Dollar Finished – America in Danger – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s 

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning his war cycles are going up.  Nenner also predicted a few years back that, at some point, the U.S. dollar cycle would be headed down—way down.  The future is here, and Nenner explains, “We have known each other for many years, and I said the dollar is going to hold up, but not anymore, not anymore.  It is really in trouble.  There is actually no reason to be in the dollar.  They especially underestimate this BRICS situation, and all the countries will be forming an anti-dollar. . . . Saudi Arabia is coming onboard, and that means the end of the dollar as the reserve currency.”

Nenner says his cycles see, “The dollar going down to 70 on the dollar index.”  It’s a bit over 100 now, but it gets worse.  Nenner points out, “I don’t want people to get depressed, but I am really worried.  If the U.S. does not rule the world any more. . . . They think they can still tell the world what to do.  Physically, the Americans are in danger, and they don’t seem to understand that. . . .  The economy is really going to suffer.   If the dollar goes really low, we could have a small bounce in the economy because it’s good for exports.  That’s just a fooling bounce for people.  Longer term, it’s just finished.”

Nenner says the signs are clear in the cycle that “America is at the end of empire. . . . The United States is going backwards, and it is not number one anymore.”

On the war cycle, Nenner has been forecasting a huge loss of life coming.  Nenner is predicting “30% of the people on Earth will die in the next war cycle. . . . We are like at the end of civilization of the United States.  It’s not that we are all going to drop dead, but it’s the end of civilization.  The same issues that finished other countries like bad education, too many outstanding loans and people will become too lazy to really do hard work.  That usually means the end of an empire.”

Nenner also talks about the top in the real estate market and why commercial and residential are on their way down for a long time.  Nenner also talks about a “coming Great Depression style crash” in the no-so-distant future.  Nenner also brought up that big banks are contacting him to consult on buying physical gold because “they want to survive what is coming.”  Nenner says big banks are building their own vaults to make sure governments do not confiscate their yellow metal.  Nenner gives a sign to look for when the economy is going into a recession that has a 100% track record.

Finally, Nenner predicts, “We are going to have a bad dollar.  That usually means people are going to dump their securities. . . . If you have China and Russia dumping their U.S. bonds, you are going to have a problem.  What I see on my cycle is . . . .  The rates that went up stop in June. . . . I am getting very worried because there might be a run for safety.”

Nenner is worried about war, and not just in Ukraine.  Nenner is looking at war in Taiwan, South Korea, and the Middle East with Iran.  Nenner says, “I think you could have all these wars at the same time. . . . It’s endless possibilities. . . . I think they will all act at the same time.  Wouldn’t you?  You are waiting for the right moment, and if the United states get weaker and busy. . . .   That’s the time to do whatever you want.”

Nenner points out, “Warren Buffett sold most of his Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing shares last week.”

There is much more in the 37- minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner. (4.18.23)

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  1. John Maskell

    Great interview Greg . Buffet selling his shares is a worrying indicator for a rough ride . These guys know the play book, they’re rich because it’s a rigged system . One day in our lives this will change, sooner the better .

    • Thomas Malthaus

      Buffett likely has contacts at State and Defense.

    • zTeve.0

      People and Money will flee many markets – maybe back to bonds? It is hard to know what the next hot market is if stocks and real estate crumble.
      I’m looking at Bitcoin, many times I read about it it reminds me of the bible, supposed to save 10% but in what form? Silver and gold are hugely manipulated by collusion of Gov and Wall St. Criminal entities.
      There are only 400,000 Bitcoin Wallets that hold more than $3000 worth of BTC. There are 65M ppl world wide with more than a $1M net worth. Most commentators in the crypto space seem good hearted and libertarian in nature.
      Maybe Greg will interview a Bitcoin advocate to see that side of the story

  2. Led Skelton

    What is truly pathetic is when America goes to war on several fronts, and our current enlisted regulars end up dead, and then we have a massive draft of the remaining street thugs, anti-white race haters, woke confusedsexual deviants pretend adult-children. Can you imagine the lowest quality of young American getting drafted? Half of them say 2+2=5 for crying out loud.

    Our great American drag queens on the front lines giving $10 b-jobs to the enemy. What is it going to be when a Clarabelle he/she E-1 refuses to take orders from a straight white O-9, and the O-9 gets court martial for issuing an order to a confused adult two year old? Or how about the entire battalion refusing to fight because the enlisted people think it is unfair that they are not also officers.

    The next war, if it requires a draft, America is toast and will quickly lose.

    • Doctor T

      Getting a little carried away I see. There’s still good people, and until the last of us is dead, there’s still hope.

      • tim mcgraw

        Doctor T: Yes. There are still good people in the USA, but how many of them are under the age of 60?
        I know a few young men and women who are good people. But they seem outnumbered and lost in many ways.

        • Paul

          Necessity will bring young people around to brutal truths. Hopefully while their still fit. The sane world isn’t buying the clown, drag queen template of our currency, war, corruption and present rulers idea of human existence. Why would they.
          Removing the slag is normal.
          Nenners painting lacks bright colors for the west.

          Paul from arkansas

          • Paul

            Considering the East has 4.75 billion people, 60 percent of the world’s population but only covers 30 percent of the land mass. Pressure will be outward for land and resources. Being, that region has become the worlds factory, it’s primed for the financial center as well. All foreseen and surely happening.

            Buy local from small businesses

            Paul from arkansas

          • tim mcgraw

            Paul from Arkansas: I once believed that youth would have to get real when reality bit it in the butt. That’s what happened to me.
            But I’m not so sure now because Big Brother bails the kids out.

        • Paul from Indiana

          There are no “good” or “bad” people. The “goodness” or “badness” of an individual depend on the VALUES that individual adopts or to which he has been exposed. This explains why the current generation is essentially worthless in hard times. Best always. PM

          • tim mcgraw

            Paul from Indiana: You are talking semantics. Of course, a good person has good values and a bad person does not.
            Everyone is exposed to good and bad values.
            Free will decides which way a person goes, though some say it is genetic and some people are just born bad. “The Bad Seed” is a pretty good movie.

