China Debt Threat, Iran No Deal, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 317 1.12.18) 

China threatened to stop buying U.S. Treasury debt. The main stream media is ignoring this story, but former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts once said, “If China started to sell U.S. debt, it would be the end of America.”  It’s a very big deal, and China is sending a very big message to the Trump Administration.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said more sanctions are coming for Iran. It looks like the so-called nuclear deal (which was never signed by Iran) is not going to continue under the Trump Administration.  Iran is warning of trouble if Trump walks away from the nuclear agreement that was negotiated by the Obama Administration.

Walmart is raising its minimum wage to $11 an hour from $9 an hour. The company is also giving out bonuses up to $1,000 for employees.  The company says it’s doing this because of the recently passed Trump tax plan.  On the other side of the economic coin, Walmart has abruptly closed 63 Sam’s Club stores, laying off thousands of workers.  Meanwhile, Sears and other stores are closing locations.  Many on Wall Street are saying there is a correction coming for the stock market, even though America has seen improvements to the overall economy.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Former CIA agent Kevin Shipp author of the popular book “From the Company of Shadows,” will be the guest on the “Early Sunday Release.”

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  1. Mongo Gerald

    Election exodus: Canadians invite 4 states to secede from US
    “Dear California, Oregon, Washington – I’m sure we can work something out if you want to join Canada,” tweeted Chad Harris, a reporter from Kamloops, British Columbia.сanadians-call-states-secede/
    Is the invitation still open?

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      Aye, Mongo.
      Why bother? We up here in Canada are competing with the UK to be your country’s biggest sycophant. We buy your MAinstream delivered propaganda and have no Canadian foreign policy aside from what we are told by the American ambassador. It’s embarrassing to some but completely ok with the vast majority of Canadians.
      Kinda miss the like of Diefenbaker and Pierre Trudeau who occasionally told you guys to stuff it – once in a while of course.

      • Dick Tracy

        My son hopes to one day be President of the United States. If we became part of Canada, I don’t think he could hope to be the Queen of England. He would only be her subject.

    • Doug C.

      Not all Canadians. We don’t need anymore needy Socialists in Canada. We have plenty thanks.
      Doug C.

    • Canadian Prepper

      Yah like Canuckistan needs more lefties.

    • flattop

      Mongo Gerald. Its a deal. Please tell Chad Harris to provide an address where we can ship all the socialistic/communist liberal politicians

    • Donald

      “Canadians invite 4 states to secede from US “Dear California, Oregon, Washington”

      I used to live in Canada and was relieved to escape to the USA. Why did I move? A major reason was the significant narcissist mentality of many in English speaking Canada. All they think about is how they feel, their opinions, and how the government is responsible for making everything easy in life for them. And they are always right and don’t you dare disagree with them. These people are beyond sickening. But now in the USA, I see this narcissistic mentality growing and growing. It seems the whole world is determined to go in this direction. This is not a good thing.

    • Gary Canuck

      We do not want California, they are broker than we are, plus we have to many Socialists
      as it is. Canada should buy Bermuda , that way we get a warmer climate and a tax haven.

    • Bondo

      Who would move to a ‘country’ where Justin Trudeau is the commander-in-chief?
      South Park had an episode where they explained ‘Canada is not a real country anyway’

    • Factcheck

      Who cafes? I’m in California no one talks about secession except crazy journalists trying to stir things up. You forgot the press is owned by a small set of corporations run by Globalists…pushing dividdivide and conquer into the culture. There were ZERO signs for Hillary in San Francisco during the 2016 election… I know I lived there… it is all lies!
      In California they steal everyone votes to put Democrats in… and lastly Californians Oppose Sanctuary !!! See “IGS pill Californians Oppose Sanctuary CitieCities”

  2. Mongo Gerald
    Ukraine bans Steven Seagal as ‘threat to national security’

    Is Chuck Norris next? That is da question!

    It’s not all just in the Enquirer

    • Frederick

      Porky Schenko is afraid of Seagals truth telling nature He would likely see through Porkys nonsense and he can’t have that now can he?

      • allen ols

        Bill Holter revealed to dave janda that our delta forces went to Thailand to raid a 2oo mill. dollar home owned by Obama w the thia pres approval. now holter cleared it with a reliable contact in Canada who researched his contacts in Thailand, as this is true. me I don’t know. what say u. al ols

        • allen ols

          remember solendra, was a 6.1 billion or so fiasco according to greta van sustrin, of which I guess was laundered w money going to a lot of people I guess Obama as well. as for me, I don’t know, what say you.

        • Marshall D Singer

          The story about a delta forces raid on Obama’s house in
          Thailand is FAKE and made up, it did not happen. Obama
          and his administration are guilty of a lot of things, besides
          running this country into the ground, but this story is not one
          of them.

  3. Mongo Gerald
    Truth is Forever 11 hours ago (edited)
    At this point in history, I”m so happy that the monsters passed all of the laws, including the Patriot Act, after 911… that is what will be used against them.

  4. Silence is Golden

    One thing that is a certainty is that the WEST (esp. the US) is heading into an Economic War of Biblical proportions …the scale and effects of which it has never experienced.
    Speaking of Master and Slave….and DEBT…..this clip from “The International” summarizes the situation very well indeed.

    • Silence is Golden

      Did someone just ring the Bell on the Bond market ?
      All eyes on the DXY and TNX.
      It will be interesting to see if Stocks end the week on a down note.

