Dollar is Going to Collapse – Peter Schiff

By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager and economist Peter Schiff says all the debt and money printing by the Fed will, ultimately, get down to one thing and that is the U.S. dollar.  The Fed has been getting away with this turbocharged money creation policy since the last financial meltdown in 2008.  In 2021, the consequences of “money for nothing” are finally kicking in.  Schiff explains, “The inflation crisis and the dollar crisis . . . are a much bigger economic event that will have a much greater impact than the 2008 financial crisis.  I have been warning about the consequences of all this money printing for years and years.  Now, finally, you are really starting to see that.  The government has been able to bury the amount of inflation they have been creating because of the CPI (Consumer Price Index).  The CPI doesn’t really capture the degree that prices are going up.  So, it creates a false sense of confidence that we haven’t had inflation, but now prices are rising so rapidly that even the government’s doctored CPI number can’t hide it. . . . We are getting these huge price increases across the board.”

How worried should people be about all the Fed money printing?  Schiff warns, “The Fed says there’s nothing to worry about.  Inflation is just going to magically come back down.  We are still going to be at 2% inflation.  So, we can keep the printing presses going with the pedal to the metal, and we are going to have these huge deficits.  We are going to print all this money, and there is nothing to worry about.  Well, you better worry!  This crisis will be much worse than 2008, and unlike 2008, nobody’s getting a bailout.  The reason the Fed could do the bailouts is the Fed could print the money to fund the bailout.  The next crisis is the dollar that is going to be in crisis. The dollar is going to be crashing, and they can’t bail anybody out from a dollar crash because all they can do is print more dollars, which will just accelerate the collapse of the dollar.”

The warning is simple.  Schiff says, “This is a completely dysfunctional economy that is going to collapse when the bottom drops out of the dollar.  I think that crisis is close at hand.”

In closing, Schiff points out, “Gold and silver are very cheap.  Everything is in a bubble except gold and silver because gold and silver are real money. . . . We are going to see all these bubbles deflate in terms of gold and silver.  The price of stocks, real estate and crypto currencies are all going to come way down in terms of gold and silver. . . . Get your gold and silver, physical coins, buy that now while you can still get it.  In the future, not only are the prices going to go way up for the metal, but the premium on the coin is going to go way up in addition to that.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with money manager and economic expert Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Capital and Schiff Gold.

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After the Interview:

There is much free information and articles at both of Peter Schiff’s websites: and  You can also listen to Peter for free every week on The Peter Schiff Podcast.

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  1. Ron

    Thanks Greg. Always good to hear from the Schiff.

    • L

      But, is it in the Big Plan to send monthly checks to average people pushing us towards Socialism – Communism – Depopulation ? So, how could they pull a Hyper-inflation while needing to send monthly checks to people?

  2. Mike Macek

    Greg…Yeah…Ready for dollar collapse. I’m just a country boy sitting on a sack of seeds (some silver and a shit load of crypto.) Retired Stockbroker, remember. Just sending you fiat until it’s worthless. Then we gonna’ get serious. Bless ya’lls hearts. Fear not, ya’ll hear… mike

    • Nelson Ruffin

      If crypto is purchased with fiat then when the $ tanks what makes it special. Blockchain protected what?

      • Bob

        No one will give you gold for crypto if the dollar is gone.
        Unless gold goes to zero.
        What’s more likely?

        We might not even have an internet.

        The solution is to buy gold and other assets with crypto profits.

      • tchujdenetza

        If your grid is down your crypto is completely worthless.

  3. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, excellent interview.

    • Jon Gundrum

      What is he measuring the dollar against, other currencies?

  4. Rachel

    Brilliant interview Greg!

    After that we can all cringe as we watch politicians and central banks all do the opposite what Peter Schiff says they need to do to fix these massive world wide economic problems and lead us into the worst economic crisis the world has ever seen.

    At least anyone listening here can prepare and understand what is behind it all.

  5. Greg Smith

    Thank you Greg and Peter for all the great information . Great Show as always !

  6. Michael Sorrell


    • Jay A.

      True!! I remember buying my first house at 18% interest. Yes, hell is coming!!

  7. Mike R

    Got Gold ?

    We all know Stan doesn’t !

    And its going up, up, up and away !

    Stan timed the bottom perfectly, by shorting gold even more. Loses moar money.
    Poor Stanley.
    He’s the worlds best fade as to when to buy gold.

    • Stan

      Mike R: It ain’t over till the fat lady sings

      • Cus D'Amato

        You’re getting carried out on a stretcher.

  8. Greg

    Peter really knows his stuff.
    He has it figured out.
    Thanks Greg for the good topic.

  9. barsoom43

    Gold and silver are good.. They are a store of value.. Ammunition is good too.. Two members of my family have already used 5.56 in barter transactions; one was for auto repair services and the other was for goods.

    • Paul ...

      And don’t forget Bitcoin “is a store of value too” (to some people) … just like old subway tokens “have value” … and all those Cabbage Patch Dolls in the closet “have value”!!

  10. Keith Ronald Kelsch

    Peter does not understand the power of Bitcoin over time and the eventual S curve and network effect in adoption it keeps accomplishing. He lies through his teeth and refuses to challenge the price-suppression of precious metals.

    • Robert

      Surprised you would word your criticism the way you did. Accusing someone of “lying through their teeth” is a little bit severe in my view. If you want to accuse someone of lying through their teeth, you might want to point your criticism at the FED instead of Peter. As far as not challenging the suppression of the price of precious metals, Peter has done that several times over the years. We all know the game with the precious metals, and many have posted videos describing the way the price is suppressed. As far as Bitcoin, the blockchain is what it is, but to me, Bitcoin my not be your long term savior, because if you want to use it as currency, it lacks in many areas. Also, it has plenty of competition. It is not going to be the only solution, and the fact that it’s a one trick pony may remove it from the top ranking as time goes on.

