Cohen Tapes More Fake News, FISA Lies and Clapper Blames Obama

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 345 7.27.18)

President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is revealing he taped Donald Trump discussing paying a former Playmate for her silence. Cohen is also claiming Trump knew about a meeting with a Russian informant that supposedly had dirt on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential campaign. Talk about a story with no there, there. Even renowned legal Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat, does not believe the President’s son committed any crime by meeting with the Russian source at Trump Tower during the campaign.  I see it as a big SO WHAT!!!The DOJ has released the documents surrounding the FISA applications to get warrants to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign. Even with massive redactions and nearly 200 missing pages, it shows the FBI and DOJ told lie after lie to the FISA court to get the warrants. The FBI and DOJ used phony research paid for by Hillary Clinton, which was also not clearly disclosed in any of the four applications to the FISA court. Many should go to jail for fraud. Now, President Trump has the proof when he calls the Mueller investigation a “witch hunt” and a “rigged scam.”  Let’s get real here.  What really, in fact, happened is many in the Obama Administration, RINO Republicans and the Deep State tried a coup and it FAILED.

Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper recently said on CNN that President Obama was the person “responsible” for the Mueller investigation and the phony Russian collusion story swirling around the Trump Administration. An even bigger story is how all of the mainstream media (MSM) simply ignored this huge bombshell. The man who worked for President Obama and oversaw the entire Intel apparatus in the U.S. laid the blame on his former boss in no uncertain terms. This is not a huge revelation?? It IS, and ignoring it exposes the MSM for the propaganda machine it really is. Is Clapper testing his defense strategy in case he gets charged for sedition or treason?

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the weekly News Wrap-Up.

(This report talks about the bogus story of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, the FBI and DOJ lies to the FISA Court, and former DNI James Clapper blaming Obama for the “Witch Hunt” Mueller investigation into Donald Trump.)

(Correction:  At about 36:40 mark I referred to Trump as Obama.  I meant to say Trump in the 2nd term)

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Top selling author of “The Trump Prophecies” Mark Taylor will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He talks about how more of his prophecies are coming true right before our eyes.

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  1. Thomas Ferg

    Listening to your “Reports” is a highlight for me.
    Keep up the GREAT job!
    Best !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Thomas for your comment and support!!

      • Allen Starr

        I’m being spammed to death on my e-mail account. It just recently started and I can’t stop it. I may need to open a new account and I’ve had this one for years. Skype has taken a turn for the worse also now that it is owned by Microsoft.

  2. Sneaky Pete

    US. ready to strike?

    • paul ...

      Regime change, upon regime change, upon regime change … neocons through out history from before Genghis Khan to Caesar, Napoleon, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and all the Gulf Wars have brought many billions of tears to those caught up in their murderous slaughter of our innocent women and children … we look to the light of Almighty God’s Sun to dry our tears and to Almighty God’s Son to profess kindness and love in the face of greedy, immoral and very very evil men … but with little hope that it will change neocons minds or their insatiable lust for death, destruction and the pillaging of entire Nations!!

      • paul ...

        Hey neocons … try your regime change here in America … but remember unlike the rest of the world’s citizens “we are still armed” … and we support the man who wants to “talk” with our enemies not go to war with them and promised to bring our boys home from Afghanistan after 18 years of killing those people who will not submit to neocon-drug cabal rule!

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t think there are a lot of neocons here.

          • This sceptred Isle

            Robert does a good impression of one though!

            • Frederick

              Got that right Isle

          • paul ...

            However many there are Greg … Putin has a message for them … he recently gave this stern warning to the warmongers: “Any use of nuclear weapons against Russia (or its allies like Iran) whether they are weapons of short, medium or any range at all, will be considered as a nuclear attack on his country … and retaliation will be immediate, with all the attendant consequences on the presumed safety of their homeland and military assets … there should be no doubt about this whatsoever”!!!

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Well done!
    BTW, I was stuck at a car dealership for an hour and a half today while my car was being serviced. I watched Fox News the entire time. Since I typically don’t watch TV news anymore, it was eye opening what has happened at Fox. It was absolutely disgusting how they slanted the news, mainly by their choices of what to cover. Shepard Smith was never any good but, man, what a piece of work he’s turned into.

    • Chip

      I’ve always said that Fox only gave the appearance of “fair and balanced” but that it was really little different from the MSM. The primary talking points of the progressive socialist left are still weaved into their programming… Chip

    • Arthur Barnes

      William, I have commented lately as to how Shepard Smith is making negative opinion comments against Trump as of late. I believe Fox News is quickly becoming main stream media.

  4. Sneaky Pete

    Russia buying gold like it’s goin outa style!

