China Dollar Dump Means Hyperinflation – Chris Martenson

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Resource analyst and futurist Chris Martenson says everyone should be taking notice of our “dangerous markets.” At the center of the danger zone is the declining U.S. dollar.  Martenson explains, “We are talking about a steady erosion of the dollar as a reserve currency.  I think that is most likely.  The only thing that could make that really go fast is some kind of war.  The United States and China, we got to keep our eye on this because Trump has been threatening a trade war with China.  China responded and said if you do that, we may dump the dollar. . . . So, there is all this trade and financial back and forth and maybe even actual war at some point. . . . China has the ability to really impact the dollar in a big way on the world stage.  We better hope it does not come to that because a slow erosion we can adjust to; a quick erosion is going to really roil the markets and maybe blow a few of them up.”

Martenson contends the U.S. could see hyperinflation in a short time if China “dumps the dollar.” Martenson explains, “The way that works is let’s say they want to unload $500 billion on some Tuesday morning.  Who is going to buy that $500 billion?  Who is on the other side of that trade?  Well, if there are not enough people bidding for those dollars, the price has to fall until you find enough people to absorb those, and the dollar would fall in value against all other sorts of other things such as other currencies, oil, gold, silver and all those things. . . . We would be looking for a paired event.  What we would be looking for is interest rates starting to rise on Treasuries and the dollar starting to fall in value in value against a variety of things.  Once we see those two things, we know we have a financial war or a monetary war. . . . That’s what blows up the derivatives market.  That’s what makes difficulties for traders.  That’s what makes the high frequency computers say I don’t like this and bolt and instantly evaporate from the markets.”

Martenson also points out, “The Dow is hitting all-time highs. So, it can’t be that bad, right?  The Dow is used as a signaling device, and it says have faith in your leadership and everything is fine.  Under the covers, obviously, things are not fine.  The people I talk to are nervous and worried. One reason is because it’s fall, and that is sometimes when we see these corrections, but the other reason is everything we track is getting more and more fragile.  These markets . . . are held together by confidence. . . . I can’t tell you the number of people that used to be investors that say they just don’t trust these markets.  They are rigged and they understand that.  They don’t want any part of that.”

In closing, Martenson contends, “By many metrics, this market has never been more expensive. . . . What goes up has to come down. . . . I am convinced the central banks are so petrified to let a 1% or a 2% correction happen . . . . What does it mean when the central banks are so petrified that they can even allow a correction to get started? That’s what people should be focused on.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Chris Martenson of

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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thank you! Chris Martenson is one of my favorites.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mine too!! Thank you

  2. jim taylor

    Great point by martenson “if they are so afraid of a 2% drop” That does say a lot right there. Downside could be 90% for the DOW.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what I got too. They are scared the next crash will be unstoppable.

      • John

        Greg, I think they are very scared of a derivatives implosion because of the leverage within these instruments – the majority of these if I recall correctly are rate sensitive. I think we are seeing a NWO fight right in front of us – east vs west. This is a chess game. We are close to the end game where both sides are trying to propagate pawns into queens and they will have more pawns than us and they will be closer to the other side of the board. There is going to be a “discovered check” on the western financial system that starts the end game and then all will see that checkmate is emanate – that is when the gate will become too narrow for most holders of paper assets to convert to what the east holds dear as money – gold.

        • Paul ...

          Satan’s minions should be scared … and God must be laughing his ass off (if he has one) because he really screwed Satan royally by creating man … and giving us simple “mortal beings” the ability to judge Almighty Satan’s immoral behavior … what a rip … we lowly mortal begins can pass judgement on an “immortal God” … it is like a high and almighty pedophile King marching naked in front of a the kid who cries out: Look … that sexually deviated pedophile King has no clothes on!!

      • andyb

        The reason they are so scared is that a major crash might wake up the usual cognitive dissonance of the majority of the American people, very few of which, I might add, are invested in the market. But these same people will feel the pain when their bank accounts are bailed in (for the greater good, dontcha know), and imagine the horror when all credit disappears, and nothing gets delivered to the gas stations, the grocery stores, etc., and TEOTWAWKI happens.

        • Silence is Golden

          Andy….John…Jim & Greg
          A Crash has more to do with the economic consequences or ”fallout”.
          There is enormous leverage in the market….an unwinding of which will be nothing short of catastrophic.
          Bank failures are secondary to the impact of a failing financial system.
          The system would shut down and chaos would prevail.
          That’s what the dilemma is. Keeping it propped up is by necessity… lest we enter a new dark age.

          • helot

            RE: ‘The system would shut down’

            I’m not so sure that would be as bad as people make it out to be. I mean, the goobermint couldn’t operate, and people would go on with life. Sort of like what happens during a major snowstorm.

            Also, if you read history [que: Bionic Mosquito] The Dark Ages weren’t all that bad. Lots of freedom, and with the advances we’ve made already, life expectancy wouldn’t be as low as then. Imho. It might be rather nice as long as Godzilla and the Godzillaettes didn’t thrash about too much while going down.

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Andy B, SIG;
            This madness was summed up quite well by Lord Overstone in the 1700’s:
            “No warning on earth can save people determined to grow suddenly rich”.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you for adding this. Embry is the real deal!!

      • No Retreat

        we know that China and Russia have been working together to get away from the dollar (petrodollar), and China along with some other countries has been steadily dumping over the last couple years. These dumps have been pretty sizeable as well. Now that Venezuela has rejected the petrodollar in favor for the yuan, would you consider this the actual start of the fall, and a signal for the other countries to make their move as well? I know Venezuela isn’t hugely significant, but all changes start SOMEwhere, and my personal thought is that if Venezuela gets away with it, the others will definitely follow suit. Your thoughts?

    • H. Craig Bradley

      Maybe, in the Next Bear Market, but sure not in just one day or one month. Remember, a real Bear Market lasts a long time, often 15 years. Its just drips and drips until its all gone. Investors will have the opportunity to go to cash long before then. Its not cast in stone you have to lose. Just don’t be as greedy as the next investor. Greed is systemic now.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      It could be that they are playing for time so that they can militarise the police further and pass more draconian financial laws.

      • helot

        Yeesh, how much further can they militarize the police, and why would they need to pass more draconian financial laws? They are already suited Up for bear and above the law. A.k.a. The Law is Dead.

        That last one, is an article title, btw.

  3. Jodyp

    Mr. Martenson lays out facts in a cool and calm manner. No hype and hysteria. Much appreciated.

  4. FC

    I’m sure the Globalists are wearing steel toe cap work boots now, as they continue to kick the can down the road.

    • Paul ...

      Forget the steel cap work boots … Hillary just put a “dunce cap” on all women … so much for her professing women are equal to men … perhaps as she begins her career as an Ordained Minister and begins to read the Bible … she will find who convinced Adam to vote against God! …

      • Paul ...

        Trump can tell you why you and the Demon-rats lost Hillary … The “righteous many” confronted the “wicked few” … and the Village Idiot along with her evil minions lost!

  5. helot

    RE: ‘The people I talk to are nervous and worried.’

