Crypto Currencies Show Global Reset Underway – Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Internet data mining expert Clif High has just finished an in-depth dive on crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. High uses what he calls “predictive linguistics” to spot trends and make predictions for future events.  With the latest price spikes in so-called blockchain type crypto currencies, what does Clif High see with his latest Internet mining report?  High reveals, “We are not at a period of time where we are valuing one store of wealth, Bitcoin against a store of debt, the dollar.  We are, instead, looking at an episode of hyperinflation. It is an episode where a great many people lose faith in the dollar, and they rush into Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. . . .   There are people coming in and out of the crypto space based on the degrading levels of confidence in the U.S. dollar.  So, we are at a global currency reset at this point. There will be no Bretton Woods conference.  There will be no G-7 central bank meeting that will be meaningful because these individuals are behind the curve.  The curve is being led by all the people as they lose confidence in all of the fiat currencies. . . . We have demonstrable proof that the managers of the dollar are very bad at it.  Lots of people understand this, and they want out of the dollar and into something else.”

On charges things like Bitcoin are nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, High rebuts, “We are at a flux point where one system is dying off and we are just about to head into the other one. As we go into that transition, this point of time we are in right now is where all of this is coming up, all the froth, all of the corruption globally, because we can’t pay for it any more with dying dollars.  You can’t bribe people with dying dollars.  We have to have good solid money, and we are developing it on our own because the sovereigns failed us.  When the sovereigns failed to supply wheat, then the French Revolution happened and off with their heads.  We can’t take being starved by a bunch of butt heads at the top.  “We the People” can tolerate a great deal, but the body politic is self-correcting. . . . In this case, we have decided the butt heads in charge of the Fed and body politic have to go because those guys are just too corrupt, too criminal, and they are in our way. . . . Both the dollar and the banks are doomed, and I am not messing with those.”

Where does Clif see Bitcoin going in the hyperinflation we are heading into?   Clif High says, “I’ve got what you call a strike point, a numeric value our data sets are aiming at that shows Bitcoin should be about $13,800 sometime in early February of 2018.  That will basically be a fivefold increase at what we are at now. . . .  I always thought cryptos would have to break out first in order to upset . . .  the structure of the central banks so silver and gold could break loose.  I suspect silver will break loose.  The rocket shot on that will be staggering, but bear in mind I am the Internet’s worst silver forecaster.  I have had silver at $600 per ounce in our data since 2003.  If that occurs, look at how shocking and rapid that rise is going to be.”

High goes on to say, “Gold and silver are the most undervalued assets on the planet.” . . . And he predicts “by early February, gold will be at $4,800 per ounce and silver will be around $600 per ounce.”

High also says, “The Fed can’t kill crypto currencies . . . The elites are fearful because they can’t control crypto currencies, and they can’t suppress them. There will be no more source of free printed money for bribing people. . . . When the dollar dies, the corruption and crime will be revealed.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Internet data mining expert Clif High of

(There is much more in this hour long in-depth interview.)

After the Interview: 

Clif High has some free information on He also has his brand new crypto currency report called “Curious Crypto Compendium.” Just go to the home page of and scroll down a bit.  You cannot miss it.


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  1. al

    If he’s as right about gold and silver as he is with Bitcoin, it’s going to be a great year.
    POWERFUL interviews Greg, Thanks again for REAL NEWS

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Al!! Rob Kirby was saying similar things about the USD!

      • Tin foil hat

        What is the tax consequence if one used Crypto Currency to purchase a big ticket item?
        I know if you used gold to purchase a house or a car (especially a NEW house or out of the factory big ticket item), you would have to pay capital gain or (loss) on the gold. How can anyone prove the purchase price of the Crypto in order to pay the capital gain or take the capital loss?
        If the exchange provided the IRS with proof of purchase prices, are the holders of Crypto really out of the grasp of the big governments?

        • Greg Hunter

          You need to check this for yourself but Clif told me it’s treated as a capital gain by the IRS. I do not know this for a fact, but this is what High says.

          • Barbaric Relic

            So, I thought all these “crypto currencies” were supposed to be private. That, as I understand it, was one of their main attractions. Since I am one of those who believes it is our duty to cease supporting this bloated governmental monstrosity which has evolved to crush our liberties, how is the IRS going to track the crypto currencies transactions if nobody reports it?

            On a side note, the Clif High interview appears only in 1080 HD. Is this by design or an idiosyncracy of this one video only? Some of us live out in the sticks where the internet speed is less than stellar and it takes a lot of buffering to stream 1080. Sometimes it doesn’t play, period. Just wondering if the lower definitions are going to be accessible in the future.

            • Greg Hunter

              This was something that You Tube did all on its own.

          • Frederick

            Greg a bit of on the ground reporting here I was just in Marmaris Turkey near where we live and I noticed on the windows of a few taxis signs that read ” Bitcoin accepted” I’ve never seen that before and wonder if there’s any significance to this

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you for the street level reporting from Turkey!!

            • This sceptred Isle

              You-know-who wants to escape from the US dollar for some reason!

              • This sceptred Isle

                since the CIA inspired attempted coup.

        • Diana Dee Jarvis

          The IRS is treating Bitcoin as a commodity instead of as a currency. It’s stupid, but that’s what they’re currently doing. So whatever you buy with it, you have to report it as capital gain or loss, depending on the price you bought the Bitcoin at and the price you “sold” it at (the value of whatever you bought with it).

          • Joe

            Yup, our rulers (aka butt heads per Cliff ) always make sure they get their cut.

          • Paul

            The key fact for tax reporting is it is the obligation of the taxpayer to provide accurate information and also be able to prove that is the case, when it comes to tax legislation you are guilty until proven innocent, not reporting provides a degree of risk if you can not prove that you did not incur it as a capital gain … although crypto currencies are mediums of exchange the fact they are not issued by government means that they can not be treated by existing legislation as legal tender hence it must be a commodity …. always an interesting listen, but I tend to fear the chaos potential and the implications of what other analysts suggest could be a loss of the power grid, government introducing legislation making the trading of crypto currencies unless the transactions are recorded by a government agency …. if you can seize the gold like Roosevelt did and prohibit alcohol you can change rules related to crypto’s … do not trust this fake democracy … we live in a fascist dictatorship wrapped in tinsel.

    • terry44

      Always interesting, apart from when he talks woo-woo, which he didn’t much this time.

      • Joe

        Yup, our rulers (aka butt heads per Cliff ) always make sure they get their cut.

    • Raffael

      Definitely a fantastic interview! His explanation of Crypotos was fantastic! I have a greater appreciation for cryptos. One nagging question and situation that was not addressed was Government interference/regulation/taxation. Governments are behind the manipulation of our financial system and assets, why would they not put their focus on cryptos?

      Governments are losing control over the system and desperate times are the genesis for desperate measures! Whether or not this makes sense or whether or not they will have any success is irrelevant!

      I am now seriously considering Bitcoin/ETH for my portfolio, but my key assets are still gold and silver. Diversification is never a bad idea!

    • Tin foil hat

      If he’s as right about gold and silver as he is with Bitcoin, it’s going to be borderline MadMax. It took about 2 years and Iran Hostage Crisis to move gold price 4X higher temporarily in 1980, it took about the same time and the near collapse of the dollar/euro to move 2X higher temporarily in 2011. What fiasco do you think will move gold price 4X higher in 6 months?

      • Freebreezer

        TFH – My opinion … I think it will be something fermenting out China and/or maybe Asia in general. Maybe something very similar to what caused the spike during Carter administration … A complete lost of trust in the system which spreads around the world. When China and maybe India public panic to get out of currency, this is what will send PM to the moon. Personally, I do not think anyone can predict it, though a few smart cookies will recognize the festering wound ready to explode and give us a couple of months warning … I just hope I can discern their voices in the wilderness of the internet! It is interesting in that the Indians are effectively owned by the banks with the elimination of large denominations bills, thus they are essentially nueterred. In the USA, the average citizen has been effectively brainwashed, and most have no history/background per ugly, i.e. being prepared for very hard times! I give thanks to my Mom whom came out of war torn Europe. She has pounded into us kids that we have no idea what ugly is and USA will find out one day.

        • Tin foil hat

          “If he’s as right about gold and silver as he is with Bitcoin, it’s going to be a great year.”
          I was trying to remind al that fiasco and “great year” don’t mix together. It’s almost like partying in front of a funeral procession or dancing on the graves. A scene from the movie “Saving Private Ryan” just pop into my head, the one which the squad counting the bloody dog tags.

      • Frederick

        Tin Foil I believe the Euro topped out well before 2011 versus the dollar I remember being in Paris in 2005 and I think it was 1.60 Euro/USD
        2011 was the peak in gold and silver but it wasn’t the trough in the dollar

        • Tin foil hat

          I guess you weren’t here in 2011. I remember gasoline price was $4 in the morning, $3.5 in the afternoon and $4.25 at night. Contractors refused to give me estimates due to the insane price fluctuation in copper and almost everything else.
          The dollar was dying and everyone was looking at the euro until Greece blew up in late 2011. As the matter of fact, things were so shaky that Gaddafi didn’t want the dollar nor the euro in exchange for the oil and got himself killed for it.

          • Frederick

            Oh I was there alright but the gas price had to do with crude at 147 per barrel I even turned in my plates and started using my bike as gas was over 5 dollars a gallon in NY

    • Dan

      This has to be THE best video I have watched from you yet Greg!
      Cliff went off on this one, great interview.
      I’m new to all this, new meaning I have joined steem, interesting perspective from cliff on it, whether it takes off or not, one can learn a lot from the people on there, I have been learning a lot from the great supporters there.
      In the last month that I really started trying to learn about cryptocurrency. Its not that easy to just buy, one must understand how to buy it.
      1) You can join here in the US, with only a few places to make a purchase, but not without mixed reviews. One being coinbase, another coinmama,and yet another Gemini just for starters.
      2) You need a wallet, there are software, such as Jaxx, which i am trying out and and hardware wallets. something that you can store and lock up your coins.
      3) One can also buy from ATM machines now! It just goes to show this is here to stay.
      No matter how you buy, there’s a fee, which seems to be about 15% and up.
      I cant say what i am writing is the best way to buy, but its what i have found out so far in just a few weeks.
      But i will say this, a few weeks ago when i started looking at crypto, bitcoin was about 1300 and etherium around 70.00 now bitcoin is at the 2500 mark and Ether at 240.00

      Wow silver to become parity with Gold is something that stackers have to be really excited about.
      Anyway I do have a question if anyone can answer, I looked up the 2 cliff spoke about, CLOAK and MONERO, but I cannot find where to buy if your in the USA, can you or any readers offer any help?

      • erv

        you can check out

    • Just my opinion

      However there is one problem with bitcoins. Most of them are linked to bank accounts. In the long run I expect therefor that PM prices will be higher than crypto curencies.

  2. This sceptred isle

    Personally, I think the crypto currencies have shot up due to people trying to move money out of China. I think some of the housing bubbles around the world have been helped by the same phenomenon.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is a valid point I have heard that to from smart guys like Warren Pollock!

    • Hatemail

      Cryptos may also be in use by the Drug Cartels to launder money,

      • John Wick

        Crypto currencies have shot up due to people trying to move money out of China that is true but at the same time there are many mining machines giving good profit you can get reference from here too

  3. This sceptred isle

    I was speaking with an acquaintance from Ghana over the weekend. He said the Chinese are illegally mining gold there after paying bribes. They have fenced off large areas and are using armed guards from china to protect the mining operations. The point is if the Chinese are illegally mining gold in Africa it won’t be declared and show up in their official reserves.

  4. ross

    Greg, J P Morgan, Exxon and many other big players are getting into Ethereum , which is the facilitator of Bitcoin. If bankers cannot control it externally, then they will do so internally. Cryptos are still very small in the scheme of currencies and a few big players can push prices up to extreme levels and crash them at a time of their choosing. So why not create a crisis in cryptos and then seek to regulate them under the pretence of the national good ? Bitcoin crashed for $1000 to $600 in the past.
    The Russian Central Bank is developing its own crypto currency and you can be assured there will be a fair bit of control. The problem with cryptos is that like a full gold currency, those who buy early get most of the wealth. This happened in the 1890’s depression when they demonetised silver and made gold money. Cryptos need to expand at the pace of a growing economy so real producers get rewarded and not rent seekers.
    Get into cryptos cautiously as Cliff admits he is only 40% correct in his predictions.

