U.S. Dollar and Treasury Bonds are Dead-Dr. Jim Willie

Dr. Jim Willie: The Treasury Bond Will be Phased Out & Gold Phased InBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Dr. Jim Willie, financial writer and Editor of the Hat Trick Letter, says, “I’ve been getting overwhelmed in the last month or two at the plethora, the litany of signals the financial system is imploding.  U.S. dollar is in a sell-off.  Treasury bonds are rapidly losing their integrity . . . and both banking and military sectors losing their global leadership.”   Dr. Willie goes on to says, “The U.S. dollar and its trading vehicle, the Treasury bond, are dead . . . we have extraordinary tactics in place to keep the system going because they don’t want all the big U.S. banks to die.”  Dr. Willie goes on to warn, “Banks, bonds and currencies are all on the edge of collapse.”  Dr. Willie contends a global currency reset is coming.  What happens to the U.S. dollar and gold?  Dr. Willie predicts, “50% dollar devaluation . . . we’re going to see a doubling of the gold price overnight.”  Dr. Willie contends, “The Treasury bond will be phased out and gold will be phased in.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Jim Willie who can be found on GoldenJackass.com.   

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  1. Liquid Motion

    Thanks Greg,

    I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms…now that I got my fix from the good Dr J…..I feel better…only to feel worse…make sense ??

    Global Currency Reset – too many well esteemed commentators all agree. But a USD 50% devaluation implies (amongst others) that, as I have said before, other fiat currencies will by necessity,follow with a corresponding devaluation. Devaluation against what ? As JW points out ….against GOLD. Dollar down by 50% implies Gold up by 100% + concurrently. This compensates for the massive losses (1 Tln) in UST that China holds. Logical and very possible. At the rate that they have been acquiring gold through reported channels …a 15000 T cache is not improbable. If one were to take into consideration the Gold that it has also acquired through non LBMA channels (ie directly from miners/producers/mints) then it would be quite feasible to conclude that they are the holders of potentially 20000T. For very good reason they are ecstatic that they are not divulging their grand plan to the public at large.. for once the word is out, the USD crumbles and its game on.

    What JW didn’t speak clearly about (inference only)was the substantial influence CHINA has and IS exerting. It literally is holding everyone to ransom…by the short and curlies….by the balls. All its got to do is twist or squeeze just a little and the reaction and subrogation seems instantaneous. With the FED looking after its crony pals in the Big Banks (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-11-12/former-fed-quantitative-easer-confesses-aplogizes-i-can-only-say-im-sorry-America)
    and with all Big Western Banks in a state of technical Insolvency, an economy not swimming …but drowning in debt and the Chinese sitting there with a pile of worthless paper doo doo and the largest single hoard of Gold …no wonder we end up in this predicament. Everyone is being sold out.

    Soon they will have not only all the Gold, but all the trophy assets and control of Real Estate and the Multi – Nationals AND The Reserve Currency…by DEFAULT. There simply wont be another one to compete with it. The Yuan will literally be GOLD.

    Brilliant work men…both of you.

    • Greg

      Thank you L M!

      • Liquid Motion

        I just found some mind blowing stuff which our dear friend and whistle blower K Hudes recently broadcast…this is going to shake you to the core…..esp. the last 4 mins.

        • mohammad

          I am speechless !!!!!!
          I feel i cannot say a word.
          Had it been some one else i will say nonsense, but Hudes caliber…WOW!

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi LM,
      Can you document the 15,000T and 20,000T amount of gold?

      • Liquid Motion

        I said “not improbable”. Mute point u r attempting to make.

        Even the best minds in the business cannot ascertain with certainty what they (China)physically hold….which means you figure it out for yourself. What we do know is that there is tremendous secrecy behind actual imported/produced Gold.

        New vault with capacity of 2000T plus newly acquired premises at Chase Manhattan Plaza (resplendent with the world’s largest commercial Gold Vault)…go figure !!! Why do they need all that space……. surely they wont be stacking their worthless USD or those UST there.

        Can U disprove the 15-20T?

        Can you prove what / what isn’t (bullion)in Fort Knox/Fed Reserve..? ….thought so. Supposedly they have a combined 12000T + of bullion.

        • Galaxy 500

          700 years ago they couldn’t prove the earth was round. You can not prove a negative. I was just looking for something I could research. But you did answer my question and I thank you.

          • Liquid Motion

            With all due respect the whole scientific process in fact works by proving negatives. That’s a universal concept.
            AND I am also not paid to do the work for you…”provide documentary evidence”. Disproving negative statements only strengthens our beliefs. Please proceed if you will.
            An abundance of data and evidence out there, just put it all together and form an opinion.
            Andrew Maguire, William Kaye and Egon Von Greyerz are all very knowledgeable on the topic of depletion of western central bank vaults.
            This may be a good starting point for your research

          • Galaxy 500

            I appreciate the link and I look forward to reading the information. Thanks again for the information. You have a keen wit and I enjoy your posts. I like to think I have learned a thing or two from you. And I don’t ask or expect to be “spoon” Fed info, just point me in a direction if you have time. You will always receive my thanks and I won’t believe offended if you can’t. I am one of those accursed individuals with too many interests and too little time.
            I disagree with your interpretation of the scientific method but that and $5 will still get you a coffee at Starbucks…for a day or two longer. Proving something does or doesn’t work, does or doesn’t happen under x conditions is not the same as proving a negative.
            Several estimates about huge piles of gold stored in different places but I don’t buy it. Eldorado had some gold but it wasn’t a city made of gold. But I question current estimates about the amount of gold in the world. Spain pulled 42,000 tonnes of silver out of one mine in Peru, if memory serves. I believe it’s hard to know what transpired with regards to gold mining before reliable records were kept and I am sure that we don’t know all the civilizations that existed and perished. And then I just don’t believe we have 8,000 tonnes left in fort Knox. Nixon closed the gold window because arbitrage opportunities existed in buying gold at $35/oz and selling gold at $40/oz and our stockpiles were being depleted. How significant the depletion was i can’t determine but it is documented that the Swiss were getting ever larger withdrawals from the gold window. I would love to have an audit to quantify our gold and silver reserves.I question the 6,000 tonnes (last estimate I saw of NY Fed holding) as we couldn’t send Germany their gold back in a timely fashion but then the Fed may have given them so much in $/€ swaps in 2008 til now that we might be hanging on to the collateral. one of my biggest questions is how much do ee really have? I do not understand how having an audit would be a big deal. I have a accounting degree and know it’s not that complicated…if you have it.

            Nothing is impossible just different degrees of improbability.
            And I even have a few caveats on that. God exists ergo it is impossible for him not to…And then there’s that little issue of exceeding light speed without wormholes as in this dimension, as matter comes closer to light speed, it obtains increasing mass towards infinity and requiring ever increasing energy to infinity…And I am reall unsure if the second caveat is really impossible or its justifications more of a guide line.

          • Michael the Marine

            Galaxy 500;
            I’m glad to see you enjoy physics – we shall have to talk this over too! I have been talking with many physicists for quite some time. The only people more stubborn (and deaf, blind, and tunnel-visioned) than them are professional religionists!

            I would like to hear your conclusions about the matter/wave experiments on photons.

            Here’s my email: [email protected]


          • Galaxy 500

            Out currently but look.email with my name.in subject.

    • Troy

      Great reply LM!

      I would have to much concur

      Stir in a little petro dollar @ 15:00 min The cornerstone/bayonet aspect of a broke-n system/nation.

      That’s the wild card as I see it in this whole equation.

    • Jason Emery

      I agree, LM, for the most part. Why should China brag about their gold holdings if they aren’t done buying. My guess is that they are in collusion with whoever is shorting gold on the Comex.

      However, if that is the case, at least part of Willie’s argument is incorrect. If the fed is shorting gold to appease the Chinese and to help them acquire gold, then they are in cahoots with them, not cowering in fear of them.

      When the big reset happens, I suspect the men behind the curtains will not budge an inch, just switch directions.

      • Liquid Motion

        Could very well be the invisible hand that is pushing gold prices lower while the mirror image of the hand is buying the physical.
        The FED are very fearful IMHO.
        They are clueless at this point. Want to create the impression that they have it under control…reality hiding underneath the covers, they are re-capitalising the BIG Banks and the public is on the hook for it. I suspect they know full well, that there will be a default event that will trigger counter party losses and Bank failures. When that occurs they need to ensure that some banks will survive and remain functional. Systemic losses will be widespread and the enormity of the “loss” will be too big to handle. At that time the FED will not be in a position to undertake a second moral hazard exercise to save the banking system. It may also bring about the much needed purging of the FED Reserve System.
        IN the meantime, the arbitrage game going on with Gold, is merely another money spinner for them and their Bullion Bankster Buddies.

