CV19 Vax is a Murder Campaign – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny was one of the first doctors to sound the alarm on the CV19 “vaccine” and the death and disability that would come from its widespread use during the so-called Covid pandemic.  Increasing numbers of mass death and disability have proven her right.  Dr. Tenpenny has long been against the use of all vaccines because data shows they do much harm and little good.  Dr. Tenpenny says, “When talking about the shots, it was just a natural extension for me to look at the Covid vaccine, and I really should not call it a vaccine because it is a bioweapon. . ..  I found 40 mechanisms of injury in July of 2021 and how the Covid shots could make you sick or kill you. . .. Early on I tried to warn people . . .. The reason they are letting off the accelerator is enough people have been injected that are going to die.  That was the intention.  It is population control or depopulation. . .. This was never meant to do good for people. . .. There were no long-term studies, and we pushed it on every age group all the way down to the fetus. . .. . I mean this is a murder campaign.”

How bad is this going to get with the official number of CV19 bioweapon/vax injections at well over 600 million in the USA alone?  Dr. Tenpenny predicts, “The data is clear, and the published studies show that even if you have had only one injection, you have some level of myocarditis.  It is present six months after the injection, and that means your heart muscle is not healing.  We also know that there are all these cancers popping up, even in kids. . ..  I don’t know if you can say 70% of the population is going to be gone, but I believe 70% of the population is going to be chronically sick, and of those, they will die eventually (from the bioweapon/vax) even if you have only had one injection.”

Dr. Tenpenny says as the numbers grow with death and disabilities coming from the CV19 kill shot, less and less people are in denial about the reality of what is happening.  Dr. Tenpenny says, “They are really going to try to stay in denial, but there will come a tipping point when they can’t deny it anymore.  I think the powers that be know that.  That’s the part of the narrative that they are losing control over.  There will be a tipping point in the world, and people will realize that this was a murderous campaign to depopulate the world. . . . Who is going to get to the gate first?  Are they going to get there first and lock us into being permanent slaves for the rest of our lives?  Or are “We the People” the large mass of people, going to get to the gate first, and push it forward and say NO way?  We should round up these people that did this to us and lock them up.  They should not be allowed to be walking free on this planet.”

Dr. Tenpenny has some good news too and offers some ways the vaxed and unvaxed being shed on can detox from this evil CV19 bioweapon/vax.

There is much more in the 39-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, one of the first medical doctors to tell everyone NOT to get this CV19 bioweapon injection.

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After the Interview:

For lots of free information, go to

There is more information on Dr. Tenpenny’s Substack called Dr. Tenpenny’s Eye on the Evidence.

Dr. Tenpenny’s Christian Substack is called Dr. Tenpenny – Walking With God.

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  1. John Duffy

    Barnhardt’s “Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil” full video presentation found, despite attempts by the Deep State to scrub it.

    • Anthony Australia


      Trauma Based Mind Control is a phenomenon that I have closely followed for over 15 years now. There are so many examples that are frightening; but the one that makes my hair stand up is that people actually believe the Vax was good for them. This interview delivered by a brave man named Greg Hunter will only resonate with the fully awakened audience.
      I had a family friend aged 43 and poof just like that died last week. On questioning how and why, we were told that there were underlying issues, the fact they had three prickles meant didly squat.
      There’s just no hope for them Greg, and even if they came face to face with the messiah they still wouldn’t believe it.

      I’ll tell you the prince of darkness has done a good job on this realm.

      This is the first few articles by the MSM propaganda outlet here on Sunday.
      ‘Class warfare: Lecturer targeted by trans activists over rally role’
      ‘ Greens, Labor clash over speed and scope of anti-vilification reform’
      ‘ Why towns are desperate to halt wave of bank closures’
      ‘ Leak reveals Zelensky privately plots bold attacks inside Russia’

      • Anthony Australia

        Deception by the 33Degree Freemasonry.

        • Anthony Australia

          Walter Veith

          Absolutely brilliant!

          Is This The Time Of The End

          • Phil

            so many people were afraid of losing their jobs. I decided early on I was not going to get an untested unproven medicine from dr von frankenfauci who was immune from lawsuit.
            I thought they were going to March me out the front gate. But it didn’t happen.

            • Greg Hunter

              Good on you Phil!!

            • AL


      • Anthony Australia

        The Hidden Agendas of The Secret Society and Freemasonry.

        • Warren B.

          The Freemasons / Jesuits are the armed militia of the Roman Catholic Church…..sanctioned by Pope Paul III in 1540. They were called the Knights of the Virgin Mary and later renamed The Society of Jesus.
          Freemasons were said to be created in England during the 19th Century…but they were indeed faux protestant footsoldiers. Just a fabrication to hide the truth. Many religions are derivatives of the Jesuits controlled RCC.

      • Richard Longacre

        Anthony, I agree that this delusion about these injections are part of Satan’s mass genocide plan but keep in mind what 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 states. This passage is for after the Antichrist has been revealed and the Great Tribulation (MOTB) has begun.

        “and for this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so they might believe what is false, in order that they may all be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness”.

        I know a number of wonderful Christian people that were deceived into taking one or more of these jabs, including family members that refused to listen to my warnings or even look at the data. When it appears to us that so many people will never wake up to the truth (cognitive dissidence) now under Satan’s deceptions, try to imagine how literally impossible it will be for non-truth-seeking people to wake up and recognize the truth once God sends His deluding influence. Now that is a scary thought. Do your best to wake up loved ones now.

        • Randy Sabados


          I am in the same boat as you as many of us are! I ave relatives that ae awakened bt my wife, God Bless Her, she never got the jab because she believes they were bad. But, she thinks of me as some far right winged conspiracy theorist!!! It is so frustrating but what can I do? We’ve been married for 48 years and have so much history together. I was very involved in our Lutheran Church back in Colorado until we moved 23 years ago. For two years we went back to the church but it took one hour to get there. You can imagine how bad it got in the winter! So we dropped out of the church but I still read my bible. My wife believes in Christ but she isn’t as into this stuff as me.
          I’ve written a book of inspirational poetry (it is copyrighted but not published as it is too expensive). If you’d like a copy, let me know.

          An way, so many golfing buddies I know who are Christian and conservatives, have received the jab and at least one has died so far. Others have cancer now, another has had a heart operation and his wife is also disabled (probably because of the jab). They are all so oblivious to the facts!!!
          Satan has definitely had a huge influence on these believers in Christ!

          May God’s grace and peace fall upon them all!!! And may those who are willing to look at the TRUTH, wake up from their spell of ignorance!

          Randy Sabados

          I don’t know if it is because of ignorance, or because of fear or whatever each and everyone’s reasons are. It just boggles my mind! I’ve lost friends over this as I’m sure you have as well.

          • Rick

            It just boggles the mind!! – that Biden can get away with effectively saying: White’s don’t have to be white to be “White Supremacists” – as Blacks and Hispanics that kill people are now called “White Supremacists” also!!

            • Rick

              So – we should all understand that “ALL the American People” are being targeted as Terrorists!!

        • George Sutter

          Richard for academic reasons watch the rapture of the wicked by pastor John weaver. As a scientist I follow some thing in the Old Testament .”investigate all things but keep the good. Or in modern terms eat the meat and spit out the bones.

          • Cindy

            Thank you for the information. I had previously heard of the rapture being the removal of the wicked, but had forgotten about it. The removal of the wicked makes more sense vs removal of the true believers at the harpazo.

      • Leo V

        Thanks for the work, Greg. Can you also get someone to talk about the effects of eating meat from cattle injected with the mRNA shot?

  2. Led Skelton

    Nothing changes.

    Nazi Josef Mengele whacking off sexual organs.

    Joe Biden, allowing and encouraging the whacking off sexual organs, and sending hundreds of billions to Nazi controlled Ukraine.

    Back in 2015 the DEMS and INDS all said Donald Trump was a Nazi and all felt he would have us in WWIII soon after election.

    Do you want to know what crimes the left is committing and getting away with… it is all the things the left is accusing the right of doing!! That is such a true statement yet I am the only one ever saying it.

    • Led Skelton

      USA is one Presidential Order away from becoming Frank’s glorified Fourth Reich. It is wierd how you can defend this Biden.

      Eh Frank, Nazis ARE bad.

    • Freed

      Why would you question the Holocaust? There are so many films, witnesses and documented proof.

    • Earth Angel

      Yes, And more credible sources and information keep coming out on the ‘conspiracy theory’ that Hitler & many of his top Nazi cronies escaped Germany through the Brenner Pass at the end of WW2 making safe passage to South America via the ‘ratline’ with the help of the Roman Catholic church assisting with fake identities/passports and harboring these fugitives along their voyage to foreign destinations. I recently stumbled onto the History channel documentary Hunting Hitler, I highly recommend anyone interested in the topic who hasn’t seen this to locate and view the series. Shocking evidence found EVERYWHERE- around the world by former cia and special forces military personnel to back these claims up. Really jaw dropping and eye opening stuff. No wonder the world is in such a desperate state- Yes we were duped again; we may have been led to believe we won the ‘battle’ in 1945, but it is now clear that we lost that war. We brought Nazi scientists and others to USA, Inc. and put them in charge of what is now the cia (Dulles Brothers & Wild Bill Donovan) and energy & nuclear programs, (the military & their contractors?) & countless other who knows WHAT?! Its pretty simple, if GOOD people were in charge then conditions in our world would be GOOD.

      • Isabel

        I saw that documentary “Hunting Hitler”. It was very well done. Seems quite plausible that Hitler escaped.