  5. Peter

    Hmmmm Greg,

    I remember mister High said: Gold will be 120,000 dollars the ounce. So…!

    • Greg

      maybe the FED can’t manipulate these cryptos directly, but they can buy and sell them and create massive volatility which will scare the sheep out. I think that is happening right now with the run up , then they will crash it soon. there are many other problems with these crypto- currencies , one of which is that they have no intrinsic value , like silver or gold. give the CBs time and they will figure out how to ruin it. as for me I’ll stay with gold and silver.

  6. Shadow Maddow Gov'ment New World Disorder

    “The Fed can’t kill crypto currencies . . . [A Free People] The elites are fearful because they can’t control [We The People] crypto currencies, and they can’t suppress them. [Police State] There will be no more source of free printed money for bribing people. . . .[Welfare State of Corrupt Rich Crony Capitalist Cheats] When the dollar dies, the corruption and crime will be revealed.” Italics Mine!
    For Whom the Bell Tolls is a novel by Ernest Hemingway published in 1940. It tells the story of Robert Jordan, a young American in the International Brigades attached to a republican guerrilla unit during the Spanish Civil War. As a dynamiter, he is assigned to blow up a bridge during an attack on the city of Segovia.
    The novel is regarded as one of Hemingway’s best works, along with The Sun Also Rises, The Old Man and the Sea, and A Farewell to Arms.
    No man is an Island, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine; if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Mannor of thy friends or of thine owne were; any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.
    The poem is often found in anthologies and literature textbooks.
    The point made by the choice of this title and epigraph is that the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939, a major topic of debate in Western intellectual and political circles, is not of importance only to Spaniards; it matters to everyone.

    ‘Then you will have to fight in your country as we fight here.’ [Spain] ‘Yes, we will have to fight.’ [Americans] ‘But are there not many fascists in your country?’ [US.] ‘There are many who do not know they are fascists but will find it out when the time comes.”
    _For Whom the Bell Tolls

  7. Shadow Maddow Gov'ment New World Disorder

    How Our National Anthem Came To Be

    It took over 150 years to replace My Country tis of Thee that has the melody of God Save The Queen, yet in 1931 it was officially replaced with the Star Spangled Banner, which became our national [meaning throughout the land] anthem. This is the rest of the story.

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks for the link I learned something and appreciate the anthem even more.

  8. Shadow Maddow Gov'ment New World Disorder

    BASIC Training
    For Whom the Bell Tolls (part 1)
    (part 2)

    Lux Radio Theater: For Whom The Bell Tolls

  9. Jim Gilly

    While Clif High comes off sounding like he really knows what he is talking about he lost me as soon as he said an EMP strike was a non-threat 0 non-issue.

    Just do a brief bit of research on this and you will find it is probably the greatest threat facing the US and for him to fluff it off as a non-event is ridiculous.

    I also don’t think you are going to get the masses to ever buy into these crypto currencies. He makes it sound if you can’t get access to the internet all you need to do is get on your phone and everything is going to be just fine. More utter nonsense.

    While something is going to have to be done to replace the current fiat paper currencies, I strongly doubt large numbers of the population are going to jump into bitcoin and other crypto currencies en masse. Not going to happen.

    The way things are headed just trying to survive is going to be the main issue. What’s going to be important is what you have in your physical possession to use and barter with. Not some paper or digital currency that will either be worthless or unavailable to get access to.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Clif ‘s assessment of an EMP strike as a non-issue is based on the fact that most people in the EMP struck area would die within a couple weeks because of no power and collapsed supply lines. Bartering only works if someone has what you need and is willing to give it to you instead of keeping it for themselves. People who manage to survive until power is restored (or evacuated) could regain access to their crypto currencies.

  10. Jack

    Well, I am pleased Clif mentioned gold and silver because (in his Twitter stream) he has been rather silent about them for some weeks. I have ‘tweeted’ him several times to explain there can be no ‘global currency reset’ without the participation of gold and silver (i.e without gold and silver prices rising SIGNIFICANTLY) from here because at present they are LOWER in a price adjusted for inflation (1980 base) than they were in 1980. Using 1980 prices, silver today is priced around $1.80. You cannot ignore the effect of inflation when considering gold and silver prices, as we are brainwashed by the ‘pantheon of butt-heads’ to do. They have effectively destroyed the gold and silver pricing mechanisms with unbelievably catastrophic results as silver stocks disappear at an ever-increasing rate. To call it ‘mis-management’ is an insult to that innocence term. It is all deliberate ‘scorched earth’ , ‘if I can’t have want I want then nobody will have anything’ INSANITY. Yes, they are insane and ‘WE’ have realised it but they still have residual powers which make them dangerous to deal with. The ONLY solution is to hasten the demise of their ‘money-creation’ ability (the vestiges of the US$ international reserve currency status) in order to starve them of the ability to control us, dominate us, ENSLAVE us. I am sure Clif agrees with that. However, that has to involve, as I said, the full release from manipulation and control of the gold and silver markets, the abolition of all futures and futures options on gold and silver so that only specie (physical gold and silver) are allowed to be trade on ‘commodity’ exchanges. This is already happening in Asia on the SGE and Singapore exchanges and the fake gold and silver prices you see every day are only created in London and New York.

    Cryto-currencies and gold and silver can work hand-in-hand. There is no reason why the free exchange between monetary precious metals and proven digital currencies cannot work and work successfully. I see it as the future for such things as savings, commerce and inter-state trade settlement. So do the Chinese, Russians, Indians and all the other countries which have joined the so-called BRICS nations to develop a new non-corruptible international monetary system with gold at its heart. A new international gold standard, in other words, with silver as a secondary but no less important, monetary metal with which payments can be made, debts settled and secure, trusted savings accumulated.

    • ross

      You are right . The real average rate of inflation is 7.5% since 1970 and is probably much higher now. They are robbing us blind. In 1970 prices silver would just be 75 cents. In 2004 silver was about $7.00 with their official inflation of 3% the price should be just $10,30. With the real rate of inflation of 7.5% it would be $17.90. So this decade silver has stayed with the real inflation rate , however the present rate would be in the double digits. Also remember ,our inflation gets created as debt mostly via housing bubbles. We are paying them to steal from us.

    • erv

      I can envision going into a shop with some silver and having it ‘deposited’ into your crypto currency account.

  11. Jim Gilly

    Oh, forgot to add Clif High predicted the US dollar would totally collapse in 2011 and Israel would bomb Iran. Just a couple of his far out predictions that didn’t happen but of course he could say they will in the future – he just mis-timed it a bit.

    • Clare Doll

      How very interesting! Did you know that Gerald Celente has now predicted that Israel and Iran will somehow end up in a war and Israel will drag the US into the fray? Also, the dollar is set to collapse (as the dollar is to be sacrificed). How absolutely interesting!
      But you are right about that timing issue.

  12. Tim McGraw

    I don’t know what a blockchain is. I don’t really understand cryptocurrencies. I do know that fiat currencies are crap. And Nixon took us off of the gold standard in August of 1971, not 1972. I remember it well because that was the same month my birthday was pulled out of a draft lottery drum to see it I’d go to Vietnam.
    Clif gave a great interview as usual, but I don’t understand half of what he says. I’m trying to stay in the analog world in my approaching old age.
    Thanks for having Clif High on your show.
    Tim McGraw
    PS: Google Earth is completely wonky tonight. Everything is fuzzed out. Maybe I’ll be fuzzed out soon.

  13. FC

    Bitcoin can be broken down to .000000001 of a Bitcoin, plenty of room for manipulation right there.

  14. Robespierre

    Good Show !

    This time, Clif High was well organized and prepared, as he has a new publication to sell. One thought I had after viewing this video about Bitcoin as money: Its very volatile. Consequently, I can not see any one cryptocurrency supplanting traditional sovereign currencies ( or “fiat”, as he refers to them collectively) in the next five years. ( Maybe in 25 + years, as he suggested paper money will be an artifact or collectible).

    Cliff is gearing his new book to speculators and is making them pay a premium price for it. That’s O.K. Free Market in Action. Personally, its much smarter, profitable, and much less risky “to sell shovels and picks to gold miners” rather than to actually go out and take your chances and hope you get lucky and not go broke.

    Thanks to Clif’s insights and research, I can see an increase in overall economic “chaos” slowly developing since 2013. In fact, as I look back at it, I can see this overlooked trend coming-up fast on us in the rear view mirror, like a menacing black car on the highway. Central Banks have been progressively “losing it” for a few years now, but the average person in my neighborhood only notices the more obvious (publicized) changes, such as President Trump recently repudiating the Paris Climate Accords (Global Warming).

    So, the average person is kind of stupid, as are the “butt-heads” running our banking system, according to Clif. The Old Media may indeed be dying, but they are still functioning, at least at some level anyway. Ditto with Western Governments and our systems of exchange and trade. Change is very long term and gradual, especially decentralized changes such as cryptocurrencies. Maybe this is why Clif thought Silver would do a moonshot 14 years ago and has yet to make its big move-up.

    Precious metals won’t really shine until the average person on the street ( the dupes) lose all confidence in government. Then sheer panic will set-in and gold will again have its day, but not yet ( Economist Martin Armstrong). Nobody really knows when.
    So, I think the “hyperinflation” Clif referred to as more applicable to various traditional asset classes, such as cryptocurrencies, not currencies like the U.S. Dollar, @ least at this time.

    In other words, new “bubbles” are expected to become apparent and possibly more of them all at once or sequentially ( in waves, as mentioned with bitcoin ). Volatility in Bitcoin is a problem for it to be used as anything more than an alternative investment for some of your capital, not all. Volatility in investing = Risk. This necessitates prudent “risk management” ( hedging risk). More commonly with individual retail investors, this is achieved by diversification of assets. Another words, no one trick ponies.

  15. FC

    These crypto-currencies are all valved against a failing Dollar and they could be worth up to $300,000 a piece which may only get you a loaf of bread.

    Central Banks will need to bring out a gold back crypto-currency to regain confidence in their system………….if this doesn’t happen a nuclear war will commence, to hide their 1o0+ years of fraud.

    It’s going to be a reset one way or another, but in the end, they will eventually win.

    • zak

      nope – we will not accept Central Bankers – but they will become strange fruit.

  16. boris chikvashvili

    Dear Greg,
    Only for the sake of your readers.
    Otherwise I really would not care.
    With all due respect to Cliff High. He is indeed the worlds worst forecaster of any price , including Bitcoin. And bitcoin is high it can be low very fast. But beyond being heads above better trader and forecaster of markets. I believe I have credentials that surpass Cliffs own.
    1) Government is already working and DEMONSTRATED behind the closed doors on the Crypto currency of its own.
    2) Government can stop any kind of a traffic, by origin and or by signature( protocol signature, say FIX , or telnet NFS or Crypto), by simply instructing the routers( 100% owned by CISCO and JUNIPER) to stop all such traffic. Of course that goes for many all other protocols
    3) Government allows the current crypto traffic, because it wants to catch the people with too much extra money to engage in stupidity like the crypto
    4) Government is closer to engineering the Quantum computers that can/will unscramble any crypto in no time at all

    The only question is will they , or will not they ?
    To assume that Government will forgo taxes and allow world to crypto anonymously is truly stupid. But it can happen by chance, where total disasters may make the governments in operative . In which case i would worry less about my crypto than other things.

    Does crypto have value. Of course, but not what is assumed in the price now. If as a an investor , hedge fund etc, I can have stocks to invest in , why would i invest in crypto(world stock market is approaching 100 Trillion $)
    Think please before you take money advice from someone who honestly admits he is a bad forecaster

    • Uma

      the “loaf of bread” you wont get for Crypto cuz bakers are mainly “easily knit.”
      They wont take Cryptos, cuz they dont understand … 😉
      … and so do I.

      My saying goes:” Never do, what you dont understand”

  17. john pletcher

    Listening to your interview with cliff this morning was the first time in over 8 years that I actually became hopeful that there might be a way to forget about my ignorance with the metals an actually make some profit another way . It’s been a long 8 years ,so thank you . And thank you too for being a Trump supporter where many in your space have given up on him . I’m afraid the country ,if he were taken out , would morph into Nazi Germany 2.0.
    Your weekly wrap ups are the best news on the net an I appreciate how hard you must work to do them every week so I hope you are rewarded soon with lots of cryptos!

