Extreme MSM Propaganda, BLM Threatens USA, Farm Report

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 437 6.26.2020

The propaganda psyop has officially kicked into high gear with the latest New York Times poll saying Former Vice President Joe Biden is 14 points ahead of President Trump. This is a candidate hiding in his basement who cannot string two sentences together, and he’s beating President Trump? I am not falling for the phony polls and propaganda, and you shouldn’t either. Do not trust anything the MSM says.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) leader Hawk Newsome said on FOX News that “If the country does not give us what we want, we will burn it down and start a new system.” There you have it. One succinct sentence and that is the takeover of America by Marxist, communist, socialists. President Trump responded on Twitter calling what Newsome said as “treason, sedition and insurrection” against America.

Talk of food shortages are way overblown when looking how crops are shaping up all across the Midwest. The growing season is off to a very good start, and it looks like the harvest, barring drought, is going to be above average at least.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Economics Professor Dr. Mark Skidmore is going to be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Skidmore discovered $21 trillion missing from the federal budget, and he now has an update you do not want to miss.

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  1. K. Wayne

    ” The propaganda psyop has officially kicked into high gear ” …no truer words spoken.
    We are beholden to this program 24/7. Its in the media, on billboards, on Giant video display screens across town in every major city. The truth is becoming harder to decipher.
    Just this past week I watched the latest offering from the Epoch Times – relating to how the CCP has been manipulating America using its influence and propaganda apparatus.

    I strongly urge all watchdog fans to watch/share this video (link provided below) and witness how they (CCP ) have intricately woven their ideologies into American’s psyche. Their playbook has been exposed. “Controlling the Narrative” through censorship and removal of Freedom of Speech. This is achieved not only by those at the center of the CCP, but also its citizens around the globe, who have been indoctrinated and carry the same Communist ideologies.
    Cautionary note….you will after watching this video… have a very different perception of everything Political & Economical especially with matters concerning America.
    To be clear I am not anti Chinese. In fact I have (as do my family) working/social relationships with many of them.
    American’s need to be vigilant with this hostile foreign power that is waging an Information War ….by distorting the facts and creating a false reality. They are thought shaping and brainwashing us all.

    • Self Exiled

      What China is doing is as effective as to what has all ready been done to the American public threw the news media buy our own elite citizenry, public officials, and intelligence agencies who are bought and paid for. Our higher educational system has also been compromised buy exploiting our freedom. The CCP basically followed the Rockefeller Institute ideology of cultural influence, the Rockefeller Institute is also in China and the Rockefeller’s them selves have been financially [medically originally] supportive of China sense World War II. What I would like to know is how much they have influenced this China narrative in the US or even promoted it. This globalist banking complex is also what the Chinese offer as the solution to the world’s problems (which also was created by the banker families).


      • K. Wayne

        I agree entirely with the Internal Indoctrination within our country, but now the threat has come from the external Enemy. That Enemy, being the puppet of the Globalists …are pushing their Communist Ideologies onto an unsuspecting public. This is subversion of the highest order. It is Information Warfare, to control the minds, bodies and souls of 330 Million Americans.
        You are right to question the level of participation/involvement by the Rockefeller Family (with regard the China narrative) but do not discount the Rothschild influence nor the Royal Families of Europe/UK and the Old Wealthy Families residing therein. America’s policy makers since our country’s birth, has always had its origins in Greater Europe. Their influence has been undeniable. These Families have each a part to play in the Global Governance direction and resetting of the Political /Monetary frameworks….away from the peoples democratic process… to that of Individuals chosen by the State’s representatives (Unelected by due process) …to act in the best interests of the State. Watch closely the WEF Event scheduled for early 2021. Take special note of its attendees…especially the ones with the strongest voices and mandates.

    • Tin foil hat

      The CCP learn the propaganda psyop from us and we learn that from Leni Riefenstahl. I have to say the CCP has a lot more to learn, they are not that good at it yet.

      • William Stanley

        Agreed: The CCP, itself, is not yet very good at propaganda.
        However, I think you would agree it has been excellent at buying and otherwise obtaining political influence directly and indirectly; it also has been very successful in stealing (and buying) defense technology and intellectual property generally.

        • William Stanley

          I should also have pointed out the CCP’s biggest success (with which I assume with which you might also agree). That would be the tremendous success of their mercantilist policies which have helped them undermine the industrial base of America and to buy a significant amount of American property and businesses.

          Much of that success is due to the CCP’s willingness to exploit “their own” people.

          • Tin foil hat

            I concur the CCP is very good at buying and stealing. However, the one who helped undermine the industrial base of America is Nixon, not China.

            After closing the gold window, Nixon opened the US market to European products. That was the beginning of endless trade deficits. We had consistent trade surplus after WWII until the 70s but it wasn’t enough to cover the monetary deficit (in gold) due to the Vietnam War and Great Society.

            The second wave was Japan, then the five tigers in Asia, then Mexico, China, Vietnam …… etc.

            China is not the mover and shaker, we are the ones who decided to back the dollar with expanding debts/increase usages instead of gold. We are also the ones who count on the CCP’s willingness to exploit their own people to back the dollar with their labour.

            • K. Wayne

              …”we are the ones who decided to back the dollar”….hmmm
              You are not giving any credit to those who have ruled from out of the Shadows….and giving too much credence to the position of POTUS.
              The policy to abandon the Gold Backing and move to a Petro-Dollar world…was not that of Nixon’s making. He was the messenger. Kissinger was instrumental in putting the Petro regime into place. Same being a member ( & former Board Director) of the CFR. You are merely scratching the surface TFH.
              As for your comment on China not being the mover and shaker….again….look to those who hold the strings. China already has penetrated every western government/political system. You underestimate and are downplaying their influence and involvement in the Geopolitical landscape. Look at the WHO as an example. What did Trump do recently with regard to US funding/support for WHO? Why?
              Consider if you will China’s involvement in the Education System here in America. Their influence over the Tech Giants cannot be discounted neither their position as the World’s manufacturing base (which is now being used as an economic weapon).
              You are sadly mistaken with your understanding and comment.

            • Tin foil hat

              I know Nixon wasn’t the one who made the decision to go Ponzi. As the matter of fact, I believe Nixon was sincere about closing the gold window TEMPORARILY. Hence, those who have ruled from out of the Shadows set him up with “Watergate” in order to make that permanent. However, Nixon is the one who allowed that to happen under his watch.

              I concur China already has penetrated every western government/political system, but you don’t seem to grasp that the CCP is copying everything we have and everything we do.

              Almost everything in the movie “Snowden” is accurate and true. Do you remember the NSA was caught wiretapping Angela Merkel’s cell phone 4-5 years back?

              Yes, their influence over the 5G cannot be discounted neither their position as the world’s manufacturing base. I concur they are catching up much faster than I expected. However, whatever they have done so far is not nearly enough to overcome our financial power. Hence, the CCP needs to latch on to the BIS to break free from the American empire which has been using the SWIFE as an economic weapon in quite a cavalier manner as of late.

              The empire wants you to look for enemies everywhere else except where you are standing.

              • K. Wayne

                I grasp it very well.
                So much so that I can quite comfortably say that China is not playing catch up anymore…they are more than a real threat…with their superior technology…to the point of being more advanced.
                You outline how the NSA got caught tapping the cell phone of Merkel. The Chinese have been doing it for just as long…except they haven’t been caught. They are doing many things which we aren’t aware of…some of those are overt….but many are covert.
                The CCP has all the Financial Power they need…and then some. What you have conveniently overlooked is their position in Gold circa 30,000 Tonnes. They come to the Monetary RESET table with a Royal Flush. They have the Rothschild and Rockefeller Foundations behind them as well as the support of the European Nobility and American Aristocracy. The Empire you speak of has its foundations in Europe (Vatican City State and City of London). Do not commingle the American ideology with that of its makers. America was used for world domination through its military might in the first instance, then its Federal Reserve system. This is the 21st Century…game on.

      • K. Wayne

        It is not the CCP per se, that you should be focusing on….rather the forces behind it. Their motives and agenda are what really counts.