  3. Irish Red

    OK…COVID WAS/IS A Murder CAMPAIGN, Who is able to do anything about it or whats it’s done and is doing? I had it and my husband brought it home to me and he had it and I haven’t left my home in seven years at all and I still got sick for a whole month.
    In my 69 years, that started out being an orphan who was never adopted I’ve seen a lot of things. Never quite made it too a middle class life. I feel blessed because I own no house to lose, I have no land for “them” to steel, no savings account…and I am close to life’s’ exit and seeing America collapse is not something I don’t want to see anyway.
    I have lived my whole trusting God to meet my needs and he done that time and time again. With more riches there is more worry.
    I sincerely hope no one will lose anything they have worked so hard for but should that happen lean hard on God and he’ll help you through all of it.

    • i: a man; travis

      Thank you and God bless; that’s faith

  4. Bill

    Who’s going to fly the private jets?

    • Sam

      The Un-Vaxxed Pilots

      • Anthony Australia

        This Australian Qantas Pilot spells it out….

      • Don W.

        All the pilots had to get the shots. Now who are you going to use?

      • Bill

        That would be me. I lost all of my friends and my Mother won’t talk to me unless I call her.

        I flew Boeing jets for 30 years and got stage 4 cancer at 52. I’m curing my cancer with Fenbendazole and Ivermectin.

        330 rounds of chemo, 25 days of targeted radiation and then the hospital refused care because I wouldn’t take the jab. Now they are all terrified.

        Greg Hunter is a National treasure!

        God bless you Greg! Your in my daily thoughts and prayers 🙏

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Bill. We love you here and are pulling for you to beat your cancer!!

          • Bill

            No mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.
            1 Corinthians 2:9

            Your future self is going to thank you for not giving up.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks Brother Bill.
              I will never give up, and I will only kneel for Jesus.
              Brother Greg

        • Sam

          What Hospital is that?…You should tell us so we can keep the accountable for their CRIMINAL ACTIVITY…

  5. James Quagraine

    As Hunter Biden says “These are times that try men’s souls”.

    • mark deacon

      WEF pilots …. you did not think they would use vaxxed pilots for Davis did you?

    • Bill

      That would be me. I lost all of my friends and my Mother won’t talk to me unless I call her.

      I flew Boeing jets for 30 years and got stage 4 cancer at 52. I’m curing my cancer with Fenbendazole and Ivermectin.

      330 rounds of chemo, 25 days of targeted radiation and then the hospital refused care because I wouldn’t take the jab. Now they are all terrified.

      Greg Hunter is a National treasure!

      God bless you Greg! Your in my daily thoughts and prayers 🙏

  6. Jane Hill

    Oh Greg,
    How can we ever thank U enough.

    She is WAY beyond Excellent.

  7. Astraea

    It is us all just too shocking to understand.
    Thank you Greg and thank you Dr. Tenpenny for alerting us to this incomprehensible horror and cruelty. What KIND of people do such a thing? Who are they? Where do they come from?
    I know it has been going on for three years now, but I still cannot understand it – but I do understand that whoever it is wants the end of Western Civilisation – and white people.

    • Rick

      Dr. Tenpenny states: “The Data is Clear – published studies show that even people who had only One (1) injection – have some level of Myocarditis (responsible for the increasing number of Dead and Disabled Americans)!! Why do you think Biden recently sent US Troops to the Mexican border? – To help bring in hundreds of thousands of new illegal (Democratic Voters) into the US (because the US workforce has been decimated) and all the Corporations that participated in promoting the killer jab are in favor of an open border (as they now realize that for their businesses to survive “they will need new workers”)!! – We have to round up all the top Evil Satanic Demons – put them on board a Space X Rocket – and send every one of them to the Sun (where their God Lucifer lives) – they should not be walking around “free” on planet Earth with us Human Beings killing us in every way possible (even to the extent of cutting off our children’s sexual organs) – people may be asking Why?? – Why doesn’t God the Father just destroy Satan and get rid of his home??? – I think it’s because God the Father wants to give his son Adam and his son’s children (God’s grandchildren) a chance to become a Free and Independent Civilization that can exist peacefully in space (without the necessity of getting our light and heat from Lucifer’s sun) – once Human Civilization gets into God’s Heaven (and they can generate all the light and heat they need with their own hydrogen-fusion reactor) – God the Father will then be able to destroy Satan’s home “By Blowing It Up” (creating a Supernova “Black Hole” from which Lucifer “can never escape”)!! – and in the process of creating a Supernova produce more of the perfect incorruptible element (Gold) into the universe – Gold is a symbol of Satan’s defeat!! – therefore we all should turn in some of our wooden nickels (Fed fiat) and purchase an ounce of Gold to fashion into a Cross (as a symbol that God the Father “has already defeated evil in other various parts of the universe)!! – Satan and his Demon Eugenicists are currently making their last desperate moves (the Marburg Virus and Nuclear War) to prevent Humans from becoming “Independent of Lucifer’s Sun” (and finally breaking “free of evil” to Live in God’s Heaven) – the Satanist’s figure if they can reduce Earth’s population by 99% we will be “forever trapped” on Earth under Satan’s Rule!!

      • Mat G


        You must have recently watched the 1967 British film ‘Quatermass And The Pit’. Here is the terrifying clip featuring the Devil’s image.

        • Mat G


          Our civilization will end. Think about what Gurdjieff said a hundred years ago…

          “For Gurdjieff, the decline and disappearance of civilizations is tied to the “disequilibrium between ‘knowing’ and being”: “In the history of humanity there are known many examples when entire civilizations have perished because knowledge outweighed being, or being outweighed knowledge.” Are we not in a world where knowing far surpasses being?

        • Mat G

          Rick, understand?

          “What can we do?”
          “Mass into energy. A fundamental law. It must be. It might make sense. The devil’s enemy was iron.”
          “It might make sense. If we can project a mass of metal into it. Connect it to the ground.”
          “Discharge it to the Earth?”

          • Rick

            Mat G – What makes better sense to me is that we project “a mass” (a Space-X Rocket filled with stubborn Eugenicist mules who refuse to desist and abandon their evil agenda of human extermination) into Lucifer’s “mourning light” (the Sun) – to finally “discharge” Earth of it’s Evil Demons!!

  8. ulrich sherry

    Round them up and give them 3 shots and a booster !

    • Rick

      Pfizer can change the ingredients in the shots without us knowing it (to cover-up their massive crime killing millions) – and modify their jab to make it safe (like Trump keeps telling us) – so – rounding them all up and giving them 3 shots and a booster (won’t do a thing) – they need to be put on a Space X Rocket and sent on a one way journey to the Sun!!

  9. Robin Adair

    Greg, Dr. Tenpenny is an absolute jewel! I would love to see more of her presentations in the future. She’s one of the physicians that explains the way COVID is spread at work as well as other public places. Thanks for having her on. Robin

  10. Neville

    One of the very few doctors of the allopathic fraternity that can hold her head high. The excellent advice given by Dr Sherri saves lives unlike the the murderous fauci’s who is not only ignorant when it comes to giving medical advice he is just a damn liar as he doesn’t know what to prescribe other than what he has been told to prescribe.
    In 1959 my mother and i were told by a Doctor who converted from allopathy to HOMEOPATHY as two of his child patients died from the for-runner of the MMR so-called vaccination. After a lot of recrimination and a Damascus Moment in his life he converted to Homeopathy and thus started a career as one of the greatest doctors on Earth, in fact he had more than 29 allopath doctors on his patient list .how is that for having any sort of confidence in your profession.
    There were so many anecdotal accounts of his genius but all I can say is that he gave my mother 50 years of added life that could have been snatched from he by two agreeing allopath quacks.He tended to a woman who for almost 7years had a bleeding
    gum after seeing as many as 7 doctors she ended up seeing my Homeopath who discovered a toothbrush bristle was lodged in he uppet mesial tooth told her to alert her dentist who removed it and just gargle with salt water…..The expense incurred to get that stage was horrendous.
    Now here’s the punch line in 1959 the Brilliant doctor told us never to get vaccinated for any reason whatsoever as the junk used in this fraudulent concoction can cause serious illness and death.He listed the some of the sort of ingredients such as Lead,Mercury,Aliminium which are still widely used today as being deadly and besides never put anything into your bodies which our LORD GOD CREATOR didn’t create the body out of AND BESIDES HE GAVE US AN IMMUNE SYSTEMWHICH IF PROPERLY TENDED TO WILL KEEP ALL SORTS OF MAN MADE VIRUSES AT BAY

    Thank You DR Sherri tenpenny and GREG for yet another great show

  11. Sam

    What a Special Lady….Brought Tears to my eyes…Such Loving Humanity is RARE!

  12. Marie Joy

    They will start WWIII before they allow themselves to be punished.
    Lifetime Ivermectin, 12 mg per 100 pounds of body weight, per day. If you weigh 200 pounds, that’s 24 mg per day.
    The intent is worldwide genocide.
    Beware of shedders.
    If 60% of Americans received at least 1 shot, the loss of population and workers will be DEflationary.
    I know a real estate agent who is waitressing because business is so bad. This is a woman who made Big Bucks just 3 years ago.
    I do NOT expect punishment because courts are corrupt and Americans have no backbone.
    Take your money out of banks. Invest in tangibles.
    Keep some cash for taxes and just in case.
    If you can’t touch it, you don’t own it.
    Strong rope. Assets seized.
    TEOTWAWKI, forecast for decades, is upon us.
    The worst thing about this is that we let it all happen. Some of us knew and none of us were willing to do what needed to be done.

