Elite Stole $50 Trillion and Will Invest in Space –Catherine Austin Fitts

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says, “The global economy is going to be controlled from space.” Even the U.S. dollar’s viability will depend on “how good the U.S. space program is . . . . President Trump gets it.” Fitts contends, “Trump has done a remarkable job educating the American people about the real deal. He’s currently educating people that you have to make the cash flows work on trade work. That’s number one. There is such a thing as financial accountability. . . . Number two, so he’s saying look, if we are going to stay dominate, we need to be successful in space. We need to have a ‘space force,’ and p.s. we have all these magical and mysterious weapons and wink, wink, they have something to do about space. So much of the current plan of ‘Make America Great Again,’ pull back behind the oceans, really depends on projecting power through space. I always say the satellite lanes are the sea lanes of the 21st century. That’s why this competition in space is so very important.”

Fitts says President Trump has a mammoth job turning America around and contends, “Trump is trying to turn the aircraft carrier around before we hit the iceberg. It’s a very, very messy process. If you and I were going to turn it around, we would want to get in a room and have an honest conversation. There is so much criminal liability involved nobody can have an honest conversation. It’s making it very difficult. . . .Trump has done more than any other leadership around the world to try and inspire transparency, and he has taken enormous risks to do it. I give him credit for it.”

Fitts goes on to say, “The establishment has stolen $50 trillion plus, and they want to keep it, and they want to invest it in the space based economy and not have to give it back to the pension funds. One of the most important techniques they are going to use to do that is basically with digital control, with both of the currency, as well as the systems that do surveillance and control. So, (they think) if we can get 7 billion people on smart phones and 5G coming in from satellites or land, anyway you do it, and everybody has a digital currency, and if you don’t behave, you turn off their currency.   We are talking about ways of controlling people through the digital systems which are very, very invasive. . . . If you look at the policies going on, whether it’s the effort to bring in the guns or effort to force cashless, those who are centralizing control of the economy, they want to make sure they have control because when they invest that money, they want to make sure it makes their wealth go up and not the general population’s wealth go up. They don’t want to have to refund those monies back into the pension funds or Social Security. They want to be able to say, well, the money is gone, and we spent too much of it and did not balance the books and etcetera, etcetera. So, this is what this is about. This is about who is going to allocate what resources that are there, and are they going to be in a position to harvest and drain the American taxpayer.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of The Solari Report. This interview will talk about trillions of dollars of stolen taxpayer money, the burgeoning space economy and total control forced on the world by the elite.

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After the Interview:

Catherine Austin Fitts says that smart money is buying physical assets such as businesses with cash flow, land and physical gold and silver. Fitts says that crypto currencies are being used by the elite to keep people out of gold and silver so they can buy it all at a cheap price.

You can find free information on Solari.com. You can get much more by becoming a subscriber. To subscribe to The Solari Report, click here. To view the outrageously redacted government report on the missing trillions of dollars from the DOD and HUD, click here.


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  1. gregd

    Perhaps a civil war between the 1%ers and the remaining 99% ers would do the trick also?

    • gregd

      Can’t we get the money back and put them in jail for stealing it????

    • A. HALL



  2. Peter from the Netherlands

    Attention Greg:

    Zerohedge: Is Europe Too Brainwashed To Normalize Relations With Russia? or is Europe brainwashed by the USA.

    Russia , India and China will be the partners of Europe, what do you think about this?



    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are an anonymous small minded one sided broken record troll.

      • Charles H

        Fault-finding, it’s called fault-finding. and, yeah – that’s a broken record.

    • William Stanley

      Peter, “Yes we have no bananas, we have no bananas today.”
      But, then, the day isn’t over.

      • Uncle Sam

        It’s not over till the fat lady sings, Will!

        • William Stanley

          US: That’s an interesting issue. I admit that you have a really good point in that Hillary can rat out an awful lot of people. And maybe that could buy her something — maybe a plea deal for life in prison instead of the death penalty. However, (hopefully) Obama goes down regardless, so why give Hillary any immunity whatsoever?
          Come to think of it, though, getting a jury conviction on any of them will be really tough — no matter the weight of evidence — so why not listen to her sing?
          Another point: (assuming the military is under control) once we clean up the Department of Justice (including the FBI), NSA, State Department, CIA and the rest are vulnerable.
          Also, NSA has EVERYTHING. Sure a lot of it is unusable in a court of law, especially in criminal cases (no warrants and the “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine), but that won’t, I think, preclude making a lot of things public and cleaning them up — maybe even the Federal Reserve.
          So much law-breaking, so much treason! Trump may have to pardon (or offer plea deals to) a lot of people, say at NSA, to clean this up. My greatest worry is that it will be impossible to find fair juries who will actually convict the guilty.
          Is Janda right: do we have to have military tribunals in order to get justice? If so, what becomes of the Constitution? Is a reset (or a pause for martial law) needed there as well? What terrible choices!

          • William Stanley

            I mixed up Dr. Janda with Mark Taylor concerning military tribunals. Worse, I may have put words in Mr. Taylor’s mouth that he would not endorse.
            Nevertheless, the issues that I raised remain. And they are terrible to behold.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Peter, the Eurostar will be extended from Brussels to Amsterdam thus connecting London to Amsterdam by train. I am excited, almost as excited as getting the top comment!

    • A. HALL


      • JMiller

        And you do? What ever happened to Planet X (Nibiru) that was suppose to come close to hitting the earth last year and wiping out 95% of the earth’s population as you and other space cadets believed?

  3. Paul ...

    You know … books have been written about using “Other Peoples Money” (OPM) … but never have I read “stealing it” to invest in a money making operation ever being suggested in any of these books … the World Economy looks like it on the edge of a cliff … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-16/global-bond-curve-just-inverted-why-jpm-thinks-market-crash-may-be-imminent … as for the Space Economy … it is very young and has still not returned a profit yet … the “Establishment” stealing our $50 Trillion dollars to invest in Space (without paying US Taxpayers interest on our money is outright fraud) … it’s an unfair “unsigned OPM deal” that Trump should use the RICO Laws to “claw back” with interest … these crooks stole $50 Trillion of our money to develop space based “mining operations” on the Moon and Asteroids most likely to dig up Gold and Silver worth probably $500 Trillion dollars … then they likely figured even if they had to pay back the American Taxpayers their $50 Trillion dollars … they get to keep $450 Trillion in profit for themselves … Trump should demand a much bigger cut of the pie (at least $250 Trillion) from this fraudulent “unsigned OPM deal” … otherwise Trump should just claw back the entire $500 Trillion and distribute it out to all the American people to make us Very Great-full!!

    • Paul ...

      Wow … just calculated my share of the $500 Trillion (divided by 340 million Americans) my cut is $1,470,588 dollars!!

      • Paul ...

        You know … if I were a Mexican with a wife and five children … climbing that wall (Trump is supposed to be putting up) to become an American citizen could be very profitable … 7 x $1,470,588 equals $10,294,116 dollars!!

        • Paul ...

          If the Mexican family takes their $10 million “in silver” … that’s a cool 620,000 ounces!!

  4. Deep State New's & View's

    Thought you might find interesting, especially with your thoughts on freeing mankind of corruption, debt and energy cost’s up the gazoo. Earth is the foundation, space the future.
    New International Version
    But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. ◄ Matthew 7:26 ►

    NIKOLA TESLA was Ruined by Elitists Then MURDERED to Stop Him from Giving Free Energy to The World
    Our house has been ruined and being ruined by foolish [fuelish?] selfish men!

