DeSantis Runs, Trump Fights, Murdered Suddenly, Economic Gloom

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 583 5.26.23)

Ron DeSantis has announced he’s running for president in 2024 despite the fact he’s being creamed by President Trump in the polls.  Is the fix in to convict Trump and jail him in Washington D.C. with the hyped-up classified documents case?  Remember, Hillary Clinton won Washington D.C. with 96% of the vote in 2016.  So, the jury pool is nearly 100% Deep State Democrats.  A stacked jury would find it easy to convict their arch enemy, Donald Trump, on phony charges just like the totally false Russia collusion case.  Is DeSantis running revealing this is the RINO/Deep State Dem plan?

The phrase “died suddenly” is a common term used when referring to the CV19 bioweapon/vax deaths.  It should be changed to “murdered suddenly” because that is really what it is.  There is no stopping the debilitating injuries and awful deaths happening every week.  The Lying Legacy Media (LLM) is ignoring this huge problem that has so far killed or injured 30% of the American workforce.  The trend is unabating, and it appears it will continue for some time to come.  The official numbers say more than 675 million CV19 bioweapon injections have been delivered in America alone.  This is a murder program and not healthcare because bioweapons do not help a single person.  It is that simple.  Let’s start calling it what it is — murder.

Even if there is a new debt ceiling deal reached in Washington (and that is still a big if), the economy will continue to sink.  All the charts show that the economy is clearly going down, and top bankers like Jamie Dimon are calling for even higher interest rates.  The economy is doomed, so get ready for a much lower standard of living.

There is much more in the 48-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 5.26.23.

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After the Interview:

Renowned radio host, filmmaker and artifact expert Steve Quayle will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  The lives of everyone on the planet will change dramatically, and Quayle will explain how.

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  1. Free Mpg

    I’m glad DeSantis is in, despite his obvious fumbling. If Trump goes down, it could happen, who would there be to turn to, Nikki Haley, Asa Hutchinson, Mike Pence? I’ll take DeSantis all day long. That said, the idea voting matters anymore is delusional.

    • Earth Angel

      How about RFK jr. throwing his hat into the ring to challenge the installed imposter Dem. puppet ‘brandon’ for the WH?! Anybody else find it unusual the LLM hasn’t mentioned a thing about it- not even a whisper?! The nephew of a former Prez. (JFK !!) and son of his brother former Atty. Gen. RFK announces a run for the Democratic nomination for Prez. of USA, Inc.- and SILENCE by the mainstream media talking heads?! Perhaps not so surprising but certainly VERY telling, eh? I’d likely vote for RFK jr. before I’d vote DeSantis or any of the other goons waiting in the wings of the RINO Repub. camp. I could live with Trump being rightfully returned to the Presidency he was blatently cheated out of OR would happily see RFK jr. give it his best try in straightening out the colossal MESS we are mired in now. IF we had an honest political process RFK jr. would win the Dem. nomination by a LANDSLIDE, but as with Herman Cain’s Presidential run in 2012, just watch the lying propaganda mainstream media outlets do everything in their power to marginalize or derail RFK jr’s campaign. We KNOW how the deep state works. It will be interesting to see what happens.

      • Sandy Bower

        I just might have to agree with you… I would NOT suppprt DeSantis… he is too power hungry, goes wherever the path leads to his success… will say and do ANYTHING to get there… I think he is a plant. I would definitely deep dive into RFKjr before Desantis.. but Vivak might be worth a peak… cant be bought, outsider, smart.

        • opsimathian

          Mike Adams on Brighteon interviews to very credible researchers (one a lawyer) who have discovered through FOIA that no one in the Biden cabinet or his administration has taken an OATH OF OFFICE…they are not legally representing America. That includes Lloyd Austin, Blinken et al. They have no allegiance to America.

          • Earth Angel

            Good. Then if that’s true we shouldn’t have to follow anything they say. And if we weren’t living in a bannana republic they would all be arrested & jailed for fraud and treason at the very least, and legal scholars may find more crimes to string them up on as well. IF we had an actual system that WORKED FOR the PEOPLE of this country. I won’t be holding my breath.. How’s that been working out for us all lately anyway?

      • William R Nicholson

        RFK Jr. is already in the arena & announced two weeks ago. He will probably easily win democratic nomination. He immediately polled at about 20% and as traditional Dems know about his entry , they’ll get behind him. No one on traditional Dem side forgets the sacrifice of JFK and Bobby and Martin ! Anyone with memory & a heart immediately votes for anyone associated with them . RFK Jr. is best qualified candidate on Dem side ….. There’s no other contender that even comes close & the Clinton corruption machine will Never Own Him ! Dems will lose their blind , obedient slaves once they accept their emancipation & follow RFK Jr. . Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST -1195

        • Greg Hunter

          Massive cheating will meet RFK Jr. I like the man but the rotten Deep State will have to cheat to maintain control. Hope I am wrong.

    • Cliff

      Obama Judge Sentences Oath Keepers Founder To 18 Years Prison In J6 ‘Sedition’ Case

    • Ken Mazel

      Hi Greg love you bro, hey the PVS-14 is a night vision monocular. Not a camera, I’ve actually got two that I bought from Ready Made Resources. I have one green and one white phosphor. I just hope you understand I was just trying to help clarify them.
      Be blessed,

    • Sandy Bower

      Might want to find out where DeSantis got 200 MM before even launching his campaign. we have to question EVERYTHING… always follow the money…my guess, he IS being selected by deep state to take out Trump. If so, that would make him the next Obama.. I would say Bush, but the deep state is much more mature than the old days of light weight corruption.

      If they take out Trump, personally, I will look closely at Vivak since he is self made, can’t be bought, not part of the system and very smart. ( this Perry guy seems like a weirdo to me but I would take deep dive into him too since he is an outsider and LOADED) ..Taking out Trump would be the ONLY reason I would look at them but so far, I would TRUST Vivak more that any others, ESPECIALLY DeSantis.

      The other thing I would mention, plz go backand look at his voting record as Senetor… he was Paul Ryan’s shadow. I’ve seen him as a person that goes in whatever direction that takes him where he wants to go…will say anything, do anything be anything.

      His current success is ONLY because he follows Trump agenda…he is like a tribute band…wanna be… he can’t beat Trump legitimately, I think he would sell his sole to make it happen. Just my two cents

    • Lucas Doolin

      I saw Stew Peters say in an interview by Alex Jones he may run. If Trump is out he may have a chance. I would take him over the Florida Rino. Stew’s show has been telling the truth about the vaxx from the beginning, Trump can’t and won’t.

      • Earth Angel

        Yes, Stew Peters is great! He brings us the real scoop too- just like G. H. & USAWD. There’s nothing like hearing the unvarnished truth- no matter how disturbing that truth is. Some of us are just better equipped at dealing with it than others.

  2. Norm Fleury

    Hi Greg, did I miss something? I have been waiting for John Williams? Thank you for all that you do, you are a true newsman!

    • Greg Hunter

      Williams had tech trouble and I am rescheduling him for later. Williams is a good man and a great guest.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Can’t beat Dr. Numbers. Best always. PM

  3. Sam

    President Trump needs to Run and Lead our United States of America…..Governorn Ron DeSantis needs to Run and Lead my State of Florida….President Trump has Supernatural Physical Protection from the Deep State….Ron has the Protection that JFK had…..Ron is a Loser from the beginning.

