Cut Interest Rates & Dollar is Done, Toast, It’s Over – David Morgan

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Economic analyst and financial writer David Morgan says do not expect the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates anytime soon. Morgan thinks the Fed is not going to devalue the dollar.  Morgan explains, “We need to continue the dollar until the new system is initiated.  That’s the point.  Yes, it’s about interest rates, that is part of the mechanics about this.  The philosophy is we need a dollar in the system as the king when we transition into the new system.  Now, there is a debate whether that is true or false.  Is this going to be a global currency?  Is it going to be a central bank digital currency (CBDC) that is worldwide?  Or is it going to be nation states with their own currencies?  That has yet to be determined.  I think the power behind the Fed wants the dollar to survive, and they are going to make it survive.  That means they are going to push interest rate as high as necessary until they can transition to this new system.”

So, what about this so-called Fed “pivot” to lower interest rates to save the day?  Forget it.  Morgan explains, “Take the converse.  Most of my peer group talks about the ‘pivot.’  Meaning, the Fed stops raising interest rates or they get to a level, they pause, and they start to lower them.  Anybody who is anybody in the financial markets knows if that is the case, they have basically destroyed the U.S. dollar.  It’s done.  It’s toast.  It’s over.  What that means is people will get rid of it as fast as they can.  All the dollars overseas will come back and repatriate for anything such as land, Toyotas, Fords–anything. . . . 60% of all printed physical currency (U.S. dollars) is held outside the borders of the United States.  The reason for that is two-fold.  Number one, it is the reserve currency of the world.  The second reason is that it is trusted in countries that continually have currency crises.  Argentina has a currency crisis every decade, and you have Turkey, and you have several others including Zimbabwe.  What do they use?  They use metal and U.S. printed currency.  That’s their black market or free market.  So, the currency of the U.S. dollar is trusted. . . . If you use the Exter Inverted Pyramid as a model as to how the crash happens, there is a run to the U.S dollar before there is a run to gold.  So, I am not surprised to see the dollar so high, but it has backed off some recently. . . . The dollar is trusted at this point in time, and to keep that trust going, we are going to sweeten the deal and keep pushing interest rates up higher and higher.  They are saying trust us, trust us, trust us.  They are doing it to buy time because everyone knows the system is failing, and they have to do something different.”

Morgan also gives predictions for what is in store in 2023.  He talks about why you need gold and silver and why you need it now.  Morgan also has predictions for war, real estate, food, unemployment, the vaxed and inflation along with deflation.  The unprepared will be struggling way more than the prepared next year.  You need to get ready now according to Morgan.

There is much more in the 46-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One on One with David Morgan, founder of “The Morgan Report.”

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  1. Faith

    Rockin’ a black Carhart jacket! Kewl!

    • Dee Latta

      Actually, he should tear that logo off his jacket, burn it & boycott Carhartt for their mandates. Forced their employees to take the shots or be fired.

      • Mungo

        Exactly!!! I removed all their logos.

      • Phil

        Everyone who is boycotting Carhartt and all the Big Pharma companies jabbing us to death – should now add Raytheon to their boycott list (warmongers at the Pentagon just awarded Raytheon with a $1.2 Billion contract to supply Ukraine with advanced surface-to-air missile systems to fire deep into Russia) we need to put this Nazi company (trying to start a Nuclear War with Russia) into bankruptcy fast so they can’t deliver the weapons that will end the human race!!! –

        • Charissa


      • David Morgan

        Thanks. I was unaware that they mandated the magic potion. I am too frugal to throw it away. But a label adjustment may be in order. DM

    • Anthony Australia

      A super must watch video, this freak says Jesus is fake news.
      I new the Scamdemic Coronacon was all about surveillance.

      • Freebreezer

        AA – good post … About as scary as it gets. These so called intellectuals are no different from Russian intellectuals (commies) that destroyed Russia in the early 1900’s; No different then the German intellectuals (socialists) that destroyed Germany in the 1930’s; the brainwashed Mao intellectuals that purged tens of millions of souls that did not believe as “they believe”; Cambodia, Cuba and on and on it marches… These ‘so called intellectuals’ are simply fanatics that absolutely think they know best what society needs! Present Case in point – follow the twitter files … A few commie infused young intellectuals (I might add perverted and brainwashed from our Universities), raise to the top of twitter management*** and decide that they know best and deplatformed a sitting president (and also Greg !) for having “wrong think” … This is all very real and scary! The world needs to pray that the Constitution of the United States holds or the world goes to very dark place! So, so many young (and older) men/women have bled and died for the simple concept called “Freedom” … and all these so called intellectuals always think they can bring in utopia (but all they give the masses is hell, poverty, and death). … Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations says it all – A free society prospers! *** Only two things float to the top of companies/government – Cream or Shit … sorry for the crassness, but unfortunately true.

  2. Major Payne

    Get rolls of US silver dimes, quarters, and halves.
    Change you can believe in!

    • I Dig Au

      Better yet, get bags or Pre-1965 Constitutional silver coinage while still available.

      • Paul

        The inflated imitations of gold and silver, which after the rapture are thrown into the fire, all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt. All scrips and bonds are wiped out. At the fourth pillar dedicated to Saturn, split by earthquake and flood: vexing everyone, an urn of gold and silver is found and then restored.

        • Paul

          We invite, then, the world to come with its silver and gold and make the exchange for our usd.

          Paul from arkansas

  3. Rant

    Alex, Natural news, and I see this pod cast have the same mind ! I would like to see Greg pod cast with Billy Crone!! >>Billy only sells the Rapture!>> Thats not good for Hunter!

    • Olaf From Oz

      RANT, I believe the Rapture will occur in the Hanukkah this Month. – WHY?
      The DIN (Directors Identification Number) has been introduced in Australian Legislation with a deadline to register BY November 30 (Last Month) – The penalties for not complying with the legislation are $13,200 in criminal cases and $1,100,000 in civil cases.
      WHAT has this to do with the COMMON MAN in the street?
      If you do not run a Business, you may STILL be LIABLE if you have a SMSF (Self Managed Superannuation Fund) – So if you have Precious Metals stored in your Bullion Dealer’s Vault in your SMSF allocation, because you don’t trust the many Superannuation funds who have very little exposure to Gold or Silver, and More in Stocks and shares & Real Estate.
      What is Significant in this WARNING? – ANYONE heard of the MARK of the BEAST?
      6/6/6 -? Is that 6 Digits/6 Digits/6 Digits ? ie. 18 digits in total?
      This new DIN has allocated 15 DIGITS for the ID of the Individual, PLUS 3 DIGITS for the country of REGISTRATION!
      This DIN is a ONE – OFF ID Number for ALL Individuals LIFETIME.
      Rev.13:17. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
      BUYING and SELLING = EARNING – your living? Buying your FOOD? Survival!

    • Olaf From Oz

      I forgot to place the ADDRESS of the post I found that Mentioned the DIN.
      Thanks Greg for your excellent articles

  4. Self Exiled

    Don’t hear about this in the Free Press in the USA.

    • Anthony Australia

      Don’t think a YouTube clip is much chop either Mate.

      • Self Exiled

        What is going on in China, your thoughts? Certainly nothing revolutionary in the Land of the free and the brave.

        • Anthony Australia

          China will not have a revolution, they have all been completely Trauma Based Mind Controlled, conform by worshipping the master and the leaders have been backed by the Rothschild Family.
          The entire globe is now implementing the Communist Chinese dictatorship blueprint.
          Mass surveillance, facial recognition technology, concentration camps and social credit score.
          Even with people ‘speaking out’
          China’s Top Medical Advisor Says Omicron No More Dangerous Than The Flu

  5. Matt

    David is a very patient man! I remember when the Silver Manifesto came out. I bought three books. My wife was flying back to Peru and I gave two to her to give to her cousins as a gift. I knew Peru was a big Silver producer and was making my plans to escape the commi’s over here in the USA. All and all this is a very good book. Now that Trump is in power I am planning the return of the Gold/Silver standard. God Bless Donald J Trump. Sop much is going on behind the scenes.

    • Linda

      Trump is in power? I don’t see it. Not sure what you are referring to, Matt.

    • David Morgan

      Thanks for the kind words. It has been a long haul. Seems we are now getting close to the finish line.

  6. dean myers

    Not six months ,,six years is more like it !!

  7. Really Awake

    The real reason they (The Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury) will raise rates is because they have to “protect” the “full faith and credit” (i.e., the reputation) of the U.S. Government. Yes. The dollar is a big part but let’s not forget what Ludwig von Mises pointed out decades ago: “credit expansion” is what collectivists really want to prolong. Credit expansion is at the crux of the issue. Always.

    After all these many decades Keynesian economics is finally failing and nearly ready to totally collapse. And what underpins Keynesian economics? Credit expansion. The fact of the matter is the expansion limit has almost been reached. Credit expansion has nearly reached critical mass.

    What is an empire to do when it needs more buyers of U.S. debt? The American Empire will offer higher interest rates not because it wants to but because it has to…. forced to. Washington will not cut back on spending, so it needs more credit expansion. So Washington will pay a higher rate for more credit.

    And this time really is different. This cycle is the end of credit expansion by Western Civilization. This part of the cycle is the end of Western Civilization as we have known it. This part of the cycle is when the U.S.A. disunites and Euroland falls apart.

    I have no doubt that WW3 will happen. The U.S. government will offer very high interest rates on U.S. war bonds. Then the Powers That Be will attempt to totally reset the monatary system. And war will be used as a smoke screen to hide and/or excuse sovereign defaults.

    There is a lot happening and a lot more about to happen. So buckle up and pray that WW3 doesn’t go full nuclear.

    Finally, I have to give credit to Marty Armstrong for influencing my opinion on who, what, where, when, why and how the Powers That Be will destroy Western Civilization including public confidence in the U.S. Dollar.

    Americans still have time to prepare. Euroland will go down, first, so keep your eye on that region. When it collapses, America will benefit (including the dollar) because wealth will flee Euroland to America… But beware, because wealth fleeing from Euroland is a warning that America’s turn is coming.

  8. Neville

    For the umpteenth time there will be absolutely NO RESET with AAcrime involved in it.
    AAcrime smashed the worlds currency system by abusing the the trust which was put in them when they gained enviable position of worlds reserve currency which as we can all see they abused by creating a QUADRILLION valueless dollars partially by printing but in the main cyber was the preferred way of creating the unreportable dollars that the financial system of the world is drowning in and all unserviceable of course all interest repayments are by the cyber system. The dollar is the ugliest of currencies and the sooner the world wakes up to the fact the better. The rigged dollar which is 1,04 at the moment is nothing but a sick joke.
    Worst of all they use this valueless currency for trading which means in effect that they are stealing imported goods as they are paid for with counterfeit cash.

