Complete Collapse of Everything – Rick Ackerman

By Greg Hunter’s 

Analyst, financial writer and professional trader Rick Ackerman points out that you cannot underestimate the extreme amount of debt and money printing propping up the economy.  Ackerman thinks, “It’s an inflationary bubble, and that’s why I think it’s going to bust.  I think it’s going to last as long as the bull market lasts. . . . Companies go out and borrow money to buy back their own shares.  It feels like a perpetual motion as far as a bull market in stocks, but even that ends.  It’s created a bubble, and bubbles only pop.”

Ackerman warns, “The inflationary juggernaut is going to eventually unwind.  The biggest one is a derivatives market with a conservatively estimated value of $2 quadrillion. . . . Any way you cut it, it’s probably around ten times the size of trade in goods and services.  So, the question is why do you need a financial machine of that size to support real goods and services that is only 10% of that?  The obvious answer to that is because the business of planet earth is not making things and selling services, it’s shuffling paper.  So, we’ve leveraged everything to death, and where does that go?  Eventually, it has to collapse.  When it collapses and we wipe quadrillions of dollars of phony inflated financial wealth off the books, what kind of inflation are we going to have then?  It’s a complete collapse of everything, yes, everything.”

Ackerman contends other areas that will also collapse are “Social Security, pension funds and health care.”  Ackerman goes on to say when it comes to pensions, for example, like the bankrupt pensions from the State of Illinois, Ackerman says, “You are not talking about inflating financial assets.  You are talking about sending out millions of checks every month to every single State of Illinois employee.  That truly is money from trees.  You’ve got to ask yourself, how long can that go on?  That’s real money.  That’s not bull twaddle money pumping up stocks.  It’s checks being mailed out every month.  When Illinois gets bailed out, you’re going to have another 22 states in almost as bad of shape coming with their hands out saying where’s ours? . . . It can’t happen.  It can’t happen politically, it can’t happen monetarily, it simply just can’t happen.  So, what you have in the pension system, and this applies to Social Security too, you have this enormous deflator.  It basically means we are not going to get paid all the benefits that we paid into.”

What should the common person invest in?  Ackerman says, “Take the things everyone hates . . . and set one against the other.  I like Treasury bonds (cash) and gold.  Any disaster scenario or even a bullish scenario is not going to hit gold and bonds both. . . . In all scenarios, it’s hard to see a way for both of those to crash, and I think you have good upside potential with gold and Treasuries going up at the same time. . . . You have to have bullion in your portfolio I think.”  In short, not losing in a severe market meltdown is a big win when everybody else is being destroyed.  Ackerman likes silver, too.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with analyst Rick Ackerman, who is a professional trader famous for “Ricks Picks.”

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  1. Not So Free

    You sure are putting out a lot of content lately.
    Keep it up. We need it.

    • Clyde Eubanks

      Guess I’m shocked that I’ve never seen this brought up before. The diameter of a covid-19 virus is 1 microns. Been watching all this stuff on TV and follow the science. So I thought we’ll just follow the signs and see where this leads. A normal mask only starts working at about 20 microns. The in 95 mask barely keep up with trying to keep the virus out of their system. Love your website. Just an old retired fruit farmer. Take care of guys and girls.

      • Anna

        Covid is an envelope virus – think Oreo cookie – Covid virus is the cream center and it’s always attached to something else like the cookie part. N95’s work – if they didn’t all of the doctors, nurses and frontline workers would be dead. .

      • SallyMauer

        Ya right, fruit farmer! Your that old Eubanks that went out to Californie from Flint to star in all those game shows. Can’t fool a fool, Bobbie.

      • Glog

        Yeah, once you see COVID is the excuse for the Reset, things become clearer.

    • Paul ...

      Wow !! … A Must Read by everyone … Clive Maund holds back no punched regarding the “jab” and the “jabbers” …

  2. John Woodward

    Always enjoy your videos and work!

  3. Whiskey Tango

    The Great Reset, digital currency, digital identity, 2030 Agenda system is their answer.

    • Anthony Australia

      Yep agenda 21 has begun to be completed 2020.

      • Anthony Australia


    • Bill Dolworth

      Crypto is a solution for the globalist banksters to gain even more control and resources from the working Man. Crypto is not your salvation, it’s your imprisonment!

  4. william J north

    How does greg get great guests with a wealth of knowledge?Easy,they trust Greg to shoot straight and ask questions us viewers would ask if we could manage to talk to these people.In my humble opinion Gregs greatest acheivemant is related to his resume,where most of us want previous employers to say we did a great job Gregs resume contains the most valuable compliment and respect from conservatives looking for truth “YOUR FIRED SAYS CNN CEO” Wow thats like medal of honor in the journalism world lmao.P.S,got my quote and #number for my sat phone ive been considering ,and greg with Quail convinced me its insurance,And of course mentioned USAWATCHDOG<COM.

  5. Kirk Wilson

    Will not be as long as he believes! And too many have no idea we have a problem!! Hope you are well! Hang in there, Greg and thank you for all you do!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kirk!

  6. AndrewB

    Calling out to ‘William+Stanley’. I am missing your concise comments on USAW. Hope you are well and hope to see you in the comments again soon.

    • Anthony Australia

      Absolutely and Ray Canberra too.

    • Brookyn


      ‘Tis I your new USAWD friend, who will attempt to fill the void as we await the return of William+Stanley, in good health, indeed.

      And, so I offer the following food for thought:

      The entire vaccine theory OBLITERATED as Biden promises you can’t catch c-19 if you get the vaccination, so then how can unvaccinated people be any threat to the vaccinated?

      Unfortunately, this would require a logical discussion, and the left do not agree with or comprehend logic…

      • AndrewB

        Hi Brookyn
        Cults do not respect logic. Adherents slavishly follow even when the philosophy of the cult does a 180! The Covidian Cult is no different – rational thought and logic are redundant.
        That’s why it’s sooooo difficult to awaken friends and relatives to the dangers they face. Even if you can get them to read / view highly acclaimed doctors and scientists (Nobel Laureates included) talking about proven therapies and the very real dangers posed by mRNA inoculations, they will somehow manage to dismiss any and all anti-establishment / MSM information. And so, it will transpire that Biden ‘misspoke’! What a wonderful word – one that politicians use more and more and the public acquiesce to.

        Many people are not aware – thanks to the MSM failure to report real news – that three Covid-19 sceptic presidents have been murdered (sorry I misspoke, I meant died) recently: President Pierre Nkurunzica of Burundi, 55, died of a ‘heart attack’ on 6-8-20 after proclaiming C19, a ‘False Pandemic’ and expelling the WHO from the country. President John Magufuli, 61, of Tanzania who broadcast a warning to his people about the dangers posed by the Rockefeller Foundation – and who also told his people that a PCR test on a fruit had returned positive for Covid – died of a ‘heart attack’ on 3-17-21. President of the Supreme Court of Haiti, Rene Sylvestre (and constitutional successor to country President in the event of the death of same while in office) died 6-24-21. He was a c19 sceptic. President Jovenel , 53, of Haiti was assassinated in his home on 7-7-21! He was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation – claiming that less than 3% of the Haiti earthquake relief fund reached Haiti – and a sceptic of C19. Before his murder, he had refused a UN offer (directive) of free AstraZenica ‘vaccines’ for the entire population. These presidents are remote from the day to day lives of those of us in the US, Europe, and Asia and yet here is a story of extreme wickedness which is going unnoticed.