    • Greg Hunter

      DO NOT sell your metal. Cryptos can and will be volatile. Gold and silver coins are your best core investment along with emergency food and water supplies. If you have money to but then go ahead but be prepared to take a roller coaster ride.

  18. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks for interviewing Clif High again, Greg. I always value his acknowledgement, recognition or discovery of events or news-worthy developments in the world, if not his interpretation of them.

    “Cryptocurrencies are the first great fortune that didn’t arise from a great crime.” Clif High

    That may or may not be true (I argue that it’s not) and cryptocurrencies may or may not be the first great fortune that didn’t arise from a great crime, but they certainly don’t represent fortunes that result from any real labor or benefit to civilization. They may not be a Ponzi scheme technically, but they have no foundation in or relevance to fundamentals of an economy: labor and the proceeds of it that can be shared or exchanged among the population of a civilized society. I understand the mathematical concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but I still don’t understand how anyone in their right mind can equate any cryptocurrency with wealth in a healthy and civilized economy. at best it seems that cryptocurrencies far from being a solution or remedy to a disintegrating economy (in a civilization), they’re a symptom. I guess all this cryptocurrency stuff makes sense if you subscribe to Clif’s fundamental conceit or premise that our country (or any country for that matter) is nothing but a population of uncivilized savages comprising a tribe. But that’s not what a civilization is. That may be what we are today. But it’s not a civilization. I guess I’m not ready to give up the expectations and aspiration of our forefathers that the US be a civilization. It seems that you do have to give up this expectation to embrace cryptocurrencies.

    • J marty

      Dr. Jewett,
      I think if you watch this lecture about bitcoin, some of your questions might be answered. As to the idea that cryptocurrencies are not the result of any “real” labor, did not the person who first created them use his or her labor and intellect and talent in the creation?

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Thanks, J Marty. I’ll check it out. yes, I think he used his labor and talent (and imagination, ingenuity, intelligence, etc… for sure). but it’s not like inventing the nail. (and maybe I’m writing out of ignorance here so i’ll watch the lecture before I go on.) if I buy a bunch of nails and build a house with it, value of the nails has been transcended. it’s now part of a much more valuable asset. a house. it’s not just a nail anymore. the value of cryptocurrencies are inherently difficult to move from one thing to another. and their value seems to expand not so much as a function of their ability to be transferred from one thing to another but by magic (kinda like the stock market today – the DOW isn’t 21,000 but you’re lucky if it’s 2,100). and Bernie Madoff used his manipulative skills (he worked – sort of) to keep a big Ponzi scheme going. didn’t make the Ponzi scheme a good thing. but i’ll watch and learn. maybe i’m completely missing something here. I confess I haven’t invested much time learning about cryptocurrencies but looks like enough smart people have that it’s worth learning about.

  19. Mike Harvey

    Cliff’s statement
    I always thought cryptos would have to break out first in order to upset . . . the structure of the central banks so silver and gold could break loose.
    My comment
    This is an interesting comment as the Worlds’ Central Banks are running scared of precious metals and this is obvious because of the unfettered manipulation that we see.
    Bitcoin’s uncontrllable break-out will send a message to these so called experts who are so far behind the curve that it is laughable.
    The World Monetary authorities will need to take action through a gold backed SDR which will replace the $US as the worlds reserve currency. This could happen as early as October 2017.
    America will not want to lose its hegemony and therefore will go to war to protect the $US.
    PS. Greg, thankyou for a great line-up of qualified and unbiased commentators who know their ‘onions’. They have known for many years that we are all being taken down the rabbit hole by the globalists.
    May they (the elite) pay a heavy price for creating a society of debt junkies (creditism).
    These are the very people who are responsible for the decline and decadence of our present day society.
    Long Live the American Constitution.
    Kind Regards
    Mike Harvey

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you very much and I too say “Long Live the American Constitution.” Might I add, Jesus Christ has been given “ALL power in heaven and on earth.” “Fear Not.”

  20. David John Williams

    First off, thank you for this fantastic interview, both of you make crystal clear the massive changes heading our way.
    Greg, are we watching the financial system being intentionally brought down by those with their hands on the levers or do you think the elite have lost control? In other words, do you really think the elite are being blindsided by cryptocurrencies? Are not the financial elite who created the rigged system wanting to replace it with a digital fiat system for absolute control? Is it not the ‘Military Industrial Complex that handed us the internet? Why not blockchain? To not even mention the possibility that the Central Banks are pulling a coup on their own system and using cryptocurrencies to acclimate us to the new financial system seems naive. Unless I’m missing something, it seems intellectually dishonest for Cliff to declare that cryptocurrencies are the people’s revolution and a way of sidestepping the corrupt fiat system without even considering the possibility that they themselves represent the new fiat system.
    Shouldn’t precious metals investors be thinking deeply about this. Historically, precious metals are the check and balance…and bane of fiat currency systems….when fiat hyperinflates, the wealth transfers to gold. What if the fiat money masters could make people zig into their new fiat instead of zag into gold? Wouldn’t Gold lose it’s historical relevance and power as the energy units become imprisoned in digital fiat. If I am missing something, I would be sincerely grateful if someone could explain where my thinking is going astray.
    Many thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David,
      You are correct, this interview was more about massive changes than cryptos. Clif High is one very smart guy.

      • David John Williams

        I understand your response.

  21. Dan

    19:06 Cliff was explaining that physical silver would be not good for using as money in the future because it has to be traded back into currency to do any good. Question ; Would it not be an excellent trading tool for real assets and services on the spot ? What about folks who don’t have computers much less a bitcoin ? Chances are that the ones who hold the most worthwhile property would be older an lacking the where with all for dealing with crypto.

    • Greg Hunter

      Valid points and that is why I think your core investment should be physical metal–first and foremost. Cryptos are not for everyone but the explanation for the gigantic price spikes has mass audience appeal. I personally am not that much into crypto currencies but found what Clif High was saying very interesting. Thanks for your comment.

  22. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    I do like Clif High. Very entertaining. But, I find myself in disagreement on his general outlook about the future.

    He sees a continuation of the technological society. I see that system destroyed.
    He sees internet currency as the future. I see that system failing. Your betting on access. I prefer to hear it jingle in my hand (not dollars). It’s to easy to shut the net down. That’s the weak link. Don’t worry about power, worry about the net. I realize he is a net guru, but he is wrong on the strength of net access or cell access.

    Silver is a currency. It has other uses, but will be used again as a currency. If you eliminate all the credit, our lifestyles will settle at a realistic level. A simple lifestyle. Something some might remember, from the 1950’s, when currency creation was limited by the available of gold and silver. At least the dollar and stocks can be used in the outhouse. When people are involved…… will fail.

    Very entertaining interview. He has a Star Trek outlook, I feel a Mayberry coming back. We are set up for a catastrophic reality check.

  23. Tim

    So he’s the “worst silver forecaster” but he predicts that silver will be $600 by early February [2018]? Right. I’m going to sell the house and put all the proceeds into silver. Right.

    Greg, you lose credibility by interviewing people like him.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree and you are in the minority, which is OK by me. I do thank you for your comment and support.

    • Justn Observer

      Tim…. No one can ‘PREDICT’ a PM market that is rigged…and people have admitted doing so! Get a Grip…sarcasm is ok…but then you’d have to discern it… Best you can do is anticipate the moves based on the COT report…

  24. ScottL

    I understand that it would be next to impossible with block chain technology and the decentralization of cryptos like Bitcoin, for an internet crash (or controlled crash) to wipe the cryptos into oblivion. So technologically the elites may have hit a brick wall in their endeavor to control financial transactions. But I don’t put anything past them. They want a piece of the action. They want a piece of every transaction you engage in. I can see them at some point saying Bitcoin is illegal and if you are caught engaging in crypto transactions anywhere with anyone you will be arrested, your constitutional rights be damned. They will get their pound of flesh one way or the other.

  25. Cspokane

    Great interview! This year going forward is going to be interesting to be a part of. Thanks Mr Hunter for another heart stopping interview. God bless.

  26. Brand

    The Fed will go after the trading sites and miners.

  27. Russ

    Thanks Greg, the coffee was good this morning but I have a lingering taste of crow after listening to Clif High explain crypto currencies.

    I will be sending this interview link out to a bunch of people, one of whom bought into bitcoin, watched it double and then sold half. It’s still too new in concept, but it may be time to put a toe in the water.

    • Greg Hunter

      “toe in the water” but please do NOT sell your metal. Metal should be considered a “core” asset. This interview is really more about massive change coming our way and cryptos are just a flashing red light.

      • Russ

        Exactly right Greg. Holding onto core investments starts with the roof over your head and your pantry. The Tulip Mania got the “mania” tag when people started selling things they needed in daily life to “invest” in tulip bulbs. Maybe tulips were better than the currency being avoided, but you need to know your limits.

        The rule of 3’s is fairly universal in survival training.
        – 3 minutes without air,
        – 3 hours without shelter,
        – 3 days without water,
        – 3 weeks without food.
        The rule applies to everyone every day, We’ll get to a time when the rule of 3’s will be recognized by all.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you, Thank you and Thank you Russ!! Seriously good stuff man, all kidding aside.

        • paul ...

          Russ you forgot:
          – 3 seconds without internet
          – 3 months without love

  28. Roger D

    Bitcoin is like the Antichrist of currency.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true until everybody is forced to get a chip imbedded. At that point, I’ll be meeting Christ.

      • Russ

        I’ll be there with you. Dogs get chipped when adopted so they can be returned to their owners when lost, stolen or if they choose to run away. Since I prefer to believe I’m not owned, I’d rather continue my delusion that I am free to come and go.

        On that note, I need to get my passport updated.

  29. Yankee in NC

    Super interview! Thanks for asking about tulip mania. I did not know that the Florin was failing at the time of the mania. Is that a parallel for now and the crypto currencies? I hold both you and Clif High in high esteem. I agree that the dollar and the financial system around it are failing.
    However, it is naive to think that the failing elites are powerless to resist. The Government or the Fed could easily buy $100 Billion or even a Trillion of the cryptos currencies drive them very high and then sell them all at once destroying the people’s confidence and their reputation for being a stable store of value.
    It is equally naive to think that Crypto currencies cant be expanded criminally, counterfeited or manipulated. Just a the paper money, gold and silver can be manipulated. If man has created a new technology such as Cryptos other men can abuse it.
    Nonetheless, there may be merit to the cryptos. I, for one will reserve judgment.
    Greg, you provide a wonderful source of new and important information. I have made a new contribution to your patreon account.

    God Bless you and keep up the great work.

    Yankee in NC

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, I did not know that either about the Florin!! Finally makes sense. People were running out of a failing currency and history repeats. I still think gold and silver are the two must have assets as a core in a portfolio, but I am NOT a money manager and do not give financial advise.

    • paul ...

      Exactly Yank … just as the banksters did to the tulips (to protect their Florin) … they will do to the crypto’s … they just have to make them an “unstable currency” by driving it’s volatility to extremes!!
      To counter the volatility risk in these “cabbage patch dolls” … one must diversify out of electronic black holes and into historic stores of wealth !!

  30. David

    The most recent London attack confirms that the weapon of choice for terrorists is a motor vehicle. It is the ideal weapon: it is motorized, directional, and capable of variable speed. It is controlled by the fastest computer processor known to mankind: the human brain – capable of processing sight (ophthalmoception), hearing (audioception), taste (gustaoception), smell (olfacoception or olfacception), and degree of touch (tactioception), temperature (thermoception), kinesthetic sense (proprioception), and balance (equilibrioception), among others. Data processing is processed in milliseconds with access to an unlimited data bank to analyze actions and calculate reactions to reach its target. A vehicle controlled by a human being is the perfect Trojan horse. It hides among us and its purpose is undetectable until the moment of execution.

    Noteworthy is that the use of this weapon generates just as much press coverage and creates just as much (or more) fear.

  31. Thomas

    Wow! Great interview.