  5. Sneaky Pete

    Passing Gas, p-yu!
    Wishful Thinking: Why EU is Unlikely to Become ‘Massive Buyer of US LNG’

    • paul ...

      Think about what a homeowner would do who needed gas to heat his home … would the home owner opt for very “cheap” gas that is piped in directly into his home … or go for “more expensive” liquefied natural gas that has to be shipped to his home on a container ship? … if the dumb Europeans were smart and used their heads to think a little bit … they could simply use solar panels to generate “free electricity” to split water into hydrogen and oxygen … add a little of the “free” and plentiful carbon dioxide found in the air … and convert these ingredients into all the “free natural gas” they could ever use … and screw both the Russian and the US oil companies!

      • paul ...

        And if the dumb Americans were smart and used their heads to think a little bit … we too could use the same technique to generate all the natural gas America would ever need … and we could stop all the fracking that is damaging our Nation’s underground water supplies!!

        • Chip

          Pipe dream Paul… Chip

  6. Sneaky Pete

    Sabotaging One Election Wasn’t Enough?’ Twitter Rips James Comey’s Voting Tips
    03:28 23.07.2018
    (updated 03:54 23.07.2018)

  7. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for your comprehensive roundup of te week,little of which is reported here in the UK.
    Mud flinging of the day in Chimpanzee cage has to be Monsieur Macron’s outing as a bi-sexual,although why this is news worthy in today’s world is strange!However it might explain some of dubious actions in the recent past.
    A fairly good way to control a president.
    Whilst you Americans have had and a continuing coup,we in the UK have been bent over the barrel and our media are silent.
    The Bolshevik revolution is still continuing and the bloodshed of Christianity in Europe is in full swing.When Islam is in excess of 16% of the population,will Israel still feel safe with all those itchy fingers on the nuclear triggers of France and the UK?
    Perhaps this will be of some comfort to Israel,I think not.
    Sadly,yet again,our economy still sucks and distraction is in overdrive,although how we are expected to be distracted from our daily struggles escapes me.House sales here in London have slowed immensely wist outside the capital they are booming,seemingly,although this driver’s removal will have an eventual painful effect and many will regret buying in the regions.
    Meanwhile rich oligarchs have been flooding into the UK,no doubt as a stepping stone to the USA,and no one queries the source of the money.The rules for the rich and us peasants are very different.
    Mr Trump’s encounter with the latter day Yeltsin ,Juncker,must have been exciting for both.To have been in close quarters with a sober Juncker must have been amusing to see him sweat.The Bolsheviks come well oiled and well dressed nowadays,but they still want to rule over you and see you dead when you are of no use to them.The warnings of history are clear.

  8. Frederick

    Just watched a video of some creep named Dan Harmon defending the Hollywood pedofiles This thing needs to be routed out folks

  9. Graham

    Hi Greg,
    one thing that occurs to me, is there anyone left , untouched by the swamp, to enforce the law? You and your guests have exposed all the evidence and yet still nothing from DofJ, has it been neutralised?

  10. Graham

    Sorry Greg I asked the question half way through your broadcast, I’ll sit on my hands until mid August and see what happens.

  11. Roger D

    Yes, ‘coup’ is the right word. Two branches of the central government tried a coup and it FAILED.

    This is another positive sign. We are now in a near free-fall toward the inevitable breakup of Lincoln’s Northern model of a highly centralized supreme federal government. Prepare accordingly. Hint: your love ones can’t eat gold or silver.

    • paul ...

      Roger … what are you talking about?? … both gold and silver are “safe to eat” (kosher) by your loved ones … but eating unkosher paper dollars (with all its poisonous inks) can be deadly to your loved ones … in addition once your family gets past the border guards … the gold and silver your loved ones ate can be retrieved to buy some “more digestible” foods to help your family survive … unlike the chewed up fiat paper you got past the border guards … which won’t do your loved ones any good for six months or more (if you are lucky) as the toxic poisons in your fiat fertilizer will likely kill any seedlings you plant to help your family survive!!

      • paul ...

        As for the inevitable breakup of our highly centralized federal government one simply has to look at the enormous waste and theft taking place … Russia spends just $47 billion a year on defense … the US in comparison is spending $639 billion in 2018 … and despite a 14-fold greater expenditure on “defense” compared to Russia … the US couldn’t even defend us from a couple of Arabs with box cutters on 9-11 let alone a nuclear armed nation like Russia … there is no reason why we could not build a similarly strong military spending just $47 billion a year the way Russia does … the approximately 600 billion dollars saved would take care of our trade deficit and thus eliminate our need to go to war with Iran so we can sell our oil and gas to Europe!!