  4. Katherine M Guthrie

    Thank you so much for the video !!!

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    Here is Britain’s contribution to “peace” in the Ukraine.
    Of course back home here in the UK our glorious security services are right on our side,
    Of course the Ukraine is a source of honesty!
    Imagine our parents put their lives on the line to destroy Naziism and then spent lives and treasury to destroy Communism that now has infiltrated our governments and bureaucracy.
    Absurdity has to be called out,
    Here in the UK our economy and corruption is beyond belief for a so called democracy.
    Love your spiritual pep talk,thank you.

  6. MorningStar

    A marxists’ silent and genocidal coup d’etat.

  7. Matthew Gibson

    Only evil people will comply with our current Dept of justice

    • Rick

      Lucky for us our Founding Fathers “were very intelligent men” and set up our Republic with Three(3) Branches of Government – so the Supreme Court can step in and prevent State and Federal officials from “using future emergencies” to encroach on and take away our Constitutional rights!! –

      • i: a man; travis

        Our constitutional rights? as a man, you are above the constitution.

  8. Hot carl

    DeSantis was a top layer for the Government at the GITMO torture prison the US runs in Cuba.

    If DeSantis looked good as Fl. Governor, IT’S A TRAP to con good Americans to vote for him.

    DeSantis is a torturer!

    • Astraea.

      Neither is to be trusted – neither has America’s interests at heart because they both go to kiss that ridiculous wall in Jerusalem first. So, who exactly do both these men work for?
      And by the way, that wall was built by someone called Suleiman the Magnificent.

      I is NIT Amer

      • Felix

        you are absolutely correct,they are all controlled by the synagogue of satan or the satanic jesuits.put your faith in no man,they will sell you out in a heartbeat

    • Sandy Bower

      I ssoo agree. He is so power hungry, he will do anything to get where he wants to go and he knows in order to beat Trump, he would have to sell his should.

      He scares me…. false idle…⁰

  9. Carla

    Great show as usual! Thank you! I didn’t know about Congress and the senate getting sati lite phones. Please let us know more about what to take if you’ve taken the first three COVID vaccines to try to counter the vaccine.

    • NavyBlueSmoke

      Carla , there is a licensed RN that helps everyone via the VSRF foundation started by The Chief Mis-Information spreader Steve Kirsch. Send her an email for help read everything Steve Kirsch has written in the last couple of years.
      [email protected]. This latest link is probably best link to on staff nurse for advice on the clot shot depopulation agenda. I hope and pray you have successful defeat of the clot shot. I take only NAC supplement since I never took any shot. It combats any shedding of the spike protein so I eliminate the mRNA program efficiently from my body before any substantial production of the spike proteins can be made. I recommend keep cal Calcium intake up. I mostly eat good broccoli for that . Be outside at least 20 minutes in morning and another 20 in afternoon so you have large self generated Vitamin D in your body. Nurse will help with latest recs. Good Luck 🤞 Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST -1195

    • sk

      Carla, look up The Wellness Company -Dr Peter McCullough and Dr. (Harvey?) Risch, among others, have formulated a multipronged medication mixture against the spike protein that contains nattokinase. (note – NOT com, but ca) had an article about this recently.

  10. Matthew Gibson

    To comply with the DOJ and the IRS is evil. People who comply to these organizations should be considered threats to decent people and children. We need to prepare to fight these people to the end.

  11. Justn Observer

    Greg, Dr. Martin at the International Covid Summit, European Parliament, Brussels.

  12. John Forgione

    Does anyone know the dosage for nattokinese?

    • Sam

      Dosing. Clinical studies to guide safe and effective nattokinase dosing are lacking. Nattokinase 100 mg/day (equivalent to 2,000 fibrinolytic units [FU])………..

      As medicine, nattokinase has most often been used by adults in doses of 2000-7000 fibrinolytic units by mouth daily for up to 3 years.

      Ever Find out how to “GOOGLE”?

    • i: a man; travis

      i have been going to a naturepath for about 25 yrs and what she does is called naet testing or muscle testing, i would look to see if there’s a naturepath in your area that specialises in muscle testing (energy testing). My question is; do you really know if you need those types of supplements or even ivermectin;

  13. Tom

    Trump will never be president again, wake up people…

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      How about President of the Red States (and counties) in American Civil War II?

    • Sam

      Tom,….I think you need to take another “BOOSTER”….it might be “Good for America”…

    • Bob

      Thank you for keeping on ! You have not wavered in the fight and its a much needed attribute in the world today. Also for ghe weekly reminder that God is in control and not to fear!
      God bless

    • NavyBlueSmoke

      Tom , you wanna put some money down on that ? I’d bet you a thousand ! You honorable to keep your end up when you lose ? Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST -1195

      • sdmule

        I will take that bet! Not that I don’t think he is the best candidate to upset the apple cart that is Washington, DC. He will find himself with hot tub issue or a plane that falls from the sky. The opposition is “all-in” at this point and will do everything possible to get their end result. We are on our own, there is no person wearing a cape to save us. WE are the one wearing the cape….we just need to realize it and work together. It’s gonna be some hard work….some peeps are going to exit the earthly plane….but if we want freedom, we are going to have to get some dirt on us! So, to be clear….you are putting up $1,000 US dollars saying Trump will be president of the USA, correct? I am putting up $1,000 saying he will not be president of the USA. Are we on?

    • Rick

      Might be because big money from Gambling Syndicate Criminals is not being lavished upon him – even if he calls DeSantis “Hitler” to drum up more money for his campaign or tells them how much he did for them last time around (squashing the Iran deal, the Jerusalem move, etc., etc.) – the Demon Rats are offering the Globalist Cabal something that is much better “Digital Currency”!!!

    • Alex

      Should CBDCs be forced on America, I am certain there will be extremely serious consequences. In Los Angeles, about 20% of the people, mostly illegal aliens, use cash exclusively to live and carry out normal life. As a former cop from decades past, I forecast that criminal activity would be amplified exponentially! This is not something to take lightly, and must be rebuffed at all costs to insure liberty not only for this generation but generations yet unborn!

  14. Marie Joy

    Deep State DeSantis is pushing a 23% national sales tax. I have to wonder if he’s serious about running.
    ALL this is to make America communist.
    Communism thrives on apathy.
    You would be shocked at how much trafficking goes on.
    My new neighbor said she could turn me in when I mentioned Catholicism.
    Some have been promised they will survive the genocide. It was a lie.
    This is Ukraine’s genocide.
    Learn how to make an in home shelter at
    We are paying the salaries of people who are killing us.
    At some point, it will happen. Get as ready as you can.
    Come together.

    • Sam

      “Come together”… you like the Beatles?…..or…. are you trying to Organize?

      • Ray

        Hi Sam,
        Marie Joy is a long term watchdogger, and one of the most prolific and respected commenters here.
        She never snipes at others opinions.
        I for one look out for, read and digest every one of her contributions.
        Have a good weekend sir.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

        • Sam

          Ray….MIND You’re Own Business….It WAS NOT a “snipe”…maby you need the “BOOSTER”…. you are a P O M E, after all… lost yer sense of Humor….