        The Covid scam / plandemic is yet another example of the Hegelian Dialectic – Problem, Reaction, Solution – on a global scale.
        Problem: A deadly and highly contagious new virus.
        Reaction: Fear and panic. Demands that governments DO SOMETHING.
        Solution: New mRNA / gene therapy shots designed to kill.

        Fortunately, not everyone was beguiled and there is a fight back. Vive la France!!!

  7. Country Codger

    Fantastic interview. Rick, Greg you knocked it out of the park.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  8. ken e weberg

    And the Politicians BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE go on as business as usual Great life styles and this old vet for on is damn sick and tired of it. Over the last 3 years I have gotten a 3% COLA on my SS. Something I paid into my entire working life. What a joke

    • Frank & Stein

      After listening to Rick Ackerman>>> It looks like we on Social Security will be getting a 50% cut which will put me at $312 a month if not ZERO

  9. sean

    the fact is the bankers lent multiples what they had available in collateral and then blame the borrower for their lack of assets

    • Paul ...

      Sean … The problem comes down to collateral vs debt … people like Rick Ackerman believe debt is deflationary … and they reason: “If debt is deflationary … how can printing more debt be inflationary”? … using the same logic means removing the two(2) quadrillion in debt “will be inflationary” for all “real collateral assets” that don’t have counter-party risk (like physical gold and silver) … so demand for collateral without counter-party risk (like physical gold and silver ) will rise in a debt implosion … and as debt gets tapered (and people seek collateral without counter-party risk) interest rates on T-Bonds will need to be raised to sell them to raise the cash needed to run the government … so the end result “of printing too much money (debt)” … is we will see “a rise in interest rates” … so the Fed has a very big problem … they need to print (debt) “to keep their entire Ponzi system from collapsing” … yet they can’t allow all their money printing to raise interest rates that will also collapse their entire Ponzi system … so what can the Fed do?? … they obviously “must continue to print” (to keep the system going) but printing raises interest rates (which will lead to the system failing)!! … “the Final Solution” is as Greg jokingly suggested: “The Fed needs to significantly lower the demand for all the debt they need to print (to fund Social Security, State Pension Funds, Welfare , Medicare and Universal Basic Income , etc., etc.) … by “killing off the useless eaters” who receive these benefits with a “jab” or two or three or more” … and the “jab” is now successfully creating the blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, paralysis, cancer, sterility and eventually death (before the age of 65) so vitally needed so the Fed can reduce the amount of debt they need to print … and thus “put a lid on interest rates” which will allow them keep their Ponzi scheme going for a little while longer!!

  10. Robert Olin

    Great guest. Here’s my takeaways: You have to be ready for deflation even though you’re convinced it’s going to hyper-inflate, because in truth – we just don’t know and the emphasis should be on survival, not getting rich.

  11. Cheri Rodriguez

    Social Security broke and not paying out? Gee, who would’ve thought? Good thing I worked off the books for 20 years with all of my savings going into Gold and Silver.


    More transgender studies in Pakistan funded by US taxpayer will solve most problems, as per the budget out of DC… Or … Get rid of the useless Eliters …

    Familiar with EO 13887 ?

    Check out date signed, read it (rather short). Note the 120 day deadline, and what happened 120+ 1 days later.

    19 Sept 19 … 20 Jan 20 …

    There’s no point ignoring factual evidence.

  13. regaleagle

    Trillions in illegal payments and deals without the authorization of the American public. Basically they stole the money from the coffers of a taxpaying public like thieves in the night or better yet…….teenagers with an unlimited credit card. There is zero checks and balances overseeing what happens in DC…….no accountability whatsoever. Because of this, it is difficult for somewhat “honest” elected officials and good people in the political arena to have any kind of positive impact in representing the interests of US citizens.

  14. Bob Boice

    Hi enjoy your work.
    I have a question concerning Social Security payments. Several of your guests have danced around the edge but, what happens to the payments to those people, eldetly, who count on that monthly check to live? Does it just go away and the government simply says we’re sorry but the money is gone!

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s right Bob. Or they pay what they owe in massively inflated dollars, for example, where it takes “$100 to buy a cup of coffee. You need to read what happened in Weimar Germany in the early 1920’s.

  15. Kim

    Thanks Greg for consistently bringing us world class guests. USA Watchdog is the best!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim for all your support!

  16. Robert Coleman

    Greg ! Where is the Satellite Phone Manufactured ? China ? USA ? India ? UK ?

    • Greg Hunter


  17. Anthony Australia

    Total madness world wide.

  18. Dan

    We have not seen anything yet, with inflation and shortages of food as well as products out of stock, we have the deep state now forcing the vaccine.
    It was voluntary and you would sign a waiver taking the experimental jab, but now we have a more than dire situation, take the jab or lose your job. People with 20 – 30 years of loyalty now threatened of their livelihood. You haven’t seen anything yet, but something wicked comes this way sooner than later.

  19. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview, thank you.
    Whenever I get to discuss the sources of pension payments with fellow recipient ‘baby boomers’, at least 90% are convinced these are paid out of accumulated savings and investments. Very few realise that their pension payments depend on current deductions from the wages of the working population. To anyone who follows demographics, it’s been clear for decades that the working population could not continue to afford to pay the pensions of all the baby boomers. Japan is a classic case in point – with a very low birth rate (less working population) and a burgeoning elderly living into their mid to late nineties (due to nutritious, low fat diet) – something had to break, and TPTB have decided to execute a cull (pun intended) – especially of those of pensionable age. You hit this nail on the head in the interview.

    For those many who can’t bring themselves to believe anyone could be so cold-heartedly cynical as to instigate a cull of humans, I offer this analogy. As a former company director, I took part in deciding from time to time, due to fluctuating demand, that it was necessary to shrink the workforce. Once the decision had been made and the numbers agreed, the process of laying people off assumed a dispassionate (I could reflect, callous) momentum. Hovever caring the directors and the Human Resources personnel in their personal lives, company policy had to follow employment law – last in, first out. No account was or could be taken as to who were the best workers, who had just had a new baby, or who had just bought a new house. IMHO, to understand this is to understand the mindset of those who would kill billions. From their perspective, it’s simply necessary in order to execute the agreed upon plan. If you can understand this mindset, then you can believe it’s true. The ‘vaccine/s’ are designed to kill you.

    P.S. The Company Directors who make these decisions know that they are never considered for redundancy.
    P.P.S. It’s usual to start any lay-off by asking for volunteers – voluntary redundancy. The pensionable elderly were advised they were MOST at RISK from Covid and lined up for the shots as soon as they were available. Sounds like a plan to me!