        • Tin foil hat

          I never pay too much attention to the CCP since I don’t think it’s quite the mover and shaker just yet.

          My brother asked me about Johan Galtung’s prediction of the fall of US in 2020 and what I think; the following is my answer which kind of fits into the matter regarding motives and agenda:

          For Johan Galtung, the US is simultaneously a republic (real productivity) and an empire (bogus productivity – financial and service economy) , a distinction he believes is highly relevant. The US is on one hand loved for its republican qualities, and on the other loathed by its enemies abroad for its perceived military aggressions.

          I think Johan Galtung doesn’t understand that since early 60s when Europe had recovered from WWII and became too competitive for the US., the US had to gradually tranform from a republic to an empire by basically running a financial dollar Ponzi Scheme. In order to maintain a facade of real productivity, we have to sell to the world the republican qualities which include its work ethic and dynamism, productivity and creativity, the idea of freedom, or liberty, and a pioneering spirit. However, since the republic is merely a facade and the empire is real source of power and influence, the republican qualities diminish as time progress and the financial bubble has become too enormous for the empire to handle without a start over – 2020?

          Galtung criticized the “structural fascism” of the US and other Western countries that make war to secure materials and markets, stating: “Such an economic system is called capitalism, and when it’s spread in this way to other countries it’s called imperialism”

          I believe he failed to see that the US only make war to create financial instability oversea to entice foreign capitals to come back to the US investment pool denominated in dollar. Securing materials and markets was the secondary objective to maintain the illusion of a republic as per the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”.

          Guilting believed the decline of the US empire did not imply a decline of the US republic, and the “relief from the burden of Empire control and maintenance…could lead to a blossoming of the US Republic”. Elaborating on the radio and television program Democracy Now, he stated that he loved the American republic and hated the American empire – perhaps the Anglo American empire is more appropriate.

          In light of the recent events, I’m not too sure if Galtung foretold the dying US empire would refuse to let go of its grip on the republic.

          • K. Wayne

            TFH….where do you live?

            • Tin foil hat

              I live where you live; I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic, NOT THE EMPIRE, for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

            • Tin foil hat

              My brother asked me another question about George Soros and what I think; the following is my answer:

              What is the easiest way to destroy a republic? The answer is “Open Borders”.

              Why would the American empire want to destroy the American republic? The answer is growing pain.

              The US dollar being both the global reserve currency and regional currency doesn’t work for the Federal Reserve any more. I suspect the empire wants to transform the Federal Reserve to Global Reserve. To facilitate the transformation, the American republic needs to be eliminated with its borders erased. A two-tier dollar system will be created to rid the burden of Triffin dilemma. The money in our saving accounts and wallet will be used only for domestic trade settlement and a new Global Trade dollar will be created for international trade settlement.

              Perhaps the US is transforming rather than collapsing. We are living “The Phantom Menace” and “Revenge of the Sith”. The transition of the Galactic Republic into the first Galactic Empire occurred over a period of thirteen years between the events. I wonder how long it will take us or if it would happen to us at all.

    • Manny Oleword

      Steve Bannon made the comparison of Xi Jinping’s 2017 World Economic Forum speech where Xi made the veiled case for a globalist One World Order with the CCP being the world model and Xi the, preeminent, DavosMan. Contrast that with President Trump’s Inaugural Address calling for all nations to do what’s best for their countries with mutual cooperation amongst the nations of the world. Xi’s Totalitarianism versus Trump’s Liberty. Davos Man vs. Every Man.

  2. Sandra McIntosh

    Thank You Greg….I always look forward to your broadcasts….You always deliver.
    God Bless

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,a rare glimpse of reality particularly for those of us marooned in the socialist republic of the UK.
    Just to show how “un-racist”our great institutions are,
    Cambridge University glorifies this white hate with “honouring”this fighter with a “professorship”,might as well change the William Gates building to Priyamvada Gopal.As a black woman of Portuguese extraction the death threat from Prof Gopal at the end of her tweets was interesting,”A luta continua”,innocuous but a death threat to whites,amazing what Cambridge aspires to.
    Here our social republic economy sucks particularly for us plebs,we are expecting much higher taxes and more oppressive laws all directed by the likes of Gopal.

  4. Marie Joy

    I put this on Greg’s YouTube channel and deleted it because I feared it would harm Greg. I’m putting this here because this is his channel and they can decide if they want it posted.
    Thank you for all you do.
    Greg, For those of us who are challenged, could you put in an edit function?

  5. paul ...

    Another propaganda psyop … is the numbers we see being given to the Dow … the rising Dow numbers is like the phony poll numbers being given to Biden … the truth is … this economy (like Biden) is in the basement (with broken supply chains, record unemployment, failing small businesses, etc., etc.) … don’t fall for the phony Dow numbers or economic propaganda spewed out by the Fed … not only should you not fall for the phony poll numbers the MSM propaganda machine put out about Biden … you should not fall for the phony Dow numbers … we are entering a deep and prolonged recession … and another “more serious” cataclysmic threat lurks before us … the balance sheets of all the big banks are on respirators … and it could prove fatal for many of them … the Fed keeps pumping dollars into all these banks on life support (using a manufactured Plandemic as the excuse) … but don’t trust anything the Fed says or does … for we can all wake up one morning … to find all the banks closed … as the financial sector collapses under the weight of all the fiat paper currencies the Fed and other Central Banks around the world are “devaluing to zero” … https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/yp4sQjEyak5_MmjVHvJTIX0hAvKEaanuoZy3QjJz85pdyeqguULZMDzUNB-PCK_Y35bB2SOTXZeqjRiYeBTfTyOTJm68T3LwtG6IPmAe0SZ_1xCD3CkgtJA1tam6rQCR2L0tCW2RgXKz2SP5vw … safety can be found in physical commodities like gold, silver, nickels and even copper pennies … as everything will see their price rise in the ever more worthless fiat paper or crypto bits being produced by the banksters out of thin air … just look at the US Debt Clock (https://www.usdebtclock.org/) for the latest “real price” of gold ($30,958) and silver ($3,733) in terms of the fake fiat paper IOU debt notes the Fed creates by typing in Trillions “of extra ones” almost every day!!

    • paul ...

      Because of the evil banksters printing money to oblivion … the vast majority of Americans (who did nothing when Congress “gave the power of the purse” to the Fed) are now going to have to endure a massive reduction in their standard of living … this is what comes from sitting on your ass and doing nothing when our Constitution is clearly violated (by the very representatives who swore an oath to protect our Republic from all enemies foreign “and domestic”) … now it is up to us to bring back the power of the purse to the people … we must take the power to print money out of the banksters hands … we can do this by getting out of “their Fed money” and back into physical gold and silver!!

  6. paul ...

    You know … looking at the Debt Clock numbers in this supposed Constitutional Republic where only Congress (not the Banksters) is supposed have the power of the purse … is like riding in a roller coaster with our hands up in the air and yelling out to our Mother below … “Wee Ma … look no hands” … as the United States of America slides down a huge roller-coaster mountain of debt without any concern for safety … and simply becomes … another Wee Ma Republic!!!

    • paul ...

      But alas … trying to train “abnormal” millennials to love gold is like trying to train a dog to love poop (by showing them how much we value it by scooping it up) … at least when we “normal” humans were forced to mine gold for the Annunaki … we saw how much the Annunaki prized gold … and we figured … it must be worth more then just being a pretty rock!!!

  7. Joe Lambert

    Greg, why not vote Libertarian, and shun both corrupt parties???

    • William Stanley

      I guess that would depend on the degree of irrelevance to which you aspire. (Just kidding).

  8. MCasey

    This guy is “iffy” on some topics, but I think he has this one nailed on the phyops. “Preparations have already begun” 251,005 views• Jun 25, 2020

  9. Matthias

    Good to hear from Prof. Mark Skidmore again! Also there has been some more progress for 9/11 Truth:

    PBS is now airing a 5 minute version of “SEVEN” the upcoming documentary by “Loose Change” creator Dylan Avery and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth about the new University of Alaska Fairbanks World Trade Center 7 study:

    Short Version of New Documentary SEVEN Begins Airing Today on PBS

    The clip itself can be watched as part of a recent interview with Dylan Avery (starting at 12 minutes 45 seconds):

    SEVEN With Dylan Avery! Pass It On!