          • Ray

            Please……you are a Johnny Come Lately here at this site.
            An overnight mushroom that has popped and might be trodden in.
            I’ll give you an old Aussie saying, reserved for people such as yourself:
            “We’re looking for wood…..Pull your head in”
            We see your type come and go here at USAWATCHDOG…..
            Clowns that come in with all guns a blazing, putting people down at the drop of a hat.
            What did you say to one commenter here earlier…..”Ever find out how to Google”?
            This is the hallmark of an angry, short fused imbecile, who thinks his opinion is the only one in the room that deserves to be listened to.
            Clearly, you don’t qualify as such.
            Move on Sam the overnight mushroom ….go back to a forum more worthy of your limited purview…..somewhere like the comment section over at Zero Hedge.
            Do run along now…..they are missing you already.
            You’ll be cut to shreds here at this site by people like me, and other long term commenters who hold this noble platform dear.
            There’s a good lad… you go now. Don’t bang your head on the door as you leave.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia.

            • Roderich

              Wow, nice work Ray.

    • Rick

      Eliminate the Income Tax and replace it with a Sales Tax – is Good Idea – with the Income tax you are taxed on your earnings “even if you buy nothing” – with the Sales Tax you keep 100% of your income “if you don’t buy anything”!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Consider the fact that our current “economy” is 70% consumption-based. What is a 23% sales tax going to do that? It dis-incentivizes consumption! Then the economy tanks. I’m sure Team DeSantis has this all worked out, but until I see the details, I’m skeptical. Best always. PM

        P.S. rather than constantly trying to find a way to finance more and more government, we should be finding ways to SHRINK the government to a manageable and RESPOPNSIVE size. PM

      • Alex

        With respect, once Social Security and Medicare become insolvent, what is the sense in keeping the current system going? Within 5 years one or both programs will begin to break down and the other not long thereafter. It seems to me that the best course of action possible is to declare the USA Corporation insolvent, vacate all debt, break the Union into several much smaller political unions (nations), like the former USSR; use the tools provided us in our Constitution to enact new government and start over again!

      • Sam

        Like I said . Foreigner, Mind yer Own Business… are Not as Intelligent as you like to “Think” you are….actually you are pretty DULL a Pseudo Intellect, and a “Legend in you’re own mind”…Who the HECK are you trying to IMPRESS? ….Mr. Hunter?…Marie Joy?… ……You missed the mark…because nobody cares about you or my musings…only YOU

        • Greg Hunter

          Play nice Sam and Rick.

        • Ray

          On the brief inventory you have provided thus far, I would state that you Sam are the dull individual here.
          Your grasp of English language grammar is low to say the least.
          Looking over your most recent posts, it also appears that you are unable to spell.
          Pity that.
          Most grown up people can spell, and yes, sometimes the auto correct on a phone / computer will change a word without us noticing.
          However, the spelling prowess you have displayed here suggests an individual of rather low educational standard and very limited debating ability (other than to throw “hissy fits” when you are pulled up on something).
          I think you will find that people of all nations comment here.
          You really do need to climb out of that basement, head on over to your local Kumon school and bring yourself up to speed with your written expression capabilities.
          That way, you’ll be on track to equip yourself with the necessary capacity to discuss all the grown up issues that are discussed here, just like grown ups do.
          Classes start at 9.00am Sam.
          If you’re not there on time, you’ll need a note from your Mum.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Bret Skurdal

        Like RFKs work on revealing vaccines, but his global warming views are draconian , he thinks any body who doughts man is creating the climate changes should be hailed or killed.

    • Fred Daake

      DeSantis does NOT “want” a national sales tax. Instead, he wants to completely eliminate the IRS and the income tax. But it is not politically possible to eliminate all taxes. So, the suggestion is to use a temporary national sales tax to fund the government after the IRS is abolished. After the IRS is gone, the next step would be to eliminate the national sales tax. Based on over 35 years of studies by many smart people, it is a great plan and would lead to a massive economic boom in America.

      If it were not for DeSantis’s other flaws, I would vote for DeSantis just based on the one idea of eliminating the IRS.

      • I Dig Au

        Fred – Temporary taxes and other government measures always seem to become permanent. I think we will end up with income taxes and a permanent national sales tax… for the children of course.

    • Earth Angel

      Wait a minute. The 23% national sales tax sounds very much like the FAIR TAX plan about which a book was authored 15-20 odd years ago by Neal Boortz and former congressman John Linder. If this is DeSantis’s tax plan (and I don’t know if it is or not) this could be a GOOD thing. The Fair Tax drops all taxes except the 23% tax on NEW goods purchased, so it becomes a discretionary tax on whatever new goods the individual chooses to purchase. I believe food, clothing and certain basic necessities are excluded from the tax, perhaps services as well. I have this book, I just need to refresh the details. Also the late great Herman Cain came up with the 999 Tax Plan; which would also be another good choice. Herman you are forever missed but never forgotten by the millions of people who loved your radio broadcasts and whose lives you touched in countless ways. RIP friend.

    • Skip

      Several months ago, didn’t some soros people pay a visit to the Florida gov’ner? I seem to recall seeing something about that briefly but nothing since; certainly nothing since his public announcement.

  15. Mat G

    G.A. Stewart: Simply put, yes we are surrounded by “controlled opposition”; friction is a part of the physics of life and growth. Going to the gym is upping the “controlled opposition” of the weights so you build strength. I suspect that this is what eternity is; so welcome to it. However, there are clues to identifying the “controlled opposition”, and one of the most important clues are references to Jesus Christ.

    My Roman Catholic/Episcopalian upbringing never convinced me; however, it was the writings of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce that did.

    • Sam

      Try the Ancient Manuscripts….they beat the hell out of the musings of catholics and soothsayer cayce…..

      • Dave

        Exactly. Read the early church Fathers. Individuals some of whom were discreetly taught by the Apostles or those who were taught by men who were taught by the Apostles.

    • James macareo

      Your mentors you claim to get you to see the light are demonic entity’s.
      I admit the church is wack, I am a orthodox Christian and the leader is ship there have let me down as well.
      I have found that a personal relationship with Jesus church with prayer and reading his words is where it’s at

  16. Saved by Grace.

    A Request For Prayer:

    Brother Michael Snyder, a guess speaker here on http://WWW.USAWATCHDOG.COM.

    ” We have been dealing with a major crisis, and it has been an extremely difficult time.

    So please pray for us. My hope is that this crisis will pass and that I will be able to get back to posting on a regular schedule.


    Ambassador Greg, thank you for your efforts, my prayers are with you and all your guests and your followers…

    Once again thanks Greg.

    Godspeed, God’s time, God head and contentment. …

    • Greg Hunter

      I think the crisis with Michael Snyder has passed. I talked to his wife on the phone, and she told me Michael is going to be fine. He got the help he needed.

  17. Madeline Gerwick

    Greg, did you also hear that those same Senators who got those special encrypted, satellite phones in case of a disruptive event were also told to “take a vacation in a Continuity of Government bunker and to report there with their families by Saturday May 27th”? That story is also floating around. It makes sense with the 60,000 pounds of explosive material that was stolen from the train recently that perhaps the cabal / deep state want Americans to focus on something other than the Durham report and all those FBI whistleblowers. We know it’s nothing for those people to kill anyone in their way. They’ve been doing it for centuries.

    • Rick

      The disruptive event may be Yellowstone is getting ready to explode – if it blows – the massive explosion will cover most of the US with a couple of feet of hot ash and bury many like what happened to the people of Pompey!! –
      You know – American Corporations moving to China may have had this in mind (Yellowstone totally destroying the US) – perhaps a FEMA Camp should be set up near Yellowstone to house the Globalist 300 while we await authorities to finally bring them to trial!!

