Nothing Can Stop Currency Crisis & War Crisis – David Morgan

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Economic analyst and financial writer David Morgan went against the majority of financial gurus and predicted at the end of 2022 that there was no way the Fed was going to cut interest rates.  He said on in December, “Cut Interest Rates & Dollar is Done, Toast, It’s Over.”  Fed Head Jay Powell said this past week the Fed was raising interest rates at least two more times to “fight inflation.”  This was a direct hit by Morgan.  Morgan sees a coming currency crisis and a war crisis.  Morgan explains, “Yes, we have both a currency crisis and a war crisis.  Let’s start with the currency crisis.  My favorite phrase for what is going on is ‘All fiat currency fails.’  We have never seen a time in all of recorded history that an unbacked currency does not go basically and effectively to zero.  When you say that ‘All fiat fails,’ there is a subgroup that says, yeah, but not the U.S. dollar. . . .I don’t know how many people have given me pushback on that statement from all over the world. . . . When I say fail, I don’t mean it goes to absolute zero.  What it means is a currency fails and a new system is implemented. . . . History is on my side. . . . The precursor to this is what takes place.  Substitution.  What is substitution?  Crypto currency and gold and silver, of course. . . . and things like people going off grid.  All of these are indicators of how to mitigate the end of the U.S. dollar or the end of the currency crisis.  We have this all over the place. . . . Sooner or later, there will be a run for the exits.  Where are the exits?  Crypto currencies, gold and silver, barter clubs or the BRICS currency.”

Morgan contends you just cannot run into an alternative to the U.S. dollar because there are going to be supply disruptions for everything.  You might not be able to get what you need no matter how much money you have.  So, be prepared in every way you can.

Morgan also says, “The Great Reset is what the bankers want, but the Great Reject . . . will come from many who will not want to go down that way.  That’s what is going to be the most interesting because anyone who is awake, and there are more people waking up all the time, they will understand that you cannot go from one fiat phony currency, lie-based system into another one that is digital only.”

On the war crisis, the dark powers running the world want war.  Why?  Morgan says, “It covers up all the things that are wrong, and it also takes them off the hook.  It was the war.  The war did it.  All wars are bankers’ wars, and they are on both sides.  They make money regardless. . . . The main things are profit, but it also is mitigating their responsibilities.  They can get most people to think that it was the war that caused all this poverty, and, of course, the war will do that. . . . They don’t have a real conflict with Ukraine and Russia.  They just need a way out, and it is the most profitable way out.  They are going to default on all this debt, and this is how they are going to do it.”

There is much more in the 40-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One on One with David Morgan, founder of “The Morgan Report,” for 7.1.23.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for this interview Greg.
    There’s absolutely no hope and for those who haven’t woken up by this stage please realise that the Government will not be saving you.
    June has come and gone so Bo Polny please keep delivering your message but stop putting an exact date on events.

    • Enrico


      Speaking of dates, July 26th might be an “interesting” one.

      “Readers should keep in mind my decade long warnings regarding a war in the Astrological Leo time period in conjunction with the 9th of Av, Tisha B’Av. This year that will be on July 26th, 2023.

      Consider 2012 and the 9th of Av, which is the 9th Day of the 11th Month in the Jewish calendar. The 2012 London Summer Olympics celebrated the 311-year rule of the Hanoverian Succession and the Queen’s Diamond jubilee.”

    • Anthony Australia

      New Michael Jaco: France is in Revolution Mode, all of Europe, Canada and the US Will Soon be the Same

    • Michael

      Anthony, I think Bo Polny is actually very successful at identifying dates that are key inflection points; the problem lies with the interpretation of what will likely transpire on those dates. June 26 marked the peak of the Wagner group rebellion in Russia, which significantly worsened US -Russia relations due to the suspected involvement of US intelligence agencies. Putin was deeply angered by this event, and ghis event significantly increases the likelihood of Russia retaliating against the US economically or militarily or both.

      • Anthony Australia

        That event was staged.
        Mate everyday there’s something of importance happening in the world. You can cherry pick all you like.

  2. Rodster

    People are waking up and France is prrof of that. They are dealing with absolute chaos. The Media will have you believe it’s because a teen was killed by the police but as Martin Armstrong just posted an article saying it is really about economics. This is why Socrates is predicting that the Great Reset will fail.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      What’s happening in France and the rest of Western Europe has nothing to do with economics. If you give a psychopath $1 million dollars he’s still a psychopath. Make every Muslim invader rich and it doesn’t change the fact that they hate White Christians (and Jews) and want us slaves or dead.

      • Derek Sinclair

        Well said Cheri. So tired of people making excuses for these invaders.

      • Coal Burner

        Yes Cheri, I was thinking, How are those inveders going for you FRance and Europe? Then I remembered how many we have in the least three years in the USA. Better order some more “green flyers” to keep the rhetoric ok with the Greta crowd.

      • Earl

        Muslims did not open the borders of the Western nations. The Kalergi Plan wasn’t funded by Muslims. Yes, they are a problem, but they are not the cause. Barbara Lerner Spectre explains how Europe (and the US, Canada, Australia, NZ) “won’t survive without multiculturalism” –

    • Ray

      Well said Rodster, well said.
      Keen observation there mate.
      It is probably FAR MORE than the killing of a young man.
      The French are a people that aren’t averse to getting onto the streets to protest their misgivings……it has always been their way, and more power to them.
      Thanks again……I always look out for your posts Rodster.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

  3. Charles

    David Morgans best joke/quote ” when you are standing in the soup line. Your pronoun is not going to matter.”


    • Crewton Ramone

      “They” will definitely be standing in the soup lines, wondering how they got there and why global warming hasn’t killed everybody.


      Charles, we won’t have to stand in the bread or soup lines because ” the righteous will not be forsaken nor their seed begging 🍞 bread” in Jesus name. Amen and Amen 🕊️

    • Kansas Crude

      Will never accept GIPTO for currency or goods.

  4. Jack

    I think all sides have an interest in prolonging this war. Putin is a billionaire and probably has shares in their Military Industrial Complex . Many in the Rusian Military want this war finished.
    Note also they have subsidised electricity so Aluminium so it can compete with steel. I think they are subsidising Silver because production costs cannot this low compared to Gold. After mining silver goes through a much lengthy and costly process of refining. They are trying to tell us that silver is 80 times cheaper to produce than Gold.In the same ton of earth silver is only 8 times more plentiful.
    Looks like they are not only secretly bailing out the banking system but also the share market. It seems all markets are manipulated.Will it ever end ?

    • Smith


      Jack, the brief silver market analysis you offered is correct. As I’m sure you know too, that if they allowed the real money, precious metals, to be valued in a true free market they couldn’t contain the representation or valuation of it in fiat notes in relation to the numbers that they have now printed out of thin air… This, of course, would obviously be based upon the number into the TRILLIONS without end in sight that have NO real money backing of any sort. A loaf of bread might cost $1000 fiat if they did allow proper valuations based again on their out of control fiat printing and declarations and wishes but, their sick games would cost unimaginable sums based upon the same that just mentioning it would be preposterous to all as well as completely ludicrous.