  32. Robert E. Salt

    People think that home computers and the internet have taken us to a new plateau. Not so! It was just the start of a revolution the likes of which the world has never seen. Free energy, medical marvels and much more are on the way. Except for mathematics, just about everything you learned in school is a lie. Members of the Deep State are acting desperate for good reason. I hope we can be more forgiving than they have been. I don’t see fresh water as a problem. The Sahara desert is enormous, and it can all be turned green.

  33. Marcus

    If I start at Point A, where I am stationary, and then start running and never stop, i.e. run forever, the fact that I started somewhere does not prohibit me from running forever. Yes Bitcoin has a stop point of 21 Million, but it is infinitely divisible, therefore it is infinite; as it divides infinitely, its value increases infinitely.
    Ponzi schemes rely on an ongoing client base, although of course, there are always only so many clients able to invest, which is why Ponzi schemes fail, and clearly there is no such thing as an infinite client base.
    I am not really sure what High’s point is regarding Ponzi schemes and Bitcoin.
    Bitcoin’s value is in its utility. So the more people who join, the greater its utility. It is a paradox really, as it has no other inherent value, other than that it is de-centralized, as opposed to the dollar which is centrally controlled. Personally I think it is a chimera.

  34. Tad

    Hall of Fame interview, Greg. I don’t know if Clif does war predictions. Perhaps the next interview.

    Gold and silver are relatively plentiful in America, so I’ve always questioned the cryptos.
    Portability seems more logical along with the enhanced speculative gains presently, as opposed to gold and silver.

    My knowledge if subject is minimal, but fractional use of, say Bitcoin, must be forefront in creators’ minds if ever to become practical at retail level–either brick or online.

    Could it be that major chains like Costco and Amazon have cryptos in place-now or very soon?

    I’m asking.

  35. Evan J

    Great interview. Thanks Greg. It’s great to see a sharp mind at work; and great questions on your part to prompt those responses.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Evan. Lots of prep to interview a brain like Clif High. High is like a human computer (in a good way). I really have to concentrate when he talks.

  36. Rick P

    I would like to thank you for your great interviews over the years. Lately it seems that everyone who is worried about losing their stored wealth, in the form of fiat money, is diving into the crypto pool. Has everyone forgot that banks can create endless amounts of currency. If Bitcoin goes to a ratio of 80,000 to 1.0 with respect to the US Dollar, what does it matter to the banks, they can print, and have limitless access to fiat currencies. If the big banks and financial institutions have been in control of the markets, denominated in fiat currencies, as many people have suggested, then how can we assume that they will be left out of the new system.
    If you or I want to acquire 1 unit of bitcoin then we exchange something for it, either by mining or currency exchange. If I’m Goldman Sachs, I can exchange all of my currency and gold for units of Bitcoin. Now I can manipulate the value of this crypto currency like I did the US Dollar because I am in possession of them. Think about the velocity of money.
    As long as new monetary system can be bought into using legacy currency those who controlled the old system will be able to control the new one. If we as a people want to be free from the manipulative effects of the old monetary regime we must have our own store of wealth that comes from the fruits of our labor. A system that is outside of reach and control of old and current money masters.
    Think about this for a moment… there are 2 brothers who sell their own houses. Brother #1 accepts payment in bitcoin and brother # 2 accepts payment in gold coins. Everyone is happy about their decisions. Then all of a sudden a major war errupts and an evil nation releases a virus online that is unstoppable and corrupts all electronics that are connected to the internet. Not only does this destroy all records and wealth stored digitally, but everything connected to the net, think Internet of Everything, smart meters …
    The only store of wealth for me is something I hold in my hand.

    • Greg Hunter

      In my humble opinion, the core asset anyone need first and foremost is physical metal. If people want to speculate, than Clif offers a good guide. I would not bet the farm, but if someone has enough money to take a risk, then High is the guy you want to listen to on what to buy. Make no mistake, cryptos can and have offered big gains, but they also carry big risks, especially if you buy the wrong ones.

  37. Kerry

    Well Sir I really enjoyed the interview Greg! I have been interested in Crypto investment for some time now but not sure where to begin other than some general reading. Considering jumping in on this one hoping Cliff takes a simple mind approach to detailing this to the novice. Also looking forward to your next interview with Cliff on Antarctica which hopefully comes soon since the jargon of the day now is Russia, Russia, Russia resulting in nothing but head nods as I find myself dozing off!


    • Greg Hunter

      If you do not have a core investment in physical gold and silver (preferably coins) do that first. Prices are still pretty low.

  38. Jim Shaw

    Greg Always enjoy your articles. The question I have is what is the safest way to by BITCOIN? I just don’t get that warm fuzzy from some of the ways I have read.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can also just hold gold and silver coins. That is about as safe as one can get.

    • Shawn G.

  39. Kevin Lawton

    Bitcoin is not “issued by all of us” as Clif says. It’s issued by an ever increasingly concentration of miners in China. Bitcoin has to be “bought by most of us”, which makes it the same scheme as the old one, but it’s more vulnerable to price manipulation than the dollar due to its limited supply. I outline this clearly in my Kindle Short (which I’ll send free to listeners of called “Beyond the Bitcoin Trap”.

    There is a far better model for cryptos. Nobody is building it, because once an ecosystem gets wrapped around a particular thing, people’s paycheck depends upon them not seeing something better.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are welcome to post a link and thank you.

      • Kevin Lawton

        Here’s a link to the ebook (which reads in 1 sitting). It describes a crypto system built for the future, and why bitcoin and others are nothing more than speculative trading tools, hardly used as currencies.

        If your viewers want a free copy, send me an email to the address listed on my blog (in the About Me section) and mention Kindle or PDF format.


        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Kevin for adding your perspective.

        • Russ

          Thanks, paid the full Kindle price of $2.99. That may be all the “toe in the water” I need. Re crypto’s in general, my fear of these is dillusion and a government take-over of some type. I’ll need to know much more.

  40. Alan

    I recently watched a video put out by Jeff Berwick (dollar vigilante) where they said to be aware of Aug 1st split of bitcoin to bp148 which may cause people to lose their bitcoin. I love listening to Cliff, he is a really smart guy and I always learn something. Thanks Greg for getting him on so much.

  41. larrythelogger

    Greg, thanks so much for this interview and all the busting your butt work you do wrt this site. I’ve read, watched videos, done a lot of research regarding blockchain crypto currency and Cliff made it more understandable than all. (Not that the other explanations were poorly done, Cliff answered my “why do this?” question)

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Larry. No body should go all-in on anything. Just be careful. For people not comfortable with crypto currency just get and hold gold and silver coins (or bars if you have lots of money to invest.)

  42. David T Grogan

    Hi Greg

    Love the show

    On the subject of crypto-currencies… I understand they can be bought or mined. Mining requires high grade computing capacity…the type that might be available to government agencies and buying needs loads of cash which the central banks/fed are capable of producing out of thin air.

    is it feasible for , say the US, to buy all the crypto around (or the vast majority of it, and mine the rest thus bringing bitcoin to an untimely demise?

    Your view would be most welcome


    Dave Grogan
    Liverpool, UK

  43. Daniel Barr

    The SAME crap week after week, month after month, with little to no divergence of opinion from one guest to the next.

    And you call this “journalism” ?

    You’re running your own little NYT or Washington Post.

    • Greg Hunter

      OK, you have the floor. What is your counter opinion?

    • susan

      o shut up, Daniel. This is reality. If that is not what you want go somewhere else.

  44. francis m reps

    A book published in 1975 ; revised in the nineties ; written by Adam Ferguson entitled ” When Money Dies “; outlines the probable future of the current regime of Central Bank { government sponsored } fiat currency. One does not need” predictive linguistics “; or any the prognostications of “magical gurus” to see what is coming our way. Well read ; Intelligent people with historical knowledge know what is about to occur. The reassuring message { about the bad guys getting theirs } from Mr. High is a major reason for his appeal to so many people who know something is wrong with the culture { including the economy } . The book is available on Amazon. Please ask Mr. Hugo Salinas Price { a real historian } to address the same issues your recent guest is talking about. You do a disservice to your less well informed audience by tacitly endorsing ideas from ” magical gurus “.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are mistaken to think what Clif Hi does is “magical.” His internet programs to pull out data need multiple servers and take weeks to finish a data dive in the net. It’s Not “magical” but innovative hard work. Clif came on for an hour and we all got a free 1 hour tutorial of data mining and what it is revealing on multiple levels. You’re welcome.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      I concur with your historical premise: as a nation’s finances are debased, the economy falls into chaos and severe social unrest falls upon the masses. When our “Venezuela Moment” comes (and it will eventual come) it will be replete with starvation, violence and bloodshed–no different than all the other ill-fated nations or civilizations found in the dust bin of history. Hubris never looks all that smug when the harshness of reality finally gives it an an much needed object lesson.

  45. Tin foil hat

    I think silver may reach 1:1 ratio with palladium and may be even platinum but definitely not with gold.

    • francis m reps

      Greg, I successfully managed Trust funds for for forty year; studying and trying to understand the essays and articles in the various Federal Reserve Bulletins. Thousands of hours of work and calculations went into the ” modeling ” and ” analysis “of these essays and articles. By and large it was all nonsense designed to justify the actions of the people involved with the FED…..and to try mightily to validate the ideas of Lord Keynes ; whose proscriptions were taken apart by Friedrich Hayack, Von Mises and other mental giants of the time. Of course…the ideas of Keynes prevailed because they re assured politicians that free lunches DID exist. All that work by a well meaning , but ” in error ” individual is not a valid argument for his enterprise. I really wish you would ask Mr Price to comment.

      • Greg Hunter

        That may be so and you sound like a smart guy. I’ll give you that. My issue is you called what Clif High does “magical.” That simply is NOT the case. You may not like the date he provides, but there is computer science involved and it is not “magical.” This is a fact. Thank you for your comment and feedback.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I wouldn’t say a 1:1 ratio is impossible with silver and gold though. I think if a sudden rush/panic into physical precious metals occurred the price could be set by the amount of bullion available above ground rather than metal in the ground. From what I have read gold bullion exceeds silver bullion.

      • This sceptred Isle

        …in terms of quantity

        • This sceptred Isle

          If this happened it would probably just be temporary though until recycling and mine supply adjusted.

      • Tin foil hat

        If you were right, then platinum would worth a lot more than silver and gold.
        I believe there are less platinum bullion above/under ground than silver and gold. The cost of extracting it out of the ground is about the same if not more than gold. Why are the Indians and Chinese not stockpiling platinum?
        Silver and gold 1:1 ratio may be possible only if gold is no longer considered a monetary metals by the Central Banks.
        Btw, I’m not implying silver is a bad investment, hence I own them myself. As a matter of fact, I have more silver than gold in ounces.

        • This sceptred isle

          My example is in an extreme panic scenario where people are trying to preserve wealth during a systemic crash or hyperinflation.

          • Tin foil hat

            I concede anything is possible in an extreme panic situation.
            Btw, why do you believe time could be spiral? Do you have a near death experiences?

        • Frederick

          Tin Foil I have 50 ozs Ag for every oz of Au

          • This sceptred Isle

            For us small investors that is true but central banks and big investors (such as the Vatican) will be holding mainly gold bullion in preference to silver bullion.

          • Tin foil hat

            Good for you, Frederick.

    • paul ...

      Tin foil … you say: “silver may reach 1:1 ratio with palladium and maybe even platinum but definitely not gold” … think about this … palladium and platinum are rarer then gold … and soon silver will be even rarer then palladium and platinum … so the silver to gold ratio may actually reach 0.001:1 (where one thousandth ounce of silver will equal one ounce of gold)!!

      • Tin foil hat

        Silver is mainly a byproduct of copper and other metals. Above ground silver may be rarer than gold but supply underground is plentiful and the mining cost is negligible since it’s a byproduct.
        The reason I think silver may be 1:1 with palladium is because there are hundred of ounces of silver in every guidance missile.

  46. KTS

    The best interview with Cliff. Really powerful!

    • francis m reps

      Erroneous is the proper term; just as the ineffectual machinations { and prognostications } of the many authors of articles in past and current Federal Reserve bulletins were and are erroneous. I see them as Magical because I view their premises with wonderment. Believe it or not ; there are still many Russians who lament the passing of Stalin with dismay and a sense of loss. Is that not magical ??. Other descriptions for those who lament the passing of Stalin might sound too harsh.

