2027)!! … why do I say 2027? … only because it is a year containing the number 7 (which for some reason seems to have a lot of significance to many people)!!

      • K. Wayne

        Earlier this year I said that the effects of this Virus wouldn’t be resolved until well into 2022. I am revisiting that forecast and now suggest that we have potentially until the middle of the next decade for this episode in history (economic disaster)…to work its magic.
        The Marxists …through their planned destruction of Private Business…… in order to bring forth a Socialist/Fascist world…..will not stop until they have their ultimate prize. I have been warning about this for years. Centralization is the key theme…. and with that…. Democracy will be defeated and sent to the garbage….. as will any Religion that does not support Lucifer.

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t give up K!! “Fear Not”!!

  11. Doug

    Not sure what is going to happen with the Election (Veritas has a video of a guy in Minniapolis with a car load of ballots bragging about it), but the whole Virus BS is getting old. There are so many video’s that have been taken down by You-tube or Facebook, with doctors (actual ones with patients) taking about how low the death rate is and the false positives etc.. HCQ, zinc etc. being a cure and the MSM completely ignoring or suppressing it. The vast majority have probably already had this. The “MASKS” are just an experiment to see how many will blindly follow orders. Luckily more and more people are waking up to the fact this is about a FORCED VACCINATION (what is in it??) and are protesting all over the world. Florida Governor is doing the right thing and opening up his state before he goes bankrupt.
    I hate to say it but your country is a mess, with all the “Peaceful Protesting” burning down black neighborhoods and the draconian Mask and lockdown rules. The Democrats WILL NOT cede the Election PERIOD. There will be all out WAR in the streets, even if TRUMP has more ballots on the night of the Election. The media is talking about weeks after still counting mail in ballots. NEVER BEFORE IN YOUR COUNTRIES HISTORY HAS THIS HAPPENED. This is an all out fight….good vs evil and the EVIL ones have the Media on their side and are pushing as hard as they can. The GOOD side had better start pushing back or your country is going to burn to the ground and if the SOCIALIST/MARXISTS win, you and your channel are DONE. This had better be the biggest turn out of Voters EVER or the Democrats WILL STEAL the election. Ballot harvesting IS REAL and its coming to a neighborhood near you. GOOD LUCK. THE WORLD IS PRAYING FOR YOU (because were the US goes, the rest of the world will follow).

    • B.S. T. Buster Bob

      Doug, you got a point. If the US. goes down the drain, we all go. Maybe all us English speaking die- hard’s, can move to Siberia with Alan Star and with Putin’s permission, start a United States of Russia! We can keep the experiment going. Trump will be our George Washington. I wont take long. We will soon be able to buy Alaska from the starving socialist’s, whom have run out of other peoples money and work our way south. When we finally get back Florida. As a gift of appreciation.. We can restore Mara Lago back to the Trump family.
      The first thing we do after purchasing Washington D.C. is deport A.O.C. and the squad back to Siberia, where they can have they’re pair of dice. Craps anyone?

  12. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Fantastic interview Mr. Nenner. You and I almost always agree about the war cycle. Here is my own “but”, this war cycle is different, it will end the Spring of 2023 but the next cycle will begin in Spring of 2023 and it is related but vastly different. There is no one talking about the next cycle with the possible exception of Catherine Austin Fitts and Corrie Tenpenny. The Slavery Cycle is coming to America at some point passed the Spring of 2023. The reason no one is talking about it is the lack of understanding about Biblical Cycles.
    Fantastic interview, both of you.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks CC. No doubt all paths lead to war in the future.

    • Rachel

      Hi CC. Interesting idea although I thought AI would replace the need for slaves.

    • Paul ...

      CC … Psychopaths will always lead us to war (they have no empathy for people and like the mafia will kill to make money) … it is up to us to find a way to put these psychopaths in prison … we will know we are finally getting some place when Hillary is locked up and Trump does not appoint a “CIA man or woman” as his Secretary of State!!