      So, if they did allow the real valuation to be represented in fiat, it would mean no funding for their psychopathic wars together w/their democide agenda from all vectors against all of Humanity. The idea is that the natural throttling effects of real money would regulate the balance and needs of mankind to do well over that which is evil currently from their made up LIES of their Glo-Bull Warming Scam declaring “Carbon” a Poison – Mr. Morgan correctly and briefly mentions in the interview that includes MANKIND ITSELF! (the opposite of reality and truth Of God and SCIENCE), VaXXXines, Food Poisoning, Air poisoning, WARS now threatening NUCLEAR WAR along with other Twisted hacks like the genderless perverse teachings and rewriting of history in the schools on our innocent offspring.

      Mr. Morgan mentions too the Constitution and correctly so whereas God’s money and Constitutional Money being Gold and Silver are PURE LEGAL MONEY whereas the opposite is true of the Fiat banksters debt notes posing as money that is corrupt with unsurprising results that have the balances of God’s Creation and Love of Mankind ALL under attack.

      The root of all evil…

      All of this is really common sense when you think about it, is Biblical, and made into law of the US Constitution.

      There ought to be a law that holds corrupt politicians along with governmental unelected stooges responsible for breaking the law, not to mention for breaking their sworn oaths of allegiance to the law in the first place….mmmm.

  5. Douglas M Campbell

    He said even if hes lying!!!!

  6. Raymond Woods

    I Don’t Think David Is Correct About B.R.I.C.S. Just Think About Who’s Manufacturing Most Of The Worlds Goods. China. And Between China and India , That’s Almost Half of The Worlds Population. Mix All That With Today’s Modern Technology, I Don’t See Us Catching Up With Either Country Greg.

    • Crewton Ramone

      First off we’re not catching up with them, they’re catching up with us. USA Although gutted compared to what it used to be, is still a mighty economic force. The wealthiest americans control more assets than that half of the population. Further, manufacturing will return to the USA and much of it will be done with robots. Robot technology is one of the fastest growing wealth creating sectors. The insane rulers have figured out they don’t need the population of men and women to create things, or at least that’s what they think, so they set about killing us off.

      The american economy is still huge, It is sick to think about, but the number of dead worldwide is going to be hard to believe…the Chinese took their shots their numbers are decreasing as we speak. i absolutely agree that the B. R. I. C.s are going to be a force to be reckoned with going forward though. They are teaming up against the bully, which isn’t the Americans but the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and the system of enslavement called the federal reserve system and the debt currency called the frn.

      ” Gold is the money of king’s, Silver is the money of gentleman, Barter is the money of peasants, Debt is the money of slaves.”

      • Joe Wong

        Yep – you are CORRECT on this one. And after this is all said and done, the worldwide dedollarization will FASTRACK and the dumping of US treasuries will also accelerate as well unless the USA gets its act together and start being nice with the other 192 nations instead of being the big BULLY on this planet. Also, Welfare for Wall Street & the MIC will continue with IOU’s from the US Govt. instead, until itself goes BUST as well.

    • Paul D Anders

      Maybe it’s me that’s not understanding what the BRICS are doing?
      The BRICS are NOT replacing their native currencies with a new one, this is only going to be used for settlement.
      The Euro was used as a replacement system.
      I personally see the BRICS not only working but flourishing greatly.
      Remember we were told, “Gold ends the Fed” and the BRICS “IS” that system.
      Good show Greg!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Raymond,
      I agree.
      David Morgan opines (and I paraphrase) that the BRICS+ new currency will be handicapped because, among other things, the member countries are economically and socially disparate. I cannot argue against that observation, BUT is it not true to say that the USD (Federal Reserve Note) has been successfully deployed in countries with extreme economic and social differences? Somehow it worked.
      IMHO, at the outset, the BRICS+ new currency will not be deployed for use by the group countries’ citizens in their day-to-day transactions – unlike the fatally flawed Euro. More likely, it will be used to facilitate import / export settlement between member states. If my memory serves me, I recall that Russia and China, while accepting each other’s Ruble and Yuan in international trade, already have an agreement to settle trade imbalances periodically, using real assets – oil, gold, grain, etc.
      Whatever the technical difficulties of creating a new internationally accepted currency, freedom from the yoke of Anglo-American dictat will motivate the participants to make it work.

  7. sam

    Morgan is like Winchester……A “Straight Shooter”!

    • Neville

      Hi Sam if Morgan is like a Winchester which you say is a straight shooter ,then
      listen up WINCHESTER was the WINNER of South Africa’s premier Horse Race yesterday in Durban South Africa ……It is in fact know as The Durban July Handicap.
      What an omen to take away!!!

      • sam


  8. Joseph

    Crypto: The End of Freedom!


    • Paul D Anders

      The U.S. is just a shell of its once greatness. We don’t make things, we import and assemble under the guise of “made in America”.
      Will manufacturing come back…yes, but only after we have not just hit rock bottom, but swirl around on it for quite awhile. We do not even have the factories to build things anymore.
      Then there is the law, and the law states that a CEO of a company MUST do what is in the best interest of its shareholders…not the country.
      So you are correct in thinking that robotics will help but a low percentage of the people.
      I do not see the U.S. becoming great again…not with the current excess of people, or as we’re called, “useless eaters”.
      Maybe that’s why both camps are silent on the jab…

      • Dawn

        It’s greatness !!!!
        The USA only picked up the reigns of Europe after WWII
        Now China will be picking up the reigns and WILL be much greater that the USA

        All empires before were far greater for their day than the USA ever will be. USA won’t even be a blimp on the radar by comparison and will be the must short lived.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Joseph,
      Wow! That’s a great video – exposé of crypto. Crypto is an extension of the ‘something for nothing’ economic ideology.
      IMHO, the genesis of the something for nothing ideology – that economies can succeed while producing nothing but fiat currency – began in the Regan / Thatcher years. Perhaps I’m a Luddite at heart, but I remember thinking, even as a young man at the time, that the ‘service economy’ that both leaders proclaimed to be the future of their modern societies (the US and U.K.), while at the same time closing and/or off-shoring so-called ‘outdated’ natural resource and manufacturing facilities, was a recipe for economic disaster. I could not have imagined it possible that the collapse of the real economy in both countries would take so long – but finally, it seems ‘the future is now!’

  9. Marie Joy

    UPS is scheduled to go on strike on August 1, 2023. That’s in one month. I, strongly, urge you to order your stuff NOW, especially seeds for your boomsticks because most carriers will NOT carry them.
    IF RFK wasn’t a Kennedy, you wouldn’t give two hoots about him. He leans left.
    Politicians have more allegiance to graft money than the American people.
    They want us, all, dead.
    Strong rope

    • Paul from Indiana

      I don’t give two hoots about him BECAUSE he’s a Kennedy! He SEEMS reasonable only because today’s mainstream Democrats have all gone communist. Best always. PM


      Thank you Marie Joy for the heads up on UPS but what does seeds for your broomsticks mean? 🧹 🌱?