    • Mocking birdbrained Media DNC puppet stooges

      Silence, is it golden?
      The Legacy of Obama’s ‘Worst Mistake’
      There’s a problem with the American way of war.
      DOMINIC TIERNEY APR 15, 2016

      In the past, interviews with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg on the “Obama Doctrine,” the president bluntly said the mission in Libya “didn’t work.” Behind closed doors, according to Goldberg, he calls the situation there a “shit show.”

      • Silence is Golden

        One can only observe and remain Silent….. for so long.
        In BHO’s case….he broke the Golden rule.

    • freebrezer

      SIG I am at a complete loss – China does not want to keep buying the USA debt … who in the hell do they think they are? Do they even realize that will really hurt the USA consumer? … And make it very difficult for the consumer to keep spending in to perpetuity? The gall!

      • Silence is Golden


    • Donald

      “If China started to sell U.S. debt, it would be the end of America.”

      Do you really believe this??? Seems to me this is one of those old wives tales. In the 1930’s Germany owed lots of money to other countries. What did Hitler do? He unilaterally cancelled all that debt and issued a new currency. The German economy took off roaring again. If the USA cancelled China’s treasury bills, so what? China would be more limited in how they manipulate the market. And if China stopped selling to the USA, so what? All the manufacturing would return to the USA.

      • Silence is Golden

        More than 4 decades of having an artificially created standard of living…at the expense of the East and you wonder why they have simply had enough.
        They will set the new global standards with or without US participation.
        I have said for some time…that the repercussions will be felt across the spectrum.

  5. Russ McMeans

    Greg: I’m glad you weren’t in Missouri 2 weeks ago. You could not have done the show in that kind of cold.
    I think that the sun going into a quiet faze without sunspots and solar flares is the real reason behind climate change. It cycles every 200 years plus or so.

    • Fatima message

      Right on!
      Check out “John Casey” and “Adapt 2030” or “grand solar minimum” on YouTube. The earth has entered a Grand Solar Minimum which began in 2014 – 2015. John Casey and associates – scientists all – believe this minimum will be compatible to the Dalton minimum while Russian and British scientists predict a Maunder Minimum to last 100 years. This minimum has been named after John Eddy, a physist who was an expert on the star we call the Sun and on the Maunder Minimum. John Casey and associates believe this Eddy minimum will extend till approximately 2050 with 30% crop loses globally from 2017 but will be 100% agricultural loses beginning in 2028. They have also correlated major volcanic and seismic activity during these minimums. For example, The large earthquakes on the New Madrid zone in 1811 and 1812 occurred during the Dalton minimum. Such quakes today would destroy the economy of the US for at least 10 years. Check out Casey’s books “Upheaval” 2016 and “Dark Winter” 2014. Also “Cold Times” 2017 by Dr. Anita Bailey PhD who has attempted to describe how humanity can prepare for these Devistating and starvation times approaching the world.
      I, for one, believe God will step in and “shorten the times” as he described in Matthew chapter 24.

      • Bev

        I don’t think we will get very far out into a Maunder Minimum before Christ comes. It is prophesied by a man who’s prophesies have been very accurate, that we will have a 4 year famine. That 4 year famine will be part of 7 years of tribulation. The first year of the famine will cause the food production to go down by 25%. The next year it will be down 50%. The next, 75%. The next year, it will look like it’s going to be a bumper crop, but something will come along and cause those crops to be lost and there will be nothing. After the 4 years of famine, there will be another 3 1/2 years of turmoil before it all ends. He said it will be like we spent 3 1/2 years digging ourselves into a pit, and it’s going to take another 3 1/2 years to get out. The temperatures in U.S. are showing that this famine prophecy could be right on. It’s like Joseph in Egypt. We will see. I believe this famine either started in 2017 or will start in 2018. Not sure, but the crops last year weren’t great. And that comes from a farmer friend in Missouri too. I think we all need to be investing in food production and getting our supplies of food on hand.

      • Russ McMeans

        I’m not buying that any prediction of earthquakes has to do with our sun cycles. Only that the sun powers our weather. Period. It used to be taught in high school awhile back. The sun sets our ocean currents and air temperatures and atmospheric pressures. It’s so complex that it requires powerful computer models to figure it out.
        And our calculations are pretty good for 2 weeks out. That’s it folks! So using the same computers to predict climate change /warming is a complete joke. The whole theory is based on getting taxpayer $ from governments for science staff/professor salaries. FOLLOW THE MONEY AND DON’T FORGET TO WRITE A CHECK. And don’t miss your property tax payment too. Yer penn is warm now.

      • freebrezer

        Russ/Fatima – 100% correct. The wild swings in weather are directly per the world entering in the new Eddy minimum! The Sun is going quite! Armstrong Economics computer shows the same cycles, and demonstrates these cycles down to the year. A extremely well programmed computer per picking up cycles backs up the scientist. If you do not know your past … you surely will not be prepared for the future! Interesting side note – China is going into the arid areas of Africa and tying up huge swaths of land for agriculture … same areas where in colder times get much larger precipitation! Hmmm, I wonder what they know that the stupid west is not taught?

      • freebrezer

        Fatima – Add in that the geomagnetic north pole is shifting faster then in recorded history, in addition the magnetic field that protects the earth from major solar ejections and cosmic rays is weakening substantially … Are We going to see a magnetic pole reversal in our life times? The effects from the reversal on man kind will biblical!