    • Mike+G

      There should be a nationwide week long work stoppage by those that refuse to be jabbed. Employers can’t find anyone to work now, they can’t replace us.

  20. Jerry5

    Rick doesn’t get it. The best way to get rid of debt is to get rid of debtors. The globalist already know the system is broken and plan to wipe the slate clean with a reset. The NWO reset requires complete top down governance. Thus the graphene filled vaccinations. Can we just say that the injections have nothing to do with the virus?

    You want more proof? I just talked to a nurse yesterday who is a very good friend of mine. She told me that over 60% of the patients in ICU in our local hospital that are receiving treatment for COVID, have been vaccinated. She said the staff has been told by the administration to report them as unvaccinated. Why would they do that? There are two answers. One, they’re getting paid to do so by the federal government. Two, the CDC wants to pump up the numbers, just like they did before to promote their agenda.

    People I’ve said this before. Get your spiritual house in order. We are in the battle for our lives. Lucifer is going to crush you under his agenda, unless you have the protection of the Holy Ghost. I’ve posted enough evidence to prove that it’s all planned. If you have doubts, and still think this is conspiracy theory, go to the World Economic Forum website and read it for yourself. My prayers are with you.

    • Jerry5

      Event 2o1 refresher,

      How many times have I told people that this is all planned, and still I get the dumb looks? There is an ancient Japanese saying. Knowledge of weakness is strength. Ignoring knowledge is sickness. America is not only sick with the manufactured virus, it is sick because people refuse to see the truth.

      • Bob

        This makes for sober reading.

        Clive says he doesn’t know why westerners are the #1 target. Would he dare to say if he did know?

      • Shadow of Doubt

        As a survivor of Nazi Germany once told me, the masses have never been real good at connecting the dots or seeing the advent of evil but:
        ‘In a dark time, the eye begins to see’ -Roethke

  21. Boz From Oz

    Thanks for your content Greg, the world really in one hell of hole, how we dig ourselves out is another question.
    Cheerio from Perth Australia

  22. Boz From Oz

    Thanks for your content Greg, the worlds really in one hell of hole, how we dig ourselves out is another question.
    Cheerio from Perth Australia

  23. Jerry5

    I’ve been watching these attacks for some time. The frequency of attacks on the United States seems to be increasing.

    I fully believe that if demonstrations against the coming lockdowns continue they will pull the plug on the grid and use the stick end of their plan. So far the carrot ( nonstop mental programming by the MSM to take the jab) isn’t working. After awhile it sounds like blah…blah..blah…

  24. richard lee hendrix

    When chaos and destruction comes ,it comes for everybody unless your in Christ Jesus!!!!

    • allen ols

      Jesus said; Judgement will first begin at the HOUSE OF GOD…..

    • Self Exiled

      Please Lord Jesus let this spread to the Philippines and USA,like yeast.

  25. Da Yooper

    Greg see if you can have Rick back in say the end of October early November time frame?

  26. Wilma Ann Wood

    Some of the best currency I spend is when I support Greg and his site.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Wilma Ann!!

  27. andyb

    I hope that everyone has noticed the mind blowing incessant vaccine push and the growing penalties if you remain unvaxxed. Just the mask mandate (if allowed to stand) is bad enough. Of course we are moving fast to the entire loss of our freedoms. We still had a few even after the Patriot Act and the NDAA. NOTICE THE INCREMENTALISM. Also notice something that I have bitched about for years; the piling on of policies and activities that are slowly, but relentlessly slowly killing us all. Fluoridation, GMOs & Roundup. Geoengineering (poisons in the air and water, drought, wildfires, floods, etc.). 5G (related to Havana Syndrome?). The vaccine protocal for school aged children now numbers at least 12 before the age of 18. I don’t recall a single case of autism among all I knew as a child of the post war era. Now 2 in five male children have an autistic problem. The decline in the availability of potable water is starting to reach critical mass. Food scarcity is coming.

    All of the above meticulously planned, but quite obviously not fast enough. The covid hoax in the final straw. Connect all th dots folks.

    • Freebrezer

      A – Thankfully, even the best laid plans always run in to reality – Examples are Florida and South Dakota governors and the patriots in those states.

  28. TJZ

    Thank you Greg for this interview. Rick Ackerman has been right on many calls for over 20 years that I have read his comments. God bless!

  29. Sue Patterson

    Great guest and interview, Greg. Been following Ackerman since way, way back, and agree with his, “Gold will not go to $50K,” comments.
    Greg, would you please ask Catherine Austin Fitts if we need (and her team could prepare) a legal document that we can present to the Biden Brown Shirts that will be going door to door to harass people into getting jabbed? I live in Florida so they might not make it here, but I’d like to be prepared.

  30. Virginia

    A trip to the grocery store takes my breath away at the check-out! We have a regime that has not been in office for a year and our economy is about to crash and burn. Search and destroy is the D.C. motto of the day! Something has got to give, four years of this and nothing of the USA that we grew -up in will exist.
    Thank you as always and God bless you.

  31. Jerry5

    It appears that China is getting ready to launch an attack on Taiwan

    I’m sorry but I’m not buying it. This appears to be a classic bait and switch tactic to draw American troops away from our homeland. According to my sources the Chinese have sleeper cells all over this country waiting to be activated once the grid is taken down, opening the door for U.N. Troops to come in and disarm American citizens, and force vaccinations. I hope I’m wrong, but agenda 21 appears to be on schedule and the hour is getting late. Let’s face it, without the United States, Taiwan will surrender to the CCP rather than face decimation. Insiders inside the military are already headed to higher ground with their families as they know their lives are at risk. Pray.

    • Freebrezer

      J – the UN coming in to the USA to take away our guns … Never is going to happen. There are way to many ex vets (old and young) that would never allow it. The carnage would be horrendous if they tried!

    • Bible Reader

      United Nations Silences Journalist in Utah

      Published October 27, 2020

      Rumble — Yes. The UN is in Utah too.

  32. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I sent a post last Friday about the story of the doctor taking the hand of a young woman, about to be put on a respirator, begging for the “vaccine” as he tells her it is “too late.”

    I thought the story was despicable on multiple levels. I also thought it was not true.

    I recently read an article that convincingly exposed the story as a hoax.

    I read where Fox News is also promoting the “vaccines” ( I no longer watch Fox).

    I never experienced anything like this before.

    Greg, thank you again for the work you are doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      I never watch FOX either–liars!!! Thanks for the comment. That story was printed in USA Today. How far they have fallen.

    • LizaCA

      Craig, the doctor’s story was not true. Someone researched her state’s death stats and there had been no COVID deaths for months.

  33. TonyStormcloud

    The sooner the Central Banks switch to QFS/NESARA the better for us all.

  34. Jim Ledyard

    Thanks for the update Greg. Econo0my is in the dumpster, but I’m even more concerned about the Kovid doors knockers and forced jabs.

    I do believe that they are not finished with us yet. Lockdown #2 and face mask-mania is coming our way in September.