      • Marie Joy

        bull ets for your ordinance

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Marie Joy Thank you.. ☺️

    • Linda

      Yes, he seems to think that the Supreme Court decision to reign in affiirmative action was a mistake. That’s a concern. I think we should end race descroomation. But, depending on the Republican nominee, I could defect. I see RFK, JR as much more genuine than any of the RINOs.

  10. Lynda

    Many blessings for an excellent interview David and Greg!

  11. sam

    Heavenly Father…Please Keep our USAWATCHDOG and Family……SAFE…and Prosperous….In Jesus’ name….amen.


      Sam, Amen Amen. Yes Thank you Father God for keeping all us Watchdogs & families safe and for delivering us from evil ,keeping us all healthy and meeting all of our needs according to your riches in Glory by Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Thank you Father for supernatural turnarounds unexpected blessings, Christmas in July, divine favor with all we come in contact with. We’re hidden in your protection and wrapped in the Holy Spirit, covered in the Precious Blood of Jesus . I have 😺🐈🐈 I’ve rescued I get their food (IAMS- Orange Bag)) from Chewy Com it holds up great. I had gotten Purina during the lockdowns and it got moths and worms yuck 3X. My youngest a 10 month old spotted Mackerel tabby WeeWee 😘 (Scottish) she’s a great mouser, I found two-1 mon olds injured in a trap Wee Wee made it with doctor & meds the baby boy(black&white) didn’t he’s in Heaven. Chewy is great! Remember to stock up on your animal food also for when things get tight. I got a book to learn how to make indoor cat food with rice & chicken broth,a book how to make soap & ingredients, and bread. Peace Peace
      Restore Restore Father what evil stole. Everyone have a great 4th of July 🎇 🎇
      ♥️ 🤍 💙 🌭 🍎 🥧 ⚾

  12. Ray


    Thank you, Greg, for creating USA Watchdog and for all the time and work you put into it. You are a patriotic freedom fighter for sure! And a brother of mine in Christ.

    Thank you for having David Morgan on today. Of all the interesting guests you have on, David Morgan is my favorite. He is smart, knowledgeable, plain spoken, and “tells it like it is”. I hope you have him back soon.

    • Ray

      Good comment…….thank you Ray.
      Just so people know, this comment was not from me, Ray in Canberra, Australia.
      Blessings be with all.
      Stay the course in this testing time.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.


      Yes, Thank you Greg and Mr David Morgan for your wisdom. I have to watch you two again a few times to gleam some wisdom from you both. We weren’t taught anything about money or even how to balance a checkbook in school it’s been learning as you go for most. Father God knows how to handle 💰 money. The Bible says God says(All the Silver & All the Gold are Father God’s {and] all the cattle on a thousand hills).In Lord Jesus Christ name.

  13. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Morgan, a rather soveribf interview.

  14. Jeffrobbins

    Sure do like listening to Mr. Morgan. Looks to me like default by inflation is the most likely path. And consider this, i recently received a 39% increase in my property assessed value- tax bill to come at the beginning of next year. I’d like to know more about Mr. Morgans “Barter Club”. It’s possible with technology, some kind of Facebook or Craigslist as a forum- and with all our finances being digital- trading goods and services are the most likely way to beat the tax man. There is also the possibility of a private group or local government offering trading tokens- a trade union, eagles lodge, etc- a physical version of bitcoin with an on ramp and off ramp. Gold and silver will be siloed.
    He doesn’t do to many videos, but there is a Romanian guy that has a YouTube called Star Path Academy. He talks about how his family survived and the waves of inflation after the USSR collapse.

    • jomer

      My property taxes have been fairly stable. However, my home insurance has more than doubled in the past few years.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        You’re fortunate. Jackson County Missouri just raised property taxes 30% to 85%, with mine being 65%. And we he to come up with the increase by 12/31/23.
        “Jackson County says market values have increased, leaving the average assessment up 30%. Some have seen their property taxes valuations increase to 80%.”
        Talk about baking in the amount of inflation. It’s not gonna go down.

        • Wayne

          An increase of 30% to 85% in property taxes valuations (assessments) does not mean an increase of 30% to 85% in property taxes. That article says property tax assessments not property taxes. Usually when there is a county-wide property tax reassessment which results in overall higher assessments then the millage or mill rate is lowered to compensate. In Missouri it is called levies or the levy rate.

          At my county’s last reassessment all the homes assessments increased but the mill rate was lowered. So even though my homes assessment went up a little, the mill rate went down even more to the point that my property taxes actually went down. Others however saw their taxes go up. That is what will happen to you when the new levy rates will be figured and most likely be decreased in the fall. Your property taxes may still go up but nowhere near what you fear. My state and yours limit how much of an increase schools etc… can collect from property taxes overall. Usually, it is just 2 or 3 percent.

    • Hester Pryne

      people already do this with bourbon whiskey and scotch whisky in the USA. It’s a big deal. …… But unfortunately, NONE of the financial gurus ever talk about liquor preppeing. And virgins like Michael Snyder are too religious to know anything about how the world works and is working right now. He tells people to buy boxes of Bibles when he should be telling them to buy cases of aged spirit in glass bottles. There is such a lack of real world tactics being offered by all the the experts that guest on these videos. And a big reason for that, at least on USAWD, is the bias towards hosting Evangelicals and shunning Roman Catholics. People are going to die because of this bias.


        Dear Hester I don’t hear any disrespect towards Catholic’s maybe you think that because we call ourselves Christian’s and don’t refer to ourselves in divisive terms. When my three children were little I told them we are Christians because we believe in Jesus Christ and have Jesus Christ in our hearts. We don’t go by names that divide into groups because we Christians are the body of Christ and Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of the body Father God says so. United we stand divided we fall. We all need each other & need to unite under the headship of our Lord Jesus Christ to get through this together 🙏♥️🕊️🇺🇸 Amen. So join the body Christian Hester. Amen 🙌🙏

  15. bernard

    They’ll raise interest rate NEXT year because 2024 is an Election year. The Dem needs to lower interest rate to win an election. Gerald Celente believes Interest Rate will go down next year for exactly the reason above.

  16. bernard

    Sorry, I mean… they will LOWER Interest Rate Next year because of 2024 Election year.

  17. Jeffrobbins

    Something to ponder; Why would you want to name a movement “Pride”? Freedom, my choice, the outcasts, open air, etc. and an unlimited number of other names would have been better. I think most of us here are fairly conservative, so is it prophetic that the LGBTQ folks chose “Pride”? It looks like a flashing sign on our nations road. Proverbs 16:18- Pride goes before destruction. Every so often i see more examples where the Bible is literal. That particular offense to God will be complete when the government creates a holiday. Let’s be clear, the use of holi-day is version of worship. What do you worship?