    • Rose Mont Sellicka

      Reply to Marie Joy
      What is TEOTWAWKI and How to Survive it
      by Megan Stewart
      “TEOTWAWKI” means The End Of The World As We Know It. Wow, that sounds pretty bad, right? The truth is not many of us can truly have a real idea of what TEOTWAWKI will actually be like until it’s happening. Your grandparents or great grandparents might have a small inkling if they lived through any part of the Great Depression.
      You already know that something is different about the world today than it was ten or even five years ago. The state of the world is getting worse, not better. It’s happening fast and it’s happening all around us. And a lot of people are blind to it or are in denial about what’s coming.
      Now here’s the even scarier news. Being prepared doesn’t guarantee you and your family won’t struggle during a TEOTWAWKI event. It does give you a much bigger fighting chance than those who don’t prepare. Keep in mind that just moving from the city to a rural area won’t save you. Stockpiling three years of food and water won’t make survival a sure thing either. There are actions you can take to increase your odds of survival, but there still is no guarantee.,stores%20will%20be%20completely%20out%20of%20certain%20items.

      Panic in Year Zero! 🎬
      Under-rated movie that captures the worst fears of the Cold war. Ray Milland and Frankie Avalon are great.

      🎬______The Last Man On Earth! Parts 1-5!
      Silver and Gold? No!_”_STOCK UP ON GARLIC ‼ ” FULL MOVIE
      Your bad breath, just might save your wife and your life!

      InvasionUSA 1952 WWIII CAME EARLY! LOL! 🎬

  13. Shirl

    Pray up like your life depends on it, because it does.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Shirl, and might I add your everlasting life.
      Brother Greg

      • Shirl

        Indeed,sir. Excellent interview as always. Thank you!

        Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there…not including the very few in number and Perverted TRANNY NWO Glo-Bullist termed “birthing people” 😂😂😂

    • mark deacon

      We knew … but through the use of gas lighting and false narratives pushed by the MSM they kept us divided so as not too challenge what they were doing.

      That is why I have 0 respect for the MSM now because it was never possible without their complicit actions.

  14. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks so much for having Dr Tenpenny on. Loved it, loved it!
    In particular, from 29 minute on, lots of very useful / usable info on preventive regimens and remedies.

  15. DJW

    What about MMS/Chlorine Dioxide as an alternative for those who can’t get Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine? Some doctors have suggested that all three should be considered equal forms of treatment.

    • Richard Longacre

      DJW, I used MMS/Chlorine Dioxide for two weeks straight and it took away almost all of my Long COVID symptoms. I have used Ivermectin once a month for over a year now but my symptoms were getting worse. I also have taken Quercetin, Zinc, NAC, vitamins, C, D, & E, baby aspirin, multivitamin, and Omega 3 and 6 for over two years yet my symptoms were not going away.

      No doctor, including I bet Dr. Tenpenny, will ever recommend Chlorine Dioxide because it has been completely demonized by the FDA, MSM, and AMA as “Bleach”. They would lose their medical licenses. Even though it has a 100% cure rate for Malaria and COVID.

      Here is a list of my symptoms that have completely disappeared after using Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)/ Chlorine Dioxide 3 drops of A&B, three times a day for two weeks:
      Shortness of Breath
      Brain Fog
      Inability to focus or concentrate
      Altered Cognition
      Inability to exercise
      Post-exertion Malaise
      Palpitations and arrhythmia
      Tachycardia on exertion
      Vertigo and Tinnitus (still have some of these symptoms)

      I have also started on EDTA cream therapy to try and help DETOX some of the heavy metals but that has only been for a week now. I take one dose of MMS/CD every few days as well. Hope this helps.

    • Heather NoVax

      All day chemist dot com
      It is a pharmacy out of India. I ordered HCQ and ivermectin from there. The prices are very good, and it was 20 bucks shipping. Took 3 weeks to arrive. Numerous people I know have ordered from there and all been happy.
      I had 2 family friends, both elderly, both hospitalized and on the brink of dying, we smuggled them in some ivermectin, and they both made a huge turn around off of ONE dose. Like, went home from the hospital the next day. Both of them were about to be ventilated, the families were fighting with the doctors over it. One had one dose of remdesivir (terrible stuff). One of them told me, the day he got home from the hospital after one dose, “I feel 99% better, and the only reason I’m not 100% is because that dang hospital bed has me ache’n so bad” .

      So yeah, order ivermectin and HCQ from the website-
      All day chemist dot com

  16. Martin Coombs

    The word tells you what is going to happen, don’t add or take out. Speculation is not written in it.

  17. Michael Janket

    We have an attorney general at state level who will never, ever mention the real horrible things with our state and federal governments. He will gladly sue a toothpaste manufacturer for some impurity in the paste, yet he will NEVER touch on the subjects like chemtrails, the horrible “vaccines” espoused by Klaus Schwab, the frightful realities behind our financial collapse, our societal rot and demise, our horrible schools, our casual acceptance of transhumanism and the woke insanities. He’s all talk and no action, he is the ultimate Judas Goat.

  18. Peter Kellow

    Greg. I love your show. Do you know that Rumble is banned again in France so I cannot watch it. PLEASE could you also post on another platform as well, preferably Odyssee as that is always available. Thanks, Peter

  19. Jim

    Thanks Greg for the Dr. Tenpenny interview! She was great to listen to. So much valuable information!

  20. NH Watcher

    The Web site which Dr. Tenpenny referred to where you may check the severity of any particular vaccine lot number is , developed by a British software engineer, Craig Paardekooper. (Greg, you may want to consider interviewing him, as there is a wealth of data on this Web site, and far too much to post succinctly. His email address is at the very bottom of the Web site.)

    For example, I put in my lot numbers for both my initial doses of the Pfizer vaccine as well as the two Pfizer booster doses, and the VAERS data shows few deaths and disabilities associated with these lot numbers, but a high number of varied adverse events-reactions. This would then fit with the symptoms which I continue to experience and am treating now with natural supplements gleaned from the FLCCC protocols.

    Mr. Paardekooper also has an interesting PDF summary of the likelihood of receiving a “high toxicity” dose versus a “low toxicity-placebo” dose. THIS IS IMPORTANT. As he explains, the depopulation agenda could only work if a certain percentage of doses were placebos (saline) and DID NOTHING. Why there remains disbelief among many vaccinated that nothing happened, i.e., quite literally for them, indeed, nothing happened … if they received a placebo dose of which we cannot be certain however many doses were placebos versus the higher toxicity doses. He tries to determine an approximate likelihood:

    1 in 3 chances that among the vaccinated, a LOW toxicity-placebo dose was administered (for those with those doses, this means little to no symptoms or problems are occurring)

    1 in 20 chances that among the vaccinated, a HIGH toxicity dose was administered (for those with those doses, this means a high likelihood of symptoms, disability, and death)

    He concludes:

    32% of doses administered to those vaccinated were low toxicity or placebos resulting in little to no symptoms at all
    64% of doses administered to those vaccinated were medium toxicity or would vary in symptoms leading to disability or death
    4% of doses administered to those vaccinated were high toxicity or would almost guarantee disability and/or death

    Of course, this means for anyone having received multiple doses like me, I could have received a mixture of low, medium, and high toxicity doses, but again, in looking up the particular lot numbers of the doses I received, it appears all the doses I received were medium to low toxicity levels. Granted, Dr. Tenpenny is correct that the four categories of vaccine injury imply that some symptoms may not appear for up to ten years. But it ALL depends on the person, their state of health prior and post vaccination, and the doses themselves which are tied to the specific lot numbers.

    • Heather NoVax

      @ NH Watcher-
      May I ask WHY you took the 4 shots?
      I hope and pray that you don’t have anything catastrophic to come from them. And I hope that you never take another vaccine of any kind, ever again. Every single one of them ever made are poison, toxic, and dangerous. I have a family member who is absolutly destroyed by a “regular childhood schedule vaccine”. And NO, we did NOT cure polio with vaccines, either. Vaccines do NOT save lives

      • NH Watcher


        I had profound misgivings, but ultimately family and social pressure. I do not live in a “red” state. NH is purple at best, and becoming more “blue” each and every year. While my employer did not mandate the shots, they strongly encouraged them. I also wanted to “return to the office” (working remote was quite the challenge for 2+ years). The only way to return swiftly was to be vaccinated and “up to date.” Now, of course, it is all a mute point. My brother and sister in law are both physicians, and also strongly encouraged vaccination.

        I prayed, and the Lord confirmed to me that the vaccines were NOT the “mark of the Beast,” only a “precursor” to the mark. The Lord did not tell me one way or the other; it remained my free will decision, and now I have the health effects due to it, of course. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, but my eternal soul remains intact. That is secure in the forgiveness of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Truth be told, much of the “digital” world now (smart phones, social media, etc.) is all a “precursor” to the mark of the Beast, so if you want to be totally safe and secure, get off everything and be off the gird completely. Few can, even genuine Christians.

        No, I will not be getting any further vaccines.

  21. Roger Stamper

    tks sherri greg

  22. Mat G

    There’s too much stress and confusion about everything!

    ‘”With the end of its spring semester last week, North Carolina State University concluded a tragic school year that saw the deaths of 14 students.”

    ‘”Seven students died by suicide, two fatally overdosed, four passed away from natural causes, and one student was killed in a car accident, according to Mick Kulikowski, NC State’s director of strategic communications and media relations.”

  23. The Seer

    Hello, Please be careful not to take Ivermectin for long periods of time. There are papers out about liver damage and cancer.
    Remember to get your devices from
    The tech bursts the spikes and prions in the air.
    My medical regenerative medicine group also use xylitol nose spray after around people and spray the throat with colloidal silver after gargling with xylitol mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide. Hand sanitizer often when out and wash hands back at home.
    5,000 mg Vit C per day plus zinc, D3, Quercetin etc.
    I like to get 10,000 vit C by IV into the bloodstream followed with 500 mg Glutathione for extra wellness/longevity.
    Re Zeolite it removes metals and minerals indiscriminately so important to take extra minerals and micro minerals that you can easily put in your smoothie with Chlorella or wheat grass powder.
    Chlorella is known to remove heavy metals, also.
    You can use EDTA crème instead of Zeolite- better externally through the skin, imo. I don’t use Zeolite.
    If a person really needs to do more one can take a bath with epsom salts and bentonite clay and baking soda for 20-30 minutes as hot as one can stand every two weeks.
    As much raw food as possible.
    Start growing your greens and herbs indoors so not subject to the sky spraying. Take care everyone.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not according to Dr. Kory. This is total bull crap. IVM does NOT cause liver damage and cancer!!!