  10. MCasey

    New York received $39,000 plus for every patient put on a ventilator.
    Cuomo wanted 40,000 ventilators! 40,000 ventilators!
    40,000 x $39,000 = $1,560,000,000.00 ($1.5 Billion).
    New York had the highest death rate (x $39,000.00).
    Elmhurst hospital serves predominately Hispanic and Black patients.
    No family or advocates were allowed inside the hospital.
    Cuomo sent COVID-19 infected patients to nursing homes, why?

    (Cuomo refuted Trump and consistently insisted NY needed 40,000 ventilators).

    • paul ...

      Money and power drive immoral psychopaths like Gates to develop deadly viruses … viruses which are weaponized with their sole purpose being “to specialize in infecting humans” … and this Corona-19 Virus was specifically designed to produce “ultra-rare infection tentacles” … Gates paid immoral bio-scientists to conduct “gain of function” experiments … and for the love of money these mad psychopathic Satanistic scientists developed a very deadly corona-19 virus … genetically modified and engineered “with tentacles” … for the sole purpose of infecting and killing the human beings God created in his likeness!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/coronavirus-causes-weaponized-tentacles-sprout-infected-cells-directly-inject-virus

  11. Ray

    Another hard hitting wrap from Mr Hunter……..loved the location too!
    Thank you Greg.
    I was heartened to see that the summer crops are coming along……that’s splendid news.
    Now, here’s what caught my eye this week.
    Greg is a serious, uncompromising, Old School journalist to be sure, but rarely does he reveal to us his SUPERB comedic skills, but today, he favoured us a beauty with his mention of the supposed $1 Trillion that Germany “owes the US”, and how Trump might renege on the return of Germany’s gold in lieu thereof.
    I mean, let’s get it over and done with early and hand over to Greg the little gold statue for Best Comedic Line In An Alternate Media News Piece right now!
    True, the US has in times past been successful in robbing smaller kids in the park of the play lunch (think gold in Libya etc), but this is GERMANY we are talking about.
    Germany, who twice inside of 40 years took on the entire world and almost won.
    If Donald Trump has even the SMALLEST SEMBLANCE in his mind, that he can put Germany over a barrel and steal their gold, he is in serious requirement of the best mental health help his money can buy.
    If indeed that crazy avenue of decision is in his mind, then I can imagine the following three way phone call between Merkel, Putin & Xi:
    Merkel: “Boys……..it’s Angela here, switch on your video feed for a moment. I have a game to for us to play”
    Xi: “What you want play Fraulein Angela?”
    Putin: “Yes Ang, vot you have in mind?”
    Merkel: “Trump has finally lost his mind, good and proper. Gone down the road whacko and never coming back. I was thinking of having a quick game (best of three) of Scissors, Paper, Rock with you……..winner gets to launch the first nuke into DC in 15 minutes from now…….losers will agree to wait 3 minutes until after winner to launch theirs”.
    Putin & Xi together: “We’re in”.
    Of course……I jest!
    But if Trump thinks he can steal the gold of an ally nation, he is essentially signing the death warrant of his country right then and there.
    Europe…..nay…..the world, would probably never do business with the US for the next 100 years.
    (With the exception of the Snivelling Little Lap Dog Nation……..we suck up to anyone, and will be handed our deserved fate eventually for sure!).
    Wishing all a nice weekend.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Gaylene Muir

      Wow, what can I say Ray? Lap dog nation and here in the big lap, were all in OZ. Time to get outa Dodge, er, OZ? Alltogether now! FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICKs

    • Gerry

      Here’s one for you Ray. 6 months ago, would you have considered a WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC LOCKDOWN even remotely possible?

      Why is it so impossible to imagine that confiscation of German gold could happen in debt repayment?

      • Ray

        Those who are “locking down” the world are the very same people who screwed it in the first place for their own gain!
        Germany owes America NOTHING.
        It’s only due to America & The West becoming completely and utterly bankrupt that Trump is even saying these things out loud.
        I don’t mind if USA forces Germany to give up the gold…….just as long as the USA rebuilds Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya with the proceeds.
        Those nations were ILLEGALLY, DESTROYED for the filth of geopolitical / economic gain, and the US and The Lap Dog Nation have an obligation to rebuild them & atone. Forget the BS about fighting terrorism……we ALL KNOW where the biggest terrorists of Humanity are located.
        If the answer is no from the US, when nukes fly into DC (from Germany or whatever country they are sent), karma will be seen to have done its’ job.
        It really is as simple as that.
        Time is up for BS arguments and the days of reckoning are RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.
        In the end, I am on the side of karma…….I believe in fairness.
        Those that don’t……..will be rightly smashed.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Tin foil hat

          I would rebuild Afghanistan when the Taliban revives all the girls they killed or maimed just because they were disobedient to the Islamic values. I would do the same for Iraq after they pay us for the cost of the first Gulf War and the damages they caused in Kuwait. Perhaps we do owe Libya something because Gaddafi might have been a mad man but he was good to the Libyan people.

          You are a good man who lives in a fantasy world. Fairness will be upon us when nations exist without armies, societies exist without police forces, families exists without lawyers – divorce, inheritance, …..

          We are not there yet. I think UFOs will descend from the sky when we get there.

          • K. Wayne

            Gulf War = False Flag
            9/11 = False Flag
            Plandemic/ Economic Destruction = False Flag
            Long Live the KING…..Dollar !!!

  12. andyb

    If Biden wins, it’s all over folks. And he could win through voter fraud and the fact that the Marxist indoctrination in public schools, colleges and universities has reached a desired tipping point.
    Logic and critical thinking, however, point to a Trump landslide, with several caveats, namely:
    1. The Durham report must emerge within the next month and contain enough probable cause for indictments, convictions, and serious prison time for the coup plotters. In other words, headline news that the MSM cannot ignore or sweep under the rug.
    2. Debates must be held to expose Biden’s seeming advancing dementia, lack of true credentials for the job, and his onerous past positions as a legislator, principally the crime (incarceration) bill and the disavowal of bankruptcy for student loans. I believe that there is a strong possibility that debates won’t be held; they would be absolute suicide for the Dems.
    3. The fact that the protests, riots and destruction were highly organized by globalist anti-American forces must be exposed. I find it strange that no one has tracked down the origin of the pallets of bricks left strategically around metro areas that had quite visible Acme Brick labels. It turns out that Acme Brick has its own sales offices; they do not sell through 3rd parties like Home Depot or Lowe’s. How difficult is it for the FBI to track down the origin of the purchase order and the banking connections?

    • Gerry

      Yup, I agree completely. Voter fraud, mail in ballots, that crap needs to be stopped COLD. Earnestly waiting also for that Durham report.

    • MAB

      It’s because the Federal Reserve is funding the chaos. look where there branches. Gotta blame it something other than the truth.

  13. Jerry

    I really hope that you and your readers are taking the information that KAF gave you on your last interview seriously. I’m hearing from multiple sources the same thing. The reset will not be confined to the United States. It will be a global event.

    The World Economic Forum had planned the reset sometime after the January 2021 meeting in Davos, but apparently because the covid19 plague is crashing the global economy, pressure is mounting to do it sooner. We will see? Agenda 21 seems to be right on schedule.

  14. JC

    Evil, psyops, madness etc…
    Anyone know who originally made this statement about the good old days?

    “The good old days are gone and their not coming back.”

    • JC

      Sorry, typo, they’re not their.

  15. Alan

    There is zero chance Biden will be the actual candidate come Nov 3. He is and has always been little more than a placeholder (think HRC), let alone the fact that everyone can see his accelerating cognitive decline is NOT an act, JB does not know who he is, where he is, what day it is, who his wife is, etc… Frankly this is abuse of a feeble old man by the Dems and their MSM lackeys. Shameful but then again “they” have none, that said I fully anticipate some serious you-know-what is about to hit the proverbial fan in the days & weeks ahead and the American people are going to see it all play out, the MSM will not be able to hide the truth much lnger

    • Gerry

      Nope, he is a placeholder for maybe HRC. HRC could be VP. When Biden “dies” after 2 months in office, viola, madame president.