  18. Rick

    David Morgan states: “Nothing Can Stop The Currency Crisis & War Crisis” – the key word here is “nothing” – if we can burn these Globalists to “nothing” (but ash) – it will stop their promotion of crisis’ they are inflicting upon us (from currency and war to plague and famine) – the question is “Who Will Do The Incinerating” Putin or God the Father? – Years ago God the Father had to do it (because nations back then didn’t have nuclear weapons) but today Putin can be used to destroy Washington DC, New York and many other cities!! – years ago as effectively recorded in the Bible in Jude 1:7 – “God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (and other cities around them) who gave themselves over to sexual immorality and perversion” [they probably also had a PRIDE day, week, month and year celebration displaying fornication in the streets filled with children] – God destroyed them and turned them to ash “to set an example to future generations” – that they will similarly suffer eternal (nuclear) fire for their immoral queer and transgender deeds and their evil pedophilia acts against all the Children of Earth!!!

    • "Enrico"


      Are you trying to say what “Tony” was trying to say the other day, and does it having anything to do with Paris burning as a harbinger of things to come?

      I think we have a slight variation on the present day Sodom and Gomorrah situation…

      “For those duped and lied to and coerced to take the Covid clot shots, the cancers from the toxic, VOC-laden smog will erupt as soon as this fall and coming winter. The vaccinated people, in my opinion, will be the first to die during the next wave of turbo cancers.”

      • Rick

        More and more people are recognizing the completely insane psychopathic globalist plan to exterminate the rest of us (who refused their Kill Shot) – their plan is pretty simple – first they need to bring back “masks and lock-downs” – so they are ordering their Demon Rat minions to burn down the forests – to create so much toxic smoke that people will voluntarily don masks again and willingly stay locked in their homes with the windows shut – BUT THEN – when temperatures reach 90 to 100 degrees – the Globalists Will Create Their Massive Power Grid Failure (that Klaus Schwab Has Been So Fervently Touting) – and thus – they figure on “Roasting Us To Death” (as our air conditioners stop functioning) and we can’t run outside to get a breathe of fresh air (because of the clouds of toxic smoke they purposely produced) – they want to “roast us and choke us to death” before God the Father or Putin gets around to incinerating them!!


      Rick, Father God can use Pres Putin to extinguish the enemies of humanity because Pres Putin is a Christian. As a Christian Pres Putin is part of the body of Christ ,Lord Jesus is the head of the body. When Father God took out Sodem and Gamora Lord Jesus hadn’t come to Earth in the flesh yet so God used a meteorite this time Father God has a body on Earth.

      • Rick

        Linda – It is easy to see the Globalists plan – first they tell us Carbon Dioxide (the food plants eat) is bad and must be eliminated from Earth’s atmosphere – then they tell us Nitrogen is bad ( which is the fertilizer plants need to grow) – then they burn down the forests (so the plants won’t create the oxygen “we need” to breathe) – next – the Globalists will tell us that “Their Science” demands that “All Oxygen Must Be Eliminated From Earth’s Atmosphere” – so if you want to live – you will have to become a Robot (that does not need food nor oxygen to breathe) – welcome to the Globalists “Insane” New World Order!!!

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Rick I understand and see what the enemy has planned for us. BUT Almighty God has the last WORD last move last laugh God owns the World. The Bible says “Almighty God sits in the Heaven’s and laughs at His enemy”. Breath comes from God, Life comes from Lord Jesus Christ ” I’ve come to give them LIFE and LIFE more abundantly”. If the evil ones do not repent and Stop their evil plans all Lord Jesus Christ needs to do is not give them life anymore which is owned by JESUS’. Without Lord Jesus Christ they cannot survive. ☠️

    • Tim

      A Vision Received by Brother Dumitru Duduman April 22, 1996

      China and Russia

      “Stand there, don’t move, and look,” he continued. “You will see what they are saying, and what they are preparing for America.”

      The Russian president began to speak to the Chinese one. “I will give you the land with all the people, but you must free Taiwan of the Americans. Do not fear, we will attack them from behind.”

      A voice said to me, “Watch where the Russians penetrate America.”

    • Rick

      This does not mean the people “who are not gay” but are profiting from mutilating children (by injecting them with gender transforming hormones and cutting off their sexual organs to prevent them from having orgasms for population reduction purposes) will be exempt from God’s punishment – “they too – will be turned to ash”!!

  19. Freedom-4-All

    Mike Mahoney got me interested in silver, but David Morgan is the one I followed to learn more about that special metal. Thanks for sharing his knowledge, Greg.

    I wish to extend a safe holiday to everyone this 4th. I also ask that you take a moment and realize WHY we are celebrating. In the last couple of years, I have discovered a new love and respect for personal freedoms. After a stolen election, forced genocide, and lockdowns that ruined so many lives, I am more thankful than ever for the Declaration of Independence, war, and the Constitution that came after. I believe that our country’s troubles stem, in part, because citizens as well as our leaders have forgotten its 27 principles. I have decided to learn more about what many call the greatest document for governing ever written.

    There is a page on my blog that is dedicated to teaching more about this document. It has many links covering all parts of our Constitution,

    I have also dedicated 1 post a month to the subject, with the goal of knowing more on July 4th, 2024, than I did on July 4th, 2023. The first post came out Saturday. I invite all to follow and learn with me.
    That link is included as well.

    Thanks for all you do Greg. Everyone stay safe, enjoy this holiday, and keep the faith.

    God bless.

    Don Conrad

    • Raymond Millhand

      Dear Don’
      Thanks for the monthly post’s! Till the 4th, July 2024.
      My takeaway of this snippet, of the first posting;
      And by the early 1700s, the colonist’s relationship with England became strained.
      It continued downhill picking up speed in the mid-1760s when England started to tax imports (the sugar tax being the first). It didn’t take long until more taxes with larger percentages were applied. To force compliance with these constant taxes, England sent troops over to make sure all taxes were paid. Naturally, this action of forced compliance, but not being part of England’s government, led to a feeling of ‘taxation without representation’. The seeds of war were planted.
      Don, this is where we find ourselves today. In these once United States, no longer. Today as before, it boils down to ‘taxation without representation’.
      How can we have representation in the state houses, the senate, congress or the presidency, when we have the traitorous dominion bosses selling we the people out, stealing our vote. For what? To depopulate us and replace us with third world peoples who have no concept of western civilization! Our founding fathers didn’t fight for dictatorships of banana republics sending they’re teeming migrants illegibly to replace their descendants. For over two hundred years legate regale immigration worked at keeping the principle of taxation with representation of we the people as represented.
      Don, if world war erupts a third time, the responsibility will be squarely on Dominion’s thieving parting, party bosses!
      The American family must Survive and it will! When we return to representation with our taxpayers money’s, going to where we want it and not more world war!
      Peace and Security_Make love not WAR!

  20. Roger Stamper

    tks for post david greg

    • Freedom-4-All

      Thank you for your reply. And I agree with you. In many ways, we are in the same spot as our 13 colonies were many years ago. The difference is, they had to start over with their governing documents (Constitution), this time it is in place. If the politicians and populace could get back to the basics, and follow them, maybe we have a chance. (I actually think we are past that and simply need a forest-fire-type cleaning so we can grow anew using our constitution as the foundation. But forest fires can be very useful).

      I have hope. That is why I started the website. To bring awareness and unity by the ‘Freedom-4-All’ logo on people’s backs. I believe we CAN unite. It will only take 20% to make an 80% difference. Tomorrow a NW Indiana newspaper likes the site so much, they are using it in a story for the 4th. Not bad seeing as I really only started less than 2 months ago. I take this as a sign that I am filling a need.