        • john beasley

          I will tell you, I had no idea the 20 and 30 year olds know what is going on. When we had the FLU lockdowns, I was in line – 6 feet apart – in a gas station – convince store and 6 or 8 young people in line started explaining to me what was happening in America. A chubby girl laughed and hugged me, which was against the rules “you will catch on,” she said. They nailed it, and they knew details about the scam the government was running, the Wuhan FLU, and the lock downs that I did not know. They explained it to me while we were in a public line paying for fast food and gasoline.

    • June

      We need to end this war NOW !!! – but – according to the recently leaked Defense Intelligence Agency documents: “The United States does not expect the war to conclude anytime soon – any negotiations to end the conflict are unlikely during 2023 in all their scenarios considered” –

      • Michael Janket

        The leaks were from very high up on the government “security” apparatus. The poor kid was used as gun fodder, he had no access to these top secret files. Our government is in horrendous shape, they are selling us down the river. Really now, is there any hope? America is in its death throes now, who/what can save us?

      • Jane

        Thank you Greg. ..Nenner is a excellent guest!

        We are Involved in a Deliberate unnecessary War w/ zero negotiation,
        (Biden simply ended one war & began another.)

        Until we have true Wise sensible Leadership things are hopeless.

        Sanctions on Russia have backfired.

        US Economy is Doomed.

        • Michael Janket

          Biden must follow the orders of those who have him under their control. He’s guilty of many peccadilloes and he gets his marching orders from those people and organizations that know he is vulnerable to their knowledge of his lies, financial entanglements, and his illustrious son, Hunter. He follows in lock step, hook, line, and sinker. Surrounded by neocons that he most likely did NOT choose, 45 out of 48 of those warmongers are from the Tribe. What’s more clear than this horrible fact? Joe needs to make his next pit stop at Gitmo.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      A draft of the unfit to fight a foreign war isn’t going to happen but one could possibly raise a private army. In Florida, if DeSantis needed 100,000 well-armed volunteers to repel a Federal invasion he could muster that overnight. Of course those troops would mostly be White, Christian, heterosexual landowners over the age of 35—the demographic that started this country and won all our wars up until 1945.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Kind of getting to the heart of it now, aren’t you? Facts are brutal. Outcomes are based on choices; choices are based on VALUES. Best always. PM

    • john lance

      When I was young and dumber , also before internet and Greg Hunter, I joined the military thinking this regime was fighting Vietnam to protect America . Not knowing how corrupt our government polices were and still are . With all the true information available , it would take a basket case to let this government draft him or her. If the draft is reinstated I am going to buy stock in Greyhound Bus Company because anyone with half a brain and certainly the woke people will be fleeing the US like rats on s sinking ship.

    • arizona

      MAYBE those who claim to be men BUT AREN”T should care about their families,TO BAD THEY DON’T,BUT there is a silver lining to all this,OUR FATHER GOD .gave SATAN permission to double the size of hell so there would be room for the COWARD men of america because 99% of them are being sent to hell because they as YELLOW AS A BANANA..WHEN the war ends,the population of america will only be in the hundreds..DEGAL was wrong,AMERICA will be wipped off the map…

  3. tim mcgraw

    I look forward to the interview. I read the preamble. I’ve seen the dollar index at 63 in the past. I think that was around the time of Hurricane Sandy.
    As for working hard, all working hard got me was a living and a broken-down body at 71 with some Medicare and Social Security money. The only reason I have any savings is that back in the booming 80s I saved some of my wages and invested them wisely in stocks. Maybe I got lucky. Maybe I did good research. Maybe it was just a fluke of the Reagan tax cuts and Clinton leaving the economy mostly alone. I don’t think that what I did in the 80s and 90s is possible today for a blue-collar worker.

    • John Maskell

      What a great comment Tim . I’m from England and my body is in serious pain . I was a self employed electrician at the age of 19 . Worked in London chasing the money until my back destroyed my health . I feel cheated and devastated that my career ended . I did save my money in that time and paid up my mortgage . I have no debt but your health is everything . I did 30 years of continuous graft, for what ? Now the money system is devaluing and inflation is going higher you have to question what life really means. Should have been a lazy sod and sponged off the government and be useless. At least my health would have been saved. It’s a world full of shit now. The 80 s was a time to better yourself but now , people are woke or trying to change their sex by cutting off their dicks or tits ! I won’t be sorry when I leave this prison planet. I can’t understand why God punished hard working responsible people. Why do twisted corrupted people prosper ? The world is ill too !

      • Jake.

        The twisted , corrupt people are probably going to go to Hell.

        • tim mcgraw

          Jake: I’m hoping I don’t have to see the bastards again in Hell. Once was enough.

      • tim mcgraw

        John Maskell: Your reply comment is better than mine. I wish you well. We got fecked, eh? Glad you paid off your mortgage.
        Health is wealth as you say. Couldn’t agree more.

      • Brian Dougan

        John; I’m so sorry. I won’t do you an indignity by offering any well-meaning; but ultimately unhelpful words. You’re in a lot of physical pain. That’s hardly a “reward” for thirty years of hard; decent work. You deserved better. I can’t give you back those years. But; as Peter said; “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have; give I unto you.”

        I hope that the short; linked article will help a bit, and the two videos will speak to your burdened heart. “I can’t understand why God punished hard working responsible people.” It feels true; but that’s a terrible lie the world system has fed us. When we put down our defenses; The Bible tells us differently. (It’s totally understandable for you to feel that way John. Your body let you down. Beaten down by the world; feeling condemned by God.) The truth is; God sees-and bears–your pain. Every pain; every tear that falls….From the time you took your first breath; until now. That sounds like a mockery; but it’s very true. Deeper that we can possibly understand.

        John….”Such as I have; give I unto you.”

        “We are the broken; you are the healer….”

        In Christ Alone….