        • paul ...

          And it is laughable if it was not so tragic that Europe will likely join the US and send their boys to die in a war with Iran … all so that they can buy more expensive natural gas from the US!!

          • paul ...

            US gas that is being fracked and is contaminating our nation’s underground water supply … just to sell to Europe to eliminate our trade deficit when all we have to eliminate is $600 billion a year from our defense budget … and lets not forget we have the technical capability to make our own natural gas (almost for free) by simply using the sunlight that God the Father provided us!!

    • Frederick

      Ahh the “ can’t eat gold and silver “ nonsense What currency can you eat ? However you can trade it for food if and when the need arises because it will be desired That’s the whole point In the case that the dollar is NOT

  12. Jerry

    Times almost up.

    I find thaese predictions almost humorous. The crash happened in 2008. The central bankers have been using stealth QE to delay the impact until an alternate exchange system could be built. Guess what? It’s built and it’s operational. The only question now is, when’s the launch date?

    • Jerry

      Watch what happens to gold the next few weeks. By some accounts it’s on par to get smashed by the central banks just prior to the reset.

      • Frederick

        Key words “by some accounts”

    • Jerry

      Yes the Chinese are getting ready to launch the new exchange system.

      I’m now beginning to think that part of President Trumps plan to take down the deep state involves collapsing the system and blaming it on them with a complete documented reveal to the American public. Putin and Xi are key players in this drama, and if you recall he met with both of them behind closed doors.

      • paul ...

        And as punishment from God … the Deep State morons will wake up too late … and find all their war and blood bought neocon gold stored in bankster vaults has been allocated to 300 other neocon suckers … Praise the Lord the banksters are doing God’s work!!

        • paul ...

          To change this system whereby the Military/Industrial Cabal has embedded itself into our government to enrich themselves … the incentive structure that locks in embedded funding to enrich self-serving insiders at the expense of the nation and its people must be changed … lets begin by capturing the crooks that robbed the $21 trillion and bring them to justice … showing the rest of the crooks they better stop robbing us … as we are coming after them too!!

      • Jallen

        I think you are on to something when you write about President Trump’s administration ‘collapsing the system’. Perhaps they are coordinating the dollar’s crash with the introduction of the GOLD BACKED YUAN?
        Would not be surprised to see it all start with the Bond and Stock markets collapsing and the Credit Markets drying up. By the way, as the final nail in the coffin THE MOTHER OF ALL WARS an all out attack on the PETRO DOLLAR. Beware of the Ghosts of Saddam Hussein and Omar Khadafi and look out for the blocking of THE STRAIGHT OF HORMUZ!!! The World’s chess board is about to change.
        Let the Chess Game Begin and keep your eye on American Banks as it will be 2008 all over again without the bailouts.
        Financially speaking, when all else fails GOLD WILL RULE!
        AS ITS CHARTER HAS EXPIRED AND TO MY KNOWLEDGE NOT RENEWED 1914 to 2014 100 year charter.

  13. Mesquite

    Thank you for all of your work and research. It is appreciated more than you know.
    I believe they are still trying to conduct a coup.

  14. Tad

    “Is Clapper testing his defense strategy in case he gets charged for sedition or treason?”

    He may be hoping it’s a public, self-defense strategy in case of an accident.

    Would that “accident” be investigated by other than the House Freedom Caucus?

  15. Marie Joy

    I’m an old lady who is not computer literate and I’m asking for your help.

    There are pictures of all the other recent American presidents with Putin and other Russian politicians on the internet. Can we make a project of sending all of those pictures all over the net to everyone and everywhere? Hillary with Putin. Bill with Putin, etc.

    Just a thought.

    • Greg Hunter

      You sound pretty smart to me!!! Good idea.

  16. james

    Please see if you can get the host of SGT report on, he’s very intuned with whats happening and the 2 of you would be dynamic.

    • Frederick

      James Getting Sean on the show might get Greg banned by YouTube but I like the suggestion otherwise

  17. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, who ever heard of a lawyer taping his own client, and so what if the President paid off a few gold diggers to not scandalize him for being a man who liked women, especially ones with beautiful bodies, frankly, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. What Trump did was not illegal, happens every day in this country, no harm, no foul. We should be investigating the investigators in this matter; Comey, Muller, Hillary, Obama, and the list goes on and on. a b – p.s., love the cartoon!

    • paul ...

      Immorality has a way of biting “all” who indulge in it … from the pedophiles who molest and torture children for pleasure to the warmongers who kill children for fun!