      I started this to do my part and will continue to do so.

      Thank you for your insight and stay safe.

  21. Ray

    Just a shout out to all long term Watchdoggers.
    I have noticed that posts from our friend Tim McGraw have been absent for a while.
    I understand that Tim had been facing some significant medical challenges, both he and his wife, and that he was throwing out his left jab…… as best he could, regardless.
    Does anyone know how Tim is?
    Tim, if you are reading this, much love to you and yours mate, and know that the love of the USAWATCHDOG family are with you.
    My best wishes, and those of many others, be with you always sir.
    Come back to us when the time is right for you.
    Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • P. Morgan

      Very thoughtful Ray and Tim, were with you bud!

      • Ray

        Good on you PM 🙂
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • FC

        I’ve also Paul… has gone missing he was always 20% of the comment section.

    • sam

      “know that the love of the USAWATCHDOG family are with you”……….Who are you to Presume that?….ONLY MR. Greg Hunter, the Owner of USAWATCHDOG can claim that….You are Only a reader of this blog NOT FAMILY……as you “Claim” to be….PREPOSTEROUS!

      • Greg Hunter

        Ray is family to me.

      • iwitness02

        Ray was talking to long term Watchdoggers. We know who we are, and a lot of us have formed a friendship here with others that feels very much like family. The one who sounds preposterous, is you.

      • Ray

        Bitter Bitter Sam,
        Read Greg’s comment below and write it out 100 times on a chalk board.
        If you insist on carrying on like a child, then I will treat you as one.
        The owner of this site has asked you to pull your head in…..and still, you are unable to show him enough respect to comply with his request.
        Fair Dinkum.
        You’re beginning to embarrass yourself here.

        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  22. Rose Mont Sellicka

    “Nuclear War Could Break Out”: Putin Ally Medvedev’s Chilling Warning to U.S. Over Nukes in Poland/Hindustan Times 26,659 views Jul 2, 2023
    Former Russian President and deputy chairman of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, warned of a possible nuclear war between Russia and the US. Medvedev warned that a nuclear war could start if the “US accommodates Poland’s desire for the placement of nuclear weapons.” In response to TASS, Medvedev said that “With such people in power in Warsaw, the presence of nuclear weapons in the country would mean that they would be used.” On Friday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in Brussels that “Due to the fact that Russia intends to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, we are… appealing to… NATO to [allow us] to take part in the Nuclear Sharing Programme.”

  23. R.Mont.S

    France Rioters Brandish Military Grade Weapons; Macron Huddle for Emergency Meeting | Hindustan Times 90,915 views Jul 2, 2023
    Unprecedented violent protests continued for the fifth straight night on the streets of France. Rioters clashed with cops in several French cities after the teen who was shot dead on June 27 was laid to rest in a sombre ceremony on Saturday afternoon. Multiple videos circulating online show protesters brandishing military-grade weapons like automatic assault rifles and light machine guns. Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron has postponed his state visit to Germany due to the unrest. Macron held a second emergency cabinet meeting.

  24. RoseMontSellicka

    France Rioters Go Berserk in Paris; Ram Burning Car Into Mayor’s Home
    Hindustan Times 5,902 views Jul 2, 2023
    A mayor from Paris was targeted as riots continues for the fifth straight night in France. Protesters rammed a car into the home of the mayor of a town south of Paris. Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun alleged that his wife and one of his children were injured in the attack. The unrest erupted over the killing of 17-year-old Nahel, who was shot dead by cops on June 27.

  25. Damien

    Greg, Don’t forget that the “shortages” may be solved by the deflationary environment that will be created worldwide by the deaths caused by the “Bioweapon vaxx”. There’s going to be cars, houses, and all kinds of stuff just laying around because the owners are dead. Sad, but it is something to consider. In any case, I’ve lived most of my life in deprivation so I’m not going to notice much when things get bad.
    I’ve always had great respect for you & Mr. Morgan’s integrity, honesty, and level thinking. I Wish I’d have had a father like you or David Morgan instead of the bastard who beat & berated me growing up. I might have got a better start and not had to learn all this kind of stuff the hard way on my own….Thanks.

  26. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg & David

    Some on the street reporting.

    I have dogs on thyroid & some that need Baytril (sp) ( a veterinary antibiotic ) ordered these items a month ago from Alivet & rather than tell me they DONT HAVE THESE medications they lie to me ( & take my money ) & stall for time to ship. Yet their web site says noting about this. There are shortages happening right now.

    • Charles Tas Maniac
      Damien, one of the best fathers produced by Hollywood is tghere! A cross between Ward Cleaver. Rambo, when needed.
      Truly remarkable that sometimes Hollyweird gets it right. But then, the our father, who art in heaven strikes out the evil base terds, in the long run.
      Only because he desires none to be destroyed! Yet allows Satan the devil to hand us the rope, to do unto ourselves, the dirty deed. If we give up, even dying on the field.
      Just remember, Damian. In Matthew Jesus said.
      Those that endure to the end, will survive!
      NEVER GIVE UP, DAMIEN! OUR FAMILY MUST SURVIVE and it will. It’s his will and so be it, ours too!

  27. Paul D Anders

    Freedom died long ago.
    They can just shut down bank accounts if they want…
    They can kill your car if they want…
    They can turn the internet off if they want…
    All kinds of levers for control.

  28. Neville

    Hi Greg,
    I am in france and cannot listen/watch my favourite interviews of the week.Incorporating THE TRUTH TELLERS OF WORLD…..
    Is there anybody out there that can help me circumvent their prying TRUTH HATING EYES.

    Once again there will be ABSOLUTELY NO RESET!!!
    AAcrime and the coalition of the willing SMASHED THE WORLDS ECONOMIC SYSTEM.
    THE CURRENCIES ONE AND ALL ARE FIAT DELUXE ….The governments worldwide cannot keep to their word and the prospects of war emanating from AAcrime look very probable.

    Have a good day and hope to be able to join in with your wonderful guests once again in the near future


  29. Joe Wong

    Yep- the Death of the UK Pound, and the US Dollar will eventually lead to the Central Bank Digital Currency = MARK OF THE BEAST or 666. Rich & Poor, Free & Bonded will NOT be able to buy or sell without this mark.

  30. daniel j turner

    David Morgan got me into silver under $5 and gold under $300.

    • Wayne

      Lucky you.

  31. Joe Wong

    To Mr. Greg Hunter, and Mr. David Morgan – This Ukrainian conflict will ONLY end in the same way the war in Afghanistan (aka the graveyard of empires) ended on August 15, 2021. Meanwhile these warmongering neocon LOSERS such as Nuland, Blinken, Buyden, Baerbach, UK Crime Minister Boris Johnson of Astoria Queens, Blumenthal, Graham, Stoltenberg, Ursula Vander-Crazy, and Zelensky would all be put on trial, and found GUILTY of war crimes, and wartime sabotage, and all sentenced to 10 years in prison on Rikers Island each as well.