      • Country Codger

        Shalom Paul,
        I volunteered to go to Viet Nam as a linguist because I thought we were doing what was right. It didn’t take long after I got there to realize it was BS. I was trained in Vietnamese history and tactics and when i realized that America always invented the next enemy((or Boogeyman)) it mad me sick. I then went 4 years into the Middle East and realized that the play book was the same. When the enemy comes across the Rio Grande or lands on the West Coast or East Coast or comes across the 48th parallel then we fight. Until then, screw ’em.

        • Self Exiled

          Like he surmised in the movie Platoon and I forgot who he quoted ”We have met the enemy and he is us.”

  13. Everett Neal

    Guest suggestion: R. Henry Migliore: [email protected], to discuss the Kondratieff wave.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Everett!

  14. Russ F

    From a zero hedge article….
    Will this really happen?

    “My guess is that this October, the Trump administration is going to release one piece of evidence after another showing that the Democrat party, from Hillary to Obama, and from the FBI to the CIA to the DOJ, and everywhere in between, engaged in a massive, seditious conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2016 election. Indeed, the information cascade has already begun with the release of DNI John Ratcliffe’s letter about Hillary’s conceiving of the Russia hoax.”

    • Self Exiled

      My hope is there is a blitzscreed of legal action so thorough and complete that the election counting will be the least of their worries.

  15. Greenfield Aaron J.

    It’s 90 Minutes I Will Never Get Back
    Dave Hodges Common Sense Show
    5,094 views•Streamed live 3 hours ago

    Trump was debating Wallace and Biden. It wasn’t a total dumpster fire. Trump did say Biden called him xenophobic in February for shutting down flights from China and Europe. Too bad Dave you weren’t listening.
    Chris Wallace debated Trump much more than Biden!
    I thought the best one-liner was when president Trump told Chris Wallace: “I don’t know whom I’m debating, you or him”.
    Synonyms: blunder, mistake, error, indiscretion
    Watch CNN’s exclusive interview with Jill Biden just ahead of this first presidential debate 450,870 views•Sep 27, 2020
    You can cut to the chase at the 8:50 mark. . . ..

    So some of the comfortable and polite, think Donald Trump was offensive and couldn’t control his mouth. Norah O’Donnell of CBS NEW’S, covering the debate. Thought Trump a Bully, after encouragement from Gayle King. Yet her co-host John Dickerson inadvertently reveled the Trumpster’s strategy. Trump steamed rolled both Biden and Wallace by getting across China, the Lockdown, Hunter Biden and the 3 million from Moscow to Hillary. Despite Chris Wallace! Trump got across to 17%s American people whom are informed. John Dickerson noted that in amazement! More informed Americans, the winners and still champion!
    Check it out, at the 2:25:45 mark.
    Plus Donald trump Jr. got to go over it in more detail despite Gayle King! 2:13:11 mark. Check it out or watch the whole thing, poor losers!
    They treated Trump like poop for 4 years and now they can’t take the truth. That they were set up by China, George Soros, Mike Morell, Hillary and Obama. With it NOW, the truth staring at them in the face. Get used to it, because you can’t fool the people all the time, SEE👀B.S.
    Hunter Biden Took $3.5 Million From Ex-Moscow Mayor’s Wife
    September 23, 2020 By Tristan Justice
    TUE, SEP 29, 2020 | BY HUGH HEWITT

  16. Philip Lienert

    How did Nenner get out of gold at $2,100 when gold only got up to $2,072 max? Not only did he claim his timing was perfect on everything, but then he kind of disproves it with his $2,100 claim.

  17. Self Exiled

    If this bubble burst/bonds crash Nenner will have his dow 5000.

  18. Self Exiled

    ”Twitter was flooded with calls for Rogan to step in and moderate the next debate.”