      • Frederick

        Paul It’s called “karma” and it’s a beech

    • Frederick

      My lawyer recorded our conversation all the time for reference later but always announced to me beforehand that he was doing it That’s the big difference

  18. flattop

    It would appear that Rosenstein is getting a pass on his impeachment. It appears Brennen, Clapper, Comey and others are getting a pass.
    Question, do you believe the rule of law will exist once again, or have we passed the line of no return??

    • Greg Hunter

      Lots going on behind the scenes. Nobody escapes. This was a failed coup and it is that simple.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, I pray you are right! This was no less than a failed coup, however, I contend that its still going on by the deep state behind the curtain.

        • Greg Hunter

          I keep thinking of the Rocky sequel where he’s fighting “Drago” and tells him in the 6th round or so “You are not so tough”!! Rocky wins!! Trump (backed by God the Father) is Rocky and don’t forget it.

  19. Chip

    Greg and others, if you want to know the truth about Bill Browder you need to watch this documentary…

    Andrey Nekrasov’s “Magnitsky Act: Behind The Scenes”

    I believe it was taken down off of YouTube but there are other sources for the video. It’s two hours plus. The director is an anti Putin human rights activist who interviews Browder and initially believes Browder’s story. As time goes on more things fail to add up for the director and he starts digging and asking more difficult questions. In the end he exposes Browder and the BS Magnitsky Act. And guess who was the number one supporter of the Magnitsky Act? None other than John McCain… Chip

    • Chip

      Great WNW by the way… Chip

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Chip for the kind words and info about Mr. Browder.

  20. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    Socialist take other peoples money use it to overthrow a capitalist government and install a socialist / communist government that takes away the freedoms of the people and bankrupts the capitalist government.
    Another definition of Socialist; a parasite on society.
    Make no mistake about it; the Federal Reserve is a tool to bankrupt society through inflation and the destruction of the currency, while providing the ammunition for the so called elite to destroy its host economically.
    Electronic and paper money is folly. Silver and gold coin are real money.
    To save America the Federal Reserve at all costs must be eliminated and replaced by the United States Treasury.
    No student should be allowed to graduate from High school without being taught the difference between Fiat money and money backed by gold / silver.
    It is called THE HOLY BIBLE and without it man is lost.
    Perhaps Peter Fonda should read it and it would serve him well to read USAWatchdog on a regular basis.


  21. Gregory Mannarino

    Who loves Greg Hunter! Me!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you buddy!! You help me with the Wrap-Up every week!!

    • Jennifer Ohman

      Augh…like I’ve said, “Good people both love and support you!”
      : ))

  22. Angelo


    Great expose! This is what I mean about truth in journalism! What do you think Fox’s motivation is to not talk about these sources. One would think that these kinds of stories would be a dagger to the heart of these Luciferians. Instead, they choose to be silent about it. Amazing!

    As I’ve said before…What you tolerate you promote. Thanks for everything that you do.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Angelo!

  23. terry reps

    Please reflect on your ignorant commentary about ” Russia ” being our ENEMY. Your simplistic analysis does nothing to further anyone’s understanding of World Issues. Your repeated “Pounding ” on Peter Fonda benefits the LEFT….not Trump’s base of supporters. It has been almost thirty years once the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia is now a resurgent Christian Nation. Russia’s charity even includes sanctuary for oppressed South African farmers. Try and avoid such simplistic conclusions Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not say that Russia was our enemy, quite the opposite. You need to listen to the Wrap-Up again. As far ad Fonda is concerned, this is all about messaging and Fonda sent a big ugly one to POTUS.

    • Frederick

      terry reps I don’t buy the narrative that Russia is our enemy for a second They are an inconvenient stumbling block in the way of the people who want a One World Order or to control all the resources and wealth on earth in my opinion Fir this reason they must be dismantled and therefore easily controlled

  24. Liette McManaman

    Hi Greg. I love listening to your guests. I was wondering if you can ask Mark Taylor about if he thinks there will be a financial crisis. So many of your guests seem to think that will happen. What does Mark think. Just wondering. We have become debt free and have a little silver put aside as so many of your guests suggest. Better to be safe than sorry.
    Thanks again for all you do.
    God Bless you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good question. You can find out this Sunday what Taylor thinks as he is the guest in the Early Sunday Release. Silver = Good.

  25. iwitness02

    Wow! It’s so bad, it makes me hopeful. Greg, if you were being sued for slander, it would cast suspicion on your reporting. But no one is taking you to court. No one is trying to defend themselves from all the news that you report on. That which they do not condemn, they promote. Long live the truth. May God add his blessing, and heal our land, and deliver us from this evil.