      • regaleagle

        Good summary Robert…….that pretty much says it all about Bitcoin in a short concise way. All Bitcoiners should be unloading at the next big drop……Shiff thinks the roller coaster ride is headed for the final big dip before it is time to get off. Sh0uld have gotten off at $60,000…….but greed and the love of money destroys many lives.

        • Robert


          I can tell by the way the BTC people talk that is GREED driving them

          they all want to make it big, thinking BTC to the moon etc

          We didnt buy gold and silver to make quick money, its a lONG TERM thing that has BEEN building for decades r more

          Crypto is barely 10 yrs old,

          its a baby, and it rocketed up 1000% just in the last year alone

          That is absurd price jumps, that are COMPLETELY unsustainable

          Crypto was the dog waging the tail,

          it was meant to pull people away from real value

    • Poochiman

      Isn’t Bitcoin cashed out in Dollars?

  11. Lyon Barbara

    What about automation? Millions of people were supposed to lose their jobs to automation but no one said production would be down because of it. So now we have millions of people unemployed. Did we get rid of automation, too?

  12. Robert Olin

    Peter is the teacher you wish you had in college economics.

  13. Carla hayes

    I like the way Peter schiff always explains in detail what’s going on so, many of us understand . Thank you mr. hunter for this great interview. I hope we see mr schiff again soon.

  14. Jim Stevens

    A 3/4 sheet of $20CDX plywood is today in Commiefornia almost $100. Lumber yards and growers make nothing extra. Brokers and middlemen cleaning up with China Xiden

    • Gary C

      Jim, the Biden administration is going to put another another tariff on Canadian Lumber
      between 8-15%, home builders are freaking.

  15. eddiemd

    Indoctrination by deception.

    Cultural Marxist playbook.

    • Tom C

      Thank you for that link.

    • JC

      Max Slavo:
      Too many of the slaves have figured out COVID was a scam. What’s next is anyone’s guess. Stay alert and prepared. Continue to use critical thinking and ask questions. Discernment and logic will be useful skills in the coming year.

      • Jerry5

        You are right about people waking up, but the globalist have planned a response for that. Lockstep was the first phase. They will use the MSM programming to make people who haven’t taken the jab an enemy of the state. They’re already doing it with employment mandates. Lawyer up. Fun times are coming.

    • Paul ...

      Eddiemd … Also “Murder by Deception” … the Salk Institute has now identified the “Smoking Gun” causing the deaths of people taking the Covid vaccine … “all four(4) Covid vaccine brands currently in widespread use … either inject patients with the Corona spike protein … or use mRNA technology to instruct the patient’s own body to manufacture Corona spike proteins (which then floods the blood stream of every vaccinated person)” … it is this flood of Corona spike proteins that the Salk Institute has now identified as the “Smoking Gun” causing the deaths of people taking the Covid vaccine … did Big Pharma (deliberately create??) a vaccine that causes vascular damage and blood clots (in order to kill people in accord with the directive of Bill Gates to reduce the human population)? … those who trustingly allow experimental vaccines to be injected into their bodies are a bunch of idiots!! …

      • Jerry5

        Early studies are showing the increase in spike proteins are causing disruption in the white blood cells leading to blood clots. It’s interesting to me that some die days after the injection while some have no effects at all? Is it because of the differences in people’s immune systems, or differences in the potency of the load? Who knows? It may be years before we know. Dr Yeadon says anywhere from twelve months to five years. It’s chilling to see so many intelligent people willing to roll the dice.

        • JC


          Martin Armstrong also asks the question, “Who knows?”

          The whole magnet thing has many claiming to “debunk” such things as fake. Anyone doing so is a threat to the nation. This is at least a fair test showing some yes some no. This raises questions is a portion of the vaccines really just a placebo to hide the real dangers? Who knows? There is no real independent verification of anything and this does not inspire confidence.

          • Bob

            Why don’t they put some baking paper on the arm first or try a different spot to prove it will fall off except at the jab site. In a humid environment with fat people of course it will stick.

            They should have tried it with people who didn’t get the shot too.

            100% worthless video.

            BTW, I’m not getting the shot. I just wish people would at least design reasonable experiments and surveys when they go out and do this sort of thing. You know, something where the results might even be meaningful. Maybe the education system is so dumbed down now that we have no hope of this situation improving?

            • JC


              Come on, it’s not 100% worthless. I thought the interesting part was seeing young women of childbearing age, willing and eager to take an untested “vaccine,” without giving it a second thought.

              • eddiemd

                They should do MRI studies of the injection sites. Or maybe not. If there are metallic nanoparticles at the site it may cause them to be pulled out from the skin/muscle.

                Open up a vial of injection and put it in the microwave. See what happens.

    • JC


      Indoctrination and more…

      Lockheed Martin Corporation sending white male employees to re-education “camps.”

      • eddiemd

        The propaganda to get the injection on the radio and local TV is non stop.

        I don’t hear any churches speaking against the injection. In fact, I hear the pastors saying it is up to the individual and God to make the decision. That is a cop out.

        Many main stream pastors on TV and radio saying that it is good to take the injections. That is dangerous.

  16. Paul ...

    Alert!! … Gold is $1906 right now … … and it is doing it in a week when the BIS options settlements are usually a negative for gold and silver … just the fact that gold is up over $1900 dollar per ounce tonight … in what would usually be a negative week … tells me $2000 dollar gold is right around the corner (we could be there in a week!!) … very negative for the US dollar (it’s going down)!!!

    • Rachel

      Yep, Paul you’ve it right.