    • Sam

      OhOh…is that YOU, TIM M?

  24. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg & Dr Tenpenny

    Hopefully you can have her back in the future.

  25. Marie Joy


  26. Greg Sabourin

    Who’s really to blame for most of the problems in the world? It’s the people who trust the government and the mainstream media , and the medical and pharmaceutical industries as well.

  27. Michael

    Greg. Thank you; this was a fantastic interview with a true hero. Dr. Tenpenny was one of the primary voices upon whom I relied to inform myself and others about the dangers of the CV19 shots, and every warning she gave early in 2021 proved to be correct. She does a free weekly podcast called ‘Critically Thinking’ with several other prominent doctors (access it via the podcast link of her webpage) and she and her colleagues via this podcast were the first reputable people I heard confirm that shedding is happening and give people recommendations on how to protect themselves. We had supper with recently vaccinated friends in late March 2021 and a recently vaccinated friend over for lunch on a Sunday in mid April 2021, and after these social events my wife suffered terrible vision problems (she thought she was going to go blind), she got symptoms indicative of a possible stroke, and she had terrible menstrual irregularities. We were able to diagnose the cause (shedding) in late April and identify effective treatments because of the wisdom and advice of Dr Tenpenny and her colleagues via the Critically Thinking podcast. She has been right again and again and again, and has helped us immensely. I would add that she and her colleagues were the first I know to warn of the nanotechnology in the shots – back in October and November 2020.

  28. Michael

    Greg – one more thought: Let us all remember George Washington’s vision of three perils that would come upon this nation. The first two have come to pass – the revolutionary war and civil war – and the third has yet to come. The third involves much of the world rising up against us. His vision was that the United States survives and reaches its potential as a beacon of light and freedom only through the direct intercession of God. For this to happen, the faithful must pray and ask for this intercession. Let the rising darkness be a call to repentance and prayer for all of us.

    • Rick

      Instead of a National “Moment of Silence” (for all those Killed and Injured by the Clot Shot Jab) – lets instead have a few hours of “Loud Protest” in front of all Federal and State Government Buildings every day to stop the mass murder madness – remember – when God the Father “prayed” he did not do it “Silently” – he spoke out in a Loud Voice – “LET THERE BE LIGHT” – we too need to “loudly bring light” to our totally blind Elected Representatives who are immorally allowing our children’s sexual organs to be cut off – treasonously allowing our border to be overrun – and insanely calling for nuclear first strikes and WWIII (providing aid and comfort to our Evil Globalist Enemy’s and furthering their immoral and psychopathic plans to achieve “Total Human Extermination”)!!!

  29. Patricia B McGee

    Greg, remove the period from,
    as that gives you a “not found” message.
    Also, if you can interview any one of these Doctors who are treating some of these aggressive cancers successfully, that would be great.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have the correct link up: I linked to the correct spelling of Dr. Tenpenny’s name.

      • Donna

        Greg, thanks for having Dr. Tenpenny on. I second what Patricia McGee says–if you could interview a doctor who treats the cancers, it might be a first! Dying for info about this! And what folks with nonjab-caused cancer might do to treat with Ivermectin and/or Fenbendazole, if the guest could work that in. Thanks again! I never miss a podcast, love your work!

  30. Julia

    That was a great interview. I hope Dr Tenpenny can come back once in a while. Greg you are having wonderful interviews!

  31. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I have this recurring nightmare:
    The bio-weapon shot has damaged the immune system of millions (billions?) across the globe.
    A truly deadly virus like Marburg or Ebola or the H1N1 bird virus jumps to humans ( perhaps any of these bio-engineered in a lab) starts to sweep the earth.
    The End.

  32. Bob

    Greg, great guest. Dr. Tenpenny really gets it!! Thanks for having her on.

  33. Dan

    What if a psyop was hatched whereby a bioweapon is introduced, and others are introduced?

  34. Don Conrad

    Great guest. I was pretty stoked when I saw that she was your Sat. interview. I am very cautious about vaccines. 20 years ago, when my wife and I had our 1st child, she told me, “I will concentrate on staying as healthy as possible and you figure out what we are going to do with vaccines.” I started studying both pros and cons of vaccines. Hundreds of hours (I am very studious). Dr. Tenpenny was one of the first that I started to follow 20 years ago. When the jab came out, she was the first person I turned to for info. David Martin, Peter M Carrie M, and others were early leaders as well. She also went through hell many years ago speaking the truth. I am glad she got through that.

    Anyway, Keep swinging my friend. We have to keep making noise and awaken as many as possible. She speaks the truth and was a great choice today.

  35. Aaron ML

    Don’t round them up and bring them to Gitmo…round them up and drop them off half way there.

    • Richard Longacre

      With their hands tied and millstone tied around their necks for what they have done to our children. We will alert the media and tell them that they all died trying to swim across the ocean to Cuba (You know, that place where “democracy reigns”), trying to escape the chaos and destruction they have created in the USA.

  36. SummerSong

    Great show Greg. Dr. Tenpenny gives such an honest and balanced account, it will be hard for people to deny. I’ve been looking for an interview like this to send to ‘some’ of my family. I think this is it.
    Greg – you give such an honest energy that is so comforting – even with terrible news. Reminds me of what people used to think when they watched the likes of Walter Cronkite before they figured out he was a traitor.
    The Highest, Purest Love & Healing to you both and to ALL.


    I sure wish Dr, Tenpenny was MY doctor!

  38. Steve

    Greg, I could not make out the medication for Ebola. Could you spell it out 😊. Thanks

    • Southern Girl

      I ordered Fenbendazole and Nattokinase off of Amazon.

  39. Larry

    Isaiah the prophet prophesied that the elite would hide in their ‘caves.’ The CIA has known since the 1940s that the sun could produce a catastrophic event as it has many times in the distant past. God used such an event, science now terms them as ‘micronova,’ to destroy an evil civilization known as Noah’s civilization. THERE ISJUST NOT ENOUGH SPACE IN CAVES OR MAN MADE TUNNELS for all of mankind. Billions are going to die so it is alright to murder off the non-elite.
    In the last ten years scientists have discovered that the sun produces a micronova every 12,000 years or so. Last one occurred 12,000 years ago.
    Now our civilization is by far many times more evil than that of Noah’s time. A purification of mankind is in the work of God. Want evidence? Read Professor and geophysicist Robert Schoch’s book “Forgotten Civilization” or doctor of physics Paul LaViolette’s book “Earth Under Fire.”
    Or on a religious side study the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary warning us of our spiritual condition. Especially check out ‘The Three Days of Darkness” that can be found all over the internet and on YouTube. Yes, God is absolutely in control! A spiritual purification of mankind is in the works: Jesus prayer, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” We are witnessing the pestilence spoken of in Matthew 24!

  40. John Pick

    Thank you Greg for continuing to hit it out of the park with your broadcasts. Dr. Tendency is a very courageous woman a legend in Covid 19 circles. Thank you for having her on as a guest.
    Do you think that you can get RFKjr on your show?
    He has been on other traditional minded shows.
    That guy has info that everyone needs to hear yesterday ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John! I love Dr. Tenpenny too!

  41. Proton

    I loved this interview. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is a combination of all the good you hear from all the others combined. She calls the vaccines bioweapons and touts zeolite like Karen Kingston. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine like Dr. Pierre Kory. I wish she’d get on the chlorine dioxide train like Dr. Betsy Eads said. I’m starting third year med school after postponing for a year due to not wanting to get the bioweapon shot. My school’s policy said it requires all students to get it for the duration of the pandemic. May 11th I wrote them a very detailed email saying the public health emergency was declared over by the CDC and that I expect to be placed promptly. After going back and forth with the Dean and various directors of clinical placement and affiliated hospital systems, Florida has accepted to take me on even though I am in normal health and refuse to be coerced. Can’t wait to continue my education after postponing a year. I’ll continue to weed out the bad that they try to indoctrinate med students with, while continuing to watch these great interviews to keep up to date with what the censored good doctors. It feels good to be vindicated in my decision, I could’ve started earlier this year but Dr. Eads did an interview here and answered questions in the comments later, she said to not comply and I’m glad I followed her advice and still get to progress in my training. My only fear is that I finish med school just when all faith and confidence is lost in the institution. Hopefully I can train with one of these great doctor of our time that has called BS on the bioweapons and searched out real treatments for these diabolical actors that plan on killing off God’s precious children. Keep on keeping on everyone, stay on the Lord’s side and you will win every time.

  42. Rip Lincoln

    Greg, what dosage of the horse paste is suitable for protection from shedding? Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Standard dose is 9mgs per 100 pounds.

      • Rip

        Thank you Greg. Will use 9 mgs per 100 lbs 2 times per week when consuming tablets to protect against shedding.

        Regarding dosage for the Durvet ivermectin 1.87@ paste, there are pounds listed on the blue injector stick. Do I just take an amount close to my weight 2 times per week?

      • sk

        Be careful. It is NOT 9 mg of paste, but 9 mg of Ivermectin. Ivermectin constitutes only 1.87 percent of the paste (I assume by weight). You must take this into account.

  43. Marie Joy

    Invaders are to be part of our American genocide. They may be safer in Mexico.
    Time for families to come together in the safest place possible.
    Happy Mother’s Day
    Woodstoves, Canning supplies. Large gardens, inside and outside.
    Think outside the box.
    Fear not.
    God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.
    My ancestors would have taken serious action by now. It must be the fluoride.