    “since the entire debate process is firmly controlled by pro-Biden mainstream media networks in order to manipulate public perception”

  19. Self Exiled

    “AI is part of another great ‘industrial revolution’ that with robotics, represents a threat to the human race like it has never before been seen in history, not because these tools are in themselves ‘bad’, but because the potential evil which they can be used for is almost beyond comprehension,” no matter what man touches it turns to evil in some form or another and we don’t believe in original sin, it’s an out dated concept.

    • Self Exiled

      If you can not identify with your own sexuality [confused baseline identity]; then who can you identify with? Nobody I suspect.

  20. notyourpatsy

    SelfExiled, You previously brought up ‘Who is this Jared Kushner?’ in one of your posts. Let me give you some insight….I used to go to local Town Council meetings, Monmouth County, NJ, and would often sit right next to Jared. We would exchange Hello’s, and sometimes discuss some of the matters coming before the Council/Board. Since I did not ‘run in his circle of business (real estate development) I never got to know him personally. He always presented himself well and was well spoken when presenting matters before the Council/Board. The thing is he was never as ‘polished’ as he appears on tv interviews now. He was kind of a ‘small potatoes guy’ in the scheme of things around these parts, doing his father’s bidding on redevelopment projects. Often he’d have to present these multiple times to get it passed. This area is an enclave of Wall St types and REALLY Old Money types. One of the most affluent zipcodes in AMERICA is here. Look up ‘Deal, NJ’, that’s THE jewish 1%er enclave you were wondering about…that group pulls LOTS of strings in this State, and all the way to WDC IMO. I never saw Ivanka and could have put two and two together had I seen her, knowing she was President Trump’s daughter. The two of them are direct opposites IMO. I am guessing that Jared’s father may have had prior dealings with The Donald, and hence encouraged Jared to date/ marry his daughter for ‘future connections’. Lo and behold now Jared’s father has his WDC connection! Look into Jared’s father and you’ll find some interesting connections.

    Let’s all hope that President Trump is’nt like ‘Absalom’…..’pretending to love the people and display an interest in their welfare in order to decieve them.’ 2 Samuel ch15:6 Sometimes things President Trump says ‘off the cuff’ have me take a step back and note that for future reference. I’m saying this as someone who has met President Trump twice, once in the late 1980’s and again in the late 1990’s by happenstance. both times he came across as a genuine person of decent character IMO. I have met him only once since he’s gone to WDC , which was the last time he came to NJ and ate dinner at a reknown resturant only 1 mile from my house.

    …..ut oh, I think I here knocking on my front door! Got to run!

    • Self Exiled

      LOL If you need to run far you can come here. It won’t be what your use too but it is survivable and in time there is a sort of peace to it all. I have questions but I too will lay low for awhile, I’m reachable here also. There are nefarious groups plus individuals who are for hire. As they might say in your neighborhood or nearby; Shalom.
      also ”Keep your eye on the skyline.”

  21. J in Europe

    Hi Greg
    Charles did predict a few correct historical changes in the stock market. However during his last interview with you, he was absolutely adamant that the high in the S&P was the 26tb June and he gave the precise figure. Charles was wrong as the S&P kept rising after that date. There was no drop as predicted. I hate saying negative things, but people need to be careful when predicting precise future events. Another guest was adamant about future interest rate rises that didn’t happen. I really respect your guests but given the feds ability to change course, stock market changes are really unpredictable. I would suggest that the current FANGS Stocks won’t stay high forever. Apart from that, anything is possible. Keep up the great work. J in Europe

  22. DJW

    Charles Nenner is a brilliant analyst with an incredible track record and yet, as with so many brilliant people in this crazy time, he is clueless.
    At this point, anyone who does not recognize that Covid is a fraud and the most heinous social engineering event in human history, is utterly lost.
    It is not the dollar or the economy at stake here, it is your soul.
    It is not ineptitude at play, it is evil.
    The psychological operation being facilitated by our officials and the mainstream media seeks to destroy human sovereignty if not humanity itself.
    America is a rudderless ship. Trump validates Covid and touts operation “warp speed”.
    These vaccines will permanently alter you DNA – to what end – enslavement, death?
    How many mysterious explosions and fires at granaries around the world will it take for people to stop talking about the economy in terms of financial gain and start talking about it in terms of human survival?
    How many more millions of animals need to be slaughtered and wasted, how many millions of tons of produce left to rot in fields before people realize war has been declared on humanity?
    I will be very surprised if we make it through the fall without a major event being used to facilitate the consolidation of global control.
    And even if that event is as ‘otherworldly’ as an asteroid, it will all be smoke and mirrors(except for the death and destruction)and will have been caused by the same evil ones behind the Covid scam.