      This podcast explains what’s going on in the background as the banks have to reconcile the gold suppression coming to an end;

  17. Roger Foulmoth

    Satan’s System Finally Collapsing
    What has resulted from God’s accepting the challenge as to the rightfulness of his [Gods] sovereignty? Has man benefited himself by listening to God’s adversary and endeavoring to run his own affairs? Satan has been permitted to build up “wicked spirit forces,” organizing them into ‘governments and authorities and world rulers.’ (Ephesians 6:11, 12) Mankind has been granted opportunity to try every conceivable type of government. God did not allow only a few generations to come and go and then put a stop to man’s efforts before the full results could be seen. Even a century ago would have been too soon. Man was then just entering the “era of technology” and was only beginning to make great claims about what he would now accomplish.
    But now, is another century needed to see what the outcome of man’s course of independence from God will be? Even prominent men in fields of government and science acknowledge that, judged by present trends, the earth and life upon it now face grave danger of ruination. Certainly God does not need to permit complete ruin in order to prove the utter failure of man’s independent rule. With the testimony of six thousand years bearing witness to the results of government that endeavors to ignore God, never can men​—or spirit rebels either—​say they did not have enough time to prove their challenge. The facts show that no government independent of God can bring real peace and security for all mankind.

    • regaleagle

      Fantastic post…….nothing else to say.

  18. JC

    “Jerome Powell knows that inflation isn’t transitory, but the last thing he can do is admit that it is not transitory, because if the Fed admits that we have an inflation problem, well then they have to solve it, but because it’s unsolvable, because the Fed has created a situation where we can’t fight inflation because we have too much debt…”

    This private, not federal, Federal Reserve Bank needs to be dissolved, right now.

    • Bill Wilson

      The FED’s Policy, from Day 1 at Jekyll Island, was to impoverish the American People! Will the FED chairman, suddenly change that Goal? I don’t think so!

  19. Trish

    Thanks, Greg. Please hang in there with us.

  20. JC

    Richard Russell
    March 28, 2013

    “Gold is the last freedom left…”


  21. Ron

    Greg, have you thought about interviewing Chris Marcus from Arcadia Economics (on YT) about the upcoming Silver Squeeze Part 2?

    Separately to all: if anything more comes to light about Smartmatic voting machines, please could anyone involved in the investigations look out for any links to their use in the London UK Mayoral elections a few weeks ago? Thanks!

  22. Nicolaas Nel

    I listened to a statement made by Peter Schiff, that printing money doesn’t cause inflation.
    But listening to this presentation he admits printing money causes inflation. Now I’m confused.

    • Greg Hunter

      You need to listen again because he clearly indicates that printing money causes inflation. That’s what a crashing dollar is. It’s crashing in value and making you spend more dollars to get the same goods and before the crash.

  23. Montana Guy

    Peter Schiff is the real deal, a rare truth-teller in these days of deceit. I admire his courage and character. Peter would pass my ‘Godfather test’ as a man of outstanding character who I’d select as Godfather for my child.

  24. Luke Trader

    Peter Schiff is absolutely 100% correct about everything he says……except, Bitcoin.
    Bitcoin will be the best performing asset of the future.
    Any smart investor should invest in Gold, silver AND Bitcoin, and you owe it to your community to expose this.
    Please interview Andreas Antonopoulos, Anthony Pompliano or even Ray Dalio!!!

  25. andyb

    The credit catastrophe that Bill Holter has warned us about is rapidly approaching. Right now the biggest kink in the goods chain is transportation, whether container ships backed up at ports, or the shortage in long haul truck drivers. Buy local and stock up while supplies last. I used to think 3 months of supplies was sufficient; now it appears that 1 year is more appropriate. When you are buying canned goods like beans and veggies, don’t forget the fruit for a balanced diet. Definitely get a water filter and the means to get rain water and store it. Potable water is our biggest infrastructure problem.
    BTW: Schiff would have made a great Senator, although I think he
    would have passed on a 2nd term.

    • Terry Nash

      Governments of the world don’t like all these crypts that they have no control over. They want to take charge an come out with their own cryptos. There will be legislation and big changes ahead!

  26. David Jones

    “Depopulate or bankrupt the rest of us” interview from Catherine Austin Fitts isn’t working on your site. Can you get it up and running. I think that interview was pretty relevant for what we are going through.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes it is. Apparent tech issues on your side.

  27. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Always worth while listening to Peter Schiff. I listen very carefully to lots of pundits and try my best to weigh the various arguments. Based on all I’ve heard, it seems clear that:
    1/. The dollar (world reserve currency) collapse is a well planned event – a sought after outcome of the massive increase in fiat.
    2/. Bitcoin was deliberately created by TPTB to familiarise the public about crypto (cashless) currency. The meteoric rises in Bitcoin values has ensured huge publicity – ergo, publicity, as intended. As a result, few people can honestly claim never to have heard of Bitcoin and most think of it as a ‘crypto currency’. When Bitcoin collapses, as pre-planned, TPTB will claim it’s because it was not centrally controlled.
    2a/. Bitcoin was also depicted as a gold coin – even though it’s ethereal – with the intention of diverting investment away from real gold.
    3/. When fiat dollars (and non-central bank cryptos) collapse, TPTB will step into the breach with their centrally controlled crypto fiat currency. The IMF and World Bank are ready and waiting. They need the overt collapse of the current world reserve currency – and the Fed is assisting in this effort. To claim, as some do, that the Fed does not know what it’s doing is, IMHO, naive.
    4/. The c19 scamdemic is in part to collapse the private sector economy. Small businesses forced by edict to close while multinational chain stores were permitted to stay open. Small businesses as a rule do not have deep financial pockets to sustain long closures and many have ceased trading – as planned. The forced closures of retail, leisure, sports clubs, and travel also provided necessary deflation and reduced velocity of money to offset the concurrent hyper inflationary money printing. Very effective disguise.
    4a/. The scamdemic and unprecedented publication of daily deaths – a natural occurrence which society normally chooses to ignore – created and sustained such fear as to encourage huge numbers to participate in an in-vivo ‘clinical’ trial of novel mRNA drugs which had not / have not undergone the usually requisite animal testing. Again, some say that the CDC / WHO do not know what they are doing. I disagree. IMHO, TPTB know exactly what they are doing. Everything is going to plan except for, perhaps, the unexpectedly large percentage suffering from serious side-effects (including death) as a result of volunteering for the ‘jab’. This is providing temporary resistance to ‘vaccine’ intake. They will think of a scam to overcome this resistance. The plan is to alter human nature and to control what we do, where we go, with whom we associate, and thereby to stiffly any possibility of organised revolt.
    5/. The owner of the reservation demands absolute obedience. Obedience will be rewarded with tokens which may only be exchanged at the ‘company’ store.