  5. AndrewB

    Hi Greg
    Austin Fitts is always a very interesting guest, however, I am always left with an ‘aftertaste’ hinting that something is not quite right – but what? You made abundantly clear that CAF ‘likes’ John Kerry, a bag-man for ‘Barry’ and the deep state. Knowing what she knows, a moral person would find it impossible to carry a torch for Kerry. Add this to her theme, as put to you – and I paraphrase, ‘ Greg, is it more important to put these people in jail OR to recover the money?’ This is an immoral point of view. If extended to the general population it would suggest justice would be served by freeing all criminals who can pay a sufficient bribe. For society to cleanse itself of its criminal government – both overt and covert – it needs to recover the stollen wealth of the nation AND to punish those responsible for its theft. Punishment does not mean, ‘Oh, sorry I got caught! Here, take some of your money back and we’ll call it quits.’

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AndrewB.

    • William Stanley

      Good catch, Andrew!

    • Justn Observer

      Greg… I too noticed that response from CAF…and was left with the same thought as Andrew…. Is she part of the slow walk crew after all? Just buying time trying to get out the back door before the front door is kicked in by the citizens. It is clear much of the money is being diverted thru and to the Clinton Foundation participants , foundations, NGOs, …national surveillance systems…and building up the national world police systems. And the push for immigration and borderless society is put long planned NWO agenda to create world citizens for the elite to rule over via the UN. That the world chaos and purported national conflicits are contrived to manipulate the people mentality as is the inner use of ‘terror’ to do the same to ‘increase the need’ for more surveillance over the citizens. It is clear the ‘terrorists’ are the agencies themselves! If the murder of JFK or 911 taught one nothing …they are lost to the false narrative fake news already. “THEIR”’ PLAN is clearly laid out here and time is short….
      immediate and extreme action is required if the Republic is to be saved.
      Extraordinary times require extraordinary acts… But then the people remain too asleep due to the false narratives and fake news.
      As to the de-population agenda…what better way then to have people believe in global warming while they syphon off citizens wealth and ability to prepare for a time of cyclical massive global cooling. The crop loss and starvation and freezing in many regions will go a long way to complete their goals… and take note the deagle.com population charts show those losses in about the exact areas such could occur in such an event as the re-occurance of a 1816 event or prior event. There are 72, 300 and 1000 year historic cycles in play…and the Chinese have 10,000 year written records…the U.S. how many. Quite a disadvantage…and how accessible is the Vatican library records to the average citizens? Or are we left to just believe what we are fed by the Jesuits and Masonic run governments? Your viewer migh also correlate the fact that the fiat system failures all seem to have a symbiotic relationship with such cycles.

    • Liberty

      To AndrewB,

      Excellent comment and I agree with you 100%. It is totally immoral to let those criminal elites go away for what they did to our nation.

      It’s not pay your fine and you are free of all the sin you have done.

      Those people have destroy life.

      • Paul ...

        Willy Sutton used to rob banks to make investments that benefited him … his mistake when caught was not telling the Judge that the money he stole was to be invested in “Outer Space” that would be of tremendous benefit to all mankind!!

        • Paul ...

          But poor Willy was locked away for taking the Banksters money … just as Christ (“who didn’t steal anything” and simply said “being good would be of tremendous benefit to all mankind” ) was Crucified on a Cross for just knocking some loose bankster change on the floor!! … and we are supposed to forgive the banksters who stole $50 Trillion dollars from us??

          • Paul ...

            So if Willy Sutton was not forgiven for his crime of robbing the banksters money … and Jesus Christ was not forgiven for knocking over some loose change on the banksters tables … why should the American people forgive the banksters for robbing $50 Trillion dollars from us??

    • foggygoggles

      I think CAF is a realist and a pragmatist. Remember, she has worked within the beast, and knows how the sausage is made. I think if you posed the question , if was possible, would you like to get the money back AND punish those deserving, I think she would share our point of view.

  6. Peter from the Netherlands

    Greg do you or Austin Fits ever think that you will see the 21/52 trillion back. Never.
    They buy ever what and who they want.

    The best to do: the dollar must be set to zero!!! as soon as possible.

    • Greg Hunter

      The only chance of that is to inform the public and that is what I am trying to do one post at a time.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Peter you are probably correct. The money has been spent or launderd. Glad Catherine is acknowledging that there has to be a reset of the debt.

  7. Peter from the Netherlands

    Hey TSI: Yippee! I just wanna be the top comment.

    regards Peter

    • This sceptred Isle

      Better luck next time then.

  8. al dullboy

    Making Congress Impotent, We the people told to get lost,
    as the United States no longer has a representative government, when you have the intelligence community telling us what we need to know through
    Nancy Pelosi . We have a shadow government in control and controlling her. The whole house of representatives is neutered. We the people are supposed to be in control through our representatives we send to Washington. Thats how we get that 21 trillion dollars back Greg!


    • Paul ...

      We know what type of government the fraudulent Wall Street Banksters picked … lets us pick up some shovels and hand it to the banksters tied together in a chain gang so they can do some honest work for a living (instead of simply bribing the Judge to let them free to rob some more)!! … http://wallstreetonparade.com/2018/06/merrill-lynch-fine-renews-the-question-can-you-trust-your-broker/

    • foggygoggles

      If Trump is successful in ridding the Congress of pedophiles, we may have a chance of returning to some semblance of representative government, but not before.

  9. oneno

    Barrie Trower has given several interviews about microwave technology and its development for use against the general population.

    Please see:

    Barrie Trower’s background and personal warning in his own words.

    The Cooking of Humanity

    Barrie Trower: Dangers and Lethality of Microwave Technology (2010)

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

    • Paul ...

      When G5 microwaves “cook” all American’s inner ears (i.e. like pouring “a super heated steaming hot cup of coffee right out a microwave oven” down your ear canal) all Americans will become deaf … to compliment them already being dumb and blind to these dangers!!

      • oneno

        Get a RayGuard. Use Discount Code: MH1212

        See the Video.

      • oneno

        Maybe a “RayGuard” can shield against electro-smog…

      • Paul ...

        My solution: since the microwaves are most intense around the aerial of a cell phone … everyone should strap a ten foot pole to their back and keep these cancer causing devices at least ten feet away from their body at the top of the pole with the aerial pointed up … when the phone rings … you can listen and speak through a wire connection to the device at the top of the pole!

        • Paul ...

          Then the only danger you will face is electrocution … when the cell phone cabal who can also control the weather sends a lightening bolt down that your ten foot pole will attract like a lightening rod! … one way or another their goal is to kill us!!

          • Paul ...

            Since the evil “perverted” cabal wants to see what you are doing in your bedrooms and bathrooms they have flooded the continental US in a sea of 5G microwaves which can look right through the walls of your house … what these microwaves are doing to our bodies besides giving us cancer and thickening our blood (so that our feet and hands begin to go numb) is they create “free radicals” in our bodies which can shorten our life span … so taking vitamin C and other free radical scavengers is now “necessary for every human being” who wants to counter somewhat the unhealthy effects of damaging microwaves!! … Satan and his minions are intent on making the entire world into a microwave oven to cook and then feast upon humanity!!!

  10. al dullboy

    The Deep State vs Trump “Six Day’s to Sunday!”

    Do This And You’re Done!” Chuck Schumer Threatens President

  11. al dullboy

    Mr. President,
    Tear down this shadow Maddow deep state government of Intell people and restore it to we the people! Tell the Deep Creeps to take a hike. Restore the rule of law, not of intell lawyers. If congress just wants to become millionaires and not represent us, you’ll all represent yourselves and your intell master’s in court, supreme court!
    For The Love of Freedom, Hunter & Shipp last winter, burrr!

  12. al dullboy

    P.S. Don’t forget. Listen Live! Dr. Dave Janda, Waam 1600 am .com on the air or over the Internet. Hidden in the bowels of the Ann Arbor Michigan deep state re-education complex! Get a real edumucation @ 2:00pm to 5:00pm EDT Sunday’s!