    • Frederick

      iwitness2 I’ve been following Greg for awhile now and although we don’t always agree one thing I can tell you is that he’s an honest and loyal man No doubt in my mind

  26. Sue Patterson

    Greg; I look forward to your wnw all week, another great broadcast!
    Question: (maybe you would be so kind as to ask Dave Janda, since he frequently comments that Session is a good guy)
    Why is Sessions defending Rosenstein? Here’s what Sessions says :

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday threw his support behind Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who was recently targeted by conservative Republicans in Congress who have moved to impeach him over his handling of the Russia investigation.

    “Rod Rosenstein is highly capable. . . . I have the highest confidence in him,’’ Sessions said in Boston…

    This makes Sessions look like an idiot. What’s up with this?

    • Greg Hunter

      Part if the game up until hammer time.

  27. dave

    OK. It took a bit this morning to come up with a good joke. Let’s get tiger beat subscriptions to the headquarters of the news jokes.

  28. Charles H


    Trump Derangement Syndrome – that pesky, life-consuming – blame all! Talk about – “get a life!” Tearing down the President of the United States of America: is about ALL the Liberal Left can manage to do?!?
    Forget ‘the News Media’ – like Obama did to the Military, driving the thinking, Conservative officers out or forcing retirement – finding a Conservative reporter is as rare as a Right-leaning university professor. There IS NO real Right/Conservative representation in the public Domain; only in the Internet. And the Internet is being CENSORED, or persecuted. YouTube dumped SGTReport WITHOUT reason or ability to defend – probably from some butt-hurt Liberal blatherer. Restored from the fire-storm that followed: lost are a thousand video episodes. But test the Rubicon – they will. “Rights”? – an archaic concept: Control – is what matters: to silence what you don’t want others to hear. (We control the horizontal… We control the vertical…) Must YouTube go the way of Facebook? I bet they will. It seems to be in human nature – to mess with everything.
    My wife informed me that BBN (Bible Broadcasting Network) is asking prayer – it is getting the devil from Hackers.

    • paul ...

      Remember as Carlin said: “The owners of this country control the news media” … so Trump Derangement Syndrome is all they will talk about to brain wash the people into taking down a President of the United States of America who is for the people to a greater degree then they would like … they want it all … they have already stolen our Social Security Trust Fund, Fort Knox, our Jobs and our money “invested” in fixed markets, etc. … all that is left is for them to set up Death Panels … so workers all die upon reaching retirement so they don’t have to pay out any pensions to their slaves!!

      • Frederick

        Paul he also said that our “owners” didn’t want us capable of critical thinking Just smart enough to run the machines and make them money but not smart enough to realize that they were screwing us Something like that anyway Hence the dumbing down of Americans through “Fake News” and bad food, water, drugs, alcohol etc,etc It ALL makes sense except to close minded individuals

  29. iwitness02

    Frederick, I have the same confidence in Greg that you have.

  30. Julia

    Great wrap up. I know one poster asked you if you could have SGT on the show but I was thinking,….. I know you love your USA Watchdog, but how about Sheryl Attkisson and you teaming up for a show? I know I would love to see some investigative reporting on the all of the scandals and corruption engulfing the govt. You both are great reporters. This is meant as a compliment.

    I like you am amazed at the number of people who are not aware of the amount of evil in the country. I saw a short video of Dave Janda where he said they are working their way up the chain to arrest the people at the top. He mentioned the names (if you know the families who own the Federal Reserve Bank and involved with funding Hitler then you have a general idea who they are). This same group orchestrated the Bolshevik Revolution and later profited when Soviet Russia collapsed. This group is also complicit in hanging the Orthodox Jews out to dry with Hitler. (This was part of the interview which resulted in SGT Report being shut down.).
    Finally, don’t you miss John Wayne, Jimmie Stewart, Maureen O’Hara, Fred Mac Murray? What would they think if they saw Hollywood today! Yikes.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have ask her to come on and would not do it. A producer friend of mine asked her for me. If you know her, tell her I’d love to have her on.

      • Julia

        Unfortunately I do not know Sheryl Attkisson. I just respect her reporting as I am of the opinion she is thorough, has integrity and confirms her information before publishing. I will though go to her sight and submit a comment. Who knows! Miracles do happen.


        • Greg Hunter

          I agree on all counts and would love to get her on USAW.

  31. Westcoastdeplorable

    Thanks for telling the truth, Greg. You’re a good one!

  32. Red

    Hi Greg great to see your still broadcasting. I really get frustrated with stories like this from ZH: They keep using terms like (capital) a Marxist invective a complete fraud, it is a (MONOPOLY ON CREDIIT ) through a banking fraud, no collateral but the ability to lend themselves INFINITE money. They buy the market WITH OUR MONEY!!! i’m sure somtimes the ignorance is completely deliberate . Every one wants to believe in something for nothing. Things exist because of production and hard work..NOT GAMBLING..untill people get this , they will continue to vote for the criminals…..rant over

  33. Jerry

    M2 still showing an upward trend for second quarter.