    • AndrewB

      Correction: and thereby to stifle any possibility of organised revolt.

      Also, I meant to make clear that it is only the short term side effects which are unintended. The long term effects, IMO, are iintended to be devastating.

  28. Jerry5

    I love Peter Schiff but I think it’s a forgone conclusion by now that the globalist are planning on collapsing the current virus infected ( like a computer system ) system, and using a reset to replace it with. The only question left is when? We’ve been debating this issue for years, never taking into consideration that the plans were already cut in stone from Breton Wood meeting. Now it appears the globalist have moved back the date once more.

    But why? Reading between the lines, it appears that they are waiting for another round of the virus and with it more death and and economic destruction to takes its toll. In short they are setting us up for the kill shot. Literally. What better way to make the final sale, than to offer the sense of freedom and hope, and then rip it away?
    More to come on that.

    • Jerry5

      It’s the old divide and conquer routine.

      Ask yourself this question. What does taking the jab have to do with a persons faith? Why in the world would anyone make you take a jab that could potentially kill you, if they truly loved you? Just asking.

    • Jerry5

      Papers please.

      Welcome to communism America.

      • JC

        We are certainly in big trouble, and most people don’t get it.

        G.A. STEWART :
        This International Control Group puts so much symbolism and ritualism into their daily affairs that they are clearly telegraphing their intentions. I am certain that this is not due to any moral obligation to the soon-to-be slaughtered sheep.

        The New Physics makes consciousness central to physical reality. Constructing images and placing them into mass consciousness is most likely the psychological physics behind socially engineering desired goals. The Masters of The Game are re-patterning human consciousness with the images they want and redirecting human emotions; they are moving and directing energy to manifest their goals using the power of millions of people’s thoughts and emotions.

        People cannot see the forest for the trees, because today’s physics has minimized metaphysics and religion, even while consciousness, in the form of observation and measurement, is central to Quantum Theory.

        What kind of messages are being subconsciously transmitted to the unwashed-masses and why?

  29. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    Always great to hear from PS. Thank you.

  30. Jerry5

    Dead cat bounce.

  31. James Foster

    Another great show Greg!

  32. MAthieu Belanger-Camden

    Peter Shift said crypto will crash, but not all crypto is equal, Dash, Monero and other privacy coin make people able to not paying taxes. Peter said the government, through inflation and price control, will force people to pay taxes. So I see private coin skyrocket as inflation and taxes pickup speed. How want to put money in the bank for internet transaction and paying taxes on gold exchange for fiat to pay for stuff on internet. I’m sure many crypto will die but not all of It. The useful crypto coin will survive especially those that is use in the product logistic for public traceability (chainlink and other.

    • Mark J

      Your statement is correct. Coins & tokens that serve a legitimate service or function will thrive. A large % will fall to zero as they serve no real purpose.

  33. Caroline

    Thank you for the upload gentlemen! Cryptocurrency has withstood time since 2008 crash. While I am not in the crypto trade I find it interesting how it has withstood a test of time. Businesses are now accepting it as payment and it is operating quite similar to the stock market. In my opinion the fiat and bitcoin are one in the same ‘backed by thin air finances’, only crypto is the new alternative to fiat. Now the financial ‘gangkers’ are looking at making a controllable crypto as their paper system fails. In today’s society gold and silver are great but they can’t be handed to another state or country for a purchase so they are geo limited in trade. Even stocks are worthless paper until realized, which can easily be ignored. We are caught in a financial fantasy. If anyone else has a better system we can use I might be all in. Until then, having financial diversity, self-reliance, being prepared with real time food, water, shelter and security (not just firearms, knowledge included) are the hand of the future. God Bless everyone who works to maintain stability in this chaotic, ever-changing world. Amen!

  34. Donnie W Clyma

    Greg, Peter has always been a rational economist, and have him on was a good move by you. My greatest grief about all of this, is the countless millions, who will be caught by whats coming, without anything or any way to prepare enough. Right now, since no one knows how bad it will get before they’ll reset the system. Its my conviction, that David Wilkerson’s vision and prophecy will play out, and if so, this will not subside ounce its started, but will lead into the tribulation hour. David saw, planet X appearing, which will uproot all weather patterns, and world wide disaster. My friend the greatest thing to do, is make sure you know Christ for yourself, and trust him, regardless of what comes. Farewell my friend

  35. Harold Swift


  36. Sue Patterson

    Thanks for another great guest, Greg. Your reputation and connections are why you are my go-to news guy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sue!

  37. Steve

    I like a lot of what Peter Schiff has to say, but he’s been wrong on the cryptos for years and he may well be wrong today. He says cryptos are going to crash, but I didn’t hear him articulate a reason why he expects them to crash.