    The people I talk to are all, ‘Fat, Dumb and Happy’. That’s their words, not mine. So far, they are in the, ‘correct’ section. The danged tide is taking sooo long to roll out and find out who has been swimming naked. People such as myself have looked so foolish since 2012 or so [2004, actually] when we warned this whole house of cards would fall down.
    I didn’t feel this bad in 2004-2005 when I told people that I found some info which said the housing bubble would crash. The people who bought houses on the dip in 2012 or so, all act smug, and, they do look pretty good. So far. But, whenever I go to an estate sale in an upper class neighborhood, their households are always so house-poor, they’ve got no stuff of value. Particle board crap galore is all they have.
    Of course, in the background, there are many houses filled with quality stuff and a jet parked on a tarmac somewhere.

    Egon von Greyerz says, ‘The final move to zero will probably take place in the next 5-8 years.’ Dang, I’m going to be officially old by then, and maybe half of us will be dead. What’s that old saying, ‘markets can be irrational, longer than you can remain solvent’?

    The culture, ‘The People’, are changing. Have you spoken to a Millennial lately? I met ONE that was totally cool and accepting of what I told him about the info found on these pages. The rest, they are like a different species.

    Darryl Schoon says to, ‘Buy gold, buy silver, have faith’. I like that, it seems to follow with Greg Hunter’s advise about buying gold one ounce coins and fearing Not. However; I guess I’m having trouble squaring that all with the words of our Lord admonishing us to not store treasure upon the earth.
    The advise in the Bible to look to the ant, kind of helps, but not much.
    What to do, what to do?

    I’ve read that, ‘regime uncertainty’ is a huge downward factor upon productivity and such.

    Meanwhile, Ben Jones over at TheHousingBubbleBlog says that things in the real estate sector are crashing now.

    What to do, what to do? I’m sick to death of renting. A mobile home seems like the best option, yuk! Right back were I started from in 1993!

    It’s no wonder that, as Susan Ferguson noted over at “…roughly 20 veterans a day nationwide commit suicide.” I don’t even want to know what the ratio is for the general population.

    From this view, our so-called, ‘leaders’ aren’t pointing towards anything to strive towards which makes for a better life. They’re just pretending to create that which they have almost ZERO control over, i.e. Bill Clinton’s, ‘Bridge to the 21st Century’… I guess, that’s just a jumping off point?

    I want to believe in MLK’s ‘Dream’, and the vision I think that JFK promoted and the ‘Shining City on a Hill’ Regan pointed at,…even the links which abound about how the Bible says this will be a better world, however; in light of what authors such as the above and John W. Whitehead, Becky Akers, and the late William Norman Grigg, among many others, have written, it’s really hard to see anything but a train coming down the tunnel.

    Yeesh, que Daisy Luther’s, ‘Prepper University’ courses, here X.

    Anyway, someone posted a link to Gary North’s 2011 article, ‘The Dollar as the World Reserve Currency’ I’m trying to decide if that refutes, or supports, the ideas presented by Jerry, but I think I am simply overwhelmed by information. It’s no wonder the average person doesn’t want to even consider any of the above. ‘The Blue Pill’ really is tempting. However; I think I’m way past the point of being able to swallow that.

    • Jodyp

      I do understand your feelings ‘to not store treasures upon this earth’. Unless one is strictly a collector,most here look at metals as part of their and their families survival. Nothing sinful in my opinion. This shows you’re a good person just for wondering.

      • helot

        Thanks, for that, Jodyp.

        However; I can’t help but think of how Paul said he was, ‘wretched’. I ain’t no better.

        I feel for those [and their families] who Frederick described below. Such a mixed up world we live in. Still, I strive.

        Right now, I’m wondering how Mercola’s article, ‘How Body Voltage Dictates Health and Disease’ fits together with Geoengineering.

        I. am not. smart enough. to put it all. together! I can feel the solution, but cannot grasp it. ‘wretched’

    • Frederick

      As for the number of veterans that commit suicide the number is far higher if you factor in the ones who unwittingly take their own lives through drugs and alcohol abuse

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        …or join biker drug gangs and get shot. Many Vietnam kids came back junkies and died that way. Anyone who doesn’t see that America is under deliberate attack from within is beyond stupid or worse….indifferent.

  6. philipat


    Might I suggest you re-phrase the latest Poll question because it really isn’t clear what you are asking?

  7. don

    We don’t know what NK wants Chris? Seriously? Where have you been? NK tells us what they want (and its not respect or canned fruit)…reunite Korea where the Kim jong un crime family rules absolutely…that’s why they want nukes and ICBMS…blackmail the US to withdraw from the Western Pacific…the same goal as China, which is why China is using NK as their rabid dog.

    We need to get China to decapitate the kim regime…if that means threatening to help Taiwan, SK and Japan go nuclear…we may have to do that. Time to play hard ball.

    • Nellie

      Wrong. North Korea’s nuclear weapons program was developed for one reason- SELF PRESERVATION. Kim’s a dictator, but he’s not stupid. His priority ISN’T a reunifued Korea, nor is it China’s, but rather, North Korea wants to avert a US led regime change. THAT is why Kim has publicly stated he wants military equilibrium with the US as an insurance policy AGAINST war. Launching missiles into the ocean isn’t as much a provocation as it is a show of strength. He knows his country is on the bankster’s to do list, just as much as Iran. Russia, China, and any other country that rejects being terraformed with a dollar denominated central bank.

      • Victor

        Don is absolutely correct. NK’s goal for the past 60 years has been the “liberation” of South Korea. They don’t need ICBM’s as a deterrent; their long-range artillery pointed at Seoul is the reason we have no viable military option. NK’s intent is to divide us from our allies in East Asia until they can reach North America with nuclear weapons. Then they can threaten to destroy our cities if we defend South Korea from their invasion. They believe we would not risk losing Los Angeles and New York to protect South Korea. That is why we could never accomplish anything through negotiations. We want them to give up their nukes, and they want to conquer South Korea, neither of which will happen. And if South Korea ever loses faith in our willingness to defend them, they will want their own nuclear deterrent, and won’t that be fun if they point some of their missiles at Beijing and Shanghai?

      • helot

        Truth is treason in a world of… I forget the rest of the line.

        How dare they defend themselves!

      • Paul ...

        Nellie … Those Generals that have Trump locked up and not able to see anyone at the White House have probably kept Trump in the dark about Korea’s offer to stop all nuclear testing … no mention of this Great News in our Main Stream News media (under control of the Deep State) who don’t want the American people to know that China and Russia did help us out with Korea … I wonder if it is Trump writing those fire and brimstone “rocket man” tweets or his warmongering neocon generals?? …

  8. H. Craig Bradley

    Another Goldbug talking his book. Now, for the real scoop from a real working economist, Martin Armstrong. Lets not be too one-sided here about it.

    • Brian

      He did say he works with money managers who are professionals.

      Armstrong looks like a Beagle Boy.

      Try not to trust anyone too much I guess.

    • Gary

      I would never bet against Martin Armstrong, in the last ten years his calls have been outstanding.” Who else can charge one million dollars” and get it
      for his forecasting model to a Hedge Fund, or a Government.

      FD Socrates Subscriber.

  9. Anthony Australia

    I love Sundays with Greg Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you A A!!

  10. This Sceptred Isle

    If this story is true it is advantage China.

  11. This Sceptred Isle

    I like this guest a lot. Clearly articulated ideas and logical deductions.