    If they are pushing for a kinetic push-back, they just may get it.

  35. Jim

    Initiated by Trump’s declaration of a state of emergency and Operation Warpspeed…

  36. Paul ...

    This man says he wants to “protect your children” … … by vaccinating them while the CDC is telling us “vaccinated people will transmit the virus to others” … … and of course Bribe’n (playing with his loot) given to him by Big Pharma … now wants to make the “jab” mandatory for all Government workers (this way as America burns … no Government worker will ever reach retirement age)!!

  37. Rich Rozmarn

    Vaccine spread virus. Whoops. Several Doctors suspected this months ago now CDC admits it.

  38. Sylvia Sires

    Greg, I posted a video for you that shows you who is really controlling the whole world; “World Secret Religion”. This is dire for you and all your followers to watch, IT’S REAL, IT SHOWS PROOF AND WILL SHOW SOME OF THE INDIVIDUALS THAT ARE IT’S MEMBERS. Satanists control the world central bank cartel. They have us by the short hairs. They create our “money” out of thin air. It is just digits on their Ledger which they can erase at any time. We are witnessing a cosmic struggle between Good and Evil, and I regret to say Evil is in charge and close to victory. Satanists control the world central bank cartel. They have us by the short hairs. They create our “money” out of thin air. It is just digits on their Ledger which they can erase at any time. We are witnessing a cosmic struggle between Good and Evil, and I regret to say Evil is in charge and close to victory.

    • Sylvia Sires

      All world LEADERS ARE MEMBERS OF THE SECRET SOCIETY . They would not be a LEADER if they were not. They control EVERY institutions, plus. Nothing makes sense because their Satanists and they have no conscience, their hearts are seared; their dead. The world is witnessing a controlled demolition by powers and principalities of the air. WITCH CRAFT are Satanists “Royal Art”. Satanists use biblical terms; Jesus Christ—–Anti Christ. You can’t fight if you can’t see!

    • AndrewB

      Hi Sylvia
      Wow! That’s some video – 5 hrs 17 mins an.d 11 seconds. I watched it all during a sleepless night. Very informative. Thank you for posting.

  39. Kathi

    Talk in St.Louis and St. Louis county is that bankruptcy is inevitable…. will follow the Detroit model. I wonder how many other cities are going to do the same?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Louisville, KY is broke and has been for a long time. The big cities, formerly the pride of the USA, are quasi-reservations for the non-productive elements in society, and you know what they look like. Forget social security, pensions, and medicare for a moment: What do you think happens in the hard-core “urban” areas of our country when the “government” no longer can buy off the welfare base? Just asking. Best always. PM

  40. Paul ...

    “The tyranny of (Congress in the pocket of special interest Globalists) is really the danger most to be feared, and will continue to be so for many years to come … while the tyranny of (eventually getting some demented President) will come in its turn …”
    – Thomas Jefferson

    • Stan

      “History is littered with the carcasses of people who bet against the US Dollar” Stan

      • Paul ...

        Stan … The next few years will be littered with the carcasses of Americans who believed in what the Government “jabs” on them … from the phony fiat US dollar … to their phony mandatory experimental “vaccine” … that will eventually “kill them off “if they don’t wake up soon!!

  41. Jim

    All enabled/initiated by Trump’s declaration of a state of emergency and operation Warpspeed

  42. Fredrick tucker

    Hell Greg. The other day you had on someone . . . who had information about a form, procedure, for deniying being forced to take the vaccine. Can you help me with a contact. It was Catherin Austin Fits : Go to the “After the Interview” section and you can find the forms you need for school and work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Go to and reach her that way. scroll to the bottom of the page to “Contacts”


    Greg, you complain of big tech censorship, and then you censor … Why?

    Executive Order 13887 … Hard to look at isn’t it?

    • Greg Hunter

      Here is the doc : I Don’t remember you posting anything on this. You know you are free to build your own platform and post all your thoughts. Nothing is stopping you.

      • Sue Patterson

        I wanted to like your comment. Whoever is he/she/it should go through all the hard work of building and defending their own platform, rather than just piggy backing on yours.


        Ok, fair enough, I jumped the gun due to delayed publishing. I offer an apology.

        Sec 3, point f, states 120 day deadline.

        Order signed 19 Sept 19. A 19919 date, special to a certain secret society.

        Then 120 + 1 days later. 20 Jan 20, a 212 date … It’s on …

        Trump knew what was about to happen.

        You know this isn’t about me, an obscure nobody, just having my say. It’s about getting factual information to anyone and everyone that still is able to hear, think, and act.

        Understanding the simple details put forth by Stefan Lanka, for instance the discussion with Dr Cowan on 25 Mar 21 available on bitchute, exposes the hoax, and the EO listed above for what it is. Pure fraud on the culpability of those deep asleep inn the dream world.

        Understanding simple and straight forward details, about why virologists NEVER do control tests to prove their assumptions, is what a person Can learn. This removes the need have faith in some authority figure, removes the need to trust … And provides simple details so each and every person can individually and simply see the truth without requiring blind faith and blind trust. Remove the blinders the useless Eliters require for their nefarious plans to succeed.

        I do have a similar comment that now appears above, or perhaps below.

    • Judd

      What censorship? Your post, this post is visible. Greg is right, if you remotely feel your voice is not being heard perhaps you should 1) post something other than a sound bite that require others to “look it up” 2) spend a little time and summarize your comment and finally 3) if you don’t want to take the initiative to do all of above then get yourself your own platform/website etc. and you can complain/infer all you want!

    • Bob

      Big tech censorship is where they say “Build your own platform” and then proceed to ban or destroy that platform.
      Greg doesn’t do that, and blocking comments on his own site is not censorship. Blocking speech on other people’s sites is censorship.
      Unfortunately, past a certain age one cannot grow a brain so you’re out of luck. Sorry.

  44. Russ 2

    “Dr. Fauci Insists CDC “Didn’t Flip Flop” As He Tries To Shift Focus To Children”

    Geez, kids are supposed to go outside and catch colds and sniffles so their immune system “learn”. The health of young people these days are being altered and not in a good way.

    Wasn’t it Fauci who said there is no natural immunity? That may now be true for the younger generations. They’ll be reliant on Big Pharma for the rest of their lives. Maybe that was the plan all along… What will they do when simple cold viruses (virii?) become resistant to the strongest antibiotics.

  45. Mike

    Good interview. Some people you can just tell they are knowledgeable and not blowing smoke up your arse.

  46. Steve Sullivan

    Greg, thanks for the link for the satellite phone. I ordered mine today via your site !! Make sure you buy by clicking on Greg’s site because they wanted to charge me $10 each for a US phone # and roll forward which is free using the promo !!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your support of my advertisers

  47. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick for all your support!

  48. Aaron Laforest

    Thank you for the upload, always worth the watch!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support Aaron!

  49. Ian Dempsey in KY

    The loss of Trump endorsed candidate in Texas’ 6th district special election is bad news for supporters. So too is the news Mitch McConnell is proposing to do PSAs to encourage the unvaccinated to get vaccinated.