  44. Richard Longacre

    Thank you Greg and Dr. Tenpenny for the fantastic interview.
    Happy Mother’s day to all you moms out there.
    Please protect your children and send this video to them, especially if they have been injected with this bioweapon. You must try to protect them from this evil, even if it makes them mad because of the depth of this delusion and lies forced down our throats.

    I did not take the jab but was suffering from Long COVID (cardiac and reparatory issues and chronic fatigue) and have been detoxing now for about two months. I feel great and have the energy levels back to like I had before I got COVID in July of 2021. The supplements work plus I used Chlorine Dioxide for 2 weeks. I signed up for her Substacks as well.

  45. Dan

    Fauci and many others have been tried and hung at GITMO over the last two years, and you know it will never be on TV. Walensky has been arrested, she will be swinging from a rope very soon.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Dan,
      No disrespect to you intended, but ‘realrawnews’ peddles pure fantasy. In comparison, it makes ‘The National Enquirer’ look like a serious newspaper . . .

  46. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Tenpenny.
    Here in the UK our government are gloating at the death and murders from the CV19 shot and the people are cheering them!

  47. Valerie

    Fantastic interview! Thanks for the links!

  48. John Maskell

    Fear Not . The most important words ever ! Greg what a brilliant interview . Please do this interview with Dr Tenpenny in another 3 months time. This is one person who is well ahead of the curve . I love USA Watchdog , what a good place to be ! Also , the people who comment here are all good followers of you Greg .
    Thank you .

  49. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    The hordes coming across the border illegally will not help the corporations who will need workers. They need educated, skilled workers, not more leaf blowers and maids. The best wave of immigration we had was after WW2 mostly from Europe. Many had bachelor degrees, now the average immigrant coming here has a 3rd grade education. They will take jobs away from the lower class and teenagers, but they will not be qualified to work in corporations, except as janitors. And many of them will probably refuse to work at all. They will just take the handouts.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I live by a large orchard and see that all the farm workers are fresh from south of the border. When you see people wearing pull over, long sleeve hoodies in June and its 90 degrees, you know they are from some place a whole lot warmer. I guess the worst part is that they spray an incredible amount of chemicals on those trees, and the guys driving the tractors and sprayers are useing N-95 masks with a tyvek suit. The suit is fine, but they should have a full face respirator with chemical cartridges, most likely a PAPR. Do you think any of them wipe off their boots before goin home? They are like cannon fodder. History will not have a kind view on all these things. Another 50 years and the Hispanics will want reparations too.

  50. Donna Riggs

    Another informative interview . DR Tenpenny hit a home run. Thank you both for having the courage to speak up and out on these subjects!’
    God Bless and Keep you SAFE!

  51. Evelyn Noyes

    Greg, I hope you are able to take the time to view “WATCH THE WATER 2:CLOSING CHAPTER. It is eye opening, earth shattering, devastating and just plain sickening when you realize just how “BIG” the lie is and the implications of it. It takes a lot to be able to admit that even what we think we know now, may only be a small piece of the real puzzle. It is my belief that this entire “event” in history is nothing more that a continuation of the age old struggle between good and evil ( G-d vs the “Snake”/ that dragon of old). It is evil’s attempt to destroy what G-d created so beautifully. I’ll leave it at that and let you determine the truth of it for yourself.

  52. Southern Girl

    Fabulous interview! After listening to her at the end with all that great information I ordered the two meds. I ordered Nattokinase and Fenbendazole off of Amazon. Thanks again Greg for having fantastic people on. I am still praying for all my vaxxed family. God hears all of our prayers.

  53. Thomas Braun

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your courageous journalism!

    Please look into interviewing my friend, Scott Schara, whose daughter was murdered in hospital by their insidious policies. His website is:

    This story needs to be covered and I can’t think of a better platform than yours to get this truth out!

    In all, thank you for your great companionship to liberty!

    Thomas Braun

  54. Felix

    Love Dr. tenpenny she is a true lover of GOD and a champion for humanity.I am so thankful that I follow naturophathic doctors for the the last twenty five years who know what real health care is.Their are a lot of good doctors out their like she said its performance and if they follow the narrative call them out and do not comply.Most doctors sold their soul for money just like most politicians.GOD always wins try to follow his teachings as best as we can and we win.Its a sick care system for money.Happy mothers dau to all the wonderful mothers that raised good americans.GOD bless all patriots

  55. Desiree D Effner

    In the midst of all that’s happening, what I’m not seeing is the realization that the West, America and Europe, are under God’s judgment. That, to me, is what’s most obvious. The body is diseased beyond repair. It cannot be fixed or healed. The only hope is repentence and turning from sin and that is decidedly not happening. Anywhere. Where are the men who used to be real shepherds, who called for repentence? They’re not in the churches. The instructions the Lord gives for living at times of judgment is clear also. But no one studies the Bible for that.

  56. Susan R

    Dr. Tenpenny’s exposure to the right side of covid is our blessing. You find the ones Greg that are on our side (God’s side).

  57. Victor Showman Shokan

    Russian’s Release 100 captured Ukrainian soldiers for Orthodox Easter
    Wont see on CIA project Mockingbird brained psyops mainstream media and that includes Hugh Hewitt’s Salem and Sean Hannity’s Fox!

  58. Lada Aston Holden

    Either you attack the Russians now or you might as well surrender
    Douglas Macgregor S.C. 83K views 1 day ago
    Colonel Douglas Macgregor discusses the war in Ukraine with Godfrey Bloom, May 12, 2023.

  59. Lisa M

    Dr Tenpenny is such a gift to humanity.
    The collapse of the US Healthcare system is happening NOW. I say this as a 20 + year unjabbed RN currently working in the Allopathic system doing Triage. Many MDs/RNs are leaving the profession this year. Access is becoming critical. Many days I have NO clinic appointments by 2 hours into my shift. Patients refuse to go to ED or Urgent care as the wait times are 4-12 hours. Routine surgeries are taking 8-10 months to be done. The MD/NP/PAs who stay are being overbooked something fierce so they will burn out and leave eventually IMHO. I am currently planning my exit strategy. Meanwhile the C Suite execs are taking home millions per year for working 20 hours per week. The Psyop has been successful unfortunately, most of my peers still embrace the narrative.

  60. Cliff Bondi

    “This is an invasion of America” – Michael Yon at the U.S. border | Redacted

    The World Economic Forum Just COLLAPSED! Global Elite Chaos Begins…

    Ukraine is FINISHED and Blackrock is taking over | Redacted with Clayton Morris

    Biden ‘hesitates’ to back Zelensky’s counteroffensive even as UK sends Storm Shadow missiles

    Putin ‘strikes’ NATO-supplied ammunition; Explosions shake Ukraine’s Khmelnytskyi Oblast

  61. TJZ

    Good afternoon Greg,

    TRUST? What is that and in whom?
    Without a doubt I would trust Dr. Tenpenny, a wonderful woman, but my personal experience with relatives, friends and neighbors is that they are unwilling to accept the truth regarding the bioweapon and the illicit government destroying us.
    At what point is it too late?
    I have come to believe that this unwillingness to accept and or acknowledge the TRUTH is the punishment. Those who are unwilling to accept the truth: HAVE ACCEPTED THE LIE!

  62. Holy Echoes

    When you say “fear not” = many instead are hearing it as “hear not.” — by divine grace I wonder how it comes to be that some fear not and others hear not – how does it come about regarding discernment that all of us had an equal chance to be wise or be stupid – and it seems the majority picked stupidity – and even now they will argue the point – of course this leads me a “fear not” to “speak not.” but it is a rhetorical question because only divine providence and spiritual soul within can understand the nature of God beyond any psychology or philosophy or even theosophy about how our souls evolve while we are here visiting this physical realm of the deaf dumb and blind. Dead to hearing – dumb to understanding – blind to facts even when seen with own eyes. I love people but I could not do what you do week after week.
    I don’t put you on a pedestal, but I do think you are to the best of your spiritual understanding doing something very brilliant in the glare of so much shadowed luminosity.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Holy Echoes for your very kind words.

  63. Dylan C.

    The powers that be have caused the coming mass dieoff with the intention to replace the lost workers with AI. Yuval Noah Harari, lead advisor to Klaus Schwab, said, “‘Just as mass industrialization created the ‘working class,’ the Artificial Intelligence Revolution will create a new ‘unworking class.’ 99 percent of human qualities and abilities are simple redundant for the performance of most modern jobs.’ The conclusion, robots will replace people and do better work.” (Source:

    Those of us that remain will be sequestered into “15-minute cities”, where all our needs will be within a short distance of our domiciles. We will not be allowed to leave.

  64. Damien

    America is doomed. Of course, it says in the Bible that America would lose everything and that our adversaries would take EVERYTHING from us as a nation. So no surprise we are being hollowed out and overrun by invaders. God IS NOT GOING TO HELP, and I’ll bet my whole stack of precious metals that Bo Polny is wrong and that “God’s Money” is going to do exactly squat again this summer (or this year for that matter) to save any of us or preserve ANY of our wealth against the devils running the world. Until alternative PM markets create true arbitrage against the COMEX or LBME then PM’s will NEVER realize fair market value, PERIOD!

    • Rick

      Gold (God’s Money) created when God the Father destroys Luciferian homelands (like the Sun “or other points of light” in a Giant Supernova Explosion) – “will always have value” to those who consider the “incorruptible metal” (Gold) a Symbol of God the Father’s many Victories over Satan!!

    • Isabel

      Damien, please give us a reference for the Biblical information you mentioned. I’m not familiar with it and would like a chance to read it for myself. Thanks.

  65. Jeffersonian

    Brilliant—clear, succinct and well thought out!

    You, doctor and Ed Dowd , have a wonderful gift for getting straight to the point and connecting the dots.