    As far as NATO (aka No Action Toke Only) is concerned, Putin now needs to put the finishing touches on this debacle, and go after the “HEAD OF THE PHUCKING SNAKE” !!!! Which he should have done from day 1 on February 25, 2022. If Putin goes after the head of the fookin snake which is – Vladimir Zelensky and he should be arrested and prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law for WAR CRIMES & WARTIME SABOTAGE, and NATO will be dissolved, and would no longer exist as an entity or organization anymore, since they should have been disbanded with the Warsaw Pact back in 1990 when the COLD WAR ended. NATO was useful from 1948 to 1989. After 1989 NATO has outlived its usefulness and became a blight and disease on society as well. THIW’s.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Joe,
      “(NATO – sic) should have been disbanded with the Warsaw Pact back in 1990 when the COLD WAR ended.”
      Totally agree.

  32. Galaxy500

    Great Newscast! Rates will have to go. The markets and gold both are highly manipulated by the US Government. And stock are at a high, just like in 1929. They are not priced on the fundamentals…

  33. Thomas Malthaus

    I’m mildly surprised that your friend’s polling company and Martin Armstrong’s polling firm haven’t been quoted by mainstream media outlets.

    Would the contrast between NBC’s numbers and those you’ve quoted be materially different to induce Biden’s impeachment proceedings?

    These numbers are tailor-made for Fox News and Newsmax.

    Would a public revelation regarding Biden’s 9 percent approval rating send the financial markets into a tizzy?

  34. Susan R

    David brings it back to the basics, what we need to survive, and points out these things will not be available. My emotions get jostled realizing most have no idea. That is going to be one of the hardest things to experience, being surrounded by people who lose their minds.

  35. Kerry Burns

    The BRICS countries are not aiming to create a single currency are they?

  36. Galaxy 500

    Thanks for having Mr. Morgan back. Checking his site out to see if I can benefit from it.

  37. Janice Joppa

    Twitter now has a wall and the public can no longer voyeur follow the words of Bo Polny and Clif High, or anyone else. This has the effect of negating the truth messages because many people are not going to submit to the hassle of opening an account so they can be tracked.

    Furthermore, one can no longer easily tell others, new people, go have a look at Polny is saying or Clif is saying. One now has to say, go join Twitter and you do that by …. & etc. Too complicated.

    Very likely Clif High is unwares of this happening because he is not posting on Telegram about it.

    • RB

      Based on Clif’s tweet yesterday, he seemed to understand the reason why Elon implemented the no public viewing and temporary limits. Also, Clif has shared how he has not posted on telegram for a long time, and is no longer affiliated with the telegram channel.
      I’m not sure if you’re aware but Clif has a substack account. I listen to his audio posts and read his newsletter there.

  38. Sammy

    Good interview, but I believe Mr. Morgan is off base in reference to the BRICS. Comparing the BRICS to the eurodollar is like comparing apples and oranges. The eurodollar is basically the same Fiat US cabal currency to which they are linked. The BRICS nations are so much stronger than most people think and they have critical mass. Last I heard it was 75% of global GDP.

    • Randy Best

      I agree with you 100%.

  39. Rick

    Biden and the Group of Seven leaders have agreed to ban any gold buying from Russia beginning on Tuesday – – which means it will simply put more demand for gold to be gotten “from other sources” (who will likely be buying it from Russia who needs cash to fund their war effort) – so Biden and the Group of Seven really achieve nothing – but coin dealers could use it as an opportunity to raise premiums (telling customers they can’t easily get hold of new gold coin supplies)!!

    • Jeffrobbins

      I actually watched Beartaria part 1 and have to say that it was pretty good. Seems a bit odd at first. It’s mix of a number of good messages, and with tomorrow being the 4th, one of the main ones is being free of thought, free to build, free to live- Stop being manipulated by lies. I would actually expect YouTube to take it down, but it doesn’t have that many views.

  40. Marie Joy

    The plan to block the sun from the Earth will be the final nail in our collective coffin.

  41. WORLD WAR3

    Divisions between the Kosovan ethnic Serb minority and ethnic Albanians resurface bringing violent clashes with Nato forces. Is a full-fledged conflict a possibility? What led to this and what are the consequences? Monica Pinna went to Northern Kosovo to find out.
    By Monica Pinna • Updated: 30/06/2023

  42. Lon Bell

    Here we go! EU to send troops to Ukraine, Zelensky to legalize drugs to help cope | Redacted Live 210,614 views Streamed live on Jun 29, 2023
    Ukrainian President Zelensky is not doing much to bring peace to his people unless by peace you mean the kind you get from getting high. On Wednesday, Zelensky addressed parliament and says that he wants to fast track marijuana legalization so that Ukrainians can cope with the “trauma of war.” And today the EU wants to send troops to Ukraine under the auspices of “”security””. Oh right! Maybe they can invite some U.N. peacekeepers too! Jump to 32:00 mark;

  43. Don Ho Howe

    Putin’s Lancet Kamikaze Drones Sting Ukrainian Army; Kyiv “Begs” Germany to Send More Gepards/Hindustan Times 21,082 views Jul 2, 2023
    Russian Lancet kamikaze drones have become a major concern for Ukraine’s frontline forces, and Kyiv needs more sophisticated Western equipment to combat this danger. Russian Lancets, which can carry up to 3kg of explosives, can hover in the air for extended periods of time and fly at low altitudes to avoid being seen. This is a major headache for Ukraine.

    Russia-controlled Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant to be Bombed? Zelensky’s Big Warning Amid War/Hindustan Times 25,249 views Jul 2, 2023
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a warning on Saturday that there is a risk of Russia blowing up the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP) after returning it to Kyiv. The Zaporizhzhia plant, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, has been a focal point in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. The struggle for control of the plant between Ukrainian and Russian forces has raised concerns about the possibility of a catastrophic nuclear explosion, posing immense dangers to the surrounding area.
    Zelensky’s warning comes in the backdrop of Ukraine launching its counteroffensive, last month, aimed at retaking occupied territories in the Zaporizhzhia region.

  44. Thomas Argyle

    Viral: France Rioters Break Into Volkswagen Showroom in Marseille; Drive Away in Brand New Cars/Hindustan Times 31,216 views Jul 2, 2023
    The unprecedented protests in France over the killing of a teenager by police has now spilled onto the sixth day. Rioters have gone on a rampage in the French cities of Paris, Marseille and Lyon among others. After videos of looting at Apple, Zara stores and shopping malls, another video of a Volkswagen dealership being looted has now gone viral. Rioters can be seen cheering as others break into the showroom and drive away in brand new cars.

  45. Nick Reynolds

    Thanks Greg. “You want to get the carbon footprint down, you get rid of people. And I’m not being facetious.” Hmmm.

  46. Led Skeletor

    ‘Sopranos’ star Michael Imperioli slams SCOTUS for ruling in favor of web designer who refused to work on LGBTQ weddings – and says he now ‘forbids bigots and homophobes’ to watch his work.

    MICHAEL THE GOD hath spoken, all this from a guy who earned a living portraying the most vile disgusting Italian stereotypes.