    Only the educated will survive in the Great Reset!

    • Dave

      Yes. A moderate McConnel Republican beat Wright who had the endorsement of Trump and Cruz. The establishment GOP is poring money into key primaries. Murkowski could well win the GOP nomination. The problem is if McConnell gets his choices in places like Alaska and Ohio many Republican voters will sit the fall elections out. Too, De Santis could be in trouble in Florida.

      The generic congressional poll is trending in the Dems favor right now. Despite Pelosi. One of the reasons – the Dems are promising to give away free stuff. Paid family leave and childcare are in their budget bill. In the end people vote for who will give them the most. Which is why Newson is easily going to defeat the recall. He’s giving stuff away like there was no tomorrow.

      • Ian Dempsey in Kentucky

        I agree.
        I would add, Trump’s giveaways to the elites and corporates was bad too.

      • Paul from Indiana

        At this point, and probably since Reagan, voting merely plays into their purposes. We need to separate, and the beginning of that is to STOP VOTING! What does it accomplish? It gives them LICENSE to continue to do what they are doing! When half of the “electorate” sits out the “election”, does that send a message? It sends a bigger message than the actual “vote” and gives clear indication of our intentions. It’s the Principle of Nullification in practice. Like everything else, voting is no longer what it once was. It’s regrettable, but that’s what it is. The blinders came off in 2020, or should have, at least. Best always. PM

        • AndrewB

          Hi Paul,
          Unfortunately, TPTB have just demonstrated that they can create votes at will. Even if no one turned up at the polls, TPTB would claim everyone voted by post. They don’t care if they have a genuine mandate or not. It’s a MAFIA.

          “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” Stalin

          • Greg Hunter

            DON’T give up Andrew.

            • AndrewB

              Hi Greg,
              No way am I giving up. I have faith in Martin Armstrong’s determination that ‘they’ have “overreached” – and he knows many of these guys personally. I sense a massive awakening and eventually, huge resistance.
              Thank’s for all you are doing.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Yes, but by not voting, those who opt out are no longer complicit in the scam. It’s your choice, and it’s only my opinion. I choose no longer to buy into a rigged game, which you continue to admit exists but also seem to defend. Best always. PM

  50. Donnie W Clyma

    Dear Greg, I agree with Mr. Ackerman about a deflationary collapse, but it will happen when their fedcoin is ready, if you know what I mean. The world thinks bitcoin will be allowed to complete, but China is shutting down its use there, to kill any other options. What do you think central bankers will do, who have the congress and the democratic party to give them all power. The central banks have been unconstitutional since its creation, as well as their currency, yet, congress gave a foreign entity a monopoly over currency creation. Here’s the thing, a total collapse and deleveraging of the markets and economy, is a deflationary collapse, but before we get there, the dollar will be inflated away to no value. That’s what they’ve planned. So all of the fed afilliated banks and hedge funds can scoop up as many asset as they can, with free currency, added to the peoples debt, as the largest wealth transfer in history takes place, millions will be put in despair by their control over the currency and markets. Its a complete takeover scheme brought about by wicked men and politicians, who know how to benefit from their power, but the poor and middle class will be destroyed, and be made to rent and own nothing and labor to survive, while they sit back and rake in all the wealth of the system. I wish I could give some hope, but Christ is our only hope. We are at a turning point of bible prophecy, and the ant-Christ will soon appear, as the bible says, with his world government and world religion. The persecution of Christians will soon be much more evident and our society, as the grasp on world populations gets stronger. Trust Christ, he’s the only one who will bring an end to this craziness. God Bless


    I believe this will begin to collapse in September/October as it has historically been in the past. By this time next year we will be knee deep in a second great depression which will make the last one look like a cake walk. It will destabilize this faux government and may lead to a military take over.

  52. George Krenshaw

    Not so sure about the Treasury Bond thing.
    When it comes to paying 5000 democratic voters their Soc Sec checks or paying one bondholder his coupon on a Treasury Bond, I know which direction that money’s going.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good sharp analysis!!

  53. Marie+Joy

    Our decency will be our undoing. They know we won’t fight back. We’re unorganized, unfunded, and apathetic.

  54. The Ogs

    “I like Treasury bonds (cash) and gold.”

    Yeah but – you can’t eat either of those things. Plus, you’re going to need a forklift truck and some pallets and security, because we’re talking about real gold not just paper aren’t we?
    (Didn’t they just change those laws about all the paper gold?) And what good are all these wrinkly little investment certificates going to be anyway, if SHTF and there are no computers etc?
    Pretty sure Mr. Ackerman and I are envisioning a different type of “complete collapse of everything” here…

  55. The Seer

    Ask for Sean at Satellite Phone Store! I have been to the store and it is well stocked.
    I have the 150 minute per month plan that you accumulate month after month. Get the
    protective emp case and spare battery.
    I endorse this sponsor!
    Greg – you can use my endorsement.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Seer” for endorsing our Sponsor!

  56. Trinacria

    Great interview and a great guest. Rick is no nonsense – love it !!! He calls it like it is. I have been saying for several years that this will end with a deflationary debt bomb AND THE FED KNOWS IT !!!!!!!!! The problem is that the policies that caused these insane bubbles and being used as the cure – this is the definition of insanity !! Rick says they can keep it going more than anyone thinks….he is correct, but will make it so much worse. Current officials simply want to pass the proverbial turd into the next guys pocket. Ultimately, the inflation will result from the insane reaction by the evil clowns in DC…they will borrow huge amounts of money like never before seen from children and their children who aren’t even born yet!!! Just depraved and beyond reprehensible. …it is simply DEMONIC as this is a national security issue now. The result will be devastation….all their gated communities will serve no purpose.
    Rather than re-writing, I just cut and pasted my comments from last week after the Armstrong interview.
    Thank you Greg for interviewing all these different personalities. As I have said before, you are a modern day “Paul Revere”. I believe it is our job to be discerning and try to synthesize all this info that you and a few other fine people out there provide in attempts to get the truth out there. I have been following Armstrong for years, but I really am not sure how to interpret him. I actually found Clif High and his work much more informative.
    1. Still hearing about Armstrong’s purchase of a refrigerator and the delays due to supply chain disruptions. Really old news.
    2. The financial markets are the most overpriced in history and, that includes 1929 – the simple market cap to GDP ratio confirms that along with other basic measures of market internals. But all Armstrong says is that the US is not as bad as other places. He never talks about how the low interest rates have encouraged big companies to borrow billions and BUY BACK THEIR OWN STOCK. Once upon a time this use to be considered stock manipulation. He doesn’t address the all time record margin debt that is out there. His comments seems to be quite cavalier in this regard.
    3. Boeing is the poster child for what I state above. The only engineering they do is on their share price as a result of obscene buy backs on borrowed money. I am a CPA by trade (semi-retired). I looked up Boeing Dec. 2020 year end audited financials; they report $152 Billion is assets vs. $170 billion in liabilities. So, they are technically insolvent. For both 2019 and much worse in 2020, Boeing reported NEGATIVE OPERATING CASH FLOW. I view this as the proverbial kiss of death. Boeing is a POSTEER CHILD OF A ZOMBIE CORPORATION. They are a ward of the federal government. Their share price, albeit down significantly, is still extremely overpriced.
    4. Did Armstrong express concern in Dec./Jan. of 2020/21 about high market valuations as did many others including Nenner and even Polny?
    5. Just before the crash of 1929 we were in better shape than present time for the simple reasons that there wasn’t this insane amount of debt and there were NO SHUTDOWNS!!!
    5. In the 1930’s with people in bread lines, savers were paid significantly more interest than today.
    6. In my opinion, the best economist out there is Dr. Lacy Hunt. He has been correct for decades about the direction of the interest rates. I will include a link to his latest quarterly newsletter below for your review:

    7. Debt is deflationary by definition. The FED knows they have a T-Rex (not a tiger)by the tail and they are doing everything to keep it – the deflationary debt bomb – away. But at some point, the weight of all the debt will overwhelm they system in the open for all to see (currently, they are still able to hide this somehow to some extent). Once this happens, the evil clowns in DC will borrow obscene amounts of money. It is this policy response that will then trigger inflation.

    In conclusion, as my wonderful immigrants parents from Italy used to always say to me: help yourself and God will help you.

    All the best to you Greg and to all honest, sincere hard working people.

    • Robert F

      Its like so mnay of these people distance themselves From that name?


      Where did Macron work? NM rothschild

      where did Soros work? NM Rothschild

      Who is Trudeau biggest financial backer? The Bronfman family, which is known as the Rothschilds of Canada

      Who is Boris Johnson heavily tied to? Rothschild

      Why is every world leader a Rothscild Puppet

      Who was Hillary Clinton asking repentance from? Evelyn de Rothschild


      I can go on for hours with this

      Who was JP morgans backer from London? Rothschild

      Who was Peabodys backer in London? Rothschild

      Who was sent Schiff to lead Kuhn Loeb and Co?

      Who backed the Balfour Decleration?

      Who was Colonel Mandel House working for when he advised Wilson into world war 1?

      This is getting old

      • AndrewB

        Hi Robert,
        Well, you certainly didn’t shy away from the name of that most criminal family banking dynasty. I know I’m boring the pants off everyone with repetition of this recommendation but it is the source of my awakening . . . ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin explains exactly how the dynastic banking families got to own the world. AND, they manage to remain hidden behind the curtain – like the Wizard of Oz. We the people waste so much precious time fighting among ourselves – colour, race, religion, sexual orientation, political allegiance – that we fail to perceive the real villains hiding in plain sight.

  57. J.D. Clampett

    JUST IN:Forbes Breaking News
    At today’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called for an amendment to a bill to prohibit US participation in a vaccine passport and slams CDC Mask Mandate For Vaccinated! Jul 28, 2021 ForbesNews

    Jim Jordan Resumes Attacks On Dr. Fraudci Over COVID-19 Origins, Mask Guidance / Forbes Jul 28, 2021
    WOW!”the euthenists!”They’re lying lies are burying them!
    Their past they’re due date anyways, so no worries mate!

    Newsmax: Greg Kelly Has 5 Questions for Ashli Babbitt Killer Lt. Mike Byrd!
    The Gateway Pundit Published July 27, 2021

    UPDATE FROM SYDNEY: All New COVID Hospitalizations Involve Vaccinated Individuals Except One
    The Gateway Pundit Published July 25, 2021

    General berates Americans on Twitter acting as ‘armed enforcer’ of Biden admin
    65,667 viewsJul 27, 2021 Fox News
    American Majority CEO Ned Ryun reacts to US general calling a student a ‘Putin shill’ for disagreeing with him.
    Doesn’t this general know the real seriousness of the situation. That Putin has us by the ‘Cojones’?
    General, Palin Says your boss Obama lacks um!

  58. Jr

    Msm, particularly Mr Le’mon & Fredo, are “monkey hammering” us with “the “unvaccinated” as their latest divide and conquer meme. This is a fallacious narrative as it presupposes there is a vaccine. There isn’t. These two msm dufusturds need to be informed THERE IS NO VACCINE and anyone allowing the lying govt dufusturds to stick an experimental concoction in them, one that gives NO IMMUNITY is still UNVACCINATED along with all the refuse the jabniks – because there is no VACCINE; CALLING IT ONE DOESNT MAKE IT ONE anymore than calling monsanto’s seed corn.
    When someone tries to label you as “unvaccinated” let them know they are UNVACCINATED too – just like Mr Le’mon & Fredo are (but too stupid to know it) and inform them A) you might consider taking an actual VACCINE but B) for now you hold the same opinion as our new faux VP “you wouldn’t take anything produced by Trump.

  59. Clampett

    ‘Is Anyone Else Disturbed?’: Lankford Cites Ad From Biden Nom’s Thesis In Call Against Confirmation /Jul 28, 2021
    Bureau of Land Management Director nominee Tracy Stone-Manning nomination is advancing in a 50-49 vote in the Senate, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) urged his colleagues to vote “no.”
    Very disturbing! Insight into the cold and heartless condition of the murderess deep state Obomber/Beijing Biden swamp.

  60. Dave

    The GOP is reveling itself. Republicans have reached an agreement with the Dems for a 1 trillion plus infrastructure bill. It will include a lot of AOC’s green new deal. The GOP caved as the Dems would not agree to not go ahead with a separate 3 trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

    Both McConnell and McCarthy do not sound the alarm over what is going on with the imprisoned Jan 6th protesters. McCarthy has apparently decided not to punish Cheney and Kingslinger for their participation in Pelosi’s investigation.

    Then the GOP PTB are working to save Murkowski in Alaska (seeing that there are 3 other GOP candidates in the primary) and doing the same in Ohio where McConnell’s candidate will face two conservative Trump candidates in the primary.

    Seb Gorka is sounding the alarm for conservatives to get out and organize now for the 2022 elections. So far the Dems are running away with their ground level organizing. The reason, IMO, is that some are not turning out to organize for the GOP is because of things like the transportation bill. The GOP does not believe in balanced budgets or fiscal responsibility. Their base is not happy hence, despite Pelosi, Dems have pulled even with the generic congressional poll. A GOP retaking of the House is not a given and McCarthy needs to get his act together or he will remain the minority leader.

    • Paul from Indiana

      2020 demonstrated that elections are kabuki theater: drama on a high and elaborate scale designed to entrance and, in our case, distract and even deceive. Before we can liberate and separate ourselves, a NECESSARY OUTCOME, we must jettison the lies, deceit, propaganda, and set-ups, all of which currently beset us and which voting enables. The first step is STOP VOTING: it’s a scam. Best always. PM

  61. Rick

    I enjoyed your interview with Mr. Akerman very much.
    He is a very well spoken, smart man.
    Please invite him back.

    Greg, you are better than the Energizer Bunny. I don’t know how you put out the quality programs like you do, but thank you, stay well, and don’t stop.
    God Bless You.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rick.