        Take heart. Your pain–Your life–Your contributions–All have great; great value, and will absolutely not be treated as waste in God’s sight. Your life is worth more than the finest gold.

        He forces himself on no one; but stretches forth his hand in love. Each person must decide whether or not to bridge the gap. He speaks to us; in health, and in sickness. He waits for our response….Even unto our dying breath. Our debt paid. Paid in full; by the one who owed no debt. Written in his blood. That’s the message of Easter.

        • John Maskell

          Thank you . What a kind person you are.

    • Don W.

      Tim, I am with you except I have a few years on you as I will soon be 89. I held three jobs while in high school. 4am I was at the bank doing janitor work, then off to school to play in the band, sing in a quartet, box, wrestle, and do school work. Then off to a 18,000 ac. ranch in the summer time for five summers. Then the USMC. But your story is a lot like mine of investing at the right time, in the right amount and right stuff. But today I still drive, do workouts, walk fast and just what I did 10 years ago or even 20 years ago. BUT not the youth today or even my grandsons, who would not know one end of a rifle from the other and would NOT know how to fight and could not get around enough to stay safe from any kind of enemy. I will be out there again ready to fight.

      • tim mcgraw

        Don W. Thanks for your great comment. I wish my legs worked as well as yours do today. I also still drive and work out, but walking fast is long gone. I gimp around. Jonathan Winters used to say, “The legs go.” when you get old. It’s different for everyone.
        I can’t fight much, but I figure I can fall on somebody.
        Thanks for your kind and caring comment.
        Working on a ranch is something I always wanted to do, but never did.

  4. Dave

    Recently saw that USD not buying gold with some dealers – guess they are transferring USD to BRICS paper before buying Au.

    • Jerry

      Dave, I have not heard about this yet. Did you see this in an article?

    • Stan

      Gold dealers gladly offload their Gold for Dollars. Show me one who doesn’t.

      • Mat G


        Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital likes both dollars and gold.

        ” I think the U.S. Dollar has some very bad days ahead of it. I just happen to believe before those bad days show up it’s going to put on a show that perhaps will never be forgotten.”

      • June

        They sell for more then its current price Stan – then they buy “even more gold” Right Back (from people like you Stan) “at a discount” – Continually Increasing Their Gold Stockpile!!

        • Jerry

          Funny you say that June, there is a place I go and this could not be more true. The G & S “walks” in the door and it “walks” right back out before you can blink.

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Nenner, a clear analysis of our economy .The idea that the USA has a death wish is just so alien ,particularly to those of us outside the USA. We stare agog and wonder why the communist elites in the American bureaucracy hate America so much that they want it destroyed is beyond insanity. Where do these commies and their wealth really think they are going to flee to? Many of the communist Neo-Cons already have very strong footholds in China , as even Chinese commentators were surprised by their presence some years ago;so have they decided to flush the USA and establish the next “blood sucking” in China? And the people of the USA are okay with this?
    Here in the UK our two party system and the reluctance of the population to think will ensure that we will barely survive the blast that is coming from Europe but the blast from the USA will destroy us. Without America we are stuffed as are NATO and many other countries in the world. With the Neo-Con USAwe are poisoned as they have infiltrated our bureaucracy ,finance and political life. Unless the people of the USA decide to find an alternative to the poison then Martin Armstrong’s analysis along with Mr Nenner’s are self fulfilling.
    According to John Ward at the SLOG BLOG
    the USA may have a “chance” but Nenner’s and Armstrong’s analysis says otherwise.
    Still our economy and corrupt political life here in the UK is just appalling for us plebs so nothing changes except we have imported a new army that we are about to arm with astounding results for a war none of us want.

    • Allen ols

      George Friedman says China cannot attack Taiwan, and here is why;

      • Coco

        They are not going to attack Taiwan… they’ll invade the US! Can you see the US stopping an invasion right now…?

      • Saeed

        George Friedman is a shill promoting the international Banksters’ viewpoint…same as Peter Zeihan who used to work for Stratfor.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Maria,
      I read all of the article you linked to, thanks for that. However, despite the obvious cynicism of the author, John Ward, he appears to ignore the ‘elephant in the room’. He eagerly anticipates a presidential electoral contest between DJT and Robert Kennedy Jnr., while overlooking the totally fraudulent electoral system that has become evident in the US. IMHO, a transparent, honest and auditable voting system is imperative for democracy to function. For as long as ‘we the people’ continue to place our votes in electronic ‘black boxes’ owned and controlled by interested third parties, then the names, promises, and aspirations of the various candidates count for nothing! This is fundamental. Since TPTB are unlikely to willingly reform systems that keep them in power, some form of insurrection appears to be the only alternative to total subjugation. This could be non-violent, per Gandhi’s campaign of civil disobedience, or kinetic. The Second Amendment handed the people the moral authority and the means to overthrow corrupt government . . .

  6. June

    Nenner says: Big Banks are contacting him to consult on buying “physical Gold” because “they want to survive what is coming” – and these Big Banks are now building their own secret vaults to hold their precious metal (likely out of fear crooked government officials may try to confiscate their gold) – just look at how much gold – – these Big Banks have accumulated over the last few years (at the cheap manipulated prices they’ve managed to finagle for themselves by telling people (like Stan does) to hold “strong” dollars that “have effectively lost all their purchasing power” – – (note the big spike in Big Bank gold purchases in 2022 – just imagine what they have bought in 2023 (now driving the gold price over $2,000 per ounce) – and with the recent increase in the ferocity of the Ukrainian War (and all the other wars Biden has planned for us just over the horizon) gold will likely power on up to over $3,000 per ounce (after a short correction down to perhaps $1950 during the summer doldrums) – but inevitably – the extermination of a huge portion of the world population (likely 30% by Nuclear War) will put an end to the nuked countries fiat money systems – requiring a more basic commodity based monetary system being imposed based upon “historical money” (like gold, silver, copper and nickel)!!

