Epstein Case Could Shake Global Confidence – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Legendary geopolitical and financial analyst Martin Armstrong says America’s economy is like being “the prettiest ugly sister in the family” of nations. So, if the U.S. economy is so good, why the rush to cut interest rates? Armstrong explains, “It’s really the world economy which is in serious trouble. You really have to look closely and pay attention to the words (Fed Head) Powell said. The economy is strong, unemployment is fine. Why would you cut interest rates when the stock market is making record highs? Powell said basically because it was things happening outside the country. The Fed, as I have said before, has become the central bank for the world. . . . This is the problem, and Europe is a complete basket case. They don’t get it, and they keep trying to hold onto their power and punish anyone who disagrees with them. . . . Why is the U.S. economy so good? Why is the Dow at a record high? China is in trouble. Europe is in trouble. Japan is a basket case. The capital is coming here.”

Back in February, Armstrong pointed out in an interview on USAWatchdog.com, “Gold has been rallying right along with the U.S. stock market. This is what I’ve said all along. Eventually, towards the end, they have to align. Why? Because at that stage of the game, it’s us against government. So, tangible assets rise.”

Armstrong says gold catching a bid well above $1,400 per ounce is the beginning of people losing faith in governments around the world. Armstrong says, “What makes gold go up? That’s when the confidence in government declines, and we are no talking about just the gold bugs. We are talking about the average person on the street. They have to reach that point where they question what is going on in government. We are getting close to that. Gallup put out, and I put it on our blog, that 35% of Americans now say that government is the number one problem. When we reach about 45%, things are going to get a lot hairier. . . . When gold is not on a gold standard, and it’s a commodity like everything else, then basically gold goes up against the currency and so does the stock market. So, you have the stock market at highs, and you have gold that caught a bid.”

On the U.S., dollar Armstrong says, “The U.S. wants a lower dollar, and the dollar is being pushed higher. People don’t get this. They say, ‘oh, the dollar has got to crash.’ If the dollar crashes, Trump is having a great day on trade and etcetera. You take the dollar up, and that is what puts pressure on world trade. . . . If the dollar goes down, they are licking their lips and say this is fantastic because they will sell more stuff. When the dollar goes up, that is when you start getting trade friction . . . . The dollar going up is the only thing that is going to break the system. A lower dollar is not going to break it. It is only going to prolong it.”

On Jeffery Epstein and his criminal sexual spider web of underage girls and the global elites, Armstrong says, “It’s an issue of confidence. Could it contribute to the confidence and the faith in government? Yes. It depends on what these prosecutors want to do. Are they going to try to implicate President Clinton with it, or are they just going to try to hush it up as they usually do? You have the Deep State, and it’s really, really deep, and people don’t realize how bad this stuff is. . . . If you start taking down more and more political leaders, then you are going to start to undermine the confidence in the establishment. That’s what our computers have been showing.”
Armstrong says, “Look for inflation to pick up starting in 2020.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned economic and political cycle analyst Martin Armstrong.

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After the Interview:

There is much free information and articles on ArmstrongEconomics.com. You can sign up for his conference in Orlando, Florida, October 25 and 26. Click here to sign up. (Scroll down past the Rome conference that happened in May.)

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  1. paul ...

    Armstrong talks about “a lack of confidence in the government” driving the US dollar down … a blackout of NYC should make for reducing confidence in government … and for showing how crypto currency is useless without power … but of course this blackout was simply a complete accident … “that occurred on the exact anniversary of the 1977 Blackout”?? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-13/manhattan-goes-dark-major-power-outage-hits-nyc-anniversary-1977-great-blackout

    • paul ...

      As Armstrong says: “If you want to start taking down more and more political leaders, then you are going to need to start undermining the confidence in the establishment and that’s what our computers have been showing” (until they went down in NYC)!!

      • paul ...

        Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the all the bad politicians and pedophile child rapists and murderers are being rounded up by Trump right now in this blackout that shut down all the elites security systems … well, I can dream can’t I !!!

        • paul ...

          Guess things just happen “by accident” … exactly 42 years ago (July 14, 1977) NYC went black … then on July 14, 2019 NYC went black (apparently caused by a transformer fire at 54th Street and West End Avenue) … has anyone thought to ask “Con” Edison why they were running “the entire city on one transformer” at 54th Street and West End Avenue??

          • Jasper

            Pretty much 5 times Armstrong’s 8.6 yea
            Year. Cycle.

          • K. Wayne

            Elements of denial in his comments ….
            ….” look closely and pay attention to the words (Fed Head) Powell said. The economy is strong, unemployment is fine….”
            The US economy is NOT fine – it is stagnating at best. The FED lies incessantly. The “Official” Unemployment numbers are FAKE. The FED talk… about cutting rates…. is inconsistent with a booming economy. What it is…. is simply a confidence game. Retail, Trucking, Rail, Housing are not in good shape. Those number aren’t FAKE. The only thing keeping the economy moving is DEBT…ore more precisely money creation…..aka printing money out of thin air. The Stock Market is not dissimilar to outright counterfeiting (Which is what the FED does) …it is just another mechanism to increase the value of financial assets which are debt based.

            Regarding the system “A lower dollar is not going to break it. It is only going to prolong it.”
            Debt will break the system. The USD is a DEBT instrument. Debasing a fiat currency – destroys a currency. Eventually it becomes worthless. That’s what the price of Gold tells us. That is what the Government and the FED is so concerned about. Back to basics Mr Armstrong.
            You have a way of convoluting a very straight forward topic.
            I don’t accept what the wizards of Finance espouse…especially when they don’t know what they are doing. I certainly don’t accept anyone who blatantly follows their agenda (verbatim) either. Too many contradictions in Armstrong’s opinions. Not credible IMHO.

          • Frederick

            Check out what Dr Steve Piecenik has to say on youtube Paul and who murdered Issac Kappy ?

      • uncommon sense

        It is always interesting to listen to Martin Armstrong as he has been more correct that a lot of pundits, especially concerning the direction of the Dow.
        However, I wold respect him more if he owned his mistakes and moved forward like David Morgan. I question the integrity of someone that always brags about how they are correct but ignores their past miscalls.

        I also find his attitude that everybody else is always wrong and he is the only person that can analyse a situation correctly irritating.
        He states that ‘goldbugs’ all believe that gold will go up in an environment where all other financial assets will collapse. Many gold advocates have pointed out that stock markets often go vertical during financial systemic breakdowns such as in Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Weimar etc.

        I would have been interested to hear what Martin Armstrong believes will happen on the other side of a debt reset if this event is only one or two years away. He was notably silent on that.

        Anyway, as always a thought provoking guest.

        • uncommon sense

          Sorry if I offended H. Craig Bradley by criticising his hero 🙂

          • Diane

            Who is your hero, Un?
            I dare not guess.

            • uncommon sense

              Jimmy Carter

              • William Stanley

                uncommon sense:
                BTW, IMO, your prose tends to be the best on this site.
                But “Jimmy Carter”? You’ve got me worrying about you again.
                Here, take a look at this Gurkha kukri and imagine the damage you could do with THAT in SHTF. Sneak it into work in your briefcase and show it to your friends, especially the women. Let them feel the sharpness of the edge. Slice some paper. At a minimum, all of them will start suffering from knife envy . . . And they’ll tend to forget your views regarding Jimmy Carter.

              • Frederick

                Jimmy Carter is a fine man but he was a weak president

          • William Stanley

            uncommon sense:
            However, that’s just my opinion.

        • Matties

          Well for sure inflation will set in from food prices going sky high. But what happened to the black horses.

          • paul ...

            Matties … as Armstrong says … “global cooling” will freeze the ground 2 feet deep … resulting in food becoming more expensive … so prepare for a food inflation cycle … and according to Armstrong gold is currently showing signs of breaking out and will peak in 2023-24 … he says the Fed’s interest rate of 2 to 3 percent “is a fake number” (the real interest rate is what you pay on your charge cards) … which makes perfect sense because as John Williams correctly says the true inflation rate is 10% and thus the banksters need to charge more then 10% to make a profit, etc., etc. … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oiUUaQInAo

        • H. Craig Bradley

          Martin can be a bit vague about specific hard predictions, as he knows the inherent unreliability of mere opinions. If you want his economic and market forecasts, from Socrates, you must first subscribe and pay for it.