  13. mike

    Catherine says: “We are choking on the absence of transparency.” That’s obvious! She says: “Trump has done more than other leaders to try and inspire transparency.” Ha Ha Ha! What planet is Catherine living on? Listen to the outstanding investigative journalist Jake R. Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence Network exposing Trump’s shady money-laundering casino and property businesses, tax evasion, secret connections with Russian oligarchs, connections to the Rothschild globalist banking system and their crooked bankers and a lot more. Wake up Catherine!

  14. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Austin Fitts,fascinating.
    The most fascinating thing in all of this was Mr trump’s repugnance of the human waste that is our society,70% of youth unfit(physically,intellectually and morally) for selection,just how much waste do we want that we sit and allow our society to trash what could be very able people?From my point as an employer,yes most people are able some very able,but the betrayal by our education system,particularly here in the UK,is beyond belief.Just depressingly sad.
    Even graduates in particular fields,yes even STEM,have life times of waste here in the UK.I can remember being in a seminar of about a hundred technical students being lectured to by representatives of British Telecoms when it was a monopoly here in the UK(1974) and the representative being dismissive of hyper link technology which their own labs had invented in the 1960s.One of those students in the audience said how desperate he was to escape this backwardness ,he fled to San Francisco with a ,in his words,”a first from a crappy poly”,where he had the sense to establish a database technology company which was then bought out for a lot of dosh.Another student who remained here in his own high tech world has been impoverished all his working life and now old age,yet his work,whilst dismissed,actually works as his demonstrations have shown,what a waste.
    Lets hope that the next generational technology wastes less humans everywhere,although the greed of the elite would suggest otherwise.

    • Clare Doll

      Maria das Santos, what are the remaining 30% to be selected for? What better definition of waste than the war are they being selected for? I say thanks but no thanks. I think being unfit for that selection is just fine. More power to the 70% unselectables!

      • William Stanley

        Clare: Let me get this right: you think mental and physical disability, drug addiction, and moral turpitude are “just fine”?

        • Clare Doll

          You take Catherine at her word. I do not. I do not think that that number is correct. And even if it is, what is it that these people are really suffering from? You think it is so terrible that these people cannot seem to get a handle on their lives. The addiction, the disability are symptoms only. Maybe it is the purpose their lives will take if they get rid of their symptoms that makes them miserable. Maybe they don’t want the predetermination that is a part of being the “selected.” You missed a very important point, that being that being selected to go to war may might just pose the worse outcome of all!

          • William Stanley

            Is that you, Jennifer? Why the name change?

      • Russ

        Politics aside, it’s a sad statement on today’s youth. The Marine Corp has always had fairly high standards for volunteering (the young men and women joining the Marines are volunteers). What this says is that 70% are unqualified to volunteer to join the USMC. Time past the issue was being a high school graduate; these days is issue is that, plus drugs and physical fitness. Sad.

  15. H. Craig Bradley


    I think we should round-up all the Liberals and Secular Progressives and make them a special offer: A free space trip to Mars to colonize the Red Planet. Sounds like made in Heaven for Lefties, doesn’t it ?

    The “Internment Camps” of the future probably won’t be the old style penal colonies such as Devil’s Island or Australia, but instead Outer Space. That is one reason why the “Elites” spend so much of their time ( and your money) stargazing. So, forget about FEMA Camps and instead look into the Heavens. One of those bright spots in the night sky may be your new home once the elites decide who stays and who goes.

    • Paul ...

      Craig … it may be a lot cheaper to just put “the few hundred good people” on Earth on another planet (and leave the other 9.1 billion evil people right here on Earth to stew in a world of their own making i.e. GMO food, fluoride water, chem-trail air and microwaves) the way God the Father planned … when he said he would provide a “new home” for all his (good) people!

      • Robert

        Who gets to decide who those few hundred chosen are? Don’t you think most people would claim to be a great candidate?

  16. Jerry

    And then there’s the rotting corpse called Deutsche Bank.

    I’m sure JMILLER will fact check this information, but doesn’t 7800 lawsuits sound unsustainable for a financial institution That’s trying to eek out a meger existence?

    • JMiller

      In part 8 of the article it says Deutsche Bank is juggling billions in derivatives. We wished it was just billions or even trillions but unfortunately the notional amount of derivatives that Deutsche Bank is “juggling” is in the tens of trillions.

      • Jerry

        Sorry but you’re splitting hairs this time. What does Wall Street Investment Banker mean to you?

        • Jerry

          Wrong post. See below.

        • JMiller

          Splitting hairs? Sorry but you are wrong. Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. is not the Federal Reserve. There is more than just a slight difference between the two. This is why you have very little credibility with most of your posts and predictions. You make too many stupid mistakes and a lot of times are unwilling to admit to them even when it is clear.

  17. This sceptred Isle

    (This is Greg Hunter I have deleted this comment. I am tired of the anti-Jewish/Israel perspective and constant comments that have nothing to do with the interviews here. If you want o keep posting this sort of thing go to some other site and Jew Hate all you want. OH, did I tell you the UK is not under tyrannical leadership the is NOT JEWISH? I am not going to post another Zionist or anti-Jew/Israel comment. Got it?

  18. Jerry

    I can’t say whether this is true or not

    BUT from everything I’m hearing, the global economic system is about to super nova. July will be the pivotal month. You have the second quarter financials coming in, higher interest rates kicking in, and the beginning rounds of a tariff war with China. Is just me or does it seem odd to slap a tariff on a country that holds trillions of dollars of our debt, and loaned us close to 3 trillion dollars in 2008?

    • john

      Yep – a black swan moment – no doubt.

      • Jerry

        According to Congressman Nunez it starts Wednesday.

        The deep state is getting more desperate by the minute. Missiles launched at Air Force One didn’t work. False Flag attacks on Hawaii didn’t work. The Russian investigation went nowhere. Unless I missed my guess, when the DOJ documents finally come out Wednesday , you’re going to see the deep state launch an all out attack on President Trump. Who knows what form it will take? But if KAF is right, the deep state already has their money safely tucked away, so a global banking collapse would not be out of the question. Cyber attack, or a grid down situation would be the most likely method. My sources tell me they are seeing portable U.N. Cell towers be set up all over the Midwest so I am leaning toward a grid down senareo. In either case when the gloves do come off we probably won’t see it.

        • William Stanley

          Jerry: A friend and I had lunch today at a hole in the wall restaurant today. The place is often frequented by National Guard personnel who work at a Fusion Center (designed to “fuse” local law enforcement and Homeland Security etc.) a couple of miles away.
          Some special ops type guys were in there too — but no insignia, wearing identical downplayed tactical clothing, no open carry pistols, but carrying identical folding tactical knives. I was curious, so I tried to strike up a conversation by asking them what special operations group they were in. They refused to answer except to say that they were “military” and left as soon as possible.
          So there you have it: Homeland Security personnel so secret they won’t admit who they are and — obvious to those who observe such things — not law enforcement or regular military, but operating out of a Fusion Center. I find it creepy.

  19. Da Yooper

    “I’d rather get the $21T back than kill a few people…”


    IF we had the rule of law in America ……..we would get ……BOTH

    • Greg Hunter


    • john

      The 21 T is gone – having been spent between 1998-2015 primarily on war.

      • Paul ...

        We can use the RICO laws to claw it back from “all” the crooks personal bank accounts … Bill Clinton has at least $300 Million dollars (that we know about)!!