  7. Randy

    USD is finished as world reserve currency, IMF/WB just announced it’s replacement:

    Details of Unicoin can found at:

    It’s way paste time for a Clif video!

    • Kim

      Thank you for posting! Looks like Bo Polny got it right, since the “Universal Monetary Unit” aka “Unicoin” was launched at the IMF spring meeting on April 18.

      The Digital Currency Monetary Authority is a group of bankers and politicians who developed it. There is a multi-year strategy for the roll-outs by the IMF.

      Looks like many countries are developing their own CBDC, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

      Open wide, because CBDC and tyranny will be shoved down our throats if we are not aware of what is going on.

  8. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview with Mr. Nenner. If the Brazilian Real is going up in value, the world has gone mad.
    “Brazil is not a real country.” Charles de Gaulle.
    I spent 6 months working in the Amazon in Brazil in 1990. I saw the worthless Cruzado currency blowing down the street. Look up the history of the Brazilian currency. It’s a very inflationary story.
    I don’t think the bankers have a clue on what to do next. Their Ponzi Scheme (fractional reserve banking and fiat currency) is imploding.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Tim,
      Sorry to repeat myself (prior reply to your commentary) but, given all you say about the historical weakness of theBrazilian currency – with which I do not disagree – the comparative strength of the Brazilian Real underscores the parlours state of the US dollar today.

      • tim mcgraw

        PersonaNonGrata: I agree with you. The dollar is in deep doo-doo if the Real is going up in value against the dollar.
        I saw the lines at the banks in Belem, Brazil when the President of Brazil locked up everyone’s bank accounts.
        The Brazilians were only allowed to withdraw so much of their own money from the bank a week. The Brazilian government used this stolen/frozen bank account money to prop up the new currency.
        If that happens in the USA will there be violence?
        That is the question.

    • Sam

      “Brazil is not a real country.” Charles de Gaulle…….What a STUPID post…If Brazil is not a “REAL COUNTRY”…..California Is?

      • tim mcgraw

        Sam: Don’t wear out that period key on your keyboard. California is a state last time I checked.

  9. Al

    Great interview with Charles Nenner!!! How are these guys doing? Can we possibly see them soon and get their takes if not too busy?
    1)Mike Pento
    2)Rick Ackerman
    3)Alasdair Macleod

    • Greg Hunter

      I like them!! Good men one and all!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Pento is to traditional investments (stocks and bonds) as Holter is to gold and silver. Both are realists and tell it JUST like it is. Pento recently ditched New Jersey for Florida. That ought to tell us something. Best always. PM

        • tim mcgraw

          Paul from Indiana: I’m amazed that Judge Andrew Napolitano still lives in New Jersey.
          I lived in NJ from ’73-’74. It’s a beautiful state.

  10. Mat G

    George Ure: War – maybe European, maybe Taiwan, maybe global – might be on our dance card for later this week. We are (tomorrow) in the heart of a period warned of by some “psychically aware” people. Plus, while G.A. Stewart puts the finishing touches into his next book about Nostradamus, we recall a certain amount of buzz that went to the notion of “war follows major rocket launch.” While Artemis has already flown, keep an eye on this one: How to watch the first test flight of SpaceX’s Starship – The Verge. Most powerful yet.

  11. June

    To Officially Call a Recession – All Five(5) of the following Elements must be present (to one degree or another – and there should be at least 6 months of economic contraction)!! All Elements are not in place yet but we are very very close!!!
    First (and foremost) there must be an inversion of the yield curve;
    2) Consumer spending should be in a slowdown;
    3) Unemployment should be spiking up;
    4) Manufacturing activity should be slowing down; and
    5) Personal income should be dropping (due to job loss)!

    During our past recessions, all Five(5) Elements were present!!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi June,
      IMHO, all the requirements you sight are in evidence right now. Consumer spending only appears to be advancing because the real rate of inflation (currency devaluation) is not factored in. If the official numbers factor in the official rate of inflation (say, 6%) and the actual rate per ShadowStats is (say, 16%), then a reported increase in consumer spending of 2% would in reality be a contraction of 8%. Unemployment is spiking up. Many are now needing to work two or three part-time jobs to survive. The official employment stats count each and every part-time job as a discrete unit of employment – total BS. In summary, how can ‘we the people’ have ANY faith in the lies they proclaim to be ‘official statistics’?

    • Mat G


      Knowing of your fondness for blueberry pie, I would make sure to mark the calendar, April 28th is National Blueberry Pie Day!

      Can you give us some statistics on the effects of inflation over the years?

      • June

        Mat G – I hear Nostradamus loved blueberry pie too – as for inflation – it is more an “Effect of WAR” – look at the following graph – WWI (1918) – WWII (1942) – Vietnam (1970’s) and now currently WWIII (with Russia and soon China) – – inflation skyrockets during the War years – then recedes after the War’s end – this time around when the Thermonuclear Weapons start flying “we won’t be around to see our current inflation recede”!!!

  12. Seamus Murphy

    In all honesty our only hope is prayer, lots of it. all the time, heartfelt, when you are awake & when you are asleep. Forget virtue signaling. And forget the professional prayer people. Wish them the best of luck & that’s it. They have been caught sleeping on the job & they can’t break the habit.
    Watch your back & keep away from shirt lifters.

  13. David Gordon Dunne

    I got the bid/ask from the Gold Dealer yesterday to buy more G and S. Gold prem. was at $2,240 GEs and SEs don’t choke was $45.50 so I will just keep mine I have now. I am in a Blog long term now with about 100. We all go back and forth. Most are ret. military with most Capt. to Generals. They say there is a big network of ret. military on top of this chit and something is going to happen now to right the ship. I have heard Gen. Flynn is not going to roll over. You see Col. Douglas Macgregor and Maj. Scott Ritter really getting vocal now in a big way. I am going to ask again, are other currencies that are low debt like where I live in Thailand, the BAHT going to hold up wit only a 50% Debt to GDP and people that never stop working like ants? Thailand just almost doubled their gold purchases to now holding 58 tonnes of it. They do have $122BB in dollar reserves. I wish Nenner would have addressed that going and maybe he did saying the BRICS countries have rising currencies now against the dollar Another amazing interview with the Man, Greg Hunter. Thank you so very much bud. God Bless all of you and God Bless our so called Leaders to change course now.