  62. Bob

    Plan for chaos. Here is some advice for the unvaxxed.

    • Mike+G

      Scary stuff, but well worth the view, no matter if true or not. Be prepared, always a good idea.

    • susan

      Bob, thank you! That was a very important eyeopener.

  63. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Another Great Interview
    Just a mention of one of your Sponsers – Discount Gold & Silver
    I had one of my friends buy some of the new Gold Eagle Design 1oz coins – she received them this week – she is thrilled with Melody Cedarstrom and her company. I too have purchased from Discount Gold and Silver and Melody Cedarstrom is Outstanding – I highly Recommend. I’m thinking of getting the Satellite phones too.
    Thanks for all you do my friend
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  64. iwitness02

    If private pensions and Social Security checks stop, it will be a disaster for senior citizens.
    Seniors who have worked most of their adult lives will be abandoned when help is most needed. They won’t do well out on the streets. Banks won’t hesitate to foreclose on them.
    This is a pitiful testimony concerning man’s political wisdom. The wages of corruption is poverty for the masses and wealth for the purveyors of big biz and big gov where gold is king and life is cheap. They have it backwards but it doesn’t slow them down any. After all, they are ‘elite.’ ( I know there are well to do seniors out there, but many are just hanging on as it is. They could find themselves priced right off the earth.)

  65. Steve Bice

    Here is Robert Malone’s alarming video published today, suggesting that based on the latest data, there are indications that ADE is developing in Pfizer vaccine recipients. Higher antibody titers in vaccinated individuals versus unvaccinated individuals is exactly what you would expect if ADE was developing.

  66. K.Cook

    ‘The Five’ rips MSNBC’s Chuck Todd for claiming no liberal media bias /Jul 28, 2021
    An Chuck Todd save himself?🙈🙊🙉

    Black Conservative Patriot 10K views 1 hour ago

    • Paul ...

      Go figure … why is it “brain dead” Bribe’n can move the DOJ to do his bidding … and Trump wouldn’t??

  67. Deep Journalist

    Breaking! Airstrikes on Iran Didn’t Work! Israel’s Developing New Weapons! Iran Strengthens Front..!
    476 views Jul 28, 2021

  68. Audrey Murphy

    There is no doubt about it: mankind is at its wit’s end! The number of thoughtful persons is increasing who honestly admit that human rulership has failed. Their hopes based on man have been blasted. The saddest thing about it is that they have no further hope with which to comfort themselves and to comfort others. All they now have is a yearning for something, a craving for something that has no definite shape or sharp outline in their minds, without any idea of how or from where this heart-satisfying thing is to come or can be expected.
    However, although the already desperate and continually worsening world conditions have killed the hopes of unnumbered persons, yet these very same conditions have imparted fresh vigor to the heightened hopes of others. They are not like the mariners who go down to the sea in ships and who are caught in a terrible storm, concerning whom the ancient lyric writer says: “They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wit’s end.”​—Psalm 107:23-27, Authorized Version.

  69. Jerry5

    WOW Greg!
    Did we call this or what?

    Fully vaccinated can spread the delta virus. This is a complete clown show. I’m assuming that since the other scare tactics didn’t work, that now the CDC will say, the only way for the unvaccinated to protect themselves from the vaccinated caring the delta virus is to get vaccinated? Wrong! I will now be avoiding the vaccinated. Lord please come and straighten this mess out.

    Side note to Trump pumpers:
    Thanks Donald for turning our country over to the Globalist and Anthony Fauci. Now we know what you meant when you said this was the quiet before the storm. You knew didn’t you?

  70. Mel R Mason

    gold and silver will never be zero. An oz is an oz is an oz.

  71. Da Yooper

    Part 1
    Forwarded from
    The Right Side with Doug Billings
    Doug Billings

    Don’t believe the so-called “fact checkers” that say the CV19 jab doesn’t contain the poisonous Graphene Oxide! It does! It’s listed as an ingredient in the patent!
    Learn this and more in today’s show.


    Forwarded from
    The Right Side with Doug Billings
    Doug Billings
    Today’s show is brutal in its truth: The CV19 jab has Graphene Oxide (poison) And is causing the Delta Variant.
    Believe it.

  72. Joanna


    See if you can get David E. Martin on.
    He has all the proof of this fraud.
    Watch his testimony to the German Corona Inquiry Committee July 9th, 2021.
    This NEEDS to get in front of every American and Congress!
    Fauci needs to go to prison!

  73. Bill

    Dear Greg, I keep on looking for a complete analyasis of these big bills(Example: “The Unfrastructure Bill” in Congress, telling how much money does What, and how it will benefit the American people!
    Like President Trump’s speech(yesterday) saying the Infrastructural bill is bad for Americans, but he doesn’t go into any details(in what ways the Bill is bad). If President Trump wants the little people to oppose negative spending bills, then the Financial experts must break down and tell exactly what is wrong with the Bill(s). Then more American People will call their Congressmen and complain about the DEMS(DOA Bills). Most Americans don’t know, because there is no DETAIL information about the Congressional Bills!

  74. Robert K


    I know it may be hard to accomplish, but I would like to see if you could get Judy Mikovits on for an interview. Her involvement in getting the truth out about the plandemic/scamdemic, and the subsequent smear campaign she endured was eye opening.


    So at what point do Good people start doing very bad things to very bad people?? The Deep State Globalists, Corrupt Politicians, Wealthy, are killing us off slowly, the Military isn’t coming in to save you, so when do you do what you hoped and prayed you would never have to do?? Even General McInerney says we need a civil war, we the people need to do what is needed, these elected corrupt POS are not working for us, so when ????

  76. AndrewB

    Hi Watchdoggers,
    Sorry for posting so close to start time . . . just got news of a live on-line event, Doctors for COVID Ethics calling for an IMMEDIATE INTERVENTION.
    Speakers include: Dr Reiner Fuellmich, Dr Michael Yeadon and Catherine Austin-Fitts.
    Dates: 29th July and 30th July
    Start time: 5:00 p.m. British Standard Time / 12:00 noon Eastern Time (US)
    Hope Greg gets to moderate this comment in time for you to tune in.

    • AndrewB

      Thank goodness Greg was too busy to moderate this message until after the symposium was over. Must have been the most disorganised on-line discussion ever! Maybe they were ‘interfered with’ by TPTB, or were simply technically incompetent. Either way, it seriously distracted from what these experts had to say.

      Hi Greg, CAF was a contributor – please ask her what went wrong. Thanks.

  77. Marie+Joy

    I don’t think we’ll have to worry, so much, about a collapse because the Russians, Chinese and/or the UN will invade and we will all be buried in mass graves. That is unless we find our backbones and that is unlikely.

  78. eddiemd

    CCP/PLA “students” inside the wire. Cyberwarfare soldiers all ready to take down the USA.

    These students, all 300,000+ of them have access to university and private industry computer systems. Probably also have accessed infrastructure: power grid, water, communications, finance.