    As for the future we can see a monumental worldwide property crash ,deflation of hard assets and inflation of consumables food and household goods.

    Use whatever cash you have to buy gold and silver 40% into gold 60% into silver and have a portfolio of good commodity shares especially the juniors which are still ground floor investments
    Hope you find that useful


  9. Anthony Australia

    Cheers Greg,
    Amongst my three favorites guests on your platform that discuss finance and more.
    Bill Holter, David Morgan & Martin Armstrong

    *** Please reply to my email Ray@ Canberra 🙂 ***

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry


    • tim mcgraw


    • Freebreezer

      AA – you got to add CAF!

      • Anthony Australia

        The late Rob Kirby too.

  10. Anthony Australia

    RBA Governor apologies for rate forecast. “I’m certainly sorry if people listened to what we’d said and acted on what we’d said and now regret what they had done,” he said.

    • Earth Angel

      Gosh, his exact same quote could be used for taking the clot shots couldn’t it??.. Funny how its completely interchangable for either situation. ; )

      • Anthony Australia

        Death, Destruction & Mayhem!

  11. Anthony Australia

    Dr. Jason Dean DEBUNKS and ADVISES The Left’s Next Plandemic | The Zombie Virus From Arctic Ice Cap | Flyover Conservatives

  12. Anthony Australia

    CBDCs | Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies Explained In 13 Minutes & 56 Seconds | “It Will Be Implanted UNDER YOUR SKIN.” – Professor Richard Werner + CBDCs Featuring: Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck, C. Fitts, Robert Kiyosaki, Agustín Carstens, Richard Werner & Ye

  13. john lance

    Mr. Morgan says the Fed isn’t going to pivot and the dollar will remain strong untill a new system is put in place . Why buy gold and silver at this point with a strong dollar ?

    • Greg Hunter

      The biggest buyers of gold in the last few years are central banks.

      • Nika

        All the World’s Central Banks settle their debts (with each other) using gold bars in the basement of the New York City Federal Reserve underground vault. Gold bars are placed on wooden pallets. If the Central Bank of Brazil owes the Central Bank of Germany, 300 gold bars, then they are placed on wooden pallets. The wooden pallets are lifted by tow motors and are driven over to the German Central Bank location in the FED basement. There, an accountant is waiting to count the bars and write the number down upon a piece of paper. If you want to visit the basement, of the New Federal Reserve and see for yourself. You have to order the tourist tickets, at least a year in advance. Contact the New York City Federal Reserve Bank.

    • Old Nick

      Greg speaks the truth be sure not to listen to what the banks say. Watch what they do, look into Basel 3 and how gold went from tier 3 asset to tier 1 asset over night!

    • Phil

      John who says: “With the US dollar so strong” ( ) “why buy gold and silver”?? – should seriously think about this.
      With the US dollar so strong – why does it have to be replaced??

    • Ralph

      Because central banks and countries are buying all they can.

  14. jon

    Hi Greg, Ukraine is certainly a banker’s war. The Maidan Ukraine coup in 2014 started the civil war. However in 2013 Ukraine under Yanukovych needed a loan. He went to the IMF but their terms would have overwhelmed Ukraine sovereignty. So he went with the Russian Federation loans at better terms. Iptso fatso….. in 2014 Nuland overthrew the Ukrainian elected government. Bankers War!

    • Benjamin Johnson

      Didn’t the US of A fly into Ukraine and steal 33 Ton of Ukraine’s Gold?

      • Rose Mont Sellicka

        Yes, Ben. But they got the billion in paper, that Joe held over Zelinsky unless they fired the prosecutor that was investigating his lovely son Hunted on the gaslighting board of Barista bissma.

      • Phil

        Yes 33 tons of gold was taken from Ukraine ( and for that 33 tons of gold the US got transferred to its account – the US has up to the present time sent more than $54 billion US dollars to Ukraine – this gives us a unique opportunity to do some math (to see exactly what the US believes gold is worth) – well guess what – 33 tons of gold (when valued at $51,136 dollars per ounce) comes out to be worth the $54 Billion US dollars we have already given to Ukraine – now – if the US is still willingly giving Ukraine “additional money” – it most likely means the US thinks the 33 tons of Ukrainian gold collateral currently in its possession –
        “Is Worth a Lot More Then the $54 Billion we have given Ukraine!! – in fact if we look at the above chart – a US dollar is currently worth about “0.01 cent” – so the $54 Billion dollars given to the Ukraine so far is actually worth 540,000,000 cents or $5,400,000 “real” 1913 dollars (which is equivalent to only 270,000 ounces of 1913 gold) – not the 33 tons (or 1,056,000 ounces of gold) we got the Ukraine to transfer to us!! – so it looks like the Ukraine has so far used up only about 1/4 of its gold collateral!!!

    • Pete+only

      Jon, great short explanation that explains who the real enemies of society really are.

  15. john lance

    Mr. Morgan stated that the Fed will not pivot until they come up with a new system . With the dollar being strong and looks to remain strong why buy gold and silver at this point ?

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Are you looking at precious metals as an investment, or as a hedge?

      • I Dig Au

        Look at physical precious metals as an asset that might offer protection from coming events. ‘Investments’ by definition, generate returns while metals just sit there doing what they do best.

        • Phil

          The Fed who derides gold says “it is like a pet rock” others say “it’s like a lifeboat on the Titanic “- in either case “it just sits there doing nothing”!! – well the true perspective depends upon your position during a crisis – the Fed claims it is aboard “an unsinkable ship” where life boats are unnecessary – however – to the common people on board looking at these waves – – the water level “is coming up over the decks”!! – the Fed Captain calmly says: “All is well” – and he orders the band to play on – but behind the scenes – evil devious plans are being made by the Captain and his crew – to keep the common people below deck “locked-up” (with digital dollars) – the Fed Captain knows there are not enough lifeboats “to save everyone” – so – the millions of common people below deck “will not be allowed to compete for any lifeboats available” (like gold, etc.) – this will be done by programming the Fed digital currency so it will “not be allowed to be used to purchase lifeboats (like gold, silver, etc., etc.)” – thus – all common people below the decks of the elite will be “locked down within the bowels of the Fed’s monetary ship” (with digital dollars) – the result being (that just like those poor souls who were locked below deck on the Titanic) they will find themselves (in the words of that self-elected world dictator Klaus Schwab) “not owning anything” (not even their own lives)!!

    • David Morgan

      There may be an exact Best Buy point and it may be in the future. As we have stressed so often all fiat fails and you want to be early not late. In Argentina in 2000, 23 years ago the banks modified how much currency could be withdrawn in a given month. That population is very familiar with a currency crisis. Most keep money outside the banks for a multitude of past experiences.

      • Phil

        Like the people of Argentina – Americans better buy their gold and silver “NOW” – before the Fed issues their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) (which will most likely have stipulations attached whereby people can’t use the Fed’s CBDC’s for the purchase of Gold or Silver)!!

  16. I Dig Au

    Thank you Greg for providing the best content and guests on the internet. Your efforts at getting the truth out are very much appreciated.

  17. jon

    Hi Greg, If you want to blow the socks off your audience. For an Esoteric type Historical discussion and interview on all things good verses evil today. I would like to recommend interviewing Leo Zagami. I really think you would enjoy interviewing him. The audience would be wowed. There is only one like him, so easy to find.

    • andrew

      I do concur. That would be a most extraordinary guest, adding outstanding content.

    • David Morgan

      Agree. Leo is one of a kind.

  18. jack

    Rates will have to go over 20 % to equal the real rate of inflation. The system will collapse at 10%. Expoentially more debt money must be created now to service past debt. The BIS has just admitted to an extra $100 trillion in off balance sheet debt. Global Debt now $ 400 trillion ? If they don’t pivot, it will be a Mad Max scenario.

  19. Mike Selvaggio

    I’ve never watched David in an interview and regretted the time spent.

    It’s like we’re each sitting next to him having a “beverage” one-on-one!

    It’s rare for a guru to be so low key. We’re blessed by him!

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families!

  20. Chris in Arkansas

    What is the benefit of buying US Silver Eagles over a 1 oz silver bar that is clearly by a major manufacturer like Apmex, the Royal Canadian Mint, etc? If it’s all about ounces and I can get those ounces at $10 less than what an Eagle costs, what does that say about how Eagles are priced right now? In my view Eagles at this pricing level is a complete rip off. There is no way the safety of a “sovereign mint” coin can be used to justify these prices above spot when other alternatives are available.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I agree completely, and the cynic in me suspects that there is a very-well-financed move afoot to vacuum up Silver American Eagles. “Why?” is the $64,000 question.

    • Skyler34

      I have never bought an American coin! All too expensive. I find the cheapest .999 fine silver/gold bar on-line and stack it. Ounces of .999 is what truly matters.

    • Adam M

      It has to do with taxes and amount bought. If you buy over $1000 of precious metals at a local shop you don’t pay taxes, online sales still charge tax. If you sell a large amount of US coins you don’t have to pay taxes, but if you sell a large amount of foreign coins you have to pay taxes. Research taxes for precious metals and also your state laws.

    • Adam M

      I forgot to add…There is so much fake gold and silver on the market that if SHTF I would not accept any bars for barter. Coins give a distinct ring and bars do not, but be warned as solid copper coins also give a ring very similar to silver and similar magnate-slide test. Gold and silver eagles are easily identified and verified. And don’t trade bullets for precious metals and food. You are potentially arming an enemy scout that now knows what you have, what you look like and what your location is.

  21. sean

    Perth Mint only has collector coins with high prem’s. They have nothing in the form of 1 oz coins as to Gold. ????

  22. Brad

    David is Wrong about authorized purchasers from the US Mint. The number is 27 world wide and 17 within the USA.

  23. Robert Coleman

    President Xi just finished meetings with the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia – may not be on MSM in the USA , but here in China where I have lived the past 18+ years – it was televised.
    The Dollar is Done – The BRICS Nations will include Saudi Arabia, The PetroDollar is Finished and the the Central Banks are Hoarding Gold now. The Jig is up, the rats are running scared. Best to liquidate into hard assets, gold, silver, art, platinum, nickel, copper – all metals. With over 250 million jabbed in the USA and a huge die-off already moving forward – land will not be an asset except in vary rare cases. Look what the government in the Netherlands is doing – they are confiscating over 3000 farms to create food shortages throughout Europe. We the People Must Fight Back, the rest of the world is not sitting down – seems the USA is sitting on their iPhones and zombified. Wake up America. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri – The Show Me State. Show me I am wrong when I know I am right.

    • NC Deplorable

      Robert, I was going to post a very similar sentiment, so let me just say, “hear hear”.

