Dollar Value Could Suffer Instant Change-David Morgan

David Morgan: Gold and Silver Update, Warning on G20 and US Dollar

By Greg Hunter’s

Silver expert David Morgan is warning of coming financial changes that may be forced on the U.S. during the next G20 meeting.  Morgan says, “The impetus here is the U.S. has had too much financial power backed by the military for far too long, and they (G20) are going to implement change one way or the other.  The IMF is basically an extension of the United States.   Even though it’s called the International Monetary Fund, it is really U.S. based.  With what’s been proposed here, the IMF is not going to have the clout that it once did because the G-20 is going to be able to overrule the IMF vote.  This is a point in history, monetary history and global economic politics that could set a precedent . . . where it’s official that the U.S. dollar has lost its primary status as world reserve currency.” 

Morgan goes on to say, “For years and years, decades, the United States has exported their inflation because it’s a reserve currency, and we have the ability to just print at will.   We have pushed the U.S. dollar overseas, into Japan, into China, into Europe, all over the world, and now these dollars could be repatriated. . . . It is a very simple concept in economics, and the supply of dollars is huge.  The reason we haven’t seen inflation is those dollars have not been spent.  This would portend ‘I need to get out of the dollar and buy tangible assets. . . . Real estate, gold, silver, businesses, any tangible asset.  This would be an impetus for these countries that don’t need dollars anymore.  If I don’t need these dollars and I don’t settle oil in dollars, it’s not the supreme currency.  I need to get out of it.’  If that mindset takes hold widespread, you could see the dollar dive in value against other currencies.  There are so many dollars sitting out there doing nothing that could change like a flock of birds.  They are all flying in one direction, and then for no reason we could understand, they go the other direction instantly.  We could have an instant change where nation states say I need to get out of dollars.  If that were to take place, you could see a huge change virtually overnight.” 

Morgan thinks the world knows the dollar is in trouble.  He contends, “Everyone wants to pretend that everything is OK, but everyone also knows the emperor has no clothes. . . . People might say I’m out.  The dollar is toast.  I want out at any price.  Once that mindset takes place, it could catch fire.  It’s unlikely, but you cannot rule it out. . . . 19 out of the G20 are saying we are mad as hell and we are not going to take anymore.  You get it together or we are going to get it together for you. . . . Something is going to take place this year that will have such an impact.  Perhaps what will be announced will go over the heads of many, but those who are awake will say, ‘that’s it.’  Might not happen initially, but the earthquake will have started, and the U.S. dollar will have lost its status on the international markets.”

On silver, Morgan says, “The rush into gold is basically nation states, but the rush into silver is basically ‘the people,’ and it’s not just ‘the people’ of the U.S., it is ‘the people’ of the world.  Silver has been mined in more places in the history of the world than gold ever has.  Gold has always been nation state to nation state settlement. . . . What will happen in my view, and this happened in late 1979 and 1980, is that people will catch on quickly.  They will see what’s happening in gold and they will say ‘I can’t afford gold at $2,500 an ounce or $3,000,’ and they’ll say ‘I’m going to buy silver.’  Since there are many more people that are middle-class or lower that have a financial survival instinct, they’re going to get whatever they can.  The top tiers of all the commodities are gold and silver.  Why?  Because they’re money, they last, they don’t rot and store forever.  There will be a rush into gold and then silver like you have never seen before.  This will be a global phenomenon.  It wasn’t in 1979, this time it will be.  You will either have it or you don’t.”  What are Morgan’s price targets?  Morgan says, “I am on the record that it will hit $100 an ounce, and that may be conservative.  If you look back in history . . .  an ounce of silver is basically a day’s wage in very, very good times.  The minimum wage in some states is $9 an hour, and that equates to $72 a day.  That means an ounce would be $72 at the minimum, just to be fair value today. . . . I don’t think we need to focus on the paper price but the value of silver relative to the market. . . . Two things to consider here:  Silver is very undervalued where it is currently, and its value has a lot of upside.  You really have to focus on what it purchased relative to what it purchased in the past, and we have not ever gotten to par.” 

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(There is much more in the video interview.)

 After the Interview: 
David Morgan is working on a new book about, what else, silver.  He told me he did not have a working title, but he did say, “This is the book I’ve always wanted to write.  It’s going to be the ‘bible’ of silver.  It’s money and always has been.”  Morgan says the book will be out late summer of 2014.  Check out    

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  1. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great interview. I can agree with Mr Morgan, the end can come practically overnight, thing in which I disagree is the timing this game may end this year and the PTB of USA knows it, that is the reason why the sanctions against Russia are just symbolical ones. That doesn’t mean China wont step in and press the other members of G20 to abandon the US dollar, reason they have big trouble in their own economy and if they want prevent the hyperinflation in China, they need make Yuan into reserve currency and Russia will push it into that status:
    But when the Us dollar loses its status as reserve currency then the losses will be measured in hundreds of trillions of US dollar at todays price and the losses will cause the collapse of the Wests banking system (mostly made from TBTF banks) and the PTB knows that. That is the reason why I told you “the West is good as dead” and that is the reason why they orchestrating war on ME which will be started by Israel (they will attack Iran and Syria), and Russians knows that.
    Simply put, Russia, China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia will step in and say no to war, countries which may lost the most in war like this (the ME is a powder keg).
    Reason Russia and Egypt sees it as hazard to its national security, China sees as hazard for its energy security and Saudis knows one thing they will be engulfed in fire in case of war, literally (like Kuwait was). So Israel will be pacificated in days or weeks and USA will be able do nothing (at least officially).

    Your thoughts.

    • Oracle 911

      The “West is good as dead” means it is irrelevant, and our leaders made this mess, anyway please read this, it is important:

      • JC Davis

        Russia is the worlds top producer of oil, Yet our leaders treat them as irrelevant. The great statement in your link was (We just have one question: will payment for crude and LNG be made in Rubles or Rupees? Or in gold. Because it certainly won’t be in dollars.) Great link Oracle911 Thanks.

        • Oracle 911

          Thank you for your kind words, but you forgot the Yuan:
          -mark the 10th of April, there will be a G20 summit and if the US congress won’t ratify the changes in the structure of IMF, well the BRICS will sink the US dollar and the IMF will be irrelevant (because the BRICS bank).
          Considering how arrogant and incompetent the US government is they won’t ratify it, so the global meltdown because for that reason is coming.

    • Greg Hunter

      I simply do not know. There are so many moving parts to this economic and geopolitical situation that has never happened in history. You are correct about one thing (the ME is a powder keg) looking for a match.

    • woody188

      I don’t see Saudi Arabia and Egypt backing Russia and China so long as the United States is giving them military hardware free of charge and as much “international aid” directly to their politicians/ruling families as they want.