    • Robert

      sound investors dont like crypto because well its ridiculous

      its tulip mania 101

      Go ahead you can risk it

      I trust HISTORICAL PRECEDENT NOT somethign that is 10 yrs old

  38. nzandy

    great interview Greg and Peter

  39. PeterB

    John Williams and now Peter Schiff……top drawer, cheers Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Peter!

  40. Russ 2

    Thank Greg, great interview. I had not heard that thing with Bernanke saying he was part of the administration and just talking the party line. The FED is supposed to be independent so Peter Schiff is correct yet again. It’s going to get really ugly and the FED will be powerless. Why would any serious investor take direction from the FED when they are just politicians dressed up like economic authorities, (sorta like a picture of Fauci wearing a white lab coat for a photo shoot).

    Meanwhile on the home front — truck has new tires, good battery and a recent tune-up. The pantry is relatively full (but it might get fuller). I’m about done buying PM’s, those are for the other side of the collapse, now we need to consider getting thru the next couple years.

    Remember that saying about slowly and then all at once. No one will be ready for when the everything bubble bursts.

    • Russ 2

      “Is politics nothing other than the art of deliberately lying?”
      ― Voltaire
      Well Yeah, duh! it’s what they do and they do it well — until they get caught.
      “Russell Brand In Viral Video Destroys MSM & Silicon Valley For Hiding “Troubling” Hunter Biden News”
      Russell Brand and former Intercept journalist Glenn Greenwald are not even close to being conservatives, but all it takes is a bit of intellectual honesty. That’s difficult for a pol who is so used to remembering his past lies that he can’t acknowledge the truth.

  41. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, so, well, wow, here it comes! No, really, its already here! The great inflation talked about for by so many of your guests over the years have arrived. Real estate in some places in the country are now increasing so fast that multiple bids over asking price are in play, the coast of Oregon is just one I know of; sure sign of inflation ramping way up. We have a failed economy, failed society, we being judged by the Almighty & we have come up wanting. Frankly, a blind man can see the hand writing on the wall – prayer is our only hope as a society now.

  42. A+Jones

    I agree with everything Peter said but I am more concern with the social fallout from a financial and dollar collapse. First, I believe that the ingredients that make for a strong economy have never been better. Things like technology, the science to create new products, the demand for stuff, the media to share the knowledge of the products, the ability to produce and distribute the products etc. In short supply and demand can be met and the demand is there for a strong economy assuming a productive population. The problem is with the financial aspect of the equation. We must have a financial/money system to make it function and therein lies the dilemma.
    I am the kind of person that likes to have things spelled out. Do not tell me the dollar will collapse, I want to know the actual implications and how I will be affected. Here is my view on what is going on and how it is all related: We have a lot of social unrest in this country right now. We have heard some politicians talk about a guaranteed wage for people and a drive for a new more just system to share the wealth. If you connect the dots of all these forces, you will see that we have a huge population of people (Democrats) who are not capable of engaging in the modern world of new technology. These people know what is coming (AI) and they have enough gray matter to realize that their place in the new paradigm is in question. The national debt is what they have been living on for 50 years. For the most part these are the people getting the government checks. All this social unrest and attacks on Capitalism is their way of grasping at anything that they think will fill the gap like Socialism or Communism to assure their future. These are the people that benefit from collective systems or, so they have been led to believe.
    When the financial market and currency collapses and the prices are rising, and the checks stop coming because the government is out of options the big cities in this country will turn into a boiling caldron of chaos and turmoil like the World has never seen before. The only thing holding the system together now is the police power of the federal government and once that collapses it is Katy bar the door. This is the hurdle we must get over before we worry about the financial future of the people that can participate in the future of the World and spend their gold and silver. The bottom line is there are too many unproductive mouths to feed that can vote and I think we have seen enough evidence recently that the globalists solution to this problem is being tested even as we speak!

  43. Nancy McDaniel

    The deceivers in the coup governments all around the world installed by rigged voting machines for 20+ years to force feed the sheeple NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA 2030. The NGOs, mafia banksters, luciferian jesuits have it all mapped out and even tell us their plans on their websites–The great reset which is the black horse of injustice and manufactured famine in a time of abundance which then leads to the pale horse of sickness followed by death. Matthew 24 and The Revelation also tell what’s coming. MARANATHA!

  44. Kerry

    Don’t panic, please don’t panic! Joey and is crew of Marxist cretins are going to take care of you. Move along, move along!

    Peter has always been correct he was just ahead of the curve.

    Great show Greg!

  45. John Butler

    The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining!

  46. Albert Dziennik

    I was out of the Army 6 months when Nixon took us off gold, then imposed price and wage freezes. Well a trip to the grocery store got real exciting as there were shortages of things that I needed. Coffee, sugar, meat, fruit, canned goods all took their turn. If you saw something you used regular, you grabbed all that was on the shelf, which further increased shortages. Meanwhile, gas, plastic, cars, everything else became either less available or more expensive, so either way you couldn’t get what you were used to. Since wages were frozen, people would quit their jobs and wouldn’t come back to work unless they got more money when re-hired (it was a way around the wage and price freeze). I remember thinking the stinkers that caused the mess had no idea what they were doing, or worse, didn’t care.

  47. Fred Engel

    Exchange worthless assets for things of value.

  48. Donna t

    Last week my step daughter wanted to clear close out an old savings account from when she was a kid in school. The type that just gets thrown in a drawer some where maybe like $400.00. As I was the co signer I went to the bank to assist if I was needed.
    Well the bank had been charging a “DORMANT FEE ” for the account at $10.00 a month.for a couple of years.
    OH MY did I come unglued. Seriously you aren’t making enough money that you NOW have to STEAL from a kids account. What motivates me to save now because if I forget about it you will eventually steal it. Lame excuses I received ,”Well it hadn’t been used in some time.” Seriously, you don’t even have to push a frigging button, but now you feel as if it is yours to take. Banks are GREEDY BEYOND GREEDY!
    There has to be someone out there far smarter than I am that could think of another process to use “the profit from our labor” in a better commerce way.
    Having some piss ant that you’ll never see or communicate with has so much power of what is rightfully yours. Humm.. and legal…
    I do remind myself what is moral and legal are two totally different things!