      • Greg Hunter

        Just because you think it’s “magical” does NOT make it so. Again, what High does is data research in the Internet. If I was ignorant of what an investment manager did I might call it “magical.” That would be false and selling short lots of very hard work. Gregory Mannarino makes stock predictions on individual stocks. He is right a lot. I know for a fact that is not magical. He studies the markets almost around the clock. I cannot tell you how many times he’s told me which way the market of a stock was going the go, and the next day, he’s correct–again. Very few times Mannarino wrong, but he does get some calls wrong. Again, this is not magical but hard work and deep analysis. Back to Clif High: He uses multiple servers, looks at billions of bits of data, and each project takes weeks to complete. Then, there is analysis of the data, and it is compiled into a report. This is NOT magical either and THAT is a FACT. You may not like it. You may not agree, but this is not any sort of magic.

  47. George Mubarek

    I appreciate Cliff’s Honesty. “But bear in mind I am the Internet’s worst Silver forecaster”. How refreshing to hear someone take responsibility for wrong calls! What a humble man indeed. Good example for everyone.

  48. SB

    I am intrigued by Cliff’s EMP comments (26 minute mark). For quite some time the EMP effect has been nothing short of a major fear factor. Hopefully someone in the near future will expand on Clif’s EMP viewpoint.
    Greg……….. Keep up the Good Work.

    • paul ...

      Cliff explained EMP very well … if the Sun hits us with a solar burst all crypto currencies will be gone!! … however your silver, gold and nickel coins under your bed will still be there!!!

  49. Ron

    Awesome interview!

  50. EJS

    Smart guy but he misses the point of the monetary problem entirely. The problem is value! Crypto is still a form of fiat and it has a central point of control, it has too. We must have a monetary asset that anchors the real physical world to the fiat electronic world. I believe Jim Sinclair is correct, we will have an electronic fiat that receives its value in gold. The monetary system must be elastic and stable at the same time, fiat is NOT going away! The functions of money will be separated, transactions (fiat) vs. store of value (gold). What is broken in the system is value, how do you value an asset or your labor in bitcoin????? He misses the point in the fact that the economy is a fractal. At its smallest you have transactions between individuals and at its largest you transactions between nations. What asset gives value to those transactions or value between currency zones that is equally and universally recognized?
    Finally, you don’t drive your car by looking in the rear view mirror. We are NOT going back to flipping coins to buy our stuff. We do not need a bimetallic money standard, gold and only gold will be used globally to determine the value of whatever currency is used in a given region. Gold will determine the value of one currency vs. another currency in what ever form that currency takes. IMHO silver will not be used as money, currency or as a store of value, it doesn’t need to. Silver will remain a commodity. There is more than enough gold to back the monetary system of the entire planet and keep it from a mad max collapse, its only a matter of price.

    • J marty

      Cryptographic Currencies are not “Fiat” currencies. They do not have value because of governmental decree. No one is forcing anyone to buy them or to use them. They are strictly voluntary. The “market” is valuing one Bitcoin more than one ounce of gold. Maybe people value a medium of exchange that is less manipulated and unforced than ones that are (gold which is highly manipulated and US dollars which are manipulated and forced upon us).

  51. Roger

    I am trying to wrap my head around the price increases in gold/silver and bitcoin that Clif is projecting. If it goes to those levels – who is going to buy it? That would mean a complete decimation of the dollar system wiping out over 90% of people – who right now have little or no savings – and certainly not enough to retire on. That leaves 10% that was forward thinking who stocked up on the way up. So we are left with people who can’t afford it and people who already have it… what then? Not to mention the fact that if dollars become worth so little – who will give up their PM’s for them knowing a reset is in the works?
    I have tried to use gold and silver to buy things – using spot value – no takers. I guess that is where bitcoin comes in – but the person who has what you want has to feel it has the value it is purported to be. I know I’m not alone in my concerns and am struggling for answers. Thanks for another great inverview

  52. paul ...

    High says bitcoin is going to $13,800, silver to $600 and gold to $4800 … buying bitcoin gives you 6 times your money, buying silver gives you 34 times your money and buying gold gives you 3.7 times your money … silver gives the greatest potential profit and it is right in your pocket when you need it whereas bitcoin is an “electronic black hole” !!!

    • paul ...

      High does not mention nickels … but the profit potential with these “bits of metal” are enormous … consider that a nickel with “five steps” was recently sold at auction for thousands of dollars … every nickel you sell for $1000 dollars gives you a return of 20,000 times your money … 20,000x is way above the 6x, 34x and 3.7x you get with bitcoin, silver and gold!!!

      • paul ...

        And remember … buying nickels is “not in any way speculative” as it has “no downside risk” only upside potential … with the $2300 dollars it takes to buy “one” bit coin you can buy 46,000 nickels … say you only find 2 to 3 nickels out of the 46,000 with “five steps” and each such nickel sells for $1000 dollars … it means you got the other 45,997 nickels for “free” … but say your luck is bad … and you find zero nickels with five steps … “you don’t lose a single penny on your investment” … you simply return all the nickels back to the bank to get another batch of 46,000 nickels and try again for the jackpot!!

        • This sceptred Isle

          Copper coins are a good each-way bet. If there is an unprecedented panic into precious metals that sucks up all the supply of physical metal there will probably be a spill-over effect into copper. And copper also has a monetary history.

      • Ross Herman

        Just FYI, I would not t count on ever finding a thousand dollar nickel. In the the 50s and 60s most of the nickel dies were used well past there ability to produce we’ll defined coins, particularly at the Denver mint. And when the professional coin grading services started giving nickels the special attribution of 5 “full steps” some very rare varieties were born, commanding ever escalating prices. I’m guessing you would get over $10,000 for a nice uncirculated 1953-S full step coin, and much more for a 1969-D. Sorry a bit off topic

        • paul ...

          Ross … you are correct … the dies in the 50s, 60s, 70’s and 80’s were not changed very often … so only the few nickels at the start of a run (with a fresh die) will be the ones with the clear “five steps” we are looking for!

  53. Steve


    Great interview. Even more interesting was the 175% increase in the crypto currency, Cloakcoin, today after Clif highlighted it as one of his Dark horse speculative bets.


  54. John


    Excuse me for being dense but lets say that the dollar crashes and the Feds charter is revoked – how is Bitcoin going to enter into the system without approval from the US Treasury? Sorry, I just don’t see this happening. I do agree, however, that the movement into Bitcoin is a reflection of an underlying problem with the current system. IMHO – gold and silver which are already defined as money under the constitution are going to make its way back into the current system as a means to mop up all the money that has been printed/created as a result of bond rates seeking 0% over the past thirty years. Folks, the bull market in debt creation is over! I still feel that Jim Rickards offers the best insight as to what is in front of us. Can you imagine the economy of th US being crammed into a fixed amount of Bitcoins – hope you are good at calculating fractions lol. I can see it now – I make 0.00005 Bitcoins per year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Valid point John in that scenario. That’s why buying physical metal is the safest play of all.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Merchants don’t need government permission to accept Bitcoin as payment, and some already do. Most of them are local type businesses (not in my locale, unfortunately). accepts it, though; I once bought a set of flannel sheets from them with Bitcoin.

  55. Jerry

    I agree with Cliff on all points except one. Gold Backed Crypto currency is being driven by Chinese proxy investors and not the general public.

    It is the Shanghai Gold Exchange that is backing OneGram Crypto Currency in Dubai. Three months ago the SGE opened a gold trading platform in Dubai. What is happening now is just a minor trickle compared to what’s coming. According to my sources (which can’t be confirmed) the petrodollar is about to have its doors blown off its hinges come June 1oth when the private exchanges that have been used by private investors will be open to the public. What we are witnessing is the complete transformation of the global banking system via computer. Life will never be the same, and neither will the paper you have in your pocket.

    • Jerry

      The “RESET” is firmly underway. Does anyone want to take a bet on how long the gulf states will continue to use our “filthy lucre” now that a Sharia compliant currency is available?

    • Jerry

      True to my word, I promised I would keep you updated on AIIB. Here’s the latest.
      A deal with Deutsche Bank to be part of the “Silk Road Project”.
      Question: Why would Deutsche Bank funnel 3 billion dollars into the Silk Road Project at a time when its facing monumental financial challenges? Answer: Deutsche Bank is being absorbed into the fabric of the new exchange system from the bottom up, just like all of the U.S. banks that have been imbedded with Chinese money. I’m no economist but I think the term is called “Seeding”. A friendly non confrontational way of sinking your economic hooks into your intended prey just prior to germination or in this case termination.

      • Greg Hunter

        Good analysis Jerry about troubled DB. Thank you.

    • Jerry

      Make no mistake about it, China is at the center of the crypto currency movement through their proxy investors.
      Lets play what if.
      What if businesses outside the United States refuse to take dollars for trade? Will it make a difference on how much money the Federal Reserve Bank can print, or what interest rates they charge? Will it make a difference on how many treasury bonds the ESF can buyback? What if you were told that in order to trade with them you had to cash in your dollars and use crypto currencies, would you do it?

    • Jerry

      Right now I’ hearing a rumor (since I can’t confirm it that’s what it is) from my sources that a new global currency rollout is scheduled for 06/10/2017 following a “flash bang” distraction of some sort from the congressional hearings that will be held on Thursday. Apparently Comey has some kind of bombshell he’s going to drop that is supposed to spin the heads of the MSM and make congress call for immediate impeachment. Supposedly its bad enough that Trump will resign, and turn the government over to House Speaker Paul Ryan. Personally I find the whole thing hard to swallow but something is definitely coming down the pipe with the feeding frenzy that’s been going on in the crypto currency private exchanges. I use the 50% rule myself. Only believe 50% of what you hear, and 50% of what you see. The truth is usually somewhere in between.

  56. charles Turner

    Of topic, but in the UK last night we had another terror attack. What is astounding is that both people in the USA and the UK are condemning Trump for his comments and support but fail to condemn the murderers.
    George Orwell said: “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

    • Greg Hunter

      This is just heartbreaking and horrible news of a crime perpetrated, once again, by the religion of peace. We in the US of A are praying for the people of the UK to God the Father and Christ His Son. “Fear Not.”

  57. BDS

    Great interview! I get a shot of confidence during times of chaos with your guests. Keep the outstanding interviews coming. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind BDS. This interview was less about speculation in Cryptos and more about the forecasting of great change coming. Core investments in my book should start with gold and silver coins. ( I Don’t sell them so, I don’t care where you get them–just get them first.)

  58. Ron Spoon

    Everybody sees the train coming, but most people won’t get off the track.

    • Greg Hunter

      Simplest thing anyone can do is buy physical gold and silver coins.

  59. Dean Young

    After reading this column for over a year, has anyone come up with a chart that shows how many times the predictions were right or wrong. This would be an interesting statistic.

  60. Paul P.

    Greg, another fascinating interview with Clif High. I find his work on data mining exceptionally interesting. He sure adds value to the interview and on a scale unmatched by the called standard financial commentators, albeit , you have excellent contributors to your show which is very refreshing. Clif prediction that silver will reach a 1:1 ration with gold within the next year is mind boggling and hard to fathom as we have witness the elite hammer the price over and over again. This is perhaps why he has been unable to be accurate with his predictions on PM’s much like Bo Polny. However Clif supports his claim stating that NEW industrial and NEW technological uses for Silver will emerge and I think this will be the catalyst for the rocketing of silver . The other driver may we be a FAILURE to deliver physical at the Comex. We shall see….Clif is one smart cookie and his background is not to be denied…Greg thanks for another great interview and may God richly bless you!

  61. Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

    Perhaps the meteoric rise in crypto currencies, and the unbridled enthusiasm for them as expressed by Clif is just another example of the delusional thinking that occurs during any other mania. “This time it’s different.” I’m not convinced. I’m buying mostly silver.

    • Greg Hunter

      You cannot go wrong with physical metal as a core asset. The point of the interview is massive change is underway and cryptos are a marker. Thank you for your feedback and comment.

  62. John K.

    Cliff has totally shown his ignorance of EMP attacks. 250 nukes at 25,000 feet is dead wrong. The optimum altitude for an EMP attack is 300 miles. One nuke detonated at 300 miles above the middle of America would cover most of the country with EMP, though the intensity would be less at the two coasts. If someone really wanted to destroy the entire country, they would set off two nukes, one above each coast.