      • Alex

        Prevailing winds typically run from west to east. Most places west of Yellowstone may be okay for a while. The problem is our massive interdependency on goods and services not only domestically but internationally. It seems the best place to be would be in the Southern Hemisphere should Yellowstone finally blow its top.

  18. Government_Costumes

    Well, I believe the arguments that Trump and DeSantis have engaged in and or the crap that Trump has talked about DeSantis, is mostly a fake argument.

    I believe it’s all part of strategy it’s to gin up more support largely for Trump but of course the Santa’s has a huge following.

    Basically I would say that DeSantis serves primarily as a backup for Trump, if Trump gets in a lot of hot water he’s already said a lot of things that are dubious to his own followers, so in case he goes too far and in the event would be forced to drop out he would then persuade his voters to go with DeSantis.

    Perhaps DeSantis is a future running mate.

    Frankly it’s extremely to early to tell who’s who.

  19. Belogical

    A story which I will link below was report in 12/21 about a simulated attack on the financial system that would take it down for 10 days. Within a week J. Powell said that the greatest threat to the financial system was a cyber attack., hmm. First, who could do this and get away with it? No one could, so it would be a false flag, likely to bring in the CBDC.
    The 10 days and 10 nations should set off bells for those who study scripture. There doesn’t have to be a natural disaster or a nuke attack, in fact the odds are it would be a false flag and people should be prepared for 10 days, no purchasing food or fuel. Would not be surprised if electricity is out. Those who live close to each other could find a way to communicate, but those far away will have difficulty. This is just my opinion, no inside info.

    • Michael

      Could you provide us with the scripture that you reference? Sincere thanks.

      • Belogical

        Sure Michael, 10 days shows up 2x. Rev 2:10 and the other is the 10 days of Awe or repentance that occur every year between feast of Trumpets and the day of Atonement. This is my opinion, they plan 10 days for evil but I would not be surprised a resurrection of the dead on Trumpets and 10 days for the world to repent before a Day of atonement rapture. They would attempt to seize many believers in an attempt to fall stale God’s plan, just like they killed Jesus to stop it and failed.
        The 10 nations show up with the 10 sons of Haman in the book of Esther. Haman planned evil to kill the Jews but ended up getting hanged with his sons. Also if you look you will see a reference to the holocaust trials, just google. 10 also shows up in Dan 7:24 and Rev 17:12

  20. Bill

    The people’s voice is God’s voice!

    It’s time to pray directly to God through the Christ his only Son. Without his SUN there would be no light or God’s energy and all life would wither and die.

    This will be like the fall of Jericho in the book of Joshua!

    As I lie crippled in my bed in the jungles of Northern Thailand, I hear the roar of your prayers Greg the Hunter! It’s sending chills up the spine of the evil ones. We must pray for them, because the wrath of God our magnificent creator will crush this evil with a bolt of lightning and Jericho will fall again!

    All glory be to God!

    Love and blessings from Thailand.

  21. John

    The American Government is nothing more than a terrorist organization and the world is going to hate Americans because of the acts they commit and Americans are doing nothing about it.

    • Rick

      Most Americans know the Demonrats are extending the war in Ukraine (so they can win the 2024 election) – Biden simply needs to keep upping the ante and get the US into full blown WWIII by election time (which will guarantee all the Demonrats are swept back into office) – what can we do about it? – simple – protest in the streets to “Impeach Biden Now” – and bring the Crazy Insane Ukranian War to an End “before 2024”!! –

      • J.D.

        Haven’t you heard? Protesting gets you 18 years now.

  22. jomer

    thought I would share this, something that I made a tradition to listen to every Memorial Day weekend. it is a story told by Geoff Levin, the actor who was in a lot of western movies.
    This one is called Rock and Roll, a story about a Vietnam soldier.

    • J.D.

      Haven’t you heard protesting gets you 18 years in the new USA.

  23. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

    • Ray

      Roger…..speak up mate….speak up!!!
      Would love to see comments from you.
      Take care,
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  24. James Quagraine

    I think it’s time to repeal the 22nd amendment so that it is possible for Joe Biden to win a third term in 2028.

  25. erick

    They have been getting ready for years Flash Crash the 2010 documentary and hollywood was showing us for years die hard 4 FireSale…. Seen a video last night on private purchases of aircraft that is in the toilet no one is buying. Who could afford jet fuel.

  26. Linda

    Everyone in the Republican nomination race, with the exception of DeSantis is running for VP. I am leaning toward a Trump/Ramaswamy ticket.

    • Lisa Smith

      Trump is pro-vax, pro-LGBTQP, pro-5G_deathtowers. His son, Don Jr, said he was comfortable with kids becoming trannies down to the age of 3. And they both defended Budweiser.

      Somehow that always gets swept under the rug at USAWD, which wants you to belive Trump is anointed just like prophet Mark Taylor said.

      • Dave

        Notice that conservatives who interview Trump never bring this stuff up. Especially the support for sodomy. Many of these folks’ rail against sodomy (like Dennis Prager) but fall silent when it comes to Trump. But, too be honest, younger evangelicals and Christians in general are taking a benign approach to sodomy. Live and let live. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Trump fits in well with these Christians.

        USAWD allows folks to comment on this topic to its credit. Try to call shows hosted by Gorku or Levin or Gallager to talk about it and you don’t get on.

      • I Dig Au

        Lisa – Trump supporters have a very short memory and like democrats, are willing to overlook obvious flaws to further their agendas.

  27. James Hall

    Greg you’re past due on promoting raw milk from grass fed cows and goats. Since Ron Paul introduced the raw milk freedom bill that didn’t go through, However, the raw milk movement is growing in many states. You need to explore this, will help strengthen America, In your state of Missouri they have made legal. This is the best medicine, you really need to research this, please visit the Raw milk institute and research, possibly do an interview with the director. This will be good for you. Please research this and talk about it.
    People need to understand this is not the same as pasteurized milk, just a few ounces of day will help and protect the gut. Visit the site below, this is your baby formula.

    • Chris Leigeber

      Preach it, brother! I have been drinking raw milk after having avoided dairy for over 10 years and to my astonishment, NO PROBLEMS whatsoever digesting. I have now been drinking raw for about 7 years now. After leaving the NICU with our twin boys, we switched off the baby formula poison for raw milk here in Texas and I swear it made such a difference in our boys. These boys do not look even remotely like premature babies now and really they don’t get sick very often either compared to when I was a baby. However, when I was a baby I was probably injected with some poison “V”s whereas our boys have so far not received even one.

      You have my vote for supporting raw milk! Though honestly, I do think moderation is important for we adults.

      Chris Leigeber

  28. Linda

    Regarding the satellite phones: Why did only 50 senators accept a phone? That is what I hear reported, only 50 accepted a phone. That + 1 (Kamala Harris) = enough to vote on something. I find that worrysome. Maybe it will be a false flag EMP and these 50 selected senators will have their way with us. How’s that for a “Conspiracy Theory”? Sorry folk, that is what they’ve done to us-for better or for worse!

  29. Linda

    DeSantis will be Bush 3.0. He likened himself to Paul Ryan and Bush. No thank you, I’ll write President Trump in.