    However, Tptb will unleash the mother of all black swan events distracting the world from the bio weapon jabs. Why? Because they have everything to lose and will not go gently into the night.

    They will not be held accountable here and now nor will they give up their power willing nor be imprisoned. Just like Hillary too big too jail and the banksters too big to fail as we are seeing now—print to infinity and beyond

    As to why no one has lashed out at those who mandated and pushed the bio weapon— any of the following make sense

    1. Denial
    2. Afraid
    3. Weak
    4. Ignorant
    5. Apathetic
    6.Dumbed down
    7. Waiting for the tide to shift and then they’ll make their move

    The means and motive are there—the appropriate opportunity is what’s lacking

    One doesn’t fight the tide, one waits till it turns in their favor!

    As Stonewall Jackson said, have a strong defensive position, repel the attack then once you got them on the run, finish them!


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Jeffersonian,
      Well defined – agreed.
      As to point 2: Dr. Tenpenny places emphasis on the oft repeated Biblical instruction to ‘fear not’. IMHO, ‘we the people’ are approaching a tipping point where inaction, for fear of losing what little freedom we have left, will be overcome by anger and determination to act – against those who would enslave and murder us. I hope this ‘tipping point is not too long coming. Since TPTB have captured the legal system, it occurs that only direct action will free us. I am ashamed to say that despite my USAW commentary and attendance at Covid measures demos, I am not at the tip of the spear when it comes to the level of direct action required . . .

  66. Zamboangan Monkey

    30 Countries Now Ready To Accept BRICS Currency : Vinod Dsouza May 13, 2023
    Yellow, white, brown and black, on the attack!
    Who will control the new world narative?
    The 64 quad trillion dollar question!

  67. Poochiwoo

    I have reasons to believe the deployment was strategic. Some states were targeted more than others. Also, the current inflation is designed to crush the bottom and scoop up any real estate asset for cheap. I believe we will be experiencing one corporate / government coup after the other. The wealth gap will continue to increase exponentially for the next decade. America will absolutely look like and be a third world country by 2030. Remember, it is 100% rigged and controlled.

  68. tonyatl

    i would like to thank greg hunter for telling the truth about the bioweapons marketed as “vaccines.” the issue is indeed murder. there are no two ways about it. it was not done in ignorance and if it was, then the ignorance is of the highest contempt and should be grounds for withdrawing medical licenses. it is the doctor’s job to be smarter and more informed than the pharmakeia voodoo witch doctors. please continue to call the drugs for what they are – bioweapons and murder weapons. anything less is a cover-up.

    we are in the midst of a catastrophic democide – pure evil.

  69. Country Codger

    Dr. Tenpenny has been a long time and consistent truth teller. Please heed her advise. Nattokinase, but even more so is, Lumbrokinase, which is 30x more effective for the reduction of the spike protein. Please, please, please support Dr. Tenpenny everyone.
    Greg, thank you so much for having this wonderful lady and incredible doctor on your channel.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  70. Marie Joy

    Micheal Snyder says IF there is no deal on the debt ceiling, by June 1, 2023, Social Security checks may not go out. Figure the beginning of June IF no deal on the debt ceiling.
    This may be it.

  71. Gerald White

    Hello Greg,
    I very much enjoy your show and all the wealth of information (truth) that you share every week. Just curious, have you heard of Dr. Brian Ardis and Stew Peters who presented, Watch the Water II? I just saw this video today.

    Could you give me your thoughts/comments about them.

    Thank you sincerely,
    Gerald White

  72. Frank S.

    My double-vaxxed, vax-injured GF (school mandate) finally began the FLCCC I-Recover protocol 2 months ago. She recently found a good chelation therapist to remove toxic metals, and got rid of her damned %G ‘smart phone’. Early days yet, but 25% improvement of chronic symptoms. We’re hoping her December birthday will be celebrated with a “clean bill of health”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please update us along the way.

    • Marie Joy

      Frank, Does your GF plan to sue the school for the mandate and serious injury?

  73. Anne

    Very good show Dr. Tenpenny and Greg! Some folks have allowed themselves to be conditioned to hate the truth and love the lies. All of the medical lies are akin to witchcraft. The people who continue to believe and practice them will no doubt be mentally and physically destroyed, as is apparent.

  74. Rambo

    Dave Ramsey Has Plain-Spoken Prediction About the U.S. Dollar
    Reports about some countries’ currency plans spark questions.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Rambo,
      The ‘expert’ you link to is basically saying, ‘the dollar is sound – nothing to be concerned about’.
      In this connection, it may interest fellow Watchdoggers to listen to this recent interview with Jim Willie . . .

      • Richard Longacre

        I love Jim Willie. He is definitely “in the know” as to what is happening to the USD and global economy, as compared to Dave Ramsey that calls gold, “a useless yellow rock”. Ramsey will still be buying his mutual funds two days after the entire system has crashed and the markets are closed down.

        Please don’t get me wrong, Dave Ramsey’s system helped me get out of debt when I made some bad financial decisions and took on credit card debt in the early 2000-2005 time frame but I believe he is completely wrong about the current state of our economic system and on investing during these chaotic times. Gold and silver are real money, everything else is debt and counterfeit fiat currency backed by nothing and carrying counterparty risks, including his wonderful mutual funds.

  75. Pete+only

    Great podcast Greg. Dr Tenpenny hit it out of the park. She put everything in perspective, and gave us all viable health options at the same time, along with spiritual guidance.
    The pharmaceutical industry has long been compromised, and Doctors have been peddling their wares for many years, but it just goes to show how much power, and greed there is in this world for so many agencies to also be compromised…from so much money made up out of thin air..
    We are definitely at an inflection point, with so many people now starting to come to grips in their own way that they were poisoned. Dr Tenpenny explained everything regarding human nature…people like Bill Gates, Fauchi, George Soros, will never be able to safely walk the streets…soon to be followed by many Doctors, government officials, pharmaceutical executives, main stream media types, and any government agencies who pushed these poisons upon us all, and with so many people having nothing left to lose, I’d hate to be any of these people right now…followed by the wrath of God for worshiping money above all else.

  76. MCasey

    Benjamin Netanyahu tells the truth ISRAEL WAS THE LAB FOR PFIZER

  77. James R Mills

    When I visited my PCP last November he said they have lost so many doctors that each doctor at their clinic now has 3500 patients. My wife who has had heart issues for twenty years called for an appointment and had to talk to a triage nurse before they made her an appointment. Thankfully they got her in within 48 hours with a different doctor.

  78. Robert Coleman


    • Hotrod

      I watched and it seems plausible. Snake venoms can cause a wide variety of maladies. Question is how long do reprogrammed cells continue to produce a venomous protein wreaking slow havoc on our insides.

    • Anti-atomist

      Above, Dr. Bryan Ardis continues to make a reasonable case for snake venoms in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines causing blood clots (and the nicotine patch as an antidote):

      “Drew Weissman is the inventor on many patents, including US8278036B2 and US8748089B2, which detail the modifications required to make [“inflammatory”] RNA suitable for vaccines and other therapies. Later, these patents were licensed to Gary Dahl, founder and CEO of Cellscript, who subsequently licensed the technology to Moderna and BioNTech to ultimately use in their COVID-19 vaccines.” -

      WHO is “Pet Rock” advertising executive Gary Ross Dahl, author of “Advertising for Dummies” (2001)?

      In 2015, did Gary Ross Dahl die naturally or “Suddenly?”

      Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) Trailer (1:37)

  79. Marie Joy

    30ish years ago, I read, in Parade Magazine, the electrical system was deteriorating from lack of maintenance. The next time I called the electrical company, I asked why they were NOT updating their equipment. The answer, I received, was the politicians would not let them upgrade. The loss of the grid is intentional.
    Bridges collapsing from lack of maintenance is intentional.
    Politicians are exempt from the bioweapon. I wonder why. We should ask all our politicians WHY they are exempt from the “vaccine”. They only work on Wednesday so it’s not like they don’t have the time.

  80. Adam Giessler

    You need to interview RFK Jr.
    Worthington OH

  81. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks again Greg, i need to add- with all our problems there is one thing for sure. A small group of people can control a much larger group but only if there is lots of distractions and sedation. I keep telling family that this is the best reason not to be drinking or smoking pot, lessen tv and social media uptake, video games. Sure, some of this had humble beginnings, but i believe we are looking at mass sedation and distractions in order to control us like some kind of livestock. People need to wake up. One more thing; Paul tells us that the spiritual man judges/appraises all things. Each of us has to determine what’s best and necessary for our own household. The distractions are the tough ones because some things are a headline grabbers while others actually come home.


    Pro-Russia Victory Day gala in NATO nations; West fails to quell ‘Putin love’ despite war in Ukraine / Hindustan Times 184,685 views May 10, 2023
    NATO, a U.S.-led military alliance whose ‘interference’ in Ukraine resulted in Moscow’s invasion, has failed to quell the pro-Russian wave in its member states. Latvia, a NATO nation, has cracked down on those who celebrated Victory Day on May 9. More than two dozen residents of Latvia have been arrested for ‘violating’ a law against celebrating the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany. Notably, Victory Day was not just celebrated in Latvia but also in Germany. A pro-Vladimir Putin biker club named ‘Night Wolves’ marked Victory Day in Berlin. However, the German police seized Russian tricolour flags at the memorial in Berlin. A massive pro-Russia march was also held in NATO state Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. In Moldova, police fined people for spotting the Russian St. George Ribbon.

  83. Jake

    In multiple recent appearances, former President Donald Trump has been touting COVID vaccines and even pushing back against misinformation. He’s earning praise from President Biden.