  49. Baja

    Been in car business for years, notice at the low end,
    prices have approximately doubled ,in past 6 months,
    So a $700 wholesale vehicle now $1200- $1500.

  50. Rod Brumley

    Greg last year the Dollar was 120 now under 90 – this is an Epic Nightmare that just started. I can see the Dollar in the 70’s by year end and that is just the start. Only salvation is be debt free – like you always say own your cars and home. I continue to Buy Gold and Silver as they will be the only real assets you can use to survive. Have you seen used car prices? They are almost double from last year!!! Inflation is exploding. In God I Trust

  51. Self Exiled

    Thanks Greg; got the video this time, used a different browser like you said.

    For I the LORD your God hold of your right hand; I am the Lord,
    Who says to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.’ Isaiah 41:13

  52. Jerry5

    Prepping for cyber polygon is underway.

    This will be the globalist next tool out of the tool box. How many people are prepared for a total grid down situation? I laugh when I see people buying generators at Home Depot. Where will you buy the natural gas to run it? And how long will it run? Need I say an EMP attack may be on the table as well. Do you have a faraday cage for all your electronic devices ? If not you can kiss them all goodbye? I have solar lights in faraday storage and another set for every day use. That’s only the beginning. Cars gone. Computer chips fried. What will you do when your stuck where you are? These are tough questions. I hope you have tough answers.

    FYI Emergency personal I know say that an EMP attack is most likely. If that is true, it will change your entire prepping dynamics. Living in an Industrial Age puts us at a huge disadvantage because we rely on electronics so much. Some say, the globalist won’t do that because they need us. Really? In case you haven’t noticed they unleashed a bio weapon us for a reason. Don’t be foolish enough to buy into that nonsense. The only reason they prefer an EMP over an atomic bomb is because it keeps buildings intact. Imagine that? They think more about preserving real estate than they do us.

  53. Johmjay

    Anyone would have to be completely willfully blind to not see what’s ahead. Inflation #’s have played us for a long while already . Maybe its spiritual blindness as well!! Jesus is the real protection, and God’s PM’S money here on earth.

  54. Secret agent WD-40

    Peter Schiff is the SMARTEST dude around. As well as the best educator. M favorite of all of your guests.

  55. Roger Foulmoth

    As we now so clearly see, long in advance and with perfect timing. God marked this last of the greatest generation, as the one during which he would cleanse the universe of all rebellion against his divine rulership. Not only would wicked men be forever destroyed, but Satan and his demons would be restrained as in an abyss, unable to influence the affairs of either men or angels. This is to open the way for the righteous rule of an earth, by the government of God’s Son. During a period of a thousand years, that government will undo all the harm brought by man’s thousands of years of selfish rule. It will restore that earth to a paradise lost loveliness and bring obedient mankind back to the perfection once enjoyed in Eden.​—Revelation 20:1, 2; 21:1-5; 1 Corinthians 15:25, 26.

  56. Tom McLaughlin

    While Schiff is not a favorite, I think he bloviates, did listen thoroughly twice now, always good to hear differing opinions.

    In spite of the major crypto crash, it survived quite well, the FED didn’t need to step in, no daisy chain reaction throughout other markets, no firms needed bail outs, DEFI didn’t snap apart, no protocols or systems failed, a couple of exchanges got momentarily swamped but that cleared quickly.

    Bitcoin needs to be treated as a speculation, you and Schiff are correct, don’t trade on margin, or money you can’t afford to lose, you’ll get monkey hammered.

    I got into crypto as the anti-dollar trade, back in 2015, taking some off the table consistently along the way, putting into hard assets, gold and mostly silver. I’m still in crypto as I fear the US Dollar, and the crazy money printing. but everyone needs to remember, it is a speculation!!

    • Robert

      Agreed, I am pretty much the same except I went back to college and was still young and broke. I saw the same anti dollar patterns several years ago

      I just didnt have good job to put aside investment money, living day to day…that is why I went back to school, to get a good job, after which I planned to stack gold, silver crypto etc.

      I didnt expect the crash to be coming this quick, its scary because i was never given time to truly stack and prepare…

      I got my degree the year covid hit, and still havent found a job,

      good luck to you, you played it right

  57. Dale

    Hi Greg, Great guest with Schiff. I Gotta laugh when you move into the camera when have a point or sarcastic quip. Glad you let a long speaking
    guest get his point but us ‘littles’ need the grounded questions you ask. Fortunately Schiff goes after those too.

  58. James Furr

    Another Great Interview!
    Thanks Greg,
    -Jim Furr >

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim!

  59. tim mcgraw

    Peter Schiff always gives a great interview. He’s a good man. I met him years ago at a Freedom Fest Convention in Las Vegas. He’s a very good speaker. What the government did to his father Irwin Schiff was a war crime. Always good to see Peter. Thanks.

  60. al

    Peter Schiff is right because he makes sense in a senseless economic system. It’s a matter of time, he will be vindicated again.

    By the way, Fed jawboning is not the only thing that kept the gold and silver prices down, there was MAJOR MANIPULATION ADMITTED BY THE FTC! yet no one goes to jail.

  61. Dave

    I lost all respect for Peter Schiff after the election when he said that he believed that the election wasn’t rigged because polling showed Biden leading before the election. For Peter to say this he has to be an idiot. To not understand that the polls are rigged shows one has to be an idiot. And with all of the evidence of fraud and to not see the fraud one has to be an idiot.
    I immediately unsubscribed to Peter’s channel. Had Peter been elected to the Senate he would have become a betrayer like Romney.