  30. Breck

    Look at who is standing by Gov. D. Karl Rove openly declared the Bush team is leading the way. The Bush team! It started openly with Bush 41, Mr. New World Order. It continued with his heirs – Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama. Unfortunately, Gov. D is the choice of the NWO/uniparty, which means they are not for we the people.
    As to the Smith “investigation” into President Trump, if they do indict and jail our President, it will be their biggest mistake/sin. Read Psalm 2 and Psalm 105:15.
    Taking down the power grid with cell phones is something Klaus Schwab/WEF has talked about and the Q folks have warned about.

  31. Peter Waroblak

    I’ve been noticing for months while watching the border videos that there is an abundance of over weight people trying to get into the country. How did they get to the border? Are they really oppressed? What is the plan of the deep staters to do with all the military aged men? Maybe have their own brigade to stop the rebellion after they declare Marshal law?

  32. A Day

    You know when that pipe broke in GA on election night and they sent all the poll watchers home due to the flooding, then the workers who remained pulled those cases of ballots out and put them through the counting machines 12 times, that it was all above board.
    And you know those truck loads of ballots driven to PA to be counted in the days past the election, that was above board too. It was the most honest election in history. And the dog ate my homework.
    We know how everyone loves Biden so much he got 87 million votes. And he would never take money from China or Ukraine. No. Never.
    And protesting the election, you are a treasonist person and deserve 18 years in prison. Because we know political prisoners are just a fable.
    And Trump was impeached and raked over the coals repeatedly because the made up stories were real. Shall I go on?

  33. Rick Hester

    Psalm 108:12-13 NKJV
    12 Give us help from trouble,
    For the help of man is useless.
    13 Through God we will do valiantly,
    For it is He who shall tread down our enemies.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Rick, for posting this!

  34. Brian Susi

    I’m supporting Ron over trump. Trump didn’t execute plain and simple. Ron will push forward

  35. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg for the reporting. Not sure how your blood pressure isn’t sky high.
    Not sure if there is any one person/ messenger, but its not to hard to see that the agenda is to kill off bunches of people and for me the only options are to get small. Homesteads, home churches, home schooling, family, neighborhood organizations, farmers markets- small groups helping and supporting each other. We can’t do everything ourselves. The Amish have a lot to admire. Actually my two biggest concerns are producing some of our own food and minimizing taxes so we don’t wind up homeless. Other than how chickens do what they do, i think the best thing we’ve done so far is put in a lined pond with some catfish. A water source checks a lot of boxes. I think it was Stalin that said something about grinding the people between the pillars of inflation and taxes.
    Has God’s hand lifted off of our nation? The only chance we have is to pray cause we don’t stand a chance against all the lies- without a rock to stand on. I used to think a lot of the Bible’s wording was some lofty church talk- figurative. Now we know it’s plain speaking.

  36. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    I have been unable to comment on your site for awhile now. I have been the primary care provider for my 101 year old mother. She is now in a memory care unit nearby so we have more time now for normal things. I double checked the following numbers with a geneticist just to make sure and you probably already know this but take a look: we receive 72,000 genetic sequences from each parent 72,000 x 2 = 144,000 (interesting number, right) Now, since the gene altering mRNA technology gets into a body it goes to the liver and causes the liver to produce 72,000 genetic sequences of it own. So, 144,000 + 72,000 = 216,000 genetic sequences which is not normal.

    Now divide 216,000 by 600 = 360
    Divide 360/ 60 = 6
    Divide 6/6 = 1
    Is it odd that 216,000 is perfectly divisible by 666?
    Just thought you might be interested if you didn’t already know this.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  37. James C Rattenborg

    We lost $4,000 in FRC bank stocks. Here is what happened. 1)The privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, printed money, gave it to JP Morgan Bank. 2) The FDIC stole FRC shareholders equity. 3) The FCIC sold 100 billion dollars of FRC Bank assets to JPM Bank for 10.5 billion dollars.
    The FDIC is from the government and they are to here to help, not you, but JPM Bank.

    • Wayne


      You are mistaken. The FDIC did not sell First Republic Bank to JPMorgan for $10.5 billion. It was actually $60.6 billion. $10.6 billion upfront plus another $50 billion more over the next five years. JPMorgan also assumed $28.1 billion in advances that First Republic got from the Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLB) which JPMorgan will have to pay back.

      And please tell me what are you actually referring to when you said that the Federal Reserve printed money and gave it to JP Morgan Bank?

      Sorry that you lost $4000 in the stock of First Republic Bank but you should know what the risk is when buying any stock.

  38. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Sir Greg for your journalism. It’s just always excellent. I will always be praying for you and I’m grateful for your broadcasts. Please pray for me. I had my spine fused on 6/3/22. & I’m struggling to try to work again. I went into 50 degree water in the Yuba River yesterday twice to get my nerve pain down. It’s better than my timed release Morphine. Damn municipal pool has been closed for a week now so I’m suffering without swimming. I’m going to attempt to work again today. But driving/ sitting is my nemesis. I’m on SSI. Disabled but slooowly getting better I think. Please pray for me everyone. I’m so highly skilled but I can’t really work still after 4 years of misery. I do believe the surgery was a success though. But nerve roots are still angry. I’m sorry our country left God. These events are obviously pay back. I’ll keep praying while I’m laying on my ice packs.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Russ!!

    • Jackie Pollock

      I will pray for you Russ.
      When someone asks for others to please pray for him, it means you need extra force and numbers behind your prayers to God. You have mine. I, too, know what it means to ask others to pray for me.
      Keep praying, stay strong, and know God does hear you.
      God bless you Russ.

  39. Russ McMeans

    God bless you all here today

  40. David Dansker

    Benefit of running a losing campaign for President:
    1) Name exposure, national stage.
    2) Funding exposure, examination by financiers
    3) Activate following, increase dedication and size of fan base.
    4) Mantle bonding, term of “President” associated with candidate name.

    All these may pay off in a future run, and would be among reasoning of core supporters encouraging the candidate. Unfortunately, these core supporters are political activists and not Patriot activists. They are myopically subservient to the national stage, and not the American parchment. They can be very persuasive, and present the only thoroughfare to political office. They are the machine. Candidates know this. The phenomenon of Donld J. Trump is that he is a Patriot outside of the machine. He actually believes in America First for that reason. His success threatens the machine’s existence on many levels. We’re talking about people too old to dig, and without profitable, or legal, skills to survive, and unable to face their crushing extermination as ‘king makers’. They have no other rai·son d’ê·tre.

    Ron has many great qualities, but he has proven to be in the machine, at least for now. Unlike Trump, he does not realize the national stage is made of wood, is full of termites, and is on fire. The only thing that can save it is the living water in Constitution. The flag is emblematic of that parchment, and the reason it is burned in the streets of, and by, our enemies. Trump was born on Flag Day.

  41. Russ

    Thank you Greg. You are a beacon of light and truth. May God bless you and your family.

  42. S W
    S.4488 – Global Catastrophic Risk Management Act of 2022
    Summary: S.4488 — 117th Congress (2021-2022)
    *promote personal and local readiness and non-reliance on government relief during periods of heightened tension or after catastrophic incidents

    global catastrophic used 45 times in the document
    human extinction used 4 times in document
    existential threats used 12 times in document

  43. Aunt Nannie

    BREAKING:::From San Fransicko
    U.S. News & The Capitol of The New World Disorder

    “There’s Poop Everywhere”: San Francisco’s Office District Not Only A Ghost Town, It’s Also Covered In Sh*t / by Zero Hedge May 25th 2023

    • Alex

      San Francisco has become ungovernable, and more and more companies are not only leaving the Bay Area but California in general. What used to be the most business friendly state in the Union back int he 80’s is not the most oppressive, noncompetitive, uncooperative, litigious and regulations beyond reason. As a 40 year entrepreneur, I will never start another business here! This place is done!