    • sidj

      In addition, what about the bitcoin phenomena? The new digital currency is a mystery to many and yet the price has surged in just the past few days because China has jumped on the bandwagon. If you missed the headlines, in China Baidu (China’s version of Google) announced they will accept payment in bitcoins. China recently launched their own bitcoin exchange which quickly has become the world’s biggest.

      Bitcoins are definitely a way tp, as Jim Sinclair would say, GOTS. And if you have bitcoins there are websites that allow you to convert them to GOLD. But the system still has risks with frequent stories of hackers and lost bitcoins.

      • mohammad

        Germany is accepting Bitcoins as a legal tender, so here is another blow to the dollar if this project gets traction, and surely China can put the rubber on the road and create traction, a whole bunch of it.

        • Galaxy 500

          It is also a way the Chinese can stick a finger in Uncle Sam’s eye. US gov’t is trying to kill Bitcoin with controls and the Chinese have once again made the US irrelevant.

  2. Michael the Marine

    Thanks Greg. That certainly was a gold-bugs good news…

    But when I listen over and again for specific details there is just way too much vague speculation and unsubstantiated comment to connect the dots with reality with any large degree of confidence. I’m all for sharing INFORMATION, but I still think with my own mind, and I just don’t see the charts saying the same things.

    Please review this chart for the correlation of Gold Price to the Debt Limit and Fed Spending.


    By my reckoning according to all the information I have collected, and my understanding of Fiscal and Monetary policy, (e.g. if the dollar “died” in 2007, why is it rising?), by the next debt raising party in Q1 we will need a ceiling of $22-23Trillion just to cover actual spending, which correlates to a Gold price of $2400-2600/oz.

    Splitting the dollar into two different dollars; one to be devalued as the old dollar, and the new dollar to hold all real assets just doesn’t make sense unless our leaders are dead set and hell bent on destroying the US.

    Your thoughts about the chart, if you please…


    • Michael the Marine

      Just wondering what in my post has caused you to sit on it since 2:46 am? Would you enlighten me, please?


      • Greg

        Michael the Marine,
        The site is a lot of work and I have a you tube Channel to police as well. I also have lots of reading and research to do. I do lots of work behind the scenes and sometime it takes me awhile to get to everything.

        • Joe Morris

          Give the guy a break Michael. I hope he has better things to do then answer peoples blog posts. Like research and get more great interviews. Keep up the great work Greg.

          • Greg

            Thank you Joe Morris.

        • Michael the Marine

          I know how rough those “police actions” can be.
          But did you have a moment to check out that chart?


        • Rich


          I know this is your website and your business. I’ve said before that we are a family here on your blog, and I mean that. Anyway, if I can help in any way with the “policing” of the comments I would be glad to pitch in and help. I am not looking for a job, just offering some of my time to help out.

  3. Allen Ols


    Really good interview, stock up now, a loaf of bread will purchase a days wages of gold…Jesus

  4. bob

    thanks again greg, glad to see jim has a since of humor, after everything he talked about. it would be my opinion that the regulations that have been lifted for many years are coming back to haunt us. this country has run amuck, that is in every aspect. but it’s true with every country in some way. i feel we are the worse. it seems like it changed after ww2. then again after jfk then nixon and after that it went wild. at this point no matter what, the world is going to go through a transformation. especially our country, it’s not going to be nice. i feel we are only scratching the surface. god bless, thanks again.

  5. 8Ball

    So if the dollar devalues by %50 and Gold doubles… did you gain anything?

    • Greg

      You did if you were holding Au and not USD.

      • 8Ball

        That was given in regards to JW’s statement that the Saudis will recoup their T-Bond holdings by selling them and buying gold with the proceeds. Yes, since T-Bonds are valued in dollars then they will not “lose” if the the dollar is devalued and Gold rises proportionally. In dollar terms they will not lose anything nor will they gain anything. They will still have X$ equivalent to what their original, pre-sale, T-Bond holdings were.

        I see no evidence that SA or any of the big US debt holders are doing this (selling bonds and buying AU) on a significant scale. Willie reminds me of Lindsey Williams when he starts mentioning his inside contacts like “The Voice”.

        • Greg

          “I see no evidence that SA or any of the big US debt holders are doing this (selling bonds and buying AU)” Really? Are watching China?

    • Liquid Motion

      More correct to say that you didn’t lose…Gold maintains your wealth position (in that scenario).

      • mohammad

        Any scenario!

  6. Shadow of Doubt

    Hi Greg,
    Your interview with Dr. Willie, as always, was first-rate journalism not for the faint of heart! Dr. Stephen Leeb gave a similar account to King World News Blog yesterday entitled, “Dawn of a Terrifying New Financial, Monetary & New World Order”. The ramifications of this unfolding story is going to rock the U.S. for generations to come. Thanks again for asking the tough questions and bring us the real news.

  7. ram

    I am holding my pension and retirement money in money market fund at fidelity. I was told the money market funds carry short term treasury bills which are very liquid. My return on mm funds is only 0.6 % and listening to JW my entire investment could be at risk. Should I hold cash in bank accounts in Canada and face the risk of bail ins. Will appreciate any input to alleviate my fears. It appears to me that the time is close.

    • Greg

      You should some physical gold and silver outside the system. How much is up to you. Anybody else want to answer this question.

      • mohammad

        Jim answered that himself, as long as they are putting liquidity in the system it will keep greasing the wheels of equity, best place to be at now with core position in PM.

        • Greg

          Love the “core position” talk. Spot on man. This is not a simple trade.

    • Michael the Marine

      Credit Union accounts are (relatively speaking) safer than banks, concerning bail-ins. Some cash for emergencies is always a good idea. A portion of your savings in liquid assets (gold coin, silver coins, even highly valuable commodities in a crises) is always a prudent move.

      And remember; a persons life does not consist of what he possesses, it is your very life that God holds precious. He knows what you NEED before you ask, so ask knowing He desires the best for you, and ask in faith.


    • 02144pomroy

      I’m in the same boat as you ram. If I lose what I have in these MM funds I’m done for.

      • lastmanstanding

        If things crash, you have to ask yourself one thing…

        Do I want to have a pile of freaking paper of which I have no idea what it is worth?…or do I want to have a pile of tangibles that I may not realize what they are worth?

        Can I break free of this paradigm or not? If not, how will I survive?

  8. art barnes

    Greg, the dollar has been consciously devalued for the last 40 years starting with Nixon. When the dollar when off the gold standard the fat lady started singing. Bernanke’s “gold is not money” statement will be known as the most absurd quote of our lifetime & may last 1,000 years. Such an arrogant statement about gold flies in the face of 5,000 years of human history. The slow slog to a third world America is gaining momentum, hell, a blind many can see it. The elite, bankers, politicians, & the MSM all share equally in the demise of this great nation. There’s a lot of blame to go around that is for sure. Too bad we don’t have some citizens such as were gathered in Boston in December of 1773, things could have been different.

  9. Reader

    Quantum Jumps (in the price of GOld) versus Quantitative Easing. Wonder who will win.

  10. Rodster

    As Gerald Celente has said many times: “Currency Wars, Trade Wars, World Wars”. 😉

    • Michael the Marine

      What if they had a war, but no one came?

      Perhaps it’s time we are moved to action by a Better spirit than Patriotism (the last refuge of a scoundrel: Samuel Johnson, April 7, 1775).


      • Rodster

        Amen !

  11. Rodster

    Right on queue: “Russian Lawmaker Wants To Ban U.S. Dollar From Russian Banks”


  12. mohammad


    Today and tomorrow is the drill for the power grid blackout scenario, lets hope that it will go smooth and no false flags are thrown to make the bank holiday nightmare real.