    • Rob

      Please be assured that nothing is an “accident” for “TPTB” such as the NSA, the BIS, the IMF, the FED, and all their central banks conveniently positioned in every country of the world have been playing by the same playbook for a very long time and will use “facebook” to condition the masses into end game that Father is controlling from the top down:


      The world is nothing more than a proving grounds for establishing who and who does not belong in the book:


      • paul ...

        Perhaps the Father made sure evil 66.6 year old Epstein ran into a lot of flak this year … and also made sure he did not achieve his goal of $666 million dollars and 66.6 million in cash!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-15/jeffrey-epstein-declares-hes-worth-559-million

        • paul ...

          This is the proof that there is “divine punishment” for evil doers (even if they don’t believe in Hell)!! … some may say “Hell” … they could live just fine with $559 million … but the absolutely “divine part” of Epstein’s punishment comes when Trump claws back “all Epstein’s illegally earned money” and leaves him with 66.6 cents!!

  2. Frederick

    They can’t admit QE doesn’t work Money printing is their game and they can’t lose that golden goose can they Martin has a throat issue

    • AndrewB


      QE – fiat currency printing – enables the owners of central banks to buy things of REAL value for . . . . nothing!

      When they create fiat currency, they create more debt – since all fiat currency is debt. [Just look at any fiat currency in your wallet and you’ll see the words, “Bank of ………. promises to pay the bearer on demand the sum of …….”. The British pound sterling was so called because, back in the day, you could exchange your pound note for one pound weight of ‘sterling’ silver. (‘Sterling’ denoting a level of purity)]

      Worldwide debt has now reached unsupportable levels, the public is waking up – witness, popularists winning elections – and TPTB are scrambling to acquire the wealth of the world (by printing ever more fiat currency) before the SHTF.

      • paul ...

        You know … if the NYC blackout wasn’t enough warning about the dangers of owning crypto that gets locked up when the power fails … it is just a matter of time when Governments will eventually realize they just can’t “pay us” to borrow their negative -yielding debt … very soon this deflationary process will need to be replaced by an inflationary period (that Armstrong says will begin in Jan 2020) … so you crypto addicts better look at the following correlation between crypto and negative-yielding debt … and start thinking about what will happen to crypto prices as global aggregate negative-yielding debt begins to fall … https://www.zerohedge.com/s3/files/inline-images/bfmE118.jpg?itok=MdOJlQT1

    • Jack

      Yes Martin is a fence sitter since he is making a comfortable living out of the owners of the current system. No mention of the huge unethical debt that is growing exponentially and cannot be repaid. Cycles mean nothing in a system that never had so much debt or so much intervention by this totalitarian banking cartel. There are no free markets ,just currency manipulations.

      • paul ...

        Fence sitter??? … Martin Armstrong is on the cutting edge of “exposing the fakers” in the Deep State and the corrupt banking system … he tells us Trump (who can’t be bribed) is making the hard decisions to restore America “back morality” … as only under Trump have top pedophiles like Wienstein, Epstein and others gone down … only under Trump has the “fake news media” been taken to the woodshed before the public … but Google is still “scrubbing” all ties between Clinton and Epstein (and these fakers are trying to link Trump to Epstein instead) … anyone who owns Google stock are supporting Traitors to our Nation!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k-2JM3Kpo0

        • Jack

          I see no attacks by Armstrong on money being created as debt by the banking system. Therefore, how is he wanting to change this corrupt system ? Perhaps Trump wanted change initially but I doubt his resolve in the face of realising how corrupt the whole system has become. Would you risk the life of your family for a very possible no result ?

    • uncommon sense

      licorice tea is good for sore throats.

      • regaleagle

        I wonder if it is weather-induced by the Deep State over there in Europe as well??? Didn’t mention any of that stuff either. Didn’t mention much of anything to be honest……except that all is upside down due to politics……something we all knew already. Sounded to me like he was very careful in choosing his explanations in this interview……just got that feeling……but maybe that’s just me.

        • paul ...

          I thought Armstrong was very explicit … stating that Mario Draghi screwed up Europe … seems he will be leaving on Nov. 1, 2019 and will be replaced by another screw up (Christine-Lagarde)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-16/christine-lagarde-resign-imf-tuesday

          • K.Wayne

            Observation #1: Ex-Bankers seem to always get the plumb jobs. I guess they are always educated to embrace the mantra – Money is Power and the little guy needs to be squashed.

            Observation #2: These Banksters have an innate tendency to express themselves ambiguously (intentionally).

            Observation #3: They are master counterfeiters….whether by use of Fractional Banking or Usury or simply pressing the print button on the electronic digit money machine called a computer.

            Observation #4: They all belong to the same cult – devoted to Satanism.

            Observation #5: A new head of a CB does not imply reform. Simply put, they will continue to eschew any modicum of sense, morality or justice.

  3. Brian Marsh

    You continue to improve your interviewing style. Really enjoyed this, thanks!

  4. Frederick

    Martin said that their manipulation has failed Yeah failed the little guy but sure has failed the wealthy and the insiders that’s for sure Seems to me they have been pretty successful with their manipulation thus far This Epstein “honeypot” debacle should destroy any faith people had left in government in the US anyway

  5. Derek Sinclair

    Peter Schiff’s message is far more coherent than Armstrong’s.

    • Randy Best

      I tend to agree with you. I think Armstrong is still part of the “system”.

      • paul ...

        Yeah … that’s why the Deep State “falsely locked Armstrong up” (for telling the truth with his economic models) … they locked him up and charged him “with the crime of damaging their system” by releasing the truth with his economic models … Armstrong had to fight his case all the way up to the Supreme Court “to get justice” because he was not part of the system … where the lower courts in the US are “just a bunch of bribe taking corrupt individuals (or blackmailed individuals) under the complete control of the Deep State”!!

    • Ray

      I agree Derek……when I am looking for clear and coherent commentary on the world economy, I put Peter Schiff first…..daylight second, third and fourth.
      Best wishes to you and all the Watchdoggers enjoying their Summer (freezing here in Canberra!!!)
      Ray, Canberra, Sleeping Imbecilic Celebrity Obsessed Mortgage Debt Slave Nation.

      • Anthony Australia

        Great to see you back Ray

        • William Stanley


  6. JC

    Greg, always a pleasure to listen to you and Mr. Armstrong. He really has the “big picture” perspective and it really makes one think.
    The only thing is that when you asked him what should the common person being doing, he didn’t seem to answer the question directly. Also in past interviews, it was the same somewhat vague response.
    Basically I guess his recommendation is to avoid government bonds (especially European), put money in the stock market, and also gold, but wait until there is a correction.

    Do you agree?

    He had a recent post on his sight which perhaps explains a little better, the question of trust and confidence. If you don’t trust the banks and government where do you go?

    “There comes times like in 2009 where capital no longer trusts the banks, governments, and is just looking to get its money back intact. This is when they will buy blue-chip shares without expectation of future profits and cash flow, but the preservation of capital. So while many see the share markets as totally disconnected, perhaps they need to look at the other side of the equation — who do you trust? ”


    • Frederick

      Greg is altering my comments to his liking That’s very disappointing as I thought USAWatchdog was all about free speech I already know his response It’s very overused lately

      • Greg Hunter

        No I am not.

        • Frederick

          Well if you say you are not then you are not I have every reason to trust your word My apologies Greg

      • William Stanley

        I wish he would correct my obvious errors . . . like putting periods at the end of sentences when I forget to

        • William Stanley

          I, forget, is “to” a preposition as I have used it? Not all of my mistakes are are things that I am familiar with

          • William Stanley

            Should I have used a period after the work “forget”?
            (And did the spell checker not know that I meant “word,” and not “work”? And exactly where do periods and question marks go when using them near quotation marks. I know that either the English or the Americans are “wrong” about where commas go. (In my opinion, the English). I’m not so sure about question marks. Can sentences start with the word “and”? Ellipses are pretty difficult as well (or should I have said “too” (or is it “to,” or “two”?). And where does/do the closing parenthesis/parentheses) go?