    He made an interesting point: One of the legacies of the invasion of Iraq is that it has incentivised all countries threatened by America to develop nuclear weapons with greater urgency. Of course, if Iraq had really had weapons of mass destruction Saddam would probably still be here now, or at least would have gone down with a fight.
    Many people asserted that the US dollar would not lose its reserve status in our life-time as there is no alternative to the dollar. I believe that they have underestimated the political and economic benefits of countries such as China and Russia avoiding the dollar centric system. These countries will tolerate any short term pain from weaning themselves off the dollar because they have a long term economic strategy. America, by imposing sanctions on Russia and Iran is just hastening this process.

    • Paul ...

      Think back … remember those old news reels of the very happy faces on the people dancing in the streets when WWII ended … everyone was smiling and hugging and kissing each other … because the neocon Morlocks finally had their fill of blood … and turned off their sirens … today the warmongering Morlocks have turned their “war sirens on” once again … they need to kill more Eloi flesh … are we going to sheepishly enter their trap once again? … Why didn’t our neocon Generals allow Trump to accept Kim Jung-un’s offer to stop all nuclear testing?? … all our Generals had to do was simply stop all their provocative war games on the Korean Peninsula!!

      • Paul ...

        N. Korea has recently found large amounts of rare earth minerals … the warmongering neocons who invaded Afghanistan for its wealth … are now probably eyeing N.Korea to get their hands on all its rare earth mineral wealth!

  12. Russ McMeans

    Buying new tires… i.e. ‘Take offs’ from tire shop in Sacramento via Craig’s List with my diminishing dollars. Shooting for about $600 bucks. New they would cost $1250 installed. I have an odd size 18″ tire for Toyota Tundra work truck-wish I knew that problem when I bought the beast. Anyway here’s the jist of the story: Dumb folk buy expensive Tundras and dump their stock tires and spend $2500 for fancy big tires. Many of them are feeling rich obviously from their whatever jobs or dope growing activities. We have a propped up economy out here in Calitopia folks. Now I’m going to try to buy some PM’s too if possible. I simply have no faith anymore in our USD anymore. It’s a joke! Go to hardware store and see how expensive it is…… case closed. ( I forgot to mention what hurricanes will do to those commodities pricing too.., lumber, steel, hardware, Sheetrock, appliances….) wow!

  13. Russ McMeans

    Chris is just excellent Greg! Thank you for your excellent interviews. They’re a constant reminder of our lovely predicament. Time to prepare is now. “Red Sky in morning sailor take warning”…..

  14. JC

    Greg Venezuela is one small amount in the big picture of the Dollar dominance of oil. China has been stockpiling oil underground. Yet the worlds oil is bonded with dollars, so surface changes will have no effect in the near future so I have been told. What say you ?

    • freebrezer

      JC – in addition, a large part of Venezuela oil is a very heavy, sour ( sulfur laden) crude. “Only a couple of the “BIG” refineries in Texas are designed to handle the stuff … expensive technology ! Thus, until the Chinese invest quite a few billion in to refining the stuff (i.e., a couple of years to steal the technology and a few yrs to gear up), Venezuela is stuck with who is going to buy their low grade sour crude? … only the USA can refine it in the western hemisphere … In baseball they call it a pickle! Venezuela turning from the dollar is a yawner (for the near term).

  15. Jerry

    Mark your calendars. October 18th will be the date that the petrodollar officially died .

    This is a no brainer. Oil bought with currency backed by gold……or… Oil bought with currency backed by fraud and manipulation. What would you do? Oh….I know. The world will continue to use the petrodollar because they love us so much. Right? Keep drinking that Kool-aide folks. In a few weeks you may need it to go along with your food storage.

    • jim

      Jerry , Where in this article do you see not using the US dollar for oil trade ? Are you reading between the lines ?

      • Jerry

        My sources have told me they plan to launch the gold backed Yuan benchmark on October 18th. I found that it matched up with the date of Chinese Communist party general assembly. It just makes sense they would finalize the plan with the general assembly before they would go public in the markets.

        If you’re waiting for an article from the MSM to verify a start date, you’ll have a long wait. They’ll be the last to know, and they’ll only report fake news anyway. FYI I was told two years ago that I was full of crap when I said the Chinese would have reserve currency status in the IMF basket. How did that work out? Do you want to bet take a bet on this one? There reason for:
        – CIPS
        – AIIB
        – Gold
        – And now the gold backed Yuan petrodollar.
        See the writing on the wall.

    • Mike R

      Jerry- If I knew the dollar was going to be worthless, I’d much rather use it to buy oil, than use a currency backed by gold. In fact, that is the best argument as to why people are spending so much right now, as they are subconsciously trying to get rid of their dollars as fast as they can. Get rid of the trash as fast as you can.

    • freebrezer

      Jerry – until I see Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Exxon, Lockheed Martin, Boos Allan etc., putting their trillion + in cash in to the RMB, I think it is just a slow death of the dollar for the near term. In addition, I think some competition would be great for the dollar … it might help clean out some of the garbage and fraud in our TBF banks!

      • Jerry

        What makes you think they’re not doing it now?
        I have posted a zillion times here that I have family who work with Wells Fargo who have told me they have installed an RMB patch in their system. Why do you think they wouldn’t do that if they weren’t planning a switch?

    • jim

      Jerry, So where is this announcement of the banking shut down on Sep 18 at 2:00 am ? Who are your sources , janitors and door men, Or are they just lying story tellers. Please stop with the predictions, Not one of them came true. I have been falling for your bull, and now I look like even more of a nut job with my family and friends .

      • Jerry

        Once again I have to do the heavy lifting for the uninformed. Go to the Federal Reserve Bank Website and read it for yourself. Its under “payment”. They have installed same day ACH for the first time in history. It is a setup for bail ins. I never set a date. The 18th was the day they started the policy. FYI- If you can’t handle the strain of dealing with your friends and family that’s your problem, not mine. In the future please don’t read my post if you can’t handle it.

        • JMiller


          Just to correct you. The Fed has had the same-day ACH option available since 2010.

          Currently most ACH payments are settled on the next business day. Now most ACH payments will have the OPTION to be settled on the same day if the customer chooses to do so.

          Also from the link above, “Only international transactions (IATs) and high-value transactions above $25,000 will NOT be eligible”

          Going from ACH transactions settled on the next business day to now being settled on the same day, but only if the customer chooses and if the transaction is less than $25,000, has nothing to do with the government doing bail-ins. It has to do with consumers, businesses, government entities and financial institutions that use the ACH Network to move money BETWEEN bank accounts. If there would be a bank bail-in, the government would just convert the uninsured deposits into equity. They would not need to use the ACH.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Wasn’t that supposed to be back when China and Russia signed all those oil contracts?
      Or when the RMB was included in the valuation of the SDR?
      Or when the Shanghai Gold Exchange began operating?
      Or when Iran began selling oil in Euros?

      The new gold-convertible futures contracts will allow for purchase of gold, in yuan, at FAIR MARKET VALUE on the SGE, with the sales proceeds from the contracts. Today, a producer can take USD and purchase gold at fair market value. While these new contracts may reduce the need for petrodollars, they in no sense cause the yuan to be a “currency backed by gold” any more than selling oil in USD and then buying gold in USD would be considered “backing the USD with gold”.

      You know, it’s pretty funny.