  23. Stan

    Textbook multi-year double top on Gold. Charts don’t lie.

  24. Lore

    What good are precious metals going to be when banks are shuttered, grocery shelves are empty, shortages of essentials are spreading, people are going hungry, and nobody has enough of any given product or service to be able to accept coins and bars at distorted prices? People need clearer perspective on what’s going to happen to GROCERIES and the COST OF LIVING.

  25. Sam Binghamton

    Sen Johnson on Hunter Biden report: I think we’ve caught Biden in a lie
    1,824,349 views•Sep 24, 2020
    Watching THIS debate was like nobody knows who’s, the imposter.
    MMMMM, Chris Wal lice?
    Let this moment RADICALIZE YOU, “a.o.c.” ……LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Congratulations on the prominent and prompt placement on ZeroHedge of your summary of and interview with Dr. Nenner!

  27. Craig Henderson

    Hello Greg,

    Yes, another great interview with a financial genius, Dr. Charles Nenner. Although, not all will understand, the why, his interpretation of cycles is remarkable. Congratulations, on having him and other economic experts on your channel. We love your effort and work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Craig!

  28. H. Craig Bradley


    Mr. Nenner can not reliably predict when the next bear market will ensue for stocks. His forecasts are too “fuzzy” ( not warm, however). Nobody can precisely time a market change anyway. I recall the same prediction of how it will end (badly) in a conversation with former Business Correspondent Al Lewis with the Denver Post back in 2005. His words back then sounded just like Mr. Nenner’s today: ” We all know it will end badly, we just hope it does not end soon”.

    America has lost touch with reality and is living in a kind of JAPANESE “Floating World”. Just like Cathryn Austin Fitts said a while ago, individual investors are being played by the money men and political insiders. In the process, many are being hurt (reduced) and if the markets collapse, many more will suffer great hardships ( starvation and hunger) if they survive it at all. All the mass layoffs are starting to make headlines. Political deadlock between Republicans and Democrats is denying thousands of newly laid-off workers any additional financial assistance.

    We are looking at a Global Depression in 2021-2022, according to Gerald Celente. The U.S. Senate is trying to hold-out. In response, I suspect impatient voters are going to vote for the Democrats in the Senate and make them the Majority Party. The conservative fiscal hold-outs may be sent a-packing in Nov. “The People” or most of them want the Government to “do something”. Modern Monetary Theory is the dominant spending trend in the Federal Government today. The conservatives in-office who won’t get onboard are going to be swept away.

  29. Heinrich

    According to Bo Polny the new financial era begins….TODAY !
    Gold is up USD2.20 and silver USD0.03. What a big deal !
    Polny said gold would rise into September and reach a new ATH.
    Instead it dropped from USD2077 to USD1848.
    I am sure Polny can explain. Subscribe his „exclusive gold turn dates“ for only USD499 per month !