  44. Justn Observer

    Greg, The spores have been spread long ago, only now are the mushrooms popping up just as our founding fathers warned about by allowing ‘foreign banks’ to meddle in our affairs…Yes, Abe Lincoln was right to ‘fear’ the German bankers behind him more than those supporting the Confederates in front !
    Time to END THE FED?
    From the author of Jeykell Island, G. Edward Griffin =

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Justn,
      Many thanks for the link.
      It’s always informative to hear from G. Edward Griffin.

  45. Thomsen

    DeSantis is a Soros puppet, end of story.

  46. Bill's Stilled!

    Just happened! James Webb Telescope Detects a Structure that Should Not Exist!

    789K subscribers





    1,015,821 views May 3, 2023
    In this video, we will be discussing the groundbreaking discovery made by the James Webb Space Telescope – a structure in space that should not exist according to our current understanding of the universe. We will delve into the details of the discovery and explore the implications of this mysterious structure, which has left scientists and astronomers around the world stunned. Join us as we dive into this exciting new chapter in space exploration and uncover the secrets of this enigmatic structure.

    The Unidentified: Are we alone in the universe? | Under Investigation
    60 Minutes Australia 3.1M views 1 year ago
    Angels or Aliens, that is, the? mark!

  47. Fred Daake

    I like DeSantis and would still vote for him if I lived in Florida. DeSantis would be a good president if he could get elected and there was no deep state to harass him. But he will never get elected under the current electoral system. He is too green under the ears to win a national election against demonic activity or run a demon invested country properly if he could get elected.

    His entry into national politics could also lead to the final nail in the red/white/blue coffin.

    In 2009, New Jersey was a center-left swing state. NJ State elections could have gone either way. Then came the GOP governor – Chris Christie. Instead of trying to build the NJ GOP, he spent all of his time running for President. As a result, NJ is no longer a swing state. Now comes DeSantis. DeSantis barely won in a swing state and is now falling into the same pattern as Christie. Could we lose Florida due to DeSantis’s failure to solidify the GOP in Florida? Is that Presidential material? If the GOP loses Florida, does that eliminate all chances of getting enough GOP electoral votes to win the presidency any time in the future?

  48. Pamela

    I am sure this is old news; then just as a reminder…Many schools with sports programs sent questionnaires home with the student athletes asking whether or not they had the jib jab, and if they had they are/were not permitted to participate . What a way to put a knot in the home family dynamic. I would really be pissed off if my parents made me get the shot then could not participate in something that I loved. hmmm.


    Putin has the last laugh as NATO Nation enters recession; How Russian ban crippled German economy 1 day ago Hindustan Times
    Germany has slipped into recession after its economy contracted by 0.3% in the first quarter of 2023. Germany is battling an …

    U.S. okays military strikes inside Russia? Moscow fumes over American NSA’s statement | Details Hindustan Times 16K views 1 hour ago

    Russia’s nuclear dare to West; Putin deploys tactical nukes in Belarus | U.S. cries foul :Hindustan Times=104K views 22 hours ago

    LIVE: Putin Transfers Nuclear Weapons to Belarus Post-Attacks Inside Russia | Vantage on Firstpost Firstpost 4.8K views 1 hour ago

  50. jomer

    One question I would like to hear asked to John WIlliams is: Does he take into account automation when figuring inflation?

    A good example was when thousands of auto workers were laid off due to automation. We were told it was a good thing because robots do not need healthcare, pensions, overtime, etc. there for car would be cheaper to the consumer.

  51. Wayne C. Scott

    A side note Greg:
    Finally understood the use of the word ‘lie’ spoken in the Christian song.
    ‘lie,lie,lie,lie,lie,lie,lie’ (singing) simply means
    to recline, to rest…….then ‘arise so beautifully’

  52. Jay Jordan Cardone

    Nuclear war warning: The threat remains the ‘biggest risk’ to humanity
    NUCLEAR war is the “single most existential risk” humanity faces and thuse have the ability to “end our species”, an expert has warned.
    By SEAN MARTIN Sep 25, 2019
    United States: Simulation shows possible nuclear war with Russia
    In April this year, a report from the House of Lords’ International Relations Committee said that “the risk of nuclear weapons being used is greater now than it has been since the Cold War.” The report cited “disintegrating relationships between nuclear possessor states, new capabilities and technologies” as the reason behind the escalated tensions, and one expert now believes it is the biggest risk humanity faces. Bryan Walsh, author of the existential risk book End Times, believes the threat of nuclear war far outweighs any natural disaster, such as a supervolcano eruption or an asteroid strike.
    The Bible advises us: “Do not put your trust in elitists, nor in the son of any earthling man, to whom salvation goes not belong.” (Psalm 146:3) Why not? The Bible answers: “To earthling man his way of life is not long. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his own steps.” (Jeremiah 10:23) Yes, the fundamental reason is that humans are not endowed with the ability to rule the earth in peace. As the Bible states, “man has dominated man to his injury.”​—Ecclesiastes 8:9.
    If humans are not capable of ruling the earth, who is? The Bible promises that there will be peace under a trustworthy and capable government. This rulership is referred to in the Bible as God’s Kingdom, and without realizing it, millions have prayed for this government when uttering the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father in the heavens, . . . let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth.” (Matthew 6:9, 10) This Kingdom has Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, as its King. Describing his rule, the Bible states: “To the abundance of the princely rule and to peace there will be no end.”​—Isaiah 9:6, 7.

  53. Dave

    The polls mean nothing as to Biden’s popularity. Democrats will still vote Democrat. The stunning win of a progressive in the Jacksonville Florida mayor’s race is a warning. Polls had shown the GOP candidate comfortably ahead. Same for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. Democrats have flipped a number of GOP held seats in special statewide elections recently. The Democrats are totally outorganizing the GOP. The GOP is doing little if anything in state and local elections.

    As to Trump, Jack Smith will indict him for, among other things, sedition. Julie Kelly has been following this. If convicted, he could not serve as president or pardon himself. TPTB know this which is why they are attacking DeSantis and not so much Trump. BTW, Trump is actually running to the left of DeSantis on abortion and sodomy. There is a reason no conservative interviewer dare ask Trump his position on gay “marriage” or the big party he held at Mara Lago a few months back celebrating sodomy.

    The indictment will throw the GOP nomination process into chaos. DeSantis will be tagged as too extreme. A racist and homophobe. Note even conservative candidates like Pence (soon to announce) and Scott and Hutchison are not supporting Desantis re: his Disney efforts.

    The goal of the establishment Republicans is to get a “unity” moderate Haley/Scott or Sununu/Haley or Pence/Haley ticket. The broader goal of TPTB/Deep State is to ensure a Democrat sweep in 2024. That will pave the way for expanding/packing the Supreme Court leading to an end to gun rights and religious freedom as we know it. There is a reason why Rona McDaniel and the RNC is doing nothing to organize despite protests from Charlie Kirk and others.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think so Dave. You are using a very old metric. 9% approval rating for Biden. The Dems and Rinos must cheat bigtime.