    • Saeed

      Thai Baht’s survival depends on how far this China-Taiwan-US-NATO war extends or spreads. If it spreads around the world then entire global economy is toast, because countries will have to one side or the other to survive and print money to finance the war.

      In the scenario all paper currencies are toast, except perhaps Russian Ruble and Chinese Yuan because these two countries have been accumulating gold upwards of 10,000 tons since formation of SCO in 2002. So there currencies are defacto backed by Gold, where US Fort Knox vaults have not been audited since 1957. Go figure.

      Watching the US resource wars disguised as war on Terror, China and Russia knew that at the end of those fake wars it would be real war against any one challenging US hegemony.

      I have been prepping ever since I left US in 2005. Have been sharing this info relatives and strangers for free for 20 years to prepare for this nuclear war. No reserve currency regime shift in history has happened peacefully.

      As a Muslim we have been blessed with a lot of accurate Sacred Knowledge through our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him), and we are supposed to share this Sacred Knowledge with people to minimize suffering and invite them to God Almighty.

      But people are so busy entertaining themselves in the worldly life, that they have no time for God Almighty and prophecies. So they must pay a price to come to Divine wyisdom. There is no free lunch in this life. Next one is all free for those who are obedient to God Almighty ‘s commandments.

      • David O'Grady

        Well said and perfect. Been doing just that for months.

    • Gary Miller

      Just one question … should i move to Thailand now?


  14. Garry Glen

    Canada made a brief, 2-mins film to teach ClifHigh:

    • KimM

      Too funny!!

  15. Allen Ols

    George Friedman says China cannot attack Taiwan, here is why;

  16. Nick

    Wow, that was an epic glimpse into the next decade. All at once or at least consecutively. Become familiar with the unfamiliar, to make good choices and stay in control.

  17. Bill Wilson

    Greg, you should try to get Michael Hudson on your show.


  18. Roger Stamper

    tks for post charles greg

  19. Jack M Stein

    Thanks for getting Mr Nenner back on.

  20. John David Anderson

    Dear Greg: A Great Interview as always with your guest Charles Nenner !!! Could I challenge you to ask him and all your future guests such as John Rubino, Martin Armstrong, Bill Holter, and Chris Martenson the following: “How are people in countries with super high inflation (Argentina for example) protecting their money, investments, families, and businesses from a declining currency and bad government?” For the folks who “stay” – how do they survive? I think that this kind of information would invaluable to your readership and followers. Knowing what skills and jobs are most valuable and resilient in these kinds of environments would also be of interest too. Thanks for your consideration of this request.

    • Patagonia

      There are lots of chileans travelling for ex. to Mendoza, Argentine to buy foodstuff and other household items! Argentine has sharp price limits for some basic foodstuffs, they already closed supermarkets for lack of compliance! Some items miight be up to 50% cheaper as in Chile in some better located argentine aereas (not southern Patagonia), but imported electronics and cars are far more expensive due to lack of USD.
      Surprising some argentinean investors are quite due to aditional investments in exportorientated chile nearby, the trick is to mix both countries and not depend 100% on a single nation.

    • Wayne

      In Argentina they spend their money as soon as they get it. Buying whatever they can. They also exchange their Pesos for US dollars. US dollars are desirable in Latin America countries as is gold and silver not surprisingly.

  21. Freedom-4-All

    Thanks for another Charles Nenner interview. He is always worth listening to.
    There seems to be so much noise about everything in our world. Distractions left and right. Hard to know what is best for survival. When it gets like this, I think what my boxing coach used to tell me, GO BACK TO THE BASICS. To me that is gold and silver. Yes, I rather not pay high premiums, but I rather be in years early, with the strongest, probably winning punch, on hand when needed. And if it does drop in price, so what? The sense of security and ability to sleep at night is worth it.

  22. Zack

    Armstrong & Nenner back-to-back!


  23. R.M. Stockmann

    Need breaks Laws
    A drop-in solution would be to expedite a Biden impeachment, indict
    Harris for failure to govern and place McCarthy into the WH, who in
    turn puts Trump into Office. Strange thing is that Fox has just settled
    its lawsuit with Dominion and pays US$ 787 million to Dominion,
    derailing the narrative for the stolen 2020 US elections. Trump has
    already openly announced his plans and emergency measures when he
    returns to office as President.

  24. KimM

    Thank you Greg for your tireless work and efforts on keeping us informed. Great guests like Charles Nenner allow us to have a perspective of what is possible and how to prepare. Information is power! You are performing an outstanding service for all of us! God bless!

  25. June

    As we now approach “Peak Insanity” I pray for all the mentally abnormal politicians in our Government to see the light – and begin to rebuke any and every thought of a vile nature, reject lust, forgo greed and the queers and pedophiles among you “must abstain from hurting our children” – you must also replace your evil thoughts of initiating a Nuclear First Strike Thermonuclear War so as to kill off the American people (both young and old) so they won’t collect Social Security – and get over your mental obsessions with climate change – force your brains into righteous thinking (for the love of God) – why can’t you Evil Greedy Perverted Immoral Satanic Commies see that when you kill us “you kill yourselves”??

  26. steve spear

    Not having the knowledge of world economies like Mr Nenner I am often more confused after listening to him. But I was smart enough to buy gold and silver about 5 or 6 years ago. In my humble opinion the United States should close most of its military bases around the world bring our service people back home to defend our own country and rebuild the military. This is the end of American hegemony around the world but that doesn’t mean America will disappear. We need to mind our own business and keep making our country stronger which is possible if conservatives get control of the government again. If any country or countries decide to attack us then we would have the strength to unleash devastating destruction on them.