    CTRL+A, highlight Sopranos all 86 files, DELETE … good riddance Michael Imperioli D-Girl.

    Michael, where was your triggered woke outrage when Vito Spatafore greased the union, you even had a few bigot and homophobic lines in those episodes.

    Michael, I can see why a d-level actor wants to rear-end with the latest fad, the D-generation, the confused sexual parade, but you do understand Michael, these movie makers will die if they continue making billion dollar loss movies. Michael, a male is a male, a female is a female, got it yet Bozo.

  47. Joseph

    This is off-topic for Saturday’s offering but I’m wondering if you or any of your guests recommend Pure Blood Registry. I’d like to get my shoulder replaced but won’t do so with ‘Jab’ blood.
    Thank you for all you do!

  48. Mary

    Any plans to have Nenner on any time soon?

  49. C.T.M.

    By Hollywood there, the link.

  50. Booth John Will

    [Biden says John McCain wouldn’t ‘think much’ of current Republican Party | Washington Examiner]
    To bad we can’t believe anything Joe says, or what his handlers tell him, what to think or say.
    Pray for peace, from these minions of the deep creppy helot harlets, who know not what they do too.

    • Greg Hunter

      The MAGA GOP does not think much of McCain.

  51. Cry Me a Ruble

    Apparently the only way to keep your freedom is to disconnect yourself from anything the globalist control. That is hard to do. Not impossible.

  52. Wight (not Wong)

    Buy gold. Buy silver. Have faith.

    • Rick

      Yes buy gold and silver now for a strong run up until the end of this year (as enthusiasm about the Fed pausing is expressed in a relief rally for both stocks and commodities) – but then “take profits” – as the Fed’s interest rate hikes (which were percentage-wise greater then what Volcker ever did) will finally dig in and take strong effect (Volcker raised rates 3 x from 5% to 15% but Powell raised rates more then 5x from less then 1% to 5%) – which will likely push “everything down” in 2024 – toward the end of 2024 into early 2025 the Fed will be printing money like crazy (to not only pull us out of the stock market bust they created but all the money needed to save numerous failing banks) – that will likely be “just about the right time to get back into gold and silver” (for a long steady rise lasting 5 to 7 years) – which will push the price of gold past $20,000 dollars per ounce and the price silver (in highly depreciated dollars) past $400 dollars per ounce!!


    Marie Joy Thank you.. ☺️

  54. Poochiwoo

    Love David. Thank you for bringing him on. I lean towards the slow burn devaluation instead of a rapid downfall. They’ll keep printing until they can’t. Keeping the top happy is top priority, and I do not expect any real substantial market crash since they can just print money and buy stocks. The pain will be felt in the lower half and among the middle-class. This process could easily take another 10 years.

  55. Freedom-4-All

    Ray, I may be wrong, but I think I recall seeing a comment from Tim within the last 8-10 days. But you are correct, that is a lot less than normal.

    • Paul

      This is why it’s called bankers wars:

      1. The costs of war are enormous and inflation is a means by which governments attempt, more or less successfully, to hide these costs from their citizens”

      2. Inflation constitutes the first step on the road to the fascist economic planning that is typically foisted upon capitalist economies in the course of a large-scale war”

      3. “Within days of the outbreak of World War I each and every one of the belligerent governments suspended the operation of the gold standard, effectively arrogating to itself the monopoly of the supply of money in its own national territory”

      4. While the effects of monetary inflation on economic calculation are not as manifestly devastating as outright socialization — at least initially — it, nonetheless, operates insidiously to falsify profit and capital calculations”

      5. “A depreciating monetary unit is a permanent feature of the war economy”

      6. “Monetary inflation is the crucial first step in the process by which government seeks to conceal from its citizen-subjects the enormous costs associated with war, particularly the progressive destruction of the nation’s productive wealth”

      7. “The inflationary process is indispensable for masking the capital decumulation crisis precipitated by war mobilization, which would otherwise be swiftly revealed to one and all by monetary calculation”

      Paul from arkansas

    • Ray

      That’s good news Free…..
      Thanks for that.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

  56. Coal Burner

    The only time I think McCAin is when Harriet of Wyoming drills holes into skulls of the liars in congress.
    Many Thanks To You Greg and David!!!

  57. JENNY


  58. Anti-atomist

    We must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said:
    “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
    Acts 20:35

  59. Randy Best

    Per Peter Schiff, Bitcoin is fool’s gold.

  60. Bernard

    Gerald celente believes interest rate will go DOWN in 2024 because of the election year

  61. HandsomeHank

    What everyone misses is who controls this. Who is Mr Global asked Catherine Austin Fitts some time ago. The answer is simple. A Swedish financial family controls everything and has done so for centuries.

  62. HandsomeHank

    Regarding the comparison between BRICS and the EU. Brics are basically net exporters, which gives a net inflow of gold if you introduce a gold-based currency. This means that you have to create trading regions where the gold can circulate. A gold-based currency and continued trade with China means that China will have all the gold in a few years.

  63. Glenn

    This award-winning documentary is 10 years old and highly relevant. It can be changed if you understand how it works. Now we are stuck in the mindset – the brainwashing – that the global system must look like it does and the financial system must work like it does. Non – watch and understand, spread. David Morgan participates in the documentary.

    Four Horsemen

  64. Joseph Boudreau

    Yes, I remember when David Morgan was last on. He was one of the few who stated that interest rates would keep going higher. I took his words to heart because I knew he was right. I even wrote about it on my blog to pass on the message. The central bankers are once again trying to pull the wool over our heads. Fortunately, many of us have x-ray vision, so to speak. I guess there’s a Superman in all of us if we want there to be.
    I’m going to have to make another small donation to soon because these great interviews keep coming out all the time, such as this one. I encourage all of Greg’s followers to consider doing the same. Please support him if you can. That water filter thingy looks really cool!!!

  65. Pierre Le Poing

    Clif High forecast beginning to unfold—will increase this year. European men act cleanse their homeland:

  66. Marie Joy

    IF Hillary won, in 2016, we would be much further down the Road to Perdition than we, currently, are.
    Like most politicians running for office, RFK is a bait and switch candidate.
    In CT, I’ve closed the house up because the smoke gave me a sore throat.
    There is online speculation about “Climate Change” lockdowns.
    This is, really, the time to amp up your prepping.
    Like other genocided populations, we are walking into our genocide with eyes wide open and with very little opposition. Easy times make weak people.
    AOC wants term limits on SCOTUS because they ruled conservatively.
    China reports a reduced population for the first time since 1961 on reports the global population is down one Billion people since 1/2020.
    UPS has given in to two union demands.

    • Ashtabula Choo-Choo

      I can’t trust RFK JR because of his unforgivable past … [wikipedia time]
      Kennedy endorsed and campaigned for Vice President Al Gore during his 2000 presidential campaign, and openly opposed his friend Ralph Nader’s Green Party presidential campaign. In the 2004 presidential election, Kennedy endorsed John Kerry, noting his strong environmental record.