      • William Stanley

        I’ve seen an ad for President Trump that focuses as much on Hillary as it does Biden. President Trump is telling us that he gets it.

        By omission, the ad also disappointingly implies that President Trump has no intention of going after Obama. At least not until after the election.

        • K. Wayne

          i.e. N.E.V.E.R.

    • RTW

      The dems have painted themselves into a corner. AGAIN! If they have some one in the bullpen, it better be Crazy Bernie. If it isn’t, the “feel the bern” crowd will show the country just exactly how literal that slogan can be. They will not endure another Charlie Brown moment again.

  16. Marty


    Thank you for everything that you do… I really love your weekly news wrap ups. You sir are awesome.

    Thank you,

  17. Bradley Beyer

    Good comments Greg. Suggestion to interview Ted Butler for your subscribers. Ted did a great interview with JSMineset recently. He has been studying and reporting on the manipulation of Ag and Au for years. His message would be an eye opener for many.


    Cash Is Systematically Being Withdrawn From Banks On the Way to a Digital Currency
    19,771 views•Streamed live on Jun 23, 2020 The Common Sense Show

    The Oval Office Meeting That Proves Obama is GUILTY
    written by Laura Steinberg June 26, 2020
    Alleged President Barack Obama is guilty of ordering the entrapment of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. The man some call a usurping Kenyan also told his Obamagate “plumbers” they should keep Trump’s transition team out of the loop. Hillary Clinton fanatic Peter Strzok took handwritten notes at an Oval Office meeting that he never expected anyone to see. He never expected his wife to read his text messages with Lisa Page either.
    Obama gave the order

    Madonna: Trump is a ‘Nazi’ What’s Mad Donna? Spurious prig child?
    Pop star slams president as a ‘white supremacist’ and ‘sociopath’ during rant
    By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle on 26th June 2020

    Uncle Joe_ Alway’s Thinking of Friends and Family
    Did you get yours Gina?
    Biden’s Cancer Charity Caught Funneling Millions to Executives
    Almost 65 percent of the Biden Cancer Initiative’s money went into staffers’ pockets
    By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle on 25th June 2020

    FBI Notes Show Flynn Investigation Was Joe Biden’s Idea
    Court filings reveal handwritten notes by ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok from January 2017
    By: Jack Murphy |@NeonNettle on 26th June 2020
    According to attorneys representing Flynn, documents appear to indicate former Vice President Biden brought up the idea of investigating the former advisor to President Donald Trump.
    “One previously sealed document also says that former President Barack Obama told top members of his administration that ‘the right people “Strzok the Wallmart shopper hater” should investigate Flynn,” reported The New York Post.

    US. Psyop’s operation faltering, Trump gave just enough rope, so as to hang themselves. DID YOU SEE Kimmel last night, in a panic!
    Soros’s puppet, Morell’s psyop’s operation in total disarray!

    [DeepSate] PlaybookRevealed, They’re Ammo Low, Shields Up!
    188,688 views•Jun 25, 2020

    AG Barr Confirms 500 Investigations Into BLM Rioters, Destruction of Statues
    Attorney General says 35 joint terrorist task forces are investigating
    By: Jack Murphy |@NeonNettle on 26th June 2020

    Petition to ‘Declare George Soros a Terrorist & Seize All His Assets’ Goes Viral
    White House petition demanding action against liberal billionaire passes 215k signatures
    By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle on 26th June 2020 @ 3.00pm
    the petition has gone viral across social media and demands george soros is declared a terrorist
    The petition has gone viral across social media and demands George Soros is declared a terrorist!

    Spike Lee: America Built On Genocide, Slavery & Theft — He Gets Rude Awakening
    written by Alex Stevens June 26, 2020
    Spike Lee spewed some of the craziest false claims during a recent radio interview. “America was founded upon genocide, slavery, and theft,” said the leftwing Hollywood director. He also claimed that “black Americans have never been given full citizenship” and that the founding of America “was immoral.” Well, poor Spike didn’t know what hit him when got a rude awakening. You’ll love this.
    Tucker Carlson Calls Rioters the ‘Armed Militia of the Democratic Party’
    ‘These are definitely not protesters. They’re not even rioters,’ Carlson said
    By: Pippa Monroe |@NeonNettle on 26th June 2020

    Rep. Jim Jordan “Mince Meat Man”: Flynn was ‘completely exonerated, victory for the rule of law’
    103,000 views•Jun 25, 2020

    President Trump Town Hall hosted by Sean Hannity | FULL
    515,624 views•Premiered 10 hours ago

    Some people will never understand the price of Freedom. To Those Lost and Their Families My Prayers.
    At the age of 48, Santayana left his position at Harvard and returned to Europe permanently. Santayana is popularly known for aphorisms, such as “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, “Only the dead have seen the end of war”, and the definition of beauty as “pleasure objectified”.

  19. BigBoy

    You guys underestimate how pissed business owners are at Trump for allowing this fake pandemic to destroy them. The entire infowar crowd- millions – will not vote for Trump if Roger Stone goes to jail next week. I for one won’t if 1. CV19 bs continues 2. Stone jailed
    3. No arrests of top traitors.
    All 3 must be addressed or I will not vote for him. And I was one of his most enthusiastic supporters. And don’t give me the he has no control shit.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are going with the communist/Marxist globalists

      • Bigboy

        No sir, but Trump seems to be ….allowing commies to run unchecked in my view. He’s letting it all happen and destroying the currency to boot. You say he is exposing the bad governors I say he is not doing his job . He could have saiid no to this plannedemic. What about the business owners in chop? I’d never pay taxes again if I were them.

        • Greg Hunter

          They have been running unchecked for years. Where have you been. They are being checked now, that’s why they are amping it up. What are you going to do to help your country. Comment here with a fake name?

    • eddiemd

      Another DNC operative.

      Go vote for Biden. It says a lot for your statement and choice.

      • William Stanley

        Good catch.

    • Robert

      No they’re not. Trump allowed the governor’s to make those decisions. The business owners know it was their governors who shut them down and kept extending the economy shutdown.

    • Jerry

      I get it. It’s time for President Trump to either put up or shut up. I will vote for him anyway because I have no other choice provided there is even an election. But this whole covid19 thing stinks. He either knew about the pandemic and chose to participate in it, or he was blindsided by it and was caught by surprise. To hear him brag about shutting down the airlines to spare lives turns my stomach. Thousands of people died. Is that something you want to hold up as an accomplishment? He lost me when Jeffrey Epstein was taken out and didn’t even flinch. Now I’m wondering how deeply involved he is with the World Economic Forum when I see known globalist like Anthony Fauci running the so called recovery. From where I’m sitting I’m seeing a President who has been isolated that is fighting to live another day. The supposed master plan has yet to rear its head, ( Q and be damned ) and the B.S. gets deeper every day, and the people get hurt and die. Anger in the streets? It’s a sign of country that’s in serious trouble. Get your spiritual house in order. Time is short.

      • William Stanley

        President Trump has survived against all odds. Not only that, he has led the fight against the CCP, promoted hydroxychloroquine and zinc (apparently against the wishes of Fauci) and arguably, thereby has saved many lives. He is slowly gaining control over the military. His, AG, William Barr, is even helping to beat back some of the traitors (despite the Epstein fiasco). Moreover, Obama, Biden and crew have also been definitively outed in their treason. I doubt that any of this would have occurred without him.

        We all want more progress. But give the Man his due.

        • Charles H

          Well said.

    • paul ...