      It was almost three years or so ago, right here on Mr. Hunter’s site, you were going on and on about how China was about to back the yuan with gold. I explained why that would not happen. Those reasons were valid then, and they remain valid. I’ll say it again: The Chinese will not back the yuan with gold.

      You indirectly accused me of not being able to locate my behind with both hands. It’s now been a few years. You continue to make clear what fills your hands.

      • Tin foil hat

        The major difference between SGE and COMEX’s gold is physical vs. paper.
        China guaranteed physical gold convertibility in large quantity. America guarantees payment in FRN in the future or small amounts of physical gold for the shrimps but not for the whales.
        The Chinese never suggests anything gold back which is the old Gold Standard.
        I’ve said this before. This oil, yuan and gold thingy is not going to work unless the Chinese crushes the COMEX first.

  16. Loren

    The central banks are not just printing money out of thin air. They are also buying up bank and other corporate debt, buying up US Treasuries, and even stocks to keep this facade of growth going. A point that was missed is that when China or other countries reduce US Treasuries, the Federal Reserve can buy them up.

    • helot

      RE: ‘A point that was missed is that when China or other countries reduce US Treasuries, the Federal Reserve can buy them up.’

      I doubt is was missed, that pesky thing called Nationalization of Debts. Funny thing, that. It has all sorts of consequences which few seem consider. Sort of like being downwind from a radioactive event. Some have trouble, some do ok.

  17. Tad

    What happens when the markets fail–specifically the stock market–and we all find out the government owns the majority of stock holding in major 500 companies?

  18. Barn Cat

    A few years ago I prayed regularly that God would give me a sign about the time of year that the collapse would take place. Then one night I had just gotten into bed when this came into my mind:

    I’m standing and looking in the window of my favorite restaurant. It’s been closed for some time. There’s dust on the window. I can see streaks where rain drops have gone through the dust. I turn and I see autumn leaves swirling in the parking lot.

    Where I live leaves typically start to fall around the first week of October. I don’t think the collapse is coming this year because that restaurant is still open. Too much would have to happen too quickly. I’m not somebody who reports prophetic dreams or visions on a regular basis. I don’t make stuff up. And of course, predicting that everything will blow up in the fall some year shouldn’t be a huge surprise to anyone. But I thought it was worth sharing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for sharing!!

    • The Seer

      I had a meditation message that the markets correct close to my birthday.
      I am an early October Libra. Either side – late Sept. of into Oct. 2017.
      I think mining stocks will rebound strong. The stock market itself is not
      going to close for another 1.5 – 2 years at least though . . .

  19. Tad

    There may be an opening, but I wouldn’t count on it. China- Russia-US relations have soured, in part, by Washington- imposed sanctions, while simultaneously asking China and Russia to sanction North Korea. How do think that goes over with them? Irony?

    Which navy will board a North Korea bound freighter or tanker, and risk a potential firefight or diplomatic incident? Asked and answered.

    How many countries in Europe are ready to follow China, Russia, and Venezuela in avoiding or banning trade in USD? I wouldn’t know, nor have I seen articles relating to such. That doesn’t means discussions aren’t taking place. Europe–as some remember it by- is finished long and short-term, so debate is almost pointless. They should be praying for a collapse if sending the illegal migrants home is a concern. A little off track, there.

  20. Randy RHCE

    Greg another bullseye! There is talk to repeal the debt ceiling permanently. Many of us already know it really meaningless, that they will always raise the debt until they can no longer meet interest payments. There are a few economists that say this is a very bad idea. The artificial ceiling might be a factor to slow down spending. What will it be like with an unlimited credit card? You had Mike Maloney on back in May I believe. He has a new video on “My Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Gold and Silver”. Could this be a good time to have him back? Thanks for all you do, Godspeed

  21. alan gardner

    Thanks Mr. Hunter….a thoughtful and non hyperbolic exchange by you and Dr Martenson,much appreciated….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alan!

  22. Tad

    As has been repeated elsewhere, North Korea doesn’t need regional, nuclear parity with US forces. The first false flag whiff or US- initiated attack, and I would think Seoul becomes toast by an incoming rocket barrage.

  23. Joe

    Hey Mr. Greg,

    Commiefornia is about to become a sanctuary state.

    Gov Moonbeam will sign the legislation next week.


    • Greg Hunter

      That amounts to treason against about half or the voters. He is doing this to hold on to power because there IS massive voter and election fraud in California. Governor Brown is essentially protecting fraud and crime.

      • flattop

        GREG: Its not only gov moonbeam, its the majority of our California legislature. Its a grand plan to take California back to Mexico. They say the state was stolen from Mexico and needs to go back

        • Greg Hunter


        • freebrezer

          Flattop – a lot of the areas that became USA territories came about from natives settlers (both European settlers and Tejanos) revolting against the Tyranny of the new Mexican overlords … Santa Anna etc., who ruled like a king (!) both the settlers and locals wanted none of that crap! Let see … freedom on one side and harsh Tyranny (can you say peasant) on other. Another way to look at it is that we liberated huge sections of the America’s from European like tyrants/aristocrats and gave the locals the ability to determine there own destiny! And if Mexico was so great why do so many of the poor want to leave? And as I recall, we paid the Mexican tyrants cash for all the territories at the end of the Texas war … The lands were not stolen (a bunch of Bull Sh$T) but were transacted via a treaty in 1848! Big big difference! To say we stole it is equivalent to saying the USA stole the Louisiana territories from France when Jefferson purchased it on behalf of the US government!

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          I hate to break it to them, but Mexico is not a communist country! And violent crimes, especially against children, are no door to an air conditioned prison with computers. What would Mexico do with the pensioners and so on? Mexico has an outdoor culture with lots of religion, too. How would the snowflakes living a troll life in the dark adjust to all that color and warmth and loud music and Nuestra Senora de Guadelupe??? Have they really thought that thing through??

      • Arthur Barnes

        Millions of illegal aliens, aka Mexican, voted in California, they simply put they were a citizen on the voter registration form and registered to vote; not one election officer ever checked any citizen status! That is how the popular vote out there was so overwhelming. The sad thing about this is the elections officials knew all alone the fraud was wholesale and did nothing about it!

        • Greg Hunter

          Until now.

      • Diane

        Totally agree Greg…….I am sorry I have to live in California….we are a Marxist state.

        • Frederick

          Why do you HAVE to live there? You are free to move as far as I know I left NY for many reasons

    • Paul ...

      N. Korea Kim Jong-un (rocket man) is positioning his rockets for a “moon” shot … as we all wait in anticipation as to “which moon” rocket man will land on first (S. Korean President “Moon” Jae-in or Gov “Moon”beam) … perhaps Trump and Kim can twitter a negotiated trade whereby Kim gives up his nuclear weapons and we give him Commiefornia!

      • Paul ...

        If Kim doesn’t want to give up his nuclear weapons for the State of Commiefornia (because it theoretically still belongs to Mexico) … perhaps Trump can make a deal whereby Kim puts limits “on the range of his ICBM’s” (so that they cannot fly any further then Commiefornia) and then we can remove the sanctions and put this whole episode to rest!