    It just so happens that N. Korea has two satellites in orbit at the optimum altitude of 300 miles. They probably don’t contain nukes yet since N. Korea is still trying to miniaturize their nukes so that they can be launched on a ICBM.

    • markp

      John K – opinions are just opinions, kindly show us the documented evidence for your opinions.

    • Hatemail

      Makes me wonder how such an intelligent man can be so willfully ignorant. Picking and choosing information to support your own theory of reality is disingenuous. This leads to failure and a future of living in a Winnebago down by the river.

  63. coalburner

    One of your best interviews for information. I still dont know how to buy a Bitcoin and I have been hearing about them for more than one year. The last week I have seen three powerful articles and then this interview that finally told me what they were capable of and why they could be the way forward. The other day Jerry posted on your site an article suggesting China may back Bitcoin or some other crypto with gold and be the new Reserve Currency. We would be left out as the dollar found its true value. It would certainly blow the lid off paper currency. Now Clif shows us the far greater value of going around Government and basically killing the Fed and the banks. Now that kind of change would be worthy of the 500 year cycle. Clif made me think about the kind of change that has occurred in the past at times like these. Paper of any color may not last long enough the empty the grocery stores. We could have nothing but a couple of silver dimes or a nickle in 24 hours. Nickles do have value as do pre 1982 pennys. Oh yes a lot of old .22 rifles would get dusted off and people would learn to eat that old nasty goose again too.
    Thank You Greg for all you do!

  64. coalburner

    Dear Charles Turner;
    I believe less than 25% of the US hates Trump. They are the Crybabies, loudmouths that have the microphone and mostly the useless eaters and breathers. American Patriots are supporting Trump. We just let the blathers, blather and don’t listen.

    • paul ...

      The Cryo-babies won’t be “useless eaters” … they will be “non eaters”!!

  65. Kim

    Thank you for the awesome interview! My world is much better from the information gained from you and all your guests.

    If someone is interested in learning about gold and silver, cryptocurries, Bix Weir has great free videos.
    Big picture process:
    To purchase crypto, it is a three step process:
    1. Create an account at an Exchange (sometimes called a wallet, so it gets confusing) like Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini.
    2. Exchange your $, for bitcoin, eth or other crypto.
    3. Move the crypto to a wallet to keep it safe.
    Tons of info on the web on the details of each step.

    • Kim

      One Gram is another crypto available that is backed by both blockchain and gold. It is available to ANYONE. Do not let it intimidate you that it is Muslim approved. In fact it is a strength.
      1. Open an account with Goldguard.
      2. Purchase One Gram coins.

      • paul ...

        When your crypto-wallet is wiped out by an EMP from the Sun … how do you get your gold?? … it is better not to place “any barriers” between you and your money … a 1/50th ounce gold “bit coin” in your pocket will be a guaranteed 100 dollars of spending money for you after an EMP from the Sun(assuming gold is $5,000 dollars/ounce when the EMP hits the Earth)!!

        • Kim

          There are ways to protect against an EMP, a paper wallet is best. Thank you for bringing it up.
          Diversity into gold and silver, cryptos, real estate, cash, etc. is the best we can do to protect ourselves. Also invest in yourself!
          No man or devil can keep you away from God’s blessings. Patience, especially during this, (hopefully slow) transition is key!

  66. dlc

    It is currently 106 degrees outside. I have not utilized my heat pump (which also provides air-conditioning) since late last September. (No heating this winter was necessary.) We do not have humid conditions yet, so I open my doors and windows at night and close up when the sun appears. My total utility costs per month are 125 dollars. That includes water, electric, garbage removal, and cable. I receive no discounts whatever. My unavoidable costs are food, taxes and insurances, home maintenance.

    If I told you what I lived on you would say “impossible.” I learned self-sufficiency in the Carter years. I cook/bake, sew, garden, and utilize the neighborhood handyman for those things that are physically or technically beyond me.

    If I have anything extra, even I can spring for PMs. I value this site because I feel that I have made some sensible decisions and am better educated as to what decisions to choose than the average person as a result.

    A neighbor remarked recently: “If gov’t checks stop, this neighborhood will collapse.” I sometimes feel like I live between parallel worlds of the inquisitive and those who do not want to know anything and hope to just carry on with gov’t as provider.

    I have no answers to anything anymore than the rest of you. I let go and let God — after I’ve done my part each day to the best of my knowledge and skills. It has worked for me so far. There will come a day when I will need help to walk across a room. Till then, I will utilize those things I learned out of necessity, which I now do out of enjoyment.

  67. CeeBee

    It’s a shame that this only plays back at 1080P
    To watch it would cost my monthly Data Allotment 1.1GB
    You blame YouTube for this. but if you continue to post Videos at 1080P you will lose viewers. People with iPads and smartphone plans will not “spend” that much date to watch 2 talking heads. This ain’t Netflix.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is beyond my control. So sorry, but it’s still a free interview. Netflix’s ain’t free.

      • CeeBee

        It’s interesting that several other “alt video posters” this evening have only 1080p for their videos. Perhaps you should contact Clif about this trend. He has posted thoughts on how YouTube has demonitized videos that has certian words in the title. This may be a new effort to deter many, who have Capped wireless plans, from viewing videos. The most you need for a talking head video is 144 resolution, when viewed on a phone or pad. There is no reason to force HighBandwidth on people who want this information.

  68. Phil

    Cliff is dead wrong on climate change.

    You folks better return to square one.

    • markp

      Show us the evidence, Phil.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Hey Phil,
      I’ll give you one undeniable time proven fact courtesy of a wise Greek philosopher who in essence said, “Politicians are both ignoramuses and rogues.” I’m quite confident Al Gore and his ilk are no exception to this prescient call.

    • foggygoggles

      Factual data to support your assertion please……….

  69. Mike R

    Couple of things about Crypto’s that Clif conveniently didn’t point out. With respect to Bitcoin, less than 30 people own more than 50% of all bitcoins ever mined. These are the first in, so they by far have the lion’s share of bitcoin “wealth.” Its like the early VC’s in any start up. They rep all the spoils. It’s very similar with all the new crypto’s coming on line on a near daily basis now. Virtually no barrier to entry, so it makes cryptos inherently worthless. They are like tulip bulbs right now, as there is a built in scarcity. So in reality, the people coming in over the past 3 years, don’t have very much in the way of ‘wealth’, and it will forever remain heavily slanted toward the original few. Is bitcoin really preserving wealth, or protecting against a fiat currency ? Thats highly debatable, as what goes up so fast, easily can drop down just as fast and just as much. To use it as a ‘currency’ or a medium of exchange, no business on the planet in their right mind, would be willing to handle this level of volatility in a medium of exchange, and accept payment, unless they turned around and cashed bitcoin almost immediately after they sold someone any goods. And then when they do that, they’d get hit with an immediate federal capital gains tax of 15%. So truly, AT BEST, Bitcoin is nothing more than a highly speculative gamble, sort of worse than buying some chips at Vegas, bc those chips can only be used for gambling, and its not even a useable commodity, not a stock, not a dividend producing asset, and certainly too volatile to be a medium of exchange. With so many new ones coming out, what it seems like to me, is there will be a point where virtually all of them become worthless, and do so nearly overnight, when its least expected. I also disagree with Clif that this is an indication of hyperinflation. In reality its more an indication that everything on the planet is so over valued, and that this is all very symptomatic of immense QE, and monetary printing the likes of which man kind has never seen before, so mankind does not understand how to handle this monetary explosion. If anything, Bitcoin is indicative of an impending, highly deflationary event, whereby when stocks, bonds, real estate, nearly everything implodes once people have recognized that all this asset inflation has been funded by completely unrepayable debt, or completely debased currency, it all comes crashing down including every single cryptocurrency. None of these crypto’s will ever be a store of wealth. The blockchain logic may in the far distant future represent something digitally useable when governments completely eliminate all cash, but that won’t happen until everything implodes first, becomes virtually worthless, and drops in value at least 90 to 95%. At that time, when everything has lost everything some new form of a currency, with crypto like security features may emanate from the ashes, but it will like always, be government issued. I’m sure I’ll get blasted, but there isn’t any better ponzi scheme crafted by man in the history of man-kind, than these crypto-currencies. And for all you folks know, Clif could easily be one of the early people involved in ‘mining’ them, so he might be profitting immensely. He has a perfect schtict going with all this linguistics stuff to serve as a form of incredible marketing and advertising actually. He was one of the very first btw to talk about cryptos some years ago.

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you have a source for this: “less than 30 people own more than 50% of all bitcoins ever mined.”

      • Mike R

        Back in 2013 an article was done indicating that 47 people owned 28% of all Bitcoin. Bitcoin has its group of very rich people. Its very own “one percent”. However, in cryptocurrency’s case, this group is composed of 47 individuals who own 28.9 percent of all digital coins. The numbers were revealed by the Finnish entrepreneur Risto Pietilä, based on Blockchain data exposed on the site, and then quoted by Business Insider. Martti Malmi, a prominent Bitcoiner and one of the world’s first developers, agrees with these results: “the order of magnitude seems right”.

        Since that time, the FBI gained a huge chunk as a part of the Silk Road theft, getting about 144,000 coins. Satoshi Nakamoto is the single largest holder at over 1,000,000 as of mid 2016, but he has it spread amongst hundreds if not thousands of wallets. As do a lot of the early developers and miners, who hoarded a lot. Impossible to track by wallet addresses, as there are tons of small ones. Whats happening is that number shrunk from 47 people, who owned 28% to less than 30 people, who now own 50%. Basically some very rich people, have accumulated through auctions, and other means of hoarder, and buying out a bunch of miners, when prices were much much lower, and even more volatile between 2013 and last year.

        • mark

          very helpful comment Mike R. Thank you

  70. Jason Hall

    Hi Greg
    As usual, great insight from Clif.
    The big concern I have with the whole ‘crypto-currency’ is that no body seems to have drawn the connection between the “Establishment Elite” desire for a “cashless society” so that they can keep the debt & corruption cycle/party turning, & have total control over EVERYONE & their wealth.
    It seems to me that Crypto’s provide the perfect spring-board for this shift to the Orwellian Nirvana. I realise that (apparently) there seems to be fail safe for this in the Crypto’s, BUT, is there really? I mean it’s all based on zero’s & one’s (0 & 1) as ANY computer system is, so how can we be so sure that this whole Crypto’ thing isn’t ‘their’ under-handed way of introducing something they know we will reject, as something that (appears) to save us??
    They have viciously crucified & manipulated Gold/Silver to protect the US$$ for so long now, so why after so much effort on their part, would they now just sit back & ‘watch’ Crypto’s have the same dangerous risk to their ‘party’ that Gold/Silver has in the past?? It doesn’t make any sense!! I’m VERY wary of this Crypto’ stuff, I smell a BIG, silent FART!!
    Their cunning & level of evil knows no bounds & they have become masters of manipulation- often using our own solutions against us. I fear this is just another of those moments. They want to steal everyone’s wealth- they done it in the stock market & bonds, they’ve done it with the property markets & they’ve done it domestic jobs & industry, they’ve done it with Oil prices………. Why not the new kid on the block, Crypto’s???

    • Charles H

      IF the object or goal is to break the back of the Public’s trust in “currency”: crypto’s fill the bill. People will take ‘the Chip’ – grasping at something promising to be secure. Sheeple.

  71. Ms Bob Santiago

    Aloha – What a great article-and so right on. I’ve been into cryptocurrency the last 3 years. If the banks go chit house – you can’t get your money. If you had a substantial balance in a bank do you really believe it’s left alone out of your control? With digital currency; you have full control of your funds – Kids, 4 yrs old+ know about a smart phone; they won’t lose their lunch money again. You won’t forget your purse as long as you have your phone. Who’s going to rob you if you have no credit cards or cash? The “bank” is never close, takes no holidays. Who doesn’t want access 24/7/365 of their money? Hackers? Will be spinning their wheels w/ the security updates. And with a 34 alpha-numeric address – it would be like you trying to steal 100k in coins. I’m only afraid of what I don’t know. I do know I’m keeping a bare minimum in the bank. Doesn’t it feel good you have a choice now? Doesn’t it? I’m a gal one month from retirement age – Welcome it – I am! It’s my money. I’ve done my research. My experience. That’s all I got ;*)

    • Greg Hunter

      You need some physical metal to go with the digital.