    “The objectives of the NERC Grid Security Exercise (GridEx) series are to utilize simulated scenarios (with NO real-world effects) to exercise the current readiness of participating Electricity Sub-sector entities to respond to cyber or physical security incidents and provide input for security program improvements to the bulk power system. GridEx is a biennial international grid security exercise that uses best practices and other contributions from the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

    NERC conducted the first sector-wide grid security exercise, GridEx 2011, on November 16-17, 2011. The exercise was designed to validate the readiness of the Electricity Sub-sector to respond to a cyber incident, strengthen utilities’ crisis response functions, and provide input for internal security program improvements. The GridEx 2011 after-action report is below.
    On November 13-14, 2013, GridEx II will exercise NERC and industry crisis response plans and identify actionable improvement recommendations for plans, security programs, and skills. The scenario will build on lessons learned from GridEx 2011 and include both cybersecurity and physical security components. This is a simulated exercise to practice crisis response and information sharing. No real power outages will occur due to this exercise. ”

    • Liquid Motion

      What exactly are they planning …

      An external Cyber Attack on the power grid …OR

      An engineered false flag “Cyber” attack…??

      What possible motive do they have …??

      • mohammad

        No it is a drill, a previous one was in 2011 that went smooth.
        The drill is not suppose to take the power down, I guess they run some kind of simulation similar to the stress test of the banking system.
        I posted the link to the drill.
        Now the more those thinks are talked about the less the chances the villains can pull any thing.
        I firmly believe there are good people in the government that are watching for our safety, there has to be some good people out there.
        Karen Hudes testifies to that on many accounts.

  13. mike gunther

    So if what JW and Liquid Motion say is correct, we are going to be Wards/Slaves to the Chinese? Or will War be the result? Either way its Lose/Lose. Please pass the Duck sauce…..

    • mohammad

      Please pass me the PROZAC.

      • Galaxy 500

        The heck with Prozac. Please pass the Remy Martin Louis XIII.

        • mohammad

          although I do not drink but i can understand!!!

          • Galaxy 500

            No problem. That leaves more for me. 😉
            the only form of antidepressants I am willing to take is at least 80 proof…or higher

          • Michael the Marine

            Guys; just be careful when choosing between the Blue Pill and the Red Pill. I have no idea what the Red Pill does, but my wife gave me a Blue Pill once, and it had very strange and long lasting side effects – which would have been very embarrassing if we had not been at home; alone.

            Heh heh heh,

        • Liquid Motion


          • Galaxy 500

            I could never be an alcoholic. I can not afford enough of the “good” stuff to stay drunk and I refuse to drink swill.

    • LObamatomy

      That’s up to you / us isn’t it? Slavery vs freedom. Chinese “urged” gun control about 8/9 months ago. Now why would that be?

      • Galaxy 500

        Because us red necks with a good hunting rifle can cause a lot of ” issues” for them chinamen repo collectors … LOL

        Dear NSA,
        The above was satire. Please have the guys in black helicopters move their a$$ off my front lawn.

  14. Paul T

    As Mike Maloney says in his book, “governments never seem to figure out that you can’t cheat gold”. They may can fool people’s perception of gold temporarily but in the end, gold (and silver) destroys them, always has and always will be the heavyweight champion of the world in money. I didn’t really follow Jim Willie at first, but the more you put him on and also I catch him on YouTube, the more I’m really liking this guy. He’s very straight shooting and informative. Keep em comin Greg! Awesome work.

  15. Doug C.

    It is always interesting to get JW’s perspective on what is going on in the world. So many intertwined connections that are never talked about on the 6:00 news. The one thing that struck me while listening was when he mentioned the Government would not allow the banks to do a “Bailin”. It made me wonder what would be happening if the U.S. population wasn’t so well armed. Stealing millions of peoples money is bad enough, but stealing millions of armed peoples money can be dangerous to your health. There is a reason your forfathers put ammendments into your constitution. To protect from that exact sinario. People with gun’s don’t take to being robbed as well as unarmed folks do.
    Keep up the great job.

  16. Tired

    I’m a 63 yr old widow and while I’ve done some prep over the past ten years leading up to America’s collapse, still I am woefully unprepared. Frankly, I am afraid. God said “gold will be ‘removed’ and silver will be cast worthless into the streets.” We know metals will be confiscated along with any preps we’ve made. At the end of the day all I have is my God and Savior Jesus Christ.

    • Greg

      Amen Tired.

    • Galaxy 500

      How do you know everything is going to be confiscate? So your plan is to trust God. Reminds me of God is judging a man that drowned. When God asked the man what happened the man said, ” I had faith in you and you let me drown”
      God say, “Did you see the life boat?”
      The man replied, he did but he prayed and had faith. God asked,” Did you remember the sail that came by?” The man replied he did but he had faith that God would save him so he kept praying and let the boat go by.
      God asked if the man saw the helicopter that hovered overhead? The man did. He said that the water was lapping over the deck when the helicopter but I kept praying as I knew you would save me.
      God replied I sent you help three times and you ignored them and committed suicide. God passed judgement based on the man’s actions.

      You see, God helps those that help themselves. God doesn’t want you to surrender to death, but you have to believe in him AND accept the helicopter when he sends it.
      Man has been predicting the end of the world since Paul was an apostle. It hasn’t happened. It will. May be now, BUT what is your plan if it isn’t the end times? Good luck, May God bless you

      • Michael the Marine

        “God helps those that help themselves”

        Preaching Ben Franklin quotes now?

        Maybe upgrade to the Thomas Jefferson Bible, which they still give to every member of Congress… but Thomas Jefferson cut out everything he didn’t agree with, so it’s a “little light” if you know what I mean.

        If I may offer “tired” a quote from the real word of God:
        (since you are afraid); draw closer to Jesus, and get to know Him even better, because: “Perfect love casts out all fear” and “Love NEVER Fails.”


        • Galaxy 500

          Hi Mike,
          Thank you for the kind thoughts. Peace be unto you. I agree with you about certain Bibles are altered.
          My Bible has the righteous wrath were Jesus doesn’t turn the other check and kicks the snot out of the money changers.
          In addition, my Bible has the original ten commandments. Most have the fiction of thou shalt not kill. The real commandment is thou shall not murder. I don’t do the King James or Good News for Modern Man. I imagine you don’t either. Just not the true word of the True God.
          And as far as love never fails, it is his love for us that never fails.
          I am so miserably unworthy but I am forgiven anyway. However, my love for my fellow man fails Every time they try to rob or kill me or mine. Consider it a personal flaw. I don’t think I’ll ever be cured of that one, I am too old too unwilling to change.

          • Michael the Marine

            Galaxy 500: Your honesty and candor touches me (deeply).

            Yes; “do no murder” is correct.

            Since the Original Texts have never been found, all the translated texts have been subjected to some interpretation, and I don’t rely on any of them completely, I rely on God’s Promise to “Write them on the tablet of my heart with His Finger (Spirit)”.

            God’s command throughout the scripture is to “Obey My Voice” and at first I had no idea how to even HEAR Him! But I learned, and have since seen the “fractal pattern” of the unchangeable nature of God’s Word. So it isn’t difficult to discover where translators erred. But it is due to God keeping His Promises to preserve His Word within us who follow Christ.

            The one place where most babes err is thinking that the scriptures apply primarily to this world, and they miss its meaning completely. I have written on this in my website if you care to learn more. Basically, keep the FIRST Commandment FIRST, or the rest don’t matter.

            As for your fatal flaw, we all are fatally flawed, all humanity, and we’re born that way into this world.

            Speaking personally, a 300Lb. Rhino of a man broke into my house almost 10 yrs. ago. I told my wife to go into the bedroom, get her shotgun, call the police and take her position. (Our children are grown and have their own homes). As I grabbed a pistol and confronted him, the primary thought in my mind was “if he gets through me… my wife…” and the next was “Oh God please don’t test me in this, I’ll fail!”

            Fortunately, he ran. The city police however, all I can say is “what a mess!” I will never call them again. I will FIRST call my attorney, then SLED.

            Regrettably; the same intruder returned about four years later, with help. My wife and I are fine. I absolutely abhor violence, but I love my wife more. I even told the Judge that anyone who uses violence against my house and home should expect to be met with superior and overwhelming violence from my hands, and God backing me up. I make no excuses for my own human frailty, neither do I condemn any other human being for being human. But I do long for that Great Day when my descendants shall ask: “what is war?” or “what’s a gun?”

            While waiting, watching, praying and hoping, AND working for a better future, I long for the time when we shall all (voluntarily and by our own conviction) lay down our weapons because they are no longer needed or wanted.


    • lastmanstanding

      Tired…it sounds like your set to me.

      There will be no confiscation from gub…they can’t even build a website that works with access to all the money in the world.

      God will protect those who stand with him and understand how the earth works.

      Be ready to stand and fight with him best that you can…I believe that even he will have difficulty separating the seed from the chaff with what has transpired.