      Gold is going to be part of currency used by the BRICS to buy oil. One of the reasons Saudi has leaned this direction, despite the hapless Biden going there on blended knee, is because of the NWO impetus to eliminate fossil fuels. Saudi is reshuffling the deck toward customers that want their energy. Once a new currency, backed by an hard asset, is legitimized the dollar will become weak in comparison to it.

      Who’d of ever thought the scheme of green energy would be the catalyst for sinking dollar hegemony? Greg has had very respected guests (Armstrong and Nenner) both mention how current politicians are clueless. I happen to think they are completely bought and paid for, and are selling out Western civilization.

      • Pete+only

        NC, these people that are bought and paid for are both corrupt and fraudulent, and to quote George Soros, (a true psychopath who has bought hundreds of politicians, judges, and a lot of other public officials), ” if I wouldn’t do it, someone else would”.

    • Lost AF

      You might be right and you might be wrong. When you say we must wake up and fight back, well what’s the plan? Come on, we need more details than blank statements. What is step one? Where do we get shelter, food, security, gas, etc. outside of what we’ve known? Show us the way, please.

      • Better Chetter

        Cath Fitts noted a county by county audit of gov’t expenditures, to work to keep service contracts to businesses within each county, to keep both employment up within each county, and keeping the taxes the businesses pay, within the county. This would take some group getting together to do such a thing, like what Dr Mark Skidmore did with MSU students. Possibly, for such work, whatever group spearheaded this audit, could take a small % for their work, and for whatever ways they would interface with other counties’ audit-forces.

        Personally, I hate the accounting side of business. I favor physical labor, or public speaking. I could hope to do more with this, but need to balance my own work/finances with the major expenditure of time to research and organize some grassroots personnel to do this. Maybe some retired folks could pull this off – at least, or until their pensions go bust, from the breaking of the social contract, not honoring the legacy systems of the last 50-75 yrs (like Social Security).

        Once a group formed to do this immense work, perhaps they could step up to do the same thing on the state level, which could both create a stronger financial basis (like the N or S Dakota banking which puts solvency above Fed Res/European siphoning-off style) – and a political centrist group, to not get caught in the two party system which never reveals the elites behind the traditional D/R lines, but could truly return the power to the people – like DT pulling out of Paris Accord, Climate Change Initiatives, etc.

        The start, IMHO, is to assemble the people – with a basic necessity being to focus on team bldg. That is, whatever personal issues that could arise along what is currently causing US citizens to split (race, gender, religion, even nationality) – needs to be watched, witnessed, and risen above – to keep the group going forward to accomplish this massive work. There are personal growth groups operating in the US now (12 step; NonViolent Communication; Scott Peck’s Facility for Community Encouragement; ManKind Project, etc.), which can be drawn upon for their methods to allow dialogue of our differences, rather than denying them, so that when we do move forward, we can do so as a team. When a new person or several folks come into the effort, they need to be vetted in this way – to keep the mentality free from saboteurs who might seek to derail this much-needed emancipation of US citizens’ financial health.

      • Phil

        We fight back by boycotting all the products the Globalist Corporations try to sell to us – put the “commies” in the red and drain their strength before they help Klaus Schwab kill us all off!!

  24. Rod Brumley Sr, Lt. Colonel USMC ( ret.)

    Unfortunately David Morgan has been wrong about metal prices for 20 + years
    I continue to buy physical Silver especially Pre 1965 US Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars – I can still pick them up for around 20x face. Have plenty of Ammo – water – gas generators – weapons and food – have at least one big freezer to store food. 2023 will be the beginning of the Epic Nightmare

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s been right too Rod. He called a bottom at around $14 -$15 per ounce and called it mining cost. I heard him say it. He was right.

  25. Igby MacDavitt

    Morgan and Fitts agree the Fed with protect the dollar BECAUSE JEROME POWELL SAID HE WAS GOING TO PROTECT THE DOLLAR. 🙂

    The game is on. Can they continue to protect the dollar with rising interest rates and correspondingly higher service fees on a virtually unserviceable debt load BEFORE the global economic dominos fall, but with time to implement a CBDC?

  26. HotTub

    Pretty interesting interview, and if one is interested in Silver as I am, his “The Silver Manifesto” book looks compelling. By the way if anyone’s interested, the Amazon Kindle version is $6.49.

  27. Nika

    Video below, shows the White House has Baphomet Head on it’s fireplace. According to the host of the video. Baphoment is the demon of child sacrifice and abortion.

    • Phil

      Bill Gates is about to release a new virus (that specifically kills our kids) – why are they coming for our kids? – Because that is what “terrorists do” when backed into a corner – terrorists “take your children hostage” – but – at least we can point to Rand Paul who is now going to lock up Fauci – But – listen to Rand Paul’s words: “Fauci made an Error of Judgement” – Now what do you think that means?? – It probably means Rand Paul will lock up Fauci as promised to get political points – BUT – Fauci will probably get released after only one week in prison – Because – Him Killing Millions – “Was Only an Error in Judgement”!!!

      • Adam M

        Pay attention to an Enterovirus called the Nipah Virus. Seems to fit the bill for another more deadly plandemic.

  28. Beverly

    Precious metals are a nice thing to have for sure. But the basic necessities of life will be the most important things we can have. The current situation when it comes to global water supply is very scary. How can we produce food and do anything with it? MULLY is a great show to watch. He’s kicking butt in that show. But, how long will self sufficient people be able to keep doing what they are doing? Will they be persecuted and attacked? The only way to survive this whole thing is to work together as communities to produce food and make it storable for future use. People are going to eat less, all right. Many people don’t even have the land or the skills to grow food. But, if they have guts and determination, then the evil can be overcome! Food is the most important thing right now, while we can still produce it or store it. Next summer will be an interesting summer. People better learn how to garden and how to grow food and keep an eco system going somehow, if they want to live. They show the success of a black man doing this in MULLY. Watch that if you can.

    • Phil

      Beverly – Food is important – like it was important to the people locked in cages below decks in the Titanic (as they had to keep alive while locked in their cages) – but having a lifeboat (like gold, etc.) could ensure you live “beyond the point when everything gets turned on its head and sinks below the waves” – what I’m saying is – all the food you have stored – and all the gardens you have set up to grow food (while inside your cage) “will not necessarily save your life” when our Ship of State sinks below the waves – remember how very valuable a lifeboat got to the elite on the Titanic and what they did to simply get a little bit of it for themselves!!

  29. Raymond Epps

    NFL wife sends brutal message to Brittney Griner
    Story by DJ Byrnes • Yesterday 12:50 PM

    “We did not forget about Brittney, and we have not forgotten about Paul,” US. president Biden said. “This was not a choice of which American to bring home.”
    “We brought home Trevor Reed when we had a chance earlier this year,” the president continued. “Sadly, for illegitimate reasons, Russia is treating Paul’s case differently than Brittney’s. And while we have not yet succeeded in securing Paul’s release, we are not giving up.
    Paul Whelan doesn’t understand why he is there in Russia sitting there, waiting to be released. To come home.
    Paul waylaid Whelan, for all intent and purposes, was he an operative? “At least the Russki’s think so”, a person recruited; secretly to obtain information for one country in the territory of another, usually an unfriendly country.
    Not smiling in your op. foreign country, tourist cover pictures. Is usually a dead giveaway, anyways.
    Look at all the CIA operatives that lost they’re heads, some literally. In the CIA’s funding and training of ISIS! Agent’s back home think their James Bond. NOT! While they sit back home in they’re cushy dig’s. Whilst the operatives, do all the risky dirty work.
    An operative is a real spy, not some lunkhead, agent back in Langley. With feet propped up on a desk, watching pornography on a dedicated line. While our operatives are left out to dry, in some Godforsaken hell hole!
    Officially not on the agency force, operatives take terrible risks. To find out the secrets of foreign countries, for what? Absolutely nothing!
    Yes, nothing but their own spunk, bravery, loyalty, patriotism and are usually betrayed and sold down the river, without a paddle. Every time it’s convenient, for the politics’ and the damned [plausible deniability], our poor operatives, be damned.
    As in the Brittney grinder Griner case, used for political gain. By the fake Biden, really. The Soros\Hillary_Obomber third term stolen administration. Joe Biden having checked out, loooong ago! These scoundrels are overseeing a third-rate intell agency of traitorous cowards! Who send out our finest and any chance of them spilling they’re guts out, are left to hang out and dry. By the orders of the higher up’s in, our shadow government. AKA George Soros’s (born György Schwartz, of Budapest, Kingdom of Hungary. With dual citizenship in Hungary and United States) having donated more than $35 billion to the Open Society Foundations and who knows how much to the anti-Semitic ADL?
    When György Schwartz talks, even the Chi-com’s listen.
    Heil Hitler! The standard greeting in Germany AND THE FORMER AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN EMPIRE, during WW2. To make everyone participate and seem like a Nazi supporter. Don’t believe it, ask president Joe Biden’s brother and living son in court, Hunter. Don’t forget operation Paper Clip and Mockingbird.
    They mock us, because they stole our representative government of we the sheeple and let the CCP infiltrate Twitter Twat, running the fake covid-19 narrative . Our men and boy’s since the revolution, didn’t fight and die for this, Shia, Shiite! Of these now dis-United States, just ask Stroke Struck. Who, as a legend in his own mind, of us sweaty smelly Wal*Mart fame, thinks he was an agent for the Bureau. My eye! Maybe our now fake Bureau.
    Sorry for the rant……That’s all yolks volk’s!
    Over there? The Hun is here, sonny boy;

    Tucker: Hating America is a position rewarded by Biden
    Fox News

    ‘You Were Vice President – You Knew’: John Roberts Presses Mike Pence Over Claim Trump Turned Down Prisoner Swap Offer
    Story by Michael Luciano • Yesterday 5:59 PM

    Jim Jordan: Here’s what FBI whistleblowers are telling me
    Fox Business / 466K views 1 day ago Dec 8, 2022
    Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan makes the case that the FBI and Big Tech are colluding to withhold information from the American people on ‘The Evening Edit.’
    CIA CAN SPY ON foreigners,
    Now the FBI wants to be a domestic CIA, spy on us. WHOM DO YOU TRUST?
    Neither? Both have become too big, mmm, for our Britches! For our? Yes, because they are us! Americans! At least we the people still assume it. God help us all, if they together. ‘Con’sume us all!!!!!]

    Julian Assange just got LIFE changing help from an unlikely place | Redacted with Clayton Morris / 69,361 views Dec 9, 2022
    A group of five major media outlets published an open call to the Biden Administration to drop the charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and we wholeheartedly agree with this! But wait, these are the same outlets that Obama said would be pulled into an indictment if the government had to go after Assange. That’s interesting. Sooo….is this self serving or altruism? You decide!