  30. Hollie Ground

    Trump speaks to press after first debate with Biden
    240,186 views•Sep 30, 2020

  31. Felix Lietner

    LIVE: President Trump Rally | Duluth, Minnesota | 9pm Eastern
    1,558 waiting•Scheduled for Sep 30, 2020

  32. Bonnie Grainger

    TODAY’S BROADCAST Wed, Sep 30, 2020
    Trump won the debate on substance, Biden on style because he didn’t melt down.
    Trump let Biden slide when Biden falsely claimed the president said they were “very fine people on both sides” in Charlottesville.
    Debate moderator, Chris Wallace, became part of the story because of his frequent interruptions and his chastising of President Trump
    Neither Biden, Kamala Harris nor senator Mazie Hirono would answer whether they intend to pack the supreme Court
    Joe Biden, despite what his website says, claimed he does not support the “green new deal
    Biden claimed Kellyanne Conway asserted that riots help Trump – – Conway gives blistering response.
    Rep. Scalise: “Somebody clearly broke the law to leak’ Trump’s tax history–democrats couldn’t care less about the lawbreaking
    AOC says it’s a given that “white supremacy” exists in policing
    A Telemundo poll of viewers found Trump winning by a 2 to 1 margin
    Sharpton Owes $5M in Unpaid Taxes, Shamelessly Attacks Trump

  33. Bonnie Grainger

    Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Event in Duluth, MN 9/30/20 LIVE NOW!

  34. B.S. T. Buster Bob

    They Will Pack The Supreme Court If You Let Em

  35. Kay Beeswax

    Trump holds ‘Great American Comeback’ event following first debate
    184,670 views•Streamed live 80 minutes ago
    Trump On A Roll
    Dramatic AIR FORCE ONE 747entrance
    Duluth Minnesota, Iron Range. The fringes of Canadian Cold Country, BRRRR!

  36. Garry

    Will be interesting to see what happens before year end, in my opinion better to keep lower expectations regarding Gold & Silver prices.. Being wrong is welcomed in this case. I’m at the point where driving past a bank I start grinding my teeth…

    Vote, Vote, Vote; Trump needs a decisive win so there is no question who won. Its so clear of what is going on globally…

    From Canada….

  37. Self Exiled

    My potato eating Irish friend who’s grandfather drove all the apes out of Ireland who calls me his little buddy because I’m shorter than him who I remember the day he was born because I was 7 years old who is now 63 [gotta catch my breath] claims we [him and I] have eliminated all prejudice between the two of use. It’s easy he claimed, but nobody seems to listen to us because we do not have a TV news show, the secret he claims is to hate everybody equally. I know he’s not a democrat, altho it sounds like their doctrine of unprejudiced violence. His father was republican who claimed that my friend, his son did not use time, that was something other people used. When ever my pickup broke down and I called him he would come over the hill with his pickup and a log chain. I think this political theater is confusing me as when I just listen to him it all made sense. As my friend says only old people watch the news. I didn’t think there ever were any apes in Ireland but if I said that he would say , Yha my grandfather drove them out. When the term politically correct was introduced my California wifes politically correct friends [ she had lady friends only due to women’s liberation thinking] who use to come to the midwest to enlighten us, would sit across the room and admire this bearded wonder who sat silently for an hour or so: but then out of curiosity they would ask a question. My wife and I would look at each other and go silent as we knew the the hunted had stepped into the trap of their own thinking and we watched and enjoyed. Needless to say her friends never returned t0 enlighten us politically incorrect unenlightened poor souls.

    • Self Exiled

      And the moral of the story is::::::

      Charles Nenner – We Are in a Very Dangerous Period.

  38. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Always entertaining (and informative) to watch Greg Hunter vs Charles Nenner. You always ask ‘WHY’ and he only ever answers ‘WHEN’. To paraphrase CN, “I don’t know why, I only know when. When it happens, people will say why they think it happened. Who knows? I only know when.” Brilliant!

    SARS-CoV-2: I belatedly read a comment relating to WNW450 from ‘Freebrezer’. He or she posted a link to a superb video analysis of the covid impact data. It’s surely worth a re-post for those who missed it.

  39. Christian

    Hey Greg,

    Here’s the why. You should really interview Steven Van Metre

  40. AndrewB

    And now for something completely different. A tongue-in-cheek commentary on coronavirus in the U.K. ( John Bishop is a hugely successful comedian who has sold out stadiums) Enjoy.

  41. Self Exiled

    Color revolutions are from the CIA. A must listen to. Lays it on the line. Needs to be posted again. Clarification A+!