    The Gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing. If this is you, examine yourself in light of the Gospel. The Most High God desires that no one should perish.

  79. Poochiman

    Why would the banking cartel allow for student debt forgiveness? It will never happen. Bailouts are only given to those on top. I don’t think people realize how this scam has destroyed the future of so many people. It is also impacting real growth. Debt slavery only benefits a few.

  80. John Napier

    Radioactive material missing en route to Michigan, NRC says
    `Mark Hicks | The Detroit News
    `Radioactive material headed to Michigan from an Ohio company never made it to its destination, according to a filing by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

  81. Paul ...

    Bribe’n tells the States: “Simply *bribe the people* to make them take the “jab” … it works man … I ought to know” …

  82. Lanny T.

    Greg, great interview. It’s nice to have a news source that tells it like it is! I especially like the metals folks like Bill Holter. God bless!

  83. Paul ...

    A million dollar bribe to get the “jab” may work better … but a $100 dollar bribe to give up 10 to 20 years of your life (or get deadly sick) would seem way too little even for a snowflake … perhaps they should sweeten the offer with a chocolate bar!!

  84. Fran Barnes

    Just for Greg: Hi Greg! This is from Fran (media clip 2+ yrs ago – The song of Moses, Behold the Lamb) It took me a while to compose the following and I’m not sure if this Ackerman interview is the place to post it. Or, if it’s too lengthy. Perhaps the whole 1st paragraph should be cut-do so if you think it best.

    This is ultimately a story about my 911 call and its cost. A little heads up should you ever find yourself there.
    I am 74, in small town, Missouri. This story may apply to any name-your-state-country of poisoned air, earth, water and plague. The real plague killing this nation state is Respiratory-Heart-blood-Brain-Bone-Muscle-Joint-Reproductive Inhibitors, block-by-block barrier builders leading to mental-physical paralysis. The Soul – only by our own Free Will and a fighting , determined Mind and Spirit, can we keep vibrant, healthy, Innocent as the babe in the Heavenly Father’s and Mother Mary’s arms. Be victorious in this battle. We Do Not Die.
    What a more luxuriously fertile time to get Wisdom. The road to Wisdom – ‘get understanding, insight, knowledge.’ Along this road, difficult as it can be at times, you are not forsaken — His Word, His promise. Along this road there is this signpost. It says — Be wary of this entrapment.
    March 10, 2020, 2 days prior to the newscast announcement of COVID (SARS 19), 3 a.m., a lethal attack of FLU and my 1st Atrial Fib event. I wait till the morning shift begins at ER before dialing 911. I state, “I have no health insurance, only Medicare Part A [which since Obama covers Very Little-couldn’t afford it then, can’t now.] what will an ambulance cost me?” Response: “a home health check is free”. Later, a 10 min. ambulance ride to ER, $1,300. Nose swab – Flu type A, not covid; another A-fib event and a 20 min. helicopter ride to K.C., very nice prey for the Eagle in Life Flight. 6 wks. later, that bill alone – $41,760. Sent home after 3 days but 13 days before I felt any respiratory break through relief. My sincere gratitude that medicare Part A paid the hospital room stay. Total medical bill: $61,063. Hospital: “Apply for financial aid” = MediCAID. That, my dear friends, is not a gift; it is a Contract…for Life. which they do NOT tell you. It pays approx. 20% of whatever they are billed. I was on it for about 15 hrs. and obeyed the Lord’s prompting to get my questions answered and when I did I canceled. It is a loan that we are not allowed to pay back until after our death. {p.s. – there is a small loop hole after which jump through at least you can pay the debt back}. I learned from a nephew, 30 yrs+ corporate jet pilot says it costs $500 to rent a helicopter for 1/2 hr. A yr. later I write and get some action from Missouri Att. General Office for Consumer complaints. Some legal correspondence from said company’s attorney were emailed to me. Final statement from MO. Att. Gen Office, Consumer Complaints, who “is not a lawyer”, “We cannot tell them what they can charge,,, but you can take them to Small Claims Court”.
    This is just another small piece of the Physical evidence for the immense crime scene we are all witnessing. If you’ve any Crime Scene Evidence, I’d love to hear it. And Thanks Greg for your time to review and the space in your blog and just being a good and faithful servant to Our Lord.

  85. Terry H

    I worked by payroll from 1960 to 1989, construction and executive. Moved to Canada and pension tells me I didn’t work enough to get my money back…

  86. John n Marzigliano

    I agree with him 100%.
    I am making union scale in 638 steam fitters and repair irrigation on my free time.
    I can hardly afford rent and groceries.
    I don’t have a clue how anyone else uses making it without putting themselves in debt

  87. Mark A. Goldman

    All discussions of 5g seem to have been censored away which makes me suspicious. If electromagnetic frequency can damage human cells would our immune system destroy the cells thinking they were damaged by viruses? If so how would we know the difference and maybe just assume it was a virus causing the damage. Has anyone ever discussed this that you know of? Just curious.

  88. Bixa

    Greg for a future upload, Friday USA Watchdog
    The article, the links, the comments, links
    Good reading – I encourage all to check it out, read, utilize the links

  89. Bible Reader

    The main messages received: 10 minutes to 14 minutes. More messages after. 29 minutes total.

    Archbishop Viganò: Our Lady warned of ‘great apostasy’ in Church followed by risk of World War III
    Premiered Jun 5, 2020

    The John-Henry Westen Show

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò recently discussed with LifeSite the history of the apparitions of Our Lady in Civitavecchia, Italy which took place 25 years ago. During these miraculous events, Our Lady referred back to her apparitions and messages in Fatima, and she warned that Satan is out to destroy the family. Additionally, Our Lady spoke about the apostasy in the Church, the darkness that overshadows Rome, the need to consecrate Italy to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and a third world war following the apostasy.

  90. Randy Best

    We are closing in on Bo Polny’s 50 year jubilee on the dollar next month. Will things be 180 degrees different soon?

    • Poochiman

      Yes. Thank you for sharing. I saw darkness enter the nation in the early 90’s. It has taken over everything for the last 30 years. Our soul is the only thing left to take…

    • commen sense

      Don’t hold your breath .

    • W H

      It is ok for people to want to believe what someone says but when what they said doesn’t happen they would be smart to quit believing it . It become a delusional disorder at they point . Hope is a good thing but hoping in something that has been proved wrong is also a delusion .

  91. Conrad Kelly

    “Tolerance will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking so as not to offend the imbeciles.”

  92. WD

    I see what Rick is saying that all money must be paid back I get it. But how does that apply to printed money?

    I think he is missing this. If a bank lends me money that just came up from thin air and didn’t really exist before it was created to lend to me. Are there really any consequences other than getting rid of “junk money”

  93. WD

    I think I finally get what he is saying….

  94. Greg

    Rick hasn’t thought this out far enough. They will just issue 100 year bonds, and pay everything back with inflated dollars. Just like Wiemar Germany and Japan have done. Or…..they can dilute the debt with a global currency. Rick lacks imagination, he is still thinking with a early twentieth century mindset.

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