      • Galaxy 500

        If I like your rationale about the confiscation of anything. The amount of money, gas, man power to take my extra 5lbs bag of beans would so far exceed the value…And that’s IF they gone one at 1/2 the houses here. It wouldn’t feed the guys collecting it. The one thing that government excels in is incompetence. And imagine if they but a website to direct the pick ups. They be in the Nuesse river.

        • Galaxy 500

          Wow… incoherent ramblings
          And they are mine!

    • Rebecca


      You are not alone.

      I am not prepared. It takes everything to survive today, forget about prepping for tomorrow.

      You are right. Scripture says: They will fling their silver into the streets and their gold will become an abhorrent thing ; their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD. They cannot satisfy their appetite nor can they fill their stomachs, for their iniquity has become an occasion of stumbling. (Ezekiel 7:19)

      “We know; I know; my secret source knows.” Statements of surety are a dime a dozen. It seems everyone and his “voice,” his secret informant, his insider KNOWS something. If you took every surety given out today and put them all together in one report, you would have one big conglomerate mess – and you would be totally confused.

      Everyone is trying to discern the times and get the edge on what’s coming. But just stop and reason a bit.

      I can imagine Christians living at the time of the persecution by the Roman Empire or during the Spanish Inquisition thought it was the End of the Age. The evil of the time was so great, surely the Christians thought God must return to set things straight again. He did not.

      My great-great grandmother witnessed the spectacular outburst of the Leonid meteor shower in 1833, when it is estimated that over 100,000 meteors fell per hour. The recounting of the event has passed down through my family from generation to generation. My great-great grandmother said the day at noon turned as dark as night. The cows came home from the fields, then “stars fell out of heaven.” People fell to their knees repenting and crying out to God, for they thought the world had come to an end. Unfortunately, some people committed suicide. It was not the end of the world.

      Even my small hometown newspaper’s archives are filled with news articles about God’s judgment on America during the Great Depression. Yes, there were hard times and there was much suffering, but times got better.

      My mother tells me that in 1948 when Israel became a nation, Christians were convinced the end was near. A recurring thought after the Six-Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

      History is dotted with events that had people thinking “This is the end”, but it wasn’t. Will there be an End of Days? Yes. Is this it or this just another time of great trouble? Only God knows.

      Jesus taught us: “Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear? For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” (Matthew 6)

      Excessive anxiety over “what may happen tomorrow” robs us of the goodness we have today. Let us praise God for each good day He gives us! Let us this day be thankful for the food on our table and our family close by. Today my children and grandchildren can gather around me and we can laugh together and enjoy God’s goodness.

      I am not wealthy.
      I am poor. But I believe God’s Word: “Your life should be free from the love of money. Be satisfied with what you have, for He Himself has said, I will never leave you or forsake you.” Hebrew 13:5

      “At the end of the day all I have is my God and Savior Jesus Christ.”
      No, Tired, you have the Lord today — right now — this moment.
      You can live only one day at a time.
      Rejoice in the day while it is good!
      Tomorrow will take care of itself — and the Lord will be with us through whatever comes.

      Gold and silver are not our “saviours” — JESUS IS!

      • mohammad


        You are spot on, even though we are coming from different beliefs but i fully agree with every statement you made.
        God created human and put him on earth for a reason, God protects us as long as we are attached to him, no satanic power will be able to defy god no matter how strong it appeared to be because simply IT IS WEAK, yes it is weak, our distance from god is what makes it strong.
        Our consciousness is connected together and the satanic powers know that, they want to disconnect us from each other because it is then and only then they can conquer us.
        I full heartily agree with your post, a point very well taken.

        • Rebecca

          Amen, Mohammad.

      • Michael the Marine

        Bravo! Rebecca! And Amen!


        • Rebecca

          Thank you, Michael!!!

  17. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Here’s another bit of news that i haven’t seen.Thanks for your great reporting.



    • Greg

      Thank you Dave for your kind words and links!

  18. DAVE

    Hey Greg
    I thought that all commodity prices were done in the U.S. Is this true or not?Do you know?


    Thanks Dave

  19. Gary

    Greg I have to ask why didn’t you press more on what happens to silver. You asked the question and he didn’t reply. It seems everyone you interview talks about what gold will do.

    • Greg

      it was a 45 minute interview, sometime I just don’t get to everything. I did asked about AG but just did not get an answer this time. I think it is safe to say that by and large gold and silver will both go up and down in tandem. I will press the silver question with some guests in the future. Thank you for the comment and valid question.

      • Allen Ols

        Go to goldenjackass and email him he will tell u—-very. Sim ple. Ask him

      • lastmanstanding

        Greg…how about Steve St. Angelo of the srsroccoreport for some fresh input.

        Love Jim though…especially the part about the Chinese “writing off” a trillion bucks worth of treasuries…that will be the biggest take away of all time if that is what happens.

        When you got all the gold…you can make the rules.

  20. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    Jim Willie has very good sources as the banking cartel is putting the final touches to seven regional blocks of nations that will each have a regional currency comprising either of one of the nations currencies or an agreed upon unified currency such as the Euro.

    If they can get this block of nations to agree then it should be no surprise how quickly the others would come together:


    These 7 blocks or regions with the currency representing the region:

    1)Europe utilizing the Euro

    2)NAFTA ~ US dollar

    3)South America ~ Brazilian Real

    4)Southern half of Africa, Australia, and South Pacific ~ Aussie dollar

    5)Asian economies ~ Chinese Yuan

    6)Old USSR block ~ Ruble

    7 Middle Eastern block ~ Iraqi Dinar

    These will meld into a global electronic currency for which the masses must have to buy or sell.

    In CHRIST! Rob

    • Galaxy 500

      Not worried about this. These guys aren’t ever going to agree to anything. Just my opinion.

  21. AndyB

    Greg: As you may recall, I’ve always felt that there would be an overnight USD devaluation, probably on a Friday afternoon before a long holiday weekend. I had always assumed that it would be a unilateral overt move by the USG. But JW’s comment may be the best assumption; i.e. that the effective devaluation of the USD will be automatic by a reset of the gold price, whether announced by the IMF, or such, or just by the bullion banks letting the gold price run, without purposely suppressing or capping the price.

    • Greg

      Folks simply must have Ag and Au physical core positions and sit back. It is the only way to play this mess.

  22. Jerry

    Looks like Jim Willie got my memo from Monday.

    Jerry says:

    November 11, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    People whether Greg Mannarino is right or not about the timing of his predictions does not change the fact that we are facing the largest debt bubble in recorded history. We seem to think that the rest of the world is going to continue to buy our debt, and that is simply not the case.


    The Chinese have been selling off our bonds in the last several months, and its just a matter of time before this whole thing slips into high gear on a downward spiral. Take this time to prepare now while you still have it. If the Greg’s are wrong what have you lost? Nothing! The food you can always eat, and silver and gold will always rise at some point. But what if they’re right? Your life will take a sharp turn and dump you in butt kick alley. Why take the chance?

    Just kidding! I wasn’t going to post anything, because I think people get tired of the same posters railing all the time, but with Jim Willie I couldn’t help myself. He has artfully connected all the dots and came up with the same conclusion I did, that “The world Economies are going back to Gold Standard” at the reset with or without us.

    I think watching us kick the can down the road for the past five years with no budget being passed by Congress, that the Chinese have given up hope of us ever getting our fiscal house in order. Who can blame them? All we seem to do is rack up more debt, at the worlds expense buying our worthless bonds. Jim Willie is spot on his predictions. He’s been right in the past, and he’s right now!

    • Greg

      We got the memo and we thank you for posting it here!

  23. Glen

    Jim Willie is a hell of a good writer and he provides me with a wealth of entertainment. I read every public article and watch every interview he does. Great interview by the way. Now, to be honest, the information he provides, while being extremely entertaining, is not really so useful. Jim, like all the other analysts has no idea when SHTF. Could be tomorrow, could be 5 years from now. Jim admits he has no idea which is honest at least. The dollar’s demise is inevitable, not necessarily imminent. I agree with Catherine Austin Fits theory that we will stay in slow burn for the next few years. However, I do believe that at a time unknown in the future we will eventually see hyperinflation. Could be 3 to 5 years away. Thanx for the great interview.

    • Greg

      Remember he writes The Hat trick Letter on GoldenJackass.com. In his letter he gets granular and give more inside information.

      • Galaxy 500

        Doesn’t mean he has the timing right. I have been thinking things had reached critical mass but I don’t see the results. But then, only time will tell. The Only way to lose is to be unprepared.