    Third quarter will decide it all. It will factor in the effects of currency wars, tariffs , and Fed. Rate hikes.

    • paul ...

      Notice in the M2 chart Jerry provided how the Fed puts the economy into a recession at velocity of money peaks (because rapid price inflation rears its ugly head at such times) … looking at the chart it seems an upward turn in the velocity of money has begun … so we seem to be just entering the beginning of the period when price inflation will once again rear its ugly head … Harry Dent thinks it will make the price of gold go down to $700 dollars per ounce … why listen to others when you can use your own common sense … what do “you” think a rising velocity of money means for the price of gold?

      • paul ...

        And for those who can’t afford to buy gold or silver … simply save all the loose change you get when you break a dollar … as Greg correctly stated in his commentary our US coins are Treasury created “money” where as Fed created money is “debt” (simply an IOU the banksters promise to pay off with another IOU they print up out of thin air) … if there was ever an ultimate Ponzi scheme dreamed about only in the vivid imaginations of purely evil men back in 1913 … the Fed Note (our paper dollars) has to be their dream come true … look how they have taken the value of our money away from us … in only 100 years they have depreciated their IOU’s to near worthlessness … our dollar that was worth 100 cents is now worth two cents!! … so let’s ask a question … does this mean 100 Treasury cents in your pocket change now represents a $50 dollar Fed note?? … see what is going on in Venezuela? … their pocket change made of metal has more value then their paper money printed out of thin air!!

        • paul ...

          Pre-1982 copper cents are currently worth 1/20th of a Fed one dollar bill … a time is fast approaching when even those zinc cents in our pocket change will come to be worth a $1 dollar Fed note!

          • paul ...

            Remember … copper is a semi-precious metal … other semi-precious metals are nickel, zinc, tungsten and titanium … better to save “real metal” under your bed … rather then paper under your mattress!!

  34. Tad

    Like that word reciprocal, Greg. Reciprocal. I think Mr. Trump has big plans when the nation restructures.


  35. Justn Observer

    Greg…. more insight from Shipp and Larry Klayman — EXTORTION 17 and SEAL TEAM was sold out…inside job?
    Also… photos of MH377 on the ground in China? @ LAT.31.5443 N LONG. 104.2417E

  36. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg,
    FYI…This Dr. Hands post relates to your Wrap Up.

    Regards, Jennifer

    • Jennifer Ohman

      I.e,, Dr. Janda post.

  37. Russ

    Thanks Greg. As for Cohen, a former lawyer turned … don’t know, but he doesn’t seem to be a lawyer, pretty sad; I kinda like Roger Stone’s viewpoint —
    “Stone: Cohen Tape Proof Trump ‘Had a Moron Working for Him’ “

    Regarding what’s happening on Wall Street —
    That day is coming.

  38. dan

    “Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”


    Which explains why ALL forms of government continue to collapse over the corridors of time. Because in the “final analysis”, it doesn’t matter what form of government you must endure…they are all eventually operated by the most vile, disgusting criminals of their age. And that is the true history of the human race.

  39. al

    I expect no less from the ENEMY MEDIA. They go beyond propaganda, they are treasonous in nature. In the past the death penalty was punishment for treason. You simply hung after being shamed in front of your peers. People truly felt justice was served back then. What’s the deal now?

    • Frederick

      Our society has become too politically correct for such a thing as the death penalty I do agree it is warranted in some cases and a deterrent

  40. Wade

    URL: Greg, many times over the last few years I have listen to you and your guests. What I have posted here has nothing to do with your program today. But it has everything to do with a man who is our generations Mother Theresa and Desmond Doss.(Hacksaw Ridge) He has saved many children from the sex slave trade. Today as I write this he is in Afghanistan trying to set up a children’s ministry there. In October of last year he was shot in the back in Syria while trying to help people there. So this morning I created a petition to the White House to honor this man at the State of the Union Speech in January 2019. Hope you get a chance to read it.