  6. Frederick

    The USD sure is looking weak lately and as a result of that and the expectation of high inflation Gold and even Silver are catching a bid Still very inexpensive in my opinion I’m thinking and adding to my stack

    • This sceptred isle

      It is amazing the dollar is declining against hyperinflating currencies such as the euro and pound. The fed supposedly ended QE!

      • Frederick

        I think sellers of the dollar believe what Peter Schiff has been saying That the FED will be forced to do huge QE once a crisis gets going and they are getting out while the getting good

    • Russ McMeans

      The problem is that when our USD tanks, it buys less.
      But our PM’s are worth more. So we’re not really ahead. But eventually those holding real estate, pm’s- whatever, will be out ahead when that grocery sack costs a $100 USD. Be careful what you wish for folks.
      If it’s more valuable, then something else on the other side is worth less. BTW: kids in Venezuela are ‘panning’ for bits of PM’s in the filthy polluted river near Caracas. Google it, it was on Drudge Report.
      Unbelievable! It speaks volumes for owning anything outside any government issued currency.

  7. H. Craig Bradley

    Nice Ball Cap, Greg.

    By the way, those LED lights under the visor can outwit outdoor night security lights. If you ring your hat with those little bright LED’s, the glare overwhelms most night security lights, making facial recognition nearly impossible. You can call it the Razzmatazz (razzle-dazzle). Since we are rapidly moving into a kind of 24 Hour a day surveillance society by our government with interconnected networks, it makes sense to start thinking about necessary countermeasures.

    In the “End Times” , You may have to protect yourself. So, the best overall survival strategy is to become the “Gray Man” by all means necessary. Become the invisible man to all forms of surveillance, if humanly possible. The growing global surveillance infrastructure with Artificial Intelligence and machine cognition will be very “unnatural”.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not know that and thank you for the info!!!!

    • Russ McMeans

      Plus those cool LED LIGHTS PREVENT YOU FROM WALKING INTO THE SKUNK FAMILY at night. Ya don’t want to just stumble upon them in the dark- the little young ones are cute though! Like politics, skunks at night can be dangerous. ( they’re here at our place every evening)…. then there’s the raccoons, they’re a whole separate issue. Like politicians they show up and steal your food & crap on yer homestead.

  8. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hello Greg,

    I thought that I would send to you two little pieces of important information from long time history and short term history, and give my theological background a rest for a change, till later maybe !

    “ Paper Money Is The Worlds Greatest Scam”
    Of all the contrivances for cheating the labouring classes of mankind ( or now we should say humankind), none has been more efffective than that which deludes them with paper money”.
    Daniel Webster
    Now I would like to give a short picture of vital information pre-WWII in regards to finance and the power of wealth creation in the USA.

    In 1933 excective order by your US President…..Gold confiscations
    In 1934 the formation of the United States most powerful economic organisation…….
    The Economic Stablisation Fund ( ESF ). The profits from the gold rise from $20.30 to $32.50 went to start up this ESF.
    The FED is a front of the ESF
    The ESF is a top secret organisation, of the US Treasurer, this dominates through the FED ( The FED Gold $32.50 per ounce to $800.00 ). All this profits went in to the new structure of the ESF.
    The OSS was the first secrect service office of strategic services, and at the start had more then 12,000 staff.
    The ESF during 1943 and the World Bank and the IMF came on the world stage to protect the power of the US Dollar, this information was from Mr. Harry White, the guy from the
    At this time period the US Dollar was made the World Reserve Currency, this was done through the power and operation of the ESF.
    In 1944 there was the Brettton Woods meeting to make political hay and global acceptance of just what was set up by the ESF.
    In closing this factual historical information for Americans and every person in the western world economies, why we are in such a massive financial mess !
    Who was this guy called Harry White, who then was the most powerful man in US history ? Well Mr. Harry White was the IMF’s Head or should I say Chairman of the IMF.

    Greg, have studied the vast amount of US history from J N Andrews, who has a University named in the state of Michigan ! In your, 1830 to 1865 history of the United States of America, this massive man from your US history, has so much academic and historical and theological a evidence and proof that this Lamb- Like Beast with two horns that came from the earth in Revelation 13: 11-18; is non other then the greatest and most powerful economic and military power this world has ever seen ! The one and true God, who sent his only Son, to die for us on the cross, has “ In God We Trust”. but you don’t believe his Word, about Him putting the greatest nation ever to rule the world, in these verse of Bible Prophecy ?… why has many good and honest people like you Greg, really don’t see this great truth from Rev 13: 11-18; it could be because even myself, can be misled by the deceptions of modern religions and the mass of lies from the political systems that we are bombarded with on a daily basis !
    If we are NOT born again we cannot see the Kingdom of God in the words of Bible Prophecy !
    Good studying Greg.

    • Bev

      Thanks for this history. Interesting. Have you seen the documentary on Amazon/Netflix called Decoding the Prophetic Code(I believe) with Ken Klein? This is a great documentary. It might even be on youtube now. It goes through Revelations and the 7 beasts, talking about the historical kingdoms of power over time. Good one to watch. He interprets the 7th beast to be the U.N., but I had to wonder if it was the U.S., myself. He said that the U.S. and England were the main supporters of the U.N. to get it up and going.