  42. Self Exiled

    Appears Chris Wallace lost the Presidential debate to Trump. Mmmmm

  43. Paul ...

    Murder 101 … The Deep State Shadow Government that really runs the US since JFK was shot dead with a bullet to the head (is now headed by CIA Pompeo “who is really our Shadow President”) … is now setting “the stage for the murder of Assange” … remember how last week the Deep State had a psychiatrist testify as to Assange’s “depressed and suicidal state” … now they intend to send Assange to a high security prison “the new US Alcatraz” where he will be placed in solitary confinement 24/7 … this way they can say “given the extreme pressures and conditions in solitary confinement Assange committed suicide (just like Jeffery Epstein)” … the Deep State’s psychiatrist (Professor Michael Kopelman) has already warned the public (as part of the CIA’s mind control techniques) that they will kill Assange (even before he gets to “Alcatraz”) stating: “the risk of suicide (normally) arises out of clinical factors” … but … in Assange’s case “it is the imminence of extradition and or an actual extradition that would trigger (Assanges’s) attempt to kill himself in my opinion”!!! …

  44. al

    If we got through a total BS lockdown due to the Sweet and Sour Sniffles, we can get through a war because the money printing will not stop! Helicopter money will not stop! That money finds itself in to higher stock prices. It’s designed in the system.
    I have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Nenner, the market will keep rising… just look at Venezuela.

    As for deflation, we’re experiencing it now but the trend is towards inflation.
    Unemployment insurance extension, stimulus checks, PPP, UBI call it what you want, it’s Helicopter Money. Once this money circulates you will see an inflationary spike much like the one I experienced in the past few Months.

    I believe it was the $600/wk UI extension and stimulus check that sparked a buying craze in to the automobile industry. No, not new cars, but good used cars. I was looking to replace my car as it has served me well since 2002. I sold it .. QUICKLY! In less than one day! That raised a few eyebrows.
    Then came the sticker shock of replacing the car, so I was forced to wait the spike out and bought as it was going down. I did land a late model used vehicle for a reasonable price but it took scouring the Internet several weeks.

    Greg is spot on when it comes to preparing. Gold/Silver are fine, however, if you know that in the near future you’re going to need a big ticket item like a stove, refrigerator, car, etc… GET IT NOW! DON’T WAIT FOR IT TO BREAK NEXT YEAR! Wages, including UBI, always lag inflation.

    Good interview Greg. Charles knows the Middle East well, it’s always great to hear his take on what’s going on there.

  45. Paul ...

    Hey JC … throw out all your Superman comic books … they are false … the true Clark Kent is not a news paper reporter but a medic!! …

  46. Gale Storm

    How can Mr. Comey disagree with the facts of the case, when he claims he remembers nothing and wasn’t required to know and it was his own investigation. Political motivation and feeling, there was no chance of anything coming to light. Caught in the perfect crime. No self awareness at all? Trying to pin the donkey on the president. The excuse was the president wanted peace with Russia and Hillary. Who has Comey by the, you know whats. Would rather start more war with Russia, to cover up her ill gotten gains and orchestration of the collusion hoax. Two prig’s, caught like rat’s in a trap clapper. If Comey ever told the truth he would be admitting to perjury and risking Arkanicid. His lawyer told him to play brain dead, rather than wind up a dead. Better a scape goat, than a competent and honest, dead dog! Eh?
    He lied to a FISA court, he must be a lawyer too! He just don’t recall. Signed off on a certification of false information. You certified it, but knew nothing of what was in it. What the,”#%@$!”

    There was no surveillance, honest and delusional

    17 omission mistakes, making America great again!