  84. Jaun Valdez

    Ukraine To Target Crimea’s Kerch Bridge with Storm Shadow Missiles? Can Putin Counter the Threat? CRUX 91,952 views May 12, 2023
    The United Kingdom has become the first country to provide long-range missiles to Kyiv. The United Kingdom announced that it delivered multiple Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine on May 11. However, Russia said that Britain’s supply of the cruise missiles to Ukraine would require “an adequate response from our military”. To find out more about the missile that London has given to Kyiv.

    Ukraine: A Pawn in the US-Russia Game
    Douglas Macgregor Col 75,326 views Premiered 15 hours ago
    Scott Ritter – Ukraine: A Pawn in the US-Russia Game
    Scott Ritter Interview Would Ukraine’s attack on Moscow lead to nuclear retaliation?
    Scott Ritter Book’s :

  85. Eva Mayer

    This is definitely a bioweapon . And our corrupt government leaders are almost all members of the WEF and are implementing ‘The Great Reset’ ! Why is there this war in Ukraine ? Ukraine does not even qualify to join the European Union , but all our prime ministers pump millions of Euros and weapons to help that corrupt country ! Then there is that dreaded ‘Azrov battalion’ : known for their war crimes , looting , raping women and children and killing their own Ukrainian citizens . They stand out for their NAZI thoughts and the emblems on their clothing . These ‘soldiers’ consist mostly of mercenaries and were even trained and financed by the CIA . Zelensky himself is a member of the WEF . Putin WAS also a member , but he refused to betray his people and help carry out ‘The Great Reset’ ! He also destroyed many biolabs (US funded) where they were making new ‘viruses/bioweapons . The worst is : the WHO , the WEF , the UN , NATO , Blackrock , Vanguard , Bill Gates , Soros , the European Commission , etc …. ALL work together to gain total control over the civilian population . They are destroying our food supplies and making us eat GMO food and insects . This is only going to stop when the world population will crack down on these criminals ! They are killing us with their “vaccines” , and getting away with it with impunity ! I’m from Belgium (Europe) , we don’t have the right to have firearms but I’m looking for a way to purchase this (illegally) so i would be able to protect my family when necessary … (Sorry for my possible spelling errors)

  86. rOD sTRUT

    dON’T MISS must see;
    The CIA Killed JFK…CONFIRMED?! | RFK Jr On His Uncle’s Death
    Russell Brand 529,647 views May 13, 2023
    Here is my conversation with Democratic Presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr; where we spoke about the CIA’s involvement in the assassination of his uncle, President JFK. (Rusty gives the details! RFK JR. Takes us out the weed’s! STRUTH! Finally!)

  87. Richard Westwell

    The most important video yet about Covid

  88. Marie Joy

    Denver News is telling people in Colorado to expect a catastrophe per Patrick Humphrey on YouTube. Denver has a lot of train traffic.

  89. Roger Winkelman

    Trump Gets Blockbuster New Evidence For His Appeal – Old Messages From His Accuser Surface /Explain America

  90. Henry Patrick

    Two Miles Separate The US. and Mother Russia______
    TWO MILES of Water_ Ice In Winter, water in summer. . . . .
    In summer you can swim it, winter you can walk it!

    Alaska is ours’ billboards in Russia after Putin aide vows to reclaim territory
    I Watch Reactions : Hindustan Times 585,745 views Jul 9, 2022
    A day after key Putin aide Vyacheslav Volodin threatens to take back Alaska
    from the US in retaliation for its sanctions against Moscow, several billboards appeared in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk reading ‘Alaska is ours’. However, these posters are not put up by the Russian govt. As per a report in Newsweek, these billboards were placed by a local company named ‘Alaska’. Remember, on 30th March 1867, Russia sold Alaska to the US for $7.2 million. Watch;

    THE $64,000 DOLLAR QUESTION IS? Did we miss a payment? Ask Chuck
    6 day’s to Sunday Schumer! IT’S UP TO HIM! IF WE MAKE OUR PAYMENTS!
    TO AND FOR Alaska!
    Goodbye Alaska?
    John Wayne Gonna be Mad as HELL!

  91. Glenn

    Derek Johnson HUGE Intel: “Military In Control”
    And Trumps exekutive orders.

    Please comment.

  92. Shiloh1

    This just popped in on ZH –

  93. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    You are incredibly busy, but I hope you will find time to review the video linked below. It’s from The David Knight Show interviewing an oncologist. Most disturbing is the evidence of post vaxx ‘turbo cancers’ in young people .. .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this! Dr. Ryan Cole was one of the first to warn about this in USAW more than a year ago.

    • Marie Joy

      David Knight is a very smart guy and I recommend you view him on Rumble.

  94. Shiloh1

    Must viewing – surf to find –

    Dr Dave Collum and John Cullen Discuss:
    The Pandemics – Part I

    Dr Dave Collum and John Cullen Discuss:
    The Pandemics – Part II

    both uploaded this week

  95. Pete+only

    I just wanted to share with the audience that there are now some pretty good fake 2023 U.S Silver Eagles making their way to the U.S from China. Some of these are even close in total weight, having similar dilectic magnetic properties compared to real eagles, and some having a fairly good looking security chip to the real U.S silver eagles.
    They are being sold online and not from reputable bullion dealers.
    Buyer beware. Well worth watching this 10 or 12 minute podcast/analysis. The better quality fakes are seen in the last few minutes of the podcast.

  96. Muck Raker

    Elon Musk Takes on Mark Zuckerberg’s Empire
    The Tesla CEO and owner of Twitter is seeking to discredit WhatsApp, one of the gems of Zucker’s Meta Platforms.
    LUC OLINGAMAY 9, 2023

  97. Anti-atomist

    In one hour such great wealth has been brought to ruin! Revelation 18:17

    Stay Puft Marshmallow Man | Film Clip | GHOSTBUSTERS | With Captions (6:18)

  98. Charming Disarming Sharma

    BREAKING:::The Gloves Are OFF! THE Gig Is UP! WWIII Moving Into Russia Proper!
    Ukraine’s Zelensky Plots to Strike Deep Inside Russia_ Palki Sharma
    Firstpost 44,295 views May 15, 2023
    Ukraine’s Zelensky Plots to Strike Deep Inside Russia | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky is travelling again. He visited key European capitals and managed to secure more military aid from his Western allies. This is ahead of a planned Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russia. What will be Ukraine’s next move? A report claims – Zelensky has proposed striking deep inside Russia.

    [Putin isn’t waiting for Moscow attack]!] unleashes ‘strongest’ missile-drone assault on Kyiv; 10 loud blasts rock Ukraine’s capital Hindustan Times
    30,228 views May 15, 2023
    Air raid alert was sounded across Ukraine as Russia launched an overnight air assault on Kyiv. It is not immediately clear if Russia fired missiles or drones, but Ukrainian air defences are in action. Some war reporters claim that Russia attacked Kyiv with cruise missiles.

  99. C.D.S....

    Zelensky has proposed striking deep inside Russia.

  100. Don Piano

    The UN WEF safe cities will look like a cultured meat manufacturer Tyson Chicken farm.
    An acre size structure, no windows and only two doors.

  101. Nick

    In an interview with The Messenger, Trump said that even “pro-lifers” think the new [Florida] six-week abortion ban is “too harsh.”


    Trump is showing his true colors again & playing games w/the lives of unborn children in order to poke at Ron DeSantis.

  102. Catherine

    If the globalist and their minions are allowed to openly murder citizens and all Americans can do is talk about it online… then there you go.

  103. Wadsworth Binghamton

    Zelensky CANCELS elections in Ukraine, Putin launches massive attack | Redacted with Clayton Morris 249,665 views Streamed live 19 hours ago
    You know those depleted uranium tank shells the United Kingdom sent to Ukraine? Reports say that Russian missiles blew them up this weekend. Footage of huge explosions near the city of Khmelnytskyi show that Russia targeted ammunition stores in advance of the “planned counteroffensive.” The mayor of that city reported that the city itself was not targeted but that buildings were damaged by the blasts and at least 21 people were injured. The military administration in that region confirmed that “critical infrastructure” had been hit by at least four Russian drones. Blowing up uranium is a biological hazard. The UK was warned about this but chose to send these weapons anyway.
    Now Germany has committed another $2.9 billion in arms for Ukraine and Zelensky has indicated he will not give up power and hold elections as long as his war powers are in place. Which could be forever.

  104. Speedy Gonzales

    Daily Mail
    US Army soldier opens gate to let huge horde of migrants onto PRIVATE Texas property
    Story by Hope Sloop For Dailymail.Com • 8h ago
    Footage shows a US Army soldier letting in a horde of migrants on the border
    The video was taken along the US-Mexico border in Eagle Pass, Texas
    President Joe Biden let Title 42 expire on May 11 after 38 months
    Security footage taken along the US-Mexico border in Texas showed a US soldier opening a gate to let migrants in just days after Joe Biden let Title 42 expire.
    The video, shared by FOX LA’s Bill Melugin, showed a large group crossing from the Mexico side of the border into the U.S. as a large white bus appeared to wait for them.
    The one-minute clip showed the female Army officer standing by as the horde shuffled onto private property Monday morning.
    She’s said to have done so at the direction of the federal government.
    The video comes just hours after Biden cheered a drop in border crossings since the end of Title 42 with a swipe at the media.
    When asked by reporters about how he believes things were proceeding after Title 42 expired, Biden responded: ‘Much better than you all expected,’ with a chuckle.