  9. NH Watcher

    I still remember Trump’s granddaughter singing to the Chinese President and his wife, calling them both “Grandpa and Grandma.” I found that sentiment strange … almost like Trump is telling them, if you destroy us, you are destroying your own family. The Chinese really don’t care … they have been patiently waiting for this for quite some time. The Chinese have amassed quite a financial and military arsenal at their disposal, all the while maintaining themselves as a quasi-third world country, lacking basic sanitation and other things we in the West take for granted.

    Trump continues to beat the war drum, since he knows that war is really all that he has left, in order to distract from the ongoing investigations of his administration and his own personal finances. Either war in the Middle East or war in the Korean peninsula. Or both. Either way, America’s time is limited, and our government’s options are few.

    A new survey finds that 68% of Americans say that they have so much debt, they will never be able to repay it all:

    What does this tell you? Almost 70% of the country is telling the world, when push comes to shove, we will do whatever you ask … for even if all this debt is forgiven, the new world order will not simply let all these Americans continue to amass new debt, same as before. Payment will come in other ways … in the world’s mind, the “useless eaters” must finally be exterminated.

    But while they may take our bodies, they cannot take our souls. Know what you believe and why you believe, for the time is short for when it will really matter.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The Chinese may and can cut back on purchasing US bonds, and they can sell down or even eliminate their $3,2 trillion stockpile. In fact, I wish they would. In doing so, they destroy their own market. This is known in my neck of the woods as doing your business in your own mess kit. The Chicoms are smart but are frauds; always have been and always will be. Best always. PM

  10. Tommy

    There’s a point in a debt situation where the debtor owes so much to the lender that the debtor becomes the master.
    In any event, Trump has set the discussion for the weekend so we will only be hearing about him correctly labeling the countries where most immigrants flooding into the US come from. Oh my!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Tommy, it’s more of your “S-O-L” scenario. It’s to the point where it’s all interconnected. Chicoms ditch our bonds. OK. So now, where do they sell their subsidized stuff? Best always. PM

  11. Stan

    The final lynchpin imho
    will be when the Saudi’s begin accepting gold backed
    petro Yuan for crude oil purchases. The rejection of bonds
    by China is just the warm up act. The Chinese have landed
    troops in Syria and that may be the start of a military
    expansion that has been China’s goal now for several years.
    China wants to protect their energy interests.

    • Frederick

      I read that the Chinese are building a naval base in Pakistan as well

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I assume your comment was somewhat “tongue in cheek.

        Yep…. there they go again, those pesky Chinese with their rampant hegemony and expansionism.

        According to the Pentagon, there are approximately 865 US military bases abroad—over 1,000 if new bases in Iraq and Afghanistan are included.

        Last year if my memory serves me correctly I think China had the grand total was….wait for it…. ummmm would you believe 4….to put a wee bit of perspective on this comparison my maths tells me that this is approx a ratio of 250 to 1.

        At this rate in another 300 years or so China might be approaching the US tally!

        Seasons greetings from the south seas

    • Corleone

      This is not the first time. China also sent some troops to Syria in 2016 to participate in the multinational campaign to liberate Aleppo. China did that not to protect its energy interest. China never imported crude oil from Syria. It is just to show China’s support for Russia and Iran who was helping Syrian government to take Aleppo back.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


        The Syria shambles is about a lot more than just energy. The ancient silk road was a wonderful asset for East/West trade and for the collective wealth of the world….its reinvention is too!

        Unfortunately, Washington and the Neocons don’t hold this view….they will do absolutely everything in their power to disrupt its progress.
        I will take the liberty of quoting from the below link.

        “The Chinese don’t forget that Syria controlled overland access to both Europe and Africa in ancient Silk Road times when, after the desert crossing via Palmyra, goods reached the Mediterranean on their way to Rome.”

        “Few remember that before the war China had already invested tens of billions of US dollars in Syria’s oil and gas industry. Naturally the priority for Damascus, once the war is over, will be massive reconstruction of widely destroyed infrastructure. China could be part of that via the AIIB. Then comes investment in agriculture, industry and connectivity – transportation corridors in the Levant and connecting Syria to Iraq and Iran (other two Obor hubs).”


    • Paul from Indiana

      Stan, 2 can play that game. We can sell our oil to the Chicoms for so-called gold-backed Yuan, convert them immediately to gold futures, stop suppressing gold and let the price go sky-high. All the Chicoms get out of the deal is some oil and a place at the kiddy table. The so-called gold-backed petro yuan is a publicity stunt/marketing ploy, trying to edge their way into the game. As such, I give them credit. It is not, as some doggedly insist, a giant-step in world domination ( and death-blow to the US) via a gold-backed currency. The Yuan started life as fiat and continues as such. Best always. PM

  12. Tad

    With more sanctions against Iran, the administration appears to be going for the jugular. The thinking must be that minor demonstrations will turn into a snowball effect.
    I’ll have to admit, its cheaper than launching a false flag, though this could be a start.

    I doubt China will abruptly start selling-before maturity- its US debt. Who would be inclined to purchase, other than perhaps Belgium?

    As long as Chinese exports enter US markets, and they accept USD in transactions, this strategy would appear to be distant in execution.

    The highly anticipated gold-yuan oil trade and OBOR infrastructure plans wouldn’t lend that view credence.

    All in good time.

  13. Mr David B Morris

    Hi Greg I watch with fascination from the UK. The one thing I need clarification on in the recent tax reforms my understanding local state tax (California 13.5%) is no longer deductable against federal taxes. Surely that is a huge revenue source for the federal government? The flight from Government debt all round the world is pushing up US stocks. Keep up the good work. David Morris

    • Greg Hunter

      Mr. Morris,
      There is now a limit to the deductions and I think that is $10,000. Thank you for your comment and support.