  41. RTW

    I think Tucker Carlson may be right when he opined that all this hatred for Trump and everybody who supports him, is beginning to boil over and possibly be heading toward violence. Everyday the left gets more outrageous in there comments, saying things that would be utterly condemned if any rational, sane individual were to say them. Everyday they get more and more frustrated when none of their hail marys seem to get the job done. They all thought that they would have gotten rid of Trump in the first week, but here he is still going strong. Collusion has given way to a porn star, with a creepy lawyer, and a gold digging playboy bunny and no matter what Trump has accomplished, they chatter on and on with their nonsense. Maxine Waters was the first to show signs of frustration by telling her nitwits to get in the faces of Trump supporters and let them know that they are not welcome ANYWHERE. Then that drug addled Peter Fonda says that Trumps young son should be ripped away from Melania and served up to child rapists. What a great bunch of kids the Fonda’s are. Someday it will finally sink into their thick skulls that no matter what the media and Hollywood and misinformed sports figures try to do, to get rid of Trump, it won’t happen. That’s when it could get dangerous because it’s evident that they won’t give up.

    • Jennifer Ohman

      Yes RTW, they will not give up. Socialists and communists do not GIVE UP! You must realize, as I believe Trump does, that the real war is a war of IDEAS! It is a war between communism (socialism) and capitalism. It is a war between slavery and freedom. It is a war between “controlling the individual by others” vs. “the individual controlling no one, but himself”.
      It is a war between those that seek to strip the individual of his rights, (which insure the individual of his sovereignty over himself) so that they can pursue they quest of slavery over him…vs. the individuals’ asserting of his sovereignty over himself, and in his standing up for and defending himself and his rights.
      It is a war between “the depravity of human nature”… seeking to control others and society… vs. the “sacredness of human nature”…ie, of it asserting its right to its life, to its sacred existence, and to its right to live for its own happiness, as only freedom can accomplish this end….and to defend that sacredness with its LIFE! And therefore, to seek control over no one , but himself,…while doing no harm to others, in his quest for his happiness. Thus, a peaceful society is created and flourishes ( what our founders referred to in “The Declaration”), where all Individuals live in freedom, in safety and in peace.
      Our American Acceptualism comes from the fact that we are the ONLY nation in history and from our beginning that UPHOLDS, STANDS FOR, DEFENDS, and exists exclusively FOR, the INDIVIDUAL!
      I have always said, if the whole world just focuses on taken care of just one person…oneself (and as an extension, one’s children), then the whole world would be taken care of! And then, the few, who are TRULY needy, crippled or deficient beyond their control, can be assisted with the help from private and local charities.
      I believe all good people want to help those in true need, if they are able, just as I give to St Jude and The Red Cross yearly, and I am very happy to do so.
      But to win the war against socialism and communism, the individual must speak out unabashedly for, defend and assert all of his rights. He must own and control the MORAL argument. (He OWNS it, but sadly it is either poorly defended by our public commentors and our elected representatives or it is virtually non-existent….except for TRUMP, thank God! )
      The Individual must stand up AGAINST PC group think (I.e., that socialism comes first) and speak his INDIVIDUAL mind! (I.e., that his self-expression and freedom come first.) . And he must pass all these good values on to his children. And he must demand it of his children’s educational system…otherwise he should remove them from it and self educate them instead.
      It’s the moral argument that must come to light, be discussed and WON…and won with the masses! Right now, the left controls the moral argument and “the Right” cedes to their demands!
      This is why our country is in decline! It is NOT because of the LEFT, as they likely will always exist, and will ALWAYS be on the wrong side of the moral argument!!! It is because of the RIGHT … the Conservatives,, as they do NOT seize control of the MORAL argument!!! Yet, it is THEIR MORAL RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SO!!! The Constitution gives them the power , yet they fold and they do not seize it!
      Our Constitutional laws must be upheld and enforced. We The People must demand of our Representatives adherence to our Constitution, for our own sake!!! They must defend the “Me” in society…as the “”We” is only just a whole lot of “Me-s”…each of us with same identical basic human needs and human interests! YES…The Constitution is All about ME! ..the Individual! In the truest sense! And they must be unapologetic in this stance. (If you feel uncomfortable in this last statement it is because the other side controls the moral argument. )
      Realize, Socialism is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! We The People and our Leaders need to say that! They need to say this when a Bernie Sanders or an Elizabeth Warren runs for office!! They need to challenge them! They need to be asked , “How can you take an oath to defend the Constitution, when you want to establish Socialism in the United States and Socialism is Unconstitutional?!!
      The “Right” must control the moral argument. They must control the dialogue. And we must demand this of them! They must take back the reigns in ALL areas of governance and in the teaching of the children of our American Acceptualism and our sacred values!

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Hi Greg,
        I just viewed your interview with Mark Taylor. I believe that if people do what I suggest in my comment above, which we may be on the cusp of it happening, then what Mark Taylor believes…that the Left may never win the Presidency again, will very likely be a “prophecy” come true!
        Always hope for the best!
        Thank you for all your good work.
        Kind Regards,

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Jennifer!!