  47. Paul ...

    It should be clearly obvious to all (not just Nenner) that war is on the horizon … the current surreal case against Assange is a CIA Deep State covert operation “to get Assange” for him exposing their “continual war operations in the Middle East” … the Deep State CIA is likely saying to itself “because of that damn Assange it has has now forced upon us the additional burden to put together an Arab/Israeli Alliance against Iran (the so called “Peace Process”) so as to more easily bring the US into War against Iran (not just to help Israel … but to help our Arab allies) … notice the Space Force has already been deployed to the Middle East!! …

  48. Paul ...

    New “Space Force” fighters will likely be able to out maneuver attack by Russian S400 anti-aircraft missiles (and thus make an attack on Iran more possible) … question is … will Russia now up the ante and give Iran the S500 (or an S600) to try and prevent the CIA Shadow Government from attacking???

  49. Paul ...

    “WHO” would put their children through this … uncontrollable shaking, severe migraines and high fever … or worse (like the possibility of 700,000 deaths) … just so Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and the global health-care establishment can make a lot of money … and the immoral compromised main street media will try to convince as many people as possible to agree to take a COVID-19 vaccine (because they depend upon Big Pharma advertising dollars)!! …

  50. Paul ...

    What happens when things crash … and the markets are shut down … so you can’t get out … until you loss everything?? … solution … have some physical gold and silver “outside the system”!! …

  51. Gina Moorehouse

    The Fix Is In
    8,240 views•Streamed live 16 hours ago

    ‘We are at a frightening moment in history’ with communist China: Bolt
    2,916 views• Oct 1, 2020

    ‘It might be unfashionable to say so’ but President Trump ‘is the hope of the side’
    4,390 views• Oct 1, 2020

    Chris Wallace’s Performance As Moderator
    4,455 views•Streamed live 16 hours ago

    More Debate Deception From Chris Wallace
    5,283 views•Streamed live 15 hours ago

    Joe Biden came close to ‘losing his cool’ in first debate
    332,392 views• Sep 30, 2020

    ISIS vow to ‘infiltrate the US’ through immigration
    14,237 views• Sep 26, 2020

    Rep Nunes reacts to report Clinton allegedly approved plan tying Trump to Russia
    253,028 views•Premiered Sep 30, 2020

    Socialism (1989)

  52. Doctor Smith

    Washington Post: Mueller Prosecutor Investigated For Misleading Congress About Political Pressure On Stone Case
    September 29, 2020 By Mollie Hemingway

  53. Paul ...

    Breaking News: Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer says “The Pandemic is Over” … the “Second Wave” being touted by Fauci and other Big Pharma demon rats is “Fake” … and is being hyped based upon useless and unreliable False-Positive COVID Tests!! …

  54. eddiemd

    I heard Biden’s radio ad on the local station here in Phoenix (1010AM) this morning.

    Biden is a supporter of late term abortion and all abortion. It is impossible for him to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Biden has an antichrist spirit. Not the antichrist himself but of the antichrist spirit. Beware.

    These demonic ads that he is using are an abomination. False witness. Judgment will be upon him and his people. It is coming. All liars will have their place in the lake of fire.

  55. Self Exiled

    “Me-first capitalists who think you can separate society from business are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution.” What do you think my fellow posters?

  56. Self Exiled

    “Facebook bans all US ads criticizing voting fraud,” of course how else can Biden win.

  57. Self Exiled

    Miranda Devine: Street reporting from her front door, last part of the article. An interesting read.

  58. Self Exiled

    Now this didn’t backfire in their face did it.

    ”Black Chairman of Proud Boys Speaks Out after Liars Joe Biden and Chris Wallace Call Them White Supremacists”

  59. Self Exiled

    And the deep state is in control of Homeland Security, my my my, oh how we have sold all our intelligence agencies to the enemy. These false flag mediums are definitely in control. The US federal government will have to fail completely for all this to
    be eradicated, and then I suspect red states and the blue states will start to round up the subversives of their desire. The best that can be hoped for is underground units in the blue states. Like my Mennonite friend said to me one day, “you let a sin get in to your country and it will get into the church” and I add ”then you are finished as a nation.”

  60. Clint D.

    Greg, Thanks for having Charles Nenner on. I always like to listen to what he has to say.

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