      • Joe

        Mr. Greg,

        I know you are a bigwig and I am just a nobody but I do have news regarding the SALT deductions that might interest you and your viewers/readers.

        The Demorats are going to skirt the 10,000 limit by creating bogus charities. (Sound familiar? Maybe the Clintons will figure a way to get in on the action. 🙂 ) Also, they might get rid of the income tax on employees and make the employers pay it.

        Here’s an example

        California Excellence Fund. That’s hilarious….maybe they misspelled excrement.

  14. Paul ...

    If I had 3 trillion dollars in my bank account that I wanted to get rid of … would I tell the market about my plans? … perhaps … if I had a short position I wanted to cover before buying demand (driven by higher interest rates) pushed the dollar back up from its recent fall … and then sell more of my dollars after a rally!!

  15. This sceptred isle

    Would they join the commonwealth and accept the queen as head of state?

    • Mocking birdbrained Media DNC puppet stooges

      sceptred Gilligan’s isle,
      Maybe Harry’s lovely Miss Markel.

  16. Chip

    45 for the lows here in South Texas with sunny and low 70’s during the day! Stay warm Greg. Great, short, WNW… Chip

  17. Russ

    Thanks, good wrap-up Greg, not good news, but it’s real.
    As I type the US dollar index has broken support at 91.80’ish and is now at 91.32. Waiting for the PPT to jump in and prop it up again, but maybe not… Trump wants a weaker dollar and here it comes. Lots of reset talk coming from different folk. I don’t know what form that will take, lots of moving parts, but January 18th is next Thursday, which may provide for next Friday’s news wrap-up.

  18. Paul ...

    The Deep State neocons need to impose more sanctions on Iran to kill the “nuclear deal” because they want “a nuclear armed Iran” to threaten both Israel and Saudi Arabia … this way … they can not only sell more weapons of war … but better yet … perhaps create another war … not only make money … but to change the power balance in the Middle East … as Iran is becoming more economically integrated with China and Russia … which poses a major threat to the US dollar as the worlds reserve currency! … keeping the deal in place doesn’t help to destabilize the region … because Israel has an overwhelming nuclear arsenal that currently prevents a major war from happening in the region … can’t have that!!

    • Paul ...

      If the neocons need to destroy both Israel and Saudi Arabia in a nuclear war with a “nuclear armed” Iran (to sell more weapons and save the US dollar as the worlds reserve currency) don’t think they won’t do it … look how they “nuclear armed” N. Korea to keep the Japanese and S. Korean’s buying our weapon systems … and provided N. Korea with ICBM technology so they can also sell their anti-missile systems to every State in the US … it is all about money and insatiable greed!!

  19. Paul ...

    It is about time the minimum wage is raised by a single digit for the worker slaves who have been kept in poverty by a “Fake Consumer Price Index” … while the “fat cat” Corporations have been increasing their prices on the products they sell by double digits!!

    • Paul ...

      What we need is for Trump to turn his attention from the “Fake News” and start to focus on the “Fake Economic Numbers” … he should call John Williams from Shadow Stats into the White House for a meeting and get down to discussing the “Real Economic Numbers” … lets give people a “true cost of living adjustment each year” … and watch how the economy roars back to life when people have some money in their pocket to spend!!

    • Roger

      You do realize that any minimum wage is blatantly Constitution and by definition unlawful.

  20. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    I know you are an adamant critic of Iran and uber supporter of Israel, so your stance makes sense.
    And I know both countries have sound reasons for their animosity of each other.

    I would suggest however, that the US’s record of upholding the agreements and treaties it negotiates is at risk if it reneges yet again. The declassified documents about screwing Gorbachev and Russia over are a case in point. Who will want to negotiate with a country whose word is so fickle as one administration works diligently at undermining its predecessor administration?

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s say I buy your house. I give you cash. We sign nothing just a wink and not even a hand shake. Did I buy your house? There is no deal–period. This was a scam and I suspect a lot of people got a cut of the Iran’s money.

      • Frederick

        If Obama and Hildebeast were involved you can be sure there was some kind of dirty dealing going on Perhaps a nice donation to the Clinton Foundation You know the one that paid for Chelsea Hubble’s extravagant wedding in upstate NY

      • Tinfoil hat Canuck

        I appreciate and see your point with your analogy on the ” is it a deal, or is it not a deal?” aspect of the issue. That is certainly a fair

        At the same time, if one considers that the US unilaterally froze 100 billion dollars of a country’s wealth, and then said you can start to get it back if you did this, this and this, to which the country did do to the letter, only to have the next honcho come in and say ” welllllll, it wasn’t really a ‘deal’ annnnnd, forgetaboutit, we was messing with ya. Haha. Oh, and sorry about your abandoning the nuclear deterrent, as you are in our crosshairs again!

        P.S. Let’s not even acknowledge that our VERY good buddies and your sworn enemies have oh, 200 or so nukes pointed at you. Again, haha, gotcha!

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


          I would have to be almost the last person on earth to endorse anything that the bumbling Obama and Kerry helped to accomplish during their tenure, but I have to say I am absolutely bewildered as to why anyone would suggest that the JCPOA is not a positive for humanity in general and for peace in the ME.