    • JT

      He is not an idiot he is a deep state actor. He sells synthetic gold and silver. Go ask for delivery from him I dare you all!!

      • tim mcgraw

        JT: Peter Schiff is NOT a deep state actor. The deep state killed his father after torturing him in prison. Look it up.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Tim. Schiff’s dad was a patriot and he paid a very high price.

    • tim mcgraw

      Dave, elections don’t matter. The same game is played no matter who is President. Politicians are actors in a play. The bankers and the bureaucrats run the world.

      • Greg Hunter

        Election DO matter. Just look at how hard deep State Dems are fighting all the audits.

        • JH

          If elections DO matter, then why aren’t all of the newly-elected Republican Senators and Congressmen saying “the election was rigged” for their OWN elections,? But somehow, yes, it was “rigged” for Trump’s?? That’s crazy! That doesn’t make sense, Greg!

          • Greg Hunter

            I makes sense when you consider the RINO’s that have been exposed. Anybody talking about all the people the Government is holding

  62. Robert Lykens

    Rabbi Cahn and Peter Schiff are your two best guests Greg.
    One is the spiritual expert and the other is the financial expert.
    One thing – even though metals are Real Money, to which I subscribe wholeheartedly, what will happen when the entire economy – salaries, debts, dollars, investments, EVERYTHING – is digitized? What will happen to metals, which will become archaic and obsolete? And again, trust me, I’m in metals 100% because they’re real and genuine. But if everything gets digitized, I’m afraid gold/silver will crash. One day the Man of Sin will dictate that all transactions must be conducted through Big Government’s digital system.
    Like you yourself said, Greg, gold and silver are cheap compared to digital currency. They could get cheaper – all the way to Zero cheap!

    • Robert Lykens

      The best part of the interview was the last four minutes, when Mr. Schiff described exactly what’s wrong with the Keynesian economic model and how it will ruin us.
      Thanks for letting him talk..

  63. Michael B Anenberg

    ” Gold is going to go straight up!” That is what Peter Schiff said.
    I think that when Gold gets to astronomical levels and people just can’t afford it anymore, they are gonna grab cryptos. Unless cryptos go up along with gold. They may go down! Who knows! People are gonna buy crypto assets.
    Not necessarily Bitcoin but a lot of the other Alt-Coins on the crypto chart.
    Just sayin’. A great interview that Peter Schiff eh?

    • Robert

      How useful is crypto is cyber attack world?

      Not smart

      Sorry, that is like gambling at the casino with a million different choices to place your bet,

      which crypto

      and again how do you prepare for grid cyber attacks

      um, I will stick to REAL value

  64. edwin knouse

    It’s about the wallet, not the money. Ultimate TIS program. From the cradle to the grave, turn you on turn you off. It’s the mark of the beast. Remember I told you so once again.

  65. Art Barnes

    Were in the soup now that’s for sure. No way out, didn’t drain the swamp enough, underestimated how dark and deep the hidden powers really were. Trump went around and told rally after rally that democrats were about to rig the election, evidently those warnings fell on deaf ears of those who could have prevented it at the state level. We have no one but ourselves to blame for the injustice; apathy, being naïve, & believing that right wins the day led us here. History will record the outcome, but my bet is that this wrong will not be set right anytime soon, its will just get much worse in a very short time.

  66. Joe Wong

    Peter Schiff & Max Keiser are the 2 persons that really KNOW THEIR STUFF – HANDS DOWN !!! Anyone that ignores Peter Schiff & Max Keiser will be eating this very shortly –
    The Global economic & financial crisis of September 16, 2008 was the COLLAPSE of CAPITALISM, after the COLLAPSE of COMMUNISM back on November 9, 1989.

    The days of bailing out a dying system maybe coming to an end my friends.

  67. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Schiff a lone voice of truth in a bewildering wilderness inhabited by deceit.

  68. FreeMpg

    Meanwhile, today, Apple is advertising for cryptocurrency engineers to do what? Apple Pay has 44 million users in the US alone. Peter Schiff is a contrary indicator when it comes to Bitcoin. He conveniently omits the fact he was bearish on Bitcoin when it was less than $100.00. Why didn’t he mention that?

    Schiff is a broken clock when it comes to most everything else. Who didn’t see a crash coming in real estate sometime in the 2000’s except happy-talkers on CNBC? Who doesn’t see one coming now? Schiff was what, five years early (at least) on his 2008 real estate crash call?

    Can I recommend you interview Robert Kiyosaki. He’s both a gold/silver and bitcoin bull. If the dollar does indeed collapse as Schiff predicts, it’s absurd to think as a result the asset which appreciated first (Bitcoin) would not reassert itself.

    The recent break in bitcoin may signal deflationary winds as commodities like lumber skyrocket which shuts off home building. See CNBC: “Single family housing starts down 13.4%, a huge miss.” Builders are getting skittish thinking buyers cannot keep up with prices. Commodities rising too fast counter-intuitively causes deflation.

    It’s a brave new world out there.

    • Robert

      You made several assumption

      one being that cyber attacks are just a joke and not a reality

      two you assume they are gonna get this digital one world order up quickly

      no it takes time, years

      In the meantime during the crisis, crypto will be as useless, more useless then paper money, which can at least be burned for heat.

      YOu are also assuming BTC is the coin which they are gonna rush into

      You dont know that

      And again why would I buy into something that is completely unregulated and run by black market drug lords?

  69. Scott

    SO happy to see Mr. Schiff back on the program – he’s an A-list guest all the way.

    Thanks much, Greg!