      • TWavers

        Hi Greg

        Appreciate if you would kindly provide more information on Biden’s 9% rating. The name the organisation that conducted the poll would help.



        • Greg Hunter

          T Wavers,
          “Help” with what? I have never seen you here before. Martin Armstrong and his “Socrates” program and my personal confidential source.

      • Dave

        They will cheat but beyond that they are using all the legal but still suspect mechanisms out there. Like ballot harvesting and going door to door registering voters and getting a contact list of those likely to vote Democrat which they will use to ballot harvest. Rona McDaniel and the RNC are doing nothing. It’s not just Charlie Kirk raising the red flag about the inaction of the RNC. Are McDaniel and the RNC that inept?

        • Greg Hunter

          9% Dave. That’s the real approval number. They are going to cheat big–they have to the RNC will help.

      • Alex

        Dear Greg,
        Should outright election cheating be done again, or the forced imposition of CBDCs, I forecast the end of the Republic! People are not merely going to stand around and have everything they have ever worked or achieved to be taken away by the Satanic-Globalists-Commies, led by Klaus Schwab and King Charles III. People are becoming fast aware what is being done to them, and the Silent Majority will not remain silent for much longer no matter what Joe “Bidet” Biden says of does…

  54. Ed

    Trump still says the vax is the greatest achievement of his administration.

    If you support him you support his vax too.

  55. Jane jones, where journalism lives!

  56. John Maskell

    Greg , I thank you so much for the info that USA Watchdog provides . My family are so interested as to what happens in the USA. Our corrupt media in the UK are awful and the stupid BBC are pathetic . My wife worked for the BBC and the filthy lies that were preached are ridiculous . Everything at the BBC is subsided for the employees including the top brass of management . This is all paid for by the public . We have to pay for a TV licence in the UK ( every homeowner including rented ones ) which costs about £135 per year . All the money supposedly finds the BBC. There is no way around this ( only a small loop hole if you don’t watch live tv ) so it’s refreshing to hear a certain Mr Hunter speak the truth . Thanks Greg and like you say many times , have faith and believe in Jesus . How these words resonate with me and my family are so comforting .

  57. LondonCenter

    Hunter Biden engaged to a Chinaman?
    WOKE, BROKE, Busted Disgusting!

  58. jk

    thank you Greg for your calm demeanor and temperament in todays video.

  59. Jaun Valdez

    Warning! The United States Is BEING DESTROYED From Within | Col. Douglas Macgregor _Stephen Gardner 313K views 20 hours ago

    Jeffrey Sachs: Bipartisan Support of War, from Iraq to Ukraine, Is Helping Fuel U.S. Debt Crisis \\\Democracy Now! 153K views 2 days ago

    They all laughed when She Left America To Marry an African Village Man : LOVE DON’T JUDGE Afrimax English

    What’s Causing The Excess Cardiovascular Deaths?
    The Jimmy Dore Show 12,567 views May 26, 2023
    The cost in lives from COVID has been devastating enough, but an in-depth investigation of recent the numbers suggests that death rates are uncharacteristically high even AFTER accounting for COVID. Retired nurse instructor and popular YouTuber Dr. John Campbell examined the statistics and notes that cardiovascular death rates in particular are inexplicably high.

    • Alex

      When Col. Mac Gregor speaks, wise men listen…

  60. Julie A Cohick

    If a person has an adjustable rate mortgage, it “usually” cannot go up or down more than a percent. It does not go up and down at the same rate as the rate moves.

    • Greg Hunter

      When rates go up the payment is more–period. Eventually, it will equalize.

      • Ken Mazel

        I actually mount one from time to time behind a night vision compatible weapons sight. It’s pretty cool, I’ can see how Bob says they can shoot several hundred yards in the dark using the PVS-14. I’ve not had the opportunity to try that yet but I can see , literally it happening. 😀

  61. L. Bartmess
    Jimmy Door on CIA/Ukraine kill list
    When will RFK be on it Obomba
    Ukraine Peace Kills!

    New MYOCARDITIS Study BURIES Impact Of Vax On 12-17 Yr Old BOYS? David Zweig
    The Hill
    89K views 3 days ago

    BBC launches HILARIOUS “disinformation” department to keep you safe | Redacted with Clayton Morris

    30:30 ark Ukraine admits it’s trying KILL Putin, US troops going back to Iraq | Redacted News

  62. John Duffy

    Stop All lethal injections and exit the WHO!
    With one click of the mouse, you can send letters to all your federal House Representatives and federal Senators.

    • Marie Joy

      We are way past letter writing and protesting. Congress is committing treason and mass murder for money and you expect them to care about letters?

  63. BioWreck

    Sorry, Greg. I love you but DeSantis is deap state. He’s Jeb Bush’s butt boy. In other works, he’s on the side of the World Economic Forum. He’s lost all credibility with me.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not say I was for DeSantis. I said jailing Trump looks like the plan.

  64. Freedom-4-All

    Regarding ‘died suddenly’. I have heard too many friends and relatives mention this ‘strange phenomenon’, saying they don’t understand it and can’t figure it out. Which blows my mind!! All people have to do is ask “What is different or changed in people’s life just before and/or during these ‘died suddenly’ times?” It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out, but I guess it is (you’d think playing “Clue” as a kid would have sharpened those analytical skills).
    On another note: a friend sent me a meme that read, “The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s happening”. What’s mind-blowing about this meme is that it was written in 1949, by George Orwell in his book ‘1984’. When you consider that TV was first shown to the public ten years earlier, and didn’t hit its stride until the mid-1950s, it was quite an accurate, and scary prediction. Makes me wonder if we have exceeded his vision. No matter. it is prophetic.

  65. Damien

    Amerika is a lawless, Banana Republic and until the Federal Government, Federal Reserve, and ALL Federal agencies are abolished and ALL of the criminals masquerading as politicians are removed from their positions of influence (by ANY means) , there will be ONLY injustice and internal destruction of the country.
    The Republic as it was is OVER and we can now ONLY hope for a peaceful separation/divorce, which I do not believe the Lizard People running this country into the ground are going to allow. I believe they will use their millions of infiltrators to destabilize the society to a point where the “government” (crime syndicate) enacts martial law and then brings in the UN/(disguised Chinese Troops) to combine with the infiltrated, illegals to kinetically attack our cities and towns. God Bless, Greg!

    • Paul from Indiana

      It’s a legitimate concern. The Left has become pathological in its hatred of Mr. Trump. In that case, DeSantis candidacy is “insurance”. Best always. PM

  66. Dave

    The debt ceiling “crisis” will be solved as they agree to a deal. Looks like they are close as the negotiators for both sides will work over the holiday weekend. Also, some of the more conservative House members are crying foul given what they’re hearing about the deal. It’s not out of the question that the full Democrat House caucus could vote for the bill while a dozen or two more conservative GOP members don’t. Still, McCarthy should get a large portion of his caucus agreeing to the deal.

    • Pete

      Facial Bolshevik Insurrection

  67. George King

    China, Russia Urged to Speed Up Creation of ‘Cutting Edge’ Payment Infrastructure for BRICS and SCO Currencies – Economics Bitcoin News

  68. i: a man; travis

    The Lost Veterans That Almost Nobody Remembers
    Published: Thursday, May 25, 2023
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column

    (To subscribe to my columns at no cost, click here.)