  24. Paul ...

    As Martenson says: “the dollar will soon start to fall in value” … but for all its faults … a “real physical” fiat paper dollar in your hand “is actually better” then “an imaginary” fiat electronic dollar in your computer …those who love “imaginary” money are not people who truly believe in “physical” gold and silver … their mantra is that block-chain technology “is real” and people are too dumb to recognize that fact and use it to make a fortune … that argument is like the warmongering neocons telling us nuclear technology “is real” thus we should use it to make profits in war … or like evil Monsanto telling us genetic technology “is real” and thus it should be used to make GMO foods for profit … or like abortionists saying this scapulae technology is real thus it should be used to abort babies for profit … etc., etc. … the question each of us have to ask ourselves is not whether the block-chain technology is real or not … but “should it be used” for our money!! … I say no … because block-chain technology will kill our privacy and take away our Constitutional Right to the freedom to choose … it can be used for subjugation and “great evil” just like nuclear weapons and genetically engineered foods … and because a profit can be made using it … that should not be the motive for accepting it into our life!!

    • Bill Dakelski

      Paul “because block-chain technology will kill our privacy and take away our Constitutional Right to the freedom to choose”

      Would you delineate what you intend here, isn’t one of the tenets of cryptocurrency that it is anonymous and therefor ultra private? Also, which constitutional right are you referring to that would limit us and what choices would be limited, isn’t cryptocurrency just another choice?

      • Paul ...

        Bill … during WWII we broke both the Japanese and German codes … now 74 years later with block-chain won’t be able to be hacked with Deep State “quantum computers”?? … so the tenet that cryptocurrency is anonymous and ultra private is just an outright lie … now Chrome, Firefox, etc. will be putting apps on their screens so people can make cryptocurrency payments (with software developed by Microsoft, Apple and Google who incidentally are in bed with the Deep State) … do you not think back doors are being placed in “their code” that will put the Deep State in “total control” of all cryptocurrency (wallet or no wallet) … and it is the Deep States control over your ability to spend your cryptocurrency through their apps that will limit your Constitutional freedoms as they can make it impossible to say buy ammunition for your gun using crypto on a computer or perhaps they may limit your ability to buy food (rationing your meat, fish and vegetables that can be bought each month) … cryptocurrency “will not be your money” to be spent as “you desire” (but “their money” to be spent “as they” desire) … unlike physical gold and silver in your possession which is “your money” which can be spent or bartered as “you desire”!!

      • helot

        Cryptocurrency is Not anonymous. Where’d you get that funky idea from, Tor?

        See also: Brandon Smith. I think he’s still awaiting proof it’s anonymous.

    • JC

      Paul I have been doing my garage math again. In 1913 copper was 1.65 a pound. Keeping up with silver at 2.64 oz . It takes 10.527 pennies to make a oz. So my math says copper was 42.24 a pound in 1913 if priced as silver. What would it be set to the debt ? At 1913 prices. I know I am all over the place, but the debt clock don’t give copper info back to 1913.

      • JC

        What I am looking to find is how much should copper be worth under a gold standard. Sorry for the confusing numbers.

        • Paul ...

          JC … if silver was $2.64 an ounce in 1913 … then with the current dollar worth 3 cents … it was selling for 88 of our current dollars back in 1913 … if copper was $1.65 /lb back in 1913 … again with our current dollar worth 3 cents … copper was selling for 55 of our current dollars per pound … the point is we can get an ounce of silver cheaper now (for only $17 dollars per ounce) and we can get copper cheaper now (for only $3 per pound) … so the loony tune manipulators are giving us “more metal” as the dollar gets less valuable? … and as I said before as the dollar continues to fall (to say 0.00001 cent) we may then be getting a ton of metal for it?? … what kind of economic dream world is the Fed living in???

    • Frederick

      As Greg has pointed out to us the dollar has already started falling from around 103 to 92 or so on the dollar index

  25. Paul ...

    This is interesting … … commercial traders are “betting big time” on a pull back in the silver price … this is good news for those of us who want to pick up a few more ounces cheap … these commercial traders are not worried about us little guys getting a few more ounces of silver cheap … however … they “should be worried” about all the third world nations with huge dessert lands … who may jump into the silver market unexpectedly and buy huge amounts of silver to build “solar farms” for the free energy it will provide them to industrialize their economies (without the need to buy oil or gas from the oligarch squids who have a tight lock on the energy industry)!!

  26. Mike

    The only problem with Chris is that he believes the global warming lie.

  27. Paul ...

    Good to see some “serious negotiation” going on between Trump and Kim Jong-un … Trump tweeted “rocket man” is at it again (wanting to send rockets to the “Moon”, Japan and the US) … Kim tweeted back … my only goal is to establish “an equilibrium of real force” so the neocons will stop talking about a pre-emptive first strike! …

    • Paul ...

      Seems Kim Jong-un’s dad trained him well … he sure has got titanium balls to stand up to the world’s bully … but if he doesn’t play it just right … those balls might soon be radioactive!!

      • Paul ...

        Lets pray to God that this “twitter diplomacy” between Trump and Kim Jong-un does not fail …

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          I think it’s theater…probably about bonds, China, and us being broke.

          • Paul ...

            Your probably right Deanna … it may be all “theater” to get Japan to invest a trillion dollars in America as a way of saying thank you to Trump for saving them from Kim jong-un (who may actually be in the Deep States pocket doing their bidding … why else did Hillary’s husband give them nuclear weapon and ICBM technology?)

  28. Russ

    Thanks Greg, a great interviewer discussing issues with a great interviewee usually makes for a great interview and you two did not disappoint.

    As for what happens next — IIRC there was a market correction in progress back in spring 2009 that was estimated/forecast(?) to correct back to about 6000 on the DJIA; the correction stopped at about 8000 and it’s been pretty much up ever since. If that correction is allowed to complete at this point taking us from DOW 22,000 down to DOW 6000… that’s about 70%. What would that do to the derivative market? Never mind, just thinking out loud, it could never happen…

  29. Fred

    The way that works is let’s say they want to unload $500 billion on some Tuesday morning. Who is going to buy that $500 billion?
    The ESF/PPT coordinating with the Federal Reserve buys it all up. Zero impact.

    It’s when the BRICS and other countries no longer buy and use dollars for trade and buy oil in their own currencies then we will see the dollar really decline. This hasn’t happened in a big way yet, just in the beginning phase.

  30. Robert

    Chris is spot on.
    Lance Roberts, while a very gifted market analyst sometimes sucmbs to offering advice that coflicts what his conclusions point towards.
    Namely, whenever a caller to his radio show in the past asked about the idea of investing in physical precious metal, it was immediately rejected as a bad idea.
    Be very wary when money managers discouraging allocating part of your portfolio in physical PM ‘s


    They have no inderstanding of the function on PM’s

    Or :

    They are biased to a flawed degree of just selling their products to the potential long term detriment of their clients when the monatary system finally unravels.
    Be leery of financial money managers steering clients 100% into paper portfolios. Their lack of understanding of the big picture should raise serious concerns.

    Great interview Greg.

  31. hubert

    “The way that works is let’s say they want to unload $500 billion on some Tuesday morning. Who is going to buy that $500 billion? Who is on the other side of that trade?”

    What about the FED, ECB, BOE … It would be easy (even if it is dollars created out of thin air).? I have never seen anyone saying that. WHY? It seems for all kind of reasons the right answer… The FED reducing the fall of the USD and the increase in inflation AND getting the threat from China out, ECB by slowing the Euro/USD parity and calming the stock market…. This is maybe why China has not done that yet?