  27. Linda Walling

    I would never store my wealth in Switzerland, where the worst criminals in the world have stored their stolen wealth for many decades with impunity. There is moral hazard in how we conduct our affairs that goes way beyond earthly wealth. I use Bill Holter’s piggy bank to store mine–Dakota Depository Corp–a military grade private vault in Fargo, ND. And if I ever need it, and UPS for some reason can’t get it to me, I can drive there and get it myself.

  28. Susan R

    When I remove any prejudice and take in the unfolding reality, it is obvious Charles Nenner’s opinion is based on fact. The state of our country right now is not remotely close to anything I could have envisioned. Game playing going forward, we are in serious trouble. We here are aware of this and somewhat informed about why. I see our job as spreading this awareness for others to get ready. This is exactly what you Greg, have devoted yourself to. Thank you for all the years of work you have put into this devotion, God Bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Pray! God can change anything.

  29. Stan

    History is littered with the carcasses of people who bet against the Dollar. The future will be littered with them too.

    • Greg Hunter

      History is also littered with people shorting gold in a global debt and currency crisis.

    • June

      Stan – Over the last 100 years people who saved dollars for the future now litter the world “as beggars” with not even a penny for their dollar!! –

      • June

        If you look at the above chart Stan you will see the US dollar gained strength only “one time ” during the last 100 years (that was during the time of the Great Depression after WWI ) – otherwise – it was all down hill from 1913 to the present – now – if we get another Great depression (which usually follows World Wars) “then you may see the US dollar strengthen a bit”(like in the aftermath of WWI) – but – you are making a huge assumption – you are assuming we will all still be around after the Thermo-nuclear War with Russia and China!!!

    • tim mcgraw

      Stan: “History is littered with the carcasses of people who bet against the dollar.”
      That line is hilarious. How do you come up with so many metaphors in one sentence? LOL.
      How do you litter history? Is it a park? And “carcasses of people”? LOL!
      The only people who “bet against the dollar” are money changers. Last time I checked even Jesus didn’t like them much. LOL!
      Thanks for the laugh.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      All Fiat money has always gone to 0. Gold has always held it’s value as well as Silver.
      Against other chit currencies in the DXY shows the dollar down over 10% in a few months.
      That is the relative value. The intrinsic value has been debased to only 5-10% of this value since 1971. Thanks so much Greg for all you do. There is not one that you interview that is not on top of their game and helping people through this crap. The tell for me on Silver is the premium to buy SEs now is almost over 100% of it’s market rate of $24. or so. Quote two days ago had it at over $45 a SE. I have prayed more the last 6 years then all my life combined. Wearing me out but also wearing me out is where I live in Thailand, today feels like 113F and summer is just now getting going. God Bless all of you and I learn so much from all of you.

    • Brian

      In the words of Oliver Hardy;
      “Stanley, you’ve done it again.”

  30. Marie Joy

    Citizen Free Press has “Colorado Becomes First Transgender Tourism State for Mutilating Children.” Go Woke, Go Broke

  31. Jerry

    It’s no secret. The globalist are not hiding a thing.

    The reserve currency status of the dollar is gone.

    • Wayne

      You mean the reserve currency status of the dollar is going away. It is still in the early gradual process according to that article you gave.

    • Tin foil hat

      The Dollar Is In DANGER! | Yellen Admits The Obvious, U.S. Hegemony At Risk
      Sean Foo is not CCP, he is a Singaporean.

  32. Thomas Malthaus

    No one will confuse Bo Polny’s predictions with those of Charles Nenner and Martin Armstrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      Polny was first top say the U.S. Dollar would be killed. That is a fact.

      • Thomas Malthaus

        Polny was calling for a debt default or jubilee. He never predicted a nuclear conflict, did he?

        We may know by November what Biden and the Fed have up their sleeves regarding a default.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I believe the 30% death from war will be from the death jab war. A nuclear will result in almost a total elimination of the human species.

        Take care


  33. Deputy Stockburn

    Until RFK jr disowns his Democrat party, he will not earn my support. RFK jr has a long history of supporting the NWO/kiss the ring/DEM party.

    In late 2007, Kennedy and his sisters Kerry and Kathleen endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries. After the Democratic Convention, Kennedy campaigned for Obama across the country.

    In the 2004 presidential election, Kennedy endorsed John Kerry, noting his strong environmental record.

    Kennedy endorsed and campaigned extensively for Vice President Al Gore during his 2000 presidential campaign, and openly opposed his friend Ralph Nader’s Green Party presidential campaign.

    Come on Bobby, do the right thing, leave the Democrat party.

    TELL the world you made a mistake supporting Hillary, Obama, and Lerch Kerry.

  34. Clay lane

    I Bought A Moskvitch 3!
    Baklykov. Live 5,702 views Apr 18, 2023
    I bought one of the very first Moskvitch 3 cars assembled on re-opened Moskvitch Russian car factory.
    Wow, Sergei buys a brand new car! I can’t even buy a brand new electric bike. At this time I wouldn’t recommend it, but in the worlds gas station it might not be a bad idea, eh!
    Sergei get your bug out bag and the three g’s, God, Gun and a getaway plan. Drive to Switzerland, their neutral. Or better yet, to Alaska. Head to Siberia. Then the few miles by boat big enough for the car, across the Bearing Strait. From Alaska drive to Michigan and well all drive down and hide out in the Florida everglades! Robison Crusoe here we come!

  35. lara bell

    Putin just DESTROYED NATO’S top Ukraine leaders with this attack, U.S. is silent. | Redacted News 9,859 views Streamed live 111 minutes ago
    Did Russia just a destroy a major NATO operations center in Ukraine including more than 300 people? Including dozens of high-ranking NATO officials? It appears that’s exactly what happened and the western media is totally silent on this story for very good reason.
    Watch; Cut to the 33:00_>

  36. Colin Maxwell

    Nenner appears to be extremely confused and contradictory throughout this interview…

    8:06 & at again 23:00… cringeworthy suggestions that Russia… “continues to expand into Poland or where ever they might go” = classic Russiaphobic nonsense that Russia is in an expansionary mode! They have zero desire for more territory, let alone inherit the administrative problems that would accompany them.