  24. gerald

    Wow!! This is one intelligent man. I am so glad you had him on. Very informative. Thanks Greg.

  25. Harry, Not Larry, Not Jerry

    Mr. Hunter – this is, in my opinion, your best guest. I’m glad you mentioned that Jim doesn’t have the best internet connection. I have wondered why we don’t usually see his face during your interviews with him. Now I know why – he’s in the jungle. Maybe his internet connection is two soup cans connected with string! But seriously, I love Jim W. and am always glad when you have him on.

    • Greg

      Thank you Harry.

  26. Webwizards

    The thing that seems to be overlooked is that this implosion is being all done by design.
    Executive orders to take away basic rights, arrest without trial, confiscation of property, overriding constitutional amendments. If you google executive orders under Obama you will find all the scarey executive orders.
    You can then add to that the purchase of 2.5 billion bullets, 7 thousand armoured vehicles, plans for 5000 drones, militarisation of the police force. Then there is the recent purge of generals who don’t agree that killing Americans is acceptable in times of martial law. Then there are the grid disaster drills, the setting up of lamp posts with listening devices.
    Rand Paul just announced that Obama wrote an executive order allowing cancellation of policies if they change. Every policy will change at some point. The rollout of Obamacare is too inept to be a mistake. Then add to that JP Morgan putting capital controls on from November 17. No foreign remittances without permission from the bank.

    Add to that reckless money printing that gives banking welfare of 45 billion per month for toxic mortgages to the banks, the other 40 billion so that they can play casino games with zero per cent interest. Add to that the manipulation of the CPI so that 10 per cent inflation is seen as 1% inflation and the justification for more money printing. (See John Williams shadow stats) 50 million people are on welfare of some kind and 101 million either are unemployed or have given up.
    Chinese troops are in Hawaii doing drills at the moment, supposedly connected to grid failure. No way in hell would China allow US troops on China soil. This after Russia and China were just conducting war games with the US as the enemy.
    I expect one day soon you will wake up to a collapsed dollar, martial law and Emergency Chinese troops helping to restore your power grid as per the drill.
    You are being taken over. There Is no nice way to put this.
    If you want a no hold bars interview you should get Ann Barnhart.

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice analysis WebWiz.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      I could be wrong but most of our citizenry isn’t ready for an Ann Barnhardt. Currently, our population seems content to just bitch and wring their hands. While Ms. Barnhardt has been sounding the alarm for quite some time and even points to some actions that would undoubtedly get our political elite’s attention –the sheeple still are unwilling to see the handwriting on the wall or even push back in a symbolic manner—forget about outright defiance!

    • mohammad

      It is very simple indeed.
      If you have a collateral and you default on your loan what does the fox say?
      will seize your collateral.
      I doubt if any one thinks we will pay our loans.
      So every one get ready for SEIZURE!

    • Randall

      Have a reliable pal working for federal ammo in Minnesota
      for the past 24 months or so they’ve been on 12 hr 6 day a week
      shifts making lots of 9mm auto and nato M-rifle rounds of various
      ballistics capacity. The company asks it’s employees to keep a
      higher level of secrecy about operations and logistics.
      Much of this ammo has been going into Afgan and Saudi bases
      for inventory. Adds to the webwizard facts. Sumptinzup!!

      • Greg

        Thank for posting the intel!!! Sounds like war is in the cards.

  27. Charles H.


    As I keep-up with KWN and the various postings, I begin to come to an idea that is too difficult to accept. I understand the protection of the Dollar, tied to keeping Interest Rates low, manipulated by paper gold shorting: it’s a game called “painting oneself into a corner” – which is life lesson to be learned: not a vicious circle that leads to destruction. But the collateral damage is that the gold from most all the Western vaults is going East, to China, Russia, India, and some BRICs. My concern is that the current Liberal break from historic and conventional values – which labels gold as a useless, antiquated, and relic of no intrinsic value – IS SOMETHING THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE. Because if they don’t believe that line of hogwash: then they are traitors who are selling America down the river. So my fear is like a two sided coin: either they are self-deluded to believe that gold has no value and have no qualms unloading it to any sucker who wants it; or they are deluding themselves in thinking they can game the world system and still come out on top: either way the USA is toast. Has reality become too hard a thing to deal with? The gross deviation from the historic roots that America has functioned successfully under for two-hundred years will, by means of revisiting failed experimentations, be the cause if its undoing. And I don’t think they believe THAT either.

    P.S. The Biblical Gog and Magog, which descend upon Israel during Armageddon are thought to be Russia and Germany… which is in-line with Jim Willie’s analysis of future power alignment. So not only is America’s political will to help Israel waning; the political power may be subverted by these higher-powered alliances after America is by-passed economically.

  28. brian wilson

    For me the real question is how far are the “banks” aka those at the levers of power willing to go to maintain their positions there at the helm? Given the level of criminality already exposed and out in plain sight I’d say the answer to my question is pretty damn chilling.

    My next question is how much are people in general going to put up with before its too late and they do not have any choice but to tip their proverbial hat at the nice proverbial soldier, button up their proverbial coat and get in the proverbial f#$%in ditch and take their proverbial bullet in the back of the head!

    I guess if I were going to guess, I’d say the Pacific rim, led by China w/Japan left out and Russia tagging along is going to unleash all the gold they have been hoarding in the form of a gold backed currency that they will offer to the world. I think the only things holding this up are that China does not yet have quite enough gold or muscle to do this and they fear that the US is just potent enough and unquestionably crazy enough to respond more drastically than China or the rest of the world would care to deal with right now.

  29. Charles


    I would be interested in your answer to this projected end game gold scenario. If this is true nobody owning gold will be making a killing.


    • Greg

      Paying taxes are part of life. A tax problem is better than being poor because you were wiped-out in the a biblical financial calamity any day.

  30. Suzanne

    Hi Greg!
    Fabulous interview! Good golly!
    I read from a range of sources… including Neil Keenan and Benjamin Fulford… and while each has their own viewpoint, they do seem to be dovetailing pretty well.
    I’m on the edge of my seat watching all this!
    – Suzanne

    • Greg

      I am happy you are awake but don’t forget to keep preparing. Try to put yourself in the best position possible. Buy whatever you think you are going to need now. It’s on sale.

  31. Michael the Marine

    In the light of recent revelations about the extent of NSA spying on every domestic and international communication, it is incredibly naive for anyone to believe that any organization could unseat the US Dollar reserve currency without the USA knowing what’s going on – long ahead of any actions they might take.

    As for domestic spying; I’ve got news for you. I first learned in 1975 that every domestic telephone call in the US was being taped secretly. This was also well known among telephone executives, prior to the dismantling of the AT&T long distance monopoly. (Guess WHY they broke it up!)

    Regardless of the Presidents agenda, regardless of the Corporate agenda (Fascism), regardless of the Bankers, there are other very powerful people who are also working behind the scenes who have a perspective very different than what comes out of Washington. Not EVERYONE worships money.

    While it’s always prudent to “be prepared”, don’t let all you hear infect you with fear. Listening to Jackass, his stress level seems to be 100 on a scale of 1 to 10. His total contempt for so many doesn’t impress me either (except that he is very disturbed by his own perceptions).

    Jesus warned His followers to be careful of who and what they listened to, because whatever they tuned into, they were going to get a lot more of the same. As for Jim’s contention that the US Dollar is in monetary hyperinflation; that is simply NOT TRUE. Since the crash, the Dollar has been going up, and began its recovery with QE1, and rose higher with QE2: just examine all the charts for yourself and note the trends and the timing. Any inflation we are experiencing is not monetary NOW, it is demand and supply shock inflation only.

    A better question would be: WHY AREN’T we experiencing monetary hyperinflation, since we’re printing so MUCH money? It’s simple really, if anyone’s interested in the truth. MV=PQ. That’s Graduate level economics. The velocity of money is just as important as the Quantity, and both MUST BE BALANCED. I haven’t heard any experts anywhere discuss the velocity of money, and most don’t realize that right now our economy is flowing at the same (slow) speed as in the 80’s.

    What WILL PREVENT monetary hyperinflation? The FED can remove money (when velocity returns to Y2K levels)from the economy just as easily as it creates it.

    True understanding can be a wonderful thing.


    • Galaxy 500

      If these guys were so good at managing the “money” system, how are we in the fix we are in now.
      These guys need to re- acquaint themselves with the law of unintended consequences. And while they are at it, have them email it to the boosters of Obamacare

      • Michael the Marine

        Galaxy 500, exactly what “fix” are you referring to?