    This weekend (Memorial Day weekend), almost everyone in the entire country will be paying special tribute, in one way or another, to America’s veterans who lost their lives in service to their country—except almost nobody remembers a group of veterans who had the misfortune of being attacked by the one country in the world that is off-limits to criticism, much less condemnation, even after murdering American servicemen: Israel.

    I’m talking about the crew of the USS Liberty. Here is their story:

    The USS Liberty is lumbering in international waters. It is flying a brand new 8’ x 5’ flag, which unmistakably identifies it as a U.S. vessel. The ship’s markings are ten feet high on both sides. It is not a warship. It is an intelligence-gathering ship. For all intents and purposes, it is defenseless against any warship or attack aircraft, having but four .50-caliber Browning machine guns without shrapnel shields as its only offensive weapons. On board are 294 souls.

    Suddenly, and without provocation, Israel attacks the ship with unmarked warplanes (using French Mirage jets) and torpedo boats. For over an hour, the helpless ship is riddled with machine-gun fire, rockets and torpedoes.

    Much of the ordinance Israel used in the attack on The Liberty was provided by the United States.

    Within moments, the ship is completely disabled. As it seems certain that the ship will sink, lifeboats are lowered, but Israel’s attacking torpedo boats immediately riddle the lifeboats with gunfire. Helicopters from Israel carrying Special Forces troops hover over the ship, which is now listing at nine degrees.

    Clearly, Israel intends that no one survives.

    The ship has no engines, no rudder and no power. As the Special Forces soldiers from the attacking country are being positioned to launch their final assault, The Liberty’s Captain barks, “Standby to repel boarders.” One sailor yells, “They’ve come to finish us off.”

    The 67-minute attack would prove to be the bloodiest assault on a U.S. ship since World War II.

    According to the book co-authored by USS Liberty survivors Remember The LIBERTY!:

    The Liberty was finally saved only because the clock had run out. By then, the fact that the attackers were Israeli became too obvious to deny; only then did Israel stop the attack and claim that the whole thing was a terrible mistake.

  69. Randy Doubosiff

    Just luv> salvation from this , that and every one in america> thats what your saying> >A> GodJesus says LOOK UP! > Enjoy

  70. Frank S.

    I lost any respect for DeSantis when he vetoed the bill which would have allowed patients injured by (or families of patients killed by) hospital and doctors’ protocols re: COVID.

    • Poochiwoo

      Exactly. Follow the money. Who gains and who loses. That’s all I need to know.

  71. Poochiwoo

    Greg, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. During the plandemic, I lost my business and did not received any PPP or any support. I ended living in a garage in an industrial complex. It was extremely difficult. I watched your Chanel every week, three times a week with great anticipation. It gave me hope. Thank you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Woo”!! All the best to you.

  72. Martin

    Hi Greg, we are a Scot and a German lass living on Mallorca, Spain (Balearic Islands) – I asked you not long ago for where we could get Ivermectin and you told us . But I contacted them and they are not posting international anymore!! which is a bummer as we both have symptoms that we think require it’s use! Now, we can actually get it from the pharmacy here in Spain, but they want €18.00 for only 4 x 3mg tabs!!! Which is ludicrous!! and way too expensive for us to afford.. Do you or anyone else know where we can get this in EU, we are thinking of asking a friend in the UK to bring us out Equimax horse paste which is readily available in the UK very cheaply… but this is last resort? Does anyone have any other info for us please?
    Regards and best wishes from sunny Mallorca
    Martin & Katrin

    • Greg Hunter

      1.87% Ivermectin horse paste is good pharma. get lots of it and take it ASAP. Horse dose per pound same as human.

  73. Peter

    Communist States of America..
    bought to you by international Bolshevik holdovers and Communist duche-bags ..

    • martin & katrin

      thanks Greg, we have our friends bringing it over in 2 weeks….. We both took 4 x 3mg pills yesterday (from Spanish Pharmacy – €17.50!! per dose!) – no side effects except maybe feeling tired…
      I did find an Indian website and wa sin talks with a place there… and was almost goingto commit to buying… but, I just don’t trust it’s legit.. u know.. I mean it’s so cheap to buy from India… (I know.. they are more wise than us Westerners!) but.. i dunno… to take a pill from a total stranger… I’d rather take the Equimax Horse paste that has been recommended from an American Patriot!! – cheers Greg…. much appreciated..Love and peace from Mallorca

  74. Justn Observer

    Greg, Jaw droppingly honest and concerning assessment by r-Col. Douglas Macgregor

  75. Jackie Pollock

    Trump must get things straight and admit that he was misled about the “vaccine” and its safety. Too much factual evidence has been building up from many doctors and other professionals (many have been speakers on USAWatchdog with Greg) for quite some time now that showcases the horrible crime perpetrated on the people of the world that will only continue to magnify more in deaths and “vaccine” injuries every day. If Trump does not do this, and also wants to not get involved with being outright against the trans scene, LGBTQ+, and the Ukraine mess, then he will lose because his support base will drop away from him.

  76. Steve Bice

    Greg: More Jehovah’s Witness doctrine. He continues to use your site to spread his heresies and lead people astray.

    Presence of Jesus Christ
    Watch Tower Society publications teach that Jesus Christ returned invisibly and began to rule in heaven as king in October 1914.

    Eschatology of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Wikipedia

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Steve,

      Deleted it.

  77. Marie Joy

    IF my finances allowed it, I would have land line, cell and satellite phones, just in case. It’s CYA time. I would pay all 3 ahead for a few years because the way to pay bills will be compromised. Try to find a way to pay your bills in a different way, so that you have more options. Look at alternatives for everything.

  78. Big Mike 2024

    Trump is going to make it easy for Michelle Obama to become President in 2024…

    • Greg Hunter

      Big Mike, You are delusional to think Elections are not rigged.

      • Sam

        “Michelle Obama”……AKA……Big Mike 2024

  79. Marie Joy

    I don’t trust DeSantis. I think he’s Deep State/Bait and Switch.

  80. Lori McNeil

    Dr. Rashid Buttar passed away May 18. He did an interview with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thomas just the day before he died. He was recovering from “being poisoned”, he said. Dr. Buttar was the very first Physician I saw on the internet during the lockdown who was questioning the narrative. God bless and keep this good man.

  81. Susan R

    Thank you Greg, I owe you my life! All the years I have listened to you got me preparing since then! Recently, I have been busier than ever doing so. However far the preparations get me, I do agree with you to be one with Jesus and God, that is most important. It appears obvious that we are being decimated in a loser takes all war with the un-named one. The winners will lose the war and keep their souls, our body with God. Thank you for all the years of reporting behind enemy lines.

    • Greg Hunter

      thanks Susan! I have been very busy getting ready too!!

  82. Mark

    You are a blessing to all true Americans! Please stay the course, we need you especially now.

  83. Ben Golan

    Arizona is gone, as is America. There is no political solution IMO. Sadly, we continue to do nothing. Besides apathy, complacency, and misplaced tolerance, most now fear the government with good reason. If by the grace of God Trump is elected, his options to restore our Republic will be little to none. I do not believe Trump has the fortitude to do what is actually necessary. I will add that I do not trust DeSantis, especially since he supports the red flag laws in Florida and is receiving financial backing from the establishment anti-Trump GOP.

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