      In late 2007, Kennedy and his sisters Kerry and Kathleen endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries. After the Democratic Convention, Kennedy campaigned for Obama across the country. After the election, he was named as a front-runner for Obama’s EPA administrator. [/end wikipedia]

      I wish someone in the MSM would investigate Kennedy’s possible hand in at least one Obama era billion dollar taxpayer ripoff green energy failures, or is MSM saving this for a later date to insure RFK doesn’t get the nod?

      This all makes RFK JR just another EEL in the WEF swamp…

      WEF “you’ll be happy dying early with nothing’

      • JM

        Maybe hold the bone here a moment.

        We should be ready and willing to give people another chance. We’re living post-plandemic now. Everything and everyone has changed dramatically as a result of what has occurred this past several years.

        Everybody who woke up is a completely different person now and making different choices than they would have made pre-covid.

        Can you trust a doctor? Any doctor?
        Can you trust any government officials?
        Can you trust police? The so-called justice system?
        Can you trust media? Can you trust the water, food and air not to be tainted?
        Can you trust “the” science?

        We’ve all had to ask ourselves these simple questions and some of the answers we’re giving ourselves are probably much different now than they would have been pre-2020.

  67. Mario

    Hey Greg
    Happy Independence Day my friend.
    Greg someone posted above and said the word watchdoggers!
    I think you should look into getting tshirts made that have something like that on it.
    USAWatchDog and US Flag on front and
    Watchdogger! on the back.
    I’d buy one!
    Just a thought

  68. Marie Joy

    I saw RFK say, on the David Knight Show, “IF democrats and republicans come to a consensus to ban guns, he will sign it, as president.
    When asked about Gay Rights and Moms for Liberty. he said he won’t support anyone who wants to take away gay rights
    RFK is talking out both sides of his mouth.
    He’s a democrat.
    Bobby is not his uncle or his father.
    Would you like him if he had a different last name?

    • Greg Hunter

      He wants it both ways and he cannot do that.

    • Gaylene Haylee Muir

      Marie. As a Christian you should be concerned about saving souls. When Paul went to Rome he didn’t go there to make enemies, condemning the faggots, but warning them, studying the scriptures with them.
      He had enough enemies as it was and eventually was killed for truth. But he made a dent saving souls of sinners of the worst kind usually more receptive than the selfrightious among us.


        Gaylene , calling people faggots that will not win them to Jesus. They will know us by our love. Lord Jesus said Satan has blinded their EYES to the truth, how about we pray the prayer in Ephesians 1:18 That the eyes of their understanding will be enlightened and they will know what their hope and calling is in Christ Jesus. Plus the beginning of your name is GAY so I would pray for people not call them evil names. He who is without sin cast the first 🪨.

  69. Hindi Cindy

    ‘Hope you can sleep at night’: Biden torched over botched Afghan withdrawal comments
    Sky News Australia 192,376 views Jul 2, 2023
    Sky News host Rita Panahi has slammed the US President for recent comments he made about the “botched” withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    Russian Army “Wipes Out” Nearly 700 Ukrainian Troops; Repels 11 Attacks in Donetsk |Hindustan Times 95,062 views Jul 2, 2023
    The Russian defence ministry has repelled 11 attempts to regain territory in the Donetsk region by Ukraine amid the ongoing counteroffensive. In the last 24 hours, the Russian forces have reportedly eliminated nearly 700 Ukrainian troops. 14 Ukrainian drones were downed and four HIMARS projectiles were also reportedly intercepted by Russian air defence systems. The Russian MoD also released a video of Giatsint Howitzer crews decimating Ukrainian strongholds. Watch this video for more updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone.

    Russian Lawmaker Tells West to Check if France’s Nuclear Arsenal is Safe Amid Violent Protests /Hindustan Times 104,536 views Jul 2, 2023
    Russia continues to mock the US-led West over the unending violent protests in France. Russian senator Andrey Klishas fears for the safety of nuclear weapons in France. He urged European leaders to “discuss the stability of the political regime in France and check whether the nuclear arsenal is safe.” Watch this video to know how Russia is ridiculing the West.

    Putin’s Troops Inflict Heavy Damage on NATO Tanks; Ukraine’s Losses Surpass Supplies / Hindustan Times 107,292 views Jul 3, 2023
    Ukraine has suffered significant losses of German-made Leopard 2 battle tanks, according to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu. In his statement on Monday, Shoigu credited Russian troops for destroying 16 of these tanks, which reportedly equals the entire supply from Poland and Portugal to Ukraine. Russia has claimed to have destroyed numerous NATO tanks during Ukraine’s counteroffensive, and the Russian Ministry of Defense has released multiple footage showcasing the destruction of these tanks on the battlefield.

  70. H.Cindy

    NATO’s Plot Against Russia Fails; West Supplying “Battle Tanks With Older Parts To Ukraine” Hindustan Times 143K views 23 hours ago
    The ongoing battle in Ukraine has posed a fresh challenge for its Western allies. More and more modern battle tanks, supplied by the West to Ukraine, have been targeted and have fallen into the hands of the Russian military. Despite heavy damage, some equipment including Leopard tanks and Bradley vehicles have been left behind functional engines. The West now fears Russia could extract intelligence from these captured tanks and vehicles. To fight this challenge, the West is reportedly sending tanks with older components to Kyiv.

    Ukraine Trembles as Putin Places 180,000 Troops Near Bakhmut; Kyiv Says “Pretty Powerful Grouping” Hindustan Times 36,846 views Jul 4, 2023
    Ukraine claimed that Russia has stationed more than 1,80,000 troops on two major Eastern battlefronts. Kyiv called the Russian build-up a ‘pretty powerful grouping’. A Ukrainian official further cited possibilities of Russian offensive actions from the side of Bakhmut. Ukraine’s Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Maliar also confirmed frequent clashes near Bakhmut.

  71. Tarek

    So, David Morgan is promoting cryptos, meanwhile Bill Holter is calling them “digital air” – what the hell is a person to do. At least both agree on gold and silver. Seems like that’ll be where the money will flow into because it’s the common denominator.

    • Greg Hunter

      Morgan also said get physical gold and silver. Listen.

  72. Larry Giglio

    Hello. Holy Christ in vain! I listen to the wrap-up the first time in months, and by the time I am through there are a hundred new comments. I haven’t time to read them, so this is my thoughts on the impending Brown strike.
    We call UPS Brown. It’s a cb moniker.
    What will happen if the strike goes into a couple weeks, which is harmful to market share as a percentage of customers no longer return, is that freight rates for shipping will go up. At first other big players absorb some of the disgruntled customers, but they reach their capacity. It is an opportunity for them to expand, but that gamble is on it being a long term strike. Secondly what happens is carriers get lured into scab-like positions by appropriating a portion of their general commodity fleets into picking up excesses left on the docks by missing UPS trucks. Thirdly, and this takes an increase_ in _rates to make the loads attractive to independent carriers now facing a cost per mile above $2 to operate their trucks, the independents get on board to carry the freight.
    Either there is an early adjustment increase to rates, satisfying UPS early in the strike, and a deal is met in a few days, or it trickles down to the entire industry causing a shipping rate increase.
    It is all a result of Bidenomicz.

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