    Very best,


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Scott for all your support!

  70. Joe

    Greg, did you see this video about the liar and criminal Fauci? Any chance you could interview the guy who made it? It’s a MUST WATCH video.

    And check out the info about Fraudci’s daughter and wife.

  71. Stan

    There is as much chance of the dollar collapsing as Elvis showing up at your door to deliver a pizza.

    • Robert

      sure LOL

      When I read your comments I just roll my eyes and laugh

      you are the equivalent of a grasshopper

      you dont understand warning signs

      LOL carry on Mr. Joke

    • Bill the Cat Guy

      Right. Because the value of the dollar won’t change even if they print one quadrillion. The secret to wealth isn’t capitalism or productivity. It’s money printing. Just ask anyone from Weimar Germany, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe. /sarcasm.

    • Jerry5

      You could be right. Thin air is thin air.

      That’s what the dollar is. Funny money created out of thin air. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Paper funny money goes digital. The game goes on.

    • JC


      Elvis has been spotted at Pizza Hut, so anything is possible.

  72. Bill the Cat Guy

    Peter Schiff was one of the first people I listened to when I woke up to America’s hyperinflation future in 2011. Now I wonder if he joined the bad guys or if he was forced to shill for them.
    If you search Twitter for Peter Schiff and Perth Mint you’ll see him defend the Perth Mint’s unallocated silver program. He claims that people who say they don’t have the silver are lying. Not just wrong but lying. The Perth Mint allows free storage of metal that they sell. They’ve apparently sold the same metal over and over again. Because it can take 6 months to get the metal they’re supposedly holding for you.
    Greg you really need to talk to John Adams or someone from Wall Street Silver. They’re working to get as many people as possible to buy as much silver as possible. If they don’t cause the COMEX to default they’ll make silver almost impossible to find. Silver demand is off the charts. In the first quarter of this year as much silver was sold as in a typical year from 2015 to 2019. This is happening in the face of growing industrial demand. PSLV, Sprott’s physical silver trust, is taking more and more silver from the COMEX. PSLV’s silver inventory is growing as the COMEX inventory is dropping. It’s too bad that Craig Hemke didn’t talk about all that.
    We will see panic buying of gold and silver. We will see online bullion dealers with nothing to sell. We’ll see gold and silver on eBay selling for more money than we thought possible. We could see ads on craigslist for people willing to buy silver at 5 or 10 times the spot price. Will that all happen next year or later this summer? People need to realize that silver and gold are incredibly cheap now. It’s time to cash in your 401k. Pay the penalty if you have to. Buy physical gold and silver while you still can. There could be much less time than we realize.

  73. Bill Wilson

    Dear Greg, Thanks for the interesting interview with Peter Schiff.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill for all your support of the website!!

  74. RICH

    To all obedient subservient slaves who believe Big Brother. FOOLS. GOOD BYE

  75. Thomas737

    How can a guy like Peter Schiff who talks so well, run a brokerage that gave me nothing but losses after years of being invested with him?

  76. Larry Giglio

    Another metal salesman saying the sky is falling, buy gold?
    I’ve been paying more for less for 50 years. Before that it was my parents. The dollar can not crash, the system is rigged to continue on autopilot for many generations to come. Even the oil industry global superpowers pay fines for climate infractions in dollars, not oil. Oil is forever, as is petrodollars and their defense. Crooked politics is forever. The banking cartel is the only challenge today, and they too will evolve. The wealth transfer continues unto the 1% until they have sucked us dry. We will survive, but may loose a couple fat pounds from indulgences. The haves and have nots are forever.
    Boo Hoo
    Mansions, private planes, and yachts- they’re not for everyone

    • Greg Hunter

      You sound ill-informed and frankly a little delusional and fact resistant.

  77. terry

    Is there a video for this? I can’t see a link like usual, and if I click the picture of Schiff I just get the picture opening in a separate window.

    • Greg Hunter

      Scroll down the article to the blue “Read More” button. Click & the rest of the article opens up with the video.

  78. Marco Segura

    The new normal is gold back currency

  79. Rich

    Peter Schiff is very informative with an energetic, sometimes humorous delivery, that keeps you smiling and interested…..maybe him and Martin Armstrong are cousins….?? I like very much what the vast majority of your guests bring to the table!

  80. RICH


  81. DUGE

    Store of value? How about Bourbon Whiskey, Condoms, Tobacco, Stanley blades.

  82. regaleagle

    There are believers and non-believers in this world…….and even on this site! Beliefs can change over time……depending on the person and circumstances. A little bit of research and education can lead to a greater understanding. Then it comes down to who and what are you gonna believe and based on what??? God has given man a free will to make choices. Looks like the choices are becoming more difficult and more important than ever before.

  83. Dann

    This article is about selling gold and silver coins.

    The future is uncertain and the end is Always near type of fear mongering just to sell you something that won’t be worth anything if a real collapse happens. People have a false sense of confidence and do not understand what is really going to happen if the bottom falls out.

  84. Malcolm Naylor

    I have a feeling Peter Schiff will soon have his views vindicated. Good on him !

  85. Daniel C Goodacre

    The Bernanke line that Scared me actually was in December 2007; ‘I’m more worried about the upside risks to Inflation’ and I’m, was, a custom home builder who was watching the housing bubble really popping in late Summer of 2006! After that Bernanke quote the Wife and I sold all of our assets and stocks and move to the sidelines…

  86. hackforthjones

    Who was laughing at Peter holding precious metals? My guess is no-one. Nobody mocks holding gold and silver surely. Schiff is making himself out to be an oracle for having the insight to predict that…… sometimes gold prices go up n that…..for the last 10 years.

  87. Michael P. Shipley

    Did you know that Brainard was born in Germany ?

    • Greg Hunter


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