      BB … Trump is not our problem … “we” all of us together need to make this a better world … we know if Trump is elected he will simply ride around on his horse like Don Quixote and point his lance at windmills (and Hillary will not be locked up) … actually this Corona virus has showed us how to fight the Deep State swamp … for now we know how to do without … we ordinary folks can use economic warfare against them and target the elites big businesses by boycotting them … for example … if Google takes away our right to freedom of speech … simply don’t use their products … if the Main Stream Media provides us with fake news … stop watching their news channels and stop buying their newspapers … if doctors want to inject our children with vaccines … simply don’t go to doctors anymore and begin self medicating the way we did years ago … then … instead of “the little tyrants” in government (like Cuomo) telling people what to do … people can begin to make their demands on government … it is within our power to tell government what kind of society we want because we as spenders of money have economic power … so it doesn’t matter if we get a Don Quixote or a Marxist Commie as President … whoever is in the Oval Office will have to beckon to “our wishes” if we strategically use our economic power to selectively destroy the elite’s businesses of our choosing … we don’t need to wait for Trump or Biden to get rid of the Fed … we can do it on our own … by rejecting the banksters fiat dollar notes and their new crypto currency … just get out of their system and buy gold and silver … want to stop abortions … boycott every single entity that supports these abortion clinics … Congress has abdicated “the power of the purse” to the Fed (who prints money as they desire and give it to who they choose) … well we ordinary people can take aim at these elite globalists and “overturn their tables” just the way Jesus Christ did … they “will” try to Crucify us (like they did to Jesus years ago) … but it’s not just one man fighting them now … it is hundreds of millions!!!

      • Self Exiled

        Paul, they don’t need us anymore.

        • Tin foil hat

          Sadly, I concur with a heavy heart.

        • K. Wayne

          They do….until they don’t…..
          their plan is not complete yet…still some pieces to fit.

    • Gerry

      You really think life improves by not voting? Or worse, voting for marxists? Trump is NOT a dictator. He cannot control the country singlehandedly, governors have power too. Maybe you should vote to oust your demoncrat city councils, state reps and governor, huh?

  20. iwitness02

    Generally speaking, the world doesn’t factor in the fact that God has a plan of His own concerning mankind and the earth. The criminals in government and out of government, all think they have this whizzbang idea for a one world system of control. The whizzbang gang is going to be utterly overthrown. How do I know this? It says so in God’s Book.
    That settles it for me.

    Really enjoyed the WNW Greg. Nice setting for the time you could spend with us.

    • Keith Landers

      A few observations. Now I understand trumps reluctance to get involved in these riots, protests and tearing down of our past in democratic states. Yes show America what democrat leadership will be in a city town or village near you. But at some point he needs to get control. It’s hard to make the claim of the law and order president when a third of the country has now law and order. Perception is reality. Also he needs to get off his heels and start taking the fight to them. Stop talking about 2016 campaign issues, that’s old news. Yes list accomplishments but make the contrast behind democrat run states and cities and Republican run cities.

    • Self Exiled

      Only Godless idiots think you can build by destroying.

    • Wallis Pepper

      iwitness02• The criminals in government and out of government, all think they have this whizzbang idea for a one world system of control. The whizzbang gang is going to be utterly overthrown.
      Iwitness02, the Globalists are not accepting the agony of defeat!
      Like Pharoh of Egypt, Big Pharma of Gates and Dr. Fraudcie, will not accept figuratively stopping at the shores of the Red Sea.


      Rule of law, milk and honey, Gold or bitter water?

      • William Stanley

        RE: Globalists and the agony of defeat
        IMO, their failure to appreciate and accept reality is precisely why the Globalists will be defeated. Moreover, their “agony” is already present and palpable. The more they struggle, the worse and more prolonged will be their agony.

        • K. Wayne

          ” The more they struggle, the worse and more prolonged will be their agony.”….are you referring to the Globalists or the proletariat ?
          Kindly provide some clarity around where their struggle, agony of defeat resides.
          I have already outlined (in unbiased fashion) how the masses are “NOT WINNING”. You have merely provided colorful words/phrases without substance.

  21. Dave

    Greg – IMO you are kidding yourself if you don’t believe Trump’s campaign is in real trouble. He is losing his base. His lack of response to Covid is now spooking Senate Republicans as they see the imminent loss of control of the Senate. Even Ted Cruz is pushing back at the President:

    “Frankly I didn’t really understand what they were thinking. … At a time cases are spiking, we’re gonna pull back?” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), who wrote a letter to the administration along with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) urging them to change course.
    He predicted a reversal: “I’d be surprised if there’s a good reason not to continue it.”

    The polls are of registered voters which is not the proper group to poll but Trump is still down. His campaign was rattled by the poor turnout in Tulsa. None other than Hugh Hewitt noted that. Mark Levin is saying Trump is behind and, the appearance of Don Jr. on radio shows since the rally is a sign the White House knows it’s in trouble. It is not all psyops – for the first time ever Rush has criticized the campaign. That they can’t run as they did in 2016 and put out a new list of potential judicial appointees and talk about the wall.

    Making matters worse is that today Texas rolled back some of its opening. Sending the stock market into freefall. Florida has started rolling back too. DeSantos is underwater in the Florida approval polls as he is seen by many there as having not properly responded to the virus. That further hurts Trump in Florida where polls have him 9 points behind. Lon E Chan of the Hoover Institute said today on Armstrong and Getty that the most worrisome thing for Trump is his poor numbers in some southern states.

    Trump refusing to wear a mask is ridiculous and it hurts him with women who support mask wearing by very large numbers because of their families. Trump’s actions make no sense. He seems to be purposely doing things to harm his re-election chances. For whatever reason – I have mu theory. In any event – as Ben Shapiro is saying – if the elections is a referendum on Trump he loses.

    • Greg Hunter

      Women will bet over it and I would not wear one either. Just take HCQ and zinc if you get the covid.

      • Gaylene Muir

        You got it Greg, Dave has lost his mind to the great military intell big pharma bull Shiite pysop’s and he better start working on that summer tan, which will hold him over in vitamin d, till next spring and Dave you better jump back in the market because Covid 19 is over and done, gone! More tests are just reveling we have heard immunity, not that it’s getting worse! As with any cold bug, eventually enemy soldier’s just fade away and this enemy bug is fading fast, don’t fad away. How many people you know died of Covid? I don’t know anybody, who even knows anybody and I live in Detroit! Ground Zero! Here, nobody has ever seen a fruit or vegetable they ever liked! Anybody over 30 is on 3-10 med’s. This town is an east Indian MD’s paradise. One of these doctors whom has a drugstore in his office when asked how come you don’t practice medicine like in the old country, he replied. Because that’s not where the money is. Here we don’t waste time and money teaching our patients, how not to be Guiney pigs for big pharma, because were all on the take, that’s the American way!
        Like endless war’s, endless sickness. Money talks and dead people walking, walk! The plank of ignorance. Ever wonder why they call them health food stores, because that’s where the health is! Better find one and start taking some vitamins, med’s are only good for the toilet.

    • eddiemd

      Dave again with his DNC talking points. Which one of the propaganda news organizations do you work for?

      “His campaign was rattled by the poor turnout in Tulsa”. Really? There will be plenty of opportunities for huge rallies in the next few months. They learned from Tulsa that the Marxists have nothing but useful idiots to riot in the streets to prevent people from attending, AOC coordinating a cyberattack against ticket sales, and the media propaganda people like yourself constantly lying.

      We always remember what you told us 4 years ago…Hillary is going to win.

      You are quite the propagandist. You know all the key names. You are a plant here at this website.

      Since you arrived here 3 weeks ago or so, your posts have all been anti-trump. You try to disguise your posts as some type of intellectual conservative.

      I believe that you are a DNC operative with ties to the Chinese communists. Your trolling here tells me that Mr. Hunter is over the target. You don’t like that.

      Go back to your filthy cultural Marxist friends.

    • eddiemd

      Greg – IMO you are kidding yourself if you don’t believe Trump’s campaign is in real trouble. (No, you are kidding yourself if you believe Biden has more than 2 brain cells left held together by a spirochete. Biden is a criminal.). He is losing his base. (Losing his base? Says who, Dave the DNC operative) His lack of response (more disinformation) to Covid is now spooking Senate Republicans as they see the imminent loss of control of the Senate. Even Ted Cruz is pushing back at the President:

      “Frankly I didn’t really understand what they were thinking. … At a time cases are spiking, we’re gonna pull back?” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), who wrote a letter to the administration along with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) urging them to change course. (governors control the state response, not Trump)
      He predicted a reversal: “I’d be surprised if there’s a good reason not to continue it.”