  20. Gee

    Dear Mr Hunter
    Thank you for your work which I have followed for many years
    For your information the Internet rumor that Iran threatened to ‘expose those who took bribes’ originated from an uncorroborated tweet by Raman Ghavami, a reporter for the Jerusalem Post. The official he attributed the threat to was a ‘HA Jaberi ‘. There is an Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson Hossein Jaberi Ansari, but no such remarks can be found on his twitter account or in any other articles or interviews.
    The rumor appears to be deliberate misinformation. Of course don’t take my word for it but as a journalist check for yourself.
    Kind regards
    Mr Gee in England

    • Greg Hunter

      I saw the twitter page. Here it is: https://twitter.com/Raman_Ghavami/status/993932711315329025 You are saying this a fake twitter page and account?
      Kind regards,

      • Gee

        No Greg I am not saying that at all
        Raman Ghavami is real but he tweeted something that is completely un corroborated and I suggest untrue
        No one at the Iranian Foreign Ministry tweeted such a thing or made any such comment on Twitter or in any publication
        Mr Ghavami attributes the remarks to a HA Jaberi who does not seem to exist at the Iranian Foreign Ministry. He may have meant to write a similar name Hossein Jaberi Ansari who is an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson. However, Mr Ansari never tweeted or said such a thing
        The tweet which you link to appears to be deliberate misinformation and it is a shame to run with it as if it is true if it isnt.
        Of course don’t take my word for it but as a journalist see if you can corroborate it.
        Kind regards
        Mr Gee

        • Greg Hunter

          Given my sources said 5 (yes five) C-130’s flew into Tehran with pallets of cash the bribe feature of this no signature fraud seems true if you just apply common sense.

  21. STFB

    Catherine Austin Fitts is my favorite of your guests Greg, Thanks

  22. Da Yooper

    OBTW Greg

    Nice rant

    If CAF thinks highly of john kerry ……..hummm not good……

  23. This sceptred Isle

    To anyone that doesn’t think precious metals markets are manipulated:


    • oneno

      Exactly! Limit PM’s to 30% of one’s portfolio as insurance in case there is a Stock Market and or fiat currency reset. This way, keeps all gurus (CAF, MA, CN, JW, AM, …) happy.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Apparently it was the biggest one day short of the market ever. This game is subject to the law of diminishing returns. As the pool of paper gold/silver inflates they must sell paper gold/silver onto the market in ever greater amounts to effect the same result.

        • This sceptred Isle

          sorry biggest weekly short.

        • Paul ...

          TSI … Zero-hedge reported that 260,000 contracts totaling nearly $34 billion were dumped in the paper futures market in a 4 hour period (and they only got gold and silver to drop by about 3%) … one day we are going to see “them” dump ten trillion dollars in the gold and silver paper futures market in the space of one hour and both gold and silver actually rise by 3% … that’s when all the banksters manipulations will stop!!

          • This Sceptred Isle


        • Charles H

          It is a “shell game”. One bank writes the paper; another buys it. They need never stop or limit the insanity of fraud.

    • William Stanley

      TSI: BTFD.
      There is a tide in the affairs of men.
      Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
      Omitted, all the voyage of their life
      Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
      On such a full sea are we now afloat,
      And we must take the current when it serves,
      Or lose our ventures.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Do you think precious metals can be the life raft?

        • William Stanley

          TSI: It’s hard to be self-confident about this given the market manipulation we’ve seen — and the possibility for confiscation or other direct action against the use of PMs in transactions in the future.
          BTW, I sense that I’m older than you, so take that into account. Nevertheless, I’ve got about 20% of my portfolio in the PM sector, including PM mining as well as some vaulted physical and a little “pay the guards” physical. I’ve also gone about 5% into cash in the bank. So I’m just looking to survive, and then only if PMs really pop when the next financial crisis hits and is followed up with high inflation and/or disaster in the bond and equities markets generally. I suspect I should take my own advice, and get more PMs while prices are down a little.

      • Paul ...

        William … the Satanists in charge want to take away our “free will” … for it is the free will within us all that gives us the power to choose between good and evil … if our free will “is bound” … we are like a boat bound in the shallows unable to resist evil … we must take the current freedom of thought and action provides to save our immortal souls … and we will be far more “then a helpless boat upon the sea” in this voyage of life … so we must resist the Satanists who want to take away our freedom to think as we choose … and thus preserve our ability to choose good over evil!!

  24. old bat

    i have seen speculation that trump is trying to get us back on the gold standard?

  25. Hillary

    This is the second interview with Catherine Austin Fitts where I have seen you yell and talk over her. You sound like an over caffeinated Alex Jones. It was embarrassing to watch you disrespect her and she really deserves an apology. I know you are capable of more professional behavior.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is your very first comment and here is my very first answer: Get over it.

      • William Stanley

        It’s obvious that “Mike” and “Hillary” are having an affair down there on the troll farm. “Mike and Hillary sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G”!

        • Charles H


          It is manipulation: the intent to steer one toward one side or another. It the typical Liberal Idiotology – come closer to my stupidity; because I will never come closer to your reason.

    • Jerry

      This isn’t nursery school, and KAF is not a first grader. She’s a former employee of the central bank. You know the ones who throw people off roofs and stage suicides with nail guns? Greg knows what he’s doing. Grow up.

      • JMiller


        Sorry but you are mistaken about Catherine Austin Fitts being a former employee of the central bank meaning the Federal Reserve. She was Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  26. Roger D

    Wow, what an interesting interview. I can just picture all transactions and communications thru a conduit controlled by globalists. I sure wish folks like Catherine Austin Fitts was in the Trump administration.

    • john

      7 billion people on smart phones – sorry not going to happen – you got people out here who can’t balance a checkbook, don’t have $400 cash for emergencies and that doesn’t even address those individuals who want to live off the grid.

      • Roger D

        Approximate 5 billion people already have access to cell phones (more than have access to working toilets). This includes 95% of Americans have cell phones (globalists’ priority #1).

        Think outside the box: Who says that folks will have to buy them? Do you know anyone of government assistance who does not have a cell phone? Do you not think globalists lack the resources and motivation to drop them from planes like leaflets?

        • john

          Knowing how to work them and wanting to use them is the issue – there is a repudiation of connectivity spreading across the globe. People are realizing that you don’t need a smart phone to live and in many cases these devices are annoying to say the least…and expensive to acquire and maintain. In addition, people do not want to be tracked. Yes – many have adopted these devices but many still have not.

  27. swifty656

    And the dems use every waking hour and every ounce of energy to impeach him.

  28. al

    Yeah, it’s time to get angry. This waiting and slooooooooooow clean up process has us all on edge. All in all Catherine is always a treat and Greg hits home hard, not like the mamby pamby lame stream presstitute “media”.

    Awesome as usual Greg

    • Paul ...

      Years ago when people started a revolution … they would run out in the streets and “throw gasoline fire bombs” to overturn their corrupt government [the corrupt government’s response was to put down any decent with tear gas and bullets] … today we “more civilized revolutionary’s” sit at our computer screens or go on You Tube and throw “verbal fire bombs” at the establishment [the corrupt “shadow” government response is to take away out right to free speech]!!

  29. Wayne

    Off with their heads…..
    The courts and Judges are ineffective and co-opted.
    Greed and corrupt laws rule us.

  30. John

    The US financial system is likened to a runaway diesel engine – it keeps sucking in air and fuel until there is a mechanical failure which then causes the engine to seize. Look at rates – they need them to go up in order to stave off a pension fund and insurance company collapse but need them to be low in order to make servicing the debt more manageable. They need to be higher in case we slip into a deeper recession. This is the ultimate squeeze play between 3rd base and home plate. The US dollar needs to be strong to create international currency demand and the instrument for this appears to be manipulation of precious metals to the point where if it continues it will blow up the mining sector. In contrast, we need a weaker dollar for exports. Confounding exports, however, is a brewing trade war primarily with China and that $500 billion dollars per year in lopsided trade with China is not coming home soon or as easily as people think. Again, we see another squeeze play and this is between 2nd and 3rd base. The black swan event will be that infield bunt, that unintentional pop up fly or that attempt to steal second base that really gets the other runners going and thereby exposed to being thrown out in the 9th inning when you are down by three runs and already have two outs against you. Look around and you can see several black swans in the bevy – war, wealth disparity, fraud and corruption, treason, derivatives, a major bank failure, energy being priced in gold/non US currency and probably many more if I had time to think about it further. Look up into the stands from the dugout and you will see many of the fans are heading for their cars to go home as they perceive that the game is already over and they want to be at the exit first. Sorry, playing around in low earth orbit with space technology is not going to help. In addition, when this thing blows up the People will want both their money back AND those responsible in jail – there will be no bye in the next round of the financial game as there was in 07/08 imho.