  30. Coal Burner

    A tip for silver people. The Mint Proof silver dollar that has the eagle on one side and the bucking horse on the other has more coins to sell now. I stumbled into the open sale the other day. They are one of the most beautiful coins ever. They have a limit of 75000 coins. For a while you could not get them because they were out of silver Planchets. I wanted to grab a few all year and every time I tried I could not buy any. The limits are off now, and I believe people wanted them and now that they are available, they either do not know or think they missed out. Get on the US Mint site and take a look.
    They did not sell like the gold which sold out in a few hours. Many people trying to get one were jammed out by people with stronger internet service. I have not seen any for sale outside the Mint.

  31. Jack Fortin

    I have long understood that the debt based currency system is the foundation upon which all power of the establishment rests. When it comes to protecting either the currency system or the economy, the economy is expendable.

  32. Felix Leitner

    THE GHOST: Who Is James Baker really? Origins Of Comey’s Former FBI
    And Twitter’s Former Deputy General Counsel A Mystery
    December 11, 2022 / The trail goes cold in Wichita, Kansas;
    This much we know: 🙈🙉🙊 Secret Sensitive‼👁‍🗨

    • Anthony Australia

      Great Website Felix Mate,
      Thanks for sharing!

  33. Sister Galatian

    Mr Morgan’s prediction for the Fed dollar defense does NOT square with the prophetic word given to Pastor Shane Warren.

    Pastor Warren says there is going to be a storm of all those dollars held overseas returning to US mainlaind. Furthermore, SILVER not gold shall reign supreme.

  34. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks for having yet another expert on. If I may be so bold- Land is hard like PMs. Where ever you guys reading are; there may be a bargain waiting at your local county treasurers office. Most people don’t know- unpaid property taxes after a few years puts a property in a process that could cause it be up for grabs. As far as i know states are either a tax deed or tax lien state, my state is a tax deed state. Each are very different and there are differences for each state. It is worth paying for an hours time at a land attorney to ask questions. If real estate is out of favor- that’s a time for bargain shopping. Most likely though some of these less sought after pieces have an issue- no access, to much slope, flood plain, title/ ownership issue etc. I bought a 1/4 acre lot (owner deceased) a little ways out of town at a tax auction for little under 3k and thought it looked buildable. A guess on my part, and had a few people tell me its unbuildable- flood plain, to rocky, to small-septic not possible. I paid for a surveyor, paid for a permit, paid to get some digging, paid a septic design guy ( did get permit for a two bedroom house) and was out another 6k. The survey was a deluxe topographic one because the elevations and an out dated flood plain map were an issue. Thought i had a green light to sell it and was told buy a title co that they would issue title insurance not until the 7 year mark, even though state law says 3 years for any redemption rights. Lots of tidbits left out of this, but at market value this is between 60 and 70k today- unfortunately i have to wait 2 more years. Who knows about the market in two more years. Make no mistake, this is certainly a good problem to have- wish i had a dozen more. Point is, each of us that knows truth can have more impact in the world when we have some financials to bring to bear. And don’t forget Jesus owns it all anyway, so my plan is to offer some lot for building a home on in two years, and pay off some debt, and pick up a few ounces of gold and silver then.

    • Jeffrobbins

      To add something- i had a couple conversations with two separate county planners and our state has implemented some changes regarding zoning and land use for all counties and incorporated areas. The end result is to force more growth inside towns and cities and delay urban expansion. Basically it takes a full year for a zoning change- if approved- and there are increases to lot sizes in any ag related zoning. All prior smaller lots are grandfathered in for now.- ‘They’ don’t want any additional small acreage/ out of town living. It smells of some green agenda.

      • Phil

        Jeff – Use the opportunity you now have to buy an ounce of (untitled) gold – and you won’t have to pay any real estate taxes on it every year (just to keep it in your possession) and no school taxes either!! – but once the Fed comes out with their “digital currency” they will know exactly who bought and who owns gold – and they will most likely “tax it every year” the way they currently do with all your other wealth – right now people have a golden opportunity – to stash some gold away (buying it with cash that the government knows nothing about) – such gold “will remain untaxed” even after the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) goes into effect – and the criminals in Washington pounce on the opportunity “to tax your gold every year” (just the way they tax your home and property every year)!!

        • Jeffrobbins

          That’s good advice. Never said i didn’t have any already. It’s hard to say how this plays out, honestly though, part of my concerns are about an inheritance for my kids. There is a bible proverb; a righteous man leaves an inheritance for his children. The Bible isn’t some high brow list of dos and don’ts- contemplating how it is for me and my household makes me think a bit differently than most.

          • Phil

            Yes Jeff – Physical gold and silver coins are a perfect way to leave a tax free inheritance to your children!!

  35. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Morgan

  36. Roger Stamper

    tks david greg

  37. FC

    Under the instructions of the IMF and BIS every Central Bank around the world will implode causing a severe Global Depression and those who survive this period of unrest will be begging officials for help and this will come in the form of excepting a Digital Currency with Social and Carbon Credit Scores attached to it, this will limit our moment and purchases………most people will be thanking them for their help.

  38. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Excellent report.

  39. Jaun Valdez

    1 IN 3 VACCINATED HAVE HEART INJURIES with Steve Kirsch, Featured in DIED SUDDENLY Documentary | Flyover Clips Dec 10, 2022 12,353 views

    Tucker Carlson: The moment I changed | Will Cain Podcast
    Fox News 2,852,265 views Oct 7, 2022
    On this episode, Will sits down with the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker Carlson, to discuss how Tucker formulated his political philosophy, the role he plays in the American political system today, and what he believes the country needs to do to get back on track. Will and Tucker dive deep into what is on Tucker’s bookshelf, how he formulates his show, and how his background and life story continue to color how he sees America and its place in the world.


  40. Jay Jordan Cardone

    The 2022 Holberg Debate w/ John Mearsheimer and Carl Bildt: Ukraine, Russia, China and the West / Holberg Prize 240,134 views Streamed live on Dec 1, 2022, BERGEN
    The 2022 Holberg Debate: ‘Will Fear Keep Us Safe?’
    How will the war in Ukraine and other geopolitical crises impact the global security order, and what do they mean for the power of deterrence?

  41. MR. b

    listened on two differant iphones to David Morgan program was pausing to the point that I could not listen too. I then put the same program on laptop computer, as clear as a bell sound.

  42. Baregil de Gomçesval

    Higher rates = value of bonds down = countries selling US bonds = US debt dollar based is finished and repudiated.
    Lower rates = dollar is toast.
    Ukraine surrenders inconditionally = OTAN, EU, US/UK and the anglo-zionist alliance are finished = dollar, euro and pound are toast.
    If the above happens the world is liberated from the Khazarian Mafia yoke and a new era begins for mankind.

    • Phil

      The New World Order Mafia Don (Klaus Schwab) makes no bones about it – he wants to control the entire planet – as Boss and current “head of the family” Klaus Schwab reigns as “a dictator” (when depicted in movies the Boss or Don is sometimes called the “Godfather”) – the Boss in the US branch of the family is Joe Biden and he receives a 10% cut of every operation taken on by every member of his family. Depending on the Family, the Boss may sometimes be chosen by a vote from the Capo (Corporate) members of the family. To liberate ourselves from the New World Order Mafia yoke is going to take a lot of effort by “many” good men – this won’t be an easy battle – but the use of boycotts by the common people against the Capo members will be a great help to those of us going after the Don!!

  43. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    A brilliant interview – thanks Greg and David. Silver Britannias – same deal, this side of the pond!

  44. TaxDonkey

    Funny. If they want to uphold the value of the dollar for a bit longer with higher interest rates, why don’t we get any interest rate on our savings account?

  45. Thomas Moniz

    For the bible students on your site, it may be of interest to you to know that according to the Hebrew Scriptures, silver IS money. The Hebrew word translated silver is the same exact Hebrew word translated money in the King James Version Bible. So, silver being money goes back to at least Abraham.

    3701 כסף keceph {keh’-sef}
    Meaning: 1) silver, money 1a) silver 1a1) as metal 1a2) as ornament 1a3) as colour 1b) money, shekels, talents
    Origin: from 03700; TWOT – 1015a; n m
    Usage: AV – silver 287, money 112, price 3, silverlings 1; 403

    Here are the first two verses in the Bible where this Hebrew word is used:

    Ge 13:2 And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver , and in gold.
    Ge 17:12 And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, every man child in your generations, he that is born in the house, or bought with money of any stranger, which is not of thy seed.

  46. Da Yooper

    Great interview Greg & David

    For those so inclined you may want to follow many silver bugs at WSS . Here is more proof of what David is saying. The banker are buying hand over fist.

    December deliveries result in rapid removal of silver out of registered as comex registered silver plunges 2,020,000 oz or 5.7%.

  47. James PTY

    Morgan’s objective reality based thought cuts to the bone!
    Two Cents…Please! You cannot raise the interest rate high enough to make up for the depreciation of the currency at two cents. Of course the Dollar will be replaced once people realize the current iteration is already basically useless, OR the scheduled replacement, and that is anytime (soon) deemed opportune.
    Central Bank currency requires their centralized ledger to settle transactions unlike Decentralized Ledger Technology (like Bitcoin, although I do not like) being a decentralized transaction AND settlement ledger technology. Some DLT allow for seamless transaction/settlement in gold, silver, and potentially any commodity.
    Metal/gold works best in deflation not as a store of value, meaning it maintains a constant price in currency, rather is recognized trusted and WANTED at whatever price. Some times the price rises as the currency decays maintaining purchasing power, other times during liquidity crises the price is lower, BUT in deflation so are goods and services. Historically there are always buyers of gold, because it is impossible for gold to go to zero unlike currency, so there is always liquidity during times of deflation.
    War (any government spending): Follow the money. Listen to what politicians say, Watch what politicians do, then get angry…

  48. T

    All I read and hear that physical gold and silver is going to go up up up to the moon but I never read or hear about gold/silver stocks going up up up to the moon….Why????

    • Skyler34

      Because they have counter party risk and proof you own them is paper you may have trouble possessing.

  49. Pat McGee

    Just bought his book, thanks for the reminder about it.

  50. Russell Holmes

    OK Greg, you’re smarter than I am so tell me; will they raise interest rates even though doing such would make the cost of servicing the Debt $2 trillion a year? Do you think it’s possible the swamp piggies see that the “game’s up” when it comes to the dollar; that they know it’s going to collapse and that’s why they’re spending money like drunken meth addicts, with Congress spending $2 trillion in just one Bill, $3 trillion a year of deficit spending, corporate debt at a all time high, etc., etc?