        I’ve already addressed several false fears for what they are; like monetary hyperinflation. It’s simply not true and easy to verify – but how many people are carried away with fear because some jackass or “has been” says it IS true? They’re so “tuned into” that voice and believe what isn’t truth- so they suffer unnecessarily.

        Say something people don’t WANT TO HEAR and they’ll either ignore you or turn on you, but how many REALLY want to understand and KNOW for themselves? Not many. In any field!

        What I said was that they are very well informed about what the rest of the world is doing, and have been for decades, they are executing monetary policy under the erroneous fiscal policy (which is where the real problem lies) to prevent deflation and trying to reflate the economy too, and in these days of internet access: no one has any excuse for remaining ignorant.

        I did NOT say they were “good” so you may have your straw man back. And by the way, my name is “Michael” (no offense taken – but there are more than one “Mike” or “Michael” here)

        But of course; a “witch-hunt” is more fun for everyone, right? So enjoy your foray, but excuse me as I continue to educate myself and live in peace.


        • Galaxy 500

          Hi Micheal,
          Do you ever check the published gov’t stats against the real inflation as calculated by John Williams at Shadowstats.come? The economy is in the toilet by any measure that is realistic. Structural unemployment, the jobs are not coming back. Fed does monetary but those pesky guys in DC do the fiscal with such irresponsible abandon as to make the Fed irrelevant. Foreign exchange is a real and present danger to the U$D as at some point there will be more dollars in circulation than bubble gum wrappers or toilet paper. With the exception that the latter two have real intrinsic value. At no point has the World Reserve currency been fiat until 1971. We are no longer a nation of manufacturing. The dollar only has value due to international trade and other nations holding our Tbills and notes as reserves. Everyone is moving away as fast as they can from the dollar.
          How is your model going to work when the people that make things don’t want dollars? I know some people believe that this will never happen. Even Rome toward the end of its empire had this happen. You have a lot of faith in the Fed. We owe 17T plus at least another 100T in unfunded liabilities. Let’s call that World GDP X 2. I keep looking for whether the bread is going to land jelly side up but by every calculation I make, we are headed for jelly side down.
          I enjoy reading your posts and I have learned from them…And thank you for that. I believe in live and let live as our ancient Spartan brothers did. I prefer to live in peace but I believe that peace at the cost of liberty and freedom is a cost that most people should be unwilling to pay.
          And I like a good witch burning every now and again so I ask your pardon in advance while I “hunt.” I question everything but God.

    • agnostic

      Your religion does not impress me when it comes to the topic of currency collapse or economics.

      • Galaxy 500

        Funny, Banking and fiat currencies are faith based but you don’t believe in God?
        It’s all good. Just curious.

      • Michael the Marine

        Agnostic: you wrote: “Your religion does not impress me when it comes to the topic of currency collapse or economics.”

        Thanks for that honest comment. I’m sure you realize that your religion doesn’t impress me either, heh heh heh. Now that we have dismissed the irrelevant “religions” let us move on to what really matters – the Truth.

        God doesn’t have much respect for religions either; except that one good religion which is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep yourself unspotted from the world. I practice that, and no matter how rich or poor I am, I always have enough to share.

        What is happening in the world now is beyond economics and even currency collapse. What is happening is spiritual in nature. The false god (Mammon: which causes men to worship money) has been knocked to the ground with One Stone. Everything in which man has placed his security [besides God Himself] is being shaken. When the shaking is finished all that shall remain will be of His Kingdom, nothing else shall stand. For those who say they believe in Christ it is like the travail of childbirth – a time of great transition from one place of existence to another. Though very painful, at the end of this transition God’s people shall see their Father face to face.

        No man can stop this transition, no amount of money or political power has any weight whatsoever in this matter. Each person who wants to know their Creator/Redeemer shall be able to make this transition no matter what anyone else does, or doesn’t do.

        So enjoy your God-given right to speak your mind, and may you fare well through this great transition too.


      • Galaxy 500

        I know that text doesn’t carry nuances of spoken words. I wasn’t condemning you just pointing out the irony.
        And you are correct. This is a news and economic site

        • Michael the Marine

          Agnostic and Galaxy500;

          Sorry if this does sound arrogant, because it IS Truth:
          There is NOTHING in this creation that ISN’T spiritual in origin or nature. Thus; handling or managing anything is determined not by the hands which handle it, but the spiritual force putting it into action.

          To think anything is disconnected from spirituality is just plain ignorance, delusion and shallowness.

          Again; not intending to offend just to state the truth.


          Living by the Highest Law, and the Spirit of that Law.


    • Reynaldo

      But, if they remove it, then interest rates climb, the interest on our debt skyrockets, the housing market tanks, and bonds implode. Ergo, they will continue to create more and more money until eventually the inflation hits.

    • mohammad

      You made some points that are worth respect.
      If we submit to fear we only succumb to the plan and fall in the trap.
      Despite the fact that we are on different channels, i have to respect in you the believe you have in your holy book and it is a virtue that few men have.

      • Michael the Marine

        Thank you mohammad. For the sake of clarity and understanding, please allow me to express my own personal constitution.

        I believe that each and every human being deserves the respect that comes from being made in the image of God, and to unduly disrespect one of the same is to disrespect God who created him. Therefore I respect all men in due course, even though I may disagree with them. If I have ever been less than respectful, please forgive me.

        As for Jesus Christ, I have more than respect for Him, I admire His character, I cherish his unending mercy and intercession in the affairs of men, I pay very close attention to every single (and ALL) word(s) He speaks, and live by them. I worship God who sent Jesus to us, not only to enlighten us, but to make a way when there was no way (in our own minds) to become His own children, and to live in eternal Life in His Presence forever, in perfect peace.

        There are two (Biblical) kinds of fear. There is natural fear (being afraid) and supernatural Fear (Reverent respect for Him who IS Holy and righteous in all He does). I have found through experience that the more I Fear (Reverently respect Him and His Word, submitting willingly to His Spirit) God and His Christ, the less I fear (am afraid of) anything else. I can say with all honesty and integrity that I do not even fear death. I recognize that all I am and have are the Direct result of His intercession in my life, and His Good-Will toward all mankind.

        Again, this is all for clarity of intent and mutual understanding…

        When anyone uses the name of Jesus Christ, I consider it my solemn duty to defend the Truth I know, (not my belief). Therefore, when I see something stated that I know is misleading, concerning Jesus Christ, I speak up with the Truth I know. I realize that many people consider all beliefs as opinions, and that truth is subjective; meaning that “your truth is as valid as mine”. But this is not Truth. There is Objective Truth, Absolute Truth, and therefore a Real Pathway to CERTAINTY. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of all truth, and as I am known by Him I also know Him, and our Father, and all my loyalty is to them; Both Father and Son.

        So please allow me to speak from my own convictions, while undertsanding that I do not even expect everyone else to accept them, or even accept that Absolute CERTAINTY even exists.

        While I never intend to offend, sometimes I do entertain, because all of us at one time or another take ourselves (rather than our tasks) too seriously.

        Thank you for your kind remarks. In ALL the freedoms God has granted you, may He also lead you through faith and belief into CERTAINTY.

        Sincerely and with great respect,

        • mohammad

          You are welcome Michael, you are a Gentleman of manners and honor no doubt, came no surprise with your service background.
          I always learned from dad that god gave us two ears and one mouth to listen more than talk, so i will gladly listen to you and others.
          All good here!
          god bless.

          • Galaxy 500

            Your father taught you a valuable lesson

  32. James Paradise

    I have purchased silver as a small part of my retirement. One thing I think is important to remember. USA still has the strongest military on the planet and the powers that be will not allow the US dollar to be demoted from the oil currency. War would be the result.
    Sad, but true. The USA goes to war to protect their interest. There is no free market anymore, there is only special interest. Live with it and make your own future. Protect yourself.

  33. Jeff

    I have bought land, some farm land and some for timber. This is a place I could live for years.

    I might buy gold if it keeps dropping.

  34. John

    WHAT IF!
    the us continues to sell the rest of their gold to drop the price of gold over say 5 years or so. By then all the PM mining companies will be bankrupt. Then they take them all over and declare that they now have (guessing here) say 50,000tons of gold reserves. No need for vaults, as the gold is safely stored in the ground. The dollar stays strong as it is now backed by new gold reserves? Flame away!