    • Paul ...

      You know … all these diesel and gasoline engines that have been running for the last one hundred years are consuming the Earth’s precious oxygen supply that we need to breathe and protect us from getting cancer … yet as we chop down the forests and the cancer rate skyrockets we scratch our heads and wonder why Earth’s protective ozone layer is not renewing itself? … it would be obvious to all other intelligent life forms (other then moronic humans) that less oxygen in the air will mean less ozone will be produced by the ultra-violet rays of the Sun … as the ultra-violet rays of the Sun get through they will sterilize all the algae in the oceans shutting down the major source of the oxygen we breathe so now we have to spray our sky’s with aluminum dust to try and protect the algae and save them from extinction … we need to run our cars and trucks using water as our fuel (i.e. break the water into hydrogen and oxygen gas that burns without eating up our oxygen supply) … the evil Satanic oil companies have done enough damage to our planet already!!

    • Russ McMeans

      John; excellent job describing our predicament!

  31. Larry G Carter

    Greg, Thank you for setting Catherine strait about who and what John Kerry really is.
    I am sure she affected by the fact she spent time in the swamp in her other life as a government person. When it comes to fakery and total dishonesty its hard to imagine
    a bigger fake than Kerrry. The truth for all Globalists is an illusionary thing and one
    that they are unwilling to confront. Lies, Lies Lies

  32. Fatima message

    Greg, fantastic interview. Your site informs of some major things going on today.
    Miss Fitts is right on about “Net neutrality and 5G” technology equals control, control, control. As you said in the interview, there is a war going. The war is both spiritual and more and more becoming physical. The forces of evil can only act through the actions of men. Our good Lord has other means to confront this Evil. As was warned at Fatima, this is the final battle between Good and Evil. I know you and your audience are probably growing tired of my harping on this, BUT the tool that our Lord is using now is an action of the star we call the sun. Scientists are growing very alarmed by the approaching Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. As this is the final battle, it will surely lead to events described in Matthew’s gospel chapter 24! Look around: increased volcanic activity everywhere, weather changes everywhere. FEMA warns of Caskadia subduction event, Yellowstone is acting up, water disappearing near the Mississippi River ( and other places around the world ), increased hail storms everywhere. Even orange snow in Europe and Russia. Two feet of snow in the Sahara desert. Crop failures around the world. Follow events reported on YouTube channel “adapt 2030.” So far these are just wake-up events. Believe me, as Miss Fitts says, I am only trying to inform not to frighten. Fear is from Satan! Good people will come together, I hope. Look to the bigger picture. Our Lord is acting now! Be informed. Put on the armor of knowledge.

    Thanks, Greg.

  33. Julia

    Great interview! You summed up my feelings speaking of the Iran deal. I also am absolutely tied of the lies, manipulation, criminality etc. in the Elites, etc. Havent even touched on the Pedos. On 5G I contacted my City government with my concerns. The city official passed the buck real fast to the state. I share the concerns regarding the debasement of the young people. I also am very concerned about the future with this degree of debasement. We are in big trouble.

  34. Country Codger

    I have said it many times, Catherine Austin gives Greg Fitts. CAF was great as always and it was a superb interview.
    Lo Iyrah!

  35. Andre

    Thank you Greg. Good interview.
    I am sure you remember your interview with Karen Hudes the IMF whistleblower.
    She strikes in the core of the problem. Because the problems lies in who controls the world. Who runs the world, controls the money and who controls the money, runs the world.
    She pointed to Jesuits and Vatican!
    But the Bible already foretold all this and it is amazing few people are interested in looking at this.

    Revelation: 174 And the woman (Woman in Bible means church) was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour (Colors of royalty and blood – any one know a church dressing in purple and scarlet colors?), and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: (Very rich church with golden cup fill with apostasy)

    5 And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth. (She claims to be a mother of all other apostate churches and she is the source of abomination of the earth)

    6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration. ( She is drunk with the blood of the saints)

    18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. (That great city that rules over the kings of the earth is Babylon – it is spiritual Babylon that is now, sitting on seven hills – Vatican. Rome is the city os seven hills – check it out).

    We are in the middle of spiritual war and prophecies are coming to pass amazingly fast. Christ is coming soon.

    How they rule the world, watch the video of this man:

    • Fatima message

      You are quite correct. The verses you quote speak of the current “Roman Catholic Church.” What is referred to as the conciliar church after Vatican II. The Church that existed before has been infiltrated by Satan and is in apostasy. This occurred during the Vatican II. There are many prophecies from within the church that speak of the present state of the church and detail what God has in store for it. These prophecies are not nice. Check out what Our Lady spoke of at La Salette in 1846, and what she disclosed to mother Mariana in Quito, Ecuador in the early 17th century describing the church “just after the middle of the twentieth century (as Our Lady of Good Success). Many are sure that the “Third Secret of Fatima” from July 13th, 1917, has not been fully released by the Vatican because it discloses the current dire state of the church and what God will do it and the world as a result. As Fr. Malachi Martin foretold over 20 years ago, the present church is leading nearly a billion Catholics to their doom. The late Fr. Martin had read the secret! He was killed because of this!

      Excellent presentation of this by a Traditional Catholic YouTube channel:
      Please take time to see the big picture, as they say. I feel sure we are in the times spoken of by Our Lord in Matthew chapter 24 == the big picture.

      • Andre

        I am sorry Fatima Message.
        Catholic Church is in apostasy since the very conception of it and makes wars against the true Christian Church from the very beginning. There is no difference between Vatican I and Vatican II.

        Bible tells me that the only names by which we are saved is Jesus Christ. Catholic Church (I grew up Catholic) teaches that you can be saved by merits of saints. Bible tells me that we are saved by Grace and Jesus Christ paid the price for us. Catholic Church teaches that we are saved by our good works and Pope Francis said that Christ didn’t die for us but was killed and cross was a failure.

        Besides, Bible tells me that God only send His messengers (prophets) to His faithful church so all prophets coming from Catholic Church must be false.

        Fatima Message is not from God so please turn to the word of God for your own sake. There is no Queen of Heaven. Bible only mentions her when speaking of apostasy. Deception is the name of the game and Jesus warned us against it. We are now really close to the end.
        All religions have feminine deity except Christianity. This National Cathedral in US. Take a look:

        This man brought me from error to the truth. Check him out. He was a Catholic himself. Great staff:

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Yep it is Roman paganism dressed up to look Christian.

          • This Sceptred Isle

            The Romans used to sacrifice people and animals like the Aztec s did but they disguised it as games and sports.

      • Andre

        Fatima Message

        I looked the video you gave link to. It is pointing error of Catholic Church but it takes you from one error to another. So think for yourself. Study Word of God and make your own decisions. Watch the Bible studies I linked to in previous post.

  36. Tad


    Something else the elite are participating in.

    • Andre


      Thank you for pointing it out. However, it is much more than that. Alternative doctors are attacked by FBI and they are lucky if they stay alive. Google “deaths of alternative doctors”. But often they are accused and prosecuted for Medicare fraud when there was not fraud or opiate prescriptions when no much opiates was prescribed. Typically, the government media complex goes into overdrive mode drugging their names through the mud and bankrupting them. Sheeple do nothing to help but instead pointing their fingers at them.

  37. Tad

    I agree with names, dates, and people’s names re Iran “deal.” Don’t name if Iran is game or whether Jeff Sessions and his unbiased department are that interested.

    Per our last correspondence and your counter-response, which I haven’t read, most of us would like some evidence Iran revived their military nuclear program.

    If so, another clue perhaps of payoffs or fraud. Maybe some Israelis will “inadvertently” be caught by this sting.