    Whichever way it goes I’m taking all my money out of the bank ASAP and buying silver.

  51. A+Jones

    Let me try and give you doom and gloom guys a word of encouragement. Some of you anyway. I am 77-years-old and was raised in rural south-side Virginia and I live on a large farm. This farm has been in my family for 82 years. I was raised by parents and grand parents that lived through the depression of the 1930’s and my thinking and World view is based on lessons learned as growing up hearing from my family experience dating back to 1878. I know what life is like with none of the amenities like health care, free education, plenty of everything like entertainment, big government controlling our lives, internet etc. The question is: If the system falls apartment what will life be like, or better still what was it like before all this confusion?
    My grand parents are my model of how this worked for us. One grand father was born in 1894, the other in 1878. One was born on a farm that is now inside the city and his family farm is today the heart of the largest commercial strip in the region. My grandmother’s family farm joined to the north and today is the second largest commercial district in the region. My grand farther could have purchased this land in 1910, for 10 cents per acre but he didn’t have the money. Today it is worth $15/$20 per square foot. We did not profit from this. None of my grand parents ever attended a school. They learn from each other by Bible reading and by doing. My grand fathers were master mechanics. Both were devout Christians. All life activities centered around and within the church. They were strict Methodists and not like the present day version. If you got sick the medicine women or what passed for a doctor came. When I was a kid the doctor came to our house and it costs $4 to see 4 kids. My dad would be 102 if he was alive and he was delivered in 1921, by a black woman mid wife and it costs my grand parents two dozen eggs. He was born by a lamp oil lantern light and we still have the lantern. (1921-2020)
    If someone died you dug a grave and burred them. All my grand parents met in a strange way. When someone died all the family and friends would come and sit up all night with the corpse. My grandmother told me this was the time when most socialization took place. That is how she met my grand father. Both sets of grand parents had multiple families living in their houses. They did not have anything but each other and we survived. I met a banker once and he told me his mother knew my mother. I asked my mother how she knew this woman and her reply was: “I slept in the bed with her for two years. Her family had no home.” We had a family re-union once back in the 1970’s here on the family farm. A woman showed up that I had never seen before. I ask her how she was connected to the family. She explained that she was born in 1918, during the Spanish flue epidemic. Her mother died from the flue and my grand mother (1880-1970) had just had a child and she nursed both of them. It all centered around the church. I learned that early on. I worked as a real estate appraiser back in the 1970/80’s. When I appraised a property way out in the country the first thing I looked for was a church with a grave yard. The reason was I knew if people had pride in their church the community was stable. No church no community. Connect the dots and you will know how to survive and thrive. The Yellow Brick Road is just a big circle. It starts and ends at the front door of The Church.

    • Bill

      Sir…You have summed it up nicely. Church and communities have always been the key to life. I’ve lost my way a few times in 60 years but now I get it.

      That is why they have made every effort possible to destroy them since the 1960’s when I was growing up. Maybe sooner. I don’t need to tell you how and why.

      Everyone here needs to focus on repairing their community. I’m trying in mine.

      Time is short. When the FED NOW electronic/crypto currency which has already been activated kicks in sometime this summer, division in community will be amplified to hellish levels.

      Those of you who just listened to David, should take some time and watch his “The Crypto Conspiracy Podcast.” There are 26 parts on u tube. I’d watch the first 10 to be sure and watch these special guests…#4 Cyrus Parsa, #16 Boyd Anderson, #19 and #21 Michael McKibben and last but not least #24 and #26 with Kent Lewiss. Kent shares his email and that is the only way to get #26 unless you are one of David’s subscribers.

      Only way out is through.

  52. Paul from Indiana

    Say, do, think what you want, but the US “government” continues to spend at least $1 trillion more per year than it takes in. That’s called deficit. The deficit is “montetized” so that the books “balance”. That’s called debt. The debt now is so large, we can only afford interest payments, and even that is ending. The debt principal is never retired; therefore, in order to avoid an official default, the debt is “rolled-over” at time of maturity/due date. That’s called re-financing, which is accomplished at whatever interest rate is prevailing at the time of the roll-over. Old debt, which currently stands officially at $31 trillion, starts getting refinanced at higher interest, and this while deficit is structural. The debt gets bigger and bigger AND more expensive. Soon the whole enterprise fails.

    Why can’t the “government” stop over-spending? More than half of the country is on some sort of government welfare. THAT’S CALLED VOTE-BUYING. Balance the budget and the constituents rebel. At some point, likely soon, the debt will consume the majority of the nation’s income, at least impinging if not destroying the welfare system. While the government destroys its money, pensions will also fail. Chaos will ensue. Move to the country now. Please. Best always. PM

  53. Mike Mc

    Mr. Morgan cites the potential damage to the USD as a reason for the Fed will not lower interest rates. This is true in a vacuum, but not necessarily correct in the modern world of fiat currencies which is one of relativity. So long as the other major trading currencies are declining at a rate equal to or greater than the USD, the risk is mitigated. It does however put more pressure on the Central Banks to contain metals prices to prevent them from sounding the alarm.

    That said, Mr. Morgan does correctly reference the real rate of interest as the only one that matters. This is the rate smart money calibrates around. So long a the real rate of interest is negative, there is not pressure to lower the nominal interest rate but only control the volatility so as to keep the derivatives market under control……for a while longer.

  54. Benjamin Johnson

    David Morgan talked about the silver warehouses. My question is WHO owns the warehouses who are making money for doing nothing. Maybe ask the “Amazing Polly.Net” She is awesome, I would love to see her on your show, watch some of her videos.

  55. Self Exiled

    International Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated has been Formed with Members from at Least 16 countries – Demand for “Pure Blood” Skyrockets

    • Anthony Australia

      Awesome, we can charge a premium 😏

  56. Astraea

    PLEASE read TELL the TRUTH and SHAME the DEVIL.” by Gerard Menuhin. asap. You will understand how urgent things are. This book tells the truth about sho is plotting our future – as slaves.

  57. Old Nick

    Greg I saw this Real Estate crash coming in 2019 in Canada where I live. I sold all property 2019-2021 except 1 duplex which is owned outright because I instinctually knew something was terribly wrong. Craziest thing is I went heavy into precious metals in 2019 without knowing anything about them, I have since learned a great deal and have managed to save a tidy sum. We the watchmen need to teach our friends and family what money is and what is is not, unfortunately most dismiss our teachings. I guess this will be a long hard lesson for many to come to terms with, of course we could be wrong I just dont know how. God bless you Greg!

  58. Steve Bice

    Comments from Grant Wahl the day before he died suddenly at the World Cup Soccer tournament in Qatar: “Hopefully I will not cough during this podcast,” Wahl said. “I’m coughing a lot. Everyone’s coughing here. This is by no means limited to me. So many journalists have got a crazy cough that sounds like a death rattle sometimes. The only thing that’s surprising to me is, there isn’t that much COVID here. I thought there’d be a real issue with that. We’re not really seeing COVID cases, we’re just seeing a lot of general sickness — coughing, colds. And I can’t wait to be on the other side of what I have, but I’m going to be ready to go.”

    This is what immune dysfunction would look like. We will see what the winter brings…

  59. Marius

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for a very insightful interview.

    Do keep in mind that prior to 1971, 1 Oz of gold cost 25 Rand, this shows the price inflation in South Africa :

    Do see the Zimbabwe Reserve Bank’s gold coin pricing – from a South African perspective – 1 Oz coin going for about R32200 (about $1880)- Where a gold Krugerrand could cost R33 000 – The spot price being about R31200.

    Here is a link to a local Silver Coin Dealer – – Perhaps Silver Krugerrands could also be purchased for investment purposes? Please ask your guests about this aspect.

    Do keep up the good work and God bless you.

  60. Linda Locascio

    Greg ~ I don’t men to be critical because I absolutely love your show, however when you talk over your guests I can’t understand what they are saying. I’ve written to you before about this issue and it improved for awhile, however it seems you are back at it again. Please don’t think I’m trying to be mean or overly critical. I really like your show and love listening to it every time, but please know a few things. 1) you have your time to speak on your weekly commentary show. Please allow your guests to speak freely and without interruption while you are interviewing them. 2). Remember ~ God gave you 2 ears and one mouth. Please use them accordingly by listening more and not be so anxious to speak. Again ~ I hope you don’t take this the wrong way as it is not intended to be mean or rude but to help you and your listeners have a more enjoyable listening experience.
    Much love and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going to do this the way I want to and put it out for free. At my age I realize I am not going to please everyone, and I am not going to get any better. What you see is what you get. It’s that simple.
      Merry Christ mas or as one viewer says, “Happy Birthday Jesus”!!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Dido Greg, Happy Birthday Jesus!

      • Erika Miller

        Greg, I just love your spontaneous reactions. They come straight from your heart and always exactly at the right time. They make your show really alive and interesting. You are a jewel to watch. Do not change anything.
        And thank you for what you are doing.

  61. fred finger

    In full: MPs debate release of COVID PPE contract details
    Sky News 5 days ago
    Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer is holding a debate in the Commons as the party is trying a force the government to publish documents relating to £200m of personal protective equipment (PPE) contracts.
    The freakin Fraudsters Got the Goldmine and We The Sheeple GOT Shafted!
    Jerry Reed She Got The Gold Mine (I Got the Shaft)

  62. Sue Smith
    Operation Freedom _ Dr. Dave Janda

  63. Randy Sabados

    I don’t know hw awake any of you folks are. So, in case you were wondering, here’s a very reliable source who does know what in the heck he’s talk;ing about. I bet hardly anyone has ever heard of hm either. His name is Derek Johnson. He is retired veteran and does hsi own gig on a Telegram platform. His handle on there s RattleTrap 1776. He has a web site and the address of it is

    Please be sure to check into him!!! I believe in what he says.

  64. dlc

    AZ state rep, Ruben Gallego, sees an opportunity to replace Sinema. Ruben Gallego is the ex-husband of our current Phoenix mayor, Kate Gallego. This weasel sees a chance at scoring a senate seat, poor mouthing Sinema’s move to the independent party. I don’t like Sinema but Gallego is a woke activist malcontent, and his only interest is keeping the family’s hand in the public till.

    This reminds me of the never spoken relationships of so many of the MSM staff. Greenfield of CNN and Rosa Delora (congress) come to mind as just one of many examples. We all know of morning Joe and his pet bull half. There are numerous couples which at this point are just faces to me, having forgotten many of the names. One reports the “news,” while the spouse is either in politics or some equally influencing and damaging venture, stuffing both pockets.

    I keep my eye on Ruben Gallego. No one would give his opinions consideration except for the ex-wife’s position. I think her term is up during the presidential election, so these 2 need a new gig. DC would be the next stop for these two hustlers. They check all the right boxes as wokeism goes.

