Crazy MSM Calls Trump Crazy, Antifa Repugnant Like KKK, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 298 8.25.17) 

USA Today publishes this headline that reads “Talk of Trump’s Mental Health Spreads.”  The reason why it is “spreading” is the fake news of the propaganda media is trying to destroy Trump by fabricating a completely false narrative of Trump’s mental health.  Any medical doctor practicing psychiatry that can make a diagnosis by watching someone on TV is either a quack, a total partisan tool of the left or both.  It’s more fake news and false narrative from an increasingly desperate left and Deep State.  They know nothing is working to remove a duly elected Donald Trump from office.  They are desperate to find some scandal to take him out before he destroys them and their evil plans for America.  Don’t believe the hype and BS by the lying MSM.

The propaganda media refuses to dwell on the radical left wing paid protesters of Antifa. They are the so-called Anti-Fascists, but they are also steeped in communism.  This movement is nothing new and started in Germany by communist Russia. The Communists are equally evil to the Nazis and KKK.  Communist Joseph Stalin of Russia is estimated to have killed nearly 50 million under his reign of terror in the old U.S.S.R.  Chairman Mao Tse-tung, Father of the Chinese Revolution, murdered 20 million of his fellow citizens in one year.  Yes, the Nazis are evil murderers, but so are the communists, and that is what is trying to overthrow the government of the United States.  People like George Soros are paying for the chaos.

According to new figures, nearly 78% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck. That means, when the economy turns down again, many will be in danger in a very short amount of time.  Now, the Commerce Department is signaling a new downturn may not be far away.  New home sales just plunged by a whopping 9.4% in July.  That is a 7 month low.

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Steve Quayle, radio host, book author and filmmaker, is the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” Quayle talks about the coming civil war and the evil people trying to start it.  Quayle says it all comes down to a monumental fight between the forces of good and evil.  You can find Steve at

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  1. Dan

    How bizarre is it that a large group of the country sees Trump as a crazed, racist, sexist buffoon while to another large group, he can do no wrong, even if he did kill someone in public as he boasted on the campaign trail. “He probably deserved it” Trump supporters would shout, not even knowing the facts & if anyone disputed it, they would claim “fake news”. By the way, why is Trump threatening a government shutdown (which I’m all for, by the way) if the wall isn’t in the budget? I thought Mexico was supposed to somehow miraculously pay for it? Just another lying politician, but on a larger scale. By the way, nice plan for Afghanistan – “we’re going to prolong this second-vietnam-type (only longer!) war”. Just another big fat lying politician (I know, Hillary was too – I agree!)

    • Frederick

      Dan I agree I supported Trump but now see the hypocrisy and lies he spewed and it’s very concerning Afghanistan was a big lie from day one and many people with critical thinking abilities see that It seems to me that for some reason they want a US base in Central Asia probably for many reasons actually The Taliban nonsense is just a cover I doubt VERY much that the majority of Afghans welcome our presence in their country

    • This sceptred Isle

      Divide and conquer

    • Paul ...

      Dan … One thing I think we can all agree on is Trump shutting down the Dept. of Education that only produces snowflakes … another thing he can do is chop off 2.3 billion dollars off the Defense budget to pay us back for the money they stole right before 9-11 … and have the Fed pay us back for the money they needed to prop up their failing banks … if Mexico doesn’t want to pay for the wall have all the illegal’s in our country build it for no pay (otherwise their benefits get chopped), etc., etc. … it is pay back time … lets take back all the money the crooks stole from us to help balance the budget!!

      • Paul ...

        I would like to know where all the money we collect from the crooked banks “in fines” is going? … “all” the money in fines collected should be going to pay off our National Debt (not into lawyers pockets who should be working Pro Bono on these market manipulation cases for all the American people)!!

      • Frederick

        Paul it was 2.3 Trillion with a “T”

    • Arthur Barnes

      Dan, the Afghanistan continuance is puzzling for me too, however, I think the Generals sold him a bill of goods about going into Pakistan and cleaning out the Taliban swamp there, Trump was somewhat emphatic about Pakistan when he announced his plan after Camp David when that decision was made. If nothing changes and drones, missiles, and clandestine Taliban strikes are not done in Pakistan shortly then I agree with you it was a totally waste of breath to even talk about it. You can’t win a war if the enemy hides just across a border any your not allowed to go after them their in their safe haven, Vietnam is a case in point. That is my only answer to your learned query about Trump’s change in policy since the election. We shall see. Your comments are well taken, however, on the Wall issue Trump said Mexico would pay for it one way or the other, meaning trade tariffs if not actually writing a check. Mexico has a 50 billion trade surplus with the U.S. a year, a small tariff for a couple of years pays for the wall, period! We shall see about that one too, presently I am standing staunchly for Trump in light of both parties are after him, but I agree with you that my support is not forever if campaign promises/policies keep changing. Best Regards, a b

      • RealityCheck

        one word… Opium

      • The Seer

        Pak has nukes. Very unstable there. Something must be done.

        • Greg Hunter

          This might be why Trump is sending troops to Afghanistan under cover of war there????? Who knows what is going on behind the scenes?

          • Arthur Barnes

            Interesting theory to say the least?