          I can only speculate that the MIE and the Neocons are fearful that if the agreement persists it may pave the way to help “peace to break out” in what is essentially the most tragic and war-torn region in the world.

          The US narrative always centers around the JCPOA being “their” deal when the fact of the matter is that UK, Russia, France, China, Germany and the EU were party to it as well.

          Whether or not the deal was formally signed seems like a mute point to me for one very salient reason….THE DEAL IS WORKING….signed or not….its fricken working! Whats more the vast majority of the Western world agrees on this….even the Neoliberal EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said there had been “no violations by Iran.”

          To quote from the below link:

          “In July 2015, Iran had almost 20,000 centrifuges. Under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), it will be limited to installing no more than 5,060 of the oldest and least efficient centrifuges at Natanz for 10 years Iran’s uranium stockpile is set to be reduced by 98% to 300kg (660lbs) for 15 years. It must also keep its level of enrichment at 3.67%.
          By January 2016, Iran had drastically reduced the number of centrifuges installed at Natanz and Fordo, and shipped tonnes of low-enriched uranium to Russia.

          In addition, research and development will take place only at Natanz and be limited for eight years. No enrichment will be permitted at Fordo for 15 years, and the underground facility will be converted into a nuclear, physics and technology centre. The 1,044 centrifuges at the site will produce radioisotopes for use in medicine, agriculture, industry and science.”

          Cheers and regards

          • Greg Hunter

            The BBC is so dishonest it cannot even say nothing was signed. This is too stupid to be stupid. It’s not a deal and that is a fact: You are in commie/socialist dreamland.

            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


              By the way PCR knows it too. The Neoconservative plan to destabilise the ME dates back nearly 30 years. Iran was an integrel part of the 7 countries which were all targeted in the Wolfowitz Doctrine.



            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


              Like you I am no fan of the BBC and it’s largely Neocon narrative but I quoted their link as part of the illustration that the tide is slowly turning in Europe’s approach to the endless Western meddling in the ME.

              To me it is very revealing when traditionally staunch bastions of Neoconservatism such as the BBC and no less than the EU’s Chief of Foreign Policy, comes out in support of the JCPOA.

              As slow as Europe is to flick up, it is finally beginning to dawn on them that allowing Washington to be the ringleader in this playground of war and destruction is not very clever.

              Geographically it is far too close to Europe’s doorstep and has caused a humanitarian crisis of biblical proportions. As the tragic consequences of this intervention unfold, Europe bears the overwhelming brunt of the refugee crisis not to mention most of the blowback.

              Meanwhile Washington keeps their military occupied and their Military Industrial Complex selling billions of dollars of arms whilst they enjoy the relative protection of being thousands of miles from the conflict.

              Just my humble opinion but the JCPOA appears to working fine thus far regardless of whether it is signed or not.

              Why on earth scrap something that has already proven itself to be, at least in the short term, a resounding success.

              The one and only benefactor of
              Washington walking away from this agreement would be the MIE….is this another sad case of simply just following the money?


              • Greg Hunter

                You are “scraping” a fantasy and a fraud.

      • JC

        Iran calls that a deal because they got paid, and kept the house.

  21. Joe

    Dang, Mr. Greg that’s a fancy hat! Never knew such a think existed. Is this it?

    I couldn’t find it on the Lowes site.

  22. tin foil hat

    In the not-so-distant past, when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold.

    Doesn’t time fly?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Wait until America goes to the hospital. They won’t be so sanguine then. Best always. PM

      • tin foil hat

        They know full well America wouldn’t go to the hospital before sneezing all over them first. Yes, they won’t be so sanguine then, lol.

  23. R.J.

    minus 43 degrees up here in the middle of the canadian praries. just a typical january day. the problem greg is i have to wear gloves to handle my silver.great wnw.

    • Greg Hunter

      Now that’s cccccccccccold!

  24. Mocking birdbrained Media DNC puppet stooges

    President Trump, Is This The Way to Drain the Swamp

    The good news is that there is growing awareness among the American people that regardless of who is occupying the Oval Office, Wall Street continues to have an outsized, and dangerous, influence and that has to change before any meaningful reform can take root.
    So has Former Goldman Sachs President, Gary Cohn, Gone Rogue on Glass-Steagall?
    There are a few important things to know about Gary Cohn. Until Donald Trump tapped him to be the Director of the National Economic Council, he had worked at Goldman Sachs for a quarter century, rising to the position of President of the firm and second only to its CEO, Lloyd Blankfein. Cohn walked out of Goldman in December with approximately $285 million, comprised mainly of Goldman stock, some of which had been granted early vesting. Since his exit from Goldman, Cohn has wasted no time in selling large chunks of his Goldman shares according to his financial disclosures. While this serves to reduce his conflicts of interest with Goldman, it also provides a face-saving means of exiting a massive position in a Wall Street bank without the appearance of panic or disloyalty.

    Against this backdrop comes the widely reported news that on April 5 Cohn met with Senators serving on the Senate Banking Committee and expressed support for bringing back a modern-day version of the depression era Glass-Steagall Act – legislation which was passed as a result of the Wall Street collapse of 1929 to 1933, which erased 90 percent of the market’s value. (Yes, 90 percent.) That legislation created Federally-insured deposits and barred insured commercial banks from being affiliated with Wall Street investment banks. It protected the U.S. financial system for 66 years until its repeal in 1999 under the Bill Clinton administration. It took only nine years after its repeal for Wall Street to implode in the same epic fashion as the ’29 crash.