  65. Colleen

    Off topic: Greg, I just read on Liberty Daily that airlines are quietly petitioning the government to fly with ONE pilot due to staffing shortage. Are they crazy? I frankly wouldn’t want to fly even if there were two pilots. It’s madness!

  66. Randall Maxwell

    To announce His second coming and save us from the evil ways of men, the Lord has removed the strong delusion 2 Thess. 2:11 and revealed that Satan is the man of sin 2 Thess. 2:3; Rom. 5:13-24. While the Lord was waiting for the earth to be populated with billions before the second age of Christianity, He stepped back and hid His face, power, glory, majesty, love, and Bible Ezek. 39:25-29 so Satan could convince us that we are like God and could give the world our bibles and salvation 2 Thess. 2:10. Because of free moral agency, the Lord wanted us to learn, without losing our souls, that the insane and evil ways of men cannot save us, Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30, rather it is the cause of all suffering and what we need to be saved from Job; James 5:7-11; Gen. 2:17-4:12. Moses striking the rock, as if his actions saved the children of Israel, was one step of insanity too far Num. 20:8-11 and cost his life.
    But Satan, now being identified as the man of sin Rom. 5:12-21 means that these are the last days – 40 years of Satan’s rule over man. Satan is a demon, the spirit of a dead evil man possessing people’s bodies, claiming to be God 2 Thess. 2:4 and convincing us that Christ or anyone else is a blasphemer who claims that Christ has all authority. It is how Saul or any of us in the religions of men denied Christ’s authority to preach in all good conscience. It is why the world Murdered Christ and first-century Christians, and why it hates me for making available to you “The Perfect Law of Liberty, in Part.”
    For the first time in 1680 years, we can realize that Satan is ruling over us with the preaching, bibles, and religions of men! And that men went into Gnostic Apostasy when men gave up the bible and salvation from God in 340 AD 2 Thess. 2:10, 11. It doesn’t mean God abandon us, it means the ways of God are coming back.
    The ways of God, which are exceeding abundantly greater than we could have imagined Eph. 3:20; Isa. 55:9, are on their way back, Dan. 12:4; Lev. 10:3; Hab. 2:20! We are already in the second age of Christianity as foreshadowed by the second temple built in 531 BC. The perfect preacher is back in these last days of Gnosticism Heb. 1:2, as His prophecy Rev. 22:18 is breaking the seven lies/seals of Satan and giving to us the Bible from God, the wisdom from above Rev. 5:1ff; James 1:5. The Lord will only tolerate the blasphemy of men thinking they are like God for 40 more years Micah 7:15; 1 Cor. 13:9-12.


  67. Merry Piper

    Greg: Once again, I truly thank you for your outstanding journalistic reports. I never miss anything that you post. God bless.

  68. Lisa S

    Pfizer CEO steps down and flees to Israel.

    remember this, every time Pastor Hagee & lots of other Evangelical celebrities tell people to serve Israel. These heretics are enemies of Jesus Christ.

    • Phil

      Wasn’t the Pfizer CEO “banned from Israel” because he hasn’t taken his sixth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine???

  69. Don Conrad

    Linda. You made your comment in the nicest way but I ask that you remember something. Greg speaks because he is passionate in what he does. It is that passion that has kept him going for YEARS, doing a podcast with 2 guests and a wrap up per week. A very hard job on the best days. My suggestion is when his speaking causes you to miss something, simply use your curser to rewind a bit and relisten. All will be happy.

  70. Fred Engel

    What if Putin sell oil in gold? Collapse the western financial system?

    • Phil

      Instead of Putin launching a Nuclear First Strike upon the West as the Globalists want him to do (to ultimately bring down America) – perhaps Putin should simply tell Europe he will sell them oil and gas for gold (but with the added stipulation that they must refrain from launching cruise missiles into Russia)!!

    • FoFF ZuCK

      We’ll go to war/ kill him!! Same way we did Kadaffi!!

  71. tim mcgraw

    “Sovereign Debt” is just a fancy term for a government of thieves to promise an investor a return on future stolen currency from the citizens.
    Buying government debt is just getting a part of the government thieve’s extortion racket money.

    Thanks for the interview.

  72. Prospector

    Tim Brown – Washington Standard : Dec. 10 , 2022

    CATASTROPHIC CONTAGION : A Global Challenge Exercise
    Bill Gates , Johns Hopkins & W.H.O. just simulated another pandemic
    Nearly three years since Event-201. ” This time its the ‘Enterovirus’ and they have it originating near Brazil ” ” Disproportionately affecting CHILDREN and young people ”

    ( Short article and video of exercise cites – The Center For Health Security . org for the release. It is also interesting to note that the ‘ experts ‘ shown did not have anyone from South America. Why ? )

    In other news, there are reports around the web by ‘ un-named US officials ‘ saying the Pentagon has told Ukraine it may now be ” OK ” to strike inside Russia with missiles. Buckle Up !

  73. Prospector

    Just another wild ‘ theory ‘ , no doubt.

    Predictions of Dr. John Coleman’s book from 1992 – ” Conspirators Hierarchy – Story of The Committee of 300 ”
    * Population reduction via organized epidemics and limited wars.
    * Energy, food and water reduced to subsistence levels.
    * Artificially contrived shortages of medical care.
    * United States ( and Europe ) flooded with immigrants from foreign cultures.
    * No Cash – All transactions by card . Card access suspended for infringements.

    @ThinkingSlow1 – twitter page.
    He also posts about the long term decline in fertility rates.

  74. tim mcgraw

    Let’s see if I got this right: The U.S. Mint only sells its silver coins to 10 dealers. These 10 dealers mark up the price of each coin $10.
    This is total BS.
    Someone at the U. S. Mint is getting a big kickback from those 10 coin wholesalers.
    The U.S. Mint should add $3 to the price of each Silver Liberty Dollar and then give Amazon a 10% premium to put the Silver Liberty Dollars on Amazon.
    This $10 a coin middle man fee is robbery!

    • Phil

      I thought under our US Constitution the Mint was ordered to print up unencumbered silver coins and sell them to the public “at cost” (without any mark-up)??? – The US Congress passed the Mint Act in 1792 “to ensure the stability of the monetary system” – the Fed usurped that power away from our Government “to ensure the instability of our monetary system” – – now that we are at zero “it is time” – it is time for the people to take back the right to create our own money (and crush the Fed’s current move to create their “total control” digital currency)!!

      • Steve Bice

        Thanks for all your posts Paul, IIG, Russ, Janet, JC, Johnny Cool, Stan, Phil, et al. I seem to recall a George too. Your smoke and mirrors identity morphing actually makes sense in an era when everything we say is being tracked and aggregated into a social credit profile for “assignment” when Orwell’s boot comes down via universal tracking and central bank digital currency.

        You are ahead of the curve. I suspect a low profile will help you fly under the radar at least for a short while. As for me, I don’t expect to be here when it all comes down. I hope others are “watching” for the “thief in the night” as well. It seems so close…

        As an aside, when my wife would joke about exotic name changes when we won a big lottery (we don’t play), I would tell her she had it all wrong. We needed to change our names to John and Mary Smith…and hide in plain view.

        Take care, Fran(k)…errr…Bill…

      • tim mcgraw

        Phil; No one in DC follows the Constitution anymore. Sad but true.

  75. Frank Cooper

    Ukraine-Russia War, Latest w/Col. Douglas Macgregor
    Judge Napolitano – J

  76. JPMadoff

    Bernie Was Right. Wall Street’s Business Model Really Is Fraud.

    Here’s the biggest fraud of them all, Jamie Dimon of JPMadoff fame;
    Dimon says Ukraine war should be “turning point” for U.S.
    Story by Richard Escobedo • Yesterday 2:18 PM

    DOJ Gives Epstein-like Slap on the Wrist to JPMorgan Chase


  77. Don Ho Howe

    Sending Shock Waves Around The World! ! ! ! ! !
    Biden knows it | Redacted with Clayton Morris / 346K views 14 hours ago
    Putin could upend the world power dynamic with one major move that ties Russian oil to gold. Call it Petrogold. Credit Suisse contributor Zoltan Pozsar sent shockwaves through the market when called out how this move could send gold to $3,600 an ounce. At the same time we’re seeing troubling signs that a massive economic recession is coming.

    Dr. Michael Vlahos & Col. Douglas Macgregor: Is the war in Ukraine entering its decisive phase? Pt.1 / Michael Vlahos 2.69K subscribers
    62,636 views Dec 9, 2022
    Michael Vlahos and Douglas Magcregor meet in the library of the Army-Navy Club, Washington, D.C., to reflect on the war in Ukraine: Past, Present, and Future. Part 1
    Ugday Iskfay 1 day ago
    Wow! This is what public discourse is supposed to look like. Thank you gentlemen.
    Aasn9 23 hours ago
    This is one of the best interviews I’ve heard. Heart warming that we still have men with the integrity and courage to speak truth.
    David Jack Smith 2 days ago (edited)
    If only Col. Macgregor was US Secretary of State, the world would be a better place.

    Gravitas | Xi arrives in Saudi Arabia: Does the visit mark a failure of American oil diplomacy? / WION 354,204 views Dec 7, 2022
    Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a three-day visit to Saudi Arabia. Xi will be attending three summits, signing agreements worth $29Bn. Is America’s oil ally slipping into China’s embrace? Molly Gambhir tells you.

    Russia India Crude Oil Deal LIVE : Russia Offers To Help India To Overcome Oil Price Cap / TIMES NOW Started streaming 2 hours ago
    Russia India Crude Oil Deal LIVE : Russia offers to help India to overcome the oil price cap imposed by the West. Dy PM Of Russia offers India help in leasing and building large-capacity ships. Remarks came after Alexander Novak & Indian Ambassador to Moscow, Pavan Kapoor’s meeting. In 2022, Russian oil exports to India grew to 16.35 million tonnes

    • Tim K

      Hi Don,

      My guess is that silver will follow gold.

      Thanks for the tip.


  78. D.Howe

    The Complete Destruction of Ukraine is Unavoidable
    Douglas Macgregor 110,255 views Dec 9, 2022

    China just SHOCKED the world and the Western media are silent | Redacted with Clayton Morris / 355,366 views Dec 8, 2022
    China will start to roll back its most strict Covid policies, including forcing people who have tested positive into quarantine camps. People with Covid can now isolate at home rather than stay in state facilities at their own expense. Previously, people with Covid had to stay in small and cramped rooms with a price tag of about $770 for 21 days. It’s not The Ritz, that’s for sure. China will also no longer require recent Covid tests for public places or travel. This comes after massive protests last week against strict lockdown measures and public safety.