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure Hubert you are correct, but if China has a massive dump many other of the countries holding more than $16 trillion liquid dollar assets OUTSIDE the country would sell. sell. sell too. The derivative market would also implode that is around (officially) $500 trillion. This could and at some point will get way out of control much quicker than anyone can imagine, but what do I know.

      • William Stanley

        Greg: Great comments as well as a great interview. In my opinion, you have the best handle on this of anyone. Derivatives are possibly the most frightening part of the puzzle. Most of the notional amounts net against each other. However, a few strategic defaults could trigger a cascade of defaults too massive to control or sort out in a timely manner.
        The scramble to control the cascading defaults in 2008 just barely worked, for a while. The next cascade will likely be much larger, wider in scope and, therefore, not as containable as that in 2008. Furthermore, there aren’t enough bankruptcy courts in the world to sort all that out in a timely enough way to avert worldwide catastrophe. Combine all that with a massive monetary regime change, an even more globalized economy than in 2008 — and possible warfare among major countries (both kinetic and economic) — and we could have a wee problem.

      • Elderlearner

        Greg: Everyone is worried about the dollar being dumped. If this looked like it was going to happen -poof- the U.S. files bankruptcy and overnight all these country’s are as broke as we are. Guess what, the world would be forced to reestablish their economy’s and I bet every one of them would GRAB the chance to dump their own debt and start from scratch – a world reset if you will. Some agreement would be put in place on how the world economy would restart where they would be angry at America to save face but dump debt as fast as they could. Stocks WILL go up if a company makes something and all the rest would be tossed aside, all pensions gone, and the most important cash would vanish worldwide. Assets would become valuable and guess who holds the assets – the rich. Maybe that is why banks are buying assets?

  32. joe whatzit

    do some of your best guests see DEFLATION and the others just as adamantly( sp ) see INFLATION ?? from your poor old friend joe

    • Greg Hunter

      Many people see both inflation and deflation happening consecutively or at the same time. Think defaulting Puerto Rico bonds (deflation) and a sudden dollar shock and devaluation (inflation.) This is what I see, both inflation and deflation (bond destruction) at the same time.

    • Corleone

      Perhaps it means the deflation of paper FRN and the inflation of digital FRN happen in the same span of time.

  33. Icarus

    There will be no crash. A market crash would blow up every city, state, county, federal, company, pension plan in the country. In other words a market crash destroys every voter alive (and some dead ones). The government itself would then blow up printing money to bail all these plans out. They just cannot let these markets go down. Period!
    It’s Armageddon if they do let them go down so it’s up up and away until they lose control. They know it! We know it! Print until it hurts and destroys the currency, is the new mantra.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope you are correct Icarus but I’d like to take you back to 2008. They did NOT want that to happen either but it did. Many of the big banks (especially Goldman) almost went under and that is not an exaggeration:

      • Frederick

        Why do you hope he’s right? How is hyperinflation better than a market crash for the middle and working class people ?

  34. Paul ...

    The shill who couldn’t sniff out the Berrnie Maddoff Ponzi all of a sudden has a good nose to ferret out Bit Coin as a Ponzi scheme … what this shows me is that the elites have their own Ponzi Bit Coin scheme (Fed Coin) in the works … and they need to trash “all other bit coins” that may pose them any competition …… but Fed Coin (when it is introduced to the public as a replacement for the US dollar) will just be one more Ponzi that the people will need to reject!!

    • Paul ...

      And no matter how they try to explain it … any “legal tender” crypto currency governments finally create will always have “privacy issues” associated with it … as the controllers of the electronic crypto computers can easily impose “draconian controls” over the use of “their” money … unlike physical metal in your hands (“your” money) that only you have control over and can spend as you please! …

      • Paul ...

        More bad news for crypto … Chrome, Firefox, etc. will be allowing people to make cryptocurrency payments with software developed by Microsoft, Apple and Google (who are in bed with the Deep State) … now there is no doubt “their code” will put the Deep State in “total control” of all cryptocurrency … wallet or no wallet!!

  35. Craig

    De-dollarizing isn’t new with China, Russia, and Venezuela. I understand that Iraq & Libya both were de-dollarizing and played a major part of why they were attacked, destroyed and their leaders brutally and humiliatingly murdered. I understand that North Korea also functions outside the dollar system. How is the dollar reserve currency system any different than a giant protection racket? How can anyone think that the dollar reserve currency system ever had any legitimacy?

  36. Eric

    I see us getting a triple hit (simultaneously). The dollar collapsing, the market crashing and war beginning.
    And it is all planned.

  37. Paul ...

    Interesting … you know years ago any boy caught playing with dolls would be looked at askew … but there could be some utility for such dolls today (if pedophiles could be trained to use them) … perhaps the Vatican should put in an order for a few hundred (on a long term lease basis) and see how it works out … but then again … they may need to order “transgender” dolls! …

  38. Jerry

    I have a question for all you sunshine pumpers out there. If the economy is trending upward and the GDP has risen to three year highs, then why is Money Velocity still on its trajectory to hit bottom before the end of the year?

    Unfortunately the rest of the world does not share our desire to to live in our imaginary dream world for much longer. Fantasy world is about to meet the brick wall of reality, at its made of gold.

    • Beligirant

      @Jerry, I’ve had the same thought about money velocity. My guess is they’ve printed so much currency that even though the money velocity has a downward trend its out of whack and cannot be trusted anymore than the 200 moving average gold spot price. If charts were correct then the DOW would be at 12,000 and gold at $5,000. Instead we have the opposite and guessing this money velocity chart is just as bad for making predictions.

    • Mark Maples


      When the month of October passes and nothing has changed will you be open to considering that you are wrong?

      • Greg Hunter

        Hey Mark, you better hope he is wrong.

        • Mark Maples


          I don’t think Jerry is wrong concerning the end game, I think that China/Russia want to offer an alternative, not a replacement of the petrodollar.

          China is playing the long game. If we (US) believed they were going to replace the petrodollar next month we would be in the middle of WW3.

          The median income in China is around 7800 a year.

          China is 1 pct of our GDP. We are 4pct of China’s .

          We win in a all out trade war right now.

          • helot

            RE: ‘China is 1 pct of our GDP. We are 4pct of China’s.’

            Are you sure about that?

            ‘Today, we spend about 4 dollars on imports from China for every 1 dollar that China spends on imports from us. China now even makes more beer than we do. ‘ – from the article, ‘These Threats Will Not Collapse America’s Economy’


        • Jerry

          This is not hard to figure out. The Chinese and Russians have been planning the destruction of the petrodollar since Russia purchased Morgan Stanley back in 2013.

          Russia is now the worlds top oil producer and controls the marketing end of the industry (by purchasing Morgan Stanley) so much so that even members of OPEC have agreed to take gold backed Yuan for payment. You tell me if this isn’t the end of the petrodollar, what is it?

      • Jerry

        Let me ask you a question. Have you ever done business with the Chinese?
        They don’t have a pension for wasting things, especially money. Do you really thinks they:
        – created CIPS
        – created 87 nation member AIIB
        – bought gold vaults in London, Frankfort, New York
        – created gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmarks and signed trade agreements with several members of OPEC.
        and not intend to use them? October 18th my friend we will either be launching strikes into North Korea, or watching the biggest selloff in benchmark crude in history. We’ll see? FYI- does it really matter if I’m right or wrong if you’re not prepared?