            • iwitness02

              It’s all Greek, to me? In this second guessing, free, for, all. And you, know!
              Oh! wait; are we talking Harvard commas, or: regular commas.

              • William Stanley

                I’ll have to look that one up. Pretty soon I’ll have grammar fright to go with my mic fright. 73s.

                • William Stanley

                  I guess I tend to go without the Harvard comma unless the last item is compound.

                  • iwitness02

                    Roger that

          • uncommon sense

            William, although you addressed the question to Frederick please allow me to add my two-pence worth. You typed:

            “like putting periods at the end of sentences when I forget to”.

            Although “to” can be used as a preposition my guess is that you have used it as a split infinitive i.e. “to put”.
            So to illustrate the point you could rephrase your sentence as:

            “like periods at the end of sentences when I forget to PUT THEM”.

            • uncommon sense

              So in your original sentence you finished with “to” because “to put them” was implied by the context of the full sentence, in which you had already used the word “putting”.
              Does that make sense or am I rambling?

              • William Stanley

                Makes sense to me. However, you really should put that period inside the quote mark as a true American would.

              • paul ...

                Anyone wonder why I use … to separate my thoughts? … it does away with all the rules that tend to break up long thoughts … when running on … allows the full thought to proceed to conclusion!!

                • K.Wayne

                  :-: e !_ !_ O, ????

  7. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    This is the most enjoyable interview you have had with Martin over the journey.
    It will be very dangerous tunes when the elite are backed into a corner.
    These are the most vile, unrepentant and shallow people on the planet.
    Wait for a reaction and it will not be pleasant.
    Jim Rickards will be in Australia soon, I hope that more of your guests could get down here for some seminars.

  8. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,

    Martin Armstrong is a very convincing character and, in the main, appears to be ‘on the same page’ as the majority of your audience (I include myself). This would make him a perfect shill. I’m not saying for certain that he is, just that, in general, for a con to succeed, the mark has to believe the conman. So, when MA says he was asked to ‘vet’ former Presidential candidates for suitability for office, I ask myself, asked by whom?

    Anyone who acknowledges the ‘Deep State”, understands that candidates for President of the US (including candidates for leadership positions of most western-aligned ‘democratic’ countries) are pre-selected by the ‘elites’. (Trump may be an exception since he captured the Republican nomination away from Jeb Bush et al on a tsunami of popular support). In any event, if you accept that the ‘elites’ pick who we serfs are able to vote for, you have to suspect that MA is on the inside of the deep state as the self-proclaimed go-to person for Presidential candidate ‘vetting’.

    Hopefully, the above has caused a modicum of doubt to creep in. So – let’s consider Martin Armstrong’s thoughts on gold. Frankly speaking, anyone who discusses the price of gold without any reference to MASSIVE naked gold shorting by TPTB is not worth listening to. It’s akin to an elephant literally being in your living room – think about that for a second – and no one mentioning it when you invite friends to visit! MA also fails to mention Basel III and significant purchases of gold by central banks which are NOT Russian or Chinese.

    Just saying . . . .

    • Pete

      Hello. I think Martin is a super bright guy. That being said, I think he has changed his tune quite a bit about gold . I believe he talked about $3000 gold. I wonder if it has anything to do with pressure from those that put him in jail as to not talk up gold. Just a thought as they pretty much do whatever they like. He also said the Euro would collapse like 20 years ago lol. Bottom line is that government defaults are coming via inflation or reduction in benefits regardless. The only thing you can do is to diversify and try to survive and take care of family and friends. Even if gold goes to $10000 or more they will probably just put a windfall tax on it anyway. Sorry to be so negative but the shit is getting very close to the fan. Good luck to all

  9. Peter

    His timeline chimes with Jim Sinclair and Bill Holters, around 2021. And yet he’s reluctant to recommend Gold and Silver for the average working man or woman. In fact he almost chokes on the word ‘Gold’

    • OutLookingIn

      “chokes on the word ‘Gold'”
      Correct Peter.

      It depends upon which side of his “coin” that Armstrong wants to show you.
      He is at best, duplicitous.
      During his long incarceration in a bad prison, he gained a champion and defender in Jim Sinclair. Who published his prison authored articles and spear headed a movement to gather legal funding for him, all the while pushing for his release.
      When Armstrong was finally released from prison, he turned on Jim Sinclair and attacked him with vehement hostility. Especially Jim’s belief and lifelong, core held outlook about gold.
      Talk about being duplicitous! Biting the hand that helps you! It was quite surprising to everyone at the time, but I think more so to Jim Sinclair. Since that time, I take everything Armstrong utters with a very large grain of salt.

      • Randy Best

        Martin is always very interesting tot listen to but it still appears his is tied into the worthless system we still have. Although he correctly states that gold is a hedge against government, he does not go after the fraudulent system we have been under with the banksters.

        • Frederick

          Hopefully Martin isn’t listed in Epstein’s Little Black book

      • Donald

        “I take everything Armstrong utters with a very large grain of salt.”

        That is a safe position with everyone. MA’s commentary had some useful insights – particularly the mess Europe is in. As for this system continuing on as long as he thinks, I fully doubt it. There is now a very strong chorus favoring a bubble popping extravaganza in the near future. How well gold and silver will do I have no idea. In this case, Jim Sinclair is probably more informed than MA. Few if any realize the strength of where JS’s comments on gold are coming from, not even MA. Once you do, it should cause you some concern. JS’s comments on gold are not an opinion but reflect more of a greater plan by many. Time will tell. Just remember, there are many black swans circling above, and in a moments notice, one will come in for a landing. Its inevitable. And when it does, everything changes and changes very quickly….

      • nick

        hye outlookin in thats something i didnt know and i always always took what armstrong says with a grain of salt
        i personally never trusted the man and not because he was in jail but something just doesnt sit right with me about him and now when you told me about sinclair and his actions towards him, now i know why
        thanks for the info i didnt know
        have a great evening

        • OutLookingIn

          Nick –
          Being fore warned is being fore armed.

    • AJ

      he has been saying the same thing for years …

      it is always in the long terms and will start in the next couple of years …

      at some point these next couple of years is NOW and thats when armstrong will be wrong … so far so good because the price has been successfully controlled.

      he is definitely an outsider trying to chime in stealing whatever he can … back when Wall street was illiterate he was lucky being a computer expert … now Wall street has tens of thousands of computer guys .. so all he got is stories from the past …just sayin’

      • paul ...

        Outlookingin, Randy, Donald,Nick and AJ … Armstrong is not pushing gold very hard right now “because his economic model is forecasting inflation will not begin seriously picking up until January 2020 … although he says gold has begun to break above resistance levels … he still feels it can have setbacks “until January 2020” … and then gold will be off to the races and rise until peaking in 2023 to 2024 … I know Stan gets all excited if gold drops a few points … but we who have a longer time horizon … will simply continue to buy gold (and silver) on the dips over the next few months right up to 2020 when gold will finally blast off “according to Armstrong’s economic models”!!!

        • OutLookingIn

          paul …

          To each their own.

  10. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Mr Armstrong is a bit tricky to pin down but a great interview nonetheless.

  11. Marie Joy

    Use gold and silver to pay your taxes.

    My local Stop and Shop manager said he would accept gold and silver for payment, for groceries, after the SHTF.

    • paul ...

      Good work Marie … we all should begin asking the same question to all food store managers across the Nation!!

    • Justn Observer

      IF- he has any … Credit will likely dictate his purchase to stock his shelves as will the delivery of them, and the very planting and harvest of them if there is one.

    • Montana Guy

      Marie Joy, thinking in terms of payment with gold and silver is awesome. But specifically which governments will accept them for payment of taxes?

      Stop & Shop is Big Corporate. Local managers have no authority to make that statement. If the SHTF there will likely be little fuel available for trucks, planes and farm equipment. If the grid goes down refrigeration would be lost. How would Stop & Shop be able to offer food?