    This reporter VANISHED after covering the Pelosi story | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris / 381K views 1 day ago

    Ukraine War Live : Russia Warns Of ‘Most Powerful’ Weapons, Ramps Up Production / TIMES NOW Started streaming 4 hours ago
    Ukraine War Live : Russia’s former president Dmitry Medvedev says the country is ramping up production of new-generation weapons. Watch for details

    Ukraine War Live : Cracks Widen Between Europe-Ukraine As Germany Refuses To Send ‘Patriot Missiles’ / TIMES NOW Started streaming 4 hours ago

    ❗Is Russia running out of missiles? | Ukraine continues to shell civilians | Scott Ritter Show/48,155 views Streamed live on Dec 7, 2022
    On episode 15 of the show we are joined by Konstantin Sivkov, Russian military expert, geopolitician, military political scientist and strategist, Doctor of Military Sciences. Chairman of the Union of Geopoliticians, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences, 1st Rank Captain, Corresponding Member of the RARAN, Member of the Academy of Military
    Sciences, Vice-President of the Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences for information policy.

    SNOWFALL on Nikolskaya St. in Moscow, Russia [4K 60fps]
    Baklykov. Live

  79. Vernon Locke

    Russia-Ukraine war live: Fighting rages in east Ukraine, West eyes more sanctions on Russia | WION Streaming 55 minutes ago

  80. Korn Popped

    America has put on an ominous nuclear bomber capability show of force – in response to heightened tensions with Russia. The U.S. Air Force say a so-called elephant walk of B-2 Spirit stealth bombers this month is ‘a reminder that the 509th Bomb Wing and the 131st Bomb Wing are ready to execute their missions of executing nuclear operations and global strike, anytime, anywhere’ (Credits: USAF/SWNS)

    E6: The Plane That Joe Biden Could Use To Start World War III
    By Harrison KassPublished4 mins ago

    E-6: The Plane That Joe Biden Could Use to Start World War III

    • cORN pOP pOOPPED

      E6: The Plane That Joe Biden Could Use To Start World War III
      A former member of the U.S. Air Force explains what you need to know about the E-6: The United States operates an airborne command and control center.
      Known as Looking Glass, or more formally as the Airborne National Command Post, the command center is an aircraft charged with controlling the U.S. military’s sprawling nuclear arsenal in the event that ground-based command centers are destroyed or disabled.
      Under such circumstances, the general officer onboard the Looking Glass aircraft would undertake the role of Airborne Emergency Action Officer, under which he or she would assume authority over the National Command Authority – meaning that officer could give the orders to execute nuclear attacks.

  81. Yancy Yates

    DONALD TRUMP Published December 12, 2022 8:57am EST
    Trump says he ‘turned down a deal’ with Russia to exchange Viktor Bout for Paul Whelan
    Bout, a convicted Russian arms dealer, was swapped by President Biden for Brittney Griner

  82. Lon Bell

    Is Russia Close to Using Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine?
    Story by James Holmes • Yesterday 4:14 PM

  83. Sam A. Morgan

    Wonderful interview Greg.
    Beg to differ on what props up the current system. It is military power – Lead.
    The proxy war with Russia by NATO (Bankers) is to maintain the Dollar Hegemon. Everything else takes a back seat to include energy for Europe, world-wide inflation, the death of hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – Everything to maintain the Dollar Grift. Fixed markets, e.g., Stocks, Commodities (to include PMs), Interest Rates, Information – Everything to maintain the Dollar Hedgemon.

    Don’t know what evil these banksters and crooked politicians have cooked up but now Russia is exposing the Naked King and the associated massive grifts. So, War is their last resort….
    Prepare. PRAY.

    • David Morgan

      All Wars are Bankers Wars. Did that interview about April with Standsberry Research. Daniela Cambone.

      • Sam A. Morgan

        Agree. War is a huge grift for the bankers.
        So, why the double-down on Ukraine. My point: The Military power of the USA (and its proxies) are the true underpinning of dollar dominance. Lead is the money of gangsters and perhaps banksters. Silver and Gold, Gods Money, is peoples money.

      • Sam A. Morgan

        Agree, “All Wars are Bankers Wars.”
        The Ukraine double-down is to protect the dollar grift. And the USA and its proxies will use Lead (War). They certainly do not want to use Gods money, i.e. Gold and Silver.

  84. 'a' simple horseman

    “Yes I have pants on!” Toooo Funny!!

    Keep on Rock’in Greg!
    Thank you for reporting “the truths”.

  85. Sam A. Morgan

    Greg, Interview Suggestion: COL. MacGregor. As President Trumps military adviser, he is peerless in his insight into military and historical relationships and seems amicable, smart and honest.

  86. Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

    You know, it’s the same ole same ole ppl saying the same ole same ole things out their mouths… I’m just beginning to wonder if it really is coming out their mouths.. or some other orefice? just sayin…

  87. Richard Longacre

    Before anyone celebrates that the COVID (non-vaccine) vaccine is no longer “mandatory” for military members the “Flu Shot” is still “mandatory. This year’s “Flu Shot” has 10 strands of DNA altering mRNA and is going to be 10 times as deadly and dangerous. The old “Bait-and-switch”.

    It should go without say but, don’t take the flu shot or the CV shot unless your goal is to shorten your life span.

    • Steve Bice

      Good point!

    • Richard Longacre

      And the next Bill Gates bioweapon virus is supposed to go after the children. Schools are making it mandatory for all children to have the flu shot. Me thinks there is a connection!!!!

  88. Gina M. Matzo

    Are Putin and Zelenskyy near to ending Russia-Ukraine war?
    Opinion by Rebekah Koffler • 6h ago
    Common sense dictates the Russia-Ukraine conflict must end, and serious effort should be invested in achieving the peace settlement.

    Russia Advances Deeper Bakhmut, UK MSM Praises Surovikin, Serbia Kosovo Crisis, China Saudi Links /Alexander Mercouris
    139,055 views Dec 11, 2022

    Who REALLY Controlled The Pandemic?!
    Russell Brand1 day ago Adam Wagner, the author of Emergency State explained. How the UK Government was able to bypass democratic process to introduce new pandemic laws.

    Elon Musk Just Revealed Disturbing Details in Exclusive Interview
    Inner Vision / 250,400 views Premiered 16 hours ago.
    Elon Musk Just Revealed Disturbing Details in Exclusive Interview
    [JACK WAS CHECKED OUT. . . . . .]
    It’s obviouse, Elon. As a woman and a mother, we the people Elon. We love you and are so proud of you. Your a real man and American, thank you. So much for your bravery……………In the Land and home of the brave!💖🗽

    —–“I Don’t Care That They Stole My Idea…
    I Care That They Don’t Have Any Of They’re Own”—–

  89. Steve Bice

    Celine Gounder is now the most dangerous person on earth to the continuation of the atrocity we call Covid vaccination.

    As an infectious disease physician and former member of the Covid-19 advisory board transition team for the Biden administration, she currently serves as senior fellow and editor-at-large for Kaiser Health News.

    As the wife of well-known soccer journalist Grant Wahl, she is at at tipping point. Grant’s sudden collapse and death occurred on the world stage at the World Cup Soccer tournament.

    If she determines and accepts that Grant’s death was caused by the vaccines, whether by abnormal clots or other mechanism, the beginning of the end is near for Fauci, the CDC, the FDA and their media stooges with regard to their ongoing promotion of the dangerous and deadly Covid vaccines. When the cover comes off, criminality will be exposed.

    Dr. Gounder is uniquely positioned to blow up the massive subterfuge driving the vaccine campaign. As a physician, grieving wife and journalist for Kaiser, she can single-handedly change the course of history with regard to the Covid vaccine catastrophe.

    Will she do the honorable thing? Will she flip the script? Will she survive long enough to do so should her intentions become clear?

    This could be her moment in history. Time will tell…

    • Return the Fairness Doctrine

      She told Gayle (Oprah’s team) that she was not surprise and that it was something that was “brewing.”

      She sold out a long time ago and doesn’t want to make the connection to the clot shots unless it benefits her financially and/or strokes her ego.

      Pride goeth before the fall.

      But I’ve seen karma happen so often to those willingly inflict harm to an innocent person. Either something terrible happens to them and/or their close families. God hears the prayers of the innocent, but not the wicked.

      Did you know that the highest COVID death rates in American demographic is “White” and Hispanic?

  90. William W Jeffreys

    Great interview Greg. David Morgan is a smart, sensible guy and not given to hyperbole.
    Thank you.

    Bill J.

  91. Prospector

    Greg , this needs to be seen everywhere , shared everywhere. They are kidnapping children in the name of ” science knows best ” not the parents.

    Twitter handle — Pelham @Resist_05
    Covid 1984 – @SpiroGhost
    Disturbing video coming to your country soon.
    ” Jacinda Arden’s government has stolen baby Will from his parents who * DO NOT * consent to using tainted mRNA blood during his operation “

  92. Pete+only

    Just received a story that tells me the powers to be have lost the narrative and are terrified of the consequences.

    Greg, can you please put a guest on to talk about the situation in the Ukraine and in Europe?

    • Rose Mont Sellicka

      While Kyiv didn’t claim responsibility for the attacks, they were widely hailed by Ukrainian military officials.
      Reply to Pete+only
      The airbase attacks were immediately preceded by a two-day visit to Kyiv by Victoria Nuland, along with heap’s of cookie’s and is U.S. undersecretary for political affairs. She is a Life-long understudy of Hillary Clinton, gun moll or gangster moll. Of the notorious globalist eugenicist gangster, György Schwartz. AKA, sore ass, sour puss Soros. Hungarian-American businessman and philanthropist, to all national sociologist causes. In the destruction of the United States as founded, in 1776 and it’s declaration of independence. From the old world European oligarchs and also it’s constitution and bill of rights.
      Hillary Clinton is the female compatriot of this male professional criminal.
      “Gun” was British slang for thief, derived from Yiddish ganef, from the Hebrew gannāb (גנב). “Moll” is also used as a euphemism for a woman prostitute.
      The visit by Nuland and her cookies, a longstanding critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russians right, to the vast rich gas station of Mother Russia. As stated by Nuland’s predecessor Madelyn Albright and not the Prompted speculation that Washington had given Kyiv the go-ahead for the attacks.
      The Madeleine Albright Declaration: Origins Of A Kremlin Lie[?]
      Paul Roderick Gregory Contributor Jul 16, 2015. Yet over 7 years on, has Paul Roderick been proven wrong? You be the judge, operation Mockingbird withstanding.
      Such a scenario altogether, however, was quickly denied by U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price, whom bears a strong resemblance to his uncle Vincent.