          • freebrezer

            Greg – that is the trillion dollar question … what is going on behind the scenes? Is it new major resources that have been found in Afghanistan? I know they have huge deposits of lithium and rare earth minerals – untouched … I doubt it is the opium – chemist can now create fake opium drugs 100 times more potent in a lab (I.e. 100 times easier to hide and smuggle), thus what is the gravity that is sucking us in to Afghanistan? the deep state sucking our tax money? I sure have not seen an explanation that is satisfactory!

      • Dan

        Wow, I don’t know what I was more impressed with, the intelligence of your reply (I’m actually rethinking my position) or the cordialness of it. It reminded me of how much it’s lacking in today’s discourse. I, myself, am certainly guilty of snarkiness, at the least. I truly believe that first Obama & now Trump have exacerbated the situation. I am just saddened because I viewed Trump as an anti-politician hope when he was campaigning & now am convinced he’s just a big con-man & not even very good at politics (different than business). I only hope I’m wrong!
        Sincere regards,

        • Dan

          Just re-read & “the situation” refers to the devisiveness in the country. I, too, believe that there are wrong-doers on BOTH sides, without a doubt!

          • Greg Hunter

            Here is the big difference in the two parties. I don’t see the KKK or Nazis in Charlottesville with a plan to take over the country. George Soros and Obama DO have some sort of plan to take over, and that is the real enemy of America.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Thanks, I try to always remember that learned persons can and should at time agree to disagree. Civility is not around anymore as it should be. Take care, regards, a b

      • Frederick

        Arthur I doubt very much we would be crazy enough to invade Pakistan Nukes or no nukes But then again Johnny MCCain is still around so anythings possible

      • Robert

        Raw materials. All wars are based on the other person has something the invading force wants. Gold , silver, and materials used for the new lithium batteries in cell phones. PS- also note it should be no surprise that the over abundance of heroin on our city streets comes at a time when we’ve been at war with a country that produces 90% of the world’s opium. I’ve read that America paid for the airport runways in Afghanistan to allow for easier distribution of that opium. In return, the Taliban gives our military information. In the mean time American and European streets are filled with heroin addicts.

    • rwmctrofholz


      The USA has had a trade deficit with Mexico EVERY YEAR since NAFTA was signed. Doesn’t seem too complicated to me. Pay for the wall Mexico, or we’ll pulling out of NAFTA.

      • Arthur Barnes

        RWMC…z – Trump claims he pulling out of NAFTA anyway, that alone will save almost a trillion a year!

    • al

      Trump validated my vote multiple times by giving the lame stream fake news media a black eye. Can he do wrong? Absolutely! But this deep scar on the MSM will go a long way towards future peace in this country. If the man did anything, give him that much.

      • Arthur Barnes

        al, and yes, Trump has been at the MSM for their fake news again & again almost every week, they can’t take the heat that is fore-sure. Like you said, that alone is validation.

    • William Stanley

      Dan: I’m am more than a bit skeptical of your claims. I think you are conflating “a large group of the country” with “an overwhelming majority of the MSM.” I also doubt that “another large group” thinks Trump can do no wrong. It strikes me that you’re trying to argue for moral equivalence between President Trump and the real lying psychopathic criminal politicians such as the Clintons and their ilk. Your attempt to make them “morally equivalent” is disingenuous at best. Your claim of “I know, Hillary was too — I agree!” was very clever, and I applaud you for your cleverness but, you’re going to have to up your psyops game to a higher level to escape notice here.

      • Dan

        I don’t usually reply, but couldn’t resist showing you how wrong you can be! You think I’m a Clinton supporter? Hillary should be in prison (although it will never actually happen), not the POTUS. I’m more of a Ron, and to a lesser extent, Rand Paul kind of person. You know – end all foreign entanglements and bring all of our troops home, something else that Trump gave lip service to & has done the exact opposite, like prosecuting Hillary, draining the swamp, repealing Obamacare, addressing the deficit, ending the many wars, Mexico paying for the wall, whether there will even be a wall (doubtful), etc. Yes, he’s done a WONDERFUL job – WAKE UP!!!

        • William Stanley

          Dan: I misjudged you: I did actually perceive you as a troll trying to create moral equivalence where it is inapplicable. Thanks for setting me straight. I liked your response much better than the original. I actually agree with much of your frustration and righteous anger.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Clinton, Bush & Obama had 24 years to grow alligators in the swamp, I think I will allow President a year or so to start draining it!

          • Bill

            Arthur Barnes: Right on Bro.

          • freebrezer

            AB – in 24 years the alligators can grow to be pretty damn big and ferocious … i.e, savagely fierce, cruel, and violent!

        • susan

          Dan, it is very difficult for President Trump to do anything with both the democrats and republicans against him. I. too, am curious about Afghanistan, but I still trust my president until proven wrong. By the way the congressional war mongers will go along with any effort in Afghanistan.

        • Sherry Davis

          I don’t usually comment, but I do reald most comments and try to learn. I follow a man by the name of Thomas Wictor on Twitter who has help me understand what is really go on. I believe most of what you read is a diversion. I have confidence( Thanks to Wictor) that Trump has destroyed the Democratic Party, the MSM and working on the Republican eliest. Some have gone on and read every tweet since Thomas Wictor started. It is very eye opening and informative. He does back up with research. Worth a look at.

    • Gene

      It’s really quite simple: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. So long as scum like the MSM, and rotten politicians like John McCain and Paul Ryan seek to destroy President Trump, I will support him.

      All the rest is moralizing tripe and self righteousness.

      • William Stanley

        Gene: Bingo!

      • Diane