      The polls (by who? the leftist Marxist media) are of registered voters which is not the proper group to poll but Trump is still down. His campaign was rattled by the poor turnout in Tulsa. None other than Hugh Hewitt noted that. Mark Levin is saying Trump is behind and, the appearance of Don Jr. on radio shows since the rally is a sign the White House knows it’s in trouble. It is not all psyops – for the first time ever Rush has criticized the campaign. That they can’t run as they did in 2016 and put out a new list of potential judicial appointees and talk about the wall.

      Making matters worse is that today Texas rolled back some of its opening. Sending the stock market into freefall. Florida has started rolling back too. DeSantos is underwater in the Florida approval polls as he is seen by many there as having not properly responded to the virus. That further hurts Trump in Florida where polls have him 9 points behind. Lon E Chan of the Hoover Institute said today on Armstrong and Getty that the most worrisome thing for Trump is his poor numbers in some southern states.

      Trump refusing to wear a mask is ridiculous and it hurts him with women who support mask wearing by very large numbers because of their families. Trump’s actions make no sense. He seems to be purposely doing things to harm his re-election chances. For whatever reason – I have mu theory. In any event – as Ben Shapiro is saying – if the elections is a referendum on Trump he loses.

      Look at the list of people that Dave quotes.
      Ted Cruz
      John Cornyn
      Ben Shapiro
      Hugh Hewitt
      Don Jr
      Mark Levin
      Lon Chan

      I believe you missed a few.
      Larry Elder
      Michael Savage
      Dan Bongino
      Dennis Praeger

      Your leader Obama and his sidekick Biden are getting desperate. The indictments are coming very soon.

      Every one of your posts are DNC talking points. Your side has already failed. American citizens don’t want anything to do with hoodlums, blm, antifa, rioters, looters, arsonists…even black people get it.

      Hillary will win!

      • Greg Hunter

        What did I say last time about Hillary in 2016. I said she would not be President. I was right and people laughed at me. We have a huge psyop going on from all sides don’t buy it.

        • William Stanley

          Mr. Hunter:
          Of course Eddie doesn’t “buy it.”
          I assume Eddie was being sarcastic in his last sentence here.

          • Greg Hunter

            OK my bad William. Sorry Eddie MD It’s been a long day.

    • Self Exiled

      Maybe Trump does not want to win, can you blame him. Maybe he knows something we do not. Years ago, standing in a department store, looking down a row, a very long row of sacked and assorted delicious candies; [the store was completely empty of human activity and silent]. I stood there amazed by the length of the row and all my parallel vision was fogy and the words came to me “I shall destroy you and all your dainties”. Nothing like that has ever happened to me again. Nothing intended. I just share the experience.

    • eddiemd

      Dave, Here are your polls….

      from 2016…



      Dave, you are a DNC hack. A cultural Marxist liar. Go back to your communist masters.

      Everything you post here is propaganda.

      • eddiemd

        Your man Biden will not be able to debate Trump. He is regulated to his basement or living room or wherever they are hiding him. He is too unpredictable even on his medications to control his behavior. He is doomed to lose. He has rapid cognitive decline…not early dementia. You can see his facial expressions, lack of attention, and probable side effects of his medications even when he is not speaking.

        Dave and his democrats are in panic mode. They are putting up a senile man as a presidential candidate. What a joke. Actually very sad that the Biden family is allowing this. It shows how bloodthirsty they really are.


  22. JC

    Speaking of evil, how about this?

    Michael Jackson’s Daughter to Portray Jesus as a Lesbian Woman …


  23. Brooklyn

    Another fabulous weekly wrap up on the state of the extremely screwed up country we live in, and we thank you for all the time and effort you put into assembling/presenting your weekly report.
    We found this list of 269 (mostly well-known) corporations that are funding Antifa & Black Lives Matter: https://thecommonsenseshow.com/activism-agenda-21-conspiracy/list-269-companies-supporting-antifa-black-lives-matter-lines-have-been-drawn/
    Anyone reading this list has got to STOP! and ask themselves, ‘Are these major international companies not aware of what these Marxist organizations represent, and their destructive goals?’ And, as you noted, their plans are to “burn it down and start a new system.”
    I agree that true-conservatives are still the majority in this country, but then wonder why AT&T, as an example, to what benefit would they knowingly fund a Marxist overthrow of the United States?

  24. larry Keuhlen

    Greg, I figure the polls that have Joe Biden winning are as accurate as the ones that had Hillary Clinton up for coronation. P.S. Looks like Charles Nenner was correct again.

  25. Paul Anthony

    June 26th, 2020:The polls, today, say Biden has a 12 point lead, and an 89% chance to win the election.
    June 26th, 2016 The polls that day said Hillary had a 12 point lead and a 91% chance to win the election.
    This concludes all discussion of polls.

    • Russ F

      Are you saying the polls are correct? Or wrong?
      If correct, how can anyone believe polls from MSM?

  26. Charles H


    In Mexico – for forty years Hydroychloroquin was readily available as over-the-counter, cheap medicine for malarial treatment. As soon as it is shown effective for Covid-19: the Mexican government REMOVES it from pharmacy shelves; makes it a PRESCRIPTION ONLY drug; and the doctors are afraid to write-out a prescription for it like their licenses are on the line. BIG PHARMA (through the WHO?) pushed the Doctors, that pushed the government; which made HCQ into Unobtainium (NO, you can’t have it.)

    The power of Big Pharma to run the doctors and government: means that Medicine no longer exists to help and cure people – but put them over a barrel, and make merchandise of those who are sick, and those who are afraid. It all comes from the Devil’s mouth from an episode in the Book of Job: “Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life.” Job 2:4

    • Self Exiled

      Like I said isn’t it amazing how well organized the NWO Elites are internationally and also on a local level. This could not be if not allowed by God Himself. He is in control. “His winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clear out His threshing floor; and He will gather His wheat (believers) into His barn (kingdom), but He will burn up the chaff (the unrepentant) with unquenchable fire.” Matthew 2:12

  27. Jerry

    This is why I question which side of the fence President Trump is on.

    Jay walker just happens to sit on the board of The World Economic Forum. Who’s that? That’ just happens to be the organization that is spearheading the new world order global reset. But don’t worry President Trump is looking out for our best interest.

    Today. Friday 12:12 I’m watching Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx speaking about the need for increased testing with the increase in reported cases. If you recall, I said two months ago the second wave would lead to increased testing beginning the first of July. This is the beginning of the second wave. And guess what? This is a new strain that will target the age group under age 35. Anyone who thinks this is temporary and things will return to normal really needs to have their head examined. Whether the virus is real or a hoax is not important. The globalist are running this show, and cooking the numbers just like they do on gold, and they are following a script.

    • eddiemd

      You cannot get tested without providing your SSN and a government issued ID.

      But you can vote though without them…

      I would avoid getting tested unless it is absolutely needed. Otherwise you will be in the database. If you turn up positive, there may be a chance that you will be rounded up and put into a camp. They want full control.

      At least you can get anonymous HIV test without giving up your SSN and ID.

      • Ray

        Perhaps Ed, its as simple as this?
        Once I am tested, they have the trifecta they want:
        My Government ID
        My SSN
        My DNA.
        The rest is just filler in terms of total societal control.
        It’s time for Guillotines, Paris, 1789 style.

  28. Charles H


    So Microsoft is getting kickbacks from Hewlett Packard (HP) to disable older but still operable printers – so a whole slew of users will have to out and buy NEW printers? What’s next? Disabling cars every 20,000 miles for “maintenance” through their computer modules?

    • paul ...

      CH … Forget the printers and cars … “they” plan to disable us humans with two rounds of Cov-19 vaccine injections (and program our DNA to make us die before 65) the politicians are all for it (to save Social Security) … but it won’t be a quick death for us … “they” will make us sick starting about 55 (so Big Pharma can make a load of money before we kick the bucket)!!