      The key is self-reliance and thinking locally. There exists today areas where local people grow vegetables and raise cattle etc. and will accept gold and silver. They will also barter. If you don’t live in such an area NOW is the time to build that self-reliance.

      • paul ...

        As you say Montana … the key is self-reliance “and thinking locally” … but it does not necessarily mean owning a farm … years ago my grandfather (who lived right in the heart of New York City) kept his own flock of pigeons on the roof top of his eight story tenement apartment building … he would fly his flock every day to capture additional stray pigeons … he told me they tasted just like chicken … and he would cook a few up (in the tomato sauce pot) and have it along with some pasta on Sunday for dinner!!

        • paul ...

          If finding food for your goats is too difficult … simply plant rooftop gardens of grass, wheat, etc. and let them out on the roof to graze!!

  12. uncommon sense

    Greg, teaching is a very important job. A good teacher can set a child up for a life of success and positive contributions towards society. A bad teacher can do the opposite.

    • Montana Guy

      That is exactly why families here homeschool.

  13. al

    Armstrong looks good. He had some skin issues before but he took care of them, good to see. He knows these economic monsters better than anyone and from what I gather from the interview, they have no clue what they are doing.
    I would love to make the conference but the price of admission is a bit over my budget.

    He made a great analysis on the Deep State. Dumbdumb Bush and obummer basically grew the Deep State because they were children, not leaders. They needed to be told what to do, and like children they did it without question.
    Now we have a leader in the White House reversing all that. BRILLIANT!

    BITCOIN PEOPLE? I have to ask, “what Bitcoin people?”. Armstrong does not have a clue about decentralized open source architecture. There are no Bitcoin people. It’s an algorithm running on the net. Many disparate and very capable programmers contribute to the project. There’s no people to call. There’s no head of Bitcoin unlike Suckerberg’s “libra-coin” (as in liberty????) coin which is very centralized. Bitcoin has no head, no leader, no committee, It’s an algo running on the net.
    I suggest Armstrong speak to Andres Antonopolous to get a good idea of what the next wave of currency is made of.

    Greg, I would love for you to get Andres Antonopolous on. He speaks in simple terms but is a true crypto analyst and the go-to interviewee when it comes to Bitcoin.

    Thanks again Greg for your diligence soon to take over the “news” network of the ENEMY MEDIA.

    • Bradley

      Al…takes people a while to change thinking. I am a fence rider on the crypto’s and never jumped in yet. I was watching them when Bitcoin was at 200 dollars. Watching and watching. I am a PM guy but I finally decided to learn more and just received Andreas M. Antonopoulos’s 2 books, “The Internet of Money” and “The Internet of Money Vol. 2” after I heard him speak on a video off the net. I was very impressed. So I second that Greg should attempt to set up an interview with this man. It will prove to be a great one I am sure.

    • jake

      Agreed!! Andres Antonopolous would be an amazing guest.

      • al

        Bradley, Jake, Thank you.
        I have and hold PM for almost 2 decades and I will not part with it, I just like to diversify. Bitcoin has a proven track record and the technology is in line with PM. Litecoin the same.
        Who would have known that Gold would still be below $1,500 by mid 2019? By now it should have been $7,500+.
        Cryptos are crazy, but so is this economy.

        Greg, please take note. Andres Antonopolous would be an awesome guest because he is for limited government and free markets.

    • foggygoggles

      After years of listening to Max Keiser beat the drums for BTC, I dipped my toe in a couple of years ago before the big run up. I also bought a few other alt-coins. Despite this, I still can’t shake the nagging fear that the NSA/CIA might be the originator(s). There’s a 1996 white paper authored by the NSA entitled, “How to Make a Mint: The Cryptography of Anonymous Electric Cash”. Here’s a link: https://groups.csail.mit.edu/mac/classes/6.805/articles/money/nsamint/nsamint.htm
      I agree, Andreas Antonopolous would be an EXCELLENT guest here. He is as knowledgeable as anyone regarding bitcoin, and has the capacity to explain things in a way that the average person can understand. Greg, if/when you do have him on, please ask him his opinion on the 1996 NSA whitepaper. Thanks, and thanks for all you do.

      • paul ...

        Foggy … using a credit card for purchases is just as good as using bitcoin … in fact it is even better (because you don’t need to put up $10,000 dollars in cash to buy a bitcoin in order to buy something) you simply charge it … as for the privacy features of untraceability and anonymity you supposedly get with crypto … this is simply “an illusion” … we live in an age of quantum computers and NSA spy agencies with extremely powerful secret data collection techniques!!

        • paul ...

          Actually … you could put up $10,000 dollars to buy a bitcoin and when you want to use it … it may only be worth $6,000 dollars … you never have this problem with a credit card!!

        • foggygoggles

          At this point ,BTC is primarily a store of value which, like fiat, can disappear with a keystroke. As with anything, timing is everything. Early adopters are now billionaires. You’ll never get rich using a credit card, unless you’re using it to buy something which can appreciate in value. Couldn’t agree more, privacy is an illusion. Orwell was prescient.

    • paul ...

      Fifteen minutes of sunshine “each day” at noon will clear up all skin issues … it’s the “Sun” of God that does this miracle healing (because ultra-violet light converts cholesterol in the skin into massive amounts of vitamin D in the body) … and Armstrong looks “well tanned” … for people with prostate problems … you should also bathe in the Sun (and avoid using UV lotions if you want to be healed) all it takes is 15 minutes of intense UV sunlight at noon … but don’t stay any longer or the Sun will begin to burn your skin … you are looking for healing (not burning)!!

    • Bob

      I’ve heard of Andres Antonopolous. He’s one of the top bitcoin people.

  14. paul ...

    You know … I can’t help seeing what God gave me eyes to see … but shouldn’t people being hired and paid to work for foreign governments and/or criminal/terrorist organizations … in order to manipulate the “Government of the American people” for the benefit of these foreign interests “be called Traitors” (instead of Lobbyists)?? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-13/warring-libyan-factions-build-armies-foreign-agents-washington

    • paul ...

      And as for the recent Gallup poll that says 35% of Americans now say that “government is the number one problem” … it seems Trump is succeeding in “opening the eyes” of the American people … even before becoming … President Trump was teaching Americans to open their eyes to the huge problems Mexico was creating for American families and their children (stealing our jobs and drugging our children) … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36qhTfCWdiw … today even the common people of Mexico are taking up arms against the criminals and drug cartel embedded in their Nation … as Americans “open their eyes” they can become just as courageous … they’ll begin to fight for their jobs, fight for the “wall” and begin eliminating all the drug Lords and Launderers (like the banksters right here in our Nation) as the drug Kings in Mexico, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world) !!

      • paul ...

        err: “as well as” the drug Kings in Mexico, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world!!

    • al

      Bradley, Jake, Thank you.
      I have and hold PM for almost 2 decades and I will not part with it, I just like to diversify. Bitcoin has a proven track record and the technology is in line with PM. Litecoin the same.
      Who would have known that Gold would still be below $1,500 by mid 2019? By now it should have been $7,500+.
      Cryptos are crazy, but so is this economy.

      Greg, please take note. Andres Antonopolous would be an awesome guest because he is for limited government and free markets.

  15. John


    Great interview and he did a good job on explaining his position on why capital is flowing to the US. In addition, he made some good points in countering the rather one dimensional view of the “gold bugs”. I would stress that the problem we face is far more complex than any individual can wrap their head around due to the variables involved. Consider a rather simplistic view of a an equation that could represent risk of collapse – ROC.