  105. Mister Magoo

    START TO FINISH: Biden’s Border Invasion Pipeline Revealed
    Watch and share with un-believers this recap of Infowars’ recent visit to the overrun southern border, especially your puppet president Joe, “Beijing” O’Biden and your real president Alex, “Jones?” Soros, not the second rate Barry Obomber who takes orders from Al. Surprised? Read all about it,

  106. Coast to Boast

    15 Months On Mars: Ingenuity Finds Eerie Spacecraft Wreckage
    ElderFox Documentaries 4,776,047 views Mar 31, 2023
    In this episode, the Ingenuity helicopter discovers spacecraft wreckage before losing contact with the Perseverance rover. Meanwhile, the rover observes interesting rock formations, spots a bright object, and approaches the delta face. Perseverance’s journey includes breaking records for distance traveled in one day and capturing the highest definition observation of a Martian solar eclipse. Ingenuity re-establishes communication with the rover and continues to provide valuable data for scientists. Perseverance starts its ascent of “Hawksbill Gap”, the most challenging terrain yet.–21_g

    Watch Before They DELETE This. LAB 360 1,223,813 views Mar 6, 2023
    Watch Before They DELETE This Again. The Egyptian pyramids are one of the most mysterious structures on this planet! No one knows when they were built, how they were built, who built them, and most importantly: why were they built? In today’s video, we will take you on a journey across time to find out what secrets do the pyramids hold that baffled even the mind of the great Nikola Tesla, and how he was so close to replicating it to create free energy for the whole world.
    Tesla and the Deep State

    Elon Musk REVEALS What Tesla Found In The Great Pyramids!
    Elon Musk Evolution 121,530 views Feb 13, 2023
    The Egyptian Pyramids at Giza are without a doubt one of, if not the most, strange structures on Earth. They have withstood the test of time and nature for thousands of years and are still standing strong. As you probably know, many powerful people have been fixated on solving the mysteries surrounding these enormous structures for centuries. And one of them is Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. But, what did Nikola Tesla discover in the Great Pyramids? Let’s find out as the tech billionaire Elon Musk will update us all!

    Nikola Tesla Warned Archaeologists of TERRIFYING Secrets of Egypt
    Crunch 10,051 views Apr 28, 2023
    Egypt’s great pyramids are the only ancient wonder still standing.
    The scale of these behemoths has drawn attention throughout history. Including from non other than Nikola Tesla himself – yes, the man who Tesla is named after. He was a legendary scientist and inventor, known for being one of the greats of his time, and he was fascinated by the pyramids, spending many hours searching for their secrets. Do you know any of the secrets he has found?

  107. Gil Roland

    Putin has the last laugh as NATO Nation Hungary blocks $544 Mn EU arms aid to Ukraine | Report Hindustan Times 35,057 views May 16, 2023
    Russia’s war in Ukraine has exposed the cracks in U.S.-led West and the NATO. In the latest, Hungary has reportedly blocked the transfer of $544 Million in weapons aid from European Union to Ukraine. This is the third time since last year that the NATO Nation has openly opposed the West for arming Ukraine. Watch this;

    Putin’s diplomacy isolating US? Top commanders of South Africa, Russia huddle amid arms supply row
    Hindustan Times 5,206 views May 16, 2023
    Russia and South Africa’s top defence general met in Moscow for a military cooperation meeting. This comes days after the U.S accused South Africa of aiding Russia with arms. The U.S had alleged that weapons were loaded onto a Russian cargo ship in Cape town in December. However, the South African President denied the allegations and said the probe is underway.

  108. Rema

    I listen to Dr. Tenpenny on Rumble’s Critically Thinking every week on

    She is a hero and a woman of great faith in Jesus.

  109. Lorena Andrea

    GOP hopeful calls for FBI to be shut down following Durham report
    Fox News 103,695 views May 16, 2023
    Republican 2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy reacts to John Durham’s new report the FBI had no evidence to pursue the Trump-Russia investigation. He also explains why he donated to Daniel Penny’s defense fund.
    Just this alone should open up peoples minds we are in the last days of a screwed up system, that needs a real reset from above, out of inhuman hands. A loving God perhaps. He better come quick!

  110. Marie Joy

    Trump’s Title 42 is done. Expect a huge invasion very soon.
    Raise your security level from 1 to 10.

    • Jerry

      Very soon, you mean now! Its so bad in Tx that Abbott asked DeSantis to send help.
      Florida Highway Patrol troopers, 200 Florida law enforcement officers, and 800 Florida National Guard soldiers among other resources apparently.

  111. Anne

    I love Dr. Tenpenny, thanks for having her on. Also you can get great meat without the worry of injection from Melaleuca out of Idaho. If interested contact me.

  112. Tarey

    Thank you, Greg, for having the beautiful Dr Sherri TenPenny on your show. She emits such grace and positivity in the spirit of Jesus Christ, and together with her rich experience as an MD with her arsenal of healing natural whole food supplements, she is a warrior and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to battling evil and protecting ourselves from illness and disease. It’s comforting to know she is on our team! God bless you both!

  113. Cassie

    Do you want to know why nothing is going to happen to the perpetrators of the vax ‘murderers’?

    Because half the electorate thinks Fauci is a hero and the other half thinks Trump is…

  114. Anne

    excellent interview. In regards to the cancer… there may be help. A few helpful things..
    DO NOT TAKE quercitin with ivermectin… front line doctors have agreed that it is not good for you taking both together. If taking IVERMECTIN.. do not take Quercetin. Cant take them together.

    Another helpful things… ELLAGIC ACID is a fantastic supplement to take for cancer… it causes apoptosis which is a natural cell death. ELLAGIC ACID is in raspberries, strawberries, walnuts, pomegranates, etc. Look at the –

    scroll to the bottom of each research study to see how ellagic acid potentially (every body is different) promotes apoptosis and stops cancer from spreading..
    sooo many more studies showing ellagic acid induces apoptosis in cancer cells… a promising future. Please share to potentially save lives. As Hippocrates said.. “Let the food be thy medicine and the medicine be thy food”.

    • Anti-Atomist

      Ellagic acid puts the “B” in G.O.M.B.S. (greens, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds) diet!
      Raspberry, blackberry, boysenberry, pomegranate, strawberry, walnuts, and pecans all contain ellagic acid. Raspberries burn fat, too, per Dr. Oz. He also said that Baby Bella mushrooms and smoked oysters contain natural vitamin D. Sunflower seeds and eggs replenish cerebro-spinal fluids!

      According to this 2012 study, “dietary patterns consisting of high intake of fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fatty acids, and fish and low intake of saturated fats, especially those derived from beef and dairy, are associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.”

      I had some weird visual effects and dizziness from taking ivermectin as horse paste at first, and I have since stopped taking it after I felt I was having heart and circulatory problems from the 36 synthetic venoms detected in Covid patients that “propagate” themselves in mammal cells, e coli bacteria, and yeast, according to Dr. Bryan Ardis. It makes sense that Dr. Frankenstein’s SARS-CoV-2 virus has a synthetic snake venom spike – possibly the same one used by Fauci’s killer eugenics gang to bioengineer the HIV/AIDS virus – spliced onto the SARS-CoV-1 virus, in order to knock off the sick, fat, elderly, scare the hell out of everyone else, and extort trillions of dollars.

      Ivermectin may have helped me to clear some internal parasites, but I am not sure if it really helped me at all, considering the difficulty to obtain it and the expense. Low risk doesn’t mean no risk, but God’s foods as medicine are the best! I have gotten the most benefit from a healthy diet with lots of organic salads, onions, mushrooms, blueberries, beets, carrots, celery, corn, garlic, avocados, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, etc. and one teaspoon of ZeoForce zeolites in water before bed, along with 200mg of nattokinase, 1,000mg of triphala, 4,800mg of valerian root, CalMagZinc, and D3.

      Hippocrates, allegedly the “father” of modern medicine, was right. Before food and so-called medicine became weaponized by evil cartel criminals, Jesus said in Mark 7:15, “There is nothing outside a person that by going into him can defile him, but the things that come out of a person are what defile him.” An older saying in Sanskrit states, “Your mind is the subtle energy of your food.” This is why Jesus’ balsamic, rabbinic anointing oil and Ayurveda’s 5,000 year old, elemental, medical system are worth studying in a “Yeshiva” (a rabbinical college, God bless you!) for anyone having chronic health problems. If you are unaware of the influence of Sanskrit, Vedic Brahmanism, Ayurveda, and the eight limbs of yoga on Hebrew, Judaism, rabbinic balsamic medicine, and the Ten Commandments, maybe you’re not as well-informed as you may think? If anyone unconsciously consumes an ocean of poison, like sugar, whiskey, trendy bioweapons, venmo, heavy metals, aspartame, glyphosate, and/or dioxin, they may quickly develop seizures, turbocancers, strokes, heart attacks, and/or “Shivasana” AKA Corpse Pose!

  115. Joseph Boudreau

    Greg, you always have excellent guests on your show. I too have wondered about all those pharma trained doctors. As I mentioned previously, I was poisoned by Big Pharma in infancy that ruined my teeth. It affects me to this day. Never trust big pharma. Most of them have NAZI origins and NAZI traits!!!
    I’ll never take a shot of anything ever again, that’s for certain.

    Best wishes, Greg!

  116. Mike

    Excellent interview but I disagree with her on one thing. Those physicians are evil. They knew what they were doing and they took money to do it. They are absolutely evil. The good physicians called it out from the start and many lost their job because of it, or left because they didn’t want to be part of it. They spoke out instead of taking money to poison people. They are the good people.

  117. Lucy

    NO EXCUSES!!!!!!! NONE! These doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and everyone who murdered people with the shot so they could get money, should be prosecuted for attempted murder or actual murder. I lost my job of 30 years for telling the truth. It was worth it. FIRST DO NO HARMl

  118. Jim Karnofski

    Bill Gates and 31 billionaire death-cult partners are scrubbing the air of CO2, 0.0004 (0.04%) of the total air. The problem is that we already have too little CO2. The partial pressure of CO2 across the leaf air barrier is critical to photosynthesis. And, so much poison has been dropped on the West Coast that both the worms and bees are mostly missing on my small truck farm. All life on earth is doomed if we don’t stop the insanity soon.

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