    The only reason that Wall Street survived at all from 2008 to 2010 was that the Federal Reserve was secretly funneling a cumulative $16 trillion in almost zero rate loans to any Wall Street bank, foreign or domestic, that could fog a mirror and claim to be viable. On top of that, the Fed engaged in a toxic securities cleanup program benignly known as Quantitative Easing, where it bought up Wall Street’s dodgy mortgage-backed securities, putting the mess on its own balance sheet — where much of it remains to this day.

    Theories abound as to why a long-tenured veteran of Goldman would want to earn the ire and backlash of his colleagues on Wall Street by taking on such an unpopular Wall Street position as breaking up the biggest banks on Wall Street and forcing them to shed their commercial banking operations. Goldman itself became a bank holding company at the peak of the financial crisis in 2008, allowing it to borrow with abandon from the Fed.

    One theory is. . . …Trump hit Cohn upside the head, in a world wrestling federation strangel hold, while avoiding a WWF haircut!
    If he’s with us, not against us, we forgive him Mr.President.

  25. wondrouscat

    To understand our crazy weather look at Who Left the Arctic Door Open? on with Prof. Paul Beckwith, this one from Jan.6,’18, as he shows with real data how the global re-jigging of the jet streams (caused by the warming of the Arctic and Antarctic) is changing our weather. All of his videos are based on what’s really currently happening in our world, not just projecture models.

  26. Justn Observer

    Few noticed that Trump mentioned and is after the Fallen Gong… to busy stacking and stock buying?

    • Justn Observer

      Oh- and another Heads up…shall we re-visit the Carter to Obama era errors in South America?
      hmmm – massive WalMart closures? China ‘bond’ message Greg mentions, the Gov’t financing the quick stand up of Amazon deliver system? To replace a possible future supply problem and unavailability via Costco and Wal-Marts supply chains?
      Have any friends or families in Costa Rico or Hawaii ?

  27. rwmctrofholz

    Killer hat, Greg. I’m going to go get one to wear when I’m cleaning out the garage that my wife described as a “s*** hole.” So racist.

  28. brian

    Thats a nice hat Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brian and the hat is well made and you can replace the batteries. I do not get paid a dime for saying this. I just like the hat.

  29. Bondo

    Paul Craig Roberts is very smart unfortunately he is such a rabid anti-Semite I can’t stomach him.

    • Frederick

      Dr Roberts is NOT an anti Semite He’ just sees reality and isn’t afraid to speak his mind

      • sk

        I agree with you, Frederick. Thank God for PCR. Smart enough to see reality and brave enough to speak his mind.

  30. al

    I can practically repeat your closing statement. It always makes me feel good when I hear that, thank you. Don’t change it.
    Wacky weather in NE Florida.
    Thanks for a great segment. More! We want more!!!

  31. John M.

    Speaking of Dane Wigington, everyone must see this video from Monday on “chemtrails” and GeoEngineering. Lionel is the host of the interview and is quite a fascinating guy on many subjects himself.

    What the Hell Are They Spraying? Lionel Interviews Dane … – YouTube
    Video for lionel nation what the hell are they spraying▶ 1:11:16
    2 days ago – Uploaded by Lionel Nation
    Just look up. In the sky. Look. What do you see? From jets. High above. Those hazy, gauzy streaks of something …

  32. Julia

    I liked your hat!

    • Greg Hunter

      Get one, you will love it, especially if you walk a dog in the evening.

  33. politically correct politician

    its a full throttle business and trade expansion cycle, globally.

    particularly if the ‘silk road’ doesn’t turn into the ‘hessian highway’.

  34. Roger

    You are absolutely right about how China stopping their purchase of US treasuries 9or dumping them) would quickly devastate the lives of Americans. Like the line in the Forest Gump movie, “And then one day it was over, just like that.”

    But even a country bleeding out can provide some great laughs. Trump describing s-hole countries as s-holes. Oh the sanctimonious outrage! When was the last time the UN, Globes, Emmys, CNN, Vatican, Bilderberg’s, CFR, or Congress held a major event/meeting in one of these s-holes? Or event a family vacation? Yea, that’s what I thought. These phonies refuse to eat their own cooking…

  35. Olso man

    Mr Hunter,


    Trump, in saying the US should take immigrants from Norway did not do his homework about our country. Norway, a small fast growing country, is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. We have many non Caucasian immigrant groups including people from Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and from many other non white countries.

    Many people in the social media in the last day day or two are mocking Trump. The messages: No Norwegian would ever give up a living wage, free education, highly subsidized day care, 46 weeks of paternity leave at full salary, free healthcare and a longer life expectancy to move to the US.

    We are profoundly aware of the lack of knowledge that many Americans have about Norway and the surprise that many experience when they visit our country and discover that we are not a communist or socialist state, but rather a “social democracy” with policies which promote economic security and opportunity within the framework of capitalism rather than a replacement for capitalism. We believe also the role of the state is to enhance individual autonomy and to promote social mobility and commitment to private ownership, free markets and free trade. And we believe in fiscal responsibility, our government debt as a percentage of GDP is currently 34% versus 106% in the US.
    Most of all, we don’t value a society where the wealthy few own increasingly the wealth of the nation.

    We are a far from perfect and have our problems including people who are intolerant and bigoted against immigrants, but most Norwegians (70%) believe immigrants make an important contribution to Norwegian working life and enrich our cultural life.