    ROC= Dv + Db + PE + IR + Au + Ag + Wr + Ed + E + D + Go – where:

    Dv = derivatives
    Db = debt – (corporate, government, credit cards, student loans, housing and cars)
    PE – price to Earning ratios
    IR = rates
    Au – gold price
    Ag = silver price
    Wr = war/conflict
    Ed = environmental disaster
    E = energy
    D = deficits
    Go = future government obligations

    Obviously there are many more variables that can be recognized. The one variable that should have everyone worried is “IR” – rates. Keep IR low and the dollar is devalued which helps US trade, makes servicing debts easier, contains a derivative collapse, encourages a higher stock market but it also increases the debt,destroys pension funds and ceases to attract capital into the fixed markets which are bigger than the equity markets. It may help the gold price but at the current rates I would have thought that gold would be higher than it currently resides. We already saw what happens when rates rise in regards to the stock market. Dv becomes more of an issue in a rising rate environment – there are trillions of dollars in derivatives that are linked to rates. If you thought housing back in 2008 was an event – wait to you see what this one does to the banks! Folks, the world is trapped on both sides – fix your house, fix your cars, get out of debt, get small and get some gold – confidence will be at an all time low when the next bank failure erupts. I agree with armstrong – gold is a confidence play – perhaps “gold bugs” just have less confidence and are early to the game.

  16. David Lamb

    Very pleasant way to start Sunday morning: food for thought from Martin Armstrong without the usual side of gloom and doom. A well done interview, thanks! I was left wondering how Europe will be able to extricate itself from its current difficulties. My impression from the interview was that the Euro politicians have things locked down so tightly that only a complete meltdown and/or reset will do the trick. Would be very interested in hearing others’ views on this subject. Do you have any future guests in mind to discuss the economic and political future of Europe? It seems important. Once again, thanks for your work.

  17. gannfan

    From May 2018

    Once the ECB is forced to stop, those rates are going to jump to 10% instantaneously.

    On gold, Armstrong sees the yellow metal “fighting a stronger dollar” but predicts it will have its day sometime after 2020 to 2021.

  18. GrayEagle48

    Thank God for President Trump. President Trump isn’t making America great again, He’s making America even greater than ever before. Catch up with me on YouTube,

  19. paul ...

    The Georgia Guidestones plans for significant population reduction almost became reality with that 7.1 earthquake in California recently … a death toll of tens of millions of people could have been accomplished if the neocons had just built their Diablo Canyon nuclear reactor on the right fault line … they are probably shaking their heads and saying “damn” as they could have killed millions in Los Angeles putting them under a radioactive cloud … not counting all the collateral damage they could have achieved by radiating a major US food supply region and destroying California’s ecological support systems along with the economy of the United States … the neocons must plan their nuclear sites “more carefully” … choosing only the fault lines “that are most likely to slip” to build their nuclear reactors on … especially if they plan to keep to schedule “exterminating most of the human race” … of course building those reactors at Fukushima (now radiating humanities fish food supply in the Pacific) worked out very well … but as for California not all is lost … they still have two cracked, embrittled, under-maintained, unregulated, uninsured, and un-inspected atomic reactors near San Luis Obispo that can seethe radioactive ruin down on humanity … but the damn fault line they built their nuclear reactor on “needs to slip” as they planned!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-13/quake-make-los-angeles-radioactive-dead-zone

    • Montana Guy

      Paul, globalists have stated that they plan to de-populate rural areas. They want access to the rich natural resources of course. They want these pristine areas for their private enjoyment. We probably both agree that globalists are evil. However, why in the world would they want to nuke and pollute these areas for generations (THEIR progeny) to come?

      • paul ...

        Because they are crazy!!

    • Eugene Roberts

      You are a complete idiot with your remarks about the California earthquakes and reactors. That 7.1 was nothing compared to the 1994 Northridge quake just like hurricane Barry was a bunch of over hype. I bet you haven’t ever been in an earthquake where things actually fall off of shelves.

      • paul ...

        Eugene … With earthquakes getting more numerous … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-15/number-global-earthquakes-3-times-above-normal … and the following nuclear power plants near fault lines Diablo Canyon, Calif.; San Onofre, Calif.; Sequoyah, Tenn.; H.B. Robinson, SC.; Watts Bar, Tenn.; Virgil C. Summer, SC.; Vogtle, GA.; Indian Point, NY.; Oconee, SC.; and Seabrook, NH … a large earthquake can result that will present some very significant engineering challenges … 23 US plants are presently using Mark 1 (boiling water reactors) the same technology which was involved in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan … “an engineering nightmare” that is currently destroying the entire Pacific Ocean … so what genius’s (with marginal IQ’s) built eight nuclear power plants right along the fault lines in the highly seismically active California coastline? … and are they protected from Tsunami’s??

      • Mark Maples

        I grew up in California. The strongest earthquake i experienced was the 1989 Bay Bridge World Series (Loma Prieta?)

        i was 23 years old, a rabid Oakland A’s fan. I was in a sports bar in a town east of Oakland (Dublin, CA)

        I remember one in school in i believe 1979, but this one in 89 was different. When it started everyone was laughing and yelling, then the intensity picked up, and everyone got a look like “uh oh, this is different”

        Anyway, i think that earthquake was in the 7s on the richter scale, and lasted maybe 40 seconds.

        My parents were living in Anchorage Alaska when the 1964 earthquake hit. I had not been born, but it was magnitudes stronger than any California earthquake over the last 100plus years, and according to my mother, lasted around 5 minutes.

        Mom has always claimed that all of the ‘”earthquake proof modern building” talk is just that, talk. She claims that if the 1964 Alaska quake ever hit San Francisco or the LA basin at the same intensity and duration as she experienced in 1964, the loss of life and property damage would be of biblical proportions

        Just thought i would share that in response to your post

  20. Stan

    My timing model is pointing to a huge Gold crash this week. I urge you to sell your Gold Monday morning.

    • Randy Best

      Does this mean you have no confidence in Bo Poleny?

    • paul ...

      Stan … you have to get one thing straight in your mind … you are not talking to “traders here” who are playing for an $80 dollar move (either up or down) … you are talking to “long term investors” who are looking for upward moves of many thousands of dollars!!

      • Frederick

        Trying to reason with a troll is not a very productive way to spend your time Paul
        By the way Stan it’s Monday AM and gold is up a few bucks at 1415

      • Jerry

        Don’t waste your time. Let Stan play with his tinker toys. Don’t you know Deutsche Bank is going to save the world? That’s why 18,000 employees were shown the door. Geez.

        • nick

          you guys are soo funny but stan makes me laugh even more
          poor feller

      • paul ...

        Stan … Do you believe “only” Bitcoin can move from $1400 to $20,000 dollars? … gold has broken out from a massive saucer base formed over the last six-years … http://tocqueville.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2Q19gold1.png … and the recent breakout in gold has left most investors on the sidelines (flat footed with no exposure at all) … or like you Stan caught either wrong-footed (short) … or actually adding to your short position!!

        • Stan

          Gold can never achieve the gains of Bitcoin – its market cap is way too big. The easiest path for Gold prices is down.

        • paul ...

          Stan … hope you are being truthful with us … I’m looking at the silver chart and it sure seems like “you are selling gold” to buy silver! … https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

    • nick

      lmao stan stan stan
      your a real character sir lol

    • Diane

      Bank Run: Deutsche Bank Clients Are Pulling $1 Billion A Day

    • Frank D2

      Hey Stan,

      Look at DB chart to Lehman Brothers. See any coincidence in the CRASH???

      And you are still touting this? Wow. What planet are you living on?

    • Jerry

      Really Stan?

      What do you say about this? Stan you remind me of a diaper. You’re always on my butt, and you’re full of ****.

    • D70inilm


      Can DB survive a bank run currently at one BILLION smackers a DAY?

      Methinks no.


    • Frederick

      Gold is rallying presently ( Thursday) at 1435 presently STANLEY

  21. jon webly

    Martin Armstrong has a good track record of logic. I have followed him before he went to Prison. During his prison term and after. At first after he left prison he did appear gun shy and a little tainted with his analysis and rightly understandable. But since then his analysis has redeemed itself multi fold. Great interview, this advice should be taken seriously.

  22. Da Yooper


    Why would anyone trust suckerBERG with their money ? Look at how he bans & blocks people on facebook because he does not agree with their politics Soooooo you are going to trust him with your MONEY ????? No F’n way ……Anyone who does deserves whatever they get scammed out of. Stupid will be painful if you deal with him.