  39. Bill Moulyn

    Hello Greg

    Power corrupts & Absolute power corrupts absolutely

    Greg I believe that you will find the following zerohedge article very informative.

    It describes the the Deep State & the CIA, FBI & other agencies as usurping the Constitution.
    Bill Moulyn

  40. Diane

    Catherine Austin Fitts isn’t a big fan of Armstrong, but she did agree somewhat with this blog and reposted it on Solari last week

    • Frederick

      I think Armstrong was compromised when he served time in prison He was ” convinced” to be a good boy by the powers that be and tow the line

      • Greg Hunter

        Bill Holter discusses the turnaround Martin Armstrong’s thinking (I like and respect both men) here:

        (By the way, Bill’s sourcing is legit and spot on transcription–I checked it.)

      • Diane

        I don’t think so Fredrick…he was unjustly jailed for 8 years.
        I watched The Forcaster 3 times.
        Amazing story.
        Martin brutality attacks governments and politicians for their corruption.
        The government wanted his Socrates computer. He refused to give it to them
        Socrates is on target more often than not.
        No one knows anything for sure, you would have to know the mind of God.

    • Paul ...

      According to Armstrong … the US dollar will not be replaced by simply denominating oil in Yuan … there must be a secure reason for holding on to those Yuan once you sell your oil for them … so the Chinese will either have to back their Yuan with gold (or provide a Yuan Bond that offers a nice interest rate return) otherwise people will take those Yuan and buy US Treasuries (as they are universally accepted to make purchases with)!

  41. I Rock

    I understood the fear of the 2% drop was because that would be enough to trigger the derivative market implosion. Thank you Greg for continuing to bring on these top notch guests.

    • Paul ...

      Trump can call the Chinese bluff to sell their Treasuries by telling the Fed not to buy them … so the Chinese will be forced to sell their Treasuries at a discount “to investors” which will drive up interest rates … this will crash the world stock markets by more then 2% and melt down all the derivative markets … will the Chinese want to create a worldwide depression? … not likely … the better option for the Chinese is to simply “barter” their Treasuries for physical gold, or copper, or nickel, etc.!

      • Paul ...

        Barter is a very powerful weapon “that does not affect interest rates” … it accomplishes the direct exchange of goods or services without an intervening medium of exchange (money) … by not selling their Treasuries for money … interest rates won’t spike upward … however … based upon supply and demand the prices of the commodities bartered for can rise (or fall)!!

  42. genocidal politician

    the chinese have forward scouts establishing infantry distances for troop movements,
    point A to B to C…
    time measurements are vital intelligence,
    they are capturing 360 degree images of important transit routes where no doubt movement of all human and physical matter will be halted and scrutinized,
    Tibet is the model for the coming invasion when the attack on NK commences,
    except a type of genocide is planned,
    the unmistakable gait of the mobile infantryman is present, the forward scout,
    this event is going to spill way south of the peninsular,
    wars are fought over resources, a resource rich land mass with unarmed citizens and no defense to match cannot prevent 1-2 million personal from landing and securing the terrain,
    ‘you are on your own’

  43. Nick in UK

    Precious metals – street reporting from the UK.

    With the recent run up in price our local coin shop was expecting a flurry of incoming stock as people off loaded for a profit. It did not happen, nobody sold anything and during the discussion I told them that I thought the soft hands had probably been shaken out earlier and current holders now would not sell. My £2K cleared them out of silver one troy oz coins and these were a mixed batch of all (Brittania, Canadian, Austrian, Australian and your Eagles). Usually I can buy full tubes.
    The four shops wanting “gold for cash” in our area have also all closed this year. You can only assume they had no trade. The last one went in late July.

    I am not sure that any of this is important, its just a few more pixels for your bigger picture.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the street reporting from the UK!!!!

      • John


        Demand for gold and silver at my supplier here in Charlotte, NC is strong – John

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you John for the street reporting.

        • Paul ...

          The way the crazy manipulators have the game rigged is … as the price of the US dollar falls … they push the price of silver lower so we can buy the same amount or more silver with their weaker dollar … for example … in 1913 one ounce of silver cost about dollar … today with the dollar worth 3 cents … 17 of today’s dollars has a value of (.03 x 17 = 51 cents) … so today we can actually buy silver at half the price it was back in 1913 … the longer the crazy manipulators keep this up we may eventually be able to buy 10 times or 100 times the silver with our diminishing dollar … let the manipulators continue this charade and eventually we will find the depreciated US dollar worth only 0.000001 cent will be able to buy “all the silver in the entire Earth’s crust” … such is the logic of the manipulators warped minds!!

    • Keith wilson

      Nick,I purchase most of my silver coins from . Based in Blackpool Lancashire. Found them to always be the most reliable . Always got plenty of stock in house. Also do a special our choice silver one ounce special deal. Other bullion dealers take your money and can not deliver for weeks . Most of the bullion dealers don’t carry much in house stock. Give them a ring? All the best.

      • Keith wilson

        Greg.hope you don’t mind me helping out nick in the UK. Getting real silver coins in big numbers is difficult outside the USA. Hope nick gets sorted before the SHTF. Thanks Greg for what you have done for your followers over the years. Keep up the good work .

        • Paul ...

          Amazing … how can the coin dealers hold their nose and take worthless fiat paper for real silver coins?? … perhaps … it’s because there are a lot of suckers still coming into their shops to give them gold for that worthless cash!! … however … when people wake up and stop taking fiat paper cash for their gold … and those signs “We Take Gold For Cash” are taken down … watch how fast coin shop owners won’t be able to find any silver to sell to us!!

      • Keith wilson

        Nick go to /silver. That brings up the site you require.

      • Nick in U.K.


  44. Hatemail

    Are we being set up for a nuclear false flag incident with North Korea?

    • Paul ...

      You never know … but keep in mind the Deep State still has a Russian nuclear warhead in their possession (the one Dick Chaney’s Halliburton swiped from a sunken Russian sub) that could be used for a nuclear false flag any time they want!

      • Frederick

        Dick Cheney I think you’re thinking of Mr Haney from Green Acres Paul

  45. JimTex

    China has essentially already dumped the Dollar. Their trillion dollar holdings have been flat for years. All foreign holdings are just over six trillion. The lion’s share of our official 20 trillion is funny money created from thin air and washed through anonymous accounts. If China dumped 500 billion tomorrow a computer would pick it up in a heartbeat at a good price.

    The underpinning… the ONLY serious underpinning of the USD is the American military. So, yes. The collapse will be forced when we lose a real war. Or, when the Globalists choose to crash the dollar for a reason of their choosing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please tell us more. Do you have high level connections, and if so, what are they saying about a market crash in stocks and bonds?

      • JimTex

        No inside sources other than Mr. Addition and Mr. Subtraction, LOL.
        Enjoyed reading your article and look forward to the next one.

    • Paul ...

      JimTex … I don’t think we have ever “won a war” … we fought WWI to save the world for Democracy and all we have to show for it is a world of Socialist States … we even lost WWII if it is true the Germans escaped to Antarctica and did a “highjump” directly into our NSA and CIA and are now in control of the Deep State and Congress and currently seems to have Trump under “Military house arrest” while Hillary is out walking around free as a bird and Jeff Sessions won’t release her e-mails!!