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Hi Greg,
        Mark and you were wondering how the dollar could become supreme again…I might add that GOLD is Moral money. That is, in itself, it is an asset, a store of wealth, and so, it has historically been used in exchange for another’s goods or services. Individuals, i.e., the marketplace has determined this money status for gold, for thousands of years. There is no counterfeiting that takes place when gold is used as money. It represents an honest exchange between parties.
        However, the Federal Reserve and the fractional reserve system produce unbacked paper creations that are not assets. As you know, they are backed by nothing, except edict, secrecy, massive counterfeiting and fraud! This massive counterfeiting is a form of massive theft and transference of wealth, the “wealth” being first attained by those who create the money (the fractional reserve banks) and then, by those who receive the fake unbacked fiat paper next, and so on and so on.
        If the dollar is to become supreme (i.e., moral) as Mark Taylor suggests, the dollar really needs to be backed by gold once again. Ideally, 100% backed by gold!
        Will Donald Trump achieve this for the dollar? Shortly before becoming President, in an interview, Trump said that he had taken some payments for his properties in gold! He does believe in gold.
        We know that China is number one in its gold holdings. Trump surely knows this and that “he who holds the gold is king”. We know that Trump likes to be number one! So, will he move the USA toward being number one in gold holdings? This would strengthen our position in the world and would be another way to manage our debt!
        Backing the dollar at some point with gold, would increase the gold holdings within the USA and would make the dollar supreme, again, along with all the other pro-American, pro-growth policies that he has been implementing.
        We shall see, but this could be how Mark Taylor’s “prophecy” for the supreme dollar can come to fruition.

        • Greg Hunter

          I my not be called a “Federal Reserve Note” but a “Treasury” dollar in the future.

      • RTW

        Amen; Jennifer!

  42. WD

    It seems that the internet gatekeepers are coming down hard on the “real news outlets” and they are coming down harder than before.
    News is creeping out about Tom Hanks being a pedophile now….I believe it.

    I think Hollywood is so corrupt and disgusting that it should be destroyed….

  43. Elderlearner

    Greg: IF everything you say is true what is the motive for all these people to do these bad things WHEN in fact Trump lies to high heaven, his placed people are going to jail and he doesn’t even have a happy staff at the White House and these are the people that should be in the know? Don’t even mention how he stiffed workers and his students. This doesn’t add up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Elder you are a snowflake troll that has “Trump derangement syndrome.” You do realize that James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, outed his old boss for treason live on CNN last week:
      You can hear this for yourself in the audio call from James Clapper live on CNN. He bacically said all this was Obama’s fault. There was no so-called collusion so they made it up to frame Trump. Add that to the FISA warrants where the DOJ and FBI lied and used phony research paid for by Hillary and the DNC to get permission to spy on Trump, and you have to be a brain dead idiot not to see that this was a failed coup built on lies and treason to remove a duly elected president. What doesn’t “add up” for you unless you are a totally fact resistant libtard???????

      • Elderlearner

        Greg: So your point is that you would have preferred not to have the Mueller investigation to have taken affect to undercover criminal activity? (This is Greg Hunter and I deleted your idiot argument. The Mueller investigation was started under false pretense– period, the end. Again, the FBI and DOJ used a fake dossier paid for by Hillary and the DNC to fraudulently get FISA warrants to spy on Trump and his campaign. I am not putting on your idiotic fact resistant argument on this site.)

  44. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    Great report. Here is how the law works relative to the ‘Fed”:

    President Trump may or may not realize the power that he truly has. ((As far as the trade agreements)) please read the 25,000+ pages of G.A.T.T. approved in the 90’s under, who else, Bill Clinton.

    I rebuked my “representative”, who told me he did not represent me, Joe Barton, to read the bill. He wrote back that he had read the 5 page synopsis of the bill to approve the agreement. I told him that the House and the Senate were giving away their rights to approve or disapprove of a trade agreement. Mr. Trump can invoke this agreement to bypass congress on trade agreements. Ta-dah!
    Lo Iyrah.
    Shalom vahavah,

  45. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report Greg. Thanks.

  46. Onda Google

    No matter who you support it’s not ok to Lie to get what you want an cause it’s what others want to hear.We need Truth an Honor an Leadership that Respects our Great Democracy to be looked to as a Free Loving Nation for all People kind .

  47. Not So Free

    The possibility of Trump having U S dollars printed (not FRNs) is a good idea.
    Unfortunately, JFK did that and look what happened to him. Many say that is why he was murdered. Interestingly, virtually all of the bills were withdrawn from circulation shortly after that. There are a few in private collections.
    I have seen pictures of these bills.

    • Greg Hunter

      JFK did NOT have the backing of the Pentagon.

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