    • nick

      so true and its not even a true crypto since its completely centralized
      poor stupid sheep will get taken to the cleaners

    • Frederick

      I know I wouldn’t yooper

  23. iwitness02

    This interview is a bit more encouraging. If the dollar were to be sliced in half, that would be a financial knockout blow. (for many) Sounds like we could have a little more time if foreign capital coming into the U. S. is pushing the dollar up. I would love to have a little more time, and would love to see Trump in office another four years. On the other hand, I would love to see people stop believing in career politicians and their political spin and lies. I’m surprised that the people have been so slow on the uptake, concerning politics, and politicians. Nevertheless, I would be grateful for a little more time. There is still so much to learn and do, to get to where I would like to be. (I’m ready, but there is more that I could do) For me, this was a very interesting interview. Left me feeling more hopeful, than I felt upon hearing the dollar could be soon cut in half. Wasn’t ready for that, but thought, oh boy, here it comes. Sometimes it seems like the sooner the better, but really, a little more time would be gratefully received. At least as far as political and economic collapse, and possible war and or anarchy sets in on the world. When the rubber meets the road, I want new tires. (I want to have accrued every possible advantage that I can obtain)

  24. Joe Lalonde


    I can see the internet having a great crash as well…
    There must be a massive amount of pressure built on the aging servers that more and more compressed data is exerted on them. Add in bitcoin, SWIFT system, banking trading, smart everything, smart meters, military, Artificial intelligence, smart phones, movie streaming, and now 5G…
    Gets you thinking that something is going to plug up or totally break the system

  25. David

    Your best interview of the year by far !
    Maybe the sharpest pencil in the box.

    • Clare Doll

      This interview is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like the interview Greg just conducted with Jim Sinclair and Holter (can we agree to disagree) and I apologize also for finally congratulating an absolutely superb job of interviewing, Greg. The more I listen to THAT interview (and I plan to go over it again) the more creeped out I am — the relatives have been waiting generations to clean up — O…M…G!!!!!

      • K.Wayne

        ….”the relatives have been waiting generations to clean up” …
        Good catch CD. 😉

  26. Dale

    Greg I would love to see the battle royal a 3 hour interview with numerous guests. ARMSTRONG VS THE TAG TEAM OF HOLTER/SINCLAIR.
    What an all star line up. Lay down the gauntlet and let the debates begin. Who wouldn’t want to see this kind of debate. The battle of the billionaires this scrap could be SPROTT VS BUFFET and SALINAS PRICE VS J. ROGERS. With more matches to follow. You are the reporter and truth diviner now let’s rumble.

    • Greg Hunter

      You would be making me the Don King of the internet.

      • Arrowflinger

        That would beat being the Don Quixote of Georgia. After 7 years my head still hurts. The oligarchy stands unrepentant, unprincipled, and pretty much unyielding. In our Political Economy of Lootery, who needs old fashioned audit trails like Catherine Austin Fitts gives us?

        Dale makes a very important point and that is that we more closely devine the Truth by hearing divergent sides of any issue and picking out the commonalities.

  27. Theta Lion

    Well, Epstein and hedge funds…..here’s another disaster moving relentlessly forward with the help of the “financial community”. We’re finally seeing the “H” word appear in an author’s commentary on the spread of RF Radiation.

    “In our opinion, the 5G rollout is an irresponsible experiment with potential holocaust-like consequences in the long term. Neither the US nor China have ever felt obliged to follow UNESCO’s Precautionary Principle to avoid “morally unacceptable harm” when the science is plausible but still uncertain. In the case of 5G, the harm to human life is conclusive, and in the view of Dr. Lennart Hardel, an oncology professor at University Hospital in Orebro, Sweden, it may be in violation of the Nuremberg Code.”
    A Slow Death by 5G Wireless Technology
    Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD
    Progressive Radio Network, July 9, 2019

    Here’s some industry people with an initiative, worth, IMHO, “paypaling”…..

    And here’s a national event everyone can participate in…..July 27

    Keep up the good fight.

  28. Orlando

    Mr. Armstrong is one of my favorites to stay in touch with the world economy.
    Wish we had more politicians with his expertise. Excellent interview!
    Thank you!

  29. jake


    No one puts it together like Luke Gromen. Basically the government funds itself via taxes & treasury sales. Treasuries purchased by other countries and central banks dried up in 2014, they are buying gold instead. They know the debt will never be paid back, or if it is at a greatly devalued dollar. The US has a funding problem. The Fed has to lower rates since in the very near future they will have to print 100 to 300 billion a MONTH to keep our government running.


    “Please have some empathy for Fed Chairman Powell: If you were about to cut rates effectively in order to finance US government deficits (but weren’t allowed to say so), you’d probably have a hard time explaining why it was necessary to cut rates too.”


  30. Bill B

    I would disagree with Mr Armstrong on one point
    The more of the Epstein bunch our government jails, the more confidence I gain in them.
    Were that bunch to get off with a light sentence, THEN I will have a loss of confidence. Since it shows the deep state is still in charge.

  31. Justn Observer

    Greg, A sober and more measured view with Martin Armstrong…nice to see people than can think thru banking and finance problems most do not even understand enough to ponder on , let along apply to cyclical historic reoccurrences as Nenner does also.
    Most people react to what they see or hear, and have little historical reference via dumbing down or self-inflicted lack of curiosity.
    Too, like today most dependent on the propaganda machine, MSM, and we know what that is doing -eh?
    So that leaves us with searching out truth and landing on sources such as here at watchdog.
    So, if one considers that ‘they’ might be aware of the global cooling (not warming) and they want the borders open to move as many people from the temperate zones beyond the latitudes 20 N and 20 S… which are having increased extreme weather events and polar vortes disruption causing excessive heating and cooling, droughts and flooding = higher energy, food, damages, and now shortages…then ‘their’ meme = Georgia Guidestone = depopulation might be in fact realized…and with it many pensions, social security, and life insurance payment (acts of god clause) will ever have to be paid. I believe in the shorter run….food might be the gold and silver of the decade. You don’t have to outrun the bear just others… too , a lot of people buying up land in Central/ and N. South America as I have posted quite some time back. As for the current stories of the frantic run for oil/NG pipelines and the push for smaller remote nuclear plants (away from the flood zones and ocean shore lines) might they foresee a need for more independent local energy production and transmission? When you see the sea of solar panel fields and their vulnerability to hail storms and turbines to strong wind/hurricane events…underground -high ground – nuclear for some areas might be interesting resources to rely on … then too, didn’t Dick Cheney want Wyoming to buy a used aircraft carrier? Maybe a floating nuclear plant with hydroponics and de-salinization for his ‘elite’ crew to laze around the doldrums latitudes away from the extremes? LOL What is true, What is a ruse…as you say Greg, the truth it is not far off and we shall soon know…the truth – good or bad – will set us free from the illusions, the lies, and speculative living all seem to be trapped in. Yes, we know not the time – but have been warned to be ready as you forgot to mention the first time I ever remember, to be prepared mental, physically and spiritually!

  32. James Brown

    Greg, James Brown here. Thank you for the interview with Martin Armstrong. Great job. Marty is my favorite. My other favorite is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. So…….when will you interview Dr. Paul again????!!!!! Hey, I love you man!!! Keep on rockin BABY!!!

    • Andy

      Do you feel good?

  33. B Scrocca

    Never owns up to all his Arm wrong calls. Question on his computer. If he is entering bogus data that the govt provides her can hide computer predict anything right?

  34. Coalburner

    Dear Greg; He had me laughing when he talked about all the idiots running or trying to run the world. Electric car to charge when the windmills are loafing etc. Something I love to tell the idiots in the USA and they do not listen. I will keep my petrol burner.

  35. Huge fan of USAW


    Wow! You have had some awesome guests and interviews lately! Thank you so much! It is interesting–if not confusing–to compare Armstrong’s analysis with what we heard earlier from Sinclair. I am speaking directly about their understanding and anticipation about the future value of the dollar. I think we are in for a very interesting few years.