      • Paul ...

        Does anyone know that Kim Jung-un of N. Korea offered to completely stop all nuclear testing (if the US would stop their war games) and the Generals around Trump made him reject the offer? … what is with these warmongering neocons? … brings back memories of how the Japanese warmongering neocons bombed Pearl Harbor killing American boys and civilians … and how warmongering American neocons encouraged Japan to attack us so they could send more American boys to slaughter killing Germans … and then … horribly nuked Japanese women and children to supposedly “save lives” (the real reason Japan was nuked and ordinary civilian men, women and children sacrificed was to make Japan surrender to us rather then the Russians … as the US neocons wanted control of the Pacific)!

  46. Dan

    There is no strong currency in the world. We could get the hyperinflation he claims but we could just as well get a collapse and create a credit crisis where everything freezes up. If the U.S. goes through hyperinflation you can bet the exporters of the world will not be able to sell their stuff because the U.S. produces food and food is the last thing they will quit purchasing.
    Don’t get me wrong, a collapse is coming. I ju8st don’t know when and in what order it takes place. We could collapse before the hyperinflation and go to a deflationary collapse. Things will be defaulted either by inflation or right out default. We don’t know yet which.

    • helot

      RE: ‘a credit crisis where everything freezes up’

      That’s not scary. The reaction, is what’s unnerving.

      RE: ‘you can bet the exporters of the world will not be able to sell their stuff ‘

      People will Always be able to, ‘sell their stuff’ so long as there is a need. The only question is, if there will be a boot on their neck stopping them,… or, if the terms are very unfavorable.
      Study history, even some form of Real Bills [a form of credit] would develop right away to fill the gap. Not that I’m in favor of Real Bills, just that there’s a history there.

      Inflation, is a default.

    • Rodster

      He’s selling doom porn with a $3,000 subscription. When October comes and goes he’ll just change the date again, too predictable.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … now is the the time to put up a fence around your property … plant some scallions, garlic, beets, potatoes, lettuce but most importantly buy 3 chickens … real physical chickens (not electronic chic-bits on a computer backed up by some chickens in a warehouse somewhere to trade for food) … with real chickens “in your physical possession” you will collect a “real dividend” each morning (a few eggs for breakfast) which will come in very handy when all the stores are closed … do this and there will be no need to barter away your limited stores of gold for food … add a rooster to the mix and you will get “new little chickens” to barter with (for perhaps some bacon with your eggs) … as your hen house grows you can have the neighbors over for roasted chicken on Thanksgiving … being self sufficient in this way “is critical” if everything collapses!!

      • Paul ...

        Does anyone really believe that cryptocurrency like chic-bit coins or any of the other 95% of fraudulent crypto out there is going to buy them food when everything collapses???

        • Paul ...

          It is time to now being ignoring the “predictors of doom” (their usefulness has past) … and begin working with your neighbors on plans to utilize school baseball fields and parks in your communities to set up chicken coops … and assign the particular vegetables for homeowners to grow on their property … all produce can be brought to a “common market place” where the community shares out the food they have produced equally … if a currency is necessary for small transactions everyone should begin to accumulate nickels now!!

  47. dee

    Tx for the wonderful interview

  48. Daniel Barr

    You eliminated the “contact” button to send you a “private message”.
    Every hyped title to your interviews includes pending doom and gloom, destruction, and fire from heaven.
    Now that you jettisoned your career in “journalism”, if this “usa watchdog” gig fails too, consider auditioning for Joel O’Steen’s replacement. I hear they’re looking for someone just like you. And I hear the pay is ALOT better, too !
    My God, PT Barnum was right….there is a sucker born every SECOND.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are an idiot that flunked math, and now works as a paid troll.

  49. Wordspeare

    Wall Street equities are just a proxy for the National Debt. Since the US can’t reduce the total budget by a single cent without shrinking the economy, there is only one direction for the markets as all this national debt fiat printing gets laundered through the bottom line of Wall Street corporations. National debt this time must double in under eight years in order to show growth. DOW 100k and S&P 20,000. As long as the bulk of the assets remain in tangibles there will be no inflation. If the richest rich start liquidation of tens of trillions of hard assets, then the money ends up back through Wall Street, then perhaps inflation. TPTB has it all balanced out, as long as the population grows via immigration/new entitlement mooch payments, you’ll see positive growth, no deflation. This is why immigration/new entitlement mooch will not and can not cease, it is what is fueling the growth in EU/US economies since 2008. Not sorry if my words offend, one must call it “what it is.” If offended, go find a safe space and cry until your entitlements run out.

    • Tin foil hat

      “This is why immigration/new entitlement mooch will not and can not cease, it is what is fueling the growth in EU/US economies since 2008.”

      Excellent analogy regarding welfare and GDP, I have been suspecting that for couple of years.

  50. pat the rat

    When it comes to cyrpto currency, and ico’s send in the pay pal help us a bunch,make it so simple with no fuss lol !

  51. LRG

    If China decides to dump $500 billion in US bonds no problem.

    The ECB and BOJ, who work in lock step with the Fed, will step in and swap euros and yen for US dollars to the tune of $500 billion. The Fed then buys China’s $500 billion bond dump with those euros and yen.

    Have a nice day China, pleasure doing business with you! Bonus: the EU and Japan then have $500 billion more new dollars to buy oil and natural gas from the Middle East, including any and all other products and services listed world-wide for sale in US dollars.

    Haven’t we learnt anything from the bank bailouts of 2008?

  52. Gina M Mancarella

    Looks like they just found the there there.

  53. Hatemail

    Raped women in North Korea prison camps executed.

    I’ve taken notice of the increase in war mongering headlines. We are being psychologically prepared for a confrontation with NK. The comments are all pro war. Propaganda!
    Irradiating NK would kill all the suffering prisoners but they would be free.

    • Frederick

      Hate mail YES I’ve noticed that as well The MSM is conditioning the public to back a all out war with NK to ” save” the NK people Sound familiar? It sure does to me False flag coming next

  54. Paul ...

    Isn’t this the guy who receives monetary or securities compensation for “pumping and dumping” securities onto the public? … … I wouldn’t touch HIVE crypotocurrency with a 10 foot pole!! … actually 95% of the crypto’s out there are “outright frauds” … and the few good ones will be “regulated to death” by the Deep State … who want to make “only Fed Coin” legal currency … because it has better “control possibilities over the American people” then ordinary fiat paper dollar cash (and why the banksters are eliminating cash from circulation)!!

  55. flattop

    First there is BRICS, China now says it will begin buying oil with the yuan, Russia says they will trade with the ruble, then there is the dollar. There will be those countries caught in the middle. From where I stand, this is chaos in the making for a few years until maybe someone steps in .

  56. coalburner

    Wodspear. Think I will Go Galt and laugh. you do the crying. In fact , I am on my way!

  57. brewmaster

    Is this the same guy that came into the public around 2008 saying that we had reached peak oil, and that oil prices would never be cheap again? Seems like I recall seeing a series of videos that he put out calling for a doom and gloom end of cheap oil forever type of deal. I could be wrong, maybe it was someone else.

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