    26:00 Not seeing gold going any higher than $2500 = totally unrealistic given the BRIICS+ bloc which has ~90% of the world population clamouring to join up and will have hard-backed sovereign and new trading currency instruments planned with gold and multiple other commodities backstopping them. This stance is totally unrealistic. Bill Holter is 1000x closer to the mark with his prediction.

    I agree totally with Nenner’s assessment that the US is on the brink of utter ruin.

    BUT, how on earth can he still rely on his historical charts when the U$ is entering a perfect storm of events that make all of this completely uncharted territory including…

    #1 NATOstan is about to be completely humiliated in Ukraine which will be the end of the credibility of NATO and also of US/Western imperialism = the impending demise of the US MIC = the main foundation of the entire US economy.

    #2 Massive global de-dollarisation, with even traditionally staunch imperial neoliberal allies like France’s Le Petit Roi noisily jumping ship during his recent state visit to China.

    #3 The petrodollar literally on fire = the demise of the U$ dollar as the world reserve currency.

    #4 The fact that there is no longer any reason for other countries to be part of the US dollar system = the US will no longer be able to sell its debt = hyperinflation = social and financial bedlam rampant right through the US and DC and New York beginning to resemble Zimbabwe.

    And so Nenner is seemingly well aware of #1-4 and yet he doesn’t see gold going past $2500… what on earth is that all about?

    • Tim K


      I agree, the jabs did not help him.

      Take care


      • Mark Alan

        I caught that to.
        Then it came to mind that maybe he doesn’t want to be targeted and wants to stay alive.

  37. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nice catch by Bix Weir that was not picked up by FOX NEWS OR LLM @6:30

  38. Freedom-4-All

    This is in response to June’s comment to Stan about gold dealers selling their gold. You are right on the head. One of my closest friends owns a jewelry store and sells gold and silver. We buy in bulk together for our personal stash. I use earned money nd he keeps turning gold and silver profits into his stash. He justs keeps repeating the process with the original seed money. Grows bigger each week.

  39. Freedom-4-All

    Sorry for the typo in the last comment. Slipped.

  40. Marie Joy

    “Without sacrifice, there can be no victory.”

  41. John Barry

    Days of Lot

  42. Marie Joy

    Food, medicine, government, air, soil, weather, vaccines, and more have all been weaponized. If you and I don’t take a hard stand, our children have no chance. Stealth is best. THINK.

  43. Stavka Jones

    Putin’s men wipe out 95 artillery units, foil big Ukrainian advance in Donetsk | 270 Soldiers Killed /Hindustan Times 104,540 views Apr 17, 2023
    The Russian Army foiled a major Ukrainian advance in the Donetsk region in the past 24 hours and eliminated 270 Ukrainian troops. The Russian Defence Ministry said that 95 Ukrainian artillery units were wiped out in 123 areas near the frontline in the past day. Russian air defenses also reportedly intercepted three U.S.-made HIMARS rockets and destroyed four Ukrainian drones. Watch this video for more updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    Ukraine concedes defeat? ‘Russia has achieved all key goals, achieved a lot’ | Kyiv’s big admission / Hindustan Times 159,880 views Apr 19, 2023
    In a big admission, a Ukrainian diplomat has said that Russia has achieved its key goals in the war. In an interview with Newsweek, Ukraine’s ambassador to UK criticised Kyiv’s western allies for its ‘unhealthy obsession’ with the planned spring counteroffensive. He admitted that Russia has ‘achieved a lot’ in the battlefield. Watch;

    Ukraine’s Armed Forces hit 2 Russian ammunition warehouses – General Staff
    Story by Ukrainska Pravda • 7h ago
    Ukraine’s Armed Forces destroyed two ammunition storage sites and repelled more than 40 Russian attacks over the past day.

    Reporter says he filmed hundreds of military-age Chinese men heading toward US in migrant groups /Story by Elizabeth Heckman • 7h ago
    A reporter released new video that appears to show hundreds of military-aged Chinese men in Panama heading toward the U.S. border.

    U.S. Intel, Ukraine Russia and China – Scott Ritter
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    5,172 views Streamed live 69 minutes ago

    Pentagon Gives Statement On Russian T-90 Tank Left At Truck Stop
    Story by Howard Altman • Yesterday 6:38 PM
    The Pentagon has finally provided a statement on the Russian T-90A tank from Ukraine that wound up parked for two days at a Louisiana truck stop.

    ‘Everything wiped out’: Ferocious Russian onslaught shakes Ukrainian troops in Bakhmut | Hindustan Times 117,814 views Apr 19, 2023
    Russia has increased shelling and air strikes as its troops close in on eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. Putin’s troops have mounted use of heavy artillery in the war-scarred city. In a testimony to AFP, Ukrainian troops say the ferocious battle for the city is becoming even more precarious. Watch this video for details.

    US jets intercept Russian Tu-95 bombers near Alaska; first encounter there since US drone taken down / FOX News Story by Timothy Nerozzi, Liz Friden • 3h ago
    U.S. fighter jets intercepted Russian bomber aircraft near Alaska Monday, according to the Alaskan Region of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

  44. S. Jones

    Russia pounds Ukraine’s Odesa with Iranian drones; Civilian infra destroyed in Putin’s assault /Hindustan Times 5.38M subscribers 93,270 views Apr 19, 2023
    Two days after Russian President’s visit to Ukrainian frontlines, Russia launched a drone attack on Ukraine’s southern port city of Odesa early Wednesday. No report of casualty has been received so far but the attack by UAVs of the Shahed-136 type on the Odesa region caused damage to civilian infrastructure. Watch the video for more details.