    Thanks too for your Christian witness Greg, ultimately this is the only thing that matters.
    God bless you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Fan”!!

  36. dave

    when you asked him about gold you could see him physically squirm. and he tried 2 times to avoid answering. great job on your part in not letting him off the hook. he finally admitted that in 2020 gold will take off. if he believes gold will take off in 2020 why would he not gladly tell the little guy this instead of looking like he was getting a root canal. i’ve followed this guy for years and i just don’t trust him. great interview greg. you would not be denied

  37. jack

    that’s because as a condition of his release, Armstrong agreed NEVER to pump GOLD and never the trash the dollar. he contradicts himself several times if you listen closely. he says a currency debasement nor interest rates has NEVER had any effect on gold. REALLY,? go ask the average guy in Argentina who held gold instead of pesos in the recent currency crash , there are plenty of these examples . he goes on to say that the stock market and gold trade together , that might be true until all confidence is lost , and nobody wants to own anything paper. the fact is that China, Russia and India along with Poland and everyone else are buying all the gold they can get , with negative interest rates and the Chinese and Russians dumping bonds gold is gonna stat bid for a long time.

    • Frederick

      Jack That was my thought exactly He cannot be truthful regarding gold or will find himself afoul of the PTB

  38. Anthony Australia

    Gold: The Unfortunate Final Refuge

    by Frank Giustra
    July 09, 2019


    • K. Wayne

      Thanks AA. 😉

  39. John M.

    I have no trust in any government, especially the criminals who have been running the American asylum for decades (particularly Bush 1 to B.H.O.). Pres. Trump and his allies may be the exception. I’m hoping he does good things, but I’m used to disappointment.
    The strength of the US Dollar is an illusion. If the Dollar is the prettiest of the ugly sisters, then I would prefer abstinence — not to marry or embrace any of them. Those paper “dolls” all suck and perform badly, and the US dollar may still prove to be the most disenchanting and revolting in the history of world-wide beauty contests. We shall soon see.
    The alleged beauty of the US Dollar is all based on pumped-up exaggerations and lies.
    Note: Our Dollar does not represent the greatness of most of the American people, nor our magnificent Constitutional protections that are being methodically chipped away by traitors and socialists.
    Confidence, like beauty, is always fleeting. Paper money, like children, are always corrupted and abused by those powerful swines of the world. (No offence to wonderful American hogs and pork.)

    • Montana Guy

      John, you and I are on the same page. The only clarification (and you may well agree) is the virtually all governments, including the US are run by the banking elites.

      They are ‘the house’. You ‘can’t beat the house’. They benefit from every calamity (natural or man-made). War is their oldest tool of choice. All wars are bankers’ wars. The US enjoyed a brief period of liberty but that was lost after the Civil War. America was re-enslaved by debt. Their greatest coup took place on Jekyll Island in 1913. They could print money out of thin air. You can’t beat the house, but it can be taken down. Ready yet?

  40. Stan

    I love shorting Gold

    • K. Wayne

      ….More like covering your short positions…..AT A LOSS !!!

    • Frederick

      But we all know you are a troll so we do the opposite of what you say Stan But it is amusing to read your nonsensical posts everyday I must admit

    • paul ...

      Stan … You won’t be loving it from Jan 2020 to Jan 2024 (according to Armstrong)!!

    • nick

      your making me laugh so hard im almost brying here
      the people who reply to you are almost as good as you are
      i cant stop laughing

      • K.Wayne

        Don’t worry about Stan, he’s been in denial for 10 years as he watched DB stock peak ….then fall over a cliff. He’s still seated on that fateful train. He’s become so attached that all the BS has completely covered all the windows and other exits. He has no escape and will suffocate in his own misguided verbiage.
        It’s unfortunate, but in the vernacular ….he is just collateral damage.

  41. Agent P

    “If you start taking down more and more political leaders, then you are going to start to undermine the confidence in the establishment. That’s what our computers have been showing.”

    That is the same outcome the computer which sits atop my neck has been telling me since (at least) the Savior was elected the first time in 2008. And quite certain my grey-matter computer isn’t the only one out there who ‘saw’ the same thing…
    All I can tell you is this: If in fact this all does come down in a fiery heap – with Madame Secretary, the Eye of Sauron at the the very top, it won’t be by the hand of man…

    • susan

      Agent P, are you Gina?

      • Frederick

        Gina ? No Gina isn’t religious rather a communist Clinton loving fool

  42. Jeffersonian

    All you Armstrong haters–put your biases and your comments on his physical appearance and health on the back burner. He’s been correct on quite a few things.

    1. He has consistently called for a higher stock market-spot on
    2. Stated dollar would be strongest fiat currency==correct
    3. Physical metals not the play yet–correct
    4.Recognozes that the deep state controls the president ,congress, and everything else including you whether you know it or not–gmos,g-5, fake media, geoengineering etc
    5. EU is irreparably corrupt and falling apart fast–undeniable. The Sweden I grew up in no longer resembles its heritage.
    6. Bitcoin safe haven for Chinese yuan and its wealthy
    7. He stated Trump should win 2020 if economy holds till then–solid prediction

    Personally, I would like to sit down and have a beer with him, Paul Craig Roberts, Craig Martenson and Catherine-Austin Fitts. Wouldn’t that be a blast? My head would probably explode.

  43. tim mcgraw

    Thank you for having Martin Armstrong on your show. He is a very wise man who isn’t afraid to tell the truth. And he’s right. Government is made up of fools and once folks lose confidence in the government, it’s over. The fiat currency collapses. I saw it happen in Brazil.
    Personally, I no longer consent to the county, state, or federal government. I live in California. It probably has the worst government since Stalin’s. The government goons and fools may force me to pay them money at gunpoint, but I do NOT consent to their authority.

  44. Anthony Australia

    I wanted to also thank you Greg for asking questions that will impact the ‘little guy, person on the street’, this is most helpful.
    Generally I see that the MSM only worry about interests of the ‘big fish’.
    I am not sure Martin answered the question on this occasion.

    • Frederick

      Tony that’s because the MSM IS the big fish and the people talking are just bought and paid for whores spewing whatever narrative they are told But you already knew that I’m sure This is one reason Greg is becoming so popular He allows for freedom of speech and people yearn for that At least some people anyway I like Lionelnation as well He has been covering this Epstein debacle pretty intensely

    • tim mcgraw

      You are right, AA; Martin did not answer the question about what the little guy is to do in this disastrous situation. I think Martin knows that we are f#$^ed and there is no way out for the little guy. He didn’t want to say it.

  45. Ivan

    Greg, great guest and interviewer . I enjoyed it . thanks

  46. Ivan


  47. Frederick

    Doctor Steve Piecenik has released a ten minute video regarding Epstein and the state of our government involvement Please watch this guy I wish I knew how to attach it to this thread but I don’t
    Greg should try to get him as a guest Would be GREAT

    • William Stanley

      Here it is, and it is very interesting.

    • Diane


    • paul ...

      First let’s be clear where this post concerning Epstein is going … we all know there are good people and bad people in this world … Dr. Steve Piecenik is Jewish (and a very good person) … but their are bad men who just happen to be Jewish (like Epstein) … we also all know Trump is not an anti-Semitic (as he married into the Jewish faith) but it is not stopping Trump from going after “bad pedophile people” who just happen to be Jewish … so let’s be clear this “not an anti-Semitic post” by Doctor Piecenik who is Jewish … we must realize that there are good people and bad people in every race and religion … so here is Doctor Steve Piecenik’s ten minute video regarding Epstein … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6-gUqNPi4I

      • William Stanley

        paul …,
        Dr. Pieczenik (something of a hero to me) was clearly distraught; I feel badly about the pain all of this has caused him. However, his point wasn’t about a single bad person who just happened to be a descendant of Jews.
        Moreover, there is something tragic about an American patriot so anguished — perhaps even suffering from undeserved feelings of shame — for what his enemies have done to all of us . . . including, really, Israel itself.

  48. paul ...