      • paul ...

        You know … years ago you could buy a refrigerator that lasted 40 years (which was not good for company profits) … so they now use “planned obsolescence” and make refrigerators with doors that fall off the hinges in 2 to 3 years … similarly Gates developed his computer operating system so it would needed to be protected from virus’s … and now he plans to do the same with us!!

  29. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:

  30. Kay

    The average citizen is getting fed up. I don’t think they will get violent in the least. I also don’t believe we will have a civil war but there is an ideological war going on. I believe that these groups are about overthrowing the patriarchal system which is not going to happen. Black men and women with boys are getting sick and tired of the BLM message of radical, Marxist feminism that simply promotes hatred towards men.

    When something cannot go on, it certainly will not go on. But what are the symptoms of what cannot go on and when?
    There are two historic red lines and our revolution is getting close to both.

  31. JC


    We’ve Been Here Before – And It Ended With An Epic Crash
    BY JOHN RUBINO ◆ JUNE 25, 2020

    Wolf Richter just published some charts that, for anyone with a sense of stock market history, are pretty ominous. It seems that the major market indexes that recently soared back to record highs are being elevated by an amazingly small number of stocks – Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook to be specific — which he calls the “Giant 5.” These stocks now account for nearly one-fifth of the Wilshire 5000 stock index’s value…


  32. Gaylene Muir

    VIDEO: Woman & Child Being Attacked By BLM Mob Told By 911 ‘To Call City Hall’
    written by Alex Stevens June 26, 2020

  33. Gaylene Muir

    AG Barr Blasts Big Tech Censorship: ‘Biggest Bait and Switch in History’
    Attorney General calls out platforms for conservative bias
    By: Jack Murphy |@NeonNettle on 26th June 2020 @ 8.00pm

  34. Craig from New York

    Greetings mr. Hunter.
    What’s the odds that you could get president Trump
    as a guest on your show?He appears to be very cooperative
    with those who consistantly support him.Yor’re questions
    would truely give america the 411 on what he’s doing, not doing
    and why. I’m sure James Rickards could help make this happen.

    • eddiemd

      I agree.

    • Gerry

      Would I LOVE to see that!

      Or how about kaylie mcenany?

    • Paul Anthony

      I can second that , Would love to see President Trump sit down with Greg for an interview. Love that idea.

      Youre correct does seem approachable for supporters for interviews. I believe Dan Bongino has had two of them on his Podcast. I heard one and part of another.

  35. Coalburner

    Dear Greg; Loved Todays Report!
    Trump did not mention that trillion dollars owed by Germany by accident. It was intentional as every move he makes. Like Trump, Like Greg. Scocia Bank called you!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have made it big Greg, Congratulations and Happy Day to you. You are reaching far enough that they ar eoffering an honest interview! Great!!! Cannot wait!!
    I like to say the newsys are ignorant and uneducated, you are welcome to use it because they are at a minimum that. Yes, except for a very small number!

    One more comment Greg. It is about a couple of questions, remember that little bit of video where the agent is telling those left behind not to follow them. Remember the three or four young attorneys from Minneapolis that threw molitov coctails at cop cars wjth cops in them. They were arrested and looking at life in prison. Also little reports of many of the criminals picked off the streets. Seems so quiet. The ST Johns Church burners? What is happening with those criminals. Is seems so hushed? Second, No peeps out of any cops being persecuted and prosecuted by some of these Prosecutors. No defense statements at all. Third, Why haven’t these treasonists like Soros been grabbed and their funds frozen worldwide?
    Oh and one more big one , last I heard around 160 University Researchers and Professors have been arrested for taking money from China “for improper handling and cooperation for the access to US Government research and tech knowledge.” My non agressive words. Too compliicated for newsy readers. Add some of these to your future interviews, please!

  36. Coalburner

    Dear Greg, I listened again! The gold and banks discussion: The President should be careful tipping his hand unless he has already located the gold and knows how much is available and where. These monsters, may steal it or whisk it away and hide it where the President cannot find it. This is a big deal and big time important.

  37. Merry Piper

    Greg: I just said to my beloved husband…Greg Hunter is in the Show Me State! We live in the country farther south from your farm. Thank you once again for a fabulous report!

  38. Septic Sceptic

    Trump let Epstein slip through his fingers so as not to embarrass Israel. This is unforgivable and amounts to treason.

    • Ray

      I see that as well…….and that is why I remain skeptical of those who say, “God intervened in the 2016 election and placed Trump into the White House”.
      God wouldn’t approve of Epstein’s behaviour, or those that he worked for.
      Recall also, the Bible tells us that God has in the past has seen it fit to hammer Israel for its’ transgressions.
      Get ready………….
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  39. oneno

    All Americans should join President Trump to force Congress to reinstate Glass-Stegall legislation.

    Re-instating Glass-Stegal will be a major nail in the coffin of the Deep State.

  40. Dave

    ITA Greg that Biden will be the nominee despite some who insist he won’t. The goal is to win and Biden is poised to lead a blue wave this fall. This may be why word is Susan Rice is now on the short list to be Biden’s VP. That suggests to me, if true, that Obama wants to have defacto control and that Michelle does not want the position so Rice is the next best person.

    As to comparing polls today to those of 2016 a huge caveat is to be considered. Hillary was 12 or so points ahead at this point also. But Hillary had higher negatives than Trump’s at the time (both were disliked) while Biden has much lower negatives than either. And keep in mind that Hillary won almost 3 million votes more than Trump.

    John Solomon? He has been all over the place. Nothing is going to happen. Indeed Barr recently said the Durham report is now due out late summer. Hello, it was to be spring, then early summer and now late summer. Barr and Durham will take a temperature check of the polls in September. If a Democrat wave is still forming they will push release of the report until after the election. And if the Dems take it all the report will essentially be deep sized – in the sense of being toned down. Note how the JD has not moved against Antifa/BLM but has charged a right wing domestic terrorist group.

    Rush today led off by saying he was getting e-mails from Trump supporters disappointed over Trump’s appearance on Hannity. They complained Trump seemed to be ignoring what is happening on the ground. Talking about the trade deal is irrelevant at this point. Rush basically said Trump has lost control of the government and that is why he is doing nothing. Beyond that many conservatives are upset that few if any conservative Republicans are speaking out against what is going on. That is depressing GOP voter enthusiasm and that is why polls today have Dems picking up 5 or 6 Senate seats and taking control.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is no “Blue Wave” there is a huge psyop going on. The Dems Knpw they are in trupble. Can you name me one policy idea that is going to help the average guy? NO!!
      Psyop and nothing more.

    • eddiemd

      Dave. You are good for a laugh.

      Biden is basically non-functional. He cannot debate Trump. You and your DNC are in desperate times.

      Democrats like Dave are desperate. Just read his writings. He is an anti-Trump DNC operative to the core. He does not hide it in this posting.

      Susan Rice is another criminal. Biden and Rice. Biden and Rice were both part of the coup. Rice of Benghazi fame. A known liar. They all know that the indictments are coming before the election.

      Election fraud, tampering…that is what the DNC is calling for.

      Blm, Antifa, the cultural Marxists have given the Trump campaign plenty of video footage during the riots. Americans will be reminded of who the democrats really. The party of the KKK. The party that burned down cities, The party that destroyed black owned businesses burning them down and looting them. The party of lawlessness.

      The democrats burned down their own party. They are now more desperate than ever.

      • Charles H

        Me thinks there is a frequency out there that totally subverts logical thinking, and brainwashes all who subscribe! A Gina-wave! OH!, sorry – that would be the MSM. Intellectual toxic waste of a Mickey D’s and Twinkie steady diet.

  41. Linda

    Hello Greg
    I Found this information on my desk in a pile of paper. I can’t remember who recommended that I search this out. Have you heard about this Patent? Information as follows:
    Microsoft has partnered with Verichip Manufacturer Digital Angel Corporation since 2008. Microsoft’s Bill Gates group applied for a Patent for development of a implantation device using the body’s internal data for use in a cashless
    cryptocurrency system. Microsoft applied for Patent on 06/20/19 and the Patent was published on 03/26/20. Patent number: W02020060606.