    Bet you didn’t know John Kerry has Jewish blood.

    The truth will set us free.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well I don’t have that Tad but the evidence of this being an unsigned fraud is overwhelming. The Israelis had nothing to do with the unsigned deal either.

      • Russ McMeans

        Greg; I suspect that Obama was a closet Muslim. Love for Iran who hates the Jews- and hate for Israel. That he showed in a thousand different ways. Obama also showed his dislike of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. And those two countries have a more reasonable tolerance of Israel. Remember when Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? That shows Obama’s true colors. The guy is a radical globalist, elitist , Marxist Muslim. He stinks of it like a cigarette smoker!

        • Arthur Barnes

          Obama was and is a closet Muslim, no friend of the Jews, or of the working class Joe, he thinks of himself as a enlightened
          intellectual but wouldn’t give out his grades or who paid for his schooling. Obama is not alone, he is surrounded by millions of fellow American haters, glad he is out of the WH,

    • Bill

      TAD, Kerry has Jewish blood?
      He sure doesn’t have any American patriots blood in him!

  38. Ross Herman

    Greg, I must reiterate, there is no space! Do you think that we sent men to the moon in 1969? With quantum computers we can’t land anything on the moon now, in 2018, and someone gives credibility to 6 perfect landings and take-offs from the moon with 1969 computation, absolutely absurd! Please someone contradict me.

    And again with this “20 trillion” in national debt you know a real number is closer to 200 trillion, and almost another 20 trillion, missing from just one department of the federal government, you know other corrupted branches government are not going to be out done. Can you imagine how much money the exchange stablilazation fund is hiding?
    Never a failed US bond offering, I’m sure that is normal?

    And if we cannot have both Clintons head and the money back, I’ll settle for Clontons in prison. My dream is a criminal zoo where we can go look at the Clintons, Bushes, and the Obamas, in orange jump suits and cleaning their own toilets.

    She is correct that people are fools (my words) to finance their own destruction by volunteering to pay taxes, especially with no accountability of any kind.

    Lastly if Catherine thinks that all is needed is for 5 or 10 percent of the people to ask their congress person where the money went she has significantly missjudged our situation.

    • Paul ...

      Ross … With regard to space … are you trying to tell us that when China took over Hollywood they got hold of all the fake NASA moon landing films showing the “US Eagle” landing on the moon … and they simply modified this fake NASA film to show China landing their “Rabbit” on the Moon?? … http://www.businessinsider.com/new-photos-of-the-china-moon-landing-mission-2016-2

      • Paul ...

        I bet you also think the Earth is as flat as a dinner plate … and that we live on the top of the plate … ever wonder who lives on the bottom of the plate? … such a flat Earth doesn’t leave much room for all the Yellowstone magma in-between does it! … just out of curiosity does the light from the Sun ever shine on the bottom of the plate?

        • Paul ...

          Ever wonder why the Earth is flat and the Sun and all the other planets are round?

        • another bill

          Hey PAUL;
          Hate to disagree, but the earth IS flat.
          If it were round and I was driving from LA to NY, it would be uphill all the way to Omaha. From there it would all be down hill, so you could kick it out of gear and coast from Omaha to NY!!!

          • William Stanley

            Good joke, “another bill”! And so adept at mirroring linguistic style and sense of humor!

  39. Tad

    No one should be surprised that space exploration spending almost parallels that spent on defense. So might say their funding is intermingled. Any real difference between NASA and DoD?

    What effect could a colony on Mars or the Moon on average US citizens–I mean, other than higher taxes? Sounds like pet projects for the rich and infamous.

    On a more pedestrian-oriented level, I favor bulldozing hundreds of soon-to-be unproductive residential and commercial developments and re-introduce agriculture.

    • Diane

      I like your being back agriculture, Tad, as long as we ban GMOs, Pesticides and global spraying!

  40. andyb

    Greg: regarding CAF’s comments on space travel. NASA has been working for decades to develop radiation shielding for future space missions. They are close but not there yet. The radiation belts surrounding earth preclude any space travel until the shielding problem is resolved , since exposure to them would almost instantly kill those aboard any space craft. Why then all the talk about Mars and outer space, from Musk to Trump?

  41. Bill

    Catherine Austin Fitts is apparently unaware of the secret space program that pre-existed the creation of NASA, a military agency.

  42. Jonny Brigs

    Greg, heard you on Operation Freedom. From the peoples republic of Ann Arbor here in Warren Michigan north of Detroit. You were on fire! Plus got a lot of insight on what makes you tick and such a courageous reporter, trying to get the mask’s out on 9-11. Driving cross country with out stopping trying to save lives!
    You and Janda make a great team. There’s no two like you guys. Scoop after scoop, after scoop! Hitting hard with the truth! You guys never quit and the people love it. It makes me a believer in the truth, that his truth keeps marching on, and you guys are proof of that factoid!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jonny!

  43. Jonny Brigs

    Battle Hymn Of Our Republic with Lyrics
    Get a load of this, from the mother country, can you believe it!
    His truth is marching on, praise Jah!

    • Paul ...

      The Queen comes out of the closet and leaves the Satanic rituals behind? … the Lord sure works in mysterious ways!

      • Uncle Sam

        Yup Paul and the truth is sometimes stranger then fiction!

        God saved the Queens dad too, the King!
        She lost her dad at such a young age. He’ll be back at the soon end of this wicked age! The sooner the better and our Father will be kickin some butt!
        No butt’s about it! You have his word on it and in it!

  44. mike

    Why do you have to shout down Catherine Austin Fitts every time she’s on your show? This is becoming a pattern and I’m watching your show less and less. Learn how to be a good host, be polite not overbearing! I stopped watching the
    interview after she had to tell you to calm down. Very disappointing Greg, you’re
    a smart man and you can do better then this.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a free site and if you don’t like it, you are free to not watch. I say what I think needs to be said. In a recent interview Catherine said that she “liked Kerry.” Kerry is the one responsible in the US for a rip-off deal nobody signed.

    • William Stanley

      Mike, re: “I’m watching your show less and less.”
      However, you’re commenting more and more. I noticed that you didn’t like what Ms. Fitts had to say either. And now you admit that you didn’t even watch the last half of the show. Seems to me that when someone invites you to dinner, you might at least finish dessert before criticizing your host’s meal.

      • Charles H

        Excellent point, William! But ungrateful people see only mostly themselves. It costs them little to tear others down; and they are never wrong!

  45. Marcus

    Russia Gives up on Trump.
    Putin announces no law in the United States……. Dumping 47 billion worth of paper….. China sell off 7 billion……
    Lawless USA is the deep state and Trump must take them down…….
    follow the Gold heading East.

    • Charles H

      All true.

  46. Phil

    Humans have not future in space because of radiation. Even the water is radioactive.
    OTOH underground cities cost trillions.

  47. Ross Herman

    And Greg, please let me add:
    The 5G “network” is a kill grid!
    Any 5th grader understands what microwaves are good for boiling water and cooking flesh.
    Improved download speeds, like the world is starving for data, just another absurdity.

  48. Uncle Sam

    Who needs the Russians when you have growing allegations of media rigging the Alabama elections

  49. Country Codger

    Good article from Hugo Salinas Price, if you haven’t already read it.


  50. flattop

    GREG A new owner at LA times appears to be a hands on guy, talking about ” Fake news ”
    Are you encouraged about this??

    • Greg Hunter

      Time will tell.

  51. Liberty

    Hi Mr Hunter,

    Thank you for trying to inform the people.

    Does you and/or Catherine Austin Fitts think that those new technologies and this amount of money that might be repaid could save or help to save for the socio economic collapse most expert are speaking about?

    Some experts never speak or take into consideration those new technologies like P Shiff, M Faber, J Williams etc… but would this help us?

    • Greg Hunter

      it’s going to help someone not sure if it is “We the People.”