    Russian S400 defensive missiles (which cost half as much as comparable American systems) have begin arriving in Turkey … perhaps forcing the US Military Industrial Complex to seriously think about cutting costs on their military products sold to foreigners … but it likely won’t happen … because they are so used to “inflating the cost of their weapons” the American people have to buy!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-14/margolis-turkey-calls-trumps-bluff … the British Military Industrial Complex is just as bad … they are building ships where crew members on lower decks are walking neck deep in water … so they are railing against Russia who knows how to build weapon systems that work better at lower cost … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-14/38-billion-aircraft-carrier-sprang-leak

    • paul ...

      Here is a six step Idiots Guide on how to destroy America … but before America can be effectively destroyed from within … it is necessary first that it be owned by the criminals by use of bribery and blackmail … because a moral independent freedom loving people are harder to control … so Americans must be ball and chained both economically and politically before taking them down!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-14/idiots-guide-destroying-your-country-six-easy-steps

      • paul ...

        PS … and “chained spiritually” by spreading immorally, pedophilia, and Satan worship out of their perverted sex infected Hollywood studios!!

  49. neville

    By comparison to what we got from martin armstrong ,which I thought was just about total codswollop !!!! Anthony Australia’s terse comment about going to the article entitled Gold: The Unfortunate Final Refuge IS ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON.
    Greg you have a lot of fantastic guests and unfortunately martin armstrong doesn’t make the cut !!!

    by Frank Giustra
    July 09, 2019


  50. Andy

    You can absolutely buy groceries from Whole Foods with crypto. Amazon prime is coming.

  51. WD

    I can’t imagine what is in Epstein’s “little” Black book…..can you imagine the names!!
    I hope they have him in the most protected custody. We need him to talk….

  52. Justn Observer

    Greg, Flynn likely will NOT testify….X- CIA Woolsey apparently set Flynn up? Many more confirmed connections .. Seems either way…if the hammer does not go down on the elite will now cause as much disruption as if they do get taken down… It is all spreading quickly now…and even Fox News will not be able to keep a lid on it and keep the perspective thru a key hole…it is much much wider, deeper, and evil to a level the people will have to get involved… The people are already losing confidence…and not taking them down will eviscerate any remaining confidence in the government , agencies and leaders.
    Once the meme -residence is as good a citizenship, and border as open…who needs a passport and why does anyone have to pay indulgences, it will become just paying the mafia a protection fee. The enforcers will be the ‘black hats’ on the Title 50 crews that are now private contractors against some of those with white hats that might still love the country, its Constitution, and its borders…
    GW WALK THRU : https://youtu.be/QxWAsDtMqho

    • Justn Observer

      Daily caller, Chuck Ross confirms GW’s reporting of two year ago that Flynn was working with FBI to hire psychologist to do net assessment on Trump team =

      Guess there was a reason Obama purged the Admirals and Generals and left only the ‘players’ running the hen house that go along with the trafficking, resource and tech transfering under the table? Would be nice to find any weapons and such stashed within the U.S. for use against the citizens by the new ‘residents’ once the borders are forced open? Considering the rumors a few weeks back that the Phoenix Program might have come home to roost…one might expect a coup to go hot if Bernies political revolution needs a bit of help? Movie Reds expands into Dr. Zhivago / Bolshevik Revolution into the streets by an armed AmeriCorps? One does wonder what is the difference between planning and promoting a ‘political’ revolution and pushing a violent one into the streets? Appears the AG and FBI think there is a difference between HOW a coup and revolution is orchestrated than that one is? You’d think they would arrest those that are ‘conspiring’ to do so as a conspiracy to do based on their ‘actions’ especially if their IS weapons cache’s being placed and illegal movements of personnel being channeled across the border? hmmmm

      • Justn Observer

        GREG…..HAVE YOU HEARD THIS? This seem really huge if true and how , why was this kept from coming out? A reason Paul Ryan decided to ‘retire’ and spend time with family? lol
        The whole House of Representatives server and their laptops we stolen by staffers and their IT guys?
        No wonder Debbie Wasserman threatened the DC police …they NO WAY wanted this out before the last election…
        .Start @ 19 min —

  53. Bill B

    GREG; Our Presidency.
    I have arrived at the conclusion that we should not elect politicians.. At whatever level of government, those who have come from the corporate world and have no political agenda seem to have a grasp on the problems. Some career politicians don’t have the first clue, evidenced by those newly elected in the House.

    • paul ...

      Bill … our Founding Fathers were “all business men” … not a single career politician among them … we need to get back to basics!!

      • Montana Guy

        Paul, our Founding Fathers were great God-fearing Patriots. They helped break the chains of tyranny. Then sadly most became Business Men again and re-enslaved us with their Constitution.

        Winners write the history books. The precious and illusive ‘Whole Truth’ is part of a 3-legged stool. For the whole truth one has to research what the losing Founding Fathers said. Research what great liberty-minded critical-thinking Americans have written. Not a word of this is taught in government schools.

        • paul ...

          Re-enslaved us with their Constitution??? … please explain!!!

          • Montana Guy

            Americans enjoyed their greatest Liberty under the Articles of Confederation and common law. There was no federal government, no Constitution and no political parties. Yet the States defeated the mightiest military in the world. Have you read Thomas Paine’s ‘Common Sense’? Hardcover, only 29 pages at Amazon for 9 bucks.
            Why do you think Anti-Federalists likes of Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry etc. opposed ratification of the U.S. Constitution?

  54. helot

    Does anyone else think of the word, ‘squid’ when they see the word, ‘squad’ used to describe the Socialites who try to use their looks and youth to attract clueless voters into accepting their poisonous economic solutions… they are like junior octopus of the Deep State
    Anyway, the comments to these interviews are always interesting.

  55. Anthony Australia

    Busy news day in Australia.

    AOC v Trump

  56. Jerry

    I speculate that the new owner of Deutsche Bank is China.

    The bad bank is being created to offload the derivative debt and declare bankruptcy , while a good bank is being created by the Chinese to begin trading again. Only this time it will be in gold backed Yuan. The Chinese already have a massive gold vault in Frankfort and have established a Yuan trading hub there. In one foul swoop they will capture the entire ECB. The dollar hedgemony is living on borrowed time.

  57. Diane

    Excellent information
    I don’t often buy books. I’ll buy his latest

  58. SilverHawk

    I like Martin. Extremely intelligent individual. I came here today to post my latest CPU (Cranial Prophesy Utility) data release. “How to Double, Triple or more, your Silver Stash DURING the Hyperinflation”. It’s all about being the middleman. You buy X amount of food directly from the source using silver, and resell for 2X or more than what you bought it for. Or you can sell the food for same amount of silver, only the amount is cut in half. This way you don’t end up with less silver after the reset to a new money. You’ll have way more silver than you started with, and have fed yourself through the coming food crisis. Unfortunately, Steven King does not address this matter in “The Stand”, so I can’t give any more detail.

    P.S. I did a search on Jeffery Epstein’s private jet N212JE. 212 is the area code for New York City. It’s registered to a company in St. Thomas under “Plan D LLC”. LOL. Wonder if he’s currently in his Plan C stage of his life!

  59. Pete

    I give everybody the benefit of the doubt but I can’t take Mr Armstrong seriously any more. He says foreigners are buying US stocks hand over fist. This from Zero Hedge contradicts that info. Stock Buybacks and US banks (and US Gov albeit secretly) buying
    Also how does he explain the December swoon in US Stocks? Basically we are all screwed. Stay diversified. It’s going to get ugly🐷👻🙀

  60. Dwayne Lynch

    Hi, Greg, is Martin Armstrong the same as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_A._Armstrong
    If so… keep up the good work you for all of us viewers. Everyone is entitled to a mistake, if true.
    We always appreciate your guest. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Everybody know this Dwayne including billionaire money managers and governments who employ him as a consultant. I would not use Wikipedia as a source. Wiki gets a lot wrong.


      • tim mcgraw

        “Wiki gets a lot wrong”. Well, that’s the understatement of the year.

  61. Bob

    I think you need Jim Sinclair and Martin Armstrong on together.

    I don’t know which to believe.

  62. john


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