    Musk’s Attacks on Fauci Are ‘Disgusting,’ White House Says
    Story by Akayla Gardner • 1h ago
    (Bloomberg) — The White House called attacks by Twitter Inc. owner Elon Musk on outgoing top medical adviser Anthony Fauci “disgusting” and “incredibly dangerous.”
    Don’t ferget yer permanent boosters fer life!

    Tammy Bruce: The Bidens know what’s coming and they’re desperate to stop it
    Fox News 570,388 views Dec 12, 2022
    Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce joined ‘The Faulkner Focus’ to discuss the fallout over the Twitter files and Republicans’ top priorities when they take control of the House in January

  94. FoFF ZuCK

    Greg!! I clicked on the link for a Silver Manifesto book and it says SOLD OUT but David said he had 500 available. What’s up? How can I get a copy? Thanks.

  95. Warren B.

    What do the dates October 18 2019 and October 23 2022 have in common?
    They both were dates on which Simulated Pandemics were conducted by the WHO , Johns Hopkins and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
    Event 201 was Oct. 2019 that preceded the COVID 19 FAKE PANDEMIC. The most recent Simulaton entitled ” Catastrophic Contagion” was a tabletop that dealt with how to respond to an epidemic located in one part of the world (Brazil) that then spread rapidly, becoming a pandemic with a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affecting children and young people. That’s right…. deadlier than Corona and especially dangerous for children. Enterovirus is the title du jour of the latest fictional epidemic named “Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome” or “SEERS” that is due to arrive. The World Cup held in QATAR could be the key to spread.
    What do we know about Enterovirus?
    Enterovirus 71 and viral meningitis (infection of the lining of the brain and/or spinal cord) and other neurological disease, such as viral encephalitis (infection of the brain), muscle weakness or paralysis
    Enterovirus D68 and severe respiratory illnesses in children and teenagers.
    How is it spread : Enteroviruses are present in the RESPIRATORY secretions, SALIVA or faeces (stool) of an infected person and in the fluid of blisters for people with hand, foot and mouth disease. They are usually spread from person to person through CLOSE CONTACT, such as:
    TOUCHING or SHAKING HANDS, with an infected person then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth before washing your hands
    touching objects or surfaces that have the virus on them, then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth before washing your hands
    At Risk: In general, infants, children, and teenagers are most likely to get infected and become ill. This is because they do not yet have immunity (protection) from previous exposures to these viruses. Young babies appear to be at risk of more severe disease.
    Treatments: No known treatments.

    The targetting of Children and Babies with the Covid 19 death shots is nefarious in many distinct regards. None moreso than the intentional destruction of the immune system of children to allow for infection, disease and organ failure. The known adverse reactions of the Covid 19 ELNP Spike Protein generating shot are becoming far more obvious. The suggestion of a new ENTEROVIRUS EPIDEMIC that specifically targets children is an intentional cover up of what is known but not diagnosed by the Health Officials, as side effects of the previous and ongoing program for a FAKE VIRUS.

    A new Epidemic that affects to a larger extent only Children…we may consider less of an issue for the greater population. This is false logic because like with COVID 19 – they had planned and patented not only the “VIRUS” + “PCR” + “VACCINE” prior to the outbreak…….they have already patented the VACCINE FOR ENTEROVIRUS. What ?
    Considering there was (up until recently) no treatment for ENTEROVIRUS….we suddenly have a Vaccine ready to go. I suspect even in manufacture and storage ready to be shipped. Could they promote this Virus as being potentially more harmful and thereby introduce more mandates for another “VACCINE” for all persons?
    A quick search I discovered this:

    The Criminals are and have been hard at work.
    Make no mistake they havent stopped their Genocide by any measure of the imagination.

  96. Self Exiled

    Is this in keeping more with your thoughts.

    • Self Exiled

      Ment for Anthony Australia!

    • Prospector

      Warren, you are correct and reading your write up of the newest ” PLAN-Demic ” something jumped out at me. The cabal , NWO , or ‘ world controllers ‘ as Huxley called them use symbolism in everything……. and it is right here in our faces in your first line.
      Both outbreak exercises were held in October. This month has been seen as the time of dying / change of seasons since Greek mythology and earlier. Days grow short , leaves fall, etc.
      October’s astrological symbol is the back biting ( betraying ) Scorpion. They even worked in the All-Seeing-Eye symbol by calling their new pet virus S.E.E.R.S !!!!!!
      Before a New World Order can be ‘ Born ‘ ( in Springtime ) the old order must pass away. Theirs is an Earth centered religion ( Gaia worship ) not a CHRIST centered religion. That is why this matters.

      As the song goes : Do you SEERS what I SEERS ?
      Vigilant Citizen . com – has lots of information on the symbolism used by these punks.

  97. David Morgan

    All Wars are Bankers Wars. Did that interview about April with Standsberry Research. Daniela Cambone.

    • Slinky Blinky

      Reply to David Morgan
      ‘We’re in the Matrix’: U.S. On a Trajectory That’s Not Going to End Well, Warns David Morgan
      Daniela Cambone Stansberry Research 329,912 views Aug 22, 2022
      The Inflation Reduction Act passed last week does almost anything except address inflation, says David Morgan, author of The Silver Manifesto and founder of The “misnomer bill” only accelerates the current trajectory of the U.S., “and it does not end well,” he tells our Daniela Cambone. Based on the current geopolitical landscape, “globalization is breaking up and is basically a failure,” Morgan concludes.

      “Bail-In Scenario” Will Force Banks to Seize Your Money Says David Morgan | Stansberry Research 540K subscribers 249K views 10 months ago

    • FoFF ZuCK

      David – the link says you’re out of the Manifesto… but, you said you had 500!! What’s up? How do I get one? Thanks.

  98. Prospector

    One step closer to Australia / New Zealand style medical tyranny .

    North Carolina family of 14 year old DENIED kidney transplant by Duke University for not being Vaxxed. She already had and recovered from Covid.
    Gateway Pundit – Dec. 7, 2022
    Rep. Ben Cline ( R ) Virginia says several cases across USA of similar refusals, proposes prohibiting this. — – 12/11/2022

  99. carnival worker

    Greg, polls data is something at which you are quite competent. Here’s what Rasmussen uncoverd about the vax by polling Americans. Maybe you can discuss with EdDowd on the tele ASAP, then clue us in to what you two have discerned.

    ps. if Clif High truly is your friend, then please tell Cliff to be precise when he discusses spirit in the Old Testament (which he says references a alien flying device) vs. the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ sent to us. We don’t wanna have Clif commit the unpardonable sin by offending the 3rd Person of the Trinity.

  100. Roger Winkelman

    Excess long term sickness / Dr. John Campbell 52K views 3 hours ago
    Self reported long covid 2.2 million (3.4% of the population) …
    First 3 of 1,702 Comments @julieconley988 3 hours ago–CsyKTno

    M.I.L. is a very healthy 75 year old. Up until 3 years ago, she was never sick. She’s not on any regular medications and doesn’t have any of the illnesses often associated with aging. She is addicted to the news and social media, and is terrified of Covid and every other illness the media promotes. She has continued wearing masks every time she leaves the house and keeps hand sanitizer with her at all times. She’s also been completely vaccinated and boosted. She now gets some sort of fairly severe illness every few months. She currently has RSV, presenting itself with low oxygen levels and a 103 temperature. When she does get “just a cold”, she gets sicker than most. I can’t help but assume her natural immune system is shot to hell, between her vaccinations and her attempt to sterilize her environment. Unfortunately, to build it back up she’d have to expose herself to these viruses/germs. With her age and now fragile immune system, that could go horribly wrong. I wonder whether this whole pandemic will contribute to increased deaths in the long run through these indirect methods.
    @AmbuBadger 3 hours ago
    Aloha from Hawaii! I’ve worked in EMS since 2004 and while anecdotal, the phrase “attitude determines altitude” holds very true. In other words, our “frequent fliers” were the ones who perpetually had a down & out attitude, and we also noticed it was part of a trifecta that included poor nutrition and a lack of exercise. I’m not trying to say that depressed people should just “be happy”, but rather if they have one or both of the other issues I mentioned, maybe we should be tackling them as a comprehensive approach to healthcare instead of giving out donuts or shutting down gyms.
    @mjay8055 3 hours ago
    My previously healthy sister (28, HSE employee in Ireland) has had a recurring flu with a bad cough for over 6 months now, she can’t seem to shake it. Fully boosted and probably took the bivalent shot too, wears a mask in work all day, just an observation of course 😷

  101. Tarey

    My small table Christmas tree in Mexico this year is made up of ivermectin labels as ornaments cut out from small boxes purchased over the counter from pharmacies. Want to send u a pic but unable to on ur site. Do u have an email, Greg?
    “All wars are banksters’ wars” was first coined by Mike Rivera, an old time radio and now podcast host. Thanks for all, Greg. Merry Christmas 2u and yours with love and appreciation!

  102. WD

    “Foot-Long Blood Clots” From mRNA, Says Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole w/ Dr Kelly Victory – Ask Dr. Drew

    Greg the truth must be really getting out as this is on YOU TUBE!!!

    Yes this is on You Tube

  103. AKA RoseMont Sellicka

    Oop’s, Left out!
    The Madeleine Albright Declaration: Origins Of A Kremlin Lie
    Paul Roderick Gregory Contributor Jul 16, 2015
    Correct? _Seven years on, you be the judge!

  104. Ryan

    There was a book about gold mentioned in this interview, was it the Golden Concert? and who professor that wrote it?

  105. Eli

    Another knock out discussion, thank you so much, Greg! God Bless you and Merry Christmas! ☦️🎄❄️🎊👏🏻👌😊🙏🏻👍🏻

    P.s., pardon me in advance if I wish you Merry Christmas like 10 times between now and the 25th. Lol. God Bless!


    • Greg Hunter

      Fine with me Eli. Thank you. Happy Birthday Jesus!!

  106. Dave

    Greg, we love you, but PLEASE stop interrupting and talking as much over your guests.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going to do it the way I want and what you see is what you get. It’s free.

  107. Phil

    All of a sudden now there are a rash of school bus wrecks everyday now all over the country. There are many deaths and many more injured and transported to a hospital.
    Is this normal? I do not recall so many accidents in one school year.
    Past month
    Past month

  108. Felicia Music

    Greg, I’m not sure where to put this link, but since David is a contributor to this video, I’ll put it here and hope for the best. A lot of the analysis put forth I believe most of us know to be true (like the concept to get local (CAF)) but there is some we may not know or have put together. I also see solutions where I hadn’t before after watching this – one is to educate myself on classical economics- I’ve wanted to learn about Austrian economics. So enjoy… “The Four Horsemen”

  109. George

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