  52. Paul ...

    You know … once the Korea deal “is signed” it is going to be very unpopular with the warmongering neocons in Washington “who need enemies” … peaceful relations with Korea, Iran, Russia, China, etc. is definitely not good for “business” (continual wars to generate huge “unimaginable profits” for the warmongers) … so right now we must be extra vigilant … and be on guard for a “huge false flag event” by the neocon conspirators “to manufacture a threat” … so as to keep their big national security Deep State government operations well-funded … remember … these neocons were perfectly willing to set off a nuclear bomb in South Carolina a short time back … but it failed because some quick thinking patriots dumped the nuclear bomb in the Atlantic Ocean … the blast was so powerful even under the water that it rocked houses all along America’s northeast coast line!!

    • Paul ...

      A fierce battle is being waged between good and evil here on Earth (it has been going on for a very long time) … Satan did not win his battle with God the Father … and he won’t win it against us humans as well … if we use “the 10 weapons” God the Father provided to us … THE TEN COMMANDMENTS!!

      • Andre

        Agree. Satan was defeated by Jesus Christ on the cross.
        John 19:30 When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, IT IS FINISHED: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost. (He finished the great controversy between Christ and Satan).
        The evil was defeated with good.
        Rom 12:21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

        There is one good, there are different shades of evil.
        Mark 10:18 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.
        We have to be careful who we call good.

        So the battle with evil has been won but it is not our battle. We just need to take side and there is no neutral ground. Unless someone belongs to the world than we have battle between two evils.

        Here is a prayer of Jesus for His church. Starts at verse 11. I just quote two verses:
        John 17:15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.
        16 They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

        Requirements for God’s people: be in the world but not off the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      The beginning of a deal was signed. Un and trump did it on camera.

  53. Lorrie

    Dear Greg,
    I have listened for years and appreciate your honesty however, I was also left feeling unsettled as you ranted at CAF for a second time. Catherine Austin Fitts has sacrificed her career and earnings to help expose the truth and deserves her due respect. The first time was a heated discussion (fine and sometimes necessary) but this time was a scolding (better left for private between friends). We all make mistakes. But CAF was clearly taken aback. You are each a class act and I thank you. The Lord be with us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      You kidding, right? We are the verge of being taken over by some evil global powers robbing up of Trillions of dollars and you are worried about my “rant”? Please watch this video a few times to see how close we got and they are still trying to enslave us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44kW03sfKrI&feature=youtu.be Please watch it a couple of times.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Greg this video was edited and cut out some of Obama’s words. He actually said:

        ‘Those ideals have often been threatened by an older more traditional view of power. This alternative vision argues that ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs”

        I actually fell for this edited video myself and after showing people whom I was trying to convince of a conspiracy, discovered the deception. I was annoyed to say the least as it undermines all over efforts to spread the truth.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, rant on! a b

      • Andre


        No worry. I hear it from my wife every day.

      • Uncle Sam

        With all due respect, once is enough! Barf!

        • Greg Hunter

          You have zero respect otherwise you would not share your “Barf” comment. “Barf” on you.

  54. Russ McMeans

    Since I’m getting back surgery in July and what little income I make now will go to zero; can I have some of that 50 Trillion? I’ll except .01%. I can use it for my wife and I to buy food and pay property taxes to education the poor little immigrant children out here in Calitopia…… (I’ll make a nice donation to USA WATCHDOG too)

    • Paul ...

      “Except” $5 Billion dollars is a lot more then the $1.5 Million the average person would get if $50 Trillion was distributed equally among all American citizens Russ … can you “accept” a more equal share? … I know $1.5 Million is no where near Bill Clinton’s $300 Million but all Clinton’s stolen money will likely be “clawed back” by Trump!!

  55. Bill

    Thanks for what you do. I look forward to all of your posts/interviews.

    I think CAF is naive to think that this lawlessness would not continue or get worse if we only recovered the money and did not pursue fines/incarceration for the perps.

    The FBI is corrupt to the extent that there is no faith in its willingness to uphold the law. If the majority of agents were honest and had integrity, there would have been mass resignations.

    The special interests have totally corrupted the electoral processes, the legislatures, the judiciary and the legal system and are solidly entrenched. I am old enough that I probably won’t see it, but I am losing hope that anything short of armed revolution a la Vince Flynn’s book “Term Limits” can clean out the den of vipers that is Washington DC. Instead I think that our drift toward socialism and eventual collapse is our future.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Bill.

    • K. Wayne

      Corruption, fraud, deceit and lies across the spectrum.
      The Elite have their slaves exactly where they want them.
      CAF is right, a future cashless society, driven through blockchain technology and a global crypto currency. If you don’t participate you lose your key.
      Interesting article written by HSP recently. I would encourage all to read it.

      De-population is a given.

      102 Million out of work. Are these the “forgotten” Americans ?
      With 50TLN missing and no intention of re-building the reserves to support the Pensions…where does this all end? For those out of work or soon to be or on existing pension…..it will be a case of survival based on ones own resources.
      This is synonymous the world over. Mass unemployment, lower GDP, higher global debt. The world cannot breath, its being strangled to death. I suspect only those at the very top will have the ability to design the systems that suit them best. That’s the way its always been.

    • Andre

      I agree. FBI fish is rotten from the head to the very tail. Including local agents which I had displeasure to deal with personally. They are all about advancing their own careers no matter the costs to others. I guess one must be a sociopath to be hired.

  56. Jim Ledyard

    Greg… Catherine Austin Fitts was SPOT ON… Good Call. Did you see this in the news on Monday 6/18?
    ABC News


    Pres. Trump calls for establishment of a “space force as the sixth branch of the armed forces.”

    • K. Wayne

      He wants the USA to “Control” it too….
      The Empire is not dying…its just looking for new territory to occupy.

  57. Tim McGraw

    Great interview. I do think you should let the Iran Deal go, Greg. It’s not good for your blood pressure.
    Yes, the PTB want to get rid of cash and make us all digital serfs.
    But if the Pro Russian War people win we all die.
    Space is definitely the future if we have one.
    I do wish you and Fitts had talked about immigration. Here in Sonoma County, California it is a big issue that no one will talk about. We have a major housing crisis here. Less than 200 homes have been rebuilt since the wildfires last October when thousands of homes were destroyed. The immigration pressure also puts a strain on the housing, schools, and ERs.
    Oh, yeah, I’m on Medicare and no doctor will take me on as a patient. I have to use the ER. And the ER is crowded with Mexicans and other immigrants.
    Well, I’m curious to see how it all turns out. Will the financial crisis come first? Or the nukes? Or will society be overwhelmed with that 70% of Americans who can’t even qualify for the Marines?
    Thanks for the interview.

  58. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, It is amazing just how many Trump haters are alive and well out there. Liberal Congress & many Republicans as well are bashing his cracking down on the illegals and enforcing the laws on the books; outrageous. It is clear to me that this so-called two party system is nothing more now but one monster with two heads. People, vote them out! Trump!

    • DaDiz

      Yes Arthur, that is the most rapid route to repairing US problems.
      Write-in or vote independent.

    • Roger D

      Our voting system is just as corrupt as Washington. Two parties, same evil. Honestly, can anyone name 3 of 535 in Congress who govern Constitutionally?

      What is it about “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism” that folks don’t get? It is time to man-up and put our skin in the game.

      It won’t be long before there is no left who remembers what we lost.

    • flattop

      Arthur Barnes:
      I believe this coming midterm election will be a landslide for conservatism. The Samanthas, and the Deniros with all their vulger remarks the constant attack by the msm on our President does not sit well with those of us in middle America who still have some values. I believe that will be evident this November at the ballot box.

  59. coalburner

    So Peter and TSI; What you say means EU will all controlled by Islamic Law. Good Luck with that! Lets see………, Islam likes Gold, and lots of dead people and sex slaves. Hummm! Yes and no more Christianity! Send the Pope a boat if you can buy one from Soros.