    • Liquid Motion

      That concept is absurd.
      First: Who is going to mine and refine it @ $1300/oz or better ?
      Second: How do you quantify the Gold in the ground. That’s akin to saying we have 200TLN BB Oil underground…we are self sufficient no need to import from Sth America, Saudi etc.
      Nothing has value unless it is capable of being utilised.

      • Galaxy 500

        Eloquent and accurate response

    • Galaxy 500

      What were you taking.when you had this vision from on high? There isn’t anywhere near that much gold in the ground. Maybe in some jungle somewhere there is a rich ore but most of the stuff in the US is reasonable low grade ore.
      But good luck if you use this as an investment and survival strategy. We are not that much smarter than the rest of the world. Do you think China, Russia and India are buying it because it’s a bad investment?

  35. John M.

    Dr. Willie does have a mighty fine grasp of what is happening in the big picture, clearly the best of your guests in that respect.
    China is buying as much time and gold as possible before everything becomes unglued. More time is what our Western banksters and the Chinese both have in common and desire. The Chinese gold horde which is probably 10 times what we really have in America will be a fairly nice hedge and shield against their one trillion-plus losses in dollar holdings. I suspect the little gold that still remains here has been stolen and hidden by all the liars — that’s our Washington insiders, bankers and ruling class.
    That means that the big losers will be primarily the citizens of the U.S., France, Saadi Arabia, Japan, and other Western nations as Willie lists. Some of these national governments will probably switch sides and lean towards the Soviet/Chinese sphere not only for their financial and currency needs, but also in military alliances. This is HUGE!
    I have believed for some time that a big false flag event is being prepared (think bigger than Twin Towers)as it is the only rabbit that the U.S. can still pull out of its hat as a military superpower. All America has left is its weapons of war and its ability to choose the timing of said event and pulling the trigger. If that event happens we are done as a free nation, and we might as well hang Russian and Chinese flags as they we will either be our masters through a surprise nuclear attack and invasion, or at the very least they will be our moral superiors when it comes to acting logically and rationally in economic matters like managing a new world-reserve currency backed with some gold. That’s the reality folks!

    • Charles H.

      John M,

      This certainly gives meaning to the “World’s Policeman”, in a literal sense. I think you are right – an amalgamation of powers; with the old USA under another’s boot. Does that mean guns will have to go? Visions of Bladerunner.

  36. Galaxy 500

    The launch of Obama care makes the maiden voyage of the Titanic look like a success.

    • Greg

      Too funny!!! I needed a chuckle.

    • Michael the Marine

      Remember on the Titanic when the very rich man pulled a handful of high-dollar bills out of his wallet to bribe an officer? The officer scoffed at him, as though his money was worthless.

      Life and death scenarios have a way where everything gets re-structured to its true value – and money really is worth very little when it comes to personal survival. Ask a real combat hardened Vet what was most valuable to him in the heat of violence, 9 out of 10 will probably say “my friends”.

      Consider this: 500 or 5000 people, and only a few have food. Now; how much is your gold or silver worth? It will be chasing very few goods, so its value will plummet no matter what anyone, even the government says it’s worth. It will be worth only what the seller deems its worth, period.

      Also consider this possible reality: the sellers of food may consider gold or silver worth absolutely NOTHING! They may consider the “rich” who have always had lots of money and influence, not worthy of being given the privilege of food. They might just sell it, or share it with them who are worthy (by THEIR OWN standards of value) of life: those who are already friends, and people of good-will. In such a scenario your gold and silver might be more of a liability than an asset.

      Which side of that “table” do you want to be on? You cannot eat gold, and God does not act on behalf of the rich, but the poor. Think long and hard about what the real problems of this world are… it’s not lack of money…

      It’s lack of people of Good-Will to all men; those in whom Christ lives and reigns in their hearts.


      • Galaxy 500

        Definitely have emergency supplies. Enough for your crew for at least a week in backpacks that you can grab and go. The people that have them in the Philippines are eating while the people with money starve until relief gets there

        • Michael the Marine

          Someone here mentioned the parable of the ten virgins, thinking the meaning was about WHEN you should buy oil for your lamp. Incorrect.

          When you read that parable in the context of the rest of the scripture, comparing the wise with the foolish, the meaning really is that God despises ALL who buy and sell truth, reducing “truth” to financial transactions rather than personally relating with God through Christ and His Spirit.

          The five wise who entered into the Kingdom didn’t buy their oil, that’s why they sent the other five foolish ones to “them that sell” (who didn’t even come out to meet the Lord (the Groom) or personally relate with Him at all). ALL those who bought AND sold oil were left OUTSIDE the kingdom, and the wedding feast.

          “He prepares a feast for me (and all us who are with Him) in the midst of mine enemies!” And Jesus Himself serves us all. So come! The table is set! There is no food anywhere as good as what He has set on His Table for US!

          PS: Pardon me while I throw out a few naked ones who have no wedding garments.

  37. Galaxy 500

    Did Jim really say 80% of what’s on the internet is true. If so, I have to say he is full of malarkey.

    • Michael the Marine

      Glad you actually heard that comment too. Did you even notice the rest of them (that were way over the “TOP”)?

      Sheeesh – even the tone of his very highly strained voice seemed akin to fingernails on a chalkboard – never minding all the content that was off the wall.

      Sorry; but the constant appeal to “secret sources” doesn’t sound inviting to me either, nor does it INcrease Jim’s credibility in my mind. It actually reminds me of this:


      Good day,

      • Galaxy 500

        While I agree with some of what Willie says, “the secret conspirators behind-the-scenes…and not to mention every curtain” aspect detracts from what I believe is truthful in what he says.
        While you were kind enough to allow me and occasional witch hunt, even I don’t see them behind every shrubbery.

        • Michael the Marine


          “Witch hunts” are okay so long as everyone understands that they’re basically just “venting” and sometimes just exaggerations made to make a point clear.

          Besides, every money-changer should know that they are at risk of Jesus, at any given moment, auditing (opening) their books and checking their balances (scales) for honesty. He need not physically materialize to throw over tables or take a whip to anyone, therefore many don’t perceive when He does act, from above.

          I thank God that it didn’t take too many sessions of Him turning over the tables in my heart for me to learn to respect the One who is the Head of all men. Truly, He scourges every son He receives, and He continues to scourge all who do not Turn back to Him with some respect – just as HE HAS SAID.

          My only concern here is for those few who do not discern (in their own reality) the difference between the rhetoric and reality of posters. They say things like “I am afraid”, letting us know that they have taken all the rhetoric TOO seriously. So let’s ALL be cognizant of their presence, and always temper what we say by keeping our feet firmly on the ground of what’s real, versus what may or may not become real.

          Rebecca says it best: live in Today! and trust in God!


  38. Galaxy 500

    I know that you are a one man show but it’s had for me to.stream 45 minutes. I sure wish it was possible to break anything over 30 minutes in half and post both parts

    • Michael the Marine

      Where are you in NC? Mayberry?

      Just jesting Galaxy 500!


      • Galaxy 500

        Close, am 45 mins inland from Emerald isle. Our version of Barney has a 40 but still only one bullet. And at the current cost of ammo, that’s one more than I have

        • Galaxy 500

          As a matter fact, there are more Marines around here than you can shake a stick at and they just flew a V-22 above my house well under the approved ceiling. And my net connection is mobile.

          • Michael the Marine

            I know (or knew) that area well. In the late 50’s early 60’s we lived through the bay of pigs there, and also the missile crisis. Our favorite place was Moorehead beach, before they bulldozed up the shoreline.

            Back then (pre-conservation) we could play in the dunes, watch the dune buggies, and I have many fond memories there. Later trained at Snead’s Ferry (Recon) too. Spent time at Geiger and Mainside as well. Actually, was in a TV show filming (hand to hand combat) in 75, about two truckers. Taught advanced close combat too.

            Have been looking in and around Beaufort for a retreat place. I love the sea and the beach, and love my Marines too. That Osprey should be scrapped! It’s a death-trap by design.


    • brian wilson

      Thats an awesome car by the way!

  39. Jerry

    Michael The Marine.
    You seem like a pretty intelligent fella, so I’m going to ask you a question that I’ve been dying to get an answer to for a long time. Here it is.

    How do we get out of a 125 Trillion dollar debt bubble without a collapse?

    I would really like to hear your thoughts.

    • Michael the Marine


      Contrarily, my IQ is only 88 (or at least it was in high school), but I get a lot of Help. So I don’t pretend to be very intelligent, just very committed.