      • Ms Bob Santiago

        Your article was thoughtful; we all look for that one thing that will take care of us. the last four years silver hasn’t change much; I was selling mine on eBay this winter. I can buy more silver but keeping it secure; I could pack it back and forth; maybe find a place in my motor home. Now with digital currency; it’s weightless, sightless, and 99.9% “steal proof.” What works for me might not work others. Yet- I will ponder…Mahalo

        • Greg Hunter

          Not wise to not have a core physical position. You simply cannot be all in on anything.
          Thank you for sharing.

    • francis m reps

      On the money Jason Hall. As Hugo Salinas Price { smartest living man; in my opinion } says; ” People are EASILY FOOLED “.

  72. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Bush and Obama’s the religion of peace is at it again, Sharia law and London’s “no-go” areas are to blame. We need to all wake up and realize this is a global phenomenon and needs to be dealt with under war time conditions; not candles and flowers.

  73. Hatemail

    I would not be dismissive of the potential of an EMP attack.
    The Starfish Prime EMP experiment in 1962 was a detonation of a 1.5 Megaton hydrogen bomb @ 240 miles altitude in the Pacific. The test fried wiring in Hawaii 800 miles away. That would be an effective diameter of 1600 miles.

  74. Don

    Lots of people, means more people believe your a trust source of news, Greg. Good to see. Always enjoyed listening to Cliff, his work is intriguing. I guess because of his software, having the character that it does.

  75. Joe

    I got a little Bit Coin but the only Ripple I got is in this here bottle. I drink the Ripple every so often. Helps ease the pain from the butt heads! And I hate the weasels in the theaters…prolly put there by the butt heads! 🙂

  76. glen charles

    its a war with no stop button,

  77. Erika Miller

    Sorry, it is bit long. I find Clif’s reports interesting in that they make me aware of what train is approaching but often the train never comes or else the train arrives in disguise. My major concern about crypto currencies is what governments can or will do to derail the blockchain technology in a way that benefits the banks and governments. Specifically I ask myself why have governments not yet acted and what are they contemplating right now? I believe these are questions of concern to many. I found Clif’s reply as to the inherent risk a bit flippy.

    This is info I found on the Monetary Reset website

    It appears crypto currency is the brainchild of the US government. Hard to believe, but read on. The National Security Office published a paper way back in 1996 titled “How to Make a Mint: The Cryptography of Anonymous Electronic Cash” and posted it on MIT’s website for all to see. It described bitcoin to the T. Scroll half way down to read the portion

    It appears that bitcoin is not just a private experiment that the US government is allowing but it is allowing the development of bitcoin technology because the government wants to implement its own crypto currency, an E-dollar, a replacement of the US dollar. And bitcoin seems to serve the purpose of beta testing for the E-dollar. The E-dollar would phase out cash and open the door for significant negative interest rates! Looks to me like a bailin in slow motion. And an E-dollar could be used for capital control purposes. Ouch! Keep on reading. It gets even more interesting.

    Larry Summers, former US Treasury Secretary and one of the architects of the 2008 financial debacle, and bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen, joined the Digital Currency Group as senior advisors. Digital Currency Group studies blockchain technology and owns Coindesk, the largest bitcoin news site. Now, what advice would Larry Summers, the ultimate insider, provide that is in the best interests of banks and the government? That is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

    Central banks of China and UK are also studying introducing their own crypto currencies.

    Gavin Andresen in an interview with Chris Martenson, indicated that if a government created a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin, supported by tax collection and legal tender laws it would have clear advantages over bitcoin, and would take back market share. So far, I have not heard Chris Martenson come out in support of investing in bitcoin.

    I am not implying that crypto currencies cannot be used to make money but it seems to me dark clouds are building carrying thunder, light and rain.

    • mark

      thank you for this Erika

  78. mike

    Sell stocks and buy gold. Then sell gold and buy silver. Then buy bitcoin and keep some gold. Oh, bitcoin is O.K. but there are other cryptos that may do better. Oh, and stocks will go up with dollar collapse, so keep some stocks – but gold will do better and silver better than that and crypto even better. This story keeps evolving. Something to consider: The senior currency, in this case the USD, always outperforms all asset classes, at least initially, in a post-bubble economic contraction.

  79. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Absolutely brilliant Greg – thank you.

  80. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    That said I believe Mike R’s observations re cryptos offer a significant caveat.

  81. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Nor can I see members of the Royal Family scrabbling for jobs in the next five years….given that they’re probably the biggest landowners in the UK.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yeah I was thinking that. Plus plenty of gold and silver…

  82. zteve.0

    I put a small amount of money into litecoin a couple years ago – just remembered it and was really happy that it has gone up in value – tried to send it to a company prepared to give me cash but the “send coins” feature is disabled in my coinbase app, and no response from customer support – be careful ppl …if you don’t hold it you don’t own it

    • mark

      Sorry to hear, but thanks for your post zteve.0

  83. zteve.0

    it occurs that if i had started a crypto app and somebody with a briefcase and sunglasses said to me: looks like domestic terrorism, you better cease and desist…well i don’t know for sure what i’d do

  84. Flattop

    GREG: If crypto currencies become a threat to the dollar and the euro, the cryptos will not be allowed to continue unless the big banks can control them. At which time they will begin to manipulate them, and we all know what that leads to

    • JC

      Flattop between you and I. The fed may be the ones behind crypto currency. Don’t tell anyone I told you this.

  85. John M.

    The problem with cryptos are the mysterious nature of their intrinsic values. Unless they are truly connected to precious metals, then confidence in their values may be no better than in our dying dollar and other currencies based on fraudulent central banks and governments. Unfortunately, the vast majority of cryptos will probably end up being fake and worthless, just like a lot of the garbage and disinformation on the internet discredits real truthful information.
    Although technology has always been important in modern life, I’m not so sure it will always be used for good purposes, like creating and/or storing wealth. It’s kind of hard to eat an Apple cellphone even when adding seasoning. The internet has proven to be a valuable tool too, but (like Rob Kirby) it’s hard not to think that our military/deep state does not have a kill-switch to shut down the internet.
    I’m not sure I completely trust block-chain technology. I’m not a Luddite, but I don’t put all my my faith in modern technology. I think God does not want us to put too much faith in anything we can create with our hands or minds.
    We should not put all our faith in gold and silver either. But I trust a bar of scarce metal more than any government or human being, with the exception of our Creator’s Son who died and resurrected 2000 years ago .

    • This sceptred Isle

      I think Warren Buffet advised people to only invest in what they understand or know about. This rules out crypto-currencies for me but my brain can stretch to rare elements.

    • JC

      A sinking drowning man will grab a straw to make a float. IE crypto. There is a reason for the madness the oligarchs have created. Control at all cost.

    • mark

      God bless you John M, Amen! There is only one “commodity”, if you will, the precious spotless blood of Christ, that can redeem or “buy back” man (both men and women) from under the curse of sin and sin’s “wages”, or penalty which is death and secure for us an incorruptible, undefiled and unfading inheritance in glory, the glory of the Only Begotten Son of God in Whom the Father of glory finds His delight, the One in Whom we have been graced, having been blessed with “every spiritual blessing” in the heavenlies in Christ!
      That is why I say to you John and to all who receive the testimony which the Father has testified concerning His Son, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit! For, “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2 Tim.1:7).

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for this. Christ is the only thing you have (or don’t have) when you die.

  86. John M.

    P.S., This Sunday’s reading from Genesis was about the story of Babel. It was where God punished the people with confusion because they had too much hubris in their own man-made works and creation. They thought they could reach the heavens of God with a tall tower.

    • mark

      This is man in his pride attempting to attain for himself apart from faith, the faith of the Son of God who “loved me and gave Himself for me” (Gal.2:20) that glory which belongs to the Only True God alone which was revealed and made available to all as a gift in the Person of His Son that we may know WITH ONE ANOTHER the oneness and the joy of that love which the Son, the Beloved in Whom the Father delights, has known in the bosom of the Father from before the foundation of the world!

  87. Doug

    I got a new coin coming out called, S.U.C.K.E.R , ( I got to hope it takes off.) I thought of it, so I am top of the ponzi group. That the problem with these cryto currency, somebody had to make them, like the U.S. government makes dollars. I predict for gold for Feb. 2018, $2113, silver, $21.13. If I am correct, I look forward to being interview by Greg on my predictions.

    • This sceptred Isle

      That is my biggest problem – nobody knows who issued these crypto-currencies. How can you trust the issuer if you don’t know who the issuer is? Better the devil you know as they say, which in my case is the Bank of England.

  88. tagio

    Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler co-wrote an article that appeared about a week or two ago on gold and crypto currencies. While the number of each individual crypto currency units is limited, and is in that sense finite, THERE IS NO LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF CRYPTO CURREENCIES THAT CAN BE CREATED. Thus, crypto currencies are, in essence, no different than fiat (there is no limit on how many units can be created) except for the fact that they are not (to our knowledge) centrally controlled.

    GREG, a guest suggestion. You may want to interview Ralph Emerson of the Doomstead Diner. He has a very good article up that is cross posted at about why collapse is happening now. I think you would find him an entertaining guest.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • This sceptred Isle

      and how do we know that Bitcoin will not become the Amiga 500 of the crypto world in 5 years time. There is no guarantee that someone will not invent a better crypro-currency. You cannot invent a new precious metal so easily.

  89. FC

    Thank goodness for you Greg and what you do because Caliphate News Network (CNN) are at it again.

  90. Flattop

    WOW GREG, a major amount of comments on Clifs input.
    A question_ Illinois/California are billions of dollars in debt, where do they get the money to keep day to day operations going???

  91. Derkong

    Buy silver you hold in your hand, it’s on sale…

  92. Leah from Seattle

    Thanks again for the interview Greg. Seems to me, that with all the different various crypto currencies now being developed, one has to wonder why there isnt just one. I mean you have to wonder what motivation there was to design a new crypto currency, and more importantly why? I immediately think the root is greed. It certainly isn’t for the good of humanity.

  93. JC

    Greg I have been in the hills this week. I took several times…… to hear this interview.. I am not disappointed. Thanks for asking the right questions.
    Some parts of TN would not even know a EMP happened.

    • JC

      I met a man that has never sat on a modern toilet True dat

      • dbcooper

        JC, Last time I counted we owned 5 outhouses !! It is not that we collect them but they are all strategically placed around the homestead!! Yours, DB

        • JCD

          DB. I just don’t see the need for strategy . Invisibility is my goal. I am a one man with a connected group. Sad to say they have a air conditioner hooked onto the grid. I am working on a water cool system so they can disconnect if needed. Hydraulic ram pumps from spring water. Be safe brother.

  94. Rich M.

    Okay, so I am not doubting this guy but just playing devil’s advocate here. Anyone who wants to entertain this and respond to me is VERY welcome.

    1) So this guy used to work for Microsoft, right?
    2) Supposedly, Bill Gates and Paul Allen are among the very top of the global elitists who would NEVER want the current system to change/fail?
    3) So why in the world would they allow a guy like Clif High to exist and/or go around and spill the beans about the threat to their globalist plans and how it will be destroyed…. via some Matrix movie -all powerful – type crypto-conspiracy new magical algerythmn that will take them all down?????

    I am now studying cryptocurrency theories and am only 20% there on my understanding…. it is complex stuff for sure but I have only been studying it as of tonight. So I am still apprehensive to believe this guy “yet” but am motivated to try to figure out what the hell he is even talking about.


    • Greg Hunter

      Rich M,
      You are giving the elite way too much credit.