  42. MCasey

    Now and in 2016, the reason the polls and media were wrong about Trump winning was because they worked under the illusion that, Americans were still under the illusion that, we had a two-party system (aka a one-party system with two factions).

    The media and political analysts had not figured out what millions of Americans already knew and held silent. Trump was a 3rd Party candidate, a masquerader. And, with our help, Trump hijacked the Republican Party nomination. It was a beautifully executed (non-violent) takeover. The Republican Party kicked and screamed, but had no choice but to concede.

    The Republican Party leadership was forced to play along. But, they did refuse to fund him; wanted a loyalty pledge to the RNC; wanted a promise not to run as a 3rd Party candidate; the hand-raising vote during the debate; and the mutual snubbing by RNC Reince Priebus and entrenched Republicans. They were trying to expose Trump as an impostor. But, the “Republican base” already knew he was an impostor and worked twice as hard for Trump.

    (This is why Trump had to initially self-fund and even after the nomination, the RNC held back funds.)

    Trump is a genius strategist and no more a Republican than the millions of “3rd Party Patriots” who voted for him.

    Trump is not losing his base; he’s building it.

    President Trump declared himself a “Nationalist” on Oct. 22 at a Houston rally. “I’m a nationalist. Nationalist. Use that word. Use that word.”

    By encouraging “We the People” to “Use that word. Use that word”, President Trump is trying to unify all patriotic Americans, whether Democrats and Republicans, under the header of “Nationalist”. Hopefully, #WalkAway will be just as successful with gaining Patriots from the Democrat Party.

    This threatens Globalists like French President Macron who cried, “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism”; and German Chancellor Merkel declared, “those who only have to think of themselves — that’s nationalism in its purest form, not patriotism.”…..and the usual globalist bluster from PBS NewsHour’s Yamiche Alcindor who asked President Trump if he was “emboldening white nationalists”; and CNN’s Jim Acosta suggesting the term was “coded language” or a “dog whistle” to Americans embracing a racist ideology.

    Trump knows the Globalist Movement is the next battlefield. His opponents are more perilous than the Democrat Party (also Globalists).

    I noticed in his recent speeches, Trump has changed “Nationalist” to “Patriot” (probably because “Nationalist” is too much of a trigger word).

    So, don’t worry about Trump losing his “Republican” base. He never had a “Republican” base and is not interested in building one now.

    You’re either a Nationalist or a Globalist. You should be able to tell the difference by now.
    ps….women don’t have a problem with Trump not wearing a (muzzle) face mask.

  43. Robert

    Am I being censored?

  44. Jaun Valdez

    WARNING: WARNING: Red Alert On Biden Presidency
    •Streamed live 3 hours ago The Common Sense Show

  45. Jaun Valdez

    Seattle is Dying
    The pendulum is swinging opposite towards national socialism.
    They will take care of Freeattle, do you want they’re care?

    • Greg Hunter

      Seattle is killing itself.

    • Ray

      Kabul is dying………
      Tripoli is dying……..
      Baghdad is dying…..
      Seattle is dying……..
      “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.
      These are the words of God.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

  46. paul ...

    Hey Stan … In the good old days you could use Fed fiat paper dollars to buy things … now States are beginning to pass laws that won’t allow you to use the Fed’s fiat paper dollar IOU’s any longer … guess this means we will have to go back to using gold and silver coins again as our official currency … every chance you get you tell us how “strong” the Fed’s (exponentially printed out of thin air) fiat dollars are … and yet … States are now “officially beginning to ban US dollars for use in purchases” … making them as worthless as a paper IOU from a Criminal Cabal should really be (as the Criminal Cabal never intends to give you anything of worth in exchange for it) … soon … you won’t even be able to use the Fed’s worthless Ponzi paper to buy gold or silver coins … so you better stock up now Stan!!

  47. Self Exiled

    Is the military in the US now an independent political force?? How many of you that come here think this is true??


    • Self Exiled

      Does the power elite now control our military???????

      • William Stanley

        IMO, everything is in flux. However, I think we are making progress.

        • K. Wayne

          ” I think we are making progress.” ….are you referring to the Marxist / Communist takeover of America …progress?
          Progress ? Explain please.

    • David

      Self exiled, I made the same kind of observation (but in a different way), but was called a “Marxist democrat” by another commentator. It is a legitimate question based on things that are happening, and not happening. Until a problem is identified, nothing can be done about it.

  48. Self Exiled

    No touch torture techniques; used to construct a non reality creating distrust, deception, fear, disorientation, a kind of total theater that leaves the victim disoriented and emotionally and psychologically damaged. In mass a constructed unreality of lies and inversion that leaves the victim in betrayal and destruction. Sound like whats happening in The US. Divide and polarize. What intelligence agency has experience with this concept?

    • Self Exiled

      Manipulation of psychiatry for political ends. The more education, the more technology, the more sophisticated the savage.

      • Charles H

        The Ends justify the Means. It is Carte Blanche in anything-goes-land.

  49. Billy

    My concerns is Trump and Barr have talked tough for years but their words are not backed by deeds.
    G Edward Griffin says the same thing- he’s not won on Trump.

    • Greg Hunter

      Got to be realistic Billy and look at the whole field. Trump stopped the Iran Nuke fraud deal, the Paris Climate accord where America was going to be destroyed and the TPP. He’s also finally stood up to China who wants to take us over and do us in. Trump has been under attack from Dems, MSM, some in Pentagon, Deep State FBI, DOJ, CIA, White House (in Last Administration, and all these fpolks have lined up to commit sedition and treason,) foreign countries, globalists (Soros Ect.) and members of his own stinking party (RINOS). He’s done fabulous, and G Edward Griffin would have folded like a cheap suit in the first month like many of us myself included. You are wrong, and so is Griffin. We got no place else to go, so hang in there and pray to Jesus.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter:
        IMO, President Trump is fighting the most sophisticated Fourth Generation War in history. He has totally prepared the battlefield. Sun Tzu would be awed.

      • Billy

        We will see, with no rule of law their is no country- look Mexico, Africa, South America.

  50. eddiemd

    Interesting information. I tried to track down information on this man and his company. He does not have a footprint on google. His company has limited information.


    • Ray

      Come on mate……why go to The Devil to ask for information?
      Maybe you are looking to confirm what you already know (that Google purposely hide information)
      Anyway……carry on and best wishes.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • eddiemd

        Exactly. Scrubbed by google.

  51. JC

    There’s nothing to worry about, and there’s a time tested simple solution…

    Raise taxes! (please note “homes” aka property tax is first in line!

    Cash-starved cities and states across the country are starting to weigh whether to raise taxes on homes, cigarettes, local businesses and global tech giants, hoping to rake in new revenue that might help them close the massive budget shortfalls created by the coronavirus pandemic.


  52. H. Craig Bradley


    The crop harvest this year may be good for grains and staples but the food processors are still being affected with Covid-19 capacity restrictions and decreased production. Large beef, poultry and pork producers have sold-off much of their herd or flock this past Winter due to a drastic decline in end user demand (restaurants). Ditto for dairies and milk producers.

    So, supply lines have been seriously disrupted, leading to beef, pork, and poultry rationing in grocery stores and spot shortages of meat products, as well. Prices will rise due to supply constraints and increasing consumer demands. Retail food shortages and food inflation are coming soon to your neighborhood grocery store. More (food) riots too follow in the coming months.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hard to have a food shortage if you have plenty of grain.

  53. Wallis Pepper

    Pelosie Dumbfounded
    BackBone Too……
    Dems Fast &Furious🤯🤬👺
    After Ruth Ginsburg Sides
    With President Trump On Deportation Case
    written by Erin Flockhart June 27, 2020

  54. Jaun Valdez

    Rapper Lord Jamar: ‘George Soros Using Black Lives Matter to Control Us – It’s NOT Our Movement’
    written by Paul Goldberg June 22, 2020

  55. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

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