  60. coalburner

    History says the thieves will spend the money, reinvest in other thievery deals. Some will go under, new ones will replace them. The money goes around and around. We have to get on front of some of that money to get it back. Watched NATGEO tonight about the sunken treasure ships. Several points stuck me. They said that sunken treasure is what helped finish off the East India Company. I say their thievery was so good that the lose was no factor to the company only to individual smugglers like the ones who went down with their Emeralds on the “Atochia” and others ships. The big thieves, King George and the owners of the E India Company safely collected from the ships that made it to their next port with little personal risk. The company died because it stunk so badly they have to find new vehicles to satisfy their greed. They moved on to new easy pickings as always. That is where our money is going. What is on the moon and Mars that is s special? Besides learning to travel there or to other planetary systems! They want a controlled world to work toward that goal for them. The only problem is they are dealing with people. I believe they have underestimated their replacement population in Europe. Who needs them when you have AI!

  61. oneno

    How does the US implement its Space Force, when the US rely on Russian rockets and when they are confined to the region inside the Van-Allen radiation belts?

    If the US has technology to get into space without inertial rockets, then the US taxpayer needs to know about this technology…

  62. oneno

    Greg, “5 C130’s with pallets of cash fr Iran”

    Questions to ask:
    1. Why 5 C130’s and not 2000 C130’s with pallets of USD cash?

    2. Could this cash have been the confiscated assets held in the US when Iran deposed the Shah that now was asked to be returned for Iran to be a silent partner in the “hand-shake” (“no-signature”) deal? The elite like to do things without libility and that means they prefer to operate with other elites quietly!

    3. Many of the “enablers” (Kerry, Clinton, …) got a chunk of that money.

    4. Why is no one calling for the return of that money? It was after-all created at the FED and exchanged with the Treasury for BONDS to which US Taxpayers are liable. So why is there no outcry? Could it be that that 500 or so billion USD was actualy Iranian money seized by the US held inside the US when the Shah was deposed on 16-JAN-1979?

  63. Tim McGraw

    Once the powers that be killed JFK, his brother RFK and MLK Jr…. it was over for the USA.
    I wonder why God let that happen if the USA was such an exceptional nation?

    It’s over, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what they want you to think. Never give up and never stop praying. It’s NOT over by a long shot you just live in California.

      • Tim McGraw

        Hi Greg,
        Thanks for your reply. I hope your right. But you are right about California going mad.
        My biggest worry is all the nuclear weapons on the planet. Only 6% of them would have to be used to kill us all.
        Maybe you are right about JC showing up again to save us from our nuked planet. I’m not so sure.
        Well, we do our best every day and yes, I do pray every day. I pray for peace, prosperity, and LIBERTY!

        • Greg Hunter

          Christ is real. His existence can be scientifically sourced along with his miracles, death and resurrection. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. “Fear Not” Hang on to Christ and do not let go!!! and He won’t let go of you!!!

          • Liberty

            Reading your comment is great and help us to continue to fight . Hope you are right .
            Like in one of your interview with Dave Janda, when he told you ” Greg people like you might save life also because of what you are doing by informing people to prepare might save life” This is all to your honor and I respect you for what you are trying to do.
            By the way, your reaction with CAF was 100% normal. By your reaction we can see that the situation is disturbing and immoral .

            I would like to have some opinion on how long this reset could affect your life. This reset could last for how long.
            Best Regards
            Thank you

            • Greg Hunter

              Some will be wiped out for a generation some will thrive if positioned correctly. Quite sim ply do what the rich are doing and they are owning real stuff.

          • Tim McGraw

            HI Greg, I believe in Jesus Christ. He was the Genius who taught us how to fight the Devil. He taught us the way to a good life.
            Maybe He will return.
            I do observe that the human civilization with its thin veneer is teetering. IMO if a new cheap energy source insn’t found soon to replace oil and natural gas…..we are doomed.

            • Greg Hunter

              There is no “maybe”.

              • Tim McGraw

                Greg, the Bible was written by men, not God. The whole conversation with Nicodemus and the Book of Revelation was an overreach, imo, by the Church to make itself more powerful.
                God isn’t bound by words in a book.

  64. Jerry

    All troll remarks aside Greg, it looks like we are in the beginning stages of a full global economic collapse.

    Three is no way this can be turned around by the central bankers without a reset. The question is when will they pull the trigger? It appears to me that President Trump is laying down the ground rules with his import tariffs on China. July 7th is the date that has been set for when they will take effect. I look for full retaliation by the Chinese with a treasury selloff. This could be the scapegoat they’ve been looking for.

  65. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, our borders are broken, the Republicans are in step with the Democrats about not fixing anything, vote them out folks, get rid of the cancer in D.C. & the Governors who
    reject border security. Demand the wall to be built. Enough already!

    On another front, Donna Brazil on Fox News? Isn’t she the one who give the questions to Hillary before one of debates with Trump in 2016? If I remember right, her and the narrator Lester Holt tag teamed him two on one.

    So many RHINO’s, so little time.

  66. flattop

    GREG: Being 80 years, i have seen the jet airplane, the rocket and so much mre come into existance. So i watch in amazement as our society surges ahead with something called AI. Space travel has always been a struggle for man because of our human frailities. With the advancement of AI, going to mars or some other place in our universe will now be more easily accomplished. I am amazed at the wisdom and knowledge our God has given to man, and look forward to our future.

  67. Diane

    USD is up.
    How much higher can it go?
    Not good.

  68. shawn cramer

    Boy she really nailed that one! Trump calling for a immediate formation of a space corps just days after the interview. Well done!

  69. GeoAZ

    I would love to hear from any of your guests what they think the impact will be (and how bad) to the dollar when the “printed” money comes home to roost. We know that there are trillions out there that haven’t seen the light of day. So what happens when it comes to light. I know there have been predictions of gold to 10K and silver t0 600+. Has anyone done an analysis on what all this unseen money will have?

  70. zTeve.0

    one thing you can say about john kerry, he’s no Dennis Rodman

  71. Arvind

    Hi Greg,
    It always baffles me when I keep hearing how the American taxpayer is getting screwed by the government. To me, it appears that is only half the truth. I think the American government is screwing the whole world by issuing debt (and dollars) that they cannot possibly pay back. They have already monitised a huge portion of this debt through inflation, which really is indirect taxation on the whole world, the dollar being a global currency. I would like to see you bounce that off some of your speakers and hear their feedback.
    Also, would love to hear an interview which is real estate specific both for Canada and US as that is the largest asset most people hold. The economy is projected to turn down and you missed out interviewing on real estate. You have focused quite a bit on gold. I think Martin Armstrong’s timing might be on the money gold.
    Thanks for a wonderful job.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not just the U.S. but everybody else in the world too.

  72. Hairy Herry

    Why can’t Trump’s Space Force clean up all the space junk left behind? This Harry Guy is willing to wager a pretty sum that this won’t happen. I need to make $$ from this mega grab so I want to put the Space Sanford & Sons in place. How do I get paid? A funding checkoff program from companies wanting to launch more future space junk. If it works for cattle and pigs, it can work for space!

  73. Scott Williamson

    Greg, very difficult to follow any interview where the host continuously interrupts the guest. You offer a great show/program and since it is yours it is your decision to conduct it as you please. I know you are here because you wish to present well analyzed news but speaking for myself and I suspect others, two people speaking over each other is impossible to follow and thus to listen to.

    • Greg Hunter

      Then, the information is worth exactly what you paid for it.

  74. Michael Russo

    Greg – Not sure if this is real but it needs to be looked at…
    28-page DOJ filing:

    ‘Report on evidence of felonies violating Civil Rights, and bribery by foreign agents, implicating United States Special Counsel Robert S Mueller III as a criminally-tainted agent of foreign & racketeering interests’

    Here is the PDF Download…

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