  95. Neil

    Hmmm…dangerous stuff here.
    I hope Clif has somewhere to hide out from a whole lot of rabid speculators if it doesn’t come to pass as he has said. While he is enjoying some notoriety presently and of course the publicity does wonders to pump demand it could be begging for trouble.
    To me it has the hallmarks of an escapist mania. It might be even be the hyper Ponzi for hyperinflation times.
    I really do have doubts about crypto except for those who were in at ground level and hold a large number for speculative purposes.
    I will admit though in action, as a self replicating phenomena, it is spectacular to behold and definitely makes it much harder for previous covetous activities like Pet Rocks and Furbies to make a come back.
    Could we get to the point be the most popular crypto will turn out to be ‘Delirium’ shortly before ‘Rapture’?? dunno…
    Really I think his prognostications tainted with more than a little fanciful new age projection amount to little more than reading tea leaves or palms. Basically you see what you want to and of course everyone else is a butthead so…
    One thing the crypto crush does very well is provide the most rapid means to deploy a one world digital currency.
    Happily sitting this madness out. 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      High did give warnings that some crypto currencies will be a huge rip-off. Also, whenever someone speculates, it is on them to decide how much risk to take and whether or not to even take a risk. A few months back High predicted Bitcoin would take of in price and he was correct. I just interviewed Andy Hoffman at Miles Franklin Precious Metals and he says, “The safest bet you can make right now is go out and buy gold and silver coins as a core asset and forget about it. You do not have to over think your protection.” He is also a fan of Bitcoin and says it’s here to stay, but this is going to be a very rough ride and will not be for everyone.

      • John


        Congratulations on the feedback this topic has generated! I feel that people need to be very careful in regards to these crypto currencies. I do not see the U.S. Government allowing its authority to stipulate what is money to be circumvented by these alternative digital currencies. Who will decide the winner amongst the various digital currencies already in play? IMHO, the digital currency winner will be the one coded by the government if crypto currencies are even adopted in the first place. I would not bet against gold and silver – too much history going for it as money. I see a situation where both digital and paper currencies will be congruent in this country as a means to make transactions for goods and services but the real value will be the entity that backs that currency – gold, silver, oil, wheat, corn, water, minerals and other hard assets. The mechanism to accomplish this is being assembled before our very eyes – the SDR.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree John. The safest play to counter the dollar is gold and silver and they are still cheap. There is also virtually zero learning curve with Au and Ag and you cannot say this for the cryptos. That said not doubt people that do their homework and can trade will make some cash but there is much risk.

          • Neil

            …lead me not into temptation…
            The protection of your assets from ruin by others fraud and restoration of sound money and true market value are one thing, pumping a magical elixir of electronic matriculation as a cure or escape to the disadvantage/exploitation of the less aware or foolish is another. Consider that you might conceive of a way to earn one of a limited number of ‘valuable’ tokens by doing a number of press-ups. Each person has to do one more press-up person than the last to earn a token. Eventually tokens become physically impossible to earn. Crypto currencies are a nerds scam in my opinion. Those whose lives are lost in their mobile phones will not notice however because it involves high technology and so it must be good by default.
            Could the block chain as a secure accounting system be useful somehow? Yes but people are well ahead of themselves as far as official adoption of it. Potentially none of the present crytpos could be around in due course.
            If governments were good and effective you would probably ban a rogue parallel scheme like crypto outside the nations official currency and transactions until there was a place for it. If they really were useful to society as a means of efficient exchange they might be licensed, audited and taxed in a responsible fashion and for good reason.
            Presently we enmeshed in an evolved and complex system of commerce and our modern just in time specialised existence relies on it functioning well.
            We either need to actively defend our civilisation with its accumulated rules or abandon it as lost and most likely to our peril. This alternative monetary universe is a distraction from the real mission and a symptom of the larger moral corruption and confusion that is the issue. There can be serious consequences to our action or inaction. Once again there are plenty of takers and few to none to oppose it.
            I guess Christ will have to come back yet again to overturn the money changers tables..
            To my mind this is another vital moral/character test on the world. It shows how people are easily corrupted at the potential of personal gain and also they learned nothing from the consequences of sending jobs overseas to profit from cheap labour… The number of those ‘saved’ in this pending ‘judgement’ is going to be very very few in my humble opinion.

            • Greg Hunter

              As a reporter, the story has gotten so big that I am forced to cover the crypto currencies. Andy Hoffman pointed out “There are going to be A Lot of losers” with crypto currencies. I think he is correct. I still think the safest way to play this is to simply protect your assets and buy gold and silver (coins) after you paid off your car and hopefully your home. Thank you for your comment.

  96. Mike from the North

    Cliff High is like Jim Willie…extremely intelligent but also entertaining.
    I love to watch and listen to them both.
    I am not into Bitcoin and likely will not but I do have a BitGold account.
    I am very much into PM’s and have not only regular bullion but have entertained myself by putting together some amazing collections of PM products. Hand poured vintage silver, Casino Strikes and beautiful select Morgans.

    I have done this so that I can allow myself some distraction, distraction from the Absolute Chaos that has to come from the mess that the Fraudulent Central Bank Fiat System we have lived with this last 100 plus years.
    In truth I believe the USA has lost it’s ability to govern itself. WHY? Likely because it has been destroyed from within by the elite and by design.
    GOD will give them their justice.
    They have stolen, killed and lied their way to hell.imho

    Do as Greg says. Prepare with food, water access and PM’s and be prepared with a plan to protect your preparations.
    Cliff is right…major changes are about to occur.

    • Mike R

      I’m willing to bet anyone on this website that the price of gold trades at $10,000 per ounce, long before Bitcoin reaches $10,000. If you look at what happened today, when someone as unremarkable as Mark Cuban simply tweets “Bitcoin is in a bubble”, and the price craters more than $200, then you know something that volatile and sensitive to tweets from a nobody, does not have the robust characteristics of anything even remotely resembling a fungible currency, or a realistic medium of exchange. Again, as I have said before, no sane business person is going to accept Bitcoin for goods on any sort of on-going basis. Sure people can speculate all they want, but I guarantee you that I have done business with many hundreds of businesses over 32 years, and none of them would touch this stuff with a 10 foot pole.

      • FC

        Couldn’t agree more.

  97. Chief TooKiller Mockingbird
    Ed Schultz Blasts ‘Absolute Hogwash’ CNN For Comey Reporting, ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Kushner ; Skip to 4:10_________________________________
    The Mocking Bird Fascist Leftist Media is salivating for homey Comey’s emperor has no clothes coming out on Thursday. Me thinks this will be another repeat of, he who laughs last laughs the loudest and the American sheeple have sure been getting the last laugh in this civil war with the Mocking bird brains!

  98. JQP

    Doesn’t all “money” inevitably find it’s way to it’s true intrinsic value? If so, what is the intrinsic value of zeros and ones?

    So, what should you really invest in?… before I provide my answer please realize that I’m a great programmer that regularly fixes what other lesser programmers think is impossible to fix – so, automatically I’m an expert on everything and I can predict the future by using my special programming skills to return gobs of data that I peer into on my computer screen (a.k.a., the modern crystal ball) while wearing special glasses and sitting on a stability ball in my recently renovated GMC EM-50 urban assault vehicle. ;P

    I am certain that the greatest most valuable asset is continually and consistently flushed down the toilet every single day. Yes, I am sure you will be shocked to know that I am talking about the very thing that non of us wants to admit or talk about… “poo”.

    The best news is you create your own poo daily… so, instead of flushing it – put it in a bag and save it because some day real soon it will be worth tens of thousands if not millions of . Additionally, if you are starting now you will have plenty of time before the poo hits the fan (especially if you only own ceiling fans).

    I can see new technology that will use silver in completely new ways. This new technology will produce vast amounts of energy (or it could be that I’m seeing… your wife screaming at you to stop putting the good silverware in your poo bag).

    That’s right I am predicting poo will go through the roof (especially the scent of poo).

    And hey, if I’m wrong you can stew in your own poo with the realization that you jumped on the poo bandwagon because you thought a programmer could somehow reliably predict the future.

    PS, remember even a broken clock is right twice per day unless it is a 24 hour clock then it is only right once per day… and a working clock that is not set to the correct time is never correct


    Greg, hope you have a laugh… love your show

    • dbcooper

      JQP, Now that was entertaining !! around here we just call it fecal matter (as in hitting the fan) or just ‘nure for short !! Yours, DB.

      • JCD

        DB Cooper , Now I get your strategy. LOL.

  99. Larry Galearis

    As long as the man talks about what he knows, I agree with him. Gold is presently breaking out, and deliveries are heavy and whether it is a delivery month is irrelevant. And he is right about the hyperinflation; Bitcoin is devaluing the USD – as gold and silver would if allowed to perform. But it is a bubble, and the people who confuse the cryptos with currencies do not understand that currencies cannot function as such with volatility. And that is one of the reasons that futures contracts for gold and silver are also poor substitutes.
    We might also note that the paper prices are also getting support from the Chinese – who are probably watching the delivery action on the COMEX. We are right at the edge of the “fear” time when people are looking at their dollars with fish eyes….. But keep in mind that the vast majority of the population is not there yet. Ideologues rule and always will.

  100. Jenny J. Bullocks

    With One Tweet, Chuck Todd Reveals The Truth About the Mainstream Media
    Posted at 4:00 am on February 17, 2017 by Jay Caruso
    NBC’s Chuck Todd is happy to blame Donald Trump for his profession’s problems and abdicate any responsibility.
    Chuck, McComb county needs you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for this Jenny. I have said repeatedly on USAW that the MSM derives it’s power from you thinking it is a fair arbiter of the truth. A recent Harvard study backs me up on this: They have been exposed by many metrics that the MSM is not fair, and in fact, a propaganda machine for the NWO and communists who would like to be called Democrats. Hey, to be fair, the Republicans have their criminal cronies too.

  101. Kim

    Start of the end of silver manipulation?!

  102. Mike R

    In case any of you Bitcoin fans missed it…..
    The Natural Buyers of Bitcoin are Ransomare Victims?

    That’s the allegation made this morning, allegedly: The natural “buyers” of Bitcoin are the victims of ransomware attacks.

    Well, if that’s the driver of said “value” then the operation of such an “exchange” is economically indistinguishable from operating a continuing criminal enterprise — that is, Racketeering.

    And I remind you that under RICO in the United States one of the primary felonies including in such a scheme (that is, which must be present for it to be charged) includes extortion, under which Ransomware clearly falls.

    Everyone involved in or who profits from such a scheme is equally liable under the law and subject to being charged under same — and what’s worse that which is used to perpetuate same is subject to seizure.

    Yes, this means the exchanges, the “blockchain” confirming nodes, even the miners along with (of course) anything found in both (that would include your coins) is subject to seizure and forfeiture.

    How do you make ransomware disappear? Go after what makes it profitable.

    Karl Denninger picks up on one of the major weaknesses of anything that is digital and internet based. Got gold ?

  103. David

    If I’m a waitress at Denny’s in Cedar Rapids, Iowa how am I going to accept Bitcoin as a tip?
    If I’m a car mechanic in Reno, Nevada am I going to accept Bitcoin for my services when the value could be half tomorrow?
    If I’m a plumber in Louisville, Kentucky with no computer skills am I going to accept Bitcoin as payment for the services I provide?
    If I run a “mom and pop” hardware store in some nondescript town in Kansas am I going to accept Bitcoin for that lumber or copper pipe that you need?
    The answer to these questions is of course no. I don’t see Bitcoin being widely accepted and embraced by the masses because they don’t know the difference between a blockchain and and engine block. It is esoteric and hard to explain to anyone but the most sophisticated individual. The waitress in Cedar Rapids understands the four bits you leave her for a cup of coffee even if it is back by zilch.

  104. BR

    Cliff is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.

  105. Marie Leonard

    Cripto currencies are not new terms I have never heard of before. However, I never took the time to look into that subject any deeper. That is no longer the case. I now really want to understand how it all works. I have searched but don’t trust the resources. I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction should I decide to invest in such currency and trust that I won’t get scammed.

    • Greg Hunter

      In my humble opinion the best and safest way to protect your wealth it to hold the title to your home and vehicle and also hold gold and silver coins as a core investment. You don’t have to over think this. If you do get into cryptos please don’t bet the farm.
      Your friend,

  106. Craig N.

    Great interview! Cliff talked about silver. I would like to hear his views about silver coins. I saw American Silver Eagle coins (1 ounce) selling anywhere from $100 each, $200 each, or $600 each, depending on the ‘story’ about how rare they were. Each had a certificate of authenticity and a fancy storage case. That’s quite a big difference from around $20 per ounce that you can find now for bars. I wonder if the American Silver Eagles will be more valuable than the same amount of silver bars in 5 years.

  107. George Vassallo

    Greg – Just listened to your most recent Clif High interview for the third time. Please bring him back VERY soon. Yes, he is incredibly smart but he is also very polite. Good show. Your website is the best – period. George

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