    Russia flaunts ‘invincible weapons’ to West amid war; YARS missile systems ‘on standby’ /Hindustan Times 54,621 views Apr 19, 2023
    In a thinly veiled threat to the West, Russia flaunted its nuclear prowess as the war in Ukraine intensifies. Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu closely inspected the country’s strategic missile forces units. Shoigu was briefed on the progress of rearming the formation with the new Yars missile systems. Last week, Russia conducted a successful test launch of an ‘advanced’ ICBM system. Watch this video for details.

    • john lance

      I just read article on the “Hal Turner Radio Show ” web site were Russia just now shot down a NATO spy satelite over Kiev . Things are really starting to get interesting.

  45. richrozmarn

    Greg thank you for all that you do brother. Your videos are being -reposted everywhere, there are millions of viewers on Zerohedge worldwide, the minute i see a new interview of yours i post it. You are helping millions everywhere man. You rock Greg because your foundation is built upon the Rock. Jesus

  46. Jeffrobbins

    God has a plan. Thanks for the community forum Greg.
    It’s a bit of a story, but we got a homestead type place. While it seems that some things to do are spendy others are not and i really believe that we all need to get back to some slower way of living. Instead of living with a 24-7 news cycle, we really need to live within a 4 seasons year. Sometimes it feels like I’m being shaken in a bottle, to much stress isn’t good. Our new fruit trees are budding out and they look very good- happy about the gravel sleeve around the roots- gophers and improved watering. We don’t have the grey skies here in the Pacific NW, other than the winter inversions. Very relaxing to look at them every few days. I wonder about what i leave my kids with.

  47. jon

    armstrong and nenner
    2 best guests here

  48. Fred Daake

    McCarthy just released his plan to raise the debt ceiling $1.5 trillion. Time to vacate the chair.

  49. Poochiwoo

    My predictions on how de-polarization happens is as follows: the administration and their friends will crash the market enough to pull another 2008 with massive bailouts for the top tier. . As the dollar loses influence and status, its value will diminish over time. Government will continue to do great. They will adjust for inflation and continue paying themselves great retirement benefits. Taxes will go much higher, a lot higher. Social benefits for non-government people will be slashed. Government will stop at nothing to seize our assets, they’ll take anything. This pattern will play out for about 10-16 years until the US becomes a third world nation.

  50. Fred

    This is the fractal monetary system of the beast dying.

  51. Larry

    Apple and Goldman Sachs are starting their own bank and will offer 4.15% interest.

  52. Neville

    Dollar Finished – America in Danger

    Charles will be right but its the timing BUT when goes it goes to MINUS ZERO LIKE AAcrime DID TO INTEREST RATES.
    Gold on the other all we have to on is that if the bloody morons of this world took
    a TOTALLY VALUELESS piece of abstract crap like S#1TCOIN to $67000 then what will
    GODS Money do in times of crisis ,sheer utter rout……I leave it to you to guess as a client
    once told me that there is a hot spot in hell for those who predict where Gold is going to go to !!!

  53. regaleagle

    There was a recent in-depth study done to determine the amount of silver held by individuals(not govts, banks, or institutions) to fall in certain categories worldwide. The numbers are very, very low……if you hold at least 410 oz. of silver you fall within the top 1% of silver holders worldwide(individually). Up to 175 oz puts you in the top 5% world wide. I thought these numbers were very low…..but it reflects the minimalist size of the silver market worldwide vs the billions that have no silver whatsoever…..or very very little. In some of the poorer countries……owning 10 oz of silver is considered wealth.

  54. Prospector

    What will happen when the dollar falls ?
    Crime and lawlessness is far worse in the Democrat cities that you are being told.
    Looting entire Wall Mart stores unchallenged and not arrested is only part of it.
    Heavily armed carjackers on the loose in Chicago and bus drivers shot !!!
    Much more going UNREPORTED ! Look at that Twitter page.


    This could be a new record

    42 unanswered calls for police service in 4th district
    and another 8 in the 6th district
    read out at 4AM Sunday morning
    A double homicide at
    83rd and Paxton/Luella
    And person shot
    92nd and Stony Island
    Drained resources
    You mean to tell me reporters and camera crews cover war zones over seas but it was too dangerous in #Chicago last night to capture footage?
    Chicago is actually worse than a warzone?

  55. young

    “war is coming home to the US”

    Most likely will occur after Russia takes and secures all of the Donbas. Soon Bakhmut will totally fall to the Russians. Bakhmut is a linchpin of the Ukrainian defenses. With it gone, the Russians will quickly advance to take the Donbas.

  56. young

    After the USA goes down, Iran will ally with Turkey, Libya, and Ethiopia to attack Israel.
    Yet, Israel will repent when the USA is no longer around to protect. The Lord will protect Israel during this attack and destroy the attacking army which will include a lot of Iranian forces. Based on Ezekiel 38.

  57. jochen knaebel

    he is just a copy from martin armstrong!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s called a consensus!! This is a stupid comment.

  58. Sara

    How apropos to hear the message of Mr. Nenner at this time. No, he’s not rattling bones, he’s someone who has decades of experience, and thank you, Greg for establishing this relationship! I concur with Mr. Nenner, I too am concerned the USA is bringing on a force majeure that shall culminate on American land.

  59. HoosierDownUnder

    Gold: 1.6 tons stolen from Canadian Airport this week… that’s how much someone wants gold. That would have been well planned bc that is a huge weight to steal.

  60. john

    so, big institutions are buying gold, and building vaults to store their gold to protect against government confiscation, which implies big institutions are going to disobey their government, to which I say BUH LONEY. Maybe they keep it outside their country I dunno.

  61. ken

    What does it mean to the guy on the street when America doesn’t rule the world anymore…. wow!

  62. Galaxy 500

    The Principalities and Minions of Satan are cradhing the system to destroy the good people of America. This is a concerted effort from on high (govt, etc). They know what they are doing.

  63. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    US politicians and the people that own them, are pulling down the economy so they can put America into the great reset. A fascist corporate Nazi government regime that has a socialist component attached to it for the rich. US politicians have all their bribes and insider trading cash stashed, it’s the American people that are the losers in the scheme.

  64. Steve

    Revelation 6:7And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 8And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

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