      To answer your question I need to understand what you mean precisely, by “we”. I am already “out” of the debt bubble.

      Those who are debtors are enslaved by whom they are indebted. That’s the way it’s always been. When the lenders cheat, steal and have no regard for their fellow man, then we have a crisis not of money, but of ill-will, and it expresses itself in many ways – up to and including wars.

      To deal effectively with any problem you must deal with the root of it.

      I believe the word of God gives to us the right way: “Owe no man anything, but to love him”.


  40. bob d

    The rich will be just as rich after the great inflation bail out. That’s why they were aloud to break laws and double up on dollors.
    We could of raise taxes 2% to fund the wars,but the super rich wouldn’t go along with the useless wars. Instead we use the good old inflation tax.
    Wouldn’t be any worthless wars if we all use gold and had to give it up for a war.
    Inflation the tax you don’t get to vote on.

  41. Joe Morris

    Hey Greg,

    I saw this in the Seattle Times today (link is from somewhere else) but is this the U.S. trying to back the dollar before it collapses completely? Rid itself of foreign oil before WWIII? A complete lie? I can’t make sense of where it fits in all this.


  42. M. Smith

    Greg, a crazy time we live in, corruption is rewarded & telling the truth gets you labeled as terrorist, what a screwed up world we have become. You tell a lie over & over the public falls for it no matter how bad it hurts every one but that few who makes up these lies, what ever they may be. It seems JW is in the know but the public is tagging along with what ever the MSM hooks them on while the system burns down around them. They are more worried about what went on in a foot ball locker room than the banks doing their best to screw the people again as they are failing as the system eats them up!

    Also Greg, from mid March 2011 there has Pu & other radiation air born going non stop from FOIA Reports. The States were never warned & it’s in all the FOIA Reports. It’s a sad fact to tell, but true. There is so much proof but it’s kept from the public. It’s time to confront these agencies & their cover ups. http://www.plumegate.wordpress.com. Also You will find these FOIA Report on you tube. Hatrick Penry has done the hard work & now the public better do theirs. Breathing in Pu is very bad but with the right nutrition you may have a chance. You do nothing & you become a number!

    For those who would like to watch the truth & those trying to debunk it, this is a must watch movie for the week end, beware it’s graphic but will keep in your seat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrZZNzC3f8g.
    Thank You Greg, we need the truth now more than ever, so many lifes depend on it like never before!

  43. Galaxy 500

    Obama is on TV telling us we are saved. How can you tell Obama is lying? His lips are moving. He says private insurance market is unstable and unreliable. He is blaming insurance companies.

  44. Galaxy 500

    First Obama said buying healthcare would be like buying from Expedia, now he is saying it will never be like buying a song from iTunes. He is right. You might actually want to buy a song from iTunes.
    Now they want to say insurance companies can sell plans that would have been illegal under Obama care. They can’t do this overnight. He effectively destroyed the private insurance market and now he says just kidding and you can sell insurance. He is looking to blame the insurance.
    He claiming he fumbled….my a$$. He DID THIS ON PURPOSE.

  45. Galaxy 500

    Obama says we can’t go back.to.status quo. I had f’ing insurance with the status quo.

  46. Bobby A


    You asked him about when gold doubles and dollars cut in half what happens to silver?
    He never answered you……i’m stilling waiting as well. What will my silver do?

  47. mohammad


    am not sure how authentic this picture is but from the New York Times blog:


    Zakaria Fareed, the author of the alleged book in the hand of Obama is a host in CNN currently, which is tells me why am following your blog and not CNN!

    • Greg

      I suspect America is not quite finished just yet. With the right leadership America could make a big comeback but it will claw its way back from a very deep fall. I am sorry to say Mr. Obama is not the leader that will show us the way.

  48. Larry Galearis

    I am unfortunately not as big a fan of Jim Willie as I used to be…

    The Saudi situation is a lot simpler than Jim describes: consider what is going on with Chinese gold buying, its utterances about “de-Americanizing the world, and the Saudis are looking at a movement to a gold backed yuan and a competing dollar that is not….So what would anyone think about the chances that the Saudis are looking at the “Petro-yuan, and not the Petro dollar?

    The Global Currency Reset is, as Jim says, very complicated and one can look (in suggested simplification) two things: the PRC USdollar reserves left to spend acquiring resources globally, and the amount of remaining gold left in the West that the Chinese may be able to acquire.

    The financial criminals behind the market rigging of many key resources in bank/Fed manipulation efforts of futures is becoming known as a very real factor by resource exporting countries financial health and political stability. That the dollar is failing makes this increasingly intolerable…

    So it is quite difficult to make timing statements for the demise of the USA. For the fifteen plus years I have been watching this process, I have to say that my personal predictions for timings has always been very short sighted. This American Empire, like it or not, will stagger on far longer than anyone would believe possible.

    But jim is still an interesting listen….

    • Agent P

      Correct you are Galearis, but…

      The rather precarious economic position the U.S. finds itself in now, along with global shifts away from $USD hegemony, along with our foreign policy exploits, along with our ‘stature’ in the world as a direct result of the aforementioned issues, means (2) things: #1. When the comeuppance hits for the U.S., it is likely not going to be a slow-motion affair, and #2., not many people are likely to be paying attention or have their ear to the ground. In fact, the scenario for a rapid ‘unwind’ could find the stock market, S&P, market sentiment, etc., at All Time Highs. No, we don’t know when – that is for certain, but we do have ears, eyes and a sense for when danger approaches.

      Stay Frosty –

  49. Galaxy 500

    One question. Does the President have constitutional authority to change or postpone the implementation of a law passed by Congress and signed into law? The answer is not “No”, it’s “Hell, NO!”

    • Michael the Marine

      The President doesn’t even have Constitutional Authority to be the President. As a matter or Truth, he didn’t even have the Constitutional Authority to be a Senator, since he traveled on an Indonesian Passport as an Indonesian Citizen and as a Muslim, (they do not allow dual citizenship) and there is no record of him EVER re applying for American Citizenship. So basically, O’ is still an illegal immigrant. Hey, maybe that’s why he personally relates to them so strongly!

  50. WD Deni


    If one cannot afford gold why not start buying the Chinese currency.

    1)Its being backed by gold and it will be soaring past the dollar soon enough.

    2)They are obviously doing what they can to devalue our currency to nothing.

    3)Moody’s just downgraded 4 major US Banks.

    4) Right now the Chinese currencyis very affordable. Seems like an easy decision…

    Just wondering

    • Greg

      I’d but silver along with the Yuan–heavy on the silver. Get in coin form from the country you live in if possible.

  51. Kenguru

    What if this new internal US dollar is going to be called Amero? Just a question.

  52. Dana

    Thanks for all the warnings you send us over the years Greg. I am monitoring all the great names like Robert Kiyosaki, Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Jim Sinclair, Jim Rickards, James Turk and sureley they all can’t be wrong about their view on gold. Even the non financial guys like Lindsey Williams and Perry Stone is telling us that their are big problems ahead. From all us investors down in South Africa thanks for sharing and keeping us updated.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think all you mentioned are correct. It is just a matter of timing and how long the manipulation can last.

  53. JohnZ

    Well, I’ve got maybe $15.00 in the local bank. They’re okay people, nice to do business with but…… I’ve been watching this scenario for the past couple years or more , ever since 2008 and I’m not taking any chances. When my payrole transfers in Thursday morning, I withdraw all of it out asap. The company I work for no longer gives out paper checks so I was forced to use direct deposit.
    I really have no plans for purchasing gold but I would like to buy some silver, however at this point in time, I feel my best bet is with emergency food supplies and the like. It;s going to be a very rough ride.
    See ya Greg.

  54. Michael the Marine

    The Banks CANNOT SELL them without sending their Balance Sheets into insolvency. One reason that the Velocity of money is so low is that the banks cannot even lend without placing their balance sheets in more jeopardy. The FED is paying them risk-free interest to NOT LEND, while they increase the Volume of money to compensate for the Low Velocity of the economy.

    Whatever you want to say about them running the FED, they are not stupid nor are they morons. They can stretch this “holding pattern” out far longer than anyone I have listened to gives them credit for, and in this high-stakes reserve currency status game – I wouldn’t sell them short… yet.

    I still believe with all my heart that most important thing anyone can do is FIRST achieve understanding. Even randomness creates a pattern, and order does rise out of chaos, because there is more to the whole picture than man and his plans, whether or not you believe that.


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