  36. Mike R

    Here it comes. Proof that Bitcoin already DOA as form of payment. Before it even gets really started.

  37. JC

    Get that fireplace going Greg.
    Thanks for your work.

  38. JC

    One must find themselves in a dilemma. Should we have the ass hole poor folks from Haiti or the pompous ass holes in the USA. At some point it is not what you have to offer the USA. Let us never be selfish in progress, or in humility.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure JC will you be paying for the “progress.” Many of these folks are on welfare and that is a fact. It’s not “selfish to protect your country and not let it be over run with people who cannot support themselves. Not giving you a hard time but somebody has to pay for this. How about our citizens in Puerto Rico that need power? Let’s help them first.

      • freebrezer

        Greg – you are SO RIGHT! When is America going to start helping Americans first! From Puerto Rico, to the opioid epidemic (Killing up to 60,000 a year!), to the large swaths of unemployment through out the mid-west. Take a drive through east LA to see poverty/homelessness. Per JC – when is enough enough? And when are these leaders of these poor countries going to be held accountable for their corruption (dishonesty, fraudulent conduct stealing from the poor, etc., !!!!)!!! … There is no accountability against corrupt leaders as long as it is easier to flee!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, the bottom line on immigration is that if someone is a worker, entrepreneur, or culturally positive at home, that individual will be that way when they get here. If they are takers, slackers, criminals, grifters, and otherwise culturally negative, they will not be magically washed clean and reborn by crossing our borders. That is the heart of the problem. Remember the Mariel boatlift where Castro off-loaded a batch of undesirables? The Left wants these culturally negative types in order to weaken America. It’s as plain as the nose on our collective face. Best always. PM

      • jc

        Your right Greg.
        I just see so many millionaires downing poor people.
        On another note: Did you hear anything of Hillary and the uranium 1 indictments ? You get a lot of calls right, If you get this one I will be shocked.

        • Greg Hunter

          The indictment have started and the clock is running. Hill is toast.

  39. flattop

    GREG: Your remarks about Walmart and Sear.. Sears, in its hayday, with its large catalog sales could have been the Amazon of today , had they modernized and stayed competitive in their prices. Walmart is attempting to do just that, taking Amazon on. With both companies having very deep pockets, it will be interesting to see if they are both standing as strong in 5 years

  40. Tad

    I enjoy ready the Twitter pages of the Trump son, Eric and Donald Jr. Donald has an amusing pinned tweet about Keith Olbermann worthy of viewing.

    He has also tweeted twice within two weeks that the no House or Senate Democrats voted affirmatively (yes) re tax bill.
    I’m not sure that fact has sunk into minds of rank and file, blue collar and lower class, pedestrian Democrats.

    I would call it being screwed every which way but loose–assuming they also give immigration issues any thought.

  41. Paul ...

    EMERGENCY ALERT!! … Ballistic Missile Inbound to Hawaii … Seek Immediate Shelter … This Is Not A Drill !!! … looks to me like a classic Deep State Psychological Operation … to prepare the American people for War!! … thus no need for an “actual attack” on Pearl Harbor to get Americans in the mood for nuclear retaliation against a foreign enemy! …

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what I thought. The news is reporting “someone pushed the wrong button.” Let’s see that button — show me.

    • flattop

      Might this have been another deep state false flag. Maybe hopeing our President would hit the big red button, sending us into nuclear war???

  42. Susan

    Greg, we did a wedding on New Year’s eve — -55 F windchill. The hardest part was the wedding party had to walk about 50 feet outside to come into the front of the church to go down the aisle. It was interesting. This is quite pretty normal here in the winter so nobody went nuts. We just did what we had to do.
    Also, we have four different sources of heat up here so we can be ready for whatever comes in the future.

  43. Paul ...

    How can things go “so wrong in life” … after a couple carefully plan their escape … both were finally on the road to freedom … when she is cut down and killed … leaving her lover in total despair … where is the God “of all things” (including humans) … to take pity on those who sacrifice themselves daily to put meat on the table? …

  44. Tim Funk

    Even if you don’t accept an assertion I made on stock market manipulation, Pls spend a moment on the current logic. I harp on Shiller/pe because it’s visually accessible, sufficient. Econ collapse became cliche, but you have 33 shiller 12% above black tuesday 29, parabolic textbook bubble leg, and all recent surging closes being deemed solely as in-line with an economy gaining footing.
    My motivation here is the ruthless stupidity: Superhigh stock gains do-not always equate to a solidifying future, and each touting by citizen-or-speaker is Very similar to 2006 2007 content. The automatic assignment is stupefying. Unawareness of context (stupefying)
    If I could get someone to message that, at least having my own voice on record. Here.
    The step-ups only increased the already tenuous mountaintop vulnerability.
    The corralling of the criminal prior admin, I personally believe is not all unrelated

  45. Tad

    I agree with Schiff on most points, though I will say if this plan gains traction, it may resemble the WPA of the 30s. Hint! Hint!

    I think the federal government’s share should align with interstate highways and bridges for which they’ve previously managed and predominantly funded. With a financial crisis looming, this yet-to-be determined may not see daylight for years-if ever.

  46. Derrick Michael Reid

    Gregg, FYI (Thank you so much for your honest commentary!)

    GAME ON!
    1,500,000 CA libertarians got my back
    I will attempt to knock out the republican in the primary, and then just